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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # Volume List (Years Covered) A = 1806-1829 | B = 1830-1839 | C = 1840-1847 | D = 1847-1862 | E = 1862-1870
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ABBOTT, PAUL                 LOWVILLE                      NY-25-B-5
ADAMS, IRA R.                LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-21
ADAMS, LEVI                  MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-B-22
ADAMS, MELAS                 MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-76
ADAMS, THOMAS J.             MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-110
ADNER, JOHN                  DIANA                         NY-25-E-763
ALEXANDER, GAIUS             MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-E-155
ALEXANDER, NATHANIEL         MARTINSVILLE                  NY-25-A-161
ALFORD, DUANE D.             TURIN                         NY-25-D-413
ALLEN, WILLIAM               DENMARK                       NY-25-D-571
ANDERSON, JOSEPH             DENMARK                       NY-25-B-232
ANDERSON, NICKOLAS           DENMARK                       NY-25-E-133
ANDRUS, CHAUNCEY             LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-167
ARMSTRONG, JAMES             PINCKNEY                      NY-25-D-271
ARTHUR, BRADFORD             MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-297
ARTHUR, RICHARD              MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-C-40
ARTHUR, RUSSELL              MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-B-77
ASHLEY, DANIEL               MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-A-127
AUGAR, HORATIO ALLEN         LEYDEN                        NY-25-C-28
AUSTIN, HOSEA                HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-D-697
BABBIT, SAMUEL               PINCKNEY                      NY-25-A-93
BABCOCK, CHRISTOPHER         MARTINSBURG                   NY-25-D-201
BAILEY, ABIJAH               LEYDEN                        NY-25-A-16
BAILEY, SAMUEL               HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-D-27
BAKER, MINERVA P.            LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-227
BALDWIN, EBENEZER            WEST TURIN                    NY-25-B-111
BALL, JONATHAN               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-B-37
BALL, JONATHAN               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-B-62
BANNING, JOHN                LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-188
BARDO, CHRISTOPHER           NEW BREMEN                    NY-25-E-612
BARNARD, ABIGAIL             PINCKNEY                      NY-25-E-756
BARNES, LYMAN                WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-91
BARNUM, ALBERT               DENMARK                       NY-25-D-532
BASS, SAMUEL                 LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-285
BASSELIN, DOMINIQUE          CROGHAN                       NY-25-E-413
BASSETT, MARY                PINCKNEY                      NY-25-E-220
BATES, SAMUEL                NTL                           NY-25-A-62
BELCHER, ELISHA              CROGHAN                       NY-25-E-691
BENEDICT, LEVI               TURIN                         NY-25-B-70
BENNETT, JOHN                WEST TURIN                    NY-25-B-169
BENT, PETER                  DENMARK                       NY-25-E-545
BERRY, MICHAEL               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-340
BLANCHARD, ROBERT H.         DIANA                         NY-25-E-39
BLODGET, JESSE               DENMARK                       NY-25-D-42
BOSHART, GARRETT             LOWVILLE                      NY-25-C-275
BOSTWICK, GARRET             LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-767
BOSTWICK, HANNAH             LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-380
BOSTWICK, ISAAC W.           LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-372
BOSWORTH, ELIZA              DENMARK                       NY-25-D-139
BOYNTON, JOSEPH              DENMARK                       NY-25-D-204
BRADWAY, WILLIAM             DENMARK                       NY-25-D-772
BRAINARD, LOVIN              LOWVILLE                      NY-25-C-102
BRANNON, JOHN                HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-E-309
BRENTON, FRANCES             NTL                            NY-25-A-91
BRINKERHOFF, JOHN I.         WEST TURIN                    NY-25-B-198
BRISTOL, JOHN                PINKNEY                       NY-25-D-447
BROOKS, ALFRED               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-418
BROOKS, MICHAEL              LEYDEN                        NY-25-C-56
BROOKS, NOAH                 LEYDEN                        NY-25-A-34
BROWER, HARMAN J.            LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-151
BROWN, EDWARD A.             LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-806
BUCKLEY, JONAH               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-A-138
BUELL, BELA                  LOWVILLE                      NY-25-C-309
BUELL, ROWLAND               MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-364
BURNHAM, JOSEPH              LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-170
BURNS, PATRICK               WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-282
BUSH, FRANCIS L.             HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-D-50
BUSH, HENRY                  TURIN                         NY-25-C-62
BUSH, HORATIO N.             HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-D-736
BUSH, JOHN                   CROGHAN                       NY-25-D-136
BUSH, SILAS                  HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-A-165
BUSH, WALTER A.              DENMARK                       NY-25-D-179
BUSHNELL, ABIGAIL M.         DENMARK                       NY-25-E-50
BYRNS, MICHAEL               PINCKNEY                      NY-25-E-571
CALKINS, DANIEL              LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-59
CAMPBELL, THOMAS             DENMARK                       NY-25-C-232
CAMPBELL, TIMOTHY            TURIN                         NY-25-E-425
CANFIELD, NORTON             DENMARK                       NY-25-C-289
CARLIN, JAMES                HIGHMARKET                    NY-25-E-332
CARPENTER, TIMOTHY           TURIN                         NY-25-D-436
CARTER, ZEBORIN              LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-195
CARTTER, ELIZABETH           TURIN                         NY-25-D-48
CASLER, URIAL                TURIN                         NY-25-E-722
CHENEY, NATHAN               RICHMOND, ORLEANS, NY         NY-25-A-156
CHICKERING, HIRAM            HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-E-316
CLAFFY, CHARLES              HIGHMARKET                    NY-25-E-596
CLARK, JOHN                  LEYDEN                        NY-25-B-133
CLARK, MILOWE                TURIN                         NY-25-E-623
CLARK, PERMELIA P.           WATSON                        NY-25-D-476
CLARK, PEULTHAI              WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-446
CLARK, SAMUEL                MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-455
CLEMENS, DAVID               OSCEOLA                       NY-25-E-290
CLEMENS, JACOB               OSECOLA                       NY-25-D-552
CLEVELAND, ABRAHAM T.        GRIEG                         NY-25-E-1
CLOBRIGE, CHRISTOPHER        TURIN                         NY-25-C-257
COE, BRAINERD                LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-221
COE, CHESTER                 LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-140
COE, LYDIA                   LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-126
COLE, GILBERT                TURIN                         NY-25-D-620
COLE, PEDY                   TURIN                         NY-25-E-634
COLLINS, ANTHONY W.          TURIN                         NY-25-E-472
COLLINS, ELA                 LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-248
COLLINS, EZEKIEL             DENMARK                       NY-25-E-197
COLLINS, HOPSEY D.           TURIN                         NY-25-D-633
COLLINS, JONATHAN            WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-103
COLLINS, SELDEN              WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-431
CONE, OLIVER                 LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-180
CONNY, MAHITABLE             DENMARK                       NY-25-C-22
CONOVER, JAMES               WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-61
COOK, NATHAN                 LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-766
COOK, WILLIAM                WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-638
COOKMAN, WILLIAM G.          WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-600
COOLEY, JONATHAN             TURIN                         NY-25-B-180
COREY, BENJAMIN              PINKNEY                       NY-25-A-174
CRATSENBURGH, JOHN           DENMARK                       NY-25-C-147
CROFOOT, BENJAMIN P.         WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-192
CROFOOT, JAMES JR.           WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-231
CRONISER, FRANCIS            HIGHMARKET                    NY-25-E-591
CUMMINGS, MORGAN L.          TURIN                         NY-25-D-134
CUNNINGHAM, CHRISTOPHER      HIGHMARKET                    NY-25-E-655
DARROW, WILLIAM              LOWVILLE                      NY-25-A-24
DAVENPORT, CHARLES           LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-319
DAVENPORT, IRA               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-A-50
DAVIS, AMOS                  DENMARK                       NY-25-D-790
DAVIS, EBENEZER              LEYDEN                        NY-25-B-155
DAVIS, MICHAEL               LEYDEN                        NY-25-C-205
DAVIS, NATHAN                LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-543
DAVIS, SALLY                 LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-605
DAY, ALFRED                  LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-107
DAY, LEWIS                   WATSON                        NY-25-C-197
DELANY, JAMES                HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-E-751
DESTMICHEL, LEWIS FRANCIS    DENMARK                       NY-25-A-120
DEUCE, DAVID                 LOWVILLE                      NY-25-C-51
DEWEL, CATHARINE E.          DENMARK                       NY-25-E-299
DEWEY, JOHN                  LEYDEN                        NY-25-A-77
DEWEY, ROYAL D.              TURIN                         NY-25-C-1
DEWEY, WALTER                TURIN                         NY-25-A-70
DILLON, THOMAS               PINCKNEY                      NY-25-E-567
DIMICK, JACOB                LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-266
DIMICK, JOSEPH               DENMARK                       NY-25-C-143
DIMICK, LEWIS J.             LOWVILLE                      NY-25-C-290
DOBBIN, SAMUEL               PINCKNEY                      NY-25-D-786
DOIG, ANDREW                 LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-250
DOUGHERTY, FRANCIS           MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-E-759
DOUGLASS, DANIEL             LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-93
DOUGLASS, ISRAEL             LEYDEN                        NY-25-A-42
DOUGLASS, ISRAEL             LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-277
DOUGLASS, LAURA A.           LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-357
DOUGLASS, PHEBE              LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-131
DRYDEN, GEORGE               DENMARK                       NY-25-D-360
DUNAGAN, JAMES               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-476
DURFEY, REUBEN               WATSON                        NY-25-B-1
DURRIN, NOAH                 LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-183
EASTON, ANNA                 MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-191
EASTON, GILES                MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-350
EASTON, WILLIAM L.           LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-249
EBBLIE, JACOB                LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-463
EDWARDS, ARIEL               PINCKNEY                      NY-25-D-169
EDWARDS, CHARLES L.          PINCKNEY                      NY-25-D-332
EVANS, ELLIS                 NEW BREMEN                    NY-25-D-308
EVANS, EVAN E.               TURIN                         NY-25-D-450
EVANS, GRIFFITH R.           WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-778
EVANS, ROBERTS               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-532
FAIRCHILD, LIBERTY           WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-166
FENTON, AARON                TURIN                         NY-25-D-187
FINCH, PRESERVED             TURIN                         NY-25-A-84
FINLAY, PATRICK              CROGHAN                       NY-25-E-647
FOSTER, AARON                MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-499
FOSTER, SYLVESTER            TURIN                         NY-25-D-718
FOX, SILAS A.                OSECOLA                       NY-25-D-575
FRANCOIS, JOHN               NEW BREMEN                    NY-25-D-122
GAINS, BUKUS C.              DENMARK                       NY-25-E-282
GALLUP, ELIAS                HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-E-214
GATES, WARREN                CROGHAN                       NY-25-E-739
GELLET, RICHARD              LOWVILLE                      NY-25-B-92
GILBERT, BENJAMIN            LOWVILLE                      NY-25-C-128
GILBOY, JOHN                 HIGHMARKET                    NY-25-D-336
GOULD, JOHN                  MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-547
GOULD, JOHN JR.              HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-D-312
GOULD, LUCY A.               HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-E-371
GOUTEMOUT, PHILLIP           LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-523
GOWDY, BIAL                  LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-326
GRAVES, LEWIS                DENMARK                       NY-25-B-46
GREEN, MARIA                 NEW BREMEN                    NY-25-E-26
GRIFFIS, DAVID               MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-481
GUNDEL, JOHN                 CROGHAN                       NY-25-E-66
GUTENKUNST, JACOB            NEW BREMEN                    NY-25-D-536
HALL, ABIJAH ***             LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-580
HALL, ISAAC                  LEYDEN                        NY-25-A-6
HALL, JONATHAN               LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-128
HAMMOND, BENJAMIN            DENMARK                       NY-25-C-181
HAMMOND, HARRISON C.         DENMARK                       NY-25-D-312
HARMON, OLIVER               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-C-299
HART, LEVI                   WEST TURIN                    NY-25-B-87
HART, MARY                   WEST TURIN                    NY-25-B-190
HART, NORMAN                 DENMARK                       NY-25-E-772
HASKINS, ROBERT              US ARMY                       NY-25-A-31
HATHAWAY, ISAAC B.           HIGHMARKET                    NY-25-D-658
HATHAWAY, JOHN W.            TURIN                         NY-25-D-769
HATON, ST. JOHN BAPTIST      CROGHAN                       NY-25-D-344
HESS, ALEXANDER              GREIG                         NY-25-E-100
HEWETT, CLARK J.             DENMARK                       NY-25-E-484
HIGBY, AMOS                  TURIN                         NY-25-D-394
HIGBY, DANIEL                WEST TURIN                    NY-25-B-33
HIGBY, FLORINDA              TURIN                         NY-25-D-512
HIGBY, JEDUTHAN              TURIN                         NY-25-A-57
HIGBY, MEHITABLE             WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-31
HIGBY, ZACHEUS               TURIN                         NY-25-A-37
HILL, EBENEZER               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-11
HILL, SARAH                  LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-700
HILLS, ALLEN                 TURIN                         NY-25-C-153
HILLS, JESSE                 MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-171
HILLS, RUSSELL               MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-B-18
HINMAN, WALTER C.            DENMARK                       NY-25-C-185
HITCHCOCK, JESSE             LOWVILLE                      NY-25-B-81
HOADLEY, LYMAN               WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-703
HORR, MARCUS                 DENMARK                       NY-25-D-389
HOUGH, ASAHEL                MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-C-113
HOUGH, HORATIO G.            MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-B-11
HOUSE, ELEAZER               TURIN                         NY-25-B-56
HOVEY, ALPHA                 WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-82
HUBBARD, BARRETT             PINCKNEY                      NY-25-E-605
HUBBARD, CHANCY              LEYDEN                        NY-25-B-194
HUBBARD, TIMOTHY             LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-273
HUMPHREY, CLARISSA           HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-E-420
HUMPHREY, LEVI               HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-D-294
HUNT, ASA S.                 DENMARK                       NY-25-D-441
HUNT, CAROLINE C.            LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-16
HUNT, LEVI                   LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-422
HURLBERT, NDIAH              LOWVILLE                      NY-25-B-228
HURLBUT, FRANKLIN            LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-260
IVES, ABIGAIL R.             MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-B-2
IVES, JOHN                   TURIN                         NY-25-A-141
JACISON, GEORGE              LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-238
JOHNSON, ABNER A.            DENMARK                       NY-25-E-441
JOHNSON, EDWARD              MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-654
JOHNSON, EDWARD              MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-263
JONES, JOHN                  LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-276
JONES, THOMAS H.             MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-E-56
KENT, DANIEL                 LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-323
KENT, SAMUEL                 LEYDEN                        NY-25-C-307
KENTNER, JOHN P.             TURIN                         NY-25-B-174
KILBORN, RHODA               DENMARK                       NY-25-D-198
KILMER, PETER W.             HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-E-85
KIMBALL, REUEL               LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-37
KIMBALL, RUEL                LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-488
KIMER, WILLIAM               HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-D-79
KING, NOBLE                  TURIN                         NY-25-E-583
KING, SOLOMON JR.            LOWVILLE                      NY-25-B-28
KING, THOMAS S.              NEW BREMEN                    NY-25-E-468
KITTS, ALANSON               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-629
KITTS, JACOB                 DENMARK                       NY-25-E-285
KITTS, OLIVE                 LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-433
KLEIN, SEBASTIAN             NEW BREMEN                    NY-25-D-647
KNAPP, JARED                 DENMARK                       NY-25-D-256
KNIGHT, ISRAEL               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-144
KOCHLY, JOSEPH               WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-229
KROPP, PETER                 LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-279
LAKE, TIMOTHY                MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-E-217
LANE, HIRAM                  TURIN                         NY-25-E-329
LAUPHEAR, CORNELIUS D.       MONTEGUE                      NY-25-E-730
LAWRENCE, GEORGE W.          DENMARK                       NY-25-E-175
LAWRENCE, MARY A.            LEWIS                         NY-25-E-150
LEE, CHARLES                 MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-E-561
LEE, JAMES G.                TURIN                         NY-25-E-236
LEONARD, CORNELIUS P.        LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-145
LEONARD, JAMES L.            LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-406
LEVIS, RICHARD               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-516
LEWIS, CATHARINE             MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-E-701
LEWIS, JAMES F.              LEWIS                         NY-25-E-399
LIVINGSTON, JOHN             LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-555
LONG, VALENTINE              WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-266
LONISS, JACOB                GREIG                         NY-25-D-472
LOOMIS, DESIRE               HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-E-718
LOOMIS, GEORGE S.            GREIG                         NY-25-E-679
LOOMIS, JUSTIN               HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-E-460
LOVELAND, JANE S.            OSCEOLA                       NY-25-E-452
LYMAN, ENOCH                 TURIN                         NY-25-D-227
LYON, CALEB                  GRIEG                         NY-25-B-144
LYON, LYMAN R.               GREIG                         NY-25-E-665
MAIN, PETER                  WATSON                        NY-25-D-760
MARKHAM, CLARISSA B.         WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-480
MARKHAM, EBENEZER            TURIN                         NY-25-A-21
MARTIN, WALTER (GENERAL)     MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-B-126
MARVIN, WALLACE W.           DENMARK                       NY-25-E-354
MASON, MARY                  LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-642
MASTIN, ROBERT               MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-E-795
MAURER, FREDERICK            LEWIS                         NY-25-E-713
MCCARTY, HENRY               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-696
MCDONALD, ARCHIBALD          OSCEOLA                       NY-25-E-675
MCVICKAR, EDWARD             WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-429
MERRIAM, DANIEL D.           DENMARK                       NY-25-D-661
MERRIAM, SALLY               LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-45
MICKEL, ANDREW               GREIG                         NY-25-C-72
MILLARD, LOUDON M. W.        DENMARK                       NY-25-D-521
MILLER, AARON                LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-216
MILLER, AMOS                 LEYDEN                        NY-25-C-13
MILLER, DAVID                DENMARK                       NY-25-D-224
MILLER, ELIAS                LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-280
MILLER, JAMES                WEST TURIN                    NY-25-C-134
MILLER, JAMES                WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-120
MILLER, JESSE                WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-158
MILLER, JOEL                 LEYDEN                        NY-25-C-159
MILLER, LENAS                LEYDEN                        NY-25-B-138
MILLER, RHODA                LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-526
MILLER, SETH                 WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-498
MILLER, SETH                 WEST TURIN                    NY-25-B-105
MILLER, WILLIAM              MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-B-159
MILLS, FREDERICK             LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-660
MILLS, JASON                 MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-E-137
MINER, SAMUEL                MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-57
MINNICK, BARNARD             LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-456
MINTON, MARTIN               HIGHMARKET                    NY-25-D-665
MITCHEL, ABNER               TURIN                         NY-25-A-115
MOORE, LEVI                  DENMARK                       NY-25-E-337
MOORE, OREN                  MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-A-122
MOORE, SOPHIA                TURIN                         NY-25-A-19
MORSE, CHARLES D.            LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-683
MULKINS, ALBERT              WEST TURIN                    NY-25-C-194
MYER, BUMGRAUT               CROGHAN                       NY-25-D-489
MYERS, JULIA                 LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-438
NEIBERGALL, JOHN G.          MONTAYN                       NY-25-D-741
NICHOLS, JAMES L.            LOWVILLE                      NY-25-C-88
NICHOLSON, JOHN              HIGHMARKET                    NY-25-E-416
NOBLE, GAD                   WEST TURIN                    NY-25-B-221
NOYES, ALMON M.              DIANA                         NY-25-D-322
OBITS, JOHN                  LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-763
OSTER, ADAM                  HIGHMARKET                    NY-25-E-305
PALMER, GEORGE               WEST TURIN                    NY-25-B-100
PARSONS, AARON               WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-260
PARSONS, ANTHONY             LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-277
PARSONS, STEPHEN             TURIN                         NY-25-A-53
PEARRY, DAVID                LOWVILLE                      NY-25-A-97
PECK, DEXTER                 HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-C-96
PEEBLES, SAMUEL S.           MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-650
PEEBLES, SANFORD S.          MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-E-178
PELTON, CHARLES H.           LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-550
PELTON, EDWARD A.            LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-464
PERKINS, ABRAHAM             PINCKNEY                      NY-25-D-124
PERKINS, SALLY               DENMARK                       NY-25-B-166
PERRY, JEROME B.             TURIN                         NY-25-E-361
PERRY, SEYMOUR A.            TURIN                         NY-25-E-514
PHELPS, NOAH                 LOWVILLE                      NY-25-A-3
PHINNEY, JOSEPH              DENMARK                       NY-25-E-204
PICKERT, DAVID               DENMARK                       NY-25-D-467
PIERCE, JOHN                 WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-273
PLANK, HENRY                 DENMARK                       NY-25-D-353
PLUMB, SAMUEL                LEYDEN                        NY-25-B-240
PORTER, GILES                TURIN                         NY-25-C-171
PORTER, HIRAM JR.            LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-542
POST, WILLIAM H.             LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-536
POUL, JOHN GEORGE            NEW BREMEN                    NY-25-D-154
PUFFER, ISAAC                WATSON                        NY-25-B-202
PUFFER, JOSIAH               WATSON                        NY-25-B-67
RAGAN, HENRY                 TURIN                         NY-25-E-245
RAGAN, JAMES                 TURIN                         NY-25-E-312
RALSTON, WILLIAM             MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-E-608
RANNEY, TIMOTHY              LEYDEN                        NY-25-C-295
RATHBUN, NICHOLAS            DENMARK                       NY-25-D-244
RAYMOND, ROXANNA             NTL                           NY-25-A-133
REED, THAXTER                LOWVILLE                      NY-25-C-190
REES, WILLIAM                WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-503
RICH, JOSEPH                 DENMARK                       NY-25-E-185
RILEY, JAMES                 OSCEOLA                       NY-25-E-688
ROBERTS, JOHN R.             TURIN                         NY-25-E-395
ROBERTS, MERRIT              HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-D-304
ROBERTS, ROBERT JR.          LEYDEN                        NY-25-C-45
ROCKWELL, JOSHUA             TURIN                         NY-25-A-111
ROCKWELL, PHEBE              WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-110
ROGERS, ELI                  MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-85
ROGERS, ISAAC                LOWVILLE                      NY-25-C-78
ROGERS, JAMES                CROGHAN                       NY-25-D-385
ROGERS, JOHN                 DEER RIVER                    NY-25-D-493
ROHR, JOSEPH                 CROGHAN                       NY-25-D-88
ROWLEY, SOPHIA               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-709
ROWSOM, WILLIAM              MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-234
RUGGLES, SAMUEL              LOWVILLE                      NY-25-B-95
SALMON, ELIJAH               TURIN                         NY-25-A-107
SALMON, JAMES D.             MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-241
SALMON, MARTIN               MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-33
SALMON, PHILO                MARTINSBURG                   NY-25-E-71
SALMONS, ANNA                TURIN                         NY-25-B-210
SAND, JOHANNES               GREIG                         NY-25-D-119
SCHAFFER, HENDRICK           LOWVILLE                      NY-25-A-158
SCHUBURT, ADAM               LEWIS                         NY-25-E-574
SCOTT, DAVID                 LOWVILLE                      NY-25-A-1
SCOVIL, HEZEKIAH             WEST TURN                     NY-25-D-426
SCOVIL, THOMAS               LEYDEN                        NY-25-A-102
SEARL, BILDAD                MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-54
SEIDEL, CHRISTIAN G.         WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-293
SHALER, WILLIAM D.           TURIN                         NY-25-C-106
SHATTUCK, THOMAS             WATSON                        NY-25-A-171
SHAW, PHILIP                 DENMARK                       NY-25-A-46
SHAW, ROBERT                 UTICA, ONEIDA, NY             NY-25-D-65
SHEAHAN, HENRY               HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-E-790
SHELDON, ASA L.              MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-E-705
SHELL, JACOB P.              WEST TURIN                    NY-25-C-8
SHEPARD, ELI                 TURIN                         NY-25-E-639
SHEPARD, JUSTIN J.           DENMARK                       NY-25-D-268
SHERMAN, MICHAEL             DENMARK                       NY-25-B-41
SHERMAN, PHILIP              DENMARK                       NY-25-D-403
SHERWOOD, THOMAS             WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-712
SHULL, CONROD                LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-341
SHULL, MARY                  LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-708
SHUMWAY, CHESTER             MARTINSBURG                   NY-25-D-781
SHUMWAY, DAVID               MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-126
SHUMWAY, HORATIO             DENMARK                       NY-25-E-263
SHUMWAY, PORTER              MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-E-194
SILVERNAIL, JOHN             TURIN                         NY-25-D-616
SLIGBY, DAVID H.             GRIEG                         NY-25-E-206
SLOCUM, JOHN                 WEST TURIN                    NY-25-C-83
SLOCUM, SAMUEL               GREIG                         NY-25-E-375
SMITH, JANE                  DENMARK                       NY-25-D-625
SMITH, MICHAEL               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-642
SMITH, ROUNSVILLE            TURIN                         NY-25-D-208
SMITH, SAMUEL N.             DENMARK                       NY-25-D-558
SMITH, WILLIAM W.            LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-241
SNELL, GEORGE J.             HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-B-186
SNELL, LYMAN G.              DENMARK                       NY-25-E-402
SPRINGSTEEN, JAMES           GREIG                         NY-25-D-775
STALER, SILAS                DENMARK                       NY-25-E-223
STAR, JOSHUA                 MIDDLESEX, MIDDLESEX, CT      NY-25-C-120
STENT, HENRY                 TURIN                         NY-25-D-288
STEPHENS, APOLLOS            DENMARK                       NY-25-E-518
STEPHENS, CHARLES            WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-668
STEPHENS, JOHN               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-200
STEPHENS, RUFUS              LOWVILLE                      NY-25-A-39
STEVENS, CLARISSA            LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-610
STEVENS, JOHN                LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-232
STEVENS, JOSEPH              LOWVILLE                      NY-25-C-285
STEVENS, LOVISA              LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-725
STIMSON, JOSEPH              LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-141
STMICHEL, LEWIS FRANCIS DE   DENMARK                       NY-25-A-120
STODDARD, GEORGE A.          HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-C-166
STODDARD, ORVILLE            DIANA                         NY-25-E-631
STODDARD, RUFUS              PINCKNEY                      NY-25-B-206
STONE, WILLIAM               LEYDEN                        NY-25-B-149
STRICKLAND, CHANDLER         WATSON                        NY-25-D-174
SULLIVAN, CATHARINE          HIGHMARKET                    NY-25-E-105
SWACKHAMMER, BALTIS          TURIN                         NY-25-C-123
SYLVESTER, ABSALOM           DENMARK                       NY-25-B-216
TALCOTT, DANIEL              LEYDEN                        NY-25-C-303
TALCOTT, FRANCIS H.          LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-347
TALCOTT, HEZEKIAH            LEYDEN                        NY-25-A-14
TALCOTT, JESSE               LEYDEN                        NY-25-C-265
TALCOTT, JOHNSON             LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-113
TALCOTT, PARSONS             LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-70
TARDY, FRANCIS E.            CROGHAN                       NY-25-E-782
THOMAS, ELIPHALET            LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-165
THOMAS, SHUBAEL              WATSON                        NY-25-D-31
THOMPSON, ANSEL C.           TURIN                         NY-25-E-651
THORNTON, PHILLIP A.         LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-162
THRALL, NATHANIEL            LOWVILLE                      NY-25-C-270
TIFFANY, DANIEL              MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-E-96
TOPPING, WILLIAM             LEYDEN                        NY-25-C-67
TOWNSEND, JESSE              LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-157
TOWNSEND, THOMAS             LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-407
TOWSLEY, ELI                 LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-555
TOWSLEY, ORPHA               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-619
TRIESS, GEORGE               LEWIS                         NY-25-E-743
TUCKER, JOHN                 WATSON                        NY-25-D-778
TUFELT, ANTHONY              LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-528
TYLER, ALANSON               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-E-616
TYLER, JOSEPH                LEYDEN                        NY-25-A-27
VANATTA, SAMUEL JR           LOWVILLE                      NY-25-A-10
VANVECHTEN, GILBERT          DENMARK                       NY-25-D-62
VANVECHTEN, JELLIS           DENMARK                       NY-25-B-51
VARY, WILLET                 HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-E-800
VICKERE, MOSES               TURIN                         NY-25-D-236
VINCENT, ALANSON             DENMARK                       NY-25-E-296
VOSBURGH, HENRY              LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-73
WAIT, DAVID                  DENMARK                       NY-25-E-173
WAKEFIELD, PETER             NEW BREMEN                    NY-25-D-300
WATERS, DAVID                MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-C-138
WATERS, MOSES                LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-213
WAY, LOIS                    WEST TURIN                    NY-25-E-326
WAY, RUSSEL                  WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-67
WEBBER, ALANSON              MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-E-357
WEBSTER, HIRAM               LEYDEN                        NY-25-E-579
WELLS, ARNOLD                WATSON                        NY-25-C-246
WETMORE, ARETAS              WATSON                        NY-25-E-302
WETMORE, ISAAC               WATSON                        NY-25-D-218
WHITING, JOHN C.             DENMARK                       NY-25-D-252
WHITTLESEY, JOHN             GREIG                         NY-25-E-364
WICKS, BENJAMIN              DIANA                         NY-25-E-786
WILBUR, BETSEY               LOWVILLE                      NY-25-C-242
WILCOX, ELISHA               LEYDEN                        NY-25-D-176
WILCOX, ROSWELL              LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-146
WILCOX, ROSWELL JR.          LOWVILLE                      NY-25-D-45
WILKINSON, BETSEY            TURIN                         NY-25-D-732
WILKINSON, GEORGE            TURIN                         NY-25-D-508
WILKINSON, JOHN              TURIN                         NY-25-D-757
WILKINSON, RENY              TURIN                         NY-25-E-627
WILLARD, JOHNSON             DIANA                         NY-25-D-485
WILLIAMS, BARTHOLOMEW        MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-C-261
WILLIAMS, ELISHA C.          WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-291
WILSON, GEORGE               HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-D-116
WILSON, JOSEPH               MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-91
WILSON, NELSON               MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-148
WINDECKER, JACOB             HARRISBURGH                   NY-25-B-116
WOOD, ALVA                   MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-C-201
WOOD, LOBDILL                MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-D-673
WOOD, NATHANIEL              WEST TURIN                    NY-25-C-238
WOOLWORTH, EDWARD            TURIN                         NY-25-D-751
WOOLWORTH, JUSTUS            TURIN                         NY-25-C-250
WOOLWORTH, THADDEUS          PINCKNEY                      NY-25-D-159
WRIGHT, ASA DOUGLASS         DENMARK                       NY-25-E-7
WRIGHT, CANDACE              DENMARK                       NY-25-E-735
WRIGHT, CHARLES              DENMARK                       NY-25-B-121
WRIGHT, FREEDOM JR           DENMARK                       NY-25-A-66
WRIGHT, SEDATE               DENMARK                       NY-25-E-319
WRIGHT, STEPHEN S.           DENMARK                       NY-25-C-32
WYNN, RICHARD                MARTINSBURGH                  NY-25-E-129
YEOMANS, LOMIRA              DENMARK                       NY-25-D-540
ZECHER, JOHN                 CROGHAN                       NY-25-E-747
ZEIGLER, CHARLES             WEST TURIN                    NY-25-D-754
ZOTELLE, LEWIS DE            DENMARK                       NY-25-D-459

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