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Pendleton District, York District and finally York County

Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List: A=1786-1799 | A1=1800-1813 | D=1813-1837 | 2=1837-1840 | 3=1840-1861 | 4=1861-1868 | 1840-1862 | A2=1868-1892 | B=1893-1903 | C=Lost | D2=1917-1925 |
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ADAMS, ROBERT                           SC-47-A1-41
ADAMS, ROBERT                           SC-47-A-129
ADAMS, WILLIAM                          SC-47-A1-14
ALE, ANNA                               SC-47-D-32
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH (MINISTER)            SC-47-A1-279
ALLEN, ANDREW                           SC-47-A1-337
ALLISON, ALEXANDER                      SC-47-D-30
ALLISON, HUGH                           SC-47-A-189
ALLISON, JOHN                           SC-47-A1-148
ANDERSON, JOHN                          SC-47-D-42
ARNOLD, JOSEPHUS                        SC-47-A1-93
ASHE, JOHN                              SC-47-A-2
ASHMORE, WALTER                         SC-47-A-59
ATCHFORD, MARY                          SC-47-D-75
ATKINS, SAMUEL                          SC-47-A1-77
BAILEY, ELIJAH                          SC-47-A1-263
BARNES, JOHN                            SC-47-2-48
BARNET, THOMAS                          SC-47-D-6
BARNETT, JOHN SR.                       SC-47-A1-257
BARRY, KEATHINE                         SC-47-A-28
BARRY, WILLIAM                          SC-47-A1-109
BAXTER, ANDREW                          SC-47-A-181
BAXTER, MAGARET                         SC-47-A-178
BEARD, DAVID                            SC-47-A1-111
BEARD, JAMES                            SC-47-A-29
BEATTY, WILLIAM                         SC-47-A-190
BEATY, JESSE                            SC-47-A1-165
BEAUGARD, GODFREY                       SC-47-2-72, 84
BELL, ROBERT                            SC-47-A1-106
BENOIST, JAMES                          SC-47-A1-81
BIGGER, JAMES                           SC-47-A1-32
BIGGER, JOSEPH                          SC-47-A-8
BIGGER, M. WILLIAM                      SC-47-2-92, 105
BIGGER, MATTHEW                         SC-47-A-34
BLACK, ALEXANDER                        SC-47-A1-30, 333
BLACK, JOHN                             SC-47-2-83
BLACK, JOHNS R.                         SC-47-2-68
BLACK, ROBERT                           SC-47-A-52
BLACK, ROBERT                           SC-47-A1-258
BLACK, THOMAS                           SC-47-A1-317
BLAIR, SAMUEL                           SC-47-2-6
BLAND, EDWARD                           SC-47-A1-16
BOGGS, JOSEPH                           SC-47-A-161
BOYD, THOMAS                            SC-47-2-20, 36
BOYLS, MARY                             SC-47-A-83
BRADLEY, SAMUEL                         SC-47-2-88, 95
BRANDON, JOHN SR.                       SC-47-A1-11
BRATTON, ROBERT                         SC-47-D-71
BRATTON, WILLIAM (COL.)                 SC-47-D-51
BROWN, WILLIAM                          SC-47-A1-53
BURKE, FRANCES                          SC-47-A-155
BURNS, LAUGHLIN                         SC-47-A1-159
BURRIS, WILLIAM SR.                     SC-47-A1-325
BYARS, DAVID                            SC-47-A-108
BYERS, SARAH                            SC-47-A1-222
CALLY, WILLIAM                          SC-47-A-173
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         SC-47-A1-307, 348
CARELL, JOSEPH                          SC-47-A-113
CARNAHAN, JOHN                          SC-47-A-62
CAROL, JOSEPH                           SC-47-A1-115
CARREL, JENNET                          SC-47-A-144
CARROLL, JOHN                           SC-47-2-26
CARROLL, JOSEPH                         SC-47-2-28
CARSON, WILLIAM                         SC-47-A1-314
CHAMBERS, JAMES                         SC-47-A1-121
CHAMBERS, SAMUEL                        SC-47-2-32
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM                       SC-47-2-94
CHAMPION, RICHARD                       SC-47-A-158
CHAMPION, WILLIAM                       SC-47-D-130
CHERRY, PETER                           SC-47-2-50
CLARK, ANN                              SC-47-D-108
CLARK, JOSEPH                           SC-47-A1-297
CLENDENAN, THOMAS                       SC-47-D-169
CLERK, JOHN                             SC-47-2-45
CLOYD, ANDREW                           SC-47-2-66
CONELLY, PATRICK                        SC-47-D-241
COOPER, ISLES                           SC-47-A1-349
CRAIG, HENRY                            SC-47-A1-235
CRAIG, JAMES                            SC-47-A-25
CRAIG, WILLIAM                          SC-47-A1-34
CRAWFORD, AGNES                         SC-47-2-62
CRAWFORD, JAMES                         SC-47-D-214
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       SC-47-A1-219, 354
CROW, JAMES                             SC-47-A1-65
CURRY, CHARLES                          SC-47-D-117
DALE, WILLIAM                           SC-47-A-184
DAVIDSON, JOHN SR.                      SC-47-D-82
DENTON, SAMUEL                          SC-47-A-1
DICKEY, JOHN                            SC-47-A1-38
DICKEY, JOHN                            SC-47-A-9
DONAHY, ELEANOR                         SC-47-A-82
DOUGLAS, GEORE                          SC-47-D-121
DOWDLE, ALLAN                           SC-47-D-56
DRENNAN, THOMAS                         SC-47-A1-246
DRENNON, MARY                           SC-47-A1-288
DUN, JAMES                              SC-47-A1-299
DUNKEN, MARY                            SC-47-A1-322
DYSON, MADDOX                           SC-47-D-140
EAKIN, ALEXANDER                        SC-47-A1-163, 186
EAKIN, WILLIAM                          SC-47-D-114
EDWIN, WILLIAM SR.                      SC-47-D-23
ELLIS, BENJAMIN                         SC-47-A1-225
ELLIS, ROBERT                           SC-47-D-142
ENLOE, ISAAC                            SC-47-D-236
ENLOE, MARY                             SC-47-A-16
FARIS, JAMES                            SC-47-A1-85
FARIS, ROBERT                           SC-47-A1-130
FARRIS, JEAN                            SC-47-A1-261
FARRIS, WILLIAM                         SC-47-A1-215
FEEMSTER, JOHN                          SC-47-D-96
FEEMSTER, JOHN C.                       SC-47-D-166
FEEMSTER, JOSEPH                        SC-47-A1-178
FERGUSON, JAMES                         SC-47-A-77
FERMAN, SAMUEL                          SC-47-A1-240
FOREMAN, JAMES                          SC-47-A1-274
FOWLER, JAMES                           SC-47-A1-90
GALLIMORE, EDWARD                       SC-47-A1-146
GALLOWAY, WILLIAM                       SC-47-2-56
GARVIN, JOHN                            SC-47-A1-28
GAY, SAMUEL                             SC-47-A-191
GELOSE, JOHN SR.                        SC-47-D-79
GIBSON, JAMES                           SC-47-A1-232
GIBSON, MATHEW                          SC-47-A1-203
GILHAM, CHARLES                         SC-47-A1-82
GILHAM, THOMAS                          SC-47-A1-56
GILMORE, FRANCIS                        SC-47-A1-310
GIVINS, DANIEL                          SC-47-D-38
GLOVER, JAMES                           SC-47-A1-102
GOOD, ANN                               SC-47-2-2
GOOD, JOHN SR.                          SC-47-A1-238
GORDON, JOHN                            SC-47-A1-96
GORDON, NANNIE                          SC-47-A-71
GRAHAM, JEAN                            SC-47-A-69
GREER, SUSANA                           SC-47-2-63
GUINN, THOMAS                           SC-47-2-64
HAGGINS, MARY                           SC-47-A1-262
HALL, JOHN                              SC-47-A1-217
HAMBRIGHT, FREDERICK                    SC-47-D-156
HAMILTON, APTRICK                       SC-47-D-219
HAMILTON, DAVID                         SC-47-A1-62
HAMILTON, JEAN                          SC-47-D-47
HANNA, JAMES                            SC-47-A-166
HARBISON, JOHN                          SC-47-A1-221
HARPER, THOMAS                          SC-47-A1-158
HARRIS, PRUDENCE                        SC-47-2-70
HARSHAW, DANIEL                         SC-47-D-17
HART, JOHN                              SC-47-A-177
HART, WILLIAM                           SC-47-D-94
HARTNESS, ROBERT                        SC-47-A-182
HEMPHILL, ALEXANDER                     SC-47-A-20
HENDERSON, ESTHER                       SC-47-A-44
HENDERSON, NATHANIEL                    SC-47-A-96
HENRY, JAMES                            SC-47-A1-328
HILL, WILLIAM                           SC-47-A1-9
HILL, WILLIAM                           SC-47-D-146
HOFF, POWEL                             SC-47-D-127
HOLT, KILLES                            SC-47-2-77
HOWE, JOSEPH                            SC-47-A-186
HOWIE, ROBERT                           SC-47-D-182
IRWIN, NATHANIEL                        SC-47-A-91
JACKSON, DAVID                          SC-47-D-210
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        SC-47-A1-312
JENKINS, BENJAMIN                       SC-47-D-243B
JOHNSTON, DAVID                         SC-47-A-110
JORDAN, JOHN                            SC-47-A-63
JULIAN, JACOB                           SC-47-A1-25
KALB, JAMES SR.                         SC-47-A1-242
KENDSEY, BARBARA                        SC-47-D-185
KENMURE, JAMES                          SC-47-A1-138
KENNEDY, WILLIAM                        SC-47-A-187
KERR, JANE                              SC-47-A1-295
KERR, WILLIAM                           SC-47-A1-177
KIMBREL, NANCY                          SC-47-2-81
KING, GEORGE SR.                        SC-47-A-12
KNOX, SAMUEL                            SC-47-A1-20
KUYKENDAL, SAMUEL                       SC-47-A1-302
KUYKENDALE, SARAH                       SC-47-A1-248
LATTIMORE, ROBERT                       SC-47-A-15
LEANEY, JOSEPH                          SC-47-A-27
LEATHAM, ANDREW                         SC-47-A-56
LEATHER, RICHARD                        SC-47-A-4
LEECH, JAMES                            SC-47-D-87
LEECH, WILLIAM                          SC-47-A-68
LEEPER, ROBERT                          SC-47-A-152
LESLY, SAMUEL                           SC-47-A1-197
LEWIS, JAMES                            SC-47-A-60
LINDSEY, JOHN                           SC-47-D-175
LOVE, ALEXANDER                         SC-47-A-48
LOVE, ANDREW                            SC-47-A1-180
LOVE, MARGRET                           SC-47-A1-227
LOVE, ROBERT                            SC-47-A-165
LUSK, ELIZABETH                         SC-47-A-176
MANION, THOMA                           SC-47-A1-174
MCADORY, THOMAS                         SC-47-A-44
MCCANCE, JOHN                           SC-47-A1-292
MCCLELAND, ROBERT                       SC-47-A1-67
MCCLELAND, WILLIAM                      SC-47-A1-308
MCCLENAGHAN, FANNY                      SC-47-D-202
MCCLENAHAN, JOHN                        SC-47-D-35
MCCORD, JAMES                           SC-47-A-90
MCCORKLE, ABRAHAM                       SC-47-A-162
MCCURDAY, ROBERT                        SC-47-A1-107
MCELMOILE, JOHN                         SC-47-A1-331
MCFADEN, PATRICK                        SC-47-A-126
MCGARITY, MICHAEL                       SC-47-A-19
MCKEE, SAMUEL                           SC-47-A1-190
MCKINNEY, NEAL                          SC-47-A1-54
MCKNIGHT, JOHN                          SC-47-A-13
MCLELLAND, HUGH                         SC-47-A-149
MCMAHEN, THOMAS                         SC-47-2-5
MCMURRY, NANCEY                         SC-47-A1-326
MCNIGHT, MARGRET                        SC-47-A1-46
MCSWAIN, JOHN                           SC-47-A1-250
MCWHORTOR, HUGH                         SC-47-A-156
MEEK, ADAM                              SC-47-A1-229
MEEK, ANN                               SC-47-D-222
MEEK, JANE                              SC-47-A-169
MELLON, GEORGE                          SC-47-A1-19
MEPHILIMEY, JAMES                       SC-47-A1-206
MILAN, JOHN                             SC-47-A1-36
MILLER, DAVID                           SC-47-D-122
MILLER, JOHN                            SC-47-A1-88
MILLER, ROBERT                          SC-47-A1-60
MILLER, SAMUEL                          SC-47-2-31, 61
MILLER, STEPHEN                         SC-47-A-36
MILLER, WILLIAM                         SC-47-A1-346
MILON, JOHN                             SC-47-A-35
MINTER, WILLIAM                         SC-47-A1-276
MISKELLY, FRANCES                       SC-47-A1-127
MISKELLY, JEAN                          SC-47-A1-123
MITCHEL, JAMES                          SC-47-D-36
MONTGOMERY, REBECCA                     SC-47-A1-300
MOORE, ALEXANDER                        SC-47-D-1
MOORE, EALEANOR                         SC-47-D-26
MOORE, GORDON                           SC-47-2-97
MOORE, JANE                             SC-47-A-80
MORRIS, JOHN                            SC-47-A1-320
MULDOON, DAVID                          SC-47-A1-43
MURPHY, JAMES                           SC-47-A-94
NASH, LUCY                              SC-47-A1-273
NEELY, DAVID                            SC-47-D-101
NEELY, JACKSON SR.                      SC-47-A-17
NEELY, MARTHA                           SC-47-D-45
NELLY, WILLIAM                          SC-47-2-10, 25
NELSON, WILLIAM                         SC-47-A1-293
NICKLES, JAMES                          SC-47-A-128
PARKER, THOMAS                          SC-47-A1-214
PATRICK, ROBERT                         SC-47-A1-340
PATTERSON, ANDREW                       SC-47-D-133
PATTERSON, JOHN                         SC-47-D-2
PATTERSON, JOHN                         SC-47-A-134
PATTERSON, ROBERT                       SC-47-A-57
PATTON, JOSEPH                          SC-47-D-69
PATTON, ROBERT                          SC-47-A1-260
PATTON, WILLIAM                         SC-47-A-139
PETTUS, GEORE                           SC-47-D-162
PETTUS, WILLIAM                         SC-47-D-198
POLK, ELEANOR                           SC-47-A1-129
POLK, JOHN                              SC-47-A1-119
PORTER, DAVID                           SC-47-A1-49
PORTER, SAMUEL                          SC-47-A-12
POWELL, JAMES                           SC-47-A1-1, 125
PURSLEY, JAMES                          SC-47-D-232
PURSLEY, JAMES                          SC-47-A-22
PURSLEY, ROBERT                         SC-47-2-1
RAMSEY, JANE                            SC-47-A1-283
RANDALL, JACOB                          SC-47-A1-211
RATCHFORD, WILLIAM                      SC-47-A1-168
RAY, HENRY                              SC-47-A-41
REA, FRANCIS                            SC-47-A1-193
REA, SARAH                              SC-47-D-112
REEVES, SCINTHA                         SC-47-2-49
RENICKS, MARY                           SC-47-A1-143
RICHARDSON, JAMES                       SC-47-A-164
ROBERTS, JAMES                          SC-47-D-196
ROBINSON, JAMES                         SC-47-A-104
ROBINSON, PATRICK                       SC-47-A-86
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                       SC-47-2-16
RODGERS, MICHAEL                        SC-47-A1-75
ROSS, GEORGE (COL.)                     SC-47-2-39
ROSS, RACHAEL                           SC-47-A-54
SADLER, ELIZABETH                       SC-47-2-8
SADLER, JOSEPH                          SC-47-A1-335
SADLER, RICHARD                         SC-47-A1-289
SANDEFUR, PHILIP                        SC-47-D-178
SCOTT, ALEXANDER                        SC-47-2-4
SCOTT, DAVID                            SC-47-A1-6
SHAW, JOHN                              SC-47-D-206
SHEARER, HUGH                           SC-47-A-74
SHEARER, THOMAS                         SC-47-2-74, 90
SIMERAL, JEAN                           SC-47-A1-251
SIMONS, DANIEL                          SC-47-2-52
SINCLAIR, DUNCAN                        SC-47-A1-199
SMITH, HENRY                            SC-47-A-65
SMITH, JAMES                            SC-47-A-131
SMITH, JOHN                             SC-47-A1-355
SMITH, JOHN                             SC-47-D-105
SMITH, JOHN                             SC-47-A-99
SMITH, JOHN                             SC-47-A1-265
SMITH, JOSIAH                           SC-47-D-225
SMITH, NICHOLAS                         SC-47-D-7
SMITH, WILILAM                          SC-47-A1-351
SPENCE, JOHN`                           SC-47-A1-161
SPRATT, ANDREW                          SC-47-A1-135
SPRATT, THOMAS                          SC-47-A1-253
STARR, ARTHUR                           SC-47-A-168
STEEL, ARCHIBALD                        SC-47-A1-207
STEELE, JOSEPH                          SC-47-A-137
STEELE, MARY                            SC-47-2-24, 38
STEPHENSON, WILLIAM                     SC-47-D-189
STEWARD, MARGARET                       SC-47-A-55
STEWART, MICHAEL                        SC-47-A1-270
STURGES, JANE (AKA BRATTON)             SC-47-A1-72
STURGIS, DANIEL                         SC-47-A-31
STURGIS, LABAN                          SC-47-A-124
THOMPSON, ANN                           SC-47-D-61
THOMPSON, NATHANIEL                     SC-47-2-44
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        SC-47-A1-323
THOMPSON, THOMAS                        SC-47-A-88
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       SC-47-A-183
THOMSON, JAMES                          SC-47-A1-290
THRIFT, ABRAHAM                         SC-47-A1-223
TICARS, RALPH                           SC-47-A1-343
TICER, CLARK                            SC-47-A1-133
TICER, HUGH                             SC-47-A1-184
TIPPERY, JAMES                          SC-47-A-72
VENABLE, JOHN                           SC-47-A1-17
VENABLES, JOHN SR.                      SC-47-A1-271
VICKERS, RALPH                          SC-47-A1-343
WADDLE, DAVID                           SC-47-D-248
WADDLE, JOSEPH                          SC-47-A-6
WAGONER, GEORGE                         SC-47-D-192
WALKER, HUGH                            SC-47-2-23, 42
WALKER, THOMAS                          SC-47-A-146
WALLACE, OLIVER                         SC-47-A-42
WATSON, DAVID                           SC-47-2-79, 88
WATSON, GEORGE                          SC-47-A1-278
WATSON, JAMES                           SC-47-A1-104
WATSON, SAMUEL                          SC-47-A1-304
WATSON, WILLIAM                         SC-47-A1-330
WATSON, WILLIAM                         SC-47-A-179
WEATHERS, ISAAC                         SC-47-D-65
WEBB, JAMES                             SC-47-D-56
WHERRY, DORCAS                          SC-47-A1-298
WHITBY, JONATHAN                        SC-47-A-106
WHITE, JOSEPH                           SC-47-A1-154
WILIE, WILLIAM                          SC-47-A-102
WILKIE, WILLIAM                         SC-47-A1-140
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                       SC-47-2-11
WILLSON, RICHARD                        SC-47-A-119
WILSON, HUGH                            SC-47-A1-99
WILSON, JOHN                            SC-47-A-66
WILSON, WILLIAM                         SC-47-A1-8
WORKMAN, JOHN                           SC-47-D-137
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         SC-47-A1-358
WRIGHT, WILLIAM SR.                     SC-47-A1-352
YOUNG, JAMES                            SC-47-A-112
YOUNG, JAMES                            SC-47-A1-285

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