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ABBOTT, OPHELIA L.                      GA-25-I-117
ABENDANONCK, JOSEPH                     GA-25-E-232
ABENDANONE, GRACE                       GA-25-I-377
ABRAHAMS, ABRAHAM D.                    GA-25-H-142
ABRAHAMS, DOROTHEA                      GA-25-I-39
ABRAHAMS, ISAAC                         GA-25-H-342
ACHORD, LEWIS                           GA-25-E-101
ACOSTA, MARY E. A.                      GA-25-O-268
ADAMS, JANE                             GA-25-G-350
ADAMS, MARGARET                         GA-25-G-352
ADAMS, MARY M.                          GA-25-O-550
ADAMS, NATHANIEL                        GA-25-E-66
AHART, JACOB                            GA-25-F-117
ALEXANDER, CHARLES                      GA-25-A-196
ALGER, JAMES                            GA-25-E-91
ALLEN, DAVID G.                         GA-25-O-468
ALLEN, ROBERT                           GA-25-D-208
ALLEN, ROBERT                           GA-25-D-100
ALLEN, ROBERT H.                        GA-25-C-285
ALLMAN, PHILIP                          GA-25-B-88
ALMY, HENRIETTA C.                      GA-25-H-272
ALTER, JAMES B.                         GA-25-H-168
AMBOS, ELIZA                            GA-25-N-99
AMBOS, LENA                             GA-25-N-241
ANDERSON, EDWARD C.                     GA-25-O-292
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                     GA-25-A-111
ANDERSON, GEORGE                        GA-25-H-241
ANDERSON, GEORGE W.                     GA-25-N-158
ANDERSON, SARAH                         GA-25-O-385
ANGLIN, JOHN                            GA-25-J-49
ANTONIO, JOHN                           GA-25-F-255
ARDIS, MATHIAS SR.                      GA-25-B-70
ARNAUD, JOHN                            GA-25-O-300
ARNEE, JOHN B.                          GA-25-F-399
ARNOLD, ELIZA                           GA-25-F-52
ARNOLD, M. E.                           GA-25-N-404
ARNOLD, R. D.                           GA-25-N-449
ASKEW, ANN                              GA-25-H-60
AUGNORD, THOMAS                         GA-25-F-149
AUZE, JOSEPH                            GA-25-H-135
BAGSHAW, THOMAS                         GA-25-G-312
BAILEY, ANNA ELIZABETH                  GA-25-O-524
BAILEY, ANNA REBECCA                    GA-25-O-563
BAILEY,ALEXANDER H.                     GA-25-H-316
BAILLOU, JAMES                          GA-25-B-20
BAIN, SARAH ANN                         GA-25-G-113
BAKER, ARTEMUS M.                       GA-25-F-6
BAKER, MINDA                            GA-25-N-104
BALDWIN, DAVID                          GA-25-F-213
BALDWIN, LOAMI                          GA-25-H-267, 277
BALL, ELEANOR F.                        GA-25-G-106
BALLOW, ELIZABETH                       GA-25-B-147
BANDY, WILLIAM                          GA-25-G-58
BANKS, MARY JANE                        GA-25-N-56
BAPTIEST, BETSEY                        GA-25-I-367
BARCLAY, ISABELLA                       GA-25-O-175
BARD, PETER                             GA-25-B-247
BARNARD, ANN C.                         GA-25-H-403
BARNARD, CATHERINE E.                   GA-25-J-71
BARNARD, JOHN                           GA-25-F-406
BARNARD, JOHN W.                        GA-25-G-2
BARNARD, MARY                           GA-25-E-323
BARNARD, TIMOTHY                        GA-25-H-38
BARNARD, TIMOTHY G.                     GA-25-H-330
BARNARD, WILLIAM                        GA-25-G-67
BARNWELL, JOHN SR.                      GA-25-A-255
BARRETT, MICHAEL                        GA-25-N-16
BARRETT, THOMAS H.                      GA-25-N-12
BARRON, ISABELLA                        GA-25-J-171
BARRY, JOHN                             GA-25-I-450
BARTHELMESS, JOHN                       GA-25-I-33
BARTHELMESS, MARIA C.                   GA-25-F-362
BARTON, THEODOSIUS                      GA-25-I-247
BASINGER, ELIZABETH                     GA-25-H-233
BASLER, ANTONY                          GA-25-O-255
BASS, SAMUEL                            GA-25-F-12
BATTERSLY, WILLIAM                      GA-25-O-369
BAYNARD, WILLIAM E. BAGS                GA-25-H-393
BEAL, HELENA                            GA-25-C-281
BEALLE, REBECCA A.                      GA-25-J-142
BEATTY, ELEANOR                         GA-25-E-153
BEATTY, JOHN                            GA-25-A-87
BEAULARD, JOHN A.                       GA-25-G-272
BECK, SOPHIA                            GA-25-A-283
BECU, A.                                GA-25-E-345
BEE, SARAH W.                           GA-25-I-378
BEECROFT, ELIZA ANN                     GA-25-E-357
BEECROFT, SAMUEL                        GA-25-D-7
BEHN, PHILIP H.                         GA-25-N-258
BELCHER, ANN                            GA-25-H-199
BELL, DAVID                             GA-25-A-166
BELL, JOHN                              GA-25-A-79
BELL, WILLIAM                           GA-25-A-389
BELLINGER, B. B.                        GA-25-F-162
BENNETT, JOHN                           GA-25-O-23
BERG, SEIGMOND                          GA-25-J-60
BERRIEN, J. M.                          GA-25-I-196, 216, 222
BERRIEN, JAMES HUNTER                   GA-25-J-425
BEVAN, JOSEPH V.                        GA-25-G-105
BINGEL, H. C.                           GA-25-O-15
BITJERMAN, HENRY                        GA-25-N-120
BLACK, WILLIAM                          GA-25-F-359
BLACKSELL, ARAH                         GA-25-F-332
BLAIR, C. A.                            GA-25-O-169
BLOIS, J. E.                            GA-25-O-26
BLOUNT, STEPHEN                         GA-25-D-149
BOCHERT, H. A.                          GA-25-O-49
BOGARDUS, H. S.                         GA-25-N-160
BOLTON, ROBERT                          GA-25-D-78
BOLTON, ROBERT ESQ.                     GA-25-C-61
BOLTON, SARAH                           GA-25-I-103
BONAUD, A.                              GA-25-O-28
BOND, ANN                               GA-25-G-81
BOND,PHINEAS                            GA-25-F-63
BOOKER, ELLEN A.                        GA-25-N-305
BOQUILLO, JOSEPH                        GA-25-F-98
BOQUIN, HENRY                           GA-25-F-67
BORFEUELLET, GEORGE A.                  GA-25-I-454
BOSWOOD, JAMES                          GA-25-D-167
BOTTOMLEY, MICHAEL                      GA-25-A-100
BOURQUIN, BENEDICT                      GA-25-F-185
BOURQUIN, DAVID F.                      GA-25-G-138
BOURQUIN, EMILY F.                      GA-25-O-347
BOURQUIN, HENRY                         GA-25-B-108
BOURQUIN, MARGARET                      GA-25-H-284
BOUSQUIN, JANE JUDITH                   GA-25-A-347
BOUYSSON, MARY                          GA-25-G-111
BOWEN, ANN E.                           GA-25-J-57
BOWEN, OLIVER                           GA-25-D-225
BOWEN, SAMUEL                           GA-25-B-61
BOWER, GODFREY                          GA-25-H-410
BOWLER, ELIZA                           GA-25-F-392
BOWLES, JOHN                            GA-25-B-25
BOWLES, ROSELLA                         GA-25-J-421
BOX, ANN                                GA-25-H-150
BOYD, CHARLES                           GA-25-E-12
BOYD, SARAH C.                          GA-25-J-145
BOYD,EMMA A.                            GA-25-H-337
BRADLEY, SARAH JANE                     GA-25-I-17
BRADY, J.                               GA-25-O-70
BRAILSFORD, ELIZABETH                   GA-25-E-1
BRANBURY, JOHN                          GA-25-F-177
BRESNAN, MARGARET                       GA-25-O-284
BRICKELL, JOHN                          GA-25-E-122
BRIERE, JEAN FRANCOIS                   GA-25-E-267
BRISBANE, JAMES                         GA-25-A-228
BRISBANE, ROBERT                        GA-25-D-153
BRITON, STEPHEN SR.                     GA-25-D-180
BRODERICK, MARY ANN                     GA-25-O-289
BROOKE, EMMA A.                         GA-25-J-405
BROOKS, BENJAMIN                        GA-25-E-399
BROOKS, SARAH                           GA-25-G-189
BROOKS, SARAH L.                        GA-25-I-388
BROUGHTON, ELIJAH                       GA-25-H-408
BROWN, DAVID S.                         GA-25-O-133
BROWN, G.                               GA-25-O-44
BROWN, GEORGE                           GA-25-G-219
BROWN, GILBERT OG.                      GA-25-I-28
BROWN, HENRY                            GA-25-N-108
BROWN, JOHN                             GA-25-B-223
BROWN, T. HARRIET                       GA-25-G-187
BROWNFIELD, RACHEL ANN                  GA-25-O-414
BROWNHILL, THOMAS                       GA-25-A-241
BRUCE, ALEXANDER                        GA-25-F-120
BRUEN, PETER                            GA-25-I-237
BRYAN, HENRY                            GA-25-O-486
BRYAN, JANE E.                          GA-25-J-370
BRYAN, JOHN                             GA-25-C-9
BRYAN, JOSEPH                           GA-25-E-220
BRYAN, JOSEPH                           GA-25-J-59
BRYAN, JOSIAH                           GA-25-G-11
BUCKHALTER, JOSHUA                      GA-25-E-218
BUCKLEY, MARY                           GA-25-G-331
BUCKLY, PHILP                           GA-25-A-288
BUFFET, GEORGE                          GA-25-E-38
BUFFETT, MARIANNE                       GA-25-H-71
BULL, ABSALOM                           GA-25-A-38
BULLOCH, ANNA LOUISA                    GA-25-O-363
BULLOCH, ARCHIBALD                      GA-25-B-270
BULLOCK, MARY                           GA-25-F-47
BURCHINEAU, NICHOLAS                    GA-25-A-220
BURDETT, GIDEON T.                      GA-25-N-337
BURK, RICHARD                           GA-25-J-231
BURNEY, M. M.                           GA-25-N-431
BURROUGHS, BENJAMIN                     GA-25-G-308
BURROUGHS, BENJAMIN                     GA-25-I-145
BURROUGHS, HENRY K.                     GA-25-H-437
BUSTERD, HENRY                          GA-25-N-272
BUTLER, ABRAHAM                         GA-25-O-424
BUTLER, CYRUS                           GA-25-H-376
BUTLER, ELIZABETH                       GA-25-C-1
BUTLER, FRANCES                         GA-25-G-371
BUTLER, JOHN                            GA-25-H-304
BUTLER, SHEM                            GA-25-C-34
BYRNE, THOMAS                           GA-25-N-162
CAHILL, WILLIAM                         GA-25-H-144
CALLAHAN, MARTHA                        GA-25-H-59
CAMPBELL, HARRIET T.                    GA-25-I-547
CAMPBELL, MARTHA G.                     GA-25-E-283
CANN, JAMES F.                          GA-25-N-193
CANNON, ANNA C.                         GA-25-I-71
CANT, SUSAN ANN                         GA-25-J-277
CANTRILL, PETER                         GA-25-F-254
CARANNAUGH, ANN                         GA-25-O-389
CARERTER, SUSAN                         GA-25-I-466
CARLEY, A.                              GA-25-O-32
CARLOS, MARY ANN                        GA-25-O-522
CARLOS, PATRICK                         GA-25-O-434
CARTER, CYRUS B.                        GA-25-H-9
CASS, JOHN                              GA-25-I-412
CASSELS, SAMUEL J.                      GA-25-I-45
CATER, JOHN                             GA-25-B-85
CATER, STEPHEN                          GA-25-B-87
CAVENNAUGH, MARGARET                    GA-25-I-234
CEASAR, PETER                           GA-25-F-285
CECIL, SARAH                            GA-25-N-339
CHAMPION, AARON                         GA-25-O-163
CHAPMAN, C. F.                          GA-25-O-90
CHAPMAN, JAMES                          GA-25-A-152
CHAPMAN, S. T.                          GA-25-I-159
CHARLTON, ROBERT M.                     GA-25-I-98
CHEVES, CHARLOTTE L.                    GA-25-O-117
CHEVRIER, MICHAEL                       GA-25-H-11
CHEW, BENJAMIN                          GA-25-D-235
CHRISTIE, ANN                           GA-25-F-11
CHRISTOPHER, JACOB                      GA-25-B-4
CHRISTY, GEORGE                         GA-25-H-74
CLARK, ABBY                             GA-25-N-215
CLARK, CHARITY                          GA-25-F-199
CLARK, HENRY                            GA-25-B-149
CLARK, JAMES                            GA-25-F-118
CLARK, LEMUEL                           GA-25-A-317
CLARK, SAMUEL                           GA-25-G-93
CLARK, THOMAS                           GA-25-H-177
CLARK, WESTON                           GA-25-C-28
CLARKE, JONATHAN                        GA-25-A-133
CLAY, ANN                               GA-25-F-194
CLEARY, JAMES                           GA-25-I-115
CLEGHORN, REBECCA S.                    GA-25-N-186
CLELAND, MOSES                          GA-25-G-155
CLELLAND, MARY                          GA-25-H-189
CLINE, JONATHAN                         GA-25-F-155
CLINKSCALES, JAMES WESLEY               GA-25-J-297
CLOUD, CECELIA A.                       GA-25-O-313
CLYATT, JAMES                           GA-25-C-129
COBB, MARY ELIZA, HANCOCK, GA           GA-25-H-12
COCHRANE, JANE                          GA-25-E-95
COHEN, CECILIA                          GA-25-J-78
COHEN, LUDLOW                           GA-25-N-106
COHEN, O.                               GA-25-O-5
COHEN, PHILIP JACOB                     GA-25-C-262
COHEN, SOLOMON                          GA-25-N-396
COLLINS, THOMAS                         GA-25-I-96
COLLINS, WILLIAM                        GA-25-F-186
CONDON, MARGARET                        GA-25-J-312
CONDON, PIERCE                          GA-25-O-446
CONDON, WILLIAM                         GA-25-N-213
CONE, MARY J.                           GA-25-O-530
CONERY, ELANOR                          GA-25-N-110
CONN, G. M.                             GA-25-J-311
CONSTANTINE, BERNARD                    GA-25-J-218
CONWAY, THOMA                           GA-25-O-245
COOK, MARTHA                            GA-25-G-101
COOPER, J. M.                           GA-25-O-39
COOPER, JONATHAN                        GA-25-G-340
COOPER, WILLIAM                         GA-25-F-400
COPP, JOHN                              GA-25-C-102
CORKER, WILLIAM                         GA-25-D-70
COSGROVE, ANN                           GA-25-N-416
COUGNACK, C. F.                         GA-25-D-6
COUPER, MARY ANNA                       GA-25-I-201, 222
COUPER, META M.                         GA-25-O-462
COURSE, DANIEL                          GA-25-A-233
COURVOISE, FRANCIS                      GA-25-F-315
COURVOISIE, JOHN F. W.                  GA-25-E-180
COWPER, MARY                            GA-25-F-246
COYLE, DANIEL                           GA-25-F-220
COYNA, MARY                             GA-25-N-302
CRAIG, WILLIAM                          GA-25-F-300
CRANE, JOHN                             GA-25-E-93
CRANSTON, URIAH                         GA-25-N-312
CRAVELLIER, WILLIAM                     GA-25-D-246
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       GA-25-F-209
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       GA-25-E-115
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       GA-25-N-69
CREMEN, CORNELIUS                       GA-25-I-137
CREWS, CHARITY                          GA-25-G-265
CROPP, SARAH                            GA-25-D-170
CROSBY, MARY                            GA-25-O-397
CROWELL, MARY ANN                       GA-25-H-260
CROWELL, NATHANIEL P.                   GA-25-N-245
CRUMPTON, HEZEKIAH                      GA-25-H-145
CULLEN, HUGH                            GA-25-I-488
CULLEN, THOMAS                          GA-25-O-549
CULLEN, WALTER                          GA-25-J-435
CULLENS, MILES D.                       GA-25-N-202
CULLER, MARY                            GA-25-J-339
CUMMING, CATHARINEH.                    GA-25-O-153
CUMMING, GEORGE B.                      GA-25-O-84
CUMMING, JOHN                           GA-25-G-361
CUMMING, MONTGOMERY                     GA-25-N-97
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                       GA-25-G-42
CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL                     GA-25-G-218
CURRAN, CHARLES                         GA-25-F-142
CURRIE, JOHN                            GA-25-A-363
CURTIS, CHARLES M.                      GA-25-H-28
CUSACK, ELLEN                           GA-25-J-366
CUTHBERT, GEORGE                        GA-25-B-305
CUTHBERT, JAMES                         GA-25-E-23
CUTHBERT, LEWIS G.                      GA-25-E-159
CUYLER, ANN D.                          GA-25-I-91
CUYLER, GEORGE A.                       GA-25-J-353
CUYLER, JEREMIAH                        GA-25-G-374
CUYLER, R. M.                           GA-25-O-109
CUYLER, RICHARD R.                      GA-25-J-206
CUYLER, WILLAM H.                       GA-25-N-32
DAILY, JOHN                             GA-25-I-248
DALRIMPLE, VANCLEVE                     GA-25-J-284
DAMER, JOHN                             GA-25-I-12
DANIELL, THOMAS S.                      GA-25-I-251, 264
DANIELL, WILLIAM COFFEE                 GA-25-J-392
DANVILLE, REBECCA                       GA-25-I-465
DARANT, JAMES                           GA-25-D-76
DARTHIAUGNE, JOHN                       GA-25-B-266
DAVENPORT, M. A. E.                     GA-25-J-433
DAVIDSON, SARAH C.                      GA-25-J-338
DAVIES, A. M.                           GA-25-O-164
DAVIES, EDWARD                          GA-25-B-317
DAVIES, EDWARD A.                       GA-25-G-25
DAVIES, FRANCIS                         GA-25-A-308
DAVIES, WILLIAM                         GA-25-G-87
DAVIS, ANN                              GA-25-O-484
DAVIS, ELIZBETH                         GA-25-E-384
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           GA-25-E-176
DAVIS, RICHARD                          GA-25-D-28
DAVIS, THOMAS G.                        GA-25-F-203
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          GA-25-C-190
DAWSEY, MICHAEL T.                      GA-25-H-294
DAWSON, JOSEPH                          GA-25-E-296
DAWSON, MARY                            GA-25-B-280
DAWSON, MARY                            GA-25-F-17
DAWSON, THOMAS                          GA-25-A-21
DAY, J. M.                              GA-25-O-5
DAY, SARAH MARY                         GA-25-A-324
DAY, WILLIAM                            GA-25-A-106
DEAKINS, WILLIAM JR.                    GA-25-E-352
DELAMOTTA, JACOB                        GA-25-I-238
DELAMOTTA, SARAH                        GA-25-G-95
DELANEY, DANIEL E.                      GA-25-O-510
DELANNOY, JOHN D.                       GA-25-O-482
DELAROCHEAULION, SARAH C.               GA-25-N-441
DELEGAL, EDWARD                         GA-25-G-72
DELEGALL, GEORGE                        GA-25-B-94
DELYON, ANNA                            GA-25-N-235
DELYON, HANNAH                          GA-25-H-138
DEMERE, MARY E.                         GA-25-J-176
DEMIRE, RAYMOND                         GA-25-A-14
DEMONDS, ROBERT                         GA-25-I-180
DEMUND, JAMES H.                        GA-25-N-10
DENNIS, HARRIET A.                      GA-25-O-501
DENSLER, BARBARA                        GA-25-E-22
DENSLER, HENRY                          GA-25-C-133
DENSLER, M.                             GA-25-E-49
DERENNE, GEORGE W. J.                   GA-25-O-157
DESPINOSE, JEROME F.                    GA-25-E-148
DEUBELL, JOHN H.                        GA-25-E-321
DEUSLER, MARY M.                        GA-25-I-259
DEVANT, ELIZABETH                       GA-25-F-395
DEVEAUX, JAMES                          GA-25-B-228
DEVEAUX, MARY M.                        GA-25-G-246
DEVEAUX, WILLIAM                        GA-25-C-229
DEVILLE, JOHN ANTHONY MARY              GA-25-A-343
DIBBLE, SAMUEL P.                       GA-25-I-395
DICKERSON, HENRY J.                     GA-25-O-323
DILLON, ALICIA C.                       GA-25-I-532
DILLON, CHRISTIANA                      GA-25-D-168
DILLON, DAVID R.                        GA-25-O-366
DILLON, GEORGE W.                       GA-25-J-240
DILLON, MARGARET                        GA-25-I-529
DILLON, MICHAEL                         GA-25-H-206
DILLON, PATRICK                         GA-25-N-308
DIXON, JOSEPH                           GA-25-E-285
DIXON, WILLIAM                          GA-25-O-19
DIXSEE, JAMES                           GA-25-B-258
DLYON, LEVI S.                          GA-25-J-113
DODER, EMANUEL                          GA-25-A-332
DOE, JACOB F.                           GA-25-J-346
DOHARTY, THOMAS                         GA-25-D-254
DOLLEY, ROSE                            GA-25-N-135
DOON, JOHN                              GA-25-E-253
DOON, MARY ANN                          GA-25-O-139
DORGAN, MERTY                           GA-25-I-123
DOTSON, ELLIA                           GA-25-E-10
DOTSON, MATHEW                          GA-25-I-19
DOTSON, RICHARD                         GA-25-O-401
DOTSON, WILLIAM                         GA-25-H-5
DOUGLASS, AMOS                          GA-25-F-287
DOW, DORCAS                             GA-25-J-362
DOWDY, RICHARD                          GA-25-G-156
DRESLER, GEORGE                         GA-25-B-302
DRISCOLL, MARGARET                      GA-25-E-291
DROUILLARD, ZABETH                      GA-25-G-208
DUDGSON, WILLIAM                        GA-25-F-104
DUDLEY, NANNIE                          GA-25-O-517
DUDLEY, STEPHEN                         GA-25-N-117
DUFAU, PETER                            GA-25-O-200
DUFFY, ELLEN                            GA-25-I-242
DUFFY, PATRICK                          GA-25-I-182
DUFFY, THOMAS                           GA-25-G-315
DUGGAN, A.                              GA-25-O-21
DUGGAN, J. J.                           GA-25-O-103
DUHAMEL, R. L.                          GA-25-F-326
DUMPHY, LAURENCE                        GA-25-G-233
DUNCAN, W.                              GA-25-O-110
DUNLAP, JOSEPH                          GA-25-A-323
DUNN, JAMES                             GA-25-F-196
DUNN, WILLIAM                           GA-25-G-5
DUTUGIER, JEAN BAPTIST                  GA-25-G-140
DUWART, JOSEPH                          GA-25-O-463
EARLY, JANE M.                          GA-25-G-90
EARNST, CHRISTIANA                      GA-25-G-214
EDWARDS, MARIA                          GA-25-I-426
EINSTEIN, ABRAHAM                       GA-25-N-364
EIRICK, CATHERINE                       GA-25-A-113
ELBERT, JONATHAN THE ELDER              GA-25-G-158
ELBERT, SAMUEL                          GA-25-C-105
ELLIOTT, MARY B.                        GA-25-H-411
ELLIOTT, PERCIVAL                       GA-25-J-264
ELLIOTT, RALPH E.                       GA-25-I-48
ELLIOTT, RALPH E.                       GA-25-D-237
ELLIOTT, THOMAS                         GA-25-C-49
ENGLAND, JANE                           GA-25-H-302
ENOE, GEORGE                            GA-25-E-141
EPPIN, LES (EXECUTOR APPT)              GA-25-C-227
EPPINGER, JOHN                          GA-25-F-268
ETHERIDGE, W. D.                        GA-25-J-270
EVANS, JONATHAN                         GA-25-A-252
EVANS, MARTHA                           GA-25-A-98
EVANS, SOPHIA                           GA-25-I-100
EVANS, WILLIAM MATHEW                   GA-25-G-353
EVERARD, CATHERINE                      GA-25-J-349
EVERS, MARY                             GA-25-O-6
EWEN, MARGARET                          GA-25-B-82
EWEN, WILLIAM                           GA-25-B-7
EWING, ROBERT                           GA-25-F-299
FABIAN, SARAH D.                        GA-25-H-374
FAIRCHILD, L. J. B.                     GA-25-O-183
FALLIGANT, E. M.                        GA-25-O-62
FALLIGANT, JOHN G.                      GA-25-I-435
FALLIGANT, SARAH A.                     GA-25-O-435
FARLEY, BENJAMIN                        GA-25-B-283
FARLEY, GRACE                           GA-25-E-121
FARLEY, JOHN                            GA-25-C-449
FARLEY, SARAH                           GA-25-E-205
FARR, MARY                              GA-25-H-419
FARRY, MARY                             GA-25-O-104
FAVARD, PETER                           GA-25-F-159
FAY, SAMUEL H.                          GA-25-H-329
FEAY, OBADIAH M.                        GA-25-E-294
FEAY, WILLIAM T.                        GA-25-O-120
FELL, ELIZABETH S.                      GA-25-F-295
FELT, JOSEPH                            GA-25-I-486
FERGUSON, MARY                          GA-25-E-361
FERGUSON,JOSHUA                         GA-25-B-27
FERRILL, JOHN O.                        GA-25-O-399
FIELD, BENJAMIN                         GA-25-E-196
FINDEN, WILLIAM                         GA-25-B-289
FINK, ANNA G.                           GA-25-O-506
FINLAYSON, JOHN                         GA-25-J-129
FISH, THOAMS J.                         GA-25-J-186
FISHER, MICHAEL                         GA-25-G-16
FITTS, AARON C.                         GA-25-G-306
FITZGERALD, D.                          GA-25-O-34
FLANNERY, PATRICK J.                    GA-25-J-237
FLEETWOOD, GREEN                        GA-25-I-245
FLEMING, PATRICK J.                     GA-25-N-26
FLOURNOY, ROBERT                        GA-25-F-395
FLOYD, MARGARET                         GA-25-A-139
FOGARTY, C. Z.                          GA-25-O-46
FOLEY, JOHN                             GA-25-O-231
FOLEY, OWEN                             GA-25-I-171
FOLEY, SARAH E.                         GA-25-N-123
FOOTE, WILLIAM G.                       GA-25-J-98
FORBES, DIANA (MULATTO)                 GA-25-D-52
FORD, MARGARET                          GA-25-N-126
FORREST, JAMES                          GA-25-F-105
FORSYTH, BENJAMIN                       GA-25-D-27
FOWLER, JAMES                           GA-25-G-80
FOX, ANN                                GA-25-B-188
FOX, DAVID                              GA-25-A-352
FOX, JANE                               GA-25-G-211
FOX, JOHN                               GA-25-A-280
FOX, JOHN SR.                           GA-25-B-137
FOX, JOSEPH                             GA-25-B-159
FOX, JOSIAH                             GA-25-F-45
FOX, RICHARD                            GA-25-B-206
FOX, SARAH                              GA-25-N-133
FOX, SUSANNAH                           GA-25-D-242
FOX, WILLIAM B.                         GA-25-F-193
FOX, WILLIAM SR.                        GA-25-B-194
FRANKLIN W. R.                          GA-25-H-101
FRASER, CAROLINE M.                     GA-25-H-341
FRASER, JOHN                            GA-25-G-319
FRASER, JOHN                            GA-25-E-355
FRASER, MARY                            GA-25-E-248
FRAZER, QUIBUS                          GA-25-O-465
FREDERICK, MARY A.                      GA-25-O-343
FREEMAN, E. A.                          GA-25-N-157
FRETOT, CHARLES E.                      GA-25-E-178
FREUND, WILLIAM J.                      GA-25-O-286
FRIEND, JACOB                           GA-25-I-128
FRY, JESSEE                             GA-25-H-169
FULFORD, JAMES HAVILAND                 GA-25-A-210
FULTON, ELIZABETH                       GA-25-I-515
FUNK, MICHAEL                           GA-25-O-441
FURSE, JAMES                            GA-25-C-199
FURSTENBERG, LEOPOLD                    GA-25-N-392
GABLE, ABRAHAM                          GA-25-C-171
GADDY, JAMES                            GA-25-E-166
GAGEL, JOHN                             GA-25-C-18
GALACHE, JAMES                          GA-25-C-270
GALLIE, JOHN B.                         GA-25-J-27
GAMMON, JOSEPH F.                       GA-25-J-180
GANAHL, JOSEPH                          GA-25-G-296
GARDINER, JOHN                          GA-25-F-337
GARDNER, ANN CORNELL                    GA-25-H-278, 288
GARDNER, JOHN JR.                       GA-25-G-41
GARRETT, THOMAS S.                      GA-25-O-361
GARTLAND, FRANCIS XAVIER                GA-25-I-154
GARVER, DORCAS W.                       GA-25-G-139
GASTON, WILLIAM                         GA-25-G-323
GAUDREY, JOHN B.                        GA-25-H-221
GAUDRY, JAMES E.                        GA-25-O-152
GAY, MICHAEL                            GA-25-O-10
GERKIN, MARTIN                          GA-25-I-415
GERMAIN, ANN A.                         GA-25-J-400
GERMAIN, M.                             GA-25-E-37
GERMAIN, PRISCILLA                      GA-25-B-53
GIBBONS, ANN                            GA-25-A-349
GIBBONS, BARACK                         GA-25-E-269
GIBBONS, CAROLINE G.                    GA-25-I-253
GIBBONS, GEORGE                         GA-25-O-460
GIBBONS, HANNAH                         GA-25-A-290
GIBBONS, JOHN                           GA-25-E-346
GIBBONS, JOHN BARTON                    GA-25-E-89
GIBBONS, JOSEPH                         GA-25-A-184
GIBBONS, SARAH                          GA-25-C-146
GIBBONS, THOMAS                         GA-25-F-304
GIBBONS, VALERIA                        GA-25-D-5
GIBBONS, WILLIAM                        GA-25-D-126
GIBBONS, WILLIAM                        GA-25-A-395
GIBBONS, WILLIAM                        GA-25-I-51
GIBBONS, WILLIAM                        GA-25-B-99
GIBSON, R. T.                           GA-25-N-184
GIBSON, ROBERT                          GA-25-C-163
GIBSON, ROBERT S.                       GA-25-E-305
GIBZEAN, JOHN                           GA-25-A-297
GILBART, WILLIAM                        GA-25-A-235
GILBERT, JAMES B.                       GA-25-I-125
GILBERT, MARY L.                        GA-25-J-38
GILES, WILLIAM                          GA-25-I-513
GILLILAND, JOHN                         GA-25-N-40
GILMER, JEREMY F.                       GA-25-O-357
GINOBLY, MARY                           GA-25-E-239
GIONIOLEY, JOHN                         GA-25-B-337
GIRARDEAU, JOHN BOHUN                   GA-25-B-183
GIZORME, JOHN PETER                     GA-25-F-60
GLASS, JOHN                             GA-25-D-174
GLEASON, JOHN                           GA-25-O-170
GLEN, GEORGE                            GA-25-I-20
GLEN, JOHN                              GA-25-D-135
GLEN, SARAH                             GA-25-D-156
GNANN, DAVID                            GA-25-H-334
GOEHMAN, FREDERICK                      GA-25-N-408
GOELDING, BRIDGET                       GA-25-O-125
GOFFE, JANE                             GA-25-C-408
GOLDSMITH, ESTHER                       GA-25-J-267
GOODWIN, WILLIAM T.                     GA-25-J-109
GOODYEAR, CORNELIA                      GA-25-H-279
GORDON, ALFRED H.                       GA-25-J-122
GORDON, AMBROSE                         GA-25-D-147
GORDON, GEORGE                          GA-25-I-456
GORDON, PATRICK                         GA-25-N-323
GORDON, WILLIAM W.                      GA-25-H-97
GRAHAM, EDWARD                          GA-25-N-314
GRAHAM, JERUSHA                         GA-25-G-268
GRANDMONT, JACQUES P. R. DE             GA-25-E-112
GRANT, H. F.                            GA-25-N-247
GRANT, MARY                             GA-25-O-59
GRANT, MIRANDA D.                       GA-25-O-452
GRAY, M. J.                             GA-25-O-22
GRAYBILL, MARY A.                       GA-25-O-342
GREEN, C. STEPHEN                       GA-25-G-169
GREEN, CHARLES                          GA-25-O-209, 228
GREEN, MARY JANE                        GA-25-J-288
GREEN, THOMAS                           GA-25-I-35
GREENE, HARRIET M.                      GA-25-O-154
GREENE, HERMON D.                       GA-25-G-43
GREENE, MARGARET                        GA-25-J-259
GREER, RICHARD                          GA-25-D-99
GRIBBIN, RACHEL M.                      GA-25-F-127
GRIBBIN, THOMAS                         GA-25-F-94
GRIFFEN, MATTHEW                        GA-25-B-335
GRIMBALL, MARY ANN                      GA-25-I-138
GRONOVOLY, BENJAMIN                     GA-25-J-239
GROVE, PETER                            GA-25-F-165
GUERARD, ROBERT GODIN                   GA-25-I-67
GUGEL, DANIEL                           GA-25-G-153
GUGEL, JOHN C.                          GA-25-F-108
GUGEL, MARY                             GA-25-F-347
GUILMARTIN, JOHN F.                     GA-25-I-193
GUINN, RICHARD                          GA-25-B-203
GUNN, CHRISTOPHER                       GA-25-E-368
GUNN, JAMES                             GA-25-E-46
GUY, GEORGE WILLIAM                     GA-25-D-198
GWINNETT, BUTTON                        GA-25-B-1
HABERSHAM, JAMES                        GA-25-E-124
HABERSHAM, JOSEPH                       GA-25-G-143
HABERSHAM, RICHARD W.                   GA-25-H-108
HABERSHAM, ROBERT                       GA-25-N-42
HABERSHAM, SARAH E.                     GA-25-I-149
HABERSHAM, STEPHEN E.                   GA-25-I-489
HABERSHAM, WILLIAM                      GA-25-N-444
HADRICK, ALEXANDER                      GA-25-B-29
HAEMMERLE, FRANK                        GA-25-N-329
HAIG, GEORGE                            GA-25-E-359
HAIG, H. M. (DR)                        GA-25-G-266
HAIG, SARAH G.                          GA-25-H-175
HAIST, GEORGE                           GA-25-D-15
HAIST, HARRIOT                          GA-25-F-404
HALL, ANN                               GA-25-F-1
HALL, GEORGE                            GA-25-N-1
HALL, NATHANIEL                         GA-25-E-31
HALL, NATHANIEL                         GA-25-F-25
HALL, WILLIAM LISTER                    GA-25-D-191
HALLIDAY, ANDREW                        GA-25-N-131
HALLIDAY, ANDREW JR.                    GA-25-N-259
HALSEY, DAVID F.                        GA-25-I-249
HAMILTON, ANN                           GA-25-F-323
HAMILTON, EVERARD                       GA-25-H-230
HAMILTON, J. FLOYD                      GA-25-N-142
HAMILTON, JAMES                         GA-25-F-208
HAMLET, JOHN R.                         GA-25-O-540
HANLON, JOHN                            GA-25-N-306
HANLY, J. H.                            GA-25-O-13
HANNER, NICHOLAS                        GA-25-A-10
HANSCOME, HETTY E.                      GA-25-N-321
HARBOCK, JOHN                           GA-25-E-268
HARDEN, EDWARD                          GA-25-D-146
HARDEN, MATILDA A.                      GA-25-J-51
HARDEN, THOMAS H.                       GA-25-F-188
HARDEN, WILLIAM                         GA-25-C-56
HARMON, ABRAHAM                         GA-25-I-392
HARN, SAMUEL                            GA-25-C-43
HARPER, ANN                             GA-25-E-29
HARRINGOTN, EDMUND                      GA-25-H-166
HARRIS, CHARLES                         GA-25-G-21
HARRIS, FRANCIS HENRY                   GA-25-B-116
HARRIS, MORDIACA                        GA-25-C-444
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         GA-25-O-532
HARRISON, EDWARD                        GA-25-E-217
HARRISON, JACK (COLORED)                GA-25-E-293
HARRISON, MARTIN                        GA-25-F-157
HARRISON, WILLIAM                       GA-25-G-230
HARSTENE, JOACHIM                       GA-25-D-116
HART, ABIGAIL MARY                      GA-25-N-138
HART, JOHN                              GA-25-J-419
HARTRIDGE, A. S.                        GA-25-N-433
HARTRIDGE, J. E.                        GA-25-F-50
HARTRIDGE, JULIAN                       GA-25-O-87
HARTSTENE, BENJAMIN                     GA-25-E-53
HAUPT, HENRY                            GA-25-I-413
HAYDEN, ANSON B.                        GA-25-H-99
HAYDEN, CATHERINE P.                    GA-25-J-211
HAYES, JAMES                            GA-25-J-413
HAYS, SARAH MINIS                       GA-25-O-473
HAYWARD, MARIA LOUISA                   GA-25-I-152
HAZZARD, SARAH ANN                      GA-25-O-247
HEAGNEY, JAMES                          GA-25-O-386
HEALY, CATHERINE (FARLY)                GA-25-I-81
HEALY, DENNIS                           GA-25-J-10
HEARN, MARY ELIZABETH                   GA-25-D-206
HEBERE, PETER                           GA-25-E-97
HEDRICK, GEORGE W.                      GA-25-O-527
HEINEMANN, FREDERICK W.                 GA-25-H-296
HELBERT, MARY MAGDELIN                  GA-25-D-25
HENDLEN, JOHN U.                        GA-25-E-160
HENISLER, MARY ANN                      GA-25-O-130
HENNESSY, MCB.                          GA-25-N-413
HENRY, CHARLES S.                       GA-25-J-124
HENRY, ERASTUS                          GA-25-O-365
HENRY, JACOB P.                         GA-25-H-95
HERB, FREDERIC                          GA-25-C-251
HERB, GEORGE                            GA-25-F-268
HERB, JOHN (DIVISION)                   GA-25-E-401
HERBERT, JOSEPH B.                      GA-25-G-144
HERBOCK, MICHAEL                        GA-25-B-72
HERNDON, B. S.                          GA-25-O-561
HERRICK, C.                             GA-25-O-47
HERRMANN, SOPHIA H. E.                  GA-25-O-206
HERSEN, HERMAN                          GA-25-D-1
HESS, HENRY                             GA-25-J-234
HEWITT, ALEXANERINA S.                  GA-25-J-118
HIGGENS, ICHABOD                        GA-25-A-321
HILL, JOSEPH                            GA-25-E-277
HILLHOUSE, DAVID P.                     GA-25-H-434
HINNSEN, HENRY                          GA-25-O-306
HIRSCH, DAVID                           GA-25-N-424
HIRSHBERG, L.                           GA-25-O-64
HOBART, E. A.                           GA-25-O-71
HOBBS, JOHN                             GA-25-D-124
HODGENS, MARY                           GA-25-I-219
HODGSON, MARGARET T.                    GA-25-N-325
HODGSON, WILLIAM B.                     GA-25-N-122
HOGAN, ELLEN                            GA-25-N-372
HOGG, EUNICE                            GA-25-E-343
HOGG, THOMAS                            GA-25-E-149
HOLCOMBE, THOMAS                        GA-25-O-502
HOLFORD, JAMES                          GA-25-I-159
HOLLAND, JOHN                           GA-25-I-418
HOLLIS, E. C.                           GA-25-O-115
HOLMES, ELIZABETH                       GA-25-G-227
HOLMS, JOSEPH B. (DIVISION)             GA-25-E-333
HOPKINS, CORMACK                        GA-25-O-467
HOPKINS, JOHN D.                        GA-25-N-344
HOPKINS, M. J.                          GA-25-O-63
HOPKINS, MATILDA A.                     GA-25-J-417
HOPKINS, MATTHEW                        GA-25-H-318
HORN, MARY ELIZABETH                    GA-25-D-17
HORSKINS, ZACHARIAH                     GA-25-D-204
HOTCHKISS, MARY ANN                     GA-25-F-288
HOUSTON, JAMES                          GA-25-A-121
HOUSTON, PETER                          GA-25-O-304
HOUSTON, SARAH P. C.                    GA-25-N-204
HOUSTOUN, ANN                           GA-25-F-182
HOUSTOUN, E.                            GA-25-N-350
HOUSTOUN, JOHN                          GA-25-A-247
HOUSTOUN, PATRICK                       GA-25-H-14
HOUSTOUN, PATRICK (SIR)                 GA-25-B-226
HOUSTOUN, PRISCILLA                     GA-25-G-299
HOUSTOUN, RICHARD D.                    GA-25-E-284
HOUSTOUN, SARAH                         GA-25-F-190
HOUSTUN, MARY A.                        GA-25-N-128
HOVER, JOHN                             GA-25-I-509
HOWARD, BENJAMIN                        GA-25-F-123
HOWARD, CHARLES                         GA-25-F-70
HOWARD, JOHN GORDAN                     GA-25-J-272
HOWELL, JOHN B.                         GA-25-N-243
HOWLEY, RICHARD                         GA-25-B-197
HUGENIN, DANIEL                         GA-25-E-175
HUGER, ANNA M.                          GA-25-O-426
HUGER, T. P.                            GA-25-N-423
HUGHES, OWEN                            GA-25-E-199
HUGUENIN, ELIZA                         GA-25-N-113
HUGUENIN, JOHN                          GA-25-G-248
HULL, ANNA M.                           GA-25-O-401
HULL, HENRY                             GA-25-O-316
HULT,Z JUSTUS                           GA-25-E-197
HUNK, CHRISTIAN F.                      GA-25-F-356
HUNTER, CHARLES C.                      GA-25-O-450
HUNTER, ELIZA S.                        GA-25-N-181
HUNTER, JAMES                           GA-25-J-65
HUNTER, JOHN                            GA-25-I-140
HUNTER, MARGARET                        GA-25-G-264
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         GA-25-D-74
HUNTER, WILLIAM P.                      GA-25-J-423
HUSSEY, WILLIAM                         GA-25-O-196
HUTCHESON, ROBERT                       GA-25-I-492
HUTCHINGS, THOMAS                       GA-25-J-428
HUTCHINSON, ELIZA                       GA-25-E-202
HUTSON, JOHN                            GA-25-H-84
IMFELD, ANTHONY                         GA-25-E-274
IRVINE, ANN ELIZABETH                   GA-25-E-6
IRVINE, ELIZA                           GA-25-H-94
IRVING, JAMES                           GA-25-A-419
ISAAC, LUCY                             GA-25-H-345
ISAAC, ROBERT                           GA-25-G-45
JACKSON, DAVENPORT                      GA-25-O-404
JACKSON, EBENEZER                       GA-25-G-338
JACKSON, JAMES (MAJ. GEN.)              GA-25-D-217
JAFFRAY, ALEXANDER                      GA-25-E-203
JAHAN, MARY                             GA-25-I-121
JALINMEAU, FRANCIS                      GA-25-F-280
JAMES, HENRY                            GA-25-H-343
JAMES, MARGARET                         GA-25-I-79
JAMISON, JOHN                           GA-25-D-101
JANSAC, JAMES                           GA-25-B-219
JARVIS, JOHN                            GA-25-A-221
JENCKES, EBENEZER                       GA-25-H-77
JEWETT, E. A.                           GA-25-I-228
JOHNS, MARY ANN                         GA-25-O-438
JOHNS, WILLIAM S.                       GA-25-N-445
JOHNSON, ANDREW                         GA-25-D-137
JOHNSON, JAMES                          GA-25-G-222
JOHNSON, MARGARET M.                    GA-25-J-221
JOHNSON, RICHARD                        GA-25-N-198
JOHNSON, SARAH                          GA-25-N-63
JOHNSON, SUSAN                          GA-25-N-45
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         GA-25-F-265
JOHNSOTN, JAMES                         GA-25-E-75
JOHNSTON, ANN                           GA-25-H-216
JOHNSTON, DAVID                         GA-25-E-250
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         GA-25-F-210
JOHNSTON, MARION ANN                    GA-25-H-254
JOHNSTON, MARY HELEN                    GA-25-N-140
JOHNSTON, MATTHEW                       GA-25-D-105
JOHNSTON, SARAH                         GA-25-E-318
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM W.                    GA-25-I-400
JOHNSTONE, EMILY G.                     GA-25-O-348
JONES, ANNA L.                          GA-25-N-319
JONES, AUGUSTUS SEABORN                 GA-25-N-18
JONES, ELIZA                            GA-25-F-223
JONES, G. NOBLE                         GA-25-N-439
JONES, GEORGE                           GA-25-G-355
JONES, HENRIETTA B.                     GA-25-A-378
JONES, JAMES                            GA-25-A-403
JONES, LEWIS                            GA-25-A-143
JONES, MARY C.                          GA-25-H-165
JONES, NOBLE                            GA-25-B-120
JONES, NOBLE W.                         GA-25-O-262
JONES, NOBLE WIMBERLY                   GA-25-D-171
JONES, NOBLE WIMBERLY                   GA-25-F-57
JONES, OWEN                             GA-25-F-293
JONES, SARAH                            GA-25-E-288
JONES, SARAH                            GA-25-E-145
JONES, SARAH                            GA-25-I-390
JORDAN, HENRY W.                        GA-25-F-363
JORDAN, WILLIAM                         GA-25-A-103
KEALL, DAVID                            GA-25-D-106
KEEBLER, JOHN J.                        GA-25-H-214
KEEN, JOHN                              GA-25-G-270
KEEN,E LIZABETH                         GA-25-F-224
KEHOE, JOHN                             GA-25-O-259
KEIFFER, FREDERICK                      GA-25-H-56
KELLER, GEORGE ADAM                     GA-25-A-198
KELLSALL, JOHN                          GA-25-D-144
KELLY, JOHN J.                          GA-25-N-169
KELLY, WILLIAM                          GA-25-F-390
KER, EUGENIA M.                         GA-25-O-276
KER, MARY                               GA-25-G-368
KERBLAY, LEQUINO                        GA-25-E-245
KERN, JOHN PETER                        GA-25-D-62
KERR, ELIZABETH                         GA-25-A-95
KIEFFER, DAVID                          GA-25-B-132
KIEFFER, DAVID                          GA-25-E-214
KIEFFER, HENRY                          GA-25-F-205
KINE, ELLEN                             GA-25-N-356
KING, BENJAMIN                          GA-25-N-264
KING, C. B.                             GA-25-O-172
KING, CUPID                             GA-25-O-37
KING, MITCHELL                          GA-25-J-15
KINGSTON, GEORGE                        GA-25-F-122
KNAPP, ELIZA C.                         GA-25-N-293
KNAPP, NOAH B.                          GA-25-O-77
KOCK, FREDERICK                         GA-25-N-427
KOLLOCK, HENRY                          GA-25-F-112
KOLLOCK, LEMUEL                         GA-25-F-244
KOLLOCK, MEHITABEL                      GA-25-G-217
KREITE, FREDERICK                       GA-25-O-311
KRENSON, F.                             GA-25-N-211
KRUTMAN, EDWARD                         GA-25-C-21

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