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AMANET, CHARLES                         SC-44-A-22
ANDERSON, JOHN                          SC-44-A-44
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        SC-44-A-53
BAGGS, THOMAS                           SC-44-A-83
BELL, RAFOR WILLIAM                     SC-44-A-77
BENNET, ESTHER                          SC-44-A-7
BIRCH, MICHAEL                          SC-44-A-69
BRACY, SACKFIELD                        SC-44-A-107
BRADFORD, NATHANIEL                     SC-44-A-106
BRADLEY, ELIZABETH                      SC-44-A-47
BRADLEY, JAMES SAMUEL                   SC-44-A-38
BRADLEY, ROGER                          SC-44-A-52
BRADLEY, SAMUEL                         SC-44-A-113
BRITTON, THOMAS                         SC-44-A-57
BROCK, PATRICK                          SC-44-A-8
BRUMBLEY, THOMAS                        SC-44-A-93
BURKET, JAMES                           SC-44-A-12
CANNON, JOHN                            SC-44-A-73
CARTER, MARGARET                        SC-44-A-123
CAUTEY, CHARLES                         SC-44-A-76
CHISHOLM, JOHN                          SC-44-A-35
CHRISTMUS, JOHN                         SC-44-A-89
CLARK, ANN                              SC-44-A-97
COKER, JOSHUA                           SC-44-A-134
COKER, WYLEY                            SC-44-A-71
CONYERS, JAMES                          SC-44-A-78
DANIEL, ELIZABETH                       SC-44-A-56
DANIEL, WILLIAM                         SC-44-A-54
DARRINGTON, THOMAS                      SC-44-A-128
DAVIS, BENJAMIN                         SC-44-A-19
DAVIS, NABOR BURROWS                    SC-44-A-102
DUNN, SYLVESTER                         SC-44-A-10
DUNN,JANNET                             SC-44-A-96
DURANT, HENRY                           SC-44-A-45
EDWARDS, ELIZABETH                      SC-44-A-117
FARIS, W. JOHN                          SC-44-A-101
FITSPATRICK, MICAJAH                    SC-44-A-27
FITSPATRICK, PETER                      SC-44-A-26
FLEY, SAMUEL                            SC-44-A-65
FORT, MARY                              SC-44-A-127
FOXWORTH, ZACHARIAH                     SC-44-A-96
FRANCISCO, JOHN                         SC-44-A-49
GARLINGTON,CHRISTOPHER                  SC-44-A-69
GIBSON, PHINEAS                         SC-44-A-124
GRANT, WILLIAM                          SC-44-A-98
GUERRY, LEGRANDE                        SC-44-A-90
HABEY, PETER                            SC-44-A-104
HAMPTON, RICHARD                        SC-44-A-23
HARVIN, RICHARD                         SC-44-A-60
HIGH, JOSEPH                            SC-44-A-131
HILTON, JAMES                           SC-44-A-29
HODGE, BENJAMIN                         SC-44-A-119
HUMPHRY, WILLIAM                        SC-44-A-46
IVOR, ELIZABETH C.                      SC-44-A-115
IVOR, GEORGE                            SC-44-A-77
JACKSON, THOMAS                         SC-44-A-9
JOHNSON, N. THOMAS                      SC-44-A-21
KING, ROBERT                            SC-44-A-111
LANGSTAFF, M. JOHN                      SC-44-A-38
LEE, ANTHONY                            SC-44-A-50
LENOIR, ISAAC                           SC-44-A-68
LENUD, HENRY                            SC-44-A-81
LENUD, HENRY                            SC-44-A-25
LOWRY, JAMES                            SC-44-A-1
MACKCOLLUGH, MARY                       SC-44-A-98
MANNING, ELIZABETH                      SC-44-A-126
MANNING, MOSES                          SC-44-A-80
MAPLES, RICHARD                         SC-44-A-63
MAPLES, ROSANNAH                        SC-44-A-130
MARSDEN, ELIZABETH                      SC-44-A-129
MATHEWS, ISAAC                          SC-44-A-41
MCCALLUM, KENNETH                       SC-44-A-20
MCCALLUM, KENNETH                       SC-44-A-20
MCCULLUGH, MARY                         SC-44-A-97
MELLET, PETER                           SC-44-A-3
MONTGOMERY, H. JAMES                    SC-44-A-114
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                     SC-44-A-31
MOODY, WILLIAM                          SC-44-A-84
MOON, ISHAM                             SC-44-A-33
MULLIN, EDWARD                          SC-44-A-59
MULLING, JOHN                           SC-44-A-82
NEWMAN, THOMAS                          SC-44-A-55
NEWMANS, WILLIAM                        SC-44-A-116
NICHOLS, BERSHEBA                       SC-44-A-122
PERRY, JOHN                             SC-44-A-18
PERRY, PHILLIP                          SC-44-A-125
PETTYPOOL, JOHN                         SC-44-A-112
POLAND, JOHN                            SC-44-A-30
PYLAND, GEORGE                          SC-44-A-137
RAFIELD, JOHN                           SC-44-A-17
RAGAN, JOHN                             SC-44-A-28
RAGON, BELL                             SC-44-A-76
RAMSEY, JAMES                           SC-44-A-100
REES, HUBARD                            SC-44-A-32
REES, ISHAM                             SC-44-A-16
REES, MARY                              SC-44-A-110
REES, WILLIAM                           SC-44-A-88
REMBERT, ABIJAH                         SC-44-A-47
REMBERT, HUBBART                        SC-44-A-87
REMBERT, JAMES                          SC-44-A-110
RICHARDSON, JOHN P.                     SC-44-A-91
RICHBOURGH, JAMES                       SC-44-A-34
RIDGELL, RICHARD                        SC-44-A-103
ROBINSON, ALEXANDER                     SC-44-A-2
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                       SC-44-A-13
SABLE, THOMAS                           SC-44-A-92
SANDERS, WILLIAM                        SC-44-A-94
SAVAGE, WILLIAM                         SC-44-A-70
SIMPSON, JOHN                           SC-44-A-74
SINGLETERY, HANNAH                      SC-44-A-37
SINGLETON, JOSEPH                       SC-44-A-132
SINGLETON, ROBERT                       SC-44-A-4
SMART, ALLEXANDER                       SC-44-A-108
SPEARS, MASON                           SC-44-A-120
SPREY, HENRY                            SC-44-A-40
STAMPER, ROBERT                         SC-44-A-109
SYLVESTER, ASBERRY                      SC-44-A-64
SYLVESTER, JOSEPH                       SC-44-A-135
TERRY, WILLIAM                          SC-44-A-5
TOMLINSON, RICHARD                      SC-44-A-51
VAUGHAN, HENRY                          SC-44-A-79
VAUGHAN, HENRY                          SC-44-A-121
VAUGHAN, JOHN                           SC-44-A-6
WALTER, CHARLS RICHARD                  SC-44-A-15
WALTER, DRAKE, WILLIAM                  SC-44-A-95
WALTER, JOHN C.                         SC-44-A-133
WHEELER, SARAH                          SC-44-A-14
WHITE, ELLENER                          SC-44-A-85
WHITE, HENRY                            SC-44-A-59
WHITE, JAMES                            SC-44-A-35
WHITE, JARED                            SC-44-A-105
WHITE, JOHN                             SC-44-A-118
WHTIE, ELLEN                            SC-44-A-86
WILDEN, JESSE                           SC-44-A-24
WILLIAM, PETER                          SC-44-A-11
WINDOM, SOLOMON                         SC-44-A-72
WITHERSPOON, JOHN                       SC-44-A-43
WOODS, JOHN                             SC-44-A-56
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         SC-44-A-42
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         SC-44-A-62

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