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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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ADAMS, ABEL                             VT-14-WIN-9-122
ADAMS, DANIEL                           VT-14-WIN-21-552
ADAMS, JOHN                             VT-14-WIN-23-415
ADAMS, SALATHIAL                        VT-14-WIN-23-497
ADAMS, TIMOTHY                          VT-14-WIN-16-463
AIKEN, JOHN                             VT-14-WIN-25-381
ALBEE, SOPHIA                           VT-14-WIN-25-127
ALLEN, AMASA                            VT-14-WIN-9-135
ARMINGTON, WILLIAM                      VT-14-WIN-19-532
AVERY, DAVID                            VT-14-WIN-5-380
BADLAM, WILLIAM                         VT-14-WIN-18-504
BAILEY, JOSHUA                          VT-14-WIN-5-451
BAKER, ESTHER                           VT-14-WIN-9-522
BALDWIN, JOSEPH                         VT-14-WIN-6-41
BALDWIN, POLLY                          VT-14-WIN-19-541
BALDWIN, THOMAS                         VT-14-WIN-2-174
BALL, JOHN                              VT-14-WIN-11-350
BANISTER, CHARLES                       VT-14-WIN-13-207
BANISTER, SILAS                         VT-14-WIN-11-188
BARNES, WILLIAM                         VT-14-WIN-17-32
BARRETT, CHARLES J                      VT-14-WIN-26-487
BARRETT, JOHN                           VT-14-WIN-5-154
BARRETT, JOSEPH                         VT-14-WIN-6-177
BATES, LUCY                             VT-14-WIN-1-10
BATES, PHINEHAS                         VT-14-WIN-17-539
BAXTER, ANNA                            VT-14-WIN-9-296
BELKNAP, JOSIAH                         VT-14-WIN-18-472
BELKNAP, LUCY                           VT-14-WIN-24-433
BELKNAP, SARAH                          VT-14-WIN-19-54
BEMIS, REUBEN                           VT-14-WIN-15-638
BENNETT, MARY E                         VT-14-WIN-23-255
BENT, DAVID                             VT-14-WIN-26-100
BEVENS, ABIGAIL                         VT-14-WIN-11-298
BIGELOW, ELISHA                         VT-14-WIN-24-156
BIGELOW, ELISHA                         VT-14-WIN-11-24
BIGELOW, NOAH                           VT-14-WIN-13-444
BIGLOW, BARNA                           VT-14-WIN-25-415
BILLINGS, SYLVANUS                      VT-14-WIN-20-564
BISBEE, ABNER                           VT-14-WIN-8-163
BISHOP, SARAH                           VT-14-WIN-16-194
BIXBY, LEVI                             VT-14-WIN-3-37
BIXBY, THOMAS                           VT-14-WIN-16-64
BLACKBURN,S ARAH                        VT-14-WIN-19-626
BLAKE, JONATHAN                         VT-14-WIN-22-66
BLANCHARD, EBER                         VT-14-WIN-17-91
BLANCHARD, JEREMIAH                     VT-14-WIN-11-308
BLANCHARD, PETER                        VT-14-WIN-25-441
BLOOD, JOHN                             VT-14-WIN-20-159
BOURN, NEWCOMB                          VT-14-WIN-9-94
BOWEN, DANIEL                           VT-14-WIN-26-17
BOWMAN, THADDEUS                        VT-14-WIN-6-602
BREED, ALLEN                            VT-14-WIN-20-382
BRIGHAM, JACOB                          VT-14-WIN-16-240
BRITTON, SETH                           VT-14-WIN-9-498
BROOKS, DANIEL ****                     VT-14-WIN-7-386
BROOKS, JOB F.                          VT-14-WIN-9-366
BROOKS, JOHN                            VT-14-WIN-23-469
BROWN, BENJAMIN                         VT-14-WIN-18-238
BROWN, ELISHA                           VT-14-WIN-11-228
BROWN, LUKE                             VT-14-WIN-25-52
BROWN, NICHOLAS                         VT-14-WIN-6-226
BROWN, PATIENCE                         VT-14-WIN-17-22
BROWN, THOMAS                           VT-14-WIN-16-49
BROWN, WILLIAM T                        VT-14-WIN-18-560
BRYANT, MARTIN                          VT-14-WIN-13-270
BUCK, SAMUEL                            VT-14-WIN-26-185
BULLARD, ALFRED C                       VT-14-WIN-17-374
BURNAM, DAVID                           VT-14-WIN-14-81
BURNHAM, EBEN                           VT-14-WIN-15-310
BURTON, DAVID                           VT-14-WIN-9-336
BUSWELL, ELIZABETH                      VT-14-WIN-9-173
CADY, BENJAMIN                          VT-14-WIN-10-434
CADY, ROBERT                            VT-14-WIN-7-354
CADY, SALLY                             VT-14-WIN-11-104
CADY, STEPHEN                           VT-14-WIN-12-76
CADY, STEPHEN P.                        VT-14-WIN-17-422
CALDWELL, ASA                           VT-14-WIN-18-135
CALDWELL, NATHAN                        VT-14-WIN-15-294
CAMPBELL, EDWARD R                      VT-14-WIN-24-643
CARLTON, HENRY                          VT-14-WIN-6-49
CARYL, JONATHAN                         VT-14-WIN-5-174
CARYL, POLLY                            VT-14-WIN-20-627
CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM B                  VT-14-WIN-24-506
CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM B.                 VT-14-WIN-24-506
CHAPLIN, DAVID                          VT-14-WIN-17-216
CHASE, JOHN                             VT-14-WIN-17-131
CHASE, JONATHAN                         VT-14-WIN-21-484
CHUBB, DAVID                            VT-14-WIN-7-28
CLAY, TIMOTHY                           VT-14-WIN-12-474
COCHRAN, JAMES                          VT-14-WIN-11-32
COFFEEN, JOHN                           VT-14-WIN-4-212
COLCOTT, THOMAS                         VT-14-WIN-17-366
COLSTON, WILLIAM                        VT-14-WIN-18-585
CONANT, EZRA                            VT-14-WIN-5-8
COOK, AMOS                              VT-14-WIN-21-85
COOK, OLIVER                            VT-14-WIN-15-570
COOKE, CHARLES R.                       VT-14-WIN-23-499
COOLIDGE, NATHAN                        VT-14-WIN-15-47
COTTLE, ROYAL                           VT-14-WIN-23-157
COWLES, CARLES                          VT-14-WIN-19-258
COX, WILLIAM                            VT-14-WIN-24-548
COX, WILLIAM                            VT-14-WIN-24-548
COX, WILLIAM                            VT-14-WIN-24-548
CRAIN, NOBLE J.                         VT-14-WIN-24-54
CRAM, MARY                              VT-14-WIN-11-20
CUMIN, AARON                            VT-14-WIN-6-167
CURTIS, ZEBINA                          VT-14-WIN-11-334
DALE, SAMUEL                            VT-14-WIN-26-324
DALLIBA, HENRY                          VT-14-WIN-19-1
DAMAN, ANNA                             VT-14-WIN-6-217
DAMON, AARON                            VT-14-WIN-13-525
DAMON, SAMUEL                           VT-14-WIN-5-216
DANFORTH, FRANKLIN                      VT-14-WIN-25-306
DARLING, AARON                          VT-14-WIN-12-210
DART, JOSIAH                            VT-14-WIN-12-66
DARTT, ERASTUS                          VT-14-WIN-21-544
DAVIS, JOHN                             VT-14-WIN-19-505
DAVIS, JOSHUA                           VT-14-WIN-21-139
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          VT-14-WIN-25-337
DEAN, AARON                             VT-14-WIN-12-170
DEAN, JOHN                              VT-14-WIN-6-71
DEAN, PARNELL                           VT-14-WIN-8-339
DENISON, ELISHA                         VT-14-WIN-5-320
DICKENSON, IRA                          VT-14-WIN-21-91
DICKINSON, CYRUS                        VT-14-WIN-23-149
DICKINSON, DAVID                        VT-14-WIN-10-324
DIGGINS, OLIVER                         VT-14-WIN-8-221
DIVOLL, MARY                            VT-14-WIN-17-206
DONOGHUE, ELIZABETH                     VT-14-WIN-26-620
DORR, ANNA                              VT-14-WIN-22-198
DRURY, EZRA                             VT-14-WIN-11-470A
DURRIN, EDMUND                          VT-14-WIN-15-211
DUTTON, SALMON                          VT-14-WIN-10-30
DUTTON, SALMON F                        VT-14-WIN-25-1
DYER, STEPHEN                           VT-14-WIN-19-343
ELLIS, JOSEPH                           VT-14-WIN-5-259
ELY, ABISHAI                            VT-14-WIN-25-604
ELY, JOEL JR.                           VT-14-WIN-11-380
EMERSON, JOHN                           VT-14-WIN-14-319
FAGAN, MICHAEL                          VT-14-WIN-18-68
FARWELL, CAROLINE                       VT-14-WIN-20-317
FARWELL, RICHARD                        VT-14-WIN-25-594
FAY, ANNA                               VT-14-WIN-7-120
FIELD, ABNER                            VT-14-WIN-21-71
FIELD, LEVI                             VT-14-WIN-6-480
FIELD, PARDON                           VT-14-WIN-17-330
FISH, EBENEZER                          VT-14-WIN-7-205
FLETCHER, ASA                           VT-14-WIN-24-448
FLETCHER, ASA                           VT-14-WIN-24-448
FLETCHER, JOSEPH                        VT-14-WIN-9-444
FLETCHER, JOSIAH                        VT-14-WIN-10-170
FLETCHER, PETER                         VT-14-WIN-6-79
FORBES, ABNER                           VT-14-WIN-11-482
FORBES, MARTHA H                        VT-14-WIN-15-365
FORBUSH, MARY                           VT-14-WIN-18-494
FORBUSH, RUFUS                          VT-14-WIN-12-144
FOWLER, CHEVER                          VT-14-WIN-6-471
FREEMAN, DORINDA W                      VT-14-WIN-26-228
FRENCH, AMY                             VT-14-WIN-24-10
FRENCH, JOSIAH                          VT-14-WIN-16-319
FRENCH, LUCRETIA S                      VT-14-WIN-17-338
FULLAM, LOWRIN                          VT-14-WIN-26-375
GAES, ISAAC                             VT-14-WIN-22-56
GAYLOR, MARGARET                        VT-14-WIN-14-589
GIBSON, WILLARD P                       VT-14-WIN-15-543
GILE, MOSES                             VT-14-WIN-1-12
GILMORE, ADDISON                        VT-14-WIN-21-500
GILROY, GEORGE                          VT-14-WIN-26-13
GILSON, JACOB                           VT-14-WIN-23-287
GILSON, OLIVER                          VT-14-WIN-19-631
GILSON, SARDINE S                       VT-14-WIN-18-598
GODDARD, DANIEL                         VT-14-WIN-16-249
GOODHUE, FRANCIS                        VT-14-WIN-5-356
GOODNOW, MAHALAH                        VT-14-WIN-24-258
GOODWIN, DAVIS                          VT-14-WIN-6-273
GOOLD, DANIEL                           VT-14-WIN-18-593
GREELEY, ROXEY                          VT-14-WIN-16-355
GREEN, ISAAC                            VT-14-WIN-17-138
GREEN, NEHEMIAH                         VT-14-WIN-9-363
GREEN, RICHARD                          VT-14-WIN-24-149
GRISWOLD, DANIEL                        VT-14-WIN-15-56
GROUT, ASA                              VT-14-WIN-13-469
GROUT, DAN                              VT-14-WIN-24-581
GUTTERSON, PHEBE                        VT-14-WIN-17-223
HALE, ISRAEL                            VT-14-WIN-2-244
HALE, SILAS                             VT-14-WIN-14-284
HALL, GEORGE                            VT-14-WIN-3-221
HALL, TIMOTHY W                         VT-14-WIN-26-366
HAMILTON, HANS                          VT-14-WIN-25-625
HAMMOND, DAVID                          VT-14-WIN-23-232
HAPGOOD, DAVID                          VT-14-WIN-12-44
HAPGOOD, DAVID                          VT-14-WIN-26-124
HARDY, JOHN                             VT-14-WIN-15-430
HARLOW, SIMEON                          VT-14-WIN-26-132
HASKELL, GIDEON                         VT-14-WIN-17-96
HASKELL, JACOB                          VT-14-WIN-14-337
HASKETT, PERSIS                         VT-14-WIN-21-384
HASTINGS, OLIVER                        VT-14-WIN-10-290
HASTINGS, SAMUEL                        VT-14-WIN-12-254
HATCH, FANNY                            VT-14-WIN-26-655
HAVEN, SOPHIA                           VT-14-WIN-19-205
HAWKINS, HORATIO G                      VT-14-WIN-26-631
HAWLEY, HANNAH                          VT-14-WIN-26-232
HAWLEY, HANNAH                          VT-14-WIN-15-145
HAWLEY, JOSIAH                          VT-14-WIN-11-126
HAYES, ALLEN                            VT-14-WIN-12-288
HAYWOOD, DAVID                          VT-14-WIN-10-110
HEALD, AMOS                             VT-14-WIN-20-414
HEALD, DAVID                            VT-14-WIN-13-485
HEALD, JOSIAH                           VT-14-WIN-7-489
HEMENWAY, ISAAC                         VT-14-WIN-26-330
HENRY, HUGH                             VT-14-WIN-19-438
HERRICK, HENRY                          VT-14-WIN-13-246
HESSELTINE, FOLLANSBEE                  VT-14-WIN-20-577
HICKS, LYDIA                            VT-14-WIN-23-187
HILTON, DEARBORN H                      VT-14-WIN-26-354
HOLTON, JOSHUA                          VT-14-WIN-11-412
HORTON, ADONIJAH                        VT-14-WIN-21-610
HORTON, JOSEPH                          VT-14-WIN-3-143
HOSMER, AMOS                            VT-14-WIN-12-302
HOSMER, SIBBEL                          VT-14-WIN-13-488
HOUGHTON, ARTEMAS                       VT-14-WIN-5-421
HUCHINS, EBENEZER                       VT-14-WIN-22-266
HUDSON, SARAH                           VT-14-WIN-19-404
HULL, MARTHA                            VT-14-WIN-11-158
HURD, AARON                             VT-14-WIN-12-456
HUTCHINS, EDITHA                        VT-14-WIN-25-17
HUTCHINSON, SAMUEL                      VT-14-WIN-17-382
INGALS, EDMUND                          VT-14-WIN-21-248
INGERSOLL, JONATHAN                     VT-14-WIN-16-269
JACKMAN, ABNER                          VT-14-WIN-12-198
JACKMAN, LEVI                           VT-14-WIN-19-183
JACOB, LAURA L.                         VT-14-WIN-11-2
JACOB, PAMELIA                          VT-14-WIN-16-296
JARVIS, WILLIAM                         VT-14-WIN-26-62
JENKINS, JOHN                           VT-14-WIN-19-473
JENNINGS, DORCAS                        VT-14-WIN-21-283
JEWETT, WILLIAM C                       VT-14-WIN-24-161
JOHNOSN, ALBERT N                       VT-14-WIN-21-115
JOHNSON, ASAH                           VT-14-WIN-1-56
JOHNSON, ISAIAH                         VT-14-WIN-3-76
JOHNSON, JEREMIAH                       VT-14-WIN-19-601
JOHNSON, LUTHER                         VT-14-WIN-15-206
JOHNSON, MARVEL                         VT-14-WIN-26-575
JOHNSON, PHEBE                          VT-14-WIN-7-116
JOHONNOT, MARY B                        VT-14-WIN-25-288
JOHONOT, WILLIAM                        VT-14-WIN-20-481
JORDAN, JOSIAH                          VT-14-WIN-16-278
KEMP, LEVI                              VT-14-WIN-15-4
KENDALL, EBENEZER                       VT-14-WIN-23-173
KENDALL, ORIN                           VT-14-WIN-15-621
KENDALL, REUBEN                         VT-14-WIN-21-42
KIBLING, JEREMIAH                       VT-14-WIN-23-209
KIDDER, OLVER                           VT-14-WIN-6-146
KIMBALL, THOMAS                         VT-14-WIN-4-36
KINGSBURY, CLARISSA                     VT-14-WIN-21-7
KIRTLAND, REBECCA MARIA                 VT-14-WIN-23-205
LAKIN, EBENEZER                         VT-14-WIN-5-278
LAMB, ALVAN                             VT-14-WIN-26-560
LAMSON, HANNAH                          VT-14-WIN-26-400
LAMSON, RACHEL                          VT-14-WIN-26-597
LAMSON, SAMUEL                          VT-14-WIN-17-433
LANGDON, EBENEZER                       VT-14-WIN-11-78
LANGDON, RHODA                          VT-14-WIN-15-317
LAURENCE, NATHAN                        VT-14-WIN-17-445
LAURENCE, NICHOLAS                      VT-14-WIN-25-502
LAWRENCE, AARON                         VT-14-WIN-15-500
LELAND, AARON                           VT-14-WIN-13-198
LEVERETT, JOHN                          VT-14-WIN-11-508
LEVERETT, MARY                          VT-14-WIN-2-184
LEWEY, WILLIAM B                        VT-14-WIN-25-42
LEWIS, JOHN T.                          VT-14-WIN-21-212
LITCHFIELD, AROTUS                      VT-14-WIN-18-478
LOCKWOOD, ABRAHAM                       VT-14-WIN-12-368
LOCKWOOD, JAMES                         VT-14-WIN-24-142
LOVELL, HANNAH                          VT-14-WIN-8-17
LUMBARD, JOHN                           VT-14-WIN-15-118
LYNDE, SAMUEL                           VT-14-WIN-16-166
MANN, HARRIET C                         VT-14-WIN-26-528
MARCY, MATILDA                          VT-14-WIN-24-473
MARCY, PRISCILLA                        VT-14-WIN-19-60
MARCY, RUTH                             VT-14-WIN-19-76
MARCY, SAMUEL                           VT-14-WIN-15-413
MARSH, JESSE                            VT-14-WIN-20-503
MARSHALL, ELIJAH                        VT-14-WIN-14-401
MARSHALL, JOHN                          VT-14-WIN-14-7
MARTIN, JOSHUA                          VT-14-WIN-21-35
MARY, OLIVER                            VT-14-WIN-16-381
MASON, PATTY                            VT-14-WIN-25-506
MASSEY, HANNAH                          VT-14-WIN-16-327
MAUSER, JOHN                            VT-14-WIN-21-560
MCCRAE, ELIZABETH                       VT-14-WIN-16-324
MCCRAE, WILLIAM                         VT-14-WIN-15-410
MCGRATH, EDWARD                         VT-14-WIN-10-230
MEED, JANE                              VT-14-WIN-24-423
MILES, ASAHEL                           VT-14-WIN-26-402
MILLER, JAMES H                         VT-14-WIN-18-383
MILLS, LUTHER                           VT-14-WIN-12-130
MILLS, NATHAN                           VT-14-WIN-11-84
MITCHELL, BRADLEY                       VT-14-WIN-20-215
MOORE, WILLIAM                          VT-14-WIN-19-612
MORGAN, JAMES                           VT-14-WIN-26-512
MORRIS, URIAH                           VT-14-WIN-9-76
MORSE, EUNICE                           VT-14-WIN-18-536
MORSE, JOSEPH                           VT-14-WIN-21-123
MUDGETT, MARY L                         VT-14-WIN-24-48
NEVIN, ISABELLA                         VT-14-WIN-16-497
NEVIN, JAMES (DATED 1766)               VT-14-WIN-16-495
NEWTON, ALVAN                           VT-14-WIN-15-270
NEWTON, SAMUEL                          VT-14-WIN-16-149
NEWTON, SAMUEL                          VT-14-WIN-11-36
NICHOLS, BATHSHEBA                      VT-14-WIN-17-512
NICHOLS, JOHN JR                        VT-14-WIN-16-126
NOBLE, EMELINE J                        VT-14-WIN-19-226
NORTH, AARON                            VT-14-WIN-24-595
OLCOTT, HANNAH                          VT-14-WIN-23-143
OLCOTT, TIMOTHY                         VT-14-WIN-18-171
OLCUTT, TIMOTHY                         VT-14-WIN-13-142
ONION, JEMIMA                           VT-14-WIN-23-65
ORVIS, DAVID                            VT-14-WIN-12-376
PARKER, AARON                           VT-14-WIN-4-15
PARKER, ISAAC                           VT-14-WIN-9-166
PARKER, ISAAC                           VT-14-WIN-5-44
PARKER, PHINEAS                         VT-14-WIN-9-208
PARKER, SULLIVAN                        VT-14-WIN-11-170
PARKHURST, DEBRAH                       VT-14-WIN-12-314
PARKHURST, RUFUS                        VT-14-WIN-16-226
PARMELE, ALEXANDER                      VT-14-WIN-2-300
PARMELEE, OLIVER                        VT-14-WIN-11-174
PATRICK, ISABELLA                       VT-14-WIN-17-52
PATRICK, MATTHEW                        VT-14-WIN-9-147
PATRICK, MATTHEW                        VT-14-WIN-1-48
PEABODY, RHODA R                        VT-14-WIN-26-123
PEASE, REBECCA                          VT-14-WIN-22-316, 336
PENNIMAN, NATHANIEL                     VT-14-WIN-19-432
PERHAM, DAVID                           VT-14-WIN-21-1
PERKINS, RUSSELL                        VT-14-WIN-6-193
PERRY, EDWARD                           VT-14-WIN-18-486
PETTIGREW, WILLIAM                      VT-14-WIN-7-326
PHELPS, ELISHA                          VT-14-WIN-8-190
PIERCE, ALANSON                         VT-14-WIN-21-378
PIERCE, JOHN                            VT-14-WIN-26-518
PIPER, NOAH                             VT-14-WIN-12-86
PORTER, CHARLES E                       VT-14-WIN-25-620
POTTER, ICHABOD                         VT-14-WIN-5-39
POWERS, ALMINA C                        VT-14-WIN-21-79
POWERS, ASAHEL                          VT-14-WIN-16-371
POWERS, GEORGE C                        VT-14-WIN-23-169
PRATT, JOHN                             VT-14-WIN-3-198
PRATT, LUTHER                           VT-14-WIN-25-403
PRENTIS, THOMAS                         VT-14-WIN-16-346
PROCTOR, LUCIEN                         VT-14-WIN-22-32
PROCTOR, PHILP                          VT-14-WIN-26-379
PROCTOR, SAMUEL                         VT-14-WIN-18-196
PROCTOR, SOLOMON                        VT-14-WIN-17-271
PUTNAM, ARCHELAUS                       VT-14-WIN-7-312
PUTNAM, EZRA                            VT-14-WIN-24-234
PUTNAM, ROBERT                          VT-14-WIN-16-517
PUTNAM, SILAS                           VT-14-WIN-20-45
RALPH, JONATHAN                         VT-14-WIN-22-211
RANALL, LETTIE                          VT-14-WIN-15-139
RANVILLE, LEWIS                         VT-14-WIN-19-210
READ, PETER                             VT-14-WIN-16-102
REED, STEPHEN                           VT-14-WIN-19-293
RICE, ABIAH                             VT-14-WIN-18-457
RICE, JASON                             VT-14-WIN-17-545
RICHARDSON, LEONARD                     VT-14-WIN-20-437
RICHMOND, JOEL W                        VT-14-WIN-16-161
RITTER, JANE                            VT-14-WIN-24-1
ROBINSON, EBENEZER                      VT-14-WIN-25-105
ROBINSON, ELIJAH                        VT-14-WIN-5-294
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH                     VT-14-WIN-25-192
ROBINSON, ISAIAH                        VT-14-WIN-20-442
ROBINSON, JAMES                         VT-14-WIN-3-18
ROBINSON, JASON B                       VT-14-WIN-14-121
ROBINSON, MARY R                        VT-14-WIN-17-153
ROBINSON, THOMAS                        VT-14-WIN-22-276
ROOT, RUFUS                             VT-14-WIN-15-511
ROOT, RUFUS                             VT-14-WIN-18-553
ROSS, EMERSON                           VT-14-WIN-26-314
ROSS, LUCY                              VT-14-WIN-17-464
ROSS, THOMAS                            VT-14-WIN-16-73
ROSS, THOMAS                            VT-14-WIN-20-456
ROUNDS, SYLVINA                         VT-14-WIN-12-168
ROWE, MARTIN                            VT-14-WIN-16-476
RUGGLES, SAMUEL                         VT-14-WIN-24-326
RUMRILL, HENRY                          VT-14-WIN-5-457
RUSSELL, BLISS                          VT-14-WIN-26-333
RUSSELL, EBEN H.                        VT-14-WIN-25-648
RUSSELL, ELIAS                          VT-14-WIN-25-158
RUTLER, GEORGE                          VT-14-WIN-25-443
SANDERS, DAVID                          VT-14-WIN-26-404
SANDERS, ISAAC                          VT-14-WIN-15-572
SANDERSON, ZERUAH                       VT-14-WIN-17-53
SARGEANT, AMOS                          VT-14-WIN-4-353
SARGEANT, EZRA                          VT-14-WIN-6-123
SARGEANT, EZRA                          VT-14-WIN-16-91
SARGENT, CALVIN                         VT-14-WIN-26-339
SARGENT, ZILPAH                         VT-14-WIN-16-88
SAWYER, ABRAHAM                         VT-14-WIN-6-19
SAWYER, ABRAHAM                         VT-14-WIN-24-31
SAWYER, CORNELIUS                       VT-14-WIN-14-186
SEARS, BETSEY                           VT-14-WIN-25-544
SEAVER, SAMUEL                          VT-14-WIN-25-137
SELDEN, JOSEPH                          VT-14-WIN-24-87
SHEA, SOLOMON                           VT-14-WIN-5-391
SHEDD, EBENEZER                         VT-14-WIN-26-348
SHERMAN, HANNAH                         VT-14-WIN-20-296
SHERMAN, SAMUEL                         VT-14-WIN-14-113
SHERWIN, SAMUEL                         VT-14-WIN-5-1
SHERWIN, SYLVANUS M                     VT-14-WIN-21-468
SHIELD, SAMUEL                          VT-14-WIN-20-267
SHIRTLIFF, JOHN                         VT-14-WIN-6-351
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          VT-14-WIN-6-189
SMITH, EBENEZER                         VT-14-WIN-9-96
SMITH, ISAAC F                          VT-14-WIN-16-461
SMITH, JOHN                             VT-14-WIN-13-33
SMITH, MARTHA                           VT-14-WIN-26-360
SMITH, NEWELL                           VT-14-WIN-25-92
SMITH, NICHOLAS                         VT-14-WIN-3-212
SMITH, REUBEN                           VT-14-WIN-15-360
SNOW, ADAMS                             VT-14-WIN-10-490
SNOW, EUNICE                            VT-14-WIN-11-452
SPAFFORD, HIRAM                         VT-14-WIN-19-174
SPALDING, JONAS                         VT-14-WIN-26-148
SPAULDING, BENJAMIN                     VT-14-WIN-6-90
SPAULDING, DANIEL                       VT-14-WIN-11-196
SPAULDING, JOHN                         VT-14-WIN-25-253
SPAULDING, JOHN JR                      VT-14-WIN-25-493
SPAULDING, JONES                        VT-14-WIN-11-287
SPAULDING, LUCY                         VT-14-WIN-26-522
SPAULDING, WILLIAM                      VT-14-WIN-5-49
SPAULDING, ZEDEKIAH                     VT-14-WIN-19-379
SPENCER, NEHEMIAH                       VT-14-WIN-10-120
SPOONER, MARY                           VT-14-WIN-21-209
SQUIRE, JOHN                            VT-14-WIN-15-549
STEARNS, OTIS                           VT-14-WIN-26-87
STEDMAN, DAVID                          VT-14-WIN-5-64
STEEL, LOIS                             VT-14-WIN-9-91
STERNE, THOMAS                          VT-14-WIN-7-318
STEVENS, HENRY                          VT-14-WIN-20-121
STEVENS, SAMUEL                         VT-14-WIN-5-14
STONE, LUCRETIA                         VT-14-WIN-25-387
STORY, ISAAC                            VT-14-WIN-4-26
STOWELL, JACOB                          VT-14-WIN-5-135
STOWELL, JOEL                           VT-14-WIN-18-75
STREETER, NATHANIEL                     VT-14-WIN-12-400
STREETER, OBADIAH                       VT-14-WIN-26-507
SWALLOW, DEIDAMIA                       VT-14-WIN-25-369
TARBEL, EDMUND                          VT-14-WIN-3-123
TARBELL, REUBEN                         VT-14-WIN-11-478A
TARBLE, OLIVER                          VT-14-WIN-26-156
TAYLOR, JOHN                            VT-14-WIN-17-177
TENNEY, MOSES                           VT-14-WIN-18-91
THOMAS, AARON B                         VT-14-WIN-24-24
THOMAS, EBENEZER                        VT-14-WIN-7-336
THOMAS, ELKANAH                         VT-14-WIN-20-55
THOMSON, HEZEKIAH                       VT-14-WIN-4-254
THURSTON, OBED                          VT-14-WIN-22-240
TILESTON, WILLIAM                       VT-14-WIN-26-497
TOLLES, CLARK                           VT-14-WIN-13-79
TOLLES, HENRY                           VT-14-WIN-5-376
TOLLES, PHILEMON                        VT-14-WIN-17-550
TOLLES, PHILEMON                        VT-14-WIN-18-8
TORREY, ERASTUS                         VT-14-WIN-11-416
TORREY, SUSANNA                         VT-14-WIN-21-128
TOWER, ELIZABETH                        VT-14-WIN-11-384
TOWNE, EDMOND                           VT-14-WIN-6-145
TOWNE, JACOB                            VT-14-WIN-10-424
TOWNSEND, AARON                         VT-14-WIN-19-118
TOWNSEND, ISAAC                         VT-14-WIN-6-138
TOWNSEND, THOMAS                        VT-14-WIN-6-566
TUCKER, MARGARET                        VT-14-WIN-16-399
TUEL, BENJAMIN                          VT-14-WIN-8-263
TULL, BENJAMIN                          VT-14-WIN-11-364
UPHAM, ASA                              VT-14-WIN-25-329
UPHAM, CALEB                            VT-14-WIN-24-499
UPHAM, EZEKIEL                          VT-14-WIN-4-341
UPHAM, WILLIAM                          VT-14-WIN-6-171
WAIT, JOHN                              VT-14-WIN-12-194
WALES, AARON                            VT-14-WIN-13-59
WALKER, CHESTER                         VT-14-WIN-23-259
WALKER, JOHN                            VT-14-WIN-18-401
WALKER, PIERCE                          VT-14-WIN-17-387
WALKER, RALPH S                         VT-14-WIN-24-124
WARD, JAMES                             VT-14-WIN-23-162
WARDNER, SHUBAEL                        VT-14-WIN-26-56
WARNER, JOSHUA                          VT-14-WIN-12-442
WARREN, ASAHEL                          VT-14-WIN-14-219
WARREN, PERSIS                          VT-14-WIN-7-331
WARREN, THOMAS                          VT-14-WIN-6-116
WASHBURN, EBENEZER                      VT-14-WIN-16-490
WASHBURN, SAMUEL B.                     VT-14-WIN-19-425
WATKINS, MIRIAM D                       VT-14-WIN-26-600
WENTWORTH, BENNING                      VT-14-WIN-5-371
WEST, ELIJAH                            VT-14-WIN-2-377
WHEELER, ASA                            VT-14-WIN-14-371
WHEELER, NATHAN                         VT-14-WIN-13-353
WHEELER, NATHAN                         VT-14-WIN-13-475
WHEELER, SILENCE                        VT-14-WIN-25-278
WHEELOCK, JONATHAN                      VT-14-WIN-2-351
WHEELOCK, JONATHAN                      VT-14-WIN-17-210
WHITCOMB, JACOB                         VT-14-WIN-18-205
WHITCOMB, JONATHAN                      VT-14-WIN-2-96
WHITE, LUTHER                           VT-14-WIN-25-199
WHITE, PETER                            VT-14-WIN-18-219
WHITE, RACHAEL                          VT-14-WIN-12-56
WHITE, SAMUEL                           VT-14-WIN-9-418
WHITE, WILLIAM                          VT-14-WIN-15-502
WHITMORE, BENJAMIN                      VT-14-WIN-26-477
WHITNEY, ABNER                          VT-14-WIN-10-370
WHITNEY, AUGUSTUS                       VT-14-WIN-26-657
WHITNEY, JAMES                          VT-14-WIN-3-61
WHITNEY, JOHN                           VT-14-WIN-22-204
WHITTEMORE, OLIVER                      VT-14-WIN-18-464
WILLEY, NATHAN                          VT-14-WIN-20-633
WILLIAMS, ELIJAH                        VT-14-WIN-17-470
WILLIAMS, EUNICE S                      VT-14-WIN-14-558
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          VT-14-WIN-6-496
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          VT-14-WIN-1-10-LOOSE
WILLIAMS, OLIVER                        VT-14-WIN-12-100
WILLIAMS, OTHNIEL                       VT-14-WIN-7-135
WILLIAMS, RACHEL                        VT-14-WIN-15-301
WILLIS, JOSEPH                          VT-14-WIN-5-144
WILLSON, AMMI                           VT-14-WIN-6-84
WILLSON, JOHN                           VT-14-WIN-6-37
WILSON, ESTHER                          VT-14-WIN-8-176
WILSON, POLLY M                         VT-14-WIN-23-51
WILSON, SUSANNAH                        VT-14-WIN-18-283
WINN, OTIS                              VT-14-WIN-25-76
WINSLOW, CLARK                          VT-14-WIN-16-265
WITHINGTON, JOHN                        VT-14-WIN-22-16
WODOWARD, SAMUEL                        VT-14-WIN-26-298
WOOD, AMASA                             VT-14-WIN-21-589
WOOD, MARY                              VT-14-WIN-22-299
WOODRUFF, CYPRIAN                       VT-14-WIN-25-588
WOODRUFF, HULDAH                        VT-14-WIN-24-3
WOODWARD, ELIZABETH H                   VT-14-WIN-18-12
WOODWORTH, EZRA                         VT-14-WIN-15-66
WORCESTER, ASA                          VT-14-WIN-19-129
WRIGHT, ELEANOR                         VT-14-WIN-26-608
WRIGHT, JOHN                            VT-14-WIN-13-381
WYMAN, SAMUEL                           VT-14-WIN-6-233
YOUNG, BETSEY A                         VT-14-WIN-17-536

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