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Column One: Name of Testator (3 asteriks - between 20 pages and 40 pages long)
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page #  | 1=1895-1917 |
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ADAMS, JOSEPH M.                        OK-4-1-97
ANSLEY, JAMES W.                        OK-4-1-84
BALFORD, WILLIAM J.                     OK-4-1-101
BANKS, MARY E. TRACY                    OK-4-1-122
BOATRIGHT, J. A.                        OK-4-1-119
CARRIER, CORNELIA M.                    OK-4-1-102
COLENEOUS, D. N.                        OK-4-1-117
CRAWFORD, JAMES                         OK-4-1-168
DAVIS, GRACE ELIZABETH                  OK-4-1-153
DINIUS, GEORGE H.                       OK-4-1-132
EVANS, THOMAS H.                        OK-4-1-79
FRANK, D. D.                            OK-4-1-103
FRENCH, ALMOND W.                       OK-4-1-129
FRY, MARIA S.                           OK-4-1-90
GLEASON, GEORGE H.                      OK-4-1-108
GRANGER, THOMAS M.                      OK-4-1-99
HARTZELL, LILLIAN M.                    OK-4-1-128
HORNER, JOSEPH G.                       OK-4-1-106
LAUGHRIN, OWEN                          OK-4-1-73
LILE, JOHN                              OK-4-1-150
LLOYD, GEORGE                           OK-4-1-156
LONGMORE, OMER S.                       OK-4-1-125
MATHIS, MARY                            OK-4-1-114
MAULDIN, WILLIAM H.                     OK-4-1-118
MCCOOL, JOHN W.                         OK-4-1-113
MCDONALD, NORA I.                       OK-4-1-148
MCPEAK, WILLIAM                         OK-4-1-147
MCQUILLIAN, MARGARET                    OK-4-1-68
MILLER, HENRY H.                        OK-4-1-133
MOTNGOMERY, ROSA                        OK-4-1-169
ONEAL, MARTHA J.                        OK-4-1-87
ONG, VIOLA J.                           OK-4-1-95
OVER, JOHN EBBEN                        OK-4-1-115
PIETZ, AUGUST                           OK-4-1-126
REMER, MINERVA E.                       OK-4-1-81
SEAVER, MARY M.                         OK-4-1-144
SHALLENBARGER, SAMUEL L.                OK-4-1-130
SPURGEON, JOHN W.                       OK-4-1-111
STOUT, ROBERT R.                        OK-4-1-123
TANNEHILL, CHARLES O.                   OK-4-1-85
THOMPSON, JONATHAN J.                   OK-4-1-77
TOOLEY, ABLE W.                         OK-4-1-167
TOTTLEBEN, CURT VON                     OK-4-1-105
VANTASSEL, ALONZO                       OK-4-1-120
VONTOTTLEBEN, CURT                      OK-4-1-105
WHITAKER, JOSEPH                        OK-4-1-155
WHITE, CHARLES                          OK-4-1-139
WINTERFIELD, JANE E.                    OK-4-1-121
WOODS, SAMUEL H.                        OK-4-1-70

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