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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page #  | A=1847-1879 |

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ANGLIN, A.                              TX-107-A-50
AVANT, WILLIAM                          TX-107-A-34
BOMAN, JOHN                             TX-107-A-44
CAVETT, MOSES                           TX-107-A-33
CAVITT, SUSAN                           TX-107-A-3
DUNN, R. F.                             TX-107-A-53
FORESTER, JESSE M.                      TX-107-A-78
JONES, SAMUEL C.                        TX-107-A-3
KIMBRO, BRADELY                         TX-107-A-15
LEWIS, JAMES F.                         TX-107-A-144
MITCHAM, HEZEKIAH                       TX-107-A-59
PAUL, ROBERT B.                         TX-107-A-31
PHELPS, W. H.                           TX-107-A-64
RATLIFF, W. D.                          TX-107-A-17
RICHARDSON, MATTHIAS                    TX-107-A-21
ROWLAND, BARBARA A.                     TX-107-A-72
SHEPPARD, ELIZABETH                     TX-107-A-47
STEWART, IRA E.                         TX-107-A-37
STEWART, R. P.                          TX-107-A-75
STEWART, THOMAS B.                      TX-107-A-34
THOMAS, JAMES L.                        TX-107-A-55
TINDELL, MARY                           TX-107-A-85
WALKER, W. C. (DR)                      TX-107-A-67
WOFFORD, JAMES P.                       TX-107-A-25
WREAY, WILLIAM                          TX-107-A-11

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