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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1823-1841 |
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ADAMS, SAMUEL                          PA-67-D-62
AGNEW, JAMES                           PA-67-C-4
AGNEW, JONATHAN                        PA-67-D-157
ALBRIGHT, GEORGE                       PA-67-B-62
ALEXANDER, JEDEDIAH                    PA-67-A-10
ALEXANDER, JOHN                        PA-67-B-184
AMENT, GEORGE                          PA-67-B-241
AMMAN, CONRAD                          PA-67-C-139
ANDERSON, JEAN                         PA-67-D-14
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-67-A-25
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      PA-67-A-199
ASPER, JOHN                            PA-67-B-31
BACKER, GEORGE                         PA-67-B-158
BAHN, HENRHH                           PA-67-B-172
BALTZLY, JACOB                         PA-67-C-157
BARD, MARTIN                           PA-67-A-128
BARD, SEVILLA                          PA-67-A-188
BARDL, GEORGE                          PA-67-B-174
BAY, HUGH                              PA-67-A-171
BEALEY, JOSEPH                         PA-67-A-220
BEAR, HENRY                            PA-67-C-16
BECK, BURK                             PA-67-D-229
BEGHTELY, SAMUEL                       PA-67-A-173
BEIRER, CONRAD                         PA-67-C-72
BEITLER, DANIEL                        PA-67-D-35
BEMER, HENRY                           PA-67-A-80
BENTZEL, JOHANNES                      PA-67-B-214
BERRADT, FRANCIS                       PA-67-D-147
BETTY, WALTER                          PA-67-A-65
BICKHAM, ROBERT                        PA-67-C-274
BICKING, CASPER                        PA-67-C-14
BIGHAM, HUGH                           PA-67-D-50
BITTLE, GEORGE                         PA-67-D-207
BIXLER, JOHN                           PA-67-B-37
BLACK, JANE                            PA-67-D-47
BLACK, JOHN                            PA-67-A-14
BLACKBURN, JOHN                        PA-67-A-63
BOLE, THOMAS                           PA-67-D-70
BOLLINGER, ISAAC                       PA-67-B-225
BOLLINGER, JACOB                       PA-67-D-20
BOSLER, FREDERICK                      PA-67-B-180
BOTT, HERMANUS                         PA-67-C-111
BOTT, WILLIAM                          PA-67-C-208
BOYD, JOHN                             PA-67-C-59
BOYD, MOSES                            PA-67-D-69
BOYD, WILLIAM                          PA-67-B-133
BOYER, MATTHIAS                        PA-67-C-95
BRANDON, JOHN                          PA-67-C-250
BRANTON, THOMAS                        PA-67-C-225
BRCKEN, JAMES                          PA-67-D-169
BROUSTER, JOHN                         PA-67-C-256
BRUCKHARD, MICHAEL                     PA-67-C-297
BUCHANAN, JAMES                        PA-67-C-304
BUCHANNAN, JOHN                        PA-67-C-142                              
BUCHANON, WILLIAM                      PA-67-B-17
BURGHER, MATTHIAS                      PA-67-C-311
BUTLER, JACOB                          PA-67-B-226
BUTLER, THOMAS                         PA-67-B-187
BYER, JOHANNES                         PA-67-D-21
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                      PA-67-D-205
CAMBLE, FRANCIS                        PA-67-A-56
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                       PA-67-D-55
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         PA-67-C-314
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      PA-67-A-177
CANNON, JOHN                           PA-67-B-229
CARSON, JOHN                           PA-67-D-117
CARSON, SAMUEL                         PA-67-A-216
CARSON, WILLIAM                        PA-67-A-19
CAVAN, JAMES                           PA-67-C-339
CESNA, JOHN                            PA-67-A-49
CHAMBERLAIN, JEREMIAH                  PA-67-C-337
CHRIST, LEONARD                        PA-67-C-81
CLARK, TIMOTHY                         PA-67-A-212
CLINGAN, GEORGE                        PA-67-D-112
COHOON, JOHN                           PA-67-A-62
COLLINGS, JOHN                         PA-67-B-153
COONS, CATHARINE                       PA-67-A-165
COOPER, JOHN                           PA-67-C-241
COOPER, PETER                          PA-67-B-52
COPLAND, WILLIAM                       PA-67-A-205
COWGILL, HENRY                         PA-67-B-197
COX, JOHN                              PA-67-D-62
CRAIG, ELIZABTH                        PA-67-D-81
CRAWFORD, JOHN                         PA-67-C-68
CREGALOW, JOHN                         PA-67-B-15
CROLL, CHRISTIAN                       PA-67-A-184
CRONE, HENRY                           PA-67-A-219
CRONEBAUGH, PETER                      PA-67-C-200
CRONEMILLER, MARTIN                    PA-67-C-20
CROWL, MICHAEL                         PA-67-D-166
CULLEY, THOMAS                         PA-67-C-130
CUNNINGHAM, CHARLES                    PA-67-D-27
DALMAN, JOHN                           PA-67-C-321
DARBY, JOHN                            PA-67-A-187
DAVIS, THOMAS                          PA-67-B-1
DAVIS, WALTER                          PA-67-A-163
DAVISON, JAMES                         PA-67-C-40
DAVY, JOHN                             PA-67-C-211
DAY, JOHN                              PA-67-A-215
DEARDORFF, JOHN                        PA-67-C-331
DEELL, ADAM                            PA-67-A-101
DEGOMA, ADAM                           PA-67-C-74
DEGOMA, EVE                            PA-67-C-76
DENTZLER, FREDERICK                    PA-67-C-166
DENWODY, HUGH                          PA-67-D-3
DICKSON, JAMES                         PA-67-B-147
DICKSON, SAMUEL                        PA-67-B-109
DICKSON, WILLIAM                       PA-67-A-74
DIDRICH, WILLIAM                       PA-67-B-238
DILL, MATTHEW                          PA-67-A-16
DINKEL, DANIEL                         PA-67-A-119
DOBS, OSWALT                           PA-67-B-70
DODS, WILLIAM                          PA-67-A-94
DODS, WILLIAM                          PA-67-B-75
DOMBAR, JOHN                           PA-67-B-234
DORROUGH, JOHN                         PA-67-A-149
DRUMGOLD, MICHAEL                      PA-67-B-129
DUNBAR, WILLIAM                        PA-67-A-175
EARLY, EDWARD                          PA-67-A-55
EDGER, JAMES                           PA-67-C-220
EDGER, MARGARET                        PA-67-D-230
EHRHART, DAVID                         PA-67-C-281
ELIOT, JOHN                            PA-67-D-99
ELISON, JOHN                           PA-67-B-8
ELLECER, CASPER                        PA-67-B-167
ELLIKER, CASPER                        PA-67-B-64
ELSROTH, VALENTINE                     PA-67-C-311
ERWIN, JOSEPH                          PA-67-C-71
ERWIN, WILLIAM                         PA-67-C-262
ESLEMAN, PETER                         PA-67-C-282
EVANS, HENRY                           PA-67-C-31
EWIN, JOHN                             PA-67-B-167
FACKLER, ADAM                          PA-67-C-34
FACKLER, JACOB                         PA-67-C-317
FARR. GEORGE                           PA-67-A-54
FARRA, JAMES                           PA-67-D-72
FEESER, JACOB                          PA-67-D-59
FINLEY, JAMES                          PA-67-B-19
FISCHEL, PHILIP                        PA-67-D-105
FLOWERS, JOHN                          PA-67-C-107
FOX, HENRY                             PA-67-C-108
FRAZIER, JAMES                         PA-67-A-69
FREDERICK, ANDRWE                      PA-67-D-139
FREETZ, PHILP                          PA-67-A-134
FRIETT, PETER                          PA-67-D-143
FULTON, JANE                           PA-67-D-54
GALBRAITH, JAMES                       PA-67-C-116
GALBRAITH, THOMAS                      PA-67-D-136
GALBREATH, JOHN                        PA-67-B-205
GANTZER, MATHIAS                       PA-67-C-132
GAUFF, PHILIP                          PA-67-D-22
GEMLING, BARNHART                      PA-67-B-68
GENTZLER, CONRAD SR.                   PA-67-D-100
GEYER, PAUL                            PA-67-C-46
GIBSON, JOHN                           PA-67-A-48
GILKEY, JOHN                           PA-67-A-51
GINTE, DEWALT                          PA-67-C-258
GLASSICK, JOHN                         PA-67-C-329
GOHN, ADAM                             PA-67-C-189
GOODBREAD, LODOWICK                    PA-67-C-340
GOUFF, PHILIP                          PA-67-C-328
GRAYBIL, JOHN                          PA-67-C-279
GREVER, ANTHONY                        PA-67-C-29
GRIFFE, STEPHEN                        PA-67-B-44
HAGGIN, NICHOLAS                       PA-67-A-179
HAGNER, NICOLS                         PA-67-B-27
HAINES, PHILIP                         PA-67-D-75
HAKENBERGER, REINHART                  PA-67-B-191
HALE, THOMAS                           PA-67-A-235
HALL, EDWARD                           PA-67-C-284
HALLER, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-67-D-52
HAM, VALLEINDIN                        PA-67-B-59
HAMEL, JAMES                           PA-67-B-21
HAMILTON, HANCE                        PA-67-C-79
HARMON, HONICHLE                       PA-67-B-23
HARRA, CHARLES                         PA-67-B-230
HARTZOUGH, PGEORGE                     PA-67-C-25
HASSLER, MICHAEL                       PA-67-C-203
HENDRICKSON, JOHN                      PA-67-A-8
HENDRIX, WILILAM                       PA-67-B-179
HENEMAN, PHIIP                         PA-67-C-294
HERBACH, YOST                          PA-67-A-248
HERR, MICHAEL                          PA-67-D-173
HERRINGTON, JACOB                      PA-67-B-232
HESLET, JAMES                          PA-67-A-223
HESLET, JOSEPH                         PA-67-B-115
HILL, ALEXANDER                        PA-67-A-116
HILL, JOHN                             PA-67-A-89
HISTAND, JACOB                         PA-67-B-107
HODGE, WILLIAM                         PA-67-B-126
HOKE, FREDERICK                        PA-67-C-43
HOLTZINGER, ELIZABETH                  PA-67-D-1
HOMAN, MICHAEL                         PA-67-B-182
HONIG, NICHOLAS                        PA-67-A-59
HOOD, ELIZABETH                        PA-67-A-176
HOOVER, CHRISTIAN                      PA-67-C-26
HOOVER, GEORGE                         PA-67-C-274
HOPSON, FRANCIS                        PA-67-D-221
HORN, JACOB                            PA-67-D-121
HOSELBERGER, GEORGE                    PA-67-B-93
HOUCK, BARNARD                         PA-67-A-257
HOULTON, FRANCIS                       PA-67-D-202
HOUSER, JOHN                           PA-67-B-4
HOW, ABRAHAM                           PA-67-B-80
HUGHES, JONATHAN                       PA-67-B-192
HUGHS, PATRICK                         PA-67-D-158
HUGHS, ROWLAND                         PA-67-D-199
HUGHS, TAMER                           PA-67-D-161
HUNTER, JAMES SR.                      PA-67-D-154
HUNTER, THOMAS                         PA-67-D-64
HUNTSIEKER, JACOB                      PA-67-A-261
HURST, JACOB                           PA-67-C-230
HURTZ, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-67-D-42
HUSEMAN, PHILIP                        PA-67-A-167
HUSSEY, JOHN                           PA-67-B-214
HUSSEY, NATHAN                         PA-67-C-300
HUTTON, JOSEPH                         PA-67-C-54
IMMEL, LEONARD                         PA-67-D-89
IMSWILLER, PETER                       PA-67-C-126
JACOB, SAMUEL                          PA-67-C-323
JAMESON, SAMUEL                        PA-67-C-232
JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER                    PA-67-D-18
JOHNSTON, BENJAMIN                     PA-67-B-223
JOHNSTON, DANIEL                       PA-67-A-2
JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH                    PA-67-C-125
JONES, CHARLES                         PA-67-A-203
JONES, ENGEL                           PA-67-A-240
JONSTON, JAMES                         PA-67-C-177
JOST, CONRAD                           PA-67-B-148
KARWER, HENRY                          PA-67-C-187
KEENTZ, GEORGE                         PA-67-C-265
KEENTZ, MARY ELIZABETH                 PA-67-D-35
KEIFFER, PETER                         PA-67-C-36
KENDWORTHY, DAVID                      PA-67-C-305
KENTZLER, CONRAD SR.                   PA-67-D-100
KERCKHART, ANTHONEY                    PA-67-C-223
KERR, JOHN                             PA-67-A-197
KING, ABRAHAM                          PA-67-B-58
KING, HENRY                            PA-67-D-36
KING, NICHOLAS                         PA-67-C-342
KIRKPATRICK, DAVID                     PA-67-B-176
KLEIN, JOHANNES                        PA-67-A-131
KNAUS, DANIEL                          PA-67-D-177
KNEITZER, BALTZER                      PA-67-B-198
KNIPPLE, ANNA MARIA                    PA-67-C-299
KOMFORT, MARY FERONICA                 PA-67-B-209
KOONS, KATHARINE                       PA-67-A-165
KRONNEIN, THOMAS                       PA-67-C-102
KUHN, FREDRICK                         PA-67-D-85
LAIRD, SAMUEL                          PA-67-B-9
LAMBERD, MATTHIAS                      PA-67-A-143
LANIUS, JACOB                          PA-67-D-107
LARGE, HENERY                          PA-67-B-14
LARIMER, WILLIAM                       PA-67-C-180
LAUMAN, GOTTLIEB                       PA-67-D-77
LAUTSHAW, JOSEPH                       PA-67-A-227
LAW, CHRISTMAN                         PA-67-C-95
LAWMAN, BARNET                         PA-67-B-220
LAWSON, MOSES                          PA-67-C-344
LEARD, JOHN                            PA-67-B-54
LEARD, ROBERT                          PA-67-D-9
LEATHERMAN, MICHAEL                    PA-67-D-95
LEDDER, JACOB                          PA-67-B-45
LEEBENSTEIN, GEORGE                    PA-67-C-66
LEHMAN, PETER                          PA-67-A-160
LEHMAN, PETER                          PA-67-C-161
LEINBACKER, HENRY                      PA-67-C-143
LEMEN, RUDE                            PA-67-B-228
LEONHART, PETER                        PA-67-C-214
LEPHART, HENRY                         PA-67-C-150
LERUE, ABRAHAM                         PA-67-A-162
LEVINGSTON, WILLIAM                    PA-67-D-61
LEYTY, CHRISTAN                        PA-67-A-147
LIGGIT, JOHN                           PA-67-B-5
LILLY, SAMUEL                          PA-67-A-185
LIVINGSTON, GEORGE                     PA-67-C-248
LOHRA, MICHAEL                         PA-67-B-161
LONG, GEORGE                           PA-67-B-91
LONG, HENRY                            PA-67-B-118
LONG, JAMES                            PA-67-C-145
LONG, MICHAEL                          PA-67-D-79
LOSSER, GEORGE                         PA-67-B-192
LOVE, JOHN                             PA-67-A-97
LOW, JOSHUA                            PA-67-A-246
LOYD, WILLIAM                          PA-67-A-24
MAINS,CULBERT                          PA-67-B-195
MALAWAZ, MATHISA                       PA-67-C-87
MANFORT, PETER                         PA-67-B-204
MANSPERGER, MARTAIN                    PA-67-C-289
MAPPIN, MOSES                          PA-67-A-33
MARKER, MATHIAS                        PA-67-A-132
MARLEN, WILLIAM                        PA-67-C-119
MARTIN, EDWARD                         PA-67-A-243
MATHER, JEAN                           PA-67-A-141
MAUL, BARTHOLOMEW                      PA-67-A-109
MCADAMS, JOHN                          PA-67-A-238
MCALISTER, CHARLES                     PA-67-C-269
MCANULTY, JOHN                         PA-67-C-234
MCBRIDE, HUGH                          PA-67-C-184
MCCALL, JOHN                           PA-67-A-92
MCCANDLESS, ALEXANDER                  PA-67-B-73
MCCANN, TIMOTHY                        PA-67-A-201
MCCARRELL, JOHN                        PA-67-B-96
MCCASKEY, NEALL                        PA-67-B-177
MCCLEAN, JOHN                          PA-67-A-106
MCCLEARY, JOHN                         PA-67-B-236
MCCLELLAN, WILLIAM                     PA-67-A-104
MCCLENLOCK, JAMES                      PA-67-B-47
MCCONNELL, EBENEZER                    PA-67-C-190
MCCORRISON, WILLIAM                    PA-67-A-170
MCCOSH, NATHANIEL                      PA-67-D-45
MCCRACKEN, ANTHONEY                    PA-67-C-239
MCCULLOUGH, HUGH                       PA-67-D-59
MCCULLOUGH, WILLIAM                    PA-67-C-62
MCCULOUGH, SAMUEL                      PA-67-C-155
MCCURRY, WILLIAM                       PA-67-D-103
MCDONAUGH, HENRY                       PA-67-A-178
MCDOWEL, JOHN                          PA-67-D-217
MCFERSON, ROBERT                       PA-67-A-9
MCGAHEY, JOHN                          PA-67-D-32
MCGAUGHEY, WILLIAM                     PA-67-A-12
MCGINNIS, DENNIS                       PA-67-A-26
MCGOWN, ANDREW                         PA-67-D-23
MCGREW, FINLEY                         PA-67-B-99
MCGREW, JOHN                           PA-67-C-325
MCGREW, NATHEN                         PA-67-B-190
MCKESSON, ALEXANDER                    PA-67-C-56
MCKIGHT, JAMES                         PA-67-C-22
MCKINLEY, JOHN                         PA-67-D-186
MCMULLIN, JAMES                        PA-67-A-228
MCNEIL, JOHN                           PA-67-A-204
MCNUTT, JOHN                           PA-67-C-237
MCPHERSON, JANET                       PA-67-B-169
MEARNS, WILLIAM                        PA-67-A-244
MELLHORN, SIMON                        PA-67-C-308
MESSERSMITH, ELIABETH                  PA-67-C-327
MICHAEL, PAUL                          PA-67-B-151
MICHAEL, STOPHEL                       PA-67-C-153
MIER, JACOB                            PA-67-C-245
MILLER, ANDREW                         PA-67-C-135
MILLER, JOSEPH                         PA-67-B-202
MILLER, MATHEW                         PA-67-A-152
MILLER, SARAH                          PA-67-A-151
MILLS, ROBERT                          PA-67-D-181
MINER, THOMAS                          PA-67-A-29
MITCHELL, JOHN GEORGE                  PA-67-B-207
MONFOORT, JOHN                         PA-67-D-29
MONTGOMERY, HUGH                       PA-67-B-78
MOORE, ROBERT                          PA-67-A-192
MOORE, SAMUEL                          PA-67-A-138
MORGAN, THOMAS                         PA-67-B-140
MORRISON, JANAT                        PA-67-C-260
MORRISON, JANE                         PA-67-D-18
MORRISON, JOHN                         PA-67-C-285
MORRISON, MARGREY                      PA-67-A-236
MORTHLAND, HUGH                        PA-67-A-222
MUMMERT, DIETRICK                      PA-67-B-222
MURPHY, ALEXANDER                      PA-67-A-206
MYER, GEORGE ERNST                     PA-67-D-29
MYER, JOHN                             PA-67-A-158
MYER, JOHN JR.                         PA-67-B-12
NAGLE, JOHN                            PA-67-C-47
NEAL, LETISS                           PA-67-C-206
NEELY, MARGARET                        PA-67-C-254
NEELY, SAMUEL                          PA-67-C-290
NEESS, MATHIAS                         PA-67-B-131
NEFF, PETER                            PA-67-B-144
NEILSON, HUGH                          PA-67-D-134
NEISCHWANGER, PETER                    PA-67-C-308
NELSON, WILLIAM                        PA-67-B-82
NEWLAND, WILLIAM                       PA-67-B-218
NICOL, WILIAM                          PA-67-C-164
NOBLIT, ABRAHAM                        PA-67-B-28
NOBLIT, ABRAHAM                        PA-67-B-28
NOEL, JOHN                             PA-67-B-56
NOELL, PEER                            PA-67-C-60
NOLL, FRANCIS                          PA-67-C-78
OCKER, JOHN                            PA-67-A-233
OPP, PETER                             PA-67-C-127
OSBURN, THOMAS                         PA-67-A-32
OTT, JOHN DITTRICK                     PA-67-A-99
OWINGS, ROBERT                         PA-67-A-208
PARK, WILLIAM                          PA-67-A-67
PARKER, REBECCA                        PA-67-B-135
PARKER, SAMUEL                         PA-67-D-109
PARKS, JOHN                            PA-67-D-39
PATTERSON, NATHAN                      PA-67-C-64
PAXTON, NATHANIEL                      PA-67-A-230
PERSON, JOHN                           PA-67-A-3
PETER, PHILIP                          PA-67-C-114
PETIT, JAMES                           PA-67-C-18
PHILIPS, EDMOND                        PA-67-C-318
PORTER, DAVID                          PA-67-C-334
POTT, WILLIAM                          PA-67-C-208
PRICE, JOSEPH                          PA-67-B-189
RAMSAY, WILLIAM                        PA-67-D-7
RAMSEY, JAMES                          PA-67-A-166
READ, HUGH                             PA-67-D-151
READ, JAMES                            PA-67-A-193
REE, JOHN                              PA-67-B-137
RELOW, ABRAHAM                         PA-67-A-162
REYNOLDS, SAMUEL                       PA-67-A-168
ROBERTS, PATRICK                       PA-67-D-163
ROBESON, JAMES                         PA-67-A-34
ROBINSON, HENRY                        PA-67-C-89
ROBINSON, THOMAS                       PA-67-A-31
ROCKENBAGH, MATHIAS                    PA-67-C-183
ROGERS, JOHN                           PA-67-A-256
RORABAK, JACOB                         PA-67-B-143
ROSEBOROUGH, JOSHUA                    PA-67-C-276
ROSEBOROUGH, ROBERT                    PA-67-C-277
ROSS, JAMES                            PA-67-A-156
ROSS, WILLIAM                          PA-67-D-12
ROWAN, ANDREW                          PA-67-B-217
RUBLE, PETER                           PA-67-C-147
SADLER, RICHARD                        PA-67-B-35
SALTZGEBER, DETTRICK                   PA-67-A-259
SAYLOR, BENJAMIN                       PA-67-A-87
SCHALL, FREUTT                         PA-67-A-154
SCHAUN, JOHN                           PA-67-B-89
SCHEFER, DAVID                         PA-67-B-213
SCHEIBLY, CHRISTIAN                    PA-67-C-192
SCHETLER, CHRISTIAN                    PA-67-D-97
SCHMEISSER, MATTHIAS SR.               PA-67-D-158
SCHREINER, GEORGE                      PA-67-D-189
SCHULER, ANDREW                        PA-67-D-226
SCHWARTZ, ANDREAS                      PA-67-D-25
SCOTT, JOHN                            PA-67-A-181
SHALL, GEORGE                          PA-67-B-107
SHAMBERGERS, BALSER                    PA-67-A-18
SHANNON, ANDREW                        PA-67-A-254
SHARP, KEZIA                           PA-67-A-28
SHAW, JOHN                             PA-67-A-242
SHEELY, GEORGE                         PA-67-D-214
SHELLY, PETER                          PA-67-B-186
SHETERON, HENRY                        PA-67-C-69
SHIMARD, JOHN                          PA-67-B-69
SHOOLSBANK, JOSEPH                     PA-67-A-20
SHRAM, GEORGE                          PA-67-C-123
SHULL, FREDERICK                       PA-67-C-212
SHULTZ, SAMUEL                         PA-67-B-239
SIMERS, ROBERT                         PA-67-B-112
SIMONTON, ANN                          PA-67-A-4
SMITH, HENRY                           PA-67-C-52
SMITH, JACOB                           PA-67-C-186
SOHN, GEORGE                           PA-67-A-225
SPAHR, MICHAEL                         PA-67-D-124
SPANGLER, BALTZER                      PA-67-C-9
SPANGLER, CASPER                       PA-67-A-213
SPENGLER, ROSANA                       PA-67-B-114
SPENGLER, RUDOLPH                      PA-67-B-11
SPONGLER, GEORGE                       PA-67-A-81
SPRENCKEL, WILLIAM                     PA-67-C-92
SROM, ANNA MARIA                       PA-67-A-83
STAAB, ADAM                            PA-67-C-168
STALL, JACOB                           PA-67-A-53
STEEL, THOMAS                          PA-67-C-216
STENCE, HENRICH                        PA-67-A-190
STEPHENS, PETER                        PA-67-C-331
STEVENSON, JAMES                       PA-67-A-6
STICKLER, JACOB                        PA-67-D-191
STRALEY, ANDREW                        PA-67-B-138
STUCK, CONRAD                          PA-67-C-1
STYER, TOBIAS                          PA-67-C-85
SUMBERLAND, JOHN                       PA-67-C-271
SUTOR, WILILAM                         PA-67-C-28
SWARTZ, MICHAEL                        PA-67-C-50
SWEVEN, ANN                            PA-67-B-105
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN                       PA-67-A-58
TAYLOR, JOHN                           PA-67-A-22
TAYLOR, ROBERT                         PA-67-A-263
THOMAS, JOHN                           PA-67-C-39
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER                    PA-67-B-87
THOMPSON, ANDREW                       PA-67-A-232
TOMIN, BENEDICK                        PA-67-C-49
TORRANCE, DAVID                        PA-67-A-21
TOWLE, AMBROSE                         PA-67-A-78
TULL, ULRICK                           PA-67-B-86
TURNER, DAVID                          PA-67-A-129
TURNER, WILLIAM                        PA-67-B-102
UHLER, DETER                           PA-67-B-30
UNDERWOOD, ALEXANDER                   PA-67-B-141
UPDEGRAEF, HARMAN                      PA-67-A-182
UPP, JACOB                             PA-67-B-103
VANARSDALEN, JOHANNES                  PA-67-C-105
VANCE, CHARLES                         PA-67-C-174
VANCE, EZEKIEL                         PA-67-B-156
VANCE, JOHN                            PA-67-C-176
VANDERBILT, WILLIAM                    PA-67-C-118
VANSCYOE, AARON                        PA-67-C-99
WALLACE, AGNESS                        PA-67-C-83
WALLACE, ALEXANDER                     PA-67-B-117
WALLACE, DANIEL                        PA-67-A-126
WALLACE, JAMES                         PA-67-D-130
WALLACE, WILLIAM                       PA-67-A-123
WALLCE, MARGARET                       PA-67-C-228
WALLER, JOSEPH                         PA-67-C-320
WAMPLER, LUDWICK                       PA-67-C-97
WARNER, ADAM                           PA-67-C-302
WECKER, JACOB                          PA-67-C-179
WEIRMAN, WILLIAM                       PA-67-B-49
WELSH, JOHN                            PA-67-C-244
WELSHANTZ, JACOB                       PA-67-B-3
WELTY, PETER                           PA-67-A-114
WETZEL, JACOB                          PA-67-D-211
WHATSON, HUGH                          PA-67-B-162
WHITE, ELIZABETH                       PA-67-D-82
WHITTLESAY, ELIASER                    PA-67-A-54
WIDEBACK, HENRY                        PA-67-A-85
WIGLE, MARTIN                          PA-67-A-195
WILKESON, JOHN                         PA-67-B-210
WILLIS, HENRY                          PA-67-B-33
WILLSON, PATRICK                       PA-67-A-5
WILLSON, WILLIAM                       PA-67-B-41
WILSON, JASPER                         PA-67-C-7
WILSON, THOMAS JR.                     PA-67-D-183
WINTERMYER, PHIIP                      PA-67-C-267
WOLFF, JOHANNES                        PA-67-C-159
WORLEY, FRANCIS                        PA-67-B-164
WRIGHT, JOHN                           PA-67-A-210
YOUNG, ANDREW                          PA-67-C-196
YOUNG, DAVID                           PA-67-A-252
YOUNG, DEVALT                          PA-67-C-171
YOUNG, MARGARET                        PA-67-B-98
YOUNG, WILILAM                         PA-67-D-223
ZIEGEL, GOTTLIEB                       PA-67-D-195

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