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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1837-1872 | B = 1872-1881 | C = 1881-1888| D = 1888-1892 | E = 1892-1894 | F = 1894-1897 | G = 1896-1899 | H = 1899-1900 | I=1900-1901 | J-3 = ? |
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AARONSON, CHARLES B.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-D-540
AARONSON, FREDERICK G.                 TBL                                     NJ-1-I-212
ABBOT, JAMES                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-207
ABBOTT, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-284
ADAMS, APPALONIA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-114
ADAMS, CHARLES C.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-209
ADAMS, CLOE                            TBL                                     NJ-1-H-11
ADAMS, CONSTANT                        TBL                                     NJ-1-I-464
ADAMS, DANIEL                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-295
ADAMS, FELIX                           TBL                                     NJ-1-B-444
ADAMS, FRIEND                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-159
ADAMS, HOWARD F.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-364
ADAMS, JAMES C.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-242
ADAMS, JAMES R.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-373
ADAMS, JOB                             TBL                                     NJ-1-C-151
ADAMS, JOHN Q.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-510
ADAMS, JOHN W.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-89
ADAMS, JOSHUA                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-604
ADAMS, LEWIS W.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-235
ADAMS, MARK                            TBL                                     NJ-1-B-149
ADAMS, PETER                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-453
ADAMS, RACHEL                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-368
ADAMS, REBECCA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-325
ADAMS, RYAN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-A-365
ADAMS, SARAH J.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-615
ADAMS, THOMAS J.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-192
ADELUNG, ERNST                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-309
AFFLERBACH, HENRY                      TBL                                     NJ-1-I-309
AITKEN, ALEXANDER                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-159
ALBERTSON, ABIGAIL G.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-A-255
ALBERTSON, ABRAM N.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-A-4
ALBERTSON, JONAS                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-410
ALBERTSON, REJOICE                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-30
ALBERTSON, SARAH                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-42
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-250
ALGER, MARY                            TBL                                     NJ-1-I-479
ALLEN, GEORGE W.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-249
ALLEN, GEORGE W.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-118
ALLEN, MARIA M.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-576
ANDERSON, BRIDET                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-313
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-390
ANDREWS, HORATIO N.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-E-15
ANG, GODFREY                           TBL                                     NJ-1-C-573
ANTHONY, LEWIS R.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-325
ARCHAMBAULT, CECILIA M.                TBL                                     NJ-1-I-394
ARCHAMBAULT, VICTOR E.                 TBL                                     NJ-1-I-391
ARMERLING, WILHELMINA                  TBL                                     NJ-1-C-459
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-639
ARMSTRONG, LOUISA                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-210
ARNOLD, HANNA                          TBL                                     NJ-1-G-6
ARTELT, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-281
ASHTON, ELISHA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-105
ASHTON, JAMES B.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-242
ATMORE, FREDERICK B.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-C-544
AUSTEN, CHARLES E.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-490
AUSTIN, NATHAN C.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-136
BABCOCK, ABEL E.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-111
BABCOCK, ANNIE E.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-391
BABCOCK, HARRIET I.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-138
BABCOCK, JOB G.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-546
BABCOCK, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-130
BABCOCK, JOSEPH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-138
BABCOCK, JOSEPH R.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-252
BABETTE,REISER                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-391
BACKES, JACOB                          TBL                                     NJ-1-H-264
BACON, CATHARINE H.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-A-419
BACON, WILLIAM S.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-373
BADER, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-I-103
BAILEY, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-227
BAKELY, ANN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-D-371
BAKER, ABBY M.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-459, 594
BAKER, ABBY M.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-459, 594
BAKER, DANIEL                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-143
BAKER, DANIEL                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-585
BAKER, HESTER A.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-385
BAKER, JOSEPHJR.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-444
BAMUHR, JOHN H.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-I-272
BANKERT, FREDERICA                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-615
BARBER, THOMAS J.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-B-118
BAREMORE, JAMES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-150
BAREMORE, JOAB M.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-121
BARNETT, MILES                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-387
BARR, HUGH                             TBL                                     NJ-1-B-92
BARRETT, ELIJAH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-383
BARRETT, ENOCH                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-476
BARRETT, WILLIAM A.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-485
BARSTOW, JOSEPH A.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-G-495
BARTHEL, MINNA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-I-28
BARTLETT, ANDREW G.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-279
BARTLETT, DAVID G.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-188
BARTLETT, G. ALEXANDER                 TBL                                     NJ-1-A-30
BARTLETT, LEWIS S.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-I-45
BARTLETT, MARTHA L.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-H-319
BARTON, GEORGE F.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-28
BATES, PHEBE C.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-415
BAUER, PHILIPPENE MAGDALENA            TBL                                     NJ-1-C-265
BAUER, WILHELM                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-402
BAYER, ADAM                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-146
BECK, AFRA                             TBL                                     NJ-1-C-77
BECK, LOUIS                            TBL                                     NJ-1-G-199
BECKER, FREDERICK                      TBL                                     NJ-1-B-339
BECKETT, JOHN V.                       MAY'S LANDING                           NJ-1-H-1
BEEBE, EVAN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-D-374
BELL, JOSEPH                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-342
BELL, W. DWIGHT                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-219
BERGES, JACOB                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-366
BERNHARDT, ADAM                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-485
BERRY, ELISHA                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-24
BERRY, HENRY D.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-537
BEST, ALICE                            TBL                                     NJ-1-A-97
BEVIS, THOMAS                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-86
BEYER, ALBERT                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-528
BICKLEY, DAVID                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-9
BICKNER, GEORGE H. T.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-B-74
BIGGS, HERMAN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-606
BIRD, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-186
BIRDSALL, SETH C.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-22
BISKUPSKI, GEORGE                      TBL                                     NJ-1-B-140
BIXLER, ELOISA A.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-359
BKER, MARY W.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-D-132
BLACK, JAMES R.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-215
BLACK, ROBERT                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-200
BLACK, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-316
BLACKMAN, ELIZABETH                    TBL                                     NJ-1-G-537
BLACKMAN, JAMES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-183
BLACKMAN, NEHEMIAH                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-555
BLACKMAN, NEHEMIAH                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-95
BLASCHKE, FRANZ                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-365
BLOXSUM, AARON                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-70
BNISCHOF, JOHN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-454
BOCKIUS, JACOB                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-7
BOHY, AMI                              TBL                                     NJ-1-A-466
BOICE, JOHN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-A-377
BOICE, PETER                           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-155
BOICE, PETER                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-99
BOLAND, ELEAOR C.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-75
BOOYE, MARTHA ANN                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-269
BOOZE, ANDREW K.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-447
BORMIHR, SOPHIE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-52
BOURKE, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-593
BOWEN, CHARLES L.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-521
BOWEN, DANIEL                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-448
BOWEN, ELIJAH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-H-165
BOWEN, THOMAS                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-322
BOWERS, SARAH S.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-140
BOWMAN, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-H-457
BOWMAN, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-270
BOWYER, JEREMIAH                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-310
BOYD, GEORGE                           TBL                                     NJ-1-C-490
BOYLE, JANE                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-169
BOYLE, WILLIAM E.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-524
BRANDER, HEINRICH                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-157
BRANNBECK, WILLIAM G.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-E-433
BRANNBECK, WILLIAM G.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-E-433
BRANTBERG, MINA                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-86
BREHM, PAUL                            TBL                                     NJ-1-D-419
BREITER, ELLEN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-219
BRENNAN, GEORGE A.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-147
BRILL, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NJ-1-H-61
BROMBACHER, GEORGE                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-188
BROOKE, EMMA M.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-504, 571
BROOKE, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-273
BROOKS,D ANIEL                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-534
BROOM, FRANK                           TBL                                     NJ-1-I-40
BROWN, ELLEN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-312
BROWN, LORENZO                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-337
BROWN, NEWELL R.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-329
BROWN, PETER V.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-113
BROWN, ROXANNA E.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-305
BROWN, SIMEON                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-198
BROWN, SUSAN C.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-436
BROWNING, SARAH C.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-555
BRUCKER, JOSEPH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-505
BRUCKER, JOSEPHINE                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-392
BRUECKMANN, FANNIE                     TBL                                     NJ-1-G-207
BRYANT, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-C-203
BRYNE, ELIZA                           TBL                                     NJ-1-G-224
BUCHANAN, ANN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-252
BUCK, CHARLES R.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-189
BUCKLIN, AUSTIN                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-115
BUCKOW, ADOLPH                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-323
BUMM, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-399
BURNHAM, SILAS L.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-452
BURROUGHS, JESSE                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-674
BURROUGHS, JOHN                        TBL                                     NJ-1-I-448
BURT, ARTHUR A.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-571
BYE, JOSEPH                            TBL                                     NJ-1-B-12
BYRNES, SARAH ANN                      TBL                                     NJ-1-B-298
CAKE, MARY H.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-I-106
CALABRASE, SALVATOR                    TBL                                     NJ-1-B-626
CALDWELL, SAMUEL                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-25
CALHOUN, DOROTHY                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-99
CALLICOT, MARGARET B.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-B-171
CAMPB ELL, ARCHIBALD                   TBL                                     NJ-1-B-501
CAMPBELL, JACOB G.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-185
CAMPBELL, PRICILLA H.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-D-183
CAMPBELL, ROSE ANN                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-29
CAPPER, HANNAH M.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-473
CARMAN, GEORGE SR.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-408
CARPENTER, LAURA V.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-G-444
CARPENTER, MARIA S.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-D-352
CARR, JANET                            TBL                                     NJ-1-C-504
CAVLIEER, JOHN D.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-451
CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM                   TBL                                     NJ-1-A-107
CHAMBERLIN, JAOB                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-686
CHAMBERLIN, MARY                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-302
CHAMBERLIN, WILLIAM                    TBL                                     NJ-1-D-161
CHAMBERS, CATHARINE                    TBL                                     NJ-1-I-475
CHAMBERS, THADDEUS                     TBL                                     NJ-1-H-20
CHAMPION, ANN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-D-142
CHAMPION, C. DANIEL                    TBL                                     NJ-1-A-52
CHAMPION, EDWARD                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-9
CHAMPION, ENOCH B.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-H-437
CHAMPION, HESTER                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-179
CHAMPION, RICHARD                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-464
CHANDLER, D. WEBSTER                   TBL                                     NJ-1-E-78
CHANNEL, ISAAC                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-26
CHEVALIER, ELLA                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-392
CHRISTIAN, FREDERICK W.                TBL                                     NJ-1-B-563
CHRISTY, JAMES J.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-609
CLARK, ELIZA                           TBL                                     NJ-1-I-118
CLARK, JOHN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-G-289
CLARK, LARDNER                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-378
CLARK, LEWIS                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-405
CLARK, THOMAS                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-430
CLEMENT, JOHN A.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-256
CLINTON, JOSEPH JACKSON                TBL                                     NJ-1-B-601
CLOAK, THOMA                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-63
COLLINS, DANIEL L.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-613
COLLINS, ROSWELL P.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-A-485
COLLINS, STEELMAN T.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-I-384
COLLINS, THOMAS M.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-601
COLWELL, CHARLES R.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-I-315
COLWELL, SAMUEL RICHARDS               TBL                                     NJ-1-B-78
COLWELL, SARAH R.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-659
COLWELL, STEPHEN                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-475
CONKLING, EMILY                        TBL                                     NJ-1-I-88
CONNELLY, DAVID S.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-349
CONNELLY, DNAIEL A.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-499
CONNELY, JAMES L.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-I-247
CONNOR, GEORGE                         TBL                                     NJ-1-I-133
CONNOR, SARAH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-I-135
CONOVER, ADAM                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-553
CONOVER, ASA                           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-206
CONOVER, ENOCH                         TBL                                     NJ-1-H-96
CONOVER, JOB A.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-23
CONOVER, JOEL                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-407
CONOVER, JOHN V.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-401
CONOVER, MICAJAH                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-103
CONOVER, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-154
CONOVER, WILLIAM H.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-B-147
CONWAY, DENNIS                         TBL                                     NJ-1-I-227
COOK, HENRY B.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-349
COOKE, MARY A.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-515
COOLING, MICHAEL                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-18
COOPER, WILLIAM B.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-66
COPPIN, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-73
CORDEARY, CLEMENT A.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-A-7
CORDERY, ABSALOM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-482
CORDERY, DANIEL E.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-189
CORDERY, EDMUND                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-300
CORDERY, EMMA C.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-289
CORDERY, JAMES H.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-443
CORDERY, MARY S.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-64
CORDERY, PARKER                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-110
CORDERY, STELLA E.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-401
CORSIGLIN, GIACOMO                     TBL                                     NJ-1-H-124
COSTELLO, EDWARD                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-68
COSTELLO, THOMAS                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-67
COUSTY, JOSHUA H.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-324
COWDEN, REBECCA E.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-G-248
CRADDOCK, THOMAS H.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-H-481
CRAIGE, MARY ANN                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-283
CRAWFORD, JESSIE H.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-I-61
CREIGHTON, MARGARET                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-470
CRESSEE, LENA                          TBL                                     NJ-1-G-180
CROSBY, HATTIE A.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-148
CROSBY, OBID H.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-296
CULLIN, WALTER P.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-B-312
CULLIN, WALTER P.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-469
CURRAN, JOHN C.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-516
CUSTER, ISAACHER S.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-D-73
DAETWYLER, JACOB SR.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-H-410
DAGER, JOHN H.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-257
DALY, JOHN                             TBL                                     NJ-1-B-553
DALY, THOMAS                           TBL                                     NJ-1-C-305
DAVIE, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-81
DAVIS, JOSEPH B.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-517
DAVIS, JOSEPH H.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-319
DAVIS, SAMUEL S.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-21
DAVIS, THOMAS L.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-519
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-48
DEAN, WILLIAM HARRISON                 TBL                                     NJ-1-B-370
DEHAVEN, MARY NORRIS                   TBL                                     NJ-1-D-611
DEITRICH, CONRAD                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-537
DELANCY, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-134
DENGLER, ELIZA W.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-I-96
DENNIS, DAVID                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-1
DENNIS, JOEL                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-192
DENTRY, THOMAS G.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-347
DEPUY, MOSES D.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-122
DERINGER, PHILIP                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-578
DEVINE, MARGARET                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-293
DEVINNEY, SOLOMON R.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-C-224
DEY, JULIANNA                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-307
DICK, ELIZABETH L.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-566
DICKENS, HANNAH A.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-583
DICKEY, BEULAH C.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-636
DIEDRICH, THEODORE                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-669
DIEDRICHS, M. A.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-309
DIETRICH, MARIE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-308
DIHLMANN, JOHN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-253
DISSTON, HENRY                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-351
DODSLEY, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-379
DOELL, EMILIE                          TBL                                     NJ-1-D-624
DOERFEL, JULIUS                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-474
DOERNBACH, PAULINE                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-267
DOHERTY, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-102
DONNELLY, FLORENCE M.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-E-61
DORLAN, GEORGE                         TBL                                     NJ-1-H-120
DORLAND, J. MILTON                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-83
DORUS, FRANCIS                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-357
DOUGHTY, ABNER                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-397
DOUGHTY, ABSALEM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-62
DOUGHTY, ABSALOM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-558
DOUGHTY, ENOCH                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-482
DOUGHTY, HANNAH T.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-I-121
DOUGHTY, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-472
DOUGHTY, LYDIA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-I-244
DOUGHTY, NATHANIEL                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-141
DOUGHTY, REBECCA W.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-D-229
DOUGHTY, RICHARD                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-32
DOUGHTY, SAMUEL                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-12
DOUGHTY, SARAH                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-177
DOULE, DAVID                           TBL                                     NJ-1-D-454
DOWNER, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-99
DREXEL, FRANCIS M.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-512
DREXEL, FRANCIS M.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-185
DRUMMOND, THOMAS                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-27
DUBOIS, CORNELIUS                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-534
DUFFY, JOHN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-G-407
DUNLAP, ROBERT                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-482
DUNN, HENRY L.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-86
EARL, WALTER JR.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-298
EARLEY, EDARD H.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-492
EASTLACK, ELWOOD                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-563
EASTMAN, HENRY W.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-339
EBLE, ANTHONY                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-334
EDMONDS, ARFE                          TBL                                     NJ-1-H-355
EDMUNDS, MARTHA E.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-I-412
EDWARDS, DANIEL                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-74
EDWARDS, MINNIE D.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-G-518
EILER, HENRIETTA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-524
EISENBREY, WILLIAM                     TBL                                     NJ-1-I-361
ELDER, HENRY L.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-341
ELDER, ROBERT                          TBL                                     NJ-1-G-377
ELDREDGE, SARAH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-404
ELDRIDGE, LEMUEL                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-196
ELKINTON, PHEBE ANN                    TBL                                     NJ-1-I-24
ELLIS, ALBERT M.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-507
ELLIS, SUSAN C.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-225
ELWELL, SAMUEL H.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-454
EMENDOERFER, SOPHIA                    TBL                                     NJ-1-I-37
EMENDORFER JOHN                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-689
EMMEL, SILVY                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-353
ENDICOTT, BENJAMIN                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-161
ENDICOTT, DELIA M.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-415
ENDICOTT, JEREMIAH                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-364
ENDICOTT, JOHN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-195
ENDICOTT, JOSEPH                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-324
ENDICOTT, THOMAS D.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-251
ENGELHARDT, JOSEPH                     TBL                                     NJ-1-G-388
ENGELKE, JACOB                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-273
ENGISH, ELIZABETH                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-517
ENGLISH, ANN W.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-554
ENGLISH, DAVID B.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-95
ENGLISH, ELMER                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-267
ENGLISH, GEORGE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-354
ENGLISH, GEORGE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-354
ENGLISH, ISAAC                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-86
ENGLISH, ISAAC                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-499
ENGLISH, JAMES T.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-40
ENGLISH, JOSEPH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-226
ENGLISH, JOSEPH H.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-G-316
ENGLISH, MARY E.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-512
ENNIS, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-I-286
ESTELL, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-28
ESTILL, DANIEL E.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-233
EVANS, JOSEPH PRIESTLY                 TBL                                     NJ-1-D-326
EVANS, THOMAS                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-356
EVARD, ROBERT Y.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-299
EVERS, DOROTHEA                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-571
EVERS, JOHN A.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-488
FANTECK, HENRY                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-426
FARNSWORTH, ABIGAIL D.                 TBL                                     NJ-1-G-101
FARREL, ELLEN A.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-543
FELIX, HENRY FRANCIS                   TBL                                     NJ-1-C-89
FELIX, HERY FRANCIS                    TBL                                     NJ-1-D-274
FENIMORE, EDWARD L.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-662
FENNELL, ANNA M.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-570
FENNELL, MARGARET                      TBL                                     NJ-1-I-378
FENNELL, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-464
FEURING, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-662
FIELD, ROBERT .                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-376
FISCHER, GEORGE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-232
FISCHER, GEORGE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-232
FISH, ALEXANDER                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-111
FISKE, SARAH A.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-417
FISKE, SARAH A.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-417
FLEMING, MARY B.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-126
FLINN, CATHRINE J.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-63
FLOOD, RACHEL                          TBL                                     NJ-1-H-393
FOGG, JOEL G.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-569
FOGG, MARY A.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-369
FORD, EDWIN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-G-18
FORD, ELIZABETH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-422
FORD, MARGARETTA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-240
FORD, MARGARETTA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-415
FOX, ALICE                             TBL                                     NJ-1-B-377
FOX, GEORGE W.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-H-32
FOX, HENREITTA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-334
FRAMBES, DAVID                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-385
FRAMBES, MICHAEL                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-148
FRANK, GODFREY                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-319
FRAZIER, DANIEL                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-203
FRAZIER, LOUISA A.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-260
FRENDENTHAL, GUSTAV A.                 TBL                                     NJ-1-D-476
FRENO, JACOB C.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-270
FRIEDHOFER, JOHN GOTTFRIED             TBL                                     NJ-1-A-416
FRIEDLIE, JOHN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-317
FRIEDLIE, JOHN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-317
FRISBY, JAMES B.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-46
FRITSCHY, JOHN J.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-266
FULLER, WILLIAM A. M.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-D-380
FULTON, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-550
FURBUSH, DAVID                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-561
FURBUSH, DAVID                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-561
FURBUSH, REBECCA P.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-E-399
FURBUSH, REBECCA P.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-E-399
FUTCHER, CATHARINE                     TBL                                     NJ-1-G-142
GAGE, ELIZABETH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-I-75
GALLAGHER, ELIZABETH                   TBL                                     NJ-1-E-107
GALLAGHER, ELIZABETH                   TBL                                     NJ-1-E-107
GANDY, URIAH                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-318
GARCETON, CYRUS                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-58
GARCETON, CYRUS                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-58
GARDNER, DANIEL                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-537
GARRETT, THOMAS C.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-462
GARRETT, THOMAS C.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-462
GARRITY, DAVID H.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-103
GARWOOD, DAVIS                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-404
GASKILL, SAMUEL                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-372
GAUPP, DANIEL                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-277
GEHRUNG, CHARLES H.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-I-492
GEIGIS, JOHANNA                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-429
GELTZER, GEORGE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-449
GELZER, PETER                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-8
GERNER, CHRISTINE                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-534
GIBERSON, ABSALOM                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-404
GIBERSON, JAMES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-128
GIBERSON, JAMES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-32
GIBERSON, JOB                          TBL                                     NJ-1-H-110
GIBERSON, JOHN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-346
GIBERSON, RICAHRD                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-291
GIFFORD, JAMES JR.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-237
GIFFORD, MARY A.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-540
GIFORD, JAMES M.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-239
GILLINGHAM, CHARLES W.                 TBL                                     NJ-1-E-175
GILLINGHAM, CHARLES W.                 TBL                                     NJ-1-E-175
GILLINGHAM, JOSEPH J.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-B-508
GITHENS, JOHN H.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-393
GODBOW, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-D-617
GODBOW, MARTHA A.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-409
GODBOW, MARTHA A.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-409
GODFREY, ANDREW S.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-115
GODFREY, HUGH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-56
GODFREY, JACOB                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-309
GODFREY, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-9
GODFREY, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-9
GODFREY, NICHOLAS                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-21
GODFRY, THEOPHILUS W.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-I-256
GODWIN, ANNA E.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-35
GOEBBELS, PETER                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-480
GOETSCHY, HENRY                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-162
GOETSCHY, HENRY                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-162
GOETZ, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-547
GOLDACKER, AUGUST                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-562
GORMLEY, MARGARET M.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-H-211
GOULD, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-28
GOULD, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-28
GOULD, JOHN STANTON                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-680
GOULDY, DAVID                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-411
GRAEF, JOHN CONRAD                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-651
GRAUPNER, DROTOLINDE                   TBL                                     NJ-1-C-312
GRAY, THOMAS                           TBL                                     NJ-1-B-72
GREEN, BRINTON                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-440
GREEN, GEORGE                          TBL                                     NJ-1-G-43
GREEN, JACOB                           TBL                                     NJ-1-B-125
GREEN, JOHN W.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-500
GREEN, SARAH A.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-I-292
GREEN, SUSAN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-G-428
GREEN, THOMAS H.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-440
GREGORY, JAMES                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-235
GRIFFITH, MARGARET A.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-G-299
GRIFFITH, MARIE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-647
GRISTY, ROBERT                         TBL                                     NJ-1-H-58
GRISWOLD, BENJAMIN F.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-D-189
GROVES, THOMAS D.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-338
GRUNER, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-222
GUENTHER, ANNA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-422
GUENTHER, AUGUST                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-219
GULEKUNST, LOUIS                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-429
GUNNODE, WILLIAM B.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-E-122
GUNNODE, WILLIAM B.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-E-122
HAAR, EVA                              TBL                                     NJ-1-D-345
HACKER, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-1-I-275
HACKETT, CONSTANT                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-529
HACKETT, ISREAL                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-51
HACKETT, JEREMIAH                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-286
HACKETT, MARY J.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-283
HACKNEY, CORNELIUS                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-102
HAHN, JOHN                             TBL                                     NJ-1-A-395
HALDENMEY, JOHANN                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-532
HALE, SAMUEL                           TBL                                     NJ-1-D-34
HALL, CHARLES E.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-470
HALL, CHARLES F.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-381
HALSTRICK, JOSEPH                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-341
HAM, WILLIAM                           TBL                                     NJ-1-B-227
HAMILTON, DAVID                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-458
HAMMOND, LUCIAN H.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-198
HAND, HANNAH L.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-510
HAND, THOMAS C.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-584
HANES, HENRY                           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-350
HANES, HENRY                           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-350
HARBET, SAMUEL                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-144
HARKINSON, JOHN                        TBL                                     NJ-1-I-445
HARLAN, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-232
HARLEY, ISABELLA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-586
HARLEY, JOHN D.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-231
HARRIS, JOHN O.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-378
HARRIS, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-193
HARRISON, ASHTON                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-287
HARRISON, ASHTON                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-287
HART, FRANK                            TBL                                     NJ-1-D-158
HARTLEY, ELIZABETH                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-301
HARTLEY, LEWIS M.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-477
HARTLEY, LEWIS M.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-477
HARTLEY, THOMAS                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-137
HASLETT, SAMUEL                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-177
HAYES, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-233
HEADLAIN, WILLIAM J.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-I-196
HEADLAM, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-222
HEADLAM, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-305
HEADLAM, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-222
HEADLAM, WILLIAM J.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-I-222
HEIL, AUGUST                           TBL                                     NJ-1-I-434
HEILBRUN, SOLOMON M.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-E-405
HEILBRUN, SOLOMON M.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-E-405
HEITER, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-172
HEITER, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-172
HEITZ, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-151
HEMSLEY, ELIZABETH A.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-C-557
HEMSLEY, FRANCIS W.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-122
HENKE, JOHN H.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-I-124
HENMANN, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-G-330
HENRY, JOHN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-G-565
HENSHALL, HARRY W.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-410
HENSHAW, JOSEPH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-488
HENTZ, WILLIAM A.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-14
HENTZ, WILLIAM A.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-295
HEREWEGEN, CHRISTINE                   TBL                                     NJ-1-D-206
HESS, CHRISTOPH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-377
HESSE, DAVID                           TBL                                     NJ-1-B-281
HESTON, ELIZABETH A.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-D-561
HETZEL, MARTHA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-531
HETZEL, MARTHA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-531
HEUSCHEL, MARTIN                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-590
HICKMAN, THOMAS                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-37
HIEBER, JOHANNA SYBILLA                TBL                                     NJ-1-B-142
HIEBER, JOHN F.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-382
HIGBEE, ABSALOM                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-444
HIGBEE, DARIUS                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-78
HIGBEE, EDWARD                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-229
HIGBEE, ELI                            TBL                                     NJ-1-A-282
HIGBEE, ELIZA                          TBL                                     NJ-1-I-253
HIGBEE, ENOCH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-I-184
HIGBEE, HARRY E.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-43
HIGBEE, JAMES SR.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-310
HIGBEE, WALTER C.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-506
HIGBEE, WALTER C.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-506
HILBERT, PHILIP                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-222
HILER, SARAH R. M.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-406
HILGERT, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-D-498
HINCKE, JOHANN HEINRICH JULIUS         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-1
HINCKE, JOHN CHRISTIAN GUSTAVUS        MULLICA                                 NJ-1-E-241
HINKLE, GEORGE W.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-211
HINNER, HENRY                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-149
HINNER, HENRY                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-149
HISLOP, CHRISTINE M.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-E-493
HISLOP, CHRISTINE M.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-E-493
HOFFENDAHL, H. L. H.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-D-440
HOFFER, PETER                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-191
HOFFER, PETER                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-191
HOHENLEITNER, ADOLPH                   TBL                                     NJ-1-C-16
HOLDCRAFT, ABIGAIL                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-210
HOLDCRAFT, WILLIAM                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-113
HOLDZKOM, ISAAC                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-193
HOLLOWAY, NIAS                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-88
HOLT, JOSEPH B.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-353
HOLT, THOMAS                           TBL                                     NJ-1-H-66
HONES, PHILIP H.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-70
HOOD, JAMES                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-559
HOOD, JAMES                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-559
HOOPES, MARTHA E.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-I-19
HOOPES, MARTHA E.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-576
HOOPES, WILLIAM G.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-G-335
HOOT, JOHN MICHAEL                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-237
HORN, MARY                             TBL                                     NJ-1-E-543
HORN, MARY                             TBL                                     NJ-1-E-543
HORTON, WARREN S.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-434
HOUSTON, MARY B.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-465
HOUSTON, WILLIAM C.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-G-458
HUEY, SAMUEL C.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-618
HUGHES, CHARLES C.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-534
HUGHES, CHARLES C.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-534
HUGILL, JONATHAN                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-230
HUME, ELIZA                            TBL                                     NJ-1-G-477
HUNT, AUGUSTUS                         TBL                                     NJ-1-H-381
HUNTER, ANNA B.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-691
IMLAY, GIDEON T.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-432
INGERSOLL, ABEL                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-351
INGERSOLL, CARL                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-232
INGERSOLL, DANIEL J.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-A-217
INGERSOLL, JOHN                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-14
INGERSOLL, RICHARD A.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-A-20
INGERSULL, JONAS H.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-A-473
IRELAN, ENOCH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-56
IRELAN, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-246
IRELAN, WILLIAM H.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-G-401
IRELAND, AMELIA G.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-H-444
IRELAND, JAMES                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-455
IRELAND, JAPHET                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-226
IRELAND, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-G-195
IRELAND, JOSEPH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-267
IRELAND, MARY ANN                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-164
IRVING, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-361
ISEMAN, ABRAM                          TBL                                     NJ-1-G-435
JAGODE, PAUL                           TBL                                     NJ-1-H-215
JAHNCKE, CHRISTIANE                    TBL                                     NJ-1-G-282
JAHNCKE, GEORGE F.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-G-432
JARVIS, STACY (CAPT.)                  TBL                                     NJ-1-C-344
JEFFRIES, JAMES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-490
JEFFRIES, JOHN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-539
JEFFRYES, JOHN W.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-54
JENKINS, IDA                           TBL                                     NJ-1-I-467
JOHNSON, ELIJAH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-512
JOHNSON, ENOCH                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-129
JOHNSON, JAMES                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-286
JOHNSON, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-539
JOHNSON, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-263
JOHNSON, JOSIAH B.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-473
JOHNSON, MARY A.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-45
JOHNSON, MARY T.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-181
JOHNSON, NATHAN H.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-657
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-153
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-1
JONES, SAMUEL Y.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-159
JOSLIN, HOSEA                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-463
JOSLIN, JONATHAN                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-115
JOSLIN, JOSEPH A.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-B-361
KAELBLE, SOPHIA                        TBL                                     NJ-1-I-438
KAH, CLEMENS                           TBL                                     NJ-1-B-7
KAMMERER, EUGENIE                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-60
KAPPELLA, ANNA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-234
KARRER, GEORGE                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-165
KEENE, ELEAZER                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-169
KEHOE, AMBROSE                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-103, 360
KEIM, JACOB                            TBL                                     NJ-1-H-185
KELLER, PETER A.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-332
KELLY, CATHARINE                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-420
KELLY, GEORGE                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-206
KELLY, MIARANNE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-586
KELLY, MICHAEL J.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-495
KELLY, ROBERT                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-403
KEMKER, HENRY R.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-439
KEMKER, HENRY R.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-439
KENDELL, JOSEPH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-314
KENNEDY, ELLEN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-338
KETCHUM, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-401
KIBAT, FREDERICK                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-192
KIEFER, FRANZISKA                      TBL                                     NJ-1-B-255
KILDARE, ELIZABETH                     TBL                                     NJ-1-I-408
KIMBLE, SAMUEL                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-75
KING, JAMES E.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-I-231
KING, KATIE                            TBL                                     NJ-1-I-358
KINZINGER, ABRAHAM                     TBL                                     NJ-1-G-118
KINZLER, SOLOMON                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-488
KIRBY, ROSALIA MARIE                   TBL                                     NJ-1-I-172
KIRSCHT, AUGUST                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-603
KLINGER, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-111
KNAUER, HENRY F.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-692
KNECHT, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-328
KNEEDLER, JESSE S.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-677
KNEPSCHELD, CHARLES                    TBL                                     NJ-1-D-552
KNEPSCHELD, JULIA                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-555
KNIGHT, GEORGE EDWARD                  TBL                                     NJ-1-E-424
KNIGHT, GEORGE EDWARD                  TBL                                     NJ-1-E-424
KNORR, MATHIAS K.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-642
KOBER, PHILIP A. O.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-D-302
KOEPPE, CHRISTOPHER                    TBL                                     NJ-1-E-487
KOEPPE, CHRISTOPHER                    TBL                                     NJ-1-E-487
KOHLER, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-541
KOHLER,LENA                            TBL                                     NJ-1-H-155
KONOW, JOHN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-H-343
KRAFT, JOHN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-402
KRAFT, JOHN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-402
KRAMER, BERNARD T.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-64
KREMER, ANNA M.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-509
KRISCHKER, LUDWIG                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-378
KROLL, HERMAN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-180
KRUG, JOHN M.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-678
KUEBLER, CRISTIAN                      TBL                                     NJ-1-B-439
KUNTZ, JOHN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-D-84
KURTZ, CHRISTIAN                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-414
KURUPF, LOUIS                          TBL                                     NJ-1-I-488
KYTE, LYMAN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-7
KYTE, LYMAN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-7
LACY, SARAH ANN                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-358
LAFFERTY, FRANCIS                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-580
LAFFERTY, WILLIAM                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-93
LAKE, ABIGAIL                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-199
LAKE, AMARIAH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-91
LAKE, DANIEL                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-59
LAKE, DANIEL                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-125
LAKE, ENOCH                            TBL                                     NJ-1-D-118
LAKE, JOHN                             TBL                                     NJ-1-H-479
LAKE, JOHN                             TBL                                     NJ-1-A-174
LAKE, JOHN T.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-178
LAKE, JOHN T.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-178
LAKE, LUCAS                            TBL                                     NJ-1-G-323
LAKE, LUCENA                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-458
LAKE, THOMPSON                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-447
LANDIS, CHARLES K.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-I-48
LANDVATTER, MICHAEL                    TBL                                     NJ-1-B-506
LANG, ANTON                            TBL                                     NJ-1-B-155
LANGEBARTEL, ISAAC                     TBL                                     NJ-1-I-427
LARD, ENOCK                            TBL                                     NJ-1-A-298
LAUSTER, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-330
LAUTSCH, CHARLES                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-67
LAWLOR, MICHAEL                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-409
LAWRENCE, JOHN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-I-388
LEACH, JOHN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-A-250
LEAR, CHARLES G.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-550
LEE, AMOS                              TBL                                     NJ-1-H-507
LEE, ANNAR L.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-H-288
LEE, DANIEL                            TBL                                     NJ-1-B-219
LEE, DAVID                             TBL                                     NJ-1-A-152
LEE, DAVID                             TBL                                     NJ-1-C-116
LEE, DAVID (CAPT.)                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-413
LEE, ELIAS                             TBL                                     NJ-1-A-268
LEE, ELISHA                            TBL                                     NJ-1-G-507
LEE, ELISHA                            TBL                                     NJ-1-B-212
LEE, ISRAEL                            TBL                                     NJ-1-G-453
LEE, MARY                              TBL                                     NJ-1-G-269
LEE, MARY                              TBL                                     NJ-1-B-59
LEE, WILLIAM S.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-481
LEE, WILLIAM S.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-481
LEECH, MARY A.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-193
LEEDS, ANDREW                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-333
LEEDS, CLAYTON                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-253
LEEDS, CLAYTON H.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-540
LEEDS, CLAYTON H.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-540
LEEDS, FELIX                           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-229
LEEDS, FELIX                           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-229
LEEDS, JAMES                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-530
LEEDS, JAPHETT                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-171
LEEDS, MARY                            TBL                                     NJ-1-B-134
LEEDS, MILLISENT                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-34
LEES, EMMA                             TBL                                     NJ-1-H-141
LEHNEIS, GEORGE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-388
LEHNEIS, GEORGE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-388
LEIDEMER, ELIZABETH                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-101
LEMONIE, HENRI                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-91
LENS, MAHLON M.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-211
LEON, JOSEPH M.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-103
LEOPOLD, SIMON                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-304
LESLEY, ELIZA                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-215
LEVY, ANNA MARIA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-582
LEVY, FRANCES                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-264
LEVY, FRANCES                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-264
LEWIS, AMOS                            TBL                                     NJ-1-G-531
LEWIS, ELIZA J.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-452
LEWIS, ELLIS                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-493
LEWIS, EMILY M                         TBL                                     NJ-1-I-139
LEWIS, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-374
LINCH, ANNIE E.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-416
LINGLE, SARAH ANN                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-537
LIPPINCOTT, JOHN I.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-B-628
LIPPINCOTT, JOSEPH                     TBL                                     NJ-1-G-396
LIPPINCOTT, JOSEPH                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-501
LIPPINCOTT, JOSHUA                     TBL                                     NJ-1-G-51
LIPPINCOTT, JOSHUA B.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-H-300
LIPPINCOTT, LUCY A.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-97
LIPPINCOTT, MARY                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-447
LIPPINCOTT, MARY                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-447
LIPPINCOTT, OJSEPHINE                  TBL                                     NJ-1-H-490
LOCKWOOD, LOUISA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-39
LOEROHER, MATHAUS                      TBL                                     NJ-1-B-387
LONGDEN, SARAH                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-260
LOSS, GEORGE W.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-566
LOTZPEICH, FINANZ                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-304
LOUGHRIN, ANN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-G-89
LOVE, ROBERT                           TBL                                     NJ-1-B-107
LOVELESS, ROBERT F.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-H-36
LUDWIG, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-H-132
LUNNY, JOSEPH AUGUSTUS                 TBL                                     NJ-1-H-275
LURCH, LOUIS                           TBL                                     NJ-1-I-318
MACNEAL, ANNA                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-423
MAHLER, ADOLPH                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-198
MAHLER, ADOLPH                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-198
MAIER, PAUL                            TBL                                     NJ-1-G-374
MARINA, FRANK B.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-441
MAROT, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-221
MARTIN, DANIEL                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-632
MASCHE, FREDERICK                      EGG HARBOR CITY                         NJ-1-I-1
MASON, ELIAS                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-209
MASON, J. LEONARD                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-339
MASSEY, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-394
MASSEY, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-394
MATHIS, REUBEN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-320
MATTHES, G. FELIX                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-431
MATTHEWS, ZENAS W.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-71
MATTHEWS, ZENAS W.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-71
MAYNE, JAMES S.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-249
MCADAM, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-484
MCADAM, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-484
MCALISTER, WILLIAM K.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-H-434
MCCALLISTER, ANNA                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-228
MCCANN, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-G-287
MCCAULLAY, HARRIET                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-129
MCCAULLAY, HARRIET                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-129
MCCLEES, A. JANE                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-297
MCCLEES, A. JANE                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-297
MCCOLLUM, JESSE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-48
MCCOLLUM, SAMUEL                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-197
MCCONLEY, MARY JANE                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-157
MCCORMICK, GEORGE                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-265
MCDANIEL, ELIZABETH                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-687
MCDONALD, ANN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-44
MCEWEN, PETER                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-53
MCEWEN, PETER                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-53
MCFARREN, HARRIET N.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-I-323
MCGOFFIN, JOHN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-348
MCKEE, JAMES H.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-I-451
MCKINNEY, WILLIAM                      TBL                                     NJ-1-I-16
MCLEOD, ROBERT RAE                     TBL                                     NJ-1-H-28
MCMULLAN, WILLIAM                      TBL                                     NJ-1-I-456
MCNEIL, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-C-163
MCNUTT, MARGARET                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-152
MEASON, DANIEL B.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-694
MEISEL, HENRY                          TBL                                     NJ-1-D-485
MENDEL, JENNIE                         TBL                                     NJ-1-I-241
MENSING, HENRY                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-575
MERREFIELD, CHARLES W.                 TBL                                     NJ-1-H-404
MERRILL, LAURA ANN                     TBL                                     NJ-1-I-354
MESSER, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-576
MESSER, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-576
METZGER, EMANUEL                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-467
METZGER, M. MARTHA                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-334
METZGER, M. MARTHA                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-334
METZNER, THOMAS                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-621
MEYER, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-490
MEYERHOFF, JULIA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-93
MICK, FREDERICK                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-83
MILLER, CATHRINE                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-118
MILLER, CATHRINE                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-118
MILLER, J. WASHINGTON                  TBL                                     NJ-1-I-302
MOELLER, JOHN MICHAEL                  TBL                                     NJ-1-B-32
MONROE, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-512
MONSING, EMILIE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-282
MOORE, ABIGAIL                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-436
MOORE, ABIGAIL                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-436
MOORE, ASHER                           TBL                                     NJ-1-B-161
MOORE, ASHER                           TBL                                     NJ-1-D-564
MOORE, MARGARET                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-44
MOORE, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-345
MOORE, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-241
MORGAN, JOHN J.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-570
MORGAN, JOHN J.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-570
MORGENWEEK, HENRY                      TBL                                     NJ-1-B-275
MORRILL, DANIEL FOLLAMSBEE             TBL                                     NJ-1-I-78
MORRIS, CATHARINE                      TBL                                     NJ-1-I-471
MORRIS, DANIEL                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-591
MORRIS, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-229
MOTT, JAMES MCHENRY                    TBL                                     NJ-1-G-184
MOTZ, HENRY                            TBL                                     NJ-1-D-451
MOUNT, CHARLES B.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-32
MUELLER, CARL DAVID                    TBL                                     NJ-1-A-430
MUELLER, ERNST                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-140
MUELLER, JACOB                         TBL                                     NJ-1-I-320
MUELLER, JOSEPH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-509
MUELLER, JOSEPH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-509
MULLEN, CORNELIUS                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-218
MULLER, GEORE                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-208
MULLISON, GEORGE B.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-D-668
MUNSON, LYMON                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-388
MUSTIN, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-274
MUSTIN, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-274
MYERS, DANIEL                          TBL                                     NJ-1-I-176
MYERS, EMMA                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-500
MYERS, EMMA                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-500
MYERS, GEORGE                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-573
MYERS, GEORGE                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-573
NATTER, EMILIE                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-145
NAYLOR, ARTHUR T.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-245
NAYLOR, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-203
NEALE, MARY ANN                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-272
NEUBERT, HERMAN                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-57
NEUBERT, HERMAN                        TBL (CON'T)                             NJ-1-C-80
NEWCOMBE, RICHARD S.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-E-45
NEWCOMBE, RICHARD S.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-E-45
NEWPORT, ELIZABETH                     TBL                                     NJ-1-G-326
NICKERSON, NELSON J.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-C-631
NORTH, EDWARD M. D.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-H-49
NORTH, JOHN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-D-367
NORTH, WILLIAM D.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-13
NORTON, ANNA                           TBL                                     NJ-1-B-453
NORTON, DAVID                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-450
NOTE, CATHARINE ANNIE                  TBL                                     NJ-1-G-550
NUEZEL, GEORGE                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-521
NUEZEL, GEORGE                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-521
OBERGFELL, BARBARA                     TBL                                     NJ-1-G-447
OBERLE, MARTIN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-583
OBRIEN, MARY                           TBL                                     NJ-1-B-1
OBRIOLI, ANNA THERESA PICA             TBL                                     NJ-1-E-256
OBRIOLI, ANNA THERESA PICA             TBL                                     NJ-1-E-256
ORDERY, ENOCH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-D-546
OREILLY, PATRICK                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-650
OREILY, PATRICK                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-605
ORPHALL, HENRY                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-164
PACE, VEIR SR.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-83
PALMER, SYLVESTER R.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-C-259
PANCOST, AMBROSE                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-168
PANCOST, REBECCA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-19
PARKER, ANN E.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-109
PARKER, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NJ-1-H-180
PARKER, RICHARD                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-232
PARRY, ISRAEL H.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-64
PARRY, MARTHA H.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-59
PARRY, SAMUEL                          TBL                                     NJ-1-G-55
PASSMAN, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-59
PASSMANN, WILHELM                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-497
PASSMANN, WILHELM                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-497
PATTEN, ALMIRA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-389
PATTEN, ASA                            TBL                                     NJ-1-C-394
PAUL, WILLIAM B.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-136
PEASE, WILLIAM R.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-202
PECK, BENJAMIN G.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-271
PECK, BENJAMIN G.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-271
PECK, JOSEPH A.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-359
PEIRSOL, FRANK P.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-106
PEIRSOL, JOSEPH N.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-464
PEIRSOL, JOSEPH N.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-422
PENNELL, CLARA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-520
PENROSE, SARAH H. B.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-B-592
PETERSON, JOHN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-578
PETTEBONE, CAROLINE M.                 TBL                                     NJ-1-I-337
PFEIFFER, EMILIE                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-367
PFEIFFER, JOHN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-127
PFEIFFER, MARGARETHE ELIZABETH         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-38
PFEIFFER, MARGARETHE ELIZABETH         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-38
PFEIL, CATHARINA M.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-54
PFEIL, THEODOR H.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-361
PHILIPS, BENJAMIN                      TBL                                     NJ-1-B-304
PICA, ANNA T.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-256
PICA, ANNA T.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-256
PIERCE, ABEL                           TBL                                     NJ-1-C-351
PITNEY, JONATHAN                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-436
PLATT, JANE S.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-321
PLAUER, LOUIS                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-424
PORTER, WILLIAM A.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-521
POST, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-586
POST, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-586
POWDERMAKER, DAVID                     TBL                                     NJ-1-H-530
POWDERMAKER, MORRIS                    TBL                                     NJ-1-E-441
POWDERMAKER, MORRIS                    TBL                                     NJ-1-E-441
POWELL, ALICE C.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-507
PRASCH, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-D-99
PRATT, JAMES D.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-92
PRATT, JAMES D.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-92
PRATT, JAMES D.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-382
PREISER, BABETTE                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-391
PREISER, CHRISTIAN                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-357
PRESSEY, TABITHA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-17
PRICE, MARGARET ANNA                   TBL                                     NJ-1-I-334
PRICE, SAMUEL SR.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-514
PRIESTLEY, ELIZA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-245
PRIESTLEY, ELIZA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-245
PUCHELSTEIN, CHRISTINE JULIANE L.      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-329
PUCHELSTEIN, CHRISTINE JULIANE L.      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-329
PUECHELSTEIN, ANTON B. VON             TBL                                     NJ-1-A-462
PURCHASE, HENRY W.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-H-548
PURZNER, HENRY                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-503
PURZNER, HENRY                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-503
QUINN, THOMAS                          TBL                                     NJ-1-I-4
RAINEAR, GEORGE M.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-139
RANDOLPH, THEODORE F.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-B-589
RAPE, CAROLINE G.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-4
RAPE, CAROLINE G.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-4
RAUSCHER, MARIA                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-524
RAUSCHER, MARIA                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-524
REED, ELEANORA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-284
REED, JEMIMA L.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-456
REED, JEMIMA L.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-456
REED, RACHEL                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-13
REEVES, ELLWOOD                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-578
REEVES, WILLIAM S.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-81
REGENSBURG, FRANK S.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-B-400
REHMANN, CHARLES                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-152
REHMANN, CHARLES                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-152
REIBERT, ADAM                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-75
REIBERT, ADAM                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-75
REICHENBACH, FREDERICK                 TBL                                     NJ-1-B-243
REID, ELIZA M.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-H-562
REID, JULIA A.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-646
REILEY, MARY L.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-148
REILLY, PATRICK O.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-605
REPP, LEWIS                            TBL                                     NJ-1-C-568
REPP, MARY A.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-I-72
RICH, MARY A.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-G-83
RICHARDS, AUGUSTUS H.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-B-478
RICHARDS, JESSE W.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-272
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM C.                 TBL                                     NJ-1-E-260
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM C.                 TBL                                     NJ-1-E-260
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM C.                 TBL                                     NJ-1-C-593
RIDDLE, MARY A.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-301
RIDDLE, MARY A.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-301
RIGER, MARTIN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-26
RIGGINS, FRANCIS                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-426
RIGGINS, JOSEPH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-123
RISLEY, DAVID                          TBL                                     NJ-1-I-130
RISLEY, HANNAH                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-544
RISLEY, JEREMIAH B.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-B-372
RISLEY, MANS                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-200
RISLEY, PETER                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-275
RISLEY, RICHARD                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-89
RISLEY, SAMUEL                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-384
RISLEY, WILLIAM L.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-524
RITSCHY, ANNA REGULA                   TBL                                     NJ-1-I-340
ROBERTS, ANNA B.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-680
ROBERTS, EDWIN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-262
ROBERTS, ELDRIDGE                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-234
ROBERTS, MARY                          TBL                                     NJ-1-G-135
ROBINSON, NANCY                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-432
ROBINSON, SILAS                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-223
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-180
ROBISON, WESLEY                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-646
ROCKHILL, DANIEL H.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-B-262
ROESCH, ANNA MARY                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-86
ROPER, STANLEY                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-556
ROSE, ELIZABETH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-574
ROTHERHAM, JOHN                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-307
ROTHWELL, PETER                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-296
ROY, JANE                              TBL                                     NJ-1-C-374
RUCH, MARY A.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-321
RUCH, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-320
RUCH, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     NJ-1-E-320
RUCK, MARY A.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-520
RUDMAN, ANN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-131
RUDMAN, ANN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-131
RUDMAN, ANN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-C-35
RUMFORD, RICHARD L.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-A-340
RUOFF, JOHN D.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-I-83
RYON, PARDON                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-412
SACKS, JOHN                            TBL                                     NJ-1-B-302
SAGE, CATHARINE H.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-413
SAGE, CATHARINE H.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-413
SAGE, ISAAC                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-421
SAGE, ISAAC                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-421
SALSBURY, JOHN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-26
SAMSON, NANCY M.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-39
SAMSON, WARREN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-144
SANDER, DANIEL B.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-107
SAULT, SARAH                           TBL                                     NJ-1-B-504
SAUNDERSON, JOHN R. B.                 TBL                                     NJ-1-C-239
SCHALLERBAR, FREDERICK                 TBL                                     NJ-1-B-157
SCHAUFFLER, BARBARA                    TBL                                     NJ-1-B-475
SCHAUFLER, ALOIS                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-567
SCHEMAKER, HENRY                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-591
SCHERER, BERTHA                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-244
SCHERFF, GEORGE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-398
SCHERFF, JOHN R.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-278
SCHERFF, MINNA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-H-89
SCHILL, CAROLINE                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-259
SCHIRLINGER, JOSEPH                    TBL                                     NJ-1-D-628
SCHMIDT, EMIL G.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-277
SCHMIDT, PHILIPP LUDWIG                TBL                                     NJ-1-C-182
SCHMITZ, HENRY                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-215
SCHMITZ, HERMINA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-552
SCHMITZ, HERMINA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-552
SCHMNDT, JOHANN                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-581
SCHROEFEL, CLARA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-257
SCHUBERT, CASPAR                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-17
SCHULZ, FRANZISKA                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-380
SCHUMANN, VALENTINE                    TBL                                     NJ-1-B-116
SCHWARTZ, REBECCA ANN                  TBL                                     NJ-1-H-361
SCHWENGER, CHRISTIAN                   TBL                                     NJ-1-A-460
SCHWINGER, ROSALIE                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-665
SCHWINGHAMMER, CATHARINE               TBL                                     NJ-1-G-275
SCHWINGHAMMER, EUGENE                  TBL                                     NJ-1-G-313
SCHWINGHAMMER, EUGENE SR.              TBL                                     NJ-1-C-128
SCULL, ANDREW B.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-588
SCULL, ANDREW SR.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-22
SCULL, DAVID SR.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-120
SCULL, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-14
SCULL, ENOCH                           TBL                                     NJ-1-C-532
SCULL, HANNAH L.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-215
SCULL, JOHN S.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-621
SCULL, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-157
SCULL, RICHARD                         TBL                                     NJ-1-I-42
SCULL, RICHARD J.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-376
SCULL, SAMUEL                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-205
SCULL, THOMAS H.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-68
SCULL, THOMAS H.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-68
SEELIG, CATHERINE                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-473
SEELY, ELLEN F.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-535
SEIFERMANN, JOHANNA                    TBL                                     NJ-1-D-409
SEPP, ADAM                             TBL                                     NJ-1-D-174
SEYMOUR, CATHARINE L.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-I-68
SHARP, HANNAH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-172
SHARP, WILLIAM R.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-49
SHARRACK, JOHN M.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-355
SHAW, JOHN                             TBL                                     NJ-1-G-320
SHEEN, JAMES M.                        ATLANTIC CITY                           NJ-1-G-1
SHEPARD, JOB                           TBL                                     NJ-1-C-371
SHERRY, DAVID                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-271
SHILLINGSFORTH, HANNAH                 TBL                                     NJ-1-A-184
SHINNEN, JOSEPH G.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-271
SHIRTCLIFF, CHARLES                    TBL                                     NJ-1-I-278
SHORT, CHARLES                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-480
SHOURDS, DANIEL                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-526
SHOWELL, JOSEPH D.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-465
SHOWELL, JOSEPH D.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-465
SHOWELL, ZADOC B.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-450
SHOWELL, ZADOC B.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-450
SILVERS, EDWIN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-I-326
SIMONS, LYDIA S.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-291
SIMONS, LYDIA S.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-291
SIMPKIN, AMELIA                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-363
SIMPSON, ELLEN H.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-373
SIMPSON, MATTHEW                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-364
SINCLAIR, THOMAS                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-23
SLEETMAN, R. JOHN                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-32
SLOANE, CHARLES W.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-249
SMALL, JOHN W.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-381
SMALLWOOD, THOMAS                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-478
SMEDLEY, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-319
SMITH, ABEL                            TBL                                     NJ-1-A-328
SMITH, BRIDGET                         TBL                                     NJ-1-H-470
SMITH, CONSTANT SR.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-A-259
SMITH, DAVID                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-280
SMITH, EBENEZER T.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-144
SMITH, EDWIN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-H-347
SMITH, ELIAS A.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-11
SMITH, ELIAS R.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-577
SMITH, ELIZA                           TBL                                     NJ-1-G-160
SMITH, EMALINE                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-360
SMITH, ENOCH                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-126
SMITH, HANNAH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-18
SMITH, HENRY D.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-415
SMITH, HENRY D.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-415
SMITH, ISRAEL                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-314
SMITH, JAMES                           TBL                                     NJ-1-C-242
SMITH, JAMES F.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-289
SMITH, JAMES S.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-504
SMITH, JOHN W.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-491
SMITH, JONAS M.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-84
SMITH, JONATHAN                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-503
SMITH, JONATHAN R.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-326
SMITH, JOSHUA                          TBL                                     NJ-1-D-606
SMITH, JULIA A.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-46
SMITH, LEWIS SR.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-174
SMITH, MARY E.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-42
SMITH, NICHOLAS F.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-412
SMITH, ROBERT M.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-265
SMITH, SARAH                           TBL                                     NJ-1-H-227
SMITH, SOMERS                          TBL                                     NJ-1-D-248
SMITH, WILLIAM B.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-672
SMITH, WILLIAM D.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-379
SNOWDEN, JOHN W.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-18
SNYDER, MARY E.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-112
SOMERS, ANNA R.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-173
SOMERS, BENJAMIN                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-508
SOMERS, CHATTEN                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-316
SOMERS, DAVID A.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-9
SOMERS, EDMUND                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-579
SOMERS, HENRY                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-441
SOMERS, ISABELLE                       TBL                                     NJ-1-I-216
SOMERS, JESSE SR.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-212
SOMERS, JOB                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-582
SOMERS, JOB                            TBL                                     NJ-1-E-582
SOMERS, MARK                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-522
SOMERS, ROBERT M.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-4
SOMERS, SAMUEL                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-76
SOOY, ANDREW J.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-675
SOOY, AUGUSTUS                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-154
SOOY, CHARLES                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-93
SOOY, JOSIAH B.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-442
SOOY, NICHOLAS                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-223
SOOY, SARAH                            TBL                                     NJ-1-A-284
SOUDER, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-269
SPAIN, MARY S.                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-109
SPAULDING, HARLOW                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-136
SPOERL, ADAM                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-359
SPOONER, DAVID C.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-166
SPOONER, WILLIAM JR.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-I-418
SPRENGELER, JOHNN HEINRICH             TBL                                     NJ-1-B-618
SPROUL, EDWIN R.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-168
SPROUL, MARY ANN                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-177
STEELEMAN, ABBIE                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-329
STEELMAN, AMELIA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-184
STEELMAN, BASSETT                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-468
STEELMAN, DANIEL                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-167
STEELMAN, DANIEL                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-46
STEELMAN, HENRY S.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-132
STEELMAN, JAMES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-168
STEELMAN, JEMIMA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-244
STEELMAN, JESSE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-335
STEELMAN, LEWIS                        TBL                                     NJ-1-I-209
STEELMAN, LOUISA                       TBL                                     NJ-1-A-365
STEELMAN, NATHAN                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-333
STEELMAN, NATHANIEL                    TBL                                     NJ-1-A-307
STEELMAN, PEER                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-241
STEELMAN, PETER                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-162
STEELMAN, PETER C.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-219
STEELMAN, RICHARD                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-190
STEELMAN, S. SOOY                      TBL                                     NJ-1-B-389
STEELMAN, SAMUEL                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-150
STEELMAN, TOWNSEND I.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-B-291
STEELMAN, WILLIAM B.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-B-41
STEIGAUF, PHILIP                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-600
STEIN, GEORGE                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-445
STEINLEIN, EVA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-H-135
STERNBERGER, MENA                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-205
STERNBERGER, MENA                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-370
STERNBERGER, MOSES                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-565
STEUER, LOUISA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-54
STEWART, ANN NELIGH                    TBL                                     NJ-1-D-596
STEWART, JOHN W.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-635
STILES, AUGUSTES C.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-A-400
STINSON, SAMUEL H.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-H-78
STIRNER, EDWARD F.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-I-193
STOCKING, DEWITT C.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-D-15
STOCKWELL, ELI                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-165
STOCKWELL, ELI                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-165
STOCKWELL, ELI                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-164
STODDARD, MARGARET                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-462
STODDART, EMMA                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-107
STOKES, JAMES                          TBL                                     NJ-1-D-492
STRATTEN, PRESTON                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-34
STRAUSS, CATHARINE                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-631
STREIT, CAROLINE                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-201
STRICKLAND, ABRAHAM                    TBL                                     NJ-1-G-145
STRICKLAND, MARY E.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-I-269
STRICKLAND, WILLIAM                    TBL                                     NJ-1-E-51
STRICKLAND, WILLIAM                    TBL                                     NJ-1-E-51
STRINGER, SARAH                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-394
STRONG, AMANDA R.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-30
STULB, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-H-219
STULMAN, ANE                           TBL                                     NJ-1-C-654
STURTEVANT, CHARLOTTE G.               TBL                                     NJ-1-G-259
STUTZBACH, AMALIA THERESE              TBL                                     NJ-1-D-285
SUDDARDS, JANE                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-32
SUDDARDS, JANE                         TBL                                     NJ-1-E-32
SULLIVAN, JOHN T.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-487
SUMERS, SUSAN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-434
SUPLEE, EDWARD H.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-111
SUTHERLAND, MORRIS                     TBL                                     NJ-1-A-344
SUTHERLAND, NANCY                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-457
SWIFT, CARLOS                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-339
TAYLOR, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-294
TAYLOR, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-294
TAYLOR, JOHN S.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-132
TAYLOR, MARY A.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-129
TAYLOR, SALLIE M.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-18
TAYLOR, WILLIAM H.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-I-485
THIEL, J. BERNARD                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-195
THIEL, J. BERNARD                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-195
THIES, ERNESTINE                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-162
THIES, HENRY                           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-377
THIES, HENRY                           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-377
THIRION, FRANCIS                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-456
THOMAS, ANNIE ORR                      TBL                                     NJ-1-I-266
THOMAS, BANNER                         TBL                                     NJ-1-G-596
THOMAS, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-220
THOMAS, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-288
THOMPSON, ELIZA                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-103
THOMPSON, GEORGE A.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-H-291
THOMPSON, HENRY                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-239
THOMSA, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-506
THOMSON, CHARLES B.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-D-195
THUM, CAROLINE                         TBL                                     NJ-1-H-447
TIEGLER, AUGUST F.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-H-558
TIERNEY, TERESA                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-429
TILLERY, JAMES E. SR.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-G-450
TILTON, DANIEL                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-116
TILTON, DANIEL                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-404
TITMAN, HENRIETTE WILHELMINE           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-238
TITMAN, HENRIETTE WILHELMINE           TBL                                     NJ-1-E-238
TOMLIN, FRANCIS H.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-374
TOWNER, SUSANNA                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-461
TOWNSEND, JAPHET SR.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-A-247
TOWNSEND, JOHN J.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-413
TOWNSEND, SOMERS S.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-542
TOWNSEND,ELMER                         TBL                                     NJ-1-B-419
TRAMPLER, JOHN HERMAN                  TBL                                     NJ-1-B-437
TRILLEY, CAROLINE L.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-I-263
TROST, WILLIAM F.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-G-292
TROTH, SAMUEL N.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-177
TROWBRIDGE, ISAAC L.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-C-114
TRUITT, ANNA M.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-173
TURNER, BENJAMIN                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-509
TURNER, CATHARINE L.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-G-383
TURNER, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-190
TURNER, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-449
URIAN, JAMES M.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-116
VALENTINE, GERRY                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-595
VANAMAN, NANCY                         TBL                                     NJ-1-H-128
VANAMAN, WESLEY                        TBL                                     NJ-1-A-407
VANDERZER, MARY ANN                    TBL                                     NJ-1-H-199
VANSANT, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-C-291
VANSANT, NANCY                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-78
VANTRINOT, ANTHONY                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-256
VANTRUNIOT, CHRISTIANA                 TBL                                     NJ-1-C-354
VANUXEM, FREDERICK W.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-C-275
VEAL, DANIEL                           TBL                                     NJ-1-B-22
VERBEEK, BIANCA A. R.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-D-123
VIAL, JOHN                             TBL                                     NJ-1-A-50
VONPUCHELSTEIN, CHRISTINE J. L.        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-329
VONPUCHELSTEIN, CHRISTINE J. L.        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-329
VONPUECHELSTEIN, ANTON B.              TBL                                     NJ-1-A-462
WAGNER, CHARLES A.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-58
WAGNER, MARIA                          TBL                                     NJ-1-D-398
WAHL, JOHN C.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-G-71
WAHL, JOHN H.                          TBL                                     NJ-1-I-55
WAHL, MARY                             TBL                                     NJ-1-G-228
WALKER, MELVIN D.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-H-25
WALTER, HERMANN                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-611
WALTON, ELIZABETH B.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-G-98
WARD, DANIEL                           TBL                                     NJ-1-I-189
WARRICK, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-4
WATSON, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-246
WEAVER, SAMUEL W.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-520
WEBBER, JOEL H.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-284
WEBER, HENRY                           TBL                                     NJ-1-G-262
WEEKS, ISAIAH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-180
WEEKS, JAMES                           TBL                                     NJ-1-A-180
WEEKS, JOSEPH S.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-B-123
WEEKS, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NJ-1-A-117
WEISNBORN, FRANCIS                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-519
WEISS, CHARLES                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-94
WELFLING, JOHN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-C-450
WERLE, CHARLOTTE                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-264
WERLE, HENRY C.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-D-433
WERNER, ELIZABETH                      TBL                                     NJ-1-B-205
WETHERILL, ALEXANDER M.                TBL                                     NJ-1-I-149
WETHERILL, JOHN M.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-I-156
WETHERILL, WILLIAM                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-36
WEY, ANNA MARGARETHA                   TBL                                     NJ-1-I-260
WEY, CHRISTIAN                         TBL                                     NJ-1-H-592
WHEELER, HANNAH MORRIS                 TBL                                     NJ-1-C-349
WHITAKER, THOMAS D.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-H-255
WHITAKER, THOMAS D.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-G-125
WHITE, SAMUEL                          TBL                                     NJ-1-D-256
WHITNEY, ELIZABETH P.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-D-614
WHITTIER, AMANDA F.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-E-390
WHITTIER, AMANDA F.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-E-390
WHITTLESEY, ELIPHALET                  TBL                                     NJ-1-D-234
WIDENER, GEORGE                        TBL                                     NJ-1-I-344
WIESE, LUTZY                           TBL                                     NJ-1-I-100
WIESENTHAL, GOTTSCHALK                 TBL                                     NJ-1-G-363
WILD, JOHN PHILIP                      TBL                                     NJ-1-B-245
WILLETS, ARAH                          TBL                                     NJ-1-D-480
WILLIAMS, CATHERINE S.                 TBL                                     NJ-1-E-468
WILLIAMS, CATHERINE S.                 TBL                                     NJ-1-E-468
WILLIAMS, DAVID                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-434
WILLIAMS, EDWARD P.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-I-11
WILLIAMS, JOHN W.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-D-108
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH B.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-D-427
WILLIAMS, SARAH S.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-B-296
WILLIAMSON, BENJAMIN                   TBL                                     NJ-1-G-412
WILSON, JOHN L.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-201
WILSON, JOHN L.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-E-201
WILSON, MARY A.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-H-421
WINEBREWER, THEODORE E.                TBL                                     NJ-1-E-549
WINEBREWER, THEODORE E.                TBL                                     NJ-1-E-549
WINKLEY, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-1-B-163
WINNER, THOMAS D.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-A-397
WINSLOW, ROBERT E.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-248
WINSLOW, ROBERT E.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-248
WIRTHRICH, MATTHIAS                    TBL                                     NJ-1-B-130
WISSWEDE, THEODORE                     TBL                                     NJ-1-D-425
WISTAR, RICHARD                        TBL                                     NJ-1-G-354
WISTAR, WILLIAM LEWIS                  TBL                                     NJ-1-G-366
WOLF, ABRAHAM                          TBL                                     NJ-1-G-304
WOLFF, HEINRICH E.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-C-342
WOLOWSKA, LASTENIE GOMEZ DE            TBL                                     NJ-1-C-107
WOLSIEFFER, PHILIP M.                  TBL                                     NJ-1-B-9
WOODBURN, ADELINE                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-73
WOODMAN, MARY                          TBL                                     NJ-1-A-316
WOOLBERT, CHRISTOPHER R.               TBL                                     NJ-1-H-100
WOOLBERT, JOEL D.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-C-530
WOOTTON, HENRY                         TBL                                     NJ-1-H-146
WOOTTON, JONAH                         TBL                                     NJ-1-D-292
WOOTTON, JONAH JR.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-235
WOOTTON, JONAH JR.                     TBL                                     NJ-1-E-235
WRIGHT, ELIAS                          TBL                                     NJ-1-I-233
WRIGHT, ELLEN E.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-565
WRIGHT, ELLEN E.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-E-565
WRIGHT, JULIA R.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-H-267
YATES, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     NJ-1-G-238
YENDALL, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NJ-1-D-527
YERKES, SILAS JR.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-139
YERKES, SILAS JR.                      TBL                                     NJ-1-E-139
YOUNG, LOUIS                           TBL                                     NJ-1-G-231
YOUNG, LOUISA                          TBL                                     NJ-1-G-418
YOUNG, MARY                            TBL                                     NJ-1-D-237
ZEISING, CHARLES A.                    TBL                                     NJ-1-C-561
ZERN, RACHEL P.                        TBL                                     NJ-1-C-346
ZERN, WILLIAM H.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-335
ZERN, WILLIAM R.                       TBL                                     NJ-1-C-571
ZIMMER, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-1-B-416
ZIMMERMAN, DANIEL M.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-E-183
ZIMMERMAN, DANIEL M.                   TBL                                     NJ-1-E-183

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