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To match cases to the heirs, "search and find" using the last 2 sets of numbers (volume and page)
Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: Court (Supreme Court at Albany), Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1799-1829 |
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ALEXANDER, ALEXANDER                    SCHENECTADY, SCHENECTADY, NY            NYASC-63-1-119
BEEKMAN, HENRY (COL.)                   RHINEBECK, DUTCHESS, NY                 NYASC-63-1-19
BLEECKER, JOHN R.                       ALBANY                                  NYASC-63-1-14
BLEECKER, SYBRANT                       ALBANY                                  NYASC-63-1-80
CAMERON, DUGALD                         BATH, STEUBEN, NY                       NYASC-63-1-256
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                     ALBANY                                  NYASC-63-1-24
CAMPBELL, DANIEL                        SCHENECTADY, SCHENECTADY, NY            NYASC-63-1-153
CROGHAN, GEORGE                         PASSAYUNCK, PHILADELPHIA, PA            NYASC-63-1-29
CRUGER, NICHOLAS                        NEW YORK CITY                           NYASC-63-1-9
DAVIDSON, ALEXANDER                     ALBANY                                  NYASC-63-1-169
DOLE, REBECCA                           ALBANY                                  NYASC-63-1-221
EDEN, MEDCEF                            NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NYASC-63-1-166
ELLICOTT, JOSEPH                        BATAVIA, GENESEE, NY                    NYASC-63-1-193
ELY, JUSTIN                             SPRINGFIELD, HAMPDEN, MA                NYASC-63-1-177
FRANKLIN, SAMUEL                        NEW YORK CITY                           NYASC-63-1-226
HAGADORN, SAMUEL                        GALLOWAY, SARATOGA                      NYASC-63-1-91
HALLENBECK, JACOB                       CLINKENBERGH                            NYASC-63-1-5
HATCH, ASA                              BRUTUS, CAYUGS, NY                      NYASC-63-1-67
HUN, ABRAHAM                            ALBANY                                  NYASC-63-1-77
HUN, THOMAS                             ALBANY                                  NYASC-63-1-71
JOHNSON, WILLIAM (SIR)                  NTL, TRYON, NY                          NYASC-63-1-35
LAGRANGE, CHRISTIAN                     BETHLEHEMA                              NYASC-63-1-234
LAWRENCE, JONATHAN                      NEW YORK CITY                           NYASC-63-1-113
LUSK, STEPHEN                           ALBANY                                  NYASC-63-1-180
MILLER, BURNET                          PLATTSBURGH, CLINTON, NY                NYASC-63-1-1
NORTON, SAMUEL                          GOSHEN, LITCHFIELD, CT                  NYASC-63-1-241
POWELL, JACOB                           NEWBURGH, ORANGE, NY                    NYASC-63-1-144
SCHUYLER, PHILIP                        ALBANY                                  NYASC-63-1-207
SMITH, JAMES                            BROADALBIN, MONTGOMERY, NY              NYASC-63-1-99
STRINGER, SAMUEL                        ALBANY                                  NYASC-63-1-121
VANORDEN, JOHN                          CATSKILL, GREENE, NY                    NYASC-63-1-61
VANWOERT, HENRY                         ALBANY                                  NYASC-63-1-85
VISSCHER, NANNING H.                    WATERFORD, SARATOGA, NY                 NYASC-63-1-49
WARREN, ESIAS                           TROY, RENSSELAER                        NYASC-63-1-263
WHITE, HUGH                             WHITESTOWN, ONEIDA, NY                  NYASC-63-1-53
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          SALEM, WASHINGTON, NY                   NYASC-63-1-250
LANSING, GARRETT G.                     HACKENSACK, NJ                          NYCSC-A-229
LAWRENCE, AUGUSTUS HICKS                NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-455
LEAKE, JOHN                             NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-125
LEFFERTS, DIRCK                         NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-79
LEFFERTS, DIRCK                         NEW YORK CITY (ORIGINAL)                NYCSC-A-1A
LEROUX, CHARLES                         NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-167
LITTLE, MICHAEL                         NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-107
LIVINGSOTN, ANTHONY R.                  OLD SAYBROOK, CT                        NYCSC-E-217
LIVINGSTON, ANN                         COOPERSTOWN, OTSEGO                     NYCSC-B-352
LIVINGSTON, BROCKHOLST                  NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-223
LIVINGSTON, PHILIP                      NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-197
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT G. (ELDER)           NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-239
LIVINGSTON, WILLIAM                     ELIZABETH, ESSEX, NJ                    NYCSC-A-6
LUDLOW, GABRIEL W.                      NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-347
LUDLOW, JOHN C.                         NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-353
LYNCH, PETER JOSEPH                     HARROGATE, ENGLAND                      NYCSC-F-329
MACAULEY, SAMUEL                        NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-E-189
MACGREGOR, ARTHUR                       EVERTON, ENGLAND                        NYCSC-D-29
MANNING, JAMES                          NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-379
MARSCELUS, CATHARINE                    NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-194
MARSCELUS, JOHN M.                      NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-309
MARSTON, THOMAS                         NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-273
MAUNSEL, ELIZABETH                      NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-329
MCEVERS, JAMES                          NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-445
MCKINNON, NIEL                          NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-357
MINTHORNE, MANGLE                       NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-153
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-171
MORRIS, GOUVERNEUR                      MORRISANIA, WESTCHESTER, NY             NYCSC-B-23
NOLAN, MICHAEL N.                       ALBANY, NY                              NYCSC-F-345
ODELL, DYCKMAN                          GREENBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY             NYCSC-F-351
ODIN, GEORGE ***                        BOSTON, MA                              NYCSC-E-264
PALMER, AUGUSTA                         VERSAILLES, FRANCE                      NYCSC-D-185
PERKINS, THOMAS H. ***                  NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-D-198
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                       BOSTON, MA                              NYCSC-F-85
QUACKENBOS, JOHN                        NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-276
RHINELANDER, PHILIP                     NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-123
RHINELANDER, WILLIAM                    NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-379
RHINELANDER, WILLIAM JR.                NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-119
ROBERTSON, ALEXANDER                    NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-442
ROOSEVELT, CORNELIUS C.                 NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-397
ROSS, ROBERT                            EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NYCSC-B-373
RYAN, BRIDGET                           BOSTON, MA                              NYCSC-F-159
RYERSS, GOZEN                           RICHMOND, NY                            NYCSC-B-328
SACKETT, SAMUEL                         BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     NYCSC-B-75
SANDERSON, EDWARD FISHER                SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND                      NYCSC-E-318
SAWYER, WILLIAM                         BOSTON, MA                              NYCSC-E-47
SCHERMERHORN, PETER                     NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-296
SCHETTLER, CORNELIA HARSEN              GREEN BAY, WI                           NYCSC-E-400
SCOTT, JOHN MORIN                       NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-219
SEAMAN, EDMUND                          NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-415
SEAMAN, HENRY                           NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-181
SHAW, ROBERT P. ***                     BOSTON, MA                              NYCSC-D-245
SHEARMAN, WILLAM PITT                   ROCHESTER, MONROE, NY                   NYCSC-B-388
SHERRED, JACOB                          NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-33
SICKELS, DANIEL                         PHILADELPHIA, PA                        NYCSC-D-142
SMITH, PLATT                            AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY                    NYCSC-A-419
SOCARRAS, JOSE TOMAS DE                 PUERTO PRINCIPE, HAITI                  NYCSC-E-455
SPALDING, JAMES                         MENDHAM, MORRIS, NJ                     NYCSC-F-38
SPARKS, WALTER                          NTL, KINGS, NY                          NYCSC-F-371
STAPLES, JOHN                           NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-365
STEVENS, EBENEZER                       NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-145
STOCKHOLM, AARON                        FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY                  NYCSC-B-287
STORM, JACOB                            GREENBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY             NYCSC-A-365
STOUT, JACOB                            BELLEVILLE, ESSEX, NJ                   NYCSC-E-139
STUYVESANT, PETRUS                      NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-248
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-305
SWAIN, MARY A. N. ***                   CAMBRIDGE, MA                           NYCSC-F-65
TAYLOR, GEORGE WASHINGTON               MANCHESTER, ENGLAND                     NYCSC-F-300
THWING, ANN                             BROOKLINE, MA                           NYCSC-D-237
TIEHOUT, CORNELIUS                      NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-1B
TILLARY, JAMES                          NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-446
TORRES, FRANCIS                         NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-F-1
VANBEUREN, CORTLANDT                    BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     NYCSC-B-345
VANBLARCOM, JOHN JR.                    NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-176
VANCORTLANDT, AUGUSTUS                  YONKERS                                 NYCSC-B-127
VANDERHORST, ANN                        CHARLESTON, SC                          NYCSC-F-307
VANGIESON, MARSELUS M.                  NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-425
VANWAGENEN, HUYBERT                     NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-391
VANWYCK, THEODORUS                      NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-101
VERPLANCK, GULIAN                       NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-61
VERPLANCK, SAMUEL                       FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY                  NYCSC-A-415
VIRTUS, WILLIAM ALEXANDER               NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-F-182
WALTON, JACOB                           NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-21
WARD, ELIZA A. ***                      MIDDLETOWN, CT                          NYCSC-E-425
WATKINS, JOHN S.                        NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-203
WATKINS, JOSEPH S.                      NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-213
WATTS, ROBERT                           WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NYCSC-A-337
WEEKS, FORSTER J.                       NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-F-286
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       POUGHKEEPSIE                            NYCSC-A-371
WINSLOW, RICHARD HENRY                  WESTPORT, FAIRFIELD, CT                 NYCSC-E-238
WINTHROP, FRANCIS BAYARD                NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-A-425
WOLFE, WILHELM LEO ***                  HAMBURG, GERMANY                        NYCSC-D-115
WRIGHT, CHARLES                         FLUSHING                                NYCSC-B-237
WYNN, CLAUDE B.                         COLORADO SPRINGS, CO                    NYCSC-F-374
YOUNG, JOSEPH                           NEW YORK CITY                           NYCSC-B-45

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