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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List (Years Covered) : 1=1778-1792 | 2=1792-1800| 3=1800-180 | 4=1802-1809 | 5=1809-1812 | 6=to end? |
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ATWOOD, SAMUEL                          VT-2-2-209
AYLESWORTH, JUDITH                      VT-2-3-46
BATES, JOSHUA                           VT-2-5-12
BLAIR, ROBERT                           VT-2-2-92
BLANCHARD, LEMUEL                       VT-2-5-47
BRONNAL, BLACKMAN                       VT-2-3-149
BROWN, BETSEY                           VT-2-5-63
BROWN, NICHOLAS                         VT-2-5-191
BROWN, RICHARD                          VT-2-5-187
BRUSH, NATHANIEL                        VT-2-4-112
BURNET, THOMAS                          VT-2-2-52
CARD, WILLIAM                           VT-2-1-197
CARPENTER, ISAIAH                       VT-2-5-5
CARSON, THOMAS                          VT-2-2-9
CLARK, AMY                              VT-2-2-89
CLARK, NAHAN ESQ.                       VT-2-2-26
COLVIN, OBADIAH                         VT-2-1-101
COLVIN, REUBEN                          VT-2-5-90
COX, JEREMIAH                           VT-2-2-43
CUSHMAN, CHARLES                        VT-2-5-10
DEAL, BOSTEYAN                          VT-2-5-85
DEMING, AARON                           VT-2-4-159
DRINKWATER, ABNER                       VT-2-1-303
FASSETT, JOHN                           VT-2-2-105
FAY, STEPHEN (CAPT)                     VT-2-1-50
FITCH, HANNAH                           VT-2-2-102
FOLLETT, TIMOTHY                        VT-2-4-90
FULLER, NATHANIEL                       VT-2-1-3
GALUSHA, DAVID                          VT-2-4-178
GARDNER, DAVID                          VT-2-5-117
GARDNER, GEORGE                         VT-2-3-155
GOODING, PRINCE                         VT-2-1-345
GRISWOLD, EBENEZER                      VT-2-5-44
HALL, THOMAS                            VT-2-4-69
HARVEY, PHILLIP                         VT-2-3-93
HAYNES, DAVID                           VT-2-5-140
HENDRICK, WILLIAM                       VT-2-1-413
HERRINGTON, CLARK                       VT-2-1-332
HODGKINSON, JOHN                        VT-2-1-191
HUBBEL, ELNATHAN                        VT-2-1-377
HUNT, SAMUEL                            VT-2-1-328
JEWEL, THOMAS                           VT-2-5-97
LARRANCE, NATHANIEL                     VT-2-2-98
LEE, RICHARD                            VT-2-5-33
LOVEL, WILLIAM                          VT-2-5-94
LUTHER, SAMUEL                          VT-2-3-50
MATTESON, AMOS                          VT-2-1-12
MATTESON, JEREMIAH                      VT-2-5-2
MATTESON, THOMAS                        VT-2-5-6
MATTHEWS, DAVID                         VT-2-5-76
MATTISON, JOHN                          VT-2-2-169
MATTISON, THOMAS                        VT-2-2-83
MATTISON, ZEOBABELL                     VT-2-2-253
NAIRRU, CHARLES                         VT-2-4-194
NICHOLS, CALEB                          VT-2-4-127
OLIN, JOHN                              VT-2-2-128
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          VT-2-2-264
PRATT, SAMUEL                           VT-2-2-20
RANDALL, GIDEON                         VT-2-2-23
SEAS, SIMEON                            VT-2-2-61
SMITH, DANIEL                           VT-2-1-314
SPENCER, ISAAC                          VT-2-4-241
SPENCER, PELEG                          VT-2-1-31
STANLEY, JOHN JR.                       VT-2-4-249
STRONG, ELISHA                          VT-2-2-67
THORP, BENJAMIN                         VT-2-2-251
TINKAM, DANIEL                          VT-2-4-220
WALBRIDGE, HENRY 2ND                    VT-2-2-219
WALLACE, NATHANIEL                      VT-2-5-27
WELCH, SAMUEL                           VT-2-2-299
WEST, ICHABOD                           VT-2-1-359
WHEELER, EDWARD                         VT-2-4-257
WHEELER, NATHAN                         VT-2-5-100
WHIPPLE, JOHN                           VT-2-5-193
WOOD, EBENEZER                          VT-2-2-193

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