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GABEL, PETER                            OH-7-17-578
GABLE, PETER                            OH-7-K-449
GAILEY, MARY                            OH-7-K-502
GAITS, HENRY                            OH-7-M-162
GALEY, ROBERT                           OH-7-K-422
GALL, ANNA M.                           OH-7-O-72
GALLAHER, DANIEL B.                     OH-7-L-486
GALLAHER, JOHN                          OH-7-H-388
GALLAWAY, JAMES                         OH-7-B-12
GALLIAGIAN, CATY                        OH-7-P-448
GALLOWAY, ALEXANDER                     OH-7-M-90
GALLOWAY, JOHN SR.                      OH-7-L-558
GALLOWAY, MOSES                         OH-7-L-202
GANDY, ABRAHAM                          OH-7-I-36
GARDEN, DAVID                           OH-7-17-555
GARDINER, ROBERT                        OH-7-L-407
GARDNER, JAMES                          OH-7-H-466
GARLOUGH, JOHN                          OH-7-F-528
GARRETSON, ASA                          OH-7-16-68
GARRETSON, JOHN                         OH-7-I-65
GARRETT, MARY A.                        OH-7-19-193
GARRETT, SAMUEL                         OH-7-I-137
GARVEN, ARCHIBALD                       OH-7-19-240
GASTON, AGNES V.                        OH-7-L-264
GATZ, GEORGE                            OH-7-G-402
GAUDING, ANNA                           OH-7-O-234
GAY, JOHN                               OH-7-I-90
GAY, RACHEL                             OH-7-L-158
GAY, THOMAS                             OH-7-K-214
GAYHART, ELLEN J.                       OH-7-O-490
GEBHART, CATHARINE                      OH-7-O-506
GEDLER, GEORGE                          OH-7-K-215
GEHRI, ANNA                             OH-7-19-580
GELLASPIE, DAVID                        OH-7-I-169
GENIN, JOHN N.                          OH-7-L-569
GENIN, MARY JANE                        OH-7-17-494
GENIN, THOMAS W.                        OH-7-K-330
GEORGE, HARRIET                         OH-7-O-319
GEORGE, TRAVERS                         OH-7-I-257
GEORGE, WILLIAM S.                      OH-7-18-452
GERRARD, WILLIAM                        OH-7-O-13
GERRITSON, JOSEPH                       OH-7-H-439
GETROST, SOPHIA                         OH-7-19-7
GEULOUGH, MARGARET                      OH-7-H-344
GIBBONS, JOHN                           OH-7-F-530
GIBNEY, DAVID                           OH-7-I-200
GIBNY, MARTHA S.                        OH-7-H-351
GIBSON, ALLEN                           OH-7-16-119
GIBSON, JOHN R.                         OH-7-I-224
GIBSON, JOHN R.                         OH-7-19-558
GIBSON, LEROY                           OH-7-18-81
GIFFEN, ALEXANDER A.                    OH-7-18-112
GIFFEN, MARGARET                        OH-7-18-47
GIFFEN, MATTHEW                         OH-7-L-606
GIFFEN, WILLIAM                         OH-7-E-436
GIFFIN, GEORGE                          OH-7-G-82
GIFFIN, JOSEPH                          OH-7-M-100
GIFFIN, MARY                            OH-7-H-200
GIFFIN, MORRISON                        OH-7-P-376
GILBERT, SUSANNAH                       OH-7-18-574
GILBREATH, MARGARET LYDIA               OH-7-19-225
GILHAM, LEWIS                           OH-7-O-417
GILHAM, RUTH                            OH-7-O-123
GILKISON, ROBERT                        OH-7-E-441
GILL, JAMES S.                          OH-7-P-212
GILL, JOHN S.                           OH-7-18-54
GILL, WILLIAM                           OH-7-H-112
GILL, Z. W.                             OH-7-M-119
GILLASPIE, MARGARET                     OH-7-I-519
GILLELAND, HUGH                         OH-7-E-57
GILLELAND, MORGAN                       OH-7-D-502
GILLEN, ELIZA                           OH-7-N-391
GILLESPIE, JOHN                         OH-7-M-473
GILLESPIE, THOMAS                       OH-7-H-154
GILLINGER, SAMUEL                       OH-7-O-438
GISLER, BERTHA                          OH-7-19-428
GITTINGER, HENRY                        OH-7-H-149
GIVEN, GEORGE                           OH-7-B-281
GIVEN, MOSES                            OH-7-K-157
GIVENS, SARAH                           OH-7-G-146
GLADDEN, JAMES                          OH-7-P-528
GLADDEN, JOHN                           OH-7-I-207
GLASER, NICHOLAS                        OH-7-L-247
GLASGOW, DANIEL E.                      OH-7-N-423
GLASGOW, ELIZABETH                      OH-7-M-114
GLASGOW, JOHN                           OH-7-G-88
GLASNER, ISAAC                          OH-7-P-382
GLASS, AARRON                           OH-7-K-153
GLASS, THOMPSON                         OH-7-16-276
GLAZINER, NICHOLAS                      OH-7-I-346
GLENN, ANN                              OH-7-L-243
GLENN, JOHN                             OH-7-P-114
GLOVER, MARGARET                        OH-7-I-218
GLOVER, THOMAS                          OH-7-E-253
GOLD, HANNAH                            OH-7-H-129
GOLDSMITH, THOMAS                       OH-7-19-235
GOODEN, SAMUEL                          OH-7-G-224
GORDEN, JAMES SR.                       OH-7-D-257
GORDON, DAVID                           OH-7-K-167
GORDON, JAMES                           OH-7-L-285
GORDON, JAMES                           OH-7-D-410
GORDON, JAMES SR.                       OH-7-M-286
GORDON, PRISCILLA                       OH-7-O-227
GORDON, WILLIAM                         OH-7-F-466
GORDON, WILLIAM                         OH-7-N-37
GORRELL, JAMES B.                       OH-7-N-275
GOSNEY, GEORGE W.                       OH-7-K-106
GOSSER, JACOB                           OH-7-B-368
GOSSETT, JOHN                           OH-7-M-357
GOUDY, ANDREW                           OH-7-16-106
GOW, ELIZABETH                          OH-7-M-323
GOW, WILLIAM                            OH-7-K-257
GOWIN, MANNIS B.                        OH-7-P-182
GRAFFON, CASALINE                       OH-7-P-411
GRAHAM, ELIZA                           OH-7-K-522
GRAHAM, HARRY M.                        OH-7-19-440
GRAHAM, MARGARET                        OH-7-O-575
GRAHAM, MARY                            OH-7-L-349
GRANFELL, WILLIAM                       OH-7-F-312
GRATIGNEY, LEWIS SR.                    OH-7-L-41
GRAY, ALEXANDER                         OH-7-C-425
GRAY, ELEANOR                           OH-7-H-229
GRAY, ELIZABETH B.                      OH-7-L-237
GRAY, GEORGE                            OH-7-L-322
GRAY, JAMES A.                          OH-7-19-174
GRAY, MARGARET A.                       OH-7-I-74
GRAY, SAMUEL                            OH-7-F-472
GREEN, ALEXANDER                        OH-7-P-525
GREEN, ALEXANDER                        OH-7-B-364
GREEN, CHARLES F.                       OH-7-17-24
GREEN, ELIAS                            OH-7-19-69
GREEN, GEORGE W.                        OH-7-I-109
GREEN, JEMIMA                           OH-7-G-469
GREEN, JOSEPH                           OH-7-M-342
GREEN, MARY A.                          OH-7-17-244
GREEN, ROBERT B.                        OH-7-L-176
GREEN, WILLIAM                          OH-7-I-414
GREEN, WILLIAM E.                       OH-7-16-129
GREENFELL, JAMES THOMAS                 OH-7-H-455
GREENFIELD, ANN                         OH-7-18-441
GREENFIELD,G EORGIA A.                  OH-7-16-554
GREENLEE, ALEXANDER                     OH-7-O-496
GREENLEE, CATHARINE                     OH-7-L-563
GREENLEE, JAMES                         OH-7-H-442
GREENLEE, JAMES A.                      OH-7-17-569
GREENLEE, JOSEPHINE A.                  OH-7-P-241
GREENLEE, MARY A.                       OH-7-18-299
GREENLEE, MATTHEW                       OH-7-18-165
GREENLEE, ROBERT                        OH-7-A-136
GREENLEE, WILLIAM                       OH-7-M-216
GREENLEE, WILLIAM D.                    OH-7-P-424
GREER, HENRY                            OH-7-A-76
GREGG, ABNER                            OH-7-G-411
GREGG, ALFRED                           OH-7-I-490
GREGG, CALEB                            OH-7-A-54
GREGG, HENDLY H.                        OH-7-H-232
GREGG, JACOB                            OH-7-H-57
GREGG, JOSHUA                           OH-7-H-395
GREGG, LABAN                            OH-7-K-356
GREGG, LOT                              OH-7-K-329
GREGG, MARY                             OH-7-I-44
GREGG, RACHEL A.                        OH-7-M-252
GREGG, SAMUEL                           OH-7-F-124
GREGG, STEPHEN                          OH-7-G-582
GREGG, STEPHEN C.                       OH-7-O-252
GRELLA, LOUIS                           OH-7-18-538
GREMLEE, WILLIAM                        OH-7-O-245
GREST, JOHN                             OH-7-H-29
GRIER, ELEANOR                          OH-7-L-241
GRIER, HENRY                            OH-7-H-345
GRIER, THOMAS                           OH-7-K-405
GRIFFEN, HUGH                           OH-7-I-372
GRIFFIN, ROBERT                         OH-7-B-78
GRIFFITH, GOERGE S.                     OH-7-O-561
GRIFFITH, HANNAH                        OH-7-16-196
GRIFFITH, MARY                          OH-7-O-571
GRIFFITH, MARY                          OH-7-I-29
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                       OH-7-I-449
GRIMES, ARTHUR                          OH-7-G-570
GRIMES, MARIA                           OH-7-H-187
GRIMSLEY, OLIVER                        OH-7-L-296
GRISSELL, NATHAN P.                     OH-7-K-389
GROVE, JOHN A.                          OH-7-P-320
GROVE, NETTIE M.                        OH-7-19-539
GROVE, WILLIAM H.                       OH-7-I-477
GROVES, ELVIRA                          OH-7-L-205
GROVES, MARGARET I.                     OH-7-16-578
GROVES, MORDECAI B.                     OH-7-18-320
GROVES, NATHANIEL                       OH-7-I-472
GRUBB, MARY A.                          OH-7-17-538
GRUBS, ENOCH                            OH-7-G-223
HABENSACK, JOHN D.                      OH-7-16-495
HADSELL, ELCE                           OH-7-O-567
HAGER, ISAAC                            OH-7-K-486
HAGER, KELION                           OH-7-N-428
HAINES, JOSEPH                          OH-7-N-46
HAINES, NATHANIEL                       OH-7-G-513
HAINES, THOMAS                          OH-7-N-142
HALL, CHARLES W.                        OH-7-M-234
HALL, DINAH                             OH-7-D-249
HALL, FRANCIS SR.                       OH-7-I-17
HALL, GEORGE                            OH-7-H-88
HALL, LUCIAN H.                         OH-7-N-298
HALL, SAMUEL                            OH-7-H-191
HALL, THOMAS P.                         OH-7-P-296
HALL, WILLIAM B.                        OH-7-19-166
HALM, JOHN                              OH-7-N-303
HAMBLETON, REBECCA A.                   OH-7-17-45
HAMBLETON, WILLIAM                      OH-7-F-349
HAMILTON, ISABELL                       OH-7-P-199
HAMILTON, ROBERT                        OH-7-K-543
HAMMERLY, GARRET                        OH-7-F-313
HAMMOND, JAMES                          OH-7-M-213
HAMMOND, ROBERT                         OH-7-G-569
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                        OH-7-17-251
HAMPTON, AMOS                           OH-7-O-134
HANDY, JOHN J.                          OH-7-K-492
HANEY, ROBERT JR.                       OH-7-K-179
HANEY, ROBET                            OH-7-17-379
HANKE, IDA                              OH-7-17-210
HANNAH, HENRY                           OH-7-B-186
HANSON, ISAAC                           OH-7-G-515
HANSON, MANOAH                          OH-7-I-183
HANSON, MANOAH                          OH-7-19-528
HAPPER, ANDREW P.                       OH-7-F-384
HAPPER, MARY C.                         OH-7-K-118
HAPPER, SARAH                           OH-7-K-95
HARDESTY, ANN                           OH-7-K-13
HARDESTY, JOHN                          OH-7-K-377
HARDESTY, MARY                          OH-7-O-287
HARDESTY, OBADIAH                       OH-7-E-2
HARDESTY, RICHARD                       OH-7-H-67
HARDESTY, ROBERT                        OH-7-I-392
HARDISTY, FRANCIS                       OH-7-A-281
HARE, JANE                              OH-7-H-227
HARE, RICHARD                           OH-7-G-316
HARLAN, SAMUEL D.                       OH-7-O-387
HARLAN, T. WILLIAM                      OH-7-O-103
HARMER, PARTHENIA                       OH-7-K-471
HARPER, EZRA                            OH-7-I-275
HARPER, HARRIET                         OH-7-18-284
HARPER, JOSEPH                          OH-7-N-210
HARPER, LUCINDA                         OH-7-L-342
HARPER, WILLIAM D.                      OH-7-K-172
HARRAH, ALEXANDER                       OH-7-I-226
HARRAH, CHARLES                         OH-7-M-310
HARRAH, LUTHER                          OH-7-L-235
HARRAH, RACHEL                          OH-7-L-515
HARRIS, ALICE                           OH-7-O-61
HARRIS, DAVID                           OH-7-M-193
HARRIS, HANNAH                          OH-7-N-316
HARRIS, JEREMIAH                        OH-7-H-95
HARRIS, JESSE                           OH-7-B-66
HARRIS, JOHN                            OH-7-N-450
HARRIS, JOHN G.                         OH-7-O-422
HARRIS, REUBEN                          OH-7-I-301
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         OH-7-P-9
HARRISON, PETER                         OH-7-O-184
HARRISON, SARAH                         OH-7-18-200
HARRISON, WILLIAM                       OH-7-I-204
HARRY, JAMES                            OH-7-I-386
HART, MILES SR.                         OH-7-H-271
HART, ROBERT                            OH-7-M-414
HARTLEY, MARY                           OH-7-17-373
HARVEY, CHARLES                         OH-7-E-394
HARVEY, MARY                            OH-7-F-423
HARVEY, ROBERT                          OH-7-17-236
HATCHER, ELIJAH                         OH-7-M-32
HATCHER, JOSHUA                         OH-7-H-10
HATHORN, JAMES W.                       OH-7-L-56
HATHORN, SARAH P.                       OH-7-P-262
HATTERY, JOHN                           OH-7-O-352
HAVERLAND, ANN                          OH-7-P-542
HAWKINS, JAMES H.                       OH-7-16-511
HAWTHORN, MARGARET E.                   OH-7-16-318
HAY, MARGARET E.                        OH-7-18-361
HAYDEN, MICHAEL                         OH-7-P-485
HAYDEN, NATHANIEL                       OH-7-L-17
HAYES, MANLEY E.                        OH-7-16-342
HAYNE, JOSEPH D.                        OH-7-M-139
HAYNE, JOSEPH D.                        OH-7-M-35
HAYNES, MARY ANN                        OH-7-18-59, 65
HAYS, ABRAHAM                           OH-7-H-30
HAYS, JOHN                              OH-7-H-179
HAYS, MARGARET N.                       OH-7-P-7
HAYS, NOTLEY                            OH-7-G-404
HAYS, TERRESSA D.                       OH-7-17-456
HAYS, ZACHARIAH                         OH-7-O-306
HAYS, ZACHARIAHTOWN                     OH-7-I-11
HAZEN, NANCY                            OH-7-P-139
HAZLET, MARGARET                        OH-7-H-277
HAZLETT, CUNNINGHAM                     OH-7-O-396
HEADE, REBECCA J.                       OH-7-L-124
HEANEY, THOMAS                          OH-7-K-36
HEATHERINGTON, ALBERT E.                OH-7-19-447
HEATHERINGTON, JACOB                    OH-7-19-535
HEATON, REBECCA A.                      OH-7-18-77
HECKER, FRIEDRICH                       OH-7-18-461
HEDGES, JOSIAH                          OH-7-A-296
HEGE, JOHN C.                           OH-7-16-386
HEHR, JOHN CHRISTIAN                    OH-7-19-356
HEIL, JOHN B.                           OH-7-16-234
HEINLEIN, GEORGE                        OH-7-16-449
HELDT, SUSANNA                          OH-7-19-574
HELLING, HENRY                          OH-7-P-245
HELM, ELIZABETH                         OH-7-D-15
HENDERSHOT, DANIEL B.                   OH-7-M-366
HENDERSHOT, LEVINA                      OH-7-L-15
HENDERSHOT, MICHAEL                     OH-7-H-96
HENDERSON, ANDREW                       OH-7-E-260
HENDERSON, JOHN                         OH-7-18-83
HENDERSON, MARGARET                     OH-7-I-358
HENDERSON, MARGARET                     OH-7-17-460
HENDERSON, MARY                         OH-7-L-234
HENDERSON, MATTHEW                      OH-7-I-470
HENDERSON, ROBERT                       OH-7-B-409
HENERY, SAMUEL                          OH-7-C-521
HENRY, JAMES                            OH-7-I-40
HENRY, SAMUEL                           OH-7-H-201
HENSCHEL, AUGUST                        OH-7-19-290
HENSHAW, EDWARD                         OH-7-18-563
HEPBARN, ISRAEL                         OH-7-O-369
HERINK, FRANK                           OH-7-19-501
HERSEY, CHARLES L.                      OH-7-M-571
HERST, LYDIA E.                         OH-7-P-384
HESKET, BENJAMIN A.                     OH-7-H-328
HESKETT, DAVID                          OH-7-I-235
HESKETT, LANDON B.                      OH-7-M-314
HESKETT, NANCY                          OH-7-O-195
HESKETT, SAMUEL                         OH-7-H-2
HESLOP, HANNAH                          OH-7-O-382
HESLOP, MILLIE                          OH-7-M-258
HESLOP, RICHARD                         OH-7-19-513
HESS, ELENOR                            OH-7-F-279
HESS, JACOB                             OH-7-L-105
HICKETT, TIMOTHY                        OH-7-H-107
HICKS, LUCINDA                          OH-7-P-505
HICKS, LUCINDA                          OH-7-I-41
HICKS, MARTHA M.                        OH-7-19-75
HICKS, MARY A.                          OH-7-M-449
HIDE, THOMAS                            OH-7-H-115
HIKLE, CHRISTOPHER                      OH-7-I-342
HILL, WILLIAM                           OH-7-A-178
HILTON, ANNA                            OH-7-O-364
HILTON, ARA                             OH-7-H-146
HILTON, SARAH                           OH-7-H-362
HILTON, WILLIAM G.                      OH-7-L-557
HINGLEY, EZRA                           OH-7-16-460
HINKLE, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-7-18-33
HINKLE, JOHN                            OH-7-16-94
HINTON, WILLIAM                         OH-7-D-160
HIRST, SMITH                            OH-7-18-158
HISSEY, JAMES                           OH-7-H-86
HOBBS, F. HANNAH                        OH-7-N-24
HOBBS, JOSHUA                           OH-7-L-580
HOBBS, RICHARD                          OH-7-17-85
HOBSON, JOSEPH                          OH-7-K-482
HOBSON, STEPHEN                         OH-7-O-540
HODEL, JACOB                            OH-7-19-191
HODGEN, WILLIAM                         OH-7-H-65
HODGIN, ROBERT                          OH-7-M-228
HODGIN, STEPHEN                         OH-7-L-256
HODGIN, WILLIAM                         OH-7-B-191
HODLER, EDWARD R.                       OH-7-M-579
HOGE, ABSALOM                           OH-7-K-140
HOGE, ISAAC                             OH-7-F-508
HOGE, JOSHUA H.                         OH-7-19-96
HOGE, KENWORTHY                         OH-7-18-518
HOGE, LEVI                              OH-7-I-63
HOGE, ROBERT                            OH-7-G-540
HOGE, SARAH                             OH-7-M-296
HOGE, SOLOMON                           OH-7-F-177
HOGE, SOLOMON SR.                       OH-7-K-190
HOGE, WILLIAM                           OH-7-H-1
HOGG, JOHN                              OH-7-I-110
HOGUE, A. J.                            OH-7-18-406
HOGUE, DAVID E.                         OH-7-I-279
HOGUE, ROBERT SR.                       OH-7-C-159
HOGUE, SAMUEL                           OH-7-M-97
HOGUE, SOLOMON                          OH-7-18-40
HOGUE, WILLIAM                          OH-7-G-152
HOLLAND, ARCHIBALD                      OH-7-I-142
HOLLAND, WILLIAM                        OH-7-B-428
HOLLIDAY, ELIZA P.                      OH-7-18-138
HOLLIDAY, W. N.                         OH-7-17-331
HOLLINGSWORTH, ELIHU                    OH-7-17-560
HOLLINGSWORTH, ISAAC                    OH-7-L-222
HOLLINGSWORTH, JEMIMA                   OH-7-H-419
HOLLINGSWORTH, LEVI                     OH-7-D-314
HOLLOWAY, ANN ELIZA                     OH-7-P-456
HOLLOWAY, ASA                           OH-7-B-43
HOLLOWAY, ASA                           OH-7-I-385
HOLLOWAY, DANIEL                        OH-7-K-416
HOLLOWAY, ISAAC                         OH-7-O-266
HOLLOWAY, JACOB                         OH-7-H-212
HOLLOWAY, JACOB A.                      OH-7-17-417
HOLLOWAY, JAMES                         OH-7-F-232
HOLLOWAY, MARGARET                      OH-7-B-293
HOLLOWAY, MARY                          OH-7-L-565
HOLLOWAY, MARY A.                       OH-7-17-42
HOLLOWAY, OTHO S.                       OH-7-16-52
HOLLOWAY, SAMUEL                        OH-7-H-216
HOLLOWAY, SARAH J.                      OH-7-K-474
HOLMES, GEORGE                          OH-7-F-281
HOLMES, MATILDA                         OH-7-M-127
HOOPES, ELIZABETH                       OH-7-H-182
HOOVER, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-7-I-19
HOOVER, CLARISSA                        OH-7-16-389
HOOVER, HENRY                           OH-7-H-34
HOPPER, ROBERT                          OH-7-A-56
HORCHER, JOHN                           OH-7-P-339
HORN, ELIZA F.                          OH-7-L-632
HORNER, AMOS                            OH-7-16-207
HORNER, ISAAC                           OH-7-K-263
HORNER, JOHN                            OH-7-P-461
HOSELTON, JOHN                          OH-7-K-43
HOSENFELD, ANDREAS                      OH-7-16-507
HOSIER, MARIA                           OH-7-I-439
HOSMAN, JOHN                            OH-7-L-188
HOUFF, CHARLES                          OH-7-17-74
HOUGH, SARAH                            OH-7-F-513
HOUGH, WILLIAM                          OH-7-B-391
HOUGHBY, MARY                           OH-7-D-272
HOULTSLANDER, RUINDA                    OH-7-17-61
HOWARD, URIAH                           OH-7-L-131
HOWELL, ABEL                            OH-7-H-359
HOWELL, BENJAMIN                        OH-7-D-504
HOWELL, BENJAMIN                        OH-7-P-62
HOWELL, HIRAM                           OH-7-17-78
HOWELL, ISAAC B.                        OH-7-P-132
HOWELL, JOHN                            OH-7-G-518
HOWELL, JOHN W.                         OH-7-M-390
HOYLE, BENJAMIN                         OH-7-L-281
HUBBARD, CHARLES G.                     OH-7-L-212
HUBBARD, MARY V.                        OH-7-17-547
HUBBARD, MATILDA                        OH-7-19-12
HUDSON, WILLIAM SR.                     OH-7-H-403
HUEY, SAMUEL C.                         OH-7-P-217
HUFF, ADISON                            OH-7-I-512
HUFF, BENJAMIN                          OH-7-K-292
HUFF, DANIEL                            OH-7-K-258
HUFF, PLEASANT                          OH-7-17-291
HUFFMAN, ABRAHAM                        OH-7-K-453
HUFFMAN, JAMES                          OH-7-B-468
HUFFMAN, JOSEPH                         OH-7-L-273
HUGHES, ELIZABETH                       OH-7-18-587
HUGHES, MOSES                           OH-7-16-434
HUKILL, THOMAS J.                       OH-7-M-174
HULL, MARY H.                           OH-7-17-149
HULSE, ANN                              OH-7-I-351
HULSE, JOHN                             OH-7-I-319
HULSE, JOSEPH                           OH-7-H-304
HUNT, GEORGE WASHING                    OH-7-L-193
HUNT, PHILLIP                           OH-7-I-100
HUNT, PHILLIP                           OH-7-N-61
HUNT, PRISCILLA                         OH-7-P-35
HUNT, RACHEL E.                         OH-7-17-571
HUNT, THOMAS                            OH-7-I-529
HUNTSMAN, JOSEPH                        OH-7-F-258
HUNTSMAN, MARY J.                       OH-7-N-446
HUONKER, MARTIN                         OH-7-17-138
HURST, ISRAEL T.                        OH-7-H-315
HUSTON, WILLIAM O.                      OH-7-18-188
HUTCHINSON, JAMES                       OH-7-H-446
HUTCHINSON, JAMES P.                    OH-7-M-174
HUTCHISON, ELIZABETH S.                 OH-7-18-261
HUTCHISON, JOSEPH F.                    OH-7-16-566
HUTCHISON, JOSEPH F.                    OH-7-17-6
HUTCHISON, JOSIAH A.                    OH-7-17-563
HUTCHISON, W. H.                        OH-7-18-485
HUTCHISON, WILLIAM                      OH-7-E-28
HYDE, JOHN                              OH-7-B-457
HYDE, ROSA A.                           OH-7-18-288
HYDE, WILLIAM                           OH-7-N-539
HYMES, WILSON C.                        OH-7-19-399
HYNES, LOUISA                           OH-7-L-198
HYNES, NICHOLAS                         OH-7-H-148
IDDINGS, JOSEPH                         OH-7-L-352
IDLER, JACOB                            OH-7-17-240
IIAMS, ELIZABETH                        OH-7-K-280
IIAMS, SAMUEL                           OH-7-I-295
INDICOTT, ANN                           OH-7-H-76
INSKEEP, HANNAH                         OH-7-G-326
IRVIN, PETER                            OH-7-O-5
IRWIN, ELIZABETH                        OH-7-I-434
IRWIN, ELIZABETH                        OH-7-H-127
IRWIN, JOHN                             OH-7-19-81
IRWIN, JOSEPH                           OH-7-F-420
IRWIN, JOSEPH                           OH-7-L-183
IRWIN, NANCY                            OH-7-G-577
IRWIN, RACHEL A.                        OH-7-L-464
IRWIN, ROBERT                           OH-7-F-278
IRWIN, WILLIAM                          OH-7-K-316
IRWIN,D OCIA JANE                       OH-7-19-518
ISRAEL, ELIZABETH                       OH-7-19-66
ISRAEL, JOHN                            OH-7-B-366
ISRAEL, ROBERT                          OH-7-16-49
JACKSON, ELIZABETH                      OH-7-M-3
JACKSON, THOMAS                         OH-7-H-70
JACKSON, THOMAS                         OH-7-19-249
JACKSON, WILLIAM H.                     OH-7-16-46
JACOBS, JOHN N.                         OH-7-I-266
JAMES, HENRY                            OH-7-19-98
JAMES, ROBERT W.                        OH-7-P-493
JAMISON, MARY                           OH-7-N-395
JANES, NANCY ANN                        OH-7-N-465
JARRELL, ISAAC                          OH-7-K-159
JARRETT, ISAAC                          OH-7-I-220
JARRETT, SARAH                          OH-7-O-317
JARVIS, LYDIA                           OH-7-N-174
JARVIS, MEAD                            OH-7-G-441
JARVIS, PHILIP                          OH-7-F-204
JASUSAK, JOSEF                          OH-7-19-387
JEFFERS, CAROLINE                       OH-7-M-551
JEFFERS, FRANCIS                        OH-7-I-469
JEFFERS, KEARNS F.                      OH-7-P-266
JEFFERS, MARGARET                       OH-7-O-186
JEFFERS, NEVADA                         OH-7-M-548
JENKINS, EVAN                           OH-7-F-56
JENKINS, GEORGE K.                      OH-7-M-524
JENKINS, JACOB                          OH-7-B-1
JENKINS, JAMES                          OH-7-O-30
JENKINS, NANCY                          OH-7-M-417
JENNEWEIN, JACOB                        OH-7-17-280
JENNEWINE, NICHOLAS                     OH-7-I-69
JENNINGS, DAVID L.                      OH-7-I-415
JENNINGS, OBADIAH                       OH-7-G-418
JEPSON, JOHN                            OH-7-N-460
JOB, HANNAH E.                          OH-7-L-510
JOB, SAMUEL                             OH-7-L-508
JOHNSON, ACHILLES D.                    OH-7-K-32
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                      OH-7-L-136
JOHNSON, ISABELL                        OH-7-16-422
JOHNSON, JAMES                          OH-7-L-598
JOHNSON, JOB                            OH-7-17-492
JOHNSON, JOHN                           OH-7-L-276
JOHNSON, JOSEPH W.                      OH-7-18-274
JOHNSON, MARTHA                         OH-7-16-308
JOHNSON, MARY E.                        OH-7-M-269
JOHNSON, NANCY                          OH-7-16-295
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        OH-7-H-384
JOHNSON, WILLIAM H.                     OH-7-L-80
JOHNSTON, JOHN C.                       OH-7-O-381
JOHNSTON, MARGARET A.                   OH-7-18-583
JOHNSTON, STERLING                      OH-7-F-521
JOHNSTON, STERLING                      OH-7-P-101
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                        OH-7-O-557
JOHNSTON, WASHINGTON B.                 OH-7-E-201
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       OH-7-A-331
JONES, EDWARD                           OH-7-K-445
JONES, JANE E.                          OH-7-19-335
JONES, JOHNSON L.                       OH-7-16-313
JONES, ROBERT C.                        OH-7-K-535
JONES, SARAH JANE                       OH-7-18-387
JONES, THOMAS SR.                       OH-7-I-53
JONES, WILLAMISAH                       OH-7-18-339
JORDAN, ELIZABETH                       OH-7-19-588
JUDKINS, CAROLUS                        OH-7-K-202
JUDKINS, CAROLUS                        OH-7-H-430
JUDKINS, ELISABETH                      OH-7-18-238
JUDKINS, JESSE                          OH-7-M-94
JUDKINS, JOEL                           OH-7-G-38
JUDKINS, JOEL                           OH-7-H-18
JUDKINS, JONATHAN P.                    OH-7-18-154
JUDKINS, JULIA                          OH-7-18-150
JUDKINS, NICHOLAS                       OH-7-M-56
JUMP, HARRY C.                          OH-7-18-251
JUNKINS, JOHN                           OH-7-H-449
JUNKINS, JOSEPH                         OH-7-L-392
JUNKINS, M. W.                          OH-7-M-154
KANE, JOHN                              OH-7-L-562
KAUZIG, URS                             OH-7-P-507
KEHRER, JOHN G.                         OH-7-19-145
KEHRER, MATHILDE                        OH-7-19-143
KELCHER, JOHN                           OH-7-O-469
KELLER, COMFORT                         OH-7-D-100
KELLEY, DANIEL M.                       OH-7-G-120
KELLEY, PATRICK                         OH-7-L-305
KELLY, W. CLAY                          OH-7-19-333
KELSEY, JAMES                           OH-7-O-264
KELSEY, JAMES                           OH-7-H-174
KEMP, GEORGE W.                         OH-7-18-533
KEMP, LEWIS                             OH-7-H-17
KENARD, LEVI                            OH-7-B-463
KENNARD, ANTHONY                        OH-7-L-168
KENNARD, ELI                            OH-7-B-418
KENNARD, WILLIAM                        OH-7-I-461
KENNEDY, ALEXANDER                      OH-7-G-408
KENNEDY, SARAH                          OH-7-19-228
KENNON, ALEXANDER                       OH-7-O-83
KENNON, JAMES                           OH-7-L-461
KENNON, JOHN W.                         OH-7-19-319
KENNON, NEWELL                          OH-7-K-6
KENNON, WILLIAM                         OH-7-N-28
KENNON,ELIZABETH                        OH-7-18-352
KERK, ELIZABETH                         OH-7-L-246
KERMAN, WILLIAM JR.                     OH-7-K-274
KERNS, JAMES TURNER WALPOLE             OH-7-19-443
KERR, GEORGE                            OH-7-B-117
KERR, MARY                              OH-7-18-171
KERR, ROBERT                            OH-7-M-54
KEUGHT, STEPHEN R.                      OH-7-L-425
KEYS, JAMES SR.                         OH-7-L-371
KEYSER, ANDREW                          OH-7-F-146
KEYSER, ISAAC                           OH-7-K-302
KEYSER, JACOB SR.                       OH-7-K-507
KEYSER, LYDIA ANN                       OH-7-18-399
KEYSER, MARGARET                        OH-7-L-185
KEYSER, WILLIAM                         OH-7-I-51
KEZNON, MARY                            OH-7-18-230
KILGORE, JEREMIAH                       OH-7-K-182
KING, ALEXANDER                         OH-7-O-360
KING, ANDREW                            OH-7-L-603
KING, ANDREW J.                         OH-7-P-416
KING, JAMES                             OH-7-L-418
KING, JANE                              OH-7-B-155
KING, JOSEPH W.                         OH-7-P-351
KING, ROBERT                            OH-7-K-155
KING, WILLIAM                           OH-7-G-544
KINGEN, THOMAS                          OH-7-G-218
KINGSBURY, MARY                         OH-7-L-410
KINNEY, AARON H.                        OH-7-L-370
KINNEY, JOHN                            OH-7-K-287
KINNEY, MARY                            OH-7-K-326
KINNEY, RICHARD                         OH-7-K-533
KINNEY, WILLIAM                         OH-7-I-424
KINSLOW, MARTHA                         OH-7-M-534
KIRK, ELISHA                            OH-7-I-55
KIRK, ISAAC                             OH-7-M-537
KIRK, JESSE                             OH-7-I-127
KIRK, JOSHUA                            OH-7-M-30
KIRK, MAHLON                            OH-7-L-555
KIRK, MARK                              OH-7-O-229
KIRK, ROBERT                            OH-7-17-519
KIRK, ROBERT C.                         OH-7-M-165
KIRK, SAMUEL                            OH-7-M-134
KIRK, SAMUEL SR.                        OH-7-L-502
KIRK, WILLIAM                           OH-7-G-285
KIRKER, ROBERT JAMES                    OH-7-K-464
KIRKLAND, JAMES                         OH-7-I-58
KIRKLAND, SAMUEL                        OH-7-18-266
KIRKPATRICK, JOHN                       OH-7-18-178
KIRKWOOD, JOSEPH                        OH-7-I-22
KLEBER, ANNA MARIA                      OH-7-18-71
KNEKNEK, WILLIAM                        OH-7-O-191
KNOUFF, MARY ANN                        OH-7-D-48
KNOX, WILLIAM                           OH-7-19-90
KOCHER, SAMUEL                          OH-7-K-323
KOEHNLEIN, ELIZABETH                    OH-7-18-190
KOEHNLINE, JOHN J.                      OH-7-19-115
KOLZ, JOSEPH                            OH-7-19-247
KOONTZ, JOHN                            OH-7-I-45
KOONTZ, MARTHA R.                       OH-7-L-393
KORNER, HENRY                           OH-7-P-107
KRATZ, HEINRICH                         OH-7-18-128
KUCKUCK, AUGUST                         OH-7-18-1
KUMMER, JOHN                            OH-7-I-444
LAFER, ABRAHAM C.                       OH-7-P-489
LAMBERT, ABNER                          OH-7-F-14
LAMBERT, SUSANNAH                       OH-7-F-57
LAMP, SARAH                             OH-7-I-222
LANE, BETHA V.                          OH-7-18-437
LANE, JOHN T.                           OH-7-19-590
LANG, DENNIS                            OH-7-M-62
LAROCHE, JOHN                           OH-7-O-129
LAROCHE, WILLIAM F.                     OH-7-P-193
LASH, ABRAHAM                           OH-7-F-102
LASH, HANNAH                            OH-7-K-370
LASH, ISAAC                             OH-7-M-437
LASH, JACOB                             OH-7-F-260
LASH, WILLIAM                           OH-7-K-254
LASH, WILLIAM                           OH-7-18-566
LASHLEY, JOSEPH SR.                     OH-7-B-372
LASHLEY, LOUISA A.                      OH-7-O-463
LASHLEY, SARAH                          OH-7-K-176
LASSENBEE, JOHN                         OH-7-G-413
LATHAN, GEORGE S.                       OH-7-19-18
LATTIMER, ALEXANDER                     OH-7-E-308, 326
LAUGHLIN, MARY                          OH-7-I-400
LAUGHLIN, ROBERT                        OH-7-A-89
LAUSENCE, WILLIAM                       OH-7-N-238
LAWS, DANIEL                            OH-7-L-149
LAZURE, GEORGE R.                       OH-7-19-463
LEACHMAN, ELIZABETH                     OH-7-G-119
LEASURE, CAROLINE                       OH-7-P-87
LEASURE, JAMES A.                       OH-7-17-411
LEASURE, OHN H.                         OH-7-16-150
LEATHERWOOD, JANE                       OH-7-N-293
LEE, ISAAC                              OH-7-O-390
LEE, MARY                               OH-7-19-542
LEE, ROBERT                             OH-7-I-360
LEE, WILLIAM                            OH-7-K-166
LEE, WILLIAM                            OH-7-17-222
LEE, WILLIAM SR.                        OH-7-O-315
LEFEVER, CAMPBELL                       OH-7-B-17
LEMLEY, GEORGE                          OH-7-B-215
LEMMON, WILLIAM                         OH-7-G-501
LESEUR, GEORGE F.                       OH-7-18-100
LEVINGSTON, MARY                        OH-7-I-281
LEVINGSTON, WILLIAM                     OH-7-F-101
LEVY, JOHN J.                           OH-7-P-64
LEWIS, ABEL                             OH-7-O-500
LEWIS, CHARLES W.                       OH-7-P-156
LEWIS, HANNAH                           OH-7-O-456
LEWIS, IRA                              OH-7-P-286
LEWIS, JACOB                            OH-7-D-399
LEWIS, JAMES                            OH-7-O-16
LEWIS, MARY                             OH-7-19-449
LEWIS, SARAH JANE                       OH-7-N-183
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          OH-7-17-308
LEWIS,SAMUEL                            OH-7-N-330
LEYLE, JOHN                             OH-7-H-213
LINDEMANN, CHARLES F.                   OH-7-18-145
LINGO, GIDEON                           OH-7-18-424
LINGO, JAMES                            OH-7-I-399
LINGO, WILLIAM H.                       OH-7-P-444
LINN, CLARK                             OH-7-I-383
LINN, WILLIAM A.                        OH-7-H-220
LISTON, ELIZABETH C.                    OH-7-K-238
LISTON, HATTIE ANN                      OH-7-N-375
LISTON, MARY ANN                        OH-7-K-431
LITTLETON, BARBARA                      OH-7-M-521
LITTLETON, ELIZABTEH A.                 OH-7-16-401
LIVINGSTON, JOHN                        OH-7-F-473
LOCHARY, DANIEL                         OH-7-H-205
LOCKWOOD, ANNA B.                       OH-7-N-101
LOCKWOOD, BENJAMIN                      OH-7-M-382
LOCKWOOD, DAVID                         OH-7-G-245
LOCKWOOD, EDMUND                        OH-7-K-93
LOCKWOOD, JACOB M.                      OH-7-O-394
LODGE, ABNER                            OH-7-K-385
LOE, DAVID S.                           OH-7-19-530
LOGAN, MARGARET                         OH-7-B-399
LOGAN, MARY                             OH-7-19-565
LONG, JACOB                             OH-7-I-9
LONG, MARGARET                          OH-7-18-106
LONG, MARY C.                           OH-7-P-26
LONG, MICHAEL                           OH-7-K-23
LORING, SARAH A.                        OH-7-K-387
LOSCH, JOHN                             OH-7-M-369
LOVE, ANDREW                            OH-7-I-241
LOWDIN, WILLIAM                         OH-7-L-567
LOY, JACOB                              OH-7-G-147
LOYD, JOHN                              OH-7-F-419
LUCAS, DAVID                            OH-7-K-410
LUCAS, ELISHA M.                        OH-7-K-83
LUCAS, ENOS                             OH-7-I-13
LUCAS, J. S.                            OH-7-18-585
LUCAS, JOHN P.                          OH-7-17-104
LUCAS, LILLIAN S.                       OH-7-19-520
LUCAS, SAMUEL                           OH-7-I-130
LUCAS, SAMUEL W.                        OH-7-18-3
LUCAS, WILLIAM                          OH-7-C-15
LUCHS, SAMUEL                           OH-7-18-443
LUDWIG, PETER                           OH-7-O-531
LUGENBEL, MAGDALINE                     OH-7-17-352
LUKE, CATHARINE                         OH-7-19-391
LUNDY, HEZEKIAH                         OH-7-16-374
LUPTON, NORRIS                          OH-7-K-123
LUYSTER, PETER B.                       OH-7-18-589
LYLE, ANN                               OH-7-M-124
LYLE, ELIZABETH                         OH-7-K-223
LYLE, JOHN                              OH-7-L-25
LYLE, WILLIAM                           OH-7-H-363
LYNN, ALMANDA                           OH-7-16-292
LYNN, ESTHER MILNER                     OH-7-18-372
LYNN, JAMES                             OH-7-K-350
LYNN, JOHN                              OH-7-L-173
LYNN, SAMUEL                            OH-7-N-320
MACKALL, BENJAMIN H.                    OH-7-F-147
MACKALL, JOHN T.                        OH-7-L-441
MAGEE, NARCISSA                         OH-7-17-278
MAGINNIS, ANN J.                        OH-7-L-320
MAIER, WILHELMINA                       OH-7-19-201
MAJOR, ARCHIBALD                        OH-7-O-377
MAJOR, ARCHIBALD SR.                    OH-7-I-426
MAJOR, JAMES A.                         OH-7-K-65
MAJOR, JOHN                             OH-7-H-310
MAJOR, JOHN                             OH-7-K-310
MAJOR, JOHN A.                          OH-7-O-247
MAJOR, JOHN S.                          OH-7-L-494
MAJOR, MARTHA                           OH-7-19-1
MAJOR, THOMAS                           OH-7-F-505
MAJOR, THOMAS J.                        OH-7-18-473
MALIN, THOMAS                           OH-7-G-324
MALONE, JAMES                           OH-7-K-76
MALONE, THOMAS                          OH-7-M-105
MAMIN, MARY                             OH-7-19-454
MAN, PETER                              OH-7-K-109
MANAHAN, ELIZABETH                      OH-7-I-503
MANLEY, MARY                            OH-7-18-101
MANLEY, PETER                           OH-7-18-117
MANN, HENRY                             OH-7-I-259
MANN, LAFAYETTE                         OH-7-18-228
MANSFIELD, JOHN I.                      OH-7-17-20
MARINER, JOHN                           OH-7-H-377
MARING, JOHN                            OH-7-B-240
MARING, SARAH                           OH-7-I-369
MARSH, JOHN                             OH-7-G-230
MARSHALL, CLARISSA C.                   OH-7-N-570
MARSHALL, JAMES                         OH-7-M-279
MARSHALL, JESSE                         OH-7-M-187
MARSHALL, JOHN R.                       OH-7-17-521
MARSHALL, THOMAS                        OH-7-G-113
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                       OH-7-G-297
MARTIN, JAMES                           OH-7-B-271
MARTIN, JOHN                            OH-7-A-216
MARTIN, TAZWELL P.                      OH-7-M-332
MARTON, JOHN W.                         OH-7-16-59
MASER, JACOB                            OH-7-M-502
MASON, GEORGE                           OH-7-I-349
MASON, JOHN                             OH-7-K-116
MASON, SARAH                            OH-7-H-394
MASSIE, HARRISON                        OH-7-P-109
MASTERS, LYDIA                          OH-7-O-510
MASTERS, ROBERT                         OH-7-L-220
MATHEWS, JOHN                           OH-7-H-198
MATTHEWS, ELI B.                        OH-7-O-400
MAULE, JOSHUA                           OH-7-O-554
MAY, JACOB                              OH-7-K-57
MAYERS, STEPHEN                         OH-7-H-44
MAYHUGH, ALEXANDER                      OH-7-F-258
MAYS, JACOB                             OH-7-N-378
MAYS, RACHEL B. S.                      OH-7-18-318
MCALLISTER, JAMES                       OH-7-B-417
MCALLISTER, JOHN                        OH-7-M-40
MCAVOY, JAMES                           OH-7-H-231
MCBURNEY, ELIZABETH                     OH-7-H-137
MCCALL, ALEXANDER                       OH-7-F-46
MCCALL, JOHN                            OH-7-N-436
MCCALL, JOSEPH                          OH-7-O-577
MCCALL, MATTHEW                         OH-7-F-416
MCCALL, NANCY                           OH-7-K-74
MCCANDLESS, JOHN                        OH-7-K-198
MCCANDLESS, LAURA ELLA                  OH-7-M-156
MCCANN, ISAAC                           OH-7-17-488
MCCARTNEY, JOHN                         OH-7-18-335
MCCASKEY, ANN                           OH-7-H-170
MCCASKEY, JOHN                          OH-7-L-31
MCCASKEY, WILLIAM                       OH-7-H-444
MCCAUGHEY, JACKSON WARREN               OH-7-H-132
MCCLEAN, ARCHIBALD                      OH-7-H-237
MCCLELLAND, GEORGE                      OH-7-P-175
MCCOLLOUGH, T. G.                       OH-7-19-16
MCCOMAS, IDA                            OH-7-M-377
MCCOMBS, HIRAM M.                       OH-7-16-480
MCCONAGHEY, ELIZA                       OH-7-M-18
MCCONNAUGH, JONATHAN                    OH-7-17-158
MCCONNAUGHY, JOSEPH                     OH-7-O-482
MCCONNEL, FRANCIS                       OH-7-E-463
MCCONNEL, JOHN                          OH-7-F-45
MCCONNELL, ELIZA JANE                   OH-7-G-576
MCCONNELL, FRANCIS                      OH-7-O-40
MCCONNELL, GEORGE                       OH-7-H-176
MCCONNELL, JAMES                        OH-7-B-415
MCCONNELL, JAMES                        OH-7-G-78
MCCONNELL, JAMES                        OH-7-F-351
MCCONNELL, WILLIAM                      OH-7-L-99
MCCORMACK, THOMAS                       OH-7-N-106
MCCORMICK, ALEXANDER H.                 OH-7-K-268
MCCORMICK, EDWARD                       OH-7-16-155
MCCORMICK, MARY                         OH-7-L-543
MCCORMICK, SARAH                        OH-7-19-155
MCCOY, JACOB                            OH-7-A-365
MCCOY, MARGARET                         OH-7-19-561
MCCRACKEN, WILLIAM                      OH-7-N-555
MCCUE, MARY E. H.                       OH-7-I-488
MCCULLOUGH, SAMUEL I.                   OH-7-N-505
MCCURDY, DANIEL                         OH-7-G-39
MCCURDY, NANCY                          OH-7-I-288
MCDONALD, ISABELLA                      OH-7-O-199
MCDONOUGH, WILLIAM                      OH-7-19-576
MCDOWELL, JOHN                          OH-7-K-188
MCDOWELL, PLEASEY                       OH-7-I-48
MCELHATTEN, NANCY                       OH-7-I-442
MCELROY, ANNA BELLE                     OH-7-17-576
MCELROY, ARCHIBALD                      OH-7-C-288
MCELROY, JOHN                           OH-7-I-182
MCELWAIN, ANDREW                        OH-7-P-373
MCENDREE, MARGRET                       OH-7-18-207
MCENTEE, BERNARD                        OH-7-16-116
MCFADDEN, JAMES                         OH-7-A-323
MCFARLAND, ELIJAH                       OH-7-19-92
MCFARLAND, ISAAC G.                     OH-7-18-32
MCFARLAND, JAMES                        OH-7-16-447
MCFARLAND, MARGARET                     OH-7-B-114
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM                      OH-7-A-301
MCFARLING, ANDREW                       OH-7-O-289
MCFARLING, ELIAS                        OH-7-L-589
MCGANE, ANNA G.                         OH-7-K-162
MCGARGLE, ELLEN                         OH-7-I-197
MCGARY, GEORGE                          OH-7-19-63
MCGAUGHY, ELIZABETH                     OH-7-P-552
MCGAUGHY, JOHN                          OH-7-I-329
MCGEE, JESSE                            OH-7-K-271
MCGEORGE, JANE                          OH-7-19-251
MCGEORGE, SAMUEL                        OH-7-O-573
MCGHEE, ALLEN                           OH-7-18-506
MCGIVEM, ARTHUR                         OH-7-L-195
MCGIVERN, PATRICK                       OH-7-N-534
MCGOUGAN, ALEXANDER                     OH-7-F-61
MCGRATH, JANE                           OH-7-I-190
MCGREGOR, JAMES                         OH-7-F-215
MCGREGOR, JAMES                         OH-7-18-548
MCGREGOR, MARGARET                      OH-7-K-260
MCGREW, FINLEY B.                       OH-7-K-148
MCGROVE, AGUSTUS                        OH-7-G-284
MCGROVERLY, CHARLES                     OH-7-K-237
MCGUIRE, OWEN                           OH-7-16-36
MCGUIRE, THOMAS                         OH-7-K-338
MCHENRY, ANNA                           OH-7-M-231
MCHENRY, GEORGE                         OH-7-L-300
MCHENRY, JESSE                          OH-7-I-124
MCILVAINE, ANDREW                       OH-7-H-184
MCKAIN, JAMES                           OH-7-P-91
MCKAIN, MARY                            OH-7-O-367
MCKEE, DAVID ADAM                       OH-7-16-132
MCKEE, HUGH L.                          OH-7-K-129
MCKEEN, JAMES                           OH-7-16-270
MCKEEN, JAMES SR.                       OH-7-I-247
MCKELVEY, JOSEPH                        OH-7-N-310
MCKELVEY, JOSEPH                        OH-7-O-527
MCKELVEY, MARY J.                       OH-7-17-511
MCKELVEY, NANCY                         OH-7-17-72
MCKELVEY, ROBERT                        OH-7-I-120
MCKELVEY, THOMAS                        OH-7-N-55
MCKELVEY, WEIR                          OH-7-O-507
MCKELVY, EDWARD                         OH-7-I-152
MCKEOW, JOHN H.                         OH-7-16-279
MCKIM, JOSEPH                           OH-7-M-380
MCKIMMONS, ELIZABETH                    OH-7-I-214
MCKINLEY, ANDREW                        OH-7-I-300
MCKINLEY, ELEANOR J.                    OH-7-18-45
MCKINLEY, JAMES                         OH-7-K-345
MCKINLEY, SARAH A.                      OH-7-17-66
MCKINNEY, JAMES                         OH-7-C-280
MCKINNEY, THOMAS                        OH-7-I-284
MCKIRAHAN, THOMAS                       OH-7-N-51
MCKIRCHAN, JOHN                         OH-7-17-34
MCKIRK, JAMES                           OH-7-D-31
MCKISSON, ALEY                          OH-7-O-204
MCKISSON, ARTHOR                        OH-7-A-130
MCKISSON, SUSAN                         OH-7-K-359
MCKISSON, THOMAS E.                     OH-7-18-300
MCKNIGHT, ELI                           OH-7-K-426
MCKNIGHT, THOMAS                        OH-7-O-240
MCKUN, ISABELLA                         OH-7-P-300
MCLANE, MARY C. (BUCHANAN)              OH-7-I-150
MCLAUGHLIN, DALLAS                      OH-7-L-506
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK                     OH-7-O-173
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                     OH-7-G-379
MCLEISH, DEBORAH                        OH-7-N-469
MCLEISH, JAMES                          OH-7-K-3
MCMAHAN, JOHN                           OH-7-I-211
MCMAHON, DORIE                          OH-7-18-240
MCMANIS, THOMAS                         OH-7-K-45
MCMASTER, LUVINA                        OH-7-18-193
MCMASTER, MARY                          OH-7-16-125
MCMASTER, ROBERT A.                     OH-7-18-369
MCMASTER, SAMUEL                        OH-7-19-525
MCMASTER, WILLIAM                       OH-7-16-443
MCMECHEN, ELLEN                         OH-7-L-95
MCMILLAN, AVERY                         OH-7-I-128
MCMILLAN, ELI                           OH-7-P-337
MCMILLAN, JAMES                         OH-7-I-33
MCMILLAN, SAMUEL                        OH-7-H-286
MCMILLEN, GEORGE                        OH-7-F-399
MCMILLEN, HUGH                          OH-7-P-234
MCMILLEN, JACOB                         OH-7-17-309
MCMILLEN, JAMES                         OH-7-I-171
MCMILLIN, SARAH                         OH-7-18-458
MCMURRY, CATHARINE                      OH-7-I-209
MCMURRY, WILLIAM                        OH-7-H-105
MCNABB, GEORGE                          OH-7-B-22
MCNEELY, PLATOFF                        OH-7-I-155
MCNICHOLS, MARGARET J.                  OH-7-18-370
MCNICHOLS, MARTHA                       OH-7-H-103
MCNIECE, SAMUEL                         OH-7-19-552
MCNIECE, THOMAS                         OH-7-P-24
MCNIGHT, AMY                            OH-7-O-350
MCNOLS, GEORGE T.                       OH-7-G-358
MCPEED, NANCY                           OH-7-L-627
MCPHERSON, ALEXANDER                    OH-7-I-141
MCPHERSON, CATHARINE                    OH-7-I-391
MCPHERSON, JAMES                        OH-7-E-397
MCPHERSON, JOHN                         OH-7-I-38
MCPHERSON, MARIA                        OH-7-17-313
MCPHERSON, MORDOCH                      OH-7-I-480
MCPHERSON, SAMUEL                       OH-7-I-314
MCSWORDS, INDIANA Z.                    OH-7-19-55
MCVEIGH, JOSEPH N.                      OH-7-L-443
MCVICKER, DANIEL                        OH-7-A-14
MCWILLIAMS, ABRAHAM                     OH-7-H-49
MCWILLIAMS, DAVID                       OH-7-H-4
MCWILLIAMS, SAMUEL SR.                  OH-7-C-59
MEAD, ENFIELD S.                        OH-7-18-134
MEAD, PHINEAS W.                        OH-7-O-565
MEAD, SAMUEL                            OH-7-I-411
MEARS, THOMAS J.                        OH-7-18-6
MECHEM, LEWIS                           OH-7-O-519
MECHEM, WILLIAM                         OH-7-I-515
MEDILL, JOSEPH                          OH-7-L-251
MEDILL, JOSEPH (ADMIN)                  OH-7-L-439
MEDLEY, JOSEPH                          OH-7-H-433
MEEK, GEOGE JR.                         OH-7-K-400
MEEK, HENRY                             OH-7-16-36
MEEK, WILMOT C.                         OH-7-18-62
MEGIVERAN, FANNY                        OH-7-17-228
MEHOLLIN, JOSEPH                        OH-7-N-362
MEISNER, AUGUSTA H.                     OH-7-16-411
MEISSNER, JOHN G.                       OH-7-16-476
MELLEN, MICHAEL                         OH-7-N-415
MELLOR, JOSEPH T.                       OH-7-19-495
MELLOTT, MARY A.                        OH-7-19-572
MERCER, BABB                            OH-7-I-322
MERCER, JOHN                            OH-7-B-40
MERCER, JOHN                            OH-7-K-119
MERRETT, WILLIAM                        OH-7-F-118
MERRIT, DANIEL                          OH-7-E-187
MERRIT, ROBERT SR.                      OH-7-G-127
MERRITT, ISAAC                          OH-7-F-120
MERRITT, JAMES F.                       OH-7-I-198
MERRITT, JOHN                           OH-7-G-215
MERRITT, ROBERT                         OH-7-O-93
MERTZ, GEORGE                           OH-7-L-86
METCALF, O. G.                          OH-7-K-429
MEYER, CORNAD                           OH-7-M-46
MIDDLETON, JOSEPH                       OH-7-D-180
MILES, THOMAS                           OH-7-F-350
MILHOAN, HENRY                          OH-7-19-232
MILHOUS, WILLIAM                        OH-7-C-176
MILHOVER, SAMUEL                        OH-7-H-58
MILITZER, JOHN C.                       OH-7-P-531
MILLER, DAVID                           OH-7-G-148
MILLER, ERNEST                          OH-7-19-496
MILLER, FRANCIS                         OH-7-L-622
MILLER, JAMES                           OH-7-B-465
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-7-18-161
MILLER, LYDIA                           OH-7-N-111
MILLER, MARTHA                          OH-7-18-343
MILLER, RACHEL                          OH-7-L-432
MILLER, SARAH                           OH-7-H-249
MILLIGAN, DAVID                         OH-7-I-28
MILLIGAN, ELIZABETH                     OH-7-L-162
MILLIGAN, GEORGE C.                     OH-7-16-369
MILLIGAN, JAMES                         OH-7-M-575
MILLIGAN, JOHN W.                       OH-7-K-340
MILLIGAN, MOSES                         OH-7-G-497
MILLIGAN, SARAH A.                      OH-7-M-23
MILLISON, ABNER                         OH-7-O-35
MILLISON, J. B.                         OH-7-O-547
MILLISON, JOHN                          OH-7-L-72
MILLS, CORNELIUS S.                     OH-7-K-306
MILLS, WILLIAM                          OH-7-A-324
MILNER, EDWARD                          OH-7-E-275
MILNER, WILSON                          OH-7-I-498
MITCHELL, HENRY                         OH-7-K-135
MITCHELL, ISAAC                         OH-7-M-26
MITCHELL, J. R.                         OH-7-17-295
MITCHELL, JAMES                         OH-7-H-165
MITCHELL, JAMES C.                      OH-7-I-504
MITCHELL, JAMES C.                      OH-7-K-177
MITCHELL, JOHN P.                       OH-7-L-224
MITCHELL, JOSEPH                        OH-7-L-48
MITCHELL, JOSEPH M.                     OH-7-16-336
MITCHELL, MATTHEW C.                    OH-7-18-326
MITCHELL, RACHEL J.                     OH-7-17-133
MITCHELL, THOMAS                        OH-7-H-71
MOBBERLY, JOHN                          OH-7-I-357
MOBERLY, KATHARINE                      OH-7-F-525
MONOGHAN, EDWARD                        OH-7-19-126
MONROE, NICHOLAS                        OH-7-H-313
MONTGOMERY, DAVID                       OH-7-F-385
MONTGOMERY, JOSEPH B.                   OH-7-18-262
MOONEY, JOHN                            OH-7-K-27
MOORE, ABNER                            OH-7-K-62
MOORE, AMSTER                           OH-7-O-2214
MOORE, ANDREW C.                        OH-7-H-463
MOORE, CYRUS                            OH-7-17-262
MOORE, ELIZA ANN                        OH-7-19-39
MOORE, ELLZEY                           OH-7-L-103
MOORE, ELMER C.                         OH-7-18-163
MOORE, EVALINE                          OH-7-19-60
MOORE, ISAAC                            OH-7-F-149
MOORE, JACOB SR.                        OH-7-I-230
MOORE, JAMES                            OH-7-F-282
MOORE, JAMES                            OH-7-19-52
MOORE, JOHN                             OH-7-L-323
MOORE, JOHN                             OH-7-H-356
MOORE, JONATHAN E.                      OH-7-H-353
MOORE, JOSEPH                           OH-7-K-392
MOORE, JOSEPH                           OH-7-I-215
MOORE, JOSEPH                           OH-7-L-261
MOORE, JOSEPH W.                        OH-7-19-177
MOORE, LEVEN                            OH-7-I-272
MOORE, MARTIN                           OH-7-K-175
MOORE, MARY                             OH-7-L-596
MOORE, MECHEN                           OH-7-19-384
MOORE, NANCY                            OH-7-G-403
MOORE, THOMAS                           OH-7-I-147
MOORE, THOMAS                           OH-7-A-52
MOORE, THOMAS G.                        OH-7-16-256
MOORE, WILLIAM                          OH-7-I-15
MOORE, WILLIAM H.                       OH-7-F-353
MOORE, WILLIAM R.                       OH-7-L-294
MORAN, PATRICK                          OH-7-M-109
MORGAN, AMOS                            OH-7-L-3
MORGAN, AMOS                            OH-7-18-221
MORGAN, CATHARINE                       OH-7-P-294
MORGAN, CATHARINE B.                    OH-7-16-171
MORGAN, E. G.                           OH-7-M-112
MORGAN, JAMES                           OH-7-K-103
MORGAN, JANETT                          OH-7-18-411
MORGAN, JOHN                            OH-7-L-398
MORGAN, LEVI                            OH-7-16-199
MORGAN, PHILIP                          OH-7-F-99
MORGAN, PHILIP                          OH-7-16-166
MORGAN, THOMAS                          OH-7-O-210
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         OH-7-L-178
MORRIS, HENRY P.                        OH-7-O-362
MORRIS, SOLOMON                         OH-7-H-121
MORRISON, ARTHUR                        OH-7-G-89
MORRISON, DUNCAN                        OH-7-C-384
MORRISON, HUGH                          OH-7-H-339
MORRISON, JOSEPH                        OH-7-H-161
MORRISON, ROBERT JR.                    OH-7-F-97
MORRISON, WILLIAM                       OH-7-L-364
MORROW, CHALRES                         OH-7-K-290
MORROW, JOHN T.                         OH-7-19-503
MORROW, MARGARET                        OH-7-P-197
MORROW, ROBERT                          OH-7-19-147
MORTON, MARY M.                         OH-7-K-485
MORTON, PHILIP C.                       OH-7-G-193
MOSSBURGH, CHRISTIAN                    OH-7-K-39
MOYLAN, DELIA                           OH-7-O-409
MUEGGE, FREDERICK                       OH-7-19-452
MUMMA, DANIEL                           OH-7-18-257
MUNCEY, LEVI                            OH-7-H-172
MURDAUGH, ISAAC                         OH-7-P-143
MURDAUGH, TELITHA                       OH-7-18-197
MURDOCK, THOMAS                         OH-7-16-84
MURPHEY, BENJAMIN                       OH-7-C-421
MURPHY, BENJAMIN                        OH-7-H-109
MURPHY, JAMES J.                        OH-7-K-247
MURPHY, SAMUEL H.                       OH-7-L-51
MURPHY, SARAH                           OH-7-19-231
MURPHY, TALITHA C.                      OH-7-16-250
MURRAY, DENNIS                          OH-7-19-521
MURRAY, DOMINICK J.                     OH-7-P-455
MURRAY, JAMES                           OH-7-19-294
MURRAY, LEANDER                         OH-7-18-324
MURRAY, WILLIAM                         OH-7-19-325
MURRY, JOHN                             OH-7-F-507
MUSTER, FREDERICK                       OH-7-16-350
MUTCHMORE, SAMUEL                       OH-7-P-292
MUTCHMORE, SAMUEL SR.                   OH-7-H-35
MYERS, DIXON                            OH-7-16-1
MYERS, GEORGE W.                        OH-7-16-146
MYERS, JAMES                            OH-7-H-236
MYERS, MICHAEL                          OH-7-17-319
MYERS, PHILLIP W.                       OH-7-19-171
MYERS, WILLIAM                          OH-7-I-143

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