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"Foreign Wills"

Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page #  | 1=1873-1907 | 1b-1873-1907 |

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BEENE, F. T.                            TX-50-A-118
BERTRAND, JOHN R.                       TX-50-A-128
BLAIR, E. B.                            TX-50-A-36
BLAIR, MARY                             TX-50-A-36
BLALOCK, H. B.                          TX-50-A-81
BOWLES, W. C.                           TX-50-A-9
BROWN, JOHN M.                          TX-50-A-123
BUNDRANT, H. A.                         TX-50-A-72
BUNDRANT, NANCY J.                      TX-50-A-73
BURROWS, MARY J.                        TX-50-A-100
BUTH, CHARLOTTE                         TX-50-A-117
BUTH, FRITZ                             TX-50-A-117
CHAMBERS, B. F.                         TX-50-A-86
COOK, ANN SOMES                         TX-50-A-76
DODSON, JESSE J.                        TX-50-A-63
DOUGLASS, E. G.                         TX-50-A-125
DYER,SAM                                TX-50-A-125
EDWARDS, PATSEY                         TX-50-A-129
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                        TX-50-A-129
EMMELL, MARGARET                        TX-50-A-90
EVERETT, J. E.                          TX-50-A-80
FAINE, MARY R.                          TX-50-A-10
GRAHAM, JESSE                           TX-50-A-133
GRAHAM, JESSE                           TX-50-A-108
HARRIS, JANE                            TX-50-A-4
HARTWELL, WILLIAM                       TX-50-A-89
HOVEY, DAVID                            TX-50-A-83
JACKSON, JOEL                           TX-50-A-39
JACKSON, S. A.                          TX-50-A-39
JACOB, CHRISTIAN                        TX-50-A-131
JOHNSON, A. J.                          TX-50-A-85
JONES, HENRY                            TX-50-A-6
KELLOGG, S. W.                          TX-50-A-91
LARGENT, LEVEN S.                       TX-50-A-66
LARGENT, SARAH E.                       TX-50-A-66
LEWIS, CUBA                             TX-50-A-84
MANNING, CHARLES G.                     TX-50-A-36
MARONEY, A.D.                           TX-50-A-48
MATTHEWS, A. G.                         TX-50-A-132
MCAFEE, D. M.                           TX-50-A-122
MCHUTCHEN, THOMAS                       TX-50-A-70
MORRIS, S. A. (MRS)                     TX-50-A-135
MULLER, H. B.                           TX-50-A-129
OAKES, WALLACE E.                       TX-50-A-114
ODOM, R. P.                             TX-50-A-109
PARKS, J. M.                            TX-50-A-76
PATTERSON, SYRENA                       TX-50-A-113
PEEBLES, M. A.                          TX-50-A-74
PERRYMAN, FANNIE L.                     TX-50-A-118
PERRYMAN, THOMAS J.                     TX-50-A-27
PIDCOKE, E. C. (MRS)                    TX-50-A-136
RANKIN, PHEBE W.                        TX-50-A-14
ROSS, RUBIN                             TX-50-A-50
SEWELL, B.                              TX-50-A-116
SHEARN, JOHN                            TX-50-A-97
SHOPE, E. B.                            TX-50-A-139
SMITH, BEN FORT                         TX-50-A-102
STALLINGS, MARY E.                      TX-50-A-75
STANFORD, W. L.                         TX-50-A-1
STARR, HARRIET J.                       TX-50-A-41
STOVALL, JOHN                           TX-50-A-34
TALBOT, WILLIAM                         TX-50-A-3
TENNEY, NANCY E.                        TX-50-A-30
WILKERSON, WILLIAM                      TX-50-A-56
WILLIAMS, HARRIET                       TX-50-A-65
YOUNG, WILLIAM E.                       TX-50-A-106

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