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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1771-1819 | 2=1819-1831 | 3=1831-1849 | 4=1849-1864 | 5=1860-1882 | 6=1882-1890 | 7=1890-1899 | 8=1899-1906 |
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AARON, WILLIAM H.            LOYSBURG                      PA-5-8-288
ABBOTT, MARGARET H.          EVERETT                       PA-5-7-45
ADAM, WILLIAM                WOODBERRY                     PA-5-2-144
ADAMS, ELIJAH                BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-380
ADAMS, ELIJAH                ST CLAIR                      PA-5-1-118
ADAMS, JACOB                 SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-4-111
ADAMS, JAMES                 NAPIER                        PA-5-1-352
ADAMS, JOHN                  JUNIATA                       PA-5-7-213
ADAMS, OBADIAH               ST CLAIR                      PA-5-1-511
AKE, JOHN                    UNION                         PA-5-4-13
AKE, SARAH                   EAST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-7-354
ALBOUGH, PHILIP              ST CLAIR                      PA-5-2-117
ALBRIGHT, HANNAH             LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-5-152
ALBRIGHT, JACOB              NTL                           PA-5-4-16
ALEXANDER, ALEXANDER         HOPEWELL                      PA-5-1-441
ALEXANDER, ELIZABETH A.      SAXTON                        PA-5-8-85
ALEXANDER, HUGH              AIR                           PA-5-2-180
ALEXANDER, JOHN              WELLS VALLEY                  PA-5-3-166
ALEXANDER, ROBERT            AIR                           PA-5-3-300
ALLEN, CHRISTINE W.          WOODBURY                      PA-5-7-527
ALLEN, MARIA E.              PLEASANTVILLE                 PA-5-8-431
ALLER, PETER                 DUBLIN                        PA-5-3-164
ALLISON, ANDREW              UNION                         PA-5-7-82
ALLISON, ELIZABETH           UNION                         PA-5-7-274
ALLISON, G. H.               BEDFORD                       PA-5-8-143
ALLISON, JAMES OF ANDREW     NAPIER                        PA-5-5-562
ALLISON, JOHN                ST CLAIR                      PA-5-4-49
ALLISON, THOMAS              WEST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-6-270
ALSIP, JOHN                  BEDFORD                       PA-5-6-231
AMICH, ELIZABETH             SOUTH WOODBERRY               PA-5-5-134
AMICH, PETER                 ST CLAIRSVILLE                PA-5-5-336
AMICK, GEORGE B.             ST CLAIRSVILLE                PA-5-7-246
AMICK, HANNAH                WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-8-400
AMICK, JACOB F.              ST CLAIRSVILLE                PA-5-4-205
AMICK, JOHN                  MONROE                        PA-5-3-298
AMICK, MARGARET              BEDFORD BOROUGH               PA-5-7-54
AMOS, JOHN                   NTL                           PA-5-4-540
ANDERS, ABRAHAM              EAST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-7-577
ANDERSON, CHRISTIANA         ST CLAIR                      PA-5-4-91
ANDERSON, DAVID              BEDFORD                       PA-5-3-101
ANDERSON, DAVID L.           COALDALE                      PA-5-8-249
ANDERSON, ESPY               CUMBERLAND, ALLEGANY, MD      PA-5-6-210
ANDERSON, JAMES              BEDFORD                       PA-5-1-144
ANDERSON, JAMES A.           BEDFORD                       PA-5-5-342
ANDERSON, JOHN               BEDFORD                       PA-5-3-285
ANDERSON, JOHN               BEDFORD                       PA-5-3-85
ANDERSON, WILLIAM            HOPEWELL                      PA-5-3-239
ANDERSON, WILLIAM W.         BEDFORD                       PA-5-7-564
ANDREWS, NANCY               BEDFORD BORO                  PA-5-8-127
AREHART, GEORGE              COLERAIN                      PA-5-1-396
ARMSTRONG, CATHARINE         HOPEWELL                      PA-5-6-376
ARMSTRONG, HUGH              AIR                           PA-5-2-195
ARMSTRONG, MARY L.           WOODBURY                      PA-5-8-420
ARNOLD, HANNAH               BEDFORD                       PA-5-7-184
ARNOLD, JOHN                 BEDFORD                       PA-5-5-487
ARNOLD, JOHN P.              BEDFORD                       PA-5-6-434
ARNOLD, PETER                CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-5-354
ARNOLD, WILLIAM              HARRISON                      PA-5-6-409
ASCHOM, CHARLES              HOPEWELL                      PA-5-5-40
ASH, ABRAHAM                 CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-3-38
ASH, AMOS                    SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-4-362
ASH, OWEN                    MONROE                        PA-5-7-183
ATKINS, ROBERT               NTL                           PA-5-1-193
AVEY, JOSEPH                 WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-8-245
AXLINE, ADAM                 COLERAIN                      PA-5-1-523
BACHTELL, SAMUEL             AIR                           PA-5-1-419
BAGLEY, REBECCA              BEDFORD                       PA-5-8-428
BAKER, AMANDA                BLOOMFIELD                    PA-5-6-151
BAKER, ANDREW                BAKERSVILLE                   PA-5-5-271
BAKER, BARBRA                LOOMFIELD                     PA-5-7-581
BAKER, CATHARINE             BLOOMFIELD                    PA-5-6-255
BAKER, DANIEL                MIDDLE WOODBURY               PA-5-4-457
BAKER, ELIZABETH             WOODBURY                      PA-5-6-232
BAKER, ELIZABETH             WOODBERRY                     PA-5-2-306
BAKER, FREDERICK S.          NTL                           PA-5-5-207
BAKER, JOHN B.               WOODBERRY                     PA-5-3-372
BAKER, LEVI S.               NTL                           PA-5-5-158
BAKER, LORENZO D.            LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-8-429
BALL, CHRISTOPHER            LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-3-340
BARCLAY, CAMILLA B.          BEDFORD                       PA-5-5-93
BARCLAY, HESTER A.           BEDFORD                       PA-5-5-358
BARCLAY, HESTER S.           BEDFORD                       PA-5-5-503
BARCLAY, HUGH                BEDFORD                       PA-5-1-248
BARCLAY, JOSIAH E.           BEDFORD                       PA-5-2-179
BARCLAY, S. M.               NTL                           PA-5-4-70
BARE, GEORGE R.              WATERSIDE                     PA-5-5-450
BAREFOOT, JAMES              ST CLAIR                      PA-5-3-283
BAREFOOT, JAMES              WEST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-7-485
BAREFOOT, JOB S.             BEDFORD                       PA-5-8-25
BAREFOOT, MARY               ST CLAIR                      PA-5-6-214
BAREFOOT, WILLIAM            WEST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-6-312
BARKHIMER, LEONARD           UNION                         PA-5-3-200
BARKLEY, SAMUEL T.           BLOOMFIELD                    PA-5-5-443
BARKMAN, HEZEKIAH            MONROE                        PA-5-8-287
BARKMAN, JACOB               MONROE                        PA-5-8-295
BARKMAN, JOHN                NTL                           PA-5-6-174
BARKMAN, JOSEPH              MONROE                        PA-5-4-293
BARKMAN, PHILIP              MONROE                        PA-5-8-161
BARLEY, JOHN                 MIDDLE WOODBURY               PA-5-4-574
BARNDOLLAR, ANN E.           EVERETT                       PA-5-6-88
BARNDOLLAR, CATHARINE        NTL                           PA-5-2-51
BARNDOLLAR, JACOB            BLOODY RUN                    PA-5-4-354
BARNDOLLAR, MICHAEL          NTL                           PA-5-1-516
BARNET, ABNER SR.            NTL                           PA-5-3-50
BARNHART, CATHARINE          BEDFORD                       PA-5-8-237
BARNHART, JOHN               GREENFIELD                    PA-5-3-324
BARNHART, MARY               BEDFORD                       PA-5-8-326
BARRY, PENINAH               SAXTON                        PA-5-5-101
BARTHELOW, GEORGE            SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-6-394
BARTHOLOW, VALENTINE         SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-3-127
BARTON, HENRY A.             NTL                           PA-5-4-116
BARTON, JACOB C.             EAST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-8-219
BARTON, JOHN H.              EAST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-5-455
BARTON, PETER M.             EAST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-7-507
BARTON, PHILIP               EAST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-8-128
BASLE, DA NIEL               NAPIER                        PA-5-5-11
BASSLER, EMANUEL             MORRISONS COVE                PA-5-4-222
BASSLER, SAMUEL              WOODBURY                      PA-5-7-440
BATZEL, CHARLOTTE            HOPEWELL                      PA-5-7-24
BATZEL, JOHN                 HOPEWELL                      PA-5-6-165
BAUGH, SAMUEL                PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      PA-5-7-308
BAUGHMAN, GEORGE             WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-6-117
BAUGHMAN, JOSEPH S.          NAPIER                        PA-5-5-432
BAYER, DANIEL                BLOOMFIELD                    PA-5-5-449
BAYER, JOSEPH                SOUTH WOODBURY                PA-5-5-516
BEACH, MARY                  SOUTH WOODBURY                PA-5-6-525
BEAKER, DANIEL               WOODBERY                      PA-5-1-451
BEAKLEY, GEORGE              NTL                           PA-5-5-218
BEALL, MARTHY                HAZEN, ALLEGHANY, MD          PA-5-8-264
BEARD, HANNAH                NTL                           PA-5-5-304
BEARD, JACOB                 ST CLAIR                      PA-5-2-303
BEARD, MATILDA               WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-7-305
BEAUJEUX, LEWIS              NTL                           PA-5-2-315
BECHTEL, PETER               SOUTH WOODBURY                PA-5-6-35
BECKLEY, JACOB               PLEASANTVILLE                 PA-5-7-89
BEEGLE, CHARLES              NTL                           PA-5-1-254
BEEGLE, ELIZA ANN            NTL                           PA-5-3-78
BEEGLE, EVE                  COLERAIN                      PA-5-7-124
BEEGLE, FREDERICK            COLERAIN                      PA-5-3-281
BEEGLE, GEORGE               KING                          PA-5-8-204
BEEGLE, JOSEPH               EAST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-7-387
BEEGLE, JOSEPH F.            COLERAIN                      PA-5-8-67
BEEGLE, JULIAN               COLERAIN                      PA-5-4-331
BEEGLE, SOLOMON              RAINSBURG                     PA-5-4-345
BEELER, ELIZABETH            BEDFORD                       PA-5-2-237
BEISEL, ELIZABETH            UNION                         PA-5-5-300
BEISEL, JACOB                ST CLAIR                      PA-5-4-512
BELLMAN, ISAAC               HOPEWELL                      PA-5-3-84
BELTZ, ADAM                  HARRISON                      PA-5-4-74
BELTZ, ANDREW                COLERAIN                      PA-5-1-235
BELTZ, CHARLES               JUNIATA                       PA-5-7-569
BELTZ, HENRY                 COLERAIN                      PA-5-3-418
BELTZ, SAMUEL                NTL                           PA-5-3-401
BELTZ, SUSAN                 COLERAIN                      PA-5-4-1
BENDER, HENRY                SOUTH WOODBURY                PA-5-4-274
BENEDICT, BELINDA            NTL                           PA-5-4-509
BENEDICT, FREDERICK (REV.)   BEDFORD                       PA-5-6-568
BENNER, MATHIAS              HOPEWELL                      PA-5-4-196
BENNET, LOUI                 SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-5-546
BENNETT, ABRAHAM             SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-5-154
BENNETT, ARTEMAS             SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-4-492
BENNETT, DANIEL T.           SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-5-52
BENNETT, DAVID               SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-7-69
BENNETT, ISRAE M.            MANN                          PA-5-7-265
BENNETT, JOHN                SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-5-146
BENNETT, JOSEPH              COLDRAIN                      PA-5-1-438
BENNETT, ROBERT              SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-4-129
BENNETT, ROSANNA             SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-4-85
BENNETT, WILLIAM             SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-2-330
BENNING, JOHN                JUNIATA                       PA-5-6-18
BERGER, JOHN                 SOUTH WOODBURY                PA-5-4-63
BERGSTRASSOR, GEORGE         HOPEWELL                      PA-5-2-208
BERKHEIMER, FREDERICK        ST CLAIR                      PA-5-4-405
BERKHEIMER, JOHN             UNION                         PA-5-4-73
BERKHEIMER, JOSEPH           EAST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-5-594
BERKHEIMER, JOSIAH W.        EAST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-6-369
BERKHEIMER, MARY             ST CLAIRSVILLE                PA-5-4-469
BERKHEIMER, REBECCA          EAST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-8-366
BERKHEIMER, SUSAN            NTL                           PA-5-4-241
BERKHIMER, JACOB             ST CLAIR                      PA-5-5-174
BERKHIMER, SALLIE            EAST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-7-304
BERNARD, JOHN D.             MONROE                        PA-5-7-166
BERRIN, JOHN                 SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-1-461
BERTRAM, CRISTIAN            NEW PARIS                     PA-5-8-233
BESSER, JOHN V.              STONERSTOWN                   PA-5-5-160
BETEL, TOMMES                COLRAIN                       PA-5-1-244
BETZ, HENRY                  BELFAST                       PA-5-3-36
BICE, SAMUEL                 KING                          PA-5-5-357
BIDDLE, ANDREW               SOUTH WOODBERRY               PA-5-5-197
BIDDLE, ANDREW               BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-71
BIDDLE, ELIZABETH            COLERAIN                      PA-5-7-248
BIDDLE, JOHN                 SOUTH WOODBURY                PA-5-8-124
BILLINGER, JOHN              COLERAIN                      PA-5-4-575
BINNE, JOHN CHRISTIAN        JUNIATA                       PA-5-5-301
BISEL, NOAH                  NAPIER                        PA-5-8-180
BISHOP, DAVID                MONROE                        PA-5-7-495
BISHOP, NICODEMUS            MANN                          PA-5-8-50
BISHOP, SARAH                MONROE                        PA-5-7-505
BLACBURN, THOMAS             NAPIER                        PA-5-1-345
BLACK, ELIZABETH             NAPIER                        PA-5-4-273
BLACK, JOSEPH                NAPIER                        PA-5-6-300
BLACK, JOSEPH                NAPIER                        PA-5-2-261
BLACK, NANCY T.              BLOODY RUN                    PA-5-4-378
BLACKBURN, ABRAHAM           NAPIER                        PA-5-4-570
BLACKBURN, ANTHONY           ST CLAIR                      PA-5-2-110
BLACKBURN, AZARIAH           EAST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-8-335
BLACKBURN, ELI               EAST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-6-547
BLACKBURN, HERBERT O.        NEW PARIS                     PA-5-8-87
BLACKBURN, JAMES             ST CLAIR                      PA-5-4-585
BLACKBURN, JANE              WEST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-7-105
BLACKBURN, JOHN              NAPIER                        PA-5-3-303
BLACKBURN, JOHN              SPRING HOPE                   PA-5-7-115
BLACKBURN, JOHN A.           NAPIER                        PA-5-5-404
BLACKBURN, JOSEPH            ST CLAIR                      PA-5-3-335
BLACKBURN, JOSEPH O.         NTL                           PA-5-4-435
BLACKBURN, JOSEPH S.         NAPIER                        PA-5-5-339
BLACKBURN, MARTHA P.         EAST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-7-111
BLACKBURN, MARY ANN          ST CLAIR                      PA-5-5-67
BLACKBURN, RACHEL            WEST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-8-184
BLACKBURN, REBECCA           NEW PARIS                     PA-5-5-523
BLACKBURN, THOMAS            ST CLAIR                      PA-5-3-160
BLACKBURN, THOMAS            ST CLAIR                      PA-5-2-78
BLACKBURN, THOMAS J.         NAPIER                        PA-5-4-315
BLACKBURN, THOMAS W.         ST CLAIR                      PA-5-4-180
BLACKHART, JOHN              EAST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-4-36
BLACKHURT, ANDREW            PROVIDENCE                    PA-5-2-173
BLACKWELDER, D. M. (REV.)    BEDFORD BORO                  PA-5-8-110
BLACKWOOD, JOHN              BELFAST                       PA-5-1-219
BLAIR, NANCY                 SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-2-301
BLAKE, JAMES                 WOODBERRY                     PA-5-3-337
BLANKLEY, JOHN               MONROE                        PA-5-3-194
BLATCHFORD, JAMES            BROAD TOP                     PA-5-5-196
BLATTENBERGER, CHRISTIAN     ST CLAIR                      PA-5-4-272
BLOOM, DANIEL                MCCONNELLSBURG                PA-5-2-2
BLOUGH, NOAH                 SOUTH WOODBURY                PA-5-7-398
BOH, JOHN                    LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-6-192
BOHN, MICHAEL                LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-7-528
BOLINGER, SAMUEL             LIBERTY                       PA-5-6-229
BOLLER, JOHN R.              HOPEWELL                      PA-5-7-26
BOLLINGER, JACOB             BEDFORD                       PA-5-6-177
BOLLMAN, DAVID               HPEWELL                       PA-5-7-18
BONET, JOHN                  BEDFORD                       PA-5-1-56
BOOCHER, BETHOLEMEW          NTL                           PA-5-2-323
BOOGER, CHRISTIAN            NTL                           PA-5-1-27
BOOHER, MATTHIAS             ST CLAIR                      PA-5-1-154
BOOR, CAROLINE R.            BEDFORD                       PA-5-5-23
BOOR, FRANCIS M.             CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-5-98
BOOR, JOHN                   BEDFORD BOROUGH               PA-5-7-112
BOOR, MARTIN                 CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-6-415
BOOR, MICHAEL                CUMBELAND VALLEY              PA-5-4-167
BOOR, MICHAEL                CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-5-206
BOOR, MICHAEL                UMBERLAND VALLEY              PA-5-2-283
BOOR, SAMUEL M.              BEDFORD                       PA-5-6-436
BOOR, SOPHIA                 BEDFORD                       PA-5-7-96
BOOR, W. A.                  DUNBAR                        PA-5-5-543
BOOR, WILLIAM                NTL                           PA-5-4-60
BORDER, NICKLES              COLERAIN                      PA-5-2-26
BORTZ, CHARITY               SCHELLSBURG                   PA-5-8-59
BORTZ, GEORGE                RAINSBURY                     PA-5-5-169
BORTZ, NATHAN                JUNIATA                       PA-5-5-322
BOTTENFIELD, A. K.           EAST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-7-370
BOTTENFIELD, DAVID           SNAKE SPRING                  PA-5-6-461
BOTTENFIELD, ELIZABETH       SNAKE SPRING                  PA-5-5-426
BOTTENFIELD, JOSEPH W.       SNAKE SPRING                  PA-5-6-152
BOTTONFIELD, MARGARET        EVERETT                       PA-5-8-11
BOUSER, WILLIAM              NTL                           PA-5-6-10
BOVE, NICHOLAS               CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-4-259
BOWDEN, EDWARD               LIBERTY                       PA-5-8-389
BOWEN, BENJAMIN              ST CLAIR                      PA-5-4-201
BOWEN, MARY                  ST CLAIR                      PA-5-4-260
BOWEN, SUSANNA               ST CLAIR                      PA-5-3-408
BOWEN, THOMAS                ST CLAIR                      PA-5-3-143
BOWEN, THOMAS                ST CLAIR                      PA-5-1-317
BOWER, JOHN                  NORTH WOODBERRY               PA-5-3-301
BOWER, JONATHAN              ST CLAIR                      PA-5-2-81
BOWERS, JOHN G.              NAPIER                        PA-5-4-571
BOWLES, WILLIAM              BEDFORD                       PA-5-5-31
BOWMAN, JOHN                 MIDDLE WOODBERRY              PA-5-5-142
BOWSER, DAVID                ST CLAIR                      PA-5-1-340
BOWSER, ELIZABETH            ST CLAIR                      PA-5-4-60
BOWSER, HENRY                LIBERTY                       PA-5-5-351
BOWSER, JOHN                 ST CLAIR                      PA-5-1-269
BOWSER, JOHN                 COLERAIN                      PA-5-4-277
BOWSER, JOHN                 NAPIER                        PA-5-4-347
BOWSER, JOHN                 HOPEWELL                      PA-5-1-370
BOWSER, JOHN H.              EAST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-6-530
BOWSER, VALENTINE            UNION                         PA-5-7-62
BOYER, JOHN                  UNION                         PA-5-6-68
BOYER, JOHN                  KING                          PA-5-6-51
BOYER, JOSEPH                JUNIATA                       PA-5-4-531
BOYLAN, JAMES H.             HARRISON                      PA-5-4-100
BRADGAT, CHARLES             SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-3-35
BRALLIER, CHRISTENA          WEST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-6-2
BRALLIER, DAVID              HOPEWELL                      PA-5-5-481
BRAND, IGNATZ                MIDDLE WOODBURY               PA-5-4-423
BRANT, CATHARINE             BUFFALO MILLS                 PA-5-8-346
BRANT, FREDERICK             CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-4-504
BRANT, HENRY                 CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-3-413
BRANT, WILLIAM SR.           HARRISON                      PA-5-7-151
BRAYFIELD, MARK              NTL                           PA-5-1-189
BRECKBIL, DANIEL             LIBERTY                       PA-5-5-529
BRECKBILL, JACOB             NTL                           PA-5-4-392
BREIDENTHAL, SUSAN           EAST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-8-38
BREIDENTHALL, ESTHER         WOODBURY                      PA-5-8-62
BRENNEMAN, JACOB             WOODBERRY                     PA-5-5-391
BRETHED, JANE SR.            BETHEL                        PA-5-1-236
BREWER, HENRY                BETHEL                        PA-5-1-125
BREWER, HENRY                THOMSON                       PA-5-3-461
BRICE, JOHN                  BEDFORD                       PA-5-3-226
BRIDEHAM, CHARLOTTE          BEDFORD                       PA-5-5-327
BRIDENDOLL, MATHIAS          AIR                           PA-5-2-228
BRIDENSTINE, RACHEL          SAXTON                        PA-5-8-47
BRIDGES, LOUISA              BEDFORD                       PA-5-5-547
BRIDHAM, JOHN                BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-467
BRIGGLE, CHRISTIAN           UNION                         PA-5-5-374
BRIGHTBILL, JONATHAN         BEDFORD BOROUGH               PA-5-7-570
BRODE, ELIZABETH M.          BEDFORD BOROUGH               PA-5-7-343
BRODT, SAMUEL                HOPEWELL                      PA-5-3-98
BROWN, HENRY                 WOODBERRY                     PA-5-3-63
BROWN, JOHN                  WOODBERRY                     PA-5-2-126
BROWN, JOSEPH                WOODBERRY                     PA-5-2-16
BROWN, JOSEPH                ST CLAIR                      PA-5-3-107
BROWN, SAMUEL                BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-220
BROWN, WALTER                BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-164
BROWNING, JOSHUA             SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-5-531
BROWNING, SUSAN              SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-7-282
BRUMBAUGH, CATHERINE         NTL                           PA-5-5-6
BRUMBAUGH, DAVID             SOUTH WOODBERRY               PA-5-5-187
BRUNER, HENRY                CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-7-433
BRUNNER, HENRY               CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-4-9
BRUNNER, JACOB               CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-4-93
BUCK, DAVID                  PROVIDENCE                    PA-5-1-454
BUCK, MARY                   WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-5-453
BUCK, THOMAS                 HOPEWELL                      PA-5-2-57
BUNN, ABRAHAM B.             SCHELLSBURG                   PA-5-5-93
BURD, ELIZA W.               BEDFORD                       PA-5-5-117
BURD, JOHN                   DUBLIN                        PA-5-1-51
BURGER, JOHN S.              SOUTH WOODBURY                PA-5-7-1
BURGERT, JOHN W.             NTL                           PA-5-5-53
BURGESS, SAMUEL              JUNIATA                       PA-5-7-442
BURK, JOSIAS C.              KIMMELL                       PA-5-8-375
BURKET, ABRAHAM              UNION                         PA-5-3-189
BURKET, ELIAS                KIMMELL                       PA-5-7-513
BURKET, ELIZABETH            UNION                         PA-5-3-341
BURKET, HENRY                JUNIATA                       PA-5-7-517
BURKET, JACOB                UNION                         PA-5-3-109
BURKET, SAMUEL               BEDFORD                       PA-5-3-15
BURKHART, ABRAHAM            SEE: BURKET, ABRAHAM          PA-5-3-189
BURLEY, JOHN SR.             NTL                           PA-5-4-397
BURNHAM, B. F.               BEDFORD                       PA-5-5-521
BURNS, JAMES                 JUNIATA                       PA-5-5-345
BURNS, JAMES                 JUNITA                        PA-5-4-379
BURNS, SYLVESTER W.          WOODBURY                      PA-5-7-68
BUSH, CHARLES                HYNDMAN                       PA-5-6-319
BUSH, REBECCA                BEDFORD                       PA-5-7-424
BUSSARD, SAMUEL              COLERAIN                      PA-5-5-239
BUXTON, MARYAN               SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-4-298
BYER, FREDERICK              NAPIER                        PA-5-2-86
BYERLY, CONRAD               CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-2-37
BYRNS, MARY                  BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-264
CALDWELL, JAMES              BEDFORD                       PA-5-1-390
CALHOON, JOHN                WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-4-433
CALHOUN, DAVID               WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-8-63
CALHOUN, ELLEN               WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-6-179
CALHOUN, JAMES               WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-5-356
CALIHAN, WILLIAM             NAPIER                        PA-5-7-484
CALL, EMILY E.               MONROE                        PA-5-7-450
CALLAHAN, JAMES              JUNIATA                       PA-5-7-554
CALLAHAN, THOMAS             ST CLAIR                      PA-5-3-190
CALLAN, ELLEN A.             EVERETT                       PA-5-6-464
CALLIHAN, GEORGE             WEST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-6-195
CAMPBELL, MARTHA             BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-28
CAMPBELL, PATRICK            NTL                           PA-5-2-11
CAMPBELL, ROBERT             CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-1-194
CARN, ADAM B.                BEDFORD BORO                  PA-5-8-321
CARN, SAMUEL                 BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-262
CARNES, FREEMAN              NTL                           PA-5-5-156
CARNEY, JAMES                SEE: KERNEY, JAMES            PA-5-3-104
CARPENTER, LEVI              HARRISON                      PA-5-7-330
CARPENTER, MICHAEL           LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-7-197
CARPER, BARBARA              WOODBURY                      PA-5-7-426
CARPER, NANCY                WOODBURY                      PA-5-7-565
CARR, SARAH                  LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-2-119
CARRALL, MARY ANN            SCHELLSBURG                   PA-5-8-104
CARREL, REBECCA              WEST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-7-508
CARSON, JAMES                NAPIER                        PA-5-3-46
CARSON, JAMES                NTL                           PA-5-4-594
CARSON, NATHAN               NAPIER                        PA-5-4-490
CARTRIGHT, GEORGE            HOPEWELL                      PA-5-7-325
CASE, SILAS                  CANTON, HARTFORD, CT          PA-5-1-469
CASHMAN, JOHN                MIDDLE WOODBURY               PA-5-4-386
CASHMAN, WILLIAM L.          BLOOMFIELD                    PA-5-7-598
CASPARI, CASPER              WEST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-6-12
CASTLE, AMOS C.              LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-6-378
CESSNA, EMMA                 RAINSBURG                     PA-5-8-430
CESSNA, JAMES                NTL                           PA-5-5-195
CESSNA, JOHN                 BEDFORD                       PA-5-7-258
CESSNA, JOHN J.              BEDFORD BOROUGH               PA-5-7-128
CESSNA, JOHN SR.             BEDFORD                       PA-5-1-188
CESSNA, JONATHAN             CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-4-97
CESSNA, LORENZO D.           CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-7-538
CESSNA, MARGARET             CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-7-410
CESSNA, MARY                 COLERAIN                      PA-5-2-177
CESSNA, MARY ANN             CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-5-36
CESSNA, WILLIAM              COLERAIN                      PA-5-4-437
CESSNA, WILLIAM              BUFFALO RUN                   PA-5-2-263
CHANEY, NATHAN               PROVIDENCE                    PA-5-1-203
CHANEY, THOMAS               SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-4-173
CHANEY, ZACHERIAH            HOPWELL                       PA-5-1-249
CHAPMAN, HENRY               AIR                           PA-5-1-75
CHARLEST, CATHARINE          BEDFORD BOROUGH               PA-5-7-28
CHARLTON, SAMUEL             DUBLIN                        PA-5-3-349
CHENOWITH, WILLIAM           NTL                           PA-5-6-16
CLAAR, CATHARINE             UNION                         PA-5-7-240
CLAAR, EVE                   BEDFORD                       PA-5-3-333
CLAAR, HENRY                 UNION                         PA-5-6-261
CLAAR, JOHN                  BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-205
CLAAR, JOHN W.               KING                          PA-5-6-524
CLAAR, JOSEPH                KING                          PA-5-6-469
CLAAR, JOSEPH                KING                          PA-5-7-79
CLAAR, RACHEL                BLOOMFIELD                    PA-5-8-338
CLAAR, SIMON                 BEDFORD                       PA-5-1-330
CLABAUGH, JAMES              MONROE                        PA-5-3-275
CLAKR, JAMES                 ST CLAIR                      PA-5-2-291
CLAPPER, HENRY               WOODBERRY                     PA-5-1-351
CLAPPER, MARY                HOPEELL                       PA-5-5-288
CLARK, ANDREW                PROVIDENCE                    PA-5-2-247
CLARK, DANIEL                ST CLAIR                      PA-5-2-65
CLARK, DAVID                 WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-4-242
CLARK, DAVID H.              WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-7-223
CLARK, ELIZA                 ST CLAIR                      PA-5-5-331
CLARK, ISAAC                 HARRISON                      PA-5-6-90
CLARK, JACOB N.              ST CLAIR                      PA-5-4-428
CLARK, JOEL                  WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-4-451
CLARK, JOHN                  SCHELLSBURG                   PA-5-4-270
CLARK, PHILIP                EAST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-8-34
CLARK, SAMUEL                ST CLAIR                      PA-5-5-326
CLARK, THOMAS                BELFAST                       PA-5-3-367
CLARK, WILLIAM A. B.         SCHELLSBURG                   PA-5-7-453
CLAYBAUGH, BERNARD           MONROE                        PA-5-7-363
CLAYCOM, HENRY               ST CLAIR                      PA-5-2-67
CLAYCOMB, CONRAD             ST CLAIR                      PA-5-4-290
CLAYCOMB, CONRAD             KING                          PA-5-8-316
CLAYCOMB, FREDERICK          UNION                         PA-5-3-383
CLAYCOMB, HENRY              EAST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-6-168
CLEVENGER, ABRAHAM           BELFAST                       PA-5-3-358
CLEVINGER, WILLIAM           BEDFORD                       PA-5-3-23
CLINE, COANROD               BELFAST                       PA-5-1-94
CLINE, MATTHIAS              NTL                           PA-5-3-363
CLINGERMAN, FREDRICK SR.     PROVIDENCE                    PA-5-3-62
CLINGERMAN, JOSEPH           NTL                           PA-5-7-394
CLINGERMAN, LOUIS            MONROE                        PA-5-6-136
CLINGERMAN, PHILIP           EAST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-5-524
COBLER, ISAAC                BEDFORD                       PA-5-7-27
COBLER, JOHN                 ST CLAIRSVILLE                PA-5-7-261
COCHENOUR, ISAAC             HARRISON                      PA-5-4-18
COLDERBAUM, RACHEL           BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-288
COLFELT, NANCY               BEDFORD                       PA-5-7-529
COLLEDGE, HANNAH             EAST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-7-174
COLLEDGE, JOHN               EAST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-6-566
COLLINS, AMOS                SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-6-222
COLLINS, ANDREW              SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-4-239
COLLINS, DANIEL              COLDRAIN                      PA-5-1-77
COLLINS, JOHNSON             SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-3-10
COLONI, JOHN E.              SCHELLSBURG                   PA-5-7-176
COLVIN, GEOGE                SCHELLSBURG                   PA-5-3-436
COLVIN, GEORGE M.            SCHELLSBURG                   PA-5-7-247
COLVIN, WILLIAM              NAPIER                        PA-5-7-506
COMP, JACOB                  HARRISON                      PA-5-5-135
COMPHER, PHILIP              PROVIDENCE                    PA-5-2-345
COMPHER, PHILIP              COLERAIN                      PA-5-4-117
CONDUS, DAVID                CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-5-57
CONELL, WILLIAM              PROVIDENCE                    PA-5-1-323
CONNER, JOHN N.              WEST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-7-276
CONOVER, JAMES               CINCINNATI, HAMILTON, OH      PA-5-3-331
CONRAD, JACOB                SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-3-64
CONRAD, JOHN                 UNION                         PA-5-5-385
CONRAD, SARAH                PROVIDENCE                    PA-5-3-321
CONROD, MILLIE               MANN                          PA-5-7-168
COOK, AUGUST                 DUBLIN                        PA-5-3-176
COOK, CATHERINE E.           JUNIATA                       PA-5-7-30
COOK, DOMINICK               BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-155
COOK, EZEKIEL                WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-4-588
COOK, WILLIAM S.             BEDFORD                       PA-5-5-137
COONROD, AMANDA              MANN                          PA-5-7-205
COONTZ, ADAM B.              BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-583
COONTZ, MATHIAS              NTL                           PA-5-2-209
COOPER, JANE                 AIR                           PA-5-3-412
COPLIN, HARRIET              NEW PARIS                     PA-5-6-370
COPLIN, JACOB                NEW PARIS                     PA-5-5-109
CORBOY, JAMES                NTL                           PA-5-6-181
CORL, JACOB JR.              UNION                         PA-5-5-399
CORL, JOSEPH B.              UNION                         PA-5-7-428
CORL, LEONARD                UNION                         PA-5-3-390
CORL, MARTHA                 NEW PARIS                     PA-5-7-92
CORL, SAMUEL                 SCHELLSBURG                   PA-5-6-188
CORLE, BARBRA                UNION                         PA-5-8-244
CORLE, SARAH A.              SCHELLSBURG                   PA-5-7-547
CORLEY, MARGRET              LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-6-342
CORNELL, WILLIAM             MONROE                        PA-5-4-515
COSTLOW, JAMES               GREENFIELD                    PA-5-3-201
COUGHENOUR, PHOEBE           LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-8-363
COUNTZ, HENRY                COLERAIN                      PA-5-1-68
COVALT, BETHUEL              BETHEL                        PA-5-2-71
COVENEY, WILLIAM             EVERETT                       PA-5-8-79
COWEN, EDWARD                WOODBERRY                     PA-5-3-20
COWON, SARAH                 GREENFIELD                    PA-5-3-352
COX, ANN ELIZA               BALTIMORE, BALTIMORE, MD      PA-5-4-397
COX, ELIZABETH               GREENFIELD                    PA-5-3-40
CRAINE, ABRAHAM R.           BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-251
CRAINE, JANE P.              BEDFORD                       PA-5-6-105
CRAMER, JOHN                 HOPEWELL                      PA-5-1-233
CRAW, MICHAEL                SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-2-133
CRAWFORD, CHRISTOPHER        MANN                          PA-5-8-378
CRAWLEY, JOSEPH A.           BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-523
CRESSMAN, MARGARET           ST CLAIR                      PA-5-4-359
CRISHER, ROSANNA             NAPIER                        PA-5-3-103
CRISMAN, ANDREW              NAPIER                        PA-5-5-262
CRISMAN, EIZABETH            BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-265
CRISMAN, ELIZABETH           NAPIER                        PA-5-5-239
CRISSMAN, WILLIAM            NEW PARIS                     PA-5-7-189
CROFT, MARY                  NTL                           PA-5-4-598
CROFT, PHILIP                WOODBURY                      PA-5-6-175
CROFT, PHILIP                MIDDLE WOODBURY               PA-5-4-148
CROMER, FRANCIS              PROVIDENCE                    PA-5-1-192
CROSSAN, JOHN                BELFAST                       PA-5-2-211
CROSSAN, SAMUEL JR.          BELFAST                       PA-5-1-60
CROSSAN, THOMAS              BELFAST                       PA-5-1-64
CROUGHAN, CHARLES            MONROE                        PA-5-7-58
CROUSE, ABRAM                NTL                           PA-5-4-37
CROUSE, REBECCA C.           BEDFORD                       PA-5-8-117
CROW, ANN CATHARINE          NTL                           PA-5-4-119
CROW, PHILLIP                SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-4-54
CROYL, GEORGE                BEDFORD                       PA-5-5-281
CROYL, JOHN                  NTL                           PA-5-6-125
CROYLE, CATHARINE            BEDFORD                       PA-5-3-261
CROYLE, DANIEL               BEDFORD                       PA-5-2-281
CROYLE, JACOB                BEDFORD                       PA-5-6-366
CROYLE, JOHN                 BEDFORD                       PA-5-1-355
CROYLE, JOHN                 BEDFORD                       PA-5-7-478
CROYLE, JOSEPH               UNION                         PA-5-3-173
CROYLE, MARY                 BEDFORD                       PA-5-7-39
CROYLE, MICHAEL              UNION                         PA-5-3-121
CROYLE, THOMAS               UNION                         PA-5-4-118
CRUISE, JOHN                 CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-4-439
CRUSE, CHRISTOPHER           AIR                           PA-5-1-407
CRUSE, JOHN SR.              CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-2-226
CRUSE, MARY                  CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-5-141
CUNARD, HENRY                MONROE                        PA-5-3-464
CUPPELT, WILLIAM H.          MANNS CHOICE BORO             PA-5-8-413
CUPPELT, WILLIAM W.          NEW PARIS                     PA-5-8-40
CUPPET, ISAAC                ST CLAIR                      PA-5-4-388
CUPPET, ISAAC A.             WEST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-6-212
CUSTER, DANIEL               SHADE, SOMERSET, PA           PA-5-8-300
CYPHER, DANIEL               BROAD TOP                     PA-5-4-414
CYPHER, JACOB                LIBERTY                       PA-5-4-390
CYPHER, WILLIAM              HOPEWELL                      PA-5-8-209
DAFFIELD, WILLIAM            MCCONNELLSBURG                PA-5-3-449
DALTON, JAMES                ST CLAIR                      PA-5-1-484
DANAH, ANN                   AIR                           PA-5-1-434
DANGERFIELD, JOHN            BEDFORD BORO                  PA-5-8-94
DANIELS, DANIEL              BELFAST                       PA-5-3-469
DANIELS, EDWARD              BETHEL                        PA-5-1-387
DANNAKER, ANN CATHARINE      SCHELLSBURG                   PA-5-4-524
DANNAKER, CHRISTIAN          NTL                           PA-5-2-121
DANNAKER, EVEANNA            NTL                           PA-5-5-270
DANSDILL, RICHARD            AIR                           PA-5-3-14
DARR, ANN O.                 SCHELLSBURG                   PA-5-7-287
DARR, JOHN                   JUNIATA                       PA-5-4-424
DAUGHERTY, WILLIAM T.        BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-579
DAVIDSON, JOHN               BEDFORD                       PA-5-8-282
DAVIDSON, MARIAN             BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-198
DAVIS, ALEXANDER             EVEETT                        PA-5-7-578
DAVIS, DANIEL                NTL                           PA-5-1-358
DAVIS, DANIEL                EAST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-6-303
DAVIS, ENOS                  WEST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-7-200
DAVIS, GEORGE C.             NTL                           PA-5-4-383
DAVIS, HIRAM                 PLEASANTVILLE                 PA-5-4-551
DAVIS, JAMES W.              SIX MILE RUN                  PA-5-6-410
DAVIS, JOHN L.               EAST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-5-190
DAVIS, JOHN W.               HOPEWELL                      PA-5-5-587
DAVIS, JOSEPH F.             EVERETT                       PA-5-7-281
DAVIS, LYDIA ANN             BROAD TOP                     PA-5-7-90
DAVIS, MARY                  ST CLAIR                      PA-5-4-325
DAVIS, RILEY B.              WEST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-6-396
DAVIS, RUTH                  NAPIER                        PA-5-5-42
DAVIS, SAMUEL                NTL                           PA-5-4-464
DAVIS, THOMAS                COLDRAIN                      PA-5-1-80
DAVIS, THOMAS A.             EVERETT                       PA-5-8-118
DAVIS, WILLIAM A.            WEST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-7-206
DAVIS, WILLIAM A.            WEST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-7-487
DEAL, GEORGE                 COLERAIN                      PA-5-4-572
DEAL, HENRY                  PROVIDENCE                    PA-5-3-142
DEAL, RACHEL MARGET          FRIENDS COVE                  PA-5-4-395
DEAN, MATHEW                 FRANKSTOWN                    PA-5-1-31
DEATZ, MARGARET              HARRISON                      PA-5-8-285
DEBERT, MARY                 WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-4-87
DEETER, ISAAC                WOODBERRY                     PA-5-3-78
DEFIBARRY, HENRY             BEDFORD                       PA-5-6-348
DEFIBAUGH, CATHARINE         KING                          PA-5-7-403
DEFIBAUGH, ELIZABETH         BEDFORD BORO                  PA-5-8-340
DEFIBAUGH, HENRY             SNAKE SPRING                  PA-5-5-541
DEFIBAUGH, SAMUEL            BEDFORD BOROUGH               PA-5-7-130
DELANCY, WILLIAM             SOUTH WOODBURY                PA-5-7-156
DENISON, HUGH                NTL                           PA-5-1-538
DENISON, R. A.               BEDFORD BOROUGH               PA-5-7-165
DENNISON, ABRAM B.           NAPIER                        PA-5-8-314
DENNISON, JOHN               UNION                         PA-5-7-300
DERAMER, WILLIAM             CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-5-167
DETWILER, JACOB              WOODBURY                      PA-5-7-341
DETWILER, JOHN               BLOOMFIELD                    PA-5-7-399
DEVENY, AARON                MOUNT JOY, YORK, PA           PA-5-1-19
DEVON, ISAAC                 HARRISON                      PA-5-7-389
DEVORE, CORNELIUS            BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-313
DEVORE, CORNELIUS SR.        LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-2-346
DEVORE, CORNELIUS SR.        LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-3-1
DEVORE, DANIEL               HARRISON                      PA-5-4-90
DEVORE, EVE                  HARRISON                      PA-5-8-273
DEVORE, JACOB                LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-4-462
DEVORE, MICHAEL              JUNIATA                       PA-5-5-166
DEVORE, PHILIP               LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-4-548
DEVORE, SARAH                COLERAIN                      PA-5-6-405
DEYANNIN, MARY AMANDA        EVERETT                       PA-5-6-420
DIBERT, ANDREW E.            BEDFORD                       PA-5-8-365
DIBERT, CHARLES              BEDFORD                       PA-5-3-212
DIBERT, CHRISTOPHER          BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-480
DIBERT, DANIEL C.            BEDFORD                       PA-5-8-387
DIBERT, DAVID                COLERAIN                      PA-5-5-436
DIBERT, FREDERICK M.         BEDFORD                       PA-5-3-179
DIBERT, GEORGE               BEDFORD                       PA-5-8-418
DIBERT, JACOB                NTL                           PA-5-4-443
DIBERT, JACOB                BEDFORD                       PA-5-3-99
DIBERT, JACOB                BEDFORD BOROUGH               PA-5-7-161
DIBERT, JOHN                 BEDFORD                       PA-5-1-258
DIBERT, JOHN JACKSON         WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-4-471
DICK, HARMAN                 WOODBERRY                     PA-5-2-166
DICKEN, AMOS                 SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-3-394
DICKEN, AMOS                 SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-2-88
DICKEN, DAVID                CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-4-341
DICKEN, ELIZA                BEDFORD                       PA-5-8-146
DICKEN, ELIZABETH            SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-6-272
DICKEN, ELIZABETH A.         EVITTS                        PA-5-8-106
DICKEN, JESSE                BEDFORD                       PA-5-6-432
DICKEN, JOHN                 CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-7-584
DICKEN, MOSES                CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-4-495
DICKEN, RUTH                 CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-4-235
DICKERSON, JOHN W.           BEDFORD                       PA-5-5-54
DICKEY, JOHN                 MCCONNELLSBURG                PA-5-3-213
DICKSON, ELIZABETH           MCCONNELLSBURG                PA-5-3-399
DIDY, JOHN                   HARRISON                      PA-5-5-143
DIEHL, ADAM                  COLERAIN                      PA-5-3-32
DIEHL, BARBARA               BEDFORD                       PA-5-6-27
DIEHL, BENJAMIN F.           COLERAIN                      PA-5-8-122
DIEHL, ELIZA                 COLERAIN                      PA-5-6-457
DIEHL, HENRY                 COLERAIN                      PA-5-5-430
DIEHL, ISAAC                 COLERAIN                      PA-5-5-99
DIEHL, JOB                   COLERAIN                      PA-5-7-575
DIEHL, JOHN                  COLERAIN                      PA-5-5-3
DIEHL, JOHN                  COLERAIN                      PA-5-3-229
DIEHL, JOHN                  MONROE                        PA-5-5-422
DIEHL, JOHN                  MIDDLE WOODBURY               PA-5-4-157
DIEHL, JOHN                  BEDFORD                       PA-5-7-172
DIEHL, JOSEPH H.             COLERAIN                      PA-5-7-404
DIEHL, JOSHUA                COLERAIN                      PA-5-5-469
DIEHL, MARGARET              SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-5-545
DIEHL, MICHAEL               COLERAIN                      PA-5-7-253
DIEHL, OSCAR ANCIL           BEDFORD                       PA-5-7-385
DIEHL, PETER                 MONROE                        PA-5-7-127
DIEHL, PHILIP                FRIENDS COVE                  PA-5-5-115
DIEHL, SAMUEL                COLERAIN                      PA-5-3-420
DIEHL, SOLOMON               COLERAIN                      PA-5-4-57
DIEHL, SOLOMON               COLERAIN                      PA-5-4-369
DIEHL, SOPHIA                SNAKE SPRING                  PA-5-8-359
DIEHL, SOPHIAH               SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-4-236
DIEHL, WILLIAM               MONROE                        PA-5-5-306
DIEY, JOHN                   HARRISON                      PA-5-5-112
DILTS, JOHN SR.              WOODBERRY                     PA-5-1-224
DILTZ, LENA KING             WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-8-344
DISBROW, JOHN                WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-5-308
DISBROW, JOSEPH              WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-5-275
DISHONG, MOSES               BELFAST                       PA-5-1-78
DISHONG, PETER F.            BELFAST                       PA-5-3-450
DISHONG, WILLIAM SR.         NTL                           PA-5-3-44
DITTMAR, JOHN                PATTONVILLE                   PA-5-7-106
DIVELY, BARTHOLOMEW          UNION                         PA-5-4-441
DIVELY, DOROTHY              BEDFORD                       PA-5-8-306
DIVELY, JACOB G.             BEDFORD                       PA-5-6-498
DIVELY, MARTIN               GREENFIELD, BLAIR, PA         PA-5-8-367
DOAL, CATHARINE              PROVIDENCE                    PA-5-3-419
DODSON, JOHN                 GREENFIELD                    PA-5-1-459
DODSON, SUSAN                WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-7-326
DOLL,  MARY JANE (MORTIMORE) COLERAIN                      PA-5-5-251
DOLLARD, JOHN                BEDFORD                       PA-5-7-409
DONAHOE, THOMAS              BEANS COVE                    PA-5-8-75
DONALDSON, BENJAMIN          LIBERTY                       PA-5-5-442
DONALSON, RICHARD            PROVIDENCE                    PA-5-3-39
DORSEY, FRANK                BEDFORD                       PA-5-6-408
DRIVER, JAMES                EVERETT                       PA-5-7-272
DRYDEN, SAMUEL               MCCONNELLSBURG                PA-5-1-456
DUBBS, SAMUEL                KING                          PA-5-7-100
DULL, ADAM                   NAPIER                        PA-5-2-64
DULL, JAMES                  NAPIER                        PA-5-6-5
DULL, JOSEPH                 JUNIATA                       PA-5-6-338
DULL, WILLIAM                NEW ENTERPRISE                PA-5-6-266
DUNKLE, JACOB                VALLEY MILLS                  PA-5-8-427
DUNLAP, JAMES                BEDFORD                       PA-5-1-170
DUNLAP, SARAH                BEDFORD                       PA-5-2-300
DUNNING, JOHN B.             CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-8-241
DUNNING, LEWIS               EAST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-4-256
DUVALL, JEREMIAH             HOPEWELL                      PA-5-3-9
DYBERT, FREDERICK SR.        BEDFORD                       PA-5-1-529
EALY, JOHN C. SR.            SCHELLSBURG                   PA-5-6-349
EARNEST, CATHARINE           BEDFORD                       PA-5-8-310
EARNEST, CATHARINE           BEDFORD                       PA-5-7-296
EARNEST, ELENOR              BEDFORD                       PA-5-8-196
EARNEST, HENRY               EAST ST CLAIR                 PA-5-5-495
EARNEST, MICHAEL             BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-81
EARNEST, MICHAEL             WOODBURY                      PA-5-8-7
EARNEST, PHILIP              NTL                           PA-5-6-150
EBERSOLE, JOHN               WOODBURY                      PA-5-6-115
EDLEMAN, VALENTINE           AIR                           PA-5-3-339
EDLEMAN, VALENTINE           AIR                           PA-5-1-267
EDWARDS, AMOS                ST CLAIR                      PA-5-5-113
EDWARDS, CAROLINE J.         SIX MILE RUN                  PA-5-6-423
EDWARDS, JOSEPH              BROAD                         PA-5-3-152
EDWARDS, MESHECK             BROAD                         PA-5-3-410
EGAN, SIMON                  BEDFORD                       PA-5-6-526
EICHELBERGER, AMANDA M.      HARRISON                      PA-5-8-391
EICHELBERGER, MARGARET       HOPEWELL                      PA-5-8-329
EICHELBERGER, W. SCOTT       EVERETT                       PA-5-6-571
EICHER, JACOB                LIBERTY                       PA-5-7-254
EICHER, JOHN SR.             LIBERTY                       PA-5-7-144
EICHER, SAMUEL               KIMMEL                        PA-5-8-82
EIDENBAUGH, MARY             EAST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-8-225
ELBIN, NATHANIEL             SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-3-183
ELDER, ALFARETTA             HARRISON                      PA-5-6-238
ELDER, ANN                   MIDDLE WOODBURY               PA-5-4-296
ELDER, GEORGE                CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-1-136
ELDER, ISAAC S.              LIBERTY                       PA-5-5-542
ELDER, JAMES                 CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-4-403
ELDER, WILLIAM               HARRISON                      PA-5-5-508
ELERICK, GEORGE              LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-2-193
ELLINGER, HENRY              BEDFORD                       PA-5-6-367
ELLIOT, BENJAMIN             DUBLIN                        PA-5-1-49
ELLIOT, THOMAS               CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-4-114
ELLIOTT, ROBERT              SOUTHAMPTON                   PA-5-6-538
ELLIOTT, THOMAS              CUMBERLAND VALLEY             PA-5-8-281
ELLIS, GEORGE N.             LINCOLN                       PA-5-8-384
ELLISON, PETER               BETHEL                        PA-5-3-355
EMERICK, JOHN SR.            NAPIER                        PA-5-8-368
ENGLAND, JAMES               COLERAIN                      PA-5-6-583
ENGLAND, MARY                COLERAIN                      PA-5-5-413
ENGLAND, PETER               EAST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-6-317
ENGLAND, WILLIAM S.          SNAKE SPRING                  PA-5-7-277
ENGLEBRIGHT, PETER           NTL                           PA-5-1-366
ENSLEY, CHRISTOPHER          PROVIDENCE                    PA-5-2-142
ENSLEY, GEORGE               NTL                           PA-5-2-47
ENSLEY, GEORGE               PROVIDENCE                    PA-5-2-265
ENSLEY, GEORGE SR.           PROVIDENCE                    PA-5-1-320
ENSLEY, MARTHA JANE          PALTONVILLE                   PA-5-5-416
ENTREKIN, JAMES              HOPEWELL                      PA-5-4-158
ESHLEMAN, JOHN               MIDDLE WOODBERRY              PA-5-5-253
ESHLEMAN, SUSAN              MIDDLE WOODBERRY              PA-5-5-332
ESPY, DAVID                  NTL                           PA-5-1-61
EVANS, DAVID                 LONDONDERRY                   PA-5-5-60
EVANS, FRANCIS               MONROE                        PA-5-3-198
EVANS, ISAAC                 BROAD TOP                     PA-5-8-145
EVANS, JOHN                  MONROE                        PA-5-3-442
EVANS, JOSEPH                BEDFORD                       PA-5-4-612
EVANS, PHILIP                MONROE                        PA-5-4-271
EVANS, RHODA                 NTL                           PA-5-6-223
EVANS, WILSON                BROAD TOP                     PA-5-6-429
EVE, MAY                     HARRISON                      PA-5-5-277
EVERHART, ELIZABETH          WEST PROVIDENCE               PA-5-6-108
EVERSOLE, ABRAHAM            SOUTH WOODBERRY               PA-5-3-312
EVERSOLE, CHRISTIAN          SOUTH WOODBERRY               PA-5-5-334
EVERSOLE, DANIEL             WOODBERRY                     PA-5-3-165
EWALT, RICHARD               NTL                           PA-5-3-74
EWING, JACOB                 ST CLAIR                      PA-5-5-447
EXLINE, GEORGE W.            HYNDMAN                       PA-5-7-187
EXLINE, JOHN                 UNION                         PA-5-5-427
EXTINE, DANIEL               HARRISON                      PA-5-5-257

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