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ABBOTT, WILLIAM                        VA-35-11-438
ABELL, JOHN                            VA-35-3-265
ABERNATHY, WILLIAM                     VA-35-4-544
ADAMS, ASA J.                          VA-35-36-91
ADAMS, HIRAM                           VA-35-33-321
ADAMS, JAMES H.                        VA-35-35-490
ADAMS, MARY A.                         VA-35-28-561
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         VA-35-11-496
AFFLECK, JANE T.                       VA-35-34-412
AFFLECK, JOHN H.                       VA-35-36-382
AFFLECK, MARION                        VA-35-21-427
AFFLECK, MARION E.                     VA-35-40-400
AFFLECK, ROBERT                        VA-35-24-129
AFFLICK, JAMES                         VA-35-34-157
ALBERT, ADAM                           VA-35-8-317
ALBERT, ADAM                           VA-35-37-163
ALBERT, CATHERINE                      VA-35-30-473
ALBIN, JAMES                           VA-35-34-165
ALBIN, ROBERT                          VA-35-SC2-419
ALDRITH, FREDERICK                     VA-35-21-477
ALEXANDER, GERARD SR                   VA-35-SC1-387
ALEXANDER, SARAH                       VA-35-12-474
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                     VA-35-18-299
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                     VA-35-6-279
ALFORD, JOHN                           VA-35-1-23
ALLAN, THOMAS                          VA-35-31-312
ALLEMONG, CHRISTIAN                    VA-35-31-21
ALLEMONG, JOHN                         VA-35-30-442
ALLEMONG, MARY C.                      VA-35-38-119
ALLEN, ELIZABTH                        VA-35-16-384
ALLEN, FRANCIS                         VA-35-4-246
ALLEN, JOHN                            VA-35-5-505
ALLEN, ROBERT                          VA-35-3-499
ALLEN, ROBERT                          VA-35-5-323
ALLEN, SARAH                           VA-35-SC1-390
ALLIN, PATRICK                         VA-35-2-94
ALLNUTT, JAMES                         VA-35-6-386
ALTRITH, CHRISTOPHER                   VA-35-3-289
ALTRITH, MICHAEL                       VA-35-9-62
AMBROSE, JULIET A.                     VA-35-CC3-12
AMISS, GABRIEL                         VA-35-4-25
ANDERSON, ABRAHAM                      VA-35-8-182
ANDERSON, BARTHOLOMEW                  VA-35-2-139
ANDERSON, DAVID                        VA-35-10-470
ANDERSON, GRIZZELLA G.                 VA-35-22-333
ANDERSON, JACOB                        VA-35-18-52
ANDERSON, JOSEPH                       VA-35-12-358
ANDERSON, JOSIAH C.                    VA-35-39-413
ANDERSON, LEAH                         VA-35-32-384
ANDERSON, NATHANIEL                    VA-35-18-388A
ANDERSON, THOMAS                       VA-35-1-163
ANDERSON, THOMAS                       VA-35-1-180
ANDERSON, THOMAS                       VA-35-19-321
ANTLE, PETER                           VA-35-4-67
ARTHUR, HETTY Z.                       VA-35-20-157
ARTHUR, JOSEPH                         VA-35-20-136
ASBROOK, AARON                         VA-35-1-478
ASH, FRANCIS                           VA-35-14-382
ASH, JOHN H.                           VA-35-CC3-46
ASHBY, JOHN                            VA-35-SC3-174
ASHBY, JUDITH                          VA-35-22-425
ASHBY, LEWIS                           VA-35-8-251
ASHBY, THOMAS                          VA-35-2-53
ATKINSON, WILLIAM M.                   VA-35-22-425
AUSTIN, STEPHEN                        VA-35-11-454
BABB, GRACE                            VA-35-11-289
BABB, HENRY                            VA-35-19-33
BABB, HENRY MERCER                     VA-35-10-563
BABB, PETER                            VA-35-11-45
BABB, PHILIP                           VA-35-3-42
BABB, STEPHEN                          VA-35-2-432
BABB, THOMAS                           VA-35-2-440
BABB, THOMAS                           VA-35-4-497
BACHLER, JOHN                          VA-35-4-384
BACKER, PETER                          VA-35-37-195
BAGEANT, JOHN                          VA-35-24-269
BAGEANT, SAMPSON C.                    VA-35-29-197
BAGEANT, WILLIAM                       VA-35-27-38
BAILEY, JOHN                           VA-35-20-558
BAILEY, MARY ANN                       VA-35-39-209
BAILEY, WILLIAM                        VA-35-33-442
BAKER, CATHERINE                       VA-35-20-155
BAKER, CHARLES V.                      VA-35-28-41
BAKER, EDWIN S.                        VA-35-39-9
BAKER, ELIZABETH                       VA-35-30-279
BAKER, GEORGE W.                       VA-35-26-596
BAKER, HENRY F.                        VA-35-26-446
BAKER, HENRY H.                        VA-35-36-333
BAKER, ISAAC                           VA-35-15-170
BAKER, JACOB                           VA-35-32-43
BAKER, JACOB                           VA-35-21-338
BAKER, JACOB SR.                       VA-35-17-65
BAKER, JAMES C. SR.                    VA-35-36-479
BAKER, JAMES JR.                       VA-35-16-201
BAKER, JOHN                            VA-35-21-365
BAKER, JOHN NICHOLAS                   VA-35-3-109
BAKER, JOSEPH                          VA-35-18-110
BAKER, JOSEPH M.                       VA-35-26-494
BAKER, JOSHUA                          VA-35-3-306
BAKER, MARY ANN                        VA-35-19-36
BAKER, ROBERT L.                       VA-35-30-36
BAKER, SAMUEL                          VA-35-6-223
BAKER, SARAH A.                        VA-35-21-49
BAKER, WILLIAM                         VA-35-22-214
BAKER, WILLIAM C.                      VA-35-30-276
BAKER, WILLIAM HENRY                   VA-35-SC4-185
BALDWIN, ARCHIBALD s.                  VA-35-31-261
BALDWIN, CAROLINE M.                   VA-35-CC3-81
BALDWIN, CATHERINE M.                  VA-35-CC3-17
BALDWIN, CORNELIUS                     VA-35-13-328
BALDWIN, CORNELIUS E.                  VA-35-19-413
BALDWIN, MARY E.                       VA-35-36-401
BALDWIN, NELLY C.                      VA-35-16-207
BALDWIN, ROBERT F.                     VA-35-CC3-82
BALDWIN, ROBERT T.                     VA-35-27-21
BALDWIN, SUSAN                         VA-35-19-220
BALDWIN, THOMAS                        VA-35-8-478
BALDWN, JOHN H.                        VA-35-CC3-58
BALL, JAMES B.                         VA-35-25-487
BALL, THOMAS K.                        VA-35-13-347
BALL, WILLIAM                          VA-35-6-214
BALLINGER, JOSIAH                      VA-35-1-223
BALMAIN, ALEXANDER                     VA-35-11-557
BALMAIN, LUCY                          VA-35-20-559
BARBER, RICHARD                        VA-35-4-366
BARLEY, LOUISA                         VA-35-38-11
BARLEY, MARGARET                       VA-35-35-486
BARNES, CHARLES                        VA-35-7-137
BARNETT, AMBROSE                       VA-35-16-280
BARNETT, JAMES                         VA-35-4-602
BARNETT, MILLY                         VA-35-9-277
BARNHART, GEORGE                       VA-35-30-280
BARR, PETER                            VA-35-7-115
BARRETT, ARTHUR                        VA-35-1-43
BARRETT, BENJAMIN                      VA-35-4-394
BARRETT, BENJAMIN                      VA-35-38-136
BARRETT, JOHN                          VA-35-3-155
BARRETT, JONATHAN                      VA-35-37-297
BARRETT, MARY                          VA-35-4-579
BARRETT, MARY                          VA-35-37-38
BARRETT, RACHEL                        VA-35-18-95
BARRETT, RICHARD                       VA-35-23-465
BARRETT, THOMAS                        VA-35-17-147
BARRETT, THOMAS                        VA-35-27-101
BARRETT, WILLIAM                       VA-35-5-314
BARROW, JOHN                           VA-35-SC4-63
BARROW, THOMAS                         VA-35-4-389
BARTLETT, ELIZABETH                    VA-35-25-309
BARTLETT, THOMAS D.                    VA-35-35-487
BARTON, DAVID                          VA-35-20-123
BARTON, DAVID W.                       VA-35-27-15
BARTON, MARTHA                         VA-35-19-470
BARTON, MARY                           VA-35-11-287
BARTON, RICHAR DP.                     VA-35-11-118
BARTON, RICHARD W.                     VA-35-26-228
BARTON, WILLIAM M.                     VA-35-15-195
BAZZELL, ELIZABETH                     VA-35-17-425
BEAL, RACHEL                           VA-35-29-322
BEALL, ELY                             VA-35-23-148
BEALL, JEREMIAH                        VA-35-4-187
BEALL, MARGERY                         VA-35-10-116
BEAN, JUDITH                           VA-35-20-502
BEAN, MAGDALINE                        VA-35-23-511
BEAN, MORDECAI                         VA-35-9-331
BEARD, ANDREW                          VA-35-3-263
BEATTY, CORNELIUS E.                   VA-35-SC4-200
BEATTY, HENRY                          VA-35-20-430
BECKER, MARY A.                        VA-35-37-348
BECKETT, JOHN                          VA-35-3-466
BECKETT, SARAH                         VA-35-4-505
BECKHAM, GEORGE                        VA-35-2-88
BEDINGER, HENRY                        VA-35-4-152
BEELER, FREDERICK                      VA-35-3-182
BEEMER, GEORGE                         VA-35-7-211
BEEMER, GEORGE                         VA-35-7-211
BEEMER, HANNAH                         VA-35-15-445
BEEMER, SUSAN                          VA-35-22-243
BEESON, JAMES                          VA-35-19-461
BEESON, JANE                           VA-35-11-450
BEESON, RICHARD JR                     VA-35-1-201
BELL, ANTHONY                          VA-35-6-640
BELL, GEORGE                           VA-35-18-440
BELL, GEORGE                           VA-35-15-49
BELL, JAMES                            VA-35-33-441
BELL, JOHN                             VA-35-20-106
BELL, JOHN                             VA-35-5-341
BELL, JOHN                             VA-35-4-437
BELL, STEPHEN                          VA-35-21-514
BELL, WILLIAM                          VA-35-16-133
BENT, MARTHA A.                        VA-35-29-247
BENT, NATHANIEL                        VA-35-29-246
BERKELEY, JULIA                        VA-35-24-304
BERKELEY, LANDON C.                    VA-35-SC4-65
BERRY, BENJAMIN                        VA-35-SC2-242
BERRY, ENOCH                           VA-35-7-57
BERRY, JOHN                            VA-35-6-449
BERRY, JOHN                            VA-35-4-251
BERRY, JOSEPH                          VA-35-SC2-105
BERRY, PATRICK                         VA-35-1-431
BERRY, THOMAS                          VA-35-10-393
BEST, JOSIAH J.                        VA-35-38-233
BEVIN, SAMUEL                          VA-35-4-494
BIRD, LEWIS                            VA-35-4-11
BLACK, GEORGE                          VA-35-22-297
BLACK, JOHN                            VA-35-1-157
BLACKBURN, AMUEL                       VA-35-4-336
BLACKBURN, JOHN                        VA-35-2-172
BLACKER, HENRY                         VA-35-16-264
BLAIR, JOHN                            VA-35-1-123
BLANK, CHRISTIAN                       VA-35-4-200
BLY, CATHERINE                         VA-35-20-469
BOAHER, ISAAC                          VA-35-23-11
BOHRER, ISAAC SR                       VA-35-23-11
BOND, ABNER                            VA-35-35-164
BOND, GEORGE                           VA-35-25-313
BOND, JOHN                             VA-35-SC4-194
BOND, ROBERT                           VA-35-23-88
BOND, SAMUEL                           VA-35-5-326
BOND, WILLIAM                          VA-35-11-103
BONHAM, ANN                            VA-35-9-219
BOOTH, WILLIAM SR.                     VA-35-5-262
BORDEN, BENJAMIN                       VA-35-1-4
BOSWELL, THOMAS H.                     VA-35-27-58
BOURN, WILLIAM                         VA-35-16-127
BOWAN, HENRY                           VA-35-5-43
BOWEN, JAMES G.                        VA-35-24-300
BOWEN, JOHN F.                         VA-35-24-163
BOWER, JACOB                           VA-35-6-480
BOWER, JOHN                            VA-35-9-24
BOWERS, SARAH                          VA-35-19-35
BOWLES, ELIZABETH                      VA-35-26-94
BOWLES, JAMES                          VA-35-27-1
BOWLES, JOHN                           VA-35-16-414
BOWMAN, GEORGE                         VA-35-3-431
BOWMAN, GEORGE                         VA-35-3-506
BOWMAN, JOSEPH                         VA-35-4-509
BOWMAN,CHRISTIAN                       VA-35-3-166
BOXWELL, RICHARD L.                    VA-35-36-233
BOYD, ABRAHAM                          VA-35-22-359
BOYD, JOHN                             VA-35-28-107
BOYD, ROBERT                           VA-35-13-256
BOYD, SAMUEL                           VA-35-5-232
BOYD, WOODWARD A.                      VA-35-36-394
BOYLES,JAMES                           VA-35-2-316
BOZORTH, JOHN                          VA-35-2-455
BRACKNEY, JOSEPH                       VA-35-7-95
BRADFORD, HENRY                        VA-35-17-257
BRAGG, ARTHUR N.                       VA-35-39-481
BRAGG, G. W.                           VA-35-40-489
BRAKE, JOHN JACOB                      VA-35-3-50
BRAND, JACOB                           VA-35-21-460
BRANNON, L. GRAY                       VA-35-40-256
BRANSON, ABRAHAM                       VA-35-14-41
BRANSON, JOHN                          VA-35-4-39
BRANSON, JOSEPH                        VA-35-33-254
BRANSON, MARTHA                        VA-35-8-356
BRANSON, REBECCA                       VA-35-9-147
BRANSON, SARAH                         VA-35-17-125
BRANSON, THOMAS                        VA-35-1-34
BRECKENRIDGE, SARAH A.                 VA-35-CC3-219
BREHONE, JACOB                         VA-35-4-137
BRENT, ANN                             VA-35-13-216
BRENT, CHARLES                         VA-35-SC3-72
BRENT, CHARLES                         VA-35-15-444
BRENT, GEORGE                          VA-35-29-248
BRIGHT, AARON                          VA-35-40-315
BRILL, HENRY                           VA-35-22-452
BRILL, HENRY                           VA-35-9-323
BRILL, HERMAN                          VA-35-SC2-262
BRILL, ISAAC                           VA-35-34-292
BRILL, MARY R.                         VA-35-38-465
BRINKER, GEORGE                        VA-35-26-491
BRINKER, GEORGE                        VA-35-5-67
BRINKER, HENRY                         VA-35-4-173
BRINKER, REBECCA                       VA-35-16-359
BRISCOE, LEWIS                         VA-35-32-22
BRISON, BENJAMIN                       VA-35-25-51
BRISON, MARY                           VA-35-36-332
BRISON, SAMUEL                         VA-35-SC4-77
BROMLEY, MARY                          VA-35-28-492
BROOK, ELIZABETH                       VA-35-34-423
BROOKE, B. F.                          VA-35-34-413
BROOKS, ELIZABETH                      VA-35-2-368
BROOKS, JAMES                          VA-35-12-120
BROOKS, MARY                           VA-35-5-158
BROWN, ADAM                            VA-35-16-382
BROWN, ANN S.                          VA-35-30-393
BROWN, BENJAMIN F.                     VA-35-39-143
BROWN, DAVID                           VA-35-18-401
BROWN, DAVID Z.                        VA-35-44-2
BROWN, ELIZABETH J.                    VA-35-37-490
BROWN, FRANCIS                         VA-35-18-127
BROWN, ISAAC                           VA-35-19-42
BROWN, JAMES                           VA-35-3-413
BROWN, JOHN                            VA-35-8-135
BROWN, JONATHAN                        VA-35-9-334
BROWN, MARY                            VA-35-13-154
BROWN, MARY                            VA-35-20-282
BROWN, NAOMI                           VA-35-11-188
BROWN, THOMAS SR.                      VA-35-1-369
BROWN, WILLIAM                         VA-35-8-37
BROWN, WILLIAM H.                      VA-35-27-209
BROWN, WILLIAM JR.                     VA-35-24-61
BROWNING, ELIZABETH                    VA-35-25-464
BROWNING, THOMAS                       VA-35-23-327
BROWNLEY, ARCHIBALD                    VA-35-8-145
BROWNLEY, BETSEY                       VA-35-9-406
BROWNLEY, JOHN                         VA-35-7-57
BRUCE, ELIZABETH                       VA-35-17-36
BRUCE, GEORGE SR.                      VA-35-6-508
BRUCE, JOHN                            VA-35-24-320
BRUCE, JOHN                            VA-35-1-205
BRYARLY, MARY ANN                      VA-35-27-247
BRYARLY, ROBERT                        VA-35-14-416
BRYARLY, ROLAND F.                     VA-35-35-166
BRYARLY, THOMAS                        VA-35-24-129
BRYARLY, THOMAS                        VA-35-5-350
BRYSON, MARY                           VA-35-33-353
BUCHER, JOHN                           VA-35-12-480
BUCHER, JOHN                           VA-35-6-497
BUCK, CHARLES                          VA-35-4-127
BUCKANON, JOHN                         VA-35-8-509
BUCKNER, JOHN                          VA-35-20-407
BUCKNR, FRANCES G.                     VA-35-14-389
BUHRMAN, ALFRED                        VA-35-33-41
BULL, EZEKIEL W.                       VA-35-10-404
BUNCUTTER, JOHN H.                     VA-35-34-79
BURCHELL, JOHN                         VA-35-10-356
BURGESS, DAWSON                        VA-35-SC3-102
BURKE, THOMAS                          VA-35-23-258
BURTON, JAMES HENRY                    VA-35-39-345
BURUS, JOHN                            VA-35-28-195
BURWELL, ARIANNA                       VA-35-10-293
BURWELL, FRANCES H.                    VA-35-9-434
BURWELL, NATHANIEL                     VA-35-SC2-404, 408
BURWELL, ROBERT CARTER                 VA-35-9-262
BURWELL, ROBERTA P.                    VA-35-25-97
BUSH, ANDREW                           VA-35-8-38
BUSH, ANDREW                           VA-35-20-218
BUSH, ELIZABETH                        VA-35-21-400
BUSH, MARY                             VA-35-24-268
BUSH, PHILIP                           VA-35-9-189
BUSH, VANCE                            VA-35-13-114
BUSH, WILLIAM                          VA-35-34-81
BUSHROD, MILDRED                       VA-35-5-85
BUTLER, LAWRENCE                       VA-35-9-44
BUTTERFIELD, NANCY                     VA-35-10-571
BYRD, C. W.                            VA-35-SC4-69
BYRD, MARY A.                          VA-35-12-175
BYRD, THOMAS T.                        VA-35-11-436
BYRNS, JOHN                            VA-35-4-547
BYWATERS, ANN                          VA-35-24-108
BYWATERS, WILLIAM                      VA-35-21-419
CABBAGE, GEORGE                        VA-35-4-369
CABELL, ELIZABETH S.                   VA-35-CC3-16
CALDWELL,ANDREW                        VA-35-2-247
CALMES, BETTY                          VA-35-8-13
CALMES, MARQUIS                        VA-35-5-475
CALMES, WILLIAM                        VA-35-4-262
CALMES, WILLIAM B.                     VA-35-39-283
CALVERT, JESSE                         VA-35-27-69
CALVERT, JOHN                          VA-35-20-178
CALVERT, THERESA W.                    VA-35-34-327
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         VA-35-1-340
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         VA-35-8-323
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         VA-35-10-406
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         VA-35-8-398
CAMPBELL, RACHEL                       VA-35-31-233
CAMPBELL, REBECCA A.                   VA-35-40-42
CAMPBELL, THOMAS                       VA-35-9-1
CAMPBELL, THOMAS B.                    VA-35-25-552
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      VA-35-20-120
CANTRIL, ZEBULON                       VA-35-2-35
CAPPER, JOHN                           VA-35-SC2-134
CARBAUGH, ABRAHAM                      VA-35-36-231
CARNEGY, WILLIAM                       VA-35-12-51
CARPENTER, CHARITY                     VA-35-29-198
CARPER, FREDERICK                      VA-35-23-126
CARPER, PHILIP                         VA-35-SC1-10, 12
CARPER, PHLIP                          VA-35-28-515
CARPER, WILLIAM                        VA-35-9-240
CARROLL, JOSEPH                        VA-35-3-311
CARROLL, WILLIAM                       VA-35-2-347
CARSON, JARED W.                       VA-35-23-241
CARSON, JOSEPH S.                      VA-35-30-62
CARSON, SIMON                          VA-35-24-450
CARSON,JANE                            VA-35-22-511
CARTER, BENJAMIN                       VA-35-1-207
CARTER, BENJAMIN                       VA-35-1-218
CARTER, BENJAMIN                       VA-35-6-191
CARTER, BETTY                          VA-35-SC3-210
CARTER, JAMES                          VA-35-2-328
CARTER, JAMES                          VA-35-6-419
CARTER, JAMES                          VA-35-11-226
CARTER, MARY                           VA-35-11-466
CARTER, SUSAN P.                       VA-35-28-214
CARTER, WILLIAM A.                     VA-35-25-312
CARVER, CASPER                         VA-35-13-126
CARVER, ELIJAH                         VA-35-24-202
CARVER, HENRY                          VA-35-4-520
CARY, SARAH                            VA-35-26-485
CASTLEMAN, DAVID JR.                   VA-35-17-35
CASTLEMAN, DAVID SR.                   VA-35-13-150
CASTLEMAN, THOMAS                      VA-35-17-466
CATHER, CONRAD W.                      VA-35-27-213
CATHER, JAMES                          VA-35-32-267
CATHER, JAMES H.                       VA-35-CC3-80
CATHER, JASPER                         VA-35-9-161
CATHER, MARGAT A.                      VA-35-39-382
CATHER, THOMAS                         VA-35-17-389
CATLETT, ALLITTA                       VA-35-36-467
CATLETT, HENRIETTA                     VA-35-17-90
CATLETT, ISAAC                         VA-35-33-419
CATLETT, JAMES SR.                     VA-35-6-296
CATLETT, JOHN                          VA-35-13-156
CATLETT, JOHN                          VA-35-10-318
CATLETT, PETER                         VA-35-5-303
CATLETT, PETER                         VA-35-4-448
CHAMBERLIN, JOHN P.                    VA-35-29-287
CHAMBERLIN, JONAS                      VA-35-28-215
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM                      VA-35-SC3-193, 218
CHANDLEE, SARAH A.                     VA-35-40-454
CHAPLINE, WILLIAM                      VA-35-2-437
CHAPLINE, WILLIAM                      VA-35-2-10
CHAPMAN, ELIZABETH                     VA-35-CC3-100
CHAPMAN, JEHOSHAPHAT                   VA-35-16-353
CHAPMAN, JOHN SR.                      VA-35-27-108
CHAPMAN, ROBERT H.                     VA-35-18-162
CHAPMAN, THOMAS                        VA-35-9-218
CHENOWITH, JOHN                        VA-35-1-72
CHENOWITH, JOHN                        VA-35-4-61
CHENOWITH, WILLIAM                     VA-35-4-190
CHERRY, THOMAS                         VA-35-2-364
CHERRY, WILLIAM                        VA-35-3-271
CHESTER, THOMAS                        VA-35-2-145
CHILES, GRIFFIN                        VA-35-32-250
CHIPLEY, JAMES                         VA-35-34-25
CHIPLEY, L. C. J.                      VA-35-24-489
CHIPLEY, WILLIAM                       VA-35-9-48
CHISM, GABRIEL                         VA-35-29-129
CHRISMAN, GEORGE P.                    VA-35-21-299
CHRISMAN, ISAAC                        VA-35-25-584
CHRISMAN, MARY                         VA-35-5-71
CHRISTIAN, FRANCIS H.                  VA-35-5-185
CHRISTIAN, THOMAS                      VA-35-SC2-139
CHRISTMAN, JACOB                       VA-35-4-402
CHRISTY, ELIZABETH                     VA-35-36-395
CHURCHILL, SARAH                       VA-35-9-292
CLARE, EDMUND                          VA-35-6-84
CLARE, JAMES                           VA-35-SC3-97
CLARK, ABNER                           VA-35-25-429
CLARK, EDWARD                          VA-35-SC2-214
CLARK, JOHN                            VA-35-9-265
CLARK, JOHN                            VA-35-16-23
CLARK, REUBEN                          VA-35-22-419
CLARK, ROBERT B.                       VA-35-24-290
CLARK, SAMUEL                          VA-35-40-272
CLARK, THOMAS L.                       VA-35-35-158
CLARK, WILLIAM                         VA-35-30-195
CLARKE, ABNER                          VA-35-7-144
CLARKE, ISAAC (COLORED)                VA-35-29-256
CLAYTON, DAVID L.                      VA-35-24-144
CLEAVER, EZEKIEL                       VA-35-8-267
CLEMITT, ALEXANDER                     VA-35-2-86
CLEMMONS, LUCIUS                       VA-35-36-34
CLEMMONS, MARY F.                      VA-35-36-92
CLEVELAND, ALEXANDER                   VA-35-11-489
CLEVENGER, ALFRED                      VA-35-CC3-106
CLEVENGER, DAVID                       VA-35-29-282
CLEVENGER, JOHN                        VA-35-35-132
CLEVENGER, JOHN                        VA-35-21-473
CLEVENGER, JOSEPH                      VA-35-7-137
CLEVENGER, SARAH J.                    VA-35-38-261
CLEVENGER, THOMAS                      VA-35-27-13
CLIFTON, CHARLES                       VA-35-14-488
CLINE, ANTHONY                         VA-35-15-133
CLINE, ELIZABETH                       VA-35-11-225
CLINGER, JOHN W.                       VA-35-40-226
CLOUD, MORDECAI                        VA-35-5-218
CLOWSER, HENRY SR.                     VA-35-29-373
COATS, MOSES                           VA-35-13-131
COCHRAN, ELIJAH                        VA-35-32-101
COCHRAN, JOHN                          VA-35-9-227
COCHRAN, WILLIAM                       VA-35-40-84
COCHRAN, WILLIAM                       VA-35-13-56
COCHRAN, WILLIAM SR.                   VA-35-6-82
COCKS, WILLIAM                         VA-35-3-508
COLE, ISAAC                            VA-35-21-187
COLE, ISAAC B.                         VA-35-25-503
COLE, JOHN                             VA-35-SC2-140
COLE, MARCY                            VA-35-10-141
COLFELT, CHARLES                       VA-35-34-154
COLLETT, ISAAC                         VA-35-SC4-191
COLLINGS, JAMES                        VA-35-13-454
COLLINS, ALFRED                        VA-35-38-235
COLLINS, DANIEL                        VA-35-37-42
COLLINS, ELIZA                         VA-35-40-280
COLLINS, RUTH                          VA-35-24-317-A
COLLINS, THOMAS                        VA-35-20-429
COLLINS, TRUMAN                        VA-35-24-199
COLSTON, THOMAS                        VA-35-5-216
COLVELL, JOSEPH                        VA-35-2-294
COLVERT, RICHARD                       VA-35-4-14
COLVIL, JOHN                           VA-35-7-107
COLVILL, JAMES                         VA-35-4-357-G
COLVIN, REBECCA J.                     VA-35-CC3-221
COMBS, MARQUIS C.                      VA-35-7-77
COMEGYS, JESSE                         VA-35-24-198
COMPTON, J. P.                         VA-35-35-60
CONRAD, DANIEL                         VA-35-29-161
CONRAD, FREDERICK SR.                  VA-35-5-442
CONRAD, HERIOT                         VA-35-28-299
CONRAD, JAMES R.                       VA-35-35-398
CONRAD, MARY CLARY                     VA-35-SC1-212
CONRAD, REBECCA                        VA-35-17-450
COONTZ, CATHERINE                      VA-35-SC4-164
COONTZ, PETER                          VA-35-21-426
COOPER, CHRISTINA                      VA-35-27-216
COOPER, FREDERICK                      VA-35-9-500
COOPER, JACOB                          VA-35-2-318
COOPER, JOHN                           VA-35-23-138
COOPER, JOHN                           VA-35-17-124
COOPER, JOHN E.                        VA-35-CC3-203
COOPER, LEONARD                        VA-35-3-353
COOPER, SALINA E.                      VA-35-39-41
COOPER, SARAH                          VA-35-18-110
COOPER, SIMON                          VA-35-40-217
COOPER, THOMAS                         VA-35-5-90
COOPER, THOMAS                         VA-35-17-24
COOPER, WATSON C.                      VA-35-40-427
COPENHAVER, JACOB                      VA-35-26-225
CORDER, JOSEPH                         VA-35-8-358
CORDRY, THOMAS                         VA-35-3-174
CORNWELL, EDWARD                       VA-35-40-158
CORNWELL, WILLIAM                      VA-35-17-64
COWGILL, JAMES                         VA-35-29-76
COYLE, JAMES                           VA-35-3-497
CRABILL, ANNIE                         VA-35-28-51
CRAGAN, ROBERT SR.                     VA-35-6-97
CRAIG, JOSIAH                          VA-35-11-369
CRAIG, JOSIAH                          VA-35-15-134
CRAIG, THOMAS                          VA-35-4-434
CRAMPTON, JOHN                         VA-35-9-264
CRANE, JOHN JR.                        VA-35-SC1-158, 160
CRAWFORD, ELIZABETH E.                 VA-35-40-449
CREBS, CONRAD                          VA-35-14-223
CREBS, MARIA L.                        VA-35-30-438
CRIDER, JUDITH                         VA-35-11-470
CRIDER, MARTIN                         VA-35-4-300
CRIGLAR, ANN                           VA-35-13-15
CRISMAN, PHILIP A.                     VA-35-39-31
CROCKETT, ROBERT                       VA-35-16-206
CROCKWELL, JOHN                        VA-35-23-89
CROMWELL, MARGARET                     VA-35-10-364
CROUSE, ELIZABETH                      VA-35-33-427
CRUM, ANTHONY                          VA-35-8-10
CRUM, ANTHONY SR.                      VA-35-10-343
CRUM, HENRY                            VA-35-27-89
CRUMB, HENRY                           VA-35-3-409
CRUMLEY, JAMES                         VA-35-3-215
CRYDER, JOHN SR.                       VA-35-14-401
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                       VA-35-6-645
CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT                     VA-35-3-484
CUNNINGHAM, THOMAS                     VA-35-3-3
CURLET, RACHEL                         VA-35-9-229
CURLETT, JOSEPH                        VA-35-6-49
CURRY, MARY ANN                        VA-35-28-135

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