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ABBOTT, WILLIAM                        PA-19-3-183
ABBOTT, WILLIAM                        PA-19-11-308
ACHENBACH, ANN M.                      PA-19-1-76
ACHENBACH, JOHN                        PA-19-4-172
ACHENBACH, SAMUEL                      PA-19-5-337
ACKEMAN, SARAH                         PA-19-3-564
ADAMS, ABRAM                           PA-19-3-157
ADAMS, ANTHONY                         PA-19-1-138
ADAMS, ELIZABETH                       PA-19-4-712
ADAMS, ELIZBETH C.                     PA-19-2-299
ADAMS, ENOS L.                         PA-19-6-208
ADAMS, EVAN D.                         PA-19-10-262
ADAMS, HULDAH                          PA-19-11-119
ADAMS, JAMES SR.                       PA-19-11-113
ADAMS, JOSEPH A.                       PA-19-6-418
ADAMS, MARY M.                         PA-19-3-459
ADAMS, SARAH                           PA-19-2-44
ADAMS, STEPHEN                         PA-19-3-333
ADAMS, THOMAS                          PA-19-1-426
ADAMS, THOMAS                          PA-19-8-478
ADDISON, LLOYD                         PA-19-7-51
AGER, ELISHA                           PA-19-6-221
AGER, WILSON                           PA-19-7-128
AIKMAN, JAMES E.                       PA-19-10-28
ALBERTSON, DAVID                       PA-19-11-656
ALBERTSON, DAVID C.                    PA-19-5-425
ALBERTSON, ELIJAH J.                   PA-19-10-446
ALBERTSON, MARGARET                    PA-19-4-407
ALBERTSON, NORA                        PA-19-11-14
ALBERTSON, SARAH                       PA-19-11-203
ALEXANDER, JOHN                        PA-19-1-136
ALEXANDER, JOHN                        PA-19-11-622
ALLABACH, BENJAMIN                     PA-19-8-19
ALLEGAR, JOHN J.                       PA-19-5-69
ALLEN, JOHN                            PA-19-2-323
ALLEN, JOHN                            PA-19-4-375
ALLEN, WILLIAM J.                      PA-19-5-418
ANDERSON, ROBERT                       PA-19-10-26
ANDES, JACOB                           PA-19-8-140
ANDREWS, HARRIET M.                    PA-19-6-182
ANGLE, NICHOLAS                        PA-19-2-227
APPLEMAN, A. E.                        PA-19-8-240
APPLEMAN, BALTIS                       PA-19-3-117
APPLEMAN, DOSIA A.                     PA-19-11-35
APPLEMAN, GEORGE                       PA-19-4-455
APPLEMAN, HANNAH                       PA-19-4-635
APPLEMAN, HIRAM D.                     PA-19-4-717
APPLEMAN, JOHN                         PA-19-8-78
APPLEMAN, MARGARET J.                  PA-19-11-377
APPLEMAN, MARY                         PA-19-11-163
APPLEMAN, MATHIAS                      PA-19-10-231
APPLEMAN, MATHIAS S.                   PA-19-5-353
APPLEMAN, PETER                        PA-19-3-390
APPLEMAN, PETER                        PA-19-1-58
APPLEMAN, PHILIP                       PA-19-6-428
APPLEMAN, RHODA                        PA-19-2-2
APPLEMAN, SAMUEL                       PA-19-6-30
AREWINE, ABRAM                         PA-19-3-308
ARMSTRONG, DAVID W.                    PA-19-11-423
ARMSTRONG, HANNAH H.                   PA-19-8-13
ARNDT, REBECCA                         PA-19-5-88
ARNOLD, HENRY                          PA-19-5-360
ARTER, ILIFF                           PA-19-10-327
ARTER, PETER                           PA-19-11-197
ARTLEY, SARAH E.                       PA-19-11-469
ARTLEY, SOLOMON                        PA-19-5-288
ASH, CHARLES                           PA-19-11-532
ASH, ELIAS                             PA-19-11-174
ASH, HULDAH                            PA-19-11-693
ASH, LYDIA                             PA-19-4-399
ASH, SAMUEL                            PA-19-6-101
ASH, STEWART A.                        PA-19-11-306
ASH, WILLIAM                           PA-19-8-182
ASHTON, BENJAMIN                       PA-19-1-42
ATEN, CATHARINE                        PA-19-4-714
AUL, CATHARINE                         PA-19-4-588
AURAND, SIMON                          PA-19-11-510
AURAND, SIMON                          PA-19-11-510
AVIS, TERESSA                          PA-19-8-312
AVIS, TERESSA                          PA-19-8-312
BAHL, MARTHA                           PA-19-3-611
BAILOR, STEPHEN                        PA-19-10-215
BAIRD, HANNAH                          PA-19-4-226
BAKER, ASENETH                         PA-19-3-688
BAKER, SARAH A.                        PA-19-11-434
BAKER, WILLIAM                         PA-19-7-15
BAKEY, MICHAEL                         PA-19-11-148
BALDY, STEPHEN                         PA-19-4-149
BANGS, HENDRICK W.                     PA-19-10-471
BARBER, ESTHER                         PA-19-4-331
BARBER, JAMES                          PA-19-2-136
BARBER, MARIA                          PA-19-11-586
BARBER, THOMAS                         PA-19-2-413
BARBER, WILILAM                        PA-19-4-252
BARGER, CATHERINE                      PA-19-1-451
BARGER, SUSAN                          PA-19-6-63
BARKLEY, CHARLES G.                    PA-19-10-393
BARKLEY, JOHN J.                       PA-19-4-387
BARKLEY, JOSEPH E.                     PA-19-6-169
BARKLEY, JULIA A.                      PA-19-11-548
BARKLEY, MAHALAH                       PA-19-11-526
BARND, HENRY                           PA-19-10-312
BARND, JOHN                            PA-19-1-83
BARNDT, BENJAMIN                       PA-19-11-581
BARNS, WILLIAM C.                      PA-19-10-323
BARRET, BRIDGET                        PA-19-10-167
BARRETT, W. W.                         PA-19-11-460
BARRETT, WILLIAM W.                    PA-19-11-460
BARRY, JAMES                           PA-19-6-95
BARRY, MARY J.                         PA-19-11-387
BARTHOLOMEW, JACOB                     PA-19-2-110
BARTON, CALEB                          PA-19-8-372
BARTON, CATHARINE                      PA-19-10-91
BARTON, CYRUS                          PA-19-3-398
BARTON, DELILAH C.                     PA-19-8-354
BARTON, ELI                            PA-19-6-60
BARTON, ELISHA                         PA-19-1-57
BARTON, ELISHA C.                      PA-19-4-541
BARTON, HESTER J.                      PA-19-11-449
BARTON, MARY                           PA-19-5-32
BARTON, MARY F.                        PA-19-11-673
BASON, REBECCA S.                      PA-19-11-499
BATTEN, HENRY                          PA-19-3-318
BATTIN, RACHEL                         PA-19-8-285
BAUDEMAN, JACOB                        PA-19-1-317
BAUMAN, JOHN                           PA-19-1-281
BAUMAN, MARY A.                        PA-19-11-86
BEAGLE, ANNA M.                        PA-19-4-480
BEALER, JOHN                           PA-19-3-474
BEALER, SAMUEL                         PA-19-3-128
BEALER, SAVILLA                        PA-19-3-178
BEAM, CHRISTIANA                       PA-19-3-50
BEAM, GEORGE                           PA-19-1-242
BEAM, GEORGE                           PA-19-1-355
BEAN, LYDIA                            PA-19-7-77
BEAR, JOHN                             PA-19-1-182
BEARS, JESSE                           PA-19-4-300
BEAVER, ABRAHAM                        PA-19-4-475
BEAVER, CHARLES                        PA-19-10-428
BEAVERE, HENRY                         PA-19-8-378
BECHTEL, DAVID                         PA-19-11-662
BECK, JACOB F.                         PA-19-5-115
BECK, W. H.                            PA-19-11-455
BEERS, SUSAN W.                        PA-19-11-663
BEISHLINE, HENRY                       PA-19-4-359
BEISHLINE, LAVINA                      PA-19-11-422
BEISHLINE, MARGARET                    PA-19-11-693
BEIVER, ABRAHAM                        PA-19-2-19
BELFORD, JARED H.                      PA-19-11-277
BELL, SUSAN A.                         PA-19-11-294
BELLAS, ADAM                           PA-19-4-560
BELLAS, HENRY                          PA-19-4-208
BELLAS, WILLIAM                        PA-19-2-484
BELLES, ELIZABETH                      PA-19-11-100
BELLES, WILLIAM                        PA-19-5-191
BENDER, MARTIN                         PA-19-2-571
BENFIELD, JOHN SR.                     PA-19-2-284
BENNETT, ABRAHAM                       PA-19-11-458
BENNINGER, CHRISTIAN                   PA-19-8-24
BENSINGER, ELIZABETH                   PA-19-3-630
BERGER, ABRAHAM                        PA-19-3-647
BERGER, MARIA                          PA-19-11-645
BERGER, RINEHARD                       PA-19-7-323
BERLIN, CHARLES K.                     PA-19-11-511
BERLIN, JACOBK.                        PA-19-10-351
BERLIN, MAGGIE                         PA-19-10-371
BERNINGER, CATHARINE                   PA-19-3-416
BERNINGER, JOSIAH                      PA-19-11-468
BERRY, ABRAHAM                         PA-19-1-209
BESWICK, CHRISTOPHER                   PA-19-2-114
BETTY, JOHN                            PA-19-7-229
BETZ, DAVID                            PA-19-1-257
BETZ, JOHN                             PA-19-6-273
BEYER, LAVINA                          PA-19-7-305
BIDLE, GERSHAM                         PA-19-1-295
BIDLEMAN, MARTHA                       PA-19-10-378
BIDLEMAN, SAMUEL                       PA-19-5-239
BIEBER, BENJAMIN                       PA-19-4-140
BIGGS, ELISHA H.                       PA-19-3-40
BILHIME, JOHN                          PA-19-3-244
BILLEG, JOHN                           PA-19-11-295
BILLIG, JOHN SR.                       PA-19-5-98
BILLMAN, DAVID                         PA-19-7-159
BILLMYER, ANDREW                       PA-19-1-198
BILLMYER, PETER                        PA-19-10-473
BIRD, JAMES                            PA-19-1-377
BIRD, THOMAS                           PA-19-3-579
BITLER, FRANKLIN                       PA-19-11-326
BITLER, WILLIAM                        PA-19-11-630
BITTENBENDER, JACOB                    PA-19-2-271
BITTENBENDER, NATHAN                   PA-19-3-101
BITTNER, GEORGE                        PA-19-8-415
BLACK, HANNAH                          PA-19-2-429
BLACK, SUSAN A.                        PA-19-11-41
BLACK, W. W.                           PA-19-11-631
BLANCHARD, MATTIE E.                   PA-19-3-682
BLANK, PETER                           PA-19-2-160
BLECHER, JACOB                         PA-19-11-427
BLEW, PETER                            PA-19-1-216
BLOSS, GEORGE                          PA-19-8-15
BLOSS, GEORGE                          PA-19-10-250
BLOSS, NATHAN                          PA-19-4-515
BLUE, REUBEN                           PA-19-2-266
BOEHM, CAROLINE                        PA-19-10-23
BOGART, DANIEL                         PA-19-6-393
BOGART, EMANUEL                        PA-19-11-571
BOGART, J. W.                          PA-19-11-502
BOGART, REBCCA                         PA-19-8-113
BOGERT, AARON                          PA-19-11-595
BOHNHARDT, ERNST                       PA-19-3-144
BOMBOY, JACOB                          PA-19-4-509
BOMBOY, JACOB B.                       PA-19-11-149
BOMBOY, REUBEN                         PA-19-10-195
BOND, BENJAMIN                         PA-19-2-91
BOND, JOHN                             PA-19-4-191
BOND, SAMUEL                           PA-19-2-68
BONEHARDT, AUGUST                      PA-19-10-21
BOONE, AARON                           PA-19-8-457
BOONE, CHARLES K.                      PA-19-11-431
BOONE, HEZEKIAH                        PA-19-1-245
BOONE, SAMUEL V.                       PA-19-7-190
BOSTON, HANFORD D.                     PA-19-11-691
BOSTON, SIMON P.                       PA-19-11-234
BOUDEMAN, CHARLOTTE                    PA-19-3-4
BOUDEMAN, JAMES P.                     PA-19-2-219
BOWER, ABRAHAM                         PA-19-3-666
BOWER, BOANN M.                        PA-19-11-446
BOWER, CATHARINE                       PA-19-2-264
BOWER, FREEMAN D.                      PA-19-11-210
BOWER, GEORGE                          PA-19-7-84
BOWER, ISAAC                           PA-19-6-192
BOWER, ISAIAH                          PA-19-11-677
BOWER, JOHN                            PA-19-6-131
BOWER, SAMUEL C.                       PA-19-7-286
BOWER, SARAH M.                        PA-19-11-574
BOWER, SOLOMON                         PA-19-7-121
BOWER, WILLIAM                         PA-19-10-66
BOWMAN, CHRISTIAN                      PA-19-1-338
BOWMAN, GEORGE A.                      PA-19-5-107
BOWMAN, HIRAM E.                       PA-19-11-94
BOWMAN, JESSE                          PA-19-5-1
BOWMAN, LEVINA                         PA-19-3-68
BOWMAN, WESLEY                         PA-19-10-380
BOWYER, ELIZABETH                      PA-19-4-296
BOWYER, MARY C.                        PA-19-10-118
BOYER, ANDREW                          PA-19-11-620
BOYER, ANNAH                           PA-19-4-678
BOYER, GEORGE                          PA-19-11-52
BOYER, HENRY                           PA-19-2-55
BOYER, JOHN                            PA-19-2-90
BOYLES, JAMES                          PA-19-4-25
BRASS, LUCAS                           PA-19-1-135
BREARLEY, STEPHEN                      PA-19-3-18
BREDBENDER, LEVI                       PA-19-7-333
BREDBENNER, ELIZABETH                  PA-19-7-169
BREDBENNER, MAGDALENA                  PA-19-5-366
BREDBENNER, NATHAN SR.                 PA-19-5-41
BREECE, DANIEL                         PA-19-8-11
BREECH, THOMAS                         PA-19-2-310
BREIDENHART, CHARLES H.                PA-19-11-6
BREISCH, REBECCA                       PA-19-7-175
BRENNAN, FRANK                         PA-19-11-500
BRENNAN, MARY                          PA-19-7-210
BRIGHT, JOHN                           PA-19-4-164
BRINK, CATHARINE                       PA-19-5-103
BRINK, DENNISON                        PA-19-11-305
BRINK, EZEKIEL                         PA-19-10-130
BRINK, JOHN G.                         PA-19-11-8
BRINK, JOSHUA                          PA-19-4-573
BRINK, SABINA                          PA-19-7-259
BRINK, SABINA                          PA-19-7-421
BRINK, SARAH                           PA-19-11-203
BRITTAIN, MARY A.                      PA-19-6-68
BRITTAIN, SAMUEL                       PA-19-2-179
BRITTIAN, ALEM                         PA-19-7-10
BROAD, ABRAHAM                         PA-19-4-533
BROBST, CHRISTIAN                      PA-19-2-525
BROBST, JOHN                           PA-19-10-416
BROBST, SALOME G.                      PA-19-5-22
BROCHYUS, LUCY                         PA-19-10-55
BROOKE, WILLIAM                        PA-19-8-432
BROTHWELL, ELEAZAR                     PA-19-3-487
BROWER, ELIZA B.                       PA-19-8-104
BROWER, JEREMIAH J.                    PA-19-11-34
BROWN, CATHERINE L.                    PA-19-7-102
BROWN, CHARLES                         PA-19-6-158
BROWN, ELISHA B.                       PA-19-6-4
BROWN, FEAS                            PA-19-7-157
BROWN, JAMES D.                        PA-19-6-90
BROWN, JOHN                            PA-19-2-99
BROWN, JOHN                            PA-19-1-101
BROWN, JOHN F.                         PA-19-10-287
BROWN, JOHN JR.                        PA-19-3-145
BROWN, MARGARET                        PA-19-1-190
BROWN, MARY B.                         PA-19-11-369
BROWN, MICHAEL                         PA-19-10-410
BROWN, RICHARD                         PA-19-1-225
BROWN, ROBERT B.                       PA-19-2-81
BROWN, SARAH J.                        PA-19-10-42
BROWN, WILLIAM                         PA-19-2-505
BROWN, WILLIAM N.                      PA-19-4-413
BRUGLER, PETER                         PA-19-2-260
BRUGLER, PETER                         PA-19-6-134
BRUGLER, SAMUEL                        PA-19-3-661
BRUMSTETLER, CHARLES                   PA-19-4-255
BRUMSTETLER, MARY                      PA-19-7-54
BRUMSTETTER, JESSE                     PA-19-5-331
BRUNER, ETTA S.                        PA-19-11-602
BRUNER, JOHN                           PA-19-11-76
BRYFOGLE, DANIEL                       PA-19-10-74
BUCHANAN, DAVID                        PA-19-11-166
BUCHANAN, ELIZABETH                    PA-19-11-166
BUCHER, LEWIS C.                       PA-19-7-242
BUCHER, SOLOMON                        PA-19-11-555
BUCK, ORLEVIA                          PA-19-10-325
BUCKALEW, AMOS                         PA-19-11-349
BUCKALEW, HARRIET                      PA-19-5-47
BUCKALEW, JOHNM.                       PA-19-3-304
BUCKALEW, PERRY                        PA-19-6-247
BUCKALEW, RUSSEL C.                    PA-19-11-346
BUCKINGHAM, ROBERT                     PA-19-11-39
BUCKINGHAM, SALLIE A.                  PA-19-8-435
BUCKINGHAM, SUSANNAH L.                PA-19-11-491
BUCKWALTER, JOSEPH                     PA-19-10-448
BUDA, AUGUST                           PA-19-11-445
BULLUCK, WILLIAM                       PA-19-11-246
BUTLER, ANNA M.                        PA-19-6-243
BUTLER, WILLIAM                        PA-19-4-155
BYRNE, JOHN                            PA-19-1-343
CADMAN, ENOCH                          PA-19-6-267
CADWALLADER, ABEL                      PA-19-2-360
CAIN, ELLEN                            PA-19-11-684
CALDWELL, MARTHA                       PA-19-2-234
CAMERON, CATHARINE                     PA-19-2-133
CAMP, SAMUEL                           PA-19-10-319
CAMPBELL, OBADIAH SR.                  PA-19-3-574
CAMPBELL, SARAH E.                     PA-19-11-467
CANFIELD, CHARLES K.                   PA-19-8-44
CAREY, WILLIAM G.                      PA-19-11-350
CARL, SIMON H.                         PA-19-10-163
CARNAHAN, DAVID                        PA-19-2-184
CARPENTER, ELIZABETH R.                PA-19-11-697
CARR, A. J.                            PA-19-10-491
CARR, CATHARINE                        PA-19-11-71
CARR, JOHN                             PA-19-1-333
CASE, DAVID H.                         PA-19-11-505
CASE, MARY E.                          PA-19-11-273
CASE,A DAM                             PA-19-2-477
CASEY, MARTIN                          PA-19-4-492
CASEY, MATILDA E.                      PA-19-11-302
CASEY, MICHAEL SR.                     PA-19-11-56
CASWELL, EMMA L.                       PA-19-10-282
CASWELL, SALEM A.                      PA-19-6-197
CATHCART, ANDREW                       PA-19-2-5
CATHCART, ROBERT                       PA-19-5-369
CATHCART, SALLIE                       PA-19-7-36
CATHCART, WILLIAM                      PA-19-2-4
CAVENEE, EDWARD                        PA-19-3-81
CHADWICK, ANNJ.                        PA-19-10-317
CHAMBERLIN, ELIZABETH                  PA-19-6-17
CHAMBERLIN, JOHN M.                    PA-19-4-567
CHAMBERLIN, WILLIAM                    PA-19-2-459
CHAPMAN, JOHN                          PA-19-3-605
CHARINGTON, THOMAS                     PA-19-1-382
CHERINGTON, JUDAH                      PA-19-5-380
CHERINGTON, MARY A.                    PA-19-4-627
CHERRINGTON, RACHEL                    PA-19-2-71
CHERRINGTON, RACHEL                    PA-19-6-444
CHESNUT, SARAH                         PA-19-1-252
CHESTON, H. C.                         PA-19-5-208
CHILDS, MARGARET                       PA-19-1-435
CHRIST, LAWRENCE                       PA-19-2-193
CHRISTIAN, JACOB                       PA-19-7-164
CHRISTIAN, JOHN                        PA-19-11-112
CHRISTIAN, VALENTINE                   PA-19-2-301
CHRISTMAN, ANN                         PA-19-4-201
CLARK, ANDREW                          PA-19-1-354
CLARK, ANDREW                          PA-19-1-352
CLARK, ANDREW                          PA-19-8-167
CLARK, CHARLES                         PA-19-1-436
CLARK, ELIZABETH                       PA-19-5-443
CLARK, H. BRUCE                        PA-19-11-667
CLARK, H. J.                           PA-19-11-442
CLARK, JAMES                           PA-19-2-534
CLARK, JOHN                            PA-19-1-169
CLARK, ROBERT                          PA-19-1-121
CLAYBERGER, ADAM                       PA-19-8-87
CLAYBERGER, ADAM                       PA-19-11-372
CLAYBERGER, ISAAC                      PA-19-10-334
CLAYTON, MARY                          PA-19-7-252
CLAYTON, THOMAS                        PA-19-1-349
CLAYTON, WILLIAM                       PA-19-3-140
CLEAVE, ALEM B.                        PA-19-6-99
CLEAVER, ELIZABETH                     PA-19-8-39
CLEAVER, JACKSON                       PA-19-11-583
CLEAVER, JESSE                         PA-19-3-532
CLEAVER, JOHN                          PA-19-1-392
CLEAVER, JOSEPH                        PA-19-2-82
CLEWELL, C. E.                         PA-19-11-320
CLEWELL, DANIEL                        PA-19-5-451
CLINE, GODFREY                         PA-19-3-143
CLOSSEN, JACOB                         PA-19-11-608
COCHRAN, WILLIAM S.                    PA-19-8-315
COFFMAN, WILILAM E.                    PA-19-11-676
COFFMAN, WILLIAM                       PA-19-3-677
COLE, ABSALOM                          PA-19-2-443
COLE, CHRISTIAN                        PA-19-10-96
COLE, EZEKIEL                          PA-19-1-303
COLE, EZEKIEL                          PA-19-7-79
COLE, EZEKIEL                          PA-19-1-320
COLE, JOSEPH                           PA-19-1-405
COLE, WILLIAM                          PA-19-3-475
COLEMAN, CATHARINE                     PA-19-8-31
COLEMAN, CATHARINE                     PA-19-10-421
COLEMAN, CORNELIUS                     PA-19-5-209
COLEMAN, JOSEPH                        PA-19-4-214
COLEMAN, JOSIAH                        PA-19-10-487
COLEMAN, REBECCA                       PA-19-8-489
COLEMAN, SARAH B.                      PA-19-11-69
COLLEY, A. A.                          PA-19-11-617
COLLEY, ALEXANDER                      PA-19-5-55
COLLEY, WILLIAM                        PA-19-11-569
COLLIER, JAMES                         PA-19-6-19
COLLINS, ELEANOR                       PA-19-1-146
COLLINS, THOMAS                        PA-19-11-202
COMSTOCK, SARAH                        PA-19-10-288
CONLEY, MARY                           PA-19-7-379
CONNER, CHARLES                        PA-19-11-242
CONNER, CHARLES SR.                    PA-19-4-270
CONNER, GEORGE                         PA-19-11-261
CONNER, JOHN                           PA-19-3-445
CONNER, JOHN                           PA-19-3-285
CONNER, JOHN                           PA-19-3-708
CONNER, JOSEPH                         PA-19-1-337
CONNER, KATHRINE                       PA-19-10-437
CONNER, MARY                           PA-19-4-720
CONNER, MARY C.                        PA-19-5-175
CONNER, SARAH                          PA-19-8-342
CONNER, SILAS                          PA-19-10-449
CONNER, THOMAS                         PA-19-3-411
COOKE, WILILAM                         PA-19-1-141
COOL, JOHN                             PA-19-3-20
COOL, MARTHA A.                        PA-19-11-570
COOPER, ABRAHAM                        PA-19-2-579
COOPER, DANIEL                         PA-19-2-47
CORELL, GEORE W.                       PA-19-11-252
CORKINS, FANNIE                        PA-19-11-589
CORKINS, FRANK                         PA-19-11-484
CORTRIGHT, ABRAHAM                     PA-19-6-407
CORTRIGHT, ELIZABETH M.                PA-19-11-333
CORTRIGHT, LEVI                        PA-19-8-160
CORTRIGHT, LUCINDA                     PA-19-11-90
COTNER, DANIEL                         PA-19-11-542
COULAHIN, JAMES                        PA-19-7-90
COVANHOVAN, OLIVER                     PA-19-6-48
COX, GEORGE W.                         PA-19-2-231
COX, MARY A.                           PA-19-7-415
COX, WILLIAM                           PA-19-2-336
CRAFFORD, EDMOND                       PA-19-1-212
CRAIG, ALEXANDER                       PA-19-1-391
CRAIG, AMSEY                           PA-19-7-312
CRAIG, ANN                             PA-19-3-454
CRAIG, GEORGE                          PA-19-2-326
CRAIG, GEORGE F.                       PA-19-11-562
CRAIG, MERCY                           PA-19-6-84
CRAMER, DELILAH                        PA-19-10-395
CRAWFORD, ANDREW                       PA-19-4-363
CRAWFORD, HENRY C.                     PA-19-5-457
CRAWFORD, JACOB                        PA-19-2-51
CRAWFORD, JOSEPH                       PA-19-2-288
CRAWFORD, JOSEPH                       PA-19-11-210
CRAWFORD, MARTHA M.                    PA-19-11-459
CRAWFORD, SUSANNA                      PA-19-10-368
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM F.                   PA-19-11-535
CREAMER, AMOS W.                       PA-19-8-223
CREASY, ADAM                           PA-19-3-294
CREASY, BETHIAH C.                     PA-19-11-518
CREASY, CALEB                          PA-19-11-407
CREASY, CATHARINE                      PA-19-11-21
CREASY, DANIEL A.                      PA-19-11-540
CREASY, ELIAS                          PA-19-10-469
CREASY, EMANUEL                        PA-19-7-404
CREASY, HENRY                          PA-19-7-381
CREASY, JOHN                           PA-19-3-135
CREASY, JOHN F.                        PA-19-11-493
CREASY, LAFAYETTE                      PA-19-11-401
CREASY, MARGARET                       PA-19-4-161
CREASY, MARY R.                        PA-19-11-600
CREASY, PHILLIP                        PA-19-11-506
CREASY, SUSANNA C.                     PA-19-5-251
CREASY, WILLIAM                        PA-19-6-26
CREVELING, ANDREW                      PA-19-1-2
CREVELING, CHARITY                     PA-19-3-263
CREVELING, DOROTHY A.                  PA-19-4-518
CREVELING, SAMUEL                      PA-19-3-286
CRISMAN, ELLEN M.                      PA-19-7-150
CRISPIN, BENJAMIN F. JR.               PA-19-11-65
CRIST, CHARITY M.                      PA-19-8-229
CRITZ, BENJAMIN                        PA-19-1-358
CROLL, ADAM                            PA-19-2-479
CROLL, ANDREW                          PA-19-7-433
CROMLEY, DANIEL C.                     PA-19-10-403
CROMLEY, ELIJAH                        PA-19-11-146
CROMLICH, GEORGE                       PA-19-1-165
CROSSEN, CATHARINE                     PA-19-11-503
CROSSLEY, RACHAEL B.                   PA-19-11-657
CROUP, FRANKLIN P.                     PA-19-11-522
CROUSE, ANDREW                         PA-19-11-334
CROUSE, FREDERICK                      PA-19-5-275
CROW, ELIZABETH                        PA-19-1-227
CRYDER, ANNA R.                        PA-19-4-261
CRYDER, MARY C.                        PA-19-3-441
CRYDER, MARY C.                        PA-19-3-656
CULP, ANNIE                            PA-19-11-325
CULP, JOHN                             PA-19-11-524
CUSTER, ABRAHAM                        PA-19-11-628

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