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ADAMS, DAVID                            SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-170                               764
ADAMS, GEORGE                           LENOX                                   NY-27-259                               1106
ADAMS, JOHN D.                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-185                               966
ALDRICH, THOMAS                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-283                               260
ALLEN, JAMES                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-229                               509
ALLEN, SINA                             LEBANON                                 NY-27-49                                373
ALLEN, WILMARTH                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-184                               921
ALVORD, BENJAMIN                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-54                                421
ALVORD, JOHN                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-215                               310
AVERY, DAVID                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-282                               255
AVERY, ROBERT                           EATON                                   NY-27-67                                498
AYER, RUSSEL                            EATON                                   NY-27-188                               1000
BABCOCK, JOSEPH                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-345A                              569
BAIN, HUGH                              LENOX                                   NY-27-193                               23
BALDWIN, AARON                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-76                                592
BALL, THADDEUS                          SALIANA, ONONDAGA, NY                   NY-27-178A                              849
BALLARD, CALVIN                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-83                                648
BARBER, CLARK                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-209                               232
BARKER, RUSSELL                         MADISON                                 NY-27-171                               787
BARNARD, DAVID                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-35                                266
BARNARD, DAVID                          LENOX                                   NY-27-85                                673
BARNARD, ELY                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-30                                215
BARRETT, BENONI                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-13                                101
BEACH, AARON                            MADISON                                 NY-27-314                               782
BELLINGER, JHN                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-345                               557
BENNET, ZEBULON                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-42                                323
BENTLEY, WILLIAM                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-174                               805
BICKNELL, DANIEL                        NELSON                                  NY-27-253                               948
BOOTH, ABEL                             MADISON                                 NY-27-178                               840
BOOTH, WILLIAM                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-71                                524
BOYER, VALENTINE                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-86                                685
BRADLEY, WILLIAM                        NELSON                                  NY-27-134                               272
BRIGHAM, PHINEHAS                       EATON                                   NY-27-128                               215
BRISTOL, DANIEL                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-87                                692
BRISTOL, ISAAC                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-206                               225
BROWER, AARON                           SEE: BROWN, AARON                       NY-27-221                               345
BROWN, BENJAMIN JR                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-183                               910
BROWN, ELEAZER                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-316                               804
BROWN, JOHN                             BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-296                               452
BROWN, NATHAN                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-17                                142
BROWN, NICANOR                          MADISON                                 NY-27-358                               844
BROWNELL, SAMUEL                        MADISON                                 NY-27-265                               81
BRYANT, WILLIAM                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-102                               815
BULLOCK, JONATHAN                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-74                                538
BUMP, ITHAMAR                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-220                               338
BUMPUS, SETH                            NELSON                                  NY-27-106                               859
BUNKER, FRANCIS                         DERUYTER                                NY-27-186                               973
BURDICK, STEPHEN                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-91A                               748
BURGIS, DAVID                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-230                               518
BUTLER, DANIEL                          NELSON                                  NY-27-75                                545
BUTTON, SAMUEL                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-228                               489
CADY, AARON EZRA                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-348                               578
CALESBROUGH, JOHN                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-216                               317
CAMP, ABNER                             NELSON                                  NY-27-327                               87
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-347                               573
CARPENTER, MERRIT                       LENOX                                   NY-27-322                               25
CARTER, ARCHIBALD                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-159                               674
CASE, WILLIAM                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-63                                471
CHAPEL, PETER                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-143                               344
CHAPIN, ELIHU                           EATON                                   NY-27-191                               6
CHAPIN, ROSWELL                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-326                               79
CHAPMAN, JESSE                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-306                               639
CHAPMAN, WARHAM                         NELSON                                  NY-27-351                               626
CHASE, ISAAC                            MADISON                                 NY-27-169                               755
CLAPP, HENRY                            DERUYTER                                NY-27-93                                758
CLARK, DAVID                            SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-99                                792
CLARK, JAMES                            NELSON                                  NY-27-160                               679
CLARK, JOSEPH                           LENOX                                   NY-27-73                                534
CLARK, SAMUEL                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-139                               324
CLARK, STEPHEN                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-62                                468
CLARK, THOMAS                           NELSON                                  NY-27-233                               536
CLARK, THOMAS JR                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-82                                638
CLARKE, JOSHUA                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-337                               183
CLEMONS, MOSES                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-18                                148
CLOUGH, LUTHER                          NTL                                     NY-27-44                                335
COATES, SAMUEL                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-34                                258
COBB, SYLVANUS                          CZENOVIA                                NY-27-121                               132
COLEGROVE, ESTHER                       DERUYTER                                NY-27-163                               706
COLGROVE, AMOS                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-118                               6
COLLINS, HEZEKIAH                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-167                               732
COLLINS, NATHANIEL                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-340                               192
COLLISTER, SAMUEL                       MADISON                                 NY-27-201                               151
COMAN, ZIBA                             EATON                                   NY-27-22                                177
CORBIN, SILAS                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-33                                252
CORELL, WILLIAM                         NELSON                                  NY-27-89                                716
COVELL, ALVIN                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-365                               1050
COVEY, ELISHA                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-333                               138
CRANSON, DANIEL                         LENOX                                   NY-27-80                                629
CRARY, AARON                            LENOX                                   NY-27-92                                753
CUTTIN, ZACHARIAH                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-31                                218
DANA, JOHN                              SULLOIVAN                               NY-27-7                                 46
DANIEL, ALFRED                          NELSON                                  NY-27-110                               889
DANIELS, ERASTUS                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-305                               631
DAVIS, JABEZ                            LENOX                                   NY-27-199                               159
DAVISON, JOHN                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-117                               970
DEAN, ELISHA                            SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-254                               1007
DEAN, ISAIAH                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-292                               322
DENNY, JOHN                             SULLIVAN                                NY-27-39                                301
DEXTER, WATERMAN                        NELSON                                  NY-27-268                               109
DICK, THOMAS                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-9                                 61
DOOLITTLE, SAMUEL                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-122                               160
DORRANCE, GEORGE                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-146                               378
DRYER, ALLEN                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-140                               329
DUNBAR, CALEB                           EATON                                   NY-27-88                                706
DUNHAM, SYLVANUS                        MADISON                                 NY-27-198                               151
EDDY, CHARLES                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-217                               321
EDGARTON, JONATHAN                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-219                               329
ELLIS, ABNER                            EATON                                   NY-27-281                               241
ELLIS, JOSIAH                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-355                               734
ENGUISH, JOHN                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-70                                519
FAIRCHILD, NEHEMIAH                     MADISON                                 NY-27-97                                783
FARLEY, KINDALL                         LENOX                                   NY-27-126                               190
FELT, DAVID                             LEBANON                                 NY-27-65                                485
FISHER, LUTHER                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-28                                204
FITZAMOYER, LUDAWICK                    SULLIVAN                                NY-27-26                                197
FOOTE, JESSE                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-276                               199
FOSTER, LEONARD                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-356                               776
FRANCIS, JOHN                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-166                               727
FREEBORN, DAVID                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-8                                 55
FREEBORN, NOEL                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-202                               203
FREEMAN, CHARLES                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-336                               166
FRENCH, JOHN O.                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-45                                338
FULLER, EZRA N.                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-47                                355
GARDINER, DANIEL                        EATON                                   NY-27-271                               134
GARDINER, JOHN                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-51                                388
GARDNER, HENRY                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-227                               468
GILLET, OLIVER                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-11                                72
GILLET, TIMOTHY                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-53                                412
GLASS, ROSWELL                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-61                                455
GOODALE, GEORGE W.                      NELSON                                  NY-27-213                               304
GOODWILL, WILLIAM                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-16                                137
GRAHAM, JEMMEY                          LENOX                                   NY-27-318                               1062
GRANT, EBENEZER                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-304                               619
GRIDLEY, ASHEL                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-176                               819
HALE, REUBEN                            LENOX                                   NY-27-105                               854
HALL, OLIVER                            LENOX                                   NY-27-287                               303
HAMILTON, BENJAMIN                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-211                               263
HANCOCK, ELIJAH                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-273                               141
HARP, GEORGE                            LENOX                                   NY-27-222                               379
HARRISON, JOSEPH P.                     DERUYTER                                NY-27-197                               142
HATCH, REUBEN                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-91                                743
HEMENWAY, ABRAHAM                       MADISON                                 NY-27-246                               745
HEMINGWAY, ABRAHAM                      MADISON                                 NY-27-149                               444
HENRY, ALVAH                            NELSON                                  NY-27-255                               1058
HERRICK, ELISHA                         MADISON                                 NY-27-363                               1008
HILL, JOHN                              DERUYTER                                NY-27-360                               963
HITCHCOCK, ALPHEUS                      MADISON                                 NY-27-21                                169
HODSKINS, LEMUEL                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-343                               375
HOLMES, ANNA                            MAIDSON                                 NY-27-341                               201
HOLMES, CALVIN                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-278                               217
HOLMES, SOLOMON                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-148                               432
HOPKINS, JOSEPH                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-315                               794
HOSMER, ASHBEL                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-133                               266
HOUSE, ELIPHALET                        MADISON                                 NY-27-257                               1072
HOVEY, JOSIAH                           MADISON                                 NY-27-222A                              383
HOWARD, ADIN                            MADISON                                 NY-27-342                               212
HUBBARD, JOHN                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-37                                292
HUBBARD, JOHN                           EATON                                   NY-27-303                               573
HURD, BETHEL                            GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-266                               84
JACKSON, ASAHEL                         NELSON                                  NY-27-233A                              556
JACKSON, JEDEDIAH                       NELSON                                  NY-27-290                               315
JOHNSON, ELISHA                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-200                               162
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-156                               596
JONES, ABEL                             LENOX                                   NY-27-190                               1031
JONES, ITHAMER                          EATON                                   NY-27-329                               107
JONES, WILLIAM                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-262                               31
JUDD, OBEDIAH                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-248                               772
KETCHUM, JONAS                          BULLIVAN                                NY-27-101                               812
KLOCK, CONRAD                           LENOX                                   NY-27-235                               583
KLOCK, JOHN                             SEE: CLOCK, JOHN                        NY-27-249                               782
LAMB, JABISH                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-112                               909
LAMB, PENDLETON                         EATON                                   NY-27-50                                376
LANE, EBENEZER                          NELSON                                  NY-27-192                               14
LANSING, JACOB                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-113                               918
LAWSON, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-36                                276
LEARY, JOHN                             CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-298                               525
LEE, EBER                               SULLIVAN                                NY-27-108                               872
LELAND, JOSHUA                          EATON                                   NY-27-64                                476
LINCKLAEN, JOHN                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-350                               597
LIVINGSTON, JOHN                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-298A                              528
LOWNSBERRY, THOMAS                      SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-138                               303
LUCAS, PHINEAS                          CAZZENOVIA                              NY-27-2                                 12
LUMBARD, THOMAS                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-147                               383
MADDOCK, JAMES                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-152                               557
MAIN, PAUL                              LENOX                                   NY-27-132                               254
MANCHESTER, DANIEL                      MADISON                                 NY-27-299                               531
MANN, HUGH                              SULLIVAN                                NY-27-38                                296
MANN, JOEL                              CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-94                                767
MARKHAM, ABIJAH                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-280                               230
MARKHAM, ABIJAH                         MADISON                                 NY-27-142                               337
MARSH, ABNER                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-239                               616
MATHER, ELIJAH                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-155                               591
MATHEWS, DAVID                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-29                                210
MATHEWS, HENRY H. W.                    SULLIVAN                                NY-27-46                                347
MATHEWS, JOHN                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-20                                157
MATTERSON, SOLOMON                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-24                                191
MAXSON, CLARK                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-25-57                                435
MAXSON, HANNAH                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-116                               955
MAXSON, JOHN                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-212                               263
MAXSON, JUDITH                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-162                               699
MAY, LINUS                              SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-207                               227
MCCLURE, SAMUEL                         MADISON                                 NY-27-245                               731
MCINTYRE, PETER                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-311                               759
MCMILLAN, DAVID                         MADISON                                 NY-27-12                                91
MERCHANT, BENJAMIN                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-109                               883
MERRICK, THOMAS                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-107                               868
MILLS, LUTHER                           EATON                                   NY-27-250                               799
MILLS, WILLIAM                          EATON                                   NY-27-150                               451
MITCHEL, NASH                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-321                               15
MITCHELL, LYDIA                         DERUYTER                                NY-27-289                               310
MONTAGUE, RICHARD                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-177                               837
MOORE, JAMES                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-242                               674
MOORE, RUFUS                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-60                                450
MOREY, JOSIAH                           MADISON                                 NY-27-238                               615
MOREY, NANCY                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-15                                132
MORGAN, WALTER                          MADISON                                 NY-27-352                               675
MORRIS, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-180                               868
MORSE, ELIZABETH                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-309                               746
MORSE, JOSEPH                           EATON                                   NY-27-307                               652
MOWRY, RICHARD                          NELSON                                  NY-27-293                               323
MOYER, ABRAHAM                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-294                               431
MUNGER, JONATHAN                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-27                                198
NICHOLS, DAVID                          NELSON                                  NY-27-226                               460
NORTHRUP, BARZILLAI                     SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-338                               184
OLDS, ZEBULON                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-320A                              14
OLIN, GIDEON T.                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-352A                              687
OSGOOD, DAVID                           EATON                                   NY-27-320                               6
OSGOOD, LYMAN                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-295                               439
OWEN, EBENEZER                          LENOX                                   NY-27-263                               59
PADDOCK, CHARLES                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-72                                529
PALMER, PELEG                           LENOX                                   NY-27-264                               64
PALMER, VOSE                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-232                               528
PALMER, WHEELER                         LENOX                                   NY-27-224                               402
PALMETER, THOMAS                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-218                               326
PALMITER, JESSE                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-300                               536
PARKER, ABIJAH                          MADISON                                 NY-27-158                               651
PARKER, ZADOCK                          MADISON                                 NY-27-243                               697
PAYNE, BILDAH C.                        NELSON                                  NY-27-241                               665
PAYNE, OLIVER                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3                                 15
PECKHAM, GEORGE                         MADISON                                 NY-27-125                               187
PECKHAM, GEORGE                         MADISON                                 NY-27-127                               199
PECKHAM, JOB                            MADISON                                 NY-27-364                               1022
PEET, LEWIS                             MADISON                                 NY-27-339                               185
PHELPS, JACOB                           LENOX                                   NY-27-158A                              671
PIERCE, BENJAMIN                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-270                               131
PIERCE, LEVI                            LEBANON                                 NY-27-332                               134
PITTS, RUFUS                            EATON                                   NY-27-334                               147
PLATNER, JACOB JR.                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-361                               988
PON, TRUEMAN                            SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-354                               723
POST, JOHN                              CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-367                               1070
POTTER, JONATHAN                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-330                               113
POTTER, NOEL JR.                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-210                               248
PRATT, WARNER                           EATON                                   NY-27-175                               811
PRENTICE, MANASSAH                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-204                               209
PROCTOR, ELIJAH                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-10A                               66
RANDAL, ASA                             LENOX                                   NY-27-317                               805
RANSON, REUBEN                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-285                               268
RAYMOND, ISAAC                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-237                               607
REVERSHON, JOHN PETER                   SULLIVAN                                NY-27-10                                65
RHOADES, NAHUM                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-236                               588
RHOADES, WILLIAM                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-56                                434
RICE, JOHN                              NELSON                                  NY-27-100                               799
RICE, MOSES JR                          LENOX                                   NY-27-182                               893
RICHARDSON, ABRAHAM                     LENOX                                   NY-27-359                               929
RICHARDSON, HUMPHREY                    LENOX                                   NY-27-323                               40
RIDER, SIMEON                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-111                               893
RISLEY, JONATHAN                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-131                               247
RISLY, CHAUNCEY                         MADISON                                 NY-27-196                               108
ROBBINS, JOHN                           LENOX                                   NY-27-349                               590
ROBERTS, AMASA                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-78                                614
ROBERTS, DANIEL                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-168                               748
ROBERTS, GILES                          MADISON                                 NY-27-269                               110
ROBERTS, JESSE                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1                                 6
ROGERS, THOMAS                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-203                               208
ROGERS, THOMAS JR.                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-59                                446
SABIN, ORRIN                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-346                               572
SABINS, JOSIAH D.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-137                               294
SALISBURY, SYLVESTER                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-260                               6
SANDFORD, JOHN                          MADISON                                 NY-27-181                               878
SCOTT, EDMUND                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-119                               115
SCOVEL, JUDAH                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-129                               235
SEAMANS, GEORGE                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-4                                 22
SEAMANS, SAMUEL                         EATON                                   NY-27-41                                315
SEXTON, PLINY                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-362                               998
SHATTUCK, CALEB                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-141                               334
SHATTUCK, ROBERT                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-123                               174
SHAVER, HENRY                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-335                               159
SHAVER, JOHN                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-154                               588
SHELDON, ANTHONY                        NELSON                                  NY-27-104                               845
SHERMAN, HENRY                          EATON                                   NY-27-312                               766
SKEEL, RUFUS                            LEBANON                                 NY-27-286                               279
SLATER, BENJAMIN                        EATON                                   NY-27-96                                778
SMITH, DAVID                            NELSON                                  NY-27-145                               355
SMITH, JAMES                            LEBANON                                 NY-27-261                               20
SMITH, JONATHAN                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-14                                110
SMITH, JOSEPH                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-115                               930
SMITH, JUSTUS B.                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-244                               718
SMITH, SAMUEL                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-114                               924
SMITH, WILLIAM S.                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-251                               898
SMITHFIELD, MARGARET                    LEBANON                                 NY-27-98                                788
SPAULDING, IRA                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-225                               422
SPEAR, CHARLES                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-301                               554
SPENCER, RODERICK                       MADISON                                 NY-27-223                               393
SPENCER, RODMAN                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-81                                632
SPRAGUE, DANFORD                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-302                               584
SPRAGUE, PETER                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-55                                428
STACY, LEMUEL                           MADISON                                 NY-27-267                               92
STANTON, MERCY                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-357                               830
STAPLES, ENOCH                          BALTIMORE, MD                           NY-27-173                               795
STJOHN, THOMAS                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-179                               856
STORM, SYLVANUS                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-313                               775
STOWEL, PAUL                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-325                               76
STOWER, SAMUEL                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-331                               127
STRANAHAN, SAMUEL                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-256                               1061
STREETER, THOMAS                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-275                               190
SUMMER, OLIVER                          EATON                                   NY-27-187                               979
SWEET, JABEZ                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-366                               1069
SYMONDS, SAMUEL                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-135                               277
TAFT, JOHN                              SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-25                                196
TAFT, MOSES                             EATON                                   NY-27-277                               214
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-52                                408
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-157                               633
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-214                               309
THOMPSON, ELIJAH                        MADISON                                 NY-27-310                               749
THOMPSON, ISAAC                         MADISON                                 NY-27-90                                728
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-130                               242
TIFFT, JOSIAH                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-231                               523
TOWNS, ASA C.                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-164                               713
TOWNSEND, SAMUEL                        EATON                                   NY-27-66                                492
TUCKER, BISHOP                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-288                               309
TURNER, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-77                                605
USHER, HEZEKIAH                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-43                                331
USHER, MOSES C.                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-58                                441
VANALSTYNE, MARTIN I.                   LENOX                                   NY-27-252                               935
WAIT, MORRIS                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-308                               665
WALES, EBENEZER                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-84                                654
WARD, JOHN                              BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-120                               125
WARD, SAMUEL                            MADISON                                 NY-27-258                               1094
WARREN, JAMES                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-40                                310
WASHBURNE, DAVID                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-194                               33
WATERMAN, LUTHER                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-23                                182
WEBB, REUBEN JR.                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-195                               98
WEBBER, CHARLEVIN                       DERUYTER                                NY-27-79                                623
WHEELER, DANIEL                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-6                                 33
WHEELER, ELISHA E.                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-353                               692
WHITCOMB, JUSTUS                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-124                               180
WHITE, BENJAMIN                         EATON                                   NY-27-272                               140
WHITE, ISAAC                            EATON                                   NY-27-291                               319
WHITE, JOSEPH                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-328                               106
WHITE, WILLIAM                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-189                               1010
WHITING, ABEL                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-32                                228
WHITNEY, JOHN JR.                       BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA                     NY-27-297                               457
WICKWIRE, JOSHUA                        EATON                                   NY-27-240                               619
WILBER, JOHN                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-5                                 27
WILBUR, GIDEON                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-136                               287
WILBUR, OWEN                            MADISON                                 NY-27-344                               398
WILES, GEORGE                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-165                               724
WILLAIMS, THOMAS                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-284                               263
WILLARD, LEVI                           MADISON                                 NY-27-247                               752
WILLIAMS, JOHN (DR.)                    SULLIVAN                                NY-27-103                               833
WILLIAMS, WARHAM                        MADISON                                 NY-27-172                               788
WILLINGTON, ABIJAH                      NELSON                                  NY-27-279                               220
WILLINGTON, JONATHAN                    NELSON                                  NY-27-144                               350
WILSON, THEOPHILUS                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-205                               218
WILSON, THOMAS                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-368                               1103
WITTER, SAMUEL                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-208                               228
WOLCOTT, LUKE                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-161                               696
WOOD, JOB                               NELSON                                  NY-27-68                                504
WOOD, JOHN                              NELSON                                  NY-27-234                               575
WOODMAN, PHILIP                         MADISON                                 NY-27-69                                511
WOODS, SAMUEL                           MADISON                                 NY-27-153                               570
WOODS, SAMUEL                           MADISON                                 NY-27-153A                              579
WOODWORTH, BARNABAS                     NELSON                                  NY-27-48                                362
WOODWORTH, DANIEL                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-274                               150
YORK, JOHN                              BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-319                               1071
YORK, JOHN JR.                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-95                                772

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