Allegany County, New York
Guardianships / Minors

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The authority issued by courts to the prospective guardians and or recording of accounts of guardians

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Column 1 = Name of Minor
Column 2 = County, Volume, Page # | 1 = 1829-1839 | 2 = 1839-1852 | 3 = 1852-1879 | 3a = 1852-1879 | 4 = 1865-1879 | 5 = 1865-1879 | 6 = 1880-1895 | 7 = 1880-1895 | 8 = duplicate of 4-7 |
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LAMONT, JOHN R.                        NY-2-3-88
LAMONT, JOHNR .                        NY-2-3A-44
LAMONT, MARY D.                        NY-2-3A-44
LAMONT, MARY D.                        NY-2-4-48
LAMONT, NANCY J.                       NY-2-3-65
LANE, ROSILLA M.                       NY-2-5-88
LANG, ELIZABETH                        NY-2-7-91
LANG, FLORENCE                         NY-2-6-85
LANG, GEORGE E.                        NY-2-6-110
LANG, WILLIAM                          NY-2-7-91
LANGWORTHY, MARIA W.                   NY-2-5-253
LANGWORTHY, MARTHA B.                  NY-2-5-253
LANGWORTHY, SARAH                      NY-2-2-270
LANPHEAR, HARRIETTE A. M.              NY-2-3-76
LATHROP, ALFRED                        NY-2-3A-76
LATHROP, FLORA                         NY-2-3A-76
LATHROP, LILLIAN S.                    NY-2-3A-76
LATHROP, LILLIAN S.                    NY-2-3A-76
LATHROP, LILLIAN S.                    NY-2-5-33
LATHROP, MARIAH R.                     NY-2-3A-76
LAWTON, THEODORE                       NY-2-6-66
LEE, ALLEN                             NY-2-5-2
LEE, CHARLES S.                        NY-2-4-241
LEE, CORA                              NY-2-7-246
LEE, DANIEL F.                         NY-2-4-241
LEE, FRANCIS M.                        NY-2-5-64
LEE, HANNAH A.                         NY-2-4-140
LEE, HARRIET                           NY-2-4-241
LEGGES, WILLIS M.                      NY-2-5-60
LENNING, GENEVIEVE                     NY-2-3A-59
LENNING, RALPH                         NY-2-3A-59
LENTZ, BERTHA L.                       NY-2-6-78
LENTZ, CHARLES H.                      NY-2-7-228
LENTZ, EMMA                            NY-2-7-228
LESUER, BELL                           NY-2-5-80
LESUER, DELIA                          NY-2-5-80
LEVER, ALICE M.                        NY-2-5-225
LEVER, CHARLES                         NY-2-5-187
LEVER, FLOYD E.                        NY-2-6-220
LEVER, INEZ L.                         NY-2-7-244
LEWIS, ETTIE OLLIE                     NY-2-6-139
LEWIS, HELEN A.                        NY-2-4-101
LEWIS, ISABEL F.                       NY-2-4-101
LEWIS, MABEL HOSS                      NY-2-6-139
LEWIS, MASTER FLORIAN                  NY-2-6-139
LEWIS, OTTO BURDETTE                   NY-2-6-139
LEWIS, WILLAM E.                       NY-2-3-30
LIDDE, CHARLES                         NY-2-4-273
LIDDE, EMMA                            NY-2-4-273
LIDDE, HENRY                           NY-2-4-273
LINCOLN, FLORENCE                      NY-2-4-98
LINCOLN, HARRIET E.                    NY-2-3A-54
LIPPINCOTT, EDWARD                     NY-2-6-24
LIPPINCOTT, ELIZABETH M.               NY-2-6-26
LIPPINCOTT, HOMER                      NY-2-6-27
LIPPINCOTT, HOMER                      NY-2-7-252
LIPPINCOTT, PETER                      NY-2-6-25
LITCHARD, FRED                         NY-2-4-274
LIVERMORE, ARLONENE                    NY-2-7-191
LIVERMORE, LOUIS C.                    NY-2-6-2
LOCKHART, MARGUERITE                   NY-2-6-156
LOCKHART, MARY ELIZABETH               NY-2-6-157
LOCKWOOD, ELLEN E.                     NY-2-3A-87
LOCKWOOD, EUGENE                       NY-2-3A-86
LOCKWOOD, WILLIAM                      NY-2-3A-86
LOGAN, ALBERT E.                       NY-2-4-224
LOMIS, JOHN H.                         NY-2-5-82
LONGWORTHY, EDWIN                      NY-2-2-149
LONGWORTHY, ELIZA                      NY-2-2-147
LONGWORTHY, MARIA W.                   NY-2-2-149
LONGWORTHY, RUSSEL C.                  NY-2-2-147
LORD, CHARLIE S.                       NY-2-7-4
LORD, WILLAM A.                        NY-2-7-97
LORD, WILLIE                           NY-2-6-14
LOUNSBURY, SAMUEL A.                   NY-2-7-48
LOWELL, FERN                           NY-2-7-201
LOWELL, RUSSELL                        NY-2-7-201
LUCE, CAROLINE                         NY-2-3-74
LUCE, ELI H.                           NY-2-7-47
LUCE, HOWARD E.                        NY-2-6-50
LUCE, HOWARD E.                        NY-2-7-231
LUCE, HOWARD E.                        NY-2-6-167
LUCE, MATILDA Z.                       NY-2-3A-48
LUCKEY, BERTHA A.                      NY-2-4-136
LUCKEY, GEORGE N.                      NY-2-3-60
LUCY, CHARLES                          NY-2-4-33
LULLAN, MARY R.                        NY-2-5-129
LUTHER, ARBA P.                        NY-2-4-108
LUTHER, CARRIE                         NY-2-4-79
LUTHER, CLARENCE R.                    NY-2-4-108
LUTHER, DANIEL                         NY-2-4-108
LUTHER, DELIA E.                       NY-2-4-108
LUTHER, HENRY W.                       NY-2-4-79
LUTHER, JEREMY A.                      NY-2-4-79
MACKEE, ALBERANA F.                    NY-2-5-114
MACKEE, ALICE J. M.                    NY-2-5-116
MACKEE, ARONETTE C.                    NY-2-5-115
MADISON, ALTA                          NY-2-4-135
MADISON, DECA                          NY-2-5-84
MADISON, STELLA                        NY-2-4-135
MANCHESTER, LOUIS W.                   NY-2-6-196
MANION, FRANCIS D.                     NY-2-6-129
MANION, SERAPHINA                      NY-2-6-129
MARDEN, LIZZIE A.                      NY-2-4-243
MARR, CORY                             NY-2-4-80
MARSHALL, SARAH E.                     NY-2-5-95
MARVIN, DAISY M.                       NY-2-7-236
MARVIN, EUGENIA                        NY-2-7-129
MARVIN, MINNIE A.                      NY-2-7-249
MATTERSON, JENNIE                      NY-2-7-99
MAXSON, E. WILLIS                      NY-2-7-51
MAXSON, JOHN F.                        NY-2-7-38
MAYBEE, ADORA B.                       NY-2-6-35
MAYBEE, CLAUDIUS                       NY-2-6-35
MAYBEE, LEWIS                          NY-2-6-35
MCALLEY, SAMUEL                        NY-2-2-1
MCCALL, ADELAIDE                       NY-2-3-7
MCCALL, EMILY                          NY-2-3-7
MCCALL, MARION                         NY-2-3A-4
MCCALL, MARTHA                         NY-2-3A-4
MCCALL, SOPHRONA                       NY-2-3A-4
MCCARTHY, FRED W.                      NY-2-7-40
MCCARTHY, GEORGE                       NY-2-6-98
MCCARTHY, GEORGE J.                    NY-2-6-42
MCCASLIN, MARY L.                      NY-2-4-129
MCCASSELIC, MARY                       NY-2-4-57
MCELHENEY, THOMAS J.                   NY-2-2-183
MCEWEN, DUNCAN                         NY-2-4-77
MCEWEN, ELLEN                          NY-2-4-77
MCEWEN, JAMES H.                       NY-2-4-77
MCEWEN, JOHN                           NY-2-5-42
MCEWEN, MARY                           NY-2-5-44
MCEWEN, WILLIAM                        NY-2-5-43
MCFORD, ANNA                           NY-2-7-130
MCGHIRL, MARY                          NY-2-7-119
MCGIBNEY, ADAH                         NY-2-4-196
MCGIBNEY, ADDIE L.                     NY-2-4-73
MCGIBNEY, WATSON E.                    NY-2-4-196
MCGIRL, ANNA                           NY-2-7-118
MCGIRL, JAMES                          NY-2-6-124
MCHENRY, ALMIRA H.                     NY-2-1-104
MCHENRY, EDWARD R.                     NY-2-7-144
MCHENRY, EMMA BELL                     NY-2-6-134
MCHENRY, LENA W.                       NY-2-6-133
MCHENRY, LUCRETIA                      NY-2-1-80
MCHENRY, WILLIAM W.                    NY-2-1-83
MCKEE, FLORA                           NY-2-4-197
MCKERSOW, MARGARET                     NY-2-7-215
MCKINNEY, FRANCIS K.                   NY-2-3A-3
MCKINNEY, LOUISA ALIDE                 NY-2-3A-3
MCKINNEY, LOUISE MARIE                 NY-2-3-5
MCKINNEY,JANE AUGUSTE                  NY-2-3A-3
MCLAUGHLIN, JULIA                      NY-2-3A-14
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                    NY-2-3A-14
MCNAIR, FRANCIS W.                     NY-2-2-116
MCNAIR, SARAH W.                       NY-2-2-116
MCNAMARA, JOHN                         NY-2-7-166
MEAD, BLANCHE                          NY-2-6-141
MEAD, EDNA                             NY-2-3A-91
MEAD, FRANCELIA                        NY-2-3A-92
MEAD, MAUD L.                          NY-2-6-141
MELHENEY, JACKSON                      NY-2-2-180
MENEKEE, GRACE                         NY-2-5-205
MERRIAM, MINNIE L.                     NY-2-7-202
MERRILL, ERWIN D.                      NY-2-6-8
MERRITT, IRA A.                        NY-2-5-113
METCALF, AMELIA                        NY-2-5-31
METCALF, MACRONI                       NY-2-2-268
METCALF, WALTER H.                     NY-2-5-9
METCALFE, ANN ELIZA                    NY-2-4-21
MIDDAUGH, BALSONY                      NY-2-3A-12
MIDDAUGH, EBENEZER N.                  NY-2-3-17
MIDDAUGH, HELEN                        NY-2-3-16
MIDDAUGH, NANCY                        NY-2-3A-12
MIDDAUGH, SUSAN                        NY-2-3A-12
MIENIKA, HENRY                         NY-2-4-95
MILLEGAN, SAMUEL                       NY-2-7-138
MILLER, CHARLES W.                     NY-2-4-162
MILLER, ETTIE                          NY-2-6-195
MILLER, FRED                           NY-2-6-195
MILLER, HARRIET A.                     NY-2-4-162
MILLER, HUGH W.                        NY-2-6-118
MILLER, LOUISA                         NY-2-7-200
MILLER, MARY A.                        NY-2-4-162
MILLER, MINNIE                         NY-2-6-195
MILLER, MURRY L.                       NY-2-6-218
MILLHOLEN, BERTIE M.                   NY-2-5-165
MILLHOLEN, HERBERT E.                  NY-2-5-166
MILLS, HERBERT A.                      NY-2-7-88
MILLS, LESLIE                          NY-2-7-181
MILLS, LILLIAN A.                      NY-2-7-89
MINEKA, EMMA                           NY-2-4-271
MINEKA, JOHN                           NY-2-4-271
MINEKA, LIZZIE                         NY-2-4-271
MINEKA, MABEL                          NY-2-4-271
MINER, CHARLES                         NY-2-3A-5
MIX, HARVEY                            NY-2-4-125
MONTGOMERY, ANN                        NY-2-2-152
MOON, ELMER S.                         NY-2-4-27
MOON, MERIAM                           NY-2-5-201
MOON, MINNIE                           NY-2-4-37
MOONS, DENNY                           NY-2-5-24
MOORE, ELLEN C.                        NY-2-4-78
MOORE, HENRY                           NY-2-2-178
MOORE, MARY A.                         NY-2-4-247
MOORE, RICHARD                         NY-2-7-124
MOORE, WINNA                           NY-2-7-72
MOREHOUSE, GEORGE E.                   NY-2-2-7
MORGAN, AI                             NY-2-4-134
MORGAN, CAROLINE P.                    NY-2-4-134
MORGAN, RUTH ANN                       NY-2-5-224
MORRIS, WILLIAM A.                     NY-2-5-221
MORRISON, FRED BARNEY                  NY-2-7-254
MORSE, LORETTA                         NY-2-5-89
MOSES, ARTHUR L.                       NY-2-6-128
MOSES, ARTHUR L.                       NY-2-7-142
MOSES, BERTHA V.                       NY-2-6-128
MOSES, BERTHA VIOLA                    NY-2-6-145
MOSES, CLAUDE D.                       NY-2-7-125
MOSES, EDWIN                           NY-2-7-125
MYLES, JAMES P.                        NY-2-7-86
NASH, EMMA                             NY-2-4-244
NEVILLES, ELLEN                        NY-2-4-163
NEVILLES, MARTIN                       NY-2-4-163
NEVILLES, MARY                         NY-2-5-97
NEWMAN, EVA A.                         NY-2-5-257
NEWVILLE, AMOS L.                      NY-2-4-58
NEWVILLE, FRANK A.                     NY-2-4-58
NEWVILLE, JAMES A.                     NY-2-4-58
NICHOLS, NATHANIEL B.                  NY-2-1-76
NICHOLS, NATHANIEL B.                  NY-2-1-46
NICHOLS, NATHANIEL B.                  NY-2-1-1
NILES, CHARLES E.                      NY-2-4-86
NIVER, CHARLES A.                      NY-2-4-260
NIVER, CHARLES A.                      NY-2-7-195
NOBLE, OLIVE                           NY-2-3-24
NOBLE, ROBIN                           NY-2-3-24
NOBLE, WALLACE                         NY-2-3-24
NOBLES, DARIUS                         NY-2-3A-18
NOBLES, ORRIN                          NY-2-3A-18
NOBLES, RODHA                          NY-2-3A-18
NOBLES, WEBSTER                        NY-2-3A-18
NORMAN, BERTIE                         NY-2-6-59
NORMAN, CARRIE                         NY-2-6-59
NORMAN, CLARA                          NY-2-6-59
NORMAN, RACHEL                         NY-2-7-57
NORTON, AARON D.                       NY-2-3-15
OBRIEN, TERRY                          NY-2-6-92
OGDEN, SUSAN O.                        NY-2-4-200
OLEARY, ELLEN                          NY-2-4-15
OLEARY, HANNAH                         NY-2-4-15
OLEARY, JOANNA                         NY-2-4-15
OLEARY, MARY                           NY-2-4-15
OLIVE, CHESTER                         NY-2-7-104
OLIVE, FENTON                          NY-2-7-103
OLIVER, EDWARD W.                      NY-2-6-108
ORILEY, MARY E.                        NY-2-7-54
OSBORN, MYRLA M.                       NY-2-3A-74
OSBORNE, MARY                          NY-2-7-179
OSBORNE, NATHAN                        NY-2-6-174
OSTERHOUT, CHARLES                     NY-2-4-49
OSTERHOUT, CYNTHIA                     NY-2-4-49
OSTERHOUT, THOMAS                      NY-2-4-49
OSTERHOUT, VOLNEY                      NY-2-4-49
OVERHIZER, MARY L.                     NY-2-4-228
PADDOCK, JULIAETT                      NY-2-1-157
PADDOCK, LINDA                         NY-2-4-261
PADDOCK, NELLIE C.                     NY-2-4-261
PAGE, MARY R.                          NY-2-7-73
PALMER, CHARLES A.                     NY-2-3-50
PALMER, DELLIE                         NY-2-5-57
PALMER, GEORGE C.                      NY-2-7-213
PALMER, JOSEPH                         NY-2-7-213
PALMER, MINIE                          NY-2-4-97
PALMER, MYRTIE                         NY-2-4-97
PALMITER, CYRENIA                      NY-2-5-34
PALMITER, EUGENIA                      NY-2-5-35
PARISH, EDNA                           NY-2-6-181
PARK, E. A.                            NY-2-3-105
PARK, G. W.                            NY-2-3-105
PARK, WILLIAM N.                       NY-2-3A-69
PARKER, A. E.                          NY-2-4-52
PARKER, ANNIE MAUDE                    NY-2-6-22
PARKER, BESSIE                         NY-2-6-22
PARKER, E.                             NY-2-4-52
PARKER, HENHRY H.                      NY-2-5-70
PARKER, HIRAM                          NY-2-6-144
PARKER, IDA                            NY-2-4-186
PARKER, IDA                            NY-2-4-52
PARKER, IRENA J.                       NY-2-7-131
PARKER, IRENA J.                       NY-2-7-183
PARKER, JULIA A.                       NY-2-2-145
PARKER, JULIA ANN                      NY-2-2-158
PARKER, JULIA ANN                      NY-2-2-160
PARKER, RALPH LAVERNE                  NY-2-6-22
PARKER, RELIDA S.                      NY-2-7-131
PARKER, SYLVESTER F.                   NY-2-5-32
PARSONS, ANN M.                        NY-2-5-20
PATRIDGE, CHARLES                      NY-2-3-31
PATTERSON, A. C.                       NY-2-7-8
PATTERSON, ALIN                        NY-2-4-185
PATTERSON, DANIEL S.                   NY-2-6-17
PATTERSON, MAY                         NY-2-6-18
PATTYSON, NAOMI                        NY-2-2-221
PEESE, DEWITT                          NY-2-3-106
PELTON, JAMES B.                       NY-2-3-48
PELTON, PAULINA E.                     NY-2-3A-29
PELTON, POLLY C.                       NY-2-3-47
PELTON,E DWIN W.                       NY-2-3A-30
PERINE, GEORGE                         NY-2-3-8
PERKINS, CHARLES G.                    NY-2-4-226
PERKINS, CHARLES GRANT                 NY-2-7-102
PERKINS, CLARENCE R.                   NY-2-7-173
PERKINS, CORA                          NY-2-7-239
PERKINS, DON D.                        NY-2-4-194
PERKINS, ETTIE                         NY-2-6-214
PERKINS, FREDERICK D.                  NY-2-4-194
PERKINS, HARRIET J.                    NY-2-4-289
PERKINS, JESSIE                        NY-2-7-239
PERKINS, MAUD                          NY-2-7-239
PERKINS, MYRON W.                      NY-2-4-194
PERKINS, NETTIE                        NY-2-6-214
PERKINS, NETTIE B.                     NY-2-4-194
PERKINS, PHEBE P.                      NY-2-4-226
PERKINS, PHOEBA                        NY-2-6-104
PERRIN, AARON P.                       NY-2-2-263
PERRIN, JAMES                          NY-2-2-263
PERRIN, MARY                           NY-2-2-263
PERRY, HERMAN W.                       NY-2-3A-2
PERRY, OLIVE A.                        NY-2-3A-2
PERRY, WILLIAM                         NY-2-4-11
PERRY, WILLIAM                         NY-2-5-212
PETERSON, FRANCIS A.                   NY-2-4-34
PETERSON, FRANCISCO                    NY-2-4-34
PETERSON, HENRY A.                     NY-2-5-168
PETERSON, HENRY A.                     NY-2-4-147
PETERSON, JOHN E.                      NY-2-4-147
PETERSON, JOHN E.                      NY-2-4-249
PETERSON, MARY J.                      NY-2-4-147
PETTIT, JULIA A.                       NY-2-3-100
PETTY, FREDERICK D.                    NY-2-4-56
PETTY, ROSE C.                         NY-2-4-56
PETTY, RUFUS R.                        NY-2-4-56
PFEYNN, JOSEPHINE                      NY-2-5-131
PHELPS, SILAS C.                       NY-2-1-116
PHILIPS, HATTIE A.                     NY-2-4-63
PHILLIPS, ALTA                         NY-2-7-229
PHILLIPS, ELLERY A.                    NY-2-3A-28
PHILLIPS, JOHN E.                      NY-2-6-208
PHILLIPS, LEANDER S.                   NY-2-3A-28
PHILLIPS, MARY A.                      NY-2-5-52
PHILLIPS, SARAH F.                     NY-2-3A-28
PHIPPIN, ELMER M.                      NY-2-7-68
PIATT, LYMAN R.                        NY-2-7-39
PIATT, NELLIE MAGGIE                   NY-2-6-39
PIERCE, HENRY N.                       NY-2-5-214
PIERCE, HENRY W.                       NY-2-4-81
PIERCE, JENNIE                         NY-2-4-22
PIERCE, MARY                           NY-2-4-22
PIERCE, MILLA A.                       NY-2-4-22
PIERCE, NELLIE E.                      NY-2-6-74
PIERCE, OLIVER C.                      NY-2-4-81
PIERCE, SUSAN C. M.                    NY-2-6-74
PIERCE, SUSAN JANE                     NY-2-4-81
PIERCE, WILLIAM F.                     NY-2-5-215
PIERCE, WILLIAM G.                     NY-2-4-81
PIERSON, JOHN S. N.                    NY-2-4-102
PITT, ANN A.                           NY-2-3-85
PITT, ANN A.                           NY-2-3-103
PITT, FREDERICK H.                     NY-2-3A-53
PITT, FREDERICK R.                     NY-2-3-104
PITT, HARRIET                          NY-2-3-86
PITT, RALPH S.                         NY-2-3-49
PIXLEY, HIRAM W.                       NY-2-5-222
PLAGGE, ERNEST                         NY-2-7-234
PLAGGE, ERNEST                         NY-2-6-211
PLUMB, MARION                          NY-2-3-25
PLUMB, ROMAIN                          NY-2-4-54
POPPLE, GEORGE H.                      NY-2-7-113
POTTER, ARCHIE E.                      NY-2-6-179
POTTER, BETSEY A.                      NY-2-3-90
POTTER, JOHN O.                        NY-2-1-136
POTTER, LUCY ANN                       NY-2-1-136
POTTER, OREN                           NY-2-3-91
POTTER, WILLIAM                        NY-2-2-162
POTTER, WILLIAM D.                     NY-2-1-136
POYER, CHARLES W.                      NY-2-5-125
POYER, ERNEST LORAINE                  NY-2-6-221
POYER, JAMES H.                        NY-2-5-124
PRATT, ABIGAIL                         NY-2-1-125
PRATT, HETTIE                          NY-2-5-72
PRESTON, ALTHA                         NY-2-6-224
PRESTON, ARVILLA                       NY-2-6-224
PRESTON, HAROLD                        NY-2-6-224
PRIOR, GERTRUDE V.                     NY-2-7-56
PROCTOR, JAMES H.                      NY-2-4-83
PUTNAM, IDA                            NY-2-4-12
PUTNAM, WILLIAM F.                     NY-2-4-276
RANDALL, JULIA F.                      NY-2-3-92
RANDALL, SARAH S.                      NY-2-3-92
RANGER, ESTHER A.                      NY-2-7-35
RAYMER, SARAH E.                       NY-2-5-199
RAYMOND, ELIZABETH                     NY-2-2-112
RAYMOND, FLORA C.                      NY-2-2-107
RAYMOND, GEORGE                        NY-2-2-112
RAYMOND, JAY E.                        NY-2-4-287
RAYMOND, LUCY ANN                      NY-2-2-105
RAYMOND, RACHAEL                       NY-2-2-112
RAYMOND, VIRGINIA                      NY-2-2-109
RAYMOND, WILFORD                       NY-2-7-190
RAYMOND, WILFORD                       NY-2-7-245
READ, GEORGE                           NY-2-5-63
REDFIELD, CHARLIE                      NY-2-4-207
REDFIELD, ELNORA                       NY-2-4-207
REDFIELD, FREDDIE                      NY-2-4-207
REDFIELD, LEONIE                       NY-2-5-119
REDFIELD, NETTIE                       NY-2-4-207
REDFIELD, VELMA                        NY-2-4-207
REDMAN, FREDRICK A.                    NY-2-4-280
REED, ALVAH J.                         NY-2-4-216
REED, CORA BELL                        NY-2-4-216
REED, DANIEL A.                        NY-2-5-121
REED, MARY A.                          NY-2-5-120
REED, WILLIAM H. C.                    NY-2-4-216
REEDING, JEREMIAH B.                   NY-2-3-27
REYNOLDS, ARDELLA                      NY-2-6-9
REYNOLDS, ELBA                         NY-2-6-9
REYNOLDS, GRACE                        NY-2-6-9
REYNOLDS, HERBERT F.                   NY-2-7-225
RICE, FLORA L.                         NY-2-4-245
RICHARDSON, HENRY                      NY-2-6-205
RICHARDSON, MARY J.                    NY-2-6-205
RICHARDSON, PAULINA                    NY-2-7-222
RICHMOND, IDA                          NY-2-4-28
RILEY, ALICE E.                        NY-2-4-121
RILEY, CORA                            NY-2-7-147
RILEY, GEORGE A.                       NY-2-6-148
RILEY, LAURA A.                        NY-2-5-73
RILEY, MARK                            NY-2-5-73
ROBBINS, HARRY H.                      NY-2-7-117
ROBERTS, EMMA J.                       NY-2-4-41
ROBERTS, FRANCIS C.                    NY-2-5-25
ROBERTS, MARGARET                      NY-2-7-27
ROBERTS, MARVIN                        NY-2-4-41
ROBERTS, WALLACE                       NY-2-7-27
ROBERTSON, EDWIN                       NY-2-3-22
ROBERTSON, JENNIE L.                   NY-2-7-204
ROBERTSON, MARY E.                     NY-2-6-198
ROBINSON, ADA A.                       NY-2-5-242
ROBINSON, ADAH M.                      NY-2-7-216
ROBINSON, ALBA G.                      NY-2-2-136
ROBINSON, ANN                          NY-2-2-138
ROBINSON, ARTHUR W.                    NY-2-6-202
ROBINSON, BERTHA L.                    NY-2-6-202
ROBINSON, FLOYD O.                     NY-2-6-202
ROBINSON, GRACE H.                     NY-2-6-202
ROBINSON, HORACE                       NY-2-5-158
ROBINSON, HUBBARD T.                   NY-2-4-30
ROBINSON, JESSIE M.                    NY-2-7-216
ROBINSON, JOHN E.                      NY-2-5-159
ROBINSON, LUCY ANN                     NY-2-2-190
ROBINSON, LUCY ANN                     NY-2-1-113
ROBINSON, RICHARD W.                   NY-2-2-136
ROBINSON, SHERMAN H.                   NY-2-4-50
ROBORDS, CARRIE                        NY-2-4-292
ROBORDS, JENNIE                        NY-2-4-292
RODGERS, ERNEST W.                     NY-2-5-216
RODMOND, JANE ANN                      NY-2-2-218
RODMOND, PETER                         NY-2-2-218
RODMOND, ROSETTA                       NY-2-2-218
RODMOND, SAMUEL                        NY-2-2-218
ROES, JEMIMA A.                        NY-2-5-139
ROGERS, ALICE R.                       NY-2-4-124
ROGERS, ALTHA J.                       NY-2-4-124
ROGERS, AUBRA                          NY-2-7-120
ROGERS, CARRETTSE                      NY-2-6-122
ROGERS, ISADORE                        NY-2-7-120
ROGERS, NELLIE                         NY-2-6-143
ROGES, ALVA R.                         NY-2-5-138
ROGES, EMMOGENE                        NY-2-5-197
ROGES, S. MEDELIA                      NY-2-4-264
ROOD, ADELIA B.                        NY-2-3A-13
ROOD, PETSEY                           NY-2-3-18
ROOT, HARLA                            NY-2-4-257
ROOT, HATTIE                           NY-2-4-257
ROSE, LEWIS                            NY-2-3-93
ROSE, WILLIAM A.                       NY-2-3-26
ROSEBUSH, FRANZ H.                     NY-2-6-209
ROSEBUSH, JUDSON G.                    NY-2-7-232
ROSEBUSH, STEPHEN CARL                 NY-2-6-209
ROSS, CHARLES L.                       NY-2-4-128
ROSS, SWIRI                            NY-2-4-128
ROTH, JENNY A.                         NY-2-5-236
RURDIGER, AMANDA C.                    NY-2-3-9
RUTHERFORD, ANREW H.                   NY-2-3-82
SABIN,NELLIE N.                        NY-2-7-127
SANFORD, OLIVER                        NY-2-2-200
SARTWELL, CHARLES M.                   NY-2-2-23
SARTWELL, VIOLETTA A.                  NY-2-2-24
SATTERLEE, ESTELLA S.                  NY-2-5-152
SATTERLEE, ESTELLA S.                  NY-2-4-130
SATTERLEE, MARY E.                     NY-2-4-130
SAUNDERS, ANN DELL                     NY-2-6-34
SAUNDERS, ANN ELIZA                    NY-2-6-34
SAUNDERS, ANNA DELL                    NY-2-7-158
SAUNDERS, MARY C.                      NY-2-2-255
SAWYER, MABEL S.                       NY-2-5-235
SCHALLENGER, ANDREW                    NY-2-3-97
SCHENCK, SARAH ANN                     NY-2-1-49
SCHENECK, KATHERINE                    NY-2-1-52
SCHENECK, TOM                          NY-2-1-52
SCHU, FRANK                            NY-2-4-105
SCISSON, ADA A.                        NY-2-5-190
SCOTT, EMMA L.                         NY-2-3A-37
SCOTT, FRANC                           NY-2-5-111
SCOTT, FRANK                           NY-2-3A-99
SCOTT, SARAH EVA                       NY-2-3A-90
SCOVELL, CORA ELEANOR                  NY-2-3A-63
SCOVELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-2-3A-64
SCOVELL, LEROY N.                      NY-2-3A-64
SCRIBNER, FRANK E.                     NY-2-5-213
SEAGER, NELLIE N.                      NY-2-4-148
SEELEY, HARRIET N.                     NY-2-5-223
SEELY, CHARLES E.                      NY-2-5-91
SELDEN, A. T. J. D.                    NY-2-5-133
SELDEN, WELTHY D.                      NY-2-5-134
SELLON, WILLIAM M.                     NY-2-5-105
SHAFER, HARRIET I.                     NY-2-5-171
SHAFER, JOSEPH E.                      NY-2-5-176
SHAW, HARRY G. JR.                     NY-2-7-75
SHAW, HENRY                            NY-2-5-122
SHEPARD, CHARLOTTE                     NY-2-3-116
SHEPARD, ELIZA W.                      NY-2-5-108
SHEPARD, THEODORE                      NY-2-3-117
SHEPARD, WILLIS C.                     NY-2-4-179
SHOEMAKER, ELIZABET J.                 NY-2-6-62
SIBLEY, EDWIN                          NY-2-4-82
SIBLEY, HENRY                          NY-2-4-82
SIBLEY, MARY                           NY-2-4-82
SILVER, FRANK A.                       NY-2-4-201
SILVER, JOHN I.                        NY-2-4-201
SIMONDS, NEWMAN D.                     NY-2-4-170
SIMONS, CHARLES A.                     NY-2-5-6
SIMONS, CHARLES H.                     NY-2-4-166
SIMONS, CHARLES H.                     NY-2-7-59
SIMONS, CHARLES W.                     NY-2-5-81
SIMONS, CLARENCE                       NY-2-7-59
SIMONS, CLARENCE A.                    NY-2-4-166
SIMONS, EDGAR A.                       NY-2-4-166
SIMONS, IDA M.                         NY-2-4-166
SIMONS, SUSIE                          NY-2-6-81
SIMONS, WILLIAM                        NY-2-5-81
SIMONS, WILLIAM E.                     NY-2-3A-66
SIMPSON, ALICE                         NY-2-4-159
SIMPSON, WILLIAM W.                    NY-2-5-90
SIMPSON, WILLIE                        NY-2-7-87
SINNETTE, LESTER                       NY-2-4-283
SINNETTE, RONALD                       NY-2-4-283
SISSON, GEORGE EDWIN                   NY-2-7-137
SISSON, JOHN HENRY                     NY-2-7-137
SISSON, JOSEPH F.                      NY-2-7-137
SISSON, MARY M.                        NY-2-6-140
SISSON, MARY M.                        NY-2-7-248
SKIFF, DARIUS MCB.                     NY-2-2-258
SLATER, ALORA                          NY-2-2-26
SLAYTOR, LENA BELL                     NY-2-6-223
SMALLEY, LOIS                          NY-2-4-51
SMITH, ADISON W.                       NY-2-5-78
SMITH, ALICE                           NY-2-3A-45
SMITH, BERTHA S.                       NY-2-7-193
SMITH, BURR                            NY-2-6-11
SMITH, C. E. BIRDELL                   NY-2-7-78
SMITH, CHARLES S.                      NY-2-4-126
SMITH, CORKINS                         NY-2-3-66
SMITH, CORNELIA                        NY-2-3-59
SMITH, DORA E.                         NY-2-4-126
SMITH, EDA L.                          NY-2-7-192
SMITH, EDITH R.                        NY-2-4-126
SMITH, EUGENE                          NY-2-4-26
SMITH, GRACE M.                        NY-2-6-206
SMITH, HARLOW W.                       NY-2-6-187
SMITH, HARRISON                        NY-2-4-146
SMITH, HELEN J.                        NY-2-4-146
SMITH, HENAN                           NY-2-4-26
SMITH, HENRY                           NY-2-4-26
SMITH, IRA H.                          NY-2-4-131
SMITH, JAMES                           NY-2-4-24
SMITH, JONATHAN S.                     NY-2-4-146
SMITH, LEON R.                         NY-2-6-76
SMITH, LIZZIE W.                       NY-2-3A-39
SMITH, MARCUS                          NY-2-5-256
SMITH, MARGARETTA E.                   NY-2-4-24
SMITH, MARY                            NY-2-3A-39
SMITH, MARY                            NY-2-5-86
SMITH, MINNIE E.                       NY-2-7-194
SMITH, OWEN H.                         NY-2-7-61
SMITH, POLLY                           NY-2-3-43
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                      NY-2-6-187
SMYTHE, GRACE                          NY-2-6-16
SMYTHE, LOTTIE                         NY-2-6-16
SOMERS, AMANDA                         NY-2-7-50
SOMERS, CHARLES                        NY-2-7-50
SORTON, DIANA                          NY-2-3A-73
SORTOR, AMY                            NY-2-3-113
SORTOR, THOMAS                         NY-2-3-112
SORTORE, ARTHUR                        NY-2-6-194
SORTORE, CARRIE L.                     NY-2-6-49
SORTORE, GERTRUDE                      NY-2-7-212
SORTORE, HARLAN                        NY-2-6-194
SORTORE, HARMON H.                     NY-2-6-49
SORTORE, JOHN G.                       NY-2-6-49
SORTORE, WALTER                        NY-2-6-194
SOUTHWORTH, FLOYD                      NY-2-7-71
SOUTHWORTH, GILBERT F.                 NY-2-4-202
SPENCER, JAMES                         NY-2-5-11
SPICER, DANIEL G.                      NY-2-7-10
SPICER, SARAH M.                       NY-2-7-11
SQUIRES, AMANDA A.                     NY-2-2-143
STACY, ELEANOR J.                      NY-2-4-255
STACY, FLORA A.                        NY-2-5-65
STACY, HATTIE L.                       NY-2-4-67
STACY, HELENA R.                       NY-2-5-184
STACY, LUCY E.                         NY-2-4-255
STACY, TELLE B.                        NY-2-4-109
STACY, WILLIAM W.                      NY-2-4-109
STAGG, HENRY                           NY-2-1-56
STANLEY, CORA                          NY-2-7-81
STANLEY, JOHN LEWIS                    NY-2-7-74
STANLEY, LEROY W.                      NY-2-6-201
STEARNS, CHARLES B.                    NY-2-3-109
STEARNS, E. J.                         NY-2-3-111
STEARNS, F. M.                         NY-2-3-111
STEARNS, GEORGE W.                     NY-2-3-110
STEARNS, SARAH                         NY-2-3A-72
STEART, AMORY                          NY-2-6-97
STEBBINS, MYRTA                        NY-2-6-116
STEBBINS, SABINA JANE                  NY-2-3A-9
STEINBURG, VICTOR MORRIS               NY-2-6-171
STEIRS, GEORGE                         NY-2-4-145
STEVENS, BERTIE                        NY-2-6-222
STEVENS, HECTOR A.                     NY-2-4-91
STEWART, ALLAN B.                      NY-2-5-240
STILLMAN, ADELBERT                     NY-2-3A-6
STILLMAN, EDWIN A.                     NY-2-3A-6
STILLMAN, MATHEW D.                    NY-2-3A-6
STILLMAN, MATTHEW                      NY-2-3A-95
STILLMON, MATILDA                      NY-2-3-12
STORY, GRACE W.                        NY-2-7-105
STOWELL, JOHN P.                       NY-2-3A-32
STOWELL, JOHN P.                       NY-2-3-61
STRAIT, CHARLES                        NY-2-3A-35
STRAIT, HARVEY                         NY-2-3A-35
STRAIT, MATTHEW                        NY-2-3-51
STRAIT, PAULINA                        NY-2-3A-34
STRICKLAND, ERVIS E.                   NY-2-7-146
STRICKLAND, RENA M.                    NY-2-7-140
STROHMAN, MARIA MARGARET               NY-2-2-236
STROHMAN, MARY                         NY-2-2-236
STROHMAN, THEODORE                     NY-2-2-236
STRONG, ELVISE G.                      NY-2-6-54
STRYKER, FRANK W.                      NY-2-7-25
SULLIVAN, MAGGIE                       NY-2-7-211
SULLIVAN, NORA                         NY-2-7-211
SWARTHOUT, EARL                        NY-2-6-190
SWEET, ETTA                            NY-2-4-25
SWIFT, ELEER J.                        NY-2-3A-49
SWIFT, ERNESTINE                       NY-2-6-147
SWIFT, HARRIET A.                      NY-2-4-113
SWIFT, KATHARINE                       NY-2-6-147
SWIFT, MATHIAS                         NY-2-3A-49
SWIFT, SAMUEL                          NY-2-3A-49
TARBELL, ABEL M.                       NY-2-7-171
TAYLOR, ANNA B.                        NY-2-7-36
TAYLOR, GEORGE W.                      NY-2-7-18
TAYLOR, MARY EDNA                      NY-2-7-233
TAYLOR, WILLAM O.                      NY-2-7-37
TERWILLIGER, HENRY                     NY-2-5-8
TERWILLIGER, THOMAS                    NY-2-4-17
THARER, PHEBE ANN                      NY-2-3A-79
THOMAS, CLARA D.                       NY-2-7-14
THOMAS, LUCRETIA                       NY-2-2-2
THOMAS, LUCRETIA                       NY-2-1-145
THOMPSON, ALMINA                       NY-2-4-117
THOMPSON, GEORGE                       NY-2-5-167
THURSTON, ARIEL T.                     NY-2-4-291
THURSTON, RENA L.                      NY-2-7-223
TILESTON, RICHARD G.                   NY-2-1-151
TINSLER, MARY R.                       NY-2-2-209
TOMPKINS, CHARLES                      NY-2-6-20
TOMPKINS, LEVREETTEE                   NY-2-6-21
TOWN, MARY ETTE                        NY-2-2-34
TOWNSEND, BOLA M.                      NY-2-6-51
TOWNSEND, CHARLES A.                   NY-2-7-49
TOWNSEND, FRED B.                      NY-2-7-49
TOWNSEND, HATTIE M.                    NY-2-7-49
TOWNSEND, WINNFRED M.                  NY-2-6-51
TREMAIN, KATHERINE                     NY-2-7-55
TRENCKLER, FRANK J. G.                 NY-2-6-48
TRENKLER, JOHN HENRY                   NY-2-6-46
TRENKLER, LOUISA E.                    NY-2-6-47
TROWBRIDGE, MAY                        NY-2-6-82
TRUESDALL, MYRTA                       NY-2-4-293
TUCKER, ARCHIE V.                      NY-2-7-123
TUCKER, CLARA H.                       NY-2-4-284
TUCKER, FLORA                          NY-2-4-284
TUCKER, FRANCIS E.                     NY-2-4-284
TUCKER, GEORGE F.                      NY-2-4-284
TUCKER, GEORGIANA M.                   NY-2-5-10
TUCKER, JOHN D. W.                     NY-2-4-284
TUFTS, CHARLES PIERCE                  NY-2-2-244
TUFTS, GEORGE EZRA                     NY-2-2-244
TUFTS, SARAH CLARISSA                  NY-2-2-244
TUFTS, WINDFIELD                       NY-2-2-244
TYLER, WILLIAM R.                      NY-2-2-63
UNDERWOOD, ADDIE                       NY-2-7-237
UNDERWOOD, MINNIE E.                   NY-2-5-189
UTLEY, ALBERT                          NY-2-2-57
UTLEY, ALBERT                          NY-2-2-84
UTLEY, ELLEN                           NY-2-2-84
UTLEY, ELLEN                           NY-2-2-57
UTLEY, MARIAH                          NY-2-2-57
UTLEY, MARIAH                          NY-2-2-84
UTTER, CLARA B.                        NY-2-7-98
UTTER, SAMUEL H.                       NY-2-4-176
VALLILEE, SARAH                        NY-2-6-175
VANALLEN, JOHN HENRY                   NY-2-4-290
VANALLEN, MARY E.                      NY-2-5-232
VANARSDALE, HELEN E.                   NY-2-5-45
VANARSDALE, MARY S.                    NY-2-5-46
VANHORN, WILLIS M.                     NY-2-7-62
VANNOSTRAND, WALTER L.                 NY-2-4-229
VANVELZER, GILBERT                     NY-2-3A-75
VANVELZER, GILBERT F.                  NY-2-4-174
VANVELZER, HANNAH R.                   NY-2-3A-75
VANVELZER, HANNAH R.                   NY-2-5-103
VANVELZER, SARAH J.                    NY-2-3A-75
VOORHEES, HARRACE                      NY-2-6-44
VOORHEIS, LORA                         NY-2-7-96
VOORHIES, EVA                          NY-2-7-41
VORHIS, HENRY                          NY-2-3-6
VOSBROUGH, HATTIE                      NY-2-4-74
VOSBROUGH, JULIUS H.                   NY-2-4-74
VOSBURG, ANDREW                        NY-2-3A-78
VOSBURG, IDA E.                        NY-2-3A-78
VOSBURG, JOSEPHINE E.                  NY-2-3A-78
WAFER, GEORGE                          NY-2-3A-17
WAFER, MARY                            NY-2-3A-17
WAGER, FRANK E.                        NY-2-6-56
WARD, ELISHA                           NY-2-3-19
WARD, RANDALL                          NY-2-7-247
WARREN, ENTTIE                         NY-2-3A-58
WARREN, JOHN                           NY-2-3A-58
WARREN, LESLIE                         NY-2-3A-58
WARREN, MICHAEL                        NY-2-2-232
WARREN, ORLANDO                        NY-2-3A-58
WATERS, JOSEPH N.                      NY-2-1-88
WATROUS, MARY H.                       NY-2-6-80
WATSON, CLAUDE                         NY-2-4-258
WAVER, A. G.                           NY-2-4-138
WAVER, C. T.                           NY-2-4-138
WAVER, E. F.                           NY-2-4-138
WAVER, K. C.                           NY-2-4-138
WAVER, N. E.                           NY-2-4-138
WAVER, SHERMAN                         NY-2-4-138
WEAVER, CAROLINE                       NY-2-3-89
WEAVER, CHAUNCEY                       NY-2-2-31
WEAVER, MARIAN                         NY-2-2-31
WEAVER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-2-7-159
WEBSTER, GEORGE                        NY-2-4-204
WEBSTER, GRACE                         NY-2-6-87
WEED, ELMER                            NY-2-6-178
WEED, GEORGE W.                        NY-2-6-178
WEED, WILLIAM H.                       NY-2-6-178
WELLMAN, ABIJAH J.                     NY-2-2-239
WELLMAN, JONAS G.                      NY-2-2-239
WELLMAN, LAURA M.                      NY-2-2-239
WELLMAN, WARREN                        NY-2-2-239
WELLMAN, WASHINGTON I.                 NY-2-2-239
WELLS, NORMAN S.                       NY-2-7-187
WEST, ANNA M.                          NY-2-6-164
WESTCOTT, MARY OLIVE                   NY-2-4-144
WESTFALL, CARRIE L.                    NY-2-7-58
WETHERBY, NETTIE L.                    NY-2-7-42
WHEELER, ADELLA D.                     NY-2-7-31
WHITCOMB, CHARLES M.                   NY-2-7-114
WHITCOMB, EMMA                         NY-2-4-89
WHITCOMB, EMMA                         NY-2-4-203
WHITCOMB, FRANCIS H.                   NY-2-5-54
WHITCOMB, FRANCIS H.                   NY-2-5-123
WHITCOMB, FRANK O.                     NY-2-7-115
WHITCOMB, HENRY B.                     NY-2-5-55
WHITCOMB, IDA                          NY-2-4-89
WHITCOMB, IDA                          NY-2-5-118
WHITCOMB, JERIAH                       NY-2-4-89
WHITCOMB, JERIAH                       NY-2-4-203
WHITCOMB, MARGARET E.                  NY-2-6-188
WHITCOMB, OLIVER G.                    NY-2-4-203
WHITCOMB, OLIVER G.                    NY-2-4-89
WHITCOMB, PHILIP F.                    NY-2-6-188
WHITCOMB, WILLAM C.                    NY-2-5-53
WHITE, ARLIE O.                        NY-2-5-193
WHITE, ELIZABETH                       NY-2-3A-21
WHITE, FRANK E.                        NY-2-5-194
WHITE, HERBERT L.                      NY-2-7-7
WHITE, MARY H.                         NY-2-4-115
WHITE, MARY L.                         NY-2-5-238
WHITMORE, EMMA A.                      NY-2-5-180
WHITNEY, ADDA B.                       NY-2-3A-83
WHITNEY, ADDIE A.                      NY-2-3A-84
WHITNEY, GEORGE W.                     NY-2-4-23
WHITNEY, HENRY C.                      NY-2-3A-43
WHITNEY, HENRY C.                      NY-2-5-3
WHITNEY, LOUIS R.                      NY-2-4-7
WHITNEY, MINERVA                       NY-2-1-10
WHITNEY, SELWYN                        NY-2-3A-43
WHITNEY, SELWYN                        NY-2-5-3
WHITNEY, VIOLA                         NY-2-3A-43
WHITNEY, ZERELDA                       NY-2-1-13
WHITNEY, CARVER                        NY-2-3-64
WICKOFF, REBECCA                       NY-2-5-41
WILCOX, EMELINE                        NY-2-1-133
WILCOX, EVERETT                        NY-2-6-71
WILDE, AARON L.                        NY-2-2-224
WILDE, EMILY                           NY-2-2-224
WILDE, HENRY                           NY-2-2-224
WILDE, JOSEPH H.                       NY-2-2-227
WILDE, JOSEPH H.                       NY-2-2-221
WILDE, MARY POLIFA                     NY-2-2-221
WILDE, MARY POLIXA                     NY-2-2-227
WILDE, MARY SOPHIA                     NY-2-2-224
WILDE, SARAH                           NY-2-2-224
WILDMAN, EDWIN                         NY-2-4-227
WILDMAN, EDWIN L.                      NY-2-7-106
WILDMAN, RAINSVILLE                    NY-2-4-227
WILLARD, CHARLOTTA                     NY-2-2-51
WILLARD, CLARIND M.                    NY-2-1-165
WILLARD, GEORGE                        NY-2-2-51
WILLARD, LYDIA                         NY-2-2-49
WILLARD, MARY ANN                      NY-2-2-51
WILLARD, SABRA M.                      NY-2-1-165
WILLIAMS, ALTA E.                      NY-2-4-43
WILLIAMS, ANGELICA                     NY-2-5-23
WILLIAMS, CORRY B.                     NY-2-7-198
WILLIAMS, JOHN F.                      NY-2-5-101
WILLIS, ARUNAH                         NY-2-1-41
WILLIS, BETSEY                         NY-2-1-41
WILLIS, HANNAH                         NY-2-1-41
WILLIS, LIDIA                          NY-2-1-43
WILLIS, POLLY                          NY-2-1-43
WILMOT, JENNIE SOPHIA                  NY-2-6-172
WILSON, CORRA                          NY-2-4-172
WINSLOW, JAMES R.                      NY-2-5-198
WISE, ELLEN FRANCES                    NY-2-2-215
WITHEY, MARY E.                        NY-2-5-173
WITTER, ADDIE M.                       NY-2-4-110
WITTER, ANNIE MAY                      NY-2-4-298
WITTER, CELIA A.                       NY-2-4-110
WITTER, CHARLES E.                     NY-2-4-110
WITTER, E. ADELBERT                    NY-2-5-67
WITTER, ELMER                          NY-2-4-298
WITTER, FRANCIS J. B.                  NY-2-5-50
WITTER, GIRTIE                         NY-2-4-298
WITTER, H. EMMETT                      NY-2-5-66
WITTER, LEON                           NY-2-4-298
WITTER, S. ELOIS                       NY-2-4-110
WOOD, DANIEL H.                        NY-2-3-39
WOOD, HENRY E.                         NY-2-7-153
WOOD, LE ROY                           NY-2-5-164
WOOD, MARY L.                          NY-2-6-70
WOOD, MELVIN                           NY-2-7-152
WOODARD, WELCOME H.                    NY-2-4-208
WOODIN, MARY                           NY-2-5-174
WOODS, DANIEL M.                       NY-2-5-186
WOODS, HARRIET L.                      NY-2-4-116
WOODS, NORA                            NY-2-4-275
WOOLWORTH, OLIVE                       NY-2-3A-68
WOOLWORTH, ORLO                        NY-2-3A-67
WORDEN, ADALAIDE T.                    NY-2-4-272
WORDEN, ADELAIDE S.                    NY-2-4-295
WORDEN, GEORGE A.                      NY-2-3A-96
WORDEN, GEORGE W.                      NY-2-3A-103
WORDEN, JANNET                         NY-2-3A-103
WORDEN, MARTHA J.                      NY-2-3A-102
WORDEN, MARY E.                        NY-2-3A-96
WORDEN, RUSSELL S.                     NY-2-3-70
WORDEN, SEREPTHA D.                    NY-2-3-71
WRIGHT, DANIEL K.                      NY-2-2-250
WRIGHT, GILBERT                        NY-2-2-250
WRIGHT, HENRY H.                       NY-2-2-246
WRIGHT, JAMES M.                       NY-2-1-169
WRIGHT, JULIETTE                       NY-2-4-119
WRIGHT, KIRTLAND G.                    NY-2-1-169
WRIGHT, MARIAH M.                      NY-2-1-169
WRIGHT, WILLIAM COLEMAN                NY-2-4-119
WRIGHT, WILMIE R.                      NY-2-7-148
WYANT, NORMAN H.                       NY-2-4-64
WYANT, NORMAN H.                       NY-2-5-128
WYANT, NORMAN HENRY                    NY-2-4-36
WYANT, RACHEL                          NY-2-4-36
WYANT, RACHEL                          NY-2-4-64
WYANT, RICHARD R.                      NY-2-4-225
WYCKOFF, JOHN                          NY-2-4-6
WYCOTT, ELIZABETH J.                   NY-2-4-53
WYCOTT, ELIZABETH J.                   NY-2-3A-62
WYLES, PETER N.                        NY-2-7-83
WYNKOOP, BERTH AHSERILL                NY-2-6-4
WYNKOOP, CARRIE SLADE                  NY-2-6-4
WYNKOOP, EDITH SHAW                    NY-2-5-248
WYNKOOP, GEORGE R.                     NY-2-7-2
YOUNG, CHARLOTTE                       NY-2-3-14
YOUNG, CHARLOTTE R.                    NY-2-4-139
YOUNG, DAVID                           NY-2-2-171
YOUNG, FLORENCE J.                     NY-2-4-139
YOUNG, HANNAH                          NY-2-2-171
YOUNG, MARGARET A.                     NY-2-6-132
YOUNG, PHILINDA W.                     NY-2-2-171

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