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Column One: Name of Testator (3 asteriks - between 20 pages and 40 pages long)
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page #  | 1=1903-1910 | !b=1908-1915 | 2=1915-1922 | 3=1922-1939 |
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AGNEW, MARY OLIVIA LONG                 OK-7-3-419
AINSWORTH, AGNES V.                     OK-7-1-9
AINSWORTH, ELIZA B.                     OK-7-2-19
AINSWORTH, WILLIAM H.                   OK-7-1B-25
ANDREWS, B.                             OK-7-3-517
ARKANSAS, JIM                           OK-7-3-492
ARRINGTON, LEVI                         OK-7-3-282
ARRINGTON, WILLIAM                      OK-7-1-187
ATKINS, HENRIETTA                       OK-7-2-186
ATKINS, THOMAS D.                       OK-7-2-24
ATTAWAY, HARLEM W.                      OK-7-3-345
AYRES, B. S.                            OK-7-3-129
BACON, WILLIAM J.                       OK-7-2-36
BAILEY, MIRRIAN S.                      OK-7-3-403
BALL, SELINA A.                         OK-7-3-9
BALLER, G. A.                           OK-7-3-47
BARKER, KATE                            OK-7-3-287
BAXENDALE, CORA M.                      OK-7-3-455
BAXTER, CAROLINE                        OK-7-3-472
BAXTER, E. G.                           OK-7-3-105
BEAL, RUBEN                             OK-7-3-225
BEAMS, SIMON                            OK-7-3-261
BEAN, MARTHA W.                         OK-7-3-333
BEARDEN, SARAH PRUITT                   OK-7-3-417
BEATTY, ACENITH E.                      OK-7-3-299
BEAVER, ALBERT                          OK-7-3-327
BECKHAM, WILLIAM                        OK-7-3-399
BENTLEY, ELLEN                          OK-7-3-349
BILLEY, JESSE                           OK-7-3-252
BILLEY, ORMOND                          OK-7-3-416
BILLEY, WICKS                           OK-7-3-141
BLAIR, SAMUEL M.                        OK-7-1B-110
BLOODWORTH, JOE                         OK-7-3-30
BONE, D. MAUD BELL BONE                 OK-7-3-588
BOOKER, GEORGE W.                       OK-7-3-259
BOULT, ANNA M.                          OK-7-3-94
BOURNE, ZEB                             OK-7-3-509
BOWEN, LOUIS                            OK-7-2-169
BRADSHAW, FLROA                         OK-7-3-623
BRADSHAW, J. E. G.                      OK-7-2-251
BREG, WILLIAM G.                        OK-7-3-98
BROWN, FRANK                            OK-7-1-71
BROWN, J. H.                            OK-7-3-304
BROWN, WILLIS                           OK-7-1-145
BULLY, SIBBIE                           OK-7-1B-40
BURCHFIELD, B. C.                       OK-7-3-426
BURROW, FANNIE                          OK-7-3-343
BURROW, MARTHA E.                       OK-7-2-247
BUTLER, CHARLOTTE                       OK-7-1-118
BYERS, REED W.                          OK-7-3-545
BYRD, PENRY M.                          OK-7-1-4
BYRD, WILLIAM O.                        OK-7-1B-67
CAHILL, FRANK T.                        OK-7-3-536
CAHILL, JULIA M.                        OK-7-3-593
CALHOUN, J. M.                          OK-7-2-17
CARTER, WILLIAM H.                      OK-7-3-456
CASEY, J. M.                            OK-7-3-158
CAUDILL, CLARA L.                       OK-7-2-370
CHEWNING, W. A.                         OK-7-1B-50
CHUBBEE, LEANNA                         OK-7-3-64
CHUMLEY, J. F.                          OK-7-2-153
CLARK, W. T.                            OK-7-1-21
COBB, G. S.                             OK-7-3-322
COLE, ANNIE                             OK-7-2-366
COLE, E. G.                             OK-7-3-362
COLEMAN, J. D.                          OK-7-3-181
COLLINS, SARAH A.                       OK-7-3-197
COLLINS,D ANIEL                         OK-7-2-360
CONN, MINNIE J.                         OK-7-2-143
CONNELLY, C. W.                         OK-7-3-397
COOK, MARY A.                           OK-7-3-62
COONEY, ALPHA                           OK-7-2-141
COPELAND, JAMES H.                      OK-7-1-132
COX, LOUISA                             OK-7-3-406
COX, T. L.                              OK-7-1B-90
CRAIN, JERRY H.                         OK-7-3-314
CRAWFORD, COLEMAN                       OK-7-3-356
CROSBY, PERRY D.                        OK-7-3-352
CROWDER, MARTIN S.                      OK-7-3-109
CROWELL, FRANK GRANT                    OK-7-3-559
CULBERTSON, TOWNLEY                     OK-7-3-501
DARBISON, GEORGE T.                     OK-7-2-207
DARBISON, SARAH F.                      OK-7-3-71
DARWIN, HARRIET                         OK-7-3-374
DAVIS, JOHN T.                          OK-7-3-492
DAY, WILLIAM L.                         OK-7-3-616
DODD, W. F.                             OK-7-3-78
DONOHUE, DAN C.                         OK-7-3-22
DOWNING, VIRGIL L.                      OK-7-3-534
DUNCAN, W. A.                           OK-7-3-219
DUNEGAN, WILLIAM L.                     OK-7-1-46
DYER, SAM                               OK-7-2-7
DYER, SARAH                             OK-7-3-407
EARLEY, J. E.                           OK-7-1-128
EILAND, AL A.                           OK-7-3-336
EMBRY, BURRELL                          OK-7-2-70
EMBRY, LUCINDA                          OK-7-2-62
ENGLAND, O. T.                          OK-7-3-565
EVANS, EVERET M.                        OK-7-3-539
FERGUSON, JAMES W.                      OK-7-2-156
FINLEY, ROBERT W.                       OK-7-3-459
FLEMING, ELIZA H.                       OK-7-2-4
FOSTER, W. T.                           OK-7-3-446
FRANKLIN, MARTHA A.                     OK-7-1-79
FRY, VICEY                              OK-7-2-200
GALLEHER, J. W.                         OK-7-1-4
GARNER, S.                              OK-7-3-443
GARNHART, WALTER W.                     OK-7-3-520
GATES, R. T.                            OK-7-3-457
GAYLOR, MARY **** (41)                  OK-7-2-292
GIBSON, WALTER                          OK-7-1-43
GLENN, MARY O. BAIN                     OK-7-2-117
GODDARD, FELICIA                        OK-7-1-89
GOIN, ABSOLEM M.                        OK-7-3-168
GOODING, AMRION E.                      OK-7-3-347
GOODING, SARAH *** (36)                 OK-7-2-90
GOYA, MARVIN L.                         OK-7-1B-163
GRANT, WILLIAM A.                       OK-7-3-166
GREEN, CULLIE J.                        OK-7-3-366
GRENIER, ARTHUR S.                      OK-7-3-515
GUNBY, I. P.                            OK-7-3-191
HAGAN, ROBERT                           OK-7-3-315
HAGOOD, A. S.                           OK-7-3-395
HALDER, LEROY C.                        OK-7-3-365
HAMAN, JOHN B.                          OK-7-1-25
HAMPTON, ELLEN                          OK-7-2-228
HANEY, J. D.                            OK-7-3-344
HANEY, MARY T.                          OK-7-3-76
HARRIS, GEORGE HENRY                    OK-7-2-178
HARRIS, THOMAS J.                       OK-7-3-306
HARRISON, W. D.                         OK-7-2-139
HATCHETT, JESSE M.                      OK-7-3-211
HAWKINS, MARGARET                       OK-7-1-8
HAYES, V. B.                            OK-7-3-331
HAYNES, E. S.                           OK-7-1-176
HAYNES, E. T.                           OK-7-3-294
HAYNES, J. D.                           OK-7-2-382
HAYNES, SUE                             OK-7-3-620
HELBACH, CHARLES                        OK-7-2-374
HENDERSON, DACK H.                      OK-7-3-310
HEROLD, PAULINE C.                      OK-7-3-430
HILL, CHARLES                           OK-7-1-58
HILL, WILLIMA N.                        OK-7-3-494
HOARD, L. H.                            OK-7-3-372
HOBBS, J. B.                            OK-7-3-125
HOGAN, S. L.                            OK-7-2-301
HOLLAND, W. F.                          OK-7-3-483
HOLLINGSWORTH, JAMES M.                 OK-7-3-317
HOLLNGSWORTH, RITA                      OK-7-3-138
HOLTCAMP, CHARLES W.                    OK-7-3-511
HONEY, SIMON                            OK-7-1B-129
HONK, NELSON                            OK-7-2-103
HOPARKENTUBBI, EASTMAN                  OK-7-2-181
HORNBACK, ADAM F.                       OK-7-3-246
HORTON, WILLIAM A.                      OK-7-3-222
HOUSTON, CRENA                          OK-7-3-379
HOUSTON, J. R.                          OK-7-2-356
HOWE, PATRICK WILLIAM                   OK-7-1B-145
HUBBARD, H. E.                          OK-7-3-613
HUDSPETH, J. H.                         OK-7-3-449
HUDSPETH, MABLE                         OK-7-3-174
HUMAN, J. G.                            OK-7-2-190
HUMAN, JESSE M.                         OK-7-3-470
HUMAN, MATTIE E.                        OK-7-3-468
HURST, ELMORE W.                        OK-7-2-79
HURST, W. J.                            OK-7-3-383
InABBOTT, J. D.                         OK-7-3-424
INGRAM, CHARLES T.                      OK-7-1-50
JACKSON, ANNA C.                        OK-7-2-149
JAMES, SAMUEL J.                        OK-7-3-382
JENNINGS, J. C.                         OK-7-2-350
JENNINGS, JAMES T.                      OK-7-2-132
JOHNSON, ANNIE LAURA                    OK-7-3-575
JOHNSON, BIG WILEY                      OK-7-2-335
JOHNSON, HUGH L.                        OK-7-1B-74
JOHNSON, HUGH L.                        OK-7-1B-89
JOHNSON, NANCY                          OK-7-2-127
JOHNSON, SALLIE                         OK-7-1-30
JONES, BILLY                            OK-7-1B-59
JONES, BILLY                            OK-7-1B-59
JONES, JOHN                             OK-7-3-296
KEFFER, ALVIRA                          OK-7-3-436
KEFFER, NICK                            OK-7-2-123
KEISEY, W. D.                           OK-7-1B-81
KEMP, JACKSON                           OK-7-1-138
KEMP, JULIA                             OK-7-1B-121
KEMP, ROBERSON                          OK-7-2-385
KINGHORN, TOM                           OK-7-1-5
KIRBY, E. H.                            OK-7-1-76
KIRBY, J. M.                            OK-7-3-169
KIRK, FLORA A.                          OK-7-3-27
KIRK, JOHN S.                           OK-7-3-24
KNOTT, J. T.                            OK-7-3-531
KORF, C. W.                             OK-7-3-340
LAMBERT, A. G.                          OK-7-3-302
LAMOND, ALCEA                           OK-7-3-486
LANDERS, T. R.                          OK-7-2-331
LANE, MARY                              OK-7-3-243
LARCHE, CAROLINE                        OK-7-3-319
LAUDERDALE, H. L.                       OK-7-3-292
LAUDERDALE, J. W.                       OK-7-1B-102
LAW, ELEANOR C.                         OK-7-3-176
LAWRENCE, SARAH J.                      OK-7-3-18
LEE, MAGGIE I.                          OK-7-3-283
LEECRAFT, LELAH M.                      OK-7-2-363
LEEK, ELIZABETH A.                      OK-7-3-465
LEGATE, R. S.                           OK-7-2-342
LEWIS, FRANK                            OK-7-3-49
LEWIS, LILA                             OK-7-3-13
LILLEY, J. B.                           OK-7-2-58
LINDER, JAMES ROBERT                    OK-7-3-572
LINN, SUSAN A.                          OK-7-3-452
LLOYD, JOHNM.                           OK-7-3-391
LOONEY, E. W.                           OK-7-3-17
LOONEY, E. W.                           OK-7-2-14
LORGE, JOHN                             OK-7-3-103
LORRAINE, HARRIET A.                    OK-7-3-401
LYON, DAVID G.                          OK-7-3-524
LYON, HARRIET N.                        OK-7-3-577
MARQUELING, HENRY                       OK-7-3-56
MARSHALL, J. E.                         OK-7-3-236
MARTIN, VELMA                           OK-7-3-604
MARTIN, WINNIE                          OK-7-2-13
MARTIN, WINNIE                          OK-7-1-74
MASON, MINNIE M.                        OK-7-3-474
MASTERS, LAWRENCE N.                    OK-7-3-434
MATTOX, R. B.                           OK-7-1-28
MAXWELL, J. D.                          OK-7-3-463
MAYTUBBY, VIRGIL                        OK-7-2-273
MCCARTY, WALTER JACK                    OK-7-3-378
MCCLAIN, W. S.                          OK-7-3-543
MCCLENDON, JAMES M.                     OK-7-1B-18
MCCLURE, MAYDELL                        OK-7-2-286
MCCREARY, ANDRE WE.                     OK-7-3-586
MCDANIEL, NICHOLAS                      OK-7-1-62
MCGEHEE, J. H.                          OK-7-2-378
MCKEE, W. P.                            OK-7-3-275
MCKINNEY, BUCKNER A.                    OK-7-3-600
MCKINNEY, JAMES R.                      OK-7-3-73
MCKINNIS, LEONIA                        OK-7-2-173
MCLAREY, J. J.                          OK-7-3-178
MCMASTERS, J. T.                        OK-7-3-521
MCMINN, MILTON POLK                     OK-7-3-232
MEAD, SANTFORD MINOR                    OK-7-3-120
MEADES, CHARLES W.                      OK-7-1-182
MITCHELL, GEORGE W.                     OK-7-3-132
MITCHELL, JAMES C.                      OK-7-3-52
MITCHELL, L. M.                         OK-7-2-40
MITCHELL, MARION T.                     OK-7-3-135
MITCHELL, W. L.                         OK-7-3-411
MONICAL, JOSEPH B.                      OK-7-3-342
MOOR, B. F.                             OK-7-2-109
MOORE, MARY C.                          OK-7-3-80
MORELAND, W. T.                         OK-7-3-274
MORGAN, W. R.                           OK-7-3-84
MOSS, A. H.                             OK-7-3-370
MOUNTAIN, R. C.                         OK-7-3-460
MUGLER, F. C.                           OK-7-3-409
MULLENIX, C. S.                         OK-7-2-308
MURPHY, JOSEPH M.                       OK-7-3-241
NELSON, JENNIE                          OK-7-1-150
NEWMAN, JAMES H.                        OK-7-3-269
NICHOLAS, CRENA HOUSTON                 OK-7-3-379
ONEIL, CORSANDER F.                     OK-7-1-23
OWENS, JOHN AND KATIE                   OK-7-3-584
OWENS, KATIE AND JOHN                   OK-7-3-584
PARKER, ANN CLAYTON                     OK-7-1B-1
PARKER, LYDIA                           OK-7-3-568
PARKINSON, W. W.                        OK-7-3-570
PASCHALL, OTEY B.                       OK-7-2-197
PATTERSON, A. S.                        OK-7-3-337
PAYTON, MARY                            OK-7-1-92
PERKINS, EATHEL                         OK-7-1-17
PERKINS, T. J.                          OK-7-2-96
PERKINSON, MARY F.                      OK-7-3-405
PETERS, PHOEBE LABOR                    OK-7-2-51
PETTIT, THOMAS J.                       OK-7-3-450
PHELPS, MATILDA                         OK-7-3-367
PORTER, VELMA MARTIN                    OK-7-3-604
POWERS, RICHARD E.                      OK-7-3-91
PRUITT, SARAH                           OK-7-3-417
PURKINS, D. J. (MRS)                    OK-7-3-249
PURYEAR, JOHN                           OK-7-3-339
RAINS, CATHERINE                        OK-7-3-86
RAMSEY, G. A.                           OK-7-3-192
REED, CATHERINE                         OK-7-3-361
REED, FRANK W.                          OK-7-3-313
REYNOLDS, FRANK                         OK-7-1-7
REYNOLDS, W. R.                         OK-7-3-441
RHYNE, JOHN T.                          OK-7-3-186
RICE, V. A.                             OK-7-2-130
RINES, ED                               OK-7-1-98
ROBERTS, MITCHELL L.                    OK-7-2-135
ROBINSON, DAVID                         OK-7-3-439
ROBINSON, MARGARET                      OK-7-1B-96
ROCKWELL, ALVIN A.                      OK-7-1-19
RODEN, JAMES A.                         OK-7-3-160
ROGERS, LAVEGA                          OK-7-1-35
ROSENBAUM, ISABELLA                     OK-7-3-554
ROSENBAUM, M.                           OK-7-1-108
ROSENBAUM, MORRIS                       OK-7-3-466
ROSENBAUM, MORRIS                       OK-7-2-316
RUSE, MALLIE                            OK-7-1-54
SANDERS, MARGARET L.                    OK-7-1-124
SANFORD, JAMES M.                       OK-7-2-280
SAULS, WILLIAM LANG                     OK-7-3-430
SCARBOROUGH, JOHN                       OK-7-1B-7
SCHWALM, MICHAEL                        OK-7-3-611
SCOTT, JOHN W.                          OK-7-3-597
SEELEY, G. W.                           OK-7-3-43
SEELEY, MARY                            OK-7-3-68
SHANNON, W. O.                          OK-7-2-238
SHARROCK, A. L.                         OK-7-1-179
SHELTON, PANSY WALKER                   OK-7-3-431
SHORT, GEORGE W.                        OK-7-3-385
SHORT, W. G.                            OK-7-3-36
SHULER, JAMES L.                        OK-7-3-609
SMITH, J. B. (DR)                       OK-7-3-388
SMITH, LOUVINA                          OK-7-3-369
SMITH, LUTHER B.                        OK-7-1-1
SMITH, M. M.                            OK-7-3-164
SMITH, R. L.                            OK-7-3-117
SORRELL, S. D.                          OK-7-3-581
SPEAKS, HENRY                           OK-7-3-60
SPEAKS, VALONIA                         OK-7-2-392
STEVENS, MARY E.                        OK-7-3-100
STONE, MAMIE GENIUS                     OK-7-3-514
STONE, W. B.                            OK-7-3-54
SWINNEY, SAM E.                         OK-7-3-507
TACKETT, S. A. (MRS)                    OK-7-2-212
TAYLOR, W. H.                           OK-7-1-10
TERRELL, JAMES C.                       OK-7-2-20
THOMPSON, SYDNEY                        OK-7-1-106
TOWNE, EMERY S.                         OK-7-2-255
TOWNSEND, NEWMAN O.                     OK-7-3-351
TUNKS, TRENTON                          OK-7-3-387
VEACH, HORATIO                          OK-7-3-202
WAITS, MARY                             OK-7-3-447
WAITS, MILTON C.                        OK-7-2-220
WALKER, B. S.                           OK-7-3-308
WALKER, DANIEL                          OK-7-2-312
WALKER, FANIN                           OK-7-1-14
WALKER, JOHN W.                         OK-7-3-529
WALLEY, ELIZA                           OK-7-3-39
WATSON, SIDNEY I.                       OK-7-3-216
WELLS, ANN                              OK-7-1-6
WELLS, W. M.                            OK-7-2-47
WELLS, WILLIAMINE                       OK-7-3-562
WEST, WILLIAM G.                        OK-7-2-192
WHITTLE, CATHERINE                      OK-7-3-364
WILEY, JOSEPH E.                        OK-7-3-238
WILKINSON, ADA                          OK-7-2-30
WILLEY, CLARENCE B.                     OK-7-2-294
WILLIAMS, CALOWAY                       OK-7-1-85
WILLIAMS, J. N.                         OK-7-2-1
WILOSN, JESSIE L.                       OK-7-3-527
WILSON, D. G.                           OK-7-3-358
WILSON, ELIHU                           OK-7-3-89
WILSON, HARVEY NEWTON                   OK-7-3-552
WILSON, PERCY G.                        OK-7-3-591
WILSON, WALLACE                         OK-7-3-37
WOODWARD, ANNIE M.                      OK-7-3-264
WYATT, ALICE TELFORD                    OK-7-3-172
YOUNG, JOHN E.                          OK-7-3-266
ZARN, RICHARD C.                        OK-7-3-498
ZAUK, B. H.                             OK-7-2-319
ZAUK, MAGGIE I.                         OK-7-3-433
ZEIGLER, JINCY                          OK-7-1B-34

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