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ACKERET, MARIA                          OH-2-F-501
ADAMS, DAVID S.                         OH-2-K-121
ADAMS, JAMES B.                         OH-2-L-266
ADGATE, CHARLES H.                      OH-2-J-257
AGERTER, FREDERICK                      OH-2-D-93
ALBERT, JACOB                           OH-2-C-96
ALBERT, MARY                            OH-2-E-328
ALBRECHT, AUGUST                        OH-2-G-175
ALBURT, SAMUEL                          OH-2-K-153
ALDRIDGE, JOSEPH                        OH-2-G-251
ALDRIDGE, JOSEPH                        OH-2-G-238
ALLEN, GEORGE W.                        OH-2-C-261
ALLERD, PETER                           OH-2-C-110
ALLISON, MATHEW                         OH-2-D-248
ALLISON, OHIO                           OH-2-K-161
ALLSTETTER, LOTTIE                      OH-2-J-449
ALSTETTER, PETER                        OH-2-C-551
ALSTETTER, PHILIP                       OH-2-C-125
ALTEN, JOSEPH B.                        OH-2-L-499
ALTHAUS, ABRAHAM                        OH-2-G-526
ALTHAUS, HENRY                          OH-2-H-100
ALTHAUS, PETER                          OH-2-I-177
AMELUNG, HENRY                          OH-2-G-391
AMELUNG, KARL                           OH-2-G-389
AMMAN, WILLIAM F.                       OH-2-G-511
AMSTUTZ, ABRAHAM                        OH-2-I-38
AMSTUTZ, ELIZABETH                      OH-2-L-314
AMSTUTZ, JOHN C.                        OH-2-F-478
AMSTUTZ, JOHN S.                        OH-2-L-15
AMSTUTZ, PETER                          OH-2-C-521
ANDERSON, ANNA                          OH-2-L-8
ANDERSON, JOHN A.                       OH-2-E-35
ANDERSON, JOSEPH A.                     OH-2-K-587
ANDERSON, PETER                         OH-2-F-145
ANDERSON, THOMAS                        OH-2-L-572
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       OH-2-H-78
APPLAS, DAVID                           OH-2-J-461
APPLE, HENRY J.                         OH-2-G-393
APPLE, MARY A.                          OH-2-L-169
APPLE, ULYSSES C.                       OH-2-J-241
APPLETON, SARAH E.                      OH-2-H-602
ARBAUGH, JOHN C.                        OH-2-L-323
ARMENTROUT, JOSEPH M.                   OH-2-C-489
ARMSTRONG, AQUILLA                      OH-2-A-369
ARMSTRONG, SOPHIA                       OH-2-J-335
ARNOLD, EGIT                            OH-2-E-194
ARNOLD, ROSA                            OH-2-L-6
ARTHUR, WATKIN                          OH-2-L-536
ASHING, SAMUEL                          OH-2-C-103
ASHTON, FRANCIS                         OH-2-J-28
ASHTON, JOHN RUDGARA                    OH-2-G-220
ASHTON, RANCIS                          OH-2-C-572
ASHTON, SALLY O.                        OH-2-I-40
ASHTON, SARAH                           OH-2-C-165
ASHTON, SARAH J.                        OH-2-I-64
ASHTON, WILLIAM                         OH-2-E-318
ASKINS, JACOB L.                        OH-2-K-268
ATCHISON, MARGARET JANE                 OH-2-J-505
ATKINSON, PETER                         OH-2-J-351
ATMUS, JESSE H.                         OH-2-K-363
AUE, H. W.                              OH-2-J-143
AUGSBURGER, ELIZABETH                   OH-2-D-520
AUGSBURGER, JOHN B.                     OH-2-K-259
AUGSBURGER, PETER                       OH-2-B-235
AURES, PETER                            OH-2-F-202
AURES, SUSANNA                          OH-2-K-20
AUSPACH, CATHARINE                      OH-2-K-51
AUSTIN, ARENA                           OH-2-J-249
AUSTIN, BENJAMIN                        OH-2-B-323
AUSTIN, J. P.                           OH-2-H-374
AUSTIN, JOHN                            OH-2-J-247
AUSTIN, PHILIP                          OH-2-D-15
BABER, ISAAC J.                         OH-2-H-353
BABER, MATTHEW                          OH-2-G-586
BACHMAYER, MATTIE S.                    OH-2-K-35
BADEAU, ELSIE                           OH-2-H-422
BADEAU, SELAS                           OH-2-D-342
BAILEY, DAVID M.                        OH-2-B-278
BAILEY, JOHN N.                         OH-2-L-154
BAINE, ADALINE E.                       OH-2-G-289
BAKEHORN, JOHN                          OH-2-C-507
BAKER, ADISON W.                        OH-2-C-313
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        OH-2-D-69
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        OH-2-D-474
BAKER, HENRY                            OH-2-A-375
BAKER, HENRY                            OH-2-A-156
BAKER, HERMAN M.                        OH-2-C-369
BAKER, JAOCB S.                         OH-2-D-42
BAKER, JOHN                             OH-2-E-536
BALLARD, JOSEPH                         OH-2-D-270
BALLARD, WILLIAM W.                     OH-2-L-455
BALMER, MARY                            OH-2-J-284
BARBER, GEORGE                          OH-2-B-49
BARBER, GEORGE W.                       OH-2-L-444
BARBER, SAMUEL                          OH-2-F-63
BARGS, WILLIAM                          OH-2-F-174
BARKALVER, DERRICK                      OH-2-K-279
BARNES, ELIZABETH H.                    OH-2-L-295
BARNES, GEORGE                          OH-2-B-336
BARNES, LORENZO                         OH-2-D-328
BARNES, PRISCILLA                       OH-2-E-78
BARNETT, WILLIAM T.                     OH-2-J-501
BARNHARD, LEONIDAS Q.                   OH-2-C-392
BARSTOW, MARIA                          OH-2-L-438
BARSTOW, WILLIAM A.                     OH-2-K-75
BARTLETT, DUNAH                         OH-2-A-324
BASEHORE, JOHN                          OH-2-A-167
BASIL, JAMES                            OH-2-D-383
BASINGER, CHRISTIAN                     OH-2-C-144
BASINGER, CHRISTIAN B.                  OH-2-1-39
BASINGER, MENNO W.                      OH-2-L-579
BASSETT, LEWIS E.                       OH-2-K-393
BASSINGER, SIMON                        OH-2-B-566
BATTON, MARY J.                         OH-2-B-426
BAUM, CHARLES H.                        OH-2-L-409
BAUM, WILLIAM W.                        OH-2-L-46
BAWSHER, ISAAC SR                       OH-2-B-300
BAXTER, ALFRED C.                       OH-2-L-305
BAXTER, DAVID E. SR.                    OH-2-G-381
BAXTER, MARGARET C.                     OH-2-K-82
BAXTER, SAMUEL A.                       OH-2-C-81
BAXTER, THERESA ANN                     OH-2-F-56
BAYMAN, HANNAH                          OH-2-J-265
BEAGLE, JANE E.                         OH-2-J-72
BEATTY, FREDERICK                       OH-2-C-334
BECHTEL, JEREMIAH                       OH-2-L-335
BECHTOL, BEJAMIN                        OH-2-D-582
BECHTOL, FREDERICK                      OH-2-G-44
BECHTOL, JONATHAN                       OH-2-G-589
BECKMAN, HENRY W.                       OH-2-L-288
BECKMANN, HENRY                         OH-2-C-36
BECKWITH, MARY ANN                      OH-2-H-574
BEELER, FERDINAND                       OH-2-K-596
BEELER, GEORGE                          OH-2-K-492
BEELER, HENRY                           OH-2-H-511
BEEMER, HESTER                          OH-2-C-329
BEEMER, MARY                            OH-2-B-584
BEGG, THOMAS                            OH-2-K-309
BEGG, WILLIAM                           OH-2-B-272
BELCH, HARMON                           OH-2-G-33
BELIN, ADALINE E.                       OH-2-G-289
BELL, WILLIAM M.                        OH-2-H-258
BELLIS, PHILIP                          OH-2-B-88
BENTLEY, T. J.                          OH-2-J-105
BERGER, LOUIS                           OH-2-G-562
BERMITTER, THEODORE                     OH-2-D-569
BERNET, JOSEPH A.                       OH-2-E-463
BERRY, JOHN H.                          OH-2-G-24
BERRYHILL, JEFFERSON                    OH-2-J-319
BERRYHILL, MADISON                      OH-2-A-336
BERWIND, JOHN GEORGE                    OH-2-A-142
BETHE, FREDERICK                        OH-2-I-164
BETTSCHEG, ANNA                         OH-2-L-339
BEYHAN, WILLIAM                         OH-2-K-545
BIBEMAN, CHARLES H.                     OH-2-K-548
BIBLE, HARRISON                         OH-2-H-108
BICE, CATHARINE                         OH-2-L-105
BICHSEL, PETER                          OH-2-C-310
BIDDINGER, SAMUEL                       OH-2-D-64
BIDDINGER, SARAH A.                     OH-2-F-310
BIDWELL, MARY M.                        OH-2-C-495
BILL, WILLIAM                           OH-2-H-444
BINKLEY, ADAM                           OH-2-B-41
BINKLEY, EMANUEL                        OH-2-E-304
BINKLEY, GEORGE C.                      OH-2-I-73
BINKLEY, MATILDA C.                     OH-2-L-566
BINKLEY, SIMON                          OH-2-H-589
BIRD, ANDREA                            OH-2-C-38
BIRD, WILLIAM E.                        OH-2-K-149
BISHOP, A. M. (MRS)                     OH-2-K-426
BIXEL, PETER SR.                        OH-2-J-290
BLACK, ALBERT S.                        OH-2-G-35
BLACK, JOHN                             OH-2-F-49
BLACK, JOHN                             OH-2-L-578
BLACK, LYCURGUS H.                      OH-2-H-211
BLACKBURN, JOHN W.                      OH-2-D-396
BLAIR, BRICE                            OH-2-D-356
BLAIR, JOHN SR.                         OH-2-L-226
BLAIR, MARTIN V.                        OH-2-L-541
BLAKE, JANE                             OH-2-F-417
BLASSER, JACOB                          OH-2-B-579
BLAUSSER, JOSEPH                        OH-2-B-135
BLISS, ALICE J.                         OH-2-H-29
BLISS, LESTER                           OH-2-G-151
BLISS, SAPHRONIA O.                     OH-2-K-194
BLOSSER, GEORGE                         OH-2-G-271
BLOXHAM, JOHN                           OH-2-G-188
BLUME, AUGUSTUS                         OH-2-C-85
BLUME, DORCAS                           OH-2-E-157
BODELL, SAMUEL A.                       OH-2-J-277
BOECKMANN, JOHN CONRAD                  OH-2-G-434
BOEDUCKER, MARTIN                       OH-2-B-197
BOEGEL, BARBARA                         OH-2-K-225
BOGART, JOHN B.                         OH-2-E-167
BOGGS, TALITHA J.                       OH-2-G-162
BOLANDER, GEORGE                        OH-2-B-496
BOLIN, ADALINE E.                       OH-2-G-289
BOLINDER, FREDERICK                     OH-2-G-274
BOLTON, JAMES                           OH-2-H-583
BONIFAS, PETER                          OH-2-E-599
BOOGHER, WILLIAM                        OH-2-L-595
BOOK, JACOB                             OH-2-I-240
BOON, JOHN                              OH-2-F-69
BOONE, WILILAM K.                       OH-2-K-446
BOONE, WILLIAM K.                       OH-2-K-446
BOOP, DANIEL                            OH-2-B-203
BOOP, GEORGE W.                         OH-2-C-381
BOOP, MICHAEL                           OH-2-B-380
BOOSE, ADALINE                          OH-2-K-510
BOOSE, JACOB F.                         OH-2-J-218
BOSGSELL, M. EMANUEL                    OH-2-L-585
BOWDLE, ANNA C.                         OH-2-J-497
BOWDLE, MILTON W.                       OH-2-L-587
BOWERS, ABRAHAM                         OH-2-B-101
BOWERS, ANN J.                          OH-2-E-351
BOWERS, CHARLES W.                      OH-2-J-359
BOWERS, ISAAC                           OH-2-K-530
BOWERS, JOHN                            OH-2-B-432
BOWERS, JOHN A.                         OH-2-B-296
BOWERS, JOHN M.                         OH-2-C-299
BOWERS, ROBERTA E.                      OH-2-H-236
BOWERS, SAMUEL B.                       OH-2-B-466
BOWERS, THOMAS                          OH-2-L-346
BOWERSOCK, THOMAS SHERMAN               OH-2-L-360
BOWES, PHEBE                            OH-2-C-79
BOWMAN, CHARLOTTE                       OH-2-H-293
BOWMAN, DANIEL J.                       OH-2-C-363
BOWMAN, JOSEPH                          OH-2-A-45
BOWSHER, ELIZABETH                      OH-2-D-537
BOWSHER, GEORGE W.                      OH-2-K-538
BOWSHER, ISRAEL                         OH-2-G-518
BOWSHER, JOHN                           OH-2-C-16
BOWSKER, HARRIET                        OH-2-L-491
BOWSKER, JOAB                           OH-2-L-240
BOWYER, CHARLES                         OH-2-C-492
BOWYER, MADISON F.                      OH-2-D-261
BOWYER, MADISON L.                      OH-2-K-432
BOYD, JAMES                             OH-2-A-213
BOYD, MARIA B.                          OH-2-C-267
BOYER, FREDERICK                        OH-2-I-171
BOYER, WILLIAM                          OH-2-D-137
BOYSELL, LEWIS                          OH-2-I-84
BRAND, JOHN                             OH-2-C-346
BRANDT, JACOB                           OH-2-B-222
BRECHT, CHRISTIAN                       OH-2-H-268
BREDEICK, JOHN OTTO                     OH-2-B-74
BREECE, GRIFFITH                        OH-2-A-158
BREESE, ALVA                            OH-2-K-405
BREESE, NANCY                           OH-2-G-311
BREESE, RICHARD C.                      OH-2-C-372
BREESE, WILLIAM                         OH-2-E-408
BRENNEMAN, CATHARINE B.                 OH-2-F-482
BRENNEMAN, EMELINE                      OH-2-L-486
BRENNEMAN, JOHN .                       OH-2-K-243
BRENNEMAN, JOHN G.                      OH-2-L-518
BRENNEMAN, JOSEPH                       OH-2-L-573
BRENNEMAN, LEVI                         OH-2-I-189
BRENTLINGER, SARAH                      OH-2-J-486
BRESLER, JACOB                          OH-2-A-178
BRICE, CATHARINE OLIVIA                 OH-2-G-320
BRICE, CLEMENTINE C.                    OH-2-J-1
BRICE, HERBERT L.                       OH-2-G-426
BRICE, WILLIAM K.                       OH-2-B-534
BRIERTON, JOHN                          OH-2-D-241
BRIGGS, JACOB J.                        OH-2-J-543
BRIGGS, JACOB J.                        OH-2-K-8
BROCKLAGE, CHRISTIAN                    OH-2-1-33
BROGAN, CHARLES                         OH-2-F-562
BRONSHES, MALISSA A.                    OH-2-K-111
BROOKS, JAMES                           OH-2-E-581
BROTHERTON, JOHN F.                     OH-2-H-84
BROWER, DANIEL                          OH-2-F-84
BROWER, ENOCH                           OH-2-A-333
BROWER, JOSEPH M.                       OH-2-D-225
BROWER, LYDIA                           OH-2-J-533
BROWN, CLARINDA                         OH-2-J-343
BROWN, JOHN                             OH-2-J-550
BROWN, JOHN                             OH-2-C-117
BROWN, JOHN T.                          OH-2-L-162
BRUCE, RICHARD                          OH-2-C-121
BRUNK, GEORGE                           OH-2-I-149
BRUSE, GEORGE                           OH-2-G-184
BRYAN, ELIAS S.                         OH-2-B-340
BRYAN, ELIJAH F.                        OH-2-F-266
BRYAN, MORGAN                           OH-2-C-315
BRYAN, WILLIAM                          OH-2-B-217
BRYTE, WETLBY                           OH-2-G-177
BUCHLER, PAUL                           OH-2-B-544
BUCKNER, ELIZABETH                      OH-2-K-42
BUECHE, FREDERICK                       OH-2-G-301
BUMGARDNER, JACOB                       OH-2-E-84
BUNN, ELIZABETH C.                      OH-2-H-475
BURDEN, J. H.                           OH-2-L-200
BURDEN, LYDIA A.                        OH-2-F-209
BURDEN, REBECCA                         OH-2-E-512
BURDEN, WILLIAM                         OH-2-E-179
BURGOON, JAMES                          OH-2-C-248
BURKET, IDA M.                          OH-2-G-387
BURKET, MARION T.                       OH-2-H-348
BURNETT, LUCY M.                        OH-2-F-11
BURNHAM, ELIZA                          OH-2-J-369
BURNS, HIRAM                            OH-2-G-132
BURNS, JOHN W.                          OH-2-H-226
BURNS, MARY JANE                        OH-2-I-145
BURNS, WILLIAM S.                       OH-2-D-316
BURNS,S AMUEL M.                        OH-2-L-326
BURR, IRA E.                            OH-2-L-62
BURTON, WILLIAM                         OH-2-A-115
BUSH, HANNAH                            OH-2-L-519
BUSH, JOSEPH                            OH-2-A-52
BUSH, RICHARD E.                        OH-2-L-42
BUSHONG, JACKSON                        OH-2-B-586
BUSSART, PETER                          OH-2-B-440
BUTTES, HARRIET E.                      OH-2-L-79
BYERLY, DANIEL H.                       OH-2-C-296
BYERLY, GEORGE S.                       OH-2-I-210
CAHILL, ELLEN                           OH-2-K-202
CAHILL, PETER W.                        OH-2-B-521
CALDWELL, ANDREW                        OH-2-B-478
CALDWELL, JAMES E.                      OH-2-B-30
CALLAGHAN, THOMAS                       OH-2-G-202
CAMBELL, DAVID                          OH-2-A-392
CAMPBELL, DANIEL                        OH-2-E-74
CAMPBELL, DAVID                         OH-2-B-77
CAMPBELL, JOHN C.                       OH-2-D-517
CAMPBELL, MALCOM                        OH-2-A-85
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                        OH-2-L-399
CAMPBELL, SARAH                         OH-2-G-636
CANDLER, WILLIAM                        OH-2-C-69
CANKING, ESAYOR                         OH-2-K-138
CANTIENY, NINA                          OH-2-C-575
CARIG, JOHN                             OH-2-G-157
CARLILE, HARRIET L.                     OH-2-C-567
CARMAN, ELIAB                           OH-2-G-61
CARMAN, MARY                            OH-2-D-153
CARMICHAEL, JAMES M.                    OH-2-F-40
CARNAHAN, ANNA                          OH-2-E-344
CARNAHAN, JOHN                          OH-2-C-181
CARNAHAN, JOHN                          OH-2-B-406
CARNAHAN, JOHN                          OH-2-C-113
CARNES, ANNA R.                         OH-2-L-389
CARNES, IRA P.                          OH-2-K-550
CARPENTER, HENRY C.                     OH-2-I-45
CARPENTER, JOHN E.                      OH-2-F-214
CARR, MARGARET                          OH-2-H-19
CARR, SOLOMON                           OH-2-K-578
CARR, WASHINGTON                        OH-2-K-33
CARTER, HENRY                           OH-2-C-480
CARTER, JOHN                            OH-2-A-95
CARY, HENRY                             OH-2-K-298
CASEY, JOSEPH                           OH-2-B-201
CASEY, MARY                             OH-2-J-226
CASEY, MICHAEL                          OH-2-E-90
CASTLE, HENRY C.                        OH-2-J-556
CHAMBERS, GEORGE                        OH-2-K-76
CHAMBERS, MARY J.                       OH-2-J-216
CHAMBERS, SARAH J. E.                   OH-2-H-264
CHAMBES, ALEXANDER                      OH-2-A-385
CHANDLER, J. E.                         OH-2-L-416
CHANEY, HARRIETT                        OH-2-C-457
CHAPMAN, ULYSSIS G.                     OH-2-J-43
CHENEY, REBECCA                         OH-2-H-399
CHENOWETH, WILLIAM                      OH-2-A-19
CHEUVRONT, JAMES E.                     OH-2-J-418
CHIPMAN, DON L.                         OH-2-E-477
CHRISTY, CORNELIUS                      OH-2-A-144
CHUTE, ANNA M.                          OH-2-J-69
CIERS, HENRY                            OH-2-F-467
CLAPPER, ANDREW                         OH-2-C-514
CLAPPER, HENRY                          OH-2-B-165
CLARK, ALVA                             OH-2-J-276
CLARK, JAMES                            OH-2-C-417
CLARK, JOHN W.                          OH-2-J-202
CLARK, JOHN WESLY                       OH-2-C-189
CLARK, MATILDA                          OH-2-J-361
CLARK, ROBERT                           OH-2-D-525
CLARK, SAMUEL                           OH-2-D-110
CLARK, SUSAN D.                         OH-2-J-75
CLARK, WILLIAM                          OH-2-G-4
CLARK, WILLIAM                          OH-2-E-494
CLAUSING, CLARA M.                      OH-2-C-486
CLAWSON, MARGARET                       OH-2-L-100
CLAYBOUGH, ROBERT                       OH-2-A-318
CLAYTON, ELIZABETH C.                   OH-2-H-112
CLAYTON, THOMAS                         OH-2-B-185
CLEMENTS, SOLOMON GREGG                 OH-2-F-198
CLEVENGER, GEORGE M.                    OH-2-K-6
CLEVENGER, ISAAC H.                     OH-2-J-324
CLEVENGER, JOSEPH                       OH-2-L-270
CLEVINGER, WILLIAM                      OH-2-G-14
CLEVINGER, WILLIAM                      OH-2-B-199
CLIFTON, JAMES M.                       OH-2-E-141
CLIPPINGER, MARTIN L.                   OH-2-D-573
CLOVIS, DANIEL                          OH-2-D-66
CLUM, FRANCES                           OH-2-C-501
CLUM, NOAH                              OH-2-K-247
CLUTTER, MARY E.                        OH-2-L-465
COBEAN, SAMUEL                          OH-2-D-266
COBEAU, MARY ANN                        OH-2-G-286
COCHRUN, J. C.                          OH-2-D-162
COCHRUN, SOLOMON                        OH-2-L-102
COE, JESSE MAHLON                       OH-2-F-508
COFFIN, MARIA LOUISA                    OH-2-E-258
COFFMAN, NANCY J.                       OH-2-L-374
COHN, MORRIS                            OH-2-I-180
COIL, ANDREW                            OH-2-B-130
COIL, JESE A.                           OH-2-K-9
COLAHAN, BRIDGET                        OH-2-C-581
COLDRON, CLINTON D.                     OH-2-J-476
COLFORD, MARY                           OH-2-K-69
COLLINS, CHARLES                        OH-2-J-79
COLLOTT, JOHN                           OH-2-D-597
COLVER, JOHN                            OH-2-C-29
COLVIN, H. M.                           OH-2-K-92
COLVIN, WILLIAM R.                      OH-2-F-17
CONKLE, JACOB                           OH-2-G-574
CONNAIR, WILLIAM                        OH-2-K-580
CONNAIR, WILLIAM                        OH-2-L-17
CONRAD, CELESTINE                       OH-2-L-244
CONRAD, CYRUS                           OH-2-G-379
CONRAD, SIMON                           OH-2-L-530
CONWAY, HONORAH                         OH-2-K-206
COOK, ANDREW                            OH-2-A-398
COOK, CATHARINE J.                      OH-2-G-223
COOK, DWIGHT R.                         OH-2-J-329
COOK, EDWARD                            OH-2-H-528
COOK, ELZY J.                           OH-2-J-355
COOK, MARY                              OH-2-L-348
COOK, MICHAEL                           OH-2-D-405
COOK, PETER                             OH-2-D-560
COOK, SAMUEL                            OH-2-B-507
COOK, STEPHEN                           OH-2-D-378
COOK, WILLIAM N.                        OH-2-L-433
COON, BENJAMIN O.                       OH-2-E-435
COON, GEORGE                            OH-2-B-434
COON, ISAAC                             OH-2-G-362
COOPER, DAVID H.                        OH-2-L-425
COPELAND, ELISHA                        OH-2-D-204
COPUS, CHARLES                          OH-2-C-53
CORDELL, PASCHAL                        OH-2-C-322
CORNELL, THOMAS W.                      OH-2-G-170
CORNS, CYNTHIA A.                       OH-2-F-398
CORNS, JAMES H.                         OH-2-D-245
CORY, JAMES MANDREVILLE                 OH-2-L-310, 582
COSS, ZILLAH B.                         OH-2-G-615
COTNER, JOSEPH F.                       OH-2-L-469
COUGHENOUR, JOSEPH                      OH-2-A-348
COWLES, JOHN                            OH-2-F-582
COWLES, JOHN                            OH-2-L-83
COWLES, KATHERINE                       OH-2-L-86
COX, JOSEPH                             OH-2-1-27
CRABB, GEORGE P.                        OH-2-J-302
CRABB, WASHINGTON                       OH-2-C-265
CRAIG, LYDIA E.                         OH-2-J-240
CRAIG, MILTON C.                        OH-2-G-413
CRAIG, SAMUEL R.                        OH-2-K-478
CRAIG, WILLIAM                          OH-2-E-207
CRALL, DAVID                            OH-2-C-161
CRAMER, REUBEN                          OH-2-K-364
CRANE, WILLIAM M.                       OH-2-F-141
CRAWFORD, ANN                           OH-2-C-207
CREMAIN, EDWARD                         OH-2-B-147
CREMEAN, STEPHEN D.                     OH-2-F-120
CREMEAU, MALVINA                        OH-2-G-37
CREMEAU, SARAH C.                       OH-2-E-226
CREMINE, MARY                           OH-2-C-420
CREPS, HAMILTON D.                      OH-2-J-228
CREPS, HAMILTON D.                      OH-2-K-351
CRIDER, ABRAHAM                         OH-2-K-200
CRIPS, ALEXANDER                        OH-2-C-275
CRIST, WILLIAM H.                       OH-2-H-412
CRITES, CHARLES                         OH-2-E-347
CRITES, ELIAS                           OH-2-I-251
CRITES, ELIZA R.                        OH-2-F-194
CRITES, EMILY                           OH-2-H-130
CRITES, ISAAC                           OH-2-K-45
CRITES, JACOB                           OH-2-H-549
CRITES, SIMON                           OH-2-C-524
CROCKET, SABRINA H.                     OH-2-H-185
CRONINGER, PHOEBE                       OH-2-K-475
CROOKS, JOSIAH F.                       OH-2-E-191
CROSS, DAVID S.                         OH-2-J-432
CROSSLEY, ELIZABETH                     OH-2-L-70
CROSSLEY, ELMER E.                      OH-2-H-565
CROSSLEY, JOSEPH SR.                    OH-2-A-396
CROSSLEY, ROSS                          OH-2-H-296
CROUSE, JOHN W.                         OH-2-C-123
CROUSE, MARY A.                         OH-2-D-194
CROW, ALLISON T.                        OH-2-L-10
CUBLEY, L. C.                           OH-2-K-522
CULP, CHRISTIAN SR.                     OH-2-D-40
CULP, CONRAD B.                         OH-2-D-393
CULP, DAVID                             OH-2-K-264
CULP, JAMES ALLEN                       OH-2-H-616
CUNNINGHAM, E. B.                       OH-2-B-570
CUNNINGHAM, JACOB                       OH-2-B-133
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN D.                     OH-2-E-521
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN W.                     OH-2-J-495
CUNNINGHAM, MARY                        OH-2-H-607
CUNNINGHAM, MATILDA                     OH-2-F-53
CUNNINGHAM, THEODORE E.                 OH-2-E-32
CUPP, ANTHONY                           OH-2-K-251
CURTIN, REBECCA                         OH-2-H-382
CURTIS, ELIZABETH                       OH-2-B-558
CURTIS, FLORA F.                        OH-2-I-10
CURTIS, LOUISA C.                       OH-2-D-503
CUSTARD, JONATHAN                       OH-2-L-473
CUSTARD, WILLIAM                        OH-2-J-151
CUSTER, GEORGE                          OH-2-B-604
DAGUE, JOSEPH H.                        OH-2-G-71
DALEY, PATRICK                          OH-2-K-465
DALEY, THOMAS J.                        OH-2-I-86
DALZELL, FRANCES B.                     OH-2-J-159
DALZELL,E UNICE                         OH-2-K-419
DANNER, BARBARA                         OH-2-G-199
DARLING, DERRICK P.                     OH-2-B-149
DAUB, CHRISTIAN                         OH-2-D-547
DAUB, JOHN                              OH-2-A-404
DAUGHERTY, EDWARD L.                    OH-2-H-240
DAVIS, EBENEZER F.                      OH-2-J-327
DAVIS, EBENEZER F.                      OH-2-L-224
DAVIS, EVAN J.                          OH-2-H-568
DAVIS, FRANCIS G.                       OH-2-K-100
DAVIS, GEORGE L.                        OH-2-L-463
DAVIS, HENRY                            OH-2-D-104
DAVIS, JOHN                             OH-2-I-58
DAVIS, MARGARET E.                      OH-2-K-241
DAVIS, MARIA                            OH-2-E-245
DAVIS, MICHAEL                          OH-2-J-474
DAVIS, PETER                            OH-2-C-119
DAVIS, RICHARD                          OH-2-J-236
DAVIS, ROSANNA                          OH-2-H-286
DAVIS, SARAH W.                         OH-2-K-220
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          OH-2-B-626
DAVISON, BEJAMIN                        OH-2-A-309
DEAKIN, BERTHA                          OH-2-K-506
DEAKIN, BERTHA                          OH-2-L-551
DEAL, MARY M.                           OH-2-B-369
DEAN, H. J.                             OH-2-K-216
DEBZELL, THOMAS                         OH-2-B-66
DEEM, SOLOMON                           OH-2-B-205
DEES, CATHARINE                         OH-2-B-33
DEHART, ANN                             OH-2-A-406
DEHART, CORNELIUS                       OH-2-A-380
DEHART, WILLIAM P.                      OH-2-J-141
DEIGER, MARTIN                          OH-2-B-230
DELNICK, SAMUEL                         OH-2-L-150
DELONG, JOHN                            OH-2-J-264
DEMPSEY, MICHAEL                        OH-2-E-81
DENISON, JAMES                          OH-2-A-33
DENISOTN, MICHAEL                       OH-2-I-4
DENNERLINE, OTTO                        OH-2-A-147
DENNIS, BEMBRIDGE                       OH-2-J-5
DENNY, KATE                             OH-2-L-219
DEPPLER, JOHN JACOB                     OH-2-D-331
DESENBERG, JACOB                        OH-2-D-305
DEVER, ABRAHAM                          OH-2-A-2
DEVER, PERRY                            OH-2-G-565
DEVOE, SARAH J.                         OH-2-J-224
DEWEESE, MARION ELLSWORTH               OH-2-L-367
DICKEY, BURGESS                         OH-2-B-574
DICKEY, JOSEPHINE M.                    OH-2-B-575
DICKISON, JOHN                          OH-2-K-151
DIEFESTBERGER, CHRISTIAN                OH-2-K-223
DIEHL, ELIAS                            OH-2-I-270
DIENSTBERGER, JACOB                     OH-2-I-17
DILGER, MARY ANN                        OH-2-K-73
DILLE, LYDIA MAY                        OH-2-K-532
DILLER, BARBARA                         OH-2-C-235
DILLER, JOHN B.                         OH-2-L-583
DILLER, JOHN B.                         OH-2-L-442
DILLER, PETER                           OH-2-B-189
DILLIE, LYDIA MAY                       OH-2-L-406
DILLSAVER, JONATHA                      OH-2-G-591
DILSAVER, SIMON                         OH-2-C-226
DIMOND, JOHN M.                         OH-2-J-553
DISMAN, ELIZABETH E.                    OH-2-K-321
DISMAN, GEORGE W.                       OH-2-H-461
DISMAN, JOSEPH                          OH-2-E-558
DISMAN, MARY ANN                        OH-2-K-455
DITTO, DAVID W.                         OH-2-L-557
DITZLER, FREDERICK A.                   OH-2-K-96
DITZLER, SAMUEL                         OH-2-H-157
DIXSON,JOSEPH                           OH-2-L-65
DONER, ABRAHAM                          OH-2-C-286
DONER, ABRAHAM                          OH-2-A-328
DONER, CATHERIN                         OH-2-B-560
DONHEISER, ADAM                         OH-2-C-93
DONNEL, WILLIAM                         OH-2-B-219
DOUB, CATHARINE                         OH-2-C-320
DOUGLAS, JASPER W.                      OH-2-L-128
DOUGLASS, JOHN                          OH-2-B-145
DOVE, MARGARET E.                       OH-2-F-133
DOWLING, ANN                            OH-2-C-173
DOWNING, ADAM                           OH-2-A-340
DOWNING, ELIZABETH                      OH-2-K-167
DOWNING, WILLIAM                        OH-2-B-620
DOYER, PATRICK                          OH-2-C-455
DOYLE, MICHAEL                          OH-2-C-565
DRATHMAN, FRANK                         OH-2-G-572
DREITZLER, JOHN                         OH-2-J-441
DREW, JOHN F.                           OH-2-F-457
DREW, SAMUEL S.                         OH-2-K-29
DRIVER, BENJAMIN F.                     OH-2-L-217
DRIVER, JACOB                           OH-2-G-418
DRIVER, PETER                           OH-2-J-286
DRURY, ELIZA ANN                        OH-2-B-183
DUCKWORTH, ELIZABETH                    OH-2-K-370
DUGGAN, FRANCIS                         OH-2-H-577
DUNN, EDWARD                            OH-2-F-30
DURKEE, S. W.                           OH-2-K-482
DUTTON, JOTHAM                          OH-2-A-151
DUTTON, MIRIAM                          OH-2-A-153
EARLY, SAMUEL                           OH-2-G-110
EARNST, DAVID                           OH-2-E-379
EARNST, MARGARET ANN                    OH-2-D-101
EASLEY, STEPHEN L.                      OH-2-F-338
EAST, JOHN                              OH-2-B-224
EAST, JOHN                              OH-2-K-118
EAST, SAMUEL                            OH-2-J-204
EATON, WILLIAM H.                       OH-2-K-234
EATON, WILLMINA                         OH-2-K-340
EBLING, WILLIAM SR.                     OH-2-F-20
EBY, SUSAN                              OH-2-E-213
EDGECOMB, EZRA                          OH-2-B-459
EDGECOMB, GEORGE W.                     OH-2-J-544
EDGECOMB, GEORGE W.                     OH-2-K-12
EDGECOMB, MARQUIS                       OH-2-H-465
EDGECOMB, WALTER                        OH-2-F-80
EDMAN, PAUL                             OH-2-C-22
EDMINSTON, DAVID                        OH-2-A-58
EDMISTON, ALEXANDER B.                  OH-2-K-565
EDWARDS, THOMAS                         OH-2-B-294
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                        OH-2-D-345
EHEMMAN, ISAAC                          OH-2-K-382
EHNINGER, FREDERICK                     OH-2-D-210
EHRICH, ANNA M.                         OH-2-F-219
EHRICH, WILLIAM                         OH-2-D-354
EICHE, SEBASTIAN                        OH-2-A-180
EICKHOLT, K. A.                         OH-2-G-420
EISENBICE, JACOB                        OH-2-B-119
ELEY, PETER                             OH-2-G-535
ELLIOT, LEMUEL                          OH-2-C-115
ELLIOTT, JAMES                          OH-2-C-343
ELLIOTT, JAMES S.                       OH-2-C-558
ELLIOTT, SUSAN                          OH-2-L-112
ELLIOTT, WILILAM V.                     OH-2-L-493
ELSASSER, FREDERICK                     OH-2-D-579
ELWER, WILLIAM                          OH-2-H-272
ELWER, WILLIAM H.                       OH-2-G-428
EMRICK, NOAH                            OH-2-L-233
ENCK, HENRY S.                          OH-2-L-484
ENSELN, HENRIETTA                       OH-2-L-479
ENSLEN, ELIZA                           OH-2-I-218
ENSTEN, JOHN                            OH-2-B-94
EVANS, ANN C.                           OH-2-I-20
EVANS, C. A. (DR.)                      OH-2-E-14
EVANS, EMMA                             OH-2-L-152
EVANS, JOHN                             OH-2-F-345
EVANS, JOHN D.                          OH-2-K-17
EVANS, MARY                             OH-2-J-153
EVANS, RICHARD                          OH-2-F-370
EVANS, SEYMOUR D.                       OH-2-J-464
EVANS, SILAS                            OH-2-L-215
EVANS, SUSANNA                          OH-2-D-453
EVANS, THOMAS J.                        OH-2-J-415
EVANS, ZACHARIAH                        OH-2-D-347
EVERETT, ELIAS                          OH-2-D-191
EVICK, CHRISTIAN                        OH-2-B-367
EWING, BERIAH                           OH-2-H-388
EWING, WILLIAM B.                       OH-2-H-486
FACKLER, SAMUEL                         OH-2-B-612
FAHAY, ELIZABETH                        OH-2-F-519
FAILOR, JOHN MARSHALL                   OH-2-L-50
FAILOR, MARY A.                         OH-2-D-196
FAILOR, PETER                           OH-2-B-414
FAIR, DANIEL                            OH-2-F-314
FAIR, JESSE                             OH-2-C-543
FAIR, THOMAS I.                         OH-2-B-163
FALKNER, GODLIP                         OH-2-A-312
FAULKNER, SUSAN                         OH-2-I-231
FAUROT, BENJAMIN C.                     OH-2-I-25
FAUROT, HELLEN                          OH-2-G-1
FAUROT, HELLEN A.                       OH-2-G-51
FAUROT, SILAS                           OH-2-A-48
FAZE, CASSON D.                         OH-2-E-125
FAZE, WILLIAM J.                        OH-2-H-96
FEE, WILLIS, E. D.                      OH-2-L-35
FEEMAN, ALVERTA                         OH-2-G-570
FEEMAN, MATILDA ANN                     OH-2-I-23
FEEMAN, PETER                           OH-2-H-167
FENNESSEY, PATRICK                      OH-2-E-65
FENNESSY, BRIDGETT                      OH-2-I-168
FENSLER, PHILIP                         OH-2-J-41
FENTON, ROBERT                          OH-2-B-288
FENTON, SAMUEL                          OH-2-B-422
FETTER, GEORGE                          OH-2-B-42
FETTER, HENRIETTA                       OH-2-J-82
FETTER, JAMES H.                        OH-2-L-339
FETZGER, PETER SR.                      OH-2-C-193
FIELD, BENJAMIN F.                      OH-2-G-297
FIFER, JOHN                             OH-2-L-138
FINK, LOUISA                            OH-2-G-415
FINN, PATRICK                           OH-2-L-571
FISHER, DAVID                           OH-2-H-289
FISHER, FRANCIS M.                      OH-2-J-412
FISHER, GEORGE J.                       OH-2-L-405
FISHER, JAMES A.                        OH-2-K-354
FISHER, JENNIE M.                       OH-2-H-428
FISHER, JONATHAN                        OH-2-G-191
FISHER, JOSEPH                          OH-2-G-593
FISHER, MICHAEL                         OH-2-A-36
FISK, WILBUR                            OH-2-L-457
FITZGERALD, ANDREW                      OH-2-D-450
FITZGERALD, ELLEN                       OH-2-H-546
FITZMORRIS, JOHANNAH                    OH-2-I-1
FITZPATRICK, THOMAS J.                  OH-2-L-381
FLAGEN, PAUL                            OH-2-E-122
FLICK, ANTHONY                          OH-2-F-116
FOGE, PETER                             OH-2-E-300
FORD, EZRA                              OH-2-F-252
FORD, JAMES                             OH-2-D-6
FORD, JAMES RUSSELL                     OH-2-K-388
FORD, JOSEPH                            OH-2-J-77
FORD, LEARIE E.                         OH-2-I-233
FORTMAN, BERNARD                        OH-2-B-331
FOUNTAIN, NANCY                         OH-2-L-359
FOUST, AMOS                             OH-2-F-74
FOYE, FRANK MENDON                      OH-2-J-179
FRANCIS, ELLIS                          OH-2-C-413
FRANCIS, EVAN                           OH-2-G-231
FRANKENBERG, GEORGE G.                  OH-2-G-463
FRANKLIN, JAMES S.                      OH-2-L-397
FRANTZ, DANIEL                          OH-2-D-141
FRAUNFELTER, LEANNA                     OH-2-K-179
FREET, DAVID                            OH-2-C-498
FREET, HENRY                            OH-2-H-5
FREET, MARY                             OH-2-B-526
FRENCH, SAMUEL D.                       OH-2-J-134
FRENCH, WILLIAM                         OH-2-A-9
FREYMAN, ANDREW W.                      OH-2-J-510
FRIEND, DANIEL                          OH-2-K-196
FRIEND, MICHAEL                         OH-2-F-605
FRITZ, JACOB                            OH-2-J-345
FRYSINGER, CATHARINE                    OH-2-J-149
FULKS, WILLIAM                          OH-2-B-562
FULLMER, ABRAHAM                        OH-2-B-233
FUNK, HENRY                             OH-2-D-91
FUNK, SAMUEL                            OH-2-D-497
FURNAS, LINUS T.                        OH-2-L-593
FURROW, LOUISA M.                       OH-2-D-522
FUSCHEE, JOSEPH                         OH-2-B-99
GAHMAN, ABRAHAM                         OH-2-D-1
GALARNEAN, F. X.                        OH-2-L-260
GALLAGHER, BRIDGET                      OH-2-J-214
GALLEY, SARAH                           OH-2-A-351
GARAN, EUGENE                           OH-2-K-582
GARBUTT, ROBERT                         OH-2-B-476
GARMATTER, JACOB                        OH-2-J-230
GARRETSON, BARBARA A.                   OH-2-K-266
GARRETSON, ROBERT                       OH-2-B-309
GARRETSON, WILLIAM                      OH-2-D-302
GARROW, DAVID LOUIS                     OH-2-D-235
GATES, LYDIA                            OH-2-C-251
GEIGER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-2-F-257
GEIGER, CHRISTIAN SR.                   OH-2-B-498
GEIGER, PETER                           OH-2-A-196
GEIGER, VERENA                          OH-2-L-534
GENGLER, PETER                          OH-2-F-323
GERBER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-2-F-292
GERHART, WILLIAM P.                     OH-2-L-176
GEUSEL, JOHN                            OH-2-B-319
GIBESON, JOSEPH                         OH-2-A-92
GIBSON, HENRY                           OH-2-G-307
GIBSON, MARY                            OH-2-I-153
GIBSON, P. A.                           OH-2-B-512
GIBSON, WILLIAM                         OH-2-B-446
GILFORD, CORA B.                        OH-2-J-519
GILLESPIE, BARBARA                      OH-2-L-28
GLOVER, CURRENCE A.                     OH-2-K-257
GLOVER, CUSSENCE                        OH-2-K-274
GLOVER, WILLIAM H.                      OH-2-L-525
GOBLE, DANIEL L.                        OH-2-1-37
GOBLE, GEORGE W.                        OH-2-K-227
GOBLE, JOHN                             OH-2-D-487
GOBLE, ROBERT I.                        OH-2-L-369
GOCHENOUR, JOHN H.                      OH-2-K-467
GOEBEL, ANNA M.                         OH-2-L-1
GOEBEL, JOHN SR.                        OH-2-G-422
GOEBEL, MARY ANN                        OH-2-H-61
GOLDSPIE, THOMAS                        OH-2-A-315
GOOD, ABRAHAM P.                        OH-2-E-498
GOOD, LORENZO D.                        OH-2-C-366
GOOD, SAMUEL                            OH-2-E-574
GOODENOUGH, LEVI                        OH-2-C-72
GOODENOW, LEVI                          OH-2-A-366
GOODENOW, WILLIAM                       OH-2-E-17
GOODMAN, JACOB                          OH-2-B-96
GORE, GEORGE                            OH-2-D-480
GORTON, FRANCES L.                      OH-2-K-413
GOTTFRIED, LEE                          OH-2-L-547
GOTTFRIED, LORENA                       OH-2-L-204
GRAHAM, CATHARINE                       OH-2-B-402
GRAHAM, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-2-G-278
GRAHAM, JANE                            OH-2-B-227
GRANBERY, CATHERINE                     OH-2-J-300
GRANT, DIXON                            OH-2-F-317
GRANT, ESTER                            OH-2-C-143
GRATZ, FREDERICK                        OH-2-C-555
GREDING, CALVIN                         OH-2-K-395
GREDING, PETER                          OH-2-K-15
GREEN, R. A.                            OH-2-K-296
GREENAWALT, JOHN                        OH-2-H-531
GREENLAND, THOMAS                       OH-2-K-145
GREENWOOD, PATHAREIS                    OH-2-K-294
GREER, HARVEY E.                        OH-2-C-448
GREER, JOSHUA                           OH-2-B-622
GREER, STEPHEN H.                       OH-2-K-27
GREGG, RANDOLPH                         OH-2-G-620
GRIEBLING, WILLIAM                      OH-2-K-183
GRIFFITH, JOSEPH                        OH-2-D-79
GRIFFITH, JOSEPH SR.                    OH-2-A-362
GRIFFITH, W. L.                         OH-2-L-125
GRIFFITHS, BENJAMIN                     OH-2-E-337
GRIFFITHS, JULIA A.                     OH-2-K-463
GRIFFITHS, THOMAS D.                    OH-2-G-55
GRISMORE, JOHN                          OH-2-H-229
GRISWOLD, MARIETTA                      OH-2-K-324
GRONE, JOSEPH                           OH-2-D-385
GROSS, JOHN L.                          OH-2-I-228
GROSSMAN, MARY ELIZABETH                OH-2-D-311
GROSSMAN, PAUL                          OH-2-D-275
GROVE, ELIZA M.                         OH-2-B-104
GROVES, JOHN J.                         OH-2-K-61
GROVES, JOHN T.                         OH-2-H-316
GRUBB, MOSES                            OH-2-C-154
GSELL, DORA                             OH-2-L-453
GUNNING, MARGARET                       OH-2-G-377
GUTHRIE, SARAH                          OH-2-H-174
HACKEDORN, LUCINDA S.                   OH-2-K-501
HADSELL, ANSON M.                       OH-2-D-85
HADSELL, DAN A.                         OH-2-I-266
HADSELL, JESSE B.                       OH-2-E-398
HADSETT, LEMUEL P.                      OH-2-C-175
HAGGERTY, EDWARD                        OH-2-C-135
HAGGERTY, JAMES                         OH-2-F-90
HAGGERTY, MARY                          OH-2-C-91
HAGGERTY, PATRICK                       OH-2-J-391
HAINES, JOHN                            OH-2-B-115
HALL, ABRAM                             OH-2-G-540
HALL, ANTHONY                           OH-2-B-462
HALL, CHRISTIANA                        OH-2-D-164
HALL, CYRUS K.                          OH-2-F-128
HALL, JACOB                             OH-2-J-182
HALL, JOSEPH W.                         OH-2-H-48
HALL, MARGARET                          OH-2-I-67
HALL, WILLIAM                           OH-2-C-76
HALL, WILLIAM                           OH-2-C-129
HALLER, ELIZABETH                       OH-2-K-335
HALLER, JACOB B.                        OH-2-F-599
HALLEY, SAMUEL                          OH-2-A-102
HALTER, MARY B.                         OH-2-K-323
HAMMER, ANNA                            OH-2-L-317
HANCE, SARAH                            OH-2-K-125
HANDLE, THEODORE                        OH-2-H-598
HANES, ISAAC                            OH-2-C-133
HANKINS, EMMA                           OH-2-J-437
HANKS, HARRIET                          OH-2-H-494
HANLEY, LUCY A.                         OH-2-J-353
HANNHART, JOHN                          OH-2-B-436
HANSON, JAMES A.                        OH-2-B-126
HANSON, PHOEBE                          OH-2-G-18
HANTHORN, JAMES B.                      OH-2-G-304
HANTHORN, MILTON                        OH-2-J-531
HANTHORN, NANCY                         OH-2-J-446
HANTHORN, THOMAS                        OH-2-C-216
HARBER, JACOB                           OH-2-J-48
HARBERT, SMITH                          OH-2-D-286
HARBISON, JOHN H.                       OH-2-D-45
HARDCOFE, ELIZABETH                     OH-2-B-64
HARDESTY, E. A. (MRS)                   OH-2-K-453
HARDESTY, HENRY                         OH-2-L-293
HARDY, CATHARINE                        OH-2-H-214
HARING, JOHN                            OH-2-C-43
HARMOUNT, ALEXANDER (REV.)              OH-2-F-1
HARPER, JAMES                           OH-2-D-600
HARPER, SARAH                           OH-2-L-301
HARPER, WILLIAM H.                      OH-2-H-450
HARPSTER, AMOS                          OH-2-L-173
HARPSTER, ANTHONY                       OH-2-D-75
HARPSTER, JACOB                         OH-2-D-442
HARPSTER, PETER SR.                     OH-2-A-401
HARRIGAN, MATHEW                        OH-2-F-77
HARRINGTON, J. N.                       OH-2-D-98
HARRIS, CALVIN                          OH-2-E-554
HARRIS, JAMES P.                        OH-2-B-264
HARRIS, JOHN                            OH-2-B-615
HARRIS, MARY E.                         OH-2-K-356
HARROD, CHARLES C.                      OH-2-L-324
HARROD, CHARLOTTE                       OH-2-F-470
HARROD, WILLIAM                         OH-2-E-210
HARRUFF, WILLIAM                        OH-2-H-534
HARSH, ISAAC                            OH-2-F-451
HARSHE, DAVID                           OH-2-D-507
HART, MICHAEL                           OH-2-F-405
HARTER, CATHARINE J.                    OH-2-D-531
HARTER, ISAAC                           OH-2-L-343
HARTER, JACOB                           OH-2-B-209
HARTLEY, ESTHER A.                      OH-2-D-17
HARTMAN, PETER                          OH-2-B-600
HARTWELL, JOHN T.                       OH-2-H-551
HARTZ, HANNAH                           OH-2-D-319
HARVEY, MERRITT                         OH-2-H-508
HARVY, ENOCH                            OH-2-C-242
HASSON, MARTHA C.                       OH-2-K-81
HASTINGS, J. HENRY                      OH-2-K-338
HATTRY, SARAH J.                        OH-2-C-400
HAUENSTEIN, FREDERICK                   OH-2-D-555
HAUNHORST, FREDERICK                    OH-2-J-341
HAVIL, WILLIAM H.                       OH-2-J-101
HAYES, MASON                            OH-2-D-115
HEARING, PHILIP                         OH-2-C-62
HECKEL, MELCHIOR                        OH-2-A-106
HEFFERN, JOSEPH M.                      OH-2-L-158
HEFFERNAN, MATHEW                       OH-2-E-182
HEFFNER, GABRIEL                        OH-2-G-348
HEFFNER, GEORGE A.                      OH-2-K-430
HEFFNER, SUSANA                         OH-2-A-210
HEFNER, ISAAC                           OH-2-D-145
HEIDENESCHER, HENRY                     OH-2-G-544
HEIL, JOHN                              OH-2-H-500
HEIL, ROSA ANNA                         OH-2-K-359
HEILIHY, JOHN                           OH-2-K-327
HEITZ, FRANK                            OH-2-K-116
HEITZ, JOHN M.                          OH-2-F-515
HEITZLER, ANNIE                         OH-2-K-79
HEITZLER, CATHARINE                     OH-2-E-261
HEMAN, MARY                             OH-2-J-484
HENDEL, JACOB                           OH-2-F-185
HENRY, ROBINSON                         OH-2-A-65
HENRY, SAMUEL                           OH-2-A-139
HEPFER, REBECCA                         OH-2-K-173
HERBST, FRANCES E.                      OH-2-L-202
HERBST, MARGRET                         OH-2-L-108
HERING, JOHN SR.                        OH-2-A-135
HEROLD, ANNA J.                         OH-2-J-212
HEROLD, MARGARETHE                      OH-2-H-554
HERR, CHRISTIAN                         OH-2-K-132
HERR, HAMM                              OH-2-L-403
HERR, JOHN MICHAEL                      OH-2-E-287
HERRETT, THOMAS M.                      OH-2-K-185
HERRICK, SIMEON                         OH-2-D-534
HERRING, ELIZABETH                      OH-2-K-397
HERRING, HYENRY                         OH-2-D-264
HERRING, ISABEL                         OH-2-J-81
HERRMANN, FRANCIS                       OH-2-D-3
HERSBRUNNER, CATHARINE                  OH-2-J-517
HERTER, HENRY                           OH-2-B-124
HERTZLER, GUSTAV                        OH-2-D-439
HERZOG, JACOB                           OH-2-C-466
HESSELING, JOHN HENRY                   OH-2-F-156
HETRICK, LEVI                           OH-2-L-376
HEUENSTEIN, JOHN F.                     OH-2-L-276
HIBBITS, JOHN                           OH-2-E-137
HIGGINS, CECILIUS R.                    OH-2-J-471
HILL, ELIZA JANE                        OH-2-J-430
HILL, JACOB                             OH-2-A-143
HILL, NANCY E.                          OH-2-L-255
HILLEY, JOHN                            OH-2-J-467
HILTNER, LEONARD                        OH-2-J-171
HILTS, ELLEN                            OH-2-K-508
HILTY, CHRISTIAN                        OH-2-B-329
HILTY, ISAAC                            OH-2-K-392
HILTY, PETER                            OH-2-E-509
HILYARD, JOHN                           OH-2-K-571
HILYARD, SARAH ALICE                    OH-2-F-42
HINDERER, GOTLEIB                       OH-2-C-564
HINER, S. B.                            OH-2-L-252
HINER, SARAH J.                         OH-2-G-268
HIXENBAUGH, ETTIE                       OH-2-J-490
HIXENBAUGH, MARGARET                    OH-2-K-428
HOAK, CYRUS C.                          OH-2-F-37
HOCHSTETLER, SAMUEL                     OH-2-C-350
HOCKER, LEWIS                           OH-2-I-12
HOEFFEL, ALOYSIUS I. (REV.)             OH-2-J-452
HOFFMAN, SARAH JANE BROWN               OH-2-J-252
HOGLE, AMELIA ROSE                      OH-2-H-232
HOLLAND, PATRICK                        OH-2-C-561
HOLLOWAY, JOHN B.                       OH-2-G-424
HOLMES, BRANSON P.                      OH-2-B-557
HOLZHAEUSER, CONRAD                     OH-2-A-104
HONHURST, JOHN HENRY                    OH-2-C-361
HOOKER, ADISON S.                       OH-2-K-136
HOOKER, ELIZABETH                       OH-2-L-542
HOOKER, ROYAL D.                        OH-2-H-246
HOOPER, JOHN W.                         OH-2-K-461
HOOPER, MARTHA J.                       OH-2-G-452
HOOPER, PHILLIP                         OH-2-B-44
HOOVER, CYRUS H.                        OH-2-F-577
HOOVER, ISAAC                           OH-2-K-575
HOOVER, JAMES A.                        OH-2-G-431
HORRELL, J. GUY                         OH-2-H-8
HORSTMANN, IGNATIUS F.                  OH-2-J-292
HORTZOG, JESSE                          OH-2-I-7
HOUSE, CARRIE L.                        OH-2-G-375
HOUSER, LEVI                            OH-2-J-103
HOVER, CAROLINE                         OH-2-A-119
HOVER, DAVID N.                         OH-2-F-572
HOVER, EZEKIEL                          OH-2-A-173
HOVER, JOE A.                           OH-2-H-306
HOVER, JOSEPH                           OH-2-A-72
HOVER, JULIUS A.                        OH-2-A-61
HOVER, MARY                             OH-2-D-129
HOVER, MATILDA                          OH-2-B-228
HOVER, NEWTON                           OH-2-G-443
HOVER, NEWTON G.                        OH-2-E-487
HOVER, SUSAN                            OH-2-E-341
HOWARD, MARY                            OH-2-K-211
HOWENSTEIN, SAMUEL                      OH-2-B-176
HOWLETTE, WILLIAM R.                    OH-2-D-189
HUBBARD, HENRY F.                       OH-2-A-321
HUBBLE, ELIZA                           OH-2-D-365
HUBER, CHARLES                          OH-2-E-354
HUBER, JOSEPH                           OH-2-L-539
HUFFMAN, LEWIS                          OH-2-F-262
HUG, GOTTFRIED                          OH-2-B-438
HUGGETT, DAVID                          OH-2-J-49
HUGHES, CHARLES M.                      OH-2-E-460
HUGHES, JAMES                           OH-2-E-58
HUGHES, JANE                            OH-2-G-411
HUGHES, JOHN L.                         OH-2-I-48
HUGHES, RICHARD                         OH-2-B-480
HUGHES, SEERIGHT                        OH-2-L-414
HULLIBARGER, JOHN                       OH-2-B-465
HULLINGER, JAMES C.                     OH-2-F-545
HUME, JOHN                              OH-2-C-87
HUMPERT, JOSEPH                         OH-2-B-128
HUMPHREYS, ESAU                         OH-2-H-254
HUMPHREYS, WILLIAM J.                   OH-2-D-576
HUMSTON, EMMA                           OH-2-L-54
HUNPHREYS, JANE H.                      OH-2-L-91
HUNSAKER, GEORGE                        OH-2-C-185
HUNT, JOSEPH W.                         OH-2-C-356
HUNTLEY, MARY E.                        OH-2-L-383
HUNTON, JOHN H.                         OH-2-J-262
HURBER, ELSIE M.                        OH-2-D-603
HURD, ELIZA                             OH-2-B-382
HUSTON, ELIZABETH                       OH-2-B-492
HUSTON, JAMES                           OH-2-B-39
HUTCHINS, BESSIE B.                     OH-2-L-26
HUTCHINS, JOHN F.                       OH-2-G-450
ICE, ANDREW                             OH-2-J-548
ICE, ANDREW                             OH-2-K-13
ICE, SOLOMAN                            OH-2-A-12
IMLER, ELI                              OH-2-E-232
IMLER, GEORGE                           OH-2-B-523
IMLER, LYDIA ANN                        OH-2-F-384
INGLEDICE, JUDITH E.                    OH-2-H-24
IRELAND, ALLAN                          OH-2-E-116
IRICK, ALEXANDER F.                     OH-2-G-546
IRWIN, JOHN                             OH-2-C-213
JACOBS, FRANK                           OH-2-K-63
JACOBS, PETER                           OH-2-H-402
JACOBS, SAMUEL R.                       OH-2-A-211
JAEGAR, WILLIAM                         OH-2-F-276
JAMISON, ROBERT                         OH-2-L-90
JENKINS, ESTHER E.                      OH-2-J-523
JENKINS, JENKIN T.                      OH-2-J-521
JENNINGS, AARON                         OH-2-C-9
JENNINGS, ABEL                          OH-2-C-578
JENNINGS, GREGORY                       OH-2-K-559
JENNINGS, JOHN                          OH-2-B-374
JENNINGS, JOHN W.                       OH-2-L-167
JENNINGS, THOMAS                        OH-2-E-502
JERVIS, EDNA E.                         OH-2-J-394
JETTINGER, C. A.                        OH-2-B-207
JETTINGER, FREDERICKA                   OH-2-B-316
JETTINGHOFF, MATHIAS                    OH-2-F-108
JEWETT, JAMES B.                        OH-2-K-342
JININGS, DAVID                          OH-2-A-343
JOHN, JESSE J.                          OH-2-H-135
JOHNS, ELIAS                            OH-2-D-403
JOHNS, ELIAS H.                         OH-2-I-207
JOHNS, REBECCA M.                       OH-2-H-300
JOHNS, SILAS H.                         OH-2-J-527
JOHNSON, JOHN                           OH-2-G-549
JOHNSON, MARY A.                        OH-2-J-529
JOHNSON, SANFORD MAINE                  OH-2-D-35
JOHNSON, SARAH ANN                      OH-2-J-274
JOHNSTON, ELENA DOROTHEA                OH-2-B-424
JOHNSTON, ELIZA H. D.                   OH-2-B-293
JOHNSTON, JAMES H.                      OH-2-H-491
JOHNSTON, JOHN H.                       OH-2-F-584
JOHNSTON, THOMAS P.                     OH-2-F-387
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM E.                    OH-2-H-73
JONES, DAVID A.                         OH-2-J-167
JONES, EDWARD                           OH-2-B-318
JONES, ELIZABETH                        OH-2-G-88
JONES, EVAN                             OH-2-C-317
JONES, EVAN H.                          OH-2-D-558
JONES, ISAAC                            OH-2-L-272
JONES, JOHN E.                          OH-2-H-152
JONES, JOHN N.                          OH-2-L-505
JONES, MARY WILLIAMS                    OH-2-K-316
JONES, RICHARD E.                       OH-2-K-188
JONES, RICHARD W.                       OH-2-E-10
JONES, ROBERT                           OH-2-A-302
JONES, ROBERT P.                        OH-2-L-281
JONES, SARAH                            OH-2-E-484
JONES, THOMAS G.                        OH-2-C-191
JONES, THOMAS R.                        OH-2-G-448
JONES, THOMAS R.                        OH-2-G-293
JONES, THOMAS T.                        OH-2-D-410
JONES, WILLIAM L.                       OH-2-L-24
JORDAN, LEVI                            OH-2-K-303
JOSEPH, BARBARA                         OH-2-K-105
JUDKINS, CONNIE O.                      OH-2-L-160
JUDKINS, JOHN ROY                       OH-2-K-436
JUDKINS, JOHN ROY                       OH-2-K-288
JUDKINS, WILLIAM W.                     OH-2-L-589
JUSTIAN, CONRAD                         OH-2-F-588
KALT, PAUL                              OH-2-G-465
KALUSING, FRANZ J.                      OH-2-H-184
KAMERER, JULIA                          OH-2-G-579
KANAUL, GEORGE D.                       OH-2-K-88
KANAWL, MARY I.                         OH-2-G-581
KANE, ROBERT                            OH-2-C-205
KARNS, JOSIAH S.                        OH-2-G-263
KARNS, MATILDA A.                       OH-2-L-393
KARTHOLL, ANTON                         OH-2-F-442
KEARNS, MARY                            OH-2-K-255
KEEFE, PATRICK O.                       OH-2-I-15
KEETH, JOHNZEY                          OH-2-D-72
KEETH, PRISCILLA                        OH-2-J-132
KEIH, JOHN H.                           OH-2-K-261
KEIL, ELLEN                             OH-2-K-4
KEIL, PHILIP                            OH-2-F-530
KEIM, JOHN                              OH-2-F-437
KEIN, CATHARINE                         OH-2-D-48
KEITH, ELIZABETH                        OH-2-A-17
KEITH, JOHN                             OH-2-J-108
KEITH, WILLIAM                          OH-2-A-79
KELLER, ELIZABETH                       OH-2-H-357
KELLER, GOTTLEIB                        OH-2-F-245
KELLER, GOTTLEIBEN                      OH-2-K-71
KELLER, JOSEPH                          OH-2-A-138
KELLEY, CATHARINE                       OH-2-I-62
KELLEY, MOSES                           OH-2-G-618
KELLY, JOHN                             OH-2-J-407
KELLY, PATRICK                          OH-2-J-8
KEMKER, THEODORE                        OH-2-L-461
KEMMER, OTTO F.                         OH-2-F-59
KEMP, ALBERT                            OH-2-D-25
KEMP, DAVID S.                          OH-2-H-595
KEMP, JOHN W.                           OH-2-E-404
KEMPER, HENRY W.                        OH-2-E-51
KEMPER, ISABELLA                        OH-2-K-283
KEMPER, WILLIAM H.                      OH-2-J-405
KENDALL, FREDERICK S.                   OH-2-C-137
KENDALL, MARY E.                        OH-2-K-22
KENNEY, JAMES J.                        OH-2-L-166
KEPHART, PETER                          OH-2-C-80
KERAN, EDWARD                           OH-2-A-109
KERFOOT, WILLIAM                        OH-2-D-468
KERN, ABRAHAM                           OH-2-H-92
KERR, ALEXANDER                         OH-2-H-127
KERSCHEL, MATILDA                       OH-2-E-111
KERSHALL, ANTON                         OH-2-D-417
KERSKER, ANNA MARIA                     OH-2-H-521
KERSKER, GEORGE H.                      OH-2-E-23
KESLER, ABRAHAM                         OH-2-E-307
KESLER, ANDREW                          OH-2-B-298
KESLER, GEORGE                          OH-2-G-314
KESTER, CATHARINE                       OH-2-D-230
KEVE, CLARKSON                          OH-2-B-177
KEVE, DANIEL                            OH-2-B-232
KEYS, ELLEN S.                          OH-2-L-511
KIAN, EZRA E.                           OH-2-B-258
KIBBY, HARMON                           OH-2-G-407
KIBBY, MERCY A.                         OH-2-K-86
KIES, JOHN                              OH-2-J-357
KIGER, CHARLES                          OH-2-C-169
KILE, KOONROD                           OH-2-B-582
KILL, NICHOLAS                          OH-2-J-254
KILLIAN, JACOB                          OH-2-C-27
KIMMEY, THOMAS                          OH-2-B-350
KINCAID, A R.                           OH-2-C-232
KING, GODFREY                           OH-2-D-119
KING, ISAAC                             OH-2-B-392
KING, JOHN W.                           OH-2-D-283
KINNANE, JOHN                           OH-2-H-472
KIPLINGER, DANIEL E.                    OH-2-J-56
KIPLINGER, MARY C.                      OH-2-F-340
KIRBY, ELIZABETH                        OH-2-K-78
KIRBY, TIMOTHY                          OH-2-G-195
KIRCHBAUM, JACOB                        OH-2-K-237
KIRK, CANDACE B.                        OH-2-D-476
KIRK, P. L. TORREY                      OH-2-J-473
KISSELL, MARY                           OH-2-K-512
KITCHEN, JOSEPH                         OH-2-D-300
KLAUSING, BERNARD                       OH-2-L-302
KLAUSING, FRANZ JOSEPH                  OH-2-H-104
KLAY, JOHN                              OH-2-D-88
KLEIN, PHILIP                           OH-2-L-90
KLINGER, PHILLIP                        OH-2-L-591
KLINGLER, DANIEL                        OH-2-I-197
KLINK, GODFRIED                         OH-2-H-523
KNIPE, JOSEPH L.                        OH-2-C-259
KNITTLE, WILLIAM                        OH-2-D-255
KOENINGER, JOSEPH                       OH-2-A-99
KOHL, WILLIAM                           OH-2-L-78
KOHLER, MARY ANN                        OH-2-A-372
KOHLEY, JOHN                            OH-2-C-14
KOLLER, BARBARA                         OH-2-J-124
KOLLER, GEORGE                          OH-2-H-376
KOPP, CAROLINE                          OH-2-E-546
KOPP, JOHN                              OH-2-D-27
KRAFT, JOHN JACOB                       OH-2-D-588
KRAUSS, CATHARINE E.                    OH-2-D-126
KRAUSS, G. WILHELM                      OH-2-D-214
KRAUSS, JOHN C. G.                      OH-2-E-5
KREBS, ANNA ELIZA                       OH-2-K-98
KREIDER, MICHAEL Z.                     OH-2-B-91
KREILING, MARY E.                       OH-2-L-187
KRIEFT, JOHN FREDERICK                  OH-2-G-106
KRIFT, MATILDA                          OH-2-K-58
KROEGER, HENRY                          OH-2-H-311
KROEGER, JOSEPH                         OH-2-J-539
KRUSE, HENRY                            OH-2-J-138
KRUTSCH, BENONI C. C.                   OH-2-I-155
KUHN, EUPHENIA                          OH-2-L-5
KUNDERT, JACOB                          OH-2-G-461
KUNKLEMAN, JACOB                        OH-2-E-517
KUNNEKE, THEODORE                       OH-2-L-213
KUNZE, FRANZ                            OH-2-E-144
KUSMAUL, MARTIN                         OH-2-B-390

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