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Spartanburg District, later Spartanburg County

Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List: A=1810-1820 | B=1821-1829 | C=1830-1840 | D=1840-1858 | E-TO END ?|
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ABBOTT, SOLOMON                         SC-43-D-527
ALEXANDER, ROBERT                       SC-43-D-485
ALLEN, CALEB                            SC-43-D-212
ALLEN, JAMES                            SC-43-B-84
ALLEN, JOHN                             SC-43-B-30
ALLEN, WILLIS                           SC-43-D-113
ANDERSON, ASMUEL                        SC-43-C-9
ANDERSON, DAVID                         SC-43-B-128
ANDERSON, DENNY                         SC-43-C-50
ANDERSON, REBECCAH                      SC-43-C-20
ARNDELL, REDDICK                        SC-43-C-53
ARNOLD, JOHN                            SC-43-A-38
AUSTELL, JOSEPH                         SC-43-B-37
BAFNETT, AGNES                          SC-43-D-353
BAGWELL, SARAH                          SC-43-D-315
BALLENGER, EDWARD                       SC-43-B-34
BALLENGER, JAMES                        SC-43-A-34
BARNETT, EDWARD                         SC-43-A-144
BARNETT, MICAJAH                        SC-43-C-106
BARRY, ANDREW                           SC-43-A-18
BARRY, MARGARET                         SC-43-B-51
BARRY, RICHARD                          SC-43-A-94
BATES, ANTHONY                          SC-43-D-34
BATES, GEORGE                           SC-43-C-94
BEARDEN, ISAAC                          SC-43-C-55
BEARDEN, JOHN                           SC-43-D-110
BENNET, JAMES                           SC-43-B-79
BENNETT, WILLIAM                        SC-43-C-108
BENSON, ROBERT                          SC-43-A-35
BISHOP, ELI                             SC-43-D-560
BISHOP, ISAAC                           SC-43-B-16
BISHOP, WILLIAM                         SC-43-C-87
BLACKSTOCK, WILLIAM                     SC-43-D-9
BOBO, ABSALOM                           SC-43-D-124
BOBO, BURRELL                           SC-43-C-25
BOBO, SALLEY                            SC-43-A-79
BOBO, SPENCER                           SC-43-A-89
BOMAR, EDWARD                           SC-43-D-425
BONNER, ANNY                            SC-43-D-190
BONNER, BENJAMIN                        SC-43-A-55
BREWETON, GEORGE                        SC-43-A-69
BREWTON, JOHN                           SC-43-D-351
BREWTON, JONAS SR.                      SC-43-D-525
BRICE, SAMUEL                           SC-43-D-173
BROCKMAN, JAMES                         SC-43-D-548
BROWN, JAMES                            SC-43-D-56
BROWN, JESSE                            SC-43-D-164
BROWN, JOHN                             SC-43-D-493
BROWN, WYLIE S.                         SC-43-B-143
BRUTON, DAVID                           SC-43-A-82
BRUTON, SUSANNAH                        SC-43-C-140
BUISE, DAVID                            SC-43-D-406
BUISE, JONATHAN                         SC-43-D-95
BULLINGTON, MARY                        SC-43-D-371
BULLINGTON, ROBERT                      SC-43-D-347
BURNETT, MATHAIS                        SC-43-D-10
BURNETT, SARAH                          SC-43-D-314
BURNS, JAMES                            SC-43-D-507
BURTON, THOMAS                          SC-43-C-57
BYERS, JOSEPH                           SC-43-D-368
CALDWELL, ANDREW                        SC-43-D-396
CALDWELL, JAMES                         SC-43-D-481
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                       SC-43-D-3
CALLICOT, ASA                           SC-43-A-156
CAMP, ADAM S.                           SC-43-D-153
CAMP, JAMES                             SC-43-A-107
CAMP, JOSEPH                            SC-43-C-143
CANNON, JESSE                           SC-43-D-176
CANNON, JOHN                            SC-43-D-187
CANNON, WILLIAM                         SC-43-D-111
CANTRELL, JAMES                         SC-43-C-129
CASEY, CASANDER                         SC-43-D-120
CASEY, JOHN                             SC-43-A-93
CASEY, MARY                             SC-43-D-141
CASEY, MOSES                            SC-43-C-10
CASEY, SARAH                            SC-43-B-150
CATHCART, SAMUEL                        SC-43-A-160
CHAMBERS, EDMOND                        SC-43-B-9
CHAMBLIN, JAMES                         SC-43-D-385
CHAPMAN, ELIZABETH                      SC-43-D-471
CHAPMAN, JOHN                           SC-43-D-456
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM                        SC-43-D-418
CHESNEY, RICHARD                        SC-43-A-100
CHESNEY, THOMAS                         SC-43-D-438
CLARK, JOHN                             SC-43-D-73
CLARK, WILLIAM G.                       SC-43-D-408
CLAYTON, MARY                           SC-43-D-58
CLEMENT, EDWARD                         SC-43-D-103
COAN, ANDREW                            SC-43-C-79
COAN, JAMES                             SC-43-D-67
COLE, THOMAS                            SC-43-A-86
COLLNS, JOHN                            SC-43-D-13
COMPTON, THOMAS                         SC-43-A-122
COOPER, ADAM                            SC-43-D-11
COOPER, MATHEW                          SC-43-D-469
COOPER, WILLIAM                         SC-43-A-5
COPELAND, ALEXANDER                     SC-43-C-90
COTHRAN, GABRIEL                        SC-43-D-321
COUCH, BENJAMIN                         SC-43-A-103
COUCHE, MATHEW                          SC-43-B-13
COX, PAUL                               SC-43-D-69
CROCKER, ANTHONY                        SC-43-D-133
CROCKER, DORCUS                         SC-43-C-175
CROOK, JESE                             SC-43-D-75
CROW, ISAAC                             SC-43-A-114
CROW, JONATHAN                          SC-43-D-107
CUDD, JOHN                              SC-43-D-490
DANIEL, FRANCES                         SC-43-D-96
DANIEL, ROBERT M.                       SC-43-C-173
DANIELS, ELIZABETH                      SC-43-C-34
DANIELS, REUBEN                         SC-43-B-116
DANTZLER, DAVID                         SC-43-D-129
DARBY, THOMAS                           SC-43-C-101
DAVIDSON, ALEXANDER                     SC-43-C-1
DAVIS, JESSE                            SC-43-A-21
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           SC-43-D-165
DAVIS, THOMPSON                         SC-43-D-198
DEAN, H. J.                             SC-43-D-432
DEAN, JOHN                              SC-43-D-324
DEMSEY, LUCRETIA                        SC-43-B-102
DEVINE, GEORGE                          SC-43-B-64
DICKSON, ROBERT                         SC-43-D-388
DICKSON, WILLIAM                        SC-43-D-383
DOBBINS, EZEKIAL                        SC-43-D-522
DRUMMOND, EPHRAIM                       SC-43-D-23
DRUMMOND, HARRISON                      SC-43-D-452
DRUMMOND, SAMUEL N.                     SC-43-D-475
DUNNAWAY, SAMUEL                        SC-43-A-112
DURHAM, JOHN                            SC-43-C-112
EARL, THERON                            SC-43-D-24
EISON, JOHN                             SC-43-B-86
ELLIS, SAMUEL                           SC-43-D-478
FARMER, WILLIAM                         SC-43-C-122
FARROW, SAMUEL                          SC-43-B-69
FARROW, THOMAS                          SC-43-D-60
FARROW, WATERS                          SC-43-D-101
FINCH, JAMES A.                         SC-43-D-557
FLEMING, ALEXANDER                      SC-43-D-117
FLEMING, JAMES                          SC-43-C-15
FORD, DOLLY                             SC-43-D-375
FOSTER, ANTHONY                         SC-43-D-423
FOSTER, HENRY                           SC-43-B-3
FOSTER, ISHAM                           SC-43-A-125
FOSTER, JOHN                            SC-43-C-117
FOSTER, JOHN                            SC-43-A-121
FOSTER, MOSES                           SC-43-A-43
FOSTER, SARH                            SC-43-D-391
FOSTER, SIMPSON                         SC-43-B-43
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         SC-43-C-164
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         SC-43-A-131
FOWLER, DEMPSEY                         SC-43-C-157
FOWLER, JOHN                            SC-43-D-52
FRIE, PETER                             SC-43-A-31
FRYER, JONATHAN                         SC-43-D-382
FRYER, RICHARD                          SC-43-B-1
GAFFNEY, MICHAEL                        SC-43-D-399
GASTON, JOSEPH                          SC-43-D-128
GASTON, ROBERT                          SC-43-D-146
GASTON, SAMUEL                          SC-43-D-530
GENNINGS, IWLLIAM                       SC-43-D-179
GENTRY, NATHANIEL                       SC-43-D-337
GILBERT, BALAAM                         SC-43-D-319
GILLESPIE, E. F.                        SC-43-D-416
GOLIGHTLY, AMY                          SC-43-A-58
GOLIGHTLY, CHRISTOPHER                  SC-43-D-178
GOLIGHTLY, DAVID                        SC-43-D-62
GOODLETT, ANN                           SC-43-A-141
GOODLETT, ROBERT                        SC-43-B-38
GORDON, ISAAC                           SC-43-C-153
GOSNELL, JOHN                           SC-43-D-512
GOSSETT, GABRIEL                        SC-43-C-77
GOWEN, JOHN                             SC-43-A-3
GRANT, DANIEL                           SC-43-B-120
GREER, ISABEL                           SC-43-D-555
GRIFFIN, JESSE                          SC-43-D-318
GRIFFIN,BOWEN                           SC-43-D-503
GRIST, JOHN                             SC-43-A-91
GUTTERY, ABSALOM H.                     SC-43-C-92
GWINN, JOHN                             SC-43-D-336
HALL, DAVID                             SC-43-D-459
HAM, JAMES                              SC-43-A-151
HANNAH, THOMAS                          SC-43-C-122
HARRIS, BALUS                           SC-43-D-15
HARRIS, SYLVIRA                         SC-43-D-509
HARRISON, THOMAS                        SC-43-A-147
HATCHETT, JOSIAH                        SC-43-B-53
HENRY, ANN ELIZA                        SC-43-D-420
HENRY, JAMES E.                         SC-43-D-183
HERMON, JOHN                            SC-43-C-13
HERMON, SAMUEL                          SC-43-D-145
HERRING, EDWARD                         SC-43-A-30
HESTER, CHARLES                         SC-43-C-61
HEWATT, JOHN                            SC-43-A-22
HIGH, BENJAMIN                          SC-43-A-104
HILL, LEONARD                           SC-43-D-6
HINDMAN, JOHN                           SC-43-A-164
HINDMAN, WILLIAM                        SC-43-D-461
HINES, WHITNEY                          SC-43-D-16
HOBBY, JOHN                             SC-43-B-121
HOBBY, ZACHARIAH                        SC-43-C-133
HOUSE, THOMAS                           SC-43-A-17
HOWARD, BENJAMIN                        SC-43-A-140
HUGHS, ANN                              SC-43-C-47
HUMPHRIES, JESSE                        SC-43-D-131
JACKSON, THOMAS                         SC-43-B-93
JAMERSON, ROSEY                         SC-43-D-109
JAMERSON, SAMUEL                        SC-43-D-168
JAMERSON, SARAH                         SC-43-D-349
JAMES, CHARLES                          SC-43-B-19
JAMES, JOHN                             SC-43-B-32
JAMISON, HENRY                          SC-43-D-415
JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHER                    SC-43-A-6
JOHNSON, DAVID                          SC-43-D-411
JOHNSON, JOHN                           SC-43-D-532
JOHNSON, ROWLAND                        SC-43-D-116
JONES, BENJAMIN                         SC-43-C-1136
JONES, JOHN                             SC-43-A-130
JORDAN, MARGARET                        SC-43-B-82
KELLY, THOMAS                           SC-43-D-127
KELLY, WILLIAMSON                       SC-43-D-537
KENNEDY, LIONEL H.                      SC-43-D-122
KESTLER, HENRY                          SC-43-D-180
KING, JOHN                              SC-43-D-41
KING, JOHN                              SC-43-D-370
KIRBY, LOVICY                           SC-43-D-136
KIRBY, OLIVER                           SC-43-D-333
LAMASTER, RICHARD                       SC-43-B-65
LAMB, JESSE                             SC-43-C-149
LAMBRIGHT, BENJAMIN F.                  SC-43-D-553
LANCASTER, ABSOLOM                      SC-43-A-78
LANCASTER, SAMUEL                       SC-43-A-69
LANCASTER, WILLIAM                      SC-43-B-45
LANGSTON, NATHAN                        SC-43-C-58
LAW, JOHN                               SC-43-B-98
LAYTON, JAMES                           SC-43-D-405
LAYTON, JAMES                           SC-43-D-359
LEATHERWOOD, JOHN                       SC-43-A-157
LEATHERWOOD, ZACHARIAH                  SC-43-A-50
LEE, LEVI                               SC-43-B-30
LEE, SELAH                              SC-43-C-130
LEONARD, THOMAS                         SC-43-D-175
LEONARD, WILLIAM                        SC-43-D-435
LEWESS, GEORGE                          SC-43-A-138
LEWIS, JOEL                             SC-43-A-64
LEWIS, JOHN                             SC-43-A-47
LINDER, JOHN                            SC-43-C-70
LINDER, LEE                             SC-43-D-42
LIPSCOMB, DAVID                         SC-43-A-98
LIPSCOMB, ELIZABETH                     SC-43-D-57
LIPSCOMB, JOHN                          SC-43-B-131
LIPSCOMB, SMITH                         SC-43-D-208
LIPSCOMB, WILLIAM                       SC-43-A-11
LITTLEJOHN, ELIZABETH                   SC-43-D-372
LITTLEJOHN, HENRY L.                    SC-43-D-355
LIVELY, JOSEPH                          SC-43-B-105
LOFTIS, JOHN                            SC-43-D-147
MARTIN, BARRETT L.                      SC-43-D-5
MASON, FRANCIS                          SC-43-B-81
MASON, POSEY                            SC-43-D-331
MASON, RANSOM                           SC-43-D-171
MATHIS, MATHEW                          SC-43-D-506
MAYER, THOMAS                           SC-43-A-145
MAYES, THOMAS G.                        SC-43-D-55
MCARTHUR, ABRAM                         SC-43-D-28
MCBEE, MATTHEW                          SC-43-A-119
MCCARTER, GEROGE                        SC-43-A-75
MCCLAIN, CHARLES                        SC-43-B-17
MCCLINTOCK, E. F.                       SC-43-D-334
MCCLURE, JOHN                           SC-43-D-17
MCELRATH, JOHN                          SC-43-B-56
MCELRATH, R. T.                         SC-43-D-552
MCKIE, ALEXANDER                        SC-43-C-35
MCMILLIN, ROBERT                        SC-43-B-157
MCWILLIAMS, WILLIAM                     SC-43-B-40
MEADERS, GEORGE                         SC-43-D-513
MEADERS, WILLIAM                        SC-43-B-22
MEADOWS, THOMAS                         SC-43-A-81
MILELR, MICHAEL                         SC-43-A-62
MILES, MARY                             SC-43-D-465
MILLER, JAMES A.                        SC-43-D-394
MILLER, SAMUEL                          SC-43-D-356
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                        SC-43-D-134
MOORE, ANDREW BARRY                     SC-43-D-137
MOORE, EBSWORTH                         SC-43-D-498
MOORE, MICHAEL                          SC-43-B-91
MOORE, THOMAS (GEN.)                    SC-43-B-26
MOORE, WESLEY                           SC-43-D-392
MORRIS, JOHN                            SC-43-C-66
MORROW, SAMUEL                          SC-43-D-39
MULINAX, JOHN                           SC-43-C-97
MURPH, JOHN                             SC-43-D-68
MURRAY, JOHN N.                         SC-43-D-322
NESBIT, JONATHAN                        SC-43-C-46
NESBITT, JAMES SR.                      SC-43-C-158
NESBITT, SAMUEL                         SC-43-D-90
NESBITT, SAMUEL                         SC-43-A-109
NEWMAN, DAVIS                           SC-43-D-374
NEWMAN, REUBEN                          SC-43-D-169
NICHOLLS, BENJAMIN                      SC-43-C-21
NICHOLLS, CATHERINE M.                  SC-43-D-401
NICHOLLS, GEORGE                        SC-43-D-167
OELAND, PETER C.                        SC-43-D-182
ONEILL, HENRY                           SC-43-A-58
OTTS, SAMUEL                            SC-43-A-85
OWEN, WILLIAM                           SC-43-A-127
OWENS, JOHN                             SC-43-B-20
PADEN, THOMAS                           SC-43-B-61
PAGE, CHRISTIAN                         SC-43-D-439
PAGE, JAMES                             SC-43-D-482
PAGE, ROBERT                            SC-43-B-113
PALMER, JOHN D.                         SC-43-A-150
PARHAM, DRURY                           SC-43-D-45
PATTERSON, ADONIJAH                     SC-43-D-21
PATTERSON, DAVID                        SC-43-D-342
PATTERSON, EDWARD                       SC-43-D-50
PEARSON, ROBERT N.                      SC-43-D-3
PEDEN, ELEANOR                          SC-43-C-68
PEDEN, ELIZABETH                        SC-43-C-32
PEHRSON, ROBERT F.                      SC-43-C-170
PENNY,S ARAH                            SC-43-A-83
PETERSON, PETER                         SC-43-C-43
PETTIT, JOSHUA                          SC-43-B-136
PETTY, CHARLES                          SC-43-D-65
PICKENPACK, JOHN                        SC-43-D-379
PICKENPACK, MARY DOROTHY                SC-43-D-473
POLLARD, WILLIAM                        SC-43-C-135
POOLE, JOHN                             SC-43-D-158
POOLE, THOMAS                           SC-43-C-150
POPE, THOMAS                            SC-43-B-49
POSEY, THOMAS                           SC-43-D-143
PREWIT, ROSANNAH                        SC-43-D-213
PREWITT, PETER                          SC-43-B-36
PRICE, THOMAS                           SC-43-A-155
PRIDE, JOSEPH                           SC-43-C-72
PRINCE, RICHARD                         SC-43-A-20
RAINES, CATY                            SC-43-C-2
RAKESTRAW, JESSE                        SC-43-C-89
RAKESTRAW, RUFUS                        SC-43-D-72
RED, JOHN                               SC-43-B-58
REID, WILLIAM                           SC-43-D-423
REYNOLDS, JAMES                         SC-43-B-168
RHODES, CHRISTOPHER                     SC-43-C-155
RHODES, CHRISTOPHER                     SC-43-A-27
RHODES, WILLIAM                         SC-43-D-515
RICHARDS, JAMES                         SC-43-D-176
RICHARDSON, JAMES T.                    SC-43-D-22
RICHARDSON, MOSES                       SC-43-D-199
ROBUCKI, GEORGE                         SC-43-D-153
ROGERS, ROBERT                          SC-43-C-4
ROGERS, WILLIAM                         SC-43-C-17
ROGES, JOHN                             SC-43-D-323
ROSS, SAMUEL                            SC-43-C-37
ROWLAND, GEORGE                         SC-43-A-142
RUTLAND, REDDICK                        SC-43-B-106
SADDY, SNODDY                           SC-43-A-111
SARRATT, JOHN                           SC-43-D-387
SARRATT, THOMAS                         SC-43-A-128
SCRUGGS, RICHARD                        SC-43-D-427
SEAY, REUBEN                            SC-43-C-64
SEXTON, MORGAN                          SC-43-D-491
SHIPPEY, ELIJAH                         SC-43-D-519
SHIPPEY, SAMUEL                         SC-43-C-103
SIMMONS, JOSEPH                         SC-43-B-147
SMITH, CHARLES                          SC-43-B-67
SMITH, CHARLES                          SC-43-D-37
SMITH, EBER                             SC-43-C-171
SMITH, EDWARD                           SC-43-D-558
SMITH, EDWARD                           SC-43-A-66
SMITH, HOLEMAN                          SC-43-D-427
SMITH, ISAAC                            SC-43-D-518
SMITH, JANE                             SC-43-D-148
SMITH, JOHN                             SC-43-A-88
SMITH, JOHN                             SC-43-D-477
SMITH, PERRY                            SC-43-D-553
SMITH, WILLIAM                          SC-43-C-120
SMITH, WILLIAM                          SC-43-D-503
SNODDY, ELIZABETH                       SC-43-D-468
SNODDY, ISAAC                           SC-43-C-95
SNODDY, ISAAC                           SC-43-D-30
SNODDY, JOHN                            SC-43-D-161
STACEY, ROBERT                          SC-43-D-159
STEWART, SAMUEL                         SC-43-A-133
STONE, LEWIS                            SC-43-C-29
STONE, MOSES                            SC-43-D-77
STONE, SAMUEL                           SC-43-B-111
STONE, WILLIAM                          SC-43-A-53
STOREY, GEORGE                          SC-43-D-497
TAKEWELL, JOHN                          SC-43-D-92
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER                     SC-43-D-19
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH                     SC-43-D-444
THOMPSON, FRANCES                       SC-43-D-93
THOMPSON, JAMES                         SC-43-C-5
THOMPSON, JANE                          SC-43-A-149
THOMPSON, RICHARD                       SC-43-D-80
THOMSON, H. H.                          SC-43-D-539
TIMMONS, HANNAH                         SC-43-A-117
TOLLESON, JOHN                          SC-43-B-6
TRACY, WILLIAM                          SC-43-D-49
TRAIL, DAVID                            SC-43-C-30
TRAYLOR, JOEL                           SC-43-A-1
TUCKER, ANN                             SC-43-D-458
TURNER, DARBY                           SC-43-C-115
TURNER, HENRY                           SC-43-D-25
TURNER, JAMES                           SC-43-D-562
TURNER, JOHN                            SC-43-A-137
TURNER, MATHIAS                         SC-43-A-135
TURNER, WILLIAM                         SC-43-D-448
TURNER, WILLIAM B.                      SC-43-D-442
UNDERWOOD, WILLIAM                      SC-43-A-20
VANDIVER, JOHN                          SC-43-C-166
VERNON, MARGARET                        SC-43-D-121
VISE, REUBEN                            SC-43-D-362
VOINSETT, JOHN                          SC-43-A-161
WAKEFIELD, JESSE                        SC-43-D-501
WALDEN, SA                              SC-43-B-141
WALDING, HENRY                          SC-43-B-99
WALDROP, WILLIAM                        SC-43-D-315
WALKER, ABSALOM                         SC-43-D-402
WALKER, CHARLES S. (REV.)               SC-43-D-488
WALKER, JOHN                            SC-43-A-45
WALKER, JOHN                            SC-43-C-74
WALKER, WILLIAM                         SC-43-D-535
WALL, ROBERT I.                         SC-43-D-194
WALL, ZACHARIAH                         SC-43-D-450
WALLING, DANIEL                         SC-43-A-25
WATERS, JANE                            SC-43-D-361
WATKINS, JONAS                          SC-43-D-74
WEAVER, THOMAS                          SC-43-A-41
WELLS, JOHN                             SC-43-D-98
WESON, AMOS                             SC-43-C-82
WEST, JAMES                             SC-43-D-100
WEST, OSBORN                            SC-43-A-48
WEST, THOMAS                            SC-43-D-462
WHETSTONE, DAVID                        SC-43-D-366
WHITE, DANIEL                           SC-43-D-156
WHITE, JOHN                             SC-43-C-69
WHITE, JOHN                             SC-43-B-24
WHITE, WILLIAM                          SC-43-D-441
WILBANKS, PHEBE                         SC-43-B-90
WILBANKS, WILLIAM                       SC-43-A-102
WILKINS, MOSES                          SC-43-D-104
WILKINS, ROBERT                         SC-43-D-149
WILKINS, WILLIAM                        SC-43-D-453
WILLIAMS, EDWARD                        SC-43-D-125
WILLIAMS, ISAAC                         SC-43-C-105
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          SC-43-D-339
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       SC-43-D-142
WILLIAMSON, THOMAS                      SC-43-D-47
WILLIAMSON, THOMAS                      SC-43-A-28
WILSON, ALEXNDER                        SC-43-C-7
WINGO, ABNER                            SC-43-A-50
WINGO, JOHN                             SC-43-D-365
WINGO, OBEDIAH                          SC-43-B-153
WINGO, RANSOM                           SC-43-C-163
WOFFORD, BENJAMIN (REV.)                SC-43-D-201
WOFFORD, CATHERINE                      SC-43-B-89
WOFFORD, COMFORT                        SC-43-D-479
WOFFORD, ISAAC                          SC-43-D-155
WOFFORD, JAMES                          SC-43-A-73
WOFFORD, JESSE                          SC-43-C-78
WOFFORD, JOHN                           SC-43-A-40
WOFFORD, JOSEPH                         SC-43-D-446
WOFFORD, JOSEPH                         SC-43-B-144
WOLF, JOHN                              SC-43-D-151
WOLF, SARAH                             SC-43-D-464
WOOD, BENJAMIN P.                       SC-43-C-49
WOOD, FENNUEL                           SC-43-A-9
WOOD, HENRY                             SC-43-D-53
WOOD, JOHN                              SC-43-A-153
WOOD, MAIDEN                            SC-43-D-27
WOOD, NANCY                             SC-43-D-118
WOOD, WILILAM                           SC-43-D-112
WOOD, WILLIAM                           SC-43-C-147
WOODRUFF, H. P.                         SC-43-D-78
WOODRUFF, JOSEPH                        SC-43-A-124
WOODRUFF, SAMUEL                        SC-43-C-85
WRIGHT, JOHN                            SC-43-A-68
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                          SC-43-B-124
WYATT, VINCENT                          SC-43-C-141
YOUNG, RICHARD                          SC-43-C-138
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          SC-43-D-377
YOUNGER, JAMES                          SC-43-B-124

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