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ADAM, MARTIN                            MD-11-1-58
ADAMS, ABRAHAM                          MD-11-4-480
ADAMS, ANDREW                           MD-11-8-359
ADAMS, ANDREW                           MD-11-15-60
ADAMS, BENJAMIN                         MD-11-1-238
ADAMS, CATHARINE                        MD-11-20-518
ADAMS, LYDIA                            MD-11-12-269
ADAMS, MARGARET                         MD-11-4-214
ADAMS, STAPHEL                          MD-11-4-62
ADAMS, THOMAS                           MD-11-9-452
ADAMS, VALENTINE                        MD-11-14-483
ADAMS, WILLIAM                          MD-11-18-513
ADAMSON, JOHN                           MD-11-1-415
ADDLESPERGER, JOHN                      MD-11-10-88
ADELSBERGER, JAMES F.                   MD-11-18-411
ADELSBERGER, MICHAEL                    MD-11-19-244
ADELSBERGER, MICHAEL                    MD-11-19-500
ADER, STACY                             MD-11-11-61
ADER, SUSAN                             MD-11-11-8
ADKINS, JOHN I.                         MD-11-14-293
ADKINS, SAMUEL                          MD-11-14-327
ADLESBERGER, THOMAS                     MD-11-9-84
ADLUM, JOHN SR.                         MD-11-8-255
AGNEW, DAVID                            MD-11-11-764
AGNEW, MARGARET                         MD-11-13-256
AHALT, HENRY                            MD-11-11-261
AHALT, LYDIA                            MD-11-18-519
AHALT, MATHIAS                          MD-11-19-206
ALBAUGH, DANIEL                         MD-11-13-155
ALBAUGH, ISAAC A.                       MD-11-15-64
ALBAUGH, JOHN                           MD-11-12-48
ALBAUGH, PETER                          MD-11-6-218
ALBAUGH, PHILIP                         MD-11-4-72
ALBAUGH, SUSAN                          MD-11-15-181
ALBAUGH, WILLIAM                        MD-11-3-508
ALBRIGHT, CHARLES P.                    MD-11-15-280
ALDRIDGE, OLIVER P.                     MD-11-18-391
ALEXANDER, FRANCIS                      MD-11-1-143
ALEXANDER, JACOB                        MD-11-6-493
ALGIER, JOSEPH                          MD-11-3-37
ALLEN, AARON                            MD-11-19-93
ALLEX, MICHAEL                          MD-11-8-432
ALLISON, JAMES                          MD-11-3-265
ALLISON, JOHN SR.                       MD-11-1-375
ALLISON, THOMAS                         MD-11-1-494
ALLIX, MARGARET                         MD-11-4-432
ALTHOFF, HENRY                          MD-11-14-354
AMBLER, THOMAS                          MD-11-1-384
AMBROSE, CATHERINE                      MD-11-5-313
AMBROSE, HENRY                          MD-11-11-436
AMBROSE, MATHIAS SR.                    MD-11-3-106
ANDERS, ABRAHAM                         MD-11-19-514
ANDERS, CHARLES C.                      MD-11-19-449
ANDERSON, ADEN                          MD-11-20-143
ANDERSON, EDWARD                        MD-11-7-234
ANDERSON, LUCY B.                       MD-11-13-50
ANDERSON, MARY                          MD-11-9-107
ANDESS, WILLIAM                         MD-11-2-311
ANDREW, WILLIAM                         MD-11-1-242
ANGEL, CHARLES SR.                      MD-11-6-149
ANGEL, GEORGE                           MD-11-9-35
ANGLEBERGER, GEORGE W.                  MD-11-15-215
ANGLEBERGER, JACOB                      MD-11-13-307
ANGLEBERGHER, PHILIP                    MD-11-1-155
ANGST, JOHN                             MD-11-3-175
ANKROM, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-4-149
ANKROM, RICKARD                         MD-11-3-507
ANNAN, SAMUEL E.                        MD-11-18-465
ANSTOTT, GEORGE                         MD-11-2-88
ANTHONY, HESTER                         MD-11-11-736
APLE, PETER                             MD-11-2-122
APPEL, PETER JR                         MD-11-1-536
APPLE, CATHARINE                        MD-11-3-179
APPLE, PETER JR.                        MD-11-1-536
APPLE, SUNNAH (SUSAN)                   MD-11-1-446
APPLEMAN, JOHN                          MD-11-15-246
APPLEMAN, PHILIP                        MD-11-10-171
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        MD-11-8-25
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      MD-11-14-197
ARNOLD, DAVID                           MD-11-11-617
ARNOLD, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-8-225
ARNOLD, JACOB                           MD-11-7-57
ARNOLD, JOHN                            MD-11-3-357
ARNOLD, JOSEPH                          MD-11-1-115
ARNOLD, MARY                            MD-11-2-170
ARNOLD, PETER                           MD-11-19-225
ARNOLD, SUSAN                           MD-11-19-476
ARNOLD, WILLIAM                         MD-11-10-339
ARNSPARGER, WILLIAM                     MD-11-19-279
ARTER, DANIEL SR.                       MD-11-6-359
ASHBAUGH, JOHN                          MD-11-15-173
ASHBAUGH, JOHN                          MD-11-15-144
ASHMAN, NANCY                           MD-11-10-363
ASHMAN, RUTH                            MD-11-10-629
ASKIN, GEORGE                           MD-11-7-191
ASPEY, RUDOLPH                          MD-11-1-430
ATER, GEORGE                            MD-11-5-166
ATWOOD, JOHN S.                         MD-11-10-346
ATWOOD, TERESA                          MD-11-13-238
AUBEL, HENRY WILLIAM                    MD-11-20-211
AUBERT, JACOB                           MD-11-19-325
AUKENBERGER, MARGARET                   MD-11-20-360
AULD, JACOB                             MD-11-1-388
AUSHERMAN, LYDIA                        MD-11-20-92
AYFORT, HENRY                           MD-11-3-348
AYRES, ENOCH                            MD-11-19-352
BABEL, JOHN CHRISTIAN SR.               MD-11-19-174
BABILON, BARBARA                        MD-11-5-201
BACHMAN, FREDERICK                      MD-11-9-443
BACKEY, JOHN                            MD-11-4-390
BAER, CHARLES J.                        MD-11-20-508
BAER, CHARLOTTE C.                      MD-11-19-483
BAER, GEORGE                            MD-11-9-540
BAER, GEORGE (CARPENTER)                MD-11-10-162
BAER, GEORGE SR.                        MD-11-5-288
BAER, HENRY                             MD-11-12-296
BAER, JOHN SR.                          MD-11-8-164
BAER, SALLIE ANN                        MD-11-18-418
BAILE, PETER                            MD-11-10-61
BAILEY, HEZEKIAH                        MD-11-15-141
BAKER, AARON                            MD-11-20-399
BAKER, ADAM                             MD-11-11-287
BAKER, ANN                              MD-11-12-223
BAKER, BASIL                            MD-11-14-437
BAKER, CONRAD                           MD-11-11-242
BAKER, FREDERICK                        MD-11-5-330
BAKER, FREDERICK                        MD-11-15-235
BAKER, HENRY                            MD-11-7-172
BAKER, HENRY                            MD-11-11-289
BAKER, HENRY                            MD-11-9-226
BAKER, JOHN                             MD-11-18-412
BAKER, JOHN                             MD-11-11-243
BAKER, MARY                             MD-11-12-355
BAKER, NICHOLAS                         MD-11-1-206
BAKER, SUSANNA                          MD-11-14-28
BAKER, WILLIAM                          MD-11-13-371
BALDERSON, JOHN                         MD-11-13-207
BALDERSON, MARGARET                     MD-11-14-488
BALDING, GRACE                          MD-11-14-410
BALDNER, MICHAEL                        MD-11-12-236
BALDNER, MICHAEL                        MD-11-19-302
BALDWIN, DANIEL                         MD-11-9-174
BALDWIN, ELIJAH                         MD-11-6-51
BALDWIN, STEPHEN                        MD-11-1-174
BALDWIN, THOMAS                         MD-11-11-19
BALL, THOMAS                            MD-11-1-18
BALLENGER, CASSANDRA                    MD-11-8-372
BALLENGER, RACHEL                       MD-11-9-70
BALLINGER, DANIEL                       MD-11-6-301
BALLINGER, ELIZABETH                    MD-11-10-375
BALLINGER, HANNAH                       MD-11-12-266
BALLINGER, MARY                         MD-11-11-661
BALTZEL, CHARLES                        MD-11-6-507
BALTZELL, CHARLES                       MD-11-11-129
BALTZELL, GEORGE                        MD-11-13-111
BALTZELL, JACOB                         MD-11-13-94
BALTZELL, JACOB                         MD-11-5-421
BALTZELL, JOHN                          MD-11-9-278
BALTZELL, JOHN (DR.)                    MD-11-13-359
BALTZER, JOHN                           MD-11-6-165
BANKARD, JACOB                          MD-11-3-310
BANKS, JOHN                             MD-11-1-579
BARGER, FREDERICK                       MD-11-8-418
BARNARD, NATHANIEL                      MD-11-2-67
BARNES, ROBERT SR.                      MD-11-1-585
BARNES, THOMAS                          MD-11-20-458
BARNETT, BARBARA                        MD-11-10-422
BARNHART, ANTHONY                       MD-11-5-401
BARNHART, PHILIP                        MD-11-9-141
BARRACK, WILLIAM                        MD-11-1-37
BARRETT, JOHN                           MD-11-12-193
BARRICK, CATHERINE                      MD-11-10-283
BARRICK, CHRISTIAN                      MD-11-8-272
BARRICK, ELIZABETH G.                   MD-11-18-530
BARRICK, GEORGE OF PETER                MD-11-15-271
BARRICK, HANDEAL                        MD-11-3-240
BARRICK, JACOB OF JOHN                  MD-11-11-375
BARRICK, PETER                          MD-11-8-460
BARRICK, PETER                          MD-11-11-614
BARRICK, WILLIAM                        MD-11-3-378
BARTGIS, MARGARET                       MD-11-15-52
BARTGIS, MATHIAS                        MD-11-9-362
BARTON, GREENBURY                       MD-11-11-77
BARTON, ISAAC N.                        MD-11-20-348
BARTON, JACOB                           MD-11-1-173
BASEY, SAMUEL                           MD-11-1-503
BASSFORD, JOHN W.                       MD-11-14-187
BAST, ELIAS                             MD-11-20-398
BAST, JOSEPH                            MD-11-18-352
BAST, MARIA BARBARA                     MD-11-11-197
BAST, SIDNEY                            MD-11-11-151
BASTIAN, MARY ALBERDEAN                 MD-11-4-346
BATE, JAMES                             MD-11-2-163
BAUCHMAN, CATHARINE                     MD-11-11-105
BAUGHER, CATHARINE                      MD-11-11-83
BAUGHER, DANIEL B.                      MD-11-12-295
BAUGHER, ISAAC                          MD-11-12-310
BAUGHER, JOHN                           MD-11-18-348
BAUGHER, SAMUEL                         MD-11-9-67
BAUGHER, SAMUEL B.                      MD-11-9-486
BAUMGARDNER, ELIZABETH                  MD-11-13-141
BAUMGARTNER, HENRY                      MD-11-11-133
BAURSAX, GEORGE ADAM                    MD-11-8-67
BAUS, HENRY                             MD-11-11-432
BAWDEN, LAMBERT                         MD-11-14-78
BAWLUS, JOHN                            MD-11-9-344
BAYER, CATHARINE                        MD-11-5-345
BAYER, MELCHOR                          MD-11-3-5
BAYER, MICHAEL                          MD-11-2-148
BAYER, MICHAEL                          MD-11-8-117
BAYERLY, JACOB                          MD-11-6-226
BAYNE, JOHN G.                          MD-11-10-569
BBENTLY, MARY                           MD-11-10-242
BEACHLEY, JOHN                          MD-11-15-219
BEACHT, JACOB                           MD-11-8-281
BEACHTEL, SUSAN                         MD-11-12-141
BEACKLY, HENRY                          MD-11-10-105
BEAGLER, HENRY                          MD-11-4-78
BEAHEY, JOSEPH                          MD-11-13-299
BEALL, ALLEN                            MD-11-1-590
BEALL, ANDREW JR.                       MD-11-1-531
BEALL, BASIL                            MD-11-1-68
BEALL, BENJAMIN                         MD-11-1-239
BEALL, CHARLES                          MD-11-3-332
BEALL, ELISHA                           MD-11-11-281
BEALL, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-3-231
BEALL, FRANCIS                          MD-11-13-172
BEALL, GEORGE W.                        MD-11-20-344
BEALL, ISAAC                            MD-11-4-176
BEALL, JAMES                            MD-11-4-93
BEALL, JEMIMA                           MD-11-1-223
BEALL, JOSEPH                           MD-11-4-335
BEALL, JOSEPH                           MD-11-2-150
BEALL, NINIAN MAGRUDER                  MD-11-1-118
BEALL, RACHEL                           MD-11-5-252
BEALL, WILLIAM M.                       MD-11-12-239
BEALL, WILLIAM MURDOCK                  MD-11-9-228
BEAM, NICHOLAS                          MD-11-9-576
BEAMER, PHILIP                          MD-11-5-188
BEAN, JAMES                             MD-11-4-96
BEAR, PETER                             MD-11-20-516
BEARD, BARNHART                         MD-11-8-529
BEARD, JACOB                            MD-11-12-308
BEARD, JACOB OF J.                      MD-11-15-103
BEARD, JOHN                             MD-11-1-196
BEARD, JONATHAN                         MD-11-3-303
BEARD, PETER                            MD-11-3-511
BEATTY, EDWARD                          MD-11-1-52
BEATTY, EZRA                            MD-11-1-486
BEATTY, WILLIAM                         MD-11-5-8
BECHDELL, NICHOLAS                      MD-11-11-67
BECK, EDWARD                            MD-11-12-116
BECK, MICHAEL                           MD-11-10-247
BECKABAUGH, GASPER                      MD-11-3-328
BECKENBAUGH, GEORGE                     MD-11-4-399
BECKENBAUGH, JACOB                      MD-11-8-129
BECKENBAUGH, MICHAEL                    MD-11-14-60
BECKENBAUGH, PETER                      MD-11-6-491
BECKENBAUGH, SUSAN                      MD-11-10-531
BECKENBOUGH, GEORGE                     MD-11-9-44
BECKER, CATHARINE                       MD-11-19-399
BECKER, CONRAD                          MD-11-5-22
BECKER, HENRY                           MD-11-18-534
BECKER, LUDWIG                          MD-11-20-273
BECKLES, SARAH                          MD-11-6-318
BEER, JULIAN                            MD-11-10-338
BEIGHLER, MICHAEL                       MD-11-1-227
BEIGLER, MARKS                          MD-11-3-238
BELL, GEORGE                            MD-11-4-265
BELL, JACOB                             MD-11-10-544
BELL, JOHN                              MD-11-6-88
BELL, MARGARET                          MD-11-8-433
BELLEVEDE, ST. MARTIN                   MD-11-5-151
BELT, BENJAMIN                          MD-11-20-265
BELT, ENOS W.                           MD-11-14-424
BELT, JOHN                              MD-11-20-199
BELT, MARGARET                          MD-11-11-252
BELT, TOBIAS                            MD-11-9-600
BELWOOD, HENRY                          MD-11-5-132
BENNETT, BENJAMIN                       MD-11-8-212
BENNETT, RACHAEL                        MD-11-15-37
BENTEL, ANDREW                          MD-11-16-14
BENTLEY, ANN                            MD-11-10-533
BENTLEY, GEORGE                         MD-11-9-557
BENTZ, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-9-568
BENTZ, GEORGE                           MD-11-9-533
BENTZ, JACOB                            MD-11-7-113
BENTZ, JACOB                            MD-11-3-190
BENTZ, JOHN                             MD-11-19-36
BENTZ, MARGARET                         MD-11-5-165
BERGER, JACOB                           MD-11-12-222
BERNARD, LUKE                           MD-11-7-181
BERNARD, LUKE SR.                       MD-11-1-172
BEST, CATHERINE                         MD-11-19-144
BEST, DAVID                             MD-11-20-472
BETSON, SUSAN                           MD-11-19-26
BETT, JEREMIAH                          MD-11-8-219
BETTS, SAMUEL                           MD-11-20-287
BETZOLD, JOHN                           MD-11-9-432
BEVAN, JOHN                             MD-11-12-60
BEYER, DETRICK                          MD-11-8-463
BEYSER, JACOB                           MD-11-5-87
BIDDINGER, ANN ELIZABETH                MD-11-19-210
BIDDINGER, MAGDALENA                    MD-11-20-46
BIGGS, JACOB                            MD-11-9-56
BIGGS, JOHN                             MD-11-1-152
BIGGS, JOHN J.                          MD-11-19-67
BIGGS, JULIA                            MD-11-20-416
BIGGS, PRUDENCE                         MD-11-13-251
BIGGS, WILLIAM                          MD-11-10-537
BIGHAM, ARMOR                           MD-11-12-43
BIGLAR, ROSANNAH                        MD-11-3-172
BILLINGER, JACOB                        MD-11-19-465
BIRELEY, FREDERICK                      MD-11-5-174
BIRELEY, JACOB                          MD-11-12-219
BIRELY, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-9-608
BIRELY, GEORGE                          MD-11-9-584
BIRELY, JACOB                           MD-11-20-492
BIRELY, LEWIS                           MD-11-14-373
BIRELY, VALENTINE                       MD-11-14-506
BIRELY, WILLIAM                         MD-11-8-528
BISER, DANIEL                           MD-11-15-4
BISER, FREDERICK                        MD-11-9-111
BISER, MARGARET                         MD-11-15-295
BISER, PETER                            MD-11-15-223
BISER, THOMAS                           MD-11-13-284
BISHOP, JOHN                            MD-11-1-580
BISHOP, JOHN                            MD-11-9-92
BISHOP, MARK                            MD-11-13-75
BISHOP, MARY                            MD-11-9-342
BISHOP, RACHEL                          MD-11-10-18
BITSENBERGER, ABRAHAM                   MD-11-14-91
BITTLE, GEORGE                          MD-11-12-125
BITTLE, RACHEL                          MD-11-20-177
BITZEL, JULIANNA                        MD-11-4-605
BIXLER, SAMUEL                          MD-11-4-584
BLACK, ADAM                             MD-11-8-228
BLACK, ANDREW                           MD-11-3-395
BLACK, CATHARINE                        MD-11-12-208
BLACK, CATHARINE                        MD-11-5-11
BLACK, FREDERICK                        MD-11-9-503
BLACK, JEREMIAH                         MD-11-12-362
BLACKMORE, ELEANOR LEN                  MD-11-2-296
BLACKMORE, SAMUEL SR.                   MD-11-1-448
BLAIR, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-1-21
BLAIR, WILLIAM                          MD-11-2-100
BLESSING, ABRAHAM                       MD-11-12-44
BLESSING, EVE                           MD-11-14-343
BLESSING, GEORGE                        MD-11-14-477
BLESSING, JACOB                         MD-11-6-451
BLESSING, SUSAN                         MD-11-19-538
BLICKENSTAFF, JOSEPH                    MD-11-11-642
BLICKERSTAFF, JOHN                      MD-11-19-545
BLOOME, JOHN                            MD-11-13-243
BLOWERS, RICHARD                        MD-11-14-97
BLUM, NICHOLAS                          MD-11-20-190
BLUMENAUER, FREDERICK                   MD-11-20-412
BLUMENOUR, GEORGE                       MD-11-18-389
BLUMENSTEIN, MARIA BARBARA              MD-11-9-319
BOAUMAN, CATHERINE                      MD-11-10-414
BOB, JOHN                               MD-11-5-341
BOCKEY, PETER                           MD-11-2-291
BOCKEY, PETER                           MD-11-1-532
BOGEN, MAGDALENA                        MD-11-8-570
BOISNEUF, PAYNE                         MD-11-8-13
BOLEY, CHARLES                          MD-11-4-305
BOLLENBROOKER, AMELIA                   MD-11-13-278
BOLLER, JOHN R.                         MD-11-19-30
BOLTZ, FREDERICK                        MD-11-13-367
BOMGARDNER, ELIZABETH                   MD-11-8-278
BOND, EDWARD                            MD-11-5-426
BOND, HENRY                             MD-11-11-26
BOND, THOMAS                            MD-11-9-596
BONE, HAN DEALL                         MD-11-1-209
BONE, KANDEAL                           MD-11-2-54
BONHAN, JULIA ANN                       MD-11-15-72
BOOGHERNICHOLAS                         MD-11-20-253
BOOK, MARGARET                          MD-11-4-126
BOOKER, BARTHOLOMEW                     MD-11-3-431
BOOKER, HENRY                           MD-11-13-162
BOON, ANNA MARY                         MD-11-15-264
BOONE, ALEXIOUS                         MD-11-10-632
BOONE, MARIA                            MD-11-11-403
BOONE, NAOMI                            MD-11-12-275
BOONE, ROBERT                           MD-11-15-149
BOOZE, EDWARD                           MD-11-10-383
BOSLEY, MATILDA                         MD-11-15-272
BOST, MICHAEL                           MD-11-5-139
BOST, VALENTINE                         MD-11-6-12
BOSTEAN, SUSANNA CATHARINE              MD-11-12-169
BOSTIAN, ANTHONY                        MD-11-8-142
BOSTIAN, HENRY                          MD-11-10-347
BOTELER, EDWARD SR.                     MD-11-8-193
BOTELER, HENRY                          MD-11-12-183
BOTETER, EDWARD L.                      MD-11-19-125
BOTETER, SARAH E.                       MD-11-18-492
BOTTONBERG, MICHAEL                     MD-11-4-269
BOWEN, HENRIETTA                        MD-11-11-729
BOWEN, JOHN                             MD-11-8-170
BOWEN, WILLIAM                          MD-11-8-34
BOWER, CHRISTIAN                        MD-11-3-325
BOWER, CHRISTOPHER                      MD-11-4-560
BOWER, HANNAH                           MD-11-14-45
BOWER, JACOB                            MD-11-5-98
BOWER, JOHN                             MD-11-3-216
BOWER, LAURENCE                         MD-11-11-726
BOWER, PETER                            MD-11-3-456
BOWER, STEPHEN                          MD-11-6-242
BOWER, SUSANNAH                         MD-11-9-314
BOWERS, ADAM                            MD-11-20-310
BOWERS, BARBARA                         MD-11-11-221
BOWERS, BARBARA ANN                     MD-11-11-718
BOWERS, DANIEL                          MD-11-15-128
BOWERS, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-9-381
BOWERS, MICHAEL                         MD-11-11-262
BOWERSOX, VALENTINE                     MD-11-13-99
BOWLAS, NICHOLAS                        MD-11-5-160
BOWLUS, ANN                             MD-11-14-345
BOWLUS, CATHARINE                       MD-11-10-79
BOWLUS, DAVID                           MD-11-11-360
BOWLUS, GEORGE                          MD-11-9-634
BOWLUS, GEORGE                          MD-11-14-98
BOWLUS, JOHN                            MD-11-13-55
BOWLUS, NICHOLAS                        MD-11-9-530
BOWLUS, VALENTINE                       MD-11-8-246
BOWMAN, JACOB                           MD-11-8-66
BOWMAN, ROBERT                          MD-11-12-321
BOYD, ANDREW                            MD-11-5-364
BOYD, DAVID                             MD-11-15-242
BOYD, JOHN                              MD-11-1-423
BOYER, ANNA MARY                        MD-11-6-114
BOYER, CATHERINE                        MD-11-9-37
BOYER, CHRISTINA                        MD-11-14-388
BOYER, HENRY SR.                        MD-11-3-367
BOYER, HUBARTIS                         MD-11-4-393
BOYER, JACOB                            MD-11-11-9
BOYER, MALINDA                          MD-11-12-264
BOYER, MARY                             MD-11-11-234
BOYER, PETER                            MD-11-15-27
BOYER, PHILIP                           MD-11-5-255
BOYER, SAMUEL L.                        MD-11-18-287
BOYLE, CATHARINE                        MD-11-6-505
BOYLE, DANIEL                           MD-11-10-188
BOYLE, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-15-138
BOYLE, PETER                            MD-11-12-63
BRADLEY, PATRICK                        MD-11-8-476
BRADLEY, WILLIAM                        MD-11-6-445
BRADY, SUSAN                            MD-11-11-771
BRAIN, JOAB                             MD-11-6-186
BRALL, MARY A.                          MD-11-20-280
BRANDEN, C. AUGUST H.                   MD-11-14-273
BRANDENBIGER, ALEXANDER                 MD-11-3-479
BRANDENBURG, JACOB                      MD-11-11-296
BRANDENBURGH, ANNE                      MD-11-6-3
BRANDENBURGH, MATHIAS                   MD-11-8-208
BRANDENBURGH, SAMUEL                    MD-11-10-507
BRANDT, CHRISTOPHER                     MD-11-5-419
BRANT, WILLIAM                          MD-11-13-63
BRASHEAR, ANN                           MD-11-11-351
BRASHEAR, BELT                          MD-11-11-1
BRASHEAR, MARY                          MD-11-8-543
BRASHEAR, RICHARD                       MD-11-20-215
BRASHEARS, WILLIAM                      MD-11-6-442
BRAUN, CAROLINE                         MD-11-18-367
BRAWNER, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-8-429
BRAWNER, HENRY                          MD-11-8-431
BRAWNER, JOSEPH                         MD-11-20-182
BRAWNER, MARY REGINA                    MD-11-13-239
BRAWNER, RICHARD                        MD-11-3-30
BRAWNER, WILLIAM                        MD-11-10-4
BRAWNER, WILLIAM SR.                    MD-11-12-187
BRAYFIELD, SAMUEL                       MD-11-5-279
BRAZLETON, JOHN                         MD-11-3-276
BREACKNER, ANTHONY                      MD-11-13-157
BREADY, GEORGE                          MD-11-9-585
BREAKENRIDGE, MARTHA                    MD-11-10-349
BREAKENRIDGE, ROBERT                    MD-11-7-67
BREASHEARE, THEODORE                    MD-11-9-380
BRECKLY, GEORGE                         MD-11-1-555
BRENDLE, HENRY                          MD-11-6-376
BRENGLE, CHRISTIAN                      MD-11-11-654
BRENGLE, DANIEL                         MD-11-11-677
BRENGLE, DANIEL                         MD-11-14-263
BRENGLE, FRANCIS                        MD-11-12-207
BRENGLE, GEORGE                         MD-11-6-449
BRENGLE, GEORGE L.                      MD-11-13-153
BRENGLE, JACOB                          MD-11-3-51
BRENGLE, JACOB                          MD-11-11-229
BRENGLE, JOHN                           MD-11-11-86
BRENGLE, LAWRENCE                       MD-11-4-322
BRENGLE, MARY                           MD-11-14-18
BRENGLE, NICHOLAS                       MD-11-12-357
BRENNGLE, MARY                          MD-11-20-36
BRICKER, JACOB                          MD-11-3-485
BRICKER, JOHN                           MD-11-2-1
BRIEN, HENRY A.                         MD-11-11-687
BRIGHTWELL, JOHN                        MD-11-3-393
BRISCOE, JOHN                           MD-11-13-120
BRISCOE, JOHN (FREE NEGRO)              MD-11-11-190
BRISCOE, SARAH                          MD-11-4-564
BRISH, BARBARA                          MD-11-10-397
BRISH, HENRY                            MD-11-8-159
BROOKE, CLOTILDA                        MD-11-10-503
BROOKE, JAMES                           MD-11-3-101
BROOKE, JAMES JR.                       MD-11-1-299
BROOKE, MARY A.                         MD-11-11-118
BROOKE, RAPHAEL                         MD-11-8-6
BROOKE, ROGER C.                        MD-11-11-628
BROOMING, MARIA                         MD-11-18-427
BROSSIUS, MARGARET A. M.                MD-11-13-283
BROTHER, HENRY                          MD-11-3-384
BROWER, EMANUEL                         MD-11-8-413
BROWN, CLARISSA                         MD-11-12-190
BROWN, DANIEL                           MD-11-4-510
BROWN, ELIZABETH D.                     MD-11-11-647
BROWN, GEORGE                           MD-11-1-358
BROWN, GEORGE                           MD-11-6-276
BROWN, HENRY                            MD-11-9-548
BROWN, JAMES                            MD-11-2-128
BROWN, JOEL                             MD-11-12-186
BROWN, SAMUEL                           MD-11-20-100
BROWN, SUSANNA                          MD-11-10-373
BROWNING, JEREMIAH                      MD-11-11-426
BROWNING, WILLIAM                       MD-11-9-501
BROWNSBERG, ANA JULIANA                 MD-11-10-34
BRUBACKER, JOHN                         MD-11-9-279
BRUCE, NORMAND                          MD-11-6-206
BRUCE, SARAH                            MD-11-19-424
BRUCE, SUSANNA                          MD-11-8-59
BRUCE, WILLIAMSON                       MD-11-1-104
BRUMER, MARY E.                         MD-11-20-464
BRUNER, JOHN                            MD-11-9-346
BRUNNER, BARBARA                        MD-11-11-138
BRUNNER, BENJAMIN                       MD-11-11-111
BRUNNER, ELIAS                          MD-11-3-7
BRUNNER, ELIAS                          MD-11-10-135
BRUNNER, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-13-295
BRUNNER, HENRY                          MD-11-2-44
BRUNNER, HENRY                          MD-11-9-517
BRUNNER, HENRY                          MD-11-2-78
BRUNNER, HENRY                          MD-11-1-556
BRUNNER, ISAAC                          MD-11-19-37
BRUNNER, JACOB                          MD-11-11-666
BRUNNER, JACOB                          MD-11-1-564
BRUNNER, JOHN                           MD-11-2-55
BRUNNER, JOHN H. JR.                    MD-11-19-70
BRUNNER, JOHN OF STEPHEN                MD-11-9-582
BRUNNER, JOHN OF JOHN                   MD-11-8-233
BRUNNER, PETER                          MD-11-3-86
BRUNNER, SOPHIA                         MD-11-9-179
BRUNNER, SUSANNAH                       MD-11-20-5
BRUNNER, VALENTINE                      MD-11-11-623
BRYAN, DAVID                            MD-11-5-128
BRYER, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-11-277
BRYER, GODFREY                          MD-11-6-589
BUCHER, CATHERINE                       MD-11-10-51
BUCKANAN, JOHN                          MD-11-11-233
BUCKE, IGNATIUS                         MD-11-14-53
BUCKE, MATHIAS                          MD-11-4-12
BUCKE, VALENTINE                        MD-11-9-514
BUCKEY, CHARLOTT                        MD-11-13-229
BUCKEY, CHRISTENA                       MD-11-6-63
BUCKEY, EDWARD                          MD-11-19-155
BUCKEY, EZRA                            MD-11-14-301
BUCKEY, GEORGE                          MD-11-10-541
BUCKEY, GEORGE P.                       MD-11-15-163
BUCKEY, MARY                            MD-11-13-175
BUCKEY, PETER                           MD-11-12-324
BUCKFELDER, JOHN                        MD-11-14-27
BUESING, FREDERICK                      MD-11-20-493
BUFFENTON, JACOB                        MD-11-10-262
BUFFINGTON, JONAH                       MD-11-9-385
BUGAR, NICHOLAS                         MD-11-1-297
BUNGARDNER, ECKHART                     MD-11-1-356
BURASS, PETER                           MD-11-2-168
BURCKHART, GEORGE SR.                   MD-11-5-108
BURCKHART, MARY CATHARINE               MD-11-5-193
BURGEE, ISAAC                           MD-11-20-61
BURGEE, POLLY                           MD-11-15-108
BURGEE, SINGLETON                       MD-11-11-324
BURGEE, THOMAS SR.                      MD-11-10-318
BURGERT, CHRISTIAN                      MD-11-2-15
BURGESS, CALEB                          MD-11-8-125
BURGESS, JAMES                          MD-11-3-233
BURGESS, JOHN                           MD-11-8-513
BURGESS, OWEN                           MD-11-12-58
BURGESS, SARAH E.                       MD-11-20-218
BURGESS, WEST                           MD-11-9-415
BURGOON, JACOB                          MD-11-6-289
BURK, HAZEL                             MD-11-12-171
BURKE, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-14-444
BURKETT, HENRY                          MD-11-11-222
BURKETT, NATHANIEL                      MD-11-3-381
BURKHART, JOHN                          MD-11-6-434
BURKHART, JOHN                          MD-11-4-536
BURKHART, THEODORE L.                   MD-11-14-472
BURNERSTONE, JOSEPH                     MD-11-2-151
BURNESTONE, JOSEPH                      MD-11-1-517
BURRIER, BARBARA                        MD-11-9-2
BURRIER, BARBARA                        MD-11-6-584
BURTON, JAMES                           MD-11-11-667
BURTON, WILLIAM ELLER                   MD-11-1-176
BUSSARD, PETER                          MD-11-14-247
BUSSEY, JULIA P.                        MD-11-19-9
BUTLER, AMOS                            MD-11-10-558
BUTLER, HARRIET                         MD-11-18-333
BUTLER, JOHN MOSES                      MD-11-19-492
BUTLER, JOHN SR.                        MD-11-9-216
BUTLER, THOMAS                          MD-11-19-192
BUXTONE, JOHN                           MD-11-1-306
BUZARD, PETER                           MD-11-4-547
BUZZARD, DANIEL                         MD-11-11-733
BUZZARD, DAVID                          MD-11-8-57
BYER, MARGARET                          MD-11-6-113
BYERLY, GEORGE                          MD-11-10-607
BYERS, WILLIAM                          MD-11-11-180
BYRNE, ANDREW                           MD-11-8-202
BYRNE, MICHAEL                          MD-11-14-407
CAESAR, LLOYD                           MD-11-18-528
CAIN, EPHRAIM                           MD-11-9-535
CAIN, JOHN T.                           MD-11-14-395
CAINS, JOHN T.                          MD-11-20-510
CALBFLASH, JOHN                         MD-11-4-188
CALDWELL, JAMES                         MD-11-9-591
CALDWELL, JOHN                          MD-11-10-579
CAMBELL, JANE                           MD-11-11-728
CAMMELL, LEONARD                        MD-11-3-125
CAMPBELL, ANNA                          MD-11-6-361
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          MD-11-4-300
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          MD-11-11-689
CAMPBELL, JOHN (JOINER)                 MD-11-10-382
CAMPBELL, JOHN JR.                      MD-11-9-566
CAMPBELL, JOHN SR.                      MD-11-10-209
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       MD-11-8-506
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       MD-11-1-491
CANE, ANNA D.                           MD-11-15-22
CARBERRY, SUSANNAH                      MD-11-6-72
CARBERY, JOHN BAPTIST                   MD-11-4-603
CARLIN, FRANCIS B.                      MD-11-19-275
CARLIN, HENRY                           MD-11-14-448
CARLTON, JOHN                           MD-11-11-109
CARLTON, THOMAS                         MD-11-11-107
CARMACK, CORNELIUS                      MD-11-1-27
CARMACK, JOHN                           MD-11-13-73
CARMACK, LEVI                           MD-11-3-183
CARMACK, PAUL                           MD-11-9-163
CARMACK, WILLIAM                        MD-11-2-52
CARMACK, WILLIAM                        MD-11-9-378
CARMACK, WILLIAM                        MD-11-1-575
CARN, MAGDALENA                         MD-11-6-495
CARNES, NANCY                           MD-11-12-328
CARPENTER, JOHN                         MD-11-18-543
CARR, THOMAS                            MD-11-18-413
CARRICK, JAMES                          MD-11-2-139
CARRICK, JAMES                          MD-11-1-359
CARRICK, SAMUEL                         MD-11-4-443
CARTER, JAMES (COLORED)                 MD-11-14-384
CARTER, JOHN                            MD-11-3-199
CARTZENDAFNER, DAVID                    MD-11-18-443
CARVER, SAMUEL                          MD-11-3-463
CASTLE, GEORGE                          MD-11-2-239
CASTLE, JAMES SR.                       MD-11-12-81
CASTLE, JOHN                            MD-11-2-86
CASTLE, THOMAS                          MD-11-12-132
CAUFMAN, JOHN                           MD-11-4-1
CECIL, JOHN                             MD-11-19-536
CECILL, WILLIAM                         MD-11-5-384
CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN                       MD-11-2-236
CHAMBERS, ANN ELIZA                     MD-11-20-274
CHAMBERS, CHARLES (C)                   MD-11-18-273
CHAMBERS, GREENBERRY                    MD-11-20-79
CHANCHE, JOHN I. (BISHOP)               MD-11-13-201
CHANDLER, JOHN                          MD-11-6-575
CHAPLINE, JOSEPH                        MD-11-1-332
CHAPLINE, MOSES                         MD-11-1-182
CHARLTON, ALICE                         MD-11-1-155
CHARLTON, ARTHUR                        MD-11-1-404
CHARLTON, JOHN                          MD-11-1-267
CHASE, JEREMIAH                         MD-11-11-656
CHENEY, EZEKIEL                         MD-11-1-350
CLABAUGH, FREDERICK                     MD-11-2-195
CLABAUGH, JAMES                         MD-11-14-326
CLAGETT, THOMAS                         MD-11-20-367
CLAGGETT, HORATIO                       MD-11-14-189
CLAPHAM, DORCAS                         MD-11-7-10
CLAREY, BENJAMIN                        MD-11-11-135
CLARY, BURGESS N.                       MD-11-13-188
CLARY, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-14-90
CLARY, REUBEN                           MD-11-13-154
CLARY, SARAH                            MD-11-20-332
CLEGHORN, JOHN                          MD-11-8-139
CLEM, ADAM                              MD-11-13-56
CLEM, GEORGE                            MD-11-9-240
CLEM, GEORGE                            MD-11-14-379
CLEMSON, JAMES                          MD-11-11-313
CLEMSON, JOHN                           MD-11-14-475
CLEMSON, JOHN SR.                       MD-11-12-177
CLEMSON, MARY                           MD-11-15-91
CLINE, ABSOLOM                          MD-11-19-420
CLINE, ADAM                             MD-11-8-486
CLINE, CORILLA                          MD-11-19-319
CLINE, PHILIP                           MD-11-20-129
CLOSS, GEORGE                           MD-11-5-37
CLUNT, JACOB                            MD-11-1-459
CLUNT, JACOB                            MD-11-8-39
COALE, JAMES M.                         MD-11-19-211
COALE, RICHARD                          MD-11-10-584
COALE, RICHARD                          MD-11-13-247
COALE, WILLIAM                          MD-11-11-672
COATS, MARY ANN                         MD-11-11-263
COBLENTZ, ELIZABETH                     MD-11-9-58
COBLENTZ, ELIZABETH                     MD-11-9-332
COBLENTZ, JOHN                          MD-11-10-26
COBLENTZ, JOHN                          MD-11-12-293
COBLENTZ, JOHN PHILIP                   MD-11-13-223
COBLENTZ, PETER                         MD-11-5-405
COBLENTZ, PETER                         MD-11-12-246
COCHRAN, WILLIAM                        MD-11-1-409
COCK, HENRY                             MD-11-2-155
COCK, SAMUEL                            MD-11-9-478
COCKER, WILLIAM                         MD-11-15-150
COCKEY, JOHN C.                         MD-11-9-516
COCKEY, MARGARET ELIZABETH              MD-11-14-438
COE, JOHN SR.                           MD-11-9-103
COLEGATE, RICHARD                       MD-11-8-560
COLEMAN, GEORGE                         MD-11-11-273
COLEMAN, HENRY                          MD-11-7-60
COLEMAN, WILLIAM                        MD-11-11-270
COLLEFLOWER, WILLIAM                    MD-11-19-254
COLLINS, ANN                            MD-11-18-337
COLLINS, HENRY                          MD-11-11-556
COLMONDELY, JOHN                        MD-11-1-76
COLYAR, WILLIAM                         MD-11-1-21
CONDON, JOHN                            MD-11-11-691
CONDON, WILLIAM                         MD-11-2-104
CONN, THOMAS                            MD-11-1-137
CONNALL, SMITH                          MD-11-1-424
CONNELLY, JOHN                          MD-11-6-38
CONNER, EDWARD                          MD-11-5-92
CONNER, JAMES                           MD-11-12-328
CONNER, MARY                            MD-11-11-274
CONNER, THOMAS                          MD-11-9-215
CONRAD, NICHOLAS                        MD-11-3-225
CONROY, ANDREW                          MD-11-11-160
COOK, FRANCIS                           MD-11-1-178
COOK, GEORGE                            MD-11-6-395
COOK, HENRY                             MD-11-8-324
COOKERLEY, JACOB                        MD-11-8-396
COOKERLY, JOHN                          MD-11-5-163
COOKERLY, ROSANNA                       MD-11-10-148
COOKESLEY, WILLIAM                      MD-11-15-73
COOKRAN, JAMES                          MD-11-11-449
COOMS, WILLIAM                          MD-11-4-224
COONS, HENRY SR.                        MD-11-8-453
COONS, JOHN                             MD-11-8-55
COOPER, JAMES                           MD-11-15-284
COOPER, JAMES                           MD-11-5-343
COOPER, JAMES                           MD-11-5-345
COOPER, JANE                            MD-11-6-246
COOPER, WILLIAM                         MD-11-1-106
COPELAND, CHARLES                       MD-11-9-76
CORBALY, JOHN R.                        MD-11-9-537
CORNELL, BENJAMIN                       MD-11-4-595
CORNELL, JACOB                          MD-11-5-156
CORRICK, ANDREW                         MD-11-15-281
COST, BENNETDICTOR                      MD-11-14-160
COST, CHRISTIAN                         MD-11-9-28
COST, FRANCIS                           MD-11-2-220
COST, GEORGE                            MD-11-8-291
COST, JACOB                             MD-11-9-604
COST, JACOB                             MD-11-9-531
COST, MARY ANN                          MD-11-12-88
COSTER, WILLIAM                         MD-11-8-62
COSTLY, DANIEL                          MD-11-19-98
COUCH, GEORGE                           MD-11-8-217
COVE, JOHN                              MD-11-4-219
COVELL, CATHARINE                       MD-11-19-315
COVELL, FREDERICK                       MD-11-19-313
COVER, DANIEL                           MD-11-1-360
COVER, EPHRAIM                          MD-11-20-152
COVER, JACOB                            MD-11-11-676
COVER, JACOB SR.                        MD-11-9-210
COVER, JOHN                             MD-11-10-343
COVER, MARY                             MD-11-9-607
COVER, YOUST                            MD-11-8-546
COWAN, MARGARET                         MD-11-11-344
COX, ANN NTL                            MD-11-3-531
COX, DAVID                              MD-11-1-395
COX, MARY ELIZABETH                     MD-11-12-67
CRABB, HENRY WRIGHT                     MD-11-1-219
CRABLE, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-11-266
CRABS, FREDERICK                        MD-11-13-135
CRABS, GEORGE                           MD-11-6-92
CRABS, MARGARET                         MD-11-10-350
CRAFT, FREDERICK SR.                    MD-11-5-199
CRAIG, JOHN                             MD-11-5-339
CRALL, CHRISTIAN                        MD-11-3-59
CRALL, ISAAC                            MD-11-8-566
CRALL, NICHOLAS                         MD-11-8-384
CRAMER, AHPOLONIA                       MD-11-11-237
CRAMER, AMOS                            MD-11-20-42
CRAMER, AVID                            MD-11-12-90
CRAMER, DAVID                           MD-11-11-679
CRAMER, EZRA                            MD-11-14-430
CRAMER, HENRY                           MD-11-12-93
CRAMER, JACOB                           MD-11-15-75
CRAMER, JACOB                           MD-11-14-63
CRAMER, JOHN                            MD-11-9-407
CRAMER, JOHN OF ADAM                    MD-11-13-216
CRAMER, MARY                            MD-11-13-4
CRAMER, MICHAEL                         MD-11-3-345
CRAPSTER, JOHN                          MD-11-9-305
CRAPSTER, RULIFF                        MD-11-4-363
CRAVER, JOHN                            MD-11-14-518
CRAWFORD, DAVID                         MD-11-3-170
CRAWMER, MARGARET                       MD-11-12-211
CREAGER, ADAM                           MD-11-5-146
CREAGER, CONRAD                         MD-11-5-371
CREAGER, DANIEL                         MD-11-13-336
CREAGER, HENRY                          MD-11-13-298
CREAGER, JOHN SR.                       MD-11-8-551
CREAGER, LEWIS                          MD-11-10-37
CREAGER, MANASSEH                       MD-11-20-116
CREAGER, MARY                           MD-11-6-483
CREAGER, WILLIAM                        MD-11-13-87
CREATIN, ANDREW                         MD-11-12-225
CREBLE, JANE                            MD-11-13-286
CREEGAR, LAWRENCE                       MD-11-8-402
CREEGER, CHRISTIAN                      MD-11-1-321
CREGATT, JOHN                           MD-11-1-246
CREIGHTON, JOHN                         MD-11-8-437
CREPELL, PETER                          MD-11-3-391
CRESAP, MICHAEL                         MD-11-1-551
CRETIN, ALEXIUS J.                      MD-11-19-461
CRETIN, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-6-154
CRETIN, JAMES                           MD-11-5-145
CRETIN, JAMES                           MD-11-14-182
CRISE, HENRY                            MD-11-8-175
CRISE, JACOB                            MD-11-13-209
CRIST, JOSEPH                           MD-11-15-170
CRIST, PHILIP SR.                       MD-11-6-285
CROMBAUGH, SIMON                        MD-11-11-707
CROMMWELL, PHILIMON                     MD-11-13-142
CROMWELL, RICHARD                       MD-11-12-25
CROMWELL, SUSANNAH                      MD-11-20-162
CROMWELL, THOMAS T.                     MD-11-18-441
CROMWELL, THOMAS T.                     MD-11-18-458
CRONE, CONRAD                           MD-11-5-425
CRONE, CONRAD                           MD-11-11-121
CRONE, HENRY                            MD-11-15-258
CRONE, JACOB                            MD-11-20-410
CRONE, JOHN                             MD-11-15-293
CROSNICKLE, SUSANNAH                    MD-11-4-582
CROSS, CATHERINE                        MD-11-8-81
CROSS, HENRY                            MD-11-3-414
CROUCH, JAMES                           MD-11-9-321
CROUS, JACOB                            MD-11-1-230
CROUSE, JACOB                           MD-11-18-439
CROUSE, MICHAEL                         MD-11-18-275
CROUSE, PAUL                            MD-11-4-132
CROWEL, HENRY                           MD-11-3-104
CRUM, ABRAHAM                           MD-11-3-242
CRUM, CASPER                            MD-11-18-417
CRUM, ELIZABETH                         MD-11-19-109
CRUM, HENRY                             MD-11-12-175
CRUM, HENRY                             MD-11-12-257
CRUM, ISAAC                             MD-11-9-169
CRUM, STEPHEN B.                        MD-11-12-339
CRUM, WILLIAM JR.                       MD-11-6-71
CRUM, WILLIAM SR.                       MD-11-6-116
CRUMBACKER, ABRAHAM                     MD-11-4-45
CRUMBACKER, ELIZABETH                   MD-11-9-494
CRUMBECKER, JACOB                       MD-11-3-161
CRUTCHLEY, ELIAS                        MD-11-12-214
CRUTCHLY, RACHEL                        MD-11-18-339
CULLER, HENRY                           MD-11-15-31
CULLER, JOHN                            MD-11-12-231
CULLER, MICHAEL                         MD-11-8-145
CULVER, THOMAS                          MD-11-1-138
CUMMING, WILLIAM                        MD-11-3-466
CUMMINGS, LEVINA                        MD-11-18-487
CUNNINGHAM, DANIEL T.                   MD-11-11-340
CUNNINGHAM, MARY SUSANNAH               MD-11-11-727
CUNNINGHAM, MATTIE C.                   MD-11-18-397
CUNTZ, HENRICH                          MD-11-9-63
CURD, THOMAS J.                         MD-11-13-62
CURFFMAN, DANIEL                        MD-11-5-101
CURRAN, WILLIAM                         MD-11-10-499
CURRENCE, WILLIAM                       MD-11-10-276
CURRENS, WILLIAM                        MD-11-4-70
CURRIN, JAMES                           MD-11-9-110
CUTSAIL, PETER                          MD-11-11-168

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