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ABEL, GURDON L.                         PA-58-6-68
ABEL, WILLIAM                           PA-58-3-231
ACKERMAN, HENRY M.                      PA-58-7-54
ACKERMAN, JOHN                          PA-58-8-260
ADAMS, ADALINE L.                       PA-58-6-333
ADAMS, CHESTER                          PA-58-2-485
ADAMS, ELIJAH L.                        PA-58-8-458
ADAMS, HARRIET                          PA-58-6-362
ADAMS, JAMES                            PA-58-5-695
ADAMS, JAMES L.                         PA-58-5-297
ADAMS, JOHN F.                          PA-58-4-12
ADAMS, JOSHUA K.                        PA-58-4-54
ADAMS, MARY                             PA-58-5-676
ADAMS, SARAI A.                         PA-58-8-188
AGNUR, HARRIETT                         PA-58-8-409
AHEARN, JOHN J.                         PA-58-7-140
AHERN, PATRICK                          PA-58-2-459
AINEY, JOHN H.                          PA-58-8-66
AITKEN, JOHN                            PA-58-4-303
ALDRICH, ALBERT                         PA-58-3-258
ALDRICH, NATHAN                         PA-58-3-510
ALDRICH, WINDSOR                        PA-58-5-689
ALEXANDER, CHARLOTTE                    PA-58-6-697
ALEXANDER, EPHRAIM                      PA-58-5-705
ALLEN, ALEXANDER                        PA-58-3-425
ALLEN, D. G.                            PA-58-6-373
ALLEN, EDWARD                           PA-58-4-220
ALLEN, ELLEN                            PA-58-5-592
ALLEN, ERASTUS                          PA-58-2-414
ALLEN, F. W.                            PA-58-2-357
ALLEN, JOHN W.                          PA-58-6-154
ALLEN, PETER A.                         PA-58-5-138
ALLEN, SOLOMON P.                       PA-58-5-719
ALLEN, WALTER                           PA-58-5-27
ALLPAUGH, POLLY ANN                     PA-58-8-231
ALPAUGH, MORRISON                       PA-58-3-449
ALTON, WILLIAM D. B.                    PA-58-8-395
ALWORTH, JOHN                           PA-58-3-160
ANDERSON, JOHN                          PA-58-6-550
ANDRUS, JOHN H.                         PA-58-6-638
ANEY, JOHN                              PA-58-3-380
ANEY, SETH                              PA-58-6-439
ANNETT, JAMES                           PA-58-6-206
ANTHONY, DAVID                          PA-58-3-316
ANTHONY, WILLIAM                        PA-58-5-330
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        PA-58-5-276
ARMSTRONG, JANE                         PA-58-4-108
ARNOLD, ANNA                            PA-58-3-335
ARNOLD, JAMES                           PA-58-4-256
ATHERTON, JONATHAN A.                   PA-58-7-636
ATWOOD, TIMOTHY                         PA-58-7-329
AUSTIN, JOHN                            PA-58-3-140
AUSTIN, MARY                            PA-58-4-131
AUSTIN, ROXANNA                         PA-58-5-202
AVERY, ARCHIE K.                        PA-58-7-550
AVERY, HUBBARD                          PA-58-1-151
AVERY, JONAS B.                         PA-58-1-141
AVERY, SAMUEL C.                        PA-58-6-703
AVERY, SARAH J.                         PA-58-7-515
AYERS, SQUIRE                           PA-58-7-27
AYLESWORTH, WILLIAM P.                  PA-58-7-147
AYRES, JEFFERSON                        PA-58-6-571
AYRES, KATE                             PA-58-5-277
BABCOCK, AMY                            PA-58-2-15
BABCOCK, GARDNER J.                     PA-58-7-660
BABCOCK, HENRY                          PA-58-7-413
BABCOCK, LYDIA                          PA-58-6-251
BABCOCK, SARAH                          PA-58-4-540
BABSON, LOUISA P.                       PA-58-5-345
BACHEN, JOHN                            PA-58-7-364
BACKUS, JOHN                            PA-58-3-420
BACKUS, JOSEPH                          PA-58-3-583
BACKUS, PHEBE                           PA-58-4-345
BACON, EDWIN                            PA-58-4-132
BAHAN, JOHN                             PA-58-6-481
BAILEY, EBENEZER                        PA-58-1-16
BAILEY, FRANK H.                        PA-58-5-76
BAILEY, FREDERICK                       PA-58-2-84
BAILEY, JAMES G.                        PA-58-8-212
BAILEY, JOSEPH                          PA-58-5-490
BAILEY, LAURISSA                        PA-58-1-314
BAILEY, LORINTHA G.                     PA-58-6-559
BAILEY, LUCINDA                         PA-58-3-336
BAILEY, NEWELL                          PA-58-6-417
BAILEY, RICHARD                         PA-58-3-508
BAKER, JACKSON                          PA-58-4-656
BAKER, JOSEPH                           PA-58-1-157
BAKER, NELSON                           PA-58-4-168
BAKER, TOWNSEND J.                      PA-58-4-646
BAKER, WILLIAM                          PA-58-4-94
BALDWIN, BURR                           PA-58-4-430
BALDWIN, CHARLES E.                     PA-58-5-536
BALDWIN, EDMUND                         PA-58-8-21
BALDWIN, EDWIN L.                       PA-58-4-457
BALDWIN, ESTHER                         PA-58-5-584
BALDWIN, FREEMAN                        PA-58-3-164
BALDWIN, HENRY J.                       PA-58-7-569
BALDWIN, JACKSON L.                     PA-58-3-573
BALDWIN, JOHN                           PA-58-3-522
BALDWIN, L. M.                          PA-58-8-505
BALDWIN, MARIETTA                       PA-58-4-346
BALDWIN, MATTHEW                        PA-58-5-545
BALDWIN, MILES                          PA-58-4-638
BALDWIN, NANCY L.                       PA-58-6-199
BALDWIN, SCOTT                          PA-58-3-672
BALDWIN, SHUBALE                        PA-58-3-414
BALL, DIADEMA                           PA-58-5-508
BALL, GEORGE W.                         PA-58-2-322
BALL, PERRY                             PA-58-2-221
BANKER, ESTHER                          PA-58-6-179
BANKS, NATHAN O.                        PA-58-2-45
BARBER, BETSEY E.                       PA-58-3-645
BARBER, H. W.                           PA-58-3-8
BARD, CYRUS W.                          PA-58-4-663
BARD, JOHN                              PA-58-2-114
BARD, SAMUEL                            PA-58-4-348
BARNARD, ESTHER A.                      PA-58-5-458
BARNARD, STEPHEN                        PA-58-5-184
BARNARD, WILLIAM E.                     PA-58-7-211
BARNES, AMOS                            PA-58-2-216
BARNES, AMOS                            PA-58-4-467
BARNES, CHAUNCEY                        PA-58-5-573
BARNES, ELI                             PA-58-4-643
BARNES, G. W.                           PA-58-7-1
BARNES, HARRISON                        PA-58-4-666
BARNES, HIRAM                           PA-58-3-603
BARNES, PRISCILLA A.                    PA-58-6-208
BARNEY, BENJAMIN J.                     PA-58-7-39
BARNEY, DARIUS                          PA-58-3-416
BARRETT, AVERY W.                       PA-58-7-108
BARRETT, WILLIAM                        PA-58-5-50
BARRINGTON, SAMUEL                      PA-58-1-120
BARRON, WILLIAM                         PA-58-8-341
BARRY, ELIZABETH                        PA-58-7-330
BARTLETT, WILLIAM H.                    PA-58-3-694
BARTON, LEWIS                           PA-58-2-137
BARTON, LEWIS W.                        PA-58-7-333
BARTON, PHEBE                           PA-58-6-656
BARTON, SALLY ANN                       PA-58-7-705
BARTON, WILLIAM                         PA-58-2-95
BARTRAM, CHARLES T.                     PA-58-7-397
BEACH, JENNETT                          PA-58-8-533
BEACH, JULIUS                           PA-58-2-439
BEACH, MIRANDA                          PA-58-8-314
BEALS, WILLIAM H.                       PA-58-5-131
BEARDSLEE, SILAS                        PA-58-7-42
BEARDSLEY, ALICE M.                     PA-58-7-493
BEARDSLEY, PHILOMAS                     PA-58-1-119
BEARDSLEY, POLLY                        PA-58-4-336
BEAUMONT, JOHN                          PA-58-5-61
BEDELL, JOHN                            PA-58-4-224
BEEBE, CHARLES                          PA-58-4-674
BEEBE, JOSEPH                           PA-58-2-369
BEEBE, LEWIS                            PA-58-7-644
BEEBE, O. S.                            PA-58-3-599
BEECH, LORENZO                          PA-58-4-464
BEEDE, JACOB                            PA-58-5-32
BEEMAN, ANSON                           PA-58-3-499
BELCHER, ELIZABETH                      PA-58-4-257
BELCHER, JOSEPH M.                      PA-58-3-308
BELL, ELISHA                            PA-58-6-341
BELL, ERNEST A.                         PA-58-5-58
BELL, HESTER                            PA-58-8-471
BELL, JAMES                             PA-58-6-529
BELL, NATHAN M.                         PA-58-3-130
BELL, STEPHEN                           PA-58-7-137
BELL, STERLING                          PA-58-2-251
BELL, TRUMAN                            PA-58-8-322
BENNET, JAMES                           PA-58-1-559
BENNETT, AMES                           PA-58-1-249
BENNETT, ELIAS                          PA-58-1-81
BENNETT, ELIAS                          PA-58-3-296
BENNETT, JONATHAN                       PA-58-6-281
BENNETT, WEALTHY                        PA-58-2-427
BENNETT, WILLIAM N.                     PA-58-5-552
BENNETT, WINES                          PA-58-7-509
BENSCOTER, JOHN                         PA-58-7-599
BENSON, DAVID A.                        PA-58-5-556
BENSON, LEWIS                           PA-58-6-298
BENSON, ROXANA                          PA-58-4-622
BENTLEY, GEORGE V.                      PA-58-5-574
BENZINGER, CHARLES F.                   PA-58-4-110
BERRY, SAMUEL                           PA-58-4-363
BEVERSON, ANNA M.                       PA-58-4-203
BIDDLE, CHARLES JOHN                    PA-58-3-611
BIDDLE, SALLY D.                        PA-58-4-115
BILLINGS, ENOCH T.                      PA-58-4-44
BILLS, G. W.                            PA-58-5-641
BINGHAM, L. W.                          PA-58-3-265
BIRCHARD, ALLISON H.                    PA-58-8-245
BIRCHARD, ASAHEL WIGHT                  PA-58-1-133
BIRCHARD, ASHER L.                      PA-58-4-655
BIRCHARD, ELIAS L.                      PA-58-3-575
BIRCHARD, HORACE                        PA-58-4-29
BIRCHARD, JERUSHA E.                    PA-58-8-401
BIRCHARD, JESSE                         PA-58-1-257
BIRCHARD, JESSE T.                      PA-58-2-158
BIRCHARD, JOHN S.                       PA-58-3-406
BIRCHARD, LYDIA W.                      PA-58-8-64
BIRCHARD, MILON                         PA-58-4-281
BIRCHARD, RALPH S.                      PA-58-5-470
BIRDSALL, G. C.                         PA-58-5-582
BIRKBECK, EDWARD                        PA-58-8-434
BIRKBOCK, ROBERT                        PA-58-4-514
BISSELL, PARTHENIA H.                   PA-58-6-475
BISSELL, WILLIAM                        PA-58-5-682
BIXBY, JONATHAN                         PA-58-5-570
BIXBY, RICHARD                          PA-58-3-29
BLACKMAN, JOSIAH                        PA-58-8-292
BLAISDELL, JANE A.                      PA-58-8-87
BLAISDELL, JOHN                         PA-58-2-23
BLAKE, ANTHONY                          PA-58-6-20
BLAKE, JACOB                            PA-58-2-37
BLAKE, MATTHEW                          PA-58-6-446
BLAKE, SUSAN                            PA-58-4-286
BLAKELY, WILLIAM H.                     PA-58-8-162
BLAKESLEE, AARON                        PA-58-2-316
BLAKESLEE, BENJAMIN F.                  PA-58-6-276
BLAKESLEE, GEORGE                       PA-58-3-166
BLAKESLEE, LELAND                       PA-58-4-466
BLAKESLEE, LEWIS R.                     PA-58-8-185
BLAKESLEE, SETH                         PA-58-6-533
BLAKESLEE, ZOPHAR                       PA-58-1-155
BLAKSLEE, SUSAN                         PA-58-3-418
BLASDELL, JOHN                          PA-58-5-378
BLASDELL, WILLIAM K.                    PA-58-5-43
BLOSSOM, WILLIAM E.                     PA-58-4-139
BLOWERS, ISAAC                          PA-58-1-262
BLOWERS, JOHN                           PA-58-2-323
BLOXHAM, ADA G.                         PA-58-7-361
BLOXHAM, EDWARD                         PA-58-7-165
BOHEN, MARGAET                          PA-58-6-615
BOLAND, PATRICK                         PA-58-5-720
BOLLES, AVERY                           PA-58-4-539
BOLLES, EUNICE                          PA-58-4-269
BOLLES, HANNAH                          PA-58-2-189
BOLLES, NELSON                          PA-58-4-135
BOLLES, SIMON A.                        PA-58-4-201
BOLTON, SOLOMON                         PA-58-2-181
BOLTS, JOSEPH                           PA-58-7-257
BONNER, CHARLES                         PA-58-1-184
BONNER, HAMILTON                        PA-58-5-579
BOOTH, WILLIAM                          PA-58-8-157
BOSWORTH, ARABELLA M.                   PA-58-1-466
BOUGHTON, JULIA                         PA-58-8-324
BOURNE, JOHN THAYER                     PA-58-6-563
BOVEY, ROBERT                           PA-58-5-222
BOWEN, ROBERT S.                        PA-58-8-374
BOWNE, ROBERT                           PA-58-2-17
BOYD, FRANCIS G.                        PA-58-8-329
BOYD, HANNAH                            PA-58-7-240
BOYD, WILLIAM                           PA-58-6-625
BOYD, WILLIAM H.                        PA-58-6-138
BOYLE, JAMES                            PA-58-2-265
BOYLE, JOHN                             PA-58-4-112, 129
BOYNTON, CHARLES                        PA-58-7-575
BRADLEY, HENRY H.                       PA-58-8-46
BRADLEY, MARY                           PA-58-3-85
BRADLEY, MYRICK                         PA-58-6-149
BRADSHAW, JOHN                          PA-58-5-252
BRAGAW, JOHN A.                         PA-58-5-647
BRAINARD, CALEB                         PA-58-2-1
BRAMHALL, ROSETTA L.                    PA-58-7-260
BRANNAN, BRIDGET                        PA-58-5-295
BRANYAN, MARY                           PA-58-6-136
BREDDON, BRIDGET                        PA-58-7-36
BREED, ROBERT F.                        PA-58-4-624
BREED, STEPHEN                          PA-58-2-120
BREWSTER, ABIGAIL P.                    PA-58-5-417
BREWSTER, D. P.                         PA-58-5-554
BREWSTER, DANIEL                        PA-58-7-193
BREWSTER, ERASTUS                       PA-58-6-137
BRIGGS, PHILO                           PA-58-2-314
BRISTER, IRA                            PA-58-8-214
BROCK, LAVINIA                          PA-58-1-320
BRODERICK, MICHAEL                      PA-58-8-304
BRONSON, ANN ELIZA                      PA-58-7-545
BRONSON, DAVID C.                       PA-58-5-328
BRONSON, ROMAN F.                       PA-58-5-498
BROOKS, HENRY L.                        PA-58-3-246
BROOKS, JAMES                           PA-58-5-25
BROOKS, JAMES                           PA-58-6-359
BROOKS, S. N.                           PA-58-7-229
BROTZMAN, ANTHONY                       PA-58-8-517
BROTZMAN, EUNICE M.                     PA-58-6-82
BROWN, C. W.                            PA-58-7-408
BROWN, CHARLES L.                       PA-58-4-362
BROWN, EBENEZER                         PA-58-1-397
BROWN, EDEN S.                          PA-58-2-342
BROWN, ELIJAH                           PA-58-6-278
BROWN, ERASTUS G.                       PA-58-4-65
BROWN, EZRA                             PA-58-1-521
BROWN, EZRA S.                          PA-58-5-569
BROWN, GEORGE                           PA-58-5-388
BROWN, HARRISON                         PA-58-7-505
BROWN, JEREMIAH                         PA-58-5-126
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-58-6-719
BROWN, JOSEPH W.                        PA-58-5-65
BROWN, L. M.                            PA-58-6-352
BROWN, MARGARET C.                      PA-58-6-573
BROWN, MARIA                            PA-58-8-84
BROWN, MOSES                            PA-58-3-260
BROWN, POLLY L.                         PA-58-5-453
BROWN, SALLIE                           PA-58-8-273
BROWN, T. E.                            PA-58-3-562
BROWN, TIMOTHY                          PA-58-4-266
BROWN, W. Z.                            PA-58-6-336
BROWNELL, BENJAMIN                      PA-58-3-120
BROWNELL, GEORGE                        PA-58-3-349
BROWNELL, JAMES                         PA-58-6-286
BROWNELL, MARIAH                        PA-58-6-557
BRUCE, MARY A.                          PA-58-8-182
BRUNDAGE, D. C.                         PA-58-7-632
BRUNDAGE, SAMUEL                        PA-58-5-500
BRUSH, CALVIN                           PA-58-6-592
BRUSH, P. E.                            PA-58-7-316
BRUSH, SAMUEL                           PA-58-5-178
BRYAN, EDWIN                            PA-58-5-675
BRYANT, DAVID                           PA-58-3-707
BRYANT, ELIAS M.                        PA-58-8-95
BRYANT, ENOS                            PA-58-5-250
BUCK, DANIEL                            PA-58-1-3
BUCK, LUCIAN                            PA-58-7-554
BUCK, MARY C.                           PA-58-8-45
BUCK, SANDOVAL                          PA-58-7-628
BUCK, SILAS                             PA-58-1-105
BUCK, WILLIAM                           PA-58-2-429
BUDD, EMMA J.                           PA-58-7-125
BUEL, NATHAN                            PA-58-3-100
BUEL, NATHAN                            PA-58-2-103
BULLARD, OTIS                           PA-58-3-473
BULLOCK, JOHN                           PA-58-5-523
BUNN, ELLERY                            PA-58-6-288
BUNNELL, ELIJAH                         PA-58-3-523
BUNNELL, EPHRIAM K.                     PA-58-4-547
BUNNELL, GEORGE                         PA-58-8-227
BUNNELL, JAMES A.                       PA-58-5-419
BUNNELL, MARTIN                         PA-58-6-608
BUNNELL, SARAH A.                       PA-58-6-133
BUNNELL, WILLIAM                        PA-58-7-566
BURCH, POWELL G.                        PA-58-4-365
BURDICK, ALPHEUS                        PA-58-5-611
BURDICK, AMOS                           PA-58-2-492
BURDICK, BILLINGS                       PA-58-6-586
BURDICK, E. B.                          PA-58-6-527
BURDICK, ELIAS                          PA-58-2-293
BURDICK, PHILIP                         PA-58-6-365
BURDICK, THANKFUL                       PA-58-6-440
BURDICK, ZEBADIAH                       PA-58-3-127
BURLINGAME, JUSTIN                      PA-58-3-466
BURMAN, O. W.                           PA-58-7-270
BURMAN, THOMAS                          PA-58-4-289
BURNS, ALEXANDER                        PA-58-2-498
BURNS, JAMES                            PA-58-5-683
BURNS, JOHN M.                          PA-58-5-6
BURNS, JOHNATHAN SR.                    PA-58-1-451
BURNS, MARY C.                          PA-58-8-261
BURNS, ZIBA                             PA-58-5-558
BURR, JACKSON                           PA-58-5-192
BURR, JEROME                            PA-58-7-288
BURRELL OSCAR                           PA-58-3-192
BURRITT, AMANDA NICHOLS                 PA-58-6-541
BURRITT, ELIZA M .                      PA-58-4-656
BURRITT, HENRY                          PA-58-4-298
BURRITT, RUFUS                          PA-58-6-479
BURROWS, AMOS                           PA-58-1-244
BURROWS, MARIA                          PA-58-3-99
BURROWS, URBANE                         PA-58-4-664
BURROWS, WILLIAM                        PA-58-7-2
BUSH, AMY                               PA-58-4-621
BUSH, CALEB                             PA-58-4-254
BUSH, SARAH A.                          PA-58-4-617
BUSH, THEODORE                          PA-58-5-469
BUSHNELL, DAVID                         PA-58-3-630
BUSHNELL, HARRIET W.                    PA-58-3-54
BUSHNELL, JAMES C.                      PA-58-6-244
BUSHNELL, LEONARD A.                    PA-58-3-565
BUTLER, IRA                             PA-58-1-490
BUTLER, JANE E.                         PA-58-6-648
BUTLER, MARY M. H.                      PA-58-5-79
BUTTERFIELD, JULIA                      PA-58-8-75
BUTTERFIELD, THOMAS H.                  PA-58-8-338
BUTTON, AMOS S.                         PA-58-4-241
BUTTON, D. M.                           PA-58-5-226
BUTTON, ELIZA L.                        PA-58-7-688
BUTTON, LEROY W.                        PA-58-5-376
BUTTON, NATHAN W.                       PA-58-5-41
BUTTON, W. O.                           PA-58-7-252
BUTTS, ABRAHAM                          PA-58-4-550
BUTTS, ISAAC                            PA-58-4-272
BUTTS, RUFUS                            PA-58-3-656
BUXTON, ELIAB                           PA-58-5-310
CADEN, JOHN                             PA-58-2-373
CAIHILL, JOHN                           PA-58-6-74
CALBY, TIMOTHY                          PA-58-7-714
CALDWELL, MOSES                         PA-58-5-680
CALLAGHAN, JULIA                        PA-58-8-393
CALLAGHAN, THOMAS                       PA-58-6-551
CALLAHAN, JOHN                          PA-58-5-183
CALLIN, PUTNAM                          PA-58-1-315
CALNAN, JOHN                            PA-58-6-124
CAMERON, DEWITT C.                      PA-58-5-196
CAMERON, MELISSA                        PA-58-6-211
CAMP, HANNAH L.                         PA-58-5-268
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL R.                     PA-58-5-377
CAMPBELL, THOMAS                        PA-58-7-711
CANAVAN, BRIDGET                        PA-58-8-478
CANFIELD, ANDREW                        PA-58-1-372
CANFIELD, HANNAH                        PA-58-6-416
CANFIELD, JEREMIAH                      PA-58-3-48
CANFIELD, JEREMIAH                      PA-58-6-35
CANFIELD, LYMAN                         PA-58-3-482
CANFIELD, S. H.                         PA-58-7-487
CANTLIN, OWEN                           PA-58-4-659
CARD, ACUS                              PA-58-5-589
CAREY, BARNEY                           PA-58-8-316
CAREY, MICHAEL                          PA-58-4-529
CAREY, SAMUEL                           PA-58-4-716
CARLIN, GEORGE W.                       PA-58-6-407
CARLIN, JOSEPH                          PA-58-3-636
CARLISLE, ELEANOR                       PA-58-7-99
CARLISLE, JOHN T.                       PA-58-2-525
CARMALT, CALEB                          PA-58-2-453
CARMALT, JAMES                          PA-58-1-78
CARMALT, SAMUEL F.                      PA-58-3-34
CARMALT, SARAH                          PA-58-3-600
CARMODY, MARGARETTE                     PA-58-6-718
CARMODY, MARY                           PA-58-5-706
CARMODY, THOMAS                         PA-58-2-331
CARNER, CHAPMAN                         PA-58-1-542
CARNEY, JOHN                            PA-58-6-93
CARNEY, JOHN                            PA-58-4-458
CARNEY, MICHAEL                         PA-58-7-604
CARPENTER, AMOS                         PA-58-5-526
CARPENTER, CASSIUS M.                   PA-58-5-30
CARPENTER, DANIEL                       PA-58-5-58
CARPENTER, E. W.                        PA-58-6-600
CARPENTER, ELIAS                        PA-58-2-60
CARPENTER, ELLEN J.                     PA-58-7-559
CARPENTER, GEORGIANNA B.                PA-58-6-644
CARPENTER, IRA                          PA-58-4-222
CARPENTER, JOHN                         PA-58-1-183
CARPENTER, MARIA                        PA-58-6-602
CARPENTER, OBADIAH                      PA-58-1-110
CARPENTER, TYLER                        PA-58-5-3
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      PA-58-8-55
CARR, ARIEL                             PA-58-3-345
CARR, ELIZA A.                          PA-58-6-64
CARROLAN, WILLIAM                       PA-58-1-472
CARROLL, PATRICK                        PA-58-2-69
CARTER, EBENEZER                        PA-58-3-605
CARTER, HORACE                          PA-58-5-232
CARTER, ISAAC                           PA-58-7-181
CARTER, ROYAL                           PA-58-3-668
CARVER, JOHN                            PA-58-3-567
CARY, F.                                PA-58-6-734
CASE, BENJAMIN T.                       PA-58-2-464
CASE, ELVIRA R.                         PA-58-6-591
CASE, HORACE G.                         PA-58-4-7
CASE, RILEY                             PA-58-5-617
CASE, WILLIAM P.                        PA-58-2-458
CASE, WILLIAM T.                        PA-58-4-424
CASEY, JULIA                            PA-58-7-633
CASEY, PATRICK                          PA-58-2-518
CASEY, PATRICK                          PA-58-7-527
CASEY, THOMAS                           PA-58-7-432
CASEY, TIMOTHY                          PA-58-4-710
CASSIDY, THOMAS                         PA-58-5-309
CASWELL, ERASTUS                        PA-58-3-310
CASWELL, HENRY                          PA-58-5-471
CASWELL, SAMUEL A.                      PA-58-3-515
CATLIN, MARTIN L.                       PA-58-4-367
CAUGHLINMICHAEL                         PA-58-3-180
CHALKER, ELKANAH                        PA-58-4-347
CHAMBERLAIN, MARTIN                     PA-58-3-283
CHAMBERLAIN, MELVIN                     PA-58-2-140
CHAMBERLIN, CHARLES C.                  PA-58-7-135
CHAMBERLIN, LEWIS H.                    PA-58-2-510
CHAMBERLIN, MARY                        PA-58-4-243
CHAMBERLIN, PULASKI W.                  PA-58-8-201
CHAMBERLIN, SILAS                       PA-58-3-661
CHAMBERLIN, WILLIAM                     PA-58-6-590
CHAMBERLIN, WRIGHT                      PA-58-3-332
CHAMPION, H. J.                         PA-58-3-224
CHAMPLIN, S. S.                         PA-58-3-44
CHAMPLIN, SAMUEL S.                     PA-58-3-41
CHANDLER, FRANCIS B.                    PA-58-7-399
CHANDLER, HENRY                         PA-58-3-455
CHANDLER, JAMES                         PA-58-1-226
CHANDLER, MARGARET J.                   PA-58-2-503
CHANDLER, RACHEL                        PA-58-3-173
CHANDLER, ROBERT                        PA-58-1-91
CHANDLER, SARAH                         PA-58-5-318
CHANDLER, THOMAS                        PA-58-5-218
CHANDLER, WILIAM C.                     PA-58-8-382
CHAPMAN, JOSEPH                         PA-58-1-423
CHAPMAN, JOSEPH JR.                     PA-58-1-502
CHARLTON, WILLIAM                       PA-58-1-412
CHASE, MARY M.                          PA-58-3-572
CHATFIELD, ABEL                         PA-58-2-145
CHATFIELD, SOPHRONIA                    PA-58-5-247
CHURCHILL, EDWARD                       PA-58-4-39
CHURCHILL, JOSIAH                       PA-58-1-29
CHURCHILL, WILLIAM                      PA-58-4-165
CHURCHILL,ELIZA J.                      PA-58-8-492
CLAFLIN, NORMAN F.                      PA-58-8-509
CLAREY, MARY                            PA-58-7-696
CLAREY, MICHAEL                         PA-58-8-80
CLARK, BENJAMIN W.                      PA-58-2-63
CLARK, FRANCIS                          PA-58-3-426
CLARK, HENRY                            PA-58-4-675
CLARK, JACOB                            PA-58-3-570
CLARK, JOHN                             PA-58-6-214
CLARK, JOHN                             PA-58-4-198
CLARK, JOHN T.                          PA-58-5-51
CLARK, PATRICK                          PA-58-7-103
CLARK, RICHARD S.                       PA-58-3-483
CLARK, RUFUS D.                         PA-58-5-697
CLARK, WILLIAM                          PA-58-3-222
CLARY, THOMAS                           PA-58-3-96
CLIFFORD, WILLIAM M.                    PA-58-1-162
CLOUGH, THOMAS                          PA-58-6-729
COAN, ELISHA                            PA-58-1-289
COBB, ABNER                             PA-58-7-638
COBB, ELMER A.                          PA-58-8-410
COBLER, ANDREW                          PA-58-3-165
COCKAYNE, BENJAMIN                      PA-58-2-280
COCKAYNE, JOSEPH                        PA-58-4-438
CODDINGTON, ANNIE K.                    PA-58-8-293
COGSWELL, BETSEY M.                     PA-58-5-134
COGSWELL, E. T.                         PA-58-4-55
COGSWELL, ELISHA                        PA-58-3-559
COGSWELL, JARVIS B.                     PA-58-4-9
COIL, GEORGE                            PA-58-4-225
COIL, HENRY                             PA-58-5-178
COIL, JOHN                              PA-58-2-184
COLE, LYMAN B.                          PA-58-7-467
COLE, PRISCILLA A.                      PA-58-7-424
COLE, ROBERT                            PA-58-6-331
COLEMAN, ALONZO                         PA-58-7-209
COLEMAN, AMOS                           PA-58-5-253
COLEMAN, EZRA                           PA-58-6-492
COLEMAN, THOMAS                         PA-58-7-614
COLEMAN, W. R.                          PA-58-6-639
COLEMAN, WILLIAM                        PA-58-1-487
COLFORD, THOMAS                         PA-58-3-623
COLLINS, MARY                           PA-58-6-565
COLLUM, WILLIAM H.                      PA-58-4-120
COMBOY, MICHAEL                         PA-58-5-2
COMFORT, CLARISSA S.                    PA-58-6-249
COMFORT, JOHN                           PA-58-2-42
COMFORT, MARY A.                        PA-58-5-189
COMFORT, NELSON R.                      PA-58-8-431
COMSTOCK, ISAAC                         PA-58-4-45
CONBOY, JOHN                            PA-58-3-688
CONBOY, JOHN H.                         PA-58-5-651
CONBOY, MARY                            PA-58-6-369
CONGDON, HENRY                          PA-58-1-303
CONGDON, MICHAEL                        PA-58-8-44
CONKLIN, CATHERINE A.                   PA-58-8-439
CONKLIN, HIRAM C.                       PA-58-6-400
CONKLIN, ISABELLA                       PA-58-8-135
CONKLIN, JAMES                          PA-58-3-488
CONKLIN, PERRY C.                       PA-58-6-423
CONNATON, MARY                          PA-58-5-397
CONNELLY, MARY                          PA-58-7-463
CONNELLY, T. L.                         PA-58-6-413
CONNETY, HUGHEY                         PA-58-3-385
CONRAD, HORACE J.                       PA-58-5-274
CONRAN, JOHN                            PA-58-1-97
CONTANT, MARY L.                        PA-58-2-341
CONYNE, JOHN                            PA-58-6-21
COOK, A. W.                             PA-58-7-630
COOK, ANN                               PA-58-8-91
COOK, ERASTUS V. D.                     PA-58-5-420
COOK, GRIFFIN                           PA-58-4-500
COOK, HIRAM                             PA-58-6-473
COOK, NANCY                             PA-58-3-578
COOK, OSWELL M.                         PA-58-6-620
COOL, E. L.                             PA-58-8-114
COOL, RYERSON                           PA-58-6-643
COOLEY, DANIEL                          PA-58-2-340
COOLEY, WILLIAM                         PA-58-2-330
COON, F. B.                             PA-58-6-585
COON, JESSE                             PA-58-3-238
COON, RHODA                             PA-58-6-583
COONROD, WILLIAM                        PA-58-1-170
COOPER, HUNTING                         PA-58-5-203
COOPER, JOSEPH                          PA-58-2-81
COOPER, MICHAEL                         PA-58-6-28
COOPER, PHEBE                           PA-58-2-403
COOPER, WILLIAM H.                      PA-58-5-205
COPE, ALEXIS T.                         PA-58-5-71
COPE, THOMAS P.                         PA-58-2-494
COPE, WILLIAM D.                        PA-58-3-537
COPER, PHEBE                            PA-58-6-201
CORAH, JEREMIAH W.                      PA-58-1-447
CORBETT, COOPER                         PA-58-4-105
CORBIT, PATRICK                         PA-58-3-588
CORBY, SARAH ELIZA                      PA-58-5-280
CORNELL, S . D.                         PA-58-4-542
CORNWALL, SYLVESTER                     PA-58-5-460
CORNWELL, N. P.                         PA-58-5-47
CORSE, LEONARD                          PA-58-3-377
COUGHLIN, JEREMIAH                      PA-58-6-147
COUGHLIN, TIMOTHY                       PA-58-3-364
COULTER, MARY                           PA-58-7-572
COX, CALVIN                             PA-58-1-346
COX, LUCY                               PA-58-3-182
COX, MARY                               PA-58-7-619
COX, MARY H.                            PA-58-4-116
COX, WILLIAM L.                         PA-58-8-119
COXS, HENRY                             PA-58-5-646
CRANDALL, ASA                           PA-58-3-139
CRANDALL, ELERY                         PA-58-4-293
CRANDALL, GEORGE H.                     PA-58-4-90
CRANE, JOHN A.                          PA-58-3-259
CRANE, JOHN P.                          PA-58-6-455
CRANE, OLIVER M.                        PA-58-6-395
CRAVER, C. M.                           PA-58-6-487
CRAVER, WILLIAM                         PA-58-3-613
CRAWFORD, CHARLES F.                    PA-58-3-123
CREAGH, MICHAEL A.                      PA-58-8-398
CREEGAN, MILES                          PA-58-8-379
CRISMAN, HENRY N.                       PA-58-7-356
CRISMAN, NELSON                         PA-58-4-590
CROCKER, HYDE                           PA-58-5-449
CRONIN, DANIEL                          PA-58-6-39
CRONK, JOHN                             PA-58-6-355
CRONK, S. E.                            PA-58-6-216
CRONKHITE, WILLIAM                      PA-58-3-301
CROSIER, A. B.                          PA-58-6-412
CROSIER, HANNA                          PA-58-2-440
CROSS, ALICE                            PA-58-7-439
CROSSEN, ANN ELIZA                      PA-58-7-419
CROSSEN, PATRICK                        PA-58-4-226
CROWLEY, CORNELIUS                      PA-58-4-460
CROWLEY, JULIA                          PA-58-6-692
CROWLEY, TIMOTHY                        PA-58-5-137
CRUSE, WILLIAM                          PA-58-3-375
CRUSER, HENRY                           PA-58-7-46
CUDDEBACK, HENRY                        PA-58-6-109
CULVER, ESTHER                          PA-58-5-224
CUNNINGHAM, DANIEL J.                   PA-58-7-693
CUNNINGHAM, FRANK                       PA-58-7-34
CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL                     PA-58-3-358
CURLEY, THOMAS                          PA-58-4-100
CURLY, JAMES                            PA-58-5-543
CURREN, LAURA E.                        PA-58-8-90
CURTIS, CORNELIUS J.                    PA-58-6-490
CURTIS, ENOCH                           PA-58-2-334
CURTIS, EUNICE                          PA-58-7-703
CURTIS, GAYLORD                         PA-58-6-730
CURTIS, ROBERT                          PA-58-5-231
CUSHMAN, CORMACK                        PA-58-4-130
DACEY, CATHARINE                        PA-58-5-416
DACEY, JAMES                            PA-58-3-428
DACY, PATRICK                           PA-58-5-4
DAILY, MARY L.                          PA-58-5-556
DALE, MARK                              PA-58-6-139
DALEY, WILLIAM                          PA-58-8-421
DAMON, JAMES H.                         PA-58-7-328
DANIELS, BENJAMIN                       PA-58-3-609
DARROW, DANIEL                          PA-58-6-493
DAVIS, CATHERINE S.                     PA-58-5-74
DAVIS, CHARLES R.                       PA-58-6-323
DAVIS, DANIEL                           PA-58-4-262
DAVIS, EDGAR R.                         PA-58-8-99
DAVIS, EZEKIEL                          PA-58-1-187
DAVIS, GWENLLIAN                        PA-58-4-544
DAVIS, HENRY W.                         PA-58-6-142
DAVIS, JOHN S.                          PA-58-4-577
DAVIS, JOSIAH                           PA-58-1-557
DAVIS, R. S.                            PA-58-4-48
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           PA-58-4-49
DAVISON, JOHN                           PA-58-3-298
DAVISS, WILLIAM T.                      PA-58-3-399
DAWLEY, IRA M.                          PA-58-8-59
DAWLEY, STEPHEN                         PA-58-1-427
DAWSON, EDWARD                          PA-58-4-294
DAWSON, LYDIA M.                        PA-58-5-9
DAY, ERASTUS M.                         PA-58-8-117
DAY, LYSANDER C.                        PA-58-3-170
DAY, MARY                               PA-58-6-24
DAYTON, CLARK W.                        PA-58-4-264
DAYTON, MARY                            PA-58-5-466
DAYTON, SOPHRONA                        PA-58-5-465
DEAN, PIERCE                            PA-58-6-111
DEAN, SAMUEL G.                         PA-58-8-327
DEANS, ZEBULON                          PA-58-1-546
DECKER, BENJAMIN                        PA-58-3-489
DECKER, BENJAMIN                        PA-58-5-187
DECKER, GEORGE                          PA-58-3-643
DECKER, GEORGE                          PA-58-8-133
DECKER, JOHN C.                         PA-58-7-172
DECKER, PETER                           PA-58-2-468
DECKER, RHODA                           PA-58-4-618
DECKER, RHODA                           PA-58-6-632
DECKER, STEPHEN C.                      PA-58-8-264
DEGNAN, CORNELIUS                       PA-58-5-547
DELANEY, PATRICK                        PA-58-6-505
DEMARAY, EUGENE E.                      PA-58-5-701
DEMERS, DAVID L.                        PA-58-7-351
DENISON, MASON                          PA-58-1-202
DENNEY, JOEL                            PA-58-5-62
DENNEY, NATHANIEL                       PA-58-3-424
DENNISON, WEALTHY                       PA-58-2-117
DENNY, JOHN                             PA-58-1-130
DENNY, RICHARD                          PA-58-1-272
DEPFER, MARY (OR MARIA)                 PA-58-7-430
DEPUE, TIMOTHY                          PA-58-2-425
DEWITT, ALLETA H.                       PA-58-8-159
DEWITT, JAMES R.                        PA-58-6-176
DEWITT, MOSES                           PA-58-3-50
DEWITT, SIMEON S.                       PA-58-7-672
DICKERMAN, CLARK                        PA-58-2-152
DICKEY, MARTHA                          PA-58-7-312
DIKEMAN, JOHN                           PA-58-2-133
DIKEMAN, JULIA D.                       PA-58-3-131
DILLON, HENRY A.                        PA-58-6-647
DILLON, MICHAEL                         PA-58-3-188
DILLON, PATRICK                         PA-58-5-408
DIMMICK, S. P.                          PA-58-3-135
DIMMICK, WALTER T.                      PA-58-3-477
DIMOCK, CHARLOTTE E.                    PA-58-5-264
DIMON, JOHN                             PA-58-3-287
DIMON, SIDNEY                           PA-58-5-473
DINSMORE, S.                            PA-58-4-669
DISBRO, MATILDA C.                      PA-58-6-549
DIX, BENJAMIN                           PA-58-3-199
DIX, JOEL L.                            PA-58-7-480
DIX, JOHN A.                            PA-58-7-29
DIXON, JAMES                            PA-58-6-284
DIXON, MARY                             PA-58-5-703
DIXON, WILLIAM                          PA-58-8-203
DODGE, PAULINA M.                       PA-58-8-71
DOHERTY, MICHAEL                        PA-58-8-110
DOLAN, BARTHOLOMEW                      PA-58-4-248
DONAHUE, JOHN                           PA-58-4-717
DONLIN, PATRICK                         PA-58-2-204
DONNELLY, DENIS                         PA-58-3-388
DONNELLY, JAMES                         PA-58-7-669
DONNELLY, MICHAEL                       PA-58-1-283
DONNELLY, MICHAEL                       PA-58-4-352
DONNELLY, MICHAEL                       PA-58-1-444
DONNELLY, MICHAEL G.                    PA-58-7-485
DONNELLY, THOMAS                        PA-58-1-419
DONOHUE, WILLIAM                        PA-58-7-647
DONOVAN, JEREMIAH J.                    PA-58-8-247
DONOVAN, PATRICK                        PA-58-5-693
DOOLITTLE, GEORGE M.                    PA-58-7-275
DOOLY, EDMOND                           PA-58-2-394
DOUD, FRANKLIN                          PA-58-3-587
DOUGHERTY, H. H.                        PA-58-5-623
DOUGHERTY, MICHAEL                      PA-58-8-110
DOVEY, JOHN                             PA-58-5-517
DOW, JEREMIAH                           PA-58-8-450
DOWNEY, DENNIS                          PA-58-4-97
DOWNEY, EUGENE                          PA-58-7-698
DOYLE, BRIDGET                          PA-58-8-436
DOYLE, CATHERINE                        PA-58-5-141
DOYLE, JAMES                            PA-58-4-556
DOYLE, JOHN                             PA-58-4-505
DOYLE, JUSTIN L.                        PA-58-4-89
DOYLE, MARY E.                          PA-58-7-407
DOYLE, MICHAEL                          PA-58-3-263
DRINKER, FRANCES M.                     PA-58-5-116
DRINKER, HENRY                          PA-58-3-271
DRISCOLL, ELIZABETH                     PA-58-6-642
DUBOIS, JOSEPH                          PA-58-5-425
DUBOIS, MINNA                           PA-58-1-34
DULHANTY, CHARLES                       PA-58-2-449
DUNLAP, E. O.                           PA-58-6-636
DUNLAP, JAMES H.                        PA-58-1-54
DUNMORE, JOHN F.                        PA-58-3-101
DUNMORE, JOSEPH S.                      PA-58-4-18
DUNMORE, JUIA A.                        PA-58-3-294
DUNN, CYRUS J.                          PA-58-5-380
DUNN, JOSEPH                            PA-58-6-275
DUNN, LOIS                              PA-58-7-114
DUNN, WILLIAM H.                        PA-58-4-159
DUNNING, JOHN                           PA-58-4-17
DURGA, E. W.                            PA-58-3-223
DUSENBURY, HARPER                       PA-58-7-494
DUTTON, JAMES W.                        PA-58-6-348
EAGAN, MARTIN                           PA-58-2-412
EASTERBROOK, WARREN                     PA-58-2-344
EDWARDS, JAMES C.                       PA-58-5-374
ELDRED, GABRIEL B.                      PA-58-5-521
ELDRED, H. W.                           PA-58-5-560
ELDRED, JANE H.                         PA-58-7-459
ELDRIDGE, MARY E.                       PA-58-5-402
ELDRIDGE, ROBERT                        PA-58-3-32
ELLIS, C. H.                            PA-58-5-409
ELLIS, JONATHAN T.                      PA-58-4-260
ELLIS, MARY C.                          PA-58-5-462
ELLIS, ROBERT                           PA-58-2-367
ELLIS, SILAS                            PA-58-2-116
ELLSWORTH, E. H.                        PA-58-6-242
ELLSWORTH, HENRY                        PA-58-2-161
ELLSWORTH, HENRY B.                     PA-58-7-20
ELTON, ELIZABETH                        PA-58-5-350
ELY, H. G.                              PA-58-5-628
ELY, HIRAM                              PA-58-4-433
ELY, J. R.                              PA-58-6-572
ELY, LYMAN                              PA-58-3-560
ELY, SILAS P.                           PA-58-3-143
EMMERSON, WILLIAM                       PA-58-1-21
EMMONS, ALMON                           PA-58-1-576
EMMONS, P. T. B.                        PA-58-6-539
ENGLE, S. J.                            PA-58-8-31
ERNST, ELIZABETH                        PA-58-6-488
ESTABROOK, HENRY                        PA-58-6-266
ESTABROOK, WARREN                       PA-58-8-93
ESTABROOK, WILLIAM W.                   PA-58-7-563
EVANS, ISRAEL                           PA-58-3-525
EVERETT, GABRIEL                        PA-58-4-30
EVERETT, HENRY                          PA-58-6-378
EYMER, W. D.                            PA-58-5-369
FAIRCHILD, SUSAN                        PA-58-8-257
FALEY, MARGARET                         PA-58-8-58
FALLAHEE, THOMAS                        PA-58-2-526
FALSEY, JOHN                            PA-58-2-381
FALSEY, JOHN                            PA-58-3-215
FANCHER, BENJAMIN                       PA-58-1-267
FANCHER, JOHN                           PA-58-5-238
FARGO, AMASA B.                         PA-58-3-344
FARGO, SEREPTIA B.                      PA-58-8-524
FARNELLS, JOHN                          PA-58-5-242
FARRELL, DANIEL                         PA-58-4-334
FARRELL, PETER                          PA-58-5-466
FARRELLY, PATRICK S.                    PA-58-7-132
FAUROT, JAMES                           PA-58-2-479
FENNAN, CATHARINE                       PA-58-4-66
FERGUSON, ANN E.                        PA-58-8-12
FEROUS, DANIEL                          PA-58-4-299
FERRIS, ZIPSON                          PA-58-5-23
FESSENDEN, ASA                          PA-58-3-128
FESSENDEN, ISAAC B.                     PA-58-5-308
FILEWOOD, FREDERICK                     PA-58-5-407
FILLBUSH, LYDIA A.                      PA-58-7-258
FINDEN, WILLIAM                         PA-58-4-618
FISH, A. A.                             PA-58-4-541
FISH, CALEB                             PA-58-5-260
FISH, DAVID                             PA-58-1-128
FISH, EBENEZER                          PA-58-2-257
FISH, FRANCIS                           PA-58-5-221
FISH, PARDON                            PA-58-2-47
FISHER, EFFIE                           PA-58-8-186
FISHER, THOMAS                          PA-58-3-285
FISK, WESLEY C.                         PA-58-4-68
FITCH, L. F.                            PA-58-4-162
FITCH, WILLIAM H.                       PA-58-7-360
FITZGERALD, OWEN                        PA-58-5-372
FITZGERALD, THOMAS                      PA-58-8-527
FLANAGAN, EDWARD                        PA-58-2-407
FLANNIGAN, CATHERINE                    PA-58-7-482
FLETCHER, WILLIAM                       PA-58-4-8
FLUMERFELT, ELIZA R.                    PA-58-8-101
FOLLETT, VIRGIL G.                      PA-58-6-635
FOOT, BATHSHEBA                         PA-58-1-430
FOOT, BELUS H.                          PA-58-1-300
FOOTE, BYRON                            PA-58-8-121
FORAN, JAMES                            PA-58-6-380
FORDHAM, D. C.                          PA-58-7-273
FORDHAM, EDWARD C.                      PA-58-7-310
FORSYTH, LEE L.                         PA-58-3-255
FOSTER, DANIEL                          PA-58-1-83
FOSTER, ELLIS A.                        PA-58-6-222
FOSTER, J. H.                           PA-58-6-259
FOSTER, JAMES                           PA-58-4-511
FOSTER, MARGARET A.                     PA-58-6-105
FOSTER, MARY A.                         PA-58-8-52
FOSTER, MILTON H.                       PA-58-4-51
FOSTER, ROBERT                          PA-58-3-275
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         PA-58-3-673
FRANCE, JOHN M.                         PA-58-7-102
FRASER, CAROLINE                        PA-58-5-7
FRAWLEY, JOHN                           PA-58-6-607
FREEMAN, LEWIS                          PA-58-7-681
FRINK, AVERY                            PA-58-7-305
FRINK, TRACY                            PA-58-5-589
FULLER, N. W.                           PA-58-4-43
FULLER, STILLMAN                        PA-58-3-94
FUREY, BRIDGET                          PA-58-8-381
FUREY, MICHAEL                          PA-58-5-451

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