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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List | 1=1794-1869 | 2=1896-1922 | 3=1923-1934 | Early records may be found in Knox County |
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AIKMAN, THOMAS H.                      TN-5-1-220
ALLEN, SARAH                           TN-5-1-3
ANDERSON, ISAAC                        TN-5-1-2
ANDERSON, JAMES M.                     TN-5-1-1
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     TN-5-1-237
BADGETT, SAMUEL                        TN-5-1-8
BEATY, ARTHUR                          TN-5-1-216
BEATY, ROBERT                          TN-5-1-5
BELL, GEORGE                           TN-5-1-12
BERRY, GEORGE                          TN-5-1-6
BERRY, THOMAS                          TN-5-1-255
BLACK, JOHN                            TN-5-1-170
BLACKBURN, THOMAS                      TN-5-1-171
BLAIR, JOHN                            TN-5-1-220
BOGEL, SAMUEL                          TN-5-1-4
BOGLE, ANDREW                          TN-5-1-215
BOGLE, ELISABETH                       TN-5-1-169
BOGLE, JOSEPH                          TN-5-1-9
BOGLE, MATHEW H.                       TN-5-1-232
BORING, JOSHUA                         TN-5-1-221
BOWEN, WILLIAM                         TN-5-1-10
BOWER, PETER                           TN-5-1-253
BOWERMAN, PETER                        TN-5-1-5
BOYD, WILLIAM                          TN-5-1-270
BOYD, WILLIAM                          TN-5-1-13
BRADBURY, WILLIAM                      TN-5-1-8
BRAMAN, DAVID P.                       TN-5-1-7
BROWN, ELIJAH                          TN-5-1-204
CAGLY, JACOB                           TN-5-1-196
CALDWELL, DAVID                        TN-5-1-198
CALDWELL, THOMAS                       TN-5-1-259
CAMERON, SAMUEL                        TN-5-1-262
CARTRIGHT, THOMAS                      TN-5-1-202
CARVER, CORNELIUS                      TN-5-1-26
CARVER, THOMAS                         TN-5-1-28
CAWOOD, MOSSES                         TN-5-1-25
CHAMBERLAIN, NINIAN                    TN-5-1-252
CHAMBERLIN, HANAH                      TN-5-1-16
CHANDLER, RICHARD                      TN-5-1-18
CLARK, JAMES                           TN-5-1-16
CLARK, THOMAS                          TN-5-1-27
COCHRAN, JAMES                         TN-5-1-21
COCHRAN, PAUL                          TN-5-1-192
COCHRAN, SILAS                         TN-5-1-22
COLTER, JOHN W.                        TN-5-1-28
COLTER, MARY                           TN-5-1-15
CONNER, JAMES                          TN-5-1-26
CONNER, TORRANCE                       TN-5-1-29
COOPER, THOMAS                         TN-5-1-24
COPE, GEORGE                           TN-5-1-27
CORRUTHERS, JAMES                      TN-5-1-166
COSNER, JACOB                          TN-5-1-23
COULSON, JOHN                          TN-5-1-224
COULTER, ANDREW                        TN-5-1-20
COWIN, ANDREW                          TN-5-1-19
COX, HENRY                             TN-5-1-22
CRISWELL, SAMUEL                       TN-5-1-267
CUMMINGS, ANDREW                       TN-5-1-18
CUMMINGS, ELISABETH                    TN-5-1-270
CUMMINS, ELISABETH                     TN-5-1-215
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM                      TN-5-1-177
DAVIS, JAMES                           TN-5-1-31
DAVIS, JOHN                            TN-5-1-34
DAVIS, PHILLIP                         TN-5-1-244
DEBUSK, ELIAS                          TN-5-1-35
DELZELL, JOHN                          TN-5-1-31
DELZELL, JOHN                          TN-5-1-30
DELZELL, MARY                          TN-5-1-G30
DELZELL, WILLIAM                       TN-5-1-36
DICKSON, ROBERT                        TN-5-1-267
DOBSON, JOSEPH                         TN-5-1-183
DUNCAN, JAMES                          TN-5-1-32
DUNCAN, JOHN                           TN-5-1-38
DUNCAN, JOSEPH                         TN-5-1-32
DUNCAN, MARGRET                        TN-5-1-192
DUNLAP, ADAM                           TN-5-1-243
DUNLAP, JAMES                          TN-5-1-35
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                        TN-5-1-90
DUNN, DANIEL                           TN-5-1-256
DYER, JACOB                            TN-5-1-34
EAGLETON, DAVID                        TN-5-1-42
EAGLETON, W. W.                        TN-5-1-210
EAKIN, WILLIAM                         TN-5-1-39
EDMONDSON, BENJAMIN                    TN-5-1-44
EDMONDSON, WILLIAM                     TN-5-1-40
ENDESLEY, JAMES                        TN-5-1-40
ESS, MARY                              TN-5-1-187
EWING, GEORE                           TN-5-1-42
EWING, JOHN                            TN-5-1-41
EWING, MARGARET                        TN-5-1-42
FARMER, JOHN                           TN-5-1-268
FREMAN, JAMES                          TN-5-1-248
FROW, ARCHIBLE                         TN-5-1-45
FURGUS, JOHN                           TN-5-1-45
FURGUSON, HUGH                         TN-5-1-43
GAMBLE, MOSES                          TN-5-1-51
GARNER, JOHN F.                        TN-5-1-53
GAULT, JOHN                            TN-5-1-191
GAULT, WILLIAM                         TN-5-1-50
GEORGE, SAMUEL                         TN-5-1-48
GILELSPIE, ANN                         TN-5-1-51
GILLESPIE, JOHN                        TN-5-1-47
GILLESPIE, WILLIAM                     TN-5-1-250
GILLESPIE, WILLIAM                     TN-5-1-52
GILLESPY, JOHN                         TN-5-1-239
GLASS, SAMUEL                          TN-5-1-46
GOODLINK, MICHEL                       TN-5-1-168
GOODLINK, SAMUEL                       TN-5-1-53
GRANT, JOHN                            TN-5-1-52
GREAR, MARGARET C.                     TN-5-1-92
GREEN, MASTAN C.                       TN-5-1-225
GREER, ARTHUR                          TN-5-1-170
HACKNEY, AARON                         TN-5-1-55
HACKNEY, HUGH                          TN-5-1-201
HACKNEY, JANE                          TN-5-1-58
HACKNEY, JEHU                          TN-5-1-63
HACKNEY, JOHN                          TN-5-1-66
HADDIN, GEORGE                         TN-5-1-66
HAIR, ISAAC                            TN-5-1-69
HAMIL, JOHN                            TN-5-1-71
HAMMONTREE, JEREMIAH                   TN-5-1-203
HAMONTREE, JAMES                       TN-5-1-72
HAMONTREE, JOHN                        TN-5-1-68
HAMONTREE, WILLIAM                     TN-5-1-65
HANNA, JOHN                            TN-5-1-193
HANNUM, HENRY                          TN-5-1-247
HAUL, JOEL                             TN-5-1-62
HENDERSON, ALEXANDER                   TN-5-1-63
HENDERSON, SUSANNAH                    TN-5-1-70
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                     TN-5-1-64
HENRY, HUGH                            TN-5-1-73
HENSHAW, URIAH                         TN-5-1-78
HITCH, ARCHIBLE                        TN-5-1-68
HITCH, ELEVEN                          TN-5-1-67
HOGG, JAMES                            TN-5-1-56
HOLLOWAY, BILLY                        TN-5-1-74
HOLMES, JAMES                          TN-5-1-258
HOOK,ROBERT                            TN-5-1-55
HOUSTON, JAMES                         TN-5-1-58
HOUSTON, JOHN                          TN-5-1-61
HOUSTON, WILLIAM                       TN-5-1-208
HOWARD, BENJAMIN                       TN-5-1-62
HOWARD, GEORGE                         TN-5-1-60
HUDGEONS, WILLIAM                      TN-5-1-54
HUGHES, ROBERT                         TN-5-1-72
HUGHES, WILLIAM                        TN-5-1-59
HUMPHREYS, WILLIAM                     TN-5-1-73
HUNTER, THOMAS                         TN-5-1-56
JACKSON, JOHN                          TN-5-1-77
JAMES, JESSE                           TN-5-1-75
JEFFRIES, WILLIAM                      TN-5-1-78
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                        TN-5-1-81
JOHNSTON, FRANCIS                      TN-5-1-204
JONES, FRANCIS                         TN-5-1-81
JONES, FRANCIS                         TN-5-1-76
JONES, JOHNSTON                        TN-5-1-76
JONES, JOSEPH                          TN-5-1-79
JONES, THOMAS                          TN-5-1-80
KEEBLE, MARY                           TN-5-1-86
KEEBLE, WILLIAM                        TN-5-1-84
KEEN, ENOCH                            TN-5-1-82
KEER, DAVID                            TN-5-1-85
KERR, MARY                             TN-5-1-87
KEY, PETER                             TN-5-1-195
KIRBY, JAMES                           TN-5-1-86
KIRBY, RICHARD                         TN-5-1-87
KIRKPATRICK, CHARLES                   TN-5-1-83
LANGFORD, JAMES                        TN-5-1-218
LEATHERDALE, ROEBRT                    TN-5-1-91
LEWIS, THOMAS                          TN-5-1-234
LOGAN, CHARLES                         TN-5-1-92
LOGAN, DAVID                           TN-5-1-90
LOGAN, JAMES                           TN-5-1-93
LONG, HENRY                            TN-5-1-88
LOVE, JANE                             TN-5-1-91
LOVE, ROBERT                           TN-5-1-89
LOVE, SAMUEL                           TN-5-1-77
LOVE, SAMUEL                           TN-5-1-263
LOWRY, JANE                            TN-5-1-217
LYLE, WILLIAM G.                       TN-5-1-90
MALCOM, ALEXAANDER                     TN-5-1-111
MALCOM, SILA                           TN-5-1-175
MARTIN, JESSE                          TN-5-1-205
MARTIN, JOHN                           TN-5-1-185
MARTIN, JOSIAH                         TN-5-1-2211
MAXWELL, JOHN                          TN-5-1-94
MAYERS, SAMUEL                         TN-5-1-107
MCCAIN, JOHN                           TN-5-1-176
MCCALLIE, JOHN                         TN-5-1-95
MCCARRY, SAMUEL                        TN-5-1-206
MCCARTEE, SARAH                        TN-5-1-210
MCCHESNEY, MARGARET                    TN-5-1-99
MCCLURE, HALBERT                       TN-5-1-104
MCCLURG, WILLIAM                       TN-5-1-107
MCCOLLOCH, JOHN                        TN-5-1-205
MCCOLM, ALEXANDER                      TN-5-1-254
MCCONNELL, JACOB                       TN-5-1-227
MCCONNELL, JAMES                       TN-5-1-172
MCCURDY, ROEBRT                        TN-5-1-179
MCELEVES, MARGRET                      TN-5-1-166
MCFADDIN, JOSEPH                       TN-5-1-105
MCFEER, JAMES                          TN-5-1-100
MCFEER, ROBERT                         TN-5-1-101
MCFEER, WILLIAM                        TN-5-1-110
MCGILL, ROBERT                         TN-5-1-236
MCKAY, GEORGE                          TN-5-1-106
MCLIN, WILLIAM                         TN-5-1-109
MCLIN, WILLIAM                         TN-5-1-102
MCMURRY, SAMUEL                        TN-5-1-188
MCREYNOLDS, JOHN                       TN-5-1-194
MCREYNOLDS, JOSEPH                     TN-5-1-100
MCTEER, MARTIN                         TN-5-1-102
MEANS, JOHN                            TN-5-1-221
MEANS, WILLIAM                         TN-5-1-200
MEGEE, JOHN                            TN-5-1-98
MELSON, ABRAHAM                        TN-5-1-109
MITCHEL, DAVID                         TN-5-1-106
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                      TN-5-1-203
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                       TN-5-1-95
MONTGOMERY, THOMAS                     TN-5-1-103
MOOR, GEORGE                           TN-5-1-110
MORTON, WILLIAM                        TN-5-1-235
MURDOCK, WILLIAM                       TN-5-1-200
MURRIN, ROBERT                         TN-5-1-219
MURRY, PATRICK                         TN-5-1-98
MYERS, PHILLIP                         TN-5-1-231
NICKELSEN, JOHN                        TN-5-1-223
NOBLET, THOMAS                         TN-5-1-114
NORTON, ALEXANDER                      TN-5-1-115
NORTON, NANCY                          TN-5-1-257
NORWOOD, JOHN                          TN-5-1-113
ORR, JOSEPH                            TN-5-1-189
ORR, ROBERT                            TN-5-1-199
OWENS, DAVID                           TN-5-1-115
PAXTON, JOHN                           TN-5-1-118
PAYNE, JOSIAH                          TN-5-1-120
PESTERFIELD, HENRY                     TN-5-1-121
PICKENS, JOHN                          TN-5-1-117
PLUMLEE, STEPHEN                       TN-5-1-230
RANKIN, JOHN                           TN-5-1-123
RANSBARGER, JOHN                       TN-5-1-126
RANSBARGER, NANCY                      TN-5-1-231
RASSOM, JOHN                           TN-5-1-247
RAY, WILLIAM                           TN-5-1-186
RAY, WILLIAM                           TN-5-1-127
REED, NANCY                            TN-5-1-189
REVES, ELISABETH                       TN-5-1-127
RIDER, JOHN                            TN-5-1-122
RODDY, JAMES                           TN-5-1-124
ROGERS, SHADRICH                       TN-5-1-124
ROGERS, WELLOBE                        TN-5-1-121
SCOTT, ROBERT                          TN-5-1-261
SCOTT, WILLIAM                         TN-5-1-150
SHANKS, HOLDEN                         TN-5-1-129
SHAW, FRANCIS                          TN-5-1-131
SIMONS, WILLIAM                        TN-5-1-178
SINGLETON, REBECCA                     TN-5-1-132
SMITH, JACOB                           TN-5-1-258
SMITH, JOHN                            TN-5-1-130
SMITH, WINEYFRED                       TN-5-1-128
SMITZER, PETER                         TN-5-1-131
SNIDER, PETER                          TN-5-1-131
SNIVERLY, JOHN                         TN-5-1-213
STERLING, MARGRET                      TN-5-1-244
STERLING, ROBERT                       TN-5-1-182
STEWART, ALEXANDER                     TN-5-1-209
TARBET, SAMUEL                         TN-5-1-263
TAYLOR, JAMES                          TN-5-1-172
TEDFORD, GEORGE                        TN-5-1-148
TEDFORD, JOHN                          TN-5-1-137
THARP, JOSHUA                          TN-5-1-214
THOMAS, JACOB                          TN-5-1-259
THOMAS, WILLIAM                        TN-5-1-132
THOMPSON, ANDREW                       TN-5-1-136
THOMPSON, DAVID                        TN-5-1-138
THOMPSON, JOHN                         TN-5-1-209
THOMPSON, ROBERT                       TN-5-1-142
TIPTON, MASHAC                         TN-5-1-142
TIPTON, WILLIAM                        TN-5-1-196
TOWNSLEY, GEORGE                       TN-5-1-139
TRICE, JAMES                           TN-5-1-144
TRUNDLE, JAMES                         TN-5-1-245
TUCK, SUSANNAH                         TN-5-1-242
TULLOCH, MAYNES                        TN-5-1-168
TURK, THOMAS                           TN-5-1-144
TYEL, HENRY                            TN-5-1-141
VANCE, DAVID                           TN-5-1-264
VINEYARD, TABLER                       TN-5-1-180
WALLACE, ABRAHAM                       TN-5-1-155
WALLACE, JESSEL                        TN-5-1-145
WALLACE, MATHEW                        TN-5-1-153
WALLACE, SAMUEL                        TN-5-1-164
WALLACE, WILLIAM                       TN-5-1-213
WARREN, HENRY                          TN-5-1-181
WARREN, ROBERT                         TN-5-1-160, 249
WARREN, ROBERT                         TN-5-1-159
WEAR, JAMES                            TN-5-1-93
WEAR, JOSEPH                           TN-5-1-156
WEAR, MARGRET                          TN-5-1-256
WEAR, MARGRET B.                       TN-5-1-226
WEAR, SAMUEL                           TN-5-1-159
WEAR, THOMAS                           TN-5-1-158
WEBB, MERRY                            TN-5-1-173
WETZELL, ELISABETH                     TN-5-1-171
WHEELER, JESSE                         TN-5-1-148
WHEELER, PETER                         TN-5-1-165
WHITE, ANN                             TN-5-1-152
WHITE, AVID                            TN-5-1-152
WHITE, GORDON                          TN-5-1-150
WHITE, JOHN                            TN-5-1-228
WHITE, WILLIAM                         TN-5-1-146
WHITTENBURGE, HENRY                    TN-5-1-147
WIGGINS, MICHAEL                       TN-5-1-207
WILLIAMS, DAVID                        TN-5-1-157
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         TN-5-1-157
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         TN-5-1-228
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                      TN-5-1-217
WILSON, ALEXANDER                      TN-5-1-147
WILSON, JOSEPH                         TN-5-1-161
WILSON, ROBERT                         TN-5-1-163
WINTER, SAMUEL                         TN-5-1-148
WITHERSPOON, JAMES                     TN-5-1-207
WOODS, JOHN                            TN-5-1-145
WORSHAM, ALLISON                       TN-5-1-149
WYLY, JAMES                            TN-5-1-240

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