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Column One: Name of Testator
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ACKERMAN, JOHN                          OH-16-2-126
ADAMS, CHARLES                          OH-16-2-254
AILER, FREDERICK                        OH-16-2-379
AKERS, GEORGE M.                        OH-16-2-23
ALBRIGHT, JOSEPH                        OH-16-4-71
ALLBAUGH, DAVID                         OH-16-6-410
ALLEN, MARY                             OH-16-3-458
ALLRIGHT, JOHN                          OH-16-8-410
ALTSTAETTER, HENRY                      OH-16-9-430
AMANN, CASIMIR                          OH-16-6-397
AMBROSHER, MATHIAS                      OH-16-1-183
AMBROSIER, JACOB                        OH-16-2-550
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH JANE                OH-16-2-308
ANDERSON, ELLEN A.                      OH-16-8-553
ANDERSON, RACHEL                        OH-16-3-191
ANDERSON, SARAH L.                      OH-16-1-28
ANDLEY, JOHN                            OH-16-2-150
ANDREW, SAMUEL SR.                      OH-16-1-155
ANDREWS, ANN E.                         OH-16-9-315
ANDREWS, JACOB                          OH-16-3-132
ANGENE, ADAM                            OH-16-3-323
ANTHONY, ELMER                          OH-16-9-493
ARNOLD, GEORGE                          OH-16-5-437
ASHLEY, SARAH                           OH-16-2-484
ASSENHEIMER, LUDWIG                     OH-16-1-308
AUCH, ADAM                              OH-16-2-238
AUCH, CHRISTOPHER                       OH-16-3-129
AUCK, J. G.                             OH-16-8-496
AUGENS, CATHARINE                       OH-16-9-85
AUMEND, ADAM                            OH-16-1-194
AUMEND, ADAM                            OH-16-3-165
AURAND, RACHEL                          OH-16-6-404
AURONDT, JONATHAN                       OH-16-2-482
AUSPERGER, ANDREW                       OH-16-4-571
AYDT, HERMAN                            OH-16-4-20
BABCOCK, EMILY P.                       OH-16-2-242
BABST, DANIEL                           OH-16-7-1
BACON, RALPH                            OH-16-1-158
BAEHR, FREDERICK                        OH-16-2-290
BAIR, MARGARET                          OH-16-8-55
BAIR, SAMUEL                            OH-16-3-242
BAISINGER, PHILIP                       OH-16-1-95
BAKER, JAMES                            OH-16-1-108
BAKER, ROBERT                           OH-16-1-326
BALTZLY, JACOB B.                       OH-16-7-376
BANCROFT, ALBERT                        OH-16-2-389
BANCROFT, NANCY                         OH-16-3-48
BANK, RHESA                             OH-16-4-180
BANRHARD, BENJAMIN F.                   OH-16-2-479
BARAL, CATHARINE                        OH-16-8-97
BARBOUR, JAMES E.                       OH-16-2-339
BARCLAY, MARTHA                         OH-16-3-391
BARCLAY, MARTHA ELLEN                   OH-16-8-143
BARE, JOHN                              OH-16-1-276
BARE, SAMUEL                            OH-16-1-37
BARLITT, DANIEL                         OH-16-6-508
BARR, JAMES                             OH-16-2-30
BARRACK, JOHN                           OH-16-2-44
BARRAIDER, CHRISTIAN                    OH-16-2-521
BARRALL, JOSEPH AMILEUS                 OH-16-2-232
BARRETT, GOTTLIEB                       OH-16-4-183
BARRETT, MARGARET A.                    OH-16-9-450
BARTH, FREDERICK                        OH-16-3-449
BARTH, JACOB                            OH-16-5-319
BARTHOLD, CATHERINE                     OH-16-8-139
BARTHOLD, JOHN F.                       OH-16-8-289
BARTON, MARY                            OH-16-2-304
BASH, PETER                             OH-16-9-404
BAUER, ADAM                             OH-16-9-170
BAUER, GABRIEL                          OH-16-2-298
BAUER, JACOB                            OH-16-4-555
BAUER, JOHN                             OH-16-3-572
BAUER, SUSANNA                          OH-16-2-499
BAUMAN, JACOB                           OH-16-2-398
BAUMAN, JOHN                            OH-16-2-34
BAUMGARTNER, CHRISTENA B.               OH-16-5-57
BEACH, PETER                            OH-16-2-113
BEACH, RINEHART                         OH-16-4-186
BEAL, BENJHAMIN                         OH-16-8-501
BEALL, JAMES P.                         OH-16-2-200
BEAR, JOSEPH                            OH-16-2-135
BEAR, PHEBE                             OH-16-8-361
BECK, ADAM                              OH-16-2-447
BECK, ADAM                              OH-16-1-322
BECK, HENRY                             OH-16-1-188
BECK, ISAAC W.                          OH-16-4-454
BECK, JAMES M.                          OH-16-1-406
BECK, JOHN                              OH-16-4-257
BECK, JONATHAN N.                       OH-16-9-244
BECK, MAGDALENA                         OH-16-2-208
BECK, MICHAEL                           OH-16-6-15
BECK, RACHAEL                           OH-16-2-256
BECK, WILLIAM S.                        OH-16-7-178
BECKER, JOHN H.                         OH-16-5-237
BECKWITH, ASA                           OH-16-1-206
BEECH, MARGARET                         OH-16-5-96
BEECH, PHILIP                           OH-16-1-298
BEEK, DANIEL                            OH-16-5-548
BELTZ, IDA JANE                         OH-16-5-305
BELTZ, ISAAC                            OH-16-5-331
BENDER, GEORGE                          OH-16-1-189
BERGER, JOSEPH                          OH-16-7-242
BERRY, GEORGE                           OH-16-1-347
BERSINGER, RUDOLPH                      OH-16-2-410
BESSINGER, NICHOLAS                     OH-16-2-282
BETTS, JOSIAH                           OH-16-7-171
BEVINGTON, H. S.                        OH-16-9-247
BIBER, JOHN M.                          OH-16-1-281
BIBLER, RACHEL                          OH-16-9-573
BIDDLE, ALEXANDER                       OH-16-9-124
BIGGS, NOAH                             OH-16-2-406
BIGHAM, MARY J.                         OH-16-5-163
BILLOW, DAVID C.                        OH-16-7-362
BILSING, ADAM                           OH-16-8-101
BILSING, JOHN                           OH-16-7-437
BINDER, JACOB                           OH-16-5-378
BINKMAN, STEPHEN                        OH-16-1-225
BIPPUS, JOHN                            OH-16-2-325
BIPPUS, ROSINA                          OH-16-4-46
BISHOP, JOSEPH                          OH-16-3-45
BITSCH, HENRY                           OH-16-7-429
BLACK, CATHERINE                        OH-16-7-45
BLACK, JAMES                            OH-16-2-79
BLACK, JOHN                             OH-16-1-136
BLACK, PATRICK                          OH-16-3-175
BLAIR, IRA W.                           OH-16-3-363
BLEILE, ALBANY                          OH-16-1-355
BLEILY, FERDINAND                       OH-16-5-209
BLOOMER, JOHN W.                        OH-16-9-495
BLOWERS, JOHN C.                        OH-16-1-66
BLUM, DAVID                             OH-16-7-421
BLUM, JACOB                             OH-16-4-542
BOCHLERT, NICHOLAS                      OH-16-2-391
BODEY, CATHERINE                        OH-16-6-131
BOEHM, JOHN                             OH-16-9-207
BOEMAN, JOHN                            OH-16-1-163
BOGAN, JOHN W.                          OH-16-8-246
BOGAN, JOSEPH D.                        OH-16-5-47
BOGAN, SAMUEL                           OH-16-5-384
BOGEN, MARY                             OH-16-9-215
BONEBRAKE, HENRY                        OH-16-1-258
BONER, JAMES R.                         OH-16-9-32
BONNIN, PHILIP                          OH-16-2-472
BOOKWALTER, SIMON                       OH-16-6-494
BORDNER, JOHN PHILIP                    OH-16-7-503
BOSMUTH, BARBARA                        OH-16-3-534
BOUCKLOCKER, DAVID                      OH-16-1-394
BOWEN, PETER                            OH-16-7-266
BOWER, ADAM                             OH-16-4-418
BOWERS, JACOB                           OH-16-3-334
BOWMAN, GOODLOE H.                      OH-16-2-436
BOWMAN, JAMES L.                        OH-16-2-127
BOYER, CHRISTOPHER                      OH-16-1-83
BOYER, D. C.                            OH-16-4-361
BOYER, JOHN                             OH-16-2-452
BOYLE, STEPHEN S.                       OH-16-2-119
BRADLEY, WILLIAM                        OH-16-1-353
BRAND, JUDITH                           OH-16-3-22
BRANDT, CHRISTIAN                       OH-16-7-67
BRANDT, JAMES K. OH-16-9-234
BRANNON, BERNARD                        OH-16-6-479
BRANNON, OWEN                           OH-16-1-170
BRANT, JOHN                             OH-16-2-65
BRAUSE, CATHERINE                       OH-16-8-173
BRECHT, EMANUEL B.                      OH-16-1-314
BREECE, HONOURE C.                      OH-16-5-175
BREHMAN, ELIZA ANN                      OH-16-7-544
BREHMAN, JOHN                           OH-16-2-125
BRESSLER, CAROLINE                      OH-16-8-43
BRICK, CATHARINE                        OH-16-3-555
BRICK, PETER                            OH-16-2-29
BRIGS, OLIVE                            OH-16-1-233
BRINKMAN, CHRISTOPHER                   OH-16-3-1
BRINKMAN, JACOB                         OH-16-7-433
BRINSLEY, CHARLES                       OH-16-2-311
BROKAW, ABRAHAM                         OH-16-2-141
BROKAW, ELIZA                           OH-16-5-534
BROKAW, GEORGE                          OH-16-1-293
BROSE, MICHAEL                          OH-16-2-357
BROWN, ASA                              OH-16-5-130
BROWN, CHRISTIAN                        OH-16-2-408
BROWN, GOTTLIEB F.                      OH-16-3-82
BROWN, JOHN GEORGE                      OH-16-2-49
BROWN, JOHN GEORGE                      OH-16-6-223
 BROWN, JOSEPH                          OH-16-8-114
BROWN, ROSANNAH                         OH-16-4-234
BROWN, THOMPSON                         OH-16-1-53
BRUNNER, JACOB                          OH-16-5-120
BRYANT, JOHN Q.                         OH-16-4-63
BUCHMAN, ADAM                           OH-16-3-474
BUCHMAN, BALSER                         OH-16-4-306
BUCHMAN, GEORGE                         OH-16-1-165
BUCHMILLER, ANDREW                      OH-16-7-298
BUCK, JOHN N.                           OH-16-2-310
BUCK, LEWIS W.                          OH-16-3-514
BUCKWALTER, DAVID                       OH-16-2-94
BUECKER, HERMAN                         OH-16-3-261
BUEHNER, KARL FREDERICK                 OH-16-9-174
BUEL, RUTH ANN                          OH-16-5-525
BUHLER, BARBARA                         OH-16-4-509
BURCH, PATRICK                          OH-16-2-488
BURGENER, JOHN                          OH-16-7-143
BURGER, JOHN                            OH-16-2-358
BURK, JAMES                             OH-16-1-132
BURNISON, WILLIAM                       OH-16-9-188
BURNS, MARY                             OH-16-7-418
BURWELL, ISAAC                          OH-16-1-133
BURWELL, JOB                            OH-16-2-8
BUSH, FREDERICK                         OH-16-2-83
CAHILL, ISAAC                           OH-16-2-399
CALDWELL, JONAS                         OH-16-3-78
CALDWELL, SAMUEL S.                     OH-16-3-61
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         OH-16-3-344
CAMPBELL, JAMES T.                      OH-16-7-30
CAMPBELL, MARGARET                      OH-16-5-338
CAMPBELL, RACHEL Y.                     OH-16-9-500
CANDEL, ELIAS                           OH-16-7-354
CARHART, HENRY C.                       OH-16-7-13
CARISS, JOHN                            OH-16-2-48
CARLISLE, DELOSS W.                     OH-16-1-357
CARLISLE, HARVEY C.                     OH-16-3-8
CARLISLE, SUSAN                         OH-16-8-234
CARMEAU, MATTHEW                        OH-16-4-450
CARNEY, JOSEPH                          OH-16-7-469
CARR, HENRY                             OH-16-6-337
CARREUS, ROBERT M.                      OH-16-9-97
CARRICK, JOSEPH                         OH-16-3-63
CARROTHERS, JOHN                        OH-16-5-433
CARSON, JAMES                           OH-16-2-386
CASH, ELISHA                            OH-16-1-11
CASS, JOSEPH                            OH-16-7-334
CCARTHY, DENNIS                         OH-16-5-531
CCRACKEN, JULIETTE                      OH-16-2-132
CHAMBERS, ELIAS                         OH-16-1-20
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM                       OH-16-1-12
CHANDLER, SARAH                         OH-16-8-579
CHANEY, SYLVANUS                        OH-16-8-283
CHAPMAN, GIDEON                         OH-16-1-335
CHARLTON, JOHN                          OH-16-1-247
CHARLTON, JOHN C.                       OH-16-8-344
CHILDS, RUFUS B.                        OH-16-9-554
CHRISTIE, MARY                          OH-16-2-31
CHRISTIE, MATTHEW                       OH-16-6-346
CHRISTMAN, ELIZABETH                    OH-16-4-108
CHRISTMAN, MARY B.                      OH-16-6-237
CLADY, JACOB                            OH-16-3-536
CLARK, ROBERT                           OH-16-1-420
CLELAND, JOHN M.                        OH-16-6-262
CLELAND, RACHEL                         OH-16-3-559
CLELAND, WILLIAM                        OH-16-3-383
CLINGAN, JAMES                          OH-16-1-89
CLINGAN, JOHN                           OH-16-1-379
CLOAK, MARY A.                          OH-16-9-551
CLOSE, HARRY                            OH-16-4-55
CLOSS, ABNER                            OH-16-1-367
CLYMER, FRANCIS                         OH-16-4-359
CLYMER, JOHN R.                         OH-16-5-10
COCKLEY, WILLIAM                        OH-16-3-544
CODER, DENNIS                           OH-16-3-486
CODER, NAOMI                            OH-16-4-471
COE, BENJAMIN                           OH-16-1-19
COLDWELL, FRANCIS                       OH-16-4-237
COLE, BARNETT SR.                       OH-16-2-377
COLE, JOHN C.                           OH-16-7-130
COLE, MARY A.                           OH-16-7-155
COLE, WILLIAM                           OH-16-1-413
COLER, CHRISTIAN                        OH-16-1-202
COLER, JOSEPH                           OH-16-2-1
COLWELL, MARY                           OH-16-2-294
CONKLE, ADAM                            OH-16-2-332
CONKLIN, DAVID                          OH-16-3-68
CONLEY, HARRISON                        OH-16-5-202
CONNER, MARY                            OH-16-4-365
CONNOR, JAMES                           OH-16-5-139
COOK, GEORGE F. JR.                     OH-16-5-66
COOK, JOHN A.                           OH-16-8-358
COOK, JOHN B.                           OH-16-7-194
COON, JACOB                             OH-16-3-329
COONS, JEMUEL W.                        OH-16-1-103
COOPER, ARTEMAN                         OH-16-8-299
COOPER, MARY                            OH-16-2-235
COOPER, MARY E.                         OH-16-9-212
COOPER, WILLIAM                         OH-16-1-169
CORNELL, NANCY                          OH-16-1-241
CORRELL, JENNETTIE M.                   OH-16-6-94
CORRELL, MARGARETT                      OH-16-5-424
CORRELL, SUSAN                          OH-16-9-587
COSBY, MARTIN                           OH-16-1-426
COULTER, JOHN                           OH-16-2-461
COULTERS, ELIZABETH A.                  OH-16-8-151
COUTS, HENRY                            OH-16-5-356
COWELL, IDA V.                          OH-16-4-343
COWL, JOHN                              OH-16-2-86
COX, ABRAHAM                            OH-16-5-427
COX, ANN                                OH-16-2-155
COX, MARTIN                             OH-16-1-51
COX, WILLIAM                            OH-16-4-105
CRABACH, BARBARA                        OH-16-5-352
CRALL, CHRISTIAN                        OH-16-6-469
CRALL, ELIZABETH                        OH-16-6-519
CRALL, HENRY                            OH-16-2-46
CRALL, HENRY                            OH-16-9-487
CRALL, JOHN                             OH-16-3-207
CRAMER, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-16-2-80
CRAMER, CONRAD                          OH-16-1-34
CRANER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-16-2-162
CRAWFORD, DAVID                         OH-16-5-458
CRIM, CHRISTIAN S.                      OH-16-7-531
CROCK, GEORGE                           OH-16-1-137
CRONENWETT, EVA M.                      OH-16-7-313
CRONIN, CORNELIUS                       OH-16-3-161
CROUBAUGH, NICHOLAS                     OH-16-1-118
CROUSE, ANGELINE                        OH-16-4-225
CROUSE, ANNA M.                         OH-16-7-182
CROUSE, HENRY A.                        OH-16-2-403
CROUSE, JOSHUA                          OH-16-5-154
CROUSE, MATILDA M.                      OH-16-5-124
CRUM, DAVID OLIVER                      OH-16-8-82
CUMMINS, DAVID                          OH-16-2-117
CURRAN, PATRICK B.                      OH-16-6-22
CURTIS, MARGARET                        OH-16-8-575
CUYKENALL, ABRAHAM                      OH-16-9-374
CUYKENDALL, ABNER                       OH-16-1-264
CUYKENDALL, JACOB                       OH-16-2-275
DARGITZ, WILLIAM C. G.                  OH-16-2-4
DARR, AARON                             OH-16-6-219
DAUGHERTY, AARON                        OH-16-2-292
DAVENPORT, JAMES D.                     OH-16-9-435
DAVIS, JAMES P.                         OH-16-7-317
DAVIS, JOHN                             OH-16-3-138
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          OH-16-7-89
DAY, EMULUS H.                          OH-16-2-356
DAY, ROLLIN                             OH-16-8-549
DEAGAL, JACOB                           OH-16-2-96
DEAN, JOHANNA                           OH-16-7-516
DEARDORFF, EMANUEL                      OH-16-4-157
DECKER, AARON                           OH-16-4-558
DEFFENBACHER, JACOB                     OH-16-6-434
DELEVAN, HENRY W.                       OH-16-1-22
DELLARBER, JOHN                         OH-16-4-501
DENNING, MARY K.                        OH-16-5-455
DEPPLER, JOHN                           OH-16-3-20
DERLL, WENZEL                           OH-16-2-88
DERR, JOHN M.                           OH-16-2-205
DERR, JOHN MICHAEL                      OH-16-2-230
DERRER, GOTTLIEB FREDERICK              OH-16-3-254
DEVOE, JOHN W.                          OH-16-2-422
DEWALD, ROBERT                          OH-16-7-215
DEWALT, DAVID                           OH-16-1-157
DEWIEL, JOHN                            OH-16-8-539
DICE, HENRY SR.                         OH-16-2-492
DICKEY, MOSES O.                        OH-16-2-337
DICKS, RACHEL                           OH-16-6-122
DICKSON, ANDREW                         OH-16-8-429
DICKSON, ANDREW                         OH-16-1-397
DICKSON, GEORGE                         OH-16-3-276
DICKSON, JAMES                          OH-16-5-272
DICKSON, JOHN                           OH-16-1-223
DICKSON, JONATHAN                       OH-16-3-394
DICKSON, JONATHAN                       OH-16-3-360
DICKSON, MARIA                          OH-16-9-144
DICKSON, W. P.                          OH-16-9-472
DICKSON, WILLIAM                        OH-16-4-264
DIEBIG, JACOB                           OH-16-2-213
DIERMYER, ANNA                          OH-16-2-204
DIESEM, CHRISTIAN                       OH-16-6-161
DIETHER, JOHN FRANTZ                    OH-16-2-97
DIETZ, JOHN                             OH-16-4-318
DILLER, ALEXANDER W.                    OH-16-7-22
DINCKEL, LEWIS                          OH-16-5-412
DINKLE, JACOB                           OH-16-3-342
DITTY, ABRAHAM                          OH-16-2-237
DITTY, MARTIN                           OH-16-2-405
DODANE, JOHN                            OH-16-5-79
DOLL, JOHN                              OH-16-6-350
DONNENWIRTH, GEORGE                     OH-16-4-130
DONNENWIRTH, JACOB                      OH-16-8-470
DOOLAN, WILLIAM                         OH-16-3-222
DOWNING, REBECCA                        OH-16-1-370
DOYLE, SOLOMON                          OH-16-2-313
DOYLE, WILLIAM                          OH-16-4-29
DRANSFIELD, SARAH                       OH-16-2-262
DREHER, PHILLIPENA                      OH-16-9-256
DRESSER, PETER                          OH-16-4-408
DREY, JACOB                             OH-16-1-232
DRIEAR, JOSEPH                          OH-16-4-207
DUCK, HENRY                             OH-16-7-425
DUERR, J. M.                            OH-16-7-258
DUNCAN, WASHINGTON                      OH-16-5-212
DUNLAP, SAMUEL                          OH-16-2-518
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                         OH-16-2-544
DUNN, THOMAS                            OH-16-1-59
DURGIN, LYMAN WESLY                     OH-16-2-427
DURNWALD, WENZEL                        OH-16-7-212
DURR, BENJAMIN                          OH-16-4-309
DURR, ELIAS                             OH-16-7-294
DURR, HANNAH J.                         OH-16-5-522
DURR, JOHN HENRY                        OH-16-2-193
DWIRE, J. S.                            OH-16-9-128
DYER, GEORGE W.                         OH-16-3-549
DYER, JOHN                              OH-16-2-158
EARLY, JOHN                             OH-16-1-1
EARLY, WILLIAM                          OH-16-1-15
EARNSHAW, SARAH                         OH-16-2-223
EASTERDAY, JOHN                         OH-16-2-20
EASTWOOD, ABEL                          OH-16-8-6
EATON, JOHN                             OH-16-1-174
EAVENS, DAVID                           OH-16-1-196
EBERT, PHILIP                           OH-16-5-505
EBY, PETER                              OH-16-4-26
ECCLESTON, MARTHA A.                    OH-16-6-365
ECKHARD, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-16-4-464
ECKSTEIN, GEORGE                        OH-16-6-361
ECKSTINE, WILLIAM                       OH-16-6-60
EDSON, HOMER A.                         OH-16-2-82
EDSON, NEHEMIAH                         OH-16-2-3
EICHELBERGER, CASPAR                    OH-16-1-404
EICHHORN, ADAM                          OH-16-9-561
EICHHORN, PHILIP                        OH-16-7-255
ELLER, ELIZABETH                        OH-16-5-325
ELSER, PETER                            OH-16-4-134
ENDSLOW, SARAH J.                       OH-16-6-420
ENFIELD, SAMUEL                         OH-16-7-519
ENGEMANN, HENRY                         OH-16-6-126
ENGLISH, JAMES                          OH-16-3-106
EPPLE, JOHN                             OH-16-3-300
ERNST, JACOB                            OH-16-3-482
ERRETT, JOHN                            OH-16-5-264
ERTZINGER, CLARA                        OH-16-7-56
ESTERLINE, HENRY                        OH-16-5-322
EULIS, MARY                             OH-16-5-443
EULIS, PHILIP                           OH-16-5-344
EVANS, DAVID                            OH-16-1-182
EVANS, SARAH                            OH-16-7-478
EVERETT, FERNANDO C.                    OH-16-8-257
FABIAN, LORENZ                          OH-16-5-222
FAGAN, ASAPH                            OH-16-2-346
FAIL, CAROLINE                          OH-16-3-201
FAIL, WILLIAM                           OH-16-3-43
FAIL, WILLIAM FREDERICK                 OH-16-2-506
FAILOR, ANDREW                          OH-16-1-129
FAILOR, ANDREW SR.                      OH-16-1-124
FARMWALT, JOHN                          OH-16-1-270
FARRINGTON, EDMUND                      OH-16-6-483
FEICHNER, CHARLES                       OH-16-3-81
FELL, ADAM                              OH-16-5-114
FELLOWS, HARRIET                        OH-16-4-283
FENNER, HIRAM                           OH-16-7-348
FERRALL, EDMUND                         OH-16-4-193
FERRING, FREDERICK                      OH-16-2-142
FETTER, GEORGE A.                       OH-16-7-357
FETTERSMITH, GOTTLIEB                   OH-16-3-352
FETZER, JACOB                           OH-16-5-255
FIKE, PETER                             OH-16-7-223
FILSINGER, ABRAHAM                      OH-16-6-505
FILSON, MARGARET A.                     OH-16-2-74
FINCH, HARRIET M.                       OH-16-3-86
FINN, WILLIAM                           OH-16-2-530
FIRSTENBERGER, BARBARA                  OH-16-5-515
FISHER, JAMES JUDSON                    OH-16-4-96
FISHER, JOHN GEORGE                     OH-16-2-78
FISHER, LEWIS                           OH-16-7-270
FISSEL, JOHN                            OH-16-1-114
FISTER, HENRY                           OH-16-3-112
FLACH, CATHERINE                        OH-16-8-519
FLEGLE, MICHAEL                         OH-16-4-271
FLETCHER, GOTTFRIED                     OH-16-3-466
FLEXER, FREDERICK                       OH-16-2-538
FLICK, ABRAHAM                          OH-16-2-274
FLICKINGER, WILLIAM                     OH-16-7-77
FLOCK, MAGDALENA                        OH-16-4-498
FOEHL, DAVID                            OH-16-9-260
FOLEY, ELIZA                            OH-16-8-341
FOUSER, GEORGE                          OH-16-2-191
FOWSER, JACOB                           OH-16-1-302
FOX, MICHAEL                            OH-16-6-72
FRAGO, DANIEL                           OH-16-2-515
FRALICK, ELISABETH                      OH-16-1-310
FRANK, VINZENT                          OH-16-2-277
FRAZEE, JOHN                            OH-16-2-53
FREAD, PETER                            OH-16-3-154
FREESE, MARGARET                        OH-16-6-327
FREET, GEORGE                           OH-16-2-284
FREEZE, JOHN T.                         OH-16-2-459
FRENCH, MARY E.                         OH-16-6-170
FRIED, GEORGE                           OH-16-4-524
FRITZ, GODFRY                           OH-16-1-311
FRITZ, GOTTLIEB                         OH-16-9-539
FROST, WILLIAM                          OH-16-5-449
FRUTH, A. C.                            OH-16-8-451
FRY, CATHERINE                          OH-16-9-307
FRY, JOHN H.                            OH-16-2-465
FUBHARDT, C. P.                         OH-16-8-302
FUCKS, JACOB                            OH-16-7-174
FULTON, COCHRAN                         OH-16-7-17
FULTON, MELANCHTON D.                   OH-16-5-452
FUNK, JACOB                             OH-16-8-66
GABRIEL, ANDREW                         OH-16-8-406
GALLINGER, PHILIP                       OH-16-3-125
GAMBLE, BARBARA                         OH-16-6-442
GANSHORN, EVA                           OH-16-8-414
GARBERICK, ISAAC                        OH-16-4-415
GARBRICK, JOHN                          OH-16-1-192
GARNHART, JOHN                          OH-16-9-407
GEARHART, ADAM                          OH-16-6-286
GEER, AMES H.                           OH-16-5-133
GEIGER, JOHN SR.                        OH-16-6-354
GEIGER, PETER                           OH-16-3-305
GEIGER, ROSANNA                         OH-16-8-218
GEORGE, JOHN                            OH-16-8-459
GERBIG, CATHERINE                       OH-16-9-121
GERTH, LEWIS                            OH-16-3-195
GIBSON, JOHN                            OH-16-5-24
GILL, J. J.                             OH-16-1-255
GILLESPIE, THOMAS                       OH-16-1-316
GILLILAND, DAVID                        OH-16-1-288
GILLILAND, JOHN                         OH-16-3-56
GILMOUR, RICHARD                        OH-16-6-50
GILPIN, WILLIAM                         OH-16-3-408
GINGERY, JONATHAN                       OH-16-4-261
GITROST, ELIZABETH                      OH-16-2-227
GLEDHILL, MARGARET                      OH-16-9-391
GLOYD, JAMES                            OH-16-3-470
GODFRED, PETER                          OH-16-5-63
GOODMAN, DANIEL                         OH-16-9-278
GOODMAN, MATHIAS                        OH-16-8-544
GOODWIN, ISRAEL                         OH-16-2-440
GOODYEAR, ANDREW                        OH-16-5-404
GORMAN, JAMES                           OH-16-9-51
GOSHAM, HUGH                            OH-16-1-246
GOSHORN, JOHN                           OH-16-2-215
GOSHORN, WILLIAM S.                     OH-16-6-79
GOTTFRIED, PHILIP                       OH-16-7-482
GRAETZ, ROBERT (REV.)                   OH-16-6-452
GRAHAM, SAMUEL R.                       OH-16-3-567
GRASS, HENRY                            OH-16-1-431
GREEN, JAMES H.                         OH-16-7-328
GREENICH, CHRISTINA                     OH-16-9-591
GREENICH, JACOB                         OH-16-3-293
GREENICH, LEWIS                         OH-16-2-66
GREGG, WILLIAM                          OH-16-3-83
GRIFFITH, JAMES                         OH-16-1-266
GROGG, ABRAHAM                          OH-16-4-535
GROSE, SOLOMON                          OH-16-2-149
GUINTHER, JACOB                         OH-16-4-151
GUISS, JACOB                            OH-16-1-327
GUISS, ROENE                            OH-16-2-224
GULLUNG, PETER                          OH-16-5-31
GUTHRIE, W. S.                          OH-16-6-53
HAAS, CONRAD                            OH-16-3-504
HAAS, FREDERICK                         OH-16-2-220
HAAS, JOHN                              OH-16-1-134
HAASE, GOTTLIEB                         OH-16-2-172
HACKEDORN, NOAH E.                      OH-16-7-49
HAFFNER, WILLIAM                        OH-16-8-534
HAGEMAN, CHARLES                        OH-16-6-165
HAGER, BARBARA                          OH-16-5-562
HALEY, BARTHOLOMEW                      OH-16-4-392
HALL, REUBEN                            OH-16-2-501
HALL, SAMUEL                            OH-16-8-524
HALLAN, NORA M.                         OH-16-8-147
HALLIWILL, DAVID                        OH-16-5-40
HAMILTON, JANE                          OH-16-8-309
HAMLN, WILLIAM                          OH-16-2-221
HAMMOND, GEORGE                         OH-16-2-198
HANBY, WILLIAM O.                       OH-16-3-198
HANCOCK, GEORGE                         OH-16-2-133
HANCOCK, GEORGE                         OH-16-9-14
HANDLEY, WILLIAM                        OH-16-8-203
HANDLEY, WILLIAM                        OH-16-1-121
HANE, WILLIAM                           OH-16-1-16
HANERT, ADAM                            OH-16-4-404
HANES, JOHN                             OH-16-9-36
HANES, JULIA ANN                        OH-16-6-342
HARBER, JOHN                            OH-16-3-17
HARDING, MARY                           OH-16-6-455
HARDING, SOLOMON E.                     OH-16-2-321
HARER, FREDERICKA                       OH-16-2-520
HARLEY, JOHN                            OH-16-2-168
HARMON, GEORGE                          OH-16-4-538
HARMSON, JOHN                           OH-16-9-161
HARRIMAN, LEONARD                       OH-16-5-308
HARRIS, MARY J.                         OH-16-5-370
HARROP, JAMES                           OH-16-2-523
HART, JOANNA A.                         OH-16-8-155
HART, JOSEPH                            OH-16-1-54
HART, OLIVER TRYON                      OH-16-3-327
HARTER, JACOB                           OH-16-3-252
HARTMAN, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-16-9-222
HARTMAN, JOHN                           OH-16-1-96
HARVEY, GEORGE W.                       OH-16-9-536
HASSINGER, J. T.                        OH-16-4-349
HAUPTLY, RUDOLPH                        OH-16-3-59
HAUSLAIB, KASPAR                        OH-16-6-255
HAWK, DAVID                             OH-16-2-57
HAWK, ESTER                             OH-16-1-312
HAZLETT, JOHN                           OH-16-1-49
HAZLETT, JOHN P.                        OH-16-1-80
HECKALIBLY, BARBARA                     OH-16-5-54
HECKENLIVELY, JOHN                      OH-16-1-318
HECKERT, BENJAMIN                       OH-16-5-89
HECKLER, HENRY                          OH-16-4-199
HECKLER, JOHN                           OH-16-2-279
HEEKLER, JOHN                           OH-16-5-571
HEFFELFINGER, JACOB                     OH-16-2-323
HEFFELFINGER, JOHN                      OH-16-4-562
HEIBERTSHAUSEN, ELIZABETH               OH-16-5-258
HEIBERTSHAUSER, JOHN                    OH-16-5-199
HEIBY, GEORGE SR.                       OH-16-5-218
HEILEY, MICHAEL                         OH-16-8-195
HEINLE, JOHN G.                         OH-16-9-156
HEINLEN, MATTHIAS                       OH-16-8-367
HEINLIN, HENRY                          OH-16-3-25
HEISERMAN, SARAH                        OH-16-8-209
HEIST, HENRY                            OH-16-5-375
HELFRICH, J. P.                         OH-16-8-253
HELFRICH, MICHAEL                       OH-16-7-151
HELFRICK, PETER SR.                     OH-16-2-80
HELLER, ADAM                            OH-16-2-11
HELLER, ISAAC                           OH-16-8-527
HELLER, JACOB                           OH-16-3-321
HELLER, JACOB                           OH-16-1-166
HELLER, JACOB D.                        OH-16-4-290
HELLER, JONATHAN N.                     OH-16-6-331
HELLERICH, ROSINA (ROSANNA)             OH-16-2-100
HELM, ELI                               OH-16-2-300
HELM, JOHN                              OH-16-2-35
HELMUTH, ANNA ELIZBAETH                 OH-16-9-569
HEMMILLER, JOHN                         OH-16-3-426
HEMMINGER, MARY                         OH-16-5-60
HEMMINGER, SAMUEL                       OH-16-3-52
HENNECKE, ROSINE                        OH-16-9-584
HENRY, CHARLOTTE                        OH-16-7-274
HENRY, SUSANNA                          OH-16-8-177
HENSING, GEORGE ADAM                    OH-16-2-123
HEPP, GEORGE                            OH-16-5-578
HERMAN, JONAS                           OH-16-3-141
HERR, ELIZABETH W.                      OH-16-3-397
HERR, GEORGE                            OH-16-6-314
HERRING, WILLIAM                        OH-16-1-337
HERSBERGER, JOHN                        OH-16-2-106
HERSHBERGER, JACOB                      OH-16-1-9
HERSHNER, ELIZABETH                     OH-16-7-203
HERSHNER, HENRY                         OH-16-1-168
HERTER, ELLEN P.                        OH-16-4-281
HERTZER, ANTHYONY                       OH-16-6-199
HERWAGEN, HENRY                         OH-16-9-55
HERWAGON, JOHN NICHOLAS                 OH-16-2-174
HESCH, F. G.                            OH-16-3-580
HESS, ANDREW                            OH-16-2-512
HESS, DANIEL                            OH-16-2-146
HESS, LYDIA A.                          OH-16-4-458
HESSENAUER, JACOB H.                    OH-16-6-180
HETICH, PAUL I.                         OH-16-2-353
HETICK, CHARLES                         OH-16-6-321
HETICK, GEORGE A.                       OH-16-1-64
HETTER, J. LEONARD                      OH-16-7-116
HEYDINGER, JOHN                         OH-16-7-370
HIEBER, JOHANN GEORGE                   OH-16-2-360
HIGH, ADAM                              OH-16-8-89
HIGH, MARGARET                          OH-16-2-307
HIGH, MARY                              OH-16-3-74
HIGH, MICHAEL                           OH-16-4-120
HIGH, VOLENTINE                         OH-16-1-282
HIGHT, JOHN                             OH-16-5-350
HILBORN, ISAAC                          OH-16-2-56
HILBORN, WILLIAM H.                     OH-16-9-412
HILL, JOHN                              OH-16-4-568
HILL, VOLENTINE                         OH-16-1-252
HILL, WILLIAM                           OH-16-6-70
HIPP, JACOB                             OH-16-2-70
HLTSHOUSE, B. F.                        OH-16-7-449
HOCKER, ANDREW                          OH-16-3-230
HOCKER, JONAS                           OH-16-3-99
HOCKER, SARAH                           OH-16-3-422
HODGES, DANIEL                          OH-16-1-1
HOEFER, JACOB F.                        OH-16-9-442
HOER, SEBASTIAN                         OH-16-2-527
HOFFMAN, ADAM                           OH-16-6-390
HOFSTETTER, JACOB                       OH-16-3-9
HOHN, CHRISTENA J.                      OH-16-8-265
HOLL, FIDELIUS                          OH-16-3-317
HOLMES, WILLIAM                         OH-16-9-365
HOLSAPPLE, HANNAH B.                    OH-16-9-102
HOOVER, JOHN                            OH-16-1-86
HOPPEL, EUBEN                           OH-16-9-138
HORICK, OH-16-1-438
HORVEY, THOMAS                          OH-16-1-3
HOSFORD, ERI                            OH-16-2-61
HOSFORD, GEORGE W.                      OH-16-1-236
HOSS, ADAM                              OH-16-7-366
HOSSLER, LOUISA                         OH-16-5-500
HOUGH, WILLIAM                          OH-16-2-36
HOWE, NELSON S.                         OH-16-2-429
HOWENSTEIN, RACHEL                      OH-16-9-166
HOWENSTINE, CHRISTOPHER                 OH-16-4-111
HUBER, CHARLES                          OH-16-7-112
HUBER, JACOB                            OH-16-9-454
HUBER, WILHELMINA                       OH-16-2-252
HUBERTSHAUSEN, WILLIAM                  OH-16-9-152
HUDSON, GEORGE                          OH-16-2-87
HUMPHRIES, THOMAS                       OH-16-1-248
HUNSICKER, WILLIAM                      OH-16-7-487
HUSTON, ELIZABETH                       OH-16-4-400
HUSTON, ROBERT                          OH-16-3-412
HUTCHINSON, CHANEY P.                   OH-16-9-108
HUTCHINSON, JANE                        OH-16-2-207
HUTCHISON, JOHN                         OH-16-1-74
HUTCHISON, WILLIAM                      OH-16-1-441
IMMEL, PHILIP                           OH-16-4-293
IRWIN, JARED C.                         OH-16-4-268
ISELI, JACOB                            OH-16-1-106
JACKSON, RACHEL                         OH-16-6-324
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        OH-16-1-339
JACOB, AUGUST                           OH-16-5-446
JACOBS, BYRON                           OH-16-9-438
JACOBY, JOHN                            OH-16-5-421
JACOBY, JONATHAN                        OH-16-3-163
JANS, ANNA MARIA                        OH-16-5-240
JEFFREY, LAURA A.                       OH-16-5-206
JENNER, ABRAHAM                         OH-16-2-201
JENNER, ANDREW                          OH-16-2-19
JENNER, JOHN GEORGE                     OH-16-9-395
JENNER, WILLIAM                         OH-16-8-260
JOHNSON, DISBERRY                       OH-16-2-229
JOHNSTON, AGNES J.                      OH-16-3-424
JOHNSTON, JACOB                         OH-16-3-416
JOHNSTON, JAMES Q.                      OH-16-2-92
JOHNSTON, MARTHA                        OH-16-6-546
JONES, HIRAM                            OH-16-1-333
JONES, REBECCA                          OH-16-8-191
JONSON, PHILIP                          OH-16-9-511
JORDAN, N.                              OH-16-5-225
JOURDAN, JOSEPH                         OH-16-6-531
JUNG, PETER                             OH-16-8-36
KAFER, JOHN                             OH-16-3-325
KAHL, ELYDA                             OH-16-7-541
KAHLER, HARMON                          OH-16-4-296
KAHLER, WILLIAM                         OH-16-6-371
KAHN, FREDERICK                         OH-16-1-76
KALB, WILLIAM SR.                       OH-16-6-190
KALER, CHARLES                          OH-16-9-45
KALER, SAMUEL                           OH-16-4-527
KALLEYARD, MICHAEL                      OH-16-1-300
KANE, ROBERT B.                         OH-16-4-148
KANNEL, JOSEPH                          OH-16-5-497
KANZLESTER, JOHN                        OH-16-1-199
KANZOW, CHARLES F.                      OH-16-3-76
KAPPUS, CHARLES                         OH-16-6-428
KARG, JOHN ADAM                         OH-16-8-455
KARNEY, EDWARD                          OH-16-2-431
KEEFER, FREDERICK                       OH-16-4-436
KEELER, MARY                            OH-16-9-545
KEENER, BARBARA ANN                     OH-16-1-229
KEHSER, JOHN                            OH-16-1-200
KEIBLER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-16-1-76
KEIFER, SAMUEL                          OH-16-5-160
KEIL, CATHERINE                         OH-16-8-317
KEIL, TOBIAS                            OH-16-5-181
KEILER, JOHN                            OH-16-5-243
KEISLING, CHRISTENA                     OH-16-6-100
KEISLING, GOTTLIEB                      OH-16-4-154
KELLER, ABRAHAM                         OH-16-1-235
KELLER, JOHN H.                         OH-16-2-158
KELLER, PETER                           OH-16-2-140
KELLER, PHILIP                          OH-16-4-386
KELLOGG, LUCY                           OH-16-9-22
KELLY, HIRAM R.                         OH-16-8-274
KELLY, SAMUEL                           OH-16-2-38
KEMMER, JACOB                           OH-16-1-275
KENESTRICK, ENOCH G.                    OH-16-5-109
KENNEDY, THOMAS                         OH-16-1-102
KENT, JOHN                              OH-16-2-116
KENT, MARY ANN                          OH-16-4-278
KENT, MILTON                            OH-16-2-407
KENT, THADDEUS                          OH-16-3-369
KERGER, JACOB                           OH-16-4-10
KERN, CRESCENTIA                        OH-16-5-492
KERN, JACOB                             OH-16-3-338
KERNAHAN, WILLIAM P.                    OH-16-1-424
KERR, ANDREW                            OH-16-3-249
KERR, DAVID E.                          OH-16-2-68
KERR, JAMES J.                          OH-16-7-33
KERR, PHEBE B.                          OH-16-3-67
KERR, SARAH                             OH-16-1-79
KERR, WILLIAM                           OH-16-5-191
KESTER, JOSEPH (REV.)                   OH-16-6-229
KEYE, THOMAS K.                         OH-16-4-139
KIBLER, JOHN GEORGE                     OH-16-2-194
KIBLER, MATTHIAS                        OH-16-2-541
KIES, JOHN                              OH-16-8-93
KIESS, JACOB                            OH-16-3-442
KILE, PETER                             OH-16-1-209
KILMER, ISAAC                           OH-16-1-71
KINDINGER, JOHN                         OH-16-5-542
KING, ELI P.                            OH-16-3-219
KING, ESTER T.                          OH-16-2-306
KING, MARY N.                           OH-16-3-296
KING, WILLIAM                           OH-16-3-93
KINNINGER, JOHN                         OH-16-3-269
KINSEY, JACOB                           OH-16-4-68
KINSEY, JACOB                           OH-16-4-123
KINSEY, SAMUEL                          OH-16-7-26
KINTZEL, CHRISTIAN                      OH-16-1-367A
KINZER, JOHN                            OH-16-1-408
KIRKLAND, ALICE M.                      OH-16-8-13
KISSLING, GOTTFRIED                     OH-16-6-11
KLAHN, GEORGE                           OH-16-3-538
KLEIN, HENRY                            OH-16-9-296
KLEINHAUS, JOHN JACOB                   OH-16-4-214
KLINE, ELIZABETH R.                     OH-16-7-93
KLINE, GEORGE CONRAD                    OH-16-4-461
KLINE, JACOB F.                         OH-16-9-360
KLINE, JOHN                             OH-16-3-400
KLINE, JOSEPH                           OH-16-2-505
KLINEFELTER, JACOB                      OH-16-1-4
KLINK, GEORGE                           OH-16-7-495
KLINKEL, GEORGE                         OH-16-7-261
KLOPFENSTEIN, ABRAHAM                   OH-16-6-302
KLOPFENSTEIN, JONATHAN                  OH-16-1-94
KNABENHANS, HENRY                       OH-16-6-107
KNECHT, MATILDA ELIZABETH               OH-16-2-188
KNIERIEMER, PETER                       OH-16-4-34
KNIPP, MARY EVA                         OH-16-7-288
KNISELEY, ABRAHAM                       OH-16-2-186
KNISELY, CATHARINE                      OH-16-5-467
KNORR, JOHN                             OH-16-2-366
KNOWLES, ROBERT                         OH-16-8-29
KNOWSE, WILLIAM                         OH-16-1-120
KOBER, DANIEL                           OH-16-5-76
KOBER, GEORGE                           OH-16-3-432
KOBER, JOHN GEORGE                      OH-16-1-36
KOCH, GEORGE                            OH-16-6-8
KOCH, LEONHARD MARTIN                   OH-16-2-67
KOEHL, CHRISTIAN                        OH-16-2-362
KOLOPP, M. N. HYACINTH                  OH-16-4-545
KONIG, HENRY                            OH-16-2-134
KOPPE, CHARLES A.                       OH-16-7-411
KRAFT, ANDREW                           OH-16-3-331
KRAMER, MICHAEL                         OH-16-1-332
KRANER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-16-5-172
KREIM, JOSEPH                           OH-16-8-509
KRONENBERGER, ANDREW                    OH-16-9-579
KRONENBERGER, APPOLONIA                 OH-16-8-395
KRONNBERGER, GEORGE                     OH-16-5-151
KROUSKOPF, LUDWIG                       OH-16-1-239
KUEHULE, CATHARINE                      OH-16-8-33
KUHN, CHRISTIAN                         OH-16-3-188
KUNKEL, CHARLES                         OH-16-3-575
KUNKEL, ISAAC K.                        OH-16-6-574
KURSHNER, JOHN                          OH-16-1-204
KYSER, MARGARET E.                      OH-16-6-536

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