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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | A=1839-1868 | B=1868-1887 |C-E=? |
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AIKINS, ANDREW                         PA-18-A-69
ALLEN, DAVID                           PA-18-B-59
ALLEN, JAMES                           PA-18-A-159
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         PA-18-A-64
ANGEVINE, LEWIS                        PA-18-A-162
ATTISTON, JOHN                         PA-18-A-230
AUGUSTINE, ELIZABETH                   PA-18-B-531
AVEYARD, WILLIAM                       PA-18-A-312
BAIRD, BENJAMIN                        PA-18-A-76
BAIRD, CATHERIEN                       PA-18-B-542
BAIRD, DAVID                           PA-18-B-491
BAIRD, JOHN                            PA-18-A-68
BAIRD, MARGARET                        PA-18-B-520
BAIRD, MARY                            PA-18-A-62
BAIRD, WILLIAM                         PA-18-A-304
BAIRD, Z. P.                           PA-18-B-69
BARNEY, RUSSEL                         PA-18-A-264
BARNHART, MARGARET                     PA-18-B-351
BARROWS, ATWOOD                        PA-18-B-247
BARTGES, WILLIAM                       PA-18-B-231
BARTHOLOMEW, GEORGE                    PA-18-B-485
BARTHOLOMEW, MICHAEL                   PA-18-A-5
BARTHOLOMEW, WENDLE                    PA-18-B-271
BATCHELER, MARY                        PA-18-B-90
BATEMAN, PETER                         PA-18-A-317
BEATTIE, GEORGE Y. (MD)                PA-18-B-99
BECK, MARGARET                         PA-18-B-80
BECK, SUSANNAH                         PA-18-B-456
BERGEN, MICHAEL                        PA-18-A-357
BERGER, MARTIN                         PA-18-A-298
BERRY, JOHN                            PA-18-A-1
BERRY, W. K.                           PA-18-B-104
BERRY, WILLIAM K.                      PA-18-B-104
BEST, ABRAHAM H.                       PA-18-B-458
BEST, JACOB                            PA-18-A-104
BEST, LEAH                             PA-18-B-366
BEST, MARY M.                          PA-18-A-295
BEST, PETER                            PA-18-A-174
BIERLY, DIANA                          PA-18-B-362
BIGGER, ADAM                           PA-18-A-72
BIGGER, AGNES                          PA-18-B-150
BIRCH, WILLIAM                         PA-18-B-182
BITNER, ABRAHAM                        PA-18-B-146
BITNER, CHRISTIAN                      PA-18-B-19
BITNER, SILAS S.                       PA-18-B-238
BLAKESLEE, DOROTHY J.                  PA-18-B-476
BLESCH, CHRISTIAN                      PA-18-B-87
BLEWETT, MARY                          PA-18-B-406
BLUSH, JOHN                            PA-18-A-78
BOLOPEON, MARGARET M.                  PA-18-B-164
BOSSERT, MARY C.                       PA-18-B-347
BOTTORF, GEORGE                        PA-18-B-536
BOUTY, P. B.                           PA-18-B-324
BOWER, JACOB                           PA-18-B-326
BOWERS, JOHUA                          PA-18-A-149
BOYD, ALEXANDER                        PA-18-A-35
BRADFORD, ANNE E.                      PA-18-B-513
BRADFORD, MARY S.                      PA-18-B-201
BRADY, JAMES                           PA-18-B-465
BRADY, RACHAEL                         PA-18-A-66
BREDY, JOHN SR.                        PA-18-B-51
BRESLER, MARY M.                       PA-18-B-525
BRESSLER, MICHAEL                      PA-18-B-352
BRICKWOOD, JOHN                        PA-18-A-89
BRIDGENS, ROBERT                       PA-18-B-367
BRIDGENS, THOMAS                       PA-18-B-212
BRION, JACOB                           PA-18-A-320
BROBST, JOHN FREDERIC                  PA-18-B-154
BROWN, GEORGE                          PA-18-A-215
BROWN, HENRY H.                        PA-18-B-549
BROWN, J. FEARON                       PA-18-B-316
BROWN, JAMES                           PA-18-A-87
BROWN, JOHN GEORGE                     PA-18-B-360
BROWN, JOHN HOGAN (LT.)                PA-18-A-219
BROWN, MATTHEW                         PA-18-B-194
BROWN, PHIANNA                         PA-18-B-307
BROWN, THOMAS JR.                      PA-18-B-171
BROWN, THOMAS SR.                      PA-18-B-173
BROWNLEE, JOHN                         PA-18-A-29
BROWNLEE, JOHN                         PA-18-A-176
BRUMGARD, GEORGE                       PA-18-A-293
BRUMGARD, JOHN                         PA-18-B-89
BRUMGARD, MARTIN                       PA-18-B-372
BRUNER, ABRAHAM                        PA-18-B-280
BRUNGARD, J. HENRY                     PA-18-B-533
BURNEY, JAMES                          PA-18-A-39
BURRELL, SAMUEL                        PA-18-B-472
BURRELL, SAMUEL P.                     PA-18-B-501
BURRS, MARGARET                        PA-18-B-444
BYERLY, JOHN                           PA-18-B-300
CALDWELL, DANIEL BARBER                PA-18-A-327
CALDWELL, JAMES                        PA-18-A-99
CALDWELL, JAMES                        PA-18-B-250
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                      PA-18-A-49
CALHOON, JOHN                          PA-18-B-496
CAMPBELL, JANE                         PA-18-B-308
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         PA-18-A-139
CAMPBELL, JOJHN                        PA-18-B-414
CAMPBELL, MARY A.                      PA-18-B-378
CAMPBELL, W. Y.                        PA-18-B-308
CARIS, JOHN                            PA-18-B-155
CARR, MARY                             PA-18-B-23
CARSKADDEN, JAMES                      PA-18-A-262
CARSKADDON, ELENOR                     PA-18-B-160
CARTER, JANE                           PA-18-B-511
CARY, DANIEL                           PA-18-B-73
CHAPLAIN, JOSEPH                       PA-18-B-499
CHATHAM, WALTER S.                     PA-18-A-127
CLAIR, ALMIRA                          PA-18-B-543
CLARK, WILLIAM                         PA-18-A-83
CLAWATER, JAMES G.                     PA-18-A-103
CLYMER, NANCY JANE                     PA-18-B-521
COAK, REBECCA                          PA-18-A-300
COLVIN, MARK                           PA-18-A-303
CONDON, THOMAS P.                      PA-18-B-276
COOK, ROBERT G.                        PA-18-B-336
COPPES, MARK                           PA-18-B-447
CORNS, ISAAC                           PA-18-B-25
COX, JACOB D.                          PA-18-A-192
CRADY, PATRICK                         PA-18-B-484
CRISPEN, THOMAS                        PA-18-B-416
CROMLEY, LAURA A.                      PA-18-B-409
CROUSE, MARIA A.                       PA-18-B-322
CROWLEY, PATERICK                      PA-18-B-526
CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL                    PA-18-B-449
CUSTARD, MARTHA                        PA-18-B-277
DALTEY, BENJAMIN                       PA-18-A-227A
DALTEY, BENJAMIN                       PA-18-A-276
DANNEKER, MATTHEW                      PA-18-B-350
DAUGHERTY, JOHN                        PA-18-A-58
DEAN, MATHEW                           PA-18-B-510
DEDULPHUS, EDWARD B.                   PA-18-B-329
DEIS, ANDREW                           PA-18-B-462
DEISE, GEORGE                          PA-18-B-86
DEISE, GEORGE ORNET                    PA-18-B-86
DEN, JOHN                              PA-18-A-292
DENTZ, PETER                           PA-18-A-323
DEOLING, DAVID                         PA-18-A-9
DEOLING, ROGER                         PA-18-A-47
DEOLING, WALTER                        PA-18-A-2
DERLING, WILLIAM                       PA-18-B-91
DIETZ, J. F.                           PA-18-B-505
DORNBLASER, GIDEON                     PA-18-A-331
DORNBLASER, JOHN                       PA-18-A-241
DRAKE, ELIZABETH                       PA-18-B-203
DUNN, JAMES                            PA-18-A-217
DUNN, JAMES                            PA-18-A-213
EALY, BARNETT                          PA-18-A-168
ECKEL, OLIVER                          PA-18-B-471
ECKERT, SEBASTIAN                      PA-18-A-197
ENGLERT, ADAM                          PA-18-A-156
ERION, CHRISTIAN                       PA-18-B-14
FABEL, MARTIN SR.                      PA-18-B-412
FARGUS, CATHARINE                      PA-18-B-233
FARGUS, JAMES                          PA-18-A-181
FARLEY, HENRY                          PA-18-B-354
FARLEY, JANE                           PA-18-B-189
FARRELL, THOMAS                        PA-18-B-398
FARSTER, THOMAS                        PA-18-A-185
FEARON, JAMES                          PA-18-A-100
FEARON, MARY A.                        PA-18-B-83
FEARON, WILILAM H.                     PA-18-B-402
FEARON, WILLIAM HAYS                   PA-18-A-336
FENDERICK, IGNATZ                      PA-18-B-405
FERGUSON, ANDREW                       PA-18-A-141
FERGUSON, JOHN                         PA-18-B-165
FETTERHOFF, HENRY SR.                  PA-18-A-77
FITCH, HORAS H.                        PA-18-B-85
FLEMING, EZEKIEL                       PA-18-B-32
FLEMING, JOHN                          PA-18-A-261
FLORAS, THERESA                        PA-18-B-348
FLYNN, JOHN                            PA-18-B-418
FRANK, JOHN                            PA-18-B-523
FRAVEL, JESSE                          PA-18-A-24
FREDERICKS, JOHN                       PA-18-A-17
FURST, BARBARA                         PA-18-B-274
FURST, JOHN                            PA-18-A-190
GALLAHER, JOHN C.                      PA-18-A-289
GALLAHER, MARGARETT                    PA-18-A-203
GEER, AGNES C.                         PA-18-B-236
GHEEN, JOSEPH                          PA-18-A-355
GHEER, ALEXANDER                       PA-18-B-224
GIBSON, JAMES R.                       PA-18-B-255
GILLIGAN, JOHN C.                      PA-18-B-124
GLAH, CONRAD                           PA-18-A-351
GLEASON, MICHAEL SR.                   PA-18-B-503
GLEISS, FREDERICK                      PA-18-A-330
GOLLANHER, JOHN M.                     PA-18-B-132
GRAFIUS, ABRAHAM                       PA-18-B-84
GRAFIUS, JACOB                         PA-18-B-331
GRAFIUS, JOHN                          PA-18-B-242
GRAMLEY, DANIEL                        PA-18-B-400
GRAMLEY, FRANCIS                       PA-18-A-143
GRAY, SARAH                            PA-18-A-306
GREAK, JONATHAN F.                     PA-18-B-519
GRENINGER, PETER                       PA-18-A-59
GRIEB, LOVINA B.                       PA-18-A-353
GROUP, PETER                           PA-18-B-264
HAIRLAND, WILILAM                      PA-18-B-94
HALL, SAMUEL                           PA-18-B-539
HALLERON, TIMOTHY                      PA-18-B-162
HAMILTON,R OBERT                       PA-18-A-36
HAMMERSLEY, JACOB P.                   PA-18-B-407
HANNA, ELIZABETH                       PA-18-B-359
HANNA, JOHN                            PA-18-A-74
HANNA, NATHANIEL                       PA-18-B-106
HANNA, R. M.                           PA-18-B-202
HARLEMAN, JESSE                        PA-18-B-82
HARLEMAN, JOHN                         PA-18-A-199
HARLEMAN, NANCY                        PA-18-B-8
HARLEMAN, RACHEL                       PA-18-B-152
HARLEMAN, THOMAS                       PA-18-B-261
HARRISON, JOSEPH                       PA-18-A-186
HARTMAN, GEORGE                        PA-18-B-9
HARTMAN, JOHN                          PA-18-B-226
HARVEY, GEORGE C.                      PA-18-B-518
HARVEY, GEORGE N.                      PA-18-A-137
HARVEY, JUHIL                          PA-18-A-140
HASLACK, ENGLEBERT                     PA-18-A-321
HASTINGS, GEORGE                       PA-18-A-223
HAUGAN, GEORGE G.                      PA-18-A-265
HAWKSWORTH, THOMAS                     PA-18-B-292
HAYS, ELIZABETH                        PA-18-A-79
HEATH, JOHN F.                         PA-18-B-42
HECK, JACOB                            PA-18-B-269
HECKMAN, JOHN SR.                      PA-18-B-37
HEGGANSTATTER, LEONARD                 PA-18-B-190
HELBLEY, BENJAMIN                      PA-18-A-179
HELLER, JOSEPH                         PA-18-B-76
HELTMAN, ANDREW                        PA-18-A-42
HELTMAN, JACOB                         PA-18-B-395
HENDERSON, CHARLOTTE                   PA-18-A-14
HENDERSON, JANE                        PA-18-B-169
HENDERSON, WILLIAM J.                  PA-18-A-115
HENZE, FREDERICK                       PA-18-A-180
HEPBURN, SAMUEL                        PA-18-A-309
HERR, GEORGE B.                        PA-18-B-165
HERR, SAMUEL                           PA-18-A-195
HILL, ORIN D.                          PA-18-A-354
HIPP, ANTHONY                          PA-18-B-340
HIPPLE, HARRY                          PA-18-B-156
HOCKMAN, CATHARINE                     PA-18-B-550
HOCKMAN, MICHAEL                       PA-18-A-222
HOLAHAN, ELIZA A.                      PA-18-B-429
HONOR, CHARLES BROWN                   PA-18-A-229
HUFF, JAMES                            PA-18-A-144
HULBERT, ABIGAIL                       PA-18-A-347
HULING, JARED P.                       PA-18-A-279
HUNT, JOSEPH                           PA-18-A-284
INNIS, ESTHER                          PA-18-A-61
IRWIN, ANDREW ESQ                      PA-18-A-148
IRWIN, GEORGE G.                       PA-18-B-136
IRWIN, JARED H.                        PA-18-A-130
IRWIN, JOHN C.                         PA-18-A-256
IRWIN, ROBERT                          PA-18-B-141
IRWIN, ROBERT H.                       PA-18-B-1
JACKMAN, HENRY                         PA-18-B-500
JACOBY, REBECCA                        PA-18-B-218
JAMES, JOANNA                          PA-18-B-448
JARRETT, PHAON                         PA-18-B-210
JEFFERIS, JAMES                        PA-18-A-132
JENKINS, F. M.                         PA-18-B-325
JODON, MARY                            PA-18-B-128
JONES, AUGUSTUS                        PA-18-B-379
JONES, JOHN                            PA-18-B-200
JONES, SAMUEL                          PA-18-A-206
JORDAN, HUGH                           PA-18-B-77
KALLENBACH, JACOB                      PA-18-A-254
KARSTEDER, ADAM                        PA-18-A-4
KASTETTER, PETER                       PA-18-B-524
KELLER, JOHN                           PA-18-A-348
KELLEY, GEORGE SR.                     PA-18-A-63
KELLEY, JOSHUA                         PA-18-A-319
KERN, JOHN                             PA-18-B-254
KERRINGER, LEONARD                     PA-18-A-71
KERSTETTER, MICHAEL                    PA-18-B-64
KICHEN, JOHN                           PA-18-A-13
KINCAID, NOAH                          PA-18-A-183
KING, HANNAH B.                        PA-18-A-251
KINTZING, MARY                         PA-18-B-100
KINTZING, TENCH C.                     PA-18-A-57
KISSEL, ELIZABETH                      PA-18-B-53
KISSELL, ANDREW                        PA-18-B-26
KISSELL, GEORGE S.                     PA-18-B-111
KLECKNER, ANTHONY                      PA-18-A-207
KLECKNER, ROBERT                       PA-18-B-267
KLINE, JACOB                           PA-18-B-343
KNARR, SOLOMON                         PA-18-B-330
KNUTSON, FREDERIQUE                    PA-18-B-464
KRAPE, JACOB                           PA-18-A-263
KRAPE, MICHAEL                         PA-18-B-177
KRAUSS, JACOB                          PA-18-B-489
KREAMER, ELIAS                         PA-18-B-545
KREBS, JOHN                            PA-18-B-333
KREBS, MARGARET                        PA-18-B-249
KREBS, PHILIP                          PA-18-A-218
KROM, AUGUSTUS                         PA-18-B-346
LAMEY, JACOB                           PA-18-A-343
LANEY, HENRY                           PA-18-A-252
LANKS, JOHN J.                         PA-18-A-326
LARNEY, HENRY                          PA-18-A-163
LAUBACH, CHRISTIAN                     PA-18-B-178
LAUER, JACOB                           PA-18-B-392
LAUGHERY, LUCY                         PA-18-B-364
LEE, ARTEMAS                           PA-18-B-112
LEE, GEORGE                            PA-18-B-466
LEONARD, THEODORE A.                   PA-18-A-228
LESCH, GEORGE                          PA-18-A-65
LESH, DANIEL                           PA-18-B-413
LIGGET, ABSALOM                        PA-18-A-178
LIGGETT, ELIA                          PA-18-B-454
LINN, JOSEPH                           PA-18-B-55
LISH, SARAH                            PA-18-A-267
LITTLE, GEORGE                         PA-18-A-164
LOGAN, DAVID                           PA-18-B-22
LOGAN, ROSANNA                         PA-18-A-248
LONG, ROBERT HENRY                     PA-18-A-332
LONGSDORF, ALEANDER                    PA-18-B-235
LUSK, ISAAC                            PA-18-A-177
LUSK, JOHN                             PA-18-A-32
LUSK, MARTHA                           PA-18-B-134
MAHON, ALEXANDER                       PA-18-A-113
MAIER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-18-A-350
MARKS, PETER                           PA-18-B-328
MARTIN, PRISCILLA                      PA-18-A-274
MASDON, JAMES                          PA-18-B-548
MASON, LAURA M.                        PA-18-B-528
MAYER, A. B.                           PA-18-B-306
MCAUL, ZECHARIAH                       PA-18-A-80
MCCAULEY, ROSANNA                      PA-18-A-361
MCCLOSKEY, JAMES C.                    PA-18-A-345
MCCLURE, JAMES                         PA-18-A-189
MCCORMICK, AGNES                       PA-18-A-225
MCCORMICK, ALEXANDER                   PA-18-A-43
MCCORMICK, GEORGE A.                   PA-18-B-263
MCCORMICK, JOHN                        PA-18-A-25
MCCORMICK, JOHN                        PA-18-A-73
MCCORMICK, JOHN D.                     PA-18-A-60
MCCORMICK, JOSEPH                      PA-18-A-329
MCCOY, MARGARET                        PA-18-B-279
MCDONALD, JOHN                         PA-18-A-128
MCDONALD, MARTIN                       PA-18-B-252
MCELRATH, MARY                         PA-18-A-212
MCGILL, L. R.                          PA-18-B-535
MCGILL, L.R.                           PA-18-B-535
MCGINNESS, CATHARINE                   PA-18-B-403
MCGONIGAL, GRACIE                      PA-18-B-318
MCGONIGAL, HUGH                        PA-18-A-281
MCGRATH, EDWARD                        PA-18-A-242
MCGUIRE, GEORGE W.                     PA-18-A-46
MCGUIRE, JOSEPH                        PA-18-B-245
MCGUIRE, THOMAS                        PA-18-A-30
MCKIBBE,JOSEPH                         PA-18-A-51
MCKINNEY, JAMES H.                     PA-18-B-282
MCMAHON, PATRICK                       PA-18-B-530
MCMANN, BRIDGET                        PA-18-B-204
MCNAUL, ALEXANDER                      PA-18-A-205
MCSHERRY, BERNARD                      PA-18-B-13
MCSHERRY, BERNARD                      PA-18-B-13
MESSINGER, MORRIS                      PA-18-B-294
MEYER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-18-A-106
MILELR, HARRIET                        PA-18-B-17
MILES, ISABELL                         PA-18-B-28
MILLER, JACOB                          PA-18-A-325
MILLER, JACOB                          PA-18-B-4
MILLER, LEVI                           PA-18-B-445
MILLER, MARY JANE                      PA-18-A-134
MILLER, ROBERT C.                      PA-18-A-297
MILLIGAN, JAMES C.                     PA-18-A-259
MINGLE, SAMUEL G.                      PA-18-B-498
MOETS, ELIZABETH                       PA-18-B-293
MOORE, JACOB                           PA-18-A-171
MOORE, JAMES                           PA-18-B-129
MOORE, JEPTHA A.                       PA-18-A-286
MOORE, JOHN                            PA-18-B-97
MORRISON, ELIZABETH                    PA-18-A-157
MORRISON, WILILAM WILSON               PA-18-B-493
MOSHER,LAFAYETTE                       PA-18-B-469
MOZER, JOHN JACOB                      PA-18-B-452
NEFF, JOHN                             PA-18-A-282
NEFF, SARAH                            PA-18-B-221
NYHARD, WILILAM                        PA-18-B-35
OCKER, MICHAEL                         PA-18-A-258
OCKER, MICHAEL                         PA-18-A-257
OHL, ELIZABETH                         PA-18-A-227
ORNOR, ARCHIBALD                       PA-18-B-103
ORTH, JOHN                             PA-18-B-54
OTT, GEORGE                            PA-18-A-352
PACKER, LEVI                           PA-18-A-245
PACKER, MOSES                          PA-18-A-198
PANCOAST, JOSEPH                       PA-18-B-436
PARRY, ELIZABETH A.                    PA-18-B-450
PARRY, ELY                             PA-18-B-131
PEAL, J. W.                            PA-18-B-6
PERRY, BENJAMIN                        PA-18-B-49
PFOUTS, JACOB                          PA-18-B-16
PHELPS, ANSON G.                       PA-18-A-117
PHILIPS, ELIZABETH                     PA-18-A-226
PIFER, JEREMIAH                        PA-18-B-143
POORMAN, PETER                         PA-18-A-308
PORTER, MARGARET                       PA-18-A-217
PORTER, NANCY W.                       PA-18-A-161
POWES, THOAMS                          PA-18-B-163
PRICE, BARBARA                         PA-18-B-287
PRICE, HENRY                           PA-18-B-205
PRICE, JOHN F.                         PA-18-B-310
PRICE, PHIILP M.                       PA-18-B-42
PROBST, JACOB                          PA-18-B-167
PROCTER, SARAH                         PA-18-A-66
PROCTOR, HENDERSON                     PA-18-B-102
PYLE, BENJAMIN                         PA-18-A-23
QUAY, JOSEPH F.                        PA-18-B-243
QUIGGLE, JOHN                          PA-18-A-40
QUIGGLE, S. M.                         PA-18-B-130
QUIGLEY, GEORGE                        PA-18-A-15
QUIGLEY, JOHN                          PA-18-A-70
QUIGLEY, JOHN                          PA-18-A-55
QUIGLEY,M ARY                          PA-18-A-283
RAFF, ELIAS                            PA-18-A-340
RAMSER, ELIZABETH                      PA-18-B-535
RAMSER, JOHN                           PA-18-B-256
RAUCH, TILLMAN                         PA-18-B-435
REAM, SEBASTIAN                        PA-18-A-341
REARDON, JAMES D.                      PA-18-B-552
REAVILLE, JOHN                         PA-18-B-208
REED, ALEXANDER                        PA-18-B-161
REESMAN, DAVID                         PA-18-A-154
REILEY, EZRA                           PA-18-B-96
REXFORD, SAMUEL                        PA-18-A-165
REXFORD, SAMUEL                        PA-18-B-229
RICH, JOHN                             PA-18-B-57
RICHARDS, DANIEL                       PA-18-A-152
RICKER, SARAH J.                       PA-18-B-486
RISHEL, ELIAEBTH                       PA-18-B-296
RISHEL, PHILIP                         PA-18-A-238
RITER, RICHARD W.                      PA-18-A-131
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                      PA-18-A-33
ROEDER, CHRISTIAN                      PA-18-B-544
ROGERS, T. A. S.                       PA-18-B-446
ROSS, SAMUEL A.                        PA-18-A-339A
ROTE, SUSAN                            PA-18-B-408
ROYER, DANIEL W.                       PA-18-B-197
ROYER, HENRY                           PA-18-A-63A
RUSSELL, CHARLES                       PA-18-B-144
RYAN, JOHN                             PA-18-B-376
SALTSMAN, ANTHONY                      PA-18-B-66
SARY, MICHAEL                          PA-18-A-169
SAYERS, MARY CATHARINE                 PA-18-B-272
SCHEID, JULIA                          PA-18-B-455
SCHEID, THOMAS                         PA-18-B-384
SCHRACK, DAVID                         PA-18-B-222
SCHRACK, JOHN B.                       PA-18-B-357
SCHRECKENGAST, PHILIP                  PA-18-A-214
SCHRECKENGAST, PHILIP                  PA-18-B-390
SCHRECKINGAST, LEONARD                 PA-18-B-240
SCHROAT, WILLIAM                       PA-18-A-335
SEITZ, JOHN                            PA-18-A-272
SELLERS, SUSANNA                       PA-18-B-183
SHAFFER, PHILIP SR.                    PA-18-A-209
SHAW, ROBERT M.                        PA-18-B-34
SHAW, WILLIAM                          PA-18-A-82
SHEETZ, ELIZABETH                      PA-18-B-497
SHEETZ, JOHN                           PA-18-A-311
SHEID, MARY                            PA-18-B-35
SHIVELY, JOHN                          PA-18-A-270
SHOEMAKER, JACOB                       PA-18-B-71
SHOWERS, BENJAMIN                      PA-18-A-187
SHOWERS, CHRISTIAN SR.                 PA-18-A-290
SHOWERS, PHILIP                        PA-18-B-321
SHROYER, ADAM                          PA-18-B-381
SHULZE, EDWARD L.                      PA-18-A-275
SHUNK, WILILAM                         PA-18-B-98
SIGMUND, SAMUELF .                     PA-18-B-385
SILVIS, HENRY                          PA-18-B-298
SIMCOX, NATHAN                         PA-18-B-137
SIMON, AMALIA                          PA-18-B-288
SLNKER, ABRAHAM                        PA-18-A-85
SLOAN, JOHN F.                         PA-18-B-61
SMITH, ADAM                            PA-18-A-45
SMITH, ANDREW                          PA-18-B-335
SMITH, GIDEON                          PA-18-A-3
SMITH, JACOB L.                        PA-18-B-140
SMITH, MARY                            PA-18-B-529
SMITH, PETER                           PA-18-A-52
SNAVELY, GEORGE                        PA-18-A-107
SNODGRASS, JOHN                        PA-18-A-244
SNOOK, GEORGE                          PA-18-B-382
SNOOK, MATTHIAS                        PA-18-A-86
SNYDER, HENRY                          PA-18-B-508
SNYDER, JOHN                           PA-18-B-45
SNYDER, MARY ANN FRANCES               PA-18-A-250
SOLT, JOHN                             PA-18-A-210
SORGEN, JOHN                           PA-18-B-68
SPANGLER, HENRY                        PA-18-A-20
SPANGLER, JACOB                        PA-18-B-31
SPANGLER, MARY J.                      PA-18-B-312
STABLER, JOHN                          PA-18-A-182
STARN, HARMON                          PA-18-B-363
STEARNS, AMOS C.                       PA-18-B-420
STECK, ADAM                            PA-18-A-11
STECK, GEORGE                          PA-18-A-358
STECK, JACOB                           PA-18-A-313
STEVENSON, ELIZABETH                   PA-18-A-22
STEWART, ALEANDER                      PA-18-B-315
STEWART, ROBERT                        PA-18-A-116
STINE, JACOB                           PA-18-B-219
STONE, LEWIS                           PA-18-A-167
STRAUB, WILLIAM P.                     PA-18-B-273
STRAWBRIDGE, JOHN                      PA-18-A-146
STRUNK, JACOB                          PA-18-B-207
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                      PA-18-B-11
SUMMERSON, ISAAC                       PA-18-B-375
SUTHERLAND, ELZIABETH                  PA-18-A-81
SWINT, SARAH                           PA-18-B-345
TEUFEL, FERDINAND                      PA-18-A-30
THOMPSON, SARAHAME                     PA-18-A-19
THOMPSON, WILLIAM B.                   PA-18-B-534
THOMPSON, WILLIAM B.                   PA-18-B-534
TONER, BENJAMIN F.                     PA-18-B-468
TONER, BENJAMIN F.                     PA-18-B-468
TONER, THOMAS J.                       PA-18-B-313
TONER, THOMAS J.                       PA-18-B-313
VOIGT, JOHN                            PA-18-A-218
VONGUNTEN, ABRAHAM SR.                 PA-18-A-268
WALKER, PHILIP                         PA-18-A-109
WALKEY, CHRISTIAN                      PA-18-A-34
WARD, BETHUEL                          PA-18-B-370
WEBB, JOSEPH                           PA-18-B-516
WEIL, MOSES                            PA-18-B-374
WEISE, HENRY                           PA-18-B-389
WEISS, JOHNG. SR.                      PA-18-B-74
WELDA, JOHN                            PA-18-B-50
WELSH, DANIEL                          PA-18-B-301
WELSH, JAMES                           PA-18-B-477
WELSH, ROSANNA                         PA-18-A-225
WELSH, SAMUEL                          PA-18-A-339
WELSH, TEMPERANCE                      PA-18-B-393
WHALEY, J. C. C.                       PA-18-B-320
WHITE, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-18-A-337
WHITE, JAMES                           PA-18-A-135
WHITE, NANCY                           PA-18-B-79
WHITE, SUSANNA                         PA-18-B-168
WILCOX, D. C.                          PA-18-A-288
WILCOXEN, THOMAS ESQ.                  PA-18-A-173
WILLIAMS, ANNA MARIA                   PA-18-B-81
WILSON, JOHN                           PA-18-B-228
WILSON, JOHN H.                        PA-18-B-260
WILSON, S. G.                          PA-18-B-355
WILSON, SAMUEL                         PA-18-A-273
WILSON, SAMUEL                         PA-18-B-482
WILSON, WILLIAM C.                     PA-18-A-7
WINCHESTER, ANNA S.                    PA-18-A-253
WINKLEBLECK, ALLISON Q.                PA-18-B-75
WINNE, IDA                             PA-18-B-305
WISE, DANIEL                           PA-18-B-225
WITCHEY, DELANAH                       PA-18-A-301
WOODRUFF, WILLIAM H. H.                PA-18-A-160
WYKOFF, WILLIAM A.                     PA-18-A-111
YEARICK, ELIZABETH                     PA-18-B-199
ZELLER, JOHN                           PA-18-A-53
ZELLERS, MARY LOUISA                   PA-18-B-527

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