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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A1=1811-1825 | B1=1826-1833 | C1=1831-1840 | D1=1836-1844 | E1=1844-1848 | F1=1845-1851 | G1=1851-1854 | A2=1853-1860 | B2=1860-1865 | C2=1866-1872 | D2=1873-1878 | E2=1878-1883 | F2=1883-1885 | G2=1885-1888 |
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ADAMS, HORACE                           OH-4-E2-282
ADAMS, ROSWELL                          OH-4-B2-50
AIKEN, HENRIETTA D.                     OH-4-E2-395
AIKEN, SAMUEL C.                        OH-4-E2-377
AINGER, JESSE                           OH-4-B2-253
AINGER, LOUISA A.                       OH-4-G2-28
ALDERMAN, ALEXANDER                     OH-4-B2-262
ALDERMAN, HANNAH                        OH-4-G2-440
ALDERMAN, HOMER                         OH-4-A2-282
ALDERMAN, JOHN S.                       OH-4-A2-389
ALDERMAN, JOSEPH                        OH-4-A1-136
ALFORD, DESTIN                          OH-4-A2-139
ALFORD, ELIZA M.                        OH-4-D2-20
ALGER, LUCINDA                          OH-4-B2-130
ALLAMON, ENOCH F.                       OH-4-D2-339
ALLEN, BENJAMIN                         OH-4-D1-637
ALLEN, GUILFORD                         OH-4-E2-299
ALLEN, JOSIAH                           OH-4-E2-142
ALLEN, RACHEL S.                        OH-4-G2-38
ALLEN, ROBERT                           OH-4-D1-179
ALLEN, TRYPHENA                         OH-4-B2-357
ALLEN, WILLIAM R.                       OH-4-F2-478
ALLISON, JOSEPH                         OH-4-G1-145
ALLSION, MELVIN                         OH-4-B2-317
AMIDON, GEORGE S.                       OH-4-F1-226
AMSDEN, SAMUEL                          OH-4-D2-22
ANDREWS, BENONI                         OH-4-D2-325
ANDREWS, CALVIN                         OH-4-B2-275
ANDREWS, EATON                          OH-4-E2-363
ANDREWS, JOHN                           OH-4-B2-269
ARNOLD, HEZEKIAH                        OH-4-D2-326
ARNOLD, JOSEPH                          OH-4-B2-377
ASHLEY, ELKANAH                         OH-4-A2-379
ASHLEY, SALMON                          OH-4-B2-95
ASKNE, SAMUEL A.                        OH-4-G2-239
ATKIN, JARVIS                           OH-4-E2-22
ATKIN, JOSEPH                           OH-4-B2-292
ATKINS, CLARISSA                        OH-4-E2-281
ATKINS, MARSHALL P.                     OH-4-F2-567
ATWATER, CHAUNCEY W.                    OH-4-G2-41
ATWATER, EXUM C.                        OH-4-F2-411
AUSTIN, AARON E.                        OH-4-G2-386
AUSTIN, ELIPHALET                       OH-4-C1-385
AUSTIN, ELIZA H.                        OH-4-D2-262
AUSTIN, ERATUS                          OH-4-A1-122
AUSTIN, HENRY H.                        OH-4-E2-278
AUSTIN, JOAB                            OH-4-C1-516
AUSTIN, JOHN                            OH-4-E1-129
AUSTIN, LEWIS B.                        OH-4-F2-89
AUSTIN, SALLY B.                        OH-4-D2-263
AUSTIN, SOLOMON                         OH-4-B2-60
AVERILL, EUNICE                         OH-4-E1-69
AVERY, JONATHAN                         OH-4-F2-14
AYLESWORTH, HIRAM                       OH-4-E2-353
BABCOCK, SARAH A.                       OH-4-E2-166
BABCOCK, SARAH A.                       OH-4-E2-171
BACON, ADOLPHUS                         OH-4-B2-476
BACON, EBENEZER C.                      OH-4-D2-238
BACON, GROVE                            OH-4-A2-279
BACON, MARTIN                           OH-4-A2-268
BACON, WASHBURN                         OH-4-F2-481
BAILEY, CALEB                           OH-4-B2-458
BAILEY, HUGH                            OH-4-G2-394
BAILEY, JONATHAN D.                     OH-4-A2-363
BAILEY, PAYNE                           OH-4-G2-587
BAIN, JOHN                              OH-4-D2-33
BAKER, EBENEZER                         OH-4-B2-242
BAKER, LEWIS                            OH-4-F2-428
BAKER, WILLIAM                          OH-4-B2-428
BALDWIN, JOHN M.                        OH-4-F2-460
BALDWIN, JONATHAN F.                    OH-4-D2-452
BALDWIN, POLLY                          OH-4-B1-305
BALEY, JOSEPH                           OH-4-B2-394
BALL, ELIJAH                            OH-4-B1-44
BANCROFT, JONATHAN M.                   OH-4-A2-231
BANE, THOMAS S. JR.                     OH-4-D2-160
BARBER, ELECTA                          OH-4-E2-19
BARBER, FRANCIS B.                      OH-4-E2-71
BARBER, MERRITT                         OH-4-A2-118
BARDEEN, LUTHER                         OH-4-A2-109
BARNES, BETSEY                          OH-4-D2-373
BARNES, ELIJAH                          OH-4-F1-614
BARNS, JOHN B.                          OH-4-C1-118
BARNUM, EPHRAIM P.                      OH-4-D2-471
BARTHOLOMEW, BENJAMIN D.                OH-4-E2-463
BARTHOLOMEW, DANIEL                     OH-4-A1-89
BARTHOLOMEW, JACOB                      OH-4-C1-292
BARTHOLOMEW, JOSEPH                     OH-4-A1-5
BARTLETT, PHILANDER                     OH-4-B2-102
BARTON, ELI                             OH-4-A2-31
BARTRAM, DAVID                          OH-4-D2-267
BASSETT, WILLIAM C.                     OH-4-E2-513
BATES, ASA                              OH-4-C1-519
BATES, JOSIAH G.                        OH-4-F2-544
BATES, MERRICK                          OH-4-D2-402
BATES, MOSLEY                           OH-4-D2-17
BATES, PHINNEAS P.                      OH-4-A2-245
BATES, SOLOMON                          OH-4-E2-174
BATES, SYLVIA M.                        OH-4-D2-269
BATTELL, JOSEPH                         OH-4-E1-67
BATTRICK, THOMAS                        OH-4-A2-155
BAUR, CHRISTIAN                         OH-4-D2-116
BAUR, PAUL                              OH-4-G2-327
BAXTER, GEORGE                          OH-4-G2-58
BAXTER, JAMES                           OH-4-D2-491
BEARDSLEY, EUGENE                       OH-4-F2-547
BEARDSLEY, JOSIAH                       OH-4-D2-153
BEATY, JONATHAN                         OH-4-D2-204
BECKWITH, DAVID J.                      OH-4-G2-208
BECKWITH, PERRY G.                      OH-4-D1-483
BECKWITH, PERRY G.                      OH-4-D2-254
BELDEN, LOUISA                          OH-4-G2-493
BELDEN, OLIVER                          OH-4-D2-315
BELDING, ELIZABETH S.                   OH-4-C1-514
BELL, WILLIAM JOHNSON                   OH-4-D2-460
BENHAM, ELIAS                           OH-4-G2-151
BENHAM, SAMUEL                          OH-4-B2-22
BENHAM, THOMAS M.                       OH-4-D2-425
BENJAMIN, DAVID                         OH-4-A1-410
BENJAMIN, LYDIA E.                      OH-4-B2-147
BENNETT, EZRA GATES                     OH-4-B2-288
BENNETT, WALKER S.                      OH-4-F1-110
BENSON, ELIZA                           OH-4-G2-6
BENTLEY, ARNOLD                         OH-4-D2-221
BENTLEY, SAMUEL                         OH-4-C1-110
BENTON, DELIGHT                         OH-4-D2-433
BENTON, MARTHA                          OH-4-D2-487
BETTS, JANE                             OH-4-F2-246
BIEDER, JACOB                           OH-4-F2-283
BIGELOW, EUNICE                         OH-4-D2-177
BIGGAR, HAMILTON                        OH-4-G2-259
BILLYARD, THOMAS                        OH-4-G2-46
BISHOP, NATHAN                          OH-4-E2-286
BISSELL, CHARLES                        OH-4-D2-24
BISSELL, LUCRETIUS                      OH-4-A2-263
BISSELL, OZIAS                          OH-4-A2-9
BLACKFORD, MARTIN                       OH-4-B2-450
BLACKMER, ELIZABETH                     OH-4-B2-285
BLAKE, WILLARD                          OH-4-D2-344
BLAKESLEE, GARWOOD                      OH-4-E2-560
BLAKESLEE, HORACE                       OH-4-E2-8
BLAKESLEE, LEVI P.                      OH-4-E2-113
BLAKSLEE, ORRIN                         OH-4-D2-464
BLAKSLEE, SALA                          OH-4-D1-11
BLANCHARD, CHARLES S.                   OH-4-E2-76
BLANCHARD, JOHN A.                      OH-4-G2-605
BLANCHARD, JOHN F.                      OH-4-E2-367
BLODGETT, IRA A.                        OH-4-E2-411
BLOOD, HIRAM                            OH-4-F2-379
BLOSS, JAMES M.                         OH-4-E1-185
BOARDMAN, ELIJAH                        OH-4-A1-365
BOLLARD, DANIEL W.                      OH-4-B2-304
BOLLARD, PERSIS M.                      OH-4-G2-469
BOLSTER, SILAS                          OH-4-F2-286
BOOTH, GEORGE                           OH-4-C1-404
BOOTH, PHILO                            OH-4-G1-266
BOOTH, SOPHIA                           OH-4-B2-57
BOSTWICK, MARCUS                        OH-4-E2-86
BOVEE, IRA                              OH-4-E2-39
BOVEE, PHILLIP                          OH-4-B2-372
BOWE, SALLY                             OH-4-D2-166
BOWERS, CHARLES                         OH-4-D2-128
BOYLES, SAMUEL                          OH-4-D2-277
BRAINARD, DANIEL D.                     OH-4-D2-119
BRAINARD, HENRY                         OH-4-B2-437
BRAINARD, WILLIAM                       OH-4-C1-477
BRANCH, FERRAND                         OH-4-D2-182
BRANNAN, MICHAEL                        OH-4-F2-186
BRAYMAN, SOLOMON                        OH-4-B2-111
BRECK, EDWARD                           OH-4-A2-194
BRECK, JOHN                             OH-4-A2-198
BRECK, ROBERT                           OH-4-A2-187
BRECK, THEODORE                         OH-4-A2-196
BRETT, HARRIET M.                       OH-4-E2-276
BRETT, JOSHUA D.                        OH-4-E2-119
BREWSTER, CELESTIA A.                   OH-4-A2-126
BREWSTER, SARDIUS                       OH-4-B2-460
BRISTOL, WILLIAM                        OH-4-C1-426
BRITTIN, JOHN                           OH-4-A2-375
BROCKETT, LAURA                         OH-4-D2-248
BROCKWAY, ALICE                         OH-4-C1-126
BROCKWAY, CARLOS M.                     OH-4-F2-425
BROCKWAY, JAMES                         OH-4-D2-446
BROCKWAY, JASPER                        OH-4-A2-347
BRONSON, HARRIET M.                     OH-4-D2-268
BROOK, AMADEUS                          OH-4-A2-101
BROOK, CHARLES                          OH-4-A2-61
BROOKS, ISAAC                           OH-4-D2-206
BROUGHTON, EBENEZER                     OH-4-A2-50
BROWN, ANSON                            OH-4-A2-289
BROWN, ELIJAH                           OH-4-B2-366
BROWN, ELLEN                            OH-4-E2-432
BROWN, FREDERICK P.                     OH-4-G2-153
BROWN, HENRY                            OH-4-C1-10
BROWN, HILANDER                         OH-4-G2-300
BROWN, IRA                              OH-4-B2-16
BROWN, J. R.                            OH-4-G2-451
BROWN, LOVINA                           OH-4-D2-314
BROWN, LUMAN                            OH-4-B2-335
BROWN, MARY                             OH-4-D2-185
BROWN, MARY ANN                         OH-4-F2-430
BROWN, NATHANIEL W.                     OH-4-G2-448
BROWN, SALLY                            OH-4-E1-163
BROWN, SIMON H.                         OH-4-B2-52
BROWN, SYLVANUS                         OH-4-B2-432
BROWN, TITUS                            OH-4-D2-361
BRYANT, BETSEY                          OH-4-D2-266
BRYCE, JAMES                            OH-4-B2-132
BUCK, SAMUEL                            OH-4-B2-322
BUGBEE, HENRY                           OH-4-D2-359
BUGBEE, NATHAN                          OH-4-A2-407
BUGBEE, WIMAN                           OH-4-G1-261
BUGBEE, ZACHEUS                         OH-4-B2-300
BULFINCH, JONATHAN                      OH-4-B2-4
BULLIS, SILAS                           OH-4-B2-191
BUNNELL, HIRAM                          OH-4-F2-155
BUNNELL, SALMON                         OH-4-E2-491
BURDICK, CLARISSA                       OH-4-G2-234
BURDICK, SOLOMON                        OH-4-G1-389
BURDICK, WILLIAM D.                     OH-4-E2-30
BURGE, JOSIAH                           OH-4-A2-397
BURGET, ISAIAH                          OH-4-B2-41
BURGET, WILLIAM                         OH-4-B1-306
BURGETT, MIDDLEBURY                     OH-4-C1-6
BURLINGHAM, BARNARD                     OH-4-D2-520
BURRINGTON, NELSON                      OH-4-D2-443
BURROWS, WILLIAM                        OH-4-D2-519
BURT, AARON                             OH-4-A2-26
BURTON, CARRIE                          OH-4-F2-302
BURTON, WILLIAM                         OH-4-A2-271
BURTT, ZEBULON W.                       OH-4-E2-403
BUSHNELL, LUMAH J.                      OH-4-A2-86
BUSHNELL, SEDGWICK                      OH-4-E2-257
BUTLER, BELA L.                         OH-4-D2-374
BUTLER, GEORGE                          OH-4-A2-377
BUTLER, JOHN F.                         OH-4-D2-353
BUTLER, SALLY                           OH-4-G2-51
BUTLER, URIAH O.                        OH-4-D2-382
CADY, LOIS                              OH-4-B2-387
CAIN, THOMAS                            OH-4-G2-75
CALLENDER, ROBERT F.                    OH-4-G2-308
CALLOW, WILLIAM SR.                     OH-4-D2-4
CAMP, CYRUS T.                          OH-4-D2-394
CAMP, HADASSAH                          OH-4-A2-309
CAMP, JAMES A.                          OH-4-A2-311
CAPENDALE, JOHN                         OH-4-F2-84
CAPRON, ANN MARIA                       OH-4-F2-367
CAPRON, ELECTA                          OH-4-F2-192
CAPRON, MARSHALL                        OH-4-F2-416
CARPENTER, JAHAZIEL                     OH-4-G2-171
CARPENTER, JOHN S.                      OH-4-B2-235
CARR, AMOS                              OH-4-B2-452
CARTER, FRANKLIN H.                     OH-4-A2-393
CARTER, LORING                          OH-4-G2-336
CARVER, OCTAVIA                         OH-4-F2-226
CASE, ASA N.                            OH-4-F2-439
CASE, JOSEPH M.                         OH-4-B2-220
CASE, ORRIN B.                          OH-4-E2-195
CASE, QUINCY A.                         OH-4-G2-559
CASE, SARAH (STILLMAN)                  OH-4-E2-4
CASE, TIMOTHY                           OH-4-F1-582
CASTLE, DANIEL                          OH-4-B2-280
CASWELL, ELIZA                          OH-4-A2-209
CASWELL, NORMAN S.                      OH-4-G2-182
CATLE, CLARISSA                         OH-4-D2-288
CHAFER, THOMAS                          OH-4-E2-424
CHAMBERLIN, PETER P.                    OH-4-D2-490
CHAMPION , ICHABOD                      OH-4-D2-159
CHAMPION, ANDREW                        OH-4-D1-465
CHAMPION, LUCRETIA                      OH-4-G2-290
CHAPIN, CARMAN D.                       OH-4-F2-53
CHAPIN, CAROLINE J.                     OH-4-F2-118
CHAPMAN, CALEB                          OH-4-D2-164
CHAPMAN, CYRUS N.                       OH-4-A2-170
CHAPMAN, DEBORAH                        OH-4-F2-348
CHASE, JAMES EUGENE                     OH-4-E2-265
CHENEY, CHARLES                         OH-4-D2-442
CHENEY, JOHN                            OH-4-A2-316
CHENEY, LOIS                            OH-4-F2-570
CHENEY, MARY AMELIA                     OH-4-E2-441
CHESTER, MERCY                          OH-4-D2-438
CHILDS, ROXANA                          OH-4-E2-458
CHISLETT, WILLIAM                       OH-4-D2-86
CHRISPELL, FREDRICK                     OH-4-B2-93
CHRISTY, JAMES ***                      OH-4-E2-213
CHURCH, NATHANIEL L.                    OH-4-B2-239
CLAPP, EARL                             OH-4-B2-468
CLAPP, MARY                             OH-4-B2-283
CLAPP, SARAH                            OH-4-B2-172
CLARK, ALLEN                            OH-4-F2-355
CLARK, BUELL J.                         OH-4-D2-202
CLARK, ELSIE                            OH-4-G2-594
CLARK, ERASTUS                          OH-4-F2-56
CLARK, GEORGE C.                        OH-4-D2-317
CLARK, JAMES M.                         OH-4-B2-355
CLARK, JOHN                             OH-4-E2-332
CLARK, JULIUS                           OH-4-E2-254
CLARK, NANCY A.                         OH-4-D2-117
CLARK, PECK                             OH-4-A2-63
CLARK, SIMEON                           OH-4-G2-158
CLARKE, HARVEY                          OH-4-D1-284
CLARKE, MARIA                           OH-4-G2-359
CLARKE, ZACHARIAH                       OH-4-D2-494
CLEEVES, ELIZA G.                       OH-4-G2-411
CLEMM, RACHEL                           OH-4-A2-84
CLEVELAND, ALPHEUS                      OH-4-A2-295
CLEVELAND, ORISON                       OH-4-B2-233
CLEVELAND, ORISON P.                    OH-4-F1-309
CLIVE, RICHARD                          OH-4-G1-122
CLOES, CHARLES W.                       OH-4-E2-498
CLUSTER, ANN M.                         OH-4-E2-297
CLUTE, JOHN D.                          OH-4-D2-259
COCHRAN, ROBERT                         OH-4-G2-406
COFFIN, ROBERT I.                       OH-4-F2-147
COIT, DANIEL G.                         OH-4-C1-40
COLBY, CAROLINE                         OH-4-D2-360
COLBY, EMILY S.                         OH-4-D2-318
COLBY, MARY                             OH-4-E2-598
COLBY, SALLY                            OH-4-A2-302
COLBY, WILLIAM J.                       OH-4-E2-118
COLE, ABIGAIL                           OH-4-G1-399
COLE, SAMUEL                            OH-4-D2-432
COLE, TRUMAN                            OH-4-E2-380
COLE, WILLARD                           OH-4-C1-417
COLEGROVE, ALANSON                      OH-4-F1-81
COLEMAN, ELIJAH                         OH-4-A2-120
COLEMAN, KEZIAH                         OH-4-B2-144
COLEMAN, SARAH                          OH-4-F2-318
COLLINS, JAMES S.                       OH-4-D2-368
COMSTOCK, ANNA                          OH-4-E2-21
COMSTOCK, BENJAMIN                      OH-4-E2-11
CONANT, SUMNER                          OH-4-A2-60
CONLEY, MICHAEL                         OH-4-A2-134
COOK, ERASTUS                           OH-4-F1-425
COOK, FRANK                             OH-4-G2-382
COOK, JOSEPH R.                         OH-4-D2-281
COOK, NATHANIEL                         OH-4-A2-218
COOK, SILAS                             OH-4-D2-514
COOK, STEPHEN                           OH-4-E1-316
COOK, TIMOTHY                           OH-4-F1-464
COOKE, ELIZABETH                        OH-4-C1-464
COOPER, GEORGE W.                       OH-4-D2-15
COREY, GEORGE                           OH-4-G2-255
COTTAM, RHODA L.                        OH-4-D2-467
COTTON, LAURA A.                        OH-4-B2-249
COURSEN, JACOB SR.                      OH-4-D2-299
COVELL, CHAUNCEY H.                     OH-4-A2-298
COVELL, EUNICE                          OH-4-B2-390
COVELLE, SILAS                          OH-4-G1-402
COVILL, SILAS                           OH-4-A2-1
COWLE, L. M.                            OH-4-A2-206
COWLES, ADNA                            OH-4-C1-448
COWLES, BETSEY M.                       OH-4-E2-179
COWLES, FRANKLIN                        OH-4-E2-292
COWLES, GILES H.                        OH-4-C1-302
COWLES, JOSEPH B.                       OH-4-A2-16
COWLES, LEWIS D.                        OH-4-B2-90
COWLES, LYMAN B.                        OH-4-D2-365
COWLES, RACHEL C.                       OH-4-A2-261
COX, ANDREW                             OH-4-D2-68
COZZEN, JOSHUA Z.                       OH-4-A2-97
CRAIG, JOHN C.                          OH-4-B2-405
CRAVEN, WILLIAM J.                      OH-4-D2-574
CREESY, JOSIAH                          OH-4-B1-348
CRIPPEN, ASA                            OH-4-E2-511
CRIPPEN, ELIZA                          OH-4-G2-26
CRITTENDEN, ALMIRA                      OH-4-G2-236
CRITTENDEN, ISAAC                       OH-4-A2-161
CROSBY, ELLIOTT M.                      OH-4-D2-309
CROSBY, GEORGE C.                       OH-4-G2-421
CROSBY, JOSEPH ORRIN                    OH-4-G2-543
CROSBY, PERSIS                          OH-4-E2-456
CROUCH, VALENTINE                       OH-4-F2-172
CROWELL, ANNA                           OH-4-G2-279
CROWELL, DAVID                          OH-4-A2-292
CROWELL, ELIZABETH B.                   OH-4-F2-340
CROWELL, JOHN                           OH-4-D2-239
CROWELL, SAMANTHA                       OH-4-B2-89
CROWELL, WILLIAM                        OH-4-G1-40
CULBERTSON, SYLVESTER                   OH-4-D2-124
CULLEY, MATTHEW D.                      OH-4-D2-483
CURTICE, ALVAH B.                       OH-4-D2-187
CURTIS, ANCIL                           OH-4-G2-155
CURTIS, JAMES                           OH-4-E2-438
CURTIS, JOHN                            OH-4-D2-472
CURTIS, SUSAN                           OH-4-F2-278
CURTIS, WILLIAM H.                      OH-4-G2-487
CUTLER, ISAAC                           OH-4-F1-458
DAIN, ROSEL                             OH-4-E2-496
DANIELS, NELSON                         OH-4-G2-583
DARROW, ALMON                           OH-4-F2-408
DAVENPORT, HENRY                        OH-4-A2-232
DAVIS, JOHN                             OH-4-A2-131
DAVIS, JULIA A.                         OH-4-E2-79
DAVIS, RICHARD S.                       OH-4-F1-393
DAY, CALEB                              OH-4-D2-453
DAY, LUCY                               OH-4-G1-143
DAY, RUFUS                              OH-4-F2-451
DAY, THOMAS                             OH-4-G2-97
DEAN, EMELINE E.                        OH-4-D2-215
DEAN, H. G.                             OH-4-B2-295
DEAN, SARAH P.                          OH-4-F2-64
DEANE, JOHN                             OH-4-G2-127
DEBOW, JOHN                             OH-4-D2-486
DECKER, HARVEY J.                       OH-4-G2-162
DECKER, JOHN H.                         OH-4-D2-558
DEGOLLYER, JAMES W.                     OH-4-A2-230
DEMING, ABIGAL                          OH-4-A2-66
DEMORANVILLE, CHARLES                   OH-4-B1-312
DENHAM, GEORGE                          OH-4-A2-413
DENISON, CORNELIA M.                    OH-4-E2-114
DENNISON, WILLIAM B.                    OH-4-F1-92
DEWEY, HEMAN D.                         OH-4-G2-315
DEWOLF, ANNA A.                         OH-4-D2-423
DIBBLE, DANIEL                          OH-4-D1-378
DIBBLE, ELZA                            OH-4-A2-123
DIBELL, JOHN                            OH-4-D2-81
DICK, CHAUNCEY                          OH-4-B2-427
DICK, JAMES                             OH-4-E2-13
DIMICK, MARTIN D.                       OH-4-E2-125
DODGE, EDWARD R.                        OH-4-F2-525
DODGE, HARRIET                          OH-4-G2-471
DODGE, JEREMIAH                         OH-4-D2-531
DOLPH, PERMELIA                         OH-4-G2-92
DOLPH, WIRA                             OH-4-F1-205
DONAHUE, CATHARINE                      OH-4-G2-113
DORMAN, EDWIN                           OH-4-G2-333
DOUD, MELISSA                           OH-4-E2-510
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM                       OH-4-E2-263
DOWNING, PHEBE                          OH-4-D2-327
DOWNING, ROGER                          OH-4-G1-36
DOWNS, MARY M.                          OH-4-G2-590
DOYLE, NICHOALS                         OH-4-G2-205
DRAKE, FRANCIS                          OH-4-D2-422
DUBOIS, DAVID                           OH-4-B2-251
DUNHAM, MARY                            OH-4-G2-252
DURFEE, ELIZABETH C.                    OH-4-F2-386
DURKEE, S. J.                           OH-4-B2-244
EAMES, WILLIAM M.                       OH-4-F2-314
EATON, JOHN                             OH-4-D1-183
EDMONDS, ROBERT                         OH-4-G1-37
EDSON, JOSEPH J.                        OH-4-G2-32
EDWARDS, JAMES                          OH-4-D2-332
EDWARDS, LEWIS                          OH-4-D2-389
ELMORE, ORVIN                           OH-4-B2-350
ELMORE, SIDNEY T.                       OH-4-G2-95
ELY, ALEXIS L.                          OH-4-A2-75
EMMONS, BENJAMIN                        OH-4-B2-223
ENOS, DELISSA                           OH-4-A2-333
ENSIGN, AMMI E.                         OH-4-A2-112
EVANS, ELIZA                            OH-4-B2-328
EVANS, JERUSHA                          OH-4-B2-135
EVERTS, CALVIN                          OH-4-D2-536
EVERTS, HULDAH                          OH-4-G2-597
EVERTS, JESSE                           OH-4-E1-491
FAIRBROTHER, CHARLES                    OH-4-A2-119
FARDON, FRANK G.                        OH-4-F2-5
FARGO, JASON                            OH-4-B2-69
FARNHAM, ELISHA                         OH-4-D2-280
FARRINGTON, STEPHEN H.                  OH-4-D2-213
FASSETT, EMELINE                        OH-4-G2-78
FAULKNER, EZRA                          OH-4-D2-330
FAULKNER, TIMOTHY                       OH-4-A2-70
FEE, GEORGE                             OH-4-F2-79
FELCH, JUDITH                           OH-4-D2-478
FENN, JOHN                              OH-4-C1-521
FENN, POLLY                             OH-4-G1-29
FERGUSON, THOMAS                        OH-4-E2-170
FERRY, JOSEPH                           OH-4-A2-416
FIELD, AARON L.                         OH-4-A2-373
FIELDS, WILLIAM A.                      OH-4-C1-297
FILLMORE, RUFUS E.                      OH-4-E2-543
FIRMAGE, ROBERT                         OH-4-B2-443
FISHER, HARRIET O.                      OH-4-F2-433
FISHER, ISAAC. O.                       OH-4-E2-315
FISK, AMOS                              OH-4-C1-213
FISK, JAMIN                             OH-4-A2-55
FISK, MARY                              OH-4-D2-189
FITTS, HARVEY                           OH-4-E2-365
FITZGERALD, JOHN                        OH-4-D2-522
FLEMING, THEODORE                       OH-4-G1-88
FLOWER, WINONA                          OH-4-D2-576
FOBES, ELIAS                            OH-4-E2-335
FOBES, LOBAN                            OH-4-B2-261
FOBES, LUCIUS L.                        OH-4-G2-139
FOBES, SIMON                            OH-4-B2-20
FOBES, WILLIAM P.                       OH-4-D2-113
FOLLETT, MARTHA ANN                     OH-4-E2-155
FOOT, JOHN D.                           OH-4-D2-175
FOOT, ROGER                             OH-4-E1-20
FORMAN JOHNATHAN                        OH-4-E2-587
FORMAN, JONATHAN                        OH-4-A2-180
FOSTER, MARGRETT                        OH-4-B2-56
FOSTER, PATTY                           OH-4-D2-43
FOUST, JACOB B.                         OH-4-A2-275
FOWLER, ABIATHER                        OH-4-A2-408
FOWLER, CORNELIA A.                     OH-4-G2-232
FOWLER, ERASTUS                         OH-4-D2-240
FOX, JOHN                               OH-4-F2-8
FOX, JOHN                               OH-4-F2-420
FOX, LUCRETIA                           OH-4-F2-135
FOX, PHILIP                             OH-4-G2-466
FOX, RUDOLPH                            OH-4-D2-409
FRAMBACH, LEOPOLD                       OH-4-F2-472
FRANCES, PHYLETTA A.                    OH-4-A2-410
FRANKLIN, RILEY                         OH-4-G2-1
FRAYER, LAURA                           OH-4-D2-83
FRENCH, J. D.                           OH-4-G2-433
FRENCH, LEVI                            OH-4-C1-510
FRENCH, WILLIAM M.                      OH-4-B2-168
FRINK, CYRUS                            OH-4-E2-275
FRISBIE, ANN                            OH-4-F1-55
FRY, LEONARD                            OH-4-F2-102
FULLER, CURTISS                         OH-4-A2-402
FULLER, EDWARD J.                       OH-4-D2-208
FULLER, EDWARD P.                       OH-4-G2-143
FULLER, HARRIET                         OH-4-F1-61
FULLER, HENRY F.                        OH-4-B2-218
FULLER, MARRIETT G.                     OH-4-A2-92
FULLER, SYLVESTER S.                    OH-4-B2-383
FURCK, DANIEL D.                        OH-4-B2-424
GAGE, HULDAH                            OH-4-G2-174
GAGE, JOSHUA L.                         OH-4-E2-272
GARDNER, GEORGE P.                      OH-4-E1-210
GATES, MARTHA                           OH-4-D2-557
GATES, MILO D.                          OH-4-E2-596
GAUT, JOHN                              OH-4-A2-103
GAYLORD, BENJAMIN B.                    OH-4-A2-33
GEE, ZOPHAR                             OH-4-G2-361
GEE, ZOPHER                             OH-4-B1-218
GERALD, ABEL                            OH-4-D2-334
GHER, MARY                              OH-4-F2-160
GHER, SEMER                             OH-4-G2-198
GIBSON, THOMAS                          OH-4-G2-110
GIDDINGS, ANSON J.                      OH-4-E2-481
GIDDINGS, JOSEPH W.                     OH-4-B2-44
GIFFORD, SAMUEL                         OH-4-E2-557
GILBERT, CLEMENT                        OH-4-E2-6
GILBERT, COLLINS                        OH-4-C1-236
GILBERT, HANNAH                         OH-4-D1-762
GILBERT, JOH B.                         OH-4-B2-139
GILBERT, JONATHAN                       OH-4-E2-392
GILL, JOHN                              OH-4-E2-70
GILLETT, ASA                            OH-4-D2-304
GILLETT, ASAHEL                         OH-4-B2-214
GILLETT, CALVIN                         OH-4-B2-471
GILLETT, JOHN                           OH-4-B1-188
GILLMORE, JAMES T.                      OH-4-D2-371
GILLMORE, LYDIA M.                      OH-4-G2-531
GILLMORE, NATHAN R.                     OH-4-D2-163
GLADDING, WILLIAM F.                    OH-4-E2-176
GLEASON BETSEY                          OH-4-E2-318
GLEASON, ELIJAH                         OH-4-F2-58
GLEASON, KERIAH                         OH-4-C1-31
GLEASON, LEWIS                          OH-4-E2-31
GLEZEN, BENJAMIN H.                     OH-4-E2-361
GOFF, CHARLES                           OH-4-D2-130
GOFF, HULDAH H.                         OH-4-D2-178
GOFF, PHILLIP                           OH-4-A2-160
GOLDSMITH, LEVERETT B.                  OH-4-G2-352
GOODALE, MARINDA T.                     OH-4-B2-177
GOODSELL, ISAAC                         OH-4-E1-144
GOODWIN, URIAH                          OH-4-F2-46
GOULD, ARCHIBALD                        OH-4-B2-353
GOULD, CHARLES D.                       OH-4-E2-177
GOULD, GUILFORD D.                      OH-4-E2-573
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH                       OH-4-D2-354
GRANGER, JOHN ALBERT                    OH-4-D2-40
GRANGER, RALPH                          OH-4-D1-752
GRANT, JULIA E.                         OH-4-D2-542
GRANT, P. W. JR.                        OH-4-A2-365
GRAVES, ABNER                           OH-4-D2-462
GRAVES, CHARLES                         OH-4-D1-317
GRAVETT, LUCRETIA                       OH-4-G2-63
GRAY, CYRUS                             OH-4-A2-257
GREEN, CALEB                            OH-4-D1-56
GREEN, CAROLINE                         OH-4-F2-183
GREEN, ESTHER                           OH-4-G2-271
GREEN, GEORGE                           OH-4-D2-533
GREEN, RACHEL H.                        OH-4-E2-479
GREEN, SAMUEL L.                        OH-4-D2-553
GREENE, GARDNIER                        OH-4-C1-42
GREENLEE, JACOB D.                      OH-4-F2-11
GRENNELL, BENJAMIN S.                   OH-4-A2-339
GRIFFEY, JAMES                          OH-4-B2-195
GRIFFIN, ABRAM                          OH-4-E2-28
GRIFFIN, ELIZA                          OH-4-E2-553
GRIMES, ANDREW                          OH-4-E2-386
GRISWOLD, HIRAM                         OH-4-F2-141
GRISWOLD, ROGER W.                      OH-4-D2-561
GRISWOLD, SOLOMON                       OH-4-C1-74
GROVE, LUDON                            OH-4-A2-340
GROVER, ELMER M.                        OH-4-G2-160
GROVER, LEONARD                         OH-4-B2-456
GUEST, GEORGE                           OH-4-F2-262
GUTHRIE, HARVEY                         OH-4-D2-364
HAINES, ELISHA G.                       OH-4-F2-337
HAKEMAN, JOHN                           OH-4-A2-353
HALL, AMORIT                            OH-4-E2-191
HALL, ASA                               OH-4-D2-488
HALL, CHARLES                           OH-4-D2-504
HALL, DANIEL                            OH-4-F1-577
HALL, EDWARD                            OH-4-E2-141
HALL, ELIZUR                            OH-4-D2-303
HALL, ERASTUS                           OH-4-B2-178
HALL, GEORGE W.                         OH-4-E2-420
HALL, JAMES                             OH-4-E2-417
HALL, JOSEPH D.                         OH-4-D2-264
HALL, LUCY ANN                          OH-4-G2-105
HALL, SILAS L.                          OH-4-B2-77
HALL, WILLIAM                           OH-4-F2-82
HALL, WILLIAM                           OH-4-G2-65
HAMILTON, ELWOOD                        OH-4-F2-528
HAMILTON, JULIA                         OH-4-D1-375
HAMON, JONATHAN                         OH-4-A2-361
HANCE, ESTHER                           OH-4-D2-300
HANDSLEY, EDWARD                        OH-4-E2-280
HANEY, P. B.                            OH-4-D2-62
HARDER, GEORGE                          OH-4-D2-197
HARDY, GILDERRY                         OH-4-A2-179
HARDY, HANS F.                          OH-4-D2-412
HARDY, JOHN SR.                         OH-4-E2-184
HARDY, WILLIAM                          OH-4-D2-385
HARLEY, CHARLOTTE                       OH-4-F2-557
HARLEY, JOHN                            OH-4-F2-170
HARMON, AARON                           OH-4-G1-129
HARMON, ANON                            OH-4-A2-273
HARMON, CATLIN S.                       OH-4-D2-199
HARMON, HIRAM                           OH-4-F1-591
HARMON, MARTIN S.                       OH-4-E2-207
HARMON, ROLLIN H.                       OH-4-A2-222
HARMON, SARAH P.                        OH-4-D2-297
HARPER, SALLY R.                        OH-4-D1-381
HARRINGTON, ALEXANDER                   OH-4-D2-377
HARRINGTON, MICHAEL                     OH-4-D2-523
HARRIS, DAVID F.                        OH-4-G1-74
HART, ELEANOR K.                        OH-4-D2-452
HART, ELIJAH                            OH-4-B2-440
HART, ELIZABETH                         OH-4-D1-755
HART, JOHN M.                           OH-4-A2-374
HART, NANCY                             OH-4-E2-24
HARTSHORN, ELISHA                       OH-4-B2-7
HARVEY, HIRAM                           OH-4-B2-455
HARVEY, SOLOMON                         OH-4-E2-336
HATFIELD, JUSTIN                        OH-4-E1-146
HATHAWAY, ASENATH                       OH-4-E1-152
HAWKINS, AMOS                           OH-4-F2-1
HAWLEY, ALMON                           OH-4-D2-387
HAWLEY, GAD                             OH-4-A2-169
HAWLEY, THALES                          OH-4-B1-334
HAWLEY, TIMOTHY R.                      OH-4-B1-175
HAYES, LEROY                            OH-4-B2-278
HAYES, TITUS                            OH-4-B1-374
HAYFORD, SAMUEL                         OH-4-F2-50
HAZELTINE, AMOS                         OH-4-B2-161
HEARD, JOHN                             OH-4-F2-233
HEATH, JAMES                            OH-4-F2-442
HEATH, PHYLETUS                         OH-4-E1-489
HEATH, SIMEON                           OH-4-A2-140
HEATH, TIMOTHY                          OH-4-E2-288
HENRY, JOHN C.                          OH-4-B2-399
HERRICK, CYRUS                          OH-4-F2-326
HERRICK, DANIEL                         OH-4-E2-167
HERRICK, REUBEN                         OH-4-B2-403
HEWIT, EDMUND                           OH-4-E2-77
HGOLBROOK, M. K.                        OH-4-E2-344
HIBBARD, SELDEN S.                      OH-4-F2-484
HICKOK, DURLIN                          OH-4-C1-410
HICKOK, HEMAN                           OH-4-E1-311
HICKOK, HIRAM A.                        OH-4-B2-151
HICKOK, NAOMI                           OH-4-G2-81
HICKOK, NORMAN                          OH-4-F2-298
HIGLEY, THOMPSON                        OH-4-D2-148
HILL, ALMERON C.                        OH-4-F2-259
HILL, JAMES C.                          OH-4-G2-125
HILL, JOHN E.                           OH-4-E2-369
HILL, STEPHEN                           OH-4-D2-212
HILL, WILLIAM                           OH-4-D2-466
HILLIKER, JACOB                         OH-4-D2-329
HILLS, DAMARIS                          OH-4-D2-135
HILLS, SALMON                           OH-4-B2-266
HINCKLEY, SAMUEL                        OH-4-D1-17
HITCHCOCK, ALVIN C.                     OH-4-G2-580
HITCHCOCK, LOIS M.                      OH-4-G2-243
HITCHCOCK, LYMAN                        OH-4-D2-302
HOAG, HORACE M.                         OH-4-A2-235
HOGABOAM, JOHN                          OH-4-D2-583
HOLCOMB, AUSTIN                         OH-4-B2-411
HOLCOMB, POLLY                          OH-4-E2-404
HOLCOMB, WATSON                         OH-4-E2-204
HOLLIDAY, NANCY                         OH-4-F2-360
HOLMAN, ARCHIBALD                       OH-4-D2-476
HOLMAN, NANCY                           OH-4-F2-362
HOLMAN, RUTH N.                         OH-4-E2-150
HOPKINS, STEPHEN B.                     OH-4-E2-132
HORN, WILLIAM                           OH-4-D2-484
HOSKINS, NOAH                           OH-4-D1-188
HOSKINS, SYBEL                          OH-4-C1-499
HOSKINS, VIRGIL                         OH-4-E2-409
HOTCHKISS, DEMAS                        OH-4-E2-355
HOUGHTON, ALLEN R.                      OH-4-F2-323
HOUGHTON, RUFUS                         OH-4-E2-449
HOUSE, ABIGAIL                          OH-4-B2-13
HOUSE, BENAJAH                          OH-4-F1-478
HOUSE, ERASTUS N.                       OH-4-A2-58
HOWARD, CAROLINE E.                     OH-4-E2-252
HOWARD, FANNY M.                        OH-4-G2-275
HOWARD, GEORGE A.                       OH-4-D2-352
HOWARD, JULIA A.                        OH-4-F2-289
HOWARD, MARCUS                          OH-4-F2-61
HOWARD, SILAS                           OH-4-B2-200
HOWE, SOLOMON                           OH-4-A2-350
HOYT, ZIBA                              OH-4-D2-252
HUBBARD, AMASA                          OH-4-E2-74
HUBBARD, ELIJAH                         OH-4-F1-477, 578
HUBBARD, JOHN C.                        OH-4-E2-582
HUBBARD, MANOAH                         OH-4-A1-111
HUBBARD, MARY C.                        OH-4-E2-394
HUBBARD, MARY S.                        OH-4-A2-135
HUBBARD, MINNIE M.                      OH-4-D2-29
HUBBARD, NEHEMIAH                       OH-4-C1-250
HUBBARD, SAMUEL                         OH-4-F1-116
HUBBARD, WILLIAM                        OH-4-B2-207
HUDSON, SILAS M.                        OH-4-F2-255
HULL, JAMES P.                          OH-4-D2-463
HULSE, JAMES F.                         OH-4-F1-54
HUMPHREY, MARCUS W.                     OH-4-B2-465
HUMPHREY, THADDEUS                      OH-4-D2-47
HUNGERFORD, ESON                        OH-4-E2-293
HUNT, EBENEZER                          OH-4-C1-156
HUNT, HORACE                            OH-4-D2-509
HUNT, WILBUR H.                         OH-4-D2-31
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         OH-4-B2-134
HUNTLEY, EZEKIEL                        OH-4-A2-270
HUNTLEY, JOEL                           OH-4-E2-568
HURD, JOY                               OH-4-D2-224
HURLBURT, ELIZA B.                      OH-4-A2-345
HUSTON, KATHARINE D.                    OH-4-G2-375
HUTCHINS, CALVIN                        OH-4-G2-61
HUTCHINSON, ROBERT                      OH-4-B2-430
HUTSON, SOLOMON                         OH-4-E2-69
HYDE, ERASMUS D.                        OH-4-F2-510
HYDE, ISAAC                             OH-4-E2-302
JACBS, FREEDOM                          OH-4-G2-19
JACKSON, ALEXANDER                      OH-4-G1-120
JARVIS, SIDNEY S.                       OH-4-D2-201
JAYNE, ISAAC L.                         OH-4-G1-134
JAYNE, MARY ANN                         OH-4-B2-227
JENKS, MARY                             OH-4-B2-196
JENNINGS, ELIJAH J.                     OH-4-D1-529
JOHNSON, ELIZA                          OH-4-G2-528
JOHNSON, FAYETTE                        OH-4-E2-153
JOHNSON, FRANCIS S.                     OH-4-A2-411
JOHNSON, RICHARD                        OH-4-B2-193
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         OH-4-C1-132
JOHNSON, WILLIAM C.                     OH-4-A2-418
JOHNSON, WILLIAM HAMPTON                OH-4-G2-424
JONES,  BARNABAS                        OH-4-B2-154
JONES, DRAYTON                          OH-4-F1-249
JONES, EDWIN                            OH-4-G2-349
JONES, LINUS H.                         OH-4-F2-464
JONES, LYND                             OH-4-F1-588
JORDAN, RALPH                           OH-4-B2-342
KANAGA, WILLIAM W.                      OH-4-D2-321
KASSON, ERASMUS D.                      OH-4-A2-105
KEENER, JACOB                           OH-4-G2-188
KEISER, HENRY                           OH-4-F2-445
KELLOGG, ABNER                          OH-4-D2-515
KELLOGG, EMILY R.                       OH-4-G2-130
KELLOGG, LUCIEN H.                      OH-4-F2-66
KELLOGG, LUCIUS D.                      OH-4-E2-205
KELLOGG, MARCIA H.                      OH-4-B2-213
KELSEY, JAMES H.                        OH-4-D2-482
KELSY, BETSEY                           OH-4-D2-421
KEMPSHALL, ELIZA                        OH-4-A2-79
KENNY, DENNIS                           OH-4-E2-535
KENT, APPOLOS                           OH-4-B2-174
KENT, JONATHAN                          OH-4-B2-24
KENT, LUTHER M.                         OH-4-E2-349
KENT, THEOPHILUS H.                     OH-4-E2-122
KEPLER, GEORGE W.                       OH-4-D2-404
KEYES, VESTA                            OH-4-F2-41
KEZARTEE, JAMES                         OH-4-A2-371
KILLIN, MARY                            OH-4-G2-53
KIMBALL, MARY S.                        OH-4-E2-199
KING, BENJAMIN H.                       OH-4-G1-318
KING, CYRUS                             OH-4-D2-418
KING, ELISHA                            OH-4-A2-225
KING, HENRY J.                          OH-4-B2-170
KING, JEREMIAH                          OH-4-F2-176
KING, LYDIA                             OH-4-G2-16
KING, MASON                             OH-4-A2-237
KING, NATHAN                            OH-4-A1-328
KING, PETER                             OH-4-B1-172
KINGSBURY, IRA                          OH-4-C1-454
KINGSBURY, MADELIA M. (SADD)            OH-4-E2-440
KINGSBURY, MARY N.                      OH-4-G2-547
KINGSLEY, CELIA S.                      OH-4-E2-387
KINGSLEY, WILLIAM                       OH-4-B2-38
KINNEAR, JAMES                          OH-4-D2-168
KINNEAR, JOHN                           OH-4-G2-10
KIRBY, HANNAH                           OH-4-B2-332
KNAP, SABRY                             OH-4-B1-361
KNAPP, BENJAMIN S.                      OH-4-F1-303
KNAPP, ELIHU                            OH-4-B2-324
KNAPP, FRANKLIN K.                      OH-4-G2-132
KNAPP, HARMON                           OH-4-G2-303
KNAPP, HORACE                           OH-4-D2-227
KNAPP, LEVI                             OH-4-D2-161
KNAPP, RUFUS                            OH-4-A2-39
KNAPP, WILLIAM                          OH-4-A2-401
KNOWLES, ANN                            OH-4-G2-23
KNOWLES, MARSENA                        OH-4-B2-216
KNOWLES, RHODA                          OH-4-E1-325
KNOWLES, SARAH                          OH-4-D2-183
KNOWLS, JOHN O.                         OH-4-B2-374
KNOWLTON, DEIDAMIA                      OH-4-A2-157
KNOWLTON, JOSIAH P.                     OH-4-G2-288
KOHLER, DANIEL                          OH-4-A2-255
KRICK, PETER W.                         OH-4-A2-42
KRUM, ABEL                              OH-4-E2-354
KUTZ, MICHAEL                           OH-4-F2-74

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