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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1823-1841 | B-D=?? | C-D=? | E=1871-1877 | F=1877-1881 | G=1881-1886 | H=1886-1890 | I=1890-1893 | J=doesn't exist | K=1893-1895 | L=1895-1898 | M=1898-1900 | N=1900-1902 | O=1902-1903 | P-U=?? |
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ALDRICH, WELCOME                        PA-25-A-250
ALLEN, JOHN                             PA-25-A-162
ALLEN, RICHARD                          PA-25-A-102
ALLISON, WILLIAM                        PA-25-A-15
ANDERSON, ALLEN                         PA-25-A-230
ARBUCKLE, JOSEPH                        PA-25-A-21
BACKUS, JOSEPH SR.                      PA-25-A-51
BAIR, JAMES                             PA-25-A-99
BALDWIN, EBENEZER                       PA-25-A-203
BALL, DANIEL                            PA-25-A-59
BARNHART, WILLIAM                       PA-25-A-174
BARR, JAMES                             PA-25-A-1
BEALS, SHEPARD                          PA-25-A-156
BELL, DORCAS                            PA-25-A-10
BIRD, JOHN                              PA-25-A-11
BLADEN, BO                              PA-25-A-43
BLAIR, ROBERT                           PA-25-A-245
BOWNE, ROBERT                           PA-25-A-217
BRADLEY, MORRE BEID                     PA-25-A-233
BREWSTER, ALEANDER                      PA-25-A-9
BRISTOL, MILES                          PA-25-A-75
BROWN, JACOB                            PA-25-A-185
BROWN, LEMUEL SR.                       PA-25-A-193
BURGESS, MARY                           PA-25-A-163
BURRASS, SUSANNA                        PA-25-A-205
BUTLER, WALTER                          PA-25-A-74
CAHOON, STEWARD                         PA-25-A-157
CARROLL, SAMUEL                         PA-25-A-107
CARSON, JAMES                           PA-25-A-76
CASE, HASTING                           PA-25-A-225
CAUGHRY, ANDREW                         PA-25-A-36
CHAMBERS, BENJAMIN                      PA-25-A-5
CHAMBERS, EZEKIEL                       PA-25-A-161
CLARK, DANIEL A.                        PA-25-A-153
CLARK, JOHN W.                          PA-25-A-189
COCHRAN, JOHN                           PA-25-A-115
COLT, ELIZABETH                         PA-25-A-87
COLT, JUDAH                             PA-25-A-64
COLTRIN, ASA                            PA-25-A-3
COOVER, JOHN                            PA-25-A-126
COWGILL, JONAH                          PA-25-A-17
CUDNEY, BENIJAH                         PA-25-A-46
CUMMINS, JOHN                           PA-25-A-34
DEVORCE, JOHN                           PA-25-A-179
DRAKE, HENRY                            PA-25-A-98
DROWN, CYRIL                            PA-25-A-192
DUNCAN, JAMES                           PA-25-A-212
DUNLAP, JAMES                           PA-25-A-23
DUNLAP, REBECCA                         PA-25-A-8
DUNN, MARYANN                           PA-25-A-208
DUNN, OLIVER                            PA-25-A-129
EVERSOLE, CHRISTIAN                     PA-25-A-79
FELLOWS, MOSES                          PA-25-A-160
FERGUSON, GEORGE                        PA-25-A-61
FLOWER, HORACE                          PA-25-A-244
FORSTER, THOMAS                         PA-25-A-117
FRENCH, JOHN                            PA-25-A-40
GILBERT, JACOB B.                       PA-25-A-173
GILLELEN, RICHARD                       PA-25-A-7
GRAHAM, EBENEZER                        PA-25-A-152
GRAHAM, SAMUEL                          PA-25-A-33
GRAY, THOMAS                            PA-25-A-226
GRAY, WILLIAM                           PA-25-A-231
GUTHRIE, WILLIAM C.                     PA-25-A-86
HARRISON, JAMES                         PA-25-A-110
HENTON, THOMAS                          PA-25-A-18
HERSHEY, JOHN                           PA-25-A-247
HIMROD, AARON                           PA-25-A-25
HOLLIDAY, SAMUEL                        PA-25-A-253
HOWELL, OLIVER                          PA-25-A-125
HUGHES, THOMAS                          PA-25-A-132
HULL, ABIJAH                            PA-25-A-62
HUTCHINSON, ANNA                        PA-25-A-95
ISHERWOOD, FRANCIS                      PA-25-A-134
ISHERWOOD, JOHN                         PA-25-A-120
ISRAEL, BENONI                          PA-25-A-242
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                      PA-25-A-251
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        PA-25-A-241
JONES, JAMES                            PA-25-A-140
KAUFFMAN, JACOB                         PA-25-A-199
KENDALL, ABEL                           PA-25-A-30
KENNADY, ISAAC                          PA-25-A-214
KILPATRICK, JAMES                       PA-25-A-196
KING, ROBERT                            PA-25-A-222
LAIRD, THOMAS                           PA-25-A-72
LONGGAN, PETER                          PA-25-A-135
LYMAN, WILLIAM SR.                      PA-25-A-92
LYON, THOMAS                            PA-25-A-27
MARSH, STEPHEN                          PA-25-A-201
MAXWLEL, MOSES B.                       PA-25-A-133
MCCANN, HUGH                            PA-25-A-31
MCCLELLAND, ROBERT                      PA-25-A-155
MCCONKEY, JAMES                         PA-25-A-190
MCCOY, ELIZABETH                        PA-25-A-19
MCCRAY, JAMES                           PA-25-A-204
MCLAUGHLIN, THOMAS                      PA-25-A-84
MELECH, JOHN                            PA-25-A-13
MILLER, JACOB                           PA-25-A-210
MILLS, JOHN                             PA-25-A-171
MITCHELL, NATHAN                        PA-25-A-82
MOORE, JAMES                            PA-25-A-187
MORGAN, JAMES                           PA-25-A-210
MORRIS, JOHN                            PA-25-A-180
MUNGER, THOMAS                          PA-25-A-252
NETTLETON, ROSWELL                      PA-25-A-35
NICHOLSON, JOHN                         PA-25-A-38
OSTRANDER, ABRAHAM                      PA-25-A-169
PARKER, JONAS                           PA-25-A-182
PARLIN, DANIEL M.                       PA-25-A-112
PERRIGO, ROBERT                         PA-25-A-41
PHELPS, CORNISH                         PA-25-A-94
PHILLIPS, ERLAHUGH                      PA-25-A-58
POLLOCK, DAVID                          PA-25-A-239
PRESTON, ASA                            PA-25-A-63
REED, CHARLES J.                        PA-25-A-54
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                       PA-25-A-114
RIDDELL, JOHN                           PA-25-A-137
ROBINSON, THOMAS                        PA-25-A-57
ROBISON, ROBERT                         PA-25-A-97
RUSSELL, BENJAMIN                       PA-25-A-42
SCHLURAFF, JOSEPH                       PA-25-A-228
SHADDUCK, JOHN                          PA-25-A-78
SMITH, OLIVER                           PA-25-A-175
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-25-A-105
SNAVELLY, ANNE                          PA-25-A-113
SNAVELLY, JACOB                         PA-25-A-96
SPARROW, STEPHEN                        PA-25-A-56
SPRAGUE, SIMON                          PA-25-A-121
STAFFORD, DAVID                         PA-25-A-235
STANFIELD, JOHN                         PA-25-A-101
STERRETT, ROBERT SR.                    PA-25-A-2
STERRETT, THOMAS                        PA-25-A-197
STEWART, JAMES                          PA-25-A-47
STONE, RUSSELL                          PA-25-A-127
STURDIVANT, CHARLES K.                  PA-25-A-159
STURGEON, WILLIAM                       PA-25-A-165
THAYER, ALVIN L.                        PA-25-A-70
THOMPSON, ABEL                          PA-25-A-223
TUTTLE, DAVID                           PA-25-A-184
TUTTLE, TIMOTHY                         PA-25-A-150
VANDEVENTER, PETER                      PA-25-A-146
WALDRON, LEVI B.                        PA-25-A-207
WALKER, JUSTUS                          PA-25-A-53
WARREN, WILLIAM                         PA-25-A-109
WELDON, DAVID                           PA-25-A-90
WHEELOCK, AMERIAH                       PA-25-A-195
WILCOX, ALBERT                          PA-25-A-122
WILCOX, EPHRAIM                         PA-25-A-238
WILLARD, EPHRAIM B.                     PA-25-A-158
WILLEY, JOHN                            PA-25-A-123
WILLIAMS, ELLIS                         PA-25-A-104

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