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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1811-1844 | 2-17=? | 
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ACKERMAN, RAFAEL                       PA-54-1-288
ALBRECHT, PETER                        PA-54-1-196
ALSPACH, PETER                         PA-54-1-135
ALSPACH, PHILIP                        PA-54-1-67
ARTZ, BARBARA                          PA-54-1-137
ARTZ, JOHN                             PA-54-1-288
ARTZ, MICHAEL                          PA-54-1-286
ARTZ, MICHAEL                          PA-54-1-262
ARTZ, PHILIP                           PA-54-1-110
BAINE, MARY                            PA-54-1-219
BATTEICHER, MICHAEL                    PA-54-1-34
BAUR, JOHN CARL WILHELM                PA-54-1-273
BEACH, GEORGE                          PA-54-1-280
BELL, WILLIAM                          PA-54-1-340
BENSINGER, DANIEL                      PA-54-1-171
BERGER, GEORGE WILLIAM                 PA-54-1-311
BERGER, HENRY                          PA-54-1-56
BERGER, LUDWIG                         PA-54-1-320
BERKHEISER, GEORGE                     PA-54-1-29
BERKHEISER, MAGDALENA                  PA-54-1-327
BERNHEISEL, CATHARINE                  PA-54-1-297
BLUE, ISAAC                            PA-54-1-120
BOCK, BALZER                           PA-54-1-116
BOGER, PETER                           PA-54-1-26
BOLIG, ANDREW                          PA-54-1-315
BOLIG, MICHAEL                         PA-54-1-342
BOWEN, JAMES                           PA-54-1-277
BRENNER, JOHN                          PA-54-1-13
BRION, DANIEL                          PA-54-1-146
BROWN, JOHN                            PA-54-1-3
BRUCE, RICHARD                         PA-54-1-212
CAMBELL, JOHN                          PA-54-1-77
CHMELTZ, ANDREW                        PA-54-1-185
CHRIST, HENRY                          PA-54-1-234
DECKER, HENRY                          PA-54-1-246
DEIBERT, ANDREW                        PA-54-1-115
DEIBERT, GEORGE                        PA-54-1-91
DEIBERT, WILLIAM                       PA-54-1-147
DEIWERT, MICHAEL                       PA-54-1-118
DEPPEN, PETER                          PA-54-1-89
DEWALT, CATHARINE                      PA-54-1-131
DIEHL, JOHN                            PA-54-1-124
DIEHL, STEPHEN                         PA-54-1-252
DIETER, FRANTZ                         PA-54-1-256
DIETRICH, JOHN                         PA-54-1-287
DOLLINGER, JOHN                        PA-54-1-335
DORNMOYER, MICAHEL                     PA-54-1-253
DREHER, MATHIAS                        PA-54-1-103
DREHER, PETER                          PA-54-1-72
DREHER, SARAH                          PA-54-1-125
DRESH, ANDREW                          PA-54-1-105
DRESS, GEORGE                          PA-54-1-59
EGE, HENRY                             PA-54-1-302
EHROH, ABRAHAM                         PA-54-1-176
EILER, JOHN                            PA-54-1-328
EMRICH, JOHN                           PA-54-1-54
ERNST, HANNAH                          PA-54-1-230
FAHL, YOST                             PA-54-1-250
FARRINGER, GEORGE                      PA-54-1-74
FAUST, PETER                           PA-54-1-152
FEARSTER, JOHN                         PA-54-1-1
FEHR, HENRY                            PA-54-1-217
FEOGLEY, PHILP                         PA-54-1-294
FERTIG, ABRAHAM                        PA-54-1-240
FESSLER, MICHAEL                       PA-54-1-66
FIDLER, JOHN SR.                       PA-54-1-100
FITZSIMMONS, MICHAEL                   PA-54-1-177
FOX, JOHN                              PA-54-1-191
FRAILEY, PETER                         PA-54-1-264
FREID, ADAM                            PA-54-1-23
FRIEDLEIN, CONRAD                      PA-54-1-141
FRITZ, CATHARINE                       PA-54-1-279
FRITZ, MELIHOR                         PA-54-1-127
GEIGER, MARGARETT                      PA-54-1-309
GEIPENHAINER, FREDERICK W.             PA-54-1-221
GILBERT, CONRAD                        PA-54-1-3
GLENTWARTH, PLUNKET F.                 PA-54-1-268
GROUT, JACOB                           PA-54-1-6
GRUM, FRANCIS                          PA-54-1-220
GULING, MICHAEL                        PA-54-1-213
GUNCKEL, JACOB                         PA-54-1-9
HAMMER, JOHN                           PA-54-1-243
HAMMES, WILLIAM                        PA-54-1-22
HAPPES, MICHAEL                        PA-54-1-163
HEBLER, JOHN                           PA-54-1-167
HEBLER, PETER                          PA-54-1-292
HEFFNER, JOHN                          PA-54-1-232
HEIM, MATHIAS                          PA-54-1-32
HEISER, GEORGE                         PA-54-1-198
HENNINGER, JOHN                        PA-54-1-267
HEPLER, CASPER                         PA-54-1-18
HERING, BENJAMIN                       PA-54-1-206
HERTZOG, DEWALT                        PA-54-1-139
HILLER, JACOB                          PA-54-1-284
HISE, CONRAD                           PA-54-1-249
HOFFMAN, CORNELIUS                     PA-54-1-214
HOFFMAN, HENRY                         PA-54-1-78
HUBLER, JACOB                          PA-54-1-149
HUMMEL, ADAM                           PA-54-1-201
HUMMEL, SIMON                          PA-54-1-133
HUNTZINGER, JOHN                       PA-54-1-218
JOHN, ISAAC                            PA-54-1-238
KAEECK, JOHN                           PA-54-1-159
KAETER, JOHN                           PA-54-1-153
KAUFMAN, SAMUEL                        PA-54-1-93
KAUTNER, JOHN                          PA-54-1-156
KEMBLE, JOHN                           PA-54-1-77
KENNEDY, ROGER                         PA-54-1-199
KEPLER, MICHAEL                        PA-54-1-97
KEPNER, BERNARD                        PA-54-1-260
KETNER, JOHN                           PA-54-1-332
KIDWELL, LUCINDA                       PA-54-1-195
KIMMEL, GEORGE                         PA-54-1-107
KITTERER, J. MICHAEL                   PA-54-1-136
KLEIN, JOHN                            PA-54-1-317
KLOCK, MARGARET                        PA-54-1-148
KNITTEL, JOHN ADAM                     PA-54-1-285
KNORR, JOHN                            PA-54-1-282
KOCH, WILLIAM                          PA-54-1-154
KOLB, J. HELFRICH                      PA-54-1-128
KOLB, NIHCOLAS                         PA-54-1-144
KRAMES, MARGARET                       PA-54-1-132
KRAUS, GEORGE                          PA-54-1-12
KREINER, PHILIP                        PA-54-1-283
KREMER, MATHIAS                        PA-54-1-2
KREMER, WILLIAM                        PA-54-1-123
KUHNS, PHILIP                          PA-54-1-47
KUNKLE, JACOB                          PA-54-1-9
LANGENBERGER, SEBASTIAN                PA-54-1-173
LEAR, LUDWIG                           PA-54-1-36
LEHMAN, JOSEPH                         PA-54-1-245
LEHR, WILLIAM                          PA-54-1-275
LEITZ, JACOB                           PA-54-1-183
LEITZEL, JACOB                         PA-54-1-258
LENGEL, CONRAD                         PA-54-1-4
LESHLEIDER, JOHN                       PA-54-1-121
LEVY, DAVID                            PA-54-1-291
LOUGHLIN, PATRICK                      PA-54-1-151
LUDIG, PETER                           PA-54-1-209
MAMBECK, JOHN                          PA-54-1-134
MANNON, TAMSON                         PA-54-1-227
MANTZ, JOHN                            PA-54-1-274
MARION, JACOB                          PA-54-1-88
MARTIN, FREDERICK W.                   PA-54-1-281
MATZ, GEORGE                           PA-54-1-62
MAURER, DAVID                          PA-54-1-131
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK                    PA-54-1-151
METZ, JOHN                             PA-54-1-64
MEYER, EDWARD                          PA-54-1-271
MILLER, JACOB                          PA-54-1-158
MILLER, JACOB                          PA-54-1-205
MILLER, MICHAEL                        PA-54-1-114
NOECKER, JOHN                          PA-54-1-175
NOECKER, JOHN                          PA-54-1-31
NOECKER, JOHN                          PA-54-1-45
OLD, MICHAEL                           PA-54-1-85
OSMAN, JAMES                           PA-54-1-129
PATTERSON, WILLIAM A.                  PA-54-1-160
PHILLIPS, DAVID                        PA-54-1-200
RAMELY, JACOB                          PA-54-1-143
RAUSH, CATHARIEN                       PA-54-1-303
REAGAL, CATHARINE                      PA-54-1-209
REBER, GEORGE                          PA-54-1-211
REBER, JACOB                           PA-54-1-299
REED, HENRY                            PA-54-1-186
REED, JEREMIAH                         PA-54-1-41
REICHART, CHARLES                      PA-54-1-231
REITH, JOHN                            PA-54-1-121
RICKARD, JOHN                          PA-54-1-215
RIEGEL, NICHOLAS                       PA-54-1-254
RIEHM, NICHOLAS                        PA-54-1-229
RISHEL, LEONARD                        PA-54-1-235
ROEDER, CONRAD                         PA-54-1-180
ROHRER, JACOB                          PA-54-1-164
ROSENBERRY, JOHN W. ESQ.               PA-54-1-95
RUNKLE, WILLIAM                        PA-54-1-109
SANDER, EVE MARGARET                   PA-54-1-204
SCHARTLE, JOHN                         PA-54-1-130
SCHEIB, PETER                          PA-54-1-290
SCHNEIDER, BENJAMIN                    PA-54-1-228
SCHNEIDER, MARIA                       PA-54-1-206
SCHUCK, ELIZABETH                      PA-54-1-27
SCHWALM, JOHN                          PA-54-1-163
SCHWALM, JOHN                          PA-54-1-178
SCHWEIGERT, JACOB                      PA-54-1-122
SHAEFFER, HENRY                        PA-54-1-16
SHANER, HENRY                          PA-54-1-52
SHELHAMMER, PETER                      PA-54-1-166
SHELHAMMER, PHILP JACOB                PA-54-1-203
SHELLHAMER, ABRAHAM                    PA-54-1-15
SHROPE, ANDREW                         PA-54-1-140
SHURR, JOHN                            PA-54-1-70
SHURR, WILLIAM                         PA-54-1-84
SIMPSON, JOHN                          PA-54-1-145
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       PA-54-1-25
SMITH, PETER                           PA-54-1-39
SNYDER, DIETER                         PA-54-1-259
SNYDER, HENRY                          PA-54-1-56
STAHL, JACOB                           PA-54-1-81
STAHLMAN, JOHN                         PA-54-1-86
STATLER, PETER                         PA-54-1-75
STEINROCK, CHRISTOPHER                 PA-54-1-82
STEPHENS, ROBERT                       PA-54-1-50
STEPLETON, ROBERT                      PA-54-1-248
STIEN, PETER                           PA-54-1-216
STOLL, JACOB                           PA-54-1-108
STONG, JOHN                            PA-54-1-161
STRUPAUER, GEORGE JR.                  PA-54-1-109
TOBIAS, JOSEPH                         PA-54-1-338
WAGNER, ADAM                           PA-54-1-208
WAGNER, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-54-1-305
WAGNER, LOUISE                         PA-54-1-118
WAINWRIGHT, ARTHUR                     PA-54-1-239
WALKER, HENRY                          PA-54-1-61
WEAVER, HENRY                          PA-54-1-47
WEHR, GEORG ESIMON                     PA-54-1-10
WEISS, JOHN                            PA-54-1-255
WERTH, JOHN                            PA-54-1-119
WETEL, PETER                           PA-54-1-308
WILLIAMS, GIDEON                       PA-54-1-142
WOMMER, MICHAEL                        PA-54-1-318
YOE, JACOB                             PA-54-1-126
YOUND, NICHOLAS                        PA-54-1-266
YOUNG, ROBERT                          PA-54-1-192
ZEHNER, DAVID                          PA-54-1-236
ZIMMERMAN, BERNARD                     PA-54-1-21
ZIMMERMAN, JACOB                       PA-54-1-188
ZIMMERMAN, LEONARD                     PA-54-1-7

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