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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1823-1860 | B-I=? | J=doesn't exist | K=1914-1919 |
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ADDLEMAN, WILLAM                        PA-17-A-237
ALLPORT, JAMES                          PA-17-A-244
ALLSION, ANDREW                         PA-17-A-91
ANDERSON, JAMES V. A.                   PA-17-A-143
ANTIS, PHILIP                           PA-17-A-17
ARNOLD, PHILIP                          PA-17-A-150
ASHLEY, ROBERT                          PA-17-A-181
BAILEY, CALEB                           PA-17-A-84
BARGER, ISAAC                           PA-17-A-160
BARR, ROBERT                            PA-17-A-4
BLOOM, ISAAC                            PA-17-A-363
BLOOM, JOHN R.                          PA-17-A-97
BLOOM, WILLIAM A.                       PA-17-A-111
BOONE, PRECILLA                         PA-17-A-122
BOYNTON, WILLIAM L.                     PA-17-A-47
BRINK, DANIEL                           PA-17-A-242
BROOKS, BENJAMIN                        PA-17-A-60
CAMPBELL, MARY                          PA-17-A-151
CARSON, BENJAMIN                        PA-17-A-217
CARSON, JAMES                           PA-17-A-153
CLEAVER, WILLIAM                        PA-17-A-297
COATANT, ANTHONY                        PA-17-A-166
COCHREN, SAMUEL                         PA-17-A-127
COLEMAN, HUGH                           PA-17-A-41
CREE, JOHN                              PA-17-A-5
CREE, WILLIAM                           PA-17-A-62
CROSSMAN, JOSEPH                        PA-17-A-120
CROWEL, JOHN                            PA-17-A-80
CURRY, JAMES                            PA-17-A-155
DAVIS, PHILIP                           PA-17-A-273
DENNISON, JAMES                         PA-17-A-56
DUNLAP, ALEXANDER                       PA-17-A-147
ENGLAND, NUN                            PA-17-A-39
ERHARD, CATHARINE                       PA-17-A-219
ERHART, DAVID                           PA-17-A-265
FENTON, THOMAS                          PA-17-A-226
FERGUSON, JOHN                          PA-17-A-142
FISHER, WILLIAM                         PA-17-A-144
FLEGAL, VALENTINE                       PA-17-A-71
FRAZIER, HUGH                           PA-17-A-2
GILL, GEORGE                            PA-17-A-258
GOSS, ABRAHAM                           PA-17-A-144
GUNSALUS, SAMUEL                        PA-17-A-179
HAGERTY, SAMUEL                         PA-17-A-93
HAINES, SAMUEL                          PA-17-A-223
HAMILTON, JAMES                         PA-17-A-26
HARTSHORN, WILLIAM                      PA-17-A-154
HEGARTY, JOHN                           PA-17-A-130
HEMPHILL, THOMAS                        PA-17-A-227
HOOVER, CATHARINE                       PA-17-A-137
HORN, DAVID                             PA-17-A-201
HUMMEL, HENRY                           PA-17-A-255
HUNTER, WILLIAM M                       PA-17-A-274
JOHNSON, THEW SR.                       PA-17-A-48
JORDAN, HUGH                            PA-17-A-76
JORDAN, JAMES                           PA-17-A-20
JORDAN, JOHN                            PA-17-A-349
JORDAN, SAMUEL                          PA-17-A-360
KARTHAUS, PETER ARNOLD                  PA-17-A-100
KEAGY, ABRAHAM                          PA-17-A-281
KEAGY, BARBARA                          PA-17-A-10
KELLY, JAMES M.                         PA-17-A-302
KIRK, JOHN                              PA-17-A-339
KLINE, JANE                             PA-17-A-293
KLINE, SOLOMON                          PA-17-A-246
KYLAR, JOHN                             PA-17-A-128
LAMBORN, JOHN                           PA-17-A-138
LEAVY, HUGH                             PA-17-A-213
LEGGETT, DAVID                          PA-17-A-85
LEONARD, JACOB                          PA-17-A-166
LITTLE, CHARLES                         PA-17-A-168
LORAIN, HENRY                           PA-17-A-374
MAINS, SETH                             PA-17-A-373
MARTIN, JOSEPH M. ESQ.                  PA-17-A-23
MAURER, JACOB                           PA-17-A-161
MCENALLY, PETER                         PA-17-A-169
MCGHEE, JAMES                           PA-17-A-253
MCKEE, JAMES                            PA-17-A-187
MCKEE, THOMAS                           PA-17-A-371
MEAD, JOSIAH                            PA-17-A-67
MITCHELL, JOHN                          PA-17-A-156
MORGAN, JAMES SR.                       PA-17-A-194
NEVLING, EDIFF                          PA-17-A-82
OGDEN, MATTHEW                          PA-17-A-203
PEUTZ, JOHN                             PA-17-A-139
RAFFERTY, FELIX                         PA-17-A-336
READ, JOHN R.                           PA-17-A-357
RICHEL, ADAM SR.                        PA-17-A-164
RICKETS, ISAAC                          PA-17-A-209
RODDEN, ISAAC                           PA-17-A-38
ROSABAUGH, JOHN                         PA-17-A-173
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-17-A-190
SHAW, ARCHIBALD                         PA-17-A-117
SHIMEL, ANNA                            PA-17-A-199
SHIMEL, GEORGE                          PA-17-A-148
SHOFF, CHRISTIAN                        PA-17-A-282
SMEAL, GEORGE                           PA-17-A-368
SMEAL, JOSEPH                           PA-17-A-347
SMILEY, SAMUEL                          PA-17-A-29
SMITH, JANE                             PA-17-A-52
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-17-A-342
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-17-A-270
SMITH, JONATHAN H.                      PA-17-A-235
SMITH, PETER                            PA-17-A-241
SPENCER, JOSEPH                         PA-17-A-50
SPENCER, JOSEPH                         PA-17-A-334
SPENCER, SAMUEL                         PA-17-A-230
STEER, ASAEL                            PA-17-A-33
STONE, ALEXANDER                        PA-17-A-287
SUMSTINE, CHRISTIAN                     PA-17-A-267
SUNDERLIN, SAMUEL                       PA-17-A-54
SWAN, JOHN SR.                          PA-17-A-182
TURNER, JOHN A.                         PA-17-A-3
WARING, SAMUEL                          PA-17-A-189
WARRICK, ISAIAH H.                      PA-17-A-366
WEAVER, CATHARINE                       PA-17-A-175
WEAVER, GODFRIED                        PA-17-A-174
WELCH, WILLIAM C.                       PA-17-A-171
WETZEL, JOHN M.                         PA-17-A-170
WILEMIRE, GIDEON                        PA-17-A-284
WILLAMS, WILLIAM                        PA-17-A-74
WILLIAMS, EDWARD                        PA-17-A-12
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       PA-17-A-210
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-17-A-278
WISEGARVER, ADAM                        PA-17-A-207
WOLN, JONATHAN SR.                      PA-17-A-260
WOOLRIDGE, JOHN                         PA-17-A-163

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