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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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ACKERMAN, JOHN                          HANOVER                                 OH-3-5-408
AKINS, ALEXANDER                        LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-4-55
AKINS, DRUSILLA                         ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-126
AKINS, EMER                             NTL                                     OH-3-5-52
ALBERSON, JAMES                         ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-418
ALEXANER, THOMAS M.                     TBL                                     OH-3-6-311
ALLEMAN, ELIZABETH G.                   TBL                                     OH-3-6-113
ALLEMAN, GEORGE                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-382
ALLEMAN, HERMAN                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-491
ALLEN, SARAH M.                         NTL                                     OH-3-5-397
ALLERDING, NICHOLAS                     HANOVER                                 OH-3-1-354
ALLISON, ALEXANDER                      NTL                                     OH-3-5-49
AMES, HOLIDAY                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-103
ANDERSON, HUGH                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-103
ANDERSON, JAMES                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-9
ANDERSON, JAMES                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-9
ANDERSON, JOHN P.                       ORANGE                                  OH-3-3-179
ANDREWS, ALANSON                        MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-1-165
ANDREWS, HENRY                          NTL                                     OH-3-3-196
ANDREWS, JANE                           CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-4-454
APPLE, JOSEPH                           MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-4-219
AREHART, JOHN                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-273
ARMSTRONG, DAVID                        NTL                                     OH-3-1-275
ARMSTRONG, HARRISON                     NTL                                     OH-3-3-419
ARNDT, ANDREW                           SULLIVAN                                OH-3-4-521
ARNHOLT, ADAM                           LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-4-524
ARNHOLT, GEORGE                         HANOVER                                 OH-3-3-259
ARNOLD, ELENOR                          HAYSVILLE                               OH-3-5-125
ARNOLD, JOSEPH                          MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-1-1
ARNOLD, SAMUEL                          VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-275
ARNTD, MARY                             TROY                                    OH-3-4-42
ARTHUR, HAMILTON                        ASHLAND                                 OH-3-1-346
ASCHLEMAN, JOHN                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-260
ATEN, ELIZABETH                         MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-5-179
AUGHEY, JOHN                            NTL                                     OH-3-1-236
AYERS, SARAH E.                         PERRYSVILLE                             OH-3-4-129
BACHERER, JACOB                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-477
BAHSULER, JACOB                         ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-431
BAKER, DAVID                            VERMILLION                              OH-3-4-486
BAKER, JOHN                             JACKSON                                 OH-3-2-28
BAKER, JOHN                             VERMILLION                              OH-3-4-23
BAKER, NATHANIEL L.                     NTL                                     OH-3-5-526
BARLET, JACOB                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-433
BARNES, MARIA                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-413
BARON, MARY                             PERRY                                   OH-3-3-49
BARR, ANN                               NTL                                     OH-3-3-510
BARRICK, GEORGE                         TROY                                    OH-3-5-149
BARTON, CERILA C.                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-388
BARTON, CHRISTIAN                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-390
BARTON, ELISHA                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-181
BARTON, THOMAS                          MILTON                                  OH-3-4-480
BASFORD, GEORGE W. SR.                  MOHECAN                                 OH-3-3-81
BATTON, JOHN W.                         MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-2-347
BAUGHMAN, HENRY                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-248
BAUM, PETER                             NTL                                     OH-3-4-382
BAUM, PHILIP                            HANOVER                                 OH-3-1-285
BAWDEEN, ANNA                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-31
BAXTER, ELLA                            NTL                                     OH-3-5-144
BAY, HUGH                               NTL                                     OH-3-1-217
BEACH, WILLIAM W.                       RUGGLES                                 OH-3-4-520
BEAIRD, JOHN SR.                        NTL                                     OH-3-1-227
BEAM, CHARLOTTE                         TROY                                    OH-3-5-264
BEARD, CATHARINE                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-54
BEATTIE, JOHN                           RUGGLES                                 OH-3-4-360
BECHTEL, MARTIN                         GREEN                                   OH-3-2-448
BECK, JACOB                             HAYSVILLE                               OH-3-5-382
BECK, TITUS                             NTL                                     OH-3-3-575
BEER, MARGARET                          MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-584
BEER, MARIA L.                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-3-554
BEER, RICHARD                           ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-123
BEER, SHERMAN W.                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-61
BEER, THOMAS                            ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-502
BEER, W. C.                             MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-115
BEHOUT, JOHN                            SAVANNAH                                OH-3-4-415
BEIGHLEY, JOHN                          ORANGE                                  OH-3-3-455
BELL, MARY                              GILEAD, MIAMI, OH                       OH-3-5-96
BELL, SAMUEL                            TBL                                     OH-3-6-80
BELL, SOPIA                             VERMILLION                              OH-3-5-486
BELL, WILLIAM                           LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-2-442
BELL, WILLIAM                           HAYSVILLE                               OH-3-4-103
BEMINGHFF, JACO                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-439
BENDER, JOHN                            NTL                                     OH-3-5-318
BENDER, MARTIN                          LAKE                                    OH-3-4-35
BENTON, SETH                            NTL                                     OH-3-1-101
BERG, JACOB                             MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-5-106
BERNHART, GEORGE                        NTL                                     OH-3-2-454
BERRAGE, JACOB                          JACKSON                                 OH-3-2-62
BIGGS, ALBERT                           SULLIVAN                                OH-3-2-292
BINEHOUR, SARAH                         NTL                                     OH-3-5-415
BINEHOWER, JOHN                         CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-1-287
BIRD, SPARKS                            LAKE                                    OH-3-4-304
BISHOP, CONRAD                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-67
BISHOP, CORNELIUS                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-324
BISHOP, HENRY                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-476
BISHOP, JOHN                            ORANGE                                  OH-3-3-527
BITTINGER, ANN                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-558
BITTINGER, DANIEL                       GREEN                                   OH-3-4-330
BITTINGER, LOUISA G.                    GREEN                                   OH-3-5-423
BLACK, ELIZA C.                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-230
BLACK, GEORGE                           NTL                                     OH-3-1-20
BLACK, SAMUEL M.                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-189
BLINN, HORACE                           SULLIVAN                                OH-3-3-131
BLUE, JOHN                              NTL                                     OH-3-1-405
BODEN, DAVID                            MILTON                                  OH-3-1-459
BOFFENMYER, DAVID                       PERRY                                   OH-3-5-37
BOFFENMYER, MATTHIAS                    ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-425
BOGAR, CHRISTINA                        NTL                                     OH-3-2-544
BOGAR, MARTIN                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-525
BOGGS, ELIZABETH                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-292
BOLLY, SIMON                            HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-231
BOMAN, SHADRACK                         GREEN                                   OH-3-4-468
BOOKMAN, MARY                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-381
BOOTS, AMANDA                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-422
BOWERICE, CHRISTIAN                     TROY                                    OH-3-2-382
BOWERS, ELIZABETH                       JACKSON                                 OH-3-4-459
BOWERS, MICHAEL                         JACKSON                                 OH-3-4-427
BOWMAN, MASHAM                          ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-414
BOWMAN, PETER                           NTL                                     OH-3-1-362
BOWMAN, THOMAS                          CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-2-5
BOYD, JOHN                              VERMILION                               OH-3-4-207
BOYD, REBECCA                           HAYSVILLE                               OH-3-4-428
BOYD, THOMAS                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-599
BOYER, ADAM                             ORANGE                                  OH-3-2-278
BOYER, GEORGE                           VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-123
BOYER, VALENTINE                        MILTON                                  OH-3-3-174
BRACHLER, CHRISTOPHER                   HANOVER                                 OH-3-1-196
BRANDT, CHRISTOPHER                     NTL                                     OH-3-5-14
BRANDT, JANE                            JEROMEVILLE                             OH-3-5-434
BRANT, NANCY                            NTL                                     OH-3-4-189
BRECKEISEN, JACOB SR.                   LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-5-200
BRIAN, WILSON                           MOHECAN                                 OH-3-4-584
BRIGLE, JOHN                            MILTON                                  OH-3-4-270
BRITTON, ARIE                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-516
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-5-195
BROWN, JEREMIAH                         TROY                                    OH-3-2-452
BROWN, JOHN                             CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-4-28
BROWN, LOUISA                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-209
BROWN, WILLIAM                          RUGGLES                                 OH-3-3-50
BROWN,R OBERT                           HANOVER                                 OH-3-3-158
BRUBAKER, ANNA                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-6
BRUBAKER, GEORGE                        NTL                                     OH-3-2-132
BRUBAKER, JACOB                         GREEN                                   OH-3-3-272
BRUBAKER, MARTHA                        ROWEBURG                                OH-3-2-502
BRUCE, ELIJAH                           CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-2-386
BRUCE, JOEL                             TBL                                     OH-3-6-257
BRUCE, ROSANNAH                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-458
BRYAN, WESLEY                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-277
BRYANS, ARMSTRONG C.                    GREEN                                   OH-3-4-198
BRYTE, JOHN                             NTL                                     OH-3-3-428
BUCHAN, JAMES                           NTL                                     OH-3-1-160
BUCHAN, PARMELIA                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-574
BUCHAN, WILLIAM                         CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-3-237
BUCHANAN, DAVID SR.                     JACKSON                                 OH-3-1-374
BUCHANAN, SARAH A.                      TBL                                     OH-3-6-544
BUCHANNAN, WILLIAM                      JACKSON                                 OH-3-5-446
BUCKHOUSE, JAMES B.                     OHIO, ALLEGHANY, PA                     OH-3-2-125
BUCKLEY, BENJAMIN B.                    ORANGE                                  OH-3-1-14
BUCKLEY, JOHN                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-587
BUDD, SAMUEL                            GREEN                                   OH-3-4-227
BUDD, THOMS                             TBL                                     OH-3-6-47
BUFFENMYER, HENRY                       NTL                                     OH-3-1-109
BUFFENMYER, WILLIAM                     NTL                                     OH-3-1-67
BULKLEY, ALBERT R.                      ASHLAND                                 OH-3-1-96
BULL, JOHN W.                           LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-4-485
BULL, MARIA C.                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-221
BURGAN, JAMES                           MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-245
BURGETT, JOSEPH R.                      SAVANNAH                                OH-3-5-416
BURKHART, MARGARET                      ORANGE                                  OH-3-5-435
BURNS, DAVID                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-195
BURNS, HUGH                             MILTON                                  OH-3-5-342
BURNS, JAMES                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-184
BURNS, SAMUEL                           MONTGOMERY, RICHLAND, OH                OH-3-2-303
BURTON, JACOB                           MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-329
BURWELL, JOHN L.                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-464
BUTTORF, GEORGE                         MOHECAN                                 OH-3-2-380
BUZZARD, GEORGE                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-110
BUZZARD, MARY                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-352
BUZZARD, PETER                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-341
BYERS, JOHN                             NTL                                     OH-3-3-60
CADMUS, ABRAHAM                         BELLEVILLE, ESSEX, NJ                   OH-3-1-185
CAKE, SUSAN                             LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-5-561
CALAHAN, JESSE                          SEE: CALLIHAN, JESSE                    OH-3-2-104
CALHOUN, ALEXANDER                      ORANGE                                  OH-3-3-36
CALHOUN, THOMAS W.                      NTL                                     OH-3-2-99
CALHOUN, WILLIAM                        ORANGE                                  OH-3-5-385
CALLIHAN, JESSE                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-104
CAMPBELL, ARTHUR SR.                    NTL                                     OH-3-5-480
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH                     MILTON                                  OH-3-1-412
CAMPBELL, HENRY                         ASHLAND                                 OH-3-3-385
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         LOUDENVILLE                             OH-3-2-65
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-559
CAMPBELL, JULIA A.                      NTL                                     OH-3-3-519
CAMPBELL, MARY P.                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-206
CAMPBELL, R. B. (MRS.)                  SULLIVAN                                OH-3-5-119
CAREY, GEORGE W.                        NTL                                     OH-3-2-406
CARNAGEY, JAMES                         HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-397
CARNAGG, ALEXANDER                      HANOVER                                 OH-3-2-144
CARNS, SAMUEL                           MILTON                                  OH-3-1-292
CARROLL, DANIEL                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-4
CARROLL, ELIZABETH                      MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-3-141
CARTER, DANIEL                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-517
CARTER, DANIEL                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-316
CASE, H. B.                             TBL                                     OH-3-6-356
CASTOR, BENJAMIN                        PERRYSVILLE                             OH-3-4-97
CASTOR, CONRAD                          GREEN                                   OH-3-3-97
CHAMBERLAIN, JESSE                      SULLIVAN                                OH-3-3-467
CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM                    SULLIVAN                                OH-3-5-357
CHAMBERLIN, JAMES                       NTL                                     OH-3-3-395
CHAMBERLIN, WHITNEY                     SULLIVAN                                OH-3-2-97
CHAMBERS, JOHN                          MILTON                                  OH-3-3-84
CHAMBERS, JOHN                          RUGGLES                                 OH-3-3-513
CHANDLER, CHARLES                       LAKE                                    OH-3-4-136
CHANDLER, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     OH-3-3-400
CHANDLER, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     OH-3-3-582
CHANDLER, LUCINDA                       LAKE                                    OH-3-5-288
CHANEY, JOSIAH                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-466
CHAPPELL, HARRIET B.                    NTL                                     OH-3-1-81
CHARLES, JOSEPH                         MILTON                                  OH-3-4-204
CHESNUN, LEWIS SR.                      NTL                                     OH-3-5-320
CHESNUT, THOMAS M.                      GREEN                                   OH-3-3-155
CHILCOAT, ELIZABETH                     ORANGE                                  OH-3-1-328
CHRISTY, ELIZABETH                      TBL                                     OH-3-6-454
CIPHUS, DAVID                           VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-515
CLARK, BELA B.                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-31
CLARK, NATHANIEL                        TROY                                    OH-3-3-457
CLAUSE, SIMON                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-511
CLOSE, BENJAMIN                         SULLIVAN                                OH-3-1-256
CLOSE, DANIEL                           SULLIVAN                                OH-3-1-245
CLOSE, MARY                             SULLIVAN                                OH-3-1-249
CLOSE, RHESA                            SULIVAN                                 OH-3-1-51
CLOSSON, JOSIAH M.                      MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-110
CLOSSON, SOPHIA A.                      NTL                                     OH-3-5-42
CLUGH, WILLIAM W.                       PERRYSVILLE                             OH-3-5-114
CLUGSTON, HOWARD                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-368
COBBAN, HELEN                           CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-2-233
COBBAN, ROBERT                          CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-3-301
COBLE, HENRY                            TBL                                     OH-3-6-92
COBLE, JESSE                            ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-444
COE, WILLIAM S.                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-397
COFFIN, JAMES B.                        NTL                                     OH-3-2-489
COFFMAN, NORRIS                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-485
COLE, ANDREW                            TBL                                     OH-3-6-114
COLE, ANDREW J.                         ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-450
COLE, THOMAS                            JACKSON                                 OH-3-4-1
COLLAR, HENRY                           NTL                                     OH-3-1-273
COLLINS, CATHARINE A.                   NTL, GREEN, OH                          OH-3-5-80
COLMERY, WILLIAM                        STRABANE, WASHINGTON, PA                OH-3-1-68
COOK, BARTRAM                           CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-1-157
COOK, PELHAM                            GREEN                                   OH-3-1-54
COOK, ROXANA                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-266
COOPER, JOHN                            MOHECAN                                 OH-3-2-434
COPLEY, JOHN                            JACKSON                                 OH-3-4-345
COPUS, JAMES                            MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-3-65
COPUS, MARGARY                          MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-4-54
COPUS, WESLEY                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-355
COSNER, CHARLES                         MOHICAN                                 OH-3-5-521
COULTER, C. C.                          PERRYSVILLE                             OH-3-5-578
COULTER, ELMINA                         NTL                                     OH-3-5-454
COULTER, JOHN                           GREEN                                   OH-3-3-233
COVERT, ELIZABETH                       ASHLAND                                 OH-3-3-550
COWAN, WILLIAM                          GREEN                                   OH-3-5-336
CRAIG, ROBERT                           HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-531
CRAIG, SAMUEL                           VERMILLION                              OH-3-5-270
CRAIG, WILLIAM                          VERMILLION                              OH-3-5-35
CRAIG, WILLIAM                          VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-38
CRALL, JACOB                            ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-187
CRAWFORD, MARGARET                      TBL                                     OH-3-6-357
CRESWELL, JOHN                          GREEN                                   OH-3-4-482
CRIST, ABNER                            RUGGLES                                 OH-3-1-198
CRONE, THOMAS                           VERMILION                               OH-3-4-325
CRONE, TOBIAS                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-308
CROSS, JESSE                            VERMILLION                              OH-3-4-448
CROUSE, JONAS H.                        NTL                                     OH-3-1-231
CROWNER, CATHARINE                      HANOVER                                 OH-3-3-207
CRUMLICK, JOHN                          NTL, WAYNE, OH                          OH-3-4-46
CRUNGLETON, HANNAH                      NTL                                     OH-3-3-524
CULBERTSON, A.                          LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-4-392
CULBERTSON, ANNA                        WAKARUSA, ELKHART, IN                   OH-3-5-338
CULBERTSON, ELIAS                       RUGGLES                                 OH-3-3-138
CULBERTSON, JOHN                        NTL                                     OH-3-2-573
CULBERTSON, ROBERT                      NTL                                     OH-3-3-577
CULLER, MICHAEL                         MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-3-280
CULLER, PHILIP                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-370
CULVER, LEANDER                         LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-4-229
CUMARINE, JOHN                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-304
CUMMINGS, ELANOR J.                     TBL                                     OH-3-6-56
CUMMINGS, JOHN                          SULLIVAN                                OH-3-2-521
CURRY, GEORGE W. SR.                    RUGGLES                                 OH-3-5-522
CURRY, JOSEPH                           SULLIVAN                                OH-3-2-418
CURTIS, ALBERT L.                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-131
DALE, RUTH V.                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-217
DARLING, WILLIAM                        WORTHINGTON, RICHLAND, OH               OH-3-1-418
DAUB, MARGARET                          NTL, KNOX, OH                           OH-3-5-344
DAUGHERTY, JOHN                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-503
DAVAULT, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-219
DAVAULT, WILLIAM JR.                    NTL                                     OH-3-5-258
DAVIDSON, ARTHUR                        TROY                                    OH-3-4-375
DAVIS, BARBARY                          MILTON                                  OH-3-4-497
DAVIS, EPHRAIM                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-282
DAVIS, ISAAC                            NTL                                     OH-3-3-557
DAVIS, JONATHAN                         PERRY                                   OH-3-3-111
DAVIS, MARY                             SAVANNAH                                OH-3-4-396
DAVIS, NANCY                            MOHICAN                                 OH-3-1-466
DAVIS, REUBEN H.                        NTL                                     OH-3-1-199
DEAGGOO, MARTHA                         VERMILLION                              OH-3-1-31
DECKER, SARAH                           MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-223
DECKERT, JACOB                          MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-2-63
DEHAVEN, ABRAM                          PERRYSVILLE                             OH-3-2-166
DEHAVEN,  NATHAN                        NTL                                     OH-3-1-92
DELENO, ORIN                            NTL                                     OH-3-1-94
DERENBERGER, MICHAEL                    LOUDANVILLE                             OH-3-5-7
DERR, PHILIP                            TBL                                     OH-3-6-408
DESENBERG, MARY                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-232
DESENBERG, PETER                        NTL                                     OH-3-1-105
DESENBERY, PETER                        NTL                                     OH-3-3-406
DESHANG, ANNA D.                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-489
DEVAULT, THOMAS                         PERRY                                   OH-3-4-185
DEWALT, ELIZABETH                       GREEN                                   OH-3-4-363
DICK, CHRISTIAN                         CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-2-300
DICKEY, ELIAS                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-259
DICKSON, HENRY                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-425
DIETRICH, JOHN                          MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-11
DIETRICK, SOPHIA                        MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-373
DILGARD, JACOB                          MOHICAN                                 OH-3-5-84
DILGARD, NATHAN                         MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-2-299
DILLIER, DAVID                          MOHICAN                                 OH-3-4-344
DILLIER, HENRY                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-536
DINSMORE, GRIZZELL                      JACKSON                                 OH-3-5-76
DIRLAM, MARTIN                          SULLIVAN                                OH-3-5-141
DISHONG, SENETH                         ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-31
DIXON, MARY                             NTL                                     OH-3-5-351
DOBBS, THOMAS S.                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-334
DONAHEY, JANE R.                        NTL                                     OH-3-2-187
DONAHEY, WILLIAM                        ASHLAND                                 OH-3-2-111
DONLEY, SARAH A.                        ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-496
DONLEY, THOMAS                          CHARLOTTE, EATON, MI                    OH-3-3-76
DONNELLY, JOHN                          ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-8
DOTY, DANIEL                            TROY                                    OH-3-4-404
DOTY, JOSEPH                            NTL                                     OH-3-5-261
DOWNS, GEORGE                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-285
DRAKE, CHESTER                          SULLIVAN                                OH-3-3-330
DRAKE, SUSAN                            SULLIVAN                                OH-3-4-65
DRUMB, ANDREW                           ASHLAND                                 OH-3-2-106
DRUMB, URIAH                            NTL                                     OH-3-1-395
DUNLAP, THOMAS                          RUGGLES                                 OH-3-1-178
EATON, PHILETUS                         SULLIVAN                                OH-3-5-354
EBERT, JOSEPH                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-69
EBY, FANNY                              TBL                                     OH-3-6-139
EBY, JOHN                               TBL                                     OH-3-6-345
ECKER, ABRAHAM                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-47
ECKIS, JOSEPH                           TROY                                    OH-3-2-164
EDDY, LYDIA JANE                        MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-561
EDGER, JAMES                            WASHINGTON, RICHLAND, OH                OH-3-5-406
EDGER, JAMES                            MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-553
EICHELBARGER, ADAM                      PERRY                                   OH-3-5-367
EIGHINGER, BENJAMIN                     VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-306
EIGHINGER, FREDERICK                    VERMILLION                              OH-3-2-342
EIGHINGER, MARGARET                     ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-15
EIGHINGER, PHILLIP                      NTL                                     OH-3-2-509
EKEY, ANDREW                            NTL                                     OH-3-5-252
ELLIOTT, SARAH                          CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-2-431
ELY, CAROLINE                           ORANGE                                  OH-3-2-609
EMERICK, JACOB                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-293
EMERSON, WINIFRED                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-248
EMMENS, HUGH                            NTL                                     OH-3-1-350
EMMONS, BENJAMIN                        NTL                                     OH-3-1-247
EMMONS, ISAAC                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-456
EMRICK, MARY                            NTL                                     OH-3-1-293
ENDINGER, BARBARY                       MOHECAN                                 OH-3-4-567
ENSIGN, CAROLINE                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-145
ENSMINGER, GEORGE                       MOHICAN                                 OH-3-4-275
EPPLER, CHARLES F.                      NTL                                     OH-3-3-423
ERWIN, JAMES                            GREEN                                   OH-3-3-79
EVANS, ELLEN JANE                       ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-54
EWALT, JOHN                             LAKE                                    OH-3-1-64
EWALT, MARGARET                         PERRYSVILLE                             OH-3-4-174
EWALT, WILLIAM                          GREEN                                   OH-3-4-508
EWING, GEORGE                           VERMILLION                              OH-3-2-479
EWING, JOHN                             NTL                                     OH-3-2-158
EWING, SAMUEL                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-135
EWING, WILLIAM                          VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-274
EWING, WILLIAM                          MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-270
FACKLER, JOSEPH                         PERRY                                   OH-3-4-394
FARNSWORTH, LEVI                        SULLIVAN                                OH-3-3-212
FAST, ANNA BARBARA                      ORANGE                                  OH-3-1-399
FAST, ELI R.                            ASHLAND                                 OH-3-2-95
FAST, JACOB                             ORANGE                                  OH-3-3-320
FAST, MARTIN M.                         TROY                                    OH-3-4-73
FAST, WILLIAM                           NTL                                     OH-3-4-119
FEAKINS, HENRY                          SULLIVAN                                OH-3-2-15
FEANSUE, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-233
FERRELL, JOHN P.                        NTL                                     OH-3-2-362
FERRELL, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-239
FERRIS, PHILETUS                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-21
FERRIS, SAMUEL                          RUGGLES                                 OH-3-5-92
FIGLEY, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-60
FIKE, ANN                               NTL                                     OH-3-5-387
FIKE, DAVID                             NTL                                     OH-3-2-273
FIKE, ELIZABETH                         NTL                                     OH-3-5-505
FINGER, EMANUEL                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-78
FINGER, MARY J.                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-171
FINLEY, JOHN                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-319
FISHER, DAVID                           NTL                                     OH-3-4-423
FISHER, PAUL                            SINCLAIR, COLUMBIANA, OH                OH-3-4-433
FISHER, SYLVESTER                       HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-68
FLACK, ELIZABETH                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-211
FLACK, JANE                             NTL                                     OH-3-5-475
FLAHARTY, TIMOTHY                       ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-146
FLAKE, JACOB                            ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-306
FORBES, ELIZABETH                       SAVANNAH                                OH-3-4-573
FORBIS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-51
FORD, ELIAS                             TROY                                    OH-3-3-288
FORD, JOSHUA                            MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-224
FOSTER, JOHN                            ASHLAND                                 OH-3-2-438
FOX, DAVID                              VERMILLION                              OH-3-4-90
FOX, DAVID                              HAYSVILLE                               OH-3-4-94
FOX, FREDERICK                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-118
FRANKS, FRANCIS ANN                     NTL                                     OH-3-5-90
FRANKS, ORRIN G.                        JACKSON                                 OH-3-5-105
FRANKS, WILLIAM                         MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-473
FRANTZ, GEORGE                          WEST CACALICO, LANCASTER, PA            OH-3-3-12
FRAZEE, JOHN                            ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-300
FREEBORN, JOHN SR.                      NTL                                     OH-3-2-487
FREER, R. D.                            ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-307
FREESE, JACOB                           ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-284
FRESHWATER, CHLOE                       LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-5-572
FREY, MARIA K.                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-328
FRIDLINE, CONRAD                        PERRY                                   OH-3-3-55
FRISKNY, JOHN                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-314
FRITZ, PETER                            CLAWRENCE, STARK, OH                    OH-3-3-68
FRIZZLE, ELMORE                         NTL                                     OH-3-5-564
FRY, CATHARINE                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-295
FRY, G. V. SR.                          NTL                                     OH-3-3-541
FRY,C ATHERINE                          MOHECAN                                 OH-3-4-294
FUCKS, KONRAD                           VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-166
FULKERSON, J. F.                        ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-331
FULLER, SARAH                           LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-4-217
FULTON, MARGARET                        ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-429
FULTON, ROBERT                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-570
FULTON, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-450
GABLE, WILLIAM                          JACKSON                                 OH-3-1-319
GALE, SARAH M.                          TROY                                    OH-3-2-331
GALE, SIMEON G.                         TROY                                    OH-3-3-268
GALLOWAY, JANE                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-256
GALLOWAY, JOHN                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-403
GALLOWAY, THOMAS                        VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-531
GALLOWAY, WILLIAM                       VERMILLION                              OH-3-4-17
GAMBLE, HENRY                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-130
GARDNER, ISAAC                          MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-63
GARDNER, JACOB SR.                      MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-40
GARN, ADAM                              NTL                                     OH-3-2-552
GARN, JACOB                             NTL                                     OH-3-1-61
GARN, JOHN                              MOHICAN                                 OH-3-5-245
GARRET, SAMUEL                          HANOVER                                 OH-3-2-475
GARRETT, ELIZA A.                       SAVANNAH                                OH-3-5-411
GARRETT, EZEKIEL                        CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-3-203
GARRETT, WILLIAM                        HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-512
GAULT, ALEXANDER                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-579
GEIER, JOHN                             NTL                                     OH-3-5-402
GEORGE, JAMES                           JACKSON                                 OH-3-1-202
GIBSON, MARGARET                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-533
GIBSON, REBECCA                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-402
GILBERT, HENRY                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-394
GILMOUR, RICHARD (BISHOP)               CLEVELAND,C UYAHO, OH                   OH-3-5-325
GIRKEY, GEORGE                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-91
GLADDEN, JAMES                          GREEN                                   OH-3-2-199
GLADDEN, RASELLAS Y.                    PERRYSVILLE                             OH-3-5-432
GLASGO, JOSEPHUS S.                     NTL                                     OH-3-5-197
GLASS, REASON B.                        NTL (CON'T)                             OH-3-5-309
GLASS, REASON B.                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-163
GLEEM, JOHN                             , WAYNE, OH                             OH-3-1-191
GLENN, SARAH                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-336
GLESSNER, PHILIP                        JACKSON                                 OH-3-5-19
GLOYD, ELEANOR                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-302
GOARD, WILLIAM                          VERMILLION                              OH-3-4-10
GONGWER, JOHN                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-184
GONGWER, PETER                          MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-3-229
GONGWER, PHILLIP                        MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-3-505
GOOD, GEORGE S.                         ORANGE                                  OH-3-2-186
GOODFELLOW, WILLIAM                     NTL                                     OH-3-2-264
GOODWIN, DAVID                          JACKSON                                 OH-3-1-138
GOON,C HRISTIAN                         HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-251
GORDEN, JOHN                            ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-70
GORDON, ALEXANDER                       TROY                                    OH-3-4-85
GORDON, ISABELL                         NTL                                     OH-3-5-98
GORDON, WILLIAM                         TROY                                    OH-3-3-70
GORGAS, SARAH E.                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-488
GORHA, HEZEKIAH                         GREEN                                   OH-3-3-326
GORHAM, CHARITY                         PERRYSVILLE                             OH-3-5-33
GORHAM, RALPH H.                        GREEN                                   OH-3-3-284
GORRALL, ELIZABETH ANN                  TROY                                    OH-3-3-218
GOUDY, WILLIAM                          , RICHLAND, OH                          OH-3-1-7
GOULD, AMOS                             SULLIVAN                                OH-3-2-465
GOULD, LUTHER                           SULLIVAN                                OH-3-5-237
GOULD, MARY                             SULLIVAN                                OH-3-4-570
GOULD, POLLY                            SULLIVAN                                OH-3-4-413
GRABELL, JOHN S.                        VERMILLION                              OH-3-4-499
GRABER, NANCY                           PERRYVILLE                              OH-3-4-583
GRABILL, JOHN                           NTL (IN GERMAN)                         OH-3-1-173
GRAEFF, WILLIAM                         PINEGROVE, SCHYLKILL, PA                OH-3-3-315
GRAFTON, CASSANDER                      JACKSON                                 OH-3-1-225
GRAHAM, AMELIA                          GREEN                                   OH-3-3-58
GRAHAM, SAMUEL                          GREEN                                   OH-3-2-445
GRAY, D. B.                             ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-465
GRAY, WILLIAM                           GREEN                                   OH-3-4-11
GREEN, JOHN                             NTL                                     OH-3-5-330
GREEN, NANCY A.                         NTL                                     OH-3-4-93
GREENLEE, JOHN                          LAKE                                    OH-3-3-444
GREGG, JAMES                            NTL, RICHLAND, OH                       OH-3-4-541
GREGG, JAMES                            CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-1-266
GREGG, SAMUEL                           HAYSVILLE                               OH-3-5-255
GREGG, SAMUEL                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-413
GREGG, WILLIAM                          RUGGLES                                 OH-3-1-132
GREINER, ELISABETH                      MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-2-561
GREITZINGER, JOHN                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-570
GREITZINGER, LOUISA                     TBL                                     OH-3-6-570
GRIBBEN, JAMES                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-332
GRIBEN, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     OH-3-2-108
GRIFFITH, SOPHIA JANE                   PERRYSVILLE                             OH-3-4-491
GRINDLE, GEORGE                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-1
GRINNOLD, JAMES                         NTL                                     OH-3-5-25
GRINNOLD, SARAH                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-514
GROFF, JOHN                             MILTON                                  OH-3-4-140
GROSSCUP, PAUL                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-529
GRUBB, JACOB H.                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-517
GRUVER, SAMUEL                          ROWSBURG                                OH-3-2-287
GUENTHER, MICHAEL                       NTL                                     OH-3-3-412
GUIER, JOHN                             MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-2-19
GUINNER, JOHN                           NTL                                     OH-3-4-523
GUNTHER, GEORGE                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-192
GUTHRIE, GEORGE                         GREEN                                   OH-3-4-239
HADENBROOK, JOHN                        RUGGLES                                 OH-3-4-121
HAHN, CHARLES                           HANOVER                                 OH-3-5-555
HALL, ALFRED                            ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-421
HAMILTON, ISABELLA                      MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-397
HAMMOND, JANE                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-474
HAMMOND, JOHN                           CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-2-607
HAMMOND, NATHANIEL                      NTL                                     OH-3-1-455
HANAWALT, HENRY                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-70
HANAWALT, MARY                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-436
HANSMAN, CONRAD                         VERMILLION                              OH-3-4-558
HANSMAN, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     OH-3-5-362
HARBAUGH, GEORGE                        JACKSON                                 OH-3-3-585
HARGRAVE, RICHARD                       JEROMESVILLE                            OH-3-2-414
HARKNESS, SAMANTHA                      ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-526
HARLEY, JOHN                            NTL                                     OH-3-5-205
HARMAN, SIMSON                          RUGGLES                                 OH-3-1-204
HARNER, MAGDALENA                       NTL                                     OH-3-1-450
HARPER, JOHN                            VERMILLION                              OH-3-4-51
HARPSTER, GEORGE                        MOHICAN                                 OH-3-4-283
HARRIS, RACHEL                          PERRY                                   OH-3-4-473
HARROW, MARY O.                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-478
HARRY, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-557
HART, ANN                               NTL                                     OH-3-3-486
HART, DAVID                             CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-3-146
HART, ELIJAH                            TBL                                     OH-3-6-25
HART, MARGARETT A.                      SAVANNAH                                OH-3-3-571
HART, MATTIE E.                         CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-3-325
HARTMAN, DAVID                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-391
HARTMAN, HENRY                          MILTON                                  OH-3-3-119
HARTMAN, JACOB                          TROY                                    OH-3-4-539
HARTMAN, JOHN                           ORANGE                                  OH-3-3-201
HARTMAN, KATIE                          CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-5-477
HARVEY, CATHARINE                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-575
HASKALL, NATHANIEL                      LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-3-113
HASKEL, HETTY A.                        NTL                                     OH-3-1-394
HASKELL, GEORGE C.                      HANOVER                                 OH-3-3-347
HASSINGER, ELIZABETH                    GREEN                                   OH-3-3-210
HAWKS, GEORGE                           VERMILLION                              OH-3-2-93
HAWKS, MATTIE                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-362
HAWOT, ISAAC                            NTL                                     OH-3-3-411
HAWOT, ISAAC                            NTL                                     OH-3-3-411
HAY, MICHAEL                            HANOVER                                 OH-3-2-255
HAYES, JESSE                            LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-3-278
HAYS, MARY                              SAVANNAH                                OH-3-2-11
HAYS, NANCY                             GREEN                                   OH-3-4-559
HAZLET, JOHN                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-137
HEARST, JOHN                            RUGGLES                                 OH-3-2-466
HEFFELFINGER, MARY                      NTL                                     OH-3-5-422
HEIFFNER, HENRY                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-497
HEIFNER, DAVID                          VERMILLION                              OH-3-5-243
HEIFNER, ELIZABETH                      ORANGE                                  OH-3-5-469
HEIFNER, JOHN S.                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-131
HEITZ, BARBARA                          MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-337
HELBERT, CATHARINE                      VERMILLION                              OH-3-5-392
HELMAN, E. E.                           JACKSON                                 OH-3-3-500
HELMAN, GEORGE                          JACKSON                                 OH-3-5-364
HELMAN, HARMAN W.                       PERRY                                   OH-3-1-252
HENDERSON, DAVID                        CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-3-167
HENDERSON, JAMES E.                     ASHLAND                                 OH-3-3-556
HENDERSON, MARY                         CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-4-144
HERSCHLER, CHRISTIAN                    VERMILLION                              OH-3-4-504
HERSHEY, BENJAMIN                       MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-182
HERSHEY, JACOB                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-98
HERVEY, JOHN                            CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-3-568
HETZLER, FREDERICK                      PERRY                                   OH-3-4-466
HEYD, PHILIP H.                         HANOVER                                 OH-3-3-98
HIBBARD, ANNA                           HANOVER                                 OH-3-1-90
HILELERGERD, ELIZABETH                  TBL                                     OH-3-6-423
HILEMAN, JAMES D.                       SULLIVAN                                OH-3-4-379
HILKEY, GEORGE                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-189
HILL, ELIZABETH                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-434
HILL, EMILY                             HAYESVILLE                              OH-3-4-109
HILL, GEORGE W.                         ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-338
HILL, JOSEPH                            HAYESVILLE                              OH-3-4-355
HILL, RACHEL                            TBL                                     OH-3-6-297
HILL, REUBEN                            HAYESVILLE                              OH-3-3-188
HILLER, JACOB                           MILTON                                  OH-3-3-149
HILLER, JACOB                           MILTON                                  OH-3-5-87
HILTEBRAND, EPHRAIM                     TBL                                     OH-3-6-215
HINER, MARTIN                           HANOVER                                 OH-3-5-281
HINKLE, HENRY                           ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-568
HINKLE, HENRY                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-13
HIRSCHLER, HENRY                        VERMILLION                              OH-3-4-114
HISSEM, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-224
HITTERBRANT, PETER                      NTL                                     OH-3-2-338
HOLBEN, HATTIE                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-352
HOLBROOK, BERNARD                       SULLIVAN                                OH-3-4-422
HOLLER, JACOB                           HANVOER                                 OH-3-3-533
HOLTSBERG, GEORGE                       NTL                                     OH-3-1-472
HOOVER, DANIEL                          MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-72
HOOVER, HENRY                           MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-4-277
HOOVER, PHILIP                          MILTON                                  OH-3-3-463
HORN, JACOB                             LAKE                                    OH-3-5-109
HORN, JOHN                              NTL                                     OH-3-2-118
HORN, MARY                              HAYESVILLE                              OH-3-4-172
HORN, SAMUEL                            TBL                                     OH-3-6-392
HOSTLER, MARIAH                         MOHECAN                                 OH-3-4-34
HOUCK, SOLOME                           ASHLAND                                 OH-3-3-549
HOUGH, JOHN                             NTL                                     OH-3-2-135
HOUSEHOLDER, ANDREW                     NTL                                     OH-3-2-198
HOUSEHOLDER, LEVI                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-197
HOUSEMAN, FREDERICK                     SULLIVAN                                OH-3-4-146
HOUSER, GEORGE                          NTL                                     OH-3-3-45
HOUSER, GEORGE                          NTL                                     OH-3-3-45
HOWARD, SARAH                           NTL                                     OH-3-1-322
HOWSER, DAVID                           LAKE                                    OH-3-3-198
HOY, CHARLES                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-468
HOY, DAWSON                             JACKSON                                 OH-3-3-169
HOY, MARY                               JACKSON                                 OH-3-3-109
HUBBARD, E. B.                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-585
HUBLER, JOHN                            TBL                                     OH-3-6-278
HUFF, PETER                             NTL                                     OH-3-4-102
HUFFMAN, ABRAHAM                        NTL                                     OH-3-2-78
HUFFMAN, BENJAMIN                       ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-132
HUFFMAN, BENJAMIN C.                    CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-3-91
HUFFMAN, DANIEL                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-421
HUFFMAN, SUSANNAH C.                    ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-19
HUGHES, MARTHA A.                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-548
HUGHS, WILLIAM                          GREEN                                   OH-3-4-14
HUMM, GEORGE                            LAKE                                    OH-3-4-353
HUMPHREY, SENA                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-352
HUNTER, GEORGE                          NTL                                     OH-3-5-541
HUSTON, SAMUEL                          GREEN                                   OH-3-2-393
HUTCHINSON, JAMES D.                    ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-553
HUTCHISON, ALEXANDER                    , WAYNE, OH                             OH-3-1-153
ILGER, WILLIAM                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-450
IMHOFF, PETER                           MILTON                                  OH-3-5-543
INGRAHAM, MARTHA                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-209
IRVIN, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     OH-3-3-543
ISAMAN, JACOB                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-459
JACKMAN, MARY                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-570
JACKMAN, RICHARD                        NTL                                     OH-3-2-329
JACKSON, ANDREW                         PERRY                                   OH-3-4-214
JACKSON, ELIZABETH                      ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-317
JACOBY, JOHN                            NTL                                     OH-3-5-438
JAMISON, ABBY                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-315
JARVIS, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-386
JARVIS, JAMES C.                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-35
JARVIS, WILLIAM                         VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-322
JEFFRIES, JOHN                          CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-3-418
JENKINS, SARAH                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-515
JENNINGS, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     OH-3-2-14
JESSON, WILLIAM                         VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-80
JOHNSON, A. B.                          SULLIVAN                                OH-3-4-105
JOHNSON, ABRAHAM                        NTL                                     OH-3-2-360
JOHNSON, JAMES                          CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-2-597
JOHNSON, JAMES                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-176
JOHNSON, JOHN                           ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-430
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-251
JOHNSON, URIAH                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-107
JONES, CATHARINE                        RED HAW                                 OH-3-5-503
JONES, FREDERICK                        ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-117
JONES, J. D.                            TBL                                     OH-3-6-332
JONES, JOSEPH                           GREEN                                   OH-3-4-221
JORDAN, CATHARINE                       RUGGLES                                 OH-3-2-334
KAHL, CATHARINE                         MOHICAN                                 OH-3-5-509
KAHL, JOHN                              MOHECAN                                 OH-3-2-194
KAHL, SOLOMON                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-420
KAHL, WILLIAM                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-294
KANE, PETER                             NTL                                     OH-3-2-388
KARNAHAN, CATHARINE                     NTL                                     OH-3-5-248
KART, JACOB                             ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-273
KAUFFMAN, DANIEL                        MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-5-233
KAUFFMAN, JOHN                          PERRY                                   OH-3-1-281
KAUFMAN, EVE                            NTL                                     OH-3-3-354
KEARNS, JOSEPH                          VERMILLION                              OH-3-2-310
KEARNS, SARAH                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-349
KEENER, JAMES                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-441
KEENER, JOHN                            JACKSON                                 OH-3-4-435
KEENER, SARAH                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-554
KEFER, JOHN                             HANOVER                                 OH-3-3-379
KEISTER, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-565
KELLER, JOHN                            MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-16
KELLEY, FELIX                           MILTON                                  OH-3-1-254
KELLOGG, BURR                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-206
KELLOGG, SARAH A.                       MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-180
KENDIG, MARIA                           VERMILION                               OH-3-4-253
KENDIG, MARY                            TBL                                     OH-3-6-336
KENNEDY, SARAH A.                       MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-266
KENT, ALBERT                            SUFFIELD, HARTFORD, CT                  OH-3-1-333
KERNAHAN, MARTHA M.                     VERMILLION                              OH-3-2-316
KERR, JAMES                             MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-5-132
KIBLER, GEORGE                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-523
KIBLER, HANNAH                          HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-371
KIMSEY, JOHN                            GREEN, RICHLAND, OH                     OH-3-1-265
KIPLINGER, MICHAEL                      JACKSON                                 OH-3-3-186
KIRK, JOHN                              NTL                                     OH-3-2-220
KIRK, MARY                              TBL                                     OH-3-6-302
KIRKWOOD, JABEZ                         HANOVER                                 OH-3-1-447
KIRSCH, JACOB                           MILTON                                  OH-3-4-506
KISSEL, NOAH                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-176
KITCHEN, MOSES                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-79
KITHCART, SARAH                         GREEN                                   OH-3-2-289
KLANBERG, ISAAC                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-190
KLINE, JOHN                             JACKSON                                 OH-3-3-525
KNAUB, JOHN                             VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-309
KNOTH, CHARLES                          MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-202
KOCH, EVA BARBARY                       MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-3-364
KOCH, GOTLIEB                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-435
KOLBROOK, A. CLINTON                    NTL                                     OH-3-2-365
KOONS, ELVENA F.                        SULLIVAN                                OH-3-4-327
KOONS, MONROE                           HOMER, MEDINA, OH                       OH-3-2-211
KOPP, JOHN J.                           LAFAYETTE                               OH-3-5-47
KOSHT, LYDIA                            ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-536
KOSHT, PHILIP                           MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-296
KOUP, FREDRICK                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-326
KRABIL, SAMUEL                          MILTON                                  OH-3-2-536
KRABILL, FREDERICK                      VERMILLION                              OH-3-1-113
KRAMER, JOHN                            ROUSBURG                                OH-3-5-58
KRAUS, CONRAD                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-154
KREBS, JOHN                             NTL                                     OH-3-3-393
KREHBIEL, JOHANNES                      SEE: GRABILL, JOHN                      OH-3-1-173
KREHBIL, JOSEPH                         VERMILION (IN GERMAN)                   OH-3-1-16
KRICK, PHILLIP                          PERRY                                   OH-3-1-120
KUHN, JOHN                              JACKSON                                 OH-3-2-569
KUNCKEL, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     OH-3-2-446
KUTZ, JESSE                             NTL                                     OH-3-2-396
KYLE, SAMUEL                            NTL                                     OH-3-1-364
LAIRD, MATTHEW                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-506
LAKE, LAURA J.                          MOHECAN                                 OH-3-3-290
LANDON, REBECCA                         TROY                                    OH-3-2-172
LARWELL, ARTHUR                         LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-4-288
LASH, WILLIAM                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-587
LATSCHAR, JOHN                          VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-176
LATSCHER, JACOB                         VERMILLION (GERMAN)                     OH-3-1-304
LATTA, MOSES                            NTL                                     OH-3-3-407
LAUCKS, G. J.                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-456
LAWSON, JAMES                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-89
LEACH, GILBERT                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-119
LEE, JAMES                              ALBION                                  OH-3-5-64
LEE, JOSIAH                             NTL                                     OH-3-5-17
LEEDY, CATHARINE                        TROY                                    OH-3-2-215
LEHMAN, DANIEL                          JACKSON                                 OH-3-4-268
LEHMAN, JACOB B.                        CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-4-287
LEIDEGH, SAMUEL                         ORANE                                   OH-3-4-59
LEIDIGH, ISAAC                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-108
LEMEL, VALENTINE                        NTL, HOLMES, OH                         OH-3-4-13
LEOPOLD, GERARD G.                      LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-5-99
LIKES, JACOB                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-182
LIMBECK, GEORGE                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-511
LIPSETT, EDWARD                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-229
LOCKHART, REASON                        PERRYSVILLE                             OH-3-3-32
LONG, ADAM B.                           GREEN                                   OH-3-4-419
LONG, CATHARINE                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-99
LONG, PETER                             LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-5-492
LONG, PETER B.                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-442
LONG, SIMEON                            SULLIVAN                                OH-3-3-563
LOWERY, MARGERY                         CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-4-549
LUCAS, JACOB                            PERRY                                   OH-3-5-259
LUSK, SAMUEL                            MILTON                                  OH-3-4-439
LUTHER, HULBERT                         ASHLAND                                 OH-3-3-528
LUTZ, JOHN                              MILTON                                  OH-3-3-226
LYBARGER, ANDREW J.                     NTL                                     OH-3-5-545
LYBARGER, JACOB                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-117
LYONS, HANNAH                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-213
MACY, ABIGAIL                           GREEN                                   OH-3-1-433
MAISER, EVA MARIA                       NTL                                     OH-3-3-373
MAIZE, HENRY                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-275
MAIZE, MARY M.                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-384
MAIZE, NELSON                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-527
MALCOLM, ALEXANDER                      NTL                                     OH-3-2-160
MALCOLM, WILLIAM                        TROY                                    OH-3-4-4
MANN, ELIOTT                            NTL                                     OH-3-5-519
MANN, GEORGE                            SULLIVAN                                OH-3-2-178
MANN, JOHN P.                           SULLIVAN                                OH-3-2-366
MANSFIELD, MARTIN H.                    NTL                                     OH-3-3-583
MARIETTA, ELIJAH                        LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-3-523
MARIETTA, J. S.                         ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-265
MARIETTA, JACOB S.                      ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-563
MARKEL, ISAIAH F.                       NTL                                     OH-3-5-333
MARKEL, MARIA                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-580
MARKEL, SOLOMON                         ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-255
MARKLEY, AARON                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-161
MARKS, GEORGE                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-116
MARRIETTA, NANCY                        ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-427
MARSH, ALVA                             SULLIVAN                                OH-3-4-131
MARSHALL, GEORGE                        NTL                                     OH-3-1-241
MARTEEN, GILBERT                        NTL                                     OH-3-3-495
MARTIN, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     OH-3-1-214
MARTIN, GEORGE SR.                      NTL                                     OH-3-1-468
MARTIN, JACOB                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-458
MARTIN, JOHNSON S.                      NTL                                     OH-3-3-426
MARTIN, JULIA A.                        MOHICAN                                 OH-3-4-263
MARTIN, MARY A.                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-85
MARTIN, PHILIP                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-319
MARTIN, SUSAN                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-384
MARVIN, HIRAM                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-463
MASKS, SARAH                            NTL                                     OH-3-5-235
MASON, ANDREW                           MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-410
MASON, JOHN                             JACKSON                                 OH-3-1-474
MASON, JOHN                             NTL                                     OH-3-5-277
MASON, MARTIN R.                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-272
MASTERS, ISAAC                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-235
MASTERS, NICKOLAS                       SAVANNAH                                OH-3-5-285
MATTHEWS, CHESTER                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-69
MAY, MICHAEL                            TBL                                     OH-3-6-14
MCBRIDE, FRANK                          ORANGE                                  OH-3-5-210
MCCLAIN, JACOB                          CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-3-416
MCCLAIN, JOHN                           MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-242
MCCLAIN, SAMUEL                         VERMILLION                              OH-3-4-349
MCCLELLEN, JANE                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-279
MCCLINTOCK, SUSAN                       NTL                                     OH-3-5-409
MCCLURE, ROBERT                         HANOVER                                 OH-3-3-263
MCCONNELL, DAVID                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-179
MCCRARY, DAVID                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-128
MCCRAY, JOHN T.                         ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-525
MCCRAY, REBECCA                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-129
MCCREADY, CHARLES                       MILTON                                  OH-3-3-164
MCCUEN, MARY JANE                       MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-294
MCCUEN, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-139
MCCULLOUGH, MARY                        RUGGLES                                 OH-3-1-243
MCCUTCHEN, WILLIAM                      CONE, INDIANA, PA                       OH-3-2-1
MCCUTCHEON, MARY ANN                    SAVANNAH                                OH-3-5-482
MCDONALD, DANIEL                        MOHICAN                                 OH-3-3-328
MCDOWELL, OHN W.                        OBERLIN,, OH                            OH-3-3-239
MCDOWELL, OHN W.                        OBERLIN,, OH                            OH-3-3-239
MCELVAINE, CRISTIANN                    NTL                                     OH-3-3-409
MCFADDEN, EDWARD                        ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-2
MCFADDEN, JAMES                         COPLEY                                  OH-3-3-501
MCFADDEN, JOHN                          PERRY                                   OH-3-3-471
MCFADDEN, JOHN                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-76
MCFADDEN, MARGARET                      TBL                                     OH-3-6-105
MCFADDEN, SARAH                         RUGGLES                                 OH-3-4-163
MCGRATH, WILLIAM                        CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-3-234
MCGUIRE, HUGH                           MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-2-462
MCGUIRE, JANE                           ASHLAND                                 OH-3-2-6
MCGUIRE, THOMAS                         VERMILLION                              OH-3-1-162
MCGUIRE, THOMAS                         GREEN                                   OH-3-5-528
MCGWIRE, BENJAMIN                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-447
MCHOSE, MARTIN A.                       NTL                                     OH-3-3-362
MCILVAIN, CHRISTAIN                     GREEN                                   OH-3-3-368
MCILVAIN, J. M.                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-318
MCILVAINE, WILLIAM                      LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-5-222
MCKIBBEN, MARTHA BELL                   NTL                                     OH-3-3-17
MCKIBBEN, ROBERT                        CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-4-300
MCKINLEY, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     OH-3-2-481
MCKINLEY, THOMAS                        VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-304
MCKINSEY, JAMES                         CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-1-215
MCLAUGHLIN, ROBERT                      ORANGE                                  OH-3-3-438
MCLEAN, JOHN                            DANBURY, , CT                           OH-3-1-83
MCMELLIN, MARGARET                      TBL                                     OH-3-6-360
MCMURRY, ROBERT                         ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-479
MCNAUL, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-316
MCNBABB, JOHN                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-67
MCNEAL, LLIAM                           VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-380
MCNULTY, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-267
MCQULLEN, JOHN                          VERMILLION                              OH-3-4-29
MEANS, SAMUEL                           CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-4-528
MEDCALF, JOHN                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-479
MEDOWL, WILLIAM                         ORANGE                                  OH-3-2-213
MELCHING, T. C. AUGUST                  ORANGE                                  OH-3-3-102
MELHEIM, JOHN                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-222
MENG, PETER                             PERRY                                   OH-3-3-66
MENTZER, ELIZABETH                      TROY                                    OH-3-5-147
MERCER, ABNER E.                        NTL                                     OH-3-3-430
MERCER, JACKSON                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-207
MERCER, LEVI                            , RICHLAND, OH                          OH-3-1-148
MERRIFIELD, LEMUEL                      SULLIVAN                                OH-3-4-63
MERRIFIELD, MILLS                       SULLIVAN                                OH-3-1-171
METCALF, EDWARD                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-338
METCALF, EDWARD JR.                     NTL                                     OH-3-1-366
METCALF, RACHEL                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-88
METCALF, THOMAS                         MOHECAN                                 OH-3-3-350
METCALF, THOMAS                         GREEN                                   OH-3-4-465
METCALF, VACHEL                         MOHICAN                                 OH-3-5-436
MICKIE, GEORG                           CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-5-139
MIKHEL, LOUIS                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-334
MILLER, CHRISTIAN                       MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-134
MILLER, FREDERICK                       NTL                                     OH-3-1-290
MILLER, GILBERT                         NTL                                     OH-3-5-219
MILLER, HENRY                           MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-1-462
MILLER, HENRY                           TROY                                    OH-3-4-445
MILLER, HENRY T.                        GREEN                                   OH-3-5-458
MILLER, JOHN                            MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-72
MILLER, PARVIN MCCOYD                   ASHLAND                                 OH-3-1-355
MILLER, SARAH                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-4
MILLER, WILLIAM                         MOHECAN                                 OH-3-2-34
MILLIGAN, MARGARET                      GREEN                                   OH-3-5-278
MITCHELL, DANIEL                        MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-1-151
MIZNER, ELIZABETH                       RUGGLES                                 OH-3-4-564
MNCNAULL, JOHN                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-390
MOATS, JACOB                            LAKE                                    OH-3-4-66
MOHERMAN, AUSTIN                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-6
MOLER, LEVI                             MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-553
MOODY, MARGARET ANN                     CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-4-367
MOODY, SAMUEL                           ASHLAND                                 OH-3-1-427
MOORE, ELIZABETH                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-561
MOORE, MARY A.                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-533
MOORES, ANN E.                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-33
MOORES, BELLE                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-556
MOREHART, ESTHER                        NTL                                     OH-3-3-143
MOREHART, JOHN                          , STARK, OH                             OH-3-2-3
MORGAN, CHARLES                         MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-5-374
MORR, ANNA                              NTL                                     OH-3-5-86
MORR, DANIEL                            PERRY                                   OH-3-2-440
MORR, EMANUEL                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-424
MORR, MAY                               NTL                                     OH-3-5-207
MORR, MICHAEL                           PERRY                                   OH-3-3-441
MORRIS, ELMYRA                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-208
MORRIS, HEZEKIAH                        LAKE                                    OH-3-4-210
MORRISON, THOMAS                        NTL                                     OH-3-1-146
MOTTER, JONAS                           TROY                                    OH-3-4-577
MOTTER, JONAS                           TROY                                    OH-3-5-1
MOTZ, JOHN F.                           LAKE                                    OH-3-3-335
MOUNTAIN, MANASSES                      SULLIVAN                                OH-3-1-368
MOURER, JOHN                            GREEN                                   OH-3-3-47
MOWERY, MARY A.                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-501
MOWRER, HENRY                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-399
MOWRY, JACOB                            MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-361
MOYER, JOHN B.                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-352
MUCHLER, JACOB                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-142
MUNHOLLEN, HENRY                        SULLIVAN                                OH-3-2-250
MURPHY, MANLIF JR.                      GREEN                                   OH-3-4-580
MURPHY, MANLIF SR.                      NTL                                     OH-3-5-256
MURRAY, EDWARD                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-173
MURRY, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-261
MUTCHLER, GEORGE                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-217
MYERS, ABRAHAM                          NTL                                     OH-3-5-404
MYERS, BARBARA                          CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-5-22
MYERS, JACOB                            PERRY                                   OH-3-1-484
MYERS, JOHN                             NTL                                     OH-3-2-549
MYERS, JOSHUA                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-215
MYERS, MARY                             CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-2-611
MYERS, REBECCA                          NTL                                     OH-3-5-518
MYKRANTZ, JOHN                          NTL                                     OH-3-3-16
MYKRAUTZ, JACOB                         CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-4-460
MYRES, JONATHAN                         PERRY                                   OH-3-4-272
NAYLOR, CATHARINE                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-306
NAYLOR, JOHN                            MOHECAN                                 OH-3-3-191
NAYLOR, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     OH-3-3-465
NAYLOR, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     OH-3-3-465
NEAS, PETER                             NTL                                     OH-3-1-115
NEFF, MARGARET                          LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-4-490
NEFF, MARY E.                           ORANGE                                  OH-3-5-290
NELL, LUCINDA                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-315
NELSON, ALEXANDER                       VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-310
NELSON, MARGARET                        HAYESVILLE                              OH-3-4-25
NELSON, ROBERT                          MILTON                                  OH-3-2-605
NEWBROUGH, WILLIAM                      LANSING, NTL, MI                        OH-3-3-511
NEWBROUGH, WILLIAM                      LANSING, NTL, MI                        OH-3-3-511
NEWKIRK, O. S.                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-579
NEWMAN, ANDREW                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-84
NEWSBAUM, PETER                         MILTON                                  OH-3-1-308
NIPPS, HENRY                            HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-37
NOBLE, ROBERT                           ASHLAND                                 OH-3-3-520
NOEL, CATHARINE                         PERRY                                   OH-3-5-394
NORRIS, AMOS                            ORANGE                                  OH-3-1-75
NORRIS, JOHN                            LAKE                                    OH-3-4-165
NORRIS, JOHN                            NTL                                     OH-3-1-10
NORRIS, JOSEPH                          HANOVER                                 OH-3-5-34
NORRIS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-209
NORTH, GEORGE                           NTL                                     OH-3-1-210
O'BRIAN, ALDA                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-250
OBERLIN, HENRY                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-323
OBETZ, ELIZABETH                        HAYSVILLE                               OH-3-5-378
OBETZ, EMANUEL                          HAYSVILLE                               OH-3-5-11
OBRECHT, GEORGE W.                      TBL                                     OH-3-6-27
OFFINCER, JAMES                         MOHECAN                                 OH-3-2-499
OGDEN, REBECCA                          TROY                                    OH-3-2-579
OGDEN, THOMAS                           NTL                                     OH-3-5-366
OHL, JACOB                              MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-4-351
OHL, MICHEL                             NTL                                     OH-3-3-529
OHL, STEPHEN                            MILTON                                  OH-3-4-87
OLIVER, DANIEL                          GREEN                                   OH-3-4-57
OSBORN, THOMAS                          PERRY                                   OH-3-2-285
OSBORN, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-567
OSGOOD, SARAH                           SULLIVAN                                OH-3-1-300
OTTER, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     OH-3-3-248
OTTO, MICHAEL                           MOHICAN                                 OH-3-4-357
OVERHOLTZER, JACOB                      NTL                                     OH-3-1-48
OWEN, RHODA ANN                         MOHECAN                                 OH-3-3-74
OWENS, ROBERT M.                        POLK                                    OH-3-2-253
OXENRIDER, PETER                        CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-2-123
PAGE, CHARLES                           LITCHFIELD, LITCHFIELD, CT              OH-3-4-235
PALMER, JAMES                           MEDINA, MEDINA, OH                      OH-3-2-268
PALMER, JAMES                           MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-302
PALMER, JOHN                            ORANGE                                  OH-3-2-547
PALMER, MATTHEW                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-18
PARK, JAMES                             TBL                                     OH-3-6-349
PARMLEY, ASHLEY                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-228
PARR, A. H.                             GREEN                                   OH-3-3-413
PARR, CORDELIA                          LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-4-566
PARR, HENRY C.                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-325
PARR, ROBERT D.                         GREEN                                   OH-3-3-189
PARRISH, JAMES P.                       SULLIVAN                                OH-3-3-448
PARROT, JACOB                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-57
PATTERSON, AMANDA M.                    CLEVELAND, CUYAHOGA, OH                 OH-3-5-5
PATTERSON, JOHN                         CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-5-380
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     OH-3-2-421
PATTERSON, WILSON M.                    ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-122
PAUL, MICHAEL                           HANOVER                                 OH-3-3-535
PAXTON, HUGH                            VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-521
PAXTON, JAMES                           RUGGLES                                 OH-3-3-295
PAXTON, JAMES                           RUGGLES                                 OH-3-3-295
PECK, ELIZA A.                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-204
PECK, HOMER                             TBL                                     OH-3-6-57
PECK, JOHN T.                           TROY                                    OH-3-1-400
PELL, LOVINA                            HANOVER                                 OH-3-3-542
PELL, SARAH O.                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-37
PERCIVAL, MOSES O.                      CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-4-44
PERSONS, ANSON                          SULLIVAN                                OH-3-3-299
PETERS, JOHN                            ORANGE                                  OH-3-3-105
PETERS, JOHN                            ORANGE                                  OH-3-3-105
PETERS, JOHN                            LAKE                                    OH-3-4-581
PETOT, CLAUDE                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-241
PHELPS, ELISHA                          TROY                                    OH-3-2-473
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          ORANGE                                  OH-3-2-21
PHILPOTT, GEORGE                        SULLIVAN                                OH-3-3-125
PIFER, CHRISTIAN                        ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-78
PIFER, JOSEPH                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-75
PIPPITT, SARAH A.                       LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-5-530
PIXLEY, WILLARD                         RANGE                                   OH-3-2-504
PLANK, ANNA                             NTL                                     OH-3-2-355
POE, ADAM                               NTL                                     OH-3-2-601
POFF, GEORGE                            NTL                                     OH-3-1-140
POLLOCK, DAVID                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-408
POLLOCK, JAMES                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-239
POLLOCK, JOHN                           CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-1-343
POLLOCK, NANCY                          NTL                                     OH-3-5-177
POLOCK, ELIZABETH                       GREEN                                   OH-3-3-307
PORE, ELIZABETH                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-181
PORE, MICHAEL                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-493
PORTER, WILLIAM                         RUGGLES                                 OH-3-3-192
PORTER, WILLIAM O.                      TBL                                     OH-3-6-420
PORTZ, ANDREW                           LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-4-510
PORTZ, JOHN                             TBL                                     OH-3-6-87
POWELL, THOMAS                          NTL                                     OH-3-5-443
POWERS, ELEANOR                         TROY                                    OH-3-4-390
PRIEST, DANIEL C.                       NTL, HOLMES, OH                         OH-3-4-40
PRIEST, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-525
PRIEST, HANKEY                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-170
PRIEST, JOHN                            HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-233
PRIEST, M. A.                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-237
PROUDFIT, CATHARINE                     MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-256
PROUDFIT, DAVID                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-29
PROUDFIT, JOHN                          MILTON                                  OH-3-3-227
PRUTZMAN, DANIEL                        LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-5-507
PURDY, JANNETT                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-5
PURDY, PETER M.                         VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-122
PURDY, PETER M.                         VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-122
RABY, JACOB                             TBL                                     OH-3-6-26
RAMSEY, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-529
RAMSEY, WILLIAM                         JACKSON                                 OH-3-4-155
REAM, GEORGE                            MOHECAN                                 OH-3-3-94
REAM, MARY                              MOHECAN                                 OH-3-4-298
REED, JENNETT E.                        COUNCIL BLUFFS, POTTAWAMIE, IA          OH-3-5-72
REED, MARY                              NTL                                     OH-3-5-369
REED, WILLIAM                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-327
REED, WILLIAM                           GREEN                                   OH-3-3-135
REEDY, MANILUS S.                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-22
REES, ABRAHAM                           (IN GERMAN)                             OH-3-2-146
REINHART, JOHN H.                       GREEN                                   OH-3-4-556
RHEINHART, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     OH-3-2-312
RHINESMITH, LYDIA                       SULLIVAN                                OH-3-4-247
RHOAN, MARY MAGDALENA                   NTL                                     OH-3-2-26
RHONE, HENRY                            VERMILLION                              OH-3-2-39
RIBLET, HENRY                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-545
RICE, ALEXANDER                         GREEN                                   OH-3-4-293
RICE, WALKER M.                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-253
RICHARD, DANIEL                         ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-62
RICHARDS, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     OH-3-3-496
RICHARDS, WESLEY                        ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-159
RICHARDSON, JOHN                        NTL                                     OH-3-1-277
RICHEY, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     OH-3-5-514
RICKERD, GEORGE                         MILTON                                  OH-3-2-596
RICKET, CHRISTOPHER                     NTL                                     OH-3-2-483
RICKET, GEORGE                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-280
RICKET, SARAH                           JACKSON                                 OH-3-4-575
RIDDLE, ABIGAL                          NTL                                     OH-3-5-231
RIDDLE, JOHN                            MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-281
RIDDLE, MARTHA                          MOHECAN                                 OH-3-2-534
RIDDLE, MARY M.                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-313
RIDDLE, MICHAEL                         MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-1-487
RIDGE, WILLIAM                          GREEN, RICHLAND, OH                     OH-3-1-27
RIFFLE, JAMES M.                        HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-501
RIGGS, MARGARET                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-482
RIGGS, SUSAN                            SULLIVAN                                OH-3-4-488
RISSER,  DANIEL                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-349
RISSER, JACOB                           NTL (IN GERMAN)                         OH-3-1-19
RISSER, JOHN SR.                        VERMILLION                              OH-3-2-455
RITTER, JOHN                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-256
ROBERTS, LEWIS                          ORANGE                                  OH-3-1-359
ROBISON, THOMAS                         GREEN                                   OH-3-3-231
ROGERS, NATHAN P.                       SULLIVAN                                OH-3-5-61
ROGERS, WILLIAM                         SULLIVAN                                OH-3-5-490
ROHLEDER, ANDREW                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-121
ROLAND, CHRISTIAN                       NTL                                     OH-3-3-388
ROLER, BENJAMIN                         VERMILLION                              OH-3-5-547
ROSEBERRY, ISAAC                        MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-5-498
ROW, MICHAEL                            PERRY                                   OH-3-1-229
ROWAN, STEWART                          TURKEY FOOT, SOMERSET, PA               OH-3-2-120
ROWEN, STEWART                          TURKEYFOOT, SOMERET, PA                 OH-3-4-446
ROWLAND, SAMUEL                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-51
ROWLAND, SIMON M.                       NTL                                     OH-3-2-124
RUDD, WILLIAM B.                        SULLIVAN                                OH-3-2-263
RUDY, JOHN                              NTL                                     OH-3-5-113
RUMFIELD, PHILIP                        SAVANNAH                                OH-3-1-481
RUPERT, JOHN ADAM                       JACKSON                                 OH-3-2-537
RUSCH, MICHAEL                          LAKE                                    OH-3-2-495
RUSH, JACOB                             MOHICAN                                 OH-3-5-157
RUSSELL, JANE H.                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-496
RUSSELL, JENNIE                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-492
RUSSELL, JOHN                           MILTON                                  OH-3-4-547
RUST, CATHARINE                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-321
RUTAN, JOHN                             NTL                                     OH-3-2-588
RUTAN, NICHOLAS                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-55
RUTH, MARGARET                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-2-290
RYALL, PHEBE J.                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-577
RYLAND, JOHN                            HAYESVILLE                              OH-3-4-408
RYLAND, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     OH-3-5-129
RYLAND, WILLIAM SR.                     NTL                                     OH-3-2-416
SACKETT, HARVEY                         RUGGLES                                 OH-3-3-333
SADLER, WILLIAM                         ORANGE                                  OH-3-5-46
SAMPSEL, D. S. SR.                      ASHLAND                                 OH-3-5-568
SANDERS, PETER                          LAKE                                    OH-3-3-349
SATTLER, C. P.                          NTL                                     OH-3-5-155
SATTLER, JACB L.                        MILTON                                  OH-3-4-196
SATTLER, LEWIS                          MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-4-400
SCHNEIDER, HENRY                        NTL                                     OH-3-3-516
SCHNEIDER, PHILIP                       LAKE                                    OH-3-4-457
SCHREFFLER, CATHARINE                   NTL                                     OH-3-2-38
SCHUCH, GEORGE                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-450
SCHULTE, JOHN                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-414
SCHULZ, JOHN                            TBL                                     OH-3-6-519
SCHUMUCKER, MAGDALENA                   READING, BERKS, PA                      OH-3-2-471
SCHWAN, DAVID                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-236
SCHWAN, DAVID                           VERMILLION                              OH-3-4-52
SCOBEY, JOHNSON                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-108
SCOTT, ANDREW J.                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-123
SCOTT, CATHARINE                        NTL                                     OH-3-1-429
SCOTT, ELIZA J.                         VERMILION                               OH-3-4-365
SCOTT, IDA                              NTL                                     OH-3-1-302
SCOTT, JAMES                            NTL                                     OH-3-3-390
SCOTT, MATILDA                          VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-156
SCOTT, MOSES C.                         CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-4-291
SCOTT, TIBBIE                           PERRY                                   OH-3-5-371
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-269
SCRIVER, GEORGE                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-73
SEAMANS, SUSAN R.                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-550
SEEBE, MARY                             NTL                                     OH-3-5-400
SEIBERT, SAMUEL                         MOHECAN                                 OH-3-4-441
SEINMETZ, JACOB                         ORANGE                                  OH-3-5-376
SELBY, THOMAS                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-540
SEWARD, JAMES J.                        HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-340
SHAFER, FRANTZ                          LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-5-212
SHAFER, JOHN                            ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-515
SHAFER, PETER                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-547
SHAMBAUGH, SOPHIA                       GREEN                                   OH-3-3-462
SHARFF, VOLENTINE                       VERMILLION                              OH-3-2-83
SHARICK, DAVID                          VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-257
SHARICK, JOHN                           ORANGE                                  OH-3-5-82
SHARICK, JOHN                           ORANGE                                  OH-3-3-375
SHAVER, MANASAS                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-4
SHAW, HANNAH                            TBL                                     OH-3-6-20
SHEARER, MARY                           HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-342
SHEELER, ABRAM                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-187
SHEELY, CHRISTIAN                       ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-99
SHEETS, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-344
SHEETS, NANCY                           ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-143
SHELDON, MARTIN                         SUFFIELD, HARTFORD, CT                  OH-3-1-259
SHENABERGER, CHRISTENA                  GREEN                                   OH-3-5-501
SHENBERGER, BALTZER                     NTL                                     OH-3-3-23
SHENBERGER, DAVID                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-173
SHENBERGER, JOHN                        NTL                                     OH-3-2-261
SHENBERGER, JOSEPH                      TBL                                     OH-3-6-250
SHENNEMAN, ELIZABETH A.                 ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-199
SHERADON, ABRAHAM                       NTL                                     OH-3-1-221
SHIRIVER, PHILIP                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-56
SHISLER, HENRY                          PERRY                                   OH-3-4-127
SHOCKEY, PHILIP                         PERRY                                   OH-3-3-376
SHOEMAKER, DAVID                        VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-498
SHOEMAKER, JOHN                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-298
SHOEMAKER, JOHN N.                      NTL                                     OH-3-2-230
SHOPBELL, JACOB                         ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-279
SHOPBELL, JEREMIAH SR.                  NTL                                     OH-3-2-49
SHRIVER, DAVID                          CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-4-125
SHUCK, PHILLIP                          NTL                                     OH-3-3-536
SHUEY, SARAH                            NTL                                     OH-3-5-359
SIGLER, HENRY                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-80
SILL, JOHN                              NTL                                     OH-3-5-302
SILL, SAMUEL                            ST. CLAIR, BEDFORD, PA                  OH-3-3-27
SILLS, JACOB                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-531
SIMAN, JOHN                             LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-2-283
SIMMS, WILLIAM                          GREEN                                   OH-3-3-184
SLACK, JAMES                            NTL                                     OH-3-1-348
SLATER, JAMES                           NTL                                     OH-3-1-283
SLOAM, JOSEPH                           MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-1-311
SLOAN, JAMES                            NTL                                     OH-3-1-313
SLOAN, JAMES                            MILTON                                  OH-3-5-192
SLOAN, SAMUEL                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-139
SLOANE, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     OH-3-2-430
SLOANE, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-306
SLOCUM, MARTHA P.                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-254
SMALL, R. W.                            VERMILLION                              OH-3-4-26
SMALLEY, BENJAMIN                       VERMILLION                              OH-3-5-121
SMALLEY, DAVID                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-513
SMALLEY, HENRY                          PERRY                                   OH-3-4-333
SMALLEY, JOHN P.                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-533
SMALLEY, RICHARD                        , WAYNE, OH                             OH-3-1-23
SMALLEY, RICHARD                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-103
SMALLEY, SARAH                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-232
SMALLY, ISAAC                           , WAYNE, OH                             OH-3-1-385
SMELTZER, JACOB                         MILTON                                  OH-3-3-224
SMELTZER, MICHAEL                       NTL                                     OH-3-3-397
SMILIE, JOHN N.                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-476
SMITH, CATHERINE                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-444
SMITH, CHARLES                          LAKE                                    OH-3-1-144
SMITH, DANIEL                           PERRY                                   OH-3-3-318
SMITH, DAVID                            NTL                                     OH-3-3-477
SMITH, EDMUND P.                        MILTON                                  OH-3-5-274
SMITH, ETTA MAY                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-212
SMITH, HENRY                            TROY                                    OH-3-2-394
SMITH, JACOB                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-335
SMITH, JAMES B.                         NTL                                     OH-3-5-159
SMITH, JOHN                             NTL                                     OH-3-5-183
SMITH, JOHN                             GREEN                                   OH-3-3-77
SMITH, JOHN                             NTL                                     OH-3-2-24
SMITH, JOHN                             TBL                                     OH-3-6-50
SMITH, JOHN                             TBL                                     OH-3-6-343
SMITH, JONATHAN                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-403
SMITH, MARTIN L.                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-221
SMITH, PETER                            PERRY                                   OH-3-1-223
SMITH, ROBERT W.                        NTL                                     OH-3-2-168
SMITH, THOMAS                           MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-181
SMITH, THOMAS                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-134
SMITH, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-426
SMOPEY, A. J.                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-264
SMYSER, ADAM                            MOHICAN                                 OH-3-5-221
SNOWBERGER, ELIZABETH                   MILTON                                  OH-3-5-108
SNYDER, ANN MARGARET                    NTL                                     OH-3-3-489
SNYDER, BENJAMIN SR.                    , RICHLAND, OH                          OH-3-1-44
SNYDER, HENRY K.                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-293
SNYDER, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-212
SNYDER, MARTIN                          LAKE                                    OH-3-3-286
SNYDER, MARTIN                          LAKE                                    OH-3-3-286
SNYDER, MARY                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-501
SNYDER, SAMUEL                          RUGGLES                                 OH-3-4-286
SNYDER, SARH ANN                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-59
SOAK, MARGARET                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-363
SOUDER, JOHN                            NTL                                     OH-3-3-251
SPARR, CHRISTENA                        PERRY                                   OH-3-5-485
SPEAR, HANNAH                           MILTON                                  OH-3-4-534
SPENBERGER, MICHAEL                     TBL                                     OH-3-6-326
SPENCER, ANNA                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-282
SPENCER, WILLIAM                        JACKSON                                 OH-3-4-177
SPIDEL, SAAH                            NTL                                     OH-3-5-576
SPIDLE, WILLIAM                         HANOVER                                 OH-3-2-243
SPITLER, SIMON                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-508
SPITLER, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     OH-3-3-392
SPITLER, WILLIAM P.                     TBL                                     OH-3-6-290
SPOHN, JACOB                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-114
SPOTTS, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-8
SPRANG, FREDERICK                       LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-4-518
SPRENGLE, L. J.                         ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-554
SPRING, JACOB                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-265
SPRINGER, HENRY                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-43
SPRINGER, JOHN                          NTL                                     OH-3-3-371
SPRINGER, JOHN                          MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-507
STACHER, MELKIHA                        PERRY                                   OH-3-4-112
STACKER, DANIEL                         PERRY                                   OH-3-5-66
STACKER, J. W.                          LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-5-531
STAFFORD, NATHAN                        NTL                                     OH-3-1-41
STAFFORD, PHEBE S.                      TBL                                     OH-3-6-83
STAHL, CATHARINE                        CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-2-615
STAHL, SUSANNAH                         SAVANNAH                                OH-3-4-249
STAMAN, BENJAMIN                        MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-4-406
STAMAN, JACOB                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-357
STANEFER, MARY J.                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-461
STARKEY, EMILY                          NTL                                     OH-3-5-269
STARKEY, MATILDA                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-9
STARRETT, JAMES                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-488
STATES, WOODWARD                        RUGGLES                                 OH-3-2-58
STAUFFER, JOHN                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-63
STEEL, ROSANNAH                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-263
STENTZ, ANTHONY                         LAKE                                    OH-3-4-314
STENTZ, ANTHONY                         LAKE (CON'T)                            OH-3-4-324
STENTZ, HANNAH                          NTL                                     OH-3-5-566
STENTZ, PETER                           CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-3-579
STENTZ, PETER                           CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-3-579
STEUART, ELIZABETH                      LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-5-180
STICHLER, HENRY                         HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-202
STICKLER, JACOB                         HANOVER                                 OH-3-1-72
STINE, JACOB                            SULLIVAN                                OH-3-3-151
STOBER, JOHN                            ORANGE                                  OH-3-1-194
STOBO, JOHN D.                          RUGGLES                                 OH-3-4-456
STOCKMAN, ABIATHA                       NTL                                     OH-3-2-518
STOCKSMAN, JOHN                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-546
STOLER, MAGDALENA                       , BEDFORD, PA                           OH-3-2-30
STOLER, MARY                            MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-382
STONE, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     OH-3-5-471
STONEBRAKER, JOHN                       NTL                                     OH-3-2-398
STONER, DAVID                           MILTON                                  OH-3-2-53
STONER, JACOB                           CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-1-440
STONER, JOHN                            CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-4-417
STONER, SIMON                           PERRYSVILLE                             OH-3-5-449
STONFFER, SAMUEL                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-522
STOUFFER, LIZZIE                        NTL                                     OH-3-5-461
STOUT, CHARLES                          CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-4-527
STOVER, SARAH                           MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-5-536
STRATTON, ALEXANDER                     NTL                                     OH-3-3-461
STREETER, THOMAS                        RUGGLES                                 OH-3-3-544
STRICKLAND, JOSEPH                      NTL                                     OH-3-3-403
STRICKLAND, MARGARET                    HAYSVILLE                               OH-3-2-33
STRICKLAND, WILLIAM H.                  TBL                                     OH-3-6-193
STRINE, MICHAEL                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-564
STRONACK, JANETT                        MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-1-271
STUCKEY, SIMON                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-308
STURTEVANT, BRADFORD                    RUGGLES                                 OH-3-3-100
STURTEVANT, HULDAH A.                   RUGGLES                                 OH-3-4-148
STURTEVANT, LYDIA P.                    RUGGLES                                 OH-3-4-505
SUNDAY, ELIZABETH                       MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-3-161
SUNDAY, HENRY                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-491
SUNDAY, JOHN                            MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-4-245
SUNDAY, JOSEPH                          MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-5-538
SURNFORD, LEWIS                         NTL                                     OH-3-5-396
SUTHERLAND, PHEBE                       RUGGLES                                 OH-3-1-357
SWAINHART, JOSEPH                       JACKSON                                 OH-3-5-26
SWAISGOOD, JOHN                         JACKSON                                 OH-3-4-167
SWARTS, DAVID                           PERRY                                   OH-3-2-320
SWARTS, LEWIS                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-594
SWASICK, JAMES                          NTL                                     OH-3-3-19
SWEARINGEN, NICHOLAS D.                 NTL                                     OH-3-1-380
SWINEFORD, ABRAHAM S.                   NTL                                     OH-3-2-208
SWINEFORD, GEORGE W.                    NTL                                     OH-3-2-409
SWINEFORD, JOHN                         MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-150
SWINEFORD, ROSA                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-484
SWITZER, DILLMAN                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-262
SWITZER, NANCY                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-347
SWITZER, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-341
TALBOTT, ELISHA                         JACKSON                                 OH-3-4-32
TALLENTIRE, AMOS J.                     BEREA, , OH                             OH-3-3-88
TANNEHILL, REBECCA Z.                   PERRYSVILLE                             OH-3-4-31
TATE, WILLIAM                           VERMILLION                              OH-3-3-42
TAWNEY, JOHN                            JEROMESVILLE                            OH-3-2-426
TAWNEY, MICHAEL                         GREEN                                   OH-3-4-135
TAYLOR, AUGSUTUS A.                     LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-4-475
TAYLOR, JOHN                            ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-194
TAYLOR, MARGARET                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-439
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          NTL                                     OH-3-5-559
TENNENT, GEORGE                         NTL                                     OH-3-3-242
THOM, ALEXANDER                         RUGGLES                                 OH-3-5-201
THOMA, PHILLIP                          NTL                                     OH-3-3-34
THOMAS, JOHN L.                         ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-574
THOMAS, JOSIAH                          ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-483
THOMAS, PETER                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-352
THOMPSON, BENEDICT JOSEPH               NTL                                     OH-3-1-414
THOMPSON, JOHN                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-3-561
THOMPSON, JONES                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-233
THURDIUM, ADAM                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-195
TIGLEY, ZACHARIAH                       MILTON                                  OH-3-1-389
TILTON, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-110
TILTON, JAMES A.                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-1
TILTON, JOHN                            , RICHLAND, OH                          OH-3-1-125
TILTON, SAMUEL                          ORANGE                                  OH-3-2-403
TOWSLEE, MARGARET                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-476
TRAUGER, GEORGE                         TROY                                    OH-3-5-305
TROXEL, JOHN                            ORANGE                                  OH-3-5-583
TROXEL, LEVI                            ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-139
TRUMBELSON, JAMES                       NTL                                     OH-3-3-87
TUGAN, GEORGE                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-432
TWERRELL, ANN E.                        SULLIVAN                                OH-3-3-216
TYLER, MAJOR                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-428
UNDERHILL, DANIEL                       RUGGLES                                 OH-3-3-339
UNDERHILL, JACOB                        RUGGLES                                 OH-3-2-17
URIE, GEORGE W.                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-459
URIE, SAMUEL                            NTL                                     OH-3-1-136
VANASDALL, SIMON                        JACKSON                                 OH-3-3-404
VANCE, JOHN                             HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-240
VANDERSMISSEN, CARL JUSTUS              NTL (IN GERMAN)                         OH-3-5-224
VANGILDER, JEREMIAH                     VERMILLION                              OH-3-5-151
VANGILDER, JOHN                         NTL                                     OH-3-2-567
VANHORN, ANNA                           GREEN                                   OH-3-1-324
VANHORN, CATHARINE                      GREEN                                   OH-3-1-457
VANNIMAN, ENOCH J.                      TBL                                     OH-3-6-44
VANNORDSTRAND, PETER                    CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-4-80
VANTILBURG, EMMONS                      JACKSON                                 OH-3-1-46
VANTILBURG, HENRY                       NTL                                     OH-3-2-239
VANTILBURGH, DANIEL                     NTL                                     OH-3-2-385
VANZILE, JESSE                          GREEN                                   OH-3-5-111
VERMILYE, WILLIAM J.                    NTL                                     OH-3-3-538
VERNON, IRAAM                           HANOVER                                 OH-3-5-510
VERNON, JANE                            HANOVER                                 OH-3-5-512
VESPER, CHRISTIAN                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-164
VESPER, MARY J.                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-410
VESPER, MICHAEL                         ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-425
VETTON, EVE                             NTL                                     OH-3-5-128
WAGGONER, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     OH-3-1-491
WALKEY, GEORGE                          PERRY                                   OH-3-2-571
WALLACE, SAMUEL                         CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-3-344
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     OH-3-1-173
WALLACK, E. W.                          NTL                                     OH-3-5-29
WALLAE, JOHN                            TBL                                     OH-3-6-161
WALTERS, GEORGE                         CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-2-563
WALTZ, SAMUEL                           HANOVER                                 OH-3-2-280
WARD, HANNAH                            NTL                                     OH-3-1-269
WARNER, MAGDALENA                       NTL                                     OH-3-2-181
WARNER, MARY                            NTL                                     OH-3-1-34
WARNES, JACOB                           ASHLAND                                 OH-3-1-168
WATERS, NANCY                           NTL                                     OH-3-1-219
WATMAN, JACOB                           NTL                                     OH-3-2-236
WEATHERBEE, J. S.                       MOHECAN                                 OH-3-3-298
WEAVER, CONRAD                          JACKSON                                 OH-3-3-26
WEAVER, MARGARETT                       PERRY                                   OH-3-3-532
WEAVER, PETER                           MILTON                                  OH-3-4-157
WEAVER, THOMAS                          NTL                                     OH-3-3-480
WEBSTER, ASAHEL                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-37
WEIDLER, GEORGE M.                      TBL                                     OH-3-6-168
WEIGHT, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-480
WEILER, JACOB                           HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-260
WEIRICK, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-12
WEIRMAN, SARAH                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-498
WEISENSTEIN, JACOB L.                   ASHLAND                                 OH-3-3-341
WELCH, EPHRAIM                          NTL                                     OH-3-3-313
WELLS, JOSEPH                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-226
WENTZ, JUSTUS                           (IN GERMAN)                             OH-3-2-244
WENTZ, PHILIP                           HANOVER                                 OH-3-5-372
WERKAL, ULERY A.                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-397
WERTMAN, MARY                           CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-2-324
WERTMAN, MARY                           ORANGE, RICHLAND, OH                    OH-3-2-8
WERTZ, HENRY                            ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-76
WESTAFER, MARY                          PERRY                                   OH-3-5-16
WESTHAFER, CHARLES                      NTL                                     OH-3-5-44
WESTHEFFER, GEORGE                      MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-5-589
WESTHOEFER, HENRY                       NTL                                     OH-3-5-355
WESTON, ROSWELL                         RUGGLES                                 OH-3-3-332
WETMER, DAVID M.                        MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-359
WEYGANDT, JACOB                         PERRY                                   OH-3-3-220
WHISLER, ANTHONY                        HANOVER                                 OH-3-1-88
WHISLER, ANTHONY                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-38
WHISLER, DAVID                          MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-3-451
WHISLER, DAVID                          MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-3-451
WHISLER, THEODORE                       HANOVER                                 OH-3-5-452
WHISLER, WILLIAM                        LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-5-328
WHISTLER, JOHN C.                       HANOVER                                 OH-3-4-329
WHITAMIRE, ELIAS                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-252
WHITCOMB, HORACE N.                     SULLIVAN                                OH-3-4-463
WHITE, ANNIE                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-75
WHITE, JOHN                             GREEN                                   OH-3-3-107
WHITEMAN, HENRY                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-296
WHITEMAN, MARTHA                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-239
WHITING, REBECCA                        TBL                                     OH-3-6-246
WHITMARSH, BENJAMIN                     MILTON                                  OH-3-2-339
WHITMARSH, URIAH                        CLEAR CREEK                             OH-3-2-69
WHITMORE, DANIEL W.                     MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-82
WHITNEY, THOMAS J.                      LOUDONVILLE                             OH-3-4-437
WICKHAM, JEREMIAH                       SAVANNAH                                OH-3-5-552
WICOFF, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     OH-3-5-265
WICOL, SABRINA                          TBL                                     OH-3-6-354
WILE, ROSINA                            NTL                                     OH-3-3-44
WILEY, DAVID D.                         TBL                                     OH-3-6-503
WILLARD, LUMAN                          NTL                                     OH-3-1-130
WILLIAMS, EBENEZER E.                   WELLER, RICHLAND, OH                    OH-3-1-435
WILLIAMS, HARRIET                       NTL                                     OH-3-2-102
WILLIAMS, JANE                          MILTON                                  OH-3-3-160
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-1-123
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                        MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-2-41
WILSON, CHARLES                         MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-49
WILSON, JOHN                            VERMILLION                              OH-3-2-156
WILSON, MARK                            NTL, NOBLE, IN                          OH-3-3-442
WILSON, ROBERT                          PERRY                                   OH-3-3-129
WILSON, SAMUEL                          MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-4-537
WILSON, WILLIAM S.                      TBL                                     OH-3-6-64
WILTROUT, JACOB                         PERRY                                   OH-3-4-451
WINBIGLER, JAMES P.                     NTL                                     OH-3-1-39
WINBIGLER, JOHN                         NTL                                     OH-3-1-77
WINBIGLER, RICHARD                      NTL                                     OH-3-1-452
WINTER, JOHN JR.                        MILTON                                  OH-3-2-23
WINTERS, VIOLET                         JACKSON                                 OH-3-3-435
WINTON, J. L.                           MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-261
WIREMAN, ANDREW                         PERRY                                   OH-3-5-134
WIRT, DANIEL                            RUGGLES                                 OH-3-4-22
WOLCOTT, REUBEN J.                      RUGGLES                                 OH-3-2-202
WOLF, GEORGE                            VERMILLION                              OH-3-5-188
WOLF, JACOB                             MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-1-445
WOLF, JOHN                              NTL                                     OH-3-2-127
WOLF, NANCY                             LAKE                                    OH-3-5-94
WONDER, ANDEW                           NTL                                     OH-3-1-3
WONDER, MATTHIAS                        NTL                                     OH-3-2-271
WOODBURN, JOHN                          NTL                                     OH-3-2-589
WOODS, DAVID                            HAYSVILLE                               OH-3-5-550
WOODS, MARY ANN                         MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-3-148
WORST, GEORGE                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-401
WORST, SAMUEL                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-17
WRIGHT, ALVIRA                          TROY                                    OH-3-4-369
YORK, STEPHEN                           GREENWICH, HURON, OH                    OH-3-5-39
YOUNG, ADAM                             NTL                                     OH-3-5-190
YOUNG, GEORGE                           NTL                                     OH-3-3-170
YOUNG, JACOB                            NTL                                     OH-3-2-148
YOUNG, JOHN                             NTL                                     OH-3-1-377
YOUNG, MICHAEL                          MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-2-617
YOUNG, REBECCA                          ASHLAND                                 OH-3-4-179
YOUNKER, JACOB                          ASHLAND, RICHLAND, OH                   OH-3-1-12
YUNCKER, JOHN                           TBL                                     OH-3-6-338
ZAHNLEY, XAVER                          ORANGE                                  OH-3-4-118
ZEHNER, GEORGE J.                       MIFFLIN                                 OH-3-4-552
ZEIGLER, SAMUEL                         FOSTORIA, SENECA, OH                    OH-3-5-360
ZIEGLER, JOHN K.                        PERRYSVILLE                             OH-3-2-235
ZIMMERMAN, ELIZABETH                    NTL                                     OH-3-5-297
ZIMMERMAN, HENRY                        PERRY                                   OH-3-3-292
ZIMMERMAN, NOAH                         NTL                                     OH-3-5-549
ZIMMERMAN, PETER                        MONTGOMERY                              OH-3-4-492
ZIMMERMAN, PETER                        ONTGOMERY                               OH-3-3-453
ZIMMERMAN, SAMUEL                       TBL                                     OH-3-6-541
ZIMMERMAN, SARAH                        LAFAYETTE                               OH-3-3-470

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