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The authority issued by courts to the prospective guardians and or recording of accounts of guardians

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Column 1 = Name of Minor
Column 2 = Residence of Minor (TBL = to be listed later) (NTL = No township listed)
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ABELES, CARRIE                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-56
ABELES, MANLY                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-58
ABELES, SIMON                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-57
ABLES, MARY                       TBL                                     NY-28-10-534
ACHARD, CECELIA                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-111
ACHARD, CHARLES L.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-112
ACHARD, EMMA J.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-109
ACHARD, LIBBIE E.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-113
ACHARD, MARY L.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-114
ACHARD, PAUL E.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-110
ADAMS, ALICE M.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-479
ADAMS, ANNIE                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-511
ADAMS, CHARLES Q.                 RIGA                                    NY-28-16-202
ADAMS, EDWARD P.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-480
ADAMS, ELMER E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-393
ADAMS, HATTIE E.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-305
ADAMS, HELEN S.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-304
ADAMS, JOHN                       TBL                                     NY-28-10-277
ADAMS, LEON F.                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-303
ADAMS, LIBBIE                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-276
ADAMS, MAGGIE                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-467
ADAMS, NELSON J.                  RIGA                                    NY-28-16-205
ADAMS, NEWMAN J.                  RIGA                                    NY-28-16-204
ADAMS, SARAH                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-468
ADAMS, SELYE J.                   PARMA                                   NY-28-13-494
ADAMS, WILLIAM H.                 RIGA                                    NY-28-16-203
AINSWORTH, ALTA                   BROCKPORT                               NY-28-13-449
AINSWORTH, MILLIE                 BROCKPORT                               NY-28-13-450
AKERLY, HAROLD E.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-488
ALBEIGHT, MARY R.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-89
ALBERTSON, EDITH S.               RUSH                                    NY-28-14-524
ALBERTSON, JOSEPH W.              RUSH                                    NY-28-14-523
ALBERTSON, LIZZIE                 RUSH                                    NY-28-14-527
ALBRIGHT, FRANK                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-419
ALBRIGHT, MARY R.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-400
ALDRIDGE, SARAH E.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-664
ALLEN, ADA PEARL                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-384
ALLEN, ADRIAN MYNN                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-469
ALLEN, ALFRED EUGENE              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-331
ALLEN, DEBORAH ANN FALLINGER      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-340
ALLEN, EVA                        TBL                                     NY-28-10-398
ALLEN, GEORGE W.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-397
ALLEN, GOTTFRIED FALLINGER        WEBSTER                                 NY-28-13-335
ALLEN, HARRIS                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-399
ALLEN, HELEN M.                   SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA, PA                NY-28-18-512
ALLEN, HENRY H.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-162
ALLEN, JOHN S.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-414
ALLEN, JOHN SITTERLY              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-339
ALLEN, JOSEPH CADY                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-199
ALLEN, MARIA TERESA               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-373
ALLEN, MARY FRANCES               HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-12-356
ALLEN, MAY BELL                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-396
ALLEN, THOMAS                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-286
ALLEN, WRAY W.                    SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA, PA                NY-28-18-512
ALMY, CHARLES O.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-194
ALMY, HERBERT E.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-188
ALMY, PHILIP G.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-189
ALT, BERTHA F.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-227
ALT, FRANK B.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-488
ALTPETER, ADAM                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-233
ALTPETER, ANNA                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-235
ALTPETER, GEORGE                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-234
ALTPETER, JOHN                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-232
ALTRIDGE, CLARENCE B.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-269
ALTRIDGE, WALTER T.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-270
AMES, EDWIN MANSON                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-318
AMSDEN, EARL F.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-257
AMSDEN, GILBERT T.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-424
AMSLER, EDWARD S.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-85
AMSLER, ELIZABETH R.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-84
AMSLER, LAURA A.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-83
ANDELFINGER, BISMARCK E.          ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-257
ANDERSON, ALICE                   PITTSFORD                               NY-28-16-410
ANDERSON, ARTHUR                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-279
ANDERSON, CARRIE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-6
ANDERSON, CARRIE M.               TBL                                     NY-28-10-280
ANDERSON, ELECTA                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-281
ANDERSON, GEORGE P.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-45
ANDERSON, GEORGE P.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-285
ANDERSON, GEORGE P.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-286
ANDERSON, HUGH                    RIGA                                    NY-28-12-418
ANDERSON, HUGH                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-278
ANDERSON, JAMES                   SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-15-559
ANDERSON, JESSIE HALLAS           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-231
ANDERSON, JOHN                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-283
ANDERSON, MARJORIE H.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-44
ANDERSON, MARJORIE H.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-283
ANDERSON, MARJORIE H.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-284
ANDERSON, RAY                     PITTSFORD                               NY-28-16-411
ANDERSON, WILLIE                  SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-15-556
ANDRESON, HERBERT                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-282
ANDREWS, LIBBIE G.                OGDEN                                   NY-28-13-134
ANDREWS, WILLIAM D.               SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-13-280
ANGELE, CARRIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-435
ANGELE, IDA                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-434
ANGELE, JENNIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-433
ANGELE, LORETTA                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-438
ANGELE, LULU                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-436
ANGELE, MILDRED                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-437
ANGIE, MORRIS B.                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-102
ANGLE, CHARLES S.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-519
ANNIS, CLARINE M.                 PENFIELD                                NY-28-16-191
ANNIS, ETHEL                      PENFIELD                                NY-28-16-192
ANNIS, GRACE C.                   PENFIELD                                NY-28-16-190
ANSBERGER, AGNES W.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-443
ANSBERGER, CLAUD                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-442
ANTHONEY, GRACE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-90
ANTHONY, CHARLES W.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-177
ANTHONY, CHARLES W.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-92
ANTHONY, EARLE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-91
ANTHONY, FRANK E.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-522
ANTHONY, HARRY                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-93
ANTHONY, HARRY F.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-178
ARCHER, CHARLES W.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-55
ARCHER, EVELYN A.                 GATES                                   NY-28-18-187
ARCHER, LOIS                      GATES                                   NY-28-18-186
ARCHER, RAY C.                    GATES                                   NY-28-18-188
ARENSMEYER, C. FRED               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-276
ARENSMEYER, ELMER                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-236
ARENSMEYER, FLORA                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-238
ARENSMEYER, FREDERICK             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-235
ARENSMEYER, J. ELMER              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-275
ARENSMEYER, JOHN                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-239
ARENSMEYER, JOSEPH M.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-237
ARENSMEYER, OTTILIA               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-241
ARENSMEYER, THERESA               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-240
ARENTZ, FRED B.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-145
ARENTZ, LOUIS A.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-144
ARMSTRONG, CHESTER A.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-217
ARMSTRONG, CORA A.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-217
ARMSTRONG, EZRA R.                IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-12-189
ARMSTRONG, FRANKLIN W.            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-217
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE L.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-218
ARMSTRONG, HATTIE L.              IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-12-188
ARMSTRONG, MANSEL E.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-218
ARMSTRONG, MARY E.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-217
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-217
ARNER, HENRY D.                   RUSH                                    NY-28-13-393
ARNOLD, HATTIE A.                 WARTRACE, BEDFORD, TN                   NY-28-14-420
ARNOLD, LILLIE A.                 TBL                                     NY-28-11-329
ARTHUR, ETHEL MAY                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-341
ARTHUR, RUSSELL                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-342
ASHBAUGH, MURIEL PEARL HELOISE    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-481
ASHLEY, CLARENCE                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-639
ASHLEY, EDITH S.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-640
ASHLEY, HARRIET J.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-641
ASHLEY, W. OSBURN                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-642
ASHTON, DAVID W.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-508
ASHTON, FRANK R.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-507
ASHWORTH, EDITH                   SWEDEN                                  NY-28-18-209
ASHWORTH, GORDON H.               SWEDEN                                  NY-28-18-212
ASHWORTH, GUY                     SWEDEN                                  NY-28-18-210
ASHWORTH, MORRIS J.               SWEDEN                                  NY-28-18-211
ATHERTON, ELLA J.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-670
ATHERTON, MILLIE                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-671
AUER, GEORGE M.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-210
AUER, JOHN H.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-209
AUER, MINNIE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-274
AUSTIN, LEWIS S.                  GREECE                                  NY-28-16-520
AVERY, FRANCIS L.                 HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-13-188
AVERY, MARY C.                    HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-13-188
AVERY, MARY E.                    HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-13-188
BABCOCK, ALBERT F. L.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-406
BABCOCK, ALEXANDER H.             TBL                                     NY-28-10-649
BABCOCK, FRANK E.                 OVID                                    NY-28-13-345
BABCOCK, FRANK ELMER              TBL                                     NY-28-10-651
BABCOCK, FRNAK E.                 OVID, CLINTON, MI                       NY-28-14-485
BABCOCK, GERTRUDE ELOISE          TBL                                     NY-28-11-167
BABCOCK, MORTIMER F.              BUFFALO, ERIE, NY                       NY-28-13-165
BABCOCK, MORTIMER F.              TBL                                     NY-28-10-650
BABCOCK,A NNA F.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-405
BACH, ELIZABETH                   IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-16-239
BACH, HENRY                       IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-16-238
BACHMANN, CONRAD                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-452
BACHMANN, CONRAD                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-393
BACHMANN, EMMA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-104
BACHMANN, EMMA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-378
BACHMANN, GEORGE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-392
BACHMANN, GEORGE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-103
BACHMANN, IDA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-391
BACHMANN, IDA C.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-451
BACHMANN, LOUISA W.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-390
BACHMANN, WILLIAM                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-394
BACHMANN, WILLIAM                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-450
BAETZEL, ALBERT C.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-422
BAETZEL, ALICE L.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-425
BAETZEL, FREDERICK W. L.          ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-423
BAETZEL, GEORGE J.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-462
BAETZEL, MARIE E.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-424
BAGLEY, NINA W.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-481
BAIRD, ALICE C.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-328
BAIST, EMIL                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-109
BAIST, GEORGE W.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-117
BAIST, HENRY                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-111
BAIST, JULIA                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-110
BAIST, NETTIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-112
BAKER, ALICE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-28
BAKER, ALLEN S.                   HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-15-582
BAKER, ANNIE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-405
BAKER, ARTHUR G.                  HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-15-583
BAKER, ELIZABETH C.               HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-15-584
BAKER, NELLIE L.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-29
BAKER, ROSA                       HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-18-558
BALDOCK, ALPHONSO                 MUMFORD                                 NY-28-17-173
BALDOCK, EDWARD                   MUMFORD                                 NY-28-17-175
BALDOCK, JAMES                    MUMFORD                                 NY-28-17-176
BALDOCK, WILLIAM                  MUMFORD                                 NY-28-17-174
BALDWIN, ANNIE                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-169
BALDWIN, JENNIE H.                TBL                                     NY-28-11-171
BALDWIN, LOVIRY                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-172
BALDWIN, MARY                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-170
BALLARD, FREMONT                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-27
BALLARD, MARY                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-26
BALLOU, HELEN                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-25
BALLOU, INEZ                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-12
BALLOU, PEARL                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-11
BALTER, HUBERT                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-204
BALTER, MARIA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-205
BALZ, GEORGE E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-440
BALZER, MINNIE E.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-394
BAMBER, ANNA                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-465
BAMBER, BERTHA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-88
BANGS, CLARA E.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-323
BANKS, CARRIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-141
BANNING, FRANK L.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-470
BANNING, SARAH C.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-471
BARKER, ETTA M.                   PITTSFORD                               NY-28-14-578
BARKER, HIRAM L. JR.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-560
BARKER, MABEL                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-207
BARKER, OLIVER B.                 PITTSFORD                               NY-28-14-577
BARKER, ORRIN                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-562
BARKER, ROBERT J.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-561
BARNARD, ADDA S.                  MENDON                                  NY-28-13-390
BARNARD, DANIEL D.                MENDON                                  NY-28-17-161
BARNARD, HOUSTON                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-63
BARNARD, JANE A.                  MENDON                                  NY-28-17-138
BARNARD, JENNIE A.                MENDON                                  NY-28-15-219
BARNARD, JENNIE A.                MENDON                                  NY-28-14-205
BARNARD, LUCENA A.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-65
BARNARD, MARGARET L.              MENDON                                  NY-28-17-160
BARNARD, SARAH LOUISA             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-64
BARNARD, STELRING E.              MENDON                                  NY-28-13-391
BARNES, LILLA                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-532
BARNETT, ANNA L.                  VINELAND, CUMBERLAND, NJ                NY-28-14-261
BARNEY, CYNTHIA                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-654
BARNEY, CYNTHIA A.                WEBSTER                                 NY-28-14-417
BARNEY, WALLACE                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-655
BARNEY, WILLIAM A.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-656
BARNS, GRACE                      TBL                                     NY-28-11-127
BARNUM, CYRUS PAINE               MINNEAPOLIS, HENNEPIN, MN               NY-28-18-33
BARNUM, HARRIET SAGE              MINNEAPOLIS, HENNEPIN, MN               NY-28-18-31
BARNUM, HENRY M.                  MINNEAPOLIS, HENNEPIN, MN               NY-28-18-32
BARNUM, JOHNT.                    MINNEAPOLIS, HENNEPIN, MN               NY-28-18-34
BARNUM, MARVIN CULVER             MINNEAPOLIS, HENNEPIN, MN               NY-28-18-30
BARRETT, CATHERINE                PITTSFOD                                NY-28-18-249
BARRETT, FRANK A.                 PITTSFORD                               NY-28-18-248
BARRETT, ROBERT E.                PITTSFORD                               NY-28-18-247
BARRIS, GEORGE S.                 CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-18-77
BARRY, EDWIN                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-171
BARTL, ANTHONY                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-198
BARTL, CHARLES                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-196
BARTL, JOHANNA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-197
BARTLETT, ALBERT                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-412
BARTON, GRACE W.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-323
BASSETT, ANNA G.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-78
BASSETT, HATTIE O.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-77
BATES, CHARLES A.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-231
BATES, ELOISE C.                  CLARKSON                                NY-28-12-330
BATES, ENREST G.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-352
BATES, FRED E.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-232
BATTELLE, LEWIS D.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-505
BATTELLE, MERCY E.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-506
BAUER, MAGDALENA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-93
BAUERSCHMIDT, FRANK G.            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-163
BAUERSCHMIDT, JOHN E.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-162
BAUR, SUSAN E.                    KEOKUK, LEE, IA                         NY-28-18-308
BAYER, AUGUST B.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-152
BAYER, AUGUST C.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-41
BAYER, JOSEPHINE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-151
BAYER, JOSEPHINE L.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-39
BAYER, THERESIA C.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-40
BEACH, EMMA ELOISE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-573
BEACH, EVA P.                     BROCKPORT                               NY-28-17-294
BEACH, MARY DAISEY                TBL                                     NY-28-11-226
BEACHERN, EMMA R.                 TBL                                     NY-28-11-298
BEACHNER, JOHN H.                 TBL                                     NY-28-11-297
BEACHNER, WILLIAM G.              TBL                                     NY-28-11-299
BEAGLEY, ELIZABETH DOERR          BUFFALO, ERIE, NY                       NY-28-16-583
BEALS, MARY B.                    NEWPORT                                 NY-28-16-525
BEANER, ANNIE                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-117
BEANER, AUGUSTUS                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-118
BEANER, ELIZABETH                 TBL                                     NY-28-11-116
BEANER, JULIA                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-119
BEARDSLEY, BURTON M.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-213
BEARDSLEY, WILLIAM E.             OGDEN                                   NY-28-16-485
BEARSLEY, HELEN                   PERINTON                                NY-28-13-304
BEATY, CHARLOTTE M.               GREECE                                  NY-28-15-309
BEATY, ELLEN V.                   GREECE                                  NY-28-15-310
BEATY, ESTELLE                    GREECE                                  NY-28-18-255
BEATY, FLOYD                      GREECE                                  NY-28-18-253
BEATY, LEONA                      GREECE                                  NY-28-18-254
BECK, ANNIE                       TBL                                     NY-28-11-313
BECK, CATHARINE                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-312
BECK, MARX JR.                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-314
BECK, WILLIAM E.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-46
BECKER, AMELIA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-104
BECKER, CLARA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-457
BECKER, EDWARD                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-101
BECKER, LOUIS                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-102
BECKER, LOUISA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-103
BECKER, LOUISA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-458
BECKER, MARY C.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-459
BECKER, OTTILIA                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-100
BECKER, WILLIAM P.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-460
BECKER,ANNIE E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-461
BEDWIN, GRACE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-276
BEDWIN, MAUDE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-277
BEEBE, ELWOOD                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-436
BEEBE, HATTIE                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-460
BEEBE, NANCY                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-459
BEEBE, RATHMELL W.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-358
BEEBEE, EMMA                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-359
BEEBEE, WELLINGOTN W.             TBL                                     NY-28-10-357
BEIR, ILEY R.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-111
BELLINGER, FREDERICK              CLARKSON                                NY-28-17-15
BELLINGER, WYLLIS A.              CLARKSON                                NY-28-17-14
BEMIS, CHARLES F.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-161
BEMUS, CHARLOTTE                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-540
BENCE, IDA                        BRIGHTON                                NY-28-16-459
BENCE, JEROME                     BRIGHTON                                NY-28-16-460
BENCHLEY, MAUD M.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-531
BENEDICT, ARTHUR                  WEBSTER                                 NY-28-16-592
BENEDICT, CHARLES A.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-206
BENGEL, EDWARD J.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-330
BENGEL, ELONORA                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-329
BENNETT, ELIZABETH                TBL                                     NY-28-10-140
BENNETT, HARRIET P.               TBL                                     NY-28-11-88
BENNETT, HARRIET T.               TBL                                     NY-28-10-576
BENNETT, HARRY M.                 SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-12-308
BENNETT, REUBEN                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-141
BENNING, FRANZ JOSEPH             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-375
BENTLEY, OLIVE F.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-319
BENTLEY, SARAH ELLA               TBL                                     NY-28-11-22
BENTON, FRANK S.                  SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-15-143
BERDEL, EDWARD H.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-64
BERDEL, FRANK                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-65
BERDEL, JOSEPH                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-62
BERDEL, MARY ANNA                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-63
BERGE, CHRISTOPHER A.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-103
BERGE, MARGARETHA                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-102
BERGER, CHARLES L.                ROCEHSTER                               NY-28-16-103
BERGER, FRANK                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-223
BERGER, LOUISA                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-224
BERRIDGE, MABEL                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-256
BERRIDGE, MAGGIE ISADORE          TBL                                     NY-28-11-254
BERRIDGE, MARIETTA                TBL                                     NY-28-11-255
BERRIDGE, WILSON                  PARMA                                   NY-28-13-350
BERTRAM, EVA                      TBL                                     NY-28-11-184
BERTRAM, LOUISE                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-187
BERTRAM, MINA                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-186
BERTRAM, OTILLA                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-185
BICKFORD, WALTER W.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-576
BIEDER, S. JOHN                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-35
BIEGLER, TENA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-539
BIHHOP, JULIA P.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-411
BIHLER, ANTHONY                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-57
BIHLER, CLARA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-59
BIHLER, WILLIAM A.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-58
BILGER, EDWARD                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-633
BILGER, FRANCISCA                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-632
BILGER, LOUISA                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-631
BILL, ANNA E.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-537
BINDER, ANNA L.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-427
BINDER, FRANK D.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-425
BINDER, J. RAY                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-426
BINGHAM, MAGGIE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-386
BINGHAM, NELLIE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-385
BINSWANGER, BELLA                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-391
BIRMINGHAM, CHARLES               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-97
BIRMINGHAM, FRANCIS               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-96
BIRMINGHAM, HELEN                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-95
BIRMINGHAM, LAURA                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-94
BIRMINGHAM, MARY                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-8
BIRMINGHAM, WILLIAM               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-98
BISHOP, EDWIN P.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-410
BISHOP, FRANKLIN B.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-409
BISHOP, FRANKLIN B.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-271
BISHOP, SADIE P.                  ROCEHSTER                               NY-28-13-413
BLACK, CHARLES J.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-246
BLACK, MARY E.                    PARMA                                   NY-28-17-227
BLACKFORD, BESSIE                 OGDEN                                   NY-28-17-23
BLACKFORD, FRANK C.               OGDEN                                   NY-28-17-21
BLACKFORD, JOSEPH A.              OGDEN                                   NY-28-17-22
BLACKMAN, ARTHUR                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-45
BLACKMAN, HENRY                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-46
BLACKMORE, ANNIE M.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-58
BLACKMORE, EDWARD                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-59
BLACKMORE, GEORGE H.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-60
BLAISDELL, JULIETTE               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-494
BLAISDELL, KATIE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-495
BLAISDELL, WINNIE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-496
BLAKE, LENA                       TBL                                     NY-28-10-174
BLAKESLEE, ELLENWOOD              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-449
BLAKESLEE, IMOGENE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-451
BLAKESLEE, JEANETTE               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-450
BLAKESLEE, MARY L.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-452
BLEISTEIN, CHARLES                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-391
BLEISTEIN, MARY A.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-392
BLOCK, CARRIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-111
BLOCK, FRANK C.                   NORTH GREECE                            NY-28-16-456
BLOCK, MARY                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-110
BLOCK, MARY S.                    NORTH GREECE                            NY-28-16-457
BLODGETT, ARTHUR J.               CLARKSON                                NY-28-13-373
BLODGETT, FANNIE E.               CLARKSON                                NY-28-16-293
BLODGETT, FANNIE E.               CLARKSON                                NY-28-16-80
BLODGETT, FANNY E.                CLARKSON                                NY-28-13-371
BLODGETT, GEORGE                  CLARKSON                                NY-28-12-379
BLODGETT, JANE A.                 CLARKSON                                NY-28-13-374
BLODGETT, JENNIE A.               CLARKSON                                NY-28-16-81
BLODGETT, JENNIE A.               CLARKSON                                NY-28-16-292
BLODGETT, NORMAN J.               CLARKSON                                NY-28-13-372
BLOOMER, AUSTIN                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-509
BLOOMER, RAYMOND                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-508
BLOOMER, RUDOLPH                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-507
BLOSSOMGALE, ARDELL F.            TBL                                     NY-28-10-535
BLY, PERRY A.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-479
BOCK, GEORGE                      GATES                                   NY-28-18-366
BOCK, JOHN                        TBL                                     NY-28-10-372
BOCK, LOUIS                       GATES                                   NY-28-18-365
BOCK, RICHARD P.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-375
BODDY, ALFRED                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-369
BOEHM, CARRIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-69
BOEHM, CHARLES                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-538
BOEHM, FREDERICK                  CANADICE, ONTARIO, NY                   NY-28-17-66
BOEHM, GEORGE L.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-70
BOEHM, IDA                        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-516
BOEHM, IDA                        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-536
BOEHM, JOHN                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-537
BOEHM, MAGGIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-539
BOEHM, MARY                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-517
BOEHM, MICHAEL                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-515
BOEHM, MICHAEL                    MUMFORD                                 NY-28-17-67
BOEHM, WILLIAM                    ALFRED, ALLEGHANY, NY                   NY-28-17-68
BOGART, CLARA M.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-135
BOGART, JOHN B.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-134
BOHACHEK, LAWRENCE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-433
BOHACHEK, LOUISE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-434
BOHLTS, GEORGE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-311
BOHOLTS, CHARLES                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-312
BOLUS, WILLIAM J.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-447
BOOTH, THOMAS C.                  CLEVELAND, CUAYHOGA,OH                  NY-28-14-589
BORCHARD, HATTIE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-234
BORCHARD, MAY                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-233
BORCHARD, WILLIAM                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-232
BOTSFORD, WILLIAM                 IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-16-91
BOTSFORD, WILLIAM                 IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-17-206
BOUGHTON, BERTHA L.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-406
BOUGHTON, JUDSON H.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-408
BOUGHTON, LINDA P.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-407
BOWEN, CLARA E.                   CHURCHILL                               NY-28-15-468
BOWEN, CLARA E.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-76
BOWEN, MORTIMOR D.                TBL                                     NY-28-11-74
BOWEN, WILLIS E.                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-75
BOWERMAN, HELEN C.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-511
BOWKER, MILDRED S.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-79
BOWKER, PEARL                     GATES                                   NY-28-15-326
BOWMAN, BETTIE B.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-591
BOWN, ELVA A.                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-75
BOYCE, ELLA K.                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-18
BOYCE, SARAH E.                   HAMLIN                                  NY-28-15-542
BOYCE, SARAH E.                   HAMLIN                                  NY-28-14-216
BOYCE, SELAH H.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-19
BOYD, DARRELL S.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-463
BOYD, FLORENCE MAY                BROCKPORT                               NY-28-12-496
BOYD, FRANKIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-499
BOYLAND, ELIZABETH                TBL                                     NY-28-10-270
BOYLAND, MARIE                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-269
BOYLE, BESSIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-395
BOYLE, FRANCES A.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-216
BOYLE, THOMAS E.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-217
BRADISH, ISABEL                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-472
BRADLEY, ALBERT T.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-130
BRADLEY, BELLE F.                 BROCKPORT                               NY-28-12-409
BRADLEY, GEORGE A.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-265
BRADLEY, MARIE                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-87
BRADLEY, WILLIAM O'RILEY          TBL                                     NY-28-11-86
BRADSHAW, GEORGE                  WEBSTER                                 NY-28-17-143
BRADSTREET, DAVID                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-29
BRADSTREET, GEORGE                TBL                                     NY-28-10-28
BRADSTREET, HOBART JOHNSON        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-368
BRADSTREET, JACOB                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-31
BRADSTREET, THOMAS                TBL                                     NY-28-10-30
BRADY, CHARLES A.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-7
BRAITH, THOMAS                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-264
BRASSER, ELIZABETH                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-398
BRASSER, GEORGE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-399
BRASSER, MARTIN                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-401
BRASSER, MATTIE L.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-58
BRASSER, WILLIAM                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-400
BRAUN, LEDWINA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-510
BRAUN, MARY                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-509
BRAYER, CLARENCE B.               PLEASANT, HENRY, OH                     NY-28-17-156
BRAYER, CLARENCE BUDD             HOLDGATE, HENRY, OH                     NY-28-16-155
BRAYER, DAVID U.                  PLEASANT, HENRY, OH                     NY-28-17-159
BRAYER, DAVID UPTON               HOLDGATE, HENRY, OH                     NY-28-16-158
BRAYER, EDNA E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-37
BRAYER, GEORGE E.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-336
BRAYER, HATTIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-359
BRAYER, LAURA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-20
BRAYER, MATTIE K.                 PLEASANT, HENRY, OH                     NY-28-17-157
BRAYER, MATTIE RONDOLF            HOLDGATE, HENRY, OH                     NY-28-16-156
BRAYER, MAUD L.                   HOLDGATE, HENRY, OH                     NY-28-16-154
BRAYER, MAUD S.                   PLEASANT, HENRY, OH                     NY-28-17-155
BRAYER, MICHAEL                   PLEASANT, HENRY, OH                     NY-28-17-158
BRAYER, MICHAEL                   HOLDGATE, HENRY, OH                     NY-28-16-157
BRAYER, MONICA M.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-38
BRAYER, THERESA                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-358
BRENNAN, LOUISE                   INDIANAPOLIS, MARION, IN                NY-28-18-282
BRENNAN, ROSEMARY                 INDIANAPOLIS, MARION, IN                NY-28-18-281
BREW, JOHN WATSON                 TBL                                     NY-28-11-151
BRICHLER, JOSEPHINE               TBL                                     NY-28-10-643
BRIDGES, THOMAS J.                PERINTON                                NY-28-14-89
BRIDGMAN, HERMAN                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-278
BRIGGS, ANNIE L.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-608
BRIGGS, BURR                      EDMORE, MONTCALM, MI                    NY-28-17-417
BRIGGS, CARRIE MAY                TBL                                     NY-28-10-605
BRIGGS, CLAYTON                   EDMORE, MONTCALM, MI                    NY-28-17-416
BRIGGS, GRACE E.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-607
BRIGGS, MINNIE A.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-606
BRIGGS, SARAH FURMAN              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-393
BRIGGS, VIRGIE                    HAMLIN                                  NY-28-17-418
BRININSTOOL, MATTIE H.            TBL                                     NY-28-10-17
BRINKER, JOSEPHINE                TBL                                     NY-28-10-116
BRISTOW, FRANK                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-258
BRISTOW, GEORGE O.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-259
BRISTOW, HARRY T.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-257
BRIZEE, CHARLES A.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-629
BRONNER, CHARLES                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-56
BRONNER, CHARLES                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-130
BRONNER, EDWARD                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-131
BRONNER, EDWARD                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-55
BRONNER, FANNIE                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-107
BRONNER, FANNIE                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-53
BRONNER, MORRIS                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-54
BRONNER, MORRIS                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-132
BRONSON, AMON JR.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-185
BRONSON, ELIHU                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-240
BRONSON, GUSSIE                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-241
BRONSON, MARJORIE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-121
BROOKS, JESSIE F.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-455
BROOKS, MINNIE                    PENFIELD                                NY-28-13-307
BROOKS, SAMUEL G.                 HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-18-569
BROPHY, CLARENCE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-324
BROWER, DE LANCY                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-327
BROWER, JOHN C.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-325
BROWER, REBECCA M.                TBL                                     NY-28-11-326
BROWN, ALFRED H.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-302
BROWN, ALTA D.                    PENFIELD                                NY-28-14-326
BROWN, ANNA DOERR                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-518
BROWN, ARCHIE R.                  GREECE                                  NY-28-16-361
BROWN, BARTON K.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-297
BROWN, CHARLES F.                 TBL                                     NY-28-11-178
BROWN, CHARLES L.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-415
BROWN, EDITH A.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-296
BROWN, ELIZABETH HARRIET          TBL                                     NY-28-10-572
BROWN, ELLA J.                    MENDON                                  NY-28-12-85
BROWN, EMMA .A                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-177
BROWN, EUGENE D.                  SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-17-320
BROWN, FRANCES ADELAIDE           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-374
BROWN, GEORGE S.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-303
BROWN, IDA E.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-257
BROWN, J. WILLARD                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-295
BROWN, JACOB B.                   AUGUSTA, BUTLER, KS                     NY-28-16-60
BROWN, JAMES H.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-335
BROWN, LIZZIE                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-106
BROWN, MARTHA NELLIE              GATES                                   NY-28-15-190
BROWN, MARY L.                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-108
BROWN, NELLIE E.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-400
BROWN, NELLIE J.                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-179
BROWN, OLIVE M.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-414
BROWN, ROSCOE C. E.               SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-14-161
BRUCKER, ERNST JR.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-556
BRUCKER, FLORA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-555
BRUCKER, LIZZIE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-557
BRUFF, ALBERT C.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-142
BRUFF, GEORGE M.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-143
BRUST, LIZETTE                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-33
BRYANT, HARRY GILBERT             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-132
BUCK, CLARA A.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-57
BUCKLEY, DOROTHEA                 CHURCHVILLE                             NY-28-16-310
BUCKLEY, EDWARD MILLER            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-266
BUCKMAN, ROBERT K.                JERSEY CITY, HUDSON, NJ                 NY-28-13-392
BUDD, EUNICE                      TBL                                     NY-28-11-140
BUDD, FLORENCE                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-139
BUDD, HENRIETTA                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-138
BUDLONG, CLARA S.                 TBL                                     NY-28-11-174
BUELL, IRA A.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-142
BUELL, MAUD E.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-474
BUELL, WALES S.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-473
BUFF, ANNA C.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-11
BUFF, ELIZABETH                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-10
BUFF, WILLIAM                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-12
BUHR, ADELAIDE R. F.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-152
BUHR, HENRY F.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-168
BULGER, KITTIE                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-307
BULLOCK, EVA P.                   BROCKPORT                               NY-28-17-331
BURBOLT, FRANCES                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-411
BURCH, EVA                        TBL                                     NY-28-10-562
BURCHARD, CARRIE ADELLA           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-172
BURCHARD, JANE ADELLA             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-309
BURGER, ELIZABETH                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-363
BURGER, GEORGE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-479
BURGER, JOHN                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-362
BURGER, LEO L.                    CHURCHVILLE                             NY-28-18-109
BURGUR, ALVIRA                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-11
BURHANS, A. EUGENE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-242
BURHANS, BURTON                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-243
BURHANS, CHARLES C.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-241
BURKART, EMMA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-116
BURKE, JOSEPH A.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-486
BURLEIGH, H. BARNARD              PERINTON                                NY-28-14-223
BURLEY, GEORGE                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-611
BURLINGAME, LEON C.               FAIRPORT                                NY-28-18-106
BURLINGAME, THEODORA M.           FAIRPORT                                NY-28-18-107
BURNETT, JAMES C.                 SWEDEN                                  NY-28-17-470
BURNETT, JULIA E.                 SWEDEN                                  NY-28-17-469
BURNS, ALFRED                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-139
BURNS, MARY ANN                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-561
BURRITT, MAURICE C.               PARMA                                   NY-28-15-441
BURROUGHS, CHARLES O.             TBL                                     NY-28-10-10
BURROUGHS, WILLIAM L.             TBL                                     NY-28-10-9
BURROWS, KITTIE                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-147
BURTON, CARLISLE S.               HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-16-528
BURTON, EDNA M.                   HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-16-529
BURTON, ELSIE L.                  HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-16-530
BUSH, HATTIE ULSCHT               BOLTON, ENGLAND                         NY-28-18-360
BUSH, IRENE T.                    OGDEN                                   NY-28-18-310
BUSH, JAY M.                      OGDEN                                   NY-28-18-309
BUSH, LESLIE R.                   OGDEN                                   NY-28-18-311
BUSH, LEWIS B.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-490
BUSH, NORMAN                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-491
BUSHMAN, CORA E.                  HENRIETTA                               NY-28-17-345
BUSHMAN, JANE                     HENRIETTA                               NY-28-17-344
BUTLER, FRANK                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-489
BUTLER, MARY H.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-214
BYAM, EBER C.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-438
CADY, CATHARINE                   CHILI                                   NY-28-16-106
CADY, CHALRES                     CHILI                                   NY-28-16-107
CALIHAN, WALTER                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-557
CALKINS, CLARA M.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-612
CALKINS, E. MILLER                TBL                                     NY-28-10-613
CALLISTER, HARRY T.               RIGA                                    NY-28-13-40
CALLISTER, IDA                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-73
CALLISTER, MONROE                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-74
CALLOW, MARY A.                   SWEDEN                                  NY-28-12-338
CAMPBELL, ANNA J.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-408
CAMPBELL, CHARLES E.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-260
CAMPBELL, CHARLES EDWARD          ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-81
CAMPBELL, CHARLES S.              TBL                                     NY-28-11-208
CAMPBELL, DAVID ARTHER            TBL                                     NY-28-11-210
CAMPBELL, DONALD J.               LEWISTOWN, NEZ PERCE, ID                NY-28-18-20
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH B.            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-311
CAMPBELL, FREEMAN C.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-409
CAMPBELL, GEORGE W.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-338
CAMPBELL, GRACIE S.               TBL                                     NY-28-11-209
CAMPBELL, J. EDWARD               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-320
CAMPBELL, JAMES                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-99
CAMPBELL, JENNIE                  WEBSTER                                 NY-28-13-250
CAMPBELL, MARY C.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-339
CAMPIN, FRANK J.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-218
CAMPIN, GRACY A.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-222
CAMPIN, MARY L.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-220
CAMPIN, SARAH J.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-219
CAMPIN, WALLACE J.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-221
CANFIELD, HATTIE J.               PITTSFORD                               NY-28-14-319
CANFIELD, STEWART A.              PITTSFIELD                              NY-28-13-344
CANNON, CLAUDE A.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-250
CANNON, HARRY W.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-251
CANNON, LENA M.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-252
CANSDALE, ARTHUR L.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-542
CANSDALE, LILLIAN E.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-541
CANSDALE, MINNIE M.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-545
CANSDALE, OLIVE D.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-544
CANSDALE, WILLIAM W.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-543
CAPPIELLO, MARY F.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-245
CAPPIELLO, STELLA                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-244
CAPWELL, LULA A.                  SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA, PA                NY-28-13-239
CAREY, JOHN DENT                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-248
CARING, ELIZABETH                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-346
CARING, FLORA A.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-345
CARING, HERBERT B.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-26
CARING, KATIE L.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-24
CARING, M. DOLORES                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-27
CARING, RAYMOND F.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-25
CARMICHAEL, JAMES                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-116
CARMICHAEL, LAWRENCE M.           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-115
CARNEY, MICHAEL T.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-319
CARPENTER, EFFA A. (FOX)          BRIGHTON                                NY-28-12-364
CARPENTER, MAUD C. (FOX)          BRIGHTON                                NY-28-12-363
CARR, DELEVAN EDWARD              KANSAS CITY, JACKSON, MO                NY-28-17-392
CARR, EDITH O.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-321
CARROLL, ANNIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-50
CARSON, CHARLES H.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-81
CARSON, MAGGIE                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-80
CARSON, WILLIAM                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-79
CARTWRIGHT, AARON                 HAMLIN                                  NY-28-12-298
CARVER, ADDA N.                   SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-17-194
CARY, ALICE E.                    HAMLIN                                  NY-28-17-243
CASE, INEZ H.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-333
CASE, KITTE C.                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-21
CASEY, ANNA J.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-484
CASEY, ELLA                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-223
CASEY, JAMES                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-68
CASEY, LAWRENCE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-67
CASEY, MICHAEL L.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-482
CASSEBEER, ADELE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-507
CASSEBEER, ADELE E.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-133
CASSEBEER, ALBERT F.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-136
CASSEBEER, EMILIE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-597
CASSEBEER, GERTRUDE               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-135
CASSEBEER, HELEN F. M.            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-134
CASSIDY, WILLIAM M.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-213
CASSIDY, WILLIAM M.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-215
CASSIDY, WILLIAM W.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-563
CASTLE, HARVARD DE HART           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-244
CASTLE, JAMES BENHAM              GREECE                                  NY-28-17-566
CASTLE, WILMOT VAIL               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-245
CASTLEMAN, GEORGE B.              TBL                                     NY-28-10-462
CASWELL, LENA ESTELLA             HENRIETTA                               NY-28-14-376
CASWELL, MARY V.                  HENRIETTA                               NY-28-14-377
CAUFFMAN, BENJAMIN                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-126
CAUFFMAN, CLEMENTINE              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-127
CAUFFMAN, DAVID M.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-124
CAUFFMAN, HARRY                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-125
CELEHAR, EUGENE                   PENFIELD                                NY-28-14-337
CHADSEY, LILLIAN A.               BROCKPORT                               NY-28-12-255
CHADSEY, SARAH E. (COLEMAN)       SWEDEN                                  NY-28-12-380
CHAFFEY, GLADYS M.                BRADFORD, MCKEAN, PA                    NY-28-17-39
CHAMBERLAIN, FRANK H.             TBL                                     NY-28-11-159
CHAMBERLAIN, SARAH                WHEATLAND                               NY-28-12-6
CHAMBERS, EDWIN H.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-659
CHAMPAGNE, LOUIS W.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-153
CHAMPENEY, COURT T.               TBL                                     NY-28-10-503
CHAPIN, CHARLES HALL              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-272
CHAPIN, EDWARD HALL               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-198
CHAPIN, ELEANOR K.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-502
CHAPIN, FRANKLIN                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-284
CHAPIN, HELEN                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-504
CHAPIN, MABEL BARKER              ONEIDA, MADISON, NY                     NY-28-17-375
CHAPIN, WILLIAM P.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-503
CHAPMAN, CATHERINE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-256
CHAPMAN, LILLIE M.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-349
CHAPPELL, WILLIAM J.              TBL                                     NY-28-10-136
CHEEVER, HATTIE M.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-593
CHENEY, EDWIN P.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-551
CHENEY, GERTRUDE                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-96
CHENEY, LILLIAN A.                BROCKPORT                               NY-28-15-298
CHRISTIAN, BERNARD                TBL                                     NY-28-10-89
CHRISTIAN, FRANK                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-673
CHRISTIAN, MARY                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-88
CHRISTIAN, WILLIAM                TBL                                     NY-28-10-87
CHRISTIAN, WILLIAM HENRY          ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-379
CHRISTIE, LEIGH H.                WHEATLAND                               NY-28-14-220
CHRISTMAN, LENA                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-67
CHRISTMAN, PHILIP R.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-444
CHURCHILL, CHARLES H.             FALL RIVER, BRISTOL, MA                 NY-28-13-220
CHURCHILL, CLARA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-579
CHURCHILL, ELLIOTT C.             TBL                                     NY-28-10-509
CLAFFIN, GEORGE                   FAIRPORT                                NY-28-16-483
CLAFFIN, LESLIE                   FAIRPORT                                NY-28-16-482
CLAFFIN, LUCY                     FAIRPORT                                NY-28-16-481
CLANCY, JOSEPH                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-517
CLAPP, ANN E.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-507
CLAPP, LUCY L.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-508
CLARK, BIRD EDWIN                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-306
CLARK, EARL                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-344
CLARK, FERN H.                    DELEVAN, WALWORTH, WI                   NY-28-18-235
CLARK, FRANCIS G.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-69
CLARK, FRANK                      HENRIETTA                               NY-28-18-448
CLARK, FRANK LOWRY                TBL                                     NY-28-11-238
CLARK, HERBERT M. JR.             HENRIETTA                               NY-28-18-449
CLARK, IDA M.                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-178
CLARK, JAMES T.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-507
CLARK, JOSEPH                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-266
CLARK, LAWRENCE F.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-357
CLARK, LAWRENCE F.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-356
CLARK, LILLA                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-47
CLARK, MARGARET E.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-100
CLARK, MARY E.                    CHILI                                   NY-28-15-25
CLARK, MAY (WALKER)               WEST WEBSTER                            NY-28-12-468
CLARK, NELLIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-267
CLARK, WILLIAM P.                 CHILI                                   NY-28-15-26
CLEMANS, LAURA A.                 WEBSTER                                 NY-28-16-32
CLEMENSON, ELLA MAY               ASBURY PARK, MONMOUTH, NJ               NY-28-12-100
CLEMENT, BENJAMIN H.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-1
CLEMENT, MARY                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-2
CLIFFORD, FRANK                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-269
CLIFFORD, JOHN JR.                TBL                                     NY-28-11-271
CLIFFORD, KATIE                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-272
CLIFFORD, ROSA                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-270
CLINT, LEWIE J.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-424
COAN, MARY F.                     BROCKPORT                               NY-28-12-327
COBB, STATIRA                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-520
COCHOY, ARTHUR                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-165
COCHOY, PAUL                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-164
COCHRANE, GEORGE CLAYTON          ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-312
COCKLIN, HARRIET                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-369
COCKLIN, JAMES                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-368
COCKLIN, JOSEPH                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-371
COCKLIN, ROBERT JOHN              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-370
CODDINGTON, L. GERTRUDE           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-273
CODDINGTON, ORPHA C.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-274
COFFEY, JOHN                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-95
COFFEY, RAYMOND                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-94
COGSWELL, EVALYN MAY              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-86
COGSWELL, JESSIE B.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-484
COLBERT, JOSEPHINE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-441
COLBERT, MARGARET                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-442
COLBY, ALEXANDER G.               TBL                                     NY-28-10-644
COLBY, IDA V.                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-645
COLBY, WILLIAM W.                 OGDEN                                   NY-28-13-476
COLE, DELOS W.                    IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-14-136
COLE, MARY G.                     IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-14-135
COLEMAN, CHARLES A.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-503
COLEMAN, FLORENCE E.              PARMA                                   NY-28-12-268
COLEMAN, FRANCISCO S.             SWEDEN                                  NY-28-12-377
COLEMAN, JOSHUA DE WITT           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-46
COLEMAN, MARGARET L.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-48
COLEMAN, WINFIELD J.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-47
COLLET, HENRY                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-259
COLLET, JACOB                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-258
COLLET, PETER                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-257
COLLIER, JASON                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-423
COLLIER, MAMIE L.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-369
COLLINS, ANNIE                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-296
COLLINS, GERTRUDE F.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-64
COLLINS, JOHN H.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-63
COLLINS, LORETTA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-65
COLWELL, HIRAM M.                 BRIGHTON                                NY-28-15-150
COMBES, LINDA B.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-65
COMBES, RICHARD C.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-64
COMBS, CLARENCE                   GREECE                                  NY-28-14-283
COMBS, FRANCES M.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-672
COMBS, FRANCIS M.                 TBL                                     NY-28-11-17
COMBS, FRANCIS M.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-256
COMBS, GEORGE CLARENCE            GREECE                                  NY-28-12-396
COMBS, RICHARD                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-182
COMBS, WILLIAM F.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-257
COMERFORD, ANNA M.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-127
COMERFORD, JOHN                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-131
COMERFORD, JOSEPH F.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-129
COMERFORD, MARY                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-130
COMERFORD, WILLIAM JR.            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-128
CONANT, CORA E.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-227
CONKLIN, RUTH E.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-43
CONKLIN, WILLIAM D.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-42
CONNELL, ALICE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-21
CONNELL, CATHARINE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-25
CONNELL, EDWARD JR.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-201
CONNELL, IDA                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-203
CONNELL, IRENE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-24
CONNELL, IRENE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-566
CONNELL, JOHN H.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-22
CONNELL, JOHN JR.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-567
CONNELL, JOSEPH                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-202
CONNELL, LORETTA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-23
CONNELL, LORETTA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-565
CONNELL, MARY A.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-167
CONNELL, TERESA                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-166
CONNOLLY, CHARLES RAYMOND         ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-166
CONNOR, ALICIA                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-442
CONNOR, THOMAS                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-441
CONNOR, WILLIAM                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-443
CONOLLY, AUGUSTINE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-72
CONOLLY, BERNARD                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-73
CONSTANTINE, HATTIE L.            BOSTON, SUFFOLK,MA                      NY-28-12-141
CONWAY, CATHERINE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-508
COO, RUTH                         ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-469
COOK, BYRON S.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-468
COOK, BYRON S.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-580
COOK, FREDERICK JOHN              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-13
COOK, GRACE M.                    GARLAND                                 NY-28-16-444
COOK, IDA LOUISA                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-658
COOK, LENORE                      BROCKPORT                               NY-28-16-116
COOK, RUTH C.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-579
COOK, THOMAS MARTIN               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-148
COOLEY, CLIFFORD S.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-189
COOMAN, DELIA A.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-355
COONAN, ANNA                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-559
COONS, CHARLES                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-37
COPELAND, EMMA M.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-52
COPELAND, IRVING W.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-39
CORBETT, MARGARET                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-439
CORBETT, MARY E.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-44
CORBETT, THOMAS P.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-43
CORBETT, WILLIAM J.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-45
CORBITT, EDITH L.                 CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-16-52
CORBITT, MILES H.                 CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-16-50
CORBITT, THURSTON A.              CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-16-51
CORBITT, WARDIE E.                CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-16-48
CORBITT, WILBUR B.                CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-16-49
CORKHILL, NELSON G.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-257
CORKHILL, SIDNEY A.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-256
CORNELL, NELSON FRANK             TBL                                     NY-28-10-370
COSTICH, EDWARD                   IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-16-430
COSTICHE, MARY J.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-510
COTTRELL, EVA H.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-118
COTTRELL, F. ARTHUR               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-119
COTTRELL, FRED W.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-120
COUGHLIN, JERRY                   SWEDEN                                  NY-28-18-387
COUGHLIN, JOHN                    SWEDEN                                  NY-28-18-385
COUGHLIN, JULIA                   SWEDEN                                  NY-28-18-384
COUGHLIN, KITTIE                  SWEDEN                                  NY-28-18-386
COUGHLIN, MARGARET B.             SWEDEN                                  NY-28-18-388
COUGHLIN, NELLIE                  SWEDEN                                  NY-28-18-383
COUPE, MARY                       TBL                                     NY-28-11-311
COURNEEN, EDWARD J.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-39
COURNEEN, JOSEPH K.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-40
COVELL, LEAH A.                   OGDEN                                   NY-28-13-324
COVELL, MARY EVELYN               OGDEN                                   NY-28-13-322
COVELL, RUTHERFORD H.             OGDEN                                   NY-28-13-323
COVERT, HENRY                     SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-16-593
COX, BRYCE H.                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-172
COX, CHARLES P.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-129
COX, GERALD F.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-131
COX, HENRY J.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-128
COX, IRENE A.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-126
COX, JOSEPH M.                    RUSH                                    NY-28-12-438
COX, M. PAULINE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-130
COX, MARIE E.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-127
COX, MARY F.                      RUSH                                    NY-28-18-579
COX, MIRIAM E.                    RUSH                                    NY-28-12-437
COX, STEPHEN B.                   RUSH                                    NY-28-12-436
CRAFT, FRED                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-267
CRAFT, NELLIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-268
CRAFT, WALLCE J.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-391
CRAIG, MARY E.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-73
CRAMER, CHARLES                   PENFIELD                                NY-28-18-457
CRANDALL, ANNA C.                 MANHATTAN, RILEY, KS                    NY-28-15-365
CRANDALL, LEE R.                  MANHATTAN, RILEY, KS                    NY-28-15-365
CRENNELL, EDITH S.                HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-16-589
CRENNELL, GRACE                   HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-16-591
CRENNELL, M. LOUISE               HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-16-590
CRENNELL, RADCLIFFE               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-40
CRIPPEN, E. H.                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-299
CRIPPEN, GEORGE                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-298
CRIPPEN, MARIA                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-297
CRITTENDEN, MILTON DEWEY          BRIGHTON                                NY-28-12-99
CROGAN, CELIA                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-205
CROMBACH, CORNELIUS               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-289
CROMBACH, JOSEPHINE               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-287
CROMBACH, ROSE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-286
CROMPO, LEONARD                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-494
CRONK, CARRIE L.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-77
CRONK, ELLA J.                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-76
CROSBY, SAMUELLA                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-212
CROSMAN, BEATRICE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-516
CROSMAN, CLARA M.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-517
CROSMAN, HELEN JOSEPHINE          ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-281
CROSMAN, LILLIE S.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-282
CROSS, CARROLL S.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-439
CROTTY, EDWARD MICHAEL            BROCKPORT                               NY-28-15-240
CROTTY, JOHN JOSEPH               BROCKPORT                               NY-28-15-239
CROTTY, MAURICE PATRICK           BROCKPORT                               NY-28-15-238
CROUCH, ALICE A.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-148
CROUCH, BESSIE M.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-146
CROUCH, GARDNER J.                BRIGHTON                                NY-28-16-138
CROUCH, GEORGE W.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-149
CROUCH, HARRY H.                  BRIGHTON                                NY-28-16-140
CROUCH, HELEN R.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-147
CROUCH, HERBERT D.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-144
CROUCH, JAMES L.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-145
CROUCH, MAY E.                    BRIGHTON                                NY-28-16-141
CROUCH, SARAH L.                  BRIGHTON                                NY-28-16-139
CROWE, JANE E.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-109
CRUMB, JOHN                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-493
CULLEN, AGNES M.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-181
CULLEN, ANNIE F.                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-43
CULLEN, JAMES W.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-182
CULLEN, MARIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-271
CULLEN, MARTIN                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-183
CULLEN, WILLIAM                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-272
CUREY, THOMAS F.                  CHURCHVILLE                             NY-28-18-108
CURTIN, CORNELIUS J.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-180
CURTIN, JAMES                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-181
CURTIN, JOHN C.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-182
CURTIN, THOMAS E.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-179
CURTIS, CHARLES E.                TBL                                     NY-28-11-9
CURTIS, JOSE RICHMOND             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-445
CURTIS, LUELLA                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-8
CURTIS, LUELLA                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-8
CURTIS, MARY J.                   PARMA                                   NY-28-13-291
CURTIS, ROSE                      TBL                                     NY-28-11-10
CURTIS, WILLIAM                   BROCKPORT                               NY-28-13-97
CURTISS, FRANK H.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-60
CURTISS, KARL H.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-61
CURTISS, RALPH G.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-62
CUTLER, HOWARD WRIGHT             SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-17-427
CUTLER, MYRA JOHNICK              HENRIETTA                               NY-28-17-426
CUTLER, STANLEY                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-210
DAGGETT, MARY H.                  OGDEN                                   NY-28-15-48
DAITZ, ANNIE L. S.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-421
DALTON, JOSEPH P.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-109
DALTON, MARIE K.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-110
DAMMERT, ANNIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-122
DAMMERT, BARBARA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-120
DAMMERT, JOHN                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-121
DAMMERT, MARY                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-119
DAMMERT, MATILDA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-118
DAMON, WILLIAM R.                 WEBSTER                                 NY-28-18-61
DANIELS, GERTRUDE L.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-280
DANZER, JOHN B.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-39
DANZER, ROSALIA M.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-33
DANZER, STEPHAN                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-32
DANZER, THERESIA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-34
DANZER, URSULA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-31
DARROW, DOLLIE E.                 TBL                                     NY-28-11-181
DARROW, DOLLIE E.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-98
DAUCHY, JOSEPH H.                 HAMLIN                                  NY-28-15-137
DAVIE, BESSIE L.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-157
DAVIE, BESSIE L.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-477
DAVIE, CLARK L.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-479
DAVIE, FLORENCE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-480
DAVIE, FLORENCE M.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-158
DAVIE, HARRY W.                   CHILI                                   NY-28-14-253
DAVIE, WALTER E.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-478
DAVIS, ALICE P.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-171
DAVIS, CHARLES H.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-229
DAVIS, CLARENCE E.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-187
DAVIS, CLARK G.                   MENDON                                  NY-28-12-71
DAVIS, EDITH D.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-173
DAVIS, HIRAM CAMP                 CHURCHVILLE                             NY-28-16-338
DAVIS, JOHN JR.                   AURORA, KANE, IL                        NY-28-12-259
DAVIS, JOHN W.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-230
DAVIS, MARA BELLE                 CHURCHVILLE                             NY-28-16-527
DAVIS, MILDRED                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-172
DAVIS, SAMUEL                     CHURCHVILLE                             NY-28-16-526
DAVIS, SARAH LOUISA               CHURCHVILLE                             NY-28-16-339
DAWASKE, ELISA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-564
DAWSON, MARY L.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-416
DAWSON, SARAH G.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-415
DEAN, HENRY ROWE                  WEBSTER                                 NY-28-13-200
DEAT, ANNIE                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-110
DEBRUYN, ELIZABETH J.             TBL                                     NY-28-11-163
DEBRUYN, JOHN                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-164
DEBUS, FREDDIE                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-545
DEBUS, JOSEPH                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-544
DEBUS, MICHAEL                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-543
DEBUS, WILLIE                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-546
DECKE, ANNA                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-300
DECKER, EVA E.                    PARMA                                   NY-28-14-489
DEDIE, JOHN                       TBL                                     NY-28-10-388
DEFENDORF, EMMETT J.              GREECE                                  NY-28-16-245
DEFENDORF, FANNIE M.              GREECE                                  NY-28-16-246
DEFENDORF, LULU M.                GREECE                                  NY-28-16-247
DEFORREST, FLORENCE               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-575
DELAHUNT, DANIEL                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-453
DELAHUNT, JOHN                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-451
DELAHUNT, MARY F.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-452
DELAHUNT, THERESA                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-454
DELCOUR, JULIETTE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-424
DELITZ, ANNA                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-317
DELITZ, HANNAH                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-316
DELITZ, JOHN                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-312
DELITZ, LIZZIE                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-314
DELITZ, MARY                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-315
DELITZ, NANCY                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-313
DELL, CHARLES                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-214
DEMALLIE, EMMA                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-192
DEMING, WILBUR                    GREECE                                  NY-28-18-502
DEMPSTER, ANNIE M.                SEE: HOPWOOD, ANNIE M.                  NY-28-14-500
DEMPSTER, FLORENCE E.             SEE: HOPWOOD, MORTIMER J.               NY-28-14-502
DEMPSTER, MORTIMER J.             SEE: HOPWOOD, MORTIMER J.               NY-28-14-501
DENISE, G. DELAMER                GREECE                                  NY-28-12-388
DENISE, LEDA                      CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-17-588
DENISE, MARY W.                   CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-17-587
DENISE, ROBERT                    GREECE                                  NY-28-12-387
DENNINGTON, LOUISA C.             FAIRPORT                                NY-28-12-352
DENT, JARVIS                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-112
DENT, JONATHAN                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-111
DERLETH, ADELINE L. L.            IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-16-487
DERVILL, FRANK                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-149
DERVILL, WILLIE                   HENRIETTA                               NY-28-13-150
DEVITT, MARY OA.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-311
DEWEY, CHARLES W.                 SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-13-487
DEWEY, CHARLES W.                 SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-13-357
DEWEY, FRANCES A.                 SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-13-490
DEWEY, FRANCES A.                 SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-13-355
DEWEY, FREDERICK H.               SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-13-353
DEWEY, FREDERICK H.               SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-13-488
DEWEY, JESSIE J.                  SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-13-491
DEWEY, JESSIE J.                  SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-13-354
DEWEY, KATE ELIZA                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-475
DEWEY, SAMUEL FOOTE               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-474
DEWEY, SARAH L.                   SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-13-489
DEWEY, SARAH L.                   SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-13-356
DEWITT, AMANDA                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-135
DEWITT, HATTIE L.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-339
DICKAS, ADAM                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-512
DICKAS, MARY                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-513
DICKAS, OLIVE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-514
DICKERSON, INA B.                 MUMFORD                                 NY-28-16-536
DIETER, DARIUS M.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-588
DIETER, DARIUS M.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-125
DIETER, LOUIS                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-587
DIETER, MYRTA BELL                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-585
DIETRICH, JOHN                    CHILI                                   NY-28-12-279
DIETRICH, JOHN                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-126
DIETRICH, JOSEPH                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-127
DIETRICH, MATTIE                  CHILI                                   NY-28-12-280
DIETRICH, MINNIE                  CHILI                                   NY-28-12-278
DIETRICK, PETER                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-179
DIETZ, FRANK                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-220
DILL, GILBERT HULETT              OGDEN                                   NY-28-18-237
DILL, RUTH AGNES                  OGDEN                                   NY-28-18-236
DILLMAN, ALBERT                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-211
DILLMAN, CAROLINA                 TBL                                     NY-28-11-212
DILLMAN, JOHN                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-213
DILLON, MARGARET                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-192
DILLON,RICHARD                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-191
DINMAN, CLAIRE H.                 SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-14-1
DINTRUFF, GEORGE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-275
DISCHBEIN, CHARLES                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-275
DODDS, MARY B.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-109
DOEBEREINER, MICHAEL              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-24
DOERFLINGER, JACOB FREDERICK      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-146
DOERR, CLARA E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-107
DOERR, SUSAN A.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-108
DOLBEER, ALBERT G.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-392
DOLBEER, WILLIAM C.               TBL                                     NY-28-10-393
DOLE, RHODA A.                    CHURCHVILLE                             NY-28-12-354
DOLLINGER, ANNE                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-273
DONALDSON, DAVID                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-301
DONALDSON, JENNIE A.              TBL                                     NY-28-10-600
DONALDSON,E MMA                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-300
DONNELLY, ALICE E.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-6
DONNELLY, MARY R.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-5
DONNER, ADEN D.                   PERINTON                                NY-28-13-292
DONNER, ADIN D.                   PERINTON                                NY-28-13-332
DOOLEY, MARY K.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-195
DOOLIN, JOHN P.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-136
DORGAN, DANIEL J.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-129
DORGAN, IDA VIOLA                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-128
DORSCHEL, HENRY                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-519
DORSCHEL, LOUIS                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-518
DORSCHELL, FREDERICK              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-256
DORSCHELL, JOHN GEORGE            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-259
DORSCHELL, THERSA                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-257
DORSEY, ANNA E.                   GREECE                                  NY-28-13-8
DORSEY, ANNA E.                   GREECE                                  NY-28-12-84
DORSEY, BERTRAND L.               GREECE                                  NY-28-12-79
DORSEY, EMILY J.                  GREECE                                  NY-28-13-7
DORSEY, EMMA J.                   GREECE                                  NY-28-12-81
DORSEY, FRANK J.                  GREECE                                  NY-28-13-6
DORSEY, FRANK J.                  GREECE                                  NY-28-12-80
DORSEY, LEO B.                    GREECE                                  NY-28-13-9
DORSEY, MARY E.                   GREECE                                  NY-28-12-83
DORSEY, MARY J.                   GREECE                                  NY-28-13-11
DORSEY, WILLIAM J.                GREECE                                  NY-28-13-10
DORSEY, WILLIAM J.                GREECE                                  NY-28-12-82
DOUGHERTY, EUGENE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-297
DOUGHERTY, FANNIE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-448
DOUGHERTY, IDA MARION             FAIRPORT                                NY-28-16-414
DOUGHERTY, MARGARET M.            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-298
DOUGHERTY, MARY FRANCIS           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-447
DOUGHERTY, THOMAS JR.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-446
DOWLING, ALICE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-261
DOWLING, ALICE                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-276
DOWLING, FRANCIS P.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-265
DOWLING, FRANCIS P.               TBL                                     NY-28-11-280
DOWLING, HELEN G.                 TBL                                     NY-28-11-278
DOWLING, HELEN G.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-266
DOWLING, KATHARINE A.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-260
DOWLING, KATHARINE A.             TBL                                     NY-28-11-277
DOWLING, L. DOLORES               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-267
DOWLING, L. DOLORES               TBL                                     NY-28-11-281
DOWLING, LILIAN F.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-263
DOWLING, LILLIAN F.               TBL                                     NY-28-11-279
DOWLING, PATRICK J. JR.           TBL                                     NY-28-11-282
DOWLING, PATRICKJ.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-264
DOWLING, ROSEMARIE                TBL                                     NY-28-11-275
DOWLING, ROSEMARIE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-262
DOYLE, LEE                        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-115
DRAKE, FREDERICK W.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-562
DRAKE, MARY K.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-563
DRAKE, WILLIAM E.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-561
DREES, AUGUST N.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-56
DREES, CHARLES                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-52
DREES, EVA                        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-57
DREES, JOHN                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-54
DREES, MARY                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-55
DREES, PETER                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-53
DREW, ALBERT E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-409
DREW, ALICE L.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-408
DREW, ANNA M.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-410
DREW, GEORGE T.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-459
DROSELMEYER, AUGUSTA              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-133
DROSELMEYER, HENRIETTA            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-134
DROUILLARD, ANNA MABEL            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-338
DUCAN, ANGUS M.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-138
DUDLEY, RAYOND L.                 FAIRPORT                                NY-28-16-296
DUFFY, CATHERINE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-43
DUFFY, GEORGE                     CLARKSON                                NY-28-12-285
DUFFY, JAMES                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-46
DUFFY, JOHN W.                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-320
DUFFY, KATHARINE F.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-320
DUFFY, MARY JOSEPHINE             TBL                                     NY-28-11-330
DUFFY, MARY JOSEPHINE             TBL                                     NY-28-11-330
DUFFY, ROSELLA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-47
DUFFY, THOMAS F.                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-321
DUFFY, THOMAS P.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-45
DUFFY, WILLIAM                    SWEDEN                                  NY-28-12-284
DUGGAN, ELIZABETH                 CHICAGO, COOK, IL                       NY-28-16-533
DUGGAN, RICHARD                   CHICAGO, COOK, IL                       NY-28-16-532
DUMMER, CAROLINE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-109
DUMMER, CARRIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-324
DUMMER, MATILDA                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-323
DUMMER, MATILDA                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-110
DUMONT, JENNIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-290
DUNBAR, JAMES                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-204
DUNN, ALVORD A.                   HENRIETTA                               NY-28-14-102
DUNN, CHARLES J.                  HENRIETTA                               NY-28-14-101
DUNN, CHARLES W.                  CHICAGO, COOK, IL                       NY-28-15-252
DUNN, CHARLES W.                  CHICAGO, COOK,IL                        NY-28-14-407
DUNN, CLARA A.                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-500
DUNN, ELLEN                       TBL                                     NY-28-11-176
DUNN, LIBBIE J.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-498
DUNN, MARTHA A.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-564
DUNN, MARY E.                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-566
DUNN, WILLIAM H.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-565
DUNN, WILLIE H.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-499
DUNSHEE, PHEBE A.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-480
DURIN, ALVORD A.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-286
DURIN, CHARLES J.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-285
DURIN, ROBERT W.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-284
DUSENBURY, CLARA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-119
DUSENBURY, RAYMOND                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-120
DUTCHER, ALICE R.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-71
DUTCHER, DANIEL R.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-72
DWYER, HARRY                      ENGLEWOOD, COOK, IL                     NY-28-14-432
DWYER, JOSEPH                     ENGLEWOOD, COOK, IL                     NY-28-14-432
DWYER, KATIE                      ENGLEWOOD, COOK, IL                     NY-28-14-432
DWYER, MARY CATHERINE             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-335
DYKINS, ROBERT B.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-200
DYSON, ELIZABETH                  GREECE                                  NY-28-13-96
EAGAN, BRIDGET                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-501
EAGAN, MARY E.                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-502
EAGAN, WILLIAM                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-20
EARL, RICHARD LEROY               HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-13-98
EATON, ELIZA G.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-24
EATON, GEORG EL.                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-27
EATON, JAMES H.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-26
EATON, MARY L.                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-25
EATON, WILLIAM D.                 KENOSHA, KENOSHA, WI                    NY-28-17-458
EBEL, EMILY                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-328
EBEL, JOSEPH                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-326
EBEL, LOUISA                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-327
EBERT, MARY E.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-64
ECKLEBEN, THERESE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-509
EDSON, EDITH                      GATES                                   NY-28-13-302
EGAN, DANIEL                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-609
EGAN, ELLEN C.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-523
EICHHORN, LOUISE A.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-468
ELDER, MARION R.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-184
ELLER, CONRAD                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-90
ELLER, CONRAD                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-447
ELLER, GEORGE                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-89
ELLER, GEORGE                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-445
ELLER, JOHN                       TBL                                     NY-28-10-446
ELLER, MAGGIE                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-444
ELLER, PETER                      TBL                                     NY-28-11-91
ELLER, PETER                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-448
ELLIOTT,E LLA C.                  SWEDEN                                  NY-28-12-120
ELLIS, EDWIN E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-211
ELLIS, FLORENCE M.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-210
ELLIS, FLORENCE M.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-161
ELLIS, JAMES H.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-160
ELLIS, MABLE L.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-209
ELLIS, VIOLA                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-212
ELLIS, WILLIAM H.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-159
ELLSWORTH, BERTHA M.              PERRINTON                               NY-28-15-419
ELLSWORTH, LETTIE                 PERRINTON                               NY-28-15-420
ELSNER, HELENE B.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-433
ELSNER, MILDRED K.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-434
ELTENHEIMER, RAYMOND              DETROIT, WAYNE, MI                      NY-28-16-252
ELWOOD, ELIZABETH H.              TBL                                     NY-28-10-488
EMBLING, GEORGE L.                RIGA                                    NY-28-14-189
EMENS, ADELBERT F.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-456
EMENS, DARWIN F.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-458
EMENS, GEORGE W.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-457
EMERICK, LUCINDA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-303
EMERICK, LUCINDA F.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-365
EMERSON, LINDA SHERIDAN           TBL                                     NY-28-11-265
ENDLER, BESSIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-541
ENDLER, FRANCES                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-538
ENDLER, JESSIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-539
ENDLER, ROSELLIA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-540
ENGEL, ANNIE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-364
ENGEL, AUGUSTA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-362
ENGEL, CHARLES                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-360
ENGEL, GEORGE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-363
ENGEL, JOSEPH                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-361
ENGEL, MARY                       PENFIELD                                NY-28-18-336
ENGEMANN, CLEMENTINE              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-204
ENGEMANN, MARGARET                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-205
ENGERT, CELIA M.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-175
ENGLERT, CLEMENT                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-373
ENGLERT, ELIZABETH F.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-294
ENGLERT, MARTIN                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-483
ENGLERT, MARTIN                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-292
ENGLERT, MICHAEL                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-482
ENGLERT, MICHAEL                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-293
ENGLERT, THERESA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-374
ENRIGHT, FRANCES                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-51
ENRIGHT, MARY                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-52
ERLER, ALBERT                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-342
ERLER, RUDOLPH                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-343
ERNST, CAROLINE CORA              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-294
ERNST, LOUIS EDWARD               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-295
ESTEN, ORRIN D.                   FAIRPORT                                NY-28-12-139
ESTER, CONRAD P.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-317
ESTER, CONRAD P. C.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-369
ESTER, WILLIAM R.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-368
ESTER, WILLIAM R.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-316
ESTERHELT, FREDERICK              TBL                                     NY-28-10-131
ESTERHELT, WILLIAM                TBL                                     NY-28-10-129
ESTES, EDA E.                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-137
ETTENHEIMER, RAYMOND              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-336
ETTENHEIMER, RAYMOND              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-226
ETTS, FANNIE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-251
EVANS, EMMA C.                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-122
EVERNDEN, GEORGE W.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-166
EWART, JULIA E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-140
EWART, MATTIE G.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-139
EWING, BELLA MAIR                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-292
EWING, LAUCHLAN A.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-307

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