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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List | 1 = 1878-1919 | 2 = 1861-1934 |
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AIRD, ASA                         LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-499
AIRD, DAVID                       LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-1-?
AIRD, MARGARET                    LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-78
ALEXANDER, CLAUDE A.              WELLS                              NY-21-2-400
ALLEN, GIDEON                     NEW BEDFORD, BRISTOL, MA           NY-21-1-76
AUSTIN, LEWIS E.                  LONG LAKE                          NY-21-1-156
AUSTIN, MINNA                     LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-105
AUSTIN, MINNA                     NTL                                NY-21-2-30
BABCOCK, HIRAM F.                 WELLS                              NY-21-2-341
BAKER, ROBERT                     WARRENSBURGH, WARREN, NY           NY-21-2-490
BARROW, FRANCES                   STAMFORD, FAIRFIELD, CT            NY-21-1-192
BARTLETT, DAVID H.                DARMOUTH, BRISTOL, MA              NY-21-1-78
BASS, JOSEPH                      HOPE                               NY-21-1-33
BASS, NATHANIEL G.                HOPE                               NY-21-1-13
BELL, HARRIETT                    INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-1-444
BENNETT, CHARLES H.               RAQUETTE LAKE                      NY-21-1-407
BENNETT, RICHARD V.               RAQUETTE LAKE                      NY-21-2-202
BENNETTE, SALINA                  LONG LAKE                          NY-21-1-374
BISSELL, LENA T.                  LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-267
BLACK, WILLIAM                    HOPE                               NY-21-2-226
BLAKEMAN, ABNER                   INLET                              NY-21-2-261
BLAKESLEE, ELLENWODO              INLET                              NY-21-2-422
BOH, MARY                         MOREHOUSEVILLE                     NY-21-1-437
BONESTEEL, FANNIE E.              TROY, RENSSELAER, NY               NY-21-1-447
BONESTEEL, MARY                   SABAD                              NY-21-2-492
BONNEY, ANNE M.                   INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-1-81
BONTA, HERLBERT H.                INLET                              NY-21-2-465
BORROWS, SARAH                    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY        NY-21-1-182
BRADT, JOHN                       WELLS                              NY-21-1-418
BRALEY, MALVINA                   LONG LAKE                          NY-21-1-292
BRATT, DAVID                      WELLS                              NY-21-2-106
BRATT, DAVID                      WELLS                              NY-21-2-31
BRAUN, FRED                       INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-208
BRENNAN, AGNES                    LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-414
BROCKHAM, ELLEN E.                BENSON                             NY-21-2-107
BROCKHAM, ELLEN E.                BENSON                             NY-21-2-31
BROOKS, JOEL                      INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-1-308
BROOKS, W. EDWARD                 INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-432
BROWN, MARGARET E. S.             INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-505
BROWN, WILLIAM C.                 LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-403
BROWNELL, JOHN F.                 HOPE                               NY-21-1-335
BURCH, ELMER D.                   LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-32
BURCH, ELMER D.                   LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-107
BURTON, HENRY                     LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-33
CALL, DANIEL A.                   LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-1-138
CALL, EDGAR                       LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-157
CALL, MARGARET E.                 LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-549
CALL, SILAS                       LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-1-356
CARIBOU, AUGUSTA M.               SEE: CORRIVEAU, AUGUSTA M.         NY-21-2-420
CARMIKE, PHILINDIA                LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-109
CARMIKE, PHILINDIA                LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-34
CARNEGIE, LUCY C. ***             PITTSBURGH, ALLEGHENY, PA          NY-21-2-80
CARROLL, FRANK                    INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-461
CARY, REUBEN                      LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-471
CHAMBERS, JEREMIAH                ALVORD                             NY-21-2-35
CHAMBERS, JEREMIAH                ALVORD                             NY-21-2-110
CLEMENT, JOHN                     LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-145
CLEMENTS, NETTIE B.               WELLS                              NY-21-2-328
COCHRAN, ROBERT                   WELLS                              NY-21-1-71
COLBY, JAMES HARVEY               WELLS                              NY-21-2-356
COLE, JAMES W.                    LONG LAKE                          NY-21-1-166
COLE, STANLEY J.                  INLET                              NY-21-2-507
CONKLIN, DANFORD                  HOPE                               NY-21-2-315
CONWAY, ELLA                      WELLS                              NY-21-2-541
CORRIVEAU, AUGUSTA M.             MOREHOUSEVILLE                     NY-21-2-420
CORRIVEAU, JOSEPH                 HOFFMEISTER                        NY-21-2-484
COTTELL, WILLIAM C.               PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA           NY-21-1-266
COURTNEY, MARY M.                 LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-234
COWARD, THOMAS                    BENSON                             NY-21-2-2
COWARD, THOMAS J.                 BENSON                             NY-21-2-36
COWARD, THOMAS J.                 BENSON                             NY-21-2-111
CROSS, ORREN H.                   NTL                                NY-21-2-388
CULLEN, EDWARD                    LONG LAKE                          NY-21-1-342
CUNNINGHAM, DANIEL L.             LONG LAKE                          NY-21-1-404
DAMPIER, HENRY                    WELLS                              NY-21-2-381
DAMPIER, MARY                     WELLS                              NY-21-2-395
DANIELS, DYER                     INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-547
DARLING, WILLIAM S.               LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-1-384
DARROW, MAYRTLE                   LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-36
DAVIS, JANE E.                    INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-1-454
DELMARST, LAURA K.                INLET                              NY-21-2-514
DENNING, DANIEL                   WELLS                              NY-21-1-281
DEPAN, MARY                       KINGSLAND, UNION, NJ               NY-21-2-37
DEPAN, MARY                       KINGSLAND, UNION, NJ               NY-21-2-112
DEWAIL, SUSAN                     LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-293
DODGE, CHARLES A.                 SYRACUSE, ONONDAGA, NY             NY-21-1-353
DONAHUE, LENA                     INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-184
DUANE, LILLIAN                    SPECULATOR                         NY-21-2-455
DULUDE, FREDERICK J.              WELLS                              NY-21-2-556
DUNHAN, JOHN                      LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-1-141
DUNNERY, HENRY E.                 PISECO                             NY-21-2-319
DURAND, CALVIN                    LAKE FOREST, LAKE, IL              NY-21-2-161
DURYEA, HIRAM                     BLUE MOUNTAIN LAKE                 NY-21-1-386
EARLEY, WILLIAM M.                WELLS                              NY-21-2-114
EARLEY, WILLIAM M.                WELLS                              NY-21-2-38
EATON, ALVIN R.                   ELIZABETH, UNION, NJ               NY-21-2-142
EMERY, FRANK WHITNEY              PASADENA, LOS ANGELES, CA          NY-21-2-114
EMERY, FRANK WHTINEY              PASADENA, LOS ANGELES, CA          NY-21-2-40
ESTWICK, CHARLES F.               JERSEY CITY, HUDSON, NJ            NY-21-1-314
FARRELL, JOHN J.                  INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-179
FAULKNER, LOUISA Y.               BLUE MOUNTAIN LAKE                 NY-21-2-366
FISH, LARVELL                     INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-1-169
FISH, PHEBE                       INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-1-169
FISHER, CHARLES                   WELLS                              NY-21-1-159
FISHER, ESPEN J.                  INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-1-460
FLOYD, MICHAEL                    NTL                                NY-21-2-182
FOOTE, WEALTHY S.                 BRANFORD, NEW HAVEN, CT            NY-21-2-44
FRANCISCO, ARCHIBALD              WELLS                              NY-21-1-26
FRANCISCO, JOHN J.                WELLS                              NY-21-2-45
FRANCISCO, JOHN J.                WELLS                              NY-21-2-116
FRENCH, HENRY H.                  HERKIMER, HERKIMER, NY             NY-21-2-213
FRY, CARL L.                      WELLS                              NY-21-2-279
FRY, WILLIAM H.                   NORTHVILLE, FULTON, NY             NY-21-2-369
FULLER, DUANE                     BLUE MOUNTAIN LAKE                 NY-21-2-45
FULLER, PERTHENA M.               LONG LAKE                          NY-21-1-289
GALLUP, WILLIAM C.                LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-1-1
GALZLARTE, JACOB                  MOREHOUSE                          NY-21-2-333
GAY, MINERVA E.                   INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-375
GAY, WILLIAM H.                   INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-237
GAYLORD, EDWARD SANFORD           NEW HAVEN, NEW HAVEN, CT           NY-21-2-272
GIFFORD, JOHN L.                  NORTHAMPTON, FULTON, NY            NY-21-1-372
GIRARD, HENRY J.                  WELLS                              NY-21-2-347
GIRARD, LOUIS                     INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-1-324
GRAMMOND, ELMIRE                  SEE: WILCOTT, WILLIAM              NY-21-2-543
GRENNELL, WALTER                  WELLS                              NY-21-1-153
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM H.              BRIDGEPORT, FAIRFIELD, CT          NY-21-2-443
HAGERTY, THOMAS                   HOPE                               NY-21-1-17
HALL, BENJAMIN                    RAQUETTE LAKE                      NY-21-1-376
HARDY, ALBERT J.                  WELLS                              NY-21-1-382
HARLEY, MARTIN B.                 WELLS                              NY-21-2-223
HARRIS, SAMUEL                    HOPE                               NY-21-1-59
HART, JOHN A.                     MOREHOUSEVILLE                     NY-21-2-198
HARTSON, ROBERT                   LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-118
HARTSON, ROBERT                   LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-46
HARVEY, CLINTON G.                RAQUETTE LAKE                      NY-21-2-545
HELMS, DAVID GATES                LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-501
HELMS, JOHN C.                    LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-324
HICKEY, ANN E.                    INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-1-275
HILL, JOHN L.                     LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-1-350
HOFFMANN, ELIZABETH               NTL                                NY-21-2-178
HOFFMEISTER, AUGUSTUS H.          MOREHOUSE                          NY-21-2-539
HOFFMEISTER, CATHERINE LOUISE     MOREHOUSE                          NY-21-1-162
HOFFMEISTER, MARY J.              MOREHOUSE                          NY-21-2-359
HOFFMEISTER, WILLIAM              MOREHOUSE                          NY-21-2-488
HOGAN, EDWARD W.                  NTL                                NY-21-2-386
HOGAN, LAURA E.                   BENSON                             NY-21-2-453
HOSLEY, JOHN G.                   WELLS                              NY-21-1-365
HOSLEY, ROY J.                    LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-297
HOSLEY, SAMPSON                   WELLS                              NY-21-1-133
HUTCHINS, HAVIN                   INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-482
HUTCHINS, LOUISE M.               INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-463
JACKSON, WILLIAM B. JR.           MINNEAPOLIS, HENNEPIN, MN          NY-21-1-112
JENNINGS, LEWIS L.                LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-480
KASSING, CHARLES E.               MOREHOUSE                          NY-21-1-202
KASSING, FRANCIS H.               MOREHOUSE                          NY-21-1-63
KELLOGG, ELIAS                    WELLS                              NY-21-1-90
KELLOGG, OLIVIA M.                WELLS                              NY-21-2-47
KELLOGG, OLIVIA M.                WELLS                              NY-21-2-120
KEMPSTER, RICHARD CASTLE          PISECO                             NY-21-2-537
KENWELL, ELIZA E.                 INLET                              NY-21-2-48
KENWELL, ELIZA E.                 INLET                              NY-21-2-121
KNAPP, ALBERT                     CLARENDON, WARREN, PA              NY-21-2-384
KREBS, VIRGINIA                   MOREHOUSE                          NY-21-1-337
KREUZER, ALBERT F.                MOREHOUSEVILLE                     NY-21-2-516
KREUZER, FREDERICK                MOREHOUSE                          NY-21-1-298
LABLANC, LEON                     INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-228
LADEW, ALBERT                     HOPE                               NY-21-2-49
LADEW, ALBERT                     HOPE                               NY-21-2-122
LAIN, JOEL                        MOREHOUSEVILLE                     NY-21-2-49
LAIN, JOEL                        MOREHOUSEVILLE                     NY-21-2-123
LAPERRY, EDOUARD                  SEE: LAPIERRE, EDOUARD             NY-21-2-477
LAVARGNE, THOMAS SHERMAN          INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-459
LAWRENCE, SIMON VAN WINKLE        SPECULATOR                         NY-21-2-552
LEBONTELLIER, WILLIAM G.          LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-192
LEE, DELIA M.                     BUFFALO, ERIE, NY                  NY-21-2-418
LETSON, CHARLRES                  LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-434
MASON, SAMPSON                    HOPE                               NY-21-1-29
MAXIM, FRED                       LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-404
MCGINN, JAMES                     INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-554
MCGINN, JOHN                      INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-1-283
MCGINN, MARGARET                  INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-284
MCINTYRE, JACOB                   WELLS                              NY-21-2-51
MEAD, EMMA                        INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-509
MILLSOR, E. A.                    INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-1-311
MITCHELL, NANCY J.                INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-1-348
MITTEN, THOMAS EUGENE             PHILADELPHIA, PA                   NY-21-2-424
MIX, JANE A.                      LONG LAKE                          NY-21-1-43
MONK, PHILLIP H.                  HOPE                               NY-21-2-52
MONK, PHILLIP H.                  HOPE                               NY-21-2-125
MOORE, ARTHUR D.                  SPRINGFIELD, HAMPDEN, MA           NY-21-1-346
MOREHOUSE, GEORGE S.              MOREHOUSE                          NY-21-2-153
MORRISON, ISAIAH                  WELLS                              NY-21-1-53
MORRISON, ISAIAH P.               WELLS                              NY-21-1-431
MORRISON, WILLIAM                 CHESTER, WARREN, NY                NY-21-1-400
MUIR, ALBERTINE LEVESQUE          SEE: MUIR, BERTHA                  NY-21-2-438
MUIR, BERTHA                      AMSTERDAM, MONTGOMERY, NY          NY-21-2-438
MULLARE, JOHN J.                  LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-473
MULLARE, MARIAN J.                LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-416
MUNDY, JOSEPH S.                  NEWARK, ESSEX, NJ                  NY-21-1-389
NICHOLS, ALINDA                   LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-1-397
NICHOLS, ANNE MARIA               LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-1-143
NOLAN, HANNAH                     HOPE                               NY-21-2-126
NOLAN, HANNAH                     HOPE                               NY-21-2-53
NORTON, RAYMOND                   INLET                              NY-21-1-429
OCONNELL, JOHN                    LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-352
OLMSTED, ALMON                    HOPE                               NY-21-1-5
OSTRANDER, POLLY                  WELLS                              NY-21-1-301
OSTRANDER, ROBERT G.              WELLS                              NY-21-1-295
OSTRANDER, THOMAS L.              WELLS                              NY-21-1-394
OSTRANDER, WILLIAM L.             HOPE                               NY-21-2-54
OSTRANDER, WILLIAM L.             HOPE                               NY-21-2-128
OVEROCKER, CHARRY                 WELLS                              NY-21-1-46
PALM, CHARLES                     MOREHOUSEVILLE                     NY-21-1-402
PALMER, CHARLES B.                INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-129
PALMER, CHARLES B.                INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-55
PARKER, JOHN                      WELLS                              NY-21-2-497
PARKS, HARVEY                     LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-1-20
PARKS, SUSAN                      LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-1-23
PARSLOW, DEBORAH                  LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-1-331
PARTELLO, JOSEPHINE E.            MOREHOUSE                          NY-21-1-422
PAUL, CLARE E.                    *, PHILADELPHIA, PA                NY-21-1-305
PAYNE, WILLIAM                    RAQUETTE LAKE                      NY-21-2-430
PECKHAM, LAURA                    WESTFIELD, UNION, NJ               NY-21-1-379
PERRIN, ERNEST NOEL               PASSAIC, PASSAIC, NJ               NY-21-1-449
PERSONS, BENJAMIN W.              INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-1-340
PETTIT, ALBERT H.                 WELLS                              NY-21-2-131
PETTIT, ALBERT H.                 WELLS                              NY-21-2-56
PIERSONS, BETSEY                  WELLS                              NY-21-1-49
PINNEY, ISAAC                     INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-1-67
PORTER, JOSEPH                    PUTNAM, NEW HAVEN, CT              NY-21-2-133
PORTER, JOSEPH                    NEW HAVEN, NEW HAVEN, CT           NY-21-2-56
POTTER, EDGAR C.                  INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-447
PRATT, HANNAH                     LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-1
PUTMAN, EDWARD T.                 FULTONVILLE, MONTGOMERY, NY        NY-21-2-58
PUTMAN, EDWARD T.                 FULTONVILLE, MONTGOMERY, NY        NY-21-2-136
RANKIN, JOHN                      LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-60
RANKIN, JOHN                      LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-138
RICE, JAMES                       LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-136
RICE, JAMES                       LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-61
RICE, JOHN                        LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-62
RICE, JOHN                        LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-133
ROBINSON, AMOS C.                 LONG LAKE                          NY-21-1-358
ROBINSON, ANGELINE                LONG LAKE                          NY-21-1-363
ROGERS, THOMAS W.                 LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-244
RONALD, JANE                      WELLS                              NY-21-1-93
ROONEY, JAMES C.                  WELLS                              NY-21-1-9
RYAN, LOUISA M.                   WELLS                              NY-21-1-344
SAINTMARIE, OLIVER                INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-63
SAINTMARIE, OLIVER                INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-140
SALISBURY, TRAFFORD B.            CLEVELAND, CUYAHOGA, OH            NY-21-2-519
SANBORN, SARAH ANN                HOPE                               NY-21-1-40
SAVARIE, GIDEON                   INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-64
SAVARIE, LESTER                   INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-486
SCHLEICHIRT, ANDREW               MOREHOUSEVILLE                     NY-21-2-66
SCRIBNER, LAURA                   HOPE                               NY-21-2-362
SESSION, ZOE                      INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-239
SMITH, THERON                     LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-247
STANYON, FRANK                    WELLS                              NY-21-2-338
STANYON, WILLIAM                  WELLS                              NY-21-2-68
STAUBEN, GEORGE                   INLET                              NY-21-2-196
STEARNS, ELLEN LOUISA             LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-1-129
STEWART, JACOB                    HOPE                               NY-21-2-503
STONE, NATHANIEL                  LONG LAKE                          NY-21-1-320
STONE, SARAH                      LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-264
STONER, PETER                     WELLS                              NY-21-1-333
STURGES, DAVID                    SPECULATOR                         NY-21-2-70
TAPPEN, LOUISA A.                 HACKENSACK, BERGEN, NJ             NY-21-2-559
THACHER, ALFRED B.                SOUTH ORANGE, ESSEX, NJ            NY-21-2-408
THACKER, JOHN BOYD                ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-21-2-72
TORREY, SILAS H.                  HOPE                               NY-21-2-311
TROTTER, FREDERICK OCTAVE         INLET                              NY-21-2-457
TUBBS, CLARENCE B.                SUMMIT, UNION, NJ                  NY-21-2-406
TUBBS, JAMES H.                   HOPE                               NY-21-1-369
TURNBULL, FRED J.                 OIL CITY, VENANGO, PA              NY-21-2-302
VANARNAM, CHRISTOPHER G.          INLET                              NY-21-2-449
VANARNAM, LAVENIA H.              INLET                              NY-21-2-451
VANBUREN, CHARLES                 WELLS                              NY-21-2-289
VANZANDT, SANFORD                 LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-1-433
WALFLIN, ALBERT                   MOREHOUSE                          NY-21-1-84
WALKER, THOMAS S.                 LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-390
WASHBURN, FRANK                   INDIAN LAKE                        NY-21-2-231
WEAVER, JOHN                      WELLS                              NY-21-2-75
WEAVER, PETER                     WELLS                              NY-21-1-36
WEAVER, WILLIAM P.                WELLS                              NY-21-1-328
WELLS, HAMILTON                   WELLS                              NY-21-1-262
WHITE, CHARLES                    LAKE PLEASANT                      NY-21-2-75
WIDMERE, CATHERINE                LONG LAKE                          NY-21-1-56
WILCOTT, WILLIAM                  LONG LAKE                          NY-21-2-543
WILLIAMS, ISAAC                   HOPE                               NY-21-1-148
WILLIAMS, JOHN                    HOPE                               NY-21-1-416
WILLIAMS, VIOLA                   LONG LAKE                          NY-21-1-272
WILLISTON, BERTHA L.              INLET                              NY-21-2-276
WILSON, MARY ELIZA                WELLS                              NY-21-2-189
WOOD, HANNAH                      RAQUETTE LAKE                      NY-21-2-467
WOOD, JEROME                      RAQUETTE LAKE                      NY-21-2-186
YOUMANS, ANN M.                   PISECO                             NY-21-2-77
ZEYST, MAHITABLE                  HOPE                               NY-21-2-76

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