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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page #
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ABBOTT, ELI D.                         PA-59-A-128
ADAMS, JOHN                            PA-59-B-51
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         PA-59-B-299
ALBA, AARON                            PA-59-A-220
ALLEN, JOHN                            PA-59-B-178
ALLEN, JOHN G.                         PA-59-B-17
ALLEN, WILLIAM S.                      PA-59-A-256
AUSTIN, CALEB                          PA-59-B-75
AUSTIN, CHAUNCEY                       PA-59-B-325
AUSTIN, SUSANNAH                       PA-59-B-350
BACHE, WILLIAM                         PA-59-A-207
BACKUS, GEORGE                         PA-59-A-248
BACON, ELMER                           PA-59-A-218
BAKER, PHILANDER                       PA-59-B-390
BAKER, THOMAS                          PA-59-B-395
BALDWIN, WALTER                        PA-59-B-134
BARKER, WILLIAM                        PA-59-B-521
BAXTER, JAMES                          PA-59-B-189
BBULLIN, ASA                           PA-59-B-368
BEAUGE, FRANCIS                        PA-59-B-379
BELKNAP, JUSTIN C.                     PA-59-B-426
BENNETT, CROMWELL                      PA-59-B-545
BERRY, JOHN                            PA-59-B-308
BERRY, RACHEL                          PA-59-B-2
BERRY, THOMAS J.                       PA-59-B-353
BICKEL, JOHN                           PA-59-A-157
BILLINGS, RACHEL S.                    PA-59-B-326
BLACK, JEREMIAH                        PA-59-B-136
BOCKUS, JOSEPH                         PA-59-B-246
BORDEN, ROSWELL                        PA-59-B-168
BOWEN, EMMER                           PA-59-A-121
BOWEN, MARTIN                          PA-59-B-239
BREWSTER, BENJAMIN W.                  PA-59-B-427
BREWSTER, JONAH                        PA-59-B-222
BRIGGS, OLIVER                         PA-59-B-216
BROOKS, ROSWELL                        PA-59-B-109
BROWN, DAVID                           PA-59-A-141
BROWN, HENRY                           PA-59-B-93
BRYANT, JAMES                          PA-59-B-201
BUCKBEE, DANIEL S.                     PA-59-B-417
BULKLEY, GEORGE                        PA-59-B-537
BURLEY, ROBERT                         PA-59-B-125
BURLINGAME, STEPHEN                    PA-59-A-51
BURR, AARON                            PA-59-B-97
BXTER, IRA CLARK                       PA-59-B-294
CADY, JOHN                             PA-59-B-14
CALKINS, JOEL                          PA-59-B-528
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         PA-59-B-141
CARR, ANNA                             PA-59-B-174
CHAMBERLAIN, ISAAC                     PA-59-B-413
CHAPIN, HEMAN                          PA-59-A-188
CHAPMAN, ANDREW T.                     PA-59-B-60
CHAPPEL, WILLIAM                       PA-59-B-146
CHRISTENET, JAMES ALBERT               PA-59-B-432
COLONY, ANN                            PA-59-B-612
COMMINGS, DANIEL                       PA-59-B-171
COPP, JAMES                            PA-59-B-243
CORNELL, SMITH                         PA-59-A-60
CORNWELL, GIDEON                       PA-59-B-69
CORZATT, JOHN                          PA-59-B-224
CRIPPEN, ASA                           PA-59-B-454
CRUFIELD, MOSES B.                     PA-59-B-558
CULVER, TIMOTHY                        PA-59-B-127
DANN, PHILIP                           PA-59-B-415
DARTT, JUSTUS                          PA-59-A-79
DAVIES, DAVID S.                       PA-59-B-443
DAVIS, EZRA                            PA-59-B-234
DEMAREST, GERTRUDE F.                  PA-59-B-307
DENISON, WILLIAM                       PA-59-B-252
DICKINSON, DANIEL B. R.                PA-59-A-124
DIEHR, MICHAEL                         PA-59-B-536
DIMMICK, MARIA                         PA-59-A-300
DOCKSTADER, HENRY P.                   PA-59-B-499
DORT, GEORGE                           PA-59-B-385
DOUGLASS, JOHN                         PA-59-B-5
DRUM, OLIVE J.                         PA-59-B-360
DUNHAM, JOSIAH                         PA-59-B-59
EDWARDS, DAVID                         PA-59-B-33
ESSICK, CHIRISTIAN                     PA-59-B-553
EVANS, THOMAS                          PA-59-A-285
EVANS, WILLIAM                         PA-59-A-198
FAULKNER, EDWARD                       PA-59-A-250
FELLOWS, JOHN                          PA-59-B-76
FORD, JAMES                            PA-59-B-270
FOVER, ULRICH                          PA-59-B-477
FOWLER, ALBERT                         PA-59-B-430
FRAZEE, GEORGE T.                      PA-59-B-344
FRENCH, MOSES                          PA-59-B-166
FURMAN, WILLIAM                        PA-59-B-330
GARDNER, JESSE                         PA-59-B-555
GAUPP, DANIEL                          PA-59-A-183
GEROULD, THEADORE C.                   PA-59-A-305
GIBSON, OTIS L.                        PA-59-B-366
GILLAN, JOSEPH                         PA-59-B-459
GOODMAN, OWEN B.                       PA-59-A-210
GOODSPEED, JOHN                        PA-59-B-399
GOULD, GARDNER                         PA-59-B-314
GRAY, JOHN FREDERICK                   PA-59-B-192
GREEN, BENJAMITE                       PA-59-A-170
GREEN, PETER                           PA-59-B-575
GREENLEAF, ISRAEL                      PA-59-A-229
GROO, WILLIAM J.                       PA-59-B-482
GUERIN, NAPOLEON E.                    PA-59-B-473
GUERNSEY, MARGARET M.                  PA-59-B-449
HAGAR, ISAAC                           PA-59-B-319
HALLINAN, CORNELIUS                    PA-59-B-587
HAMLIN, JOHN                           PA-59-B-450
HAMMOND, DAVID                         PA-59-B-490
HARDY, LEVI                            PA-59-B-262
HARDY, SALLY                           PA-59-B-276
HARRIS, ALEXANDER                      PA-59-B-164
HART, ADAM                             PA-59-A-90
HART, JOHN                             PA-59-B-497
HART, LUDWICK                          PA-59-B-207
HAYLER, PHEBE                          PA-59-B-468
HAZARD, EVANS                          PA-59-B-66
HAZLETT, JOHN                          PA-59-A-294
HEBARD, ADRIEL                         PA-59-B-515
HERRINGTON, REUBEN                     PA-59-B-333
HIL, FRANCIS                           PA-59-A-38
HILL, ELIHU                            PA-59-B-39
HODGES, NEHEMIAH                       PA-59-B-91
HORTON, THOMAS                         PA-59-B-494
HOUGHTON, SIMEON                       PA-59-A-165
HOUSE, BENJAMIN W.                     PA-59-A-274
HUNT, BYRAM                            PA-59-B-586
HYMES, JACOB                           PA-59-B-549
IVES, JESSE                            PA-59-A-307
JAQUISH, JOSEPH                        PA-59-B-512
JOHNSTON, JOHN J.                      PA-59-B-284
JONES, JOHN                            PA-59-B-100
JORDAN, DANIEL                         PA-59-A-167
KEENEY, THOMAS                         PA-59-A-105
KELSEY, ALMIRA                         PA-59-B-111
KELSEY, DANIEL                         PA-59-B-354
KILBURN, IRA                           PA-59-B-158
KILBURN, SALLY                         PA-59-B-305
KIMBALL, JAMES                         PA-59-B-292
KIMBALL, LUCRETIA                      PA-59-B-286
KING, JAMES                            PA-59-A-178
KIRKLAND, HENRY                        PA-59-B-573
KISSINGER, JACOB                       PA-59-B-562
KREP, GEORGE C.                        PA-59-B-282
LABAR, WILLIAM                         PA-59-B-533
LANDON, SAMUEL                         PA-59-A-161
LANE, ALLEN                            PA-59-A-81
LANG, JOHN                             PA-59-A-276
LAPHAM, PORTER                         PA-59-A-21
LARISON, THEODORUS                     PA-59-B-232
LAWRENCE, BENJAMIN                     PA-59-B-184
LEE, DANIEL                            PA-59-A-159
LEE, JAMES R.                          PA-59-A-326
LEE, SENECA                            PA-59-A-216
LEONARD, ELIZA                         PA-59-B-378
LEONARD, JAMES                         PA-59-B-180
LEWIS, LEWIS                           PA-59-B-570
LEWIS, MARY ANNE                       PA-59-B-388
LONGWELL, GEORGE                       PA-59-B-347
LOWELL, REBECCA                        PA-59-B-54
LOWELL, WILLIAM                        PA-59-A-258
LUDINGTON, WILLIAM                     PA-59-B-501
LYON, AUGUSTUS                         PA-59-A-33
MAGEE, JOHN                            PA-59-B-597
MAINE, JOHN                            PA-59-B-236
MANEVAL, JEREMIE                       PA-59-A-19
MARVIN, TILLY                          PA-59-B-391
MATHER, THOMAS                         PA-59-B-42
MATTESON, JONATHAN                     PA-59-B-262
MCCALLAM, JOHN                         PA-59-B-336
MCCONNELL, SALLY                       PA-59-B-108
MCDOUGALL, JOHN                        PA-59-A-67
MCKINNEY, SAMUEL                       PA-59-B-210
MCLEOD, GEORGE                         PA-59-B-183
MCVEY, JAMES                           PA-59-B-105
MEAD, JOSEPH                           PA-59-B-242
MEEK, LEONARD                          PA-59-B-156
MEEK, WILLIAM                          PA-59-A-263
MERRICK, ISRAEL                        PA-59-B-143
MERSEREAU, JOHN L.                     PA-59-A-159
METCALF, MARVIN B.                     PA-59-B-328
MILLER, BENJAMIN F.                    PA-59-B-205
MILLER, ELLIS L.                       PA-59-B-376
MILLER, LEWIS                          PA-59-B-345
MILLER, SAMUEL                         PA-59-B-31
MILLER, WILLIAM                        PA-59-B-465
MONEVAL, PETER                         PA-59-B-117
MORRIS, SAMUEL W.                      PA-59-A-226
NEVER, SAMUEL                          PA-59-B-280
NEWBERRY, NATHAN                       PA-59-B-317
NICHOLS, LEVI J.                       PA-59-B-592
NORRIS, BEULAH                         PA-59-B-313
NORRIS, JOHN                           PA-59-A-287
PARKHURST, DEXTER                      PA-59-B-475
PARSHALL, BENJAMIN                     PA-59-B-523
PEAKE, ABNER                           PA-59-B-226
PHELAN, JOHN                           PA-59-B-278
PHELPS, VOLCUT C.                      PA-59-B-489
PHILLIPS, RICHARD                      PA-59-B-580
PIERCE, JONATHAN                       PA-59-B-44
PIERCE, STEPHEN                        PA-59-B-560
PLANK, MEHATABELL                      PA-59-B-213
PLANTS, LOVEL                          PA-59-B-132
POND, PHINEAS                          PA-59-A-243
PRESTON, ABIGAIL D.                    PA-59-B-56
PRICE, JACOB                           PA-59-A-245
PRITCHARD, CALVIN                      PA-59-A-223
PRUTSMAN, JACOB                        PA-59-B-322
PUY, ELIJAH D.                         PA-59-B-81
QUACKENBUSH, JOHN S.                   PA-59-B-160
REDFIELD, LEVI                         PA-59-B-296
REXFORD, SAMUEL                        PA-59-B-194
RICHARDSON, THOMAS                     PA-59-B-364
RIPLEY, EBENEZER                       PA-59-A-302
RIPPERD, JOSEPH                        PA-59-B-373
ROBBINS, AMARIAH                       PA-59-B-102
ROBBINS, EORGE                         PA-59-B-329
ROBERTS, ZENOS                         PA-59-B-298
ROCKWELL, LABAN L.                     PA-59-B-139
ROGERS, SAMUEL                         PA-59-B-433
ROSE, WILLIAM                          PA-59-B-48
RUMSEY, JEREMIAH                       PA-59-A-145
RUMSEY, L. D.                          PA-59-B-402
RYAN, JOHN                             PA-59-B-254
SABIN, STEPHEN                         PA-59-B-312
SARLE, ROBERT                          PA-59-A-200
SAYRE, BEZALEEL S.                     PA-59-B-288
SCHWERZENBACH, MICHAEL                 PA-59-B-421
SCOTT, WILLIAM                         PA-59-B-310
SEACORD, JAMES                         PA-59-B-504
SEAMAN, JONATHAN                       PA-59-B-551
SEARS, EDWIN L.                        PA-59-B-397
SEELEY, GEORGE                         PA-59-B-260
SEELY, ELANSON                         PA-59-B-488
SEELY, JULIUS                          PA-59-B-19
SEELY, NATHANIEL                       PA-59-B-480
SHEFFER, JOHN                          PA-59-A-269
SHERMAN, GIDEON                        PA-59-B-265
SHIPMAN, JACOB                         PA-59-B-440
SHORT, DAVID                           PA-59-A-153
SHRINE, ALBERT A.                      PA-59-B-331
SHRINE, LEVI B.                        PA-59-B-320
SHUMWAY, PETER                         PA-59-A-1
SKINNER, NATHANIEL                     PA-59-B-439
SLINGERLAND, TUNIS                     PA-59-B-220
SLOCOMB, PERSIS C.                     PA-59-B-154
SMITH, CALEB                           PA-59-B-251
SMITH, SOLOMON                         PA-59-B-369
SOPER, THOMAS J.                       PA-59-B-590
SPENCER, ALVIN A.                      PA-59-B-352
SPENCER, BENJAMIN F.                   PA-59-B-518
SPENCER, JOSHUA G.                     PA-59-A-238
STARKWEATHER, AMY                      PA-59-B-301
STICKLEY, HENRY                        PA-59-B-547
STOKES, JONATHAN                       PA-59-B-567
STRAWN, SARAH                          PA-59-B-578
SWAN, MERIT C.                         PA-59-B-447
SYKES, SAMUEL                          PA-59-B-229
TABOR, FREDERICK                       PA-59-B-445
TAYLOR, EBENEZER                       PA-59-B-22
TAYLOR, SILAS O.                       PA-59-B-148
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        PA-59-B-279
TAYLOR, WILLIAM S.                     PA-59-A-253
THOMAS, JOHN BAPTISTE                  PA-59-B-89
TREAT, SILVESTER                       PA-59-B-485
TROWBRIDGE, WATSON                     PA-59-B-463
TUBBS, ROBERT                          PA-59-B-423
TUTTLE, AYRES                          PA-59-A-72
TUTTLE, EBENEZER                       PA-59-A-110
VANBARIGER, SARAH G.                   PA-59-B-582
VANDYCK, CORNELIUS                     PA-59-B-527
VIDEAU, THOMAS                         PA-59-B-259
WALKER, DANIEL                         PA-59-B-121
WARREN, FREELOVE                       PA-59-B-469
WARREN, THOMAS                         PA-59-B-428
WATSON, TEMPERANCE                     PA-59-B-26
WEBBER, DAVID J.                       PA-59-B-176
WELCH, NATHANIEL                       PA-59-A-88
WEST, JOHN                             PA-59-B-86
WESTBROOK, ELIAS                       PA-59-B-119
WHITCOMB, CHARLES                      PA-59-B-457
WHITE, GUY                             PA-59-B-266
WILSON, ISAIAH                         PA-59-B-9
WILSON, LUMAN                          PA-59-A-315
WILSON, SARAH                          PA-59-B-29
WILSON, SIAH                           PA-59-A-57
WOOD, CZRA                             PA-59-A-94
WOODS, WILLIAM                         PA-59-A-112
YOHN, AUGUSTUS                         PA-59-B-214
ZINCK, CHARLES                         PA-59-B-492

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