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ABEL, JOHN S.                           TX-116-A-197
ABELL, S. J.                            TX-116-A-397
ABERNATHY, L. H.                        TX-116-A-36
ABLOWICH, A. S.                         TX-116-A-375
ABLOWICH, ABRAHAM                       TX-116-A-375
ABLOWICH, C. E.                         TX-116-A-375
ABLOWICH, DAVID                         TX-116-A-375
ABLOWICH, GERTRUDE                      TX-116-A-375
ADAIR, A. G.                            TX-116-A-141
ADAIR, BENJAMIN LOCKETT                 TX-116-A-363
ADAIR, GEORGE W.                        TX-116-A-362
ADAIR, GEORGE W.                        TX-116-A-363
ADAIR, W. B.                            TX-116-A-319
ADAIR, WILLIAM EDWARD                   TX-116-A-363
ADAMS, BOB                              TX-116-A-825
ADAMS, CHARLEY                          TX-116-A-57
ADAMS, CLARENCE                         TX-116-A-2337
ADAMS, ERNEST                           TX-116-A-1997
ADAMS, EVA                              TX-116-A-941
ADAMS, F. M.                            TX-116-A-53
ADAMS, FRANCIS M.                       TX-116-A-193
ADAMS, FRANK                            TX-116-A-721
ADAMS, GRACIE                           TX-116-A-959
ADAMS, J. C.                            TX-116-A-1977
ADAMS, J. F.                            TX-116-A-1819
ADAMS, JOHN                             TX-116-A-400
ADAMS, LOTIE                            TX-116-A-400
ADAMS, LOTIE M                          TX-116-A-2062
ADAMS, MABEL                            TX-116-A-721
ADAMS, MARY                             TX-116-A-400
ADAMS, MAUDIE                           TX-116-A-959
ADAMS, NINA                             TX-116-A-64
ADAMS, OPHELIA                          TX-116-A-1997
ADAMS, T. B.                            TX-116-A-1997
ADAMS, THELMA                           TX-116-A-2337
ADAMS, THOMAS                           TX-116-A-400
ADAMS, VELMA                            TX-116-A-2337
ADAMS, VIRGIL                           TX-116-A-959
ADAMS, W. B.                            TX-116-A-1973
ADAMS, WILL H.                          TX-116-A-213
ADAMS, WILLIAM M.                       TX-116-A-2153
ADAMS, Z. T.                            TX-116-A-938
ADCOCK, J. M.                           TX-116-A-1972
ADDINGTON, T. W.                        TX-116-A-2295, 2311
ADDISON, M. J.                          TX-116-A-2061
ADKISSON, JAMES FOSTER                  TX-116-A-447
ADKISSON, JAMES W.                      TX-116-A-447
ADKISSON, JOHN WISE                     TX-116-A-447
ADKISSON, LOUISE                        TX-116-A-447
AKERS, L. T.                            TX-116-A-2037
AKIN, WILLIAM                           TX-116-A-650
AKRIDGE, FRANK O.                       TX-116-A-1917
AKRIDGE, ROBERT L.                      TX-116-A-1917
AKRIDGE, ROY H.                         TX-116-A-1917
ALBRIGHT, FRANK                         TX-116-A-496
ALDRIDGE, THOMAS R.                     TX-116-A-3
ALEXANDER, B. D.                        TX-116-A-MISC
ALEXANDER, D. L.                        TX-116-A-1545
ALEXANDER, D. L.                        TX-116-A-1547
ALEXANDER, G. B.                        TX-116-A-9
ALEXANDER, HOUSTON                      TX-116-A-1168
ALEXANDER, J. J.                        TX-116-A-776
ALEXANDER, J. S.                        TX-116-A-630
ALEXANDER, JIM                          TX-116-A-4
ALEXANDER, MARVIN WILLIE                TX-116-A-1545
ALEXANDER, MARY EXAR                    TX-116-A-1545
ALEXANDER, ORAN                         TX-116-A-1545
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM D.                   TX-116-A-9
ALLEN, ADELIA JANE                      TX-116-A-172
ALLEN, B. E.                            TX-116-A-633, 635
ALLEN, C. FRANK                         TX-116-A-274
ALLEN, FLOYD                            TX-116-A-1566
ALLEN, J. E.                            TX-116-A-428
ALLEN, JOHN                             TX-116-A-63A
ALLEN, JOHN B.                          TX-116-A-63
ALLEN, JOHN WALTER                      TX-116-A-1566
ALLEN, M. B.                            TX-116-A-633, 635
ALLEN, MABEL LOREATH                    TX-116-A-1566
ALLEN, MARY A.                          TX-116-A-10
ALLEN, MARY A.                          TX-116-A-6
ALLEN, SADIE                            TX-116-A-377
ALLEN, SADIE                            TX-116-A-400
ALLEN, SARAH                            TX-116-A-512
ALLEN, WILL RUFUS                       TX-116-A-1566
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          TX-116-A-MISC
ALLMAN, JEPTHA                          TX-116-A-83
ALLMAN, JEPTHA                          TX-116-A-82
ALMAN, J. C.                            TX-116-A-551
ALMON, J. S.                            TX-116-A-733
ALMON, R. D.                            TX-116-A-733
ALSBROOKS, EDNA                         TX-116-A-2227
ALUMBAUGH, J. H.                        TX-116-A-865
AMBROSE, LULA                           TX-116-A-2027
AMBROSE, LULA                           TX-116-A-2050
AMBROSE, SAM                            TX-116-A-2125
AMES, MISSOURIA A.                      TX-116-A-430
AMES, TIMOTHY A.                        TX-116-A-430
AMIS, CURTIS                            TX-116-A-149
AMIS, HENRIETTA                         TX-116-A-487
AMIS, HENRIETTA                         TX-116-A-128
AMIS, LURA                              TX-116-A-149
AMIS, WARREN T.                         TX-116-A-115
AMOS, WILL                              TX-116-A-195
ANDERS, J. B.                           TX-116-A-1843
ANDERSON, A. C. J.                      TX-116-A-24
ANDERSON, B. F.                         TX-116-A-1
ANDERSON, BENJAMIN                      TX-116-A-135
ANDERSON, CHARLY                        TX-116-A-26
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                     TX-116-A-26
ANDERSON, HENRY                         TX-116-A-778
ANDERSON, J. F.                         TX-116-A-1975
ANDERSON, J. H.                         TX-116-A-367
ANDERSON, J. H.                         TX-116-A-365
ANDERSON, J. H.                         TX-116-A-26
ANDERSON, JOHN                          TX-116-A-19, 20
ANDERSON, M. W.                         TX-116-A-365
ANDERSON, M. W.                         TX-116-A-367
ANDERSON, MARGARET E.                   TX-116-A-365
ANDERSON, MARY J.                       TX-116-A-7
ANDERSON, NATHAN                        TX-116-A-999
ANDERSON, OLLEY E.                      TX-116-A-890
ANDERSON, REESE                         TX-116-A-8
ANDERSON, W. M.                         TX-116-A-1663
ANDERSON, WILLIE                        TX-116-A-26
ANDREWS, CHARLES R.                     TX-116-A-196
ANDREWS, FANNIE                         TX-116-A-1943
ANDREWS, W. M.                          TX-116-A-1943
ANDREWS, WILLIAM D.                     TX-116-A-196
ANTHONY, JAMES                          TX-116-A-5
APPERSON, F. M.                         TX-116-A-1334
APPERSON, S. A.                         TX-116-A-1906
APPLE, W. D.                            TX-116-A-1402
AREY, ANNIE MAY                         TX-116-A-170
ARMISTEAD, BEATRICE                     TX-116-A-432
ARMISTEAD, BEATRICE                     TX-116-A-127
ARMISTEAD, ETNA E.                      TX-116-A-432
ARMISTEAD, JAMES                        TX-116-A-432
ARMISTEAD, JAMES                        TX-116-A-127
ARMISTEAD, MAGGIE                       TX-116-A-432
ARMISTEAD, MAGGIE                       TX-116-A-127
ARMSTRONG, C. A.                        TX-116-A-360
ARMSTRONG, HUGH P.                      TX-116-A-257
ARMSTRONG, J. H.                        TX-116-A-360
ARMSTRONG, LENA E.                      TX-116-A-232
ARMSTRONG, MARY C.                      TX-116-A-232
ARMSTRONG, MARY S.                      TX-116-A-279
ARMSTRONG, MARY S.                      TX-116-A-232
ARNOLD, A. D.                           TX-116-A-579
ARNOLD, ANDREW JOSHUA                   TX-116-A-217
ARNOLD, GEORGE                          TX-116-A-38
ARNOLD, HORACE                          TX-116-A-170, 178, 179
ARNOLD, J. D.                           TX-116-A-1722
ARNOLD, J. D.                           TX-116-A-143
ARNOLD, JEFF D.                         TX-116-A-2058
ARNOLD, JEFFIE                          TX-116-A-2112
ARNOLD, JESSE                           TX-116-A-2202
ARNOLD, LEE                             TX-116-A-104
ARNOLD, LILLIE R.                       TX-116-A-2058
ARNOLD, LUCY                            TX-116-A-1916
ARNOLD, OLIVER                          TX-116-A-2202
ARNOLD, VERDIE                          TX-116-A-2202
ARNOLD, WALTER E. JAMES                 TX-116-A-170, 178, 179
ARP, H. H. (MRS)                        TX-116-A-94
ARVIN, BELLE V.                         TX-116-A-228
ARVIN, BELLE V.                         TX-116-A-228
ARVIN, CATE L.                          TX-116-A-228
ARVIN, MARY C.                          TX-116-A-228
ARVIN, MINNIE T.                        TX-116-A-228
ARVIN, PATTIE O.                        TX-116-A-228
ASHBURN, HANNAH                         TX-116-A-647
ASHBURN, MABLE                          TX-116-A-2214
ASHCRAFT, CLARENCE                      TX-116-A-1840
ASHCRAFT, HENRY                         TX-116-A-830
ASHCRAFT, HENRY                         TX-116-A-1840
ASHCRAFT, JOHN H.                       TX-116-A-1840
ASHCRAFT, PREBBLE                       TX-116-A-1840
ASHMORE, ELLIS T.                       TX-116-A-1977
ASTON, ANNA                             TX-116-A-165
ATTERBERRY, NATHANIEL                   TX-116-A-46
AUDAS, M.                               TX-116-A-409
AUDAS, M. B.                            TX-116-A-421
AUDAS, M. B.                            TX-116-A-409
AUGUSTINE, JOHN W.                      TX-116-A-11
AUSTIN, KATE                            TX-116-A-451
AUSTIN, KATE LUCK                       TX-116-A-451
AUSTIN, PEARL                           TX-116-A-646
AVERITT, BERTRAM                        TX-116-A-107
AYRES, W. H.                            TX-116-A-391
BABB, DELILA A.                         TX-116-B-253
BABB, ELIZA E.                          TX-116-B-253
BABB, JOHN G.                           TX-116-B-253
BABB, JULIA                             TX-116-B-253
BABB, MALINDA J.                        TX-116-B-253
BABB, SUSAN E.                          TX-116-B-253
BADEMON, JAMES G.                       TX-116-B-2
BAGGETT, ANNIE D.                       TX-116-B-703
BAGGETT, J. R.                          TX-116-B-703
BAILEY, ADINE                           TX-116-B-1419
BAILEY, C. WELCH                        TX-116-B-1810
BAILEY, CLYDE                           TX-116-B-1419
BAILEY, E. J.                           TX-116-B-1
BAILEY, EVA. A.                         TX-116-B-1810
BAILEY, INEZ                            TX-116-B-1419
BAILEY, M. F.                           TX-116-B-1810
BAILEY, PEARL                           TX-116-B-1419
BAIN, A. A.                             TX-116-B-1296
BAIRD, J. P.                            TX-116-B-1226
BAKER, MALINDA                          TX-116-B-MISC
BAKER, MARY                             TX-116-B-1614
BALE, JAMES H.                          TX-116-B-117
BALL, CLARENCE R.                       TX-116-B-283
BALL, ELLIE                             TX-116-B-283
BALL, IDA CAIN                          TX-116-B-283
BALL, J. H.                             TX-116-B-87
BALL, JASPER M.                         TX-116-B-283
BALLARD, A. JACK                        TX-116-B-1959
BALL,LOTTIE V.                          TX-116-B-196
BALTHROP, ROBERT                        TX-116-B-8
BARKER, BEULAH                          TX-116-B-686
BARKER, CECIL                           TX-116-B-686
BARKER, CLARENCE                        TX-116-B-686
BARKER, ELIZABETH                       TX-116-B-3
BARKER, SARAH J.                        TX-116-B-954
BARKER, WILLIAM                         TX-116-B-3
BARKETT, ROY                            TX-116-B-MISC
BARKLEY, J. W.                          ATX-116-B-4
BARKLEY, J. W.                          TX-116-B-1539
BARKLEY, LILLY                          TX-116-B-1468
BARKLEY, T. A.                          TX-116-B-1468
BARLIN, RICHARD                         TX-116-B-209
BARLING, ALBERT                         TX-116-B-2262
BARLING, BERTHA LEE                     TX-116-B-2262
BARLING, HENRY A.                       TX-116-B-171
BARLOW, DORA                            TX-116-B-1740
BARLOW, DORA                            TX-116-B-1759
BARNES, CHARLES                         TX-116-B-5
BARNES, ELLA J.                         TX-116-B-5
BARNES, FLORA                           TX-116-B-5
BARNES, J. M.                           TX-116-B-329
BARNES, RUDOLPH                         TX-116-B-965
BARNES, SARAH                           TX-116-B-1439
BARNES, SARAH M.                        TX-116-B-329
BARNES, W. C.                           TX-116-B-1181
BARNES, WILLIAM J.                      ATX-116-B-5
BARNETT, ED                             TX-116-B-96
BARNETT, EDWARD                         TX-116-B-183
BARNETT, JESSE D.                       TX-116-B-2212
BARNETT, L. T.                          TX-116-B-1672
BARNETT, RUTH                           TX-116-B-1672
BARNETT, T. J.                          TX-116-B-127
BARNETT, T. J.                          TX-116-B-537
BARNETT, W. E.                          TX-116-B-142
BARNETT, W. E.                          TX-116-B-1029
BARNHART, JAMES H.                      TX-116-B-6
BARNHART, JOHN                          TX-116-B-7
BARR, CHESTER                           TX-116-B-1152
BARR, J. W.                             TX-116-B-989
BARR, JAMES                             TX-116-B-1152
BARR, LAVINIA                           TX-116-B-1152
BARR, S. D.                             TX-116-B-1152
BARRETT, CYNTHIA                        TX-116-B-219
BARROW, DAVID                           TX-116-B-237
BARROW, J. W.                           TX-116-B-237
BARROW, JESSE                           TX-116-B-237
BARROW, ZOE                             TX-116-B-237
BARTON, F. D.                           TX-116-B-758
BASS, JAMES R. SR.                      TX-116-B-1908
BASS, ROBINA L.                         TX-116-B-1640
BATTIE, CAIN                            TX-116-B-1542
BATTIE, EDDIE                           TX-116-B-1542
BEALL, JACK                             TX-116-B-1208
BEALL, LAU RETA                         TX-116-B-1208
BEALL, ROSA T.                          TX-116-B-1208
BEAN, ALICE                             TX-116-B-1625
BEAN, ALICE LAURRIENE                   TX-116-B-1504
BEAN, BETTIE                            TX-116-B-1504
BEAN, BULAH                             TX-116-B-1504
BEAN, CHARLES H.                        TX-116-B-2140
BEAN, CLARENCE F.                       TX-116-B-1504
BEAN, MARGARET E.                       TX-116-B-1457
BEAN, MAUDE                             TX-116-B-2296
BEAN, RALPH                             TX-116-B-1625
BEAN, T. F.                             TX-116-B-1023
BEAN, WILLIAM ERVIN                     TX-116-B-1504
BEARD, GUY                              TX-116-B-309
BEARD, JOSEPH EDWARD                    TX-116-B-213
BEARD, R. MINTY                         TX-116-B-213
BEARD, REBECCA                          TX-116-B-213
BEARD, REX                              TX-116-B-309
BEASLEY, DORA E.                        TX-116-B-59
BEASLEY, JAMES A.                       TX-116-B-59
BEASLEY, MARY J.                        TX-116-B-59
BEASLEY, W. T.                          TX-116-B-59
BEASLEY, WANDA J.                       TX-116-B-59
BEAUCHAMP, C. H.                        TX-116-B-2078
BEAVES, TOM                             TX-116-B-121
BECK, A. D.                             TX-116-B-264
BECK, BIRDIE E.                         TX-116-B-503
BECK, J. D.                             TX-116-B-264
BECK, M. M.                             TX-116-B-264
BECK, MAGGIE O.                         TX-116-B-503
BECK, MARY V.                           TX-116-B-503
BECK, SAMUEL W.                         TX-116-B-503
BECK, W. C.                             TX-116-B-264
BECKER, H. C. F.                        TX-116-B-407
BECKHAM, LYDIA                          TX-116-B-1164
BEDICHECK, ANDERSON J.                  TX-116-B-386
BEEDE, ADDIE                            TX-116-B-1180
BEEZLEY, A. J.                          TX-116-B-376
BEEZLEY, ALZORA                         TX-116-B-189
BEEZLEY, ANDERSON                       TX-116-B-386
BELEW, M. A. E.                         TX-116-B-9
BELEW, P. E.                            TX-116-B-328
BELEW, Z. T.                            TX-116-B-328
BELL, MALITA E.                         TX-116-B-971
BELL, PRENTICE                          TX-116-B-697
BELL, PRENTICE                          TX-116-B-2065
BELL, W. G.                             TX-116-B-1265
BELYEU, KATIE                           TX-116-B-211
BENGE, W. L.                            TX-116-B-1927
BENNETT, BEERTHA                        TX-116-B-167
BENNETT, JAMES EDWARD                   TX-116-B-1286
BENNETT, MABEL (MRS)                    TX-116-B-1286
BENNETT, MABEL EVELYN                   TX-116-B-1286
BENNETT, SARAH                          TX-116-B-10
BENSON, FLORENCE E.                     TX-116-B-231
BENSON, WALALCE MCDOWELL                TX-116-B-231
BENTON, A. H.                           TX-116-B-2082
BENTON, NELLIE                          TX-116-B-1229
BENTON, NILAN                           TX-116-B-1229
BERRY, BEN                              TX-116-B-132
BERRY, CHARLES W.                       TX-116-B-20
BERRY, CHARLEY                          TX-116-B-1507
BERRY, IRVING                           TX-116-B-132
BERRY, J. W.                            TX-116-B-1507
BERRY, LULA                             TX-116-B-132
BERRY, LULA M.                          TX-116-B-20
BERRY, MYRTLE                           TX-116-B-132
BERRY, OPAL                             TX-116-B-1507
BETHE, L. W.                            TX-116-B-11
BETHEA, CLARA                           TX-116-B-48
BETHEA, J. E.                           TX-116-B-1116
BETHELL, EMMA Z.                        TX-116-B-762
BETHELL, EULA                           TX-116-B-291
BETHELL, J. M.                          TX-116-B-762
BETHUNE, B. B.                          TX-116-B-746
BETHUNE, B. N.                          TX-116-B-746
BETHUNE, R. T.                          TX-116-B-746
BETTERTON, W. P.                        TX-116-B-1909
BETTS, M. E.                            TX-116-B-230
BETTS, T. J.                            TX-116-B-230
BETTS, T. J.                            TX-116-B-182
BEVAS, TOM                              TX-116-B-121
BEVIS, POLK                             TX-116-B-1027
BEVIS, WILLIE EDNA                      TX-116-B-1185
BICKLEY, C. B.                          TX-116-B-2003
BICKLEY, CHARLIE                        TX-116-B-2003
BICKLEY, HAROLD                         TX-116-B-2003
BICKLEY, JACK                           TX-116-B-2003
BICKLEY, S. J.                          TX-116-B-1367
BIGGERSTAFF, A. M.                      TX-116-B-183
BIGGERSTAFF, JOHN                       TX-116-B-332
BIRD, S. L.                             TX-116-B-728
BIRD, S. L.                             TX-116-B-563
BIRDSALL, MAGGIE                        TX-116-B-142
BIRDSONG, A. J.                         TX-116-B-1540
BIRDSONG, ALEXANDER                     TX-116-B-289
BIRDSONG, B. A.                         TX-116-B-1947
BIRDSONG, BAILEY                        TX-116-B-1947
BIRDSONG, HULETT C.                     TX-116-B-880
BIRDSONG, IDA MAY                       TX-116-B-1825
BIRDSONG, LUCY                          TX-116-B-1825
BIRDSONG, M. B.                         TX-116-B-289
BIRDSONG, MABEL                         TX-116-B-1825
BIRDSONG, RALPH                         TX-116-B-1825
BLACKBURN, L. G.                        TX-116-B-73
BLADES, A. H.                           TX-116-B-895
BLADES, N. O.                           TX-116-B-2263
BLAIN, JOHN L.                          TX-116-B-138
BLAIR, DASIE                            TX-116-B-1059
BLAIR, ELLA                             TX-116-B-331
BLAIR, JAMES S.                         TX-116-B-331
BLAIR, LAURA                            TX-116-B-331
BLAIR, ORA                              TX-116-B-1059
BLAIR, ORA                              TX-116-B-331
BLAIR, SUTTON                           TX-116-B-1059
BLAIR, THEODOCIA                        TX-116-B-331
BLAIR, W. M.                            TX-116-B-331
BLAIR, WILLIAM                          TX-116-B-311
BLALOCK, GLEN                           TX-116-B-1557
BLALOCK, LINNIE                         TX-116-B-1557
BLALOCK, RUTH                           TX-116-B-1557
BLANKENSHIP, FLETCHER                   TX-116-B-1725
BLANKENSHIP, FLETCHER                   TX-116-B-2108
BLANKENSHIP, RICHARD                    TX-116-B-2108
BLANKENSHIP, RICHARD                    TX-116-B-1725
BLASINGAME, HORACE R.                   TX-116-B-868
BLEDSOE, ALBERT                         TX-116-B-2070
BLEDSOE, GERTRUDE                       TX-116-B-847
BLEDSOE, GERTRUDE M.                    TX-116-B-570
BLEDSOE, J. P.                          TX-116-B-378
BLEDSOE, J. P.                          TX-116-B-380
BLEDSOE, NEIL                           TX-116-B-2070
BLEDSOE, T. J.                          TX-116-B-847
BLOCKER, MARGARET                       TX-116-B-200
BLOCKER, MARGARET J.                    TX-116-B-306
BLOCKER, RACHEL R.                      TX-116-B-200
BLOCKER, SMAUEL W.                      TX-116-B-200
BLOCKER, WILLIAM                        TX-116-B-237
BOARMAN, L. E.                          TX-116-B-804
BOARMAN, OWEN                           TX-116-B-1234
BOLES, SARAH E.                         TX-116-B-369
BOLES, WILLIAM F.                       TX-116-B-369
BOND, EVELYN LULA                       TX-116-B-1047
BOND, JEFF MASON                        TX-116-B-1047
BOND, JOHN T.                           TX-116-B-1036
BOND, JOSEPH                            TX-116-B-1047
BOND, MILDRED JENETT                    TX-116-B-1047
BOND, OLLIE ELIZABETH                   TX-116-B-1047
BOND, RICHARD EVERETT                   TX-116-B-1047
BONE, H. F.                             TX-116-B-320
BONE, LUTHER R.                         TX-116-B-320
BONNER, GRACE                           TX-116-B-1361
BONNER, JESSIE                          TX-116-B-1361
BONNER, JOE                             TX-116-B-1361
BONNER, JOHN                            TX-116-B-1361
BONNER, LIZZIE                          TX-116-B-1361
BOOTH, EVA                              TX-116-B-2073
BOOTH, MAYO                             TX-116-B-2073
BOOTH, SARAH                            TX-116-B-1254
BOOTHE, GEORGE                          TX-116-B-628
BOOTHE, HOMER                           TX-116-B-628
BOOTHE, MINNIE                          TX-116-B-628
BOOZE, ISHMAL                           TX-116-B-14
BORING, JOSEPH                          TX-116-B-15
BOSHEARS, MARY                          TX-116-B-1040
BOSWELL, ODIS KINKADE                   TX-116-B-1664
BOTTOMS, JOHN MACK                      TX-116-B-418
BOTTOMS, LAVINIA                        TX-116-B-418
BOTTOMS, MARY C.                        TX-116-B-418
BOTTOMS, TOM                            TX-116-B-418
BOULDIN, E. S.                          TX-116-B-585
BOULDIN, FRANK                          TX-116-B-594
BOULDIN, LILA                           TX-116-B-594
BOULDIN, ZELMA                          TX-116-B-594
BOUNDS, SADIE                           TX-116-B-301
BOURLAND, B. F.                         TX-116-B-666
BOURLAND, GEORGE                        TX-116-B-165
BOURLAND, MARTHA A.                     TX-116-B-682
BOUTWELL, JOHN W.                       TX-116-B-16
BOUTWELL, WILLIAM                       TX-116-B-114
BOUTWELL, WILLIAM                       TX-116-B-239
BOUYSON, M. A.                          TX-116-B-17
BOWDEN, J. W.                           TX-116-B-12
BOWDEN, J. W.                           TX-116-B-1213
BOWDOIN, MARY A.                        TX-116-B-236
BOWEN, MOZY ARVEY                       TX-116-B-115
BOWERS, L. J. (MRS)                     TX-116-B-173
BOWLES, ANNA                            TX-116-B-1881
BOWMAN, BONNIE MAY                      TX-116-B-1399
BOWMAN, BONNIE MAY                      TX-116-B-1619
BOWMAN, JIMIE BELL                      TX-116-B-1619
BOWMAN, JIMMIE BELL                     TX-116-B-1399
BOWMAN, W. J.                           TX-116-B-1399
BOWRING, MARY ELIZABETH                 TX-116-B-40
BOWRING, TRAVIS HOBBS                   TX-116-B-40
BOYCE, ALLIE C.                         TX-116-B-1178
BOYCE, J. C.                            TX-116-B-1178
BOYD, F. T.                             TX-116-B-19
BOYD, J. B.                             TX-116-B-19
BOYD, MARIA                             TX-116-B-200
BOYD, S. G.                             TX-116-B-19
BOYD, SARAH FRANCIS                     TX-116-B-19
BOYD, SMAUEL P.                         TX-116-B-200
BOYLE, J. S.                            TX-116-B-191
BOYLE, JAMES FRANKLIN                   TX-116-B-315
BOYLE, JOHN LEMUEL                      TX-116-B-315
BOYLE, JOHN S.                          TX-116-B-63
BOYLE, SARAH J.                         TX-116-B-315
BOYLE, WILLIAM GARNETT                  TX-116-B-315
BRADBERRY, ELIZABETH                    TX-116-B-160
BRADBERRY, ELIZABETH B.                 TX-116-B-405A
BRADBERRY, ELIZBETH                     TX-116-B-346
BRADBERRY, ELSIE                        TX-116-B-2162
BRADBERRY, F. W.                        TX-116-B-346
BRADBERRY, FRANK W.                     TX-116-B-405A
BRADBERRY, FRANKLIN                     TX-116-B-160
BRADBERRY, J. F.                        TX-116-B-346
BRADBERRY, NORVALL                      TX-116-B-2162
BRADBERRY, PERRY                        TX-116-B-160
BRADBERRY, ROBERT P.                    TX-116-B-405A
BRADBERRY, W. P.                        TX-116-B-346
BRADLEY, . E.                           TX-116-B-1584
BRADLEY, JAMES                          TX-116-B-21A
BRADLEY, JAMES W.                       TX-116-B-754
BRADLEY, L. J.                          TX-116-B-22
BRADLEY, MODIE                          TX-116-B-1584
BRADY, ARCHIE E.                        TX-116-B-337
BRADY, CLAUD D.                         TX-116-B-337
BRADY, H. D.                            TX-116-B-355
BRADY, J. A.                            TX-116-B-23
BRADY, WALTER SCOTT                     TX-116-B-337
BRAME, BELLE M.                         TX-116-B-345
BRAME, FRANK A.                         TX-116-B-345
BRAMLETTE, FELIX B.                     TX-116-B-1699
BRAMLETTE, MINNIE WILLIAMS              TX-116-B-1807
BRAMLETTE, WILLIAM                      TX-116-B-1807
BRANCHE, CLAUD                          TX-116-B-1659
BRASWELL, C. W.                         TX-116-B-632
BRECHEEN, DELLA M.                      TX-116-B-36
BRECHEEN, SALLIE E.                     TX-116-B-36
BREECHEN, CLARA V.                      TX-116-B-467
BREECHEN, E. A.                         TX-116-B-36
BREECHEN, MARTHA A.                     TX-116-B-285
BRIGHAM, ALVIN                          TX-116-B-1716
BRIGHAM, DICK                           TX-116-B-1716
BRIGHAM, EDNA                           TX-116-B-1775
BRIGHAM, ELIZA R.                       TX-116-B-5
BRIGHAM, ELLA T.                        TX-116-B-1612
BRIGHAM, ESSIE                          TX-116-B-1775
BRIGHAM, FRANK E.                       TX-116-B-320
BRIGHAM, GEORGE R.                      TX-116-B-5
BRIGHAM, HENRY                          TX-116-B-5
BRIGHAM, J. A.                          TX-116-B-1775
BRIGHAM, LOLA                           TX-116-B-180
BRIGHAM, SUSIE                          TX-116-B-1775
BRIGHAM, WILLIAM H.                     TX-116-B-5
BRIGHAM, WILLIE                         TX-116-B-1775
BRILHART, CLIFFORD L.                   TX-116-B-1648
BRISCOE, JOHN R.                        TX-116-B-24
BRITTINGHAM, A. M.                      TX-116-B-1195
BRITTINGHAM, MARY E.                    TX-116-B-2005
BRITTON, W. S.                          TX-116-B-205
BROCKETT, BERTHA                        TX-116-B-167
BROMLEY, WILLIAM                        TX-116-B-25
BROOKS, C. O.                           TX-116-B-710
BROOKS, CHARLES O.                      TX-116-B-718
BROOKS, MOSES                           TX-116-B-1045
BROOKS, SARAH E.                        TX-116-B-159
BROOME, OLLIE LEE                       TX-116-B-1668
BROTHERS, C. E.                         TX-116-B-1682
BROTHERS, C. E.                         TX-116-B-1591
BROTTON, JULIA A.                       TX-116-B-104
BROUGHER, D. M. (MRS)                   TX-116-B-1351
BROUGHER, DAISY                         TX-116-B-1362
BROUGHER, JIM                           TX-116-B-1362
BROUGHER, MAIDA                         TX-116-B-1362
BROWER, HENRY                           TX-116-B-27
BROWN, ALONZO C.                        TX-116-B-1228
BROWN, ANNIE E.                         TX-116-B-1024
BROWN, ARMON                            TX-116-B-213
BROWN, BIRDIE                           TX-116-B-1495
BROWN, BIRDIE                           TX-116-B-1115
BROWN, BIRDIE H.                        TX-116-B-944
BROWN, C. V.                            TX-116-B-1138
BROWN, CLARENCE                         TX-116-B-213
BROWN, ED                               TX-116-B-26
BROWN, EMMA L.                          TX-116-B-460
BROWN, FLROA E.                         TX-116-B-1228
BROWN, FREDDIE W.                       TX-116-B-460
BROWN, H. L.                            TX-116-B-1495
BROWN, HARRIETT                         TX-116-B-108
BROWN, IDA J.                           TX-116-B-1421
BROWN, ILA M.                           TX-116-B-1228
BROWN, J. H.                            TX-116-B-460
BROWN, JOHN F.                          TX-116-B-1024
BROWN, LALLAH                           TX-116-B-1138
BROWN, LIDA MAY                         TX-116-B-1584
BROWN, M. J.                            TX-116-B-1228
BROWN, MARTHA A.                        TX-116-B-28
BROWN, MARY                             TX-116-B-1138
BROWN, MARY V.                          TX-116-B-1024
BROWN, MYRTLE A.                        TX-116-B-1228
BROWN, PARMELIA A.                      TX-116-B-1024
BROWN, RICHARD                          TX-116-B-105
BROWN, W. A.                            TX-116-B-2279
BROWN, WLATER E.                        TX-116-B-1228
BROWNLEE, BEN F.                        TX-116-B-1984
BROWNLEE, UNA ORION                     TX-116-B-1984
BRUMLEY, WILLIAM                        TX-116-B-21
BRYAN, HARRIETT                         TX-116-B-1261
BRYAN, NANCY B.                         TX-116-B-134
BRYAN, T. H.                            TX-116-B-134
BRYANT, BESSIE                          TX-116-B-2169
BRYANT, CLOEREAN                        TX-116-B-2169
BRYANT, DORRIS                          TX-116-B-2169
BRYANT, ETHEL                           TX-116-B-2110
BRYANT, FRED                            TX-116-B-2169
BRYANT, HILTON                          TX-116-B-2169
BRYANT, HORCE                           TX-116-B-2169
BRYANT, JESSIE                          TX-116-B-2169
BRYANT, JOE                             TX-116-B-2169
BRYANT, LULA                            TX-116-B-2169
BRYANT, RUBY                            TX-116-B-2169
BRYANT, SUDDIE                          TX-116-B-529
BRYANT, TENNESSEE                       TX-116-B-2071
BUCHANAN, H. C.                         TX-116-B-599
BUCHANAN, M. T.                         TX-116-B-1237
BUCHANAN, MATTIE                        TX-116-B-1218
BUCHANAN, P. J.                         TX-116-B-599
BUCHANAN, W. S.                         TX-116-B-1324
BUCKNER, NANNIE                         TX-116-B-64
BUFKIN, ROBERT E.                       TX-116-B-197
BULGIN, ELWOOD J.                       TX-116-B-296
BULGIN, MYRA J. E.                      TX-116-B-296
BULGIN, WILLIAM R.                      TX-116-B-296
BULLS, DEMPSEY D.                       TX-116-B-866
BUNCH, MARY ANN                         TX-116-B-154
BURGAMY, CARRIE                         TX-116-B-78
BURGAMY, J. W.                          TX-116-B-60
BURGAMY, THEODOSIA                      TX-116-B-78
BURKE, ELENOR                           TX-116-B-51
BURKE, HESTER FLORENCE                  TX-116-B-1252
BURKE, JOHNATHAN                        TX-116-B-51
BURKE, WALTER L.                        TX-116-B-1252
BURKHART, WALTER                        TX-116-B-30
BURLAND, SIDNEY                         TX-116-B-165
BURNES, JAMES                           TX-116-B-603
BURNES, JAMES                           TX-116-B-591
BURNETT, BILL E.                        TX-116-B-31
BURNETT, DOROTHY                        TX-116-B-2230
BURNETT, DOROTHY                        TX-116-B-2230
BURNETT, ELLEN                          TX-116-B-31
BURNETT, GERTRUDE                       TX-116-B-2230
BURNETT, GREEN                          TX-116-B-31
BURNETT, GREEN LANGFORD                 TX-116-B-2230
BURNETT, HELEN NAUDINE                  TX-116-B-2230
BURNETT, J. A.                          TX-116-B-31
BURNETT, MARGUERITE                     TX-116-B-1707
BURNETT, MARGUERITE                     TX-116-B-2230
BURNETT, MARY ANN                       TX-116-B-31
BURNETT, NAUD                           TX-116-B-1707
BURNETT, NAUD                           TX-116-B-2230
BURNETT, WILLIAM ELLIOTT                TX-116-B-2230
BURNETT, WILLIAM T.                     TX-116-B-31
BURNEY, FRANK                           TX-116-B-84
BURNEY, L. E.                           TX-116-B-84
BURNS, VESTA JANE                       TX-116-B-742
BURNS, VESTIA JANE                      TX-116-B-405
BURNS, W. A.                            TX-116-B-742
BURNS, W. A.                            TX-116-B-405
BURRESS, JOHN A.                        TX-116-B-32
BURRIS, JOHN A.                         TX-116-B-32
BURROUGHS, DOLLIE                       TX-116-B-930
BURROUGHS, DOLLY                        TX-116-B-265
BURROUGHS, GEORGE L.                    TX-116-B-265
BURROUGHS, H. S.                        TX-116-B-67
BURROUGHS, JAMES THOMAS                 TX-116-B-930
BURROUGHS, JOHN E.                      TX-116-B-930
BURROUGHS, JOHN EDWARD                  TX-116-B-265
BURROUGHS, MINNIE ALMETA                TX-116-B-265
BURROUGHS, SARAH MATILDA                TX-116-B-265
BURROUGHS, SARAH MATILDA                TX-116-B-930
BURROW, G. M.                           TX-116-B-729
BURROW, MINNIE G.                       TX-116-B-555
BURT, DORA R.                           TX-116-B-1446
BURT, ETTIE                             TX-116-B-681
BURT, J. O.                             TX-116-B-618
BURT, J. W.                             TX-116-B-681
BURT, O. W.                             TX-116-B-681
BURT, R. R.                             TX-116-B-558
BURT, R.R.                              TX-116-B-655
BURT, VIRGINIA                          TX-116-B-681
BURT, W. A.                             TX-116-B-1446
BURT, W. E.                             TX-116-B-681
BURTON, DEE                             TX-116-B-58
BURTON, LILLIAN M.                      TX-116-B-806
BURTON, MARCUS M.                       TX-116-B-58
BURTON, OTIS W.                         TX-116-B-58
BURTON, VIRA                            TX-116-B-58
BURTON, ZENOVIA E.                      TX-116-B-806
BUSSEY, M. P. (MRS)                     TX-116-B-34
BUTLER, H. W.                           TX-116-B-365
BUTLER, LORINDA                         TX-116-B-35
BUTLER, M. C. (MRS.)                    TX-116-B-365
BUTLER, MARY E.                         TX-116-B-169
BUTLER, W. H.                           TX-116-B-1627
BUTLER, W. H.                           TX-116-B-149
BUTTE, FELIX C.                         TX-116-B-33
BUTTE, GEORGE                           TX-116-B-33
BUTTE, PAUL                             TX-116-B-33
BUZBEE, F. F.                           TX-116-B-1435
BYERS, J. W.                            TX-116-B-855
BYERS, LIVIA HILL                       TX-116-B-855
BYRD, D. J.                             TX-116-B-751
BYRD, MINNIE K.                         TX-116-B-751
BYRD, RICHARD                           TX-116-B-36
BYRD, S. C.                             TX-116-B-284
BYRD, T. E.                             TX-116-B-1890
BYRD, WILLIAM                           TX-116-B-37
CRESS, I. D.                            TX-116-B-2162
GORE, MOLLIE A.                         TX-116-B-1059
HILL, JIMMIE                            TX-116-B-965
JENNINGS, JOHN                          TX-116-B-2070
MANTOOTH, DELBERT C.                    TX-116-B-460
MCDANIEL, GEORGE                        TX-116-B-MISC
MCDOWELL, THOMAS SHELBY                 TX-116-B-231
ORR, MAGGIE                             TX-116-B-1725
ORR, MAGGIE                             TX-116-B-2108
ROAN, F. L.                             TX-116-B-311
ROAN, W. T.                             TX-116-B-311

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