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ABBOTT, RICHARD C.                     OH-30-11-279
ABBOTT, SUSANNA                        OH-30-2-92
ABEL, JOHN GERHARD                     OH-30-10-191
ABRAMS, WILLIAM H.                     OH-30-5-133
ACKERMANN, JOHN L.                     OH-30-7-170
ACKLEY, MARY                           OH-30-14-220
ADAMS, ANDREW                          OH-30-15-281
ADAMS, JOHN W.                         OH-30-11-297
ADDIS, ELIZABETH                       OH-30-10-303
ADIS, MARY                             OH-30-15-227
AHLERING, FREDERICK OTTO               OH-30-10-162
AHRENS, JOHANN                         OH-30-12-279
AKER, ABRAHAM H.                       OH-30-14-41
AKOETTER, ANTON                        OH-30-2-145
ALBERT, LOUIS                          OH-30-12-214
ALEXANDER, AGNES                       OH-30-4-118
ALEXANDER, AMOS JR.                    OH-30-12-416
ALEXANDER, HORCAE                      OH-30-7-338
ALEXANDER, ROBERT                      OH-30-6-21
ALEXANDER, SAMUEL                      OH-30-16-394
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                     OH-30-5-78
ALF, GERHARD, JOHN                     OH-30-13-415
ALHERTON, AMOS                         OH-30-14-276
ALLEN, D. HOWE                         OH-30-12-66
ALLEN, DAVID                           OH-30-12-389
ALLEN, JACOB SR.                       OH-30-15-414
ALLEN, JESSIE                          OH-30-15-274
ALLEN, REBECCA A.                      OH-30-6-327
ALLEN, SARAH E.                        OH-30-16-107
ALLEN, TRUMAN                          OH-30-9-299
ALLEN, WILLIAM A.                      OH-30-3-355
ALLEN, WILLIAM E.                      OH-30-11-145
ALLISON, RICHARD                       OH-30-4-230
ALMS, FREDERICK                        OH-30-14-181
ALTER, FREDERICK                       OH-30-4-205
ALTER, FREDERICK                       OH-30-3-413
ALWES, JOHN                            OH-30-13-271
AMBERG, LOUIS                          OH-30-8-35
AMELUNGMEYER, WILLIAM                  OH-30-6-239
AMES, ANNA                             OH-30-12-58
AMMEN, DAVID                           OH-30-5-135
AMMEN, SARAH                           OH-30-6-241
ANDERSON, ALEXANDER                    OH-30-7-191
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH D.                 OH-30-7-197
ANDERSON, SUSAN                        OH-30-5-77
ANDREWS, CHARLES S.                    OH-30-2-309
ANDREWS, DUDLEY                        OH-30-11-241
ANDREWS, HEPZA D.                      OH-30-13-114
ANGELBECCK, GUSTAV                     OH-30-16-334
ANSELM, JOSEPH                         OH-30-1-301
APPLEGATE, GEORGE                      OH-30-11-299
APPLEGATE, HENRY                       OH-30-7-280
APPLEGATE, HENRY                       OH-30-2-305
APPLEGATE, HENRY S.                    OH-30-14-408
APPLEGATE, JOHN                        OH-30-11-278
APRILL, JOHN GEORG                     OH-30-14-300
ARBEGUST, BENJAMIN                     OH-30-7-127
ARBEGUST, WILLIAM                      OH-30-4-125
ARBEQUST, SARAH                        OH-30-2-415
ARCHIBALD, ROBERT                      OH-30-1-493
ARKENBERG, HENRY                       OH-30-1-165
ARMAND, PETER                          OH-30-16-379
ARMSTRONG, ANN                         OH-30-6-372
ARMSTRONG, DAVID                       OH-30-6-220
ARMSTRONG, WALTER                      OH-30-7-200
ARNOLD, CHRISTIAN M.                   OH-30-5-312
ARNOLD, WILLIAM                        OH-30-9-430
ARNSMONT, W. P.                        OH-30-7-106
ARTIS, JESSE                           OH-30-9-266
ASHCRAFT, MARY L.                      OH-30-16-387
ASOTN, SAMUEL R.                       OH-30-2-331
ASPEY, FREELOVE                        OH-30-5-199
ASPY, WILLIAM                          OH-30-1-440
ASTON, SAMUEL                          OH-30-15-417
ASTON, THOMAS O.                       OH-30-2-233
ATHERSTONE, JONATHAN                   OH-30-14-495
ATHERTON, AARON                        OH-30-11-239
ATHERTON, DAVID                        OH-30-6-356
ATHERTON, PETER                        OH-30-1-491
ATKINS, EMALINE A.                     OH-30-16-463
AUGUSTUS, ABRAHAM                      OH-30-1-492
AUSTIN, WARREN B.                      OH-30-11-248
AUTEN, JON                             OH-30-6-28
AVERY, JOHN C.                         OH-30-4-3
AYERS, ELISHA                          OH-30-10-397
AYERS, LEVY                            OH-30-8-70
AYERS, SAMUEL                          OH-30-2-418
AYRES, RICHARD                         OH-30-11-245
BACKENSTRASS, AGNES                    OH-30-12-32
BACKMANN, CAROLINE                     OH-30-12-241
BACKMANN, NICHOLAS                     OH-30-6-38
BACON, JOHN                            OH-30-2-90
BACON, NATHAN                          OH-30-4-238
BADGDEY, WILLIAM                       OH-30-4-218
BADGLEY, ROBERT                        OH-30-11-314
BAENZIGER, CONRAD                      OH-30-12-63
BAES, DANIEL                           OH-30-14-501
BAGOTT, JAMES                          OH-30-10-42
BAILEY, BAIZILLA                       OH-30-2-450
BAILEY, DANIEL                         OH-30-7-343
BAILEY, JOHN                           OH-30-9-261
BAILIFF, DANIEL                        OH-30-3-26
BAILY, YORK                            OH-30-6-41
BAKER, ALBERT R.                       OH-30-9-185
BAKER, MARY                            OH-30-11-108
BAKER, NATHAN                          OH-30-12-481
BALDWIN, ARDEN W.                      OH-30-11-110
BALSEL, PETER                          OH-30-2-438
BAMBERGER, SIMON                       OH-30-2-93
BAMPTON, EDWARD                        OH-30-5-120
BANISTER, ISAAC                        OH-30-15-199
BANKS, GEORGE D.                       OH-30-1-496
BANNING, ASA                           OH-30-6-90
BARGETT, JOHN                          OH-30-1-159
BARKER, WILLIAM B.                     OH-30-6-380
BARMAN, LAWRENCE                       OH-30-12-403
BARNARD, MATTHEW                       OH-30-10-253
BARNARD, RACHEL                        OH-30-2-338
BARNARD, RUTH                          OH-30-4-193
BARNARD, ZACHEUS                       OH-30-4-163
BARNHARD, ANDREW                       OH-30-13-69
BARNWELL, JOHN                         OH-30-6-377
BARNWELL, WILLIAM                      OH-30-5-163
BARR, WILLIAM                          OH-30-10-402
BARRETT, ELIZABETH                     OH-30-4-217
BARRETT, SAMUEL                        OH-30-9-172
BARTH, JOHN                            OH-30-11-63
BARTLET, LATHAM S.                     OH-30-14-173
BASCOE, THOMAS F.                      OH-30-13-504
BASSETT, BENJAMIN                      OH-30-11-301
BASSETT, ELISHA                        OH-30-7-366
BAST, JOHN                             OH-30-7-284
BATES, CLARK                           OH-30-14-388
BATES, ISAAC                           OH-30-4-154
BATES, JOHN                            OH-30-10-463
BATES, JONATHAN                        OH-30-9-346
BATTKER, ANNA M.                       OH-30-11-141
BAUER, ULRICH                          OH-30-13-296
BAXTER, JAMES                          OH-30-9-457
BAXTER, WILLIAM                        OH-30-1-434
BAYER,HENRY                            OH-30-14-49
BEACH, SOLOMON                         OH-30-10-192
BEALE, JOHN                            OH-30-7-37
BEARNS, RACHAEL                        OH-30-3-7
BECHT, JOHN C.                         OH-30-15-41
BECHTEL, JOSEPH                        OH-30-8-46
BECK, MARY                             OH-30-11-281
BECK, PAUL JUNIOR                      OH-30-4-283
BECKEL, BERNARD                        OH-30-12-100
BECKMAN, JOHN T.                       OH-30-15-17
BECKMANN, JOSEPH                       OH-30-13-46
BEELER, DAVID                          OH-30-7-183
BEELER, HENRY                          OH-30-8-271
BEGAL, CHRISTIAN                       OH-30-10-367
BEGGS, JOHN                            OH-30-7-180
BEHRLE, REIMUND                        OH-30-5-97
BELL, JOSEPH                           OH-30-6-61
BELL, REBECCA                          OH-30-6-124
BELLOWS, JOHN                          OH-30-8-175
BELLOWS, WILLIAM                       OH-30-13-417
BELREAL, JAMES                         OH-30-8-129
BELVILLE, JOHN L.                      OH-30-13-335
BEMINGER, MARTIN                       OH-30-6-381
BENCKENSTEIN, JOHN C.                  OH-30-12-292
BENNET, JOHN                           OH-30-4-162
BENNET, WILLIAM                        OH-30-1-179
BENNETT, CHARLES E.                    OH-30-14-53
BENNINGER, ENGELBERT                   OH-30-5-129
BENSON, JANE                           OH-30-5-264
BERESFORD, RICHARD                     OH-30-7-341
BERINGER, FREDERICK                    OH-30-14-65
BERINKAEMPER, JURGEN H.                OH-30-14-303
BERKEMER, JOHN                         OH-30-14-175
BERNING, HERMAN                        OH-30-16-48
BERRER, EDWARD                         OH-30-14-414
BERRY, JAMES                           OH-30-1-57
BERRY, JAMES SR.                       OH-30-5-118
BERRY, LUCIEN W.                       OH-30-9-175
BERRY, POLLY                           OH-30-7-178
BETTLE, JOSIAH                         OH-30-3-422
BETTS, ALVIN                           OH-30-16-137
BETTS, GEORGE V.                       OH-30-11-143
BETTS, OLIVER C.                       OH-30-3-406
BETTS, WILLIAM                         OH-30-4-223
BEUMER, JOSEPH                         OH-30-14-411
BEVIS, JESSE                           OH-30-13-286
BICKLE, CHRISTIAN                      OH-30-10-367
BIEMANN, REINHARD                      OH-30-12-107
BIERLE, GEORGE                         OH-30-13-351
BIGELOW, MARIA                         OH-30-16-468
BIGGS, THOMAS J.                       OH-30-13-362
BIGHAM, WILLIAM                        OH-30-11-229
BIRDSALL, JAMES                        OH-30-9-423
BIRKLY, AUGUST                         OH-30-12-349
BISHOP, DEBORAH                        OH-30-3-14
BISHOP, MARY                           OH-30-8-44
BISHOP, TRUMAN                         OH-30-5-258
BITTINGER, JACOB                       OH-30-12-361
BLACHLEY, JOSEPH W.                    OH-30-3-299
BLACHLEY,M ARY C.                      OH-30-16-21
BLACK, ANNA                            OH-30-4-101
BLACK, ANNA                            OH-30-4-101
BLACK, JOHN                            OH-30-1-438
BLACK, PETER                           OH-30-6-375
BLACK, RACHEL                          OH-30-1-85
BLACK, SAMUEL                          OH-30-12-143
BLACKBURN, EDWARD                      OH-30-6-249
BLACKBURN, ROBERT                      OH-30-10-245
BLACKFORD, DAVID                       OH-30-12-35
BLADES, BENJAMIN                       OH-30-9-421
BLAIR, ALEXANDER                       OH-30-2-334
BLAIR, WILLIAM                         OH-30-4-249
BLAKESLEE, EDWARD                      OH-30-16-271
BLANCHARD, HESTER                      OH-30-6-106
BLANGY, JOHN P.                        OH-30-10-45
BLANGY, WILLIAM F.                     OH-30-16-60
BLASHFORD, MARY                        OH-30-16-77
BLENKER, H. WILLIAM                    OH-30-12-531
BLOCHLEY, OLIVER B.                    OH-30-2-409
BLOOM, SOLOMON                         OH-30-13-278
BLOOMFIELD, JOSPEH                     OH-30-10-304
BLUM, GEORGE                           OH-30-15-350
BOARDMAN, WILLIAM Z.                   OH-30-1-215
BOCKLAGE, G. H.                        OH-30-16-470
BODINE, FRANCIS                        OH-30-11-57
BODLEY, J. T.                          OH-30-16-14
BOEBINGER, MICHAEL                     OH-30-12-429
BOECKLY, ANDREW                        OH-30-7-7
BOERES, JOHN                           OH-30-12-247
BOGART, HELMUS                         OH-30-2-307
BOGIE, JANET                           OH-30-9-409
BOGIE, WILLIAM                         OH-30-3-18
BOHLE, JOHN GERHARD                    OH-30-14-507
BOHMER, GEORGE HENRY                   OH-30-8-75
BOLLINGER, PETER                       OH-30-13-187
BOND, LYDIA                            OH-30-6-378
BOND, WILLIAM KEY                      OH-30-14-113
BONHAM, JOHN                           OH-30-6-449
BONNEL, AARON                          OH-30-4-117
BONNEL, BENJAMIN C.                    OH-30-5-131
BONNELL, SAMUEL                        OH-30-4-236
BONTE, PETER J.                        OH-30-6-359
BOOTH, JOHN P.                         OH-30-6-87
BOOTS, PHILP S.                        OH-30-9-154
BORAM, AARON                           OH-30-15-412
BORCHERS, CHARLES H.                   OH-30-6-251
BORN, HENRY                            OH-30-2-1
BOTKIN, RICHARD                        OH-30-14-406
BOTSFORD, RUSSELL                      OH-30-4-168
BOUCHE, CHARLES PAUL                   OH-30-14-394
BOUCHE, PAULINE                        OH-30-2-117
BOUDINOT, ELIAS (DR)                   OH-30-10-414
BOWEN, BENJAMIN                        OH-30-1-388
BOWEN, FRANCIS S.                      OH-30-1-309
BOWEN, GEORGE G.                       OH-30-7-243
BOWEN, SAMUEL                          OH-30-10-364
BOWER, JAMES                           OH-30-11-300
BOWER, JAMES                           OH-30-2-436
BOWERS, HENRY                          OH-30-6-26
BOWIE, ALLEN                           OH-30-11-106
BOWLES, JOHN                           OH-30-4-86
BOWLES, JOHN                           OH-30-4-86
BOWMAN, RICHARD                        OH-30-5-262
BOWN, BENJAMIN E.                      OH-30-13-402
BOYD, HIRAM                            OH-30-15-245
BOYD, JOHN                             OH-30-3-15
BOYD, JOSEPH B.                        OH-30-8-53
BOYER, GUSTAVUS A.                     OH-30-11-61
BOYLE, STEPHEN S.                      OH-30-9-43
BRACKEN, ICHAEL                        OH-30-3-11
BRACKEN, MICHAEL                       OH-30-11-68
BRACKETT, OLIVER                       OH-30-16-176
BRADFORD, JAMES                        OH-30-4-242
BRADFORD, WATT C.                      OH-30-16-170
BRADSTREET, MINERVA D.                 OH-30-16-227
BRADY, BRIDGET                         OH-30-10-156
BRADY, CORNELIUS                       OH-30-5-43
BRADY, MICHAEL                         OH-30-16-187
BRAGDON, GEORGE H.                     OH-30-6-374
BRAKENMANN, HEINRICH                   OH-30-15-139
BRAMBLE, ELON                          OH-30-1-490
BRAMKAMP, WILLIAM                      OH-30-1-216
BRAND, DAVID                           OH-30-3-13
BRAND, WILLIAM                         OH-30-4-181
BRANNON, ANDREW                        OH-30-4-213
BRAUN, JOHN                            OH-30-15-158
BRAY, PETER                            OH-30-2-393
BREADEN, JEREMIAH                      OH-30-2-422
BREDHOFF, JOHN H.                      OH-30-16-111
BREEN, MARGARETH                       OH-30-12-210
BREESE, EVAN                           OH-30-9-491
BREITENBACH, LEWIS                     OH-30-2-96
BREWER, SARAH                          OH-30-2-35
BRIANT, CORNELIUS                      OH-30-4-228
BRICHLER, MARGARETHA                   OH-30-12-122
BRICKEL, ROBERT S.                     OH-30-11-65
BRIDGES, ELISHE                        OH-30-12-553
BRIGGS, ABRAHAM                        OH-30-14-218
BRINER, MARY                           OH-30-9-52
BRINGELMANN, JOHN B.                   OH-30-13-79
BRINKMANN, JOHN C.                     OH-30-12-110
BRINKMANN, JOHN C.                     OH-30-6-215
BRINKMANN, JOHN H.                     OH-30-1-331
BRINKMEIER, WILLIAM                    OH-30-14-12
BRINTON, SAMUEL                        OH-30-7-368
BRISBANE, MARY A.                      OH-30-2-199
BRIZZOLARA, CARLO                      OH-30-16-297
BRIZZOLARI, CHARLES                    OH-30-1-14
BROADWELL, JACOB                       OH-30-4-94
BROADWELL, JACOB JR.                   OH-30-4-114
BROADWELL, JANE                        OH-30-8-182
BROADWELL, LEWIS                       OH-30-1-218
BROCKELL, JOSEPH                       OH-30-16-445
BROCKHAUS, BERNARD WILLIAM             OH-30-16-431
BROCKHOFF, HENRY                       OH-30-16-343
BROCKMAN, JOSEPH                       OH-30-9-280
BRODERICK, MARTHA A.                   OH-30-9-39
BROKAW, ISAAC                          OH-30-5-260
BROKER, ANTHONY JOSEPH                 OH-30-2-214
BROMLEY, WILLIAM                       OH-30-15-108
BROOKE, JOHN B.                        OH-30-9-420
BROSSMER, FRANZ                        OH-30-15-51
BROUGH, CHARLES H.                     OH-30-8-123
BROWN, CHARLES L.                      OH-30-10-251
BROWN, EPHRAIM                         OH-30-4-130
BROWN, HENRY B.                        OH-30-6-102
BROWN, ISABEL                          OH-30-10-194
BROWN, ISRAEL                          OH-30-10-158
BROWN, JOHN                            OH-30-4-104
BROWN, JOHN                            OH-30-16-278
BROWN, JOHN                            OH-30-4-38
BROWN, MARTHA                          OH-30-16-217
BROWN, MAURICE J.                      OH-30-1-43
BROWN, RACHEL                          OH-30-7-168
BROWN, SARAH                           OH-30-12-582
BROWN, VINCENT                         OH-30-4-99
BROWN, WILLIAM                         OH-30-1-105
BROXTERMANN, HENRY                     OH-30-1-379
BRUCKERT, PETER                        OH-30-1-142
BRUECKNER, JOHANN CASPER               OH-30-13-359
BRUEGGEMANN, JOHN H.                   OH-30-14-72
BRUGGEMANN, JOHN                       OH-30-13-393
BRUNE, JOSEPH                          OH-30-16-264
BRUNER, JOSEPH                         OH-30-2-347
BRUNER, PHILIP                         OH-30-14-324
BRUNS, FREDERICK                       OH-30-9-164
BRUNSWICK, WILHELM                     OH-30-1-55
BUCK, JOHN                             OH-30-6-441
BUCKINGHAM, MARIAH                     OH-30-7-240
BUCKNELL, WILLIAM                      OH-30-9-271
BUEHLER, FREDERICK                     OH-30-7-282
BUELL, EPHRAIM                         OH-30-9-462
BUELL, EPHRAIM                         OH-30-10-249
BUGHER, AARON                          OH-30-2-301
BUGHER, MARTHA                         OH-30-16-438
BUHL, JOHN A.                          OH-30-14-45
BUHNER, MAURITZ                        OH-30-7-69
BULLENHAR, B. HERMAN                   OH-30-1-290
BULLOCK, SARAH                         OH-30-14-141
BULTMANN, JOHN HENRY                   OH-30-10-247
BUNCE, GRIFFIN M.                      OH-30-12-196
BUNNANN, THEODORE                      OH-30-6-253
BUNSCHUH, GEORGE VALENTINE             OH-30-14-231
BURCH, CHARLES                         OH-30-4-216
BURD, THOMAS                           OH-30-6-237
BURDGE, JONATHAN                       OH-30-4-183
BURDSALL, AARON                        OH-30-2-
BURDSALL, MOSES                        OH-30-2-135
BURK, ALEXIS                           OH-30-7-1
BURK, ULICK                            OH-30-1-87
BURKE, ANASTASIA                       OH-30-13-302
BURKHAME, GEORGE                       OH-30-16-110
BURKHARDT, ELIZABETH                   OH-30-12-1
BURLAND, JOHN H.                       OH-30-11-59
BURLAND, WILLIAM H.                    OH-30-8-126
BURNES, GEORGE W.                      OH-30-16-465
BURNET, ISAAC G.                       OH-30-15-342
BURNETT, CHARLES                       OH-30-6-120
BURNETT, D. S.                         OH-30-16-240
BURNS, ARCHIBALD                       OH-30-2-346
BURNS, FRANCIS                         OH-30-3-106
BURNS, WILLIAM G.                      OH-30-7-245
BURNSIDE, DANIEL                       OH-30-2-397
BURR, SAMUEL                           OH-30-10-365
BURRELL, JOHN                          OH-30-4-112
BURRIDGE, CHARLES                      OH-30-9-187
BURROUGHS, ELIZA                       OH-30-2-66
BURTON, ISAAC                          OH-30-10-242
BUSATT, TIMOTHY                        OH-30-1-329
BUSE, JOHN HENRY                       OH-30-2-313
BUSKER, J. ARND                        OH-30-14-47
BUTER, GERTRUDE                        OH-30-14-214
BUTER, JOHN BERNARD                    OH-30-1-197
BUTLER, ANN                            OH-30-1-377
BUTLER, ELIZABETH                      OH-30-2-341
BUTLER, FANNY                          OH-30-5-266
BUTLER, STEPHEN                        OH-30-2-143
BUTLER, WILLIAM                        OH-30-6-376
BUTTERFIELD, JEREMIAH SR.              OH-30-14-420
BUTTERMILLER, JOHN                     OH-30-7-394
BUTTS, HENRY                           OH-30-13-58
BUXTON, JOSEPH M.                      OH-30-13-506
BUXTON, MOSES                          OH-30-7-188
BUXTON, PRUDENCE E.                    OH-30-1-253
BYL, HUIGJE                            OH-30-5-314
BYL, WILLIAM                           OH-30-15-335
BYRNE, PETER                           OH-30-16-184
CADY, DAVID K.                         OH-30-13-327
CALAHAN, FRANCIS                       OH-30-13-332
CALDWELL, AGNES C.                     OH-30-12-147
CALDWELL, ELIZABETH                    OH-30-15-338
CALDWELL, JAMES                        OH-30-16-573
CALDWELL, JAMES H.                     OH-30-12-151
CALDWELL, JAMES H.                     OH-30-4-252
CALDWELL, JAMES S.                     OH-30-2-460
CALDWELL, JOHN                         OH-30-9-264
CALE, J. GEORGE                        OH-30-1-94
CALVERT, GEORGE H.                     OH-30-13-421
CAMERON, DANIEL SR.                    OH-30-11-238
CAMERON, DUNCAN                        OH-30-15-110
CAMERON, JOHN                          OH-30-3-9
CAMPBELL, HARRIET E.                   OH-30-12-464
CAMPBELL, JANE                         OH-30-4-165
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                       OH-30-8-277
CAMPBELL,CORNELIUS                     OH-30-5-296
CAMPTON, ROBERT                        OH-30-5-293
CAPLINGER, ELIZABETH                   OH-30-7-93
CAPRENTER, JOHN                        OH-30-8-282
CARBLEY, STEPHEN                       OH-30-2-455
CAREY, JAMES                           OH-30-13-197
CARL, FREDERICK                        OH-30-1-71
CARLISLE, MARY A.                      OH-30-1-44
CARLL, EPHRIAM                         OH-30-2-223
CARNAHAN, ROBERT                       OH-30-14-524
CARNAY, LOUIS                          OH-30-9-341
CARNEA, THOMAS D.                      OH-30-14-225
CARNES, FRANCIS                        OH-30-3-339
CARNEY, HUGH                           OH-30-10-267
CARPENTER, ABRAHAM F.                  OH-30-14-7
CARPENTER, CALVIN                      OH-30-8-149
CARPENTER, IRA                         OH-30-9-419
CARR, FRANCIS                          OH-30-7-315
CARR, JOHN                             OH-30-2-231
CARRIGAN, ANN LUCY                     OH-30-13-553
CARRIGAN, SARAH                        OH-30-13-547
CARROLL, ELIZA                         OH-30-14-97
CARSON, ACHSAH                         OH-30-6-370
CARSON, HENRY                          OH-30-6-490
CARSON, ROBERT                         OH-30-6-446
CARVER, WILLIAM B.                     OH-30-10-263
CARY, CHRISTOPHER                      OH-30-4-110
CARY, MARIA L.                         OH-30-14-576
CARY, SARAH E.                         OH-30-2-169
CARY, WILLIAM                          OH-30-14-186
CASE, HENRY                            OH-30-8-280
CASE, HENRY HERMAN                     OH-30-2-175
CASE, JACOB                            OH-30-16-333
CASE, JOHN                             OH-30-5-14
CASEY, EMILY                           OH-30-9-82
CASEY, WILLIAM                         OH-30-2-188
CASSADY, SUSANNA                       OH-30-15-311
CASTEL, PETER                          OH-30-1-328
CATTLE, JOHN                           OH-30-2-456
CAUELFELD, JAMES                       OH-30-2-167
CAVANAUGH, JAMES O.                    OH-30-10-265
CAVEMANN, MARIA E.                     OH-30-13-251
CELLA, JOSEPH                          OH-30-9-506
CHADWICK, CYRUS                        OH-30-15-84
CHAMBERLAIN, MILTON B.                 OH-30-13-262
CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM                   OH-30-2-461
CHAMBERLIN, JAMES L.                   OH-30-16-166
CHAMBERLIN, RICHARD                    OH-30-2-458
CHAMBERLIN, TYLEE                      OH-30-5-159
CHAMBERLIN, WILLIAM                    OH-30-11-336
CHAMBERS, MARY                         OH-30-10-360
CHAPMAN, JOHN                          OH-30-6-492
CHECKLEY, SARAH                        OH-30-11-391
CHENEAY, JOHN                          OH-30-14-401
CHENOWETH, ROSS                        OH-30-13-551
CHIESA, LEWIS CAMILLA                  OH-30-5-166
CHITTICK, ARCHIBALD                    OH-30-6-142
CHOATE, ANN                            OH-30-10-39
CHRISTOPHER, WILLIAM                   OH-30-2-164
CHURCHILL, WILLIAM M.                  OH-30-2-116
CILLEY, BENJAMIN                       OH-30-14-505
CILLY, BENJAMIN                        OH-30-9-340
CIRODE, JANE MARIA                     OH-30-9-202
CIST, FRANCIS                          OH-30-12-216
CLARK, FRANCES                         OH-30-16-569
CLARK, ICHABOD                         OH-30-6-325
CLARK, JAMES                           OH-30-13-466
CLARK, JAMES                           OH-30-9-269
CLARK, JOHN                            OH-30-11-192
CLARK, JOHN                            OH-30-10-129
CLARK, JOHN B.                         OH-30-14-94
CLARK, JONATHAN                        OH-30-3-35
CLARK, JOSEPH                          OH-30-10-35
CLARK, LATHAM                          OH-30-13-570
CLARK, MICHAEL                         OH-30-5-87
CLARK, SHELLY                          OH-30-1-304
CLARK, SIDNEY S.                       OH-30-13-11
CLARK, SUSAN                           OH-30-16-434
CLARK, VIRGINIA B.                     OH-30-15-197
CLARK, WILLIAM                         OH-30-10-362
CLARKSON, CHRISTIANNA                  OH-30-14-403
CLARKSON, WILLIAM                      OH-30-5-82
CLEARWATER, HIRAM                      OH-30-13-377
CLERMONT, JOHN                         OH-30-13-395
CLETT, JOHN G.                         OH-30-7-90
CLOPPER, J. C.                         OH-30-2-68
CLOPPER, REBECCA C.                    OH-30-5-137
CLOSTERMANN, C. A.                     OH-30-16-136
COBB, SAMUEL                           OH-30-14-90
COBOURNE, JOSEPH A.                    OH-30-9-333
COCHRAN, JOHN                          OH-30-8-201
COCHRAN, NATHANIEL                     OH-30-4-24
COCHRAN, RICHARD                       OH-30-2-420
COE, ERASTUS P.                        OH-30-13-5
COFFIN, ELIZA M.                       OH-30-12-253
COFFIN, HENRY B.                       OH-30-4-77
COGSWELL, LYDIA                        OH-30-4-1
COGY, JAMES                            OH-30-6-368
COLBY, DANIEL                          OH-30-16-238
COLE, NELSON L.                        OH-30-1-397
COLEMAN, JOHN                          OH-30-16-57
COLEMAN, JOHN W. SR.                   OH-30-15-28
COLEY, ANFORD                          OH-30-13-467
COLLINS, E. F.                         OH-30-9-50
COLLINS, JOHN                          OH-30-11-187
COLLINS, LUTHER                        OH-30-2-229
COLLINS, PATRICK                       OH-30-12-233
COMISH, WILLIAM                        OH-30-6-382
COMSTOCK, EMELINE B.                   OH-30-12-20
COMSTOCK, WILLIAM H.                   OH-30-9-49
CONCLIN, PHEBE F.                      OH-30-12-401
CONCLIN, WILLIAM                       OH-30-1-208
CONE, CHARLES                          OH-30-2-226
CONES, ANN                             OH-30-13-201
CONES, MARY                            OH-30-15-156
CONGER, DANIEL                         OH-30-14-481
CONGER, NANCY                          OH-30-5-172
CONKLIN, ISAAC                         OH-30-4-187
CONKLIN, JOSEPH                        OH-30-4-151
CONKLING, DAVID                        OH-30-2-378
CONKLING, JOSEPH                       OH-30-8-275
CONNELL, JAMES                         OH-30-7-112
CONNELL, WILLIAM                       OH-30-14-188
CONNER, JOHN                           OH-30-1-508
CONNER, PATRICK                        OH-30-14-522
CONOLY, JAMES                          OH-30-14-367
CONOVER, JAMES F.                      OH-30-11-152
CONRAD, JOHN W.                        OH-30-15-142
CONROY, BRIDGET                        OH-30-13-192
CONROY, MASON A.                       OH-30-1-3
COOK, GEORGE                           OH-30-6-369
COOK, WILLIAM                          OH-30-1-333
COOLEY, EBENEZER                       OH-30-6-482
COOLEY, JABEZ                          OH-30-9-486
COOMBS, JAMES G.                       OH-30-7-103
COOMBS, JOHN                           OH-30-6-442
COPE, JASON                            OH-30-5-139
CORBLY, PAUL                           OH-30-9-445
CORDES, HEINRICH C.                    OH-30-1-245
COREY, MARY A.                         OH-30-6-326
CORIELL, AMOS                          OH-30-6-161
CORNELL, JOHN P.                       OH-30-8-128
CORNELL, SAMUEL                        OH-30-14-338
CORNING, SALLIE H.                     OH-30-15-5
CORNING, SALLIE H.                     OH-30-15-5
CORR, ANNA                             OH-30-13-370
CORRY, CLARISSA A.                     OH-30-7-238
CORWINE, DANIEL                        OH-30-8-152
COSBY, SAMUEL                          OH-30-13-325
COSTELLO, MICHAEL                      OH-30-16-94
COTTLE, WILLIAM                        OH-30-16-256
COTTMAN, THOMAS                        OH-30-12-14
COWDREY, ELIZA                         OH-30-3-285
COX, ANDREW                            OH-30-14-498
COX, GRIFFIN                           OH-30-12-114
COX, HIRAM                             OH-30-15-164
COX, JAMES                             OH-30-5-84
COX, JOHN                              OH-30-8-274
COX, JOSHUA                            OH-30-9-440
CRAIGE, SAMUEL                         OH-30-1-256
CRAIN, OLIVER                          OH-30-2-434
CRANE, ELIHU                           OH-30-1-487
CRANE, HAGAR                           OH-30-4-161
CRANE, LEVI                            OH-30-6-483
CRAREY, JOHN                           OH-30-2-390
CRARY, GEORGE                          OH-30-16-362
CRAWFORD, PENELOPE E. B.               OH-30-10-469
CREASSER, THOMAS                       OH-30-6-316
CREETH, DORTHA                         OH-30-16-8
CRISPE, JOHN                           OH-30-4-141
CROCKER, JAMES H.                      OH-30-11-189
CROLLEY, SARAH                         OH-30-16-416
CRONIMUS, GEORGE                       OH-30-1-137
CRONIN, TIMOTHY                        OH-30-15-115
CROOKSHANK, NATHANIEL                  OH-30-6-310
CROSLEY, JOSIAH                        OH-30-4-160
CROSLEY, ROSS                          OH-30-8-272
CROSSLEY, JOHN                         OH-30-12-3
CRUMLEY, HUGH                          OH-30-12-190
CULBERTSON, JOHN C.                    OH-30-15-70
CULLOM, GEORGE SR.                     OH-30-12-522
CUMMING, JANNET                        OH-30-2-351
CUMMINGS, PATRICK                      OH-30-1-234
CUMMINS, MARY                          OH-30-8-279
CUMMINS, WILLIAM                       OH-30-8-283
CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH                  OH-30-8-208
CUNNINGHAM, JANET                      OH-30-4-116
CURRY, MATTHEW                         OH-30-9-422
CUSTER, JOHN                           OH-30-5-290
CUTTER, ABIGAIL                        OH-30-7-258
CUTTER, BENJAMIN                       OH-30-9-490
CUTTER, HENRY                          OH-30-5-89
DAAB, HENRY                            OH-30-16-513
DAGNEAUX, GRIGORIE                     OH-30-8-216
DALLER, CLEMENS                        OH-30-9-56
DALLMANN, HENRY                        OH-30-13-137
DANFERI, JOHN                          OH-30-4-215
DANHEIMER, THERESIA                    OH-30-16-235
DANIEL, PETER                          OH-30-15-377
DARNSMONT, W. P.                       OH-30-7-106
DARST, JACOB B.                        OH-30-8-42
DART, JOB                              OH-30-1-203
DAUBALD, ELIZABETH                     OH-30-7-111
DAULTON, NAOMI                         OH-30-8-250
DAUNER, ANNA M.                        OH-30-1-62
DAVENPORT, CHARLES                     OH-30-15-234
DAVENPORT, MARY                        OH-30-1-147
DAVIDS, PHINEAS                        OH-30-5-174
DAVIS, ABIGAIL B.                      OH-30-15-152
DAVIS, CHARLES                         OH-30-5-6
DAVIS, DAVID                           OH-30-2-327
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                       OH-30-13-7
DAVIS, ISAAC N.                        OH-30-7-147
DAVIS, ISABELLA                        OH-30-6-295
DAVIS, JOHN A.                         OH-30-13-135
DAVIS, JOSEPH                          OH-30-1-509
DAVIS, JOSHUA                          OH-30-3-22
DAVIS, SAMUEL                          OH-30-12-112
DAVIS, THOMAS                          OH-30-3-29
DAVIS, ZADOCK A.                       OH-30-5-161
DAY, JEHIEL                            OH-30-4-155
DAY, JOHN                              OH-30-6-203
DAY, PHEBE                             OH-30-3-192
DAY, TIMOTHY                           OH-30-6-343
DAY, TIMOTHY C.                        OH-30-16-178
DAYTON, ARON                           OH-30-2-451
DAYTON, ELECTA                         OH-30-12-138
DEAN, BISHOP C.                        OH-30-4-107
DEBOLT, MICHAEL                        OH-30-1-512
DEBUS, LOUIS                           OH-30-9-53
DECAMP, JAMES                          OH-30-6-92
DECKER, CHARLES                        OH-30-1-150
DECKER, HENRY                          OH-30-1-366
DEDISIMER, GEORGE                      OH-30-15-229
DEGOLYER, ANTHONY                      OH-30-5-178
DEHLS, MARTIN                          OH-30-13-76
DEINLEIN, BANKRATZ                     OH-30-1-64
DELAMATTER, CHANDLER P.                OH-30-14-346
DELAND, CHARLES W.                     OH-30-16-103
DELANEY, JOHN                          OH-30-12-255
DEMMER, FRANZ CARL                     OH-30-1-52
DENMAN, NATHANIEL                      OH-30-4-96
DENNISON, EDWARD S.                    OH-30-6-324
DENNISTON, ALEXNDER                    OH-30-7-79
DENNISTON, ANN                         OH-30-2-160
DENT, AGNES                            OH-30-9-58
DENT, JOHN F.                          OH-30-8-37
DEPENBROK, BERNARD                     OH-30-12-396
DEPEYSTER, PIERRE C.                   OH-30-5-3
DEREMA, JOHN                           OH-30-6-37
DESERISY, EDWARD SR.                   OH-30-13-540
DEVINE, JAMES                          OH-30-4-250
DEVON, LOUISE J.                       OH-30-13-130
DEVON, SAMUEL                          OH-30-10-143
DEWEIN, JACOB                          OH-30-14-222
DEWITT, G. V. H.                       OH-30-12-537
DEWITT, MARY ANN                       OH-30-9-446
DEXTER, ADOLPHUS                       OH-30-11-380
DEY, JAMES W.                          OH-30-12-533
DICKINSON, CHARLES G.                  OH-30-6-345
DICKINSON, SAMUEL S.                   OH-30-8-206
DIECKMAN, AUGUST                       OH-30-9-35
DIEDERICK, HENRY                       OH-30-1-367
DIEHL, JACOB                           OH-30-16-508
DIEKMAN, GERHARD                       OH-30-12-159
DIGNAN, LUKE                           OH-30-6-317
DINGER, JOSEPH                         OH-30-12-558
DINNIS, MARIA                          OH-30-16-215
DISCHINGER, JACOB                      OH-30-15-337
DOBERRER, MICHAEL                      OH-30-7-71
DODD, EDWIN D.                         OH-30-1-66
DODSON, JOHN                           OH-30-4-191
DODSWORTH, BENJAMIN                    OH-30-14-563
DOEPPEN, THEODORE                      OH-30-3-441
DOHERTY, PATRICK                       OH-30-13-492
DOHRMAN, DOROTHEA                      OH-30-13-79
DOLL, JOHN G.                          OH-30-14-152
DONALDSON, CHRISTIAN                   OH-30-3-528
DONNERSBERGER, ANTON                   OH-30-16-418
DOPPLER, ADAM                          OH-30-13-215
DORNBERGER, FREDERICK                  OH-30-13-217
DOUGHERTY, FRANCIS                     OH-30-3-19
DOUGHERTY, SAMUEL                      OH-30-16-515
DOUGHTY, JOHN D.                       OH-30-14-357
DOUTHWAITE, WILLIAM                    OH-30-2-336
DOVER, JAMES                           OH-30-1-510
DRAKE, BENJAMIN                        OH-30-5-176
DRAKE, DANIEL                          OH-30-9-272
DRAKE, JOHN T.                         OH-30-3-30
DRAKE, LEWIS A.                        OH-30-13-66
DRAKE, WILSON T.                       OH-30-12-369
DRAYTON, MARY                          OH-30-3-184
DRESSBACH, CATHARINE                   OH-30-14-543
DRINKER, FRANCIS                       OH-30-13-557
DRUCK, FRANCIS                         OH-30-9-87
DRUDE, HENRY                           OH-30-1-364
DUESING, FREDERICK W.                  OH-30-13-360
DUFNER, VINCENT                        OH-30-16-449
DUGAN, JAMES                           OH-30-2-133
DUGAN, PATRICK                         OH-30-14-51
DULHAGEN, GARRET                       OH-30-5-324
DULHAGEN,OCTAVIA                       OH-30-9-60
DULWEBER, ELISABETH                    OH-30-9-336
DUNCAN, HANNAHM.                       OH-30-14-136
DUNCAN, JAMES M.                       OH-30-12-174
DUNLAP, ROBERT                         OH-30-4-178
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                        OH-30-16-202
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                        OH-30-7-326
DUNN, DENTON                           OH-30-7-253
DUNN, ELIZABETH                        OH-30-6-351
DUNN, ROXANNA H.                       OH-30-15-418
DUNSEATH, PATTY                        OH-30-7-346
DUPLER, LEWIS                          OH-30-2-329
DURHAM, DANIEL                         OH-30-9-348
DURHAM, JOSHUA                         OH-30-5-259
DURY, HENRY                            OH-30-3-21
DUSKY, ELI                             OH-30-7-339
DUVAL, GEORGE W.                       OH-30-1-250
DUVAL, JAMES S.                        OH-30-7-133
DYER, JOHN B.                          OH-30-14-32
EABELL, NICHOLAS                       OH-30-1-363
EADS, HENRY                            OH-30-10-456
EADS, JAMES                            OH-30-5-294
EAGLE, DOMINICK                        OH-30-3-335
EARNSHAW, THOMAS                       OH-30-14-565
EASTON, COLLIN                         OH-30-11-251
EBERSOLE, CHRISTIAN                    OH-30-4-90
ECKHARDT, HENRY                        OH-30-12-166
EDGWORTH, ROBERT                       OH-30-2-464
EDMESON, JAMES E.                      OH-30-2-48
EDMESTON, WILLIAM P.                   OH-30-16-436
EDWARDS, ISAAC                         OH-30-8-245
EDWARDS, JOHN                          OH-30-4-149
EDWARDS, JOSEPH                        OH-30-9-134
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                       OH-30-14-432
EELLS, SAMUEL                          OH-30-4-54
EHINGER, ERHARD                        OH-30-12-178
EICHELBERGER, JOSEPH                   OH-30-6-322
EICHELMAN, JOHN B.                     OH-30-14-440
EICHER, JOHN                           OH-30-10-226
EICHLER, HEINRICH                      OH-30-10-51
EISSLER, FRANCES                       OH-30-12-541
EKARDT, GOTTLIEB                       OH-30-16-245
ELDER, JOHN                            OH-30-1-488
ELDER, MARY                            OH-30-1-439
ELFERING, BERNARD H.                   OH-30-16-182
ELFERS, JOSEPH                         OH-30-15-102
ELLERMANN, FREDERICK W.                OH-30-2-129
ELLIOTT, JABEZ                         OH-30-16-563
ELLIOTT, JAMES                         OH-30-8-286
ELLIOTT, SARAH T.                      OH-30-12-353
ELLIS, CATHERINE                       OH-30-14-560
ELLIS, JOHN                            OH-30-16-307
ELLIS, THOMAS                          OH-30-9-454
ELLISON, JANE G.                       OH-30-13-366
ELMER, MARY P.                         OH-30-13-27
ELVIDGE, JONATHAN                      OH-30-11-252
EMERY, MARY                            OH-30-3-8
EMERY, THOMAS                          OH-30-9-179
EMPSON, JOHN H.                        OH-30-16-506
EMPSON, THOMAS                         OH-30-9-428
ENGBERSON, MARY                        OH-30-12-536
ENGEL, HENRY                           OH-30-13-485
ENGEL, HERMAN                          OH-30-13-1
ENGEL, WILLIAM                         OH-30-12-446
ENGEMAN, JOHN GOTTFRIED                OH-30-3-524
ENGERSON, HEINRICH                     OH-30-12-192
ENGLER, ANTON                          OH-30-7-266
ENNCKING, HERMAN HENRY                 OH-30-1-244
ENNESS, JOHN B.                        OH-30-1-539
ENTLE, WILLIAM T.                      OH-30-11-78
ENYART, SAMUEL                         OH-30-4-140
ENYART, SAMUEL T.                      OH-30-2-64
ENZINGER, MARY                         OH-30-16-64
EPLEY, WILLIAM                         OH-30-4-144
EPLEY, WILLIAM                         OH-30-4-144
EPPEL, FRANK J.                        OH-30-15-60
ERNST, ANDREW H.                       OH-30-14-233
ERWIN, HUGH                            OH-30-6-339
ESHELMAN, ISAAC                        OH-30-14-549
ESPY, JAMES P.                         OH-30-15-319
EUSTIS, HENRY                          OH-30-2-119
EVANS, JESSEE                          OH-30-6-320
EVANS, WILLIAM M.                      OH-30-1-82
EVENS, GEORGE W. H.                    OH-30-15-340
EVERETT, AMANDA M.                     OH-30-6-367
EVERSON, MARY                          OH-30-6-366
EVERSULL, JOHN                         OH-30-11-184
EVERSULL, REBECCA                      OH-30-13-495
EWELL, CHARLES                         OH-30-14-541
EWING, DELIA MARY ANN                  OH-30-8-4
EWING, THOMAS                          OH-30-7-351
FABER, GREGORY                         OH-30-6-243
FABER, MARIA                           OH-30-7-81
FACORN, DANIEL F.                      OH-30-1-478
FAEHR, STEPHEN                         OH-30-13-278
FAGALY, GEORGE                         OH-30-10-404
FAHRUBEL, JOSEPH                       OH-30-1-308
FAIRCHILD, WALTER                      OH-30-16-546
FARAN, CHARLES P.                      OH-30-2-319
FARNHAM, C. A.                         OH-30-6-347
FARNHAM, MARGARET                      OH-30-9-325
FARNY, CHARLES                         OH-30-13-365
FARRAR, MARY                           OH-30-13-481
FARRELL, JAMES                         OH-30-9-345
FARRELLY, PATRICK                      OH-30-2-299
FASIG, PHILIP A.                       OH-30-6-246
FAY, LUCIEN                            OH-30-9-23
FEBIGER, CHRISTIAN C.                  OH-30-6-437
FEDDER, HENRY                          OH-30-16-268
FEE, THOMAS                            OH-30-6-492
FEELDHACKE, FREDERICH B.               OH-30-6-195
FEGER, LORENZO                         OH-30-2-296
FEIN, GEORGE                           OH-30-15-347
FELIX, GEORGE M.                       OH-30-12-347
FELLER, CHARLES                        OH-30-3-480
FELLERMANN, JOHN A.                    OH-30-5-298
FELTES, JOHN                           OH-30-12-27
FENTON, JACOB                          OH-30-6-349
FENWICK, EDWARD D.                     OH-30-10-375
FERGUSON, DAVID                        OH-30-12-422
FERGUSON, HUSTON                       OH-30-10-387
FERGUSON, JAMES                        OH-30-9-249
FERGUSON, JAMES B.                     OH-30-16-543
FERGUSON, JAMES T.                     OH-30-14-333
FERGUSON, MATHEW                       OH-30-3-551
FERNKAES, MATTHAIS                     OH-30-6-66
FERNSLER, PAUL                         OH-30-8-237
FERREL, WILLIAM                        OH-30-7-321
FERRIS, ANDREW                         OH-30-2-291
FERRY, ROBERT F.                       OH-30-8-238
FEY, SEBASTIAN                         OH-30-13-195
FIELD, JACOB                           OH-30-4-152
FIELDS, SETH                           OH-30-10-408
FIEN, JOHN                             OH-30-13-280
FIESENBERG, W. JOSEPH                  OH-30-9-162
FILSON, JOHNL.                         OH-30-5-225
FINDLAY, ELIZABETH                     OH-30-2-315
FINDLAY, JANE                          OH-30-14-551
FINDLAY, SARAH S.                      OH-30-3-328
FINDLEY, JAMES                         OH-30-1-442
FINDLEY, WILLIAM                       OH-30-7-114
FINKE, FREDERICK A.                    OH-30-13-245
FINN, ANNA MARIA                       OH-30-12-105
FINNEY, EBENEZER W.                    OH-30-10-384
FINNEY, JAMES P.                       OH-30-8-215
FIRNKOES, LAWRENCE                     OH-30-12-314
FISCHER, MICHAEL                       OH-30-13-316
FISCHER, ROSINA CATHERINE              OH-30-14-419
FISH, CHARLES H.                       OH-30-8-1
FISH, FREDERICK                        OH-30-13-346
FISHER, BROWNLOW                       OH-30-10-405
FISHER, WILLIAM                        OH-30-10-47
FISK, ABIJAH                           OH-30-1-10
FISK, ALVAREZ                          OH-30-16-303
FISK, ALVAREZ                          OH-30-3-180
FISK, STUART W.                        OH-30-16-300
FLEMING, DANIEL M.                     OH-30-2-24
FLEMING, ROBERT                        OH-30-10-400
FLENCHPAUGH, HENRY                     OH-30-14-452
FLERA, JACOB                           OH-30-1-416
FLIN, DAVID                            OH-30-1-513
FLINN, JACOB                           OH-30-6-210
FLINN, STEPHEN                         OH-30-9-499
FLINN, STEPHEN                         OH-30-6-435
FLINN, WILLIAM                         OH-30-6-498
FLINN, WILLIAM                         OH-30-12-341
FLINT, HEZEKIAH                        OH-30-10-389
FLOHN, BARBARA                         OH-30-1-223
FLOHR, FREDERICK                       OH-30-9-329
FOGEL, JOSEPH                          OH-30-1-395
FOLEY, ISAAC                           OH-30-9-431
FOLGER, ELIZABETH                      OH-30-7-334
FOLGER, HEPSIBETH                      OH-30-7-324
FOLGER, SYLVANUS                       OH-30-10-396
FOLGER, THOMAS B.                      OH-30-6-174
FOOTE, DANIEL                          OH-30-10-395
FOOTE, HENRY E.                        OH-30-13-122
FOOTE, SAMUEL E.                       OH-30-3-207
FORCE, MUNSON                          OH-30-14-322
FORD, JAMES                            OH-30-1-125
FORD, LUCIAN C.                        OH-30-13-71
FORD, SQUIRE                           OH-30-1-4335
FORE, L. B.                            OH-30-13-587
FORTE, ELIJAH                          OH-30-6-348
FORTMAN, HENRY A.                      OH-30-14-76
FORTMANN, FRANCIS                      OH-30-15-58
FORTMANN, HERBERT                      OH-30-14-307
FOSDICK, RICHARD                       OH-30-1-436
FOSGRONE, WILLIAM                      OH-30-12-576
FOSSWINKLE, JOHN                       OH-30-13-338
FOSTER, ABSOLEM                        OH-30-2-294
FOSTER, JAMES                          OH-30-4-9
FOSTER, JAMES                          OH-30-1-221
FOTREL, JACOB                          OH-30-14-88
FOWLER, B.                             OH-30-2-13
FOWLER, SAMUEL                         OH-30-9-195
FOX, GEORGE                            OH-30-1-393
FOY, JOHN                              OH-30-7-231
FRANCIS, DAVID                         OH-30-6-314
FRANK, JACOB BENEDCIT                  OH-30-1-73
FRANK, MARY                            OH-30-3-148
FRANKLAND, ANNA                        OH-30-12-182
FRANKLIN, MILTON                       OH-30-12-496
FRANKS, FREDERICK                      OH-30-1-18
FRASER, THOMAS                         OH-30-1-123
FRATZ, JOHN G.                         OH-30-13-259
FRAZEE, JACOB                          OH-30-10-385
FRAZER, WILLIAM                        OH-30-1-299
FREELAND, JOHN                         OH-30-10-392
FREEMANN, THOMAS                       OH-30-6-176
FREISZ, FRANCIS J.                     OH-30-12-442
FRENCH, IRA D.                         OH-30-2-125
FREY, JOHN                             OH-30-15-78
FRIEDEL, JOHN                          OH-30-9-113
FRIES, AMAND                           OH-30-13-483
FRIES, JACOB                           OH-30-12-218
FRITZ, JACOB                           OH-30-9-257
FROHLICH, DAVID P.                     OH-30-13-228
FROMMEIER, WILLIAM                     OH-30-2-114
FROMMEYER, JOHN F.                     OH-30-13-39
FROST, THOMAS                          OH-30-10-382
FRY, JOHN                              OH-30-5-256
FUCHS, JOHN                            OH-30-16-101
FUCHS, LORENZ                          OH-30-10-229
FULDNER, PHILIP                        OH-30-7-399
FULLER, ESTHER                         OH-30-9-64
FUNKE, HERMAN H.                       OH-30-9-498
FUNKE, HERMAN H.                       OH-30-3-50
FURNSLER, ELIZABETH                    OH-30-10-394
GAERTNER, ADAM                         OH-30-16-352
GAERTNER, PHILIP                       OH-30-14-110
GAHN, CONRAD                           OH-30-13-101
GALE, CATHARINE A.                     OH-30-5-107
GALL, JACOB                            OH-30-10-330
GARABRANT, MARIA                       OH-30-12-23
GARARD, WILLIAM                        OH-30-5-224
GARD, GERSHAM                          OH-30-5-296
GARDNER, R. G.                         OH-30-16-556
GARRETT, CYRUS                         OH-30-15-119
GARRETT, ELIZA A.                      OH-30-12-339
GARRISON, MERAB MARGARET               OH-30-13-584
GARWALS, JOHN VINCENT                  OH-30-11-93
GASTON, HUGH                           OH-30-8-197
GASTON, JOHN R.                        OH-30-6-362
GAUSEPOHL, B.                          OH-30-2-83
GEBHARDT, MAGDALENA                    OH-30-6-296
GEE, CHARLES                           OH-30-10-328
GEERS, H. H.                           OH-30-16-555
GEHBAUER, FREDERICK                    OH-30-12-586
GEHNER, CASPER WILHELM                 OH-30-2-124
GEHRLICK, THOMAS                       OH-30-5-300
GEIGER, JOHN G.                        OH-30-5-105
GEISER, JACOB                          OH-30-15-201
GEISZ, PEER                            OH-30-1-181
GELL, ANTHONY                          OH-30-2-311
GERARD, JONATHAN                       OH-30-4-89
GERDEISEN, JOHN                        OH-30-16-451
GERDSEN, HENRY                         OH-30-2-353
GERGANS, MARY                          OH-30-12-584
GERHOLD, LUDWIG                        OH-30-16-358
GERLEMANN, JOHN HENRY                  OH-30-6-206
GERLING, JOHN                          OH-30-11-84
GERNERS, FRANCIS                       OH-30-8-25
GETZENDANNER, JACOB H.                 OH-30-13-108
GEYER, MARY                            OH-30-10-277
GHOLSON, WILLIAM Y.                    OH-30-12-94
GIBBONS, LAURA A.                      OH-30-7-100
GIBBS, MARY                            OH-30-14-438
GIBSON, JAMES                          OH-30-11-360
GIBSON, JOSEPH W.                      OH-30-5-109
GIESTING, JOHN D.                      OH-30-9-31
GIFFIN, ANDREW                         OH-30-14-5
GILBERT, JOSEPH                        OH-30-11-81
GILBREATH, HUGH                        OH-30-10-374
GILLEN, MICHAEL                        OH-30-15-131
GILMORE, HIRAM S.                      OH-30-9-318
GILMORE, MARY                          OH-30-15-256
GILMORE, PHEBE                         OH-30-6-298
GITTERMANN, ANTHONY                    OH-30-13-309
GLASCOE, JAMES S.                      OH-30-12-60
GLASS, ANDREW                          OH-30-5-100
GLASSCOCK, HEZEKIAH                    OH-30-5-171
GLENIN, THOMAS H.                      OH-30-12-235
GLIDDEN, DANIEL A.                     OH-30-3-233
GLIDDEN, JEFFERSON W.                  OH-30-15-258
GLMORE, GURDEN R.                      OH-30-8-220
GODFREY, ELIJAH                        OH-30-10-325
GODSTONE, JOSEPH                       OH-30-11-294
GOEING, LUDWIG F.                      OH-30-6-247
GOEPPER, MARY M.                       OH-30-10-63
GOETZ, ELIZABETH                       OH-30-16-186
GOETZ, MARGARET                        OH-30-13-57
GOETZE, GEORGE                         OH-30-1-103
GOETZE, MARIA                          OH-30-1-173
GOFORTH, CATHARINE                     OH-30-5-244
GOING, JOHN FREDERICK                  OH-30-15-204
GOLDEN, BARNABUS                       OH-30-9-414
GOLDSCHMIDT, ALOYSIUS                  OH-30-16-550
GOLDSMITH, BURFIT                      OH-30-4-103
GOLDSTONE, AARON D.                    OH-30-16-553
GOLLINGER, FREDERICK                   OH-30-16-79
GOLTZ, JULIUS A.                       OH-30-16-142
GOOCH, HENRY                           OH-30-15-207
GOOCH, HORACE                          OH-30-14-582
GOODALL, WILLIAM                       OH-30-2-85
GOODHEART, JACOB                       OH-30-8-20
GOODWIN, EDWARD                        OH-30-4-142
GORDON, ARCHIBALD                      OH-30-16-558
GORDON, GEORGE                         OH-30-4-108
GORMAN, DANIEL                         OH-30-5-280
GOSHARN, DAVID                         OH-30-2-370
GOSHOM, GEORGE                         OH-30-14-580
GOSHORN, JACOB                         OH-30-9-36
GOSS, MARY                             OH-30-2-127
GOSS, RICHARD                          OH-30-9-427
GOUDY, SAMUEL                          OH-30-11-296
GOUDY, THOMAS                          OH-30-10-309
GOULCHER, REBECCA                      OH-30-16-574
GOULD, JOHN F.                         OH-30-3-212
GOURDIN, LOUIS J.                      OH-30-10-371
GOWANS, JAMES                          OH-30-1-152
GRAEBER, AUGUST                        OH-30-13-344
GRAF, ANTON                            OH-30-6-147
GRAF, ELIZABETH                        OH-30-15-138
GRAF, KATHARINE                        OH-30-8-22
GRAFF, GEORGE                          OH-30-10-117
GRAFF, JOSEPH                          OH-30-12-212
GRAMLECK, CHRISTOPHER                  OH-30-11-292
GRANDIN, PHILIP                        OH-30-14-293
GRANT, JANE E.                         OH-30-2-157
GREASON, JOHN                          OH-30-2-356
GREBEL, MIRIAM                         OH-30-14-115
GREEN, BENJAMIN                        OH-30-14-291
GREEN, CHARLES                         OH-30-2-71
GREEN, ELIZABETH                       OH-30-10-368
GREEN, ELIZABETH                       OH-30-2-359
GREEN, MARMADUKE                       OH-30-9-343
GREEN, SILAS                           OH-30-6-432
GREEN, SOLOMON                         OH-30-5-281
GREEN, WILLIAM H. HARRISON             OH-30-11-96
GREENE, CHARLES                        OH-30-5-284
GREENER, LOUISA                        OH-30-8-18
GREENHAM, RICHARD                      OH-30-14-478
GREENWELL, WILLIAM                     OH-30-2-73
GREER, JAMES                           OH-30-6-479
GREGORY, CHARLES H.                    OH-30-1-270
GREGORY, DUDEY MCA.                    OH-30-1-544
GREGORY, RACHEL G.                     OH-30-16-357
GREGORY, WALTER                        OH-30-13-510
GRESMER, GEORGE                        OH-30-4-93
GRIFFIN, DAVID                         OH-30-1-274
GRIFFIN, WILSON                        OH-30-9-274
GRIFFING, STEPHEN S.                   OH-30-13-487
GRIFFITH, DAVID                        OH-30-3-349
GRIFFITH, LOUISA M.                    OH-30-10-233
GRIFFITH, WILLIS PIERSON               OH-30-6-149
GRIFFITHS, SAMUEL T.                   OH-30-14-427
GRIMM, FREDERICK                       OH-30-15-263
GRIMM, NICHOLAS                        OH-30-13-353
GRISWOLD, STANLEY                      OH-30-10-450
GROBMEIER, JOHN R.                     OH-30-16-549
GROENIGER, LOUIS                       OH-30-8-29
GROESBECK, J. H.                       OH-30-15-287
GROFF, JOHN                            OH-30-6-427
GROGAN, WILLIAM                        OH-30-16-242
GRONE, JOHANN GERHARD                  OH-30-10-278
GRONE, JOHN HENRY                      OH-30-10-49
GROSS, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-30-5-47
GROTHNES, ALEXANDER LOUIS              OH-30-11-397
GROVES, JOHN                           OH-30-10-228
GRUBER, FRIDOLIN                       OH-30-13-355
GRUNKEMEYER, JOHN HENRY                OH-30-16-517
GUARD, JOHN                            OH-30-2-285
GUASLEY, SUSANNAH                      OH-30-1-267
GUELKER, HENRY                         OH-30-14-229
GUILD, CHARLES                         OH-30-15-113
GUION, DAVID B.                        OH-30-16-200
GUITERMAN, SAMUEL H.                   OH-30-7-149
GURLEY, JOHN A.                        OH-30-15-269
GUTHRIE, JANET                         OH-30-2-41
GUTHRIE, WILLIAM W.                    OH-30-14-289
GWALTNEY, BENNET                       OH-30-11-335
GWALTNEY, MARY                         OH-30-4-158
GWIGNARE, WILLIAM                      OH-30-14-247
GWINUP, GEORGE                         OH-30-10-327
GWYNNE, ABRAHAM E.                     OH-30-2-194
GWYNNE, L. M.                          OH-30-1-249

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