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Column One: Name of Testator (3 asterisks - between 20 pages to 40 pages)
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page #  | 1=1907-1910 | 2=1909-1910 |
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ALLEN, JOHN ***                         OK-42-1-257
ASZMUS, ANDREW ***                      OK-42-2-98
BARNES, MARY E. ***                     OK-42-1-542
BARTON, WILLIAM ***                     OK-42-2-1
BECKLEY, MONROSE W. ***                 OK-42-2-610
BUTCHER,JAMES ***                       OK-42-1-64
CAMPBELL, DANIEL B.                     OK-42-1-606
FEGAN, CARRIE L. ***                    OK-42-1-320
FREEMAN, CAROLINE HARTLE ***            OK-42-1-416
GILL, JOHN ****                         OK-42-2-290
GREININGER, BARBARA ***                 OK-42-1-96
GRIFFITHS, RACHEL ***                   OK-42-1-194
HANSON, BERTHA ***                      OK-42-2-323
HANSON, HANS CHRISTIAN ***              OK-42-2-546
HARRINGTON, MARY ANN ***                OK-42-2-354
HEDGECOCK, K. A. ***                    OK-42-2-386
HERRINGTON, JEREMIAH ***                OK-42-1-225
HOTCHKISS, JOHN ***                     OK-42-1-482
KENDRICK, SUSAN E. ***                  OK-42-2-450
KIMBALL, IRA D. ***                     OK-42-2-226
LIPPERD, C. C. ***                      OK-42-1-2
LONG, CLEM ***                          OK-42-2-258
MACKEY, JOHN ***                        OK-42-1-514
MERRITT, G. H. ***                      OK-42-1-162
PEEK, LUTHER R. ***                     OK-42-2-194
RHODES, MAGGIE O. ***                   OK-42-2-482
RICE, M. W. ***                         OK-42-2-514
ROBINSON, ANNA ***                      OK-42-1-288
ROBINSON, JENNIE ***                    OK-42-1-33
ROBISON, WILLIAM G. ***                 OK-42-2-162
ROGERS, WILLIAM E. ***                  OK-42-1-572
SCOTT, MILFORD AMOS ***                 OK-42-2-130
SEXTON, HENRY H. ***                    OK-42-2-578
SPANGLER, FRANCIS M. ***                OK-42-1-386
STARK, WILLIS ***                       OK-42-1-448
STAUS, CONRAD ***                       OK-42-2-418
SULLIVAN, ELIZABETH N. ***              OK-42-2-66
TANSEY, JENNIE E. ***                   OK-42-1-352
VANHORN, MARTHA A.                      OK-42-1-130
WHITEHEAD, MARGARET M. ***              OK-42-2-32

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