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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # |  AB = 1829-1887 | C =  | D = | E = | F = | G = |
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ADKINS, JOHN                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-106
ALLEN, ANDREW                NTL                           AR-74-AB-245
ALLEN, JOHN W.               NTL                           AR-74-AB-85
ALLEN, WILLIAM               NTL                           AR-74-AB-87
ARMSTRONG, AMBROS N.         SPRINGDALE                    AR-74-AB-248
ASHBY, CLEMENT P.            VINEYARD                      AR-74-AB-273
ASHBY, ELIZABETH             NTL                           AR-74-AB-108
BAKER, COMODORE P.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-178
BANKS, JORDEN                NTL                           AR-74-AB-134
BANKS, SUSAN E.              NTL                           AR-74-AB-199
BARNES, JOHN                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-55
BARNES, WESLEY               NTL                           AR-74-AB-142
BARNETT, GEORGE W.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-260
BARNETT, HENRY L.            NTL                           AR-74-AB-205
BASSETT, JOHN N.             NTL                           AR-74-AB-168
BATES, HENDERSON             NTL                           AR-74-AB-183
BEAN, JOHN                   NTL                           AR-74-AB-51
BEAN, MARK                   NTL                           AR-74-AB-59
BEATY, ALEXANDER             NTL                           AR-74-AB-268
BELL, SAM R.                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-66
BELLAMY, ALVIN J.            VINEYARD                      AR-74-AB-272
BENBROOK, EWING              NTL                           AR-74-AB-254
BILLINGSLEY, JOHN            NTL                           AR-74-AB-166
BIN, JESSE                   NTL                           AR-74-AB-87
BLACKBURN, AMBROSE           NTL                           AR-74-AB-41
BLOYD, WILLIAM               NTL                           AR-74-AB-25
BLOYED, ELI                  NTL                           AR-74-AB-130A
BOLES, CARRIE C.             NTL                           AR-74-AB-252
BOLES, THOMAS D.             FAYETTEVILLE                  AR-74-AB-164
BONHAM, JESSE                NTL                           AR-74-AB-157
BOONE, BENJAMIN F.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-74
BOOTHE, JOHN                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-83
BOTEFUGHR, HUGH C. C.        FAYETTEVILLE                  AR-74-AB-104
BOWMAN, BENJAMIN W.          SPRINGDALE                    AR-74-AB-173
BOYDSTON, ASA                NTL                           AR-74-AB-249
BRADEN, R. F.                NTL                           AR-74-AB-234
BRALY, FRANK M.              CANE HILL                     AR-74-AB-45
BROWN, BENSON                NTL                           AR-74-AB-45
BROWN, R. H.                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-247
BROWN, THOMAS T.             NTL                           AR-74-AB-255
BRUNK, DANIEL                NTL                           AR-74-AB-139
BUCHANAN, A. P.              NTL                           AR-74-AB-155
BUCHANAN, ANDREW             PRAIRIE GROE                  AR-74-AB-48
BUCHANAN, JAMES              NTL                           AR-74-AB-34
BUSEY, L. W.                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-136
BUTLER, JAMES S.             VINEYARD                      AR-74-AB-169
BYRNSIDE, JAMES              NTL                           AR-74-AB-32
BYRNSIDE, MARGARET           FAYETTEVILLE                  AR-74-AB-57
CALDWELL, DAVID H.           FAYETTEVILLE                  AR-74-AB-270
CALDWELL, JAMES              NTL                           AR-74-AB-145
CALDWELL, WILLIAM            NTL                           AR-74-AB-117
CAMPBELL, JOHN               NTL                           AR-74-AB-51
CAMPBELL, THOMAS M.          FAYETTEVILLE                  AR-74-AB-216
CAPELAND, ISAAC A.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-84
CARDWELL, RICHARD W.         NTL                           AR-74-AB-96
CARDWELL, WILLIAM H.         NTL                           AR-74-AB-122A
CARNAHAN, JOHN               NTL                           AR-74-AB-18
CARNAHAN, MARY               NTL                           AR-74-AB-64
CARNAHAN, SAMUEL             NTL                           AR-74-AB-76
CARNAHANS, ADAM              NTL                           AR-74-AB-93
CARTER, DAVID                FAYETTEVILLE                  AR-74-AB-176
CARTER, ELAM                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-161
CHEATHAM, T. J.              NTL                           AR-74-AB-269
CHITWOOD, JAMES P.           CINCINNATI                    AR-74-AB-91
CHOATE, EDWARD               NTL                           AR-74-AB-86
CLAER, ELISHA                NTL                           AR-74-AB-54
CLEVELAND, CHARLES           NTL                           AR-74-AB-175
COLLYER, WILLIAM J.          NTL                           AR-74-AB-99
CONKIN, MOSES                NTL                           AR-74-AB-34
CONNER, JOHN                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-130
COOK, JAMES                  NTL                           AR-74-AB-104A
COOK, SAMUEL                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-174
COWAN, R. G.                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-232
COX, JAMES                   NTL                           AR-74-AB-126
CROCKETT, JAMES M.           FAYETTEVILLE                  AR-74-AB-149
CROUCH, ADDISON              NTL                           AR-74-AB-62
DAVIDSON, ABNER              NTL                           AR-74-AB-87
DAVIS, LONG                  NTL                           AR-74-AB-24
DAVIS, RALPH                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-11
DAWSON, WILLIAM R.           FAYETTEVILLE                  AR-74-AB-45
DEAN, CHARLES W.             NTL                           AR-74-AB-276
DEANE, CHARLES W.            NTL                           AR-74-AB-219
DEEN, WILLIAM                NTL                           AR-74-AB-167
DEPRIEST, WILLIAM            NTL                           AR-74-AB-26
DIER, JACKSON                NTL                           AR-74-AB-113
DOUGHERTY, JAMES B.          NTL                           AR-74-AB-59
DRAKE, JAMES                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-49
DUKE, COURTNEY M.            NTL                           AR-74-AB-125
ELDER, WILLIAM E.            NTL                           AR-74-AB-233
ELLIS, G. W.                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-189
ELMS, JOHNATHAN              NTL                           AR-74-AB-267
ENGLISH, NATHAN P.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-69
EVANS, JAMES                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-27
EVARD, ABRAHAM HENRY         NTL                           AR-74-AB-35
FERGUSON, JOHN C.            NTL                           AR-74-AB-79
FIELDS, DENNES M.            MOUNTAIN                      AR-74-AB-132
FINE, WILIAM                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-59
FITZGERALD, JOHN             NTL                           AR-74-AB-112A
FLETCHER, JOBE               NTL                           AR-74-AB-112
FREEMAN, JESSE               NTL                           AR-74-AB-151
FUNKHOUSER, ALLEN            NTL                           AR-74-AB-153
FUNKHOUSER, JACOB            NTL                           AR-74-AB-123
GARVIN, THOMAS               NTL                           AR-74-AB-3
GIBSON, GEORGE               NTL                           AR-74-AB-59
GIBSON, SHADRACK             NTL                           AR-74-AB-120
GILBREATH, C. G.             NTL                           AR-74-AB-148
GODDARD, TANDY M.            NTL                           AR-74-AB-143
GRAY, SANFORD F.             VINEYARD                      AR-74-AB-188
GREEN, WILLIAM T.            NTL                           AR-74-AB-95
GREEN, WILLIAM L.            (ADMIN)                       AR-74-AB-113A
GREER, JAMES W.              NTL                           AR-74-AB-185
GREGG, HENRY                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-128
HALL, JOHN T.                FAYETTEVILLE                  AR-74-AB-220
HAMILTON, ROBERT             NTL                           AR-74-AB-2
HAMMACK, LEWIS               NTL, CARROL, TN               AR-74-AB-7
HANNA, DAVID W.              VINEYARD                      AR-74-AB-227
HANNA, O. O.                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-113
HANNAH, THOMAS ALEXANDER     NTL                           AR-74-AB-213
HARMON, ISAAC                NTL                           AR-74-AB-103
HARPER, PLEOMAN W.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-124
HAWS, W. W.                  NTL                           AR-74-AB-160
HAYLES, BENJAMIN             NTL                           AR-74-AB-5
HELMESLEY, SIDNEY E.         NTL                           AR-74-AB-102
HEMBREE, JAMES               NTL                           AR-74-AB-40
HERMAN, DANIEL               NTL                           AR-74-AB-27
HEWITT, ALEXANDER            NTL                           AR-74-AB-194
HEWITT, NELSON               NTL                           AR-74-AB-229
HILL, JAMES                  NTL                           AR-74-AB-29
HOLT, EARL                   NTL                           AR-74-AB-54
INGRAM, JAMES WILSON         NTL                           AR-74-AB-30
ISH, JOHN                    NTL                           AR-74-AB-49
JACK, ABRAHAM                NTL                           AR-74-AB-236
JACKSON,C OLUMBUS            NTL                           AR-74-AB-140
JEFFRIES, JOHN               NTL                           AR-74-AB-47
JERNIGAN, LOUISA             NTL                           AR-74-AB-190
JONES, JAMES W.              NTL                           AR-74-AB-201
KENNAN, JOSEPH               NTL                           AR-74-AB-259
KING, WESLEY                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-90
KINNEBROUGH, JAMES           NTL                           AR-74-AB-26
KNUDSON, JOHN                NTL                           AR-74-AB-97
LAWHORN, LEONARD             NTL                           AR-74-AB-91
LAWRENCE, GEORGE             NTL                           AR-74-AB-38
LAWRENCE, JAMES              NTL                           AR-74-AB-9
LEACH, ELIJAH                NTL                           AR-74-AB-41
LEACH, RICHARD               NTL                           AR-74-AB-264
LEEPER, JAMES                NTL                           AR-74-AB-23
LIVELEY, WILEY               NTL                           AR-74-AB-135
LUCK, HENRY                  PRAIRIE GROVE                 AR-74-AB-129
LUTTRELL, CASWELL D.         NTL                           AR-74-AB-119
LYALL, JOHN                  NTL                           AR-74-AB-271
MABERRY, DAVID SR.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-133
MALLICOAT, DEDMOND           NTL                           AR-74-AB-235
MARRS, JAMES                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-122
MATHEWS, ANDREW J.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-258
MATHEWS, DAVID R.            NTL                           AR-74-AB-198
MAXWELL, WILLIAM             CANE HILL                     AR-74-AB-46
MAYFIELD, WILLIAM            NTL                           AR-74-AB-23
MCCLELLAN, E. W.             BOONSBORO                     AR-74-AB-158
MCCLURE, E. W.               NTL                           AR-74-AB-200
MCCLURE, ELIZABETH P.        NTL                           AR-74-AB-204
MCDANIELD, HUGH F.           FAYETTEVILEL                  AR-74-AB-180
MCILROY, WILLIAM             FAYETTEVILLE                  AR-74-AB-222
MILLER, EBENEZE RR.          NTL                           AR-74-AB-100
MILLER, THOMAS               NTL                           AR-74-AB-78
MILLS, ELLEN A.              NTL                           AR-74-AB-179
MOORE, MARY                  NTL                           AR-74-AB-101
MORRISON, JOSEPH             NTL                           AR-74-AB-171
MORROW, ROBERT               DUTCH MILLS                   AR-74-AB-193
MORROW, SAMUEL               NTL                           AR-74-AB-162
NEWMAN, JOHNATHAN            NTL                           AR-74-AB-70
NEWMAN, JOSEPH               NTL                           AR-74-AB-24
NIMAN, TRUMAN                NTL                           AR-74-AB-262
PARKS, JOHN                  NTL                           AR-74-AB-75
PARKS, WALTER D.             NTL                           AR-74-AB-35
PEARSON, JACOB               NTL                           AR-74-AB-89
PEARSON, JOHN O. P.          NTL                           AR-74-AB-115
PEDEN, BENJAMIN              NTL                           AR-74-AB-206
PETTIGREW, GEORGE A.         NTL                           AR-74-AB-44
PETTIGREW, JAMES R.          NTL                           AR-74-AB-218
PHELAN, HANNAH               NTL                           AR-74-AB-116
PHILPOTT, WARREN             NTL                           AR-74-AB-29
POLSON, L. F.                NTL                           AR-74-AB-81
POLSON, WILLIAM G.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-40
POSTON, WILLIAM              NTL                           AR-74-AB-31
POTTER, REAL                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-1
PRECE, HUGH M.               NTL                           AR-74-AB-97
QUILLER, JOHN                NTL                           AR-74-AB-97
REED, JOHN                   NTL                           AR-74-AB-65
REED, RICHARD A.             NTL                           AR-74-AB-74
RICE, BENAJMIN F.            NTL                           AR-74-AB-214
RIDGE, MAJOR                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-22
RIDGE, SUSANNA               NTL                           AR-74-AB-22
RIEFF, JOHN W.               FAYETTEVILLE                  AR-74-AB-203
RIEFF, JOHN                  NTL                           AR-74-AB-88
RIGGINS, JAMES               NTL                           AR-74-AB-138
RINEHART, WILLIAM            STAR HILL                     AR-74-AB-239
RITTER, YOUNG E.             NTL                           AR-74-AB-67
ROBBINS, RICHARD             NTL                           AR-74-AB-28
ROBERTS, GEORGE D.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-250
ROBERTSON, JOHN H.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-186
ROBINSON, ELISHA B.          NTL                           AR-74-AB-52
ROHRBAUGH, JOHN              NTL                           AR-74-AB-191
ROSSER, JOHN                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-127
RUSSELL, GEORGE              NTL                           AR-74-AB-21
RUTHERFORD, NOEL G.          NTL                           AR-74-AB-121
SEVERS, CHARLES JACKSON      NTL                           AR-74-AB-167A
SHANNON, GRANVILLE B.        VINEYARD                      AR-74-AB-110
SHERLEY, JOHN                NTL                           AR-74-AB-57
SHERROD, WILLIAM             NTL                           AR-74-AB-150
SHRUM, JOHN                  NTL                           AR-74-AB-211
SIDWELL, JESSE SR.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-107
SIMPSON, FRANKLIN            NTL                           AR-74-AB-131
SIMPSON, HUGH                NTL                           AR-74-AB-40
SIMPSON, WILLIAM L.          NTL                           AR-74-AB-208
SMITH, ARLEY C.              NTL                           AR-74-AB-105
SMITH, BOLLING               NTL                           AR-74-AB-163
SMITH, JACOB M. J.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-137
SMITH, JOHN R.               NTL                           AR-74-AB-256
SMITH,G EORGE R.             NTL                           AR-74-AB-197
SON, JAMES                   NTL                           AR-74-AB-159
SOWERS, WILLAM M.            NTL                           AR-74-AB-44
STANFIELD, ALEXANDER M.      NTL                           AR-74-AB-51
STARK, SAMUEL B. SR.         NTL                           AR-74-AB-114
STEVENSON, JAMES             NTL                           AR-74-AB-92
STEWART, GREEN               NTL                           AR-74-AB-98
STOKENBERRY, HERMAN          NTL                           AR-74-AB-253
STOUT, ABRAHAM               NTL                           AR-74-AB-25
STRAIN, ROBERT               NTL                           AR-74-AB-22
STRAYHANS, JOSEPH            NTL                           AR-74-AB-86A
SUGG, ELIZABETH              NTL                           AR-74-AB-58
SUMMERS, CLIFFORD L.         NTL                           AR-74-AB-266
SUTTON, ISABELLA             NTL                           AR-74-AB-144
SUTTON, JEREMIAH             NTL                           AR-74-AB-54
SUTTON, SENECA               FAYETTEVILLE                  AR-74-AB-50
TAYLOR, JOHN L.              NTL                           AR-74-AB-4
THURMAN, JOHN M.             NTL                           AR-74-AB-231
TITSWORTH, JOHN              NTL                           AR-74-AB-94
TUTTLE, SOLOMON              NTL                           AR-74-AB-42
VAWTER, JOHN C.              NTL                           AR-74-AB-156
WAGNON, THOMAS               NTL                           AR-74-AB-15
WALKER, NANCY                NTL                           AR-74-AB-36
WALL, LARKIN                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-58
WALLACE, ALFRED              FAYETTEVILLE                  AR-74-AB-47
WALLACE, MARGARET            FAYETTE                       AR-74-AB-58
WASHBURN, NATHANIEL          NTL                           AR-74-AB-261
WATSON, CHRISTIANA L.        NTL                           AR-74-AB-91
WEATHERBY, NOAH              NTL                           AR-74-AB-89
WEBB,D AVID                  NTL                           AR-74-AB-263
WEBER, J. W.                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-182
WEBSTER, JOHN B.             NTL                           AR-74-AB-246
WEST, JAMES S.               NTL                           AR-74-AB-154
WEST, ROBERT J.              NTL                           AR-74-AB-217
WILBUR, J. D.                BOONSBORO                     AR-74-AB-170
WILKERSON, WILLIAM W.        NTL                           AR-74-AB-196
WILLIAMS, ALEXANDER          NTL                           AR-74-AB-20
WILLIAMS, IRA                DUTCH MILLS                   AR-74-AB-265
WILLIAMS, JOHN S.            NTL                           AR-74-AB-152
WILLIAMS, JOHN S.            NTL                           AR-74-AB-184
WILLIAMS, THOMAS W.          NTL                           AR-74-AB-210
WILSON, EMZU                 NTL, FRANKLIN                 AR-74-AB-60
WILSON, JOHN                 NTL                           AR-74-AB-35
WILSON, JOHN                 PRAIRIE GROVE                 AR-74-AB-13
WILSON, JOSEPH               NTL                           AR-74-AB-34
WILSON, SARAH W.             NTL                           AR-74-AB-57
WILSON, WILLIAM F.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-240
WILSON, WILLIAM I.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-118
WITHERSPOON, JAMES STRAIN    NTL                           AR-74-AB-21
WOOLSEY, SAMUEL D.           NTL                           AR-74-AB-51
YEAGER, BENJAMIN M.          NTL                           AR-74-AB-237
YELL, ARCHIBALD              NTL                           AR-74-AB-31

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