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ADAMS, WILLIAM                          PA-28-A-238
ALCORN, MATHEW                          PA-28-B-325
ALEXANDER, JAMES                        PA-28-B-397
ALEXANDER, JOHN                         PA-28-B-281
ALLEN, JOSIAH                           PA-28-A-70
ALLISON, JOHN                           PA-28-A-334
ALLISON, ROBERT                         PA-28-B-157
ALSWORTH, BENJAMIN                      PA-28-A-6
ANDERSON, ANN                           PA-28-B-285
ANDERSON, GEORGE                        PA-28-A-107
ANDERSON, ROBERT                        PA-28-B-63
ANDERSON, THOMAS                        PA-28-A-236
ANDREW, JOHN                            PA-28-B-190
ARDREY, JAMES                           PA-28-A-280
BAKER, FRANCES                          PA-28-A-210
BARD, CHRISTINA                         PA-28-B-370
BARD, WILLIAM                           PA-28-B-431
BARNCORT, PETER                         PA-28-B-24
BARNET, ISABELLA                        PA-28-B-95
BARNET, PAUL                            PA-28-A-260
BARR, JOHN                              PA-28-B-292
BARR, THOMAS                            PA-28-B-85
BEAKER, DANIEL                          PA-28-A-190
BEAM, CHRISTIAN                         PA-28-B-131
BEAR, MICHAEL                           PA-28-B-107
BEARD, JOHN                             PA-28-B-17
BEATTY, JOHNSTON                        PA-28-B-422
BEATY, JOSEPH                           PA-28-B-239
BENSON, RICHARD                         PA-28-A-153
BESHORE, DANIEL                         PA-28-B-436
BESTERFIELD, ANDREW                     PA-28-A-293
BEURNS, JOHN                            PA-28-B-130
BIENBRIGHT, DANIEL                      PA-28-A-174
BIGHAM, SAMUEL                          PA-28-B-111
BITTINGER, GEORGE                       PA-28-B-128
BLACK, HENNERY                          PA-28-A-2
BLAKENY, WILLIAM                        PA-28-B-47
BOLTON, WILLIAM                         PA-28-B-139
BORELAND, JAMES                         PA-28-B-221
BOSSERT, JOHN                           PA-28-B-161
BOWAN, DAVID                            PA-28-B-135
BOYD, THOMAS                            PA-28-A-324
BRACKENRIDGE, JOHN                      PA-28-B-427
BRAND, ISAAC                            PA-28-A-311
BRATTON, JOHN                           PA-28-B-214
BRECHT, ADAM                            PA-28-B-39
BRINDLE, SAMUEL                         PA-28-B-210
BRINES, JAMES                           PA-28-B-199
BROTHERTON, JAMES                       PA-28-A-130
BROTHERTON, JAMES                       PA-28-B-317
BROTHERTON, ROBERT                      PA-28-B-343
BROWN, ALLEN                            PA-28-B-351
BROWN, GEORGE                           PA-28-A-212
BROWN, OLIVER SR                        PA-28-B-316
BRUNCHART, JOHN SR.                     PA-28-B-88
BURCHHOLDER, ADAM SR.                   PA-28-B-91
BURKHOLDER, ADAM                        PA-28-B-237
BUTTERBOUGH, JOHN                       PA-28-A-342
BYER, FREDERICK SR.                     PA-28-B-104
BYERS, JACOB                            PA-28-B-399
CALL, HUGH                              PA-28-B-356
CAMBRIDGE, ARCHIBALD                    PA-28-B-411
CAMPBEL, JOHN                           PA-28-B-65
CAMPBELL, ANDREW                        PA-28-A-141
CAMPBELL, DAVID                         PA-28-B-22
CAMPBELL, HUGH                          PA-28-B-244
CAMPBELL, PATRICK                       PA-28-A-337
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       PA-28-B-287
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       PA-28-A-108
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       PA-28-B-156
CAMPBLE, ROBERT                         PA-28-B-23
CASTEL, ADAM                            PA-28-A-184
CHAMBERS, JAMES                         PA-28-B-256
CHAMBERS, ROWLAND                       PA-28-A-209
CLAPSADLE, JOHN                         PA-28-B-401
CLARK, JOHN                             PA-28-A-161
CLARK, JOHN                             PA-28-A-287
CLARK, JOSEPH                           PA-28-B-198
CLENSEY, THOMAS                         PA-28-B-323
CLUGSTON, JOHN                          PA-28-B-305
CLUGSTON, THOMAS                        PA-28-B-77
COFFEY, ROBERT                          PA-28-B-433
COOK, GEORGE ADAM                       PA-28-A-49
COOK, JACOB                             PA-28-A-215
COOK, JOSEPH                            PA-28-B-194
COOVER, HENRY                           PA-28-B-389
COUGHRAN, JOHN SR.                      PA-28-B-106
COULTER, SAMUEL                         PA-28-A-300
CRAFFT, LUDWICK                         PA-28-A-264
CRAWFORD, EDWARD SR.                    PA-28-A-240
CRAWFORD, JAMES                         PA-28-A-150
CRAWFORD, JAMES                         PA-28-B-41
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          PA-28-A-31
CROIN, JOHN                             PA-28-B-14
CRONCKELTON, ROBERT                     PA-28-A-100
CROOG, MOSES                            PA-28-B-425
CROOKS, JAMES                           PA-28-B-271
CROOKS, JOHN                            PA-28-B-275
CROW, JOHN                              PA-28-B-58
CRUNKELTON, MARGRET                     PA-28-A-202
CRUNKILTON, JOSEPH                      PA-28-B-153
CRUNKLETON, JOHN                        PA-28-A-136
CULBERSON, ALEXANDER                    PA-28-A-180
CULBERSON, SAMUEL                       PA-28-A-154
CULBERTSON, JOSEPH                      PA-28-A-11
CULBERTSON, MARY                        PA-28-A-203
CUMMINS, THOMAS                         PA-28-B-419
DAVIDSON, JAMES                         PA-28-B-181
DAVIES, DAVID                           PA-28-A-295
DAVIS, BAPTIST                          PA-28-B-44
DAVIS, GEORGE                           PA-28-B-342
DAVIS, JAMES                            PA-28-B-423
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-28-B-134
DAVIS, KATHARINE                        PA-28-A-198
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           PA-28-A-250
DAVIS, THOMAS                           PA-28-A-325
DAVISON, ELIAS                          PA-28-B-288
DAVISON, WILLIAM                        PA-28-A-274
DEAN, JOHN                              PA-28-B-406
DETWILER, DAVID                         PA-28-B-88
DEVAR, JAMES                            PA-28-A-309
DEVER, ELIZABETH                        PA-28-B-152
DICE, JOHN                              PA-28-B-358
DICKEY, JOHN                            PA-28-B-34
DICKEY, WILLIAM                         PA-28-B-36
DICKIE, JAMES SR.                       PA-28-B-216
DICKSON, DAVID                          PA-28-A-53
DICKSON, ROBERT                         PA-28-B-26
DICKSON, WILLIAM                        PA-28-A-4
DOM, HENRY                              PA-28-B-302
DONAVAN, DANIEL                         PA-28-A-118
DONELSON, WILLIAM                       PA-28-B-87
DOUGAL, SAMUEL                          PA-28-A-186
DOUGHERTY, THOMAS                       PA-28-A-167
DOWNEY, WILLIAM                         PA-28-A-90
DOWNEY, WILLIAM                         PA-28-A-19
DOYLE, BARNABAS                         PA-28-B-39
DOYLE, WILLIAM                          PA-28-B-187
DUFFIELD, SUSANNAH                      PA-28-B-226
DUFFIELD, WILLIAM                       PA-28-B-68
DUNLAP, ARTHUR                          PA-28-A-292
DUNWOODY, WILLIAM                       PA-28-B-25
EAKER, WILLIAM                          PA-28-A-242
EATON, JOSEPH                           PA-28-A-284
EATTEN, JOHN                            PA-28-A-93
EBY, GEORGE SR.                         PA-28-B-95
ECKELBERGER, CONRAD                     PA-28-B-173
EISENBERGER, PETER                      PA-28-B-236
ELDER, ROBERT                           PA-28-B-207
ELDER, ROBERT                           PA-28-A-308
ELDER, ROBET                            PA-28-B-320
ELIOT, FRANCIS                          PA-28-B-94
ELLIOT, MARGARET                        PA-28-B-57
ELLIOTT, JOHNSTON                       PA-28-B-142
ERWIN, ROBERT                           PA-28-A-273
ETTER, HENRY                            PA-28-B-357
ETTER, SAMUEL                           PA-28-B-353
FALKNOR, JAMES                          PA-28-B-37
FANSLEY, HENRY                          PA-28-B-369
FILLIPS, ANDREW                         PA-28-A-125
FINDLEY, SAMUEL                         PA-28-B-231
FISHBORN, CONRAD                        PA-28-B-127
FISHER, CONROD                          PA-28-A-263
FISHER, FREDERICK                       PA-28-B-412
FITZSIMMONS, JAMES                      PA-28-A-221
FLANAGAN, JOHN                          PA-28-A-289
FLENNIKEN, JOHN                         PA-28-A-289
FREEDLEY, ANDREW                        PA-28-A-95
FRY, HENRY                              PA-28-B-402
FULLERTON, HUMPHREY                     PA-28-A-225
FULLERTON, JEAN                         PA-28-A-259
GABELL, RICHARD                         PA-28-B-46
GALLEDY, JOSEPH                         PA-28-A-36
GAMEL, WILLIAM                          PA-28-A-77
GARDNER, JOHN                           PA-28-B-261
GARDNER, JOHN                           PA-28-B-159
GELVIN, JEREMIAH                        PA-28-B-222
GEMMEL, SAMUEL                          PA-28-B-29
GEORGE, ADAM                            PA-28-B-306
GIBBS, HUGH                             PA-28-A-134
GIBSON, JOHN                            PA-28-A-150
GILCHRIST, CHARLES                      PA-28-A-183
GOOSHORN, GEORGE                        PA-28-B-298
GORDON, HENRY                           PA-28-B-375
GRAHAM, MARY                            PA-28-A-148
GREASING, GEORGE                        PA-28-B-31
GREER, GOERGE                           PA-28-B-114
GREER, ISAAC                            PA-28-B-35
GREER, THOMAS                           PA-28-B-61
GROVE, ABRAHAM                          PA-28-A-176
GRUB, CHRISTIAN                         PA-28-B-146
GUY, RICHARD                            PA-28-A-23
HAGEY, JOHN                             PA-28-B-314
HALM, ELIZABETH                         PA-28-A-56
HAMILTON, HANS                          PA-28-A-138
HAMMON, JACOB                           PA-28-B-340
HANNAH, WILLIAM                         PA-28-A-55
HANSHEE, HENRY                          PA-28-A-320
HARLSOUGH, GEORGE                       PA-28-A-147
HARMAN, JOHN                            PA-28-B-102
HARRIS, ROWLAND SR.                     PA-28-B-33
HARSBERGER, JACOB                       PA-28-A-219
HARVEY, JAMES                           PA-28-A-152
HARVEY, WILLIAM                         PA-28-B-381
HAUCK, JACOB                            PA-28-A-331
HAUK, JOHN                              PA-28-B-68
HAYS, DAVID                             PA-28-B-378
HAYS, WILLIAM                           PA-28-B-209
HEEFNER, ALBERTUS                       PA-28-B-362
HEKEDORN, CHRISTIAN                     PA-28-B-273
HELM, HENRY                             PA-28-A-145
HEMPHILL, ANDREW                        PA-28-A-188
HENSHI, DAVID                           PA-28-B-430
HEPNER, DAVID                           PA-28-A-216
HICKS, JACOB                            PA-28-A-338
HINDMAN, JAMES                          PA-28-B-258
HOCKENBURY, PETER                       PA-28-B-435
HOLLIDAY, JOHN                          PA-28-B-309
HOOVER, JOHN SR.                        PA-28-B-438
HOSLER, JOSEPH                          PA-28-B-54
HOUCK, PHILLIP                          PA-28-B-46
HOUSTON, JOHN                           PA-28-B-250
HOWARD, FREDERICK                       PA-28-B-262
HUCHESON, JOHN                          PA-28-A-135
HUMBARGER, HENRY                        PA-28-B-137
HUMPHREYS, DAVID SR                     PA-28-B-3
HUSTON, AGNESS                          PA-28-A-110
HUSTON, DAVID                           PA-28-A-297
IMEL, PAUL                              PA-28-B-360
IMMELL, JOHN                            PA-28-A-233
IRWIN, ARCHIBALD                        PA-28-B-70
IRWIN, JAMES                            PA-28-A-10
IRWIN, MARTHA                           PA-28-A-183
IRWIN, MARTHA                           PA-28-A-305
IRWIN, MARY                             PA-28-A-8
JACOB, MARTIN                           PA-28-B-164
JACOBS, MODLENA                         PA-28-A-187
JEFFERY, JOHN                           PA-28-B-391
JEFFRIES, JOHN                          PA-28-B-56
JERRET, JOHN                            PA-28-B-103
JOHANNES, PHILIPP                       PA-28-B-389
JOHN, PHILIP                            PA-28-B-389
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          PA-28-A-82
JOHNSTON, ROBERT (MAJ. GEN.)            PA-28-B-355
KEAGY, CHRISTIAN                        PA-28-B-265
KEEN, RICHARD                           PA-28-A-52
KENNEDY, JOHN                           PA-28-B-240
KERR, JOHN                              PA-28-B-331
KEYSEY, JOHN                            PA-28-B-115
KILLOUGH, ALLEN                         PA-28-A-26
KILLOUGH, HANAH                         PA-28-A-60
KNEPPER, ELIZABETH                      PA-28-B-319
KNOX, JAMES                             PA-28-A-298
KNOX, THOMAS                            PA-28-B-132
KYLE, JOHN                              PA-28-B-334
KYLE, JOSEPH                            PA-28-B-188
KYLL, SAMUEL                            PA-28-A-42
LADY, DANIEL                            PA-28-B-366
LAMB, MOSES                             PA-28-B-202
LAMB, MOSES                             PA-28-A-244
LAW, ISAAC                              PA-28-B-200
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          PA-28-B-372
LAY, CASPER                             PA-28-B-19
LEAMAN, DANIEL                          PA-28-B-229
LEAR, DAVID                             PA-28-B-397
LEEPER, ELIZABETH                       PA-28-B-394
LEEPER, ROBERT                          PA-28-B-371
LEVIS, JACOB                            PA-28-B-321
LIGGET, JOHN                            PA-28-B-319
LIND, MATHEW (REV.)                     PA-28-B-98
LINDSAY, FULTON                         PA-28-A-144
LINDSEY, JAMES                          PA-28-B-219
LOAR, CONRAD                            PA-28-B-170
LONG, DAVID                             PA-28-B-303
LONG, PETER                             PA-28-B-203
LONGENACKER, PETER                      PA-28-B-184
LOWREY, JOHN                            PA-28-B-1
LOWRY, WILLIAM                          PA-28-A-25
LUTGE, ANTHONY ULRICH                   PA-28-B-7
MACLAY, JOHN SR.                        PA-28-B-233
MAGWIER, ROBERT                         PA-28-A-68
MAHAN, ARCHIBALD                        PA-28-B-121
MAHAN, DAVID                            PA-28-B-99
MAINS, JOHN                             PA-28-B-247
MALONE, EDWARD                          PA-28-B-204
MARSHAL, ANDREW                         PA-28-A-159
MARSHALL, JOHN                          PA-28-B-215
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         PA-28-B-415
MATHEWS, ISABELLA                       PA-28-B-110
MATTHEWS, GOERGE                        PA-28-B-51
MAXWELL, HANNAH                         PA-28-B-264
MAXWELL, JAMES SR.                      PA-28-B-333
MAYES, ANDREW                           PA-28-B-217
MCAULTY, MICHAEL                        PA-28-B-81
MCCALLISTER, JOHN                       PA-28-B-9
MCCALMONT, JAMES                        PA-28-B-373
MCCLELLAND, SAMUEL                      PA-28-B-197
MCCLINTOCK, DANIEL                      PA-28-A-165
MCCOMBS, JOHN                           PA-28-B-172
MCCONNEL, JAMES                         PA-28-B-364
MCCONNEL, ROBERT                        PA-28-B-108
MCCONNELL, ALEXANDER                    PA-28-A-248
MCCOY, BETSY                            PA-28-B-311
MCCOY, DANIEL                           PA-28-B-78
MCCREA, JAMES                           PA-28-B-345
MCCULLOH, MACKEY                        PA-28-B-291
MCCULLOUGH, JAMES                       PA-28-A-66
MCCUNE, SAMUEL                          PA-28-B-291
MCCURDY, DANIEL                         PA-28-B-7
MCCURDY, JAMES                          PA-28-B-300
MCCUTCHEN, CATHARINE                    PA-28-B-234
MCCUTCHEN, SAMUEL                       PA-28-B-20
MCDOWELL, JAMES                         PA-28-B-440
MCDOWELL, JOHN                          PA-28-A-307
MCDOWELL, NATHAN                        PA-28-B-113
MCDOWELL, ROBERT                        PA-28-B-341
MCDOWELL, THOMAS                        PA-28-B-294
MCFALL, NEAIL                           PA-28-A-47
MCFARLANE, JAMES                        PA-28-B-55
MCGARVEY, SAMUEL                        PA-28-A-252
MCKEAN, THOMAS                          PA-28-B-286
MCKEE, HUGH                             PA-28-A-333
MCKEE, JAMES SR.                        PA-28-A-344
MCKIBBEN, JAMES                         PA-28-A-61
MCKINSTRY, NATHANIEL                    PA-28-B-289
MCLANAHAN, JOHN SR.                     PA-28-B-48
MCLENE, JAMES                           PA-28-B-283
MCMATH, ANN                             PA-28-A-173
MCMATH, JOHN                            PA-28-A-41
MCMICHALE, JAMES                        PA-28-B-201
MCMULLAN, DANIEL                        PA-28-A-208
MCNEAL, DAVID                           PA-28-B-442
MCPHERSON, THOMAS                       PA-28-B-125
MCROBERTS, JAMES                        PA-28-B-208
MEANS, GRIZEL                           PA-28-B-426
MENICK, HENRY                           PA-28-B-249
MENOR, WILLIAM                          PA-28-A-341
MEREDITH, JOHN                          PA-28-A-316
MERTZ, PETER                            PA-28-B-189
MILLAR, HANSE MICHAEL                   PA-28-A-1
MILLER, HANNAH                          PA-28-B-74
MILLER, JANET                           PA-28-A-279
MINOR, GEORGE                           PA-28-A-206
MITCHEL, JAMES                          PA-28-B-30
MONTGOMERY, THOMAS                      PA-28-A-29
MOOR, DAVID                             PA-28-B-182
MOOR, JAMES                             PA-28-A-74
MOOR, WILLIAM                           PA-28-A-194
MOORE, ELISABETH                        PA-28-B-380
MOORE, ISAAC                            PA-28-B-21
MOORE, JAMES                            PA-28-A-335
MOORE, SAMUEL                           PA-28-B-253
MOOREHEAD, SAMUEL                       PA-28-A-17
MORRISON, ANDREW                        PA-28-B-312
MORROW, GAWN                            PA-28-B-242
MOWAN, CATHARINE                        PA-28-B-64
MOWAN, DANIEL                           PA-28-A-105
MULLEN, JOHN                            PA-28-B-50
MUNICK, GEORGE MICHAEL                  PA-28-B-66
NEEL, DAVID                             PA-28-B-407
NEWELL, WILLIAM                         PA-28-B-328
NICHOLSON, WILLIAM                      PA-28-A-128
NICODEMUS, CORNAD                       PA-28-B-269
NIGH, JOHN                              PA-28-B-279
NISBET, JOHN                            PA-28-B-235
NOBLE, JOHN                             PA-28-B-83
NWEL, ROBERT                            PA-28-A-103
ORMSBAY, GEORGE                         PA-28-A-327
OYSTER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-28-B-350
PARKHILL, ELIZAH                        PA-28-A-286
PATTERSON, ISAAC                        PA-28-A-121
PAXTON, JAMES                           PA-28-B-403
PEEBLES, ROBERT SR.                     PA-28-B-376
PEEPLES, WILLIAM                        PA-28-B-80
PESACKER, JACOB                         PA-28-B-75
PHILIPS, HENRY                          PA-28-A-330
PHILLIPS, ANDREW                        PA-28-A-125
PIPER, CHRISTIAN                        PA-28-B-192
PIPPER, ADAM                            PA-28-A-129
POORMAN, MELCHER                        PA-28-B-338
PORTERFIELD, THOMAS                     PA-28-B-160
POTTER, JOHN                            PA-28-A-230
POWINGER, LEONARD                       PA-28-A-250
PRICE, DANIEL                           PA-28-A-241
PRICE, JOHN                             PA-28-B-150
PUMROY, THOMAS                          PA-28-B-174
RADNOR, GEORGE                          PA-28-A-323
RAEMER, FRANCES JACOB                   PA-28-A-189
RANKEN, JAMES SR.                       PA-28-A-345
RANKIN, ANN                             PA-28-B-348
RANKIN, JEREMIAH                        PA-28-B-167
RANKIN, WILLIAM                         PA-28-A-256
RANKIN, WILLIAM                         PA-28-B-124
RANNALLS, JOHN                          PA-28-A-72
REED, CASPER                            PA-28-B-205
REIFSNIDER, MICHAEL                     PA-28-B-5
RHEA, JOHN SR.                          PA-28-B-322
RICEWICK, PETER                         PA-28-B-56
RIDENOUR, HENRY                         PA-28-B-140
RIPPY, SAMUEL                           PA-28-A-222
RITCHEY, SAMUEL                         PA-28-A-266
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                      PA-28-B-11
ROBESON, ANDREW                         PA-28-A-322
ROBISON, ANN                            PA-28-B-15
ROCK, FREDERICK                         PA-28-B-213
RODE, JOHN SR.                          PA-28-B-268
ROHRER, JACOB                           PA-28-A-277
RULE, JOHN                              PA-28-A-302
RUSSEL, ANDREW                          PA-28-A-218
RUSSEL, JOHN                            PA-28-A-143
SCHMAN, JOHN                            PA-28-B-122
SCOTT, DAVID                            PA-28-B-101
SCOTT, JAMES                            PA-28-A-112
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-28-A-283
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-28-B-118
SCOTT, ROBERT                           PA-28-B-73
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          PA-28-A-86
SEGRIST, JOHN                           PA-28-B-49
SHANEYFELT, JOHN                        PA-28-B-387
SHANNON, DAVID                          PA-28-A-281
SHANNON, JOHN                           PA-28-A-255
SHANNON, WILLIAM                        PA-28-A-38
SHEARER, PETER                          PA-28-B-277
SHEFFER, GEORGE                         PA-28-B-395
SHETTILOE, SUSANNA                      PA-28-B-218
SHIELDS, MATHEW                         PA-28-B-384
SHIELDS, ROBERT                         PA-28-B-220
SHOAFE, PETER SR                        PA-28-B-2
SHOCKY, JACOB                           PA-28-B-177
SHOWALDER, CHRISTIAN                    PA-28-B-252
SHULTS, HENRY                           PA-28-B-16
SIGHTS, HENRY SR.                       PA-28-B-224
SINGAR, JOHANNES                        PA-28-B-410
SINGAR, JOHN                            PA-28-B-410
SKINNER, JOHN                           PA-28-B-119
SKINNER, WILLIAM                        PA-28-B-346
SLOAN, JOHN                             PA-28-B-133
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-28-B-327
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-28-A-170
SMITH, MARY                             PA-28-B-316
SMITH, ROBERT                           PA-28-A-116
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-28-A-79
SNIDER, ANTHONY                         PA-28-B-166
SNIDER, DAVID                           PA-28-A-122
SNIDER, JOHN                            PA-28-B-193
SNIDER, PETER                           PA-28-B-325
SNIDER, PHILIP                          PA-28-B-418
SNIVELY, BARBARA                        PA-28-A-268
SNIVLEY, HENRY                          PA-28-B-147
SNIVLY, CHRISIAN                        PA-28-A-328
SNODGRASS, THOMAS                       PA-28-B-336
SPARR, GASPAR                           PA-28-B-84
SPEER, ALEXANDER                        PA-28-B-72
SPEER, MARY                             PA-28-B-186
SPENCE, ANDREW                          PA-28-B-71
STACY, WILLIAM                          PA-28-B-386
STALL, SUSANNAH                         PA-28-B-245
STAMBAGH, JACOB                         PA-28-B-27
STANTZ, LEONARD                         PA-28-B-310
STARK, ISAAC                            PA-28-B-180
STARRS, LEONARD                         PA-28-B-310
STATLER, JACOB                          PA-28-A-169
STAUFFER, CHRISTIAN                     PA-28-B-45
STEEL, ADAM                             PA-28-B-335
STERRET, BENJAMIN                       PA-28-A-200
STERRETT, CAVINS                        PA-28-B-52
STERRETT, MARY                          PA-28-B-113
STERRETT, MARY                          PA-28-B-100
STERRIT, ALEXANDER                      PA-28-A-64
STEVENSON, JOSEPH                       PA-28-A-192
STEWART, ALEXANDER                      PA-28-A-290
STINGAR, GEORGE                         PA-28-B-307
STOOPS, THOMAS                          PA-28-B-329
STOUFFER, ABRAHAM                       PA-28-B-367
STOVER, WILLIAM                         PA-28-B-90
STRAIN, JOHN                            PA-28-B-392
STULL, LEWIS                            PA-28-B-297
STULL, WILLIAM                          PA-28-B-365
STUM, PHILIP                            PA-28-B-76
STUMBOUGH, LAURENCE                     PA-28-B-251
STUMM, ADAM                             PA-28-B-266
STUMP, ABRAHAM                          PA-28-B-43
SWAN, JOSEPH                            PA-28-B-299
SWARTZ, JOHN                            PA-28-B-295
TATER, ISAAC                            PA-28-B-10
TEER, WILLIAM                           PA-28-B-13
TEMPLETON, SAMUEL                       PA-28-A-22
THOMPSON, ALLEXANDER                    PA-28-B-92
THOMPSON, ARCHIBALD                     PA-28-B-120
THOMPSON, JOHN                          PA-28-A-197
THOMPSON, MARY                          PA-28-B-246
THOMSON, JENNY                          PA-28-B-36
THOMSON, JOHN                           PA-28-A-318
THORN, JOSEPH SR.                       PA-28-B-82
TIMMONS, THOMAS                         PA-28-B-62
TORRENCE, ALBERT                        PA-28-B-195
TORRENCE, HUGH                          PA-28-A-340
TURNER, WILLIAM                         PA-28-B-145
UNGER, HENDRY                           PA-28-A-262
VANLEAR, WILLIAM                        PA-28-A-181
WAGNER, CASPER                          PA-28-A-253
WAGNER, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-28-A-163
WAKE, YOUST                             PA-28-B-329
WALKER, JAMES                           PA-28-A-140
WALKER, ROBERT                          PA-28-A-245
WALLACE, JAMES                          PA-28-B-339
WALLACE, SAMUEL                         PA-28-A-313
WALLOWER, LEONARD                       PA-28-B-85A
WARDEN, JAMES                           PA-28-B-313
WARTZ, CONRAD                           PA-28-A-237
WASON, THOMAS                           PA-28-B-165
WATERBAUGH, HENRY                       PA-28-B-349
WEAD, JOHN                              PA-28-A-164
WEIR, ABRAHAM                           PA-28-B-278
WEITER, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-28-B-330
WELCH, JOHN                             PA-28-A-97
WERTZ, GEORGE                           PA-28-B-67
WHITE, ALEXANDER                        PA-28-A-33
WHITMORE, PETER                         PA-28-B-117
WIDNER, ISAAC                           PA-28-B-225
WILEY, HOUGHEY                          PA-28-B-274
WILKEY, WILLIAM                         PA-28-B-282
WILLIA, SEBASTIAN                       PA-28-B-228
WILLIAMS, ENOCK                         PA-28-B-255
WILLSON, JAMES                          PA-28-A-57
WILSON, LELLIES                         PA-28-B-416
WILSON, MATTHEW                         PA-28-A-247
WILSON, ROBERT                          PA-28-A-270
WISHART, AGNES                          PA-28-A-272
WITHEROW, JAMES                         PA-28-B-79
WITHEROW, WILLIAM                       PA-28-A-276
WITHROW, JOHN                           PA-28-B-38
WOLGAMATH, BARBARA                      PA-28-B-60
WOLGAMATH, HENRY                        PA-28-B-60
YENEVINE, CHRISTIAN                     PA-28-B-86
ZIGLER, JACOB                           PA-28-A-119

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