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AARON, CONRAD                           PA-16-A-258
AARON, JOSEPH                           PA-16-A-234
ABRAMS, DAVID                           PA-16-A-171
AGRY, JONATHAN                          PA-16-B-125
ALGOE, JOHN                             PA-16-A-265
ALIO, JOSEPH                            PA-16-B-319
ALLEN, ALICE                            PA-16-B-152
ALLEN, NANCY                            PA-16-B-76
ALSBACH, GEORGE W.                      PA-16-B-186
ALSBAUGH, JACOB                         PA-16-B-95
ALT, NICHOLAS                           PA-16-A-70
ALTMAN, PETER                           PA-16-B-121
ALTMAN, SARAH                           PA-16-B-275
ALTZ, JOHN                              PA-16-B-8
ARDRY, JOHN                             PA-16-A-84
ARMAGOST, JACOB                         PA-16-B-192
ARMSTRONG, ALEXANDER                    PA-16-B-249
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        PA-16-A-69
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                       PA-16-A-148
ASHBACH, DANIEL                         PA-16-B-154
ASHBACH, WILLIAM                        PA-16-A-26
ATTLEBERGER, JACOB                      PA-16-A-24
BAILEY, HENRY H.                        PA-16-B-134
BAILEY, HENRY H.                        PA-16-B-136
BAKER, ABRAHAM                          PA-16-B-66
BARBER, A. S.                           PA-16-A-151
BARNT, HENRY                            PA-16-A-115
BARR, CONRAD                            PA-16-A-252
BASIM, ABRAHAM                          PA-16-B-25
BEATY, REIHART                          PA-16-A-19
BECK, ALEXANDER                         PA-16-B-181
BECK, JOHN                              PA-16-A-301
BELL, ALEXANDER                         PA-16-B-125
BENN, HENRY                             PA-16-A-209
BENN, JOHN                              PA-16-B-200
BENNINGER, JAMES                        PA-16-B-212
BERLIN, GEORGE SR.                      PA-16-A-34
BERLIN, JACOB                           PA-16-A-181
BERNER, JOSEPH                          PA-16-B-12
BEST, GEORGE                            PA-16-B-87
BEST, JOHN F.                           PA-16-A-91
BEST, MARGARET                          PA-16-A-58
BEST, MICHAEL                           PA-16-B-77
BEST, WILLIAM                           PA-16-A-79
BITTENBENDER, PHILIP                    PA-16-B-204
BLACK, MARY                             PA-16-A-122
BOLE, BALTIS                            PA-16-A-144
BOLE, MICHAEL                           PA-16-A-134
BOLE, SAMUEL                            PA-16-B-148
BOLE, WILLIAM L.                        PA-16-A-335
BOLTON, THOMAS                          PA-16-A-241
BOSTAPH, ANDREW                         PA-16-A-357
BOWMAN, ADAM G.                         PA-16-B-313
BOWSER, WILLIAM A.                      PA-16-B-48
BOYER, GEORGE                           PA-16-B-213
BRANDT, HARMON                          PA-16-B-177
BRECHT, MARIA ELIZABETH                 PA-16-B-240
BROWN, ALEXANDER SR.                    PA-16-B-64
BROWN, STEWART                          PA-16-A-331
BRY, MICHAEL                            PA-16-B-61
BURHOLDER, SAMUEL                       PA-16-A-14
BURNS, GEORGE                           PA-16-B-230
BURNS, JOHN                             PA-16-B-238
BURNS, STEPHEN DUNCAN                   PA-16-A-120
BURNS, THOMAS                           PA-16-A-49
BUZARD, JOHN S.                         PA-16-B-180
BUZZARD, GEORGE W.                      PA-16-B-31
BUZZARD, MICHAEL                        PA-16-A-51
BYERS, BENJAMIN                         PA-16-A-277
BYES, ABRAHAM                           PA-16-A-235
CALLEN, JAMES                           PA-16-B-248
CALLIHAN, JOHN                          PA-16-A-354
CAMPBELL, FINDLEY D.                    PA-16-B-116
CAMPBELL, STEWART                       PA-16-A-124
CARNEY, ANDREW                          PA-16-A-170
CARNEY, JACOB                           PA-16-A-28
CARROLL, JAMES                          PA-16-B-92
CATHERS, THOMAS W.                      PA-16-A-312
CHANDLER, JOHN                          PA-16-A-71
CHURCHBERGER, CHRISTIAN                 PA-16-A-158
CLARK, JAMES                            PA-16-B-108
CLOVER, JOHN                            PA-16-A-137
CLOVER, LEVI G.                         PA-16-A-268
CLOVER, MARTHA                          PA-16-B-63
CLOVER, PETER                           PA-16-A-387
CONIG, JOSEPH                           PA-16-B-262
CONNER, CATHARINE                       PA-16-B-265
CONNO, JOHN F.                          PA-16-B-107
COOKSON, HANNAH                         PA-16-B-81
COOPER, WILLIAM R.                      PA-16-B-223
COPE, JOEL                              PA-16-A-272
CORBETT, JOHN C.                        PA-16-A-132
CORBETT, PHILP                          PA-16-A-173
CORE, ANDREW J.                         PA-16-A-33
CORE, JOHN                              PA-16-A-142
CORNISH, HENRY                          PA-16-B-258
COURSON, ABRAHAM                        PA-16-A-6
CRAWFORD, JAMES E.                      PA-16-B-302
CRIBBS, ELIZABETH                       PA-16-B-146
CRIBBS, JOHN                            PA-16-A-274
CRIBBS, WILLIAM F.                      PA-16-A-362
CRICK, DANIEL                           PA-16-B-139
CRICK, PETER                            PA-16-A-285
CROMER, JOSEPH                          PA-16-A-332
CROMER, MARTHA                          PA-16-B-168
CULLEN, HUGH SR.                        PA-16-A-6
CUMMINGS, JOHN                          PA-16-A-341
CUPPS, SARAH                            PA-16-B-70
CURLL, WILLIAM                          PA-16-A-350
CYPHERT, ANTHONY                        PA-16-B-209
DAHLE, PETER                            PA-16-B-9
DAVIS, ELIJAH                           PA-16-B-39
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           PA-16-B-166
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           PA-16-A-62
DEAROLPH, SAMUEL                        PA-16-B-297
DELO, GEORGE                            PA-16-A-62
DELP, GEORGE                            PA-16-A-127
DELP, HENRY                             PA-16-A-254
DELP, HENRY                             PA-16-A-74
DELP, JAMES                             PA-16-B-242
DELP, JOHN                              PA-16-A-32
DELP, NICHOLAS                          PA-16-B-258
DENSBURGER, JOHN B.                     PA-16-B-22
DETURK, JOHN                            PA-16-B-3
DISHER, JOHN                            PA-16-A-214
DITTMAN, DAVID                          PA-16-B-193
DNKLE, MICHAEL                          PA-16-A-5
DOWNS, SARAH                            PA-16-B-176
DOWNS, THOMAS                           PA-16-A-326
DRAIN, JOHN                             PA-16-A-60
DUNKLE, JOHN HENRY                      PA-16-A-86
DUNKLE, WILLIAM                         PA-16-B-103
DUNN, JOHN                              PA-16-A-61
EARLY, THOMAS                           PA-16-A-11
ECKLE, ANDREW                           PA-16-B-225
EDENBURN, MARGARET                      PA-16-A-239
EDENBURR, JACOB                         PA-16-A-1
EDMONDS, WILLIAM                        PA-16-A-193
EISEMAN, JACOB                          PA-16-B-91
ELDER, JOHN                             PA-16-A-102
ELDER, RACHEL                           PA-16-B-289
ELLIOTT, SARAH                          PA-16-B-40
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM                        PA-16-B-79
ESHBAUGH, JACOB                         PA-16-A-58
ETTINGER, ANDREW                        PA-16-B-37
EVERHART, SILAS                         PA-16-A-282
EXLEY, GODFREY                          PA-16-A-380
FEELY, JAMES                            PA-16-B-243
FEHSENMEIER, BALDASER                   PA-16-B-101
FETZER, JOHN                            PA-16-B-276
FETZER, SUSANNAH                        PA-16-A-346
FINEFROCK, EPHRAIM                      PA-16-A-308
FINK, JOHN                              PA-16-B-152
FLEMING, JOHN M.                        PA-16-B-199
FLEMING, WILLIAM H.                     PA-16-A-161
FLEMMING, ARCHIBALD MCKEE               PA-16-A-229
FLICK, B. A.                            PA-16-B-227
FOGELBACHER, JOHN                       PA-16-A-266
FOGLER, HENRY                           PA-16-B-163
FOLMER, DANIEL                          PA-16-A-378
FORINGER, DEWALT                        PA-16-A-260
FOSTER, D. W.                           PA-16-A-78
FOSTER, JAMES                           PA-16-A-147
FOSTER, SUSANNAH B.                     PA-16-B-16
FOX, AARON                              PA-16-B-244
FOX, GEORGE                             PA-16-A-220
FOX, SAMUEL M.                          PA-16-B-135
FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN                      PA-16-A-1
FRAZIER, WILLIAM                        PA-16-B-149
FREDERICK, HENRY                        PA-16-B-54
FRICK, CHARLES                          PA-16-A-279
FRITZ, JOHN                             PA-16-A-100
FRY, SAMUEL                             PA-16-B-164
FUBER, JOHN                             PA-16-B-81
FULTON, JAMES                           PA-16-B-123
FYE, JACOB                              PA-16-A-191
GAGE, ARCHIBALD                         PA-16-A-133
GARDNER, ELLEN                          PA-16-B-308
GARDNER, EPHRAIM                        PA-16-B-82
GARDNER, SARAH                          PA-16-A-303
GATHERS, JACOB                          PA-16-A-348
GELFILLEN, JAMES SR.                    PA-16-B-18
GEORGE, THOMAS                          PA-16-B-235
GIBSON, WILLIAM L.                      PA-16-A-13
GILBERT, GEORGE                         PA-16-A-338
GILBERT, JACOB                          PA-16-A-9
GIRTS, JOHN                             PA-16-B-28
GOHEEN, JAMES                           PA-16-A-142
GOUGHLER, AMOS                          PA-16-B-202
GOUGHLER, HENRY                         PA-16-B-226
GRAHAM, DANIEL E.                       PA-16-A-368
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         PA-16-A-311, 313
GREABLE, JOHN                           PA-16-A-262
GREENWALT, PHILIP ASEPH                 PA-16-A-82
GROCE, JOHN H.                          PA-16-A-136
GRONER, MICHAEL                         PA-16-B-246
GUSHER, JOHN                            PA-16-A-222
GUTHRIE, ISAIAH                         PA-16-A-43
GUTHRIE, WILLIAM                        PA-16-B-74
HAGEN, JOHN                             PA-16-A-40
HAHN, JOHN B.                           PA-16-A-374
HALE, JACOB                             PA-16-B-144
HALT, GEORGE                            PA-16-B-96
HANHOLD, AMOS                           PA-16-A-37
HANST, JOHN A.                          PA-16-B-234
HARTZELL, JACOB                         PA-16-B-78
HAWK, MICHAEL                           PA-16-A-199
HEASLY, PETER                           PA-16-A-126
HEETER, GEORGE                          PA-16-B-187
HEFFNER, JOHN                           PA-16-B-36
HEFFRON, TERRY                          PA-16-B-1
HELTMAN, PHILIP                         PA-16-B-76
HELTMAN, RACHEL                         PA-16-B-118
HEMER, GEORGE                           PA-16-B-206
HEMES, DAVID                            PA-16-B-291
HENDREN, JOHN                           PA-16-B-163
HENERY, CHARLES                         PA-16-A-155
HENERY, WILLIAM                         PA-16-A-55
HENRY, JAMES                            PA-16-A-309
HENRY, JAMES                            PA-16-B-210
HENRY, JANE                             PA-16-B-13
HENRY, ROBERT                           PA-16-A-201
HENRY, ROBERT SR.                       PA-16-A-92
HENRY, WILLIAM                          PA-16-A-211
HEPLER, ADAM                            PA-16-B-140
HEPLER, DAVID                           PA-16-B-264
HERSHAW, WILLIAM                        PA-16-A-15
HESS, GEORGE SR.                        PA-16-B-112
HETRICK, ADAM                           PA-16-B-151
HETRICK, LEONARD                        PA-16-B-245
HIGHBARGER, JOHN                        PA-16-B-218
HILLIARD, JOHN S.                       PA-16-B-268
HILLIS, JOHN                            PA-16-A-131
HOCKMAN, HENRY SR.                      PA-16-A-347
HOCKMAN, MARY                           PA-16-B-298
HOGAN, JOHN S.                          PA-16-B-147
HOLDENREED, ELIZABETH J.                PA-16-B-239
HORTERMAN, DAVID                        PA-16-B-278
HOSEY, MATHEW                           PA-16-A-20
HUEY, JAMES                             PA-16-B-260
HUEY, NANCY                             PA-16-A-259
HULING, WILLIAM                         PA-16-A-244
HULL, ISAAC                             PA-16-A-123
HUMMEL, HENRY                           PA-16-A-98
HUMMEL, SAMUEL                          PA-16-B-293
HUMPHREYS, THOMAS                       PA-16-B-21
HYER, MICHAEL                           PA-16-A-39
IMHOFF, JOHN                            PA-16-A-81
ION, JOHN                               PA-16-B-99
JAMES, HENRY                            PA-16-A-48
JOHNSON, ROAN                           PA-16-A-38
JOHNSTON, MICHAEL                       PA-16-A-31
JONES, THOMAS                           PA-16-B-309
JORDAN, DAVID                           PA-16-B-252
KADY, SAMUEL                            PA-16-A-104
KAPP, HANNAH                            PA-16-A-337
KARR, SAMUEL T.                         PA-16-B-153
KEARNEY,MARTIN                          PA-16-B-170
KECK, GEORGE                            PA-16-B-55
KEEFER, JACOB                           PA-16-B-124
KEELY,E LIZABETH                        PA-16-A-238
KEISER, ERNST                           PA-16-A-280
KEISER, LAVINA                          PA-16-B-112
KELLY, SAMUEL                           PA-16-A-208
KERR, CHARLES M.                        PA-16-B-228
KERR, JOHN W.                           PA-16-A-90
KERR, WILLIAM                           PA-16-B-279
KESLER, JOHN                            PA-16-B-205
KIFER, ADAM                             PA-16-A-204
KIFER, SUSANNAH                         PA-16-B-191
KING, WILLIAM                           PA-16-A-184
KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM                    PA-16-A-300
KLINGENSMITH, PETER                     PA-16-B-2
KLINGLER, CHARLES                       PA-16-A-358
KLINGLER, PETER                         PA-16-B-15
KLOTZ, CHARLES (DR)                     PA-16-B-196
KNIGHT, JOHN                            PA-16-B-269
KNIGHT, NICHOLAS                        PA-16-B-24
KNIGHT, PETER                           PA-16-B-51
KNIGHT, PETER                           PA-16-A-373
KNISELY, DANIEL                         PA-16-B-312
KOCH, HENRY                             PA-16-A-46
KRATZER, JOHN                           PA-16-B-20
KRIEPS, ANNA MARIA                      PA-16-A-314
KUHNS, CHRISTIAN                        PA-16-A-188
KUHNS, JOHN                             PA-16-A-339
KUHNS, JOSEPH                           PA-16-A-16
KUNGLE, GEORGE                          PA-16-B-131
KUOCKE, CARL                            PA-16-A-355
KUTCHER, JOSEPH                         PA-16-A-342
LATIMER, JAMES                          PA-16-B-158
LATSHAN, JOSEPH                         PA-16-B-138
LAUGHLIN, JAMES                         PA-16-A-118
LAUGHNER, BARNET                        PA-16-A-273
LEICHT, MICHAEL                         PA-16-B-36
LEIGHTON, JOSEPH                        PA-16-B-292
LERCH, NATHAN W.                        PA-16-B-317
LERSH, WILLIAM                          PA-16-A-54
LEWIS, PHILIP                           PA-16-A-125
LILLY, JOHN CHARLES                     PA-16-B-195
LINEMAN, CHARLES                        PA-16-A-227
LOBOUGH, DAVID                          PA-16-A-246
LOBOUGH, JOHN SR.                       PA-16-A-22
LOGAN, JOHN                             PA-16-A-369
LOGUE, JOHN                             PA-16-B-197
LOGUE, WILLIAM                          PA-16-B-34
LOMMER, JOHN                            PA-16-B-304
LONGWELL, HAMILTON W.                   PA-16-B-14
LOVE, JOHN                              PA-16-A-94
LOWRY, SAMUEL                           PA-16-A-36
LYNUM, WILLIAM                          PA-16-A-255
MAGEE, ANDREW                           PA-16-A-240
MAGILL, JOHN                            PA-16-A-297
MAGONAGLE, JOHN                         PA-16-A-44
MAHL, ANN MARIAH                        PA-16-A-292
MAHLE, LEWIS                            PA-16-B-157
MALES, WILLIAM                          PA-16-B-84
MANUS, PETER                            PA-16-B-315
MARSH, JOHN                             PA-16-A-360
MARTIN, CHARLES SR.                     PA-16-A-375
MARTIN, DAVIS                           PA-16-B-120
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-16-A-328
MATHEWS, JAMES                          PA-16-A-102
MAYS, WILLIAM                           PA-16-B-142
MCCAIN, ALEXANDER                       PA-16-B-5
MCCAIN, REBECCA                         PA-16-B-5
MCCALL, JOHN                            PA-16-B-301
MCCALL, ROBERT                          PA-16-A-198
MCCALL, THOMAS                          PA-16-A-250
MCCALL, WILLIAM                         PA-16-B-70
MCCALL, WILLIAM                         PA-16-A-89
MCCAMANT, ANDREW J.                     PA-16-A-75
MCCLURE, JAMES                          PA-16-B-255
MCCOY, JOHN                             PA-16-B-73
MCCULLOUGH, SAMUEL SR.                  PA-16-A-324
MCDONALD, DAVID                         PA-16-B-169
MCDOWELL, ROBERT                        PA-16-B-290
MCELHENNY, ROBERT                       PA-16-A-65
MCELWAIN, GEORGE                        PA-16-A-66
MCELWAIN, JOSHUA                        PA-16-A-50
MCELWAIN, ROBERT                        PA-16-A-47
MCFADDEN, JACOB                         PA-16-A-276
MCGEE, JAMES                            PA-16-B-266
MCGEE, JOHN                             PA-16-A-41
MCGONAGLE, JOHN G.                      PA-16-A-351
MCGONNIGLE, ROBERT N.                   PA-16-A-177
MCILATTAN, ELIJAH C.                    PA-16-B-122
MCINTIRE, MICHAEL                       PA-16-A-61
MCKEBBEN, THOMAS                        PA-16-B-119
MCKEE, JOHN                             PA-16-A-27
MCKEE, WILLIAM                          PA-16-A-145
MCKELLIP, ARCHIBALD                     PA-16-A-344
MCKESSON, JAMES                         PA-16-B-53
MCKIBBEN, DAVID                         PA-16-A-359
MCKIBBEN, MARGARET                      PA-16-B-208
MCLAUGHLIN, JOSEPH                      PA-16-A-154
MCLAUGHLIN, PETER                       PA-16-A-245
MCMELLAN, ROBERT                        PA-16-A-68
MCNUBB, JANE                            PA-16-B-257
MCNUTT, COLLIN                          PA-16-A-8
MCNUTT, COLLIN                          PA-16-A-226
MCNUTT, WILLIAM                         PA-16-B-173
MEANS, GEORGE                           PA-16-B-58
MEANS, WILLIAM                          PA-16-B-281
MEEKER, GEORGE AUGUSTUS                 PA-16-A-219
MEHRTIN, JOHN H.                        PA-16-A-349
MERCER, DAVID                           PA-16-A-224
MEREDITH, THOMAS                        PA-16-A-12
MILIGAN, WILLIAM                        PA-16-A-160
MILLER, ANDREW                          PA-16-A-379
MILLER, BENJAMIN                        PA-16-A-329
MILLER, DANIEL                          PA-16-B-159
MILLER, JACOB                           PA-16-A-63
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-16-A-116
MILLER, NATHAN                          PA-16-A-129
MILLER, REBECCA                         PA-16-B-72
MILLER, THOMAS                          PA-16-A-216
MILLER, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-16-A-174
MITCHELL, JOHN                          PA-16-A-256
MONG, DAVID                             PA-16-A-230
MONG, JACOB                             PA-16-A-296
MONG, JOHN B.                           PA-16-A-243
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                       PA-16-B-174
MOORE, JOHN                             PA-16-A-385
MORTIMER, DANIEL                        PA-16-B-41
MORTIMER, ELIZABETH                     PA-16-B-71
MORTIMER, WILLIAM SR.                   PA-16-A-382
MOTMILLER, FRANCIS JOSEPH               PA-16-B-145
MOYER, CATHARINE                        PA-16-B-46
MUNDT, WILLIAM                          PA-16-B-162
MUSSER, HENRY                           PA-16-B-83
NAILS, JOHN                             PA-16-B-44
NEELY, HENRY                            PA-16-B-19
NEELY, PAUL                             PA-16-B-132
NEIL, HUGH                              PA-16-A-207
NEIL, WILLIAM                           PA-16-B-23
NEWELL, JANE                            PA-16-B-109
NEWILL, ROBERT                          PA-16-A-288
NUGENT, JOHN                            PA-16-A-172
OLIPHANT, PETER                         PA-16-B-305
ONEIL, BERNARD                          PA-16-A-231
ORCUTT, DAVID                           PA-16-A-383
ORR, ROBERT W.                          PA-16-A-212
ORR, SAMUEL C.                          PA-16-A-156
ORR, WILLIAM                            PA-16-A-153
OWEN, LESTER                            PA-16-B-294
OWENS, ANDREW                           PA-16-A-96
OX, VALENTINE                           PA-16-B-17
PARSONS, DAVID                          PA-16-B-95
PARSONS, THOMAS JR.                     PA-16-B-277
PAUP, GEORGE                            PA-16-B-89
PECK, ALEXANDER                         PA-16-B-182
PENCE, GEORGE                           PA-16-A-289
PENCE, PETER                            PA-16-B-104
PENCE, WILLIAM                          PA-16-A-242
PEOPLES, NATHANIEL                      PA-16-A-334
PHILIPS, JOHN                           PA-16-A-185
PHILLIPS, JACOB                         PA-16-B-49
PLATT, JOHN                             PA-16-B-62
POLLIARD, GEORGE                        PA-16-A-298
POTTER, HENRY                           PA-16-A-306
POTTER, JAMES SR.                       PA-16-A-167
POTTER, JOHN                            PA-16-B-65
POTTER, ROBERT                          PA-16-A-202
POWERS, ISABELLA                        PA-16-A-292
PRITNER, LINDSAY C.                     PA-16-B-284
RAFFERTY, PATRICK                       PA-16-B-203
RANDOLPH, WILLIAM F.                    PA-16-A-165
RANKIN, BENJAMIN                        PA-16-A-47
RANKIN, DAVID                           PA-16-A-290
RANKIN, JAMES                           PA-16-A-381
RANKIN, JAMES HUSTON                    PA-16-B-216
RANKIN, JOHN M.                         PA-16-B-126
RANKIN, WILLIAM                         PA-16-A-34
REA, SARAH                              PA-16-B-73
REED, ELEANOR                           PA-16-A-117
REED, JOHN                              PA-16-B-68
REED, MARY                              PA-16-B-52
REICHART, DANIEL                        PA-16-B-219
REID, HUGH                              PA-16-B-14
REIGART, RALPH                          PA-16-B-188
RENARD, SUSANA                          PA-16-B-111
REYNOLDS, CALVIN B.                     PA-16-B-115
REYNOLDS, JAMES P.                      PA-16-A-364
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM J.                    PA-16-B-30
RHEA, DAVID M.                          PA-16-B-165
RHODES, CHRISTIAN                       PA-16-A-67
RICHARDDSON, GIDEON                     PA-16-A-57
RICKENBRODE, JACOB                      PA-16-A-365A
RICKENBRODE, JOHN                       PA-16-A-139
RIEMBARGER, LEVI                        PA-16-B-268
RIFENBERICH, RICHARD                    PA-16-A-248
RIGGLE, AMOS                            PA-16-A-162
RIGGLE, SARAH A.                        PA-16-A-253
RIMER, DANIEL H.                        PA-16-A-166
RIMER, JACOB                            PA-16-A-284
RITZ, CHRISTIAN                         PA-16-A-196
RITZ, JOHN                              PA-16-B-280
ROBB, MARY                              PA-16-A-73
RODGERS, SAMUEL                         PA-16-A-128
ROSENIELD, LEOPOLD                      PA-16-B-262
ROSS, ROBERT                            PA-16-A-352
RUMBERGER, DANIEL                       PA-16-A-93
RYPERT, DAVID                           PA-16-B-241
SAMPSON, DAVID                          PA-16-A-29
SAMPSON, MARY                           PA-16-A-221
SANDROCK, NICHOLAS                      PA-16-A-190
SAYERS, ALGER                           PA-16-A-325
SCHIFFNER, HENRY                        PA-16-A-88
SCHNIDER, JOHN                          PA-16-B-286
SCHOTT, MARY B.                         PA-16-B-42
SCHOUB, HENRY                           PA-16-B-26
SEIGWARTH, CHRISTOPHER                  PA-16-A-319
SEIGWORTH, JOHN H.                      PA-16-B-60
SHAFFER, JOHN                           PA-16-B-215
SHANAFELT, NICHOLAS                     PA-16-B-178
SHARP, MICHAEL                          PA-16-B-201
SHEFFER, JOHN                           PA-16-B-29
SHERMAN, PETER                          PA-16-A-388
SHERRY, JOHN                            PA-16-A-263
SHILLINGER, FREDERICK                   PA-16-A-281
SHIPPEN, RICHARD                        PA-16-B-185
SHIVELY, CHRISTIAN                      PA-16-A-294
SHOFNER, SUSANNAH                       PA-16-B-94
SHOTT, CHRISTIAN                        PA-16-A-52
SHOWERDLE, MICHAEL                      PA-16-B-50
SHUCK, ABRAHAM                          PA-16-B-88, 194
SHULTZ, CHARLES                         PA-16-B-103
SILVIS, DANIEL                          PA-16-B-221
SILVIS, JOHN                            PA-16-B-131
SLAGLE, JOHN                            PA-16-B-299
SLATER, JOHN                            PA-16-B-57
SLOAN, CINTHIA                          PA-16-A-192
SLOAN, JOHN                             PA-16-B-287
SLOAN, JOHN SR. (COL.)                  PA-16-A-367
SLOAN, MARGARET                         PA-16-B-97
SLOAN, SAMUEL                           PA-16-A-135
SMITH, CATHARINE                        PA-16-B-160
SMITH, HENRY                            PA-16-B-271
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-16-B-303
SMITH, JOHN SR.                         PA-16-A-59
SMITH, MARY MAGDALENA                   PA-16-A-164
SMITMAN, JOHN                           PA-16-A-237A
SMULLEN, THOMAS                         PA-16-A-97
SMULLIN, REBECCA A.                     PA-16-A-261
SNYDER, BARBARA                         PA-16-A-103
SNYDER, CATHARINE                       PA-16-B-251
SNYDER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-16-B-43
SNYDER, GEORGE                          PA-16-A-30
SNYDER, JOSEPH                          PA-16-B-113
SNYDER, PETER SR.                       PA-16-A-141
SNYDER, PETER                           PA-16-B-98
SNYDER, PETER                           PA-16-B-137
SONGER, JOSEPH                          PA-16-A-322
STAHLMAN, GABRIEL                       PA-16-B-272
STAHLMANN, JEREMIAH                     PA-16-B-67
STELTZER, GEORGE                        PA-16-B-166
STERRETT, JAMES                         PA-16-A-286
STEWARD, J. B.                          PA-16-A-182
STEWART, JAMES                          PA-16-B-130
STEWART, ROBERT                         PA-16-B-161
STEWART, SAMUEL M.                      PA-16-B-273
STEWART, WILLIAM                        PA-16-A-3
STITT, JOHN                             PA-16-B-237
STITZINGER, JOHN                        PA-16-B-106
STONER, DAVID                           PA-16-B-102
STORNER, PAUL                           PA-16-A-315
STRATTON, JOHN                          PA-16-A-217
STRAUB, SILVESTER                       PA-16-A-371
STRICKLER, DAVID B.                     PA-16-B-212
STROBLE, DAVID                          PA-16-B-189
STUART, JOHN                            PA-16-B-247
SUGWORTH, JOHN D.                       PA-16-A-237
SWARTZ, ISAAC                           PA-16-B-45
SWITZER, PETER                          PA-16-A-356
SWITZIOUS, JOSEPH                       PA-16-B-38
SYBERT, JOHN                            PA-16-B-47
TERWILLIGER, EGBERT                     PA-16-B-316
TERWILLIGER, LEVI                       PA-16-B-254
THOMAS, THMAS E.                        PA-16-A-152
THOMPSON, THOMAS E.                     PA-16-B-202
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       PA-16-B-171
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       PA-16-A-63
THORN, JAMES A. C.                      PA-16-A-372A
THORN, ROBERT                           PA-16-A-87
TOMAN, JOHN                             PA-16-B-129
TOMAN, JOHN                             PA-16-A-264
TROUTMAN, HENRY                         PA-16-A-187
TRUBY, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-16-A-45
TURNEY, ELIZABETH                       PA-16-A-138
WALLEY, MARY                            PA-16-B-155
WARD, JAMES M.                          PA-16-B-93
WASSUM, LENARD                          PA-16-B-54
WATERS, CHARLES R.                      PA-16-A-77
WEAVER, DAVID                           PA-16-B-283
WEAVER, SUSANNAH                        PA-16-A-372
WECKERLY, DANIEL                        PA-16-B-310
WEETER, PETER                           PA-16-A-17
WENTLING, DANIEL                        PA-16-A-179
WENTLING, PHILIP                        PA-16-B-220
WENTLING, SEBASTIAN                     PA-16-A-53
WERNER, WILLIAM                         PA-16-B-288
WETZELL, JOHN F.                        PA-16-B-141
WHITE, ROBERT                           PA-16-B-143
WHITMER, JOSEPH                         PA-16-A-267
WHITMER, SOPHIA                         PA-16-B-261
WIANT, CATHERINE                        PA-16-B-27
WIANT, GEORGE                           PA-16-B-11
WIANT, PETER                            PA-16-A-321
WIDMER, MATTHIAS                        PA-16-B-311
WILL, PETER                             PA-16-B-33
WILLIAM, GEORGE                         PA-16-A-377
WILMAN, JOHN                            PA-16-B-85
WILSON, JAMES C.                        PA-16-B-274
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-16-A-23
WILSON, JOHN                            PA-16-A-4
WILSON, LEWIS                           PA-16-A-340
WILSON, SAMUEL                          PA-16-B-233
WILSON, WILLIAM                         PA-16-A-50
WYNKOOP, THOMASINE                      PA-16-A-195
YEANY, JOHN                             PA-16-B-128
YINGLING, JOSEPH                        PA-16-A-72
YINGLING, MARGARET J.                   PA-16-A-304
ZELHAN, ANNA MARGARET                   PA-16-B-267

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