Smithfield, Providence County, Rhode Island
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Column One = Name of the Estate
Column Two = Year filed (Testator Estate, Adoption, Inestate, Insane, Spendthrift, Guardianship aka Minor, etc) BF= big file, VBF = very big file (over 150 images)
Column Three = State, County #, File #
Towns: PAW = Pawtucket

ALDRICH, DANIEL                         1874                                    RI-4-SMI-31
ALDRICH, MORTON MOWRY                   1877                                    RI-4-SMI-70
APPLEBY, PATIENCE                       1873                                    RI-4-SMI-26
APPLETON, AMEY M.                       1874                                    RI-4-SMI-32
ARMITAGE, WILLIAM                       1879                                    RI-4-SMI-85
ARNOLD, AMEY                            1878                                    RI-4-SMI-73
BALLOU, PETER                           1874                                    RI-4-SMI-8
BARTLETT, JAMES MONROE                  1877                                    RI-4-SMI-64
BLANCHARD, HENRY N. JR.                 1873 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-20
BOWERS, EMILY I.                        1873 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-17
BOWERS, GEORGE E.                       1873 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-17
BOWERS, HELEN J.                        1873 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-17
BOWERS, SADIE A.                        1873 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-17
BROWN, ARNOLD                           1880                                    RI-4-SMI-92
BROWN, BERTHA M.                        1876 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-50
BROWN, LILLIAN F.                       1876 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-50
BROWN, MARY ANN                         1873                                    RI-4-SMI-9
BROWN, RHODA T.                         1878                                    RI-4-SMI-82
BURLINGAME, AMEY                        1877                                    RI-4-SMI-67
BURLINGAME, MAXEY W. (REV.0             1879                                    RI-4-SMI-90
CLARK, ANNE                             1875                                    RI-4-SMI-35
CLARKE, AMEY                            1873                                    RI-4-SMI-23
DOUGHERTY, WILLIAM                      1877                                    RI-4-SMI-67A
EDDY, AMBROSE S.                        1878                                    RI-4-SMI-78
ENCHES, EDWARD S.                       1886                                    RI-4-SMI-54
ENCHES, LEVINA                          1872                                    RI-4-SMI-16
ENCHES, THOMAS                          1876                                    RI-4-SMI-55
FARNUM, HERMINE C.                      1876                                    RI-4-SMI-49
FARNUM, JOSEPH                          1876                                    RI-4-SMI-52
FARNUM, MARTHA                          1879                                    RI-4-SMI-89
GREENE, CYRUS O. S.                     1879                                    RI-4-SMI-84
GREENE, MERCY                           1874                                    RI-4-SMI-34
GREENE, RANSOM J.                       1874                                    RI-4-SMI-38
HARRIS, ADELIA M.                       1879 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-11
HARRIS, ELEANOR F.                      1877 (ADOPTION)                         RI-4-SMI-66
HARRIS, FRANK E.                        1879 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-11
HARRIS, IDA M.                          1879 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-11
HARRIS, JAMES DOLAN                     1877 (ADOPTION)                         RI-4-SMI-66
HARRIS, JANE                            1877 (ADOPTION)                         RI-4-SMI-66
HARRIS, JOHN                            1877 (ADOPTION)                         RI-4-SMI-66
HARRIS, LILLIE B.                       1879 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-11
HARRIS, LOUISA O.                       1872 (M0                                RI-4-SMI-12
HARRIS, NANCY                           1880                                    RI-4-SMI-99
HARRIS, ORIN G.                         1879 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-11
HARRIS, THOMAS A.                       1879 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-11
HOLLORAN, PATRICK                       1875                                    RI-4-SMI-42
HULL, HOWARD W.                         1878                                    RI-4-SMI-80
INMAN, JOHN E.                          1877                                    RI-4-SMI-71
IRONS, ELLA E.                          1876 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-10
IRONS, HARRIS A.                        1876 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-10
JAQUES, JAMES                           1874                                    RI-4-SMI-40A
LARMIE, JOSEPH                          1877                                    RI-4-SMI-69
LAURENCE, FRANCIS                       1875 (ADOPTION)                         RI-4-SMI-45
LAURENCE, THERSZILLE                    1875 (ADOPTION)                         RI-4-SMI-45
LEONARD, MARGARET                       1876                                    RI-4-SMI-56
LUTHER, JEREMIAH                        1877                                    RI-4-SMI-72
LUTHER, PHEBE                           1879                                    RI-4-SMI-88
MARONEY, WILLIAM                        1879                                    RI-4-SMI-94
MCCAFFERY, CATHARINE                    1873 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-22
MCCAFFERY, MARGARET                     1873 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-22
MOWRY, (NO NAME)                        1875 (ADOPTION)                         RI-4-SMI-45
MOWRY, ALDRICH                          1883                                    RI-4-SMI-24
MOWRY, ALICE W.                         1877 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-61
MOWRY, AMEY E.                          1877 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-61
MOWRY, ANN ELIZA                        1875                                    RI-4-SMI-44
MOWRY, EDDIE A.                         1877 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-61
MOWRY, ELIZA                            1878                                    RI-4-SMI-81
MOWRY, FANNIE H.                        1877 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-62
MOWRY, GEORGE W.                        1877 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-62
MOWRY, GEORGE W.                        1877                                    RI-4-SMI-60
MOWRY, JOHN A.                          1876                                    RI-4-SMI-58
MOWRY, PHEBE                            1873                                    RI-4-SMI-19
MOWRY, SAYLES                           1875                                    RI-4-SMI-41
MOWRY, THOMAS                           1875 (ADOPTION)                         RI-4-SMI-45
MOWRY, THOMAS                           1872                                    RI-4-SMI-14
MOWRY, WAITY                            1874                                    RI-4-SMI-40
NEWELL, MARCY                           1874                                    RI-4-SMI-29
PHETTEPLACE, GEORGE                     1872                                    RI-4-SMI-15
PHILLIPS, HULDAH M.                     1874                                    RI-4-SMI-33
POTTER, EDWARD J.                       1874                                    RI-4-SMI-30
PYNE, THOMAS                            1875                                    RI-4-SMI-37
RAWSTRONE, JOHN                         1879                                    RI-4-SMI-95
SAYLES, ESTHER                          1877                                    RI-4-SMI-68
SEAVER, JOHN W.                         1873                                    RI-4-SMI-5
SIMMONS, HORATIO D.                     1873                                    RI-4-SMI-28
SLOCUM, DIANNA                          1875                                    RI-4-SMI-48
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          1873                                    RI-4-SMI-21
SMITH, ABRAHAM L.                       1878 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-76
SMITH, ARNOLD                           1879                                    RI-4-SMI-96
SMITH, BETSEY                           1879                                    RI-4-SMI-98
SMITH, ELISHA                           1873                                    RI-4-SMI-27
SMITH, EMILY E.                         1878 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-76
SMITH, FIDELIA A.                       1878                                    RI-4-SMI-77
SMITH, GEORGE A.                        1878 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-76
SMITH, HENRY A.                         1876                                    RI-4-SMI-59
SMITH, HULDAH M.                        1871                                    RI-4-SMI-2
SMITH, JOHN D.                          1879                                    RI-4-SMI-87
SMITH, LENORE J.                        1878 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-76
SMITH, LUCY                             1871                                    RI-4-SMI-4
SMITH, LYDIA M.                         1878 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-76
SMITH, MARY                             1878                                    RI-4-SMI-75
SMITH, MARY E.                          1878                                    RI-4-SMI-77
SMITH, MOWRY                            1879                                    RI-4-SMI-86
SMITH, THOMAS                           1878                                    RI-4-SMI-74
STEERE, IRENE E.                        1877 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-63
STEERE, ROBERT H.                       1875                                    RI-4-SMI-39
STEERE, WILLIAM P.                      1877                                    RI-4-SMI-57
SUFFA, GEORGE                           1879                                    RI-4-SMI-83
SWAIN, JOB P.                           1871                                    RI-4-SMI-1
SWAIN, WILLIAM A.                       1874 (GUARDIANSHIP)                     RI-4-SMI-51
SWAN, ELIZA P.                          1877                                    RI-4-SMI-65
SWEET, GILBERT A.                       1879                                    RI-4-SMI-91
TAYLOR, HOPE A.                         1875                                    RI-4-SMI-46
THORNTON, ABBIEJ.                       1876                                    RI-4-SMI-53
THORNTON, ALDY                          1879                                    RI-4-SMI-93
VAUGHAN, BESSIE                         1886 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-7
VAUGHAN, CHARLES L.                     1886 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-7
VAUGHAN, CHRISTOPHER                    1871                                    RI-4-SMI-3
VAUGHAN, MARY D.                        1872                                    RI-4-SMI-13
VAUGHAN, SARAH F.                       1872 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-6
VAUGHAN, THOMAS S.                      1886 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-7
VAUGHAN, WILLIAM D.                     1886 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-7
WALKER, ABIGAIL                         1891                                    RI-4-SMI-47
WATSON, ADAH S.                         1873                                    RI-4-SMI-25
WATSON, ALICE J.                        1873                                    RI-4-SMI-25
WHIPPLE, EPHRAIM                        1875                                    RI-4-SMI-43
WHITE, DELIA E.                         1879                                    RI-4-SMI-97
WINSOR, ARTHUR                          1872 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-18
WINSOR, ELIZABETH M.                    1878                                    RI-4-SMI-79
WINSOR, IRVING                          1872 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-18
WINSOR, JAMES                           1872 (M)                                RI-4-SMI-18
WINSOR, LUCRETIA E.                     1878                                    RI-4-SMI-79
WINSOR, MARTHA                          1878                                    RI-4-SMI-79
WINSOR, STEPHEN B.                      1878                                    RI-4-SMI-79
WOODRUFF, NAOMI                         1874                                    RI-4-SMI-36

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