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ABBOTT, GEORGE                          PA-31-17-308
ACKER, CHRISTIAN                        PA-31-4-227
ADAIR, ROBERT                           PA-31-1-59
ADAIR, RUTH CUMMINS                     PA-31-15-231
ADAMS, ELLEN M.                         PA-31-18-166
ADAMS, JOHN                             PA-31-3-21
ADDLEMAN, JOHN                          PA-31-5-418
AFRICA, J. SIMPSON                      PA-31-16-153
AFRICA, JOHN                            PA-31-17-184
AFRICA, MICHAEL                         PA-31-3-11
AFRICA, ROBERT WESLEY                   PA-31-14-48
AGNEW, DANIEL                           PA-31-4-191
AKE, JACOB                              PA-31-4-114
ALEXANDER, JOHN                         PA-31-2-155
ALEXANDER, RANDAL                       PA-31-10-172
ALEXANDER, RANDALL                      PA-31-5-194
ALLAN, JOHN                             PA-31-1-175
ALLEN, JOHN SMITH                       PA-31-2-96
ALLEN, STEWART                          PA-31-17-221
ALLISON, ELEANOR JANE                   PA-31-12-126
ALLISON, MARY                           PA-31-5-338
ALLISON, ROBERT                         PA-31-4-200
ALLISON, SAMUEL S.                      PA-31-12-165
AMBROSE, CATHARINE                      PA-31-5-174
AMBROSE, JOHN                           PA-31-6-180
AMBROZIER, JOHN                         PA-31-3-66
ANDERSON, ANDREW                        PA-31-3-111
ANDERSON, ANDREW                        PA-31-8-201
ANDERSON, ANDREW                        PA-31-11-143
ANDERSON, ANTHONY                       PA-31-12-60
ANDERSON, JAMES                         PA-31-2-58
ANDERSON, JAMES                         PA-31-4-74
ANDERSON, JOHN                          PA-31-6-205
ANDERSON, JOHN P.                       PA-31-5-472
ANDERSON, MARGARET H.                   PA-31-12-180
ANDERSON, MARY ELIZABETH                PA-31-18-21
ANDERSON, ROBERT                        PA-31-15-176
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                        PA-31-1-33
ANDERSON, WILLIAM C.                    PA-31-8-351
ANSPACH, JACOB                          PA-31-11-205
ANTHONY, THOMAS POWELL (DR)             PA-31-2-306
APGAR, WILLIAM                          PA-31-5-175
APPELBY, JOHN                           PA-31-5-136
APPLEBY, ALEXANDER                      PA-31-15-183
APPLEBY, WILLIAM                        PA-31-12-332
ARCHEY, FRANCIS                         PA-31-5-385
ARCHEY, JOHN                            PA-31-12-178
ARCHEY, JOHNSTON                        PA-31-13-398
ARCHEY, ROBERT                          PA-31-9-322
ARMEN, JOHN                             PA-31-7-102
ARMITAGE, ALEXANDER                     PA-31-12-157
ARMITAGE, BENJAMIN                      PA-31-4-455
ARMITAGE, CALEB                         PA-31-3-374
ARMITAGE, GEORGE BARTON                 PA-31-17-102
ARMITAGE, JAMES                         PA-31-1-270
ARMITAGE, JANE                          PA-31-9-219
ARMITAGE, JOHN                          PA-31-5-336
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         PA-31-1-84
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                       PA-31-7-206
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                       PA-31-2-49
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      PA-31-5-463
ARNOLD, JOHN CARL                       PA-31-17-198
ARSONS, PRECILLA                        PA-31-16-282
ASHBOG, HENRY                           PA-31-1-9
ASHMAN, GEORGE                          PA-31-2-80
ASHMAN, MARY JANE                       PA-31-9-69
ASHTON, JUDITH                          PA-31-13-111
ASKIN, GEORGE                           PA-31-5-300
ASKIN, THOMAS                           PA-31-5-285
AUAND, CATHERINE                        PA-31-5-76
AURANDT, CATHARINE                      PA-31-11-134
AUTTEBARGER, JACOB                      PA-31-8-340
AUTTEBERGER, DANIEL                     PA-31-5-446
AUTTLEBARGER, ELIZABETH                 PA-31-5-400
AUTTLEBERGER, PHILLIP                   PA-31-10-43
AYRES, JACOB                            PA-31-7-321
BAILEY, JOHN M.                         PA-31-17-181
BAILEY, WILLIAM                         PA-31-2-73
BAIRD, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-3-131
BAIRD, WEALTHY L.                       PA-31-18-339
BAKER, DAVID S.                         PA-31-7-4
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-12-346
BAKER, JOHN                             PA-31-1-284
BAKER, JOHN                             PA-31-3-494
BAKER, JOHN H.                          PA-31-13-259
BAKER, JOSEPH                           PA-31-14-36
BAKER, KATE B.                          PA-31-17-226
BAKER, SUSAN                            PA-31-4-279
BALLS, JOHN                             PA-31-5-421
BARE, BENJAMIN                          PA-31-4-363
BARE, CATHERINE                         PA-31-13-96
BARKLE, JOHN                            PA-31-16-368
BARKSTRESSER, HENRY                     PA-31-4-462
BARKSTRESSOR, JOHN W.                   PA-31-5-283
BARLET, JOHN                            PA-31-4-108
BARNET, NANCY                           PA-31-3-221
BARNET, PHILIP                          PA-31-4-491
BARNETT, CATHARINE                      PA-31-8-307
BARR, DANIEL                            PA-31-6-122
BARR, JOHN                              PA-31-5-272
BARR, NANCY                             PA-31-11-1
BARR, ROBERT                            PA-31-2-27
BARR, ROBERT                            PA-31-9-130
BARR, SAMUEL                            PA-31-5-43
BARR, SAMUEL                            PA-31-6-200
BARRICK, JANE                           PA-31-14-333
BARRY, MARY C.                          PA-31-16-110
BARTLEY, MARY                           PA-31-8-12
BARTOL, ELIAS                           PA-31-14-383
BARTON, THOMAS N.                       PA-31-18-60
BARTOW, CHRISTIAN                       PA-31-1-185
BAUGHER, ELIZABETH                      PA-31-4-125
BAUMGARNER, SALLIE                      PA-31-11-160
BAUMGARTHER, DAVID                      PA-31-4-436
BAUMGARTNER, JACOB                      PA-31-5-345
BAZZANELLA, JOSEPH                      PA-31-11-287
BEAER, CATHARINE                        PA-31-13-250
BEALE, WILLIAM AGUSTUS                  PA-31-15-30
BEARD, ROBERT                           PA-31-1-86
BEASHOAR, JOHN                          PA-31-9-86
BEATTY, EDWARD                          PA-31-1-161
BEATTY, JOHN                            PA-31-3-288
BEATY,JANE                              PA-31-18-320
BECHTEL, DANIEL                         PA-31-10-211
BECK, ABEDNEGO                          PA-31-10-341
BECK, CATHARINE                         PA-31-14-55
BECK, DANIEL                            PA-31-3-189
BECK, JACOB                             PA-31-7-79
BECK, JOHN                              PA-31-6-3
BECK, JOHN                              PA-31-18-218
BECK, NANCY                             PA-31-15-138
BECK, REUBEN                            PA-31-13-150
BEERS, ROBERT                           PA-31-7-43
BEHRER, CHARLES E.                      PA-31-18-427
BEIGLE, EDWARD                          PA-31-12-10
BEIGLE, SAMUEL                          PA-31-9-252
BELL, ALEXANDER                         PA-31-6-88
BELL, ELEANOR                           PA-31-15-168
BELL, ELIZABETH                         PA-31-8-94
BELL, GEORGE M.                         PA-31-8-4
BELL, JAMES                             PA-31-9-245
BELL, JOHN                              PA-31-2-162
BELL, JOHN                              PA-31-8-277
BELL, THOMAS                            PA-31-14-27
BELTZHOOVER, HELEN                      PA-31-14-294
BENDER, HENRY                           PA-31-1-297
BENEDICT, ADEN W.                       PA-31-6-232
BENEDICT, ANN E.                        PA-31-13-31
BENN, JOSIAH                            PA-31-6-107
BENNER, THOMAS                          PA-31-17-84
BENSON, JOHN A.                         PA-31-15-147
BERGANTZ, LEWIS                         PA-31-12-189
BERKSTRESSER, DANIEL                    PA-31-12-357
BERLITZ, WILLIAM                        PA-31-3-365
BERNHARDT, DALLAS (DR)                  PA-31-17-138
BERRY, ELLEN                            PA-31-7-312
BERRY, JOHN                             PA-31-2-276
BEVERLIN, ELIZABETH                     PA-31-13-122
BEYER, JOHANNA                          PA-31-16-289
BICE, JOHN                              PA-31-6-112
BICKET, ELLEN E.                        PA-31-11-57
BICKET, JANE                            PA-31-8-196
BICKET, SAMUEL                          PA-31-9-84
BICKET, WILLIAM                         PA-31-4-302
BICKET, WILLIAM R.                      PA-31-3-407
BILGER, GEORGE                          PA-31-12-385
BLACK, CHARLOTTE                        PA-31-11-228
BLACK, DAVID                            PA-31-13-63
BLACK, GEORGE                           PA-31-5-433
BLACK, JACOB                            PA-31-1-247
BLACK, JACOB                            PA-31-7-351
BLACK, JAMES                            PA-31-5-396
BLACK, JAMES                            PA-31-12-182
BLACK, JOHN                             PA-31-2-274
BLACK, PHOEBE                           PA-31-17-166
BLACK, ROBERT                           PA-31-3-247
BLACK, WILLIAM L.                       PA-31-5-176
BLAIR, ALEXANDER                        PA-31-2-267
BLAIR, ALEXANDER                        PA-31-2-333
BLAIR, ALEXANDER C.                     PA-31-7-347
BLAIR, DAVID                            PA-31-10-319
BLAIR, DAVID                            PA-31-17-328
BLAIR, JOHN                             PA-31-4-222
BLAIR, JOHN CHALMERS                    PA-31-15-101
BLAIR, JOHN H.                          PA-31-18-381
BLAIR, LUCY N.                          PA-31-17-202
BLAIR, MAXWELL                          PA-31-3-490
BLAIR, THOMAS                           PA-31-4-322
BLAKE, JAMES                            PA-31-11-26
BOAT, MARY                              PA-31-11-6
BOAT, OWEN                              PA-31-6-10
BOGGS, JAMES                            PA-31-4-129
BOLINGER, JOHN                          PA-31-7-395
BOLINGER, MARTHA J.                     PA-31-18-8
BOLINGER, SAMUEL                        PA-31-10-348
BOLLER, CATHARINE                       PA-31-11-341
BOOK, HENRY L.                          PA-31-16-365
BOOK, SAMUEL                            PA-31-10-390
BOOKER, CASPER                          PA-31-3-342
BOOKER, DANIEL W.                       PA-31-6-290
BOOKER, JACOB                           PA-31-6-100
BOOKER, JACOB                           PA-31-9-248
BOOKER, JOHN                            PA-31-3-416
BOOKER, JOHN                            PA-31-13-283
BOOKER, SAMUEL                          PA-31-6-103
BORE, DIANNA                            PA-31-18-283
BOREN, ZACHARIAH                        PA-31-5-135
BORST, BERNHARDT                        PA-31-2-171
BORST, REBECCA                          PA-31-5-406
BOWERS, ISAAC                           PA-31-12-344
BOWERS, MARY                            PA-31-2-159
BOWESOX, MARY C.                        PA-31-9-335
BOWMAN, DAVID                           PA-31-4-476
BOWMAN, ELIZA                           PA-31-13-359
BOWMAN, ELMER D.                        PA-31-14-292
BOWMAN, GEORGE                          PA-31-5-258
BOWMAN, JOHN                            PA-31-6-8
BOWMAN, SAMUEL                          PA-31-4-204
BOWMAN, SAMUEL                          PA-31-9-291
BOWMAN, SUSANNAH                        PA-31-12-38
BOWSER, SAMUEL                          PA-31-15-266
BOWSLOUGH, ESTHER                       PA-31-4-355
BOYD, JARED                             PA-31-3-437
BOYD, WILLIAM A.                        PA-31-3-45
BOYER,JACOB                             PA-31-9-126
BOYER, DAVID                            PA-31-16-97
BOYER, HENRY                            PA-31-10-156
BOYER, JACOB                            PA-31-2-170
BOYER, JOHN G.                          PA-31-15-370
BOYER, JOSEPHINE C.                     PA-31-17-397
BOYER, SARAH                            PA-31-17-408
BOYERS, SUSANNAH                        PA-31-5-3
BRADLY, THOMS                           PA-31-3-49
BRANDEN, JAMES                          PA-31-3-133
BREIDENBAUGH, MICHAEL                   PA-31-3-135
BRENDEL, SUSANNAH                       PA-31-3-474
BRENNEMAN, MAUDE                        PA-31-18-221
BRENNEMAN, RUDOLPH SR.                  PA-31-15-132
BREWSTER, HENRY                         PA-31-9-203
BREWSTER, JOHN                          PA-31-5-423
BREWSTER, MARY                          PA-31-8-126
BREWSTER, WILLIAM H.                    PA-31-18-23
BRICKER, WILLIAM L.                     PA-31-18-379
BRIGGS, BENJAMIN                        PA-31-6-193
BRIGGS, J. S.                           PA-31-8-88
BRIGGS, JOHN                            PA-31-5-316
BRIGGS, JOHN B.                         PA-31-12-117
BRIGGS, MARGARET                        PA-31-5-466
BRIGGS, RICHARD                         PA-31-7-123
BRIGGS, SAMUEL                          PA-31-11-104
BRIGGS, THOMAS J.                       PA-31-18-272
BRODE, ANNA BARBARA                     PA-31-5-199
BRODE, MARY                             PA-31-9-180
BROOKS, WILLIAM                         PA-31-8-29
BROTHERLINE,C HARLES                    PA-31-3-432
BROTHERTON, MARGRET                     PA-31-1-157
BROWN, ALICE                            PA-31-9-191
BROWN, CYRUS J.                         PA-31-15-45
BROWN, HANNAH A.                        PA-31-15-32
BROWN, JAMES M.                         PA-31-17-347
BROWN, JANE                             PA-31-6-128
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-31-5-498
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-31-4-236
BROWN, MERCY                            PA-31-11-83
BROWN, METHVAN                          PA-31-16-134
BROWN, SAMUEL T.                        PA-31-15-22
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-31-5-432
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-31-18-358
BRUBAKER, ABRAHAM                       PA-31-4-434
BRUMBAUGH, ABIGAIL                      PA-31-7-104
BRUMBAUGH, DANIEL SR.                   PA-31-10-81
BRUMBAUGH, DAVID                        PA-31-9-199
BRUMBAUGH, ISAAC                        PA-31-10-73
BRUMBAUGH, ISAAC                        PA-31-7-193
BRUMBAUGH, ROSANNA                      PA-31-9-74
BRUMBOUGH, GEORGE                       PA-31-4-93
BRUNETT, MARGARET                       PA-31-15-257
BRUNT, GEORGE                           PA-31-2-296
BRUNT, JOHN                             PA-31-3-193
BRYAN, HARRIET                          PA-31-13-242
BRYAN, RICHARD R.                       PA-31-12-228
BUCHANAN, JOHN                          PA-31-2-67
BUCHANAN, JOHN E. DR.                   PA-31-3-126
BUCHER, CONRAD                          PA-31-5-181
BUCHER, SUSAN                           PA-31-11-170
BUCK, CHRISTIAN                         PA-31-3-276
BUCK, ISAAC                             PA-31-16-279
BUCKER, HANNAH                          PA-31-6-47
BUCKLEY, MARY CATHARINE                 PA-31-16-244
BUCKWALTER, CATHARINE                   PA-31-11-36
BUGHWALTER, DANIEL                      PA-31-5-413
BUMBARGER, JOHN                         PA-31-14-94
BUMBAUGH, JOHN                          PA-31-6-58
BUMGARDNER, ELIZABETH                   PA-31-9-303
BUMGARDNER, EVE                         PA-31-6-334
BUMGARDNER, JACOB                       PA-31-5-75
BUMGARTNER, MARY                        PA-31-5-445
BURDGE, EDITH                           PA-31-7-320
BURDGE, GEORGE                          PA-31-15-209
BURDGE, MOSES                           PA-31-15-54
BURDGE, SAMUEL                          PA-31-6-216
BURDGE, THOMAS                          PA-31-4-288
BURKET, SARAH A.                        PA-31-10-140
BURKET, SUSAN                           PA-31-18-235
BURKHOLDER, ANDREW JACKSON              PA-31-5-45
BURKHOLDER, GEORGE                      PA-31-3-84
BURNS, AARON                            PA-31-4-269
BUROUGHCK, SUSAN                        PA-31-3-212
BUSCH, AUGUST                           PA-31-11-383
BUSH, ANNIE CATHARINE                   PA-31-18-110
BUTLER, MARY                            PA-31-9-50
BUYERS, JOHN                            PA-31-15-151
CADWALLADER, JOHN                       PA-31-2-9
CADWALLER, THOMAS JONES                 PA-31-4-277
CALDERWOOD, CATHARINE                   PA-31-3-425
CALDWELL, CHARLES                       PA-31-1-140
CALDWELL, DAVID                         PA-31-2-248
CALDWELL, ISRAEL C.                     PA-31-15-8
CALDWELL, ROBERT                        PA-31-1-147
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         PA-31-5-214
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          PA-31-5-441
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          PA-31-2-88
CAMPBELL, MARIA                         PA-31-13-43
CAMPBELL, MARY                          PA-31-5-260
CAMPBELL, MATTHEW                       PA-31-3-303
CAMPBELL, MATTHEW F.                    PA-31-11-345
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                        PA-31-3-264
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                        PA-31-3-364
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM IRVIN                 PA-31-13-26
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM J.                    PA-31-17-190
CANAN, ANN                              PA-31-3-405
CANAN, MOSES                            PA-31-7-242
CAREY, HUGH                             PA-31-10-164
CAREY, MAGGIE J.                        PA-31-18-394
CARMON, ALEXANDER                       PA-31-8-311
CARMON, JOHN P.                         PA-31-4-480
CARMON, MARTHA                          PA-31-9-158
CARMON, MARY A.                         PA-31-13-198
CARMON, THOMAS                          PA-31-16-147
CARMON, WILLIAM S.                      PA-31-5-434
CARMONT, JOHN                           PA-31-3-208
CAROTHERS, ELIZA                        PA-31-17-135
CAROTHERS, ELIZA MARIA                  PA-31-10-214
CAROTHERS, HUGH                         PA-31-3-443
CAROTHERS, JAMES                        PA-31-3-211
CAROTHERS, JOHN                         PA-31-4-85
CAROTHERS, JONATHAN                     PA-31-6-52
CAROTHERS, SAMUEL                       PA-31-5-389
CARVER, JOHN                            PA-31-7-31
CASEY, ROBERT D.                        PA-31-5-242
CASSIDY, PATRICK                        PA-31-3-256
CASTNER, ROBERT                         PA-31-17-254
CHAMBERLAIN, JAMES                      PA-31-15-163
CHANEY, ANDREW M.                       PA-31-13-87
CHANEY, ANNIE                           PA-31-8-206
CHANEY, FRANKLIN BARR                   PA-31-16-370
CHANEY, S. B.                           PA-31-18-228
CHENEY, JOHN                            PA-31-5-277
CHERRY, ANDREW                          PA-31-4-209
CHERRY, ELIZA                           PA-31-9-182
CHERRY, MARY                            PA-31-2-165
CHESTNEY, ANN CATHARINE                 PA-31-8-356
CHILCOAT, MARY M.                       PA-31-10-101
CHILCOAT, SARAH                         PA-31-13-109
CHILCOATE, GEORGE                       PA-31-13-377
CHILCOTE, DIANA J.                      PA-31-11-343
CHILCOTT, EPHRAIM                       PA-31-13-192
CHILCOTT, RICHARD                       PA-31-2-280
CHILCOTT, RICHARD                       PA-31-17-194
CHILCOTT, WILLIAM                       PA-31-6-365
CISNEY, MARGARET                        PA-31-6-267
CISNEY, THOMAS                          PA-31-10-30
CISTNA, JAMES                           PA-31-5-298
CLABAUGH, ELIZABETH                     PA-31-11-218
CLAPPER, HENRY                          PA-31-1-106
CLARK, ALGERSON                         PA-31-11-264
CLARK, NEAL                             PA-31-3-119
CLARK, THOMAS                           PA-31-5-202
CLARK, THOMAS                           PA-31-15-377
CLARKSON, DAVID                         PA-31-14-190
CLAYTON, MARGARET                       PA-31-4-337
CLAYTON, WILLIAM                        PA-31-9-226
CLEMANS, SAMUEL                         PA-31-3-145
CLEMENS, GEORGE                         PA-31-17-39
CLEMENT, MARY DEWEES                    PA-31-15-250
CLOSSIN, ALEXANDER                      PA-31-3-480
CLOSSIN, JAMES                          PA-31-4-192
CLUGAGE, JAMES                          PA-31-1-74
CLUGAGE, ROBERT                         PA-31-1-7
CLUGAGE, THOMAS                         PA-31-3-362
CLUGGAGE, GAVEN                         PA-31-3-175
CLYMANS, JAMES                          PA-31-13-8
CLYMER, ISAAC                           PA-31-5-233
COEN, MARY                              PA-31-12-319
COGLEY, ISABELLA J.                     PA-31-17-34
COHILL, GEORGE W.                       PA-31-15-90
COLE, SARAH                             PA-31-3-424
COLE, WILLIAM E.                        PA-31-5-410
COLEBURN, WILLIAM                       PA-31-6-56
COLEMAN, MARGARET M.                    PA-31-15-308
COLEMAN, THOMAS                         PA-31-4-49
COLESTOCK, CHRISTIAN                    PA-31-10-228
COLGATE, JAMES                          PA-31-13-372
COLLER, ELIZABETH                       PA-31-17-208
COLLINS, BRITON E. (REV)                PA-31-8-134
COLLOM, SARAH W.                        PA-31-12-367
CONPROPST, HENRY                        PA-31-9-93
CONRAD, DANIEL                          PA-31-3-93
CONTNER, MICHAEL                        PA-31-3-321
COOK, ANTHONY                           PA-31-2-101
COOK, S. WASHINGTON                     PA-31-18-243
COPENHAVER, JACOB                       PA-31-18-336
COPENHAVER, SUSANNAH                    PA-31-17-422
COPLEY, JOHN                            PA-31-11-182
CORBIN, ACHIAH                          PA-31-9-298
CORBIN, ASA                             PA-31-11-87
CORBIN, CATHARINE                       PA-31-18-94
CORBIN, ELIJAH                          PA-31-4-66
CORBIN, FERDINAND                       PA-31-8-370
CORBIN, JOHN                            PA-31-6-31
CORBIN, JOSEPH                          PA-31-4-324
CORBIN, LEWIS R.                        PA-31-9-374
CORBIN, MICAIAH                         PA-31-13-25
CORBIN, NICHOLAS                        PA-31-8-149
CORBIN, WILLIAM E.                      PA-31-18-98
CORBIN, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-31-3-7
CORNELIUS, JOHN T.                      PA-31-15-50
CORNELIUS, JOSHUA                       PA-31-3-389
COUCH, ANDREW                           PA-31-4-479
COUCH, WILLIAM                          PA-31-5-42
COURTNEY, BERNARD                       PA-31-2-100
COUTS, MARGARET                         PA-31-5-424
COVANHOVAN, THOMAS                      PA-31-9-150
COVERT, AMANDA J.                       PA-31-14-110
COWAN, JOHN                             PA-31-12-316
COX, EDWARD                             PA-31-6-6
COX, ELIZABETH                          PA-31-6-303
COX, GEORGE B.                          PA-31-17-336
COX, MARY                               PA-31-10-236
COYLE, JAMES                            PA-31-1-130
COZZENS, ALEXANDER                      PA-31-12-75
COZZENS, ROBERT                         PA-31-17-251
CRAFEAS, PETER                          PA-31-1-57
CRAIG, GEORGE                           PA-31-17-160
CRAIG, WILLIAM                          PA-31-13-353
CRAIN, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-5-189
CRAIN, SARAH                            PA-31-3-466
CRAIN, WILLIAM M.                       PA-31-18-47
CRANE, ABRAHAM                          PA-31-4-340
CRAWFORD, JAMES                         PA-31-4-87
CRAWFORD, JAMES                         PA-31-4-179
CREDO, AUGUSTUS                         PA-31-4-346
CREE, DAVID                             PA-31-5-425
CREE, DAVID                             PA-31-3-271
CREE, J. WALKER                         PA-31-9-389
CREE, JAMES                             PA-31-5-377
CREE, JONATHAN                          PA-31-6-1
CREE, MATILDA                           PA-31-12-152
CREE, ROBERT                            PA-31-6-299
CREMER, HENRY C.                        PA-31-10-283
CREMER, THEODORE H.                     PA-31-13-304
CRESSWELL, ABRAHAM                      PA-31-7-126
CRESSWELL, CHARLOTTE A.                 PA-31-18-440
CRESSWELL, JOHN                         PA-31-9-267
CRESSWELL, MARGARET H.                  PA-31-8-41
CRESSWELL, MATTHEW                      PA-31-4-5
CRESSWELL, NICHOLAS                     PA-31-8-167
CREWIT, ALFRED B.                       PA-31-5-331
CRIDER, JOSEPH                          PA-31-2-319
CRISSMAN, DANIEL                        PA-31-3-415
CRISSMAN, HENRY                         PA-31-4-176
CRISSWELL, MARY                         PA-31-12-120
CRISWELL, WILLIAM                       PA-31-14-400
CROCKET, MARGARET                       PA-31-2-115
CROLE, DAVID                            PA-31-8-17
CROMER, JOHN                            PA-31-4-97
CROMWELL, ANN                           PA-31-2-195
CROMWELL, THOMAS                        PA-31-2-150
CRONWOVER, THOMAS                       PA-31-11-29
CROTHERS, ALEXANDER                     PA-31-4-198
CROTSLEY, GEORGE N.                     PA-31-16-363
CROTSLEY, JOHN                          PA-31-9-77
CROW, CATHERINE                         PA-31-3-341
CROWLEY, JEREMIAH                       PA-31-18-10
CROWNOVER, DANIEL                       PA-31-4-113
CROWNOVER, HEZEKIAH                     PA-31-5-447
CROWNOVER, JAMES R.                     PA-31-6-66
CRUM, FREDERICK                         PA-31-8-192
CRUM, GEORGE M.                         PA-31-5-437
CRUM, JOHN                              PA-31-4-48
CRYDER, DANIEL                          PA-31-4-456
CRYDER, ISRAEL                          PA-31-4-427
CULBERTSON, AGNES                       PA-31-2-25
CUMMINS, AGNES B.                       PA-31-17-50
CUMMINS, CHARLES                        PA-31-4-83
CUMMINS, JANE Y.                        PA-31-10-6
CUMMINS, JOHN                           PA-31-9-82
CUMMINS, ROBERT                         PA-31-5-384
CUMMINS, SAMUEL                         PA-31-16-125
CUMMINS, STERRET                        PA-31-14-114
CUNNINGHAM, AGNES                       PA-31-10-176
CUNNINGHAM, DAVID                       PA-31-10-274
CUNNINGHAM, DAVID S.                    PA-31-16-175
CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH                   PA-31-3-427
CUNNINGHAM, J. M.                       PA-31-6-297
CUNNINGHAM, JEREMIAH                    PA-31-4-134
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        PA-31-4-170
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        PA-31-12-135
CUNNINGHAM, JOSIAH                      PA-31-9-309
CUNNINGHAM, KATE B.                     PA-31-18-152
CUNNINGHAM, MARGARET                    PA-31-13-237
CUNNINGHAM, RICHARD                     PA-31-9-15
CUNNINGHAM, ROBINSON                    PA-31-6-179
CUNNINGHAM, SARAH A.                    PA-31-16-316
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM SR.                 PA-31-7-111
CURFMAN, CONRAD                         PA-31-7-75
CURFMAN, ELIJAH                         PA-31-10-121
CURFMAN, ELIZABETH                      PA-31-6-239
CURFMAN, EMELINE                        PA-31-18-4
CURFMAN, ISAAC                          PA-31-10-196
CURFMAN, J. WESLEY                      PA-31-13-340
CURFMAN, JESSE                          PA-31-18-2
CURFMAN, JOHN                           PA-31-5-340
CURFMAN, MARY                           PA-31-13-153
CURFMAN, PHILIP                         PA-31-5-322
CURRY, WILLIAM                          PA-31-7-116
CURTIN, ANDREW G.                       PA-31-17-71
CUTCHALL, JACOB                         PA-31-11-37
CUTSHALL, PETER                         PA-31-6-35
CUTSHALL, RICHARD                       PA-31-15-223
CUTSHALL, SAMUEL                        PA-31-14-130
CYPHERS, JOHN                           PA-31-16-40
DACHENBOCH, WILLIAM                     PA-31-13-20
DALES, JAMES H.                         PA-31-17-18
DALT, FRANCISCA                         PA-31-16-337
DAVIDSON, JOHN H.                       PA-31-17-429
DAVIS, BARBARA E.                       PA-31-10-289
DAVIS, BARTHOLOMEW                      PA-31-2-44
DAVIS, ELISHA                           PA-31-3-236
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-2-309
DAVIS, GEORGE                           PA-31-1-207
DAVIS, GEORGE                           PA-31-11-230
DAVIS, ISAAC                            PA-31-5-30
DAVIS, JAMES                            PA-31-3-87
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-31-3-244
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-31-8-123
DAVIS, JOHN C.                          PA-31-12-288
DAVIS, JONATHAN                         PA-31-17-27
DAVIS, MARGARETTA                       PA-31-17-405
DAVIS, MARY M.                          PA-31-16-160
DAVIS, MITTI                            PA-31-10-289
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           PA-31-1-94
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          PA-31-17-326
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          PA-31-16-339
DEAN, CATHRINE                          PA-31-5-501
DEAN, DAVID                             PA-31-4-136
DEAN, ELIZABETH                         PA-31-8-33
DEAN, ENOCH                             PA-31-6-225
DEAN, HANNAH J.                         PA-31-9-276
DEAN, HARRIET E.                        PA-31-8-229
DEAN, JACOB                             PA-31-3-334
DEAN, JOHN                              PA-31-2-305
DEAN, JOHN                              PA-31-3-470
DEAN, LYDIA                             PA-31-11-200
DEAN, MARY J.                           PA-31-15-252
DEAN, REBECCA                           PA-31-4-326
DEAN, ROBERT                            PA-31-4-159
DEAN, WILLIAM                           PA-31-6-222
DEAN, WILLIAM                           PA-31-7-266
DEARMITT, WILLIAM H.                    PA-31-15-254
DEARMONT, JAMES                         PA-31-3-307
DEARMONT, JAMES ESQ.                    PA-31-3-372
DEAVOR, JOSEPH                          PA-31-8-208
DECKER, ANDREW (REV)                    PA-31-16-314
DECKER, CHRISTIANA                      PA-31-15-217
DECKER, JOHN J.                         PA-31-6-59
DECKER, MARY E.                         PA-31-18-241
DECKER, NICHOLAS C.                     PA-31-11-123
DECKER, REBECCA JANE                    PA-31-16-151
DECKER, TEMPERANCE                      PA-31-17-109
DEEN, JANE                              PA-31-16-259
DEFORREST, ANNIS E.                     PA-31-11-376
DELL, ARCHIE B.                         PA-31-13-134
DELL, HENRY                             PA-31-5-428
DELL, JAMES A.                          PA-31-12-188
DELL, LEVI                              PA-31-6-235
DENNIS, ANDREW                          PA-31-4-106
DETERS, SOLOMON                         PA-31-14-318
DETRICH, F. A.                          PA-31-18-178
DETWILER, DAVID                         PA-31-12-280
DETWILER, ELIZABETH                     PA-31-13-321
DETWILER, JACOB                         PA-31-6-271
DETWILER, JOHN                          PA-31-6-275
DETWILER, MARTHA A.                     PA-31-17-111
DEVER, JAMES                            PA-31-9-256
DEVOR, R. JENNIE                        PA-31-13-328
DEWEES, PERCIVAL P.                     PA-31-13-209
DEWEY, ANNIE E.                         PA-31-18-73
DICKERHOOF, FREDERICK                   PA-31-1-37
DICKEY, JOHN SR.                        PA-31-2-209
DICKSON, SARAH J.                       PA-31-16-241
DILLING, CASPER                         PA-31-4-90
DILLING, JOHN                           PA-31-3-479
DILLINGER, CONRAD                       PA-31-4-316
DINGES, GEORGE                          PA-31-8-345
DITCH, ABRAHAM                          PA-31-3-210
DIVEN, MARGARET                         PA-31-18-171
DODSON, MARY                            PA-31-7-130
DONALSON, ZACHARIAH                     PA-31-6-246
DONELSON, ANDREW                        PA-31-9-285
DONELSON, ANDREW J.                     PA-31-11-48
DONELSON, ISAAC                         PA-31-17-346
DONELSON, JOHN                          PA-31-3-435
DONELSON, REBECCA                       PA-31-17-107
DONOUGH, JOHN                           PA-31-1-275
DOPP, JACOB                             PA-31-11-225
DORLAND, EMMA                           PA-31-12-262
DORLAND, ISAAC                          PA-31-4-466
DORSEY, ELIZABETH                       PA-31-4-22
DORSEY, ELIZABETH                       PA-31-3-472
DORSEY, HENRY P.                        PA-31-5-240
DOUGHERTY, EDWARD J.                    PA-31-13-145
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                         PA-31-11-106
DOUGHERTY, MARY F.                      PA-31-11-336
DOUGHERTY, VICTOR V.                    PA-31-11-147
DOUGLAS, DAVID                          PA-31-3-326
DOUGLASS, DAVID                         PA-31-9-55
DOUGLASS, ELIZBAETH                     PA-31-13-22
DOUGLASS, JANE                          PA-31-4-60
DOWLAR, RICHARD                         PA-31-3-377
DOWLING, MARY                           PA-31-10-105
DOWNING, JENNIE B.                      PA-31-16-390
DOYLE, ANN                              PA-31-3-100
DOYLE, JAMES A.                         PA-31-18-274
DOYLE, JOHN                             PA-31-4-207
DOYLE, JOHN A.                          PA-31-16-355
DOYLE, JONATHAN                         PA-31-2-152
DRAKE, ASHER                            PA-31-17-117
DRAKE, SAMUEL                           PA-31-6-293
DRAKE, SAMUEL                           PA-31-3-198
DRAKE, SAMUEL JR.                       PA-31-4-358
DRUMMOND, ANN H.                        PA-31-4-105
DUFF, JOHN                              PA-31-14-60
DUFF, WINEFRED                          PA-31-5-77
DUFFEY, ELIZABETH                       PA-31-15-79
DUFFEY, THOMAS                          PA-31-9-31
DUFFIELD, ALEXANDER                     PA-31-6-285
DUNCAN, EDWARD                          PA-31-8-7
DUNCAN, JAMES                           PA-31-3-386
DUNEGAN, PATRICK                        PA-31-14-64
DUNN, ANNIE                             PA-31-18-342
DUNN, JAMES                             PA-31-3-460
DUNNING, MARGARET M.                    PA-31-15-35
EALY, JOHN                              PA-31-5-92
EALY, MICHAEL                           PA-31-12-23
EASTEP, MARY                            PA-31-6-113
EASTEP, WILLIAM                         PA-31-2-157
EBBERTS, JOHN                           PA-31-14-250
EBERLE, CATHARINE                       PA-31-17-78
EBERLE, JOHN                            PA-31-18-290
EBERLIE, JACOB                          PA-31-6-25
EBERTS, WILLIAM H.                      PA-31-16-325
EBY, HENRY                              PA-31-9-396
ECKLEY, JOSEPH                          PA-31-18-248
ECKLEY, MARY                            PA-31-7-353
ECKLEY, SAMUEL                          PA-31-6-336
EDGIN, ISABELLA B.                      PA-31-13-206
EDWARDS, JOHN                           PA-31-3-356
EDWARDS, JOSEPH                         PA-31-8-177
EHTRICK, JACOB                          PA-31-11-129
EIKELBERGER, VALENTINE                  PA-31-1-143
ELDER, WILLIAM                          PA-31-4-410
ELIAS, RACHEL A.                        PA-31-17-245
ELLIOTT, BENJAMIN                       PA-31-3-475
EMEIGH, CHRISTIAN                       PA-31-2-63
ENNIS, JOSHUA                           PA-31-3-297
ENTREKIN, JAMES                         PA-31-4-443
ENTREKIN, MARGARET                      PA-31-5-96
ENYART, WILLIAM                         PA-31-7-16
ENYEART, ISAAC                          PA-31-11-65
ENYEART, MARGARET                       PA-31-5-328
ENYEART, REBECCA P.                     PA-31-17-174
ENYEART, WILLIAM                        PA-31-3-352
ENYEART, WILLIAM                        PA-31-3-261
ERB, THOMAS                             PA-31-5-381
ERGLER, FLORIAN                         PA-31-18-40
ERHMAN, CATHARINE                       PA-31-2-188
ERWIN, JOHN                             PA-31-4-226
ERWIN, WILLIAM                          PA-31-7-7
ESHELMAN, DAVID D.                      PA-31-6-96
ESTEP, JACOB                            PA-31-5-225
ETNIER, DAVID                           PA-31-9-361
ETNIER, ELIZABETH                       PA-31-5-484
ETNIER, ELIZABETH                       PA-31-4-387
ETNIER, MARTIN                          PA-31-3-71
ETNIER, OLIVER                          PA-31-11-314
ETNIER, PETER                           PA-31-7-96
EUKER, PETER                            PA-31-12-245
EVANS, CHARLES W.                       PA-31-18-306
EVANS, DANIEL                           PA-31-3-394
EVANS, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-15-4
EVERETT, NATHAN                         PA-31-7-55
EWING, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-5-351
EWING, JAMES                            PA-31-6-255
EWING, JOHN                             PA-31-12-204
EWING, MARTHA                           PA-31-7-340
EWING, THOMAS                           PA-31-1-166
EWING, WILLIAM                          PA-31-17-149
EWINGS, ALEXANDER                       PA-31-3-243
EYER, CHRISTIAN                         PA-31-4-414
EYER, DANIEL                            PA-31-15-59
EYER, JOHN                              PA-31-16-196
EYER, MARTHA                            PA-31-17-247
FAIR, MARGARET                          PA-31-14-44
FAYRES, MOSES                           PA-31-3-237
FEE, JOHN                               PA-31-1-181
FEE, JOHN                               PA-31-4-464
FELMLEE, MOSES A.                       PA-31-17-382
FELTERHOOF, JESSIAH                     PA-31-17-392
FENNER, STEPHEN                         PA-31-1-154
FERRIS, ELIZABETH                       PA-31-3-319
FETTERHOOF, HANNAH                      PA-31-18-208
FETTERHOOF, MICHAEL                     PA-31-5-404
FETTERHOOF, MICHAEL                     PA-31-4-95
FETTERHOOF, SAMUEL                      PA-31-4-45
FIGARD, HANNAH                          PA-31-17-289
FIGART, JOHN W. DR.                     PA-31-13-46
FINK, BENJAMIN                          PA-31-11-308
FINK, HARRIET S.                        PA-31-5-452
FINK, JACOB                             PA-31-6-158
FINK, JONATHAN                          PA-31-5-246
FINK, MARGARET                          PA-31-6-304
FINK, MATTIE                            PA-31-9-273
FINK, MICHAEL                           PA-31-4-18
FINK, VALENTINE                         PA-31-3-410
FINLEY, SAMUEL                          PA-31-4-311
FISHER, ANDREW J.                       PA-31-14-116
FISHER, BELLE                           PA-31-13-246
FISHER, ISAAC                           PA-31-11-39
FISHER, JESSE                           PA-31-15-285
FISHER, SAMUEL                          PA-31-2-87
FISHER, THOMAS C.                       PA-31-10-98
FISHER, WILLIAM H.                      PA-31-16-78
FITZGERALD, RACHEL                      PA-31-11-285
FITZSIMMONS, PATRICK                    PA-31-3-281
FLASHER, JOHN                           PA-31-5-99
FLECK, CATHERINE                        PA-31-4-244
FLECK, CONRAD                           PA-31-4-439
FLECK, GEORGE                           PA-31-4-31
FLECK, JOHN                             PA-31-4-470
FLEMING, JAMES                          PA-31-5-457
FLEMING, JAMES                          PA-31-3-173
FLEMING, JAMES                          PA-31-8-109
FLEMING, MARIAH                         PA-31-6-170
FLEMING, ROBERT                         PA-31-5-373
FLEMING, ROBERT                         PA-31-9-127
FLEMING, ROBERT                         PA-31-14-310
FLEMING, WILLIAM                        PA-31-8-147
FLENNER, JOHN                           PA-31-14-1
FLOT, DANIEL                            PA-31-8-69
FLUKE, LILLIAS                          PA-31-4-47
FLYNN, WILLIAM                          PA-31-5-243
FOCHT, ADAM                             PA-31-14-193
FOCHT, SARAH SUMMERS                    PA-31-16-7
FOCHT, WILLIAM                          PA-31-16-192
FOGAL, MICHAEL                          PA-31-12-89
FOREMAN, MARY A.                        PA-31-13-339
FORREST, JOHN                           PA-31-4-468
FORSHEY, JOHN                           PA-31-12-264
FOSTER, DAVID                           PA-31-8-152
FOSTER, JOHN B.                         PA-31-10-287
FOSTER, MARY E.                         PA-31-18-302
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         PA-31-4-211
FOULDS, THOMAS                          PA-31-13-116
FOUSE, NICHOLAS                         PA-31-3-158
FOUSE, THEOBALD                         PA-31-7-314
FOUST, B. R.                            PA-31-12-105
FOUST, GEORGE                           PA-31-3-50
FOUST, ROSS                             PA-31-11-158
FOX, ELLEN                              PA-31-15-336
FOX, SIMON                              PA-31-4-461
FRAKER, ANDREW                          PA-31-6-177
FRANKS, ELIZABETH                       PA-31-15-178
FRANKS, JAMES                           PA-31-13-344
FREIT, JOHN                             PA-31-3-30
FRENCH, AMANDA                          PA-31-16-281
FRY, MARIA                              PA-31-13-368
FULTZ, ELI                              PA-31-18-157
FULTZ, JOHN                             PA-31-7-32
FULTZ, WILLIAM H.                       PA-31-18-64
FUNCK, ABRAHAM L.                       PA-31-9-282
FUNCK, CATHARINE                        PA-31-16-321
FUNK, HENRY                             PA-31-3-4
FUNK, MARTIN                            PA-31-5-64

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