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ADAMS, MARTIN                          TN-94-2-77
ADAMS, THOMAS                          TN-94-3-630, 646
ADKINS, AMOS                           TN-94-3-13, 47
ADKINS, AMOS                           TN-94-2-408
ADKINS, THOMAS S.                      TN-94-3-243
ALLISON, JAMES                         TN-94-3-243, 277, 285, 686
ANDERSON, ABRAHAM                      TN-94-2-199
ANDERSON, EPHRAIM                      TN-94-2-19
ANDERSON, RUTH                         TN-94-3-253
ANDREWS, MARK                          TN-94-3-211
ANDREWS, WILLIAM                       TN-94-4-459
ANDREWS, WINNIFRED                     TN-94-4-243
ANDREWS,EPHRAIM                        TN-94-1-45, 237, 246
ANTHONY, THOMAS H.                     TN-94-2-167
APPLEBY, WILLIAM                       TN-94-1-37
ASHLIN, WILLIAM                        TN-94-3-272, 711
ASHLIN, WILLIAM                        TN-94-4-330
ATKINS, THOMAS S.                      TN-94-2-447
ATKINSON, JOHN                         TN-94-2-8, 15, 57
ATKINSON, JOHN                         TN-94-2-82
ATKISSON, RUTH                         TN-94-4-459
BALLANCE, ABRAHAM                      TN-94-4-31, 55
BALLANCE, SARAH                        TN-94-4-110, 142, 339
BALLOW, THOMAS                         TN-94-2-25
BARFIELD, NANCY                        TN-94-4-497, 499
BARFIELD, STEPHEN                      TN-94-3-241
BARFIELD, STEPHEN                      TN-94-2-378, 393, 433
BARNES, NATHANIEL                      TN-94-3-752
BARNES, NATHANIEL                      TN-94-2-220, 235, 243
BARNES, SUSANNAH                       TN-94-2-175
BARNETT, JAMES P.                      TN-94-4-202, 244, 257, 531
BARNETT, PEGGY                         TN-94-4-248
BARNS, PETER                           TN-94-3-580
BASS, KINCHE P.                        TN-94-2-374
BASS, KINCHEN P.                       TN-94-3-297
BATEMAN, JONATHAN                      TN-94-3-218
BATEMAN, JONATHAN                      TN-94-2-377
BATEMAN, PARKER                        TN-94-2-167
BATEMAN, POLLY                         TN-94-2-402
BEARD, JOHN                            TN-94-4-113, 147, 350
BEASLEY, PHILIP                        TN-94-3-102, 609, 617, 623
BEECH, JOHN B.                         TN-94-4-542
BELL, WILILAM R.                       TN-94-3-590
BELL, WILILAM R.                       TN-94-2-218, 270
BELL, WILLIAM                          TN-94-1-8
BELLOW, THOMAS                         TN-94-1-340
BENBROOK, LUCY                         TN-94-4-540
BENNETT, GEORGE                        TN-94-3-601, 648
BENNETT, WALTER SR.                    TN-94-2-79
BENSON, JOHN                           TN-94-2-107
BENTON, JESSE                          TN-94-2-91
BENTON, NANCY                          TN-94-1-28
BERRY, JAMES                           TN-94-3-319
BERRY, JAMES                           TN-94-2-105, 351
BERRY, REBECCA                         TN-94-2-131
BERRY, WILLIAM                         TN-94-1-222, 227
BERRY, WILLIAM                         TN-94-2-290
BESLEY, PHILIP                         TN-94-2-76
BIGGAR, THOMAS                         TN-94-4-356
BIGGAR,MARTHA                          TN-94-4-105
BIGGARS, MARTHA                        TN-94-3-703
BIGGARS, ROBERT                        TN-94-3-178, 180, 203, 257
BLACKSHEAR, EZEKIEL                    TN-94-2-318
BLAND, ARTHUR                          TN-94-2-245
BLCKSHARE, JESSE                       TN-94-1-116
BLYTHE, FANNY                          TN-94-4-20
BLYTHE, JAMES                          TN-94-4-381, 446
BLYTHE, WILLIAM                        TN-94-4-13, 88
BOND, MORRIS L.                        TN-94-3-768
BOND, WILLIAM                          TN-94-3-119, 126, 148, 168, 325
BOND, WILLIAM                          TN-94-4-457, 471
BOWDEN, SALLY                          TN-94-3-658
BOYD, AMERICA A.                       TN-94-4-228
BOYD, ARMISTEAD                        TN-94-3-108
BOYD, ARMISTEAD                        TN-94-2-151
BOYD, HARRISON                         TN-94-2-378, 391
BOYD, JAMES                            TN-94-3-248, 267
BOYD, JOHN R.                          TN-94-3-104, 129, 607
BOYD, MARY                             TN-94-3-146
BOYD, MARY                             TN-94-2-192
BOYD, NANCY                            TN-94-3-103
BOYD, WILLIAM J.                       TN-94-4-418
BOYD, WILLIAM S.                       TN-94-4-366
BRAGG, MOORE                           TN-94-2-212, 233
BRANCH, JOSEPH                         TN-94-4-253, 283
BRIDGES, WILLIAM                       TN-94-1-155
BROOKS, ELIJAH                         TN-94-4-213
BROOKS, JAMES                          TN-94-4-155, 211
BROWDER, FREDERICK                     TN-94-3-30
BROWDER, FREDERICK                     TN-94-2-158
BROWN, CHARLES                         TN-94-3-88
BROWN, CHARLES                         TN-94-2-230, 260, 365, 440
BROWN, ELIZBETH                        TN-94-4-326
BROWN, JOSEPH                          TN-94-2-96, 106
BROWN, LITTLETON                       TN-94-2-145
BROWN, LUTEHR                          TN-94-3-183
BROWN, MICHA                           TN-94-2-262
BROWN, MICHAEL                         TN-94-3-695
BROWN, NATHANIEL                       TN-94-2-99
BROWN, WILLIAM                         TN-94-2-28
BROWN, WILLIAM H.                      TN-94-4-282
BROWNLEE, JAMES                        TN-94-4-262, 313, 356, 464
BUCHANAN, JOHN                         TN-94-3-198, 224, 610, 662
BUCHANAN, MARGARET                     TN-94-3-198
BUFORD, EDWARD                         TN-94-4-332, 354, 376, 391, 538
BUFORD, JAMES                          TN-94-2-445
BUGG, ALLEN                            TN-94-4-279, 314, 470, 476
BUGG, BENJAMIN                         TN-94-1-318
BUGG, BENJAMIN                         TN-94-2-21, 56, 107
BULLOCK, WILLIAM                       TN-94-1-43, 257
BULLS, BARNABY                         TN-94-3-321
BURCH, ELIZABETH                       TN-94-4-392
BURCH, JOHN                            TN-94-4-195, 374, 407
BURGE, HENRY                           TN-94-4-144, 213,426
BURGESS, JAMES                         TN-94-4-493, 520
BURNETT, TOLIFER                       TN-94-3-363, 618, 769
BUSSARD, JAMES                         TN-94-1-255, 288, 290
BYRD, BAILOR                           TN-94-4-544
CAHOON, CHARLES                        TN-94-4-135
CALDWELL, MARY                         TN-94-3-210
CALDWELL, THOMAS G.                    TN-94-2-104
CALHOON, CHARLES                       TN-94-3-587, 634
CAMPBELL, ANDREW                       TN-94-3-16,25,39,41,106,343,562,697,735
CAMPBELL, ANDREW                       TN-94-2-414
CAMPBELL, EDWARD                       TN-94-4-84, 362
CAMPBELL, JANE                         TN-94-3-25, 147, 171
CAMPBELL, JANE B.                      TN-94-4-3, 33, 341
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         TN-94-1-178
CANNON, MINOS                          TN-94-4-434, 461, 502
CARDWELL, THOMAS                       TN-94-1-226, 324
CARLILE, ROBERT                        TN-94-1-199, 207, 295
CARROL, JESSE                          TN-94-3-124
CARSON, JOHN                           TN-94-4-94, 123, 431
CARSON, PEGGY                          TN-94-2-177
CARSON, SAMUEL                         TN-94-2-172
CARSON, WILLIS                         TN-94-2-176
CARTER, ISAAC                          TN-94-3-607, 612, 631
CARTER, RICHARD                        TN-94-2-146
CASH, ELISHA                           TN-94-1-97
CASH, THOMAS                           TN-94-4-437
CATE, WILLIAM H.                       TN-94-3-666-775
CHAMP, JOHN                            TN-94-3-242, 717
CHAMP, JOHN                            TN-94-1-205, 223, 241
CHILDRESS, ELIZABETH C.                TN-94-2-74
CHILDRESS, HENRY                       TN-94-2-42, 67
CHILDRESS, THOMAS M.                   TN-94-4-432, 460
CHRISMAN, AARON                        TN-94-3-774
CHRISMAN, ABRAHAM                      TN-94-3-586, 593
CHRISTMAS, WILLIAM                     TN-94-3-352
CHRISTMAS, WILLIAM                     TN-94-1-264, 267, 271
CLARK, SAMUEL                          TN-94-3-624
CLARK, SAMUEL                          TN-94-1-166, 212, 220, 225
CLARK, SAMUEL                          TN-94-2-180
CLEMM, JAMES S.                        TN-94-4-143
COALE, JOSEPH                          TN-94-3-61
COCHRAN, JOHN                          TN-94-4-1, 37, 251
CODDINGTON, BENJAMIN                   TN-94-1-91
CODINGTON, JACOB                       TN-94-2-31
COHOON, GEORGE                         TN-94-3-177
COHOON, GEORGE                         TN-94-2-65
COLE, JOSEPH                           TN-94-1-214, 217
COLE, MARGARET                         TN-94-3-356
COLE, THOMAS                           TN-94-3-105
COLE, THOMAS                           TN-94-2-164
COLE, THOMAS                           TN-94-4-5, 278, 380, 404
COLE, WILLIAM                          TN-94-3-341
COLEMAN, ELIZABETH                     TN-94-3-314
COLEMAN, JOSHUA                        TN-94-3-271, 313, 342, 675, 690, 725
COLLINS, HADIJAH                       TN-94-4-145, 328
COLLINS, MARY                          TN-94-4-193
COOK, EDMUND                           TN-94-1-54, 128
COOK, GEORGE E.                        TN-94-3-133
COOK, HENRY                            TN-94-3-134, 215, 217
COOK, HENRY                            TN-94-2-83, 140
COOK, JOHN T.                          TN-94-3-136
COOR, JONATHAN                         TN-94-3-56, 162
COOR, THOMAS                           TN-94-3-33
COOR, THOMAS                           TN-94-2-219
COORE, JAMES H.                        TN-94-3-688
COPELAND, JAMES                        TN-94-3-81, 106, 765
COPELAND, JAMES                        TN-94-4-40
CORLETT, ROBERT                        TN-94-4-229, 247, 540, 543
CORZINE, ABEL                          TN-94-4-343, 424, 440
CORZINE, ELI                           TN-94-3-255, 709
CORZINE, ESTHER                        TN-94-3-257
COWSERT, ANDREW                        TN-94-3-722-725
COWSERT, ANDREW                        TN-94-4-152
COX, DANIEL                            TN-94-1-99
CRAFFORD, JOHN                         TN-94-1-341
CRAFTON, JAMES                         TN-94-1-209, 221, 331, 342
CRAFTON, JOHN                          TN-94-2-220, 225
CRAIG, DAVID                           TN-94-1-327
CRAIG, DAVID                           TN-94-2-6, 193
CRAIG, DAVID                           TN-94-4-2, 36, 55, 274
CRAIG, MARY                            TN-94-4-39, 149
CRAIGE, DANIEL                         TN-94-4-357
CRAWFORD, JOHN                         TN-94-2-7, 102, 371
CREECY, NANCY                          TN-94-4-385, 527
CRENSHAW, CORNELIUS                    TN-94-2-262
CRENSHAW, JOHN                         TN-94-3-52
CRENSHAW, JOHN                         TN-94-2-9
CRENSHAW, JOHN C.                      TN-94-2-310
CRISMAN, AARON                         TN-94-2-324
CRITZ, JACOB                           TN-94-3-228, 255
CROCKET, SAM                           TN-94-1-339
CROCKETT, ABRAHAM                      TN-94-4-285, 488
CROCKETT, ANDREW                       TN-94-3-246, 268, 709
CROCKETT, ANDREW                       TN-94-4-134
CROCKETT, JOHN H.                      TN-94-4-289, 467
CROCKETT, NANCY                        TN-94-4-292
CROCKETT, SAMUEL                       TN-94-4-199, 236, 375, 489
CROUCH, JOHN                           TN-94-2-66, 98
CROW, ISAAC                            TN-94-3-110, 161
CROW, ISAAC                            TN-94-2-32, 50, 56, 152, 307, 315, 451
CROW, JOANNA                           TN-94-3-571, 574, 772
CRUMP, FENDAL                          TN-94-3-701, 776
CRUMP, FENDAL                          TN-94-4-109, 320, 329
CRUMP, MARTHA                          TN-94-3-716
CULBERT, GEORGE                        TN-94-3-660, 666, 726
CURTIS, AARON D.                       TN-94-3-766
CURTIS, ELIZABETH                      TN-94-4-273
CUSTIS, BENJAMIN                       TN-94-4-211, 217, 246, 299,3 35, 429
CUTCHEN, JOSHUA                        TN-94-2-29
DABNEY, CHARLES A.                     TN-94-4-472
DABNEY, MARY                           TN-94-4-478
DABNEY, WILLIAM                        TN-94-4-338, 351
DAVIS, AMMON                           TN-94-1-27
DAVIS, DAVID                           TN-94-1-126, 210
DAVIS, JONATHAN                        TN-94-1-182, 220, 297
DAVIS, SALLY                           TN-94-4-344
DAVIS, SARAH                           TN-94-4-375
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         TN-94-1-179
DEAN, FRANCIS                          TN-94-4-445
DEAN, RICHARD                          TN-94-4-159, 403
DEGRAFFENREID, MARY ANN                TN-94-3-73
DEGRAFFRENREID, METCALF                TN-94-3-67, 7TN-94-3-77
DEGRAFFRENRIED, METCALF                TN-94-1-111, 113, 115
DEVERIX, WILLIAM C.                    TN-94-2-107, 109
DIAL, JAMES                            TN-94-4-30
DIAL, KINCHEN                          TN-94-2-136
DICKEY, JOHN                           TN-94-1-30
DOBSON, HENRY                          TN-94-3-703
DOBSON, HENRY                          TN-94-4-91
DOBSON, JANE                           TN-94-3-726
DOTSON, HIGHTOWER                      TN-94-3-620, 774
DOTSON, UNITY                          TN-94-3-613
DOTSON, UNITY                          TN-94-4-174, 402
DOWD, JOHN                             TN-94-1-283
DOWNEY, POLLY                          TN-94-3-669
DOWNEY, WILLIAM                        TN-94-3-616-684
DRAKE, RHODA                           TN-94-3-356
DRAKE, ZACHARIAH                       TN-94-3-297, 332, 342, 730
DUNHAM, JOHN                           TN-94-3-50
DUNHAM, JOHN                           TN-94-2-359
DUPREE, JAMES                          TN-94-3-102, 122, 167, 216
DYER, JOHN                             TN-94-3-204, 358
DYER, JOHN                             TN-94-2-390, 438
DYER, LAVINIA                          TN-94-3-24
EATON, JOHN                            TN-94-2-364
ECHOLS, JOHN                           TN-94-2-304
ECKOLS, JOHN                           TN-94-3-57
EDMISTON, JAMES E.                     TN-94-2-150, 165
EDMISTON, JOHN                         TN-94-3-673, 675
EDMISTON, JOHN                         TN-94-4-92, 191
EDMISTON, SAMUEL                       TN-94-3-263, 298, 652, 696
EDMONDSON, JOHN                        TN-94-4-165, 179, 399
EDNEY, ALSON                           TN-94-3-34
EDNEY, ALSON                           TN-94-2-170, 315, 437
EDNEY, POLLY                           TN-94-3-700, 705
EDNEY, POLLY                           TN-94-2-291
EDNEY, POLLY                           TN-94-4-485
EDWARDS, JOHN                          TN-94-3-329, 652
ELAM, EDWARD                           TN-94-4-492, 522, 523
ELAM, STEPHEN                          TN-94-2-9, 23, 154
ELLIOTT, EXUM                          TN-94-4-233, 262
EPERSON, LITTLEBERRY                   TN-94-2-154
EPPERSON, LITTLEBERRY                  TN-94-1-288, 320
ERWIN, DAVID                           TN-94-4-127, 133
EVANS, BENJAMIN                        TN-94-3-123, 194, 203, 316
EVANS, ISHAM                           TN-94-2-107
EVANS, JESSE                           TN-94-1-14
EVANS, JESSE                           TN-94-4-499
EVANS, MARTHA                          TN-94-1-282
EVANS, REBECCA                         TN-94-3-124, 209
EVINS, DAVID                           TN-94-2-78
FEILD, PATIENCE                        TN-94-2-379
FIELD, BENNETT                         TN-94-2-380, 391, 398
FIELD, PATIENCE                        TN-94-2-379
FIELDS, BENNETT                        TN-94-3-203
FLEMING, HANNAH                        TN-94-3-208, 258
FLEMING, JAMES                         TN-94-4-143, 149, 295
FLEMMING, RALPH                        TN-94-3-320
FRANCES, MOSES B.                      TN-94-3-104, 234, 237
FREEMAN, ARTHUR                        TN-94-1-208
FRGUS, JAMES                           TN-94-3-69
GAMBLING, JOHN                         TN-94-1-180
GARDNER, JANE                          TN-94-3-15
GARDNER, JANE                          TN-94-1-33
GARDNER, JANE                          TN-94-2-388, 392
GARDNER, WILLIAM                       TN-94-3-15, 223, 750, 763
GARDNER, WILLIAM                       TN-94-1-19
GARRETT, JANE                          TN-94-3-107
GARRETT, JANE                          TN-94-2-392, 438
GARRETT, JOHN                          TN-94-1-139, 144
GAY, JAMES                             TN-94-1-145
GENRY, UPHAMEY "FAMEY"                 TN-94-2-247
GENTRY, SAMUEL                         TN-94-3-51
GENTRY, SAMUEL                         TN-94-2-231
GERMAN, ELIZABETH                      TN-94-4-235, 259, 338, 361
GERMAN, ELIZZABETH                     TN-94-3-719
GERMAN, JOSEPH                         TN-94-3-14, 41, 45, 184
GERMAN, JOSEPH                         TN-94-4-261, 297
GHOLSON, BENJAMIN                      TN-94-3-50
GHOLSON, JOHN                          TN-94-2-334, 375
GIBSON, JOHN B.                        TN-94-3-742, 768
GIBSON, JOHN B.                        TN-94-4-225
GIBSON, PATRICK                        TN-94-2-291
GIDDENS, FRANCIS                       TN-94-4-531
GILES, JOSIAH E.                       TN-94-4-309
GILLESPIE, ISAAC                       TN-94-4-310, 334, 349, 495
GILLESPIE, JAMES                       TN-94-3-65
GILLESPIE, THOMAS                      TN-94-4-533, 535
GLIMPH, GEORGE                         TN-94-4-433, 460
GLOVER, JONES                          TN-94-3-78
GLOVER, JONES                          TN-94-1-105
GLOVER, LANCASTER                      TN-94-1-253, 330, 332
GOFF, ANDREW                           TN-94-4-260
GOFF, PEGGY                            TN-94-2-371
GOFF, THOAMS                           TN-94-2-345
GOFF, THOMAS                           TN-94-3-30, 132
GOOCH, DAVID                           TN-94-3-132
GOOCH, THOMAS                          TN-94-3-131
GOOCH, THOMAS                          TN-94-2-342
GOODMAN, BENIJAH                       TN-94-3-179, 202, 569, 578
GOODRUM, ALLEN                         TN-94-4-17, 46, 298
GOODRUM, JANE                          TN-94-4-17, 192
GOODRUM, THOMAS                        TN-94-4-13, 197
GOODWIN, ALLEN                         TN-94-3-293, 295, 737
GORDON, THOMAS                         TN-94-3-271, 65
GOWEN, WILLIAM                         TN-94-2-192
GRAHAM, ROBERT                         TN-94-4-468, 470, 519
GRAY, JAMES                            TN-94-1-48, 84
GRAY, R. L. SALLY                      TN-94-1-336
GRAY, SALLY R. L.                      TN-94-2-9, 25
GREAR, MARY                            TN-94-3-723, 742
GREEN, SHERWOOD                        TN-94-3-32
GREEN, SHERWOOD                        TN-94-1-299
GREEN, SHERWOOD                        TN-94-2-27, 107, 180, 319
GREEN, WILLIAM                         TN-94-1-40
GULLEY, JESSE                          TN-94-2-107
GUY, JOHN                              TN-94-3-745
GUY, JOHN                              TN-94-4-17, 83, 296
HALL, JOSEPH                           TN-94-2-153, 259
HALL, ROBERT P.                        TN-94-4-112
HALL, THOMAS                           TN-94-4-494, 520
HAMILTON, ELIJAH                       TN-94-4-68, 101, 102, 462
HAMILTON, JOHN W.                      TN-94-4-439, 463
HAMILTON, MARTHA L.                    TN-94-4-515, 537
HAMILTON, MARY                         TN-94-4-476
HAMILTON, SARAH                        TN-94-4-393
HAMILTON, WILLIAM S.                   TN-94-4-379
HAMPTON, JEEMIAH                       TN-94-3-673
HAMPTON, JEREMIAH                      TN-94-4-108
HAMPTON, WILLIAM                       TN-94-4-434
HARDEMAN, ANN (NEELEY)                 TN-94-2-431
HARDEMAN, D.                           TN-94-3-240
HARDEMAN, JOHN                         TN-94-3-690
HARDEMAN, LAVINIA C.                   TN-94-3-240
HARDEMAN, NICHOLAS P.                  TN-94-3-138, 144, 148, 156, 160, 316
HARDEMAN, NICHOLAS P.                  TN-94-2-387, 412, 431
HARDEMAN, PETER                        TN-94-3-196, 200, 230, 234, 566, 653
HARDEMAN, SARAH E.                     TN-94-3-239
HARDEMAN, SETH L.                      TN-94-4-537
HARDEMAN, SUSAN                        TN-94-3-193
HARDEN, JEREMIAH                       TN-94-4-365, 385
HARDEN, JOHN                           TN-94-3-85
HARDER, JOHN N.                        TN-94-3-3, 46
HARDER, WILLIAM                        TN-94-4-138, 158
HARDGRAVES, SAMUEL                     TN-94-4-447
HARDGROVE, JOHNSON                     TN-94-4-58, 357, 456
HARGROVE, SAMUEL                       TN-94-4-213
HARPER, WILKINS                        TN-94-2-445
HARRIS, ANDREW                         TN-94-3-27, 258
HARRIS, ANDREW                         TN-94-1-326
HARRIS, ANDREW                         TN-94-2-8
HARRIS, HENRY                          TN-94-3-213, 230
HARRIS, JOSEPHUS                       TN-94-1-334
HASEL, ELISAHA M.                      TN-94-2-188
HASSELL, AMELIA                        TN-94-4-12, 275
HASSELL, AMILLIAN                      TN-94-3-757
HAWKINS, AMASA                         TN-94-3-220
HAWKINS, AMASA                         TN-94-2-392, 437
HAY, EDITH                             TN-94-1-172
HAY, JOHN                              TN-94-4-234, 259, 524
HENDERSON, DANIEL                      TN-94-4-57
HENDERSON, HUGH                        TN-94-2-293
HENDERSON, JOHN                        TN-94-3-64
HENDERSON, JOHN                        TN-94-1-132
HENDERSON, SAMUEL                      TN-94-4-367, 417, 541
HENDRIX, THOMAS                        TN-94-3-100
HERRON, JAMES                          TN-94-4-65
HERRON, POLLY                          TN-94-3-697
HERRON, THOMAS                         TN-94-3-664, 676, 767
HERRON, THOMAS                         TN-94-4-33
HEWSTON, LYDIA                         TN-94-2-58, 77
HIGGINS, JOHN                          TN-94-1-82, 207, 210, 372
HIGGINS, NOAH                          TN-94-4-521
HIGGINS, WILLIAM                       TN-94-1-274
HIGHTOWER, JOHN                        TN-94-1-7, 96
HIGHTOWER, JOHN                        TN-94-2-328
HIGHTOWER, NANCY L.                    TN-94-3-357
HIGHTOWER, RICHARD                     TN-94-3-254, 286, 567, 637
HIGHTOWER, RICHARD                     TN-94-4-50
HILL, BENJAMIN                         TN-94-4-170, 171, 359
HILL, DAN                              TN-94-4-116, 122, 175
HILL, GREEN                            TN-94-4-66, 98
HILL, JAMES C.                         TN-94-2-14
HILL, JOHN D.                          TN-94-3-182, 206
HILL, JOHN D.                          TN-94-2-410, 435
HILL, JOSHUA C.                        TN-94-4-226, 271, 287, 293
HILL, NANCY                            TN-94-3-192
HILL, SPENCER                          TN-94-2-213
HODGE, JOHN                            TN-94-2-56, 72
HODGES, JAMES                          TN-94-4-439
HODGES, MARIA                          TN-94-4-438
HODGES, WELCOME                        TN-94-1-22, 164
HOLLAND, KEMP                          TN-94-3-758
HOLLAND, KEMP                          TN-94-4-390
HOLSTEAD, ELIZABETH                    TN-94-2-95
HOLT, HARDEN P.                        TN-94-2-277
HOOD, JOHN                             TN-94-3-33, 183
HOOD, JOHN                             TN-94-2-279
HOPE, THOMAS                           TN-94-1-239
HOPE, WILLIAM                          TN-94-2-78, 77
HOPKINS, JAMES                         TN-94-1-1
HORTON, ELIZABETH                      TN-94-4-99, 126, 340
HOUSE, GREEN                           TN-94-1-333
HOUSE, GREEN                           TN-94-2-8
HOUSE, JAMES                           TN-94-4-28, 56
HOUSTON, SAMUEL                        TN-94-1-196, 211
HUDLOW, GEORGE                         TN-94-1-285
HUDSON, JOHN                           TN-94-4-481
HUGHES, RICHARD                        TN-94-4-209, 235
HUGHS, POLLY                           TN-94-4-75
HULME, JOHN C.                         TN-94-3-31
HULME, JOHN C.                         TN-94-2-376
HULME, MARGARET                        TN-94-2-104
HULME, WILLIAM                         TN-94-3-217, 670
HULME, WILLIAM                         TN-94-2-265
HUMPHREYS, BENJAMIN                    TN-94-3-317
HUMPHREYS, BENJAMIN                    TN-94-2-161, 187
HUMPHREYS, CHARLES L.                  TN-94-3-610
HUMPHREYS, SOLOMON                     TN-94-2-312
HUNNELL, WILLIAM                       TN-94-1-57, 235
HUNT, GURSHAM                          TN-94-3-289
HUNT, POLLY                            TN-94-4-221
HUNT, SION                             TN-94-2-406
HUNT, SION                             TN-94-4-177, 218, 410
HUNTER, CATHERINE                      TN-94-2-328
HUNTER, ELIJAH                         TN-94-2-347
HUNTER, ELISHA                         TN-94-4-386
HUNTER, ELIZABETH                      TN-94-4-392
INGRAM, HENRY                          TN-94-2-379, 394, 440
INGRAM, JOHN                           TN-94-1-152
INGRAM, SUSAN                          TN-94-3-25
IRION, FREDERICK W.                    TN-94-2-188
IRON, SARAH                            TN-94-2-151
IRVIN, CHRISTOPHER                     TN-94-3-629, 631, 647
IRWIN, CHRISTOPHER                     TN-94-4-24
IRWIN, DAVID                           TN-94-3-723
IRWIN, ROBERT                          TN-94-3-614, 71
IRWIN, ROBERT                          TN-94-4-151
ISON, PHILIP JACOB                     TN-94-2-150
JACKSON, JAEMS                         TN-94-2-307
JACKSON, WILLIAM                       TN-94-3-651
JACKSON, WILLIAM                       TN-94-2-340
JAMES, GEORGE H.                       TN-94-2-129
JAMISON, JOHN                          TN-94-3-741-770
JAMISON, JOHN                          TN-94-4-147, 190
JOHNSON, CHARLES                       TN-94-2-162
JOHNSON, JAMES                         TN-94-3-697
JOHNSON, JAMES                         TN-94-1-199
JOHNSON, JOHN                          TN-94-2-210
JOHNSON, PATSEY                        TN-94-3-44
JOHNSON, STEPHEN                       TN-94-3-42, 222, 237
JOHNSOTN, DAVID                        TN-94-4-383, 446
JOHNSOTN, ROBERT                       TN-94-4-205, 244, 421, 483
JOHNSTON, DAVID                        TN-94-2-75
JONES, JAMES                           TN-94-4-220, 451
JONES, JUDITH                          TN-94-4-222
JONES, NANCY                           TN-94-4-105, 192, 248
JONES, RODHAM                          TN-94-4-453
JONES, RODHAM                          TN-94-4-102, 104
JONES, WILEY                           TN-94-4-170,175, 389
JORDAN, HENRY                          TN-94-3-653, 709
JORDAN, JOHN                           TN-94-1-120, 254
JORDAN, WILLIAM                        TN-94-3-583, 610, 618, 727, 775
KAVENAUGH, C.                          TN-94-3-83
KAVENAUGH, CHARLES                     TN-94-2-376, 396
KEARNEY, LUCY D.                       TN-94-2-135
KENNARD, HANNAH                        TN-94-4-4
KENNEDY, DEMPSEY                       TN-94-1-177
KENNEY, JAMES                          TN-94-3-15
KENNY, JAMES                           TN-94-2-194
KENNY, MARY                            TN-94-2-207
KING, BENJAMIN                         TN-94-3-566, 596
KING, BENJAMIN                         TN-94-4-21
KINNARD, MICHAL                        TN-94-2-28
KUMAN, MICHAEL                         TN-94-1-222, 258, 334
LAGRON, JOHN A.                        TN-94-2-311
LAMB, THOMAS                           TN-94-3-249
LANDRUM, MERRIMAN                      TN-94-4-138, 169, 369
LASSER, STEPHEN                        TN-94-4-160, 217
LAWRANCE, JOHN                         TN-94-1-41
LEE, BENJAMIN                          TN-94-1-9
LEGROON, JOHN A.                       TN-94-3-48
LEMASTER, JOSEPH                       TN-94-4-185
LESTER, HENRY                          TN-94-4-71, 100, 128
LEWIS, DAVID                           TN-94-2-97, 106, 137, 295, 405
LITTLETON, JOHN                        TN-94-3-13
LITTLETON, JOHN                        TN-94-2-389
LOCK, ELIZABETH                        TN-94-2-302
LOCK, RICHARD S.                       TN-94-2-217, 238, 304, 405
LOEKE, RICHARD S.                      TN-94-3-40, 239, 683
LOGAN, CATHERINE                       TN-94-4-181, 362, 395
LOGAN, WILLIAM                         TN-94-3-659, 663
LOGAN, WILLIAM                         TN-94-4-181, 362, 395
LOVE, M. WILLIAM                       TN-94-1-56, 209
LOVE, SUSAN                            TN-94-1-29
LOVE, WILLIAM M.                       TN-94-2-13
LOYD, LEWIS                            TN-94-4-96, 123, 445
LYTLE, ARCHIBALD                       TN-94-3-54, 214
MABIN, MR                              TN-94-3-58 
MAIRS, ISAAC                           TN-94-2-109
MAIRS, MARY                            TN-94-2-178
MAIRS, SAMUEL                          TN-94-2-147, 316
MANIRE, JOHN                           TN-94-1-323
MARSHALL, WILLAM                       TN-94-4-92, 124
MARTIN, SCIPIO                         TN-94-4-374, 431
MAURY, ABRAM                           TN-94-4-6, 14, 55, 454
MAURY, MARTHA                          TN-94-4-21
MAURY, THOMAS T.                       TN-94-3-189, 713
MAURY, THOMAS T.                       TN-94-2-329
MAYFIELD, JAMES                        TN-94-3-66
MAYFIELD, JAMES                        TN-94-1-199
MCALISTER, CHARLES                     TN-94-2-407
MCALISTER, CHARLES                     TN-94-4-44
MCALISTER, JOHN                        TN-94-4-231, 258
MCCABE, CHARLES                        TN-94-4-306
MCCALEHAN, JAMES                       TN-94-1-237
MCCALISTER, CHARLES                    TN-94-3-5, 81, 84, 191, 622
MCCALL, FRANCIS                        TN-94-1-201
MCCALPIN, JOHN                         TN-94-3-60
MCCLARAN, ALEXANDER                    TN-94-2-275
MCCLARAN, THOMAS                       TN-94-4-252, 282, 316
MCCLELAN, JOHN                         TN-94-2-218
MCCONICO, GARNER                       TN-94-2-131
MCCONICO, JARED                        TN-94-3-85
MCCONICO, JARED                        TN-94-2-221, 225, 241, 317
MCCONICO, KEZIAH                       TN-94-2-377
MCCONNICO, JARED                       TN-94-1-102
MCCORD, DAVID                          TN-94-3-80, 104
MCCORD, JOHN                           TN-94-4-99, 127, 296
MCCRORY, THOMAS                        TN-94-3-97, 122
MCCUTCHAN, PATRICK                     TN-94-1-307, 320
MCCUTCHEON, CATHERINE                  TN-94-2-235
MCCUTCHEON, JAMES                      TN-94-2-12
MCCUTCHEON, ROBERT                     TN-94-3-210
MCCUTCHEON, SAMUEL                     TN-94-3-211
MCCUTCHEON, SAMUEL                     TN-94-2-243
MCEWEN, DAVID                          TN-94-3-294, 232, 333, 635, 639, 692, 768
MCEWEN, JAMES                          TN-94-2-316, 448
MCEWEN, JAMES                          TN-94-4-274, 280, 287, 309
MCEWEN, JAMES SR.                      TN-94-3-107, 205, 296, 307, 687, 769
MCEWEN, JOHN L.                        TN-94-3-689
MCEWEN, MARGARET                       TN-94-3-56
MCEWEN, SALLY                          TN-94-2-274
MCEWEN, WILLIAM                        TN-94-3-36
MCEWEN, WILLIAM                        TN-94-2-216, 266, 441
MCFADDEN, JAMES                        TN-94-2-153
MCFADDEN, ROBERT                       TN-94-3-640, 674
MCHUGH, MOSES                          TN-94-1-133, 137
MCKINNEY, EBENEZER                     TN-94-2-219
MCKINNEY, JOHN                         TN-94-2-226
MCKINNY, PARTHENIA                     TN-94-4-273
MCKINNY, RANDOLPH                      TN-94-4-269, 454
MCKNIGHT, WILLIAM                      TN-94-1-148
MCLEMOIE, YOUNG                        TN-94-1-10
MCLEMORE, ROBERT                       TN-94-3-625, 642, 694
MCLEMORE, ROBERT                       TN-94-4-22, 25, 106, 223
MCLEMORE, SUGARS                       TN-94-3-290
MCLEMORE, YOUNG                        TN-94-3-661, 666, 749
MCLEMORE, YOUNG                        TN-94-4-131
MCMULLIN, ANDREW                       TN-94-1-101
MCNEIL, LEMUEL S.                      TN-94-4-174, 276
MCPHERSON, JONATHAN                    TN-94-2-168
MCSWINE, JOHN                          TN-94-2-150
MEADOWS, ANDESON                       TN-94-4-215, 448
MEBANE, GEORGE                         TN-94-3-12, 30
MEBANE, GEORGE                         TN-94-2-407, 411
MEDLEY, FRANCIS                        TN-94-4-443
MILLER, THOMAS                         TN-94-3-259, 300, 766, 773
MILLS, SHEROD                          TN-94-2-128
MITCHELL, EVAN                         TN-94-1-215, 229
MONTGOMERY, ALEXANDER                  TN-94-4-496
MONTGOMERY, HANNAH                     TN-94-1-21
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                       TN-94-3-185
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                       TN-94-2-395
MONTGOMERY, MARGARET                   TN-94-4-502
MONTGOMERY, MOSES                      TN-94-3-162
MONTGOMERY, MOSES                      TN-94-2-290
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT                     TN-94-4-538
MOORE, CATHARINE                       TN-94-1-156
MOORE, JAMES                           TN-94-1-121
MOORE, JAMES                           TN-94-2-137
MOORE, JAMES JR.                       TN-94-2-146
MOORE, MOSES                           TN-94-2-204
MORRIS, MARY                           TN-94-3-580
MORRIS, WILLIAM                        TN-94-3-570, 575, 728
MORTIN, ALEXANDER                      TN-94-3-62, 79
MORTON, ABNER W.                       TN-94-4-479, 482
MORTON, ELISHA                         TN-94-3-284, 311, 710
MORTON, PERIZA                         TN-94-4-480
MORTON, SAMUEL                         TN-94-4-52, 77, 405
MORTON, TABITHA                        TN-94-3-315
MORTON, THOMAS                         TN-94-2-148
MORTON, WILLIAM                        TN-94-3-584, 621, 710
MOSES, ABRAHAM R.                      TN-94-3-302, 305, 692
MOTHERAL, JOHN                         TN-94-4-76, 154
MOTHERALL, JOHN                        TN-94-3-724, 743
MOULTON, THOMAS                        TN-94-3-577
MULLEN, JESSE                          TN-94-4-352, 373
MULLIN, S. WILLIAM                     TN-94-1-192, 251
MURFREE, HARDY                         TN-94-1-87
MURFREE, HARDY                         TN-94-2-59, 110, 124, 125
MURFREE, MATTHIAS                      TN-94-2-127, 356
MURFREE, WILLIAM H.                    TN-94-4-208, 301, 305
MURPHREY, LAWRENCE                     TN-94-2-274
MURPHY, LAWRENCE                       TN-94-3-57
MURRELL, JEFFERY                       TN-94-3-755
MURREY, WILLIAM                        TN-94-1-111
MURRY, ROBERT                          TN-94-2-147
NASH, CHARLES                          TN-94-4-111, 150, 364
NEELY, CHARLES S.                      TN-94-3-566, 598
NEELY, GEORGE                          TN-94-2-353
NEELY, JAMES                           TN-94-3-40, 600, 637
NEELY, JANE                            TN-94-3-44
NEELY, JOHN                            TN-94-3-14, 28, 136, 236,2 57
NEELY, JOHN                            TN-94-2-411
NEELY, ROBERT                          TN-94-2-153
NEWSOME, LAURENCE                      TN-94-2-255
NICHOLSON, MALACHI                     TN-94-4-435, 463, 482
NIELY, MARY                            TN-94-4-203, 440
NIELY, WILLIAM                         TN-94-4-203, 440
NOLAN, JOHN                            TN-94-1-70
NORRIS, JAMES                          TN-94-2-137
NORTON, WILLIAM                        TN-94-2-30, 55, 66, 101
NORTON, WILLIAM                        TN-94-4-501
NOWLIN, JOHN                           TN-94-1-260
NUNN, FRANCIS                          TN-94-2-182
OAKES, ISAAC                           TN-94-3-673
OAKS, ISAAC                            TN-94-4-81
ODONNELL, MATHEW                       TN-94-3-609, 632
OGILVIE, JOHN                          TN-94-3-291, 332, 336, 707
OGILVIE, RICHARD                       TN-94-3-588, 611, 614
OGILVIE, RICHARD                       TN-94-4-32, 62
OGILVIE, WILLIAM                       TN-94-1-313
OGILVIE, WILLIAM                       TN-94-2-25
OLDHAM, MOSES                          TN-94-2-219
ORR, WILLIAM                           TN-94-3-330, 336, 650, 729
ORTON, JANE                            TN-94-3-610, 613, 696
ORTON, RICHARD                         TN-94-3-289, 720
ORTON, WILILAM                         TN-94-1-138
OSLIN, WILLIAM                         TN-94-4-101, 326
OWENS, WILLIAM                         TN-94-2-149
OWINGS, ELIJAH                         TN-94-1-13
PAGE, DAVID D.                         TN-94-3-672, 701
PAGE, DAVID D.                         TN-94-2-364
PAGE, DAVID D.                         TN-94-4-147, 189
PAGE, JOHN                             TN-94-1-185, 242
PARHAM, REBECCA                        TN-94-2-362
PARHAM, WILLIAM                        TN-94-1-211, 243, 296, 300
PARHAM, WILLIAM                        TN-94-2-65
PARKER, GEORGE                         TN-94-3-184
PARKER, GEORGE                         TN-94-2-274
PARKER, PIETY                          TN-94-2-323
PARKS, JOHN                            TN-94-3-608, 633, 647, 675
PARKS, JOHN                            TN-94-4-, 194
PARKS, MALINDA                         TN-94-2-312
PARKS, WILLIAM                         TN-94-2-152, 199, 329
PARKS, WILLIAM                         TN-94-2-199
PARMLEY, GILES                         TN-94-1-8
PARRISH, ABRAM M.                      TN-94-4-300, 338, 356
PARRISH, JOEL                          TN-94-3-49
PARRISH, JOEL                          TN-94-1-272, 274
PARRISH, JOEL                          TN-94-2-304
PARRISH,ROBERT                         TN-94-4-254
PATE, POLLEY                           TN-94-1-253
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                     TN-94-2-202
PATTON, JAMES                          TN-94-3-108
PATTON, JAMES                          TN-94-1-150
PATTON, JOHN                           TN-94-3-31
PATTON, JOHN                           TN-94-1-203, 231, 298
PATTON, THOMAS                         TN-94-3-69
PATTON, TRISTRAM                       TN-94-3-41, 221
PAYNOR, WILLIAM                        TN-94-4-501
PEAY, ELIZABETH                        TN-94-3-580
PEAY, MARY                             TN-94-3-314, 634
PERKINS, ELIZA C.                      TN-94-3-210
PERKINS, P. JOHN                       TN-94-1-162
PERKINS, PETER                         TN-94-1-310
PERKINS, PETER                         TN-94-2-43
PERRY, RICHARD                         TN-94-2-189
PETERS, JAMES P.                       TN-94-3-315
PETWAY, HINCHEY                        TN-94-2-369
PETWAY, WILLIAM                        TN-94-4-116, 142, 293
PEWIT, JOEL                            TN-94-3-641, 669
PEWITT, CATHERINE                      TN-94-3-635-630
PEWITT, CATHERINE                      TN-94-4-249
PEWITT, JAMES                          TN-94-3-595
PEWITT, JAMES                          TN-94-4-249
PEWITT, JOSEPH                         TN-94-3-333
PHILIPS, WILLIAM                       TN-94-3-4, 40, 81
PHIPPS, JORDAN                         TN-94-4-234, 260
PIGG, KEZIAH                           TN-94-4-274
PIGG, STEPHEN                          TN-94-4-256, 272, 468
POPE, ANN                              TN-94-4-436
POPE, EZEKIEL                          TN-94-4-368, 417
POPE, JOHN                             TN-94-4-444
PORTER, DUDLEY                         TN-94-1-287, 328
PORTER, JESSE B.                       TN-94-3-674
PORTER, JOHN                           TN-94-4-287, 291, 311, 317, 378, 539
PORTER, MIRIAM                         TN-94-4-325
PORTER, SARAH                          TN-94-2-33, 94
POTTERS, JOSEPH                        TN-94-1-277
POTTS, JOSEPH                          TN-94-2-72, 101
POTTS, PETER                           TN-94-2-147, 316
POTTS, POLLY                           TN-94-2-178
PRIEST, T. JOHN                        TN-94-1-216, 230
PRIMM, JOHN                            TN-94-3-99, 121, 168
PRYOR, GREEN                           TN-94-1-240
PRYOR, PETER                           TN-94-1-240
PRYOR, PETER & GREEN                   TN-94-2-17
PUCKETT, HENRY                         TN-94-3-204
PUCKETT, RICHARD                       TN-94-2-30, 46, 56, 70, 94, 156
PURYEAR, ELIZABETH                     TN-94-3-145
PURYEAR, HEZEKIAH                      TN-94-3-145, 218, 702
PURYEAR, HEZEKIAH                      TN-94-2-233, 261, 384
QUINN, SARAH                           TN-94-3-612, 615, 752
RADFORD, JAMES                         TN-94-2-165
RADFORD, JOH                           TN-94-2-148
RAGDALE, EDWARD                        TN-94-4-13, 41, 528
RAGSDALE, EDWARD                       TN-94-3-628, 632, 664, 678
REDFORD, JOHN                          TN-94-3-219
REDFORD, SALLIE                        TN-94-3-27, 218
REDFORD, SALLY                         TN-94-2-410
REED, ALEXANDER                        TN-94-2-207, 287, 324, 354, 405
REED, EDWARD                           TN-94-2-191
REED, JOHN                             TN-94-2-301
REES, JORDAN                           TN-94-2-26
REESE, JORDON                          TN-94-1-315
REESE, PATRICK                         TN-94-2-136
REESE, SARAH                           TN-94-3-698
REEVES, PETER                          TN-94-3-579
REEVES, PETER                          TN-94-1-288
REEVES, PETER                          TN-94-2-14
REID, ALEXANDER                        TN-94-3-173, 241
REID, ALEXANDER                        TN-94-4-66
REID, JOHN                             TN-94-2-209
REID, JOHN                             TN-94-4-171
REVEL, KINCHEN                         TN-94-4-371
REVEL, SARAH                           TN-94-4-392
REYNOLDS, GEORGE                       TN-94-2-38, 41
REYNOLDS, RICHARD C.                   TN-94-4-94, 125, 342
REYNOLDS, SPENCER                      TN-94-4-517, 521
REYNOLDS, SUSANNAH                     TN-94-3-274, 334
RICHARDSON, BERNARD                    TN-94-3-290
RICHARDSON, MARTHA W.                  TN-94-2-445
RIGGS, NANCY                           TN-94-2-273
RIGGS, WRIGHT                          TN-94-1-330
RIGGS, ZADOCK                          TN-94-3-647
RIGGS, ZADOCK                          TN-94-2-323, 256, 358, 402
ROBARDS, WILLIAM                       TN-94-4-90, 401
ROBERDS, WILLIAM                       TN-94-3-163, 267, 569, 573, 598
ROBERTS, BENJAMIN                      TN-94-4-515, 542
ROBERTS, JOHN                          TN-94-3-679
ROBERTS, JOHN                          TN-94-4-86
ROBERTS, JOSEPH                        TN-94-1-226
ROBERTS, LEMUEL                        TN-94-3-594, 633
ROBERTS, LEMUEL                        TN-94-4-20
ROBERTS, REBECCA                       TN-94-3-697
ROBERTSON, DAVID                       TN-94-3-275, 669
ROBERTSON, EDWARD                      TN-94-4-423
ROBERTSON, MARY                        TN-94-4-423
ROBINSON, CHARLES                      TN-94-4-286, 376, 466
ROBINSON, MICHAEL                      TN-94-1-201
ROBINSON, SARAH                        TN-94-3-324, 580
RODGERS, RUTH                          TN-94-3-171
ROGERS, CHARLES                        TN-94-4-5, 16
ROGERS, JAMES                          TN-94-2-149, 168, 381
ROGERS, ROBERT                         TN-94-3-38, 100 129
ROGERS, SAMUEL                         TN-94-2-183, 373
ROGERS, THOMAS                         TN-94-1-177
ROLLAND, JACOB                         TN-94-2-10, 375
ROLLAND, JACOB                         TN-94-4-108
ROWLETT, JOHN                          TN-94-4-247
RUCKER, WILLIAM                        TN-94-4-140, 160
RUSSWURM, JOHN E.                      TN-94-3-41
RUTHERFORD, HENRY                      TN-94-2-371
RUTLEDGE, ROBERT                       TN-94-3-26, 688
RUTLEDGE, WILLIAM                      TN-94-1-55
SAMPLE, JAMES                          TN-94-2-257, 268
SAMPLE, JOHN                           TN-94-3-186, 188
SAMPLE, JOHN                           TN-94-2-313
SAMPLE, JOHN                           TN-94-4-63
SAMPLE, MARGARET                       TN-94-2-233
SAMPLE, WILLIAM                        TN-94-2-219
SAMPSON, RICHARD                       TN-94-2-389, 410, 438
SANDFORD, JAMES T.                     TN-94-2-285, 366
SANDFORD, ROBERT                       TN-94-2-409
SANFORD, JAMES T.                      TN-94-3-111
SANFORD, RICHARD                       TN-94-3-238
SANFORD, ROBERT                        TN-94-3-15
SAPPINGTON, THOMAS                     TN-94-3-691
SASSER, STEPHEN                        TN-94-4-341
SAUNDERS, TURNER                       TN-94-3-87
SCALES, FANNY                          TN-94-4-180, 403
SCALES, NICHOLAS                       TN-94-1-336
SCRUGGS, FINCH                         TN-94-2-78
SCRUGGS, KEZIAH                        TN-94-4-381, 416, 475
SEAY, JOHN                             TN-94-1-276, 329
SHANNON, DAVID                         TN-94-3-261,3 02, 307, 325, 751
SHANNON, ROBERT MC.                    TN-94-4-306
SHARP, ANTHONY                         TN-94-3-160, 192
SHARP, ANTHONY                         TN-94-2-1, 87, 102
SHARP, MARGARET N.                     TN-94-3-684
SHARP, PEGGY                           TN-94-3-135
SHARP, SEARCY D.                       TN-94-3-55, 213
SHARP, SELA N.                         TN-94-3-54, 214
SHARP, SUMNER M.                       TN-94-3-54
SHARP, THOMAS                          TN-94-1-189
SHAW, ALEXANDER                        TN-94-4-103, 327, 428, 527
SHELBURNE, JAMES                       TN-94-2-18, 34, 66, 93
SHELBURNE, JAMES                       TN-94-4-26
SHENALLS, KEZIAH                       TN-94-2-214
SHEPPARD, JAMES                        TN-94-4-346, 414, 441, 525
SHEPPARD, JOHN                         TN-94-1-328
SHEPPARD, PHOEBE                       TN-94-4-425
SHORES, JOHN                           TN-94-2-151
SHUMATE, JAMES                         TN-94-2-33, 57, 247
SHUMATE, JOHN                          TN-94-1-178
SIMMONS, THOMAS                        TN-94-1-244, 257
SIMMONS, THOMAS                        TN-94-2-170
SKELLY, JAMES                          TN-94-2-207, 306, 441
SLEDGE, JOHN                           TN-94-3-644
SLEDGE, JOHN                           TN-94-4-39, 489
SLEDGE, SCYNTHIA                       TN-94-3-652
SLICKER, GEORGE                        TN-94-4-307
SLOCUMB, RILEY                         TN-94-3-82
SMITH, ALEXANDER                       TN-94-2-206
SMITH, JOHN                            TN-94-4-54, 270
SMITH, LUKE                            TN-94-1-52
SMITH, RACHEL                          TN-94-3-765
SMITH, RICHARD                         TN-94-2-55, 70
SMITH, SAMUEL                          TN-94-2-345
SMITH, WILILAM                         TN-94-2-165
SMITHSON, CLEMENT                      TN-94-3-328, 355, 323
SMITHSON, CLEMENT                      TN-94-2-105, 134
SMITHSON, NANCY                        TN-94-2-131
SQUIER, DAVI                           TN-94-3-12
SQUIER, GURDON                         TN-94-2-36, 39, 68
STAGGS, FELIX                          TN-94-4-139, 172, 185, 354, 396
STAGGS, JOHN                           TN-94-4-156,2 10, 292
STANCILL, NATHAN                       TN-94-3-326, 564, 571
STANFIELD, EPHRAIM                     TN-94-2-161
STANLEY, MARTIN                        TN-94-3-326, 328, 596, 712, 718
STEPHENS, WILLIAM                      TN-94-3-30, 57
STEPHENSON, ALLEN                      TN-94-2-259
STEVENS, LOAMI                         TN-94-2-164
STEVENS, WILLIAM                       TN-94-2-184, 325
STEWART, ANN                           TN-94-1-277
STEWART,JOHN                           TN-94-1-4
STILL, JOSIAH                          TN-94-4-535
STOCKELL, NOBLE                        TN-94-1-108
STOCKETT, JOSEPH H.                    TN-94-3-228, 250, 268, 732
STOCKETT, JOSEPH H.                    TN-94-4-61
STOCKETT, SUSAN                        TN-94-3-227
STOCKETT, THOMAS W.                    TN-94-3-118, 169
STOKES, JOSIAH                         TN-94-4-518
STONE, HENDLEY                         TN-94-1-240,3 02
STONE, HENDLEY                         TN-94-2-16, 80, 359
STONE, JANE                            TN-94-4-345, 374
STONE, WILLIAM                         TN-94-2-200
STONE, WILLIAM SR.                     TN-94-1-285, 333
STRICKLAND, THOMAS                     TN-94-1-131
STRICKLIN, JOSEPH                      TN-94-4-157, 187, 465
STRINGFELLOW, ANN B.                   TN-94-2-203
STRINGFELLOW, WILLIAM                  TN-94-2-228
SULLARDS, JAMES                        TN-94-1-321
SUMNER, THOMAS E.                      TN-94-3-90, 112, 170, 653, 680
TAIT, CALEB                            TN-94-3-560
TAPLEY, JOHN                           TN-94-1-196
TARPLEY, JOHN                          TN-94-2-166
TARPLEY, WILLIAM                       TN-94-4-333, 526
TAYLOR, ABSOLOM                        TN-94-2-145
TAYLOR, CHARLES                        TN-94-1-257, 282
TAYLOR, THOMAS                         TN-94-2-244
TEMPLETON, JAMES                       TN-94-3-306, 270, 667
TERRILL, JAMES                         TN-94-4-162, 391, 408
TERRY, DAVID                           TN-94-2-137
THOMAS, ANTHONY                        TN-94-2-246
THOMAS, ANTHONY H.                     TN-94-2-167
THOMAS, JAMES G.                       TN-94-4-336, 339
THOMAS, MARK                           TN-94-2-191
THOMAS, NATHANIEL                      TN-94-2-320
THOMPSON, JAMES                        TN-94-3-69
THORNTON, BURRELL                      TN-94-2-345
THORNTON, BURWELL                      TN-94-1-191
THWEATT, FRANCIS                       TN-94-3-197, 208, 221, 577
TOMBLIN, JAMES                         TN-94-3-355
TOMLIN, JAMES                          TN-94-2-363
TOMLINSON, NANCY                       TN-94-2-380
TOON, LEWIS                            TN-94-3-83
TOON, LEWIS                            TN-94-2-322
TROTTER, ISHAM R.                      TN-94-3-289, 693
TRULL, PENELOPE                        TN-94-2-325
TUCKER, WILLIS                         TN-94-3-39
TURNER, JOHN                           TN-94-4-544
TURNER, THOMAS E.                      TN-94-3-653
VANNATTA, CHRISTOPHER                  TN-94-2-166, 399, 443
WADSWORTH, JASON                       TN-94-1-171
WALKENS, T. OWEN                       TN-94-1-338
WALKER, HANCH                          TN-94-2-150
WALKER, HENRY                          TN-94-3-699, 741
WALKER, HENRY                          TN-94-4-32, 276
WALKER, JOHN                           TN-94-3-721, 740
WALKER, NOAH                           TN-94-4-204, 246, 426, 461
WALTON, GEORGE L.                      TN-94-2-243
WALTON, JOSIAH                         TN-94-3-359, 680
WALTON, JOSIAH                         TN-94-2-206
WALTON, JOSIAH S.                      TN-94-3-35
WALTON, LANGHON T.                     TN-94-3-246, 266, 269
WALTON, NANCY                          TN-94-2-203
WARREN, MICHAEL                        TN-94-1-174, 295
WARREN, WILLIAM                        TN-94-3-562
WATERS, OBEDIAH                        TN-94-4-281, 307, 312, 485
WATKINS, OWEN T.                       TN-94-3-52
WATSON, JOHN                           TN-94-2-280
WELLS, JOHN                            TN-94-2-209, 271, 328
WELLS, SUSANNAH                        TN-94-2-328
WHEATEN, JANE                          TN-94-3-85, 87
WHEATON, CALVIN                        TN-94-2-399
WHEATON, JANE                          TN-94-3-582
WHEATON, JANE                          TN-94-1-322
WHEATON, JANE                          TN-94-2-100
WHEATON, STERLING                      TN-94-3-640, 668
WHEATON, STIRLING                      TN-94-4-49
WHITBEY, MARY                          TN-94-3-703
WHITBEY, MARY                          TN-94-4-64
WHITE, BENJAMIN                        TN-94-4-255, 263, 336, 369, 503
WHITE, CHAPMAN                         TN-94-3-754
WHITE, CHAPMAN                         TN-94-4-26
WHITE, HENRY                           TN-94-2-136, 3212
WHITE, HENRY (HEIRS)                   TN-94-2-406
WHITE, JOHN                            TN-94-2-255
WHITE, JOHN                            TN-94-4-58, 85,294
WHITE, ROBERT                          TN-94-4-72, 98
WHITE, SALLY                           TN-94-4-39
WHITE, WILSON                          TN-94-4-212, 353, 449
WILKES, BENJAMIN                       TN-94-3-220
WILKINS, WILLIAM                       TN-94-3-55, 165, 221, 305, 717
WILKINS, WILLIAM                       TN-94-1-16, 331
WILLET, RICHARD                        TN-94-1-336
WILLET, RICHARD                        TN-94-2-7, 777
WILLIAMS, MARY                         TN-94-3-767
WILLIAMS, OLIVER                       TN-94-1-335
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                      TN-94-3-739, 762
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                      TN-94-4-152, 222
WILLIAMSON, MARTHA                     TN-94-4-358
WILLIAMSON, ROBERT                     TN-94-3-197, 233, 708
WILLIAMSON, THOMAS                     TN-94-2-252
WILSON, ELIZABETH                      TN-94-4-324
WILSON, HENRIETTA                      TN-94-4-300, 340
WILSON, JAMES                          TN-94-2-18
WILSON, JAMES                          TN-94-4-182, 403
WILSON, JANE                           TN-94-3-124, 652
WILSON, JOHN                           TN-94-4-175, 406
WILSON, JOSEPH                         TN-94-3-650
WILSON, MARGARET                       TN-94-3-314
WILSON, MARGARET                       TN-94-4-321
WILSON, MARTHA                         TN-94-3-266
WILSON, PEGGY                          TN-94-4-494
WILSON, ROBERT                         TN-94-3-95, 124, 354
WILSON, SAMUEL                         TN-94-3-222, 273, 309, 578, 686, 698
WILSON, SAMUEL                         TN-94-1-337
WILSON, SAMUEL                         TN-94-2-364
WILSON, SAMUEL                         TN-94-2-11
WILSON, SAMUEL                         TN-94-4-42, 88
WILSON, THOMAS                         TN-94-3-271, 302
WILSON, THOMAS                         TN-94-4-134, 310, 325, 430
WILSON, THOMAS SR.                     TN-94-2-377, 438
WILSON, WILLIAM                        TN-94-3-82
WINDROW, RICHARD                       TN-94-1-24, 26
WINSET, ROBERT                         TN-94-1-324
WINSETT, ROBERT                        TN-94-3-649
WINSETT, ROBERT                        TN-94-2-5
WINSETT, ROBERT                        TN-94-4-89
WINSETT, WILLIAM                       TN-94-3-164, 181
WINSETT, WILLIAM                       TN-94-4-85
WINSTEAD, JOHN                         TN-94-3-585, 594, 726
WINSTEAD, JOHN                         TN-94-4-43
WISENOR, HENRY                         TN-94-4-114, 146, 183, 193, 393
WITHERINGTON, WILLIAM                  TN-94-2-149
WOOD, CHRISTOPHER                      TN-94-4-256, 288, 487
WOOD, JOHN                             TN-94-3-264, 304, 706
WOOD, SARAH                            TN-94-4-382
WOODRUFF, JAMES                        TN-94-4-525
WOOLDRIDGE, JOSIAH                     TN-94-4-6, 452
WOOLDRIDGE, WILLIAM F.                 TN-94-4-31, 56
WORD, MARTIN K.                        TN-94-4-298
WORD, MARTIN R.                        TN-94-4-100
WRIGHT, JOHN                           TN-94-1-59
WYMPEE, TYRE                           TN-94-2-393
YARBOROUGH, WILLIAM                    TN-94-4-74, 76, 182, 428
YOUNG, ELIABETH                        TN-94-3-13, 47
YOUNG, ELIZABETH                       TN-94-4-107, 250

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