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(BLACK), CEAZAR                         PA-23-A-99
ALLEN, AARON                            PA-23-B-318
ALLEN, THOMAS                           PA-23-A-140
ANDREWS, JAMES                          PA-23-A-396
ARMENT, JOHN                            PA-23-A-292
ARNOLD, JAMES                           PA-23-A-286
ART, JAMES                              PA-23-A-462
ASHFORD, WILLIAM                        PA-23-B-134
ASKEW, ELIZABETH                        PA-23-B-508
ATKINSON, ELIZABETH                     PA-23-B-129
BAKER, AARON JR.                        PA-23-B-336
BAKER, EDWARD                           PA-23-C-137
BAKER, ESTHER                           PA-23-B-291
BAKER, JOSEPH                           PA-23-C-105
BALDWIN, JOHN                           PA-23-C-74
BALDWIN, LYDIA                          PA-23-C-73
BALL, JOHN                              PA-23-B-526
BALL, JOSEPH                            PA-23-C-77
BARKER, JACOB D.                        PA-23-C-46
BARNARD, JAMES                          PA-23-B-22
BARNARD, SUSANNAH                       PA-23-C-29
BARR, JOANNA                            PA-23-B-95
BARTHOLOMEW, SARAH                      PA-23-C-51
BARTLESON, BARTLE                       PA-23-B-272
BARTON, JAMES                           PA-23-B-31
BARTRAM, BENJAMIN                       PA-23-C-111
BATES, RICHARD                          PA-23-B-68
BATTIN, SARAH                           PA-23-C-33
BEALE, JOHN                             PA-23-C-19
BEAUMONT, JOSEPH                        PA-23-A-249
BEAUMONT, WILLIAM                       PA-23-B-320
BENTLEY, RUTH                           PA-23-B-232
BEVAN, DAVIS                            PA-23-B-407
BEVAN, ISABELLA                         PA-23-C-9
BICKERTON, ELIZABETH                    PA-23-A-265
BICKERTON, JESSE                        PA-23-A-265
BIRCHALL, ELIZABETH                     PA-23-C-143
BIRCHELL, JAMES                         PA-23-C-183
BISHOP, GEORGE                          PA-23-A-115
BISHOP, JESSE                           PA-23-C-153
BISHOP, MARY                            PA-23-B-482
BLACK, ANN                              PA-23-B-56
BLACK, JAME                             PA-23-A-441
BONASLL, OBADIAH                        PA-23-A-179
BOND, BENJAMIN                          PA-23-A-257
BOND, ISAAC                             PA-23-C-45
BONSALL, ANN                            PA-23-B-443
BONSALL, BENJAMIN                       PA-23-B-67
BONSALL, GEORGE                         PA-23-B-515
BONSALL, HANNAH                         PA-23-A-30
BONSALL, JONATHAN                       PA-23-B-364
BONSALL, LYDIA                          PA-23-B-352
BONSALL, MARGARET                       PA-23-C-168
BONSALL, MARY                           PA-23-A-329
BONSALL, SAMUEL                         PA-23-A-297
BONSALL, SIDNEY                         PA-23-C-48
BOON, OSEPH                             PA-23-A-403
BOON, REBECCA                           PA-23-A-438
BOON, REBECCA                           PA-23-A-315
BOOTH, JOHN                             PA-23-C-39
BOOTH, JOSEPH                           PA-23-C-157
BOOTH, THOMAS                           PA-23-C-113
BOTTOMLEY, JOHN                         PA-23-B-470
BOWMAN, ANN                             PA-23-B-329
BRANNAN, BENJAMIN                       PA-23-C-89
BRATTEN, JAMES                          PA-23-C-55
BRIGGS, SAMUEL                          PA-23-B-201
BRINTON, CHRISTIANA                     PA-23-B-367
BRINTON, GEORGE                         PA-23-A-100
BRINTON, JOHN                           PA-23-B-249
BRINTON, JOSEPH                         PA-23-C-110
BRITNON, GEORGE                         PA-23-A-245
BRITTON, RICHARD                        PA-23-A-359
BROOK, SAMUEL                           PA-23-A-219
BROOKE, DAVID                           PA-23-B-147
BROOKE, NATHAN                          PA-23-B-305
BROOMALL, DANIEL                        PA-23-B-381
BROOMALL,D ANIEL                        PA-23-C-13
BROWN, GEORGE                           PA-23-B-74
BROWN, JOSEPH                           PA-23-A-198
BROWN, NATHANIEL                        PA-23-B-199
BROWN, THOMAS                           PA-23-C-206
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-23-B-81
BUGLESS, JUDITH                         PA-23-C-92
BULLICK, THOMAS SR.                     PA-23-C-57
BULLOCK, ISAAC                          PA-23-A-376
BUNTING, JOSIAH                         PA-23-B-244
BURN, JANE                              PA-23-A-391
BURN, WILLIAM                           PA-23-A-75
BURNS, JOHN                             PA-23-C-20
BURNS, JOSEPH                           PA-23-B-530
BURNS, WILLIAM                          PA-23-B-296
BURTON, JOHN                            PA-23-C-198
BYERS, ELIZABETH                        PA-23-A-162
CALDWELL, MARY                          PA-23-C-119
CALEY, SAMUEL                           PA-23-B-494
CARPENTER, JOHN                         PA-23-B-438
CARSON, MARTHA                          PA-23-C-104
CARTER, EDWARD                          PA-23-B-502
CARTER, JOSEPH                          PA-23-C-187
CARTER, JOSEPH                          PA-23-B-187
CARTER, LYDIA                           PA-23-A-188
CARTER, MARTIN                          PA-23-A-456
CHADDS, ELIZABETH                       PA-23-A-67
CHAMBERLAIN, ANN                        PA-23-B-48
CHAMBERLAIN, SUSANNA                    PA-23-A-1
CHENEY, RICHARD                         PA-23-A-53
CHERRY, JAMES                           PA-23-A-463
CHEYNEY, JOHN                           PA-23-B-35
CHEYNEY, JOSEPH                         PA-23-A-446
CHEYNEY, MARY                           PA-23-C-49
CLAYTON, ABIGAIL                        PA-23-B-191
CLAYTON, JOSEPH                         PA-23-C-47
CLAYTON, JOSEPH                         PA-23-B-47
CLEMENT, JOHN                           PA-23-B-195
CLIME, PHILIP                           PA-23-A-327
CLOUD, AGNESS                           PA-23-C-157
CLOUD, MORDECAI                         PA-23-A-333
CLOUD, SARAH                            PA-23-B-79
COBOURN, THOMAS                         PA-23-A-131
COBURN, CALEB                           PA-23-B-333
COLVIN, ROBERT                          PA-23-B-188
CORNOG, JOHN                            PA-23-C-155
CORNOG, JOHN                            PA-23-B-155
COURTNEY, THOMAS                        PA-23-A-312
COWAN, WILLIAM                          PA-23-A-79
COX, ANDREW                             PA-23-B-373
CRAIG, JOHN                             PA-23-C-156
CRAIG, JOHN                             PA-23-B-156
CRAIGE, JAMES                           PA-23-B-278
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          PA-23-A-28
CRIPPS, JACOB                           PA-23-A-196
CROSBY, ELEANOR                         PA-23-A-133, 146
CROSBY, JOHN                            PA-23-A-235
CROSBY, JOHN                            PA-23-C-3
CROSBY, JOHN JR.                        PA-23-A-445
CROSS, JOSEPH                           PA-23-B-439
CROZER, ESTHER                          PA-23-A-289
CROZER, JAMES                           PA-23-A-252
CROZER, JOHN                            PA-23-B-349
CROZER, RACHEL                          PA-23-B-184
CULEN, ISAAC                            PA-23-C-110
CULEN, JOHN                             PA-23-B-276
CULIN, WILLIAM                          PA-23-B-228
CUMMINGS, ELIABETH                      PA-23-B-344
CUMMINGS, JAMES                         PA-23-B-234
DANIEL, DAVID                           PA-23-C-139
DAUGHERTY, SUSANNAH                     PA-23-A-290
DAVID, EVAN                             PA-23-B-264
DAVIES, RUMFORD                         PA-23-B-445
DAVIS, AMOS                             PA-23-A-257
DAVIS, EDWARD                           PA-23-B-15
DAVIS, GEORGE                           PA-23-C-162
DAVIS, ISAAC                            PA-23-B-260
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-23-A-243
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           PA-23-A-49
DAVIS, JSOEPH                           PA-23-C-161
DAVIS, LEWIS                            PA-23-A-431
DAVIS, RUTH                             PA-23-A-293
DAVIS, TACY                             PA-23-B-506
DAY, JAMES                              PA-23-B-65
DEHAVEN, HANNAH                         PA-23-A-103
DICK, THOMAS B.                         PA-23-B-146
DICKS, JOSEPH                           PA-23-C-120
DICKS, ROGER                            PA-23-B-93
DONE, NATHAN                            PA-23-B-240
DUNN, GEORGE                            PA-23-B-21
DUNN, JOSEPH                            PA-23-C-181
DUNN, ROBERT                            PA-23-B-379
DUNN, SARAH                             PA-23-C-24
DUNN, WILLIAM                           PA-23-B-390
DUNWOODY, JAMES                         PA-23-B-312
DUNWOODY, RACHEL                        PA-23-C-194
DUTTON, JOHNATHAN                       PA-23-B-456
DUTTON, MARTHA                          PA-23-C-191
DUTTON, RICHARD                         PA-23-A-170
EDENTON, DINAH                          PA-23-B-468
EDWAQRDS, JANE                          PA-23-C-31
EDWARDS, ISAAC                          PA-23-C-91
EDWARDS, JOSEPH                         PA-23-C-14
EDWARDS, MARGARET                       PA-23-C-190
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                        PA-23-A-346
EFFINGER, AGNES                         PA-23-B-105
EFFINGER, HENRY                         PA-23-A-287
EFFINGER, HENRY                         PA-23-A-202
ELLIOTT, ANN                            PA-23-B-86
ELLIOTT, BENJAMIN                       PA-23-B-362
ELLIOTT, RUTH                           PA-23-A-27
ELLIS, BRIDGET                          PA-23-B-162
ELLIS, HANNAH                           PA-23-B-254
ELLIS, HUMPHREY                         PA-23-A-121
ELLIS, JESSE                            PA-23-A-294
ELLIS, JONATHAN                         PA-23-C-137
ELLIS, THOMAS                           PA-23-A-237
ELY, JOSHUA                             PA-23-B-6
ELY, SARAH                              PA-23-A-382
EMLEN, JAMES                            PA-23-A-272
EVANS, ANN                              PA-23-A-387
EVANS, DAVID                            PA-23-B-33
EVANS, ELIZABETH                        PA-23-A-452
EVANS, JOHN                             PA-23-A-147
EVANS, JOHN                             PA-23-C-12
EVANS, JONATHAN                         PA-23-B-374
EVANS, LYDIA                            PA-23-A-342
EVANS, MARY                             PA-23-A-18
EVANS, MARY                             PA-23-B-438
EVANS, NATHAN                           PA-23-B-280
EVANS, ROBERT                           PA-23-B-44
EYRE, ISAAC                             PA-23-C-103
EYRE, JOHN                              PA-23-B-196
EYRE, WILLIAM                           PA-23-B-297
FAIRLAMB, ELEANOR                       PA-23-A-344
FAIRLAMB, FREDERICK                     PA-23-C-118
FARR, ABRAHAM                           PA-23-C-39
FAWKES, JOSEPH                          PA-23-B-292
FAWKES, RICHARD                         PA-23-C-23
FAWKES, RICHARD                         PA-23-A-3
FAWKES, SARAH                           PA-23-B-136
FELL, WILLIAM                           PA-23-A-80
FERGUSON, ROBERT                        PA-23-A-118
FIMPLE, MICHEL                          PA-23-C-163
FLOWERS, JOHN                           PA-23-B-64
FORD, LYDIA                             PA-23-C-68
FORMAN, JOHN                            PA-23-B-277
FORREST, WILLIAM                        PA-23-A-355
FRAME, ROBET                            PA-23-B-383
FRAZER, ALICE                           PA-23-C-193
FREE, JOHN                              PA-23-B-129
GAMBLE, PATRICK                         PA-23-A-331
GARDNER, ARCHIBALD                      PA-23-B-318
GARRETSON, JOSEPH                       PA-23-A-78
GARRETT, ANN                            PA-23-A-176
GARRETT, NATHAN                         PA-23-A-389
GARRETT, NATHAN                         PA-23-C-133
GARRETT, OBORN                          PA-23-B-8
GESTS, WILLIAM                          PA-23-A-421
GIBBONS, JOSEPH                         PA-23-A-207
GIBBONS, MARGERY                        PA-23-B-297
GILPIN, SARAH                           PA-23-A-309
GRACEY, JOHN                            PA-23-C-151
GRACEY, SAMUEL                          PA-23-B-177
GRAHAM, ABIGAIL                         PA-23-A-250
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         PA-23-B-528
GRAHAM, ZEDEKIAH W.                     PA-23-A-279
GRANTHAM, GEORGE                        PA-23-A-204
GREEN, JANE                             PA-23-A-236
GREEN, ROBERT                           PA-23-A-22
GREEN, SILAS                            PA-23-A-203
GRIFFITH, ENOCH                         PA-23-C-74
GRIFFITH, HANNAH                        PA-23-B-394
GRIFFITH, JOSEPH                        PA-23-B-198
GROVER, ELIZABETH                       PA-23-A-113
GRUBB, ADAM                             PA-23-A-37
GRUBB, MARY                             PA-23-A-451
GRUBER, JOHN                            PA-23-A-322
GUYGER, GEORGE                          PA-23-A-404
HAHN, JOHN                              PA-23-B-520
HALL, DAVID                             PA-23-A-417
HALL, JOHN                              PA-23-A-214
HALL, ROBERT                            PA-23-A-233
HALL, SARAH                             PA-23-A-328
HALL, STEPHEN                           PA-23-B-324
HAMMEL, PHEBE                           PA-23-B-86
HAMPTON, JOHN                           PA-23-B-420
HARLAND, ELLIS C.                       PA-23-C-112
HARRISON, CALEB SR.                     PA-23-A-90
HARRISON, JOHN                          PA-23-A-278
HATTON, JAMES                           PA-23-C-195
HATTON, PETER                           PA-23-A-269
HATTON, SARAH                           PA-23-B-104
HAWORTH, PATIENCE                       PA-23-B-518
HAWWORTH, JOHN                          PA-23-A-7
HAYCOCK, JOHN                           PA-23-A-158
HAYMAN, WILLIAM                         PA-23-C-36
HAYS, ANN                               PA-23-A-20
HAYS, ELIZABETH                         PA-23-A-12
HAZARD, ORAM                            PA-23-A-213
HEACOCK, NATHAN                         PA-23-C-95
HEACOCK, PHEBE                          PA-23-C-43
HERMANY, JOHNATHAN                      PA-23-C-12
HERMON, JOHN                            PA-23-A-412
HIBBERD, ISAAC                          PA-23-A-224
HIBBERD, JOHN                           PA-23-B-242
HILL, JOHN                              PA-23-B-268
HILL, MARY                              PA-23-C-133
HINKSON, JOHN                           PA-23-C-136
HINKSON, MORRIS                         PA-23-C-194
HOLLAND, NATHANIEL                      PA-23-A-205
HOLLAND, RICHARD                        PA-23-C-33
HOLLAND, THOMAS                         PA-23-C-76
HOLLOWAY, SARAH                         PA-23-A-8
HOLMES, THOMAS                          PA-23-A-453
HOLSTON, JOHN                           PA-23-A-192
HOOPES, DANIEL                          PA-23-C-166
HOOPES, JOSHAU                          PA-23-C-86
HORNE, EDWARD                           PA-23-C-27
HORNE, PHEBE                            PA-23-C-184
HOSKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-23-B-226
HOULSTON, MARTHA                        PA-23-B-25
HOWARD, ALICE                           PA-23-C-8
HOWARD, JAMES                           PA-23-C-87
HOWARD, JONATHAN                        PA-23-C-159
HUBBS, SARAH                            PA-23-B-464
HUGHES, SAMUEL                          PA-23-B-504
HUMPHREYS, ANN                          PA-23-A-370
HUMPHREYS, REBECCA                      PA-23-C-132
HUNT, JOHN                              PA-23-A-39
HUNT, SUSANNA                           PA-23-B-323
HUNTER, EDWARD                          PA-23-B-388
HUNTER, GEORGE                          PA-23-B-26
HUNTER, GEORGE                          PA-23-A-407
HUNTER, HANNAH                          PA-23-B-166
HUNTER, HANNAH                          PA-23-A-413
HUNTER, JOHN                            PA-23-B-523
HUNTER, JOHN                            PA-23-B-404
HUNTER, JONATHAN                        PA-23-A-318
HUSTON, REBECCA                         PA-23-C-189
HUSTON, THOMAS                          PA-23-B-395
IRETON, ANTHONY                         PA-23-B-63
JACOBS, LYDIA                           PA-23-A-275
JAMES, HANNAH                           PA-23-B-307
JENKINS, JABEZ                          PA-23-B-371
JOBSON, JOSEPH                          PA-23-B-350
JOHNSON, PETER                          PA-23-A-420
JONES, ALICE                            PA-23-B-168
JONES, DAVID                            PA-23-A-10
JONES, EDWARD                           PA-23-A-126
JONES, JAMES                            PA-23-B-69
JONES, JENNIS                           PA-23-B-186
JONES, JOHN                             PA-23-A-397
KERLIN, HENRY G.                        PA-23-C-117
KERLIN, JOHN                            PA-23-B-111
KERLIN, MATTHIAS                        PA-23-A-383
KERLIN, WILLIAM                         PA-23-A-457
KERNS, ANN                              PA-23-A-57
KIBBLER, JACOB                          PA-23-B-236
KIRK, JOHN                              PA-23-A-215
KIRK, PHILIP                            PA-23-B-514
KIRK, SAMUEL                            PA-23-B-59
KITTS, MICHAEL                          PA-23-B-400
KNIGHT, HANNAH                          PA-23-B-230
LAMB, JOHN                              PA-23-C-146
LAMPLUGH, BEZER                         PA-23-B-346
LANE, EDWARD                            PA-23-C-167
LARKIN, ISAAC                           PA-23-C-135
LARKIN, JOSEPH                          PA-23-C-121
LAURENCE, AMY                           PA-23-C-164
LAWRENCE, HNRY                          PA-23-B-270
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH                        PA-23-B-206
LAWRENCE, MORDECAI                      PA-23-C-131
LEEDOM, SAMUEL                          PA-23-B-383
LEWELLIN, ANN                           PA-23-C-26
LEWIS, ABRAHAM                          PA-23-C-107
LEWIS, ALBIN H.                         PA-23-C-139
LEWIS, ANTHONY                          PA-23-B-29
LEWIS, CATHARINE                        PA-23-B-416
LEWIS, DAVID                            PA-23-A-166
LEWIS, ELIZABETH                        PA-23-C-182
LEWIS, EVAN                             PA-23-B-71
LEWIS, EVAN                             PA-23-C-200
LEWIS, HANNAH                           PA-23-B-326
LEWIS, HANNAH                           PA-23-C-22
LEWIS, HENRY                            PA-23-B-258
LEWIS, JANE                             PA-23-B-286
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-23-C-35
LEWIS, JOSIAH                           PA-23-A-240
LEWIS, LEVI                             PA-23-B-193
LEWIS, LEWIS                            PA-23-A-317
LEWIS, MARY                             PA-23-B-218
LEWIS, MARY                             PA-23-C-50
LEWIS, MARY                             PA-23-A-394
LEWIS, MORDECAI                         PA-23-C-145
LEWIS, SAMUEL                           PA-23-A-150
LIDNSAY, ASMUEL                         PA-23-A-262
LINDSAY, JAMES                          PA-23-A-93
LINDSAY, JOHN                           PA-23-C-81
LITZENBURG, SIMON                       PA-23-A-348
LLOYD, JAMES                            PA-23-B-475
LOBB, BENJAMIN                          PA-23-B-385
LOBB, ESTHER                            PA-23-B-273
LOBB, ISAAC                             PA-23-A-430
LOVEN, MELCHOIR                         PA-23-C-32
LOWNES, CURTIS                          PA-23-B-499
LOWNES, GEORGE                          PA-23-A-119
LOWNES, REBECCCA                        PA-23-C-204
LUNGREN, JOHN                           PA-23-B-338
LUNGREN, SARAH                          PA-23-B-409
LYONS, DAVID                            PA-23-B-126
MALIN, ISAAC                            PA-23-C-144
MALIN, JACOB                            PA-23-B-302
MALIN, PHEBE                            PA-23-B-121
MALIN, SAMUEL                           PA-23-C-24
MALIN, SUSANNA                          PA-23-C-64
MALIN, WILLIAM                          PA-23-B-98
MANLEY, THOMAS                          PA-23-B-398
MARIS, ANN                              PA-23-B-96
MARIS, ELIZABETH                        PA-23-B-393
MARIS, ISAAC                            PA-23-A-259
MARIS, WILLIAM                          PA-23-B-127
MARSHALL, ANN                           PA-23-B-224
MARSHALL, DAVID                         PA-23-C-122
MARSHALL, JAMES                         PA-23-C-31
MARSHALL, SUSANNA                       PA-23-C-5
MARSHALL, THOMAS                        PA-23-C-101
MARTIN, ABRAHAM                         PA-23-B-141
MARTIN, CALEB                           PA-23-C-67
MARTIN, GEORGE                          PA-23-C-94
MARTIN, JONATHAN                        PA-23-A-338
MARTIN, SUSANNA                         PA-23-B-241
MATHER, JOHN                            PA-23-A-70
MATHER, JOHN                            PA-23-A-66
MATLACK, NATHAN                         PA-23-A-260
MATLACK, SARAH                          PA-23-C-201
MATLACK, TACY                           PA-23-C-7
MATLEACK, NATHAN                        PA-23-B-276
MATTSON, ELIZA W.                       PA-23-C-211
MAULE, DANIEL                           PA-23-B-132
MAXWELL, ROBERT                         PA-23-C-148
MCCALL, JOSEPH                          PA-23-A-283
MCCALL, THOMAS                          PA-23-A-26
MCCLURE, SAMUEL                         PA-23-B-269
MCILVAIN, ANN                           PA-23-C-124
MCILVAIN, HUGH                          PA-23-A-148
MCLAUGHLIN, ROEBRT                      PA-23-A-451
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                     PA-23-A-361
MCLEER, PATRICK                         PA-23-B-247
MCMICHAEL, JOHN                         PA-23-C-27
MCMINN, JOHN                            PA-23-A-85
MENDENHALL, BENJAMIN                    PA-23-A-357
MENDENHALL, MARGARET                    PA-23-B-419
MENDENHALL, PHILIP                      PA-23-B-157
MENDENHALL, STEPHEN                     PA-23-B-112
MERCER, RICHARD                         PA-23-B-215
MEREDITH, MARY                          PA-23-B-61
MEREDITH, MOSES                         PA-23-A-298
MERIN, JOSEPH                           PA-23-A-439
MIERS, HENRY                            PA-23-A-173
MILEY, MARY                             PA-23-A-222
MILLER, GEORGE                          PA-23-A-226
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-23-A-316
MILLER, REBECCA                         PA-23-B-437
MILLER, ROBERT                          PA-23-B-24
MILLSON, JOHN                           PA-23-A-139
MINSHALL, AGNES                         PA-23-B-228
MINSHALL, LYDIA                         PA-23-B-483
MINSHALL, SARAH                         PA-23-A-343
MINSHALL, THOMAS                        PA-23-B-262
MITCHELL, JOHN                          PA-23-B-406
MOORE, ELIZABETH                        PA-23-C-18
MOORE, NATHAN                           PA-23-B-62
MOORE, PHILP                            PA-23-B-237
MOORE, SAMUEL                           PA-23-A-182
MOORE, THOMAS                           PA-23-A-111
MOORE, THOMAS                           PA-23-A-144
MOORE, THOMAS                           PA-23-B-84
MORGAN, JOSEPH                          PA-23-B-391
MORGAN, MAGDELANE                       PA-23-A-275
MORGAN, RACHEL                          PA-23-C-144
MORRIS, DAVID                           PA-23-A-437
MORRIS, GEORGE                          PA-23-B-39
MORRIS, JONATHAN                        PA-23-B-267
MORRIS, JONATHAN                        PA-23-B-434
MORRIS, SUSANNAH                        PA-23-B-154
MORRISON, JOSEPH                        PA-23-C-59
MORTON, ERASMUS                         PA-23-C-25
MOULDER, JOHN                           PA-23-A-266
MULLIN, WILLIAM                         PA-23-C-54
NEIDE, JOHN                             PA-23-C-206
NEIDE, JOSEPH                           PA-23-A-280
NEIDE, SARAH                            PA-23-B-78
NEWLIN, ANN                             PA-23-B-83
NEWLIN, NATHANIEL                       PA-23-C-177
NEWLIN, THOMAS                          PA-23-B-171
NOBLIT, WILLIAM                         PA-23-A-106
NORRIS, MARY                            PA-23-A-304
NUTZUM, THOMAS                          PA-23-A-63
OAKFORD, AARON                          PA-23-B-327
OGDEN, JOHN                             PA-23-C-92
OLIVER, MARY                            PA-23-B-208
ORMSBY, GEORGE                          PA-23-B-47
OTLEY, JOHN                             PA-23-A-321
PAINTER, SAMUEL                         PA-23-C-40
PALMER, AARON                           PA-23-B-399
PALMER, ASHER                           PA-23-B-386
PALMER, BENJAMIN                        PA-23-C-71
PALMER, JOHN                            PA-23-A-354
PANCAST, HANNAH                         PA-23-A-313
PANCOAST, SETH                          PA-23-A-95
PARKER, JOHN                            PA-23-A-341
PARKS, RICHARD                          PA-23-A-401
PARSONS, MAHLON                         PA-23-B-498
PASSMORE, ABIGAIL                       PA-23-B-102
PEARSON, ELIZABETH                      PA-23-B-467
PEARSON, JOSEPH                         PA-23-A-425
PEARSON, SUSANNA                        PA-23-B-155
PEDRICK, ELIZABETH                      PA-23-B-332
PEDRICK, THOMAS                         PA-23-A-285
PEIRCE, CALEB                           PA-23-B-308
PEIRCE, HENRY                           PA-23-A-358
PEIRCE, JOHN                            PA-23-A-200
PEIRCE, JOHN                            PA-23-C-197
PENNELL, ANNE                           PA-23-C-203
PENNELL, DELL                           PA-23-C-171
PENNELL, EDWARD                         PA-23-C-153
PENNELL, ISAAC                          PA-23-B-480
PENNELL, JAMES                          PA-23-C-1
PENNELL, JONATHAN                       PA-23-C-203
PENNELL, JOSEPH                         PA-23-A-189
PENNELL, JOSEPH                         PA-23-B-472
PENNELL, JOSEPH                         PA-23-B-210
PENNELL, MARTHA                         PA-23-C-165
PENNELL, ROBERT                         PA-23-A-393
PENNELL, SUSANNA                        PA-23-A-109
PENNELL, WILLIAM                        PA-23-B-396
PERKINS, HANNAH                         PA-23-B-183
PHILLIPS, DAVID                         PA-23-C-101
PHYLE, PHEBE                            PA-23-C-147
PIPER, JOSEPH                           PA-23-C-149
PITT, JOHN                              PA-23-C-28
POWELL, GEORGE                          PA-23-A-282
POWELL, JOHN                            PA-23-B-426
PRATT, DAVID                            PA-23-C-34
PRESTON, ERPAH R.                       PA-23-B-109
PRESTON, MARY                           PA-23-A-108
PRICE, ELIZABETH                        PA-23-A-46
PRICE, JOHN                             PA-23-A-371
PRICE, PETER                            PA-23-B-15
PRICE, PHILIP                           PA-23-B-158
PRINCE, RACHEL                          PA-23-B-511
PRITCHET, ELIZABETH                     PA-23-B-53
PRITCHET, WILLIAM                       PA-23-A-211
PYLE, CALEB                             PA-23-B-98
PYLE, JOSEPH                            PA-23-B-322
PYLE, MARY                              PA-23-C-170
PYLE, RALPH                             PA-23-A-379
QUIGG, JOHN                             PA-23-B-361
READ, JOHN                              PA-23-B-431
REDMAN, ELIZABETH                       PA-23-C-1
REECE, DAVID                            PA-23-A-159
REECE, JESSE                            PA-23-B-219
REECE, LEWIS                            PA-23-B-282
REECE, MARY                             PA-23-B-151
REECE, WILLIAM                          PA-23-A-16
REED, CLOTWORTHY                        PA-23-A-130
REED, MARGARET                          PA-23-B-436
REED, THOMAS                            PA-23-A-426
REESE, ISAAC                            PA-23-C-88
RETTEW, JOHN                            PA-23-B-116
REVELL, PETER                           PA-23-B-440
REYNOLDS, BENJAMIN                      PA-23-A-262
RHOADS, ELIZABETH                       PA-23-A-178
RHOADS, JOSEPH                          PA-23-B-100
RHOADS, MARY                            PA-23-C-192
RICE, DANIEL                            PA-23-A-284
RICE, JACOB                             PA-23-C-151
RICHARDS, JONATHAN                      PA-23-B-354
RICHARDS, LUCEY                         PA-23-A-301
RICHARDSON, THOMAS                      PA-23-C-11
RILEY, RICHARD                          PA-23-B-477
RINEHERT, SIMON                         PA-23-A-177
RING, JOSEPH                            PA-23-B-192
RING, NATHANIEL                         PA-23-B-124
RING, SUSANNA                           PA-23-B-294
RIVELY, JOHN                            PA-23-C-160
ROBERTS, ANN                            PA-23-C-80
ROBERTS, ISRAEL                         PA-23-B-415
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-23-B-301
ROBERTS, REUBEN                         PA-23-B-303
ROBESON, SAMUEL                         PA-23-B-310
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                       PA-23-B-230
ROGERS, DEBORAH                         PA-23-A-442
ROGES, LYDIA                            PA-23-A-438
ROWAN, JAMES                            PA-23-B-255
ROWAN,MARTHA                            PA-23-B-440
RROBINSON, RACHEL                       PA-23-B-330
RUDOLPH, MARY                           PA-23-A-180
RUSSELL, JAMES                          PA-23-A-74
RUSSELL, JESSE                          PA-23-B-478
RUSSELL, MOSES                          PA-23-C-199
RUSSELL, SAMUEL                         PA-23-B-424
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                        PA-23-A-363
RUSSELL, WILLIAM JR.                    PA-23-C-176
SCHOFIELD, JAMES                        PA-23-C-192
SCHUSTER, JOHN                          PA-23-C-73
SEAL, MARY                              PA-23-B-118
SELLERS, NATHAN                         PA-23-C-207
SELLES, JOHN                            PA-23-A-434
SHARPLESS, CATHRINE F.                  PA-23-C-60
SHARPLESS, DANIEL                       PA-23-B-356
SHARPLESS, GRACE                        PA-23-B-353
SHARPLESS, JOHN                         PA-23-B-1
SHARPLESS, MARTHA                       PA-23-A-230
SHARPLESS, MARTHA                       PA-23-B-212
SHARPLESS, SAMUEL                       PA-23-A-209
SHARPLESS, SAMUEL                       PA-23-C-149
SHARPLESS, SAMUEL                       PA-23-A-34
SHARPLESS, SARAH                        PA-23-A-239
SHARPLESS, THOMAS                       PA-23-B-178
SHAW, JAMES                             PA-23-A-368
SHAW, MARY                              PA-23-A-311
SHEAFF, PHILIP                          PA-23-C-173
SHOALTS, JOHN                           PA-23-C-100
SHOTTEN, BREAM                          PA-23-A-234
SHOULTS, MARTHA                         PA-23-C-169
SIDDON, WILLIAM                         PA-23-B-471
SILL, JAMES                             PA-23-A-267
SIMPSON, RICHARD                        PA-23-B-253
SITER, ADAM                             PA-23-A-255
SITER, WILLIAM                          PA-23-C-96
SITERS, GEORGE                          PA-23-A-362
SKEW, JOSEPH                            PA-23-A-405
SLITER, PRUDENCE                        PA-23-A-345
SMEDLEY, AMBROSE                        PA-23-B-454
SMEDLEY, ANN                            PA-23-A-135
SMEDLEY, ELIZBETH                       PA-23-C-187
SMEDLEY, FRANCIS                        PA-23-B-235
SMEDLEY, SAMUEL                         PA-23-A-45
SMITH, DOROTHY                          PA-23-A-277
SMITH, HANNAH                           PA-23-B-75
SMITH, REBECCA                          PA-23-B-108
SMITH, SAMUEL                           PA-23-A-142
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-23-C-58
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-23-B-119
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-23-B-287
SNEEDER, MATTHIAS                       PA-23-A-401
SPEAKMAN, MICAJAH                       PA-23-A-461
STEEL, ANDREW                           PA-23-B-401
STEVENSON, JOHN                         PA-23-C-4
STTYSON, MARY                           PA-23-B-94
STUARD, ANN                             PA-23-C-79
STUARD, WILLIAM                         PA-23-C-79
STURGES, JONATHAN                       PA-23-B-388
SUTTON, BARTHOLOMEW                     PA-23-A-165
SUTTON, DEBORAH                         PA-23-B-328
SWAFFER, ABAGAIL                        PA-23-B-190
SWAFFER, WILLIAM                        PA-23-A-123
SWAYNE, THOMAS                          PA-23-A-112
TALBOT, JOHN                            PA-23-B-484
TALBOT, JOSEPH                          PA-23-B-50
TALBOT, SARAH                           PA-23-B-521
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN                        PA-23-B-281
TAYLOR, ENOCH                           PA-23-A-353
TAYLOR, ISRAEL                          PA-23-C-123
TAYLOR, ISRAEL                          PA-23-A-2
TAYLOR, JOHN                            PA-23-B-361
TAYLOR, NATHAN                          PA-23-A-340
TAYLOR, PETER                           PA-23-A-385
TAYLOR, VERNON G.                       PA-23-C-200
THATCHER, WILLIAM                       PA-23-B-41
THOMAS, BENJAMIN                        PA-23-A-170
THOMAS, HEZEKIAH                        PA-23-B-315
THOMAS, OWEN                            PA-23-A-303
THOMAS, SETH                            PA-23-C-141
THOMAS, URIAH                           PA-23-C-150
THOMPSON, MARY                          PA-23-B-181
THOMSON, ANN                            PA-23-B-491
THOMSON, ESTHER                         PA-23-B-403
THOMSON, JOHN                           PA-23-A-105
THOMSON, WILLIAM                        PA-23-C-112
TIPPING, RICHARD                        PA-23-C-107
TOWNSEND, CATHARINE                     PA-23-C-196
TOWNSEND, JOHN                          PA-23-B-332
TREVILLE, SUSANNA                       PA-23-C-173
TRIMBLE, ESTHER                         PA-23-B-509
TRIMBLE, HANNAH                         PA-23-C-168
TRIMBLE, SAMUEL                         PA-23-B-413
TRIMBLE, THOMAS                         PA-23-C-175
TRIMBLE, WILLIAM                        PA-23-A-184
TROTTER, THOMAS                         PA-23-C-154
TURNE, JAMES                            PA-23-A-44
TWADDELL, ELIZABETH                     PA-23-C-147
TWADDELL, WILLIAM                       PA-23-C-128
TYSON, JOHN                             PA-23-A-455
VANLEER, BARNARD                        PA-23-A-13
VANLEER, CHRISTIANA                     PA-23-B-319
VAUGHAN, WILLIAM                        PA-23-B-266
VAUGHN, CHRISTIANA                      PA-23-A-337
VERNON, ABIGAIL                         PA-23-A-187
VERNON, EMMOR                           PA-23-B-300
VERNON, JOSHUA                          PA-23-A-264
VERNON, MARY                            PA-23-A-351
VERNON, MOSES                           PA-23-A-191
VERNON, SAMUEL                          PA-23-B-392
VERNON, WILLIAM                         PA-23-B-429
VOGDES, ELIZABETH                       PA-23-B-288
WALTER, BETTY                           PA-23-C-125
WALTER, NATHANIEL                       PA-23-C-15
WALTER, NATHANIEL                       PA-23-B-17
WALTER, RACHEL R.                       PA-23-A-380
WALTERS, JOSEPH                         PA-23-A-443
WARNER, JACOB                           PA-23-B-33
WASSON, HENRY                           PA-23-C-109
WEAVER, JEREMIAH                        PA-23-A-356
WELCH, THOMAS                           PA-23-B-122
WEST, SARAH                             PA-23-C-177
WEST, WILLIAM                           PA-23-B-88
WHITE, GEORGE                           PA-23-B-442
WILDAY, OBADIAH                         PA-23-A-163
WILKINSON, MARY                         PA-23-C-142
WILLCOX, MARK                           PA-23-C-127
WILLIAMS, MARGARET                      PA-23-C-17
WILLIAMSON, ABAGAIL                     PA-23-B-131
WILLIAMSON, ABRAHAM                     PA-23-B-40
WILLIAMSON, DANIEL                      PA-23-A-461
WILLIAMSON, ELIZABETH                   PA-23-B-4
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                        PA-23-A-154
WILLIAMSON, THOMAS                      PA-23-A-447
WILLING, RICHARD                        PA-23-A-244
WILSON, HANNAH                          PA-23-C-85
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-23-B-22
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-23-B-348
WITHY, JAMES                            PA-23-B-290
WITHY, MARY                             PA-23-B-114
WOOD, JAMES                             PA-23-B-138
WOOD, WILLIAM                           PA-23-A-433
WOODWARD, EDWARD                        PA-23-B-6
WOOLLAS, NICHOLAS                       PA-23-B-76
WOOLLEY, SARAH                          PA-23-A-313
WORRALL, AARON                          PA-23-C-35
WORRALL, BENJAMIN                       PA-23-A-229
WORRALL, DANIEL                         PA-23-C-85
WORRALL, ELEANOR                        PA-23-B-140
WORRALL, ELISHA                         PA-23-C-185
WORRALL, ELISHA                         PA-23-C-64
WORRALL, HANNAH                         PA-23-A-72
WORRALL, HANNAH                         PA-23-B-411
WORRALL, JAMES                          PA-23-A-197
WORRALL, JANE                           PA-23-C-30
WORRALL, JOHN                           PA-23-A-306
WORRALL, JOHN                           PA-23-A-428
WORRALL, JOSEPH                         PA-23-A-61
WORRALL, JOSEPH                         PA-23-A-183
WORRALL, MARY                           PA-23-C-196
WORRALL, OWEN                           PA-23-B-144
WORRALL, PEIRCE                         PA-23-C-55
WORRALL, PETER                          PA-23-B-417
WORRALL, PHEBE                          PA-23-A-88
WORRALL, SARAH                          PA-23-B-310
WORRALL, TACY                           PA-23-B-136
WORRALL, THOMAS                         PA-23-A-449
WORRALL, THOMAS                         PA-23-B-432
WORRALL, WILLIAM                        PA-23-C-126
WORRLAL, SAMUEL                         PA-23-A-217
YARNALL, CALEB                          PA-23-A-324
YARNALL, ELI                            PA-23-B-293
YARNALL, ELIZABETH                      PA-23-C-14
YARNALL, EZEKIEL                        PA-23-B-285
YARNALL, JAMES                          PA-23-B-375
YARNALL, JOSHUA                         PA-23-A-32
YARNALL, SAMUEL                         PA-23-B-275
YARNALL, WILLIAM                        PA-23-B-54
YARNELL, ELI                            PA-23-B-202
YOUNG, CHARLES                          PA-23-A-352

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