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Column One: Name of Testator
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ADAMS, EDGAR                            OH-1-10-561
ADAMS, MARTHA J.                        OH-1-4-215
ADAMSON, ALBERT G.                      OH-1-3-214
ADAMSON, J. A.                          OH-1-7-266
ADE, W. L.                              OH-1-4-23
ALBERT, W. L.                           OH-1-3-488
ALCORN, WILLIAM H.                      OH-1-6-16, 54
ALEXANDER, HERMAN                       OH-1-10-589
ALEXANDER, JAMES W.                     OH-1-3-168, 245
ALEXANDER, R. H.                        OH-1-10-438
ALEXANDER, ROBERT C.                    OH-1-8-483
ALEXANDER, SAMUEL                       OH-1-1-166
ALEXANDER, TRUMAN C.                    OH-1-7-558
ALLEN, CATHARINE                        OH-1-2-371
ALLEY, SHERMAN                          OH-1-10-595
ALLISON, D. M.                          OH-1-10-156
ALLISON, EDITH R.                       OH-1-9-353
ALLISON, HANNAH S.                      OH-1-4-371
ALLISON, JOHN B.                        OH-1-4-34
ALLISON, JOHN B.                        OH-1-3-585
ALLISON, MARY M.                        OH-1-7-188
ALLISON, WILLIAM                        OH-1-3-274
AMES, J. W.                             OH-1-9-69
AMES, NORA E.                           OH-1-9-402
ANDERSON, CHARLES G.                    OH-1-9-76
ANDERSON, G. W.                         OH-1-3-109
ANDERSON, JULIA B.                      OH-1-10-371
AREY, LIZZIE A.                         OH-1-4-538
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                       OH-1-2-460
ARMSTRONG, T. C.                        OH-1-10-524
ARNOLD, INDIANN                         OH-1-2-579
ASHENHURST, ALICE                       OH-1-9-27
ASHENHURST, EUGENE                      OH-1-9-614
ASHERHURST, J. O.                       OH-1-8-449
AUSTIN, ARCH                            OH-1-9-392
AUSTIN, SAMUEL J.                       OH-1-10-25
AYRES, CATHARINE                        OH-1-3-534
BAILEY, CLAUDE                          OH-1-10-534
BAILEY, JESS                            OH-1-10-601
BAIRD, JOHN                             OH-1-2-379
BAKER, J. S.                            OH-1-4-78, 105
BAKER, JOSEPH F.                        OH-1-10-453
BALDRIDGE, DAVID MCDILL                 OH-1-3-531
BALDRIDGE, EMMA M.                      OH-1-8-77
BALDRIDGE, GEORGE A.                    OH-1-2-428
BALDRIDGE, J. W.                        OH-1-2-218
BALDRIDGE, JOHN L.                      OH-1-8-45
BALDRIDGE, M. D.                        OH-1-7-569
BALDRIDGE, MARGARET J.                  OH-1-3-432
BALDWIN, EMILY A.                       OH-1-1-325
BALDWIN, GRACE                          OH-1-10-67
BALDWIN, J. D.                          OH-1-10-104
BALDWIN, MARGARET J.                    OH-1-3-549, 581
BALDWIN, WILIAM                         OH-1-1-349
BALEY, SARAH E.                         OH-1-8-220
BAME, DAVID S.                          OH-1-8-262
BANKS, THOMAS A.                        OH-1-4-86
BARBER, SOFIA ANN                       OH-1-10-169
BARMAN, BESSIE                          OH-1-10-99
BARNES, EDGAR                           OH-1-10-341
BARNES, HENRY W.                        OH-1-7-391
BARR, E. T.                             OH-1-7-470
BARRACKMAN, ALICE                       OH-1-9-296
BARRACKMAN, H. N.                       OH-1-8-593
BARRY, SAMUEL JOSEPH                    OH-1-5-373
BAYLESS, EMMA F.                        OH-1-7-219
BAYLESS, EMPIRE M.                      OH-1-3-469
BAYLESS, F. D.                          OH-1-3-329
BAYLESS, F. G.                          OH-1-3-543
BEAM, C. A. SR.                         OH-1-9-30
BEAM, HENRY                             OH-1-4-7
BEEKMAN, MARGARET A.                    OH-1-4-67
BEHM, ANDREW                            OH-1-1-143
BEIGHLE, RACHEL                         OH-1-7-480
BELL, BENJAMIN G.                       OH-1-7-120
BELL, GODLA                             OH-1-10-525
BELL, HELEN LANG                        OH-1-9-20
BELL, JOHN A.                           OH-1-9-135
BELL, MARY E.                           OH-1-7-421
BELL, MINNIE                            OH-1-9-264
BELL, OTIS E.                           OH-1-9-499
BELL, SAMUEL T.                         OH-1-7-451
BELYNE, IDA                             OH-1-9-431
BENTLEY, JAMES B.                       OH-1-10-485
BERRY, CLARENCE C.                      OH-1-9-259
BERRY, JAMES B.                         OH-1-1-339
BERRY, VIRGINIA M.                      OH-1-5-562
BEST, JENNIE                            OH-1-8-73
BEST, JOHN A.                           OH-1-9-373
BEVERIDGE, SAMUEL R.                    OH-1-1-283
BILLINGS, WILLIAM K.                    OH-1-9-70
BILLINGSLEY, E. A.                      OH-1-3-297
BILLINGSLEY, EUGENUS                    OH-1-3-125
BININGER, MAGDALENA                     OH-1-2-213
BISSINGER, JEMIMA A.                    OH-1-3-163
BISSINGER, JOHN J.                      OH-1-1-189
BLACK, CORA JENNIE                      OH-1-8-151
BLACK, LAFAYETTE C.                     OH-1-5-528
BLACK, LAURA L.                         OH-1-9-170
BLACK, SAMUEL                           OH-1-5-297
BLACKBURN, BESSIE LEE                   OH-1-7-395
BLACKBURN, LEVI SR.                     OH-1-3-77
BLAIR, MARTHA T.                        OH-1-8-550
BLAIR, SPENCER W.                       OH-1-2-478
BLAIR, WILLIAM A.                       OH-1-1-169
BLAKE, A. L.                            OH-1-6-313
BLAKE, OLIVE                            OH-1-8-18
BLAKE, ROSA M.                          OH-1-9-207
BLAKE, T. W.                            OH-1-9-271
BLAKEMORE, MARY J.                      OH-1-4-461
BLOOM, ERIE I.                          OH-1-10-38
BLOOM, FREDERICK                        OH-1-3-238
BLOOM, LEWIS C.                         OH-1-1-553
BLOOMHUFF, F. S.                        OH-1-8-213
BLUM, WILLIAM H.                        OH-1-3-241
BOLAND, CHARLES                         OH-1-5-200
BOLAND, ELIZABETH                       OH-1-5-203
BOLDMAN, GUY C.                         OH-1-10-451
BOLE, WYLIE                             OH-1-8-79
BOLENDER, ELLA                          OH-1-1-370
BOUGHNER, G. F.                         OH-1-6-352
BOURMAN, B. D.                          OH-1-7-323
BOWMAN, BIANCY                          OH-1-5-99
BOWMAN, LIVE MASON                      OH-1-9-133
BOWMAN, LIZZIE J.                       OH-1-9-42
BOYD, DAVID M.                          OH-1-5-130
BOYD, J. J.                             OH-1-9-155
BOYD, MOLLIE A.                         OH-1-10-229
BOYLES, CATHERINE                       OH-1-1-156
BRAAKE, J. M.                           OH-1-7-561
BRADFORD, AMOS C.                       OH-1-2-116
BRADFORD, C. A.                         OH-1-9-115
BRADFORD, DAVID                         OH-1-3-592
BRADFORD, GROVER                        OH-1-9-217
BRADFORD, GWYNNE                        OH-1-9-574
BRADFORD, LOISE                         OH-1-10-390
BRADFORD, MAGGIE G.                     OH-1-3-557
BRADFORD, SAMUEL                        OH-1-1-537
BRADFORD, SARAH W.                      OH-1-1-4
BRADFORD, WILLIAM                       OH-1-4-13
BRADNEY, ZEMORA                         OH-1-8-553
BRANSON, HANNAH                         OH-1-5-234
BRANSON, JAMES ELMER                    OH-1-8-236
BRANSON, M. BLANCHE                     OH-1-8-206
BRANSON, NATHAN D.                      OH-1-5-51, 65
BRANSON, SARAH R.                       OH-1-3-85
BRAWNER, JOHN                           OH-1-8-378
BRAWNER, JOSEPH W.                      OH-1-9-162
BRAWNER, MATILDA                        OH-1-9-36
BRENNER, GEORGE                         OH-1-10-481
BRESLAW, NOA                            OH-1-9-442
BRESLAW, THOMAS H.                      OH-1-8-224
BRIDGE, CHARLES N.                      OH-1-3-291
BRIDGE, ELIZABETH A.                    OH-1-5-402
BRITTINGHAM, JAMES H.                   OH-1-3-554
BRITTINGHAM, MOSES R.                   OH-1-3-464
BRITTON, T. E.                          OH-1-9-211
BRODT, IDA M.                           OH-1-7-206
BRODT, JOHN J.                          OH-1-2-491
BRODT, WILLIAM R.                       OH-1-8-48
BROOK, ROSE O.                          OH-1-8-455
BROOKE, ARLYN O.                        OH-1-9-405
BROOKE, FRANCES M.                      OH-1-10-187
BROOKE, MARY W.                         OH-1-10-289
BROOKOVER, A. K.                        OH-1-10-88
BROWN, A. J.                            OH-1-8-447
BROWN, ANNA M.                          OH-1-9-383
BROWN, BERTHA                           OH-1-10-129
BROWN, GEORGE W.                        OH-1-3-386
BROWN, HIRAM ERNEST                     OH-1-9-512
BROWN, JANE                             OH-1-7-73
BROWN, LEWIS W.                         OH-1-10-555
BROWN, LIZZIE A.                        OH-1-4-541
BROWN, WILLIAM L.                       OH-1-4-518
BROWN, WILLIAM O.                       OH-1-10-415
BROWNLEE, FANNIE J.                     OH-1-8-232
BRUMLEY, F. S.                          OH-1-3-209
BRUMLEY, MARY                           OH-1-1-267
BRUMLEY, OSCAR                          OH-1-10-409
BRWNER, ANNA                            OH-1-9-174
BRYAN, MARY J.                          OH-1-9-453
BRYAN, SAMUEL K.                        OH-1-8-491
BRYAN, WILLIAM D.                       OH-1-9-74
BRYAN,BERTHA                            OH-1-9-19
BRYANT, FREDRICK T.                     OH-1-10-123
BRYANT, KATHERINE                       OH-1-7-571
BUELL, ESTHER A.                        OH-1-6-122
BULLOCK, PATTIE                         OH-1-6-81
BUNN, ANNIE E.                          OH-1-5-450
BUNN, JAMES W.                          OH-1-2-277
BURBA, ELZENA V.                        OH-1-5-166
BURBA, SANFORD                          OH-1-1-419
BURBAGE, MARIA                          OH-1-2-326
BURBAGE, MARY J.                        OH-1-5-175
BURBAGE, RAYMOND                        OH-1-8-543
BURBAGE, SARAH E.                       OH-1-4-30
BURBAGE, THOMAS                         OH-1-1-47
BURGETT, FRANK E.                       OH-1-10-563
BURNETT, WILLIAM                        OH-1-2-169
BURNS, JOHN W.                          OH-1-2-336
BURR, C. H.                             OH-1-3-494
BURR, JACOB                             OH-1-5-5, 10
BURR, LIZZIE                            OH-1-7-410
BURR, STANLEY                           OH-1-9-559
BURRIS, LULA                            OH-1-10-269
BUTLER, DANIEL B.                       OH-1-10-282
BUTZ, HOMER                             OH-1-3-51, 160
CALVERT, ANNIE MAY                      OH-1-7-190
CALVERT, JOEL                           OH-1-2-125
CAMPBELL, CAREY F.                      OH-1-9-91
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH                     OH-1-3-25
CAMPBELL, ISABEL                        OH-1-1-504
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          OH-1-1-292
CAMPBELL, JOHN T.                       OH-1-8-422
CAMPBELL, MARTHA A.                     OH-1-5-368
CAMPBELL, PERRY A.                      OH-1-4-276
CAMPBELL, RICHARD                       OH-1-4-390
CAMPBELL, SARAH A.                      OH-1-4-124
CAMPBELL, T. H.                         OH-1-6-286
CAMPBELL, WESLEY                        OH-1-6-169
CAMPBELL, WILLIAMM.                     OH-1-10-32
CANDY, HENRY S.                         OH-1-10-536
CANNON, ANNIE M.                        OH-1-7-573
CANNON, BYES N.                         OH-1-3-408
CANNON, JULIA A.                        OH-1-3-408
CANNON, MONTEREY B.                     OH-1-6-378
CARAWAY, SAMUEL E.                      OH-1-7-285
CARAWAY, WELLER                         OH-1-8-59
CARRACI, LULU H.                        OH-1-8-538
CARRINGTON, MARTHA A.                   OH-1-10-72
CARRINGTON, OLIVER A.                   OH-1-10-77
CARROLL, HARRY R.                       OH-1-8-30
CARROLL, LOUIS K.                       OH-1-8-326
CARTER, LEROY                           OH-1-9-229
CARTER, WILLIAM                         OH-1-3-423
CARTWRIGHT, ESTELLE M.                  OH-1-10-487
CASE, FRANK D.                          OH-1-4-301
CASKEY, ALMA F.                         OH-1-9-6
CASKEY, GEORGE ALEXANDER                OH-1-6-112
CASKEY, JAMES A.                        OH-1-4-363, 366
CHABOT, GEORGE W.                       OH-1-7-454
CHAIN, NCHOLAS                          OH-1-4-569
CHAIR, ELLA                             OH-1-8-331
CHAMBERS, ARDILLA                       OH-1-3-336
CHAMBERS, RUTH                          OH-1-9-476
CHANDLER, CLARA L.                      OH-1-9-546
CHANDLER, CLAUDE                        OH-1-7-401
CHANDLER, ISAAC NEWTON                  OH-1-8-532
CHAPMAN, JOSEPHINE                      OH-1-4-27
CHARLES, ALICE KIRKER                   OH-1-8-478
CHARLES, CORLISS D.                     OH-1-9-435
CHARLES, SAMUEL B.                      OH-1-7-379
CHENOWETH, EARL                         OH-1-9-487
CLARK, ALBERTINE                        OH-1-8-94
CLARK, ALEXANDER                        OH-1-6-246
CLARK, BERTHA                           OH-1-10-141
CLARK, JOHN                             OH-1-5-431
CLARK, SARAH E.                         OH-1-2-191
CLARK, T. N.                            OH-1-6-47
CLARK, WILLIAM G.                       OH-1-2-136
CLARKE, JOHN                            OH-1-1-74
CLINE, J. P.                            OH-1-10-548
CLINE, OSCAR                            OH-1-9-462
CLINESS, GEORGE W.                      OH-1-3-60
CLINGER, STELLA                         OH-1-10-581
CLINGUR, PARIS S.                       OH-1-7-122
CLUXTON, MARY                           OH-1-7-368
CLUXTON, WILLIAM H.                     OH-1-5-47
COBLER, CLARA M.                        OH-1-7-342
COBLER, DAVID                           OH-1-2-444
COCHRAN, CHARLES E.                     OH-1-10-526
COCHRAN, R. H.                          OH-1-6-127
COLE, ANNA E.                           OH-1-9-233
COLE, J. B.                             OH-1-8-467
COLE, J. W.                             OH-1-10-13
COLE, ROBERT                            OH-1-8-217
COLEMAN, A. A.                          OH-1-3-253
COLEMAN, JOE C.                         OH-1-2-155
COLEMAN, MILDRED                        OH-1-9-335
COLEMAN, WILLIAM K.                     OH-1-1-270
COLLINS, ALTA H.                        OH-1-3-104
COLLINS, CHARLES B.                     OH-1-8-425
COLLINS, DORA R.                        OH-1-8-357
COLLINS, R. F.                          OH-1-8-202
COLLINS, WILLIAM J.                     OH-1-2-518
COLLVILLE, SUDIE M.                     OH-1-10-431
COLVILLE, JAMES J.                      OH-1-10-125
COMPTON, ELIZA J.                       OH-1-3-161, 167
COMPTON, LUTHER                         OH-1-10-140
COMPTON, MARGARET                       OH-1-4-487
CONAWAY, L. N.                          OH-1-7-253
CONAWAY, NIMROD                         OH-1-2-14
CONDON, CHARLS E.                       OH-1-9-319
CONDON, CORA H.                         OH-1-8-264
CONN, ALVIN                             OH-1-5-496
CONNOR, HATTIE                          OH-1-8-408
CONWAY, MARY L.                         OH-1-4-383
COOK, ETHEL                             OH-1-10-115
COOK, J. B.                             OH-1-4-320, 334
COOK, JOHN S.                           OH-1-10-186
COOLEY, ELMER                           OH-1-5-413
COOLEY, FLORENCE                        OH-1-8-390
COOLEY, OLIVER H. P.                    OH-1-2-556
COOPER, A. N.                           OH-1-7-319
COOPER, ALVA                            OH-1-4-420
COOPER, AMELIA                          OH-1-10-498
COOPER, CLARA                           OH-1-8-175
COOPER, CLARA E.                        OH-1-9-325
COOPER, ELLA W.                         OH-1-8-156
COOPER, HALLIE                          OH-1-8-98
COOPER, LEE                             OH-1-9-23
COOPER, SAMUEL SR.                      OH-1-1-520
COOPER, THOMAS F.                       OH-1-8-238
COPAS, ALICE J.                         OH-1-7-137
COPAS, JONATHAN                         OH-1-9-607
COPELAND, CHAMBERS                      OH-1-3-204
COPELAND, JAMES                         OH-1-5-355
COPHER, NINETTIA                        OH-1-9-149
COPHER, THOMAS                          OH-1-9-257
CORBOY, C. S.                           OH-1-2-537
CORDON, ELMER J.                        OH-1-10-285
CORLOY, DAVID J.                        OH-1-9-191
CORNELIUS, LELIA M.                     OH-1-6-180
CORNELIUS, S. F.                        OH-1-5-553
CORNELIUS,NELLIE V.                     OH-1-9-184
CORYELL, CATHERINE                      OH-1-5-288
CORYELL, ELIZA B.                       OH-1-3-81
CORYELL, SALATHIEL                      OH-1-1-534
CORYELL, WILLIAM C.                     OH-1-5-363
COSBY, GEORGE L.                        OH-1-10-36
COSBY, WILLIAM S.                       OH-1-8-381
COX, EDARD                              OH-1-7-513
COX, EDITH                              OH-1-8-223
COX, MARGARET                           OH-1-8-164
COX, NELSON                             OH-1-9-568
COX, ROBERT L.                          OH-1-8-231
COX, W. H.                              OH-1-8-525
COYNE, ANNIE JANE                       OH-1-7-424
COYNE, MARTIN                           OH-1-4-286
CRAIG, LAURA B.                         OH-1-8-158
CRAIG, MAYE                             OH-1-10-193
CRAIGMILES, JAMES A.                    OH-1-9-182
CRAIN, JOSEPH L.                        OH-1-10-528
CRAWFORD, C. F.                         OH-1-10-145
CRAWFORD, CORA                          OH-1-10-131
CRAWFORD, E. W.                         OH-1-9-295
CRAWFORD, EFFIE J.                      OH-1-9-108
CRAWFORD, JAMES H.                      OH-1-5-346
CRAWFORD, JOHN W.                       OH-1-8-5
CRAWFORD, R. O.                         OH-1-8-611
CREAGMILE, ARCHIBALD                    OH-1-3-286, 296
CRISEMAN, ALTA BOYD                     OH-1-9-566
CRISSMAN, WILLIAM                       OH-1-4-458
CRISWELL, WILLIAM                       OH-1-1-494
CROSBY, A. H.                           OH-1-6-29
CROSS, ELLA                             OH-1-10-489
CROSS, JOSEPH M.                        OH-1-7-493
CROSS, W. G.                            OH-1-3-340, 439
CROTHERS, FANNIE                        OH-1-10-233
CRUMMIE, LESTER O.                      OH-1-9-451
CRUMMIE, W. K.                          OH-1-8-506
CULBERTSON, CHARLES W.                  OH-1-10-149
CULBERTSON, GERTRUDE E.                 OH-1-9-525
CUMINGS, W. B.                          OH-1-4-350
CUMINGS, WILLIAM                        OH-1-1-445
CUMMINGS, ERNEST LYNWOOD                OH-1-7-546
CUSTER, ALICE                           OH-1-6-356, 359
CUSTER, JACOB                           OH-1-4-343, 349
CUSTER, JOHN                            OH-1-7-44
CUSTER, JULIA E.                        OH-1-8-1
DACI, DAVID W.                          OH-1-8-508
DAILEY, ALEX W.                         OH-1-6-13
DALLER, FRED                            OH-1-10-347
DARLING,R. H.                           OH-1-8-153
DARLINGTON, SARAH M.                    OH-1-1-173
DARLINTON, MELINDIA                     OH-1-1-547
DARLTON, RICHARD M.                     OH-1-10-343
DARNELL, FREDERICK W.                   OH-1-9-491
DARNELL, MARY                           OH-1-10-321
DARNELL, WALTER P.                      OH-1-4-55
DAUGHERTY, WILLIAM THOMAS               OH-1-9-459
DAULTON, SARAH                          OH-1-8-8
DAUM, FRANK                             OH-1-7-575
DAVIS, ARTHUR                           OH-1-10-152
DAVIS, LAURA O.                         OH-1-8-219
DAVIS, LEANDER V.                       OH-1-1-29
DAVIS, LOTTIE                           OH-1-10-383
DAVIS, NOBLE                            OH-1-8-395
DAVIS, SARAH B.                         OH-1-10-93
DAVIS, W. M.                            OH-1-10-393
DAWLEY, MARGARET J.                     OH-1-5-279
DAWLEY, T. H.                           OH-1-9-334
DAY, J. E.                              OH-1-10-49
DAY, JEROME M.                          OH-1-7-428
DEATLEY, CHRISTIAN                      OH-1-5-512
DEBRUIN, THOMAS E.                      OH-1-4-81, 91
DELINGER, FRANK T.                      OH-1-8-380
DELP, EMILY T.                          OH-1-4-416
DEMINT, CLYDE S.                        OH-1-10-128
DEMINT,E LIZA J.                        OH-1-5-326
DENING, HUGH E.                         OH-1-8-111
DEVON, WILLIAM P.                       OH-1-1-328
DEVORE, JOSEPH W.                       OH-1-9-350
DEWIND, HANNA                           OH-1-6-66
DICKINSON, HIRAM WALTER                 OH-1-1-21
DIETACH, JOHN                           OH-1-10-70
DIXON, CLYDE V.                         OH-1-9-470
DOAK, ALVAH S.                          OH-1-3-519, 538
DOAK, D. E.                             OH-1-10-100
DOBBS, SALLIE E.                        OH-1-9-121
DOBSON, CHRISTINA P.                    OH-1-4-136
DOBSON, JAMES HENDERSON                 OH-1-3-247
DODDRIDGE, PERCY                        OH-1-7-87
DODDS, J. W.                            OH-1-6-251
DONATHON, FRANCIS                       OH-1-9-361
DOTSON, D. H.                           OH-1-6-102, 164
DOTSON, HANNAH                          OH-1-7-596
DOUGLAS, CAREY H.                       OH-1-9-269
DOUGLAS, FLORENCE                       OH-1-9-55
DOUGLAS, JAMES                          OH-1-10-394
DOWNEY, THOMAS C.                       OH-1-4-472
DRYDEN, VERNER                          OH-1-8-514
DUBBS, ELLA                             OH-1-5-102
DUFFEY, EDNA G.                         OH-1-8-350
DUFFEY, F. S.                           OH-1-1-365
DUFFEY, MICHAEL                         OH-1-1-362
DUFFEY, WILLIAM C.                      OH-1-5-17
DULEY, FRANK                            OH-1-8-171
DUNBAR, EMMA                            OH-1-7-525
DUNBAR, MAGGIE A.                       OH-1-4-436
DUNCAN, JANE                            OH-1-1-313
DUNIGAN, LOUISE                         OH-1-9-563
DUNKIN, ABRAHAM                         OH-1-2-199
DUNKIN, ERNEST A.                       OH-1-9-204
DUNKIN, R. T.                           OH-1-7-109
DUNLAP, MARION                          OH-1-4-552
DUNLAP, MARION                          OH-1-5-475
DUVALL, A. N.                           OH-1-10-541
DUVALL, BERTHA M.                       OH-1-10-543
EASTER, ELGIE                           OH-1-9-34A
EASTER, MARGARET F.                     OH-1-4-323
EBRITE, DANIEL                          OH-1-1-432
EBRITE, EFFIE S.                        OH-1-5-219
ECKMAN, LUCY EDNA                       OH-1-7-272
EDENFIELD, MARGARET E.                  OH-1-9-57
EDENFIELD, OMER                         OH-1-10-475
EDGINGTON, EDNA M.                      OH-1-10-87
EDGINGTON, ESTAYE                       OH-1-9-550
EDINGTON, ROBBINS                       OH-1-1-238
EDMISTEN, CLARENCE E.                   OH-1-9-357
EDWARDS, JESSE R.                       OH-1-10-90
ELDRIDGE, THOMAS S.                     OH-1-9-286
ELLIOTT, ADA FOSTER                     OH-1-2-49
ELLIOTT, ROBERT                         OH-1-4-4
ELLIS, ALTA                             OH-1-10-195
ELLIS, MARY                             OH-1-7-258
ELLIS, O. B.                            OH-1-8-271
ELLIS, WESLEY J.                        OH-1-6-307, 332
ELLISON, ANGIE                          OH-1-8-517
ELLISON, CLARENE W.                     OH-1-9-102
ELLISON, FRANK                          OH-1-9-151
ELLISON, FRANK H.                       OH-1-9-478
ELLISON, GUY RUSSELL                    OH-1-9-372, 444
ELLISON, HARRIET                        OH-1-1-509
ELLISON, J. P.                          OH-1-8-241
ELLISON, JOHN                           OH-1-2-67
ELLISON, L. E.                          OH-1-8-289
ELLISON, LODEMA                         OH-1-5-172
ELLISON, MYRTLE                         OH-1-8-235
ELLISON, MYRTLE                         OH-1-8-197
ELLISON, PRESS                          OH-1-9-379
ELLISON, S. J.                          OH-1-9-561
ELLISON, SARAH J.                       OH-1-8-181
ELLISON, T. W.                          OH-1-7-584
ELLISON, THOMAS                         OH-1-3-36
ELLISON, WILLIAM W.                     OH-1-1-222
ELLISON, WILLIE                         OH-1-8-559
ELMON, CHARLEY                          OH-1-3-528
ELSCLAGER, CHRISTIAN                    OH-1-2-439
ELSCLAGER, ELIZABETH                    OH-1-4-244
ELY, ELIZABETH D.                       OH-1-4-148
EMERY, GEORGE HENRY                     OH-1-2-418
ENGLAND, MANUEL                         OH-1-10-397
EPPLE, MARK H.                          OH-1-10-46
ERNST, FRED L.                          OH-1-9-535
ERVIN, THEODORE M.                      OH-1-10-509
EUBANKS, JOHN F.                        OH-1-2-515
EVANS, DAVID E.                         OH-1-1-303
EVANS, FLOYD                            OH-1-9-312
EVANS, WILLIAM WYAT                     OH-1-8-386
EVERS, HENRY F. W.                      OH-1-8-201
EVERTON, MARTHA                         OH-1-4-44
EYLAR, ALFRED A.                        OH-1-1-382
EYLAR, LANE B.                          OH-1-5-88
EYLAR, RUTH                             OH-1-9-32
EYLER, F. M.                            OH-1-8-603
EYRE, ED F.                             OH-1-8-358
FEAR, MARY M.                           OH-1-1-210
FENNER, ISAAC                           OH-1-3-128
FENTON, ALBERTA                         OH-1-9-393
FENTON, CLIFTON LUCIEN                  OH-1-7-186, 210
FENTON, HARRISON                        OH-1-1-199
FENTON, JEREMIAH                        OH-1-1-414
FENTON, LUCIEN J.                       OH-1-4-140, 147
FENTON, MALINDA                         OH-1-7-508
FENTON, MARTHA                          OH-1-5-417
FENTON, RUSSEL                          OH-1-6-139
FENTON, SAMUEL L.                       OH-1-3-311
FERRELL, E. E.                          OH-1-5-531
FIELDS, HARVEY P.                       OH-1-10-276
FIELDS, SUSANA A.                       OH-1-5-434
FISHER, BERT                            OH-1-9-587
FISHER, BOLEVER                         OH-1-7-97
FISHER, ELLA                            OH-1-7-197
FITE, GEORGANA                          OH-1-7-93
FITE, J. W.                             OH-1-9-281
FITE, JOE C.                            OH-1-7-371
FIZER, JOHN SAM                         OH-1-9-114
FLAGG, ERNEST                           OH-1-8-362
FLANNIGAN, ELLEN                        OH-1-4-549
FLEMING, EVA                            OH-1-9-514
FORSYTHE, JACKSON D.                    OH-1-2-321
FOSTER, AMANDA                          OH-1-8-474
FOSTER, BITHA A.                        OH-1-4-507
FOSTER, GEORGE                          OH-1-10-575
FOSTER, HARLAN G.                       OH-1-10-423
FOSTER, J. C.                           OH-1-5-466
FOSTER, J. W. (REV)                     OH-1-8-141
FOSTER, LAURA B.                        OH-1-9-300
FOSTER, LAURA J.                        OH-1-3-96
FOSTER, M. I.                           OH-1-4-432
FOSTER, N. C.                           OH-1-10-457
FOSTER, PHOEBE J.                       OH-1-4-427
FOSTER, SALLIE C.                       OH-1-7-211
FRAME, CHARLES E.                       OH-1-6-324, 344
FRAME, MILDRED                          OH-1-10-589
FREELAND, ANDREW C.                     OH-1-3-477
FREELAND, GEORGE                        OH-1-3-419
FREELAND, ROSALIE                       OH-1-3-588
FREEMAN, MARY                           OH-1-6-236
FREEMAN, ROBERT L.                      OH-1-10-361
FREEMAN, VOLNEY                         OH-1-7-134
FREEMAN, W. S.                          OH-1-4-10
FRISTOE, ORA A.                         OH-1-6-77
FRIZELL, MARY                           OH-1-8-117
FRIZZELL, W. A.                         OH-1-7-183
FROMAN, JAMES M.                        OH-1-2-151
FROST, ELIZA                            OH-1-3-56
FROST, ELMER A.                         OH-1-8-244
FRUSH, FRANK A.                         OH-1-8-81
FRUSH, MARY ELMA                        OH-1-10-344
FRY, WALTER                             OH-1-3-46
FRYE, ELWOOD                            OH-1-8-304
FULLER, BESSIE                          OH-1-10-458
FULTON, JAMES                           OH-1-2-505
FULTON, SALLIE                          OH-1-9-5
FURNIER, CARRIE L.                      OH-1-5-94
FURNIER, DAVID                          OH-1-8-159
FURNIER, WARREN                         OH-1-10-16
GAFFIN, J. W.                           OH-1-8-546
GAFFIN, T. W.                           OH-1-9-173
GAISTIN, C. W.                          OH-1-5-406
GALLAGHER, MINNIE J.                    OH-1-9-508
GAMES, CHARLES B.                       OH-1-9-119
GAMES, CLARA L.                         OH-1-9-620
GAMES, KATE                             OH-1-9-37
GAMES, LAURA                            OH-1-8-105
GAMES, MAYME                            OH-1-10-535
GAMES, OMER                             OH-1-8-129
GAMES, PIERCE F.                        OH-1-10-473
GARDEMER, CLARA                         OH-1-10-430
GARDNER, ELIZA A.                       OH-1-4-237
GARMAN, AMY                             OH-1-6-146
GARMAN, D. H.                           OH-1-6-220
GARMAN, EFFIE A.                        OH-1-7-359
GARMAN, JOHN R. S.                      OH-1-8-290
GARRISON, JAMES M.                      OH-1-9-616, 619
GASH, ELIZABETH                         OH-1-7-353
GASH, GILBERT T.                        OH-1-8-92
GASH, J. A.                             OH-1-5-215, 218
GASKINS, CLAUDE                         OH-1-10-507
GASKINS, GERTRUDE C.                    OH-1-8-561
GASKINS, LUCY MAY                       OH-1-10-7
GASTON, E. M.                           OH-1-2-346
GATES, LILLY PEYTON                     OH-1-4-181
GAYMAN, TILLIE B.                       OH-1-8-139
GIBBONEY, GEORGE                        OH-1-1-136
GIBBONEY, JAMES M.                      OH-1-2-255
GIBBONEY, JAMES M.                      OH-1-2-204
GIBBONEY, MARGARET J.                   OH-1-3-6
GIBBONEY, MARTHA A.                     OH-1-5-503
GIBBONEY, SAMUEL                        OH-1-1-24
GIBBONEY, SARAH MARGARET                OH-1-1-70
GIBBONEY, THOMAS                        OH-1-1-26
GIBLONEY, SARAH ISABELLE                OH-1-8-283
GIFFIN, FLOY W. H.                      OH-1-10-22
GIFFORD, CANAUSSA                       OH-1-2-71
GIFFORD, J. B.                          OH-1-8-135
GIFFORD, LOU                            OH-1-8-137
GILPIN, GEORGE                          OH-1-7-199
GLASGOW, J. A.                          OH-1-4-47, 133
GLASGOW, J. G.                          OH-1-6-98, 219
GLASGOW, LURISSA                        OH-1-5-55
GLASGOW, LURISSA                        OH-1-4-579
GLASGOW, MARTHA M.                      OH-1-4-510
GLASGOW, MATTIE                         OH-1-7-66
GLASGOW, ROBERT A.                      OH-1-7-477
GLASSCO, STANLEY                        OH-1-10-164
GLASSCO, W. S.                          OH-1-7-269
GLOCKNER, ALEX M.                       OH-1-5-20
GOFF, ROBERT T.                         OH-1-8-188, 203
GOFFIN, COR AM.                         OH-1-8-400
GOLUSEN, DAN                            OH-1-10-437
GORDLEY, MIRL                           OH-1-10-355
GORDLEY, ODESSSA                        OH-1-10-389
GORMAN, GEORGE S.                       OH-1-8-16
GORMAN, JAMES H.                        OH-1-8-591
GRAHAM, JOHN C.                         OH-1-7-456
GRAY, CHARLES W.                        OH-1-9-243
GRAY, CLARA E.                          OH-1-10-103
GRAY, HARRY C.                          OH-1-10-316
GRAY, JOHN M.                           OH-1-8-254
GRAYBEAL, ROY RAYMOND                   OH-1-9-610
GREEN, FRANCIS                          OH-1-6-339, 349
GREEN, G. W.                            OH-1-3-455
GREEN, WILLIAM                          OH-1-3-399
GREENE, RALPH J.                        OH-1-10-385
GREENLEE, CHARLES C.                    OH-1-7-9
GREENLEE, MARY E.                       OH-1-9-466
GREER, LILLIAN MABLE                    OH-1-10-30
GREGG, W. B.                            OH-1-2-408
GRIFFITH, LEROY                         OH-1-8-360
GRIMES, G. L.                           OH-1-9-202
GRIMES, J. C.                           OH-1-9-117
GRIMES, JAMES B.                        OH-1-3-101
GRIMES, JOHN                            OH-1-2-12
GRIMES, JOSHUA                          OH-1-1-497
GRIMES, L. A.                           OH-1-4-121
GRIMES, NONA                            OH-1-5-399
GROOMS, E. F.                           OH-1-7-297
GROOMS, ELIZABETH                       OH-1-9-52
GROOMS, ELIZABETH A.                    OH-1-5-27
GROOMS, HARRY A.                        OH-1-10-144
GROOMS, M. D.                           OH-1-5-210
GROOMS, MINNIE E.                       OH-1-9-455
GROOMS, REASON T.                       OH-1-8-166
GROOMS, SAMUEL B.                       OH-1-4-221
GTHRIE, LOUISA                          OH-1-5-309
GURKE, MARGARET J.                      OH-1-9-533
GUSTIN, EDITH                           OH-1-10-464
GUSTIN, JOHN                            OH-1-2-24
GUSTIN, SARAH A.                        OH-1-4-394
GUTHRIDGE, CLARA                        OH-1-7-104
GUTHRIDGE, OLIVER                       OH-1-6-155
HAAG, PAUL E.                           OH-1-9-409
HAAS, CORA B.                           OH-1-7-21
HAAS, O. C.                             OH-1-9-90
HADDOX, MARJORIE                        OH-1-10-493
HAINES, BENJAMIN                        OH-1-2-266
HAINES, SARAH A.                        OH-1-7-140
HALCOMB, ADDIE K.                       OH-1-8-281
HALSTED, EDITH L.                       OH-1-10-551
HALTON, SAM                             OH-1-9-420
HAMILTON, CORA                          OH-1-9-77
HAMILTON, ESTHER                        OH-1-8-563
HAMILTON, SARAH E.                      OH-1-5-483
HAMILTON, THOMAS W.                     OH-1-5-119
HANDREHAN, PHILIP                       OH-1-4-523
HANES, F. A.                            OH-1-3-185, 189
HANNAH, AARON M.                        OH-1-5-125
HANNAH, ELIZABETH                       OH-1-9-461
HARDYMON, JAMES FRANK                   OH-1-8-596
HARMES, A. E.                           OH-1-9-421
HAROVER, MARION G.                      OH-1-10-540
HARRIS, EDWARD R.                       OH-1-4-18
HARRIS, ONEIDA B.                       OH-1-8-55
HARRIS, STELLA                          OH-1-6-26
HARSHA, W. B.                           OH-1-2-386
HARTMAN, NETTIE M.                      OH-1-10-291
HATLAN, J. R.                           OH-1-10-97
HATTER, DEBBIE                          OH-1-5-358
HAWK, JACOB                             OH-1-3-74
HAWKINS, CLYDE                          OH-1-10-126
HAYSLIP, BEATRICE                       OH-1-10-139
HAYSLIP, CRAYTON                        OH-1-6-360
HAYSLIP, D. W.                          OH-1-3-566
HAYSLIP, ELIZABETH                      OH-1-4-92
HAYSLIP, HARRIET                        OH-1-2-389
HAYSLIP, MARGARET A.                    OH-1-7-34
HAYSLIP, MARY A.                        OH-1-9-597
HAYSLIP, THOMAS                         OH-1-1-441
HAYSLIP, WILSON W.                      OH-1-1-556
HAZELBAKER, ABE                         OH-1-5-509
HAZELBAKER, ANDREW J.                   OH-1-8-301
HAZELBAKER, EFFIE O.                    OH-1-7-1
HAZELBAKER, MANERVA                     OH-1-5-338
HAZELBAKER, V. H.                       OH-1-9-332
HEDRICK, DANIEL                         OH-1-1-454
HEDRICK, EVA ANN                        OH-1-10-166
HEDRICK, J. W.                          OH-1-8-161
HEDRICK, SARA ALICE                     OH-1-8-476
HELTERBRAND, W. M.                      OH-1-10-297
HEMPLEMAN, REBECCA G.                   OH-1-2-130
HENDERSON, ALICE B.                     OH-1-9-438
HENDERSON, CAROLINE                     OH-1-7-307
HENDERSON, CHARLES L.                   OH-1-8-292
HENDERSON, CORDELIA                     OH-1-6-195
HENDERSON, HARRIS                       OH-1-5-492
HENDERSON, JACOB                        OH-1-7-15
HENDERSON, JAMES CLIFFORD               OH-1-8-617
HENDERSON, MARGARET ANN                 OH-1-2-533
HENDERSON, RAYMOND C.                   OH-1-8-295
HENDERSON, ROBERT M.                    OH-1-2-530
HENDERSON, VINA                         OH-1-9-35
HENDERSON, WILLIAM M.                   OH-1-2-526
HERBERT, MARY                           OH-1-8-503
HERDMAN, H. F.                          OH-1-3-440
HERDMAN, MARY L.                        OH-1-7-495
HERDMAN, OLLIE                          OH-1-10-557
HERTZ, GEORGE E.                        OH-1-8-285
HERTZ, LUELLA F.                        OH-1-8-333
HIBBS, EMMA E.                          OH-1-8-310
HIBBS, MARCUS D.                        OH-1-8-275
HIGGINS, A. J.                          OH-1-5-557
HIGGINS, F. L.                          OH-1-5-253
HIGGINS, J. J.                          OH-1-3-314
HIGGINS, MOLLIE                         OH-1-7-226
HILDERBRAND, NEWTON                     OH-1-5-589
HILL, ANNA STEEN POST                   OH-1-9-594
HILL, EARL C.                           OH-1-10-467
HILL, EVADELL                           OH-1-10-586
HILL, JAMES M. SR.                      OH-1-10-281
HILL, LUKE                              OH-1-9-80
HILL, WILLIAM                           OH-1-2-339
HILLERBRAN, JOHN                        OH-1-3-142
HILTERLRAN, LATEN                       OH-1-9-430
HINES, LEATA                            OH-1-8-198
HITTERBRAN, WILLIAM                     OH-1-2-382
HIXSON, LUCINDA ANN                     OH-1-8-85
HODGE, LEDDIE                           OH-1-10-317
HODGE, W. S.                            OH-1-9-270
HOLDERNESS, A. HARNAR                   OH-1-7-511
HOLDERNESS, ADELIA                      OH-1-8-612
HOLDERNESS, LOUISE                      OH-1-9-215
HOLLIDAY, C. RAY                        OH-1-10-374
HOLLINGSWORTH, CHARLES I.               OH-1-8-192
HOLMES, HENRY S.                        OH-1-8-52
HOLMES, JAMES                           OH-1-1-405
HOLMES, JANE A.                         OH-1-8-22
HOLMES, WILLIAM                         OH-1-2-9
HOOK, BERTHA                            OH-1-10-379
HOOK, C. E.                             OH-1-7-438
HOOK, J. ROSS                           OH-1-10-378
HOOK, JULIA                             OH-1-8-172
HOOK, LAURA J.                          OH-1-4-515
HOOK, NELSON G.                         OH-1-9-315
HOOK, O. C.                             OH-1-3-574
HOOP, ROBERT                            OH-1-5-259
HOOPER, JOHN H.                         OH-1-2-362
HOOPER, T. A.                           OH-1-7-100
HOPKINS, C. R.                          OH-1-8-410
HORNER, LAURA K.                        OH-1-8-469
HORSLEY, T. LIZZIE                      OH-1-4-96
HOWARD, CASE                            OH-1-9-362
HOWARD, CHARLES A.                      OH-1-10-298
HOWARD, CYRUS W.                        OH-1-5-71
HOWE, GEORGE W.                         OH-1-9-417
HOWE, SOPHRONIA                         OH-1-6-44
HOWELL, JOHN                            OH-1-7-550
HOWELL, T. A.                           OH-1-10-480
HOWLAND, DAVID R.                       OH-1-2-425
HOWLAND, E. VANCE                       OH-1-9-464
HOWLAND, ELIZA E.                       OH-1-7-281
HOWLAND, GEORGE W.                      OH-1-6-366
HOWLAND, MARY C.                        OH-1-8-335
HUDSON, ARTHUR L.                       OH-1-10-504
HUDSON, BENJAMIN                        OH-1-1-131
HUDSON, C. L.                           OH-1-8-556
HUDSON, HARRIET C.                      OH-1-6-283
HUFF,MAMIE                              OH-1-10-25
HUFFMAN, CORA WRIGHT                    OH-1-10-78
HUGGINS, HENRY M.                       OH-1-4-468
HUGHES, C. B.                           OH-1-8-432
HUGHES, FANNIE                          OH-1-9-489
HUGHES, JOHN J.                         OH-1-4-559
HUGHES, JOSEPH A.                       OH-1-5-193
HUGHES, PETER L.                        OH-1-2-500
HULL, JOHN F.                           OH-1-6-89
HULL, MARY E.                           OH-1-10-486
HULL, NEWKIRK                           OH-1-1-468
HUMBLE, A. B.                           OH-1-7-373
HUMES, T. C.                            OH-1-9-190
HUMPHREYS, WESLEY                       OH-1-9-82
HUNTER, LEWIS M.                        OH-1-4-268, 271
HYDER, H. P.                            OH-1-9-352
IRWIN, R. W.                            OH-1-5-547
JACK, ANDREW                            OH-1-4-312
JACKMAN, NOLA M.                        OH-1-9-275
JACKMAN, ROBERT T.                      OH-1-9-307
JACKMAN, SAMUEL                         OH-1-3-114
JACKMAN, SIMEON                         OH-1-3-118
JACOBS, CHARLES                         OH-1-9-502
JACOBS, ELMER                           OH-1-10-18
JACOBS, FRANK T.                        OH-1-10-601
JACOBS, MARTHA C.                       OH-1-10-406
JAEGER, MARTHA G.                       OH-1-7-415
JAMES, E. E.                            OH-1-5-159
JAMESON, LAWRENCE J.                    OH-1-10-180
JEFFERYS, PRISCILLA FENTON              OH-1-3-289
JENNER, MARGARET                        OH-1-7-539
JOBE, FERIL H.                          OH-1-9-482
JODNEY, ARTHUR ALLEN                    OH-1-10-609
JOHNS, JOHN S.                          OH-1-10-585
JOHNSON, ALDA                           OH-1-9-545
JOHNSON, ARTHUR E.                      OH-1-9-263
JOHNSON, C. W.                          OH-1-8-391
JOHNSON, CLAUDIA                        OH-1-9-359
JOHNSON, EDWARD                         OH-1-8-260
JOHNSON, J. W.                          OH-1-8-568
JOHNSON, MARGARET                       OH-1-10-80
JOHNSON, OLIVE                          OH-1-10-459
JOHNSON, PAXTON                         OH-1-2-349
JOHNSON, S. S.                          OH-1-3-570
JONES, ALBERT                           OH-1-6-176
JONES, C. W.                            OH-1-9-501
JONES, CARRIE M.                        OH-1-10-492
JONES, CLESTON                          OH-1-9-415
JONES, EDGAR M.                         OH-1-9-498
JONES, FLORENCE R.                      OH-1-6-299
JONES, HARLEY                           OH-1-7-37
JONES, ISA L.                           OH-1-7-587
JONES, JAMES                            OH-1-8-456
JONES, LUCIEN D.                        OH-1-10-59
JONES, MICHAEL                          OH-1-8-471
JONES, S. S.                            OH-1-9-103, 104
JONES, SALVADOR                         OH-1-9-375
JONES, STELLA B.                        OH-1-8-272
JONES, TAYLOR                           OH-1-3-157
JUVENILE, AMY                           OH-1-10-518
KALTENBACH, MICHAEL                     OH-1-9-378
KANE, DAVID M.                          OH-1-2-175
KANE, EVA K.                            OH-1-8-573
KANE, PHOEBE G.                         OH-1-2-166
KAUFFMAN, VALENTINE                     OH-1-4-151, 168
KAUTZ, CHALES                           OH-1-10-167
KEMMETER, GUS                           OH-1-10-310
KENDALL, ANNA                           OH-1-8-134
KENDALL, BELLE                          OH-1-8-155
KENDALL, BEN K.                         OH-1-10-545
KENDALL, J. E.                          OH-1-6-51
KENDALL, LAFAYETTE                      OH-1-5-206
KENDALL, ORA                            OH-1-8-249
KENNEDY, H. C.                          OH-1-1-288
KENNEDY, JOHN A.                        OH-1-8-103
KENNEDY, JOHN G.                        OH-1-2-210
KENNEDY, LOUVISA                        OH-1-5-269
KENNEY, AMOS E.                         OH-1-8-190, 240
KENYON, FLORENCE G.                     OH-1-8-268
KENYON, W. F.                           OH-1-4-498, 503
KEPP, ANDREW                            OH-1-1-564
KEPPERLING, JOHN M.                     OH-1-3-379
KEPPERLING, MARY EDNA                   OH-1-6-386
KEPPLE, MICHAEL                         OH-1-8-481
KERR, SARAH C.                          OH-1-7-447
KERR, W. H.                             OH-1-5-84
KESSLER, J.R . B.                       OH-1-8-71
KESSLER, KATE M.                        OH-1-9-223
KILGORE, LINEY                          OH-1-1-526
KIMBLE, B. P.                           OH-1-3-375
KIMBLE, ELIJAH                          OH-1-1-92
KIMBLE, HOPE                            OH-1-9-578
KIMBLE, LINNIE V.                       OH-1-3-9
KIMBLE, LINNIE V.                       OH-1-2-99
KIMBLE, MARY A.                         OH-1-4-70
KIMBLE, SAMUEL B.                       OH-1-1-206
KIMBLER, WILEY L.                       OH-1-3-404, 493
KINCAID, GEORGE L.                      OH-1-1-214
KINCAID, JOHN H.                        OH-1-1-244
KINCAID, JOHN W.                        OH-1-4-330
KINCAID, O. B.                          OH-1-4-532, 568
KINCAID, S. A.                          OH-1-7-39
KINCAID, THOMAS                         OH-1-3-190
KINCAID, THOMAS                         OH-1-3-208
KING, EARL H.                           OH-1-9-311
KING, LUCINDEA                          OH-1-3-283
KING, MARY EDITH                        OH-1-9-370
KING, WILLIAM                           OH-1-5-136, 141
KINHALT, CHARLES W.                     OH-1-9-388
KIRK, E. T.                             OH-1-8-227
KIRK, MINNIE W.                         OH-1-7-542, 547
KIRKER, WILLIAM S.                      OH-1-7-300
KIRKPATRICK, ADAM                       OH-1-5-266
KIRKPATRICK, CHARLES E.                 OH-1-7-529
KIRKPATRICK, JOHN F.                    OH-1-8-452
KIRKPATRICK, R. S.                      OH-1-3-445
KIRKPATRICK, THOMAS                     OH-1-6-369
KIRKPATRICK, WYLIE A.                   OH-1-8-38
KITE, ISADORRE REYNOLDS                 OH-1-9-166
KITE, T. M.                             OH-1-8-465
KLEINKNECHT, JACOB                      OH-1-2-573
KLINE, CATHERINE                        OH-1-7-473
KLINE, JACOB J.                         OH-1-4-253
KLINE, JOHN                             OH-1-8-431
KLINE, MARGARET                         OH-1-1-410
KLINE, MARY A.                          OH-1-3-147
KNAUFF, EDGAR E.                        OH-1-10-287
KNAUFF, FRANK E.                        OH-1-9-440
KNAUFF, ROY                             OH-1-10-225
KNECHTLEY, JOHN                         OH-1-2-293
KNECHTLY, L. B.                         OH-1-9-187
KNOX, JOHN W.                           OH-1-9-543
KNOX, WILLIAM T.                        OH-1-5-316
KRATZER, ERMINE A.                      OH-1-10-348
KRATZER, MATILDA                        OH-1-4-191
KRATZER, R. F.                          OH-1-9-95

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