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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1849-1867 | 2 = 1868-1894 | 3 = 1894-1905 | 4 = 1906-1913 | 5 = 1910-1919 | 6 = 1919-1924 | 7 = 1924-1928 | 8 = 1928-1935 | 9 = 1935-1940 | 10 = 1940-1945 | 11 = 1845-1947 | 12 = 1949-1954 | 13 = 1954-1957 | 14 = 1957-1959 | 15 = 1959-1960 | 16 = 1960-1962 | 17 = 1962 = 1963 |
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ADAMS, BETTIE A.                        NC-1-2-569
ADAMS, BOAZ                             NC-1-1-26
ADAMS, J. P.                            NC-1-2-19
ADAMS, MARGARET ELIZABETH               NC-1-2-72
ALBRIGHT, A. C.                         NC-1-5-316
ALBRIGHT, A. W.                         NC-1-1-272
ALBRIGHT, AMANDA C.                     NC-1-6-294
ALBRIGHT, ANDREW J.                     NC-1-5-183
ALBRIGHT, ANNE                          NC-1-1-77
ALBRIGHT, D. H.                         NC-1-4-585
ALBRIGHT, ELIZABETH A.                  NC-1-4-202
ALBRIGHT, GEORGE                        NC-1-1-51
ALBRIGHT, HENRY                         NC-1-3-139
ALBRIGHT, J. G.                         NC-1-2-245
ALBRIGHT, JAMES R.                      NC-1-2-165
ALBRIGHT, JOHN P.                       NC-1-2-453
ALBRIGHT, JOSEPH PRESTON                NC-1-4-440
ALBRIGHT, MARY C.                       NC-1-3-354
ALBRIGHT, NANCY J.                      NC-1-3-58
ALBRIGHT, SALLIE A.                     NC-1-5-61
ALBRIGHT, SOLOMON                       NC-1-1-195
ALBRIGHT, W. H.                         NC-1-6-87
ALBRIGHT, WILLIAM                       NC-1-2-21
ALEXANDER, ELI                          NC-1-4-526
ALEXANDER, G.                           NC-1-5-9
ALLEN, ELIZABETH JANE                   NC-1-4-61
ALLEN, JOSEPH WALKER                    NC-1-4-294
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          NC-1-1-38
ALLRED, LEWIS HENRY                     NC-1-2-525
ALLSTON, WALLACE                        NC-1-6-472
ANDERSON, JAMES                         NC-1-1-27
ANDERSON, SIDNEY                        NC-1-1-278
ANDERSON, W. H.                         NC-1-6-83
ANDERSON, WILLIAM J.                    NC-1-3-425
ANDREW, MARY                            NC-1-2-9
ANDREWS, ISAAC                          NC-1-1-250
ANDREWS, MANERVA A.                     NC-1-2-562
ANDREWS, R. F.                          NC-1-5-491
ANDREWS, W. CURTIS                      NC-1-6-124
ANTHONY, DANIEL                         NC-1-2-205
ANTHONY, ELIZA J.                       NC-1-6-164
ANTHONY, HENRY                          NC-1-1-198
ANTHONY, PRISCILLA                      NC-1-5-394
APPS, WILLIAM                           NC-1-3-236
ARMSTRONG, IVERSON                      NC-1-4-116
ASHWORTH, ISHAM                         NC-1-4-394
ATE, WILLIAM S.                         NC-1-2-189
BAKER, ANDREW                           NC-1-3-252
BAKER, JOSEPH                           NC-1-4-134
BALDWIN, MARTHA                         NC-1-4-542
BALLARD, B. B.                          NC-1-6-133
BAM, HENRY JR.                          NC-1-5-127
BANE, CELIA PARYEAR                     NC-1-6-29
BARBBEE, L. M.                          NC-1-4-21
BARBER, D. M.                           NC-1-4-29
BARBER, DAVID                           NC-1-2-60
BARBER, HEPSEY M.                       NC-1-4-308
BARBER, JAMES D.                        NC-1-2-80
BARBER, JOHN S.                         NC-1-4-65
BARBER, JOSEPH D.                       NC-1-3-583
BARKER, BARBARA D.                      NC-1-4-455
BARKER, E. B.                           NC-1-1-241
BARKER, GEORGE                          NC-1-2-23
BARKER, JOHN                            NC-1-1-269
BARKER, T. B.                           NC-1-6-395
BARNETT, GEORGE W.                      NC-1-2-550
BARNETT, JARRETT                        NC-1-3-30
BARNETT, MARY A.                        NC-1-3-207
BARNWELL, MARY B.                       NC-1-5-234
BARNWELL, MINNIE L.                     NC-1-3-356
BARNWELL, SARAH E.                      NC-1-6-219
BARRETT, J. P.                          NC-1-6-554
BARTON, CORNELIA C.                     NC-1-5-136
BARTON, WILLIAM                         NC-1-4-402
BASON, ELIZA F.                         NC-1-4-98
BASON, HENRY                            NC-1-1-148
BASON, JOSEPH                           NC-1-2-263
BASON, JOSEPH                           NC-1-1-8
BASON, JULIA A. D.                      NC-1-3-555
BASON, LIZZIE                           NC-1-4-1
BASON, W. F.                            NC-1-2-438
BAULDING, WILLIAM                       NC-1-4-80
BAULDWIN, CAORLINE                      NC-1-4-359
BAYNES, FANNIE                          NC-1-6-591
BEALE, A.                               NC-1-5-44
BELL, MARY JANE                         NC-1-4-48
BENNETT, DAVID                          NC-1-1-41
BENSON, CATHRINE                        NC-1-3-380
BERRY, JOHN                             NC-1-4-166
BINGHAM, MARY                           NC-1-5-29
BIRD, CLARA                             NC-1-2-103
BIRD, NANCY                             NC-1-1-129
BIVENS, STEPHEN                         NC-1-2-424
BLACK, DAVID                            NC-1-2-293
BLACKWLEL, L. L.                        NC-1-6-90
BLACKWOOD, S. J.                        NC-1-4-260
BLANCHARD,                              NC-1-2-307
BLANCHARD, FREDERICK                    NC-1-1-79
BLANCHARD, J. H.                        NC-1-5-352
BLANCHARD, WILLIAM A.                   NC-1-3-480
BOGGS, CHARITY                          NC-1-2-480
BOGGS, THOMAS H.                        NC-1-3-78
BOON, ANN                               NC-1-1-173
BOON, ANNIE                             NC-1-4-552
BOON, ELIZA ANN M.                      NC-1-5-123
BOONE, VANN                             NC-1-5-282
BORNWELL, SUSAN                         NC-1-1-117
BOSWELL, JAMES MC.                      NC-1-5-597
BOSWELL, JOHN A.                        NC-1-3-459
BOWN, JOHN W.                           NC-1-6-381
BRADFORD, DAVID                         NC-1-1-231
BRADSHAW, A. F.                         NC-1-4-341
BRADSHAW, ELIZABETH                     NC-1-2-5
BRADSHAW, LETITIA                       NC-1-2-98
BRADSHAW, MARY                          NC-1-1-163
BRADSHAW, T. F.                         NC-1-1-271
BRADSHAW, W. L.                         NC-1-3-214
BRANNOCK, EDUND                         NC-1-1-174
BRANNOCK, JOHN                          NC-1-3-374
BRANOCK, WILLIAM                        NC-1-1-281
BRAXTON, ELISHA                         NC-1-1-238
BRAXTON, IRA                            NC-1-3-546
BRAXTON, JOHN                           NC-1-3-370
BRAXTON, JOHN H.                        NC-1-3-84
BRAXTON, JONATHAN                       NC-1-3-304
BRAXTON, THOMAS D.                      NC-1-5-357
BRAXTON, W.                             NC-1-6-38
BROWDER, ABRAM                          NC-1-3-265
BROWN, LEVI                             NC-1-2-507
BROWN, THOMAS                           NC-1-1-199
BROWNING, L. M.                         NC-1-6-210
BRYAN, NANCY                            NC-1-1-260
BURCH, L. A.                            NC-1-4-11
BURKE, JOHN C.                          NC-1-4-384
BURKE, JOHN W.                          NC-1-6-391
BURKE, SUSAN W.                         NC-1-4-516
BURNETT, SYDNEY                         NC-1-6-334
BYRD, JAMES                             NC-1-1-292
CABLE, MAGGIE                           NC-1-6-290
CAPPS, AMOS                             NC-1-4-244
CAPPS, EDWIN                            NC-1-5-575
CAPPS, POLLY                            NC-1-1-54
CAPPS, R. R.                            NC-1-2-485
CARRIGAN, JAMES E.                      NC-1-1-261
CARTER, S. H.                           NC-1-6-297
CATES, J. W.                            NC-1-5-342
CATES, JANE                             NC-1-2-549
CHANDLER, QUEEN                         NC-1-3-585
CHEEK, ELIZABETH                        NC-1-2-315
CHEEK, G. N.                            NC-1-3-453
CHEEK, H. A.                            NC-1-3-277
CHEEK, MARY E.                          NC-1-5-349
CHEEK, RICHARD F.                       NC-1-6-354
CHEEK, ROBERT                           NC-1-1-248
CHEEK, THOMAS M.                        NC-1-5-115
CHEEK, W. B.                            NC-1-6-430
CHEEK, WILLIAMA.                        NC-1-1-294
CHILDREY, W. H.                         NC-1-6-421
CHILSON, ARNOLD W.                      NC-1-1-236
CHRISMAN, JACOB                         NC-1-2-78
CHRISMON, HENRY G.                      NC-1-4-118
CHRISMON, JOSEPH R.                     NC-1-4-145
CHRISTMAS, MARY W.                      NC-1-1-97
CLAPP, MARY E.                          NC-1-4-524
CLAPP, MINTIA A.                        NC-1-4-472
CLAPP, PINKNEY WELKER                   NC-1-4-185
CLAPP, SARAH E.                         NC-1-5-314
CLARK, ELIJAH                           NC-1-1-223
CLARK, NANCY B.                         NC-1-5-94
CLENDENIN, ELIZABETH C.                 NC-1-5-476
CLENDENIN, FISHER                       NC-1-3-189
CLENDENIN, GEORGE A.                    NC-1-4-352
COBB, GASTON D.                         NC-1-2-249
COBB, NORAH NEAL                        NC-1-5-130
COBLE, AGNES                            NC-1-4-124
COBLE, AUSTIN C.                        NC-1-3-509
COBLE, CATHARINE                        NC-1-1-89
COBLE, DAVID                            NC-1-1-96
COBLE, HIRAM W.                         NC-1-4-136
COBLE, J. T.                            NC-1-5-72
COBLE, JOHN                             NC-1-2-94
COBLE, JOHN                             NC-1-2-126
COBLE, MILTON                           NC-1-3-143
COBLE, PETER                            NC-1-1-50
COBLE, ROXANNA                          NC-1-4-218
COBLE, SAMUEL                           NC-1-3-23
COBLE, SARAH                            NC-1-2-97
COBLE, SARAH                            NC-1-2-330
COBLE, SARAH                            NC-1-5-105
COBLE, WESLEY L.                        NC-1-5-142
COBLE, WILKINS                          NC-1-4-281
COBLE, WILLIAM R.                       NC-1-4-582
COLEMAN, JOHN C.                        NC-1-1-268
COOK, EUCLID MONROE                     NC-1-4-205
COOK, THOMAS C.                         NC-1-2-323
COOPER, ELIZABETH                       NC-1-1-61
COOPER, JAMES DUNCAN                    NC-1-6-404
COOPER, RICHARD                         NC-1-2-264
CORN, DICKERSON                         NC-1-2-184
CORN, DICKSON                           NC-1-2-304
CORN, EVELINE                           NC-1-2-341
CORN, RICHERSON                         NC-1-2-131
COTNER, WILLIAM                         NC-1-5-32
COUNCILMAN, SARAH                       NC-1-4-443
COUSIN, MARY F.                         NC-1-4-417
COVINGTON, J. E.                        NC-1-5-413
COVINGTON, W. F.                        NC-1-4-236
COVINGTON, W. F.                        NC-1-4-263
COX, JOHN H.                            NC-1-3-231
COX, LENNEOUS T.                        NC-1-5-564
CRAIG, JAMES A.                         NC-1-1-18
CRAIG, JOHN W.                          NC-1-2-358
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          NC-1-2-73
CRAWFORD, MADISON                       NC-1-4-494
CRAWFORD, MARGARET                      NC-1-2-209
CRAWFORD, PHILLIP                       NC-1-2-286
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL                        NC-1-3-338
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL J.                     NC-1-3-289
CREEDLE, CHLOE                          NC-1-2-112
CUMMINGS, CAM                           NC-1-3-432
CUMMINGS, JOYCE                         NC-1-4-566
CUMMINGS, ROBIE                         NC-1-4-491
CURTIS, C. C.                           NC-1-2-450
CURTIS, CLEMENT C.                      NC-1-2-194
CURTIS, LUCY L.                         NC-1-6-395
CURTIS, TEMPY C.                        NC-1-3-350
DANILY, HENSON                          NC-1-3-166
DANILY, POLLY M.                        NC-1-2-528
DANLEY, ELIZABETH J.                    NC-1-2-83
DANNELLY, JOHN W.                       NC-1-2-96
DAVIS, J. L.                            NC-1-6-286
DEMOSS, OLLIE M.                        NC-1-4-573
DENNY, WILLIAM R.                       NC-1-1-291
DICK, ALICE D.                          NC-1-3-478
DICK, LETITIA M.                        NC-1-4-414
DICKEY, JAMES                           NC-1-1-36
DICKEY, MARY A.                         NC-1-2-338
DICKEY, W. L.                           NC-1-3-18
DIXON, ANDERSON                         NC-1-1-209
DIXON, C. J. (MRS)                      NC-1-4-318
DIXON, DAVID                            NC-1-1-138
DIXON, E. R.                            NC-1-3-466
DIXON, GEORGE                           NC-1-3-55
DIXON, HUGH W.                          NC-1-3-391
DIXON, JOHN                             NC-1-2-67
DIXON, ROBERT                           NC-1-2-130
DIXON, THOMAS                           NC-1-1-227
DIXON, THOMAS C.                        NC-1-3-261
DODSON, MICHAEL                         NC-1-5-150
DONNELL, LIZZIE B.                      NC-1-3-468
DONNELL, W. C.                          NC-1-5-270
DONNELLY, JOHN                          NC-1-1-110
DUNLOP, MATTIE R.                       NC-1-6-240
DURHAM, THOMAS L.                       NC-1-2-273
EATON, MOSES D.                         NC-1-2-562
EATON, MOSES D.                         NC-1-3-562
ECCLES, SARAH                           NC-1-2-333
ECKLES, WILLIAM                         NC-1-1-73
ECOTR, HUGH                             NC-1-1-165
ECTOR, JANE                             NC-1-1-203
ECTOR, JOHN A.                          NC-1-1-233
ECTOR, JOSEPH                           NC-1-1-135
ECTOR, JOSEPH P.                        NC-1-5-232
ECTOR, SUSAN CATHERAN                   NC-1-4-406
EDWARDS, SALLY                          NC-1-3-388
EDWARDS, SALLY                          NC-1-2-388
EER, HAYWOOD                            NC-1-2-236
ELWICK, DOLLIE                          NC-1-5-247
EULISS, V. M.                           NC-1-5-285
EVANS, MARY J.                          NC-1-6-584
FACETTE, MARTHA                         NC-1-1-212
FAUCETTE, ADOLPHUS G.                   NC-1-4-228
FAUCETTE, ELI V.                        NC-1-1-116
FAUCETTE, ELLIS                         NC-1-4-380
FAUCETTE, G. C.                         NC-1-3-369
FAUCETTE, JANE                          NC-1-2-119
FAUCETTE, JOHN R.                       NC-1-1-113
FAUCETTE, JOHN SR.                      NC-1-1-224
FAUCETTE, THOMAS B.                     NC-1-2-238
FAUCETTE, THOMAS N.                     NC-1-2-393
FAUCETTE, WILLIAM E.                    NC-1-2-88
FAUCETTE, WILLIAM SR.                   NC-1-1-115
FAUSETT, ROBERT                         NC-1-1-35
FITCH, MARY                             NC-1-1-202
FITZGERALD, JAMES W.                    NC-1-3-221
FIX, JOSEPH                             NC-1-3-530
FIX, SARAH M.                           NC-1-5-552
FLANIGAN, MARGARET J.                   NC-1-4-230
FOGLEMAN, FRANCES ELLEN                 NC-1-4-277
FOGLEMAN, JAMES (COLORED)               NC-1-2-220
FOGLEMAN, SARAH J.                      NC-1-6-283
FONVILLE, BRAXTON B.                    NC-1-4-27
FONVILLE, BRICE F.                      NC-1-3-295
FONVILLE, F. W.                         NC-1-3-366
FONVILLE, IRENE O.                      NC-1-6-21
FONVILLE, JAMES B.                      NC-1-1-211
FONVILLE, JAMES R.                      NC-1-2-178
FONVILLE, MARY E.                       NC-1-2-465
FOOSHEE, CHARLES                        NC-1-1-245
FOSTER, BRISCO                          NC-1-2-343
FOSTER, EMILY                           NC-1-6-317
FOSTER, JAMES J.                        NC-1-4-421
FOSTER, SAMUEL P.                       NC-1-1-82
FOUST, ANNIE L.                         NC-1-6-343
FOUST, CATHERINE                        NC-1-4-215
FOUST, ELBRIDGE                         NC-1-5-35
FOUST, EMILY C.                         NC-1-6-544
FOUST, GEMIMA                           NC-1-3-292
FOUST, GEORGE                           NC-1-1-189
FOUST, JOHN                             NC-1-4-57
FOUST, JOHN A.                          NC-1-5-483
FOUST, LIVINIA                          NC-1-4-325
FOUST, MARIA D.                         NC-1-2-191
FOUST, MARY                             NC-1-1-57
FOUST, NANCY C.                         NC-1-5-582
FOUST, PETER                            NC-1-2-402
FOUST, PETER                            NC-1-1-94
FOUST, PETER Z.                         NC-1-1-216
FOUST, REBECCA H.                       NC-1-5-319
FOUST, THOMAS C.                        NC-1-5-406
FOWLER, HENRY C.                        NC-1-3-542
FOX, FLORA                              NC-1-3-261
FREEH, WILLIAM H.                       NC-1-2-12
FREELAND, J. W.                         NC-1-3-580
FREELAND, JOHN D.                       NC-1-2-239
FREELAND, JOSEPH                        NC-1-1-257
FREELNAD, AMY                           NC-1-2-196
FRESHWATER, HENRY                       NC-1-6-257
FRESHWATER, WILLIAM A.                  NC-1-2-296
FURGESON, ANDREW                        NC-1-1-62
FURGESON, ELLEN                         NC-1-1-63
GANT, J. A.                             NC-1-2-18
GANT, JONATHAN                          NC-1-1-149
GARRETT, HENRY                          NC-1-1-254
GARRETT, J. R.                          NC-1-3-575
GARRISON, B. F.                         NC-1-3-413
GARRISON, ELIZABETH J.                  NC-1-1-220
GARRISON, GARRETT                       NC-1-1-220
GARRISON, ISABELLA D.                   NC-1-3-3
GARRISON, JOSEPH L.                     NC-1-1-277
GARRISON, LEVI                          NC-1-2-576
GARRISON, MARY                          NC-1-1-83
GARRISON, MARY J.                       NC-1-5-528
GARRISON, WILLIAM                       NC-1-1-246
GATTIS, REBECCA                         NC-1-2-212
GEORGE, ELIZABETH CATES                 NC-1-5-425
GERRINGER, ELIZABETH                    NC-1-4-300
GERRINGER, JESSE                        NC-1-1-217
GERRINGER, JOHN H.                      NC-1-5-22
GERRINGER, JOSHUA                       NC-1-4-253
GERRINGER, LEVINIA                      NC-1-5-311
GERRINGER, LEWIS                        NC-1-2-386
GIBSON, JAMES                           NC-1-6-449
GILLIAM, A. T.                          NC-1-6-371
GILLIAM, J. H.                          NC-1-5-77
GILLIAM JAMES                           NC-1-3-400
GILLIAM, MARTHA                         NC-1-2-500
GILLIAM, W. W.                          NC-1-2-417
GRAHAM, ALBERT                          NC-1-5-215
GRAHAM, ELI S.                          NC-1-3-440
GRAHAM JAMES                            NC-1-1-111
GRAHAM, JAMES PENDER                    NC-1-4-18
GRAHAM, RACHEL                          NC-1-2-476
GRAHAM, THOMAS                          NC-1-1-274
GREESON, DELLAH                         NC-1-4-540
GREESON, NELLY                          NC-1-4-501
GREESON, WILLIAM                        NC-1-4-497
GREGORY, JOHN E. S.                     NC-1-5-178
GRIFFIN, T. J.                          NC-1-6-65
GRIFFIS, ABEL                           NC-1-2-516
GRIFFIS, SARAH                          NC-1-4-197
GRIFFITH, ISAAC                         NC-1-1-112
GROVES, MARY M.                         NC-1-3-33
GUTHERIE, CANDIS                        NC-1-4-290
GUTHRIE, A. L.                          NC-1-5-243
GUTHRIE, JOHN B.                        NC-1-3-81
GUTHRIE, MARGARET                       NC-1-3-155
GUTHRIE, OLIVER                         NC-1-3-553
GUTHRIE, W. H.                          NC-1-5-450
HADLEY, THOMAS M.                       NC-1-6-414
HALL, JAMES                             NC-1-1-49
HALL, JOHN                              NC-1-1-105
HALL, P. J.                             NC-1-6-563
HALL, SARAH E.                          NC-1-2-272
HALLIDAY, OWEN                          NC-1-3-234
HANCOCK, MARGARET                       NC-1-3-42
HARBOR, HARRISON                        NC-1-2-199
HARDEN, CHARLES P.                      NC-1-6-508
HARDEN, EMERLINE                        NC-1-4-388
HARDEN, EMMA ANN                        NC-1-4-328
HARDEN, J. W.                           NC-1-4-51
HARDEN, KATIE                           NC-1-3-438
HARDEN, MARY C.                         NC-1-6-309
HARDER, AUSTIN                          NC-1-1-219
HARDER, JOSEPH                          NC-1-2-68
HARGIS, R. O.                           NC-1-5-473
HARRIS, MOLLIE E.                       NC-1-4-563
HARVEY, ELEANOR                         NC-1-2-302
HARVEY, JULIA                           NC-1-3-217
HARVEY, WILLIAM                         NC-1-1-221
HATMAKER, MOLLY                         NC-1-1-102
HAZELL, NANCY E.                        NC-1-3-39
HICKS, JAMES                            NC-1-1-106
HICKS, JAMES M.                         NC-1-1-201
HICKS, JOHN                             NC-1-2-63
HICKS, T. W.                            NC-1-4-117
HILL, ELIZABETH JANE                    NC-1-5-90
HILL, W. J.                             NC-1-6-363
HINES, EZEKIAL D.                       NC-1-4-189
HINSHAW, ZIMRI                          NC-1-3-343
HOBBS, CATHARINE                        NC-1-1-126
HOLLAND, AMANDA                         NC-1-3-6
HOLMES, KATHERINE                       NC-1-4-393
HOLMES, THOMAS                          NC-1-6-101
HOLMES, WILLIAM                         NC-1-2-299
HOLT, ALEX                              NC-1-2-529
HOLT, ANNIE LONG                        NC-1-5-276
HOLT, C. G.                             NC-1-5-119
HOLT, CHARLES T.                        NC-1-3-358
HOLT, DANIEL C.                         NC-1-2-510
HOLT, EDWIN M.                          NC-1-2-223
HOLT, EMILY                             NC-1-3-352
HOLT, GEORGE W.                         NC-1-3-421
HOLT, JACOB                             NC-1-2-201
HOLT, JAMES H.                          NC-1-3-178
HOLT, JEREMIAH                          NC-1-2-103
HOLT, JEREMIAH W.                       NC-1-6-440
HOLT, JOHN                              NC-1-2-353
HOLT, JOSEPH C.                         NC-1-5-442
HOLT, L. BANKS                          NC-1-6-112
HOLT, MARGARET NOAK                     NC-1-5-518
HOLT, MARY                              NC-1-3-322
HOLT, MARY CATHARINE                    NC-1-6-571
HOLT, MICHAEL W.                        NC-1-1-127
HOLT, NELLY                             NC-1-1-43
HOLT, PETER                             NC-1-2-277
HOLT, PETER F.                          NC-1-2-354
HOLT, ROBERT L.                         NC-1-6-433
HOLT, SARAH                             NC-1-1-34
HOLT, SIDNEY B.                         NC-1-3-48
HOLT, THOMAS                            NC-1-2-414
HOLT, THOMAS M.                         NC-1-3-173
HOLT, THOMAS M.                         NC-1-3-103
HOLT, W. D.                             NC-1-3-99
HOLT, WILLIAM                           NC-1-1-18
HOLTEN, MARY T.                         NC-1-5-381
HONNER, ELMINER R.                      NC-1-2-490
HOPKINS, JOSHUA H. L.                   NC-1-3-500
HORNADAY, BALAAM                        NC-1-2-325
HORNE, ABEL H.                          NC-1-4-285
HORNE, JAMES E.                         NC-1-3-386
HOZELL, DUNCAN                          NC-1-2-567
HUFFINES, LEWIS                         NC-1-2-196
HUFFINES, MARY ANN                      NC-1-3-301
HUFFINES, PHOEBE                        NC-1-2-197
HUFFINES, SIMPSON                       NC-1-2-508
HUFFMAN, DANIEL                         NC-1-3-550
HUGHES, A. G.                           NC-1-2-35
HUNTER, JAMES A.                        NC-1-4-181
HUNTER, KATE                            NC-1-6-221
HUNTER, NANCY                           NC-1-5-265
HUNTER, ROBERT                          NC-1-4-545
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         NC-1-5-571
HURDLE, CATHARINE                       NC-1-2-99
HURDLE, DICKEY                          NC-1-1-51
HURDLE, JAMES                           NC-1-1-176
HURDLE, JAMES M.                        NC-1-3-446
HURDLE, MARGARET F.                     NC-1-5-47
HURDLE, STEPHEN                         NC-1-3-297
INGLE, J. C.                            NC-1-3-195
INGLE, RUFUS W.                         NC-1-5-292
INGLE, SARAH M.                         NC-1-6-161
INGOLD, DOROTHY                         NC-1-1-226
IRELAND, D. M.                          NC-1-6-121
IRELAND, ELIZABETH                      NC-1-2-350
IRELAND, JOHN                           NC-1-2-135
IRELAND, JOHN R.                        NC-1-4-220
IRELAND, W. F.                          NC-1-3-590
IRWIN, C. B.                            NC-1-5-223
ISELEY, ADAM L.                         NC-1-5-145
ISELEY, ALFRED                          NC-1-2-312
ISELEY, ELI G.                          NC-1-4-314
ISELEY, ELI K.                          NC-1-6-274
ISELEY, ELIZABETH                       NC-1-2-211
ISELEY, HENRY                           NC-1-2-266
ISELEY, JACOB                           NC-1-1-75
ISELEY, JULIAN R.                       NC-1-4-478
ISELEY, MARTHA A.                       NC-1-2-494
ISELEY, SUSAN                           NC-1-1-66
ISLEY, A. T.                            NC-1-5-391
ISLEY, ALFRED                           NC-1-4-71
ISLEY, AUSTIN                           NC-1-2-121
ISLEY, ELI                              NC-1-5-1
ISLEY, HENRY M.                         NC-1-6-492
ISLEY, ISABELLA                         NC-1-4-172
ISLEY, LEVI                             NC-1-2-81
ISLEY, MARTIN                           NC-1-1-160
ISLEY, MARY                             NC-1-1-206
ISLEY, RACHEL                           NC-1-1-103
ISLY, ELIZABETH C.                      NC-1-6-542
JAMES, S. R.                            NC-1-5-372
JEFFREYS, ANDREW                        NC-1-1-290
JEFFREYS, S. E.                         NC-1-5-533
JEFFRIES, ADDISON                       NC-1-3-67
JEFFRIES, EVAN                          NC-1-1-32
JEFFRIES, LEVI                          NC-1-5-4
JEFFRIES, MARY JANE                     NC-1-6-178
JENKINS, SARAH                          NC-1-2-100
JOBE, JAMES M.                          NC-1-3-238
JOBE, W. AMICK                          NC-1-5-172
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                      NC-1-2-51
JOHNSON, GEORGE B.                      NC-1-4-376
JOHNSON, JAMES                          NC-1-1-114
JOHNSON, L. A.                          NC-1-5-168
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NC-1-1-187
JOHNSON, WILLIAM M.                     NC-1-1-146
JOHNSTON, D. S.                         NC-1-3-245
JOHNSTON, MARGARET                      NC-1-2-190
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM C.                    NC-1-3-209
JONES, GEORGE T.                        NC-1-6-76
JONES, HARRIET                          NC-1-4-311
JONES, RICHARD                          NC-1-1-204
JONES, W. F. SR.                        NC-1-3-306
JONES, W. H.                            NC-1-6-547
JORDAN, G.                              NC-1-1-84
JORDAN, R. A.                           NC-1-2-492
KECK, G. ALEXANDER                      NC-1-5-9
KECK, H. O.                             NC-1-6-417
KERNODLE, MARY                          NC-1-3-535
KERR, DAVID W.                          NC-1-2-147
KERR, ISAAC                             NC-1-3-322
KIME, FRANCES L.                        NC-1-3-141
KIMREY, PENY J.                         NC-1-4-475
KIMREY, POLLY G.                        NC-1-5-56
KIMSEY, JOHN G.                         NC-1-6-481
KIMSEY, WILLIAM HENRY                   NC-1-6-59
KING, ALVIS                             NC-1-2-203
KING, AMASA                             NC-1-2-87
KING, B. B.                             NC-1-3-197
KING, EDWARD                            NC-1-2-47
KING, ELIZBET J.                        NC-1-3-489
KING, GEORGE W.                         NC-1-2-235
KING, H. C.                             NC-1-6-46
KING, IRVIN W.                          NC-1-2-86
KING, J. F.                             NC-1-6-227
KING, JOHN                              NC-1-1-46
KING, JOHN J.                           NC-1-4-32
KING, MANGUM                            NC-1-1-151
KING, MARGARET                          NC-1-5-253
KING, MARTHA                            NC-1-2-58
KING, MARTHA                            NC-1-5-487
KING, WILLIAM                           NC-1-1-280
KING, WILLIAM C.                        NC-1-1-230
KING, WILLIAM S.                        NC-1-6-401
KIRKPATRICK, ALEXANDER                  NC-1-2-84
KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM                    NC-1-1-242
KLAPP, ELIZABETH                        NC-1-2-243
KLAPP, ELIZABETH ANN                    NC-1-2-144

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