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Column One: Name of Testator
Column tWO: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1819-1842 | 2=1836-1849 | -10=? |
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ALLEN, JOSHUA                           PA-61-1-45
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         PA-61-1-9
AUSTIN, MOSES                           PA-61-1-3
BEAR, JOHN                              PA-61-1-10
BEATY, ROBERT                           PA-61-1-27
BEMER, ADAM                             PA-61-1-39
BENNETT, WILLIAM                        PA-61-1-159
BLAIN, JOHN                             PA-61-1-18
BLAIN, ROBERT                           PA-61-1-23
BOSTORPH, ANDREW                        PA-61-1-48
BUNNEL, SAMUEL                          PA-61-1-149
CANNON, JAMES                           PA-61-1-142
CAREY, THOMAS                           PA-61-1-127
COOPER, WILLIAM                         PA-61-1-6
COOPER, WILLIAM                         PA-61-1-17
COOVER, ANDREW                          PA-61-1-153
COUSINS, WILLIAM                        PA-61-1-40
CRAIG, FREDERICK                        PA-61-1-156
CRAIG, JAMES                            PA-61-1-184
CRAIG, JOHN                             PA-61-1-53
CRANE, DANIEL                           PA-61-1-15
DAVIDSON, PATRICK                       PA-61-1-98
DAVIDSON, PATRICK                       PA-61-1-1
DAWSON, ELIZABETH                       PA-61-1-101
DEFRANCE, CHARLES                       PA-61-1-145
DENNEY, WILLIAM                         PA-61-1-97
DINSMORE, ADAM                          PA-61-1-46
DONALDSON, ROBERT                       PA-61-1-100
DUNHAM, JOHN                            PA-61-1-54
GHOST, CRAFT                            PA-61-1-50
GLENN, JAMES                            PA-61-1-175
GRAHAM, ROBERT                          PA-61-1-187
HALE, EDWARD                            PA-61-1-2
HAMILTON, JANE                          PA-61-1-30
HARROLD, JACOB                          PA-61-1-21
HAYS, WILLIAM                           PA-61-1-146
HILL, WILLIAM                           PA-61-1-99
HOOD, JOHN                              PA-61-1-125
JOHNSTON, HUGH                          PA-61-1-4
JOLLY, WILLIAM                          PA-61-1-214
KEEZER, GEORGE                          PA-61-1-212
KEILEY, JACOB                           PA-61-1-28
KILKREES, MARY                          PA-61-1-7
LORD, PETER                             PA-61-1-194
MAGINIS, JAMES                          PA-61-1-37
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-61-1-29
MATTHOUR, ADAM                          PA-61-1-52
MAYS, JOHN W.                           PA-61-1-115
MCCLUTCHY, CHARLEY                      PA-61-1-32
MCDOWELL, JAMES                         PA-61-1-49
MCGANALD, HUGH                          PA-61-1-158
MCNAUGHTON, ALE                         PA-61-1-47
MILLES, FREDERICK                       PA-61-1-35
MONG, HENRY SR.                         PA-61-1-177
MONJARR, RITCHARD                       PA-61-1-36
MORGAN, JAMES                           PA-61-1-135
MORRISON, WILLIAM                       PA-61-1-38
NEILL, WILLIAM                          PA-61-1-33
PHIPPS, JOHN                            PA-61-1-133
PORTER, MOSY                            PA-61-1-26
PRATHER, HENRY H.                       PA-61-1-14
PREATHER, HENRY                         PA-61-1-11
RANGE, JOHN                             PA-61-1-47
RANGE, JOHN                             PA-61-1-99
RANGE, MAGDALEN                         PA-61-1-102
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                       PA-61-1-197
RIDDLE, JOHN                            PA-61-1-49
RIDDLE, MATHEW                          PA-61-1-25
ROBERTS, EBENEZER                       PA-61-1-20
RUPERT, WILLIAM                         PA-61-1-111
SAGE, JOEL                              PA-61-1-150
SCOTT, JAMES                            PA-61-1-169
SIMON, SHEDRICK                         PA-61-1-138
SLOAN, WILLIAM                          PA-61-1-42
SLOE, JOHN                              PA-61-1-96
STOVER, MATHIAS                         PA-61-1-168
THOMAS, LUTHER                          PA-61-1-141
WATTS, JAMES                            PA-61-1-19
WHITMAN, JACOB JR.                      PA-61-1-16
WILLIAMS, FAMAR                         PA-61-1-43
YOUNG, JOSHUA                           PA-61-1-51

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