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"Foreign Wills"

Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page #  | 1=1880-1932 |

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ARTHUR, JULIE                           TX-72-1-68
BABER, S. J.                            TX-72-1-71
BAKER, LORENA                           TX-72-1-52
BARNHILL, ELIJAH                        TX-72-1-58
BARNUM, M.                              TX-72-1-35
BELL, WILLIAM B.                        TX-72-1-1
BONDURANT, A. M.                        TX-72-1-51
BOWERS, SALINA J.                       TX-72-1-98
BRADSHAW, J. W.                         TX-72-1-41
BROWN, J. M.                            TX-72-1-66
BROWN, JAMES M.                         TX-72-1-72
BROWN, L. L.                            TX-72-1-75
BROWN, MARY C.                          TX-72-1-67
BROWN, W. E.                            TX-72-1-74
BRUSCH, JOSEPH A.                       TX-72-1-96
BYRD, MAUDE                             TX-72-1-103
CARRICK, MELVINA                        TX-72-1-26
CHASE, ALBON                            TX-72-1-14
CHOAT, JULIA                            TX-72-1-100
COLLEY, D. N.                           TX-72-1-46
COLLEY, D. N.                           TX-72-1-64
CONAWAY, A. A.                          TX-72-1-23
DAMRON, J. H. & W. A.                   TX-72-1-93
DAVIS, EMMA P.                          TX-72-1-27
DUNNING, WILLIAM                        TX-72-1-47
EGGLESTON, EVERARD F.                   TX-72-1-17
FRAZIER, A. L.                          TX-72-1-87
GILMER, J. S.                           TX-72-1-35
GLANTON, J. M.                          TX-72-1-85
HAIR STEPHEN                            TX-72-1-70
HALL, J. W.                             TX-72-1-63
HALL, J. W.                             TX-72-1-65
HILL, ANNIE L.                          TX-72-1-36
HORSLEY, J. C.                          TX-72-1-66
HUNDT, WILLIAM                          TX-72-1-48
HUNT, WILLIAM                           TX-72-1-5
JACOBS, MARY A.                         TX-72-1-53
JONES, GEORGE W.                        TX-72-1-20
LASSITER, MARTHA A.                     TX-72-1-43
MARTIN, A. C.                           TX-72-1-49
MATTHEWS, JOHN                          TX-72-1-37
MCCLESKEY, D. J.                        TX-72-1-94
MCGINNIS, N. A.                         TX-72-1-63
NORTH, HARRISON                         TX-72-1-33
NORTON, WILLIAM F.                      TX-72-1-9
PERKINS, HENRY J.                       TX-72-1-92
PERKINS, MILDRED                        TX-72-1-91
POSEY, ROBERT                           TX-72-1-29
PRESTON, M. E.                          TX-72-1-77
RANDOLPH, J. E. & CALLIE                TX-72-1-83
ROSS, ROBERT ALLISON                    TX-72-1-32
SADLER, BURTON                          TX-72-1-39
SANDERS, S. S.                          TX-72-1-44
SEARS, J. B.                            TX-72-1-43
SIMPSON, MARTHA                         TX-72-1-55
STELL, J. D.                            TX-72-1-62
WALDROM, EMILY                          TX-72-1-25
WASHBURN, BRYANT                        TX-72-1-81
WELLS, JOHN                             TX-72-1-34
WILLIAMSON, AMERICA A.                  TX-72-1-57
WILLSON, J. A.                          TX-72-1-102
WRISTEN, ADDIE BENITA                   TX-72-1-79
WYLIE, J. M. AND NANCY                  TX-72-1-61

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