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Column One: Name of Testator
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AARON, ELIZABETH                       PA-9-4-127
AARON, MOSES                           PA-9-7-222
ABBET, JONATHAN                        PA-9-3-279
ABBITS, BENJAMIN                       PA-9-2-177
ABBOT, THOMAS                          PA-9-5-225
ADAIR, JAMES                           PA-9-3-33
ADAMS, JOHN                            PA-9-7-273
ADDIS, JOHN                            PA-9-5-275
ADDIS, RICHARD                         PA-9-2-164
ADGERSON, JOSEPH                       PA-9-7-247
AKENSWALLER, GEORGE                    PA-9-5-280
ALLEN, JOHN                            PA-9-3-93
ALLEN, JOSEPH                          PA-9-6-446
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          PA-9-4-365
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          PA-9-1-236
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         PA-9-5-249
ALLEN,NICHOLA                          PA-9-2-205
ALLMAN, BENJAMIN                       PA-9-2-268
ALMER, JOHN                            PA-9-4-162
ALTH, PETER                            PA-9-5-7
AMOS, ANN                              PA-9-2-345
ANDERSON, ELIAHAKIM                    PA-9-2-340
ANDERSON, JOHN                         PA-9-3-12
ANDERSON, JOHN                         PA-9-3-249
ANGEL, PHILIP                          PA-9-3-370
ANGENY, JACOB                          PA-9-7-322
ARCHIBALD, ELIZABETH                   PA-9-2-244
ARMITAGE, SAMUEL                       PA-9-6-329
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                       PA-9-5-48
ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH                      PA-9-2-219
ASH, THOMAS                            PA-9-1-238
ASHBURN, JOHN                          PA-9-5-174
ASHBURN, WILLIAM                       PA-9-4-315
ASHTON, JOHN                           PA-9-2-350
ASHTON, MARY                           PA-9-2-349
ASHTON, PETER                          PA-9-2-348
ATKINSON, EZEKIEL                      PA-9-3-181
ATKINSON, ISAAC                        PA-9-1-59
ATKINSON, JOHN                         PA-9-2-241
ATKINSON, JOSEPH                       PA-9-4-112
ATKINSON, THOMAS                       PA-9-3-25
ATKINSON, WILLIAM                      PA-9-6-268
ATKINSON, WILLIAM                      PA-9-2-168
BACKMAN, JOHN                          PA-9-5-164
BACLKFAN, ELINOR                       PA-9-3-248
BAGLY, JOHN                            PA-9-2-227
BAILEY, EDWARD                         PA-9-7-65
BAILEY, JOHN                           PA-9-5-143
BAILY, THOMAS                          PA-9-1-205
BAINES, GABRIEL                        PA-9-1-114
BAINS, THOMAS                          PA-9-2-28
BAKER, HENRY                           PA-9-3-125
BAKER, MARY                            PA-9-1-19
BAKER, RACHEL                          PA-9-3-5
BAKER, SAMUEL                          PA-9-3-29
BAKER, WILLIAM                         PA-9-3-399
BALDERSON, HANNAH                      PA-9-5-301
BALDERSON, JOHN                        PA-9-4-17
BALDWIN, JOHN                          PA-9-3-210
BALDWIN, JOHN                          PA-9-1-12
BALDWIN, WILLIAM                       PA-9-1-57
BALL, ABRAHAM                          PA-9-7-20
BALL, JOHN                             PA-9-5-135
BALL, JOSEPH                           PA-9-5-313
BAND, JOHN                             PA-9-5-254
BANES, ELINOR                          PA-9-3-323
BANES, ELIZABETH                       PA-9-3-239                               
BANES, ELLEN                           PA-9-2-167
BANES, JAMES                           PA-9-2-157
BANES, JOSEPH                          PA-9-3-250
BANES, MATHEW                          PA-9-5-262
BANES, MATTHEW                         PA-9-5-115
BANKSON, DANIEL                        PA-9-1-112
BARCLEY, JAMES                         PA-9-5-291
BARNET, JACOB                          PA-9-6-223
BARR, MARY                             PA-9-3-226
BARRON, PHILIP                         PA-9-5-533
BARTON, JOSEPH                         PA-9-3-454
BARTON, MARY                           PA-9-6-296
BARWIS, JOHN                           PA-9-2-188
BATEMAN, MARY                          PA-9-5-481
BATES, SARAH                           PA-9-3-21
BAXTER, HUGH                           PA-9-2-322
BAXTER, MARTHA                         PA-9-5-104
BEAKES, JOHN                           PA-9-1-145
BEAKES, MARY                           PA-9-3-123
BEAL, GRACE                            PA-9-5-373
BEAL, JOHN                             PA-9-3-81
BEAL, MARTHA                           PA-9-4-435
BEAL, WILLIAM                          PA-9-2-242
BEAL, WILLIAM                          PA-9-1-16
BEANS, JACOB                           PA-9-7-308
BEATTY, CHARLES                        PA-9-3-281
BECHTEL, SAMUEL                        PA-9-6-391
BEIDLEMAN, JACOB                       PA-9-7-127
BEIDLEMAN, JOHN                        PA-9-7-185
BEIDLEMAN, LEONARD                     PA-9-5-121
BEIDLER, ABRAHAM                       PA-9-6-301
BENNER, DANIEL                         PA-9-6-375
BENNER, LUDWIG                         PA-9-5-270
BENNET, CHARITY                        PA-9-4-471
BENNET, ISAAC                          PA-9-2-93
BENNET, ISAAC                          PA-9-4-425
BENNET, JACOB                          PA-9-3-170
BENNET, JOHN                           PA-9-6-520
BENSON, HENRY                          PA-9-2-245
BENSON, JAMES                          PA-9-5-296
BERGER, JOHN                           PA-9-5-175
BERNDT, JOHN                           PA-9-7-134
BERRINGER, ELIZABETH                   PA-9-7-340
BESSONETT, JOHN                        PA-9-4-30
BETTS, RICHARD                         PA-9-5-449
BETTS, SARAH                           PA-9-6-555
BETTS, SIMS                            PA-9-7-97
BETTS, THOMAS                          PA-9-2-79
BETTS, ZACHARIAH                       PA-9-7-339
BEVEKISOR, DANIEL                      PA-9-6-320
BEVIKISER, GABRIEL                     PA-9-5-431
BICHLER, CHRISTIAN                     PA-9-5-510
BIDGOOD, WILLIAM                       PA-9-4-353
BILES, CHARLES                         PA-9-2-366
BILES, LANGHORNE                       PA-9-3-188
BILES, MARTHA                          PA-9-5-300
BILES, THOMAS                          PA-9-2-267
BILES, THOMAS                          PA-9-3-374
BILES, WILLIAM                         PA-9-3-385
BILES, WILLIAM                         PA-9-6-435
BILES, WILLIAM                         PA-9-1-267
BLACK, ABRAHAM                         PA-9-7-132
BLACK, ABRAHAM                         PA-9-7-319
BLACKFAN, CHRISPIN                     PA-9-5-78
BLACKFAN, ESTHER                       PA-9-7-229
BLACKFAN, MARTHA                       PA-9-6-424
BLACKFAN, WILLIAM                      PA-9-5-504
BLACKFAN, WILLIAM                      PA-9-3-246
BLACKLEDGE, THOMAS                     PA-9-5-205
BLACKSHAW, MARY                        PA-9-6-282
BLACKSHAW, NEHEMIAH                    PA-9-2-44
BLAKC, ABRAHAM                         PA-9-4-390
BLAKER, CATHARINE                      PA-9-7-313
BLAKER, JOHN                           PA-9-4-25
BLYLER, HENRY                          PA-9-7-353
BOCK, NICHOLAS                         PA-9-4-547
BODDER, PETER                          PA-9-7-99
BOLTON, ISAAC                          PA-9-3-388
BOLTON, SARAH                          PA-9-4-489
BOND, JOHN                             PA-9-2-90
BOOK, NICHOLAS                         PA-9-4-547
BOOM, SOLOMON                          PA-9-2-32
BOOZE, JOHN                            PA-9-6-148
BOWMAN, GEORGE                         PA-9-6-159
BRADFIELD, JOHN                        PA-9-6-111
BRADFIELD, JOHN                        PA-9-2-309
BRADFIELD, UREE                        PA-9-5-529
BRATTS, DANIEL                         PA-9-3-271
BRECKENRIDGE, ANDREW                   PA-9-1-275
BREES, HENRY                           PA-9-2-2
BRELSFORD, ABRAHAM                     PA-9-3-98
BRELSFORD, ISAAC                       PA-9-6-456
BRELSFORD, JOHN                        PA-9-4-313
BRELSFORD, JOHN                        PA-9-1-151
BRELSFORD, SAMUEL                      PA-9-3-62
BRIGGS, HENRY                          PA-9-6-121
BRIGGS, JAMES                          PA-9-4-484
BRIGGS, WILLIAM                        PA-9-2-338
BRITTAIN,JOHN                          PA-9-4-388
BROAD, SAMUEL                          PA-9-5-355
BROOKS, JAMES                          PA-9-5-418
BROOKS, JOHN                           PA-9-2-46
BROUCHLER, DAVID                       PA-9-5-266
BROWN, ABRAHAM                         PA-9-4-488
BROWN, ANN                             PA-9-5-208
BROWN, GEORGE                          PA-9-4-327
BROWN, GEORGE                          PA-9-2-110
BROWN, JOHN                            PA-9-6-375
BROWN, JOHN                            PA-9-6-66
BROWN, JOHN                            PA-9-1-118
BROWN, JOSEPH                          PA-9-2-107
BROWN, SAMUEL                          PA-9-3-201
BROWN, THOMAS                          PA-9-3-366
BROWN, WILLIAM                         PA-9-6-248
BROWNE, MARY                           PA-9-4-446
BRYAN, DIANA                           PA-9-4-370
BRYAN, JESSE                           PA-9-4-463
BUCHER, HENRY                          PA-9-6-284
BUCK, NICHOLAS                         PA-9-4-547
BUCKMAN, DAVID                         PA-9-5-258
BUCKMAN, ISAAC                         PA-9-7-324
BUCKMAN, JACOB                         PA-9-5-500
BUCKMAN, JOSEPH                        PA-9-6-78
BUCKMAN, THOMAS                        PA-9-6-559
BUCKMAN, THOMAS                        PA-9-1-217
BUCKMAN, WILLIAM                       PA-9-2-274
BUCKMAN, WILLIAM                       PA-9-1-27
BUNTING, SAMUEL                        PA-9-2-369
BURGES, DANIEL                         PA-9-5-380
BURGES, MARY                           PA-9-4-397
BURGES, SAMUEL                         PA-9-1-9, 26
BURGESS, JEFFRY                        PA-9-2-283
BURGESS, JOHN                          PA-9-2-76
BURLEY, JOHN                           PA-9-6-252
BURLEY, JOHN                           PA-9-2-145
BURR, ROBERT                           PA-9-4-28
BURROUGHS, JOHN                        PA-9-7-226
BURROWS, JOSEPH                        PA-9-3-135
BURTON, ANTHONY                        PA-9-6-334
BUTLER, BENJAMIN                       PA-9-2-229
BUTLER, SIMON                          PA-9-3-107
BUTLER, THOMAS                         PA-9-2-217
BYE, ENOCH                             PA-9-2-41
BYE, HEZEKIAH                          PA-9-5-188
BYE, JOSEPH                            PA-9-3-371
BYE, NATHANIEL                         PA-9-2-128
BYE, REBECCA                           PA-9-5-320
BYE, THOMAS                            PA-9-4-432
BYES, JOHN                             PA-9-1-178
CADWALADER, ISAC                       PA-9-1-276
CADWALLADER, JACOB                     PA-9-5-190
CAHILL, DANIEL                         PA-9-4-502
CALDWEL, JAMES                         PA-9-2-72
CALDWELL, ROBERT                       PA-9-5-467
CALLENDER, SIMON                       PA-9-5-177
CANBY, BENJAMIN                        PA-9-2-133
CANBY, THOMAS                          PA-9-2-209
CAREY, ELIZBETH                        PA-9-5-419
CAREY, JOHN                            PA-9-5-302
CAREY, JOHN                            PA-9-5-420
CAREY, SAMPSON                         PA-9-7-59
CAREY, SAMUEL                          PA-9-7-87
CAREY, SAMUEL                          PA-9-3-146
CAREY, SARAH                           PA-9-7-349
CARL, JOHN                             PA-9-6-326
CARLILE, JONATHAN                      PA-9-2-13
CARLL, JOHN                            PA-9-6-409
CARR, JANE                             PA-9-6-44
CARR, JOSEPH                           PA-9-2-307
CARR, WILLIAM                          PA-9-5-98
CARREL, BENJAMIN                       PA-9-5-466
CARRELL, BARNARD                       PA-9-7-94
CARROL, JAMES                          PA-9-7-2
CARTER, ANN                            PA-9-5-443
CARTER, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-9-4-270
CARTER, JAMES                          PA-9-1-35
CARTER, JOSEPH                         PA-9-4-150
CARTER, WILLIAM                        PA-9-4-447
CARTER, WILLIAM                        PA-9-2-189
CARVER, ELIZABETH                      PA-9-3-258
CARVER, HENRY                          PA-9-3-375
CARVER, JOSEPH                         PA-9-6-58
CARVER, WILLIAM                        PA-9-6-500
CARVER, WILLIAM                        PA-9-2-353
CARY, SAMPSON                          PA-9-1-265
CAWLEY, JOHN                           PA-9-3-144
CHADWICK, JANE                         PA-9-2-360
CHAPMAN, ABRAHAM                       PA-9-2-277
CHAPMAN, BENJAMIN                      PA-9-7-270
CHAPMAN, JOHN                          PA-9-6-254
CHAPMAN, JOSEPH                        PA-9-5-184
CHAPMAN, JOSEPH                        PA-9-2-246
CHAPMAN, MARY                          PA-9-6-36
CHERRY, HENRY                          PA-9-2-293
CHESTNUT, WILLIAM                      PA-9-2-275
CHILD, CEPHAS                          PA-9-2-290
CHURCH, DANIEL                         PA-9-5-430
CHURCH, JOSEPH                         PA-9-4-346
CHURCH, SARAH                          PA-9-6-33
CLARK, CHARLES                         PA-9-6-125
CLARK, FRANCIS                         PA-9-6-41
CLARK, JOHN                            PA-9-5-321
CLARK, JOHN                            PA-9-1-171
CLARK, WHEELER                         PA-9-5-54
CLATLRE, CASPER                        PA-9-2-152
CLATTRE, CASPER                        PA-9-2-152
CLAY, ESTHER                           PA-9-2-171
CLEMENS, CATHARINE                     PA-9-5-329
CLEMENS, JOHN                          PA-9-4-177
CLEMENTS, JACOB                        PA-9-4-172
CLINKENBIRD, WILLIAM                   PA-9-2-269
CLOUGH, GEORGE                         PA-9-1-143
CLOUGH, GEORGE                         PA-9-1-143
CLYMER, HENRY                          PA-9-7-259
CLYMER, JACOB                          PA-9-6-330
CLYMER, JOHN                           PA-9-7-285
COATS, WILLIAM                         PA-9-6-21
COFFING, JACOB                         PA-9-1-175
COLLINS, BENJAMIN                      PA-9-1-5
COLLISON, JANE                         PA-9-5-236
COLLISON, ROBERT                       PA-9-4-123
COLLISON,JANE                          PA-9-4-236
COMFORT, ROBERT                        PA-9-7-43
COMFORT, STEPHEN                       PA-9-3-299
COOPER, HENRY                          PA-9-7-123
COOPER, JEREMIAH                       PA-9-2-135
COOPER, JOHN                           PA-9-4-278
COOPER, JOSEPH                         PA-9-5-146
COOPER, SARAH                          PA-9-1-233
COOPER, THOMAS                         PA-9-7-140
COOPER, THOMAS                         PA-9-7-95
COOPER, WILLIAM                        PA-9-5-350
COPE, ADAM                             PA-9-6-241
CORNELL, ABRAHAM                       PA-9-7-20
CORNELL, ADRIAN                        PA-9-3-440
CORNELL, GILLIAM                       PA-9-4-416
CORNELL, WILHELMUS                     PA-9-4-304
CORNISH, CATHARINE                     PA-9-5-30
CORNISH, THOMAS                        PA-9-4-92
CORNISH, THOMAS SR.                    PA-9-2-176
CORSON, BENJAMIN                       PA-9-3-359
CORSON, CORNELIUS                      PA-9-3-372
COVETER, PETER                         PA-9-3-223
CRAFT, ROBERT                          PA-9-3-152
CRAIG DANIEL                           PA-9-3-417
CRAMER, MATHIAS                        PA-9-6-261
CRAMER, VALENTINE                      PA-9-7-266
CRAMOR, JOHN                           PA-9-5-170
CRAVEN, THOMAS                         PA-9-6-191
CRAWFORD, ISABEL                       PA-9-3-91
CRAWFORD, JOHN                         PA-9-7-196
CRAWFORD, MOSES                        PA-9-2-232
CREIGHTON, WILLIAM                     PA-9-2-254
CROADSDALE, WILLIAM                    PA-9-4-136
CROASDALE, EZRA                        PA-9-5-383
CROASDALE, EZRA                        PA-9-2-8
CROASDALE, JEREMIAH                    PA-9-2-140
CRONIN, JOHN                           PA-9-7-301
CROSDALE, WILLIAM                      PA-9-1-22
CROSE, JAMES                           PA-9-5-183
CROSE, MARGARET                        PA-9-5-183
CROUSE, MICHAEL                        PA-9-7-144
CROUT, JACOB                           PA-9-6-285
CROZIER, ANDREW                        PA-9-5-234
CRUSON, DERRICK                        PA-9-1-155
CRVEN, GILES                           PA-9-6-114
CULP, DAVID                            PA-9-4-553
CUMINS, JAMES                          PA-9-2-213
CUMMINGS, JAMES                        PA-9-6-374
CUMMINGS, JOHN                         PA-9-4-137
CUSTARD, JOSEPH                        PA-9-7-243
CUTLER, JOHN                           PA-9-1-50
CUTLER, MARGERY                        PA-9-1-75
CUTLER, WILLIAM                        PA-9-1-8
DAAGON, JEREMIAH                       PA-9-2-337
DAAGON, THOMAS                         PA-9-2-356
DAMONT, MARGARET                       PA-9-6-487
DARKE, JOHN                            PA-9-1-132
DARKE, SAMUEL                          PA-9-1-77
DARKES, MARTHA                         PA-9-1-182
DAROCH, THOMAS                         PA-9-2-197
DARRAH, ROBERT                         PA-9-6-64
DARROC, THOMAS                         PA-9-6-205
DARROCK, HENRY                         PA-9-4-212
DAVIDS, JOHN                           PA-9-4-83
DAVIES, JOHN                           PA-9-2-88
DAVIS, DANIEL                          PA-9-2-256
DAVIS, GRIFFITH                        PA-9-3-189
DAVIS, JOHN                            PA-9-6-149
DAVIS, ROBERT R.                       PA-9-3-335
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         PA-9-2-120
DAWES, DAVID                           PA-9-2-144
DAWSON, AGNES                          PA-9-5-26
DAWSON, JOHN                           PA-9-2-364
DAWSON, RACHEL                         PA-9-3-332
DAWSON, ROBERT                         PA-9-2-73
DAWSON, THOMAS                         PA-9-4-242
DAY, CHRISTOPHER                       PA-9-2-141
DAY, SARAH                             PA-9-5-212
DEAL, BARBARA                          PA-9-3-376
DEAN, MARTHA                           PA-9-6-75
DEDESMAN, PHILIP                       PA-9-5-69
DEEMER, MICHAEL                        PA-9-6-9
DENNIS, AMOS                           PA-9-6-460
DENNIS, JOHN                           PA-9-6-51
DENNIS, SARAH                          PA-9-7-311
DENORMANDIE, DANIEL                    PA-9-3-24
DENORMANDIE, DANIEL                    PA-9-3-57
DENZLER, JACOB                         PA-9-4-491
DETWEILER, JOHN                        PA-9-7-166
DETWEILER, SAMUEL                      PA-9-7-362
DEWITT, TITUS                          PA-9-3-273
DILLON, NICHOLAS                       PA-9-3-333
DILWORTH, JOSEPH                       PA-9-4-95
DIRSTINE, MICHAEL                      PA-9-4-173
DOAN, IREAL                            PA-9-6-13
DOANE, DANIEL                          PA-9-2-34
DOANE, ELEAZER JR.                     PA-9-2-308
DOANE, ELEAZER SR.                     PA-9-2-319
DOBEL, J. WILLIAM                      PA-9-6-47
DOBEL, WILLIAM                         PA-9-5-553
DOHAM, NATHANIEL                       PA-9-1-168
DOSH, PHILIP                           PA-9-6-323
DOUGHERTY, JAMES                       PA-9-3-169
DOUGHERTY, LETITIA                     PA-9-3-175
DOWD, MICHAEL                          PA-9-5-110
DOWNEY, JAMES                          PA-9-3-48
DOYLE, CLEMENT                         PA-9-3-263
DOYLE, PATRICK                         PA-9-5-161
DRAKE, JOHN                            PA-9-1-132
DRAKE, JONATHAN                        PA-9-2-271
DRAKE, RUDOLPH                         PA-9-3-242
DRAKE, ZACHARIAH                       PA-9-3-141
DRIEWEG, ANDREW                        PA-9-6-328
DRISTINE, ISAAC                        PA-9-6-244
DUBOIS, HELENA                         PA-9-7-61
DUBOIS, SARAH                          PA-9-7-93
DUER, JOHN                             PA-9-4-468
DUNCAN, WILLIAM                        PA-9-5-180
DUNCAN, WILLIAM                        PA-9-7-283
DUNGAN, CLEMENT                        PA-9-4-126
DUNGAN, CLEMENT                        PA-9-1-173
DUNGAN, DAVID                          PA-9-5-299
DUNGAN, DAVID                          PA-9-7-51
DUNGAN, ELEANOR                        PA-9-5-157
DUNGAN, ELIAS                          PA-9-6-557
DUNGAN, JAMES                          PA-9-5-108
DUNGAN, JEREMIAH                       PA-9-4-413
DUNGAN, JOHN                           PA-9-6-84
DUNGAN, JOSEPH                         PA-9-4-408
DUNGAN, MARY                           PA-9-7-354
DUNGAN, THOMAS                         PA-9-2-365
DUNGAN, THOMAS                         PA-9-4-321
DUNGAN, WILLAM                         PA-9-3-230
DUNGAN, WILLIAM                        PA-9-1-1
DUNKAN, EDMUND                         PA-9-3-31
DUNKAN, JOHN                           PA-9-1-123
DUNKAN, JOHN SR.                       PA-9-3-39
DUNLAP, ROBERT                         PA-9-7-153
DUNN, GEORGE                           PA-9-3-367
DUNN, RALPH                            PA-9-1-99
DUNNEHOWER, JOHN                       PA-9-6-88
DYER, BENJAMIN                         PA-9-5-294
DYER, DEBORAH                          PA-9-3-20
DYER, ELIZABETH                        PA-9-2-276
DYER, ESTHER                           PA-9-6-484
DYER, JOHN                             PA-9-1-262
DYER, JONATHAN                         PA-9-2-369
DYER, JOSIAH                           PA-9-4-79
DYER, SAMUEL                           PA-9-4-171
DYER, THOMAS                           PA-9-6-199
EAKEN, WILLIAM                         PA-9-3-151
EARLES, JOHN                           PA-9-3-306
EASTBURN, ELIZABETH                    PA-9-5-62
EASTBURN, JOSEPH                       PA-9-4-99
EATON, EDWARD                          PA-9-4-35
EATON, JOHN                            PA-9-2-264
EATON, MARTHA                          PA-9-2-301
EBERHARD, MICHAEL                      PA-9-3-289
EBERHART, JOHN                         PA-9-5-120
EDGAR, JOHN                            PA-9-6-15
EDWARDS, ALEXANDER                     PA-9-5-444
EDWARDS, JOHN                          PA-9-6-422
EDWARDS, SUSANNA                       PA-9-3-34
EDWARDS, THOMAS                        PA-9-2-16
ELLET, WILLIAM                         PA-9-1-58
ELLICOT, NATHANIEL                     PA-9-5-521
ELLICOTT, ANDREW                       PA-9-2-12
ELLICOTT, THOMAS                       PA-9-6-152
ELY, HANNAH                            PA-9-6-407
ELY, HUGH                              PA-9-3-252
ELY, HUGH                              PA-9-7-3
ELY, HUGH                              PA-9-5-267
ELY, JOSHUA                            PA-9-7-83
ELY, JOSHUA                            PA-9-4-293
EMERICK, ANDREW                        PA-9-4-129
ERBACK, LAWRENCE                       PA-9-4-398
ERDMAN, YOST                           PA-9-4-512
ERWIN, JOHN                            PA-9-4-182
ERWIN, JOSEPH                          PA-9-7-254
ESTBURN, BENJAMIN                      PA-9-6-311
ESTBURN, SAMUEL                        PA-9-4-357
EVANS, EZRA                            PA-9-6-30
EVANS, ISAAC                           PA-9-3-68
EVANS, JAMES                           PA-9-3-283
EVANS, JAMES                           PA-9-2-124
EVANS, JOHN                            PA-9-1-241
EWING, GEORGE                          PA-9-3-315
EYEDEM, CHRISTIAN                      PA-9-3-185
FEASTER, JOHN                          PA-9-3-411
FEFFERY, SARAH                         PA-9-5-192
FELL, BENJAMIN                         PA-9-2-342
FELL, ELIZABETH                        PA-9-5-194
FELL, JOHN                             PA-9-5-462
FELL, JOSEPH                           PA-9-2-105
FELL, JOSEPH                           PA-9-4-280
FELL, SARAH                            PA-9-6-331
FELL, SENECA                           PA-9-7-17
FELL, THOMAS                           PA-9-7-209
FELL, TITUS                            PA-9-3-300
FELL,MORRIS                            PA-9-4-394
FENTON, ELEAZER                        PA-9-7-212
FENTON, EPHRAIM                        PA-9-2-222
FENTON, JOHN                           PA-9-5-289
FENTON, JOSEPH                         PA-9-4-281
FENTON, JOSIAH                         PA-9-4-259
FERGUSON, HUGH                         PA-9-6-188
FIELD, BENJAMIN                        PA-9-2-178
FINLEY, ALEXANDER                      PA-9-4-44
FINLEY, ARCHIBALD                      PA-9-2-195
FINLEY, MARY                           PA-9-6-531
FISHER, JOHN                           PA-9-3-122
FISHER, NICHOLAS                       PA-9-5-507
FISHER, ROBERT                         PA-9-4-439
FISSLER, JACOB                         PA-9-4-124
FLACK, JAMES                           PA-9-6-413
FLEECK, PHILIP                         PA-9-4-77
FLOWERS, JAMES                         PA-9-7-152
FLUCK, JACOB                           PA-9-6-406
FLUCK, PHILIP                          PA-9-5-162
FLUCK, PHILIP                          PA-9-5-163
FLUKE, JOHN                            PA-9-6-258
FLUKE, JOHN                            PA-9-6-6
FLUKE, LUDWICK                         PA-9-5-278
FORMAN, JOHN                           PA-9-5-325
FORST, SARAH                           PA-9-7-176
FOSTER, JOSEPH                         PA-9-7-12
FOULKE, JOHN                           PA-9-5-45
FOULKE, SAMUEL                         PA-9-5-548
FOULKE, THOMAS                         PA-9-4-497
FOULKE, WILLIAM                        PA-9-5-498
FOWLER, JOHN                           PA-9-3-112
FOX, JACOB                             PA-9-4-392
FRAKE, WILLIAM                         PA-9-5-253
FRANKS, ADAM                           PA-9-5-531
FRATZ, ABRAHAM                         PA-9-4-244
FRATZ, CHRISTIAN                       PA-9-4-332
FREAM, WILLIAM                         PA-9-2-272
FRECEKR, JOHN                          PA-9-3-73
FREESTONE, DEBORAH                     PA-9-5-176
FREIDT, HANNAH                         PA-9-6-106
FRETZ, JOHN                            PA-9-7-53
FRETZ, JOSEPH                          PA-9-7-159
FREY, CHRISTIAN                        PA-9-6-143
FREY, JACOB                            PA-9-6-404
FRICK, JOHN                            PA-9-5-398
FROHOCK, JOHN                          PA-9-2-155
FROST, JOHN                            PA-9-1-31
FRTZ, DANIEL                           PA-9-5-424
FRULING, CASPER                        PA-9-6-423
FRY, JOHN                              PA-9-5-257
FULMER, YOST                           PA-9-6-432
FULTON, JAMES                          PA-9-5-347
FUNK, JOHN                             PA-9-7-290
GADDES, JOHN                           PA-9-5-227
GALE, ISAAC                            PA-9-5-244
GARRISON, CHARLES                      PA-9-5-445
GEHMAN, ABRAHAM                        PA-9-5-316
GEORGE, WILLIAM                        PA-9-3-168
GETMAN, JOHN                           PA-9-7-306
GIBBS, RICAHRD                         PA-9-5-454
GIBSON, ROBERT                         PA-9-5-117
GIESTE, JACOB                          PA-9-6-269
GIFFON, WILLIAM                        PA-9-2-43
GILBERT, NICHOLAS                      PA-9-3-84
GILBERT, SAMUEL                        PA-9-2-282
GILBERT, THOMAS                        PA-9-4-252
GILBERT, WILLIAM                       PA-9-2-173
GILL, AGNES                            PA-9-4-233
GILL, THOMAS                           PA-9-5-226
GILLINGHAM, ELIZABETH                  PA-9-6-512
GILLINGHAM, JOSEPH                     PA-9-5-392
GILLINGHAM, PHEBE                      PA-9-5-479
GLASS, JOSHUA                          PA-9-3-186
GODOWIN, JOHN                          PA-9-7-291
GOFFIN, JOHN                           PA-9-2-84
GOFORTH, ANN                           PA-9-7-318
GOFORTH, WILLIAM                       PA-9-6-441
GOOD, MICHAEL                          PA-9-3-456
GOSLINE, WILLIAM                       PA-9-4-361
GRANT, NIELL                           PA-9-2-223
GRAY, JAMS                             PA-9-5-415
GRAY, JOHN                             PA-9-5-243
GRAY, JOHN                             PA-9-2-150
GRAY, MARGARET                         PA-9-4-262
GRAYDON, ALEXANDER                     PA-9-3-52
GREASLEY, THOMAS                       PA-9-1-90
GREEN, JOHN                            PA-9-5-514
GREGG, JOHN                            PA-9-5-83
GREGG, PATRICK                         PA-9-4-306
GREIR, JAMES                           PA-9-4-541
GREIR, JANE                            PA-9-6-236
GREIR, JOHN                            PA-9-4-375
GREIR, MATHEW                          PA-9-5-305
GRESSLER, PHILIP                       PA-9-5-327
GRIFFITH, BATHSHEBA                    PA-9-4-412
GRIFFITH, EVAN                         PA-9-2-326
GRIFFITH, JOHN                         PA-9-1-3
GRIFFITH, NATHANIEL                    PA-9-5-178
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                      PA-9-6-113
GROOVER, EUNOPHRONOUGH                 PA-9-5-220
GROSS, CASPER                          PA-9-7-13
GROUGHER, NICHOLAS                     PA-9-3-352
GROWDEN, ALWRENCE ESQ.                 PA-9-3-209
GROWDEN, SARAH                         PA-9-4-336
GROWDON, JOSEPH                        PA-9-1-141
GRUBER, PETER                          PA-9-7-57
GUYON, STEPHEN                         PA-9-4-251
HACKMAN, JACOB                         PA-9-4-160
HADDOCK, WALTER                        PA-9-5-23
HAFMAN, MARTIN                         PA-9-4-179
HAIR, GEORGE                           PA-9-3-195
HAIR, WILLIAM                          PA-9-2-294
HALL, ISAAC                            PA-9-3-47
HALL, JOHN                             PA-9-3-94
HALL, SARAH                            PA-9-7-85
HAMBLETON, JAMES                       PA-9-2-233
HAMILTON, BENJAMIN                     PA-9-4-176
HAMILTON, MARY                         PA-9-2-298
HAMILTON, RCHEL                        PA-9-3-442
HAMILTON, STEPHEN                      PA-9-7-164
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                      PA-9-6-468
HAMMERSTEIN, JACOB                     PA-9-4-292
HAMPTON, DAVID                         PA-9-5-173
HAMPTON, JOSEPH                        PA-9-3-173
HAMTON, JOHN                           PA-9-5-221
HAPMAN, JOHN                           PA-9-2-30
HARPLE, PHILIP                         PA-9-6-429
HARRIS, BENJAMIN                       PA-9-2-129
HARRIS, HENRY                          PA-9-4-499
HARRIS, MARTHA                         PA-9-5-31
HARRISON, MILES                        PA-9-5-219
HARROLD, SAMUEL                        PA-9-6-504
HART, ELEANON                          PA-9-2-283
HART, ELIZABETH                        PA-9-2-201
HART, JOHN                             PA-9-1-11
HART, JOHN                             PA-9-3-89
HART, JOHN                             PA-9-4-508
HART, JOSEPH                           PA-9-5-99
HART, SAMUEL                           PA-9-2-200
HARTLEY, EDWARD                        PA-9-2-52
HARTLEY, THOMAS                        PA-9-5-139
HARTLEY, WILLIAM                       PA-9-7-320
HARTSHORN, HANNAH                      PA-9-5-242
HARTSHORNE, HUGH                       PA-9-4-51
HARTZELL, PAUL                         PA-9-7-193
HARVEY, ABRAHAM                        PA-9-5-111
HARVEY, ABRAHAM                        PA-9-7-47
HARVEY, ELLEN                          PA-9-6-367
HARVEY, HENRY                          PA-9-7-89
HARVEY, JENIPHER                       PA-9-5-451
HARVEY, JOSEPH                         PA-9-4-39
HARVEY, LAMER                          PA-9-4-526
HARVEY, MATHIAS                        PA-9-2-17
HARVEY, MATHIS                         PA-9-4-180
HARVEY, ROBERT                         PA-9-1-97
HARVEY, SAMUEL                         PA-9-3-221
HARVEY, THOMAS                         PA-9-3-67
HARVEY, THOMAS                         PA-9-2-354
HARVYE, BENJAMIN                       PA-9-1-137
HARVYE, THOMAS JR.                     PA-9-2-170
HAUSE, PETER                           PA-9-4-101
HAWORTH, GEORGE                        PA-9-1-88
HAY, JOHN                              PA-9-4-532
HAYHURST, ANN                          PA-9-5-134
HAYHURST, RACHEL                       PA-9-1-19
HAYHURST, WILLIAM                      PA-9-5-452
HAYWORTH, GEROGE                       PA-9-2-136
HEACOCK, WILLIAM                       PA-9-6-273
HEADLEY, HANNAH                        PA-9-6-344
HEADLEY, JOHN                          PA-9-3-190
HEADLEY, JOHN                          PA-9-7-149
HEADLEY, JOSEPH                        PA-9-3-7
HEADLEY, SOLOMON                       PA-9-5-404
HEAGER, PHILIP                         PA-9-6-130
HEANY, JACOB                           PA-9-6-313
HEATON, CATHARINE                      PA-9-6-418
HEATON, ROBERT                         PA-9-2-26
HEATON, ROBERT                         PA-9-1-33
HEATON, SUSANNA                        PA-9-3-227
HEEDS, JOHN                            PA-9-2-95
HEFT, PETER                            PA-9-6-471
HEINLINE, GEORGE                       PA-9-7-114
HELLENS, ELIZABETH                     PA-9-2-169
HELLENS, NICHOLAS                      PA-9-2-54
HELLINGS, THOMAS                       PA-9-7-275
HEMBRY, JOSEPH                         PA-9-1-64
HENDESON, MARGARET                     PA-9-5-167
HENNINGER, JOHN                        PA-9-4-521
HERR, J. E. JOHN                       PA-9-5-314
HERTZEL, HENRY                         PA-9-4-452
HERWICK, JACOB                         PA-9-4-198
HESTON, ELIZABETH                      PA-9-5-358
HESTON, JACOB                          PA-9-3-138
HESTON, ZEBULON                        PA-9-1-55
HESTON, ZEBULON                        PA-9-3-429
HETRICK, PETER                         PA-9-5-344
HEVENER, MELCHOIR                      PA-9-7-269
HEWSON, WILLIAM                        PA-9-6-417
HIBBS, ABRAHAM                         PA-9-4-482
HIBBS, ELIZABETH                       PA-9-5-287
HIBBS, WILLIAM                         PA-9-5-125
HICKS, MARY                            PA-9-2-346
HILL, EDWARD                           PA-9-3-156
HILL, ISAAC                            PA-9-6-146
HILL, JOHN                             PA-9-2-138
HILL, JOSEPH                           PA-9-2-48
HILL, NICHOLAS                         PA-9-4-319
HILL, THOMAS                           PA-9-7-235
HILLAPORD, G. ADAM                     PA-9-4-200
HILLBORN, ROBERT                       PA-9-1-46
HILLBORN, ROBERT                       PA-9-5-330
HILLBORN, SAMUEL                       PA-9-4-407
HILLBORN, THOMAS                       PA-9-1-68
HILLEBRANT, CHRISTOPHOL                PA-9-3-79
HILLEGAS, GEORGE                       PA-9-7-237
HOCKMAN, ELIZABETH                     PA-9-7-250
HODGSON, ISAAC                         PA-9-3-172
HOFFMAN, MARY E.                       PA-9-6-139
HOFFMAN, MICHAEL                       PA-9-5-67
HOGELAND, DIRCK                        PA-9-3-445
HOGELAND, ELIZABETH                    PA-9-4-434
HOLCOMBE, JACOB                        PA-9-2-118
HOLLINSHEAD, THHOMASIN                 PA-9-3-235
HORNECKER, JOHN                        PA-9-3-451
HOSKINS, ESTHER                        PA-9-3-348
HOUGH, ISAAC                           PA-9-4-516
HOUGH, JANE                            PA-9-3-166
HOUGH, JOHN                            PA-9-6-415
HOUGH, JOHN                            PA-9-2-42
HOUGH, MARGERY                         PA-9-1-53
HOUGH, OLIVER                          PA-9-6-561
HOUGH, WILLIAM                         PA-9-5-371
HOUSEWERT, VALENTINE                   PA-9-6-224
HOW, JAMES                             PA-9-6-530
HOWEL, THOMAS                          PA-9-2-311
HOWELL, JOSEPH                         PA-9-6-293
HUBER, ANN                             PA-9-5-237
HUBER, HENRY                           PA-9-6-275
HUBER, HENRY                           PA-9-6-135
HUBER, HENRY                           PA-9-4-21
HUBER, RUDOLPH                         PA-9-4-47
HUDDLESON, AMOS                        PA-9-7-282
HUDDLESON, HENRY                       PA-9-4-69
HUGHES, ALEXANDER                      PA-9-6-96
HUGHES, CATHARINE                      PA-9-5-155
HUGHES, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-9-4-54
HUGHES, GEORGE                         PA-9-5-434
HUGHES, JAMES                          PA-9-4-80
HUGHES, JANE                           PA-9-6-233
HUGHES, MATHEW SR.                     PA-9-3-154
HUGHES, URIAH R.                       PA-9-4-325
HULME, GEORGE                          PA-9-1-129
HUNSBERGER, ISAAC                      PA-9-5-148
HUSTON, JANE                           PA-9-4-133
HUSTON, WILLIAM                        PA-9-4-122
HUTCHINSON, ANN                        PA-9-3-87
HUTCHINSON, ELIXABETH                  PA-9-3-427
HUTCHINSON, JOHN                       PA-9-2-358
HUTCHINSON, JOHN                       PA-9-2-60
HUTCHINSON, JOSEPH                     PA-9-2-184
HUTCHINSON, MICHAEL                    PA-9-4-273
HUTCHINSON, RANDALL                    PA-9-3-41
HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM                    PA-9-7-347
HUTCHINSON,S ARAH                      PA-9-2-123
HYSTAND, JACOB                         PA-9-5-480
ILIFF, JOHN                            PA-9-7-136
ILIFF, RICHARD                         PA-9-4-312
INGHAM, JONATHAN                       PA-9-6-160
IRWIN, IRED                            PA-9-4-225
ITTERLY, MICHAEL                       PA-9-6-444
JACKSON, MARY                          PA-9-4-53
JACOBI, CONRAD                         PA-9-5-431
JACOBS, GEORGE                         PA-9-7-41
JADON, FRANCIS                         PA-9-6-259
JAMES, JOHN                            PA-9-4-42
JAMES, JOHN                            PA-9-2-148
JAMES, JOSIAH                          PA-9-7-233
JAMES, THOMAS                          PA-9-3-264
JAMISON, ALEXANDER                     PA-9-2-146
JAMISON, HENRY                         PA-9-3-142
JANNEY, THOMAS                         PA-9-5-88
JENKS, REBECCA                         PA-9-7-344
JENKS, THOMAS                          PA-9-6-183
JENKS, THOMAS                          PA-9-6-55
JENNINGS, RICHARD                      PA-9-6-385
JOBES, GEORGE                          PA-9-6-412
JOHN, DAVID                            PA-9-4-1
JOHNSON, CASPER                        PA-9-7-157
JOHNSON, CLAUS                         PA-9-1-78
JOHNSON, DEBORAH                       PA-9-3-217
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                     PA-9-5-130
JOHNSON, JAMES                         PA-9-3-28
JOHNSON, JOANNAH                       PA-9-2-276
JOHNSON, JOHN                          PA-9-1-61
JOHNSON, JOHN                          PA-9-2-330
JOHNSON, JOHN                          PA-9-2-269
JOHNSON, JOHN                          PA-9-6-168
JOHNSON, LAWRENCE                      PA-9-7-276
JOHNSON, LAWRENCE                      PA-9-6-305
JOHNSON, LAWRENCE                      PA-9-4-234
JOHNSON, MARGARET                      PA-9-6-68
JOHNSON, MARGARET                      PA-9-2-230
JOHNSON, MARY                          PA-9-6-385
JOHNSON, PETER                         PA-9-5-403
JOHNSON, PHILIP                        PA-9-6-1
JOLLY, JAMES                           PA-9-6-298
JONES, ANN                             PA-9-5-112
JONES, BENJAMIN                        PA-9-4-287
JONES, BENJAMIN                        PA-9-2-126
JONES, ELEANOR                         PA-9-3-309
JONES, ELIZABETH                       PA-9-7-287
JONES, EVA                             PA-9-3-83
JONES, JANE                            PA-9-5-402
JONES, JOHN                            PA-9-2-328
JONES, MALACHI                         PA-9-2-303
JONES, MARGARET                        PA-9-7-260
JONES, MARGARET                        PA-9-1-92
JONES, ROBERT                          PA-9-2-341
JONES, SAMUEL                          PA-9-3-133
JONES, THMAS                           PA-9-3-400
JONES, THOMAS                          PA-9-6-207
JONES, THOMAS SR.                      PA-9-7-23
JOPSON, RICHARD                        PA-9-5-476
KACHLINE, ANDREW                       PA-9-4-130
KALLANDER, SIMON                       PA-9-5-177
KAPLEBERGER, MICHAEL                   PA-9-3-453
KEALER, BAALSER                        PA-9-5-40
KEARL, THOMAS                          PA-9-1-18
KEARN, CHRISTIAN                       PA-9-6-325
KEEN, JAMES                            PA-9-2-331
KEIL, THOMAS CONRAD                    PA-9-4-479
KEIPER, ADAM                           PA-9-7-345
KEIRLL, JOHN                           PA-9-3-194
KEISER, CHRISTIAN                      PA-9-4-14
KEITH, WILLIAM                         PA-9-4-108
KELLER, HENRY                          PA-9-4-238
KELLY, ELEANOR                         PA-9-3-341
KELLY, ERASMUS                         PA-9-4-307
KELLY, JAMES                           PA-9-2-250
KELLY, JOHN                            PA-9-3-15
KELLY, JOHN                            PA-9-7-15
KELLY, JOHN                            PA-9-3-234
KELLY, THOMAS                          PA-9-2-175
KELSO, ANDRWE                          PA-9-3-17
KELSO, HENRY                           PA-9-4-283
KELSOE, THOMAS                         PA-9-4-396
KENNEDY, THOMAS                        PA-9-5-423
KERR, GEORGE                           PA-9-6-553
KETCHAM, JOHN                          PA-9-3-10
KEYSER, FREDERICK                      PA-9-5-300
KIDD, JOHN                             PA-9-5-287
KIMBLE, ANTHONY                        PA-9-5-523
KINSEY, EDMUND                         PA-9-3-3
KINSEY, ELIZABETH                      PA-9-5-437
KINSEY, GEORGE                         PA-9-6-551
KINSEY, HARMAN                         PA-9-6-454
KINSEY, JOSEPH                         PA-9-3-113
KIRK, GODFREY                          PA-9-2-11
KIRK, SAMUEL                           PA-9-5-52
KIRKBRIDE, GRACE                       PA-9-4-310
KIRKBRIDE, JOSEPH                      PA-9-2-108
KIRKBRIDE, MAHLON                      PA-9-4-266
KIRKBRIDE, MAHLON                      PA-9-3-431
KIRKBRIDE, MARY                        PA-9-4-297
KIRKBRIDE, MARY                        PA-9-2-239
KIRKBRIDE, ROBERT                      PA-9-6-122
KIRKBRIDE, THOMAS                      PA-9-2-93
KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM                   PA-9-7-330
KITCHEN, WILLIAM                       PA-9-6-226
KITCHIN, WILLIAM                       PA-9-1-94
KLINKER, ERNST                         PA-9-6-101
KNIGHT, GILES                          PA-9-6-194
KNIGHT, JONATHAN                       PA-9-3-303
KNIGHT, JOSEPH                         PA-9-6-215
KNIZELY, JOHN                          PA-9-7-305
KNIZELY, STEPHEN                       PA-9-7-289
KNOWLES, JOHN JR.                      PA-9-6-202
KNOWLES, LOUISA                        PA-9-3-330
KOHL, JOSEPH                           PA-9-5-212
KOISER, LEONARD                        PA-9-6-394
KOTHAM, JOHN                           PA-9-3-10
KRAMER, VALENTINE                      PA-9-7-266
KRAMOR, JOHN                           PA-9-5-170
KRESSLER, GEORGE                       PA-9-7-279
KREWSEN, DERRICK                       PA-9-2-324
KREWSEN, HENRY                         PA-9-5-105
KREWSEN, HENRY SR.                     PA-9-5-131
KROESEN, DERRICK                       PA-9-4-420
KROESEN, DERRICK                       PA-9-7-8
KROESEN, DERRICK                       PA-9-7-33
KROESEN, LEONARD                       PA-9-7-171
KROESON, DERRICK                       PA-9-3-415
KROUSE, CONRAD                         PA-9-5-517
KRUSEN, GARRET                         PA-9-3-167
KUCKERT, JACOB                         PA-9-4-65
KULP, TILGHMAN                         PA-9-5-150
LACEY, JOHN                            PA-9-3-240
LACEY, WILLIAM                         PA-9-3-80
LAHY, STEPHEN                          PA-9-5-202
LANCASTER, JOHN                        PA-9-5-252
LANCASTER, THOMAS                      PA-9-7-330
LANDIS, ABRAHAM                        PA-9-5-256
LANDIS, ABRAHAM                        PA-9-5-255
LANDIS, RALPH                          PA-9-6-397
LANGHORNE, JEREMIAH                    PA-9-2-19
LANOIR, LEWIS                          PA-9-3-320
LAPP, JOHN                             PA-9-5-323
LAPP, MARY                             PA-9-5-386
LAREW, ALICE                           PA-9-6-361
LARGE, HENRY                           PA-9-1-120
LARGE, JOSEPH                          PA-9-2-68
LARGE, JOSEPH                          PA-9-5-36
LARREW, DANIEL                         PA-9-5-426
LARREW, DAVID                          PA-9-4-94
LARREW, MOSES                          PA-9-5-435
LARREW, PETER                          PA-9-6-38
LARZELERE, NICHOLAS                    PA-9-6-198
LARZELERE, SARAH                       PA-9-6-247
LAUTENSLAYER, ADAM                     PA-9-3-438
LAWELL, DAVID                          PA-9-2-296
LAWRANSON, JOHN                        PA-9-2-195
LAYCOCK, JOHN                          PA-9-2-218
LEADLEY, GEORGE                        PA-9-3-99
LEAR, HUPRICH                          PA-9-7-69
LEATHERMAN, ANNA                       PA-9-5-101
LEATHERMAN, ANNA                       PA-9-5-103
LEATHERMAN, HENRY                      PA-9-4-221
LEATHERMAN, JACOB                      PA-9-7-101
LEATHERMAN, MICHAEL                    PA-9-4-220
LEDERACK, JACOB                        PA-9-6-209
LEDERACK, JOHANNES                     PA-9-5-142
LEE, ANN                               PA-9-7-300
LEECH, EPHRAIM                         PA-9-2-234
LEEDOM, ELIJAH                         PA-9-3-109
LEEDOM, JOHN                           PA-9-2-206
LEEDOM, WILLIAM                        PA-9-2-31
LEFFERTS, LEFFERT                      PA-9-3-346
LEWIS, DAVID                           PA-9-4-379
LEWIS, GEORE                           PA-9-2-23, 47
LEWIS, HENRY                           PA-9-5-543
LEWIS, JAMES                           PA-9-1-121
LEWIS, JEREMIAH                        PA-9-1-127
LEWIS, JOHN                            PA-9-3-22
LEWIS, MARGARET                        PA-9-6-132
LEWIS, MORRIS                          PA-9-1-130
LEWIS, THOMAS                          PA-9-5-103
LEY, FELIX                             PA-9-3-437
LINTON, BENJAMIN                       PA-9-3-322
LINTON, ELIZABETH                      PA-9-5-438
LINTON, JACOB                          PA-9-3-381
LINTON, JOHN                           PA-9-3-54
LINTON, MARY                           PA-9-3-339
LINTON, WILLIAM                        PA-9-6-377
LIPECAP, SOLOMON                       PA-9-4-153
LITTLE, THOMAS                         PA-9-5-39
LIVEZEY, DANIEL                        PA-9-5-492
LOGAN, GEORGE                          PA-9-2-314
LOGAN, JAMES                           PA-9-2-193
LONG, ANDREW                           PA-9-2-154
LONG, JAMES                            PA-9-7-181
LONG, LUDWICK                          PA-9-5-474
LONG, WILLIAM                          PA-9-5-359
LONGSHORE, EUCLIDUS                    PA-9-7-10
LONGSHORE, EUCLIDUS                    PA-9-3-111
LONGSHORE, JOHANNA                     PA-9-5-395
LONGSHORE, ROBERT                      PA-9-5-236
LONGSHORE, THOMAS                      PA-9-3-449
LONGSTRETH, BARTHOLOMEW                PA-9-2-161
LONGSTRETH, DANIEL                     PA-9-6-524
LOVETT, EDMOND                         PA-9-2-251, 285
LOVETT, EDMUND                         PA-9-4-195
LOVETT, JESSE                          PA-9-7-218
LOVETT, JOSEPH                         PA-9-5-1
LOWITHER, WILLIAM                      PA-9-2-220
LUCAS, EDWARD                          PA-9-2-5
LUCAS, ISABEL                          PA-9-2-117
LUCAS, JOHN                            PA-9-2-115
LUCAS, JOHN                            PA-9-1-37
LUCAS, ROBERT                          PA-9-4-441
LUCAS, SARAH                           PA-9-6-176
LYDEY, CHARLES                         PA-9-4-371
LYDT, MATTHEW (REV.)                   PA-9-4-309
LYMBACKER, ELIZABETH                   PA-9-7-12
LYMBACKER, HENRY                       PA-9-5-328
MAGILL, HENRY                          PA-9-6-213
MAGILL, ROBERT                         PA-9-4-192
MAIN, WILLIAM                          PA-9-4-6
MAJERUM, HENRY                         PA-9-6-155
MALONE, PATRICK                        PA-9-5-76
MARGERUM, HENRY                        PA-9-1-102
MARIOTT, THOMAS                        PA-9-3-52
MARK, JOSIAH                           PA-9-1-111
MARRIOT, THOMAS                        PA-9-2-196
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                      PA-9-2-314
MARTIN, DANIEL                         PA-9-6-324
MARTIN, MARY                           PA-9-2-300
MARYERUM, JANE                         PA-9-2-9
MARYERUM, RICHARD                      PA-9-3-308
MARYERUM, RICHARD                      PA-9-4-533
MASON, JONATHAN                        PA-9-5-332
MAST, JACOB                            PA-9-7-287
MATHEW, JOHN                           PA-9-4-257
MATHEWS, DINAH                         PA-9-6-175
MATHEWS, SIMON                         PA-9-2-280
MATHEWS, THOMAS                        PA-9-7-187
MATTHIAS, EVAN                         PA-9-4-205
MCALLISTER, JAMES                      PA-9-3-100
MCARJERUN, JOHN                        PA-9-5-319
MCCAMMON, ALEXANDER                    PA-9-3-409
MCCARTY, BENJAMIN                      PA-9-5-414
MCCARTY, CORNELIUS                     PA-9-1-146
MCCARTY, EDWARD                        PA-9-5-303
MCCARTY, JOHN                          PA-9-3-153
MCCARTY, SILAS                         PA-9-2-204
MCCRARY, JOSEPH                        PA-9-2-96
MCDONNELLS, WILLIAM                    PA-9-3-13
MCDOWELL, JOHN                         PA-9-7-341
MCELROY, ARCHIBALD                     PA-9-7-148
MCELROY, WILLIAM                       PA-9-3-131
MCFANON, JOHN                          PA-9-5-152
MCFARLAND, JAMES                       PA-9-2-329
MCFARLAND, JOSEPH                      PA-9-2-370
MCILVAINE, JOSEPH                      PA-9-5-8
MCINTYRE, JOHN                         PA-9-4-334
MCINTYRE, WILLIAM                      PA-9-4-466
MCKINSTRY, HENRY                       PA-9-7-39
MCLEROY, JEAN                          PA-9-3-236
MCMASTERS, JAMES                       PA-9-7-216
MCMULLIN, JAMES                        PA-9-5-169
MCNAIR, JAMES                          PA-9-7-326
MCNEELY, ROBERT                        PA-9-5-475
MEARNS, HUGH                           PA-9-5-502
MEARNS, ROBERT                         PA-9-6-287
MEARNS, ROBERT                         PA-9-2-55
MELVIN, JAMES                          PA-9-4-24
MEREDITH, JAMES                        PA-9-3-395
MERRICK, JOHN                          PA-9-5-338
MERRICK, JOHN                          PA-9-3-128
MERRICK, THOMAS                        PA-9-7-82
METZGORS, JONES                        PA-9-6-166
MEYER, JACOB                           PA-9-4-216
MEYER, JAOCB JR.                       PA-9-4-218
MEYER, MICHAEL                         PA-9-4-222
MICHENER, ANN                          PA-9-5-253
MICHENER, WILLIAM                      PA-9-4-214
MILELR, CHRISTIAN                      PA-9-5-363
MILLER, JOSEPH                         PA-9-7-272
MILLER, SAMUEL                         PA-9-7-337
MILLER, WILLIAM                        PA-9-5-11
MILLOR, AGNES                          PA-9-3-110
MILLOR, ROBERT                         PA-9-4-185
MILLOR, WILLIAM                        PA-9-2-332
MILNOR, JOSEPH                         PA-9-5-57
MILNOR, WILLIAM                        PA-9-4-383
MITCHEL, MARY                          PA-9-2-333
MITCHELL, AGNES                        PA-9-3-237
MITCHELL, DEBORAH                      PA-9-3-354
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH                    PA-9-3-86
MITCHELL, GEORGE                       PA-9-2-98
MITCHELL, HENRY                        PA-9-5-155
MITCHELL, JOHN                         PA-9-5-136
MITCHELL, JOSEPH                       PA-9-5-284
MITCHELL, JOSHUA                       PA-9-6-117
MITCHELL, RICHARD                      PA-9-6-310
MITCHELL, RICHARD                      PA-9-2-312
MITCHELL, ROBERT (DR)                  PA-9-4-19
MITCHELL, SARAH                        PA-9-2-17
MITCHELL, THOMAS                       PA-9-4-64
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                      PA-9-3-37
MITMAN, CONRAD                         PA-9-5-471
MOCK, WILILAM                          PA-9-5-158
MOLAND, JOHNE SQ.                      PA-9-3-51
MOOD, ANDREW                           PA-9-3-368
MOON, JAMES                            PA-9-1-4
MOON, JAMES                            PA-9-5-490
MOON, JAMES JR.                        PA-9-5-487
MOORE, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-9-2-207
MOORE, JOHN                            PA-9-7-298
MOORE, JOHN                            PA-9-1-91
MORGAN, DAVID                          PA-9-3-157
MORGAN, DEBORAH                        PA-9-2-142
MORGAN, JOHN                           PA-9-2-36
MORGAN, MAGDALENA                      PA-9-4-323
MORGAN, THOMAS                         PA-9-3-106
MORGAN, THOMAS                         PA-9-3-382
MORRIS, MORRIS                         PA-9-5-460
MORRIS, THOMAS                         PA-9-2-81
MORRIS, THOMAS                         PA-9-3-244
MORRIS, THOMAS                         PA-9-3-77
MOTT, ASHER                            PA-9-4-272
MOWRER, JOHN                           PA-9-5-411
MUCKLEY, DAVID                         PA-9-4-527
MURRAY, DAVID                          PA-9-2-29
MYERS, MICHAEL                         PA-9-7-34
NASE, THEOBALD                         PA-9-4-486
NAYLOR, ROBERT                         PA-9-2-78
NEASE, JOHN                            PA-9-5-152
NEFUS, YORES                           PA-9-2-279
NEILD, ELINOR                          PA-9-3-204
NEILD, JOHN                            PA-9-2-186
NEILD, RACHEL                          PA-9-5-468
NEILD, RICHARD                         PA-9-5-468
NELSON, HENRY                          PA-9-2-50
NELSON, JAMES                          PA-9-7-162
NELSON, THOMAS                         PA-9-2-261
NELSON, VALENTINE                      PA-9-5-246
NEWBERN, GEORGE                        PA-9-4-116
NIEBLA, VALENTINE                      PA-9-7-284
NIELD, JAMES                           PA-9-4-268
NOBLE, JOB                             PA-9-5-217
NOLL, VALENTINE                        PA-9-5-413
NONEMACHER, EMERICK JOHN               PA-9-3-426
NORTON, JOHN                           PA-9-2-194
NOX, MOSES                             PA-9-2-69
NUTT, JONATHAN                         PA-9-2-177
OBERBEEK, ELIZABETH                    PA-9-3-394
OCONNER, JOHN                          PA-9-6-173
OLHAGHIAN, OLIVER                      PA-9-3-284
OPP, VALENTINE                         PA-9-6-62
ORR, JOHN                              PA-9-3-82
ORT, JACOB                             PA-9-6-543
OTT, HENRY                             PA-9-7-78
OVERHOLT, MARK                         PA-9-6-137
OVERPECK, ANDREW                       PA-9-3-124
OVERPECK, GEORGE                       PA-9-6-109
OVERPEEK, JACOB                        PA-9-4-96
OWEN, GRIFFITH                         PA-9-3-114
PALMER, DANIEL                         PA-9-3-316
PALMER, JONATHAN                       PA-9-3-126
PANCOAST, SAMUEL                       PA-9-2-120
PARRY, EDWARD                          PA-9-2-24
PARRY, JACOB                           PA-9-7-86
PARSONS, ROBERT                        PA-9-3-38
PARSONS, ROBERT                        PA-9-3-355
PATLAR, ISAAC                          PA-9-3-203
PATTERSON, ANTHONY                     PA-9-5-228
PATTERSON, JOHN                        PA-9-2-287
PATTON, JANE                           PA-9-5-412
PAUL, JAMES                            PA-9-5-209
PAXSON, ABIGAIL                        PA-9-2-147
PAXSON, ANNA                           PA-9-3-328
PAXSON, ELIZABETH                      PA-9-6-355
PAXSON, HANNAH                         PA-9-6-379
PAXSON, HENRY                          PA-9-1-73
PAXSON, HENRY                          PA-9-2-299
PAXSON, HENRY                          PA-9-6-202
PAXSON, JAMES                          PA-9-2-99
PAXSON, JOHN                           PA-9-5-495
PAXSON, JONATHAN                       PA-9-6-45
PAXSON, MARY                           PA-9-1-44
PAXSON, SARAH                          PA-9-5-189
PAXSON, THOMAS                         PA-9-3-162
PAXSON, THOMAS                         PA-9-4-231
PEARSON, ABIGAIL                       PA-9-6-440
PEARSON, ANN                           PA-9-3-32
PEARSON, ENOCH                         PA-9-2-344
PEARSON, LAWRENCE                      PA-9-6-448
PEARSON, LAWRENE                       PA-9-2-289
PEARSON, WILLIAM                       PA-9-5-94
PEIL, HENRY                            PA-9-5-464
PENNINGTON, DANIEL                     PA-9-4-245
PENQUITE, JOHN                         PA-9-1-42
PENROSE, JONATHAN                      PA-9-6-48
PENROSE, JOSEPH                        PA-9-4-330
PENROSE, KEZIA                         PA-9-6-523
PENROSE, WILLIAM                       PA-9-7-327
PERRY, PHILIP                          PA-9-4-368
PHILLIPS, BENJAMIN                     PA-9-2-351
PHILLIPS, ISABEL                       PA-9-7-36
PHILLIPS, JOSEPH                       PA-9-5-286
PHILLIPS, THOMAS                       PA-9-2-127
PHILPOT, JANE                          PA-9-5-428
PHILPOT, JANE                          PA-9-5-290
PHILPOT, WILLIAM                       PA-9-2-273
PICKERING, ISAAC                       PA-9-6-140
PICKERING, JOHN                        PA-9-5-16
PICKERING, JOSEPH                      PA-9-5-366
PIDCOCK, RACHEL                        PA-9-1-101
PIDGEON, JOSEPH                        PA-9-1-116
PILLER, JAMES                          PA-9-7-143
PIPER, DANIEL                          PA-9-5-172
PLUMLY, CHARLES                        PA-9-2-137
PLUMLY, JOHN SR.                       PA-9-4-322
POE, PATRICK                           PA-9-2-357
POLK, SAMUEL                           PA-9-7-207
POLTON, CHARLES                        PA-9-4-301
POLTON, JOHN                           PA-9-6-381
POOL, JAMES                            PA-9-2-101
POOLE, AMOS                            PA-9-3-170
POPE, NICHOLAS                         PA-9-4-141
PORTER, JOHN                           PA-9-3-213
POWNAL, GEORGE                         PA-9-2-122
POWNAL, RACHEL                         PA-9-4-335
POWNALL, SIMEON                        PA-9-3-274
POWNELL, EFFE                          PA-9-5-126
POYNTER, HENRY                         PA-9-1-82
PRAUL, JOHN                            PA-9-5-325
PRAUL, JOHN                            PA-9-3-435
PREESE, REECE                          PA-9-1-56
PRESTON, JOHN                          PA-9-4-431
PRESTON, NATHAN                        PA-9-5-5
PRESTON, WILLIAM                       PA-9-3-136
PRICE, JAMES                           PA-9-3-211
PRICE, JANE                            PA-9-7-32
PRICE, SARAH                           PA-9-6-550
PRIESTLY, AGNES                        PA-9-1-2
PURSELL, JOHN                          PA-9-4-203
PURSELL, MARY                          PA-9-4-436
PURSLEY, JOHN                          PA-9-7-48
QUENTON, ALEXANDER                     PA-9-2-40
RADCLIFF, JOHN                         PA-9-5-248
RADCLIFFE, EDWARD                      PA-9-1-21
RAMPSON, GEORGE                        PA-9-6-76
RAMSEY, MARY                           PA-9-5-421
RAMSEY, WILLIAM                        PA-9-5-63
RANKIN, JAMES                          PA-9-5-298
RAPP, P. HENRY                         PA-9-4-60
RASONER, JOSEPH                        PA-9-5-335
RAUGHT, MICHAEL                        PA-9-7-142
RAWLINGS, JOSEPH                       PA-9-5-45
RAY, JAMES                             PA-9-1-81
REA, JOHN                              PA-9-2-323
REASER, ABRAHAM                        PA-9-5-269
REEDER, CHARLES                        PA-9-7-18
REES, DAVID                            PA-9-7-310
REESE, ANNA MARGARETTA                 PA-9-5-272
REILENAUER, CHRISTOPHER                PA-9-6-28
RENER, VALENTINE                       PA-9-4-143
REPPART, PETER                         PA-9-7-42
RHOAR, CHRISTIAN                       PA-9-6-589
RIALE, JOHN                            PA-9-2-87
RIALE, RICHARD                         PA-9-6-548
RICE, JOHN                             PA-9-6-360
RICE, RICHARD                          PA-9-7-138
RICHARDSON, FRANCIS                    PA-9-1-139
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH                     PA-9-7-355
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH                     PA-9-3-268
RICHARDSON, JOSHUA                     PA-9-6-307
RICHARDSON, MARY                       PA-9-7-168
RICHARDSON, MARY                       PA-9-4-437
RICHEY, HENRY                          PA-9-7-205
RICHEY, THOMAS                         PA-9-4-410
RICHI, THOMAS                          PA-9-5-308
RICKEY, ALEXANDER                      PA-9-4-329
RICKEY, ALEXANDER                      PA-9-2-347
RICKEY, MAHLON                         PA-9-6-289
RICKEY, THOMAS                         PA-9-4-184
RIDGE, WILLIAM                         PA-9-5-231
RIGLER, GEORGE                         PA-9-6-90
RINKER, ISAAC                          PA-9-5-141
ROBERTS, ABEL                          PA-9-7-333
ROBERTS, ANN                           PA-9-7-80
ROBERTS, BLAKEY                        PA-9-5-124
ROBERTS, DAVID                         PA-9-7-103
ROBERTS, EDWARDS                       PA-9-2-191
ROBERTS, EVERARD                       PA-9-6-357
ROBERTS, HENRY                         PA-9-3-59
ROBERTS, JANE                          PA-9-3-196
ROBERTS, JOHN                          PA-9-4-451
ROBERTS, JOHN                          PA-9-5-550
ROBERTS, MARY                          PA-9-4-455
ROBERTS, MARY                          PA-9-7-40
ROBERTS, MARY                          PA-9-4-414
ROBERTS, NATHAN                        PA-9-7-223
ROBERTS, RICHARD                       PA-9-5-389
ROBERTS, THOMAS                        PA-9-4-523
ROBINSON, JAMES                        PA-9-1-117
RODMAN, JOHN                           PA-9-5-441
RODMAN, WILLIAM                        PA-9-5-374
ROHR, JACOB                            PA-9-5-42
ROOT, HENRY                            PA-9-2-304
ROSE, JAMES                            PA-9-5-271
ROSE, JAMES                            PA-9-6-200
ROSE, JOHN                             PA-9-2-224
ROSENBERGER, JULIUS                    PA-9-7-360
ROSS, DANIEL                           PA-9-5-168
ROSS, HEZEIAH                          PA-9-5-18
ROSS, THOMAS                           PA-9-4-505
ROTH, JACOB                            PA-9-5-260
ROUDENBUSH, JEREMIAH                   PA-9-7-106
ROUDENBUSH, PETER                      PA-9-6-517
ROUTLEDGE, JOHN                        PA-9-1-86
ROWLAND, JOAN                          PA-9-5-391
ROWLAND, JOHN                          PA-9-1-24
ROZZELL, THOMAS                        PA-9-3-184
RUE, JAMES                             PA-9-3-1
RUE, LEWIS                             PA-9-2-249
RUE, MARY                              PA-9-3-199
RUE, MATTHEW                           PA-9-3-219
RUE, RACHEL                            PA-9-4-248
RUFF, JACOB                            PA-9-5-207
RUSH, HENRY                            PA-9-6-251
RUSSEL, WILLIAM                        PA-9-2-7
RUTH, JOHN                             PA-9-7-278
RYAN, DANIEL                           PA-9-5-530
RYE, ANN                               PA-9-5-224
RYMOND, PAUL                           PA-9-7-292
SABELCOOL, JACOB                       PA-9-4-169
SACKET, JOSEPH                         PA-9-6-81
SACKET, SIMON                          PA-9-2-82
SAIGER, PETER                          PA-9-4-364
SAMPELL, JOHN                          PA-9-3-9
SAMPLE, JAMES                          PA-9-4-539
SAMUEL, JOHN                           PA-9-2-37
SANDS, RICHARD                         PA-9-2-311
SATTERTHWAITE, WILLIAM                 PA-9-5-71
SAXE, MARTIN                           PA-9-6-474
SCARBOROUGH, JANE                      PA-9-5-352
SCARBOROUGH, JOHN                      PA-9-3-191
SCARBOROUGH, JOHN                      PA-9-1-107
SCARBOROUGH, WILLIAM                   PA-9-4-277
SCARBROUGH, WILLIAM                    PA-9-1-105
SCHITTINGER, GEORGE                    PA-9-4-316
SCHNEIDER, MICHAEL                     PA-9-7-179
SCHOFIELD, SAMUEL                      PA-9-6-356
SCHWARTZ, MICHAEL                      PA-9-7-358
SCOTT, BENJAMIN                        PA-9-7-37
SCOTT, BENJAMIN                        PA-9-5-538
SCOTT, BENJAMIN                        PA-9-3-104
SCOTT, JANE                            PA-9-3-214
SCOTT, JOHN                            PA-9-2-165
SCOTT, JOHN                            PA-9-3-105
SCOTT, JOHN                            PA-9-7-342
SCOTT, JOSEPH                          PA-9-3-218
SCOTT, SAMUEL                          PA-9-3-70
SCOUT, ANTHONY                         PA-9-5-258
SCOUT, ANTHONY                         PA-9-7-4
SEABRING, JOHN                         PA-9-4-33
SEARLE, FRANCIS                        PA-9-1-65
SEBRING, JOHN                          PA-9-3-313
SEGFOOSE, ANDREW                       PA-9-5-484
SEIBEL, HENRY                          PA-9-4-317
SELLER, JOHN                           PA-9-4-255
SELLNER, CHARLES                       PA-9-6-271
SHADE, GEORGE                          PA-9-6-220
SHAFER, GEORGE                         PA-9-4-349
SHAFFER, BARBARA                       PA-9-5-179
SHALLCROSS, LEONARD                    PA-9-1-134
SHARER, LEONARD                        PA-9-4-426
SHAW, AMOS                             PA-9-6-218
SHAW, AMOS                             PA-9-3-260
SHAW, JAMES                            PA-9-6-333
SHAW, JAMES                            PA-9-3-90
SHAW, JOHN                             PA-9-3-423
SHAW, JOSEPH                           PA-9-3-65
SHAW, JOSEPH                           PA-9-6-179
SHAW, MARY                             PA-9-3-254
SHAW, SAMUEL                           PA-9-4-103
SHEIBLING, ANDREW                      PA-9-4-56
SHELLY, ELIZABETH                      PA-9-5-349
SHELLY, JOHN                           PA-9-5-346
SHELLY, JOSEPH                         PA-9-7-6
SHELLY, MICHAEL                        PA-9-5-191
SHERVE, MARTIN                         PA-9-5-199
SHEVILER, HENRY                        PA-9-4-85
SHICK, JOHN                            PA-9-7-202
SHICKS, MICHAEL                        PA-9-6-42
SHIPPEN, THOMAS                        PA-9-6-119
SHIVLER, RUDOLPH                       PA-9-5-496
SHLYER, MICHAEL                        PA-9-3-448
SHOLL, MICHAEL                         PA-9-6-322
SHOLL, PHILIP                          PA-9-4-284
SHOUCH, JACOB                          PA-9-4-215
SHOUP, HENRY                           PA-9-3-412
SHUMAN, GEORGE                         PA-9-4-261
SHUPE, JACOB                           PA-9-3-137
SIDDON, ANTHONY                        PA-9-3-182
SIDELWOOD, JOHN                        PA-9-4-343
SILVENES, HENRY                        PA-9-6-264
SILVINS, WILLIAM                       PA-9-6-402
SIMCOCK, JOSEPH                        PA-9-2-111
SIMMONS, HENRY                         PA-9-7-230
SIMPSON, MARTHA                        PA-9-5-327
SIMPSON, THOMAS                        PA-9-3-350
SIMPSON, WILLIAM                       PA-9-5-393
SIMPSON, WILLIAM                       PA-9-6-502
SISOM, JOHN                            PA-9-6-164
SISOM, THOMAS                          PA-9-2-130
SKELTON, JOHN                          PA-9-3-19
SKELTON, ROBERT                        PA-9-5-536
SLACK, ABRAHAM                         PA-9-6-420
SLACK, JANE                            PA-9-4-326
SLACK, JOHN                            PA-9-4-406
SLEEGLEETS, THOMAS                     PA-9-3-363
SMITH, BRIDGET                         PA-9-7-203
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       PA-9-1-84
SMITH, GEORGE                          PA-9-6-466
SMITH, HUGH                            PA-9-6-104
SMITH, JACOB                           PA-9-6-61
SMITH, JANE                            PA-9-7-192
SMITH, JOHN                            PA-9-4-359
SMITH, JOHN                            PA-9-4-418
SMITH, JOHN                            PA-9-6-427
SMITH, JOSEPH                          PA-9-4-188
SMITH, ROBERT                          PA-9-2-56
SMITH, ROBERT                          PA-9-1-124
SMITH, ROEBRT                          PA-9-6-98
SMITH, SAMUEL                          PA-9-5-469
SMITH, SARAH                           PA-9-6-519
SMITH, SARAH                           PA-9-6-546
SMITH, STEPHEN                         PA-9-5-540
SMITH, THOMAS                          PA-9-4-296
SMITH, THOMAS                          PA-9-7-155
SMITH, THOMAS                          PA-9-6-127
SMITH, THOMAS                          PA-9-2-208
SMITH, TIMOTHY                         PA-9-6-92
SMITH, TIOTHY                          PA-9-4-186
SMITH, WILLIAM                         PA-9-2-25
SMITH, WILLIAM                         PA-9-4-190
SNODGRASS, BENJAMIN                    PA-9-7-15
SNODGRASS, BENJAMIN                    PA-9-4-11
SOMP, HENRY                            PA-9-5-307
SOTCHER, JOHN                          PA-9-1-133
SOTCHER, ROBERT                        PA-9-7-9
SPARWAY, CATHARINE                     PA-9-2-212
SPEAR, DAVID                           PA-9-3-120
SPEAR, ELIZABETH                       PA-9-4-381
SPENCER, SAMUEL                        PA-9-6-23
SPENCER, WILLIAM                       PA-9-2-291
STAATES, ABRAHAM                       PA-9-3-361
STAATES, PETER                         PA-9-4-144
STAATES, PETER                         PA-9-2-113
STAATS, ABRAHAM                        PA-9-4-145
STACKHOSUE, SARAH                      PA-9-7-146
STACKHOUS, SAMUEL                      PA-9-2-19
STACKHOUS, THOMAS                      PA-9-2-37
STACKHOUSE, ELEANOR                    PA-9-3-161
STACKHOUSE, HANNAH                     PA-9-7-9
STACKHOUSE, ISAAC                      PA-9-5-289
STACKHOUSE, ISAAC                      PA-9-7-268
STACKHOUSE, JOHN                       PA-9-2-305
STACKHOUSE, THOMAS                     PA-9-4-139
STANOLAND, THOMAS                      PA-9-4-4
STARLAND, THOMAS                       PA-9-2-259
STARR, JOHN                            PA-9-5-433
STATES, MARY                           PA-9-5-439
STEER, SEBASTIAN                       PA-9-5-353
STEM, PHILIP                           PA-9-5-251
STEPHENS, BENJAMIN                     PA-9-7-258
STEVENSON, THOMAS                      PA-9-1-38
STEWART, CHARLES                       PA-9-5-408
STEWART, JOHN                          PA-9-3-72
STEWART, SAMUEL                        PA-9-5-123
STIDMAN, JOSEPH                        PA-9-2-104
STIGER, SEBASTIAN                      PA-9-4-119
STOCKDALE, ROBERT                      PA-9-3-207
STOCKDALE, WILLIAM                     PA-9-2-283
STOCKTON, SARAH                        PA-9-6-480
STOKES, JOHN                           PA-9-7-73
STOKES, JOHN                           PA-9-7-72
STONEBACK, MICHAEL                     PA-9-6-536
STORY, JOHN                            PA-9-7-44
STOUT, ISAAC                           PA-9-2-248
STOUT, PETER                           PA-9-7-241
STOUT, RICHARD                         PA-9-2-248
STRADLING, DANIEL                      PA-9-5-485
STRADLING, THOMAS                      PA-9-3-95
STRADLING, THOMAS                      PA-9-2-310
STRAWHAN, MARY                         PA-9-2-10
STRAWSNIDER, JOHN                      PA-9-6-388
STRICKLAND, AMOS                       PA-9-6-26
STRICKLAND, AMOS                       PA-9-4-62
STRICKLAND, JOHN                       PA-9-3-158
STRICKLAND,C HARLOTTE                  PA-9-6-8
STRICKLER, JACOB                       PA-9-5-24
STUART, THOMAS                         PA-9-2-191
SUBER, ANNA                            PA-9-7-30
SUBER, BENJAMIN                        PA-9-5-124
SUBER, GEORGE                          PA-9-4-419
SUBER, JACOB                           PA-9-4-72
SUBERS, SARAH                          PA-9-5-489
SUITER, BARNET                         PA-9-6-4
SWAIN, BENJAMIN                        PA-9-5-295
SWART, CHRISTIAN                       PA-9-4-400
SWARTZ, JACOBUS                        PA-9-3-30
SWARTZ, OWEN                           PA-9-6-452
SWEITZER, ANN                          PA-9-7-177
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN                       PA-9-4-148
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN JR.                   PA-9-2-166
TAYLOR, BERNARD                        PA-9-5-151
TAYLOR, JOHN                           PA-9-5-145
TAYLOR, PETER                          PA-9-5-119
TAYLOR, PETER JR.                      PA-9-4-107
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        PA-9-3-233
TEETON, JOHN                           PA-9-1-136
TENNENT, WILLIAM                       PA-9-2-67
TERRY, JOHN                            PA-9-5-181
TERRY, SUSANNA                         PA-9-7-47
TETHRO, ZACHARIAH                      PA-9-7-214
THACKERY, AMOS                         PA-9-6-70
THACKRAY, JAMES                        PA-9-5-429
THACKRAY, JAMES                        PA-9-4-343
THACKRAY, JOSEPH                       PA-9-4-345
THOMAS, ALBAN                          PA-9-4-10
THOMAS, ALICE                          PA-9-7-281
THOMAS, EDWARD                         PA-9-4-201
THOMAS, ELEANOR                        PA-9-3-176
THOMAS, ELENAOR                        PA-9-6-400
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                      PA-9-4-348
THOMAS, ELIZBETH                       PA-9-5-14
THOMAS, JOHN                           PA-9-7-236
THOMAS, JOHN                           PA-9-7-129
THOMAS, JOHN                           PA-9-5-195
THOMAS, JOHN                           PA-9-2-199
THOMAS, JONATHAN                       PA-9-5-450
THOMAS, JOSEPH                         PA-9-4-457
THOMAS, LEONARD                        PA-9-5-107
THOMAS, MANASSA                        PA-9-6-381
THOMAS, MARY                           PA-9-5-334
THOMAS, THOMAS                         PA-9-4-89
THOMAS, THOMAS                         PA-9-4-72
THOMAS, WILLIAM                        PA-9-3-102
THOMAS, WILLIAM                        PA-9-2-315
THOMPSON, HUGH                         PA-9-6-107
THOMPSON, JOHN                         PA-9-6-211
THOMPSON, ROBERT                       PA-9-7-38
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      PA-9-7-248
THOMSON, JOHN                          PA-9-2-251
THOMSPON, JOHN                         PA-9-7-64
THORN, ROBERT                          PA-9-5-318
THORNTON, MARGARET                     PA-9-5-165
TILERY, SARAH                          PA-9-3-18
TINNICLIFT, H. JAMES                   PA-9-2-58
TITUS, FRANCIS                         PA-9-6-306
TITUS, FRANCIS                         PA-9-5-239
TITUS, TIMOTHY                         PA-9-6-368
TIWNING, ELEAZAR                       PA-9-6-338
TODD, JOSEPH                           PA-9-2-59
TOLWICK, DANIEL                        PA-9-3-178
TOMBS, HUGH                            PA-9-5-336
TOMLINSON, HENRY                       PA-9-2-240
TOMLINSON, HENRY                       PA-9-6-278
TOMLINSON, JACOB                       PA-9-1-68
TOMLINSON, JOANNA                      PA-9-3-261
TOMLINSON, JOSEPH                      PA-9-4-385
TOMLINSON, MARY                        PA-9-1-110
TOMLINSON, THOMAS                      PA-9-3-115
TORBERT, SAMUEL                        PA-9-3-443
TORRENCE, JOHN                         PA-9-6-300
TOWN, BENJAMIN                         PA-9-2-62
TOWN, DEBORAH                          PA-9-3-238
TOWNSEND, JOHN                         PA-9-6-295
TOWNSEND, STEPHEN                      PA-9-5-370
TOWNSEND, STEPHEN                      PA-9-3-192
TRAPP, PHILIP                          PA-9-5-34
TRAUGER, CHRISTIAN                     PA-9-7-1
TREGO, JOHN                            PA-9-5-279
TROUGH, RALPH                          PA-9-4-67
TRUBEY, CHRISTIAN                      PA-9-2-264
TUCKER, JOHN                           PA-9-7-331
TUCKER, NICHOLAS                       PA-9-3-199
TWINING, DAVID                         PA-9-5-280
TWINING, ELIZABETH                     PA-9-7-163
TWINING, JACOB                         PA-9-7-29
TWINING, JOHN                          PA-9-4-15
TWINING, JOHN                          PA-9-5-274
TWINING, MARGARET                      PA-9-4-461
TWINING, SARAH                         PA-9-7-211
TWINING, STEPHEN                       PA-9-3-277
TWINING, STEPHEN                       PA-9-1-48
URATE, THOMAS                          PA-9-1-45
VANARLSDALEN, NICHOLAS                 PA-9-7-119
VANARTSDALEN, SIMON                    PA-9-3-224
VANDEGRIFT, ABRAHAM                    PA-9-4-110
VANDEGRIFT, FULCARD                    PA-9-5-459
VANDEGRIFT, JACOB                      PA-9-6-280
VANDEGRIFT, JACOB                      PA-9-3-229
VANDEGRIFT, JOHN                       PA-9-4-34
VANDEGRIFT, JOHN                       PA-9-2-49
VANDEGRIFT, JOHN                       PA-9-3-130
VANDEGRIFT, JOHN                       PA-9-7-70
VANDEGRIFT, LEONARD                    PA-9-5-96
VANDEGRIFT, LEONARD                    PA-9-5-440
VANDEGRIFT, MARY                       PA-9-2-183
VANDIKE, HENRY JOHNSON                 PA-9-1-60
VANDYKE, LAMBERT                       PA-9-3-266
VANHART, ADAM                          PA-9-6-249
VANHORN, GABRIEL                       PA-9-5-132
VANHORN, GARRET                        PA-9-6-363
VANHORN, PETER                         PA-9-2-181
VANHORN, RICHARD                       PA-9-2-288
VANHORN, SUSANNA                       PA-9-5-232
VANHORNE, ABRAHAM                      PA-9-3-205
VANHORNE, BERNARD                      PA-9-3-420
VANHORNE, BERNARD                      PA-9-5-317
VANHORNE, BERNARD                      PA-9-3-11
VANHORNE, CHRISTIAN                    PA-9-2-236
VANHORNE, CHRISTIAN JR.                PA-9-2-266
VANHORNE, ELIZABETH                    PA-9-2-367
VANHORNE, GARRET                       PA-9-7-314
VANHORNE, HENRY                        PA-9-3-74
VANHORNE, ISAAC                        PA-9-3-27
VANHORNE, WILLIAM KEY                  PA-9-3-13
VANSAND, GARRET                        PA-9-2-85
VANSAND, JACOBUS                       PA-9-2-64
VANSAND, JOHN                          PA-9-2-185
VANSANDT, REBECCA                      PA-9-2-74
VANSANT, CORNELIUS                     PA-9-5-129
VANSANT, GARRET                        PA-9-5-144
VANSANT, GARRET                        PA-9-7-173
VANSANT, HERMAN                        PA-9-2-362
VANSANT, ISAIAH                        PA-9-4-544
VANSANT, JOHANNES                      PA-9-1-15
VANSANT, JOSIAH                        PA-9-3-155
VANSANT, MARY                          PA-9-7-357
VANSANT, MARY                          PA-9-7-338
VANSANT, STOPHEL                       PA-9-2-158
VASANT, JAMES                          PA-9-6-72
VASTINE, ABRAHAM                       PA-9-3-285
VASTINE, ELIZABETH                     PA-9-6-476
VASTINE, JEEMIAH                       PA-9-5-85
VASTINE, JEREMIAH                      PA-9-3-197
VASTINE, JOHN                          PA-9-3-117
VERITY, JOHN                           PA-9-6-266
VERKIRK, JOHN                          PA-9-3-58
VICKERS, ABRAHAM                       PA-9-2-297
VICKERS, AMOS                          PA-9-6-317
WALKER, ROBERT                         PA-9-2-336
WALKER, SARAH                          PA-9-3-183
WALKER, WILLIAM                        PA-9-5-147
WALKER, WILLIAM                        PA-9-7-22
WALL, GEORGE                           PA-9-6-462
WALLACE, JAMES                         PA-9-3-119
WALMSLEY, THOMAS                       PA-9-5-215
WALTER, PETER                          PA-9-5-211
WALTON, DAVID                          PA-9-4-50
WALTON, ISAAC                          PA-9-7-50
WALTON, ISAIAH                         PA-9-5-277
WALTON, JACOB                          PA-9-5-233
WALTON, JOB                            PA-9-7-302
WALTON, JONATHAN                       PA-9-5-158
WANSEL, SARAH                          PA-9-2-70
WARDER, ELIZABETH                      PA-9-4-549
WARDER, JOSEPH                         PA-9-5-230
WARDER, MARY                           PA-9-2-25
WARDER, WILLOUGHBY                     PA-9-1-119
WARNER, ELIZABETH                      PA-9-5-265
WARNER, JOHN                           PA-9-4-350
WARNER, JOSEPH                         PA-9-6-33
WARRANT, THOMAS                        PA-9-4-76
WASLEY, MICHAEL                        PA-9-5-276
WATSON, BENJAMIN                       PA-9-5-518
WATSON, JOHN                           PA-9-6-263
WATSON, JOHN                           PA-9-6-171
WATSON, JOHN (DR)                      PA-9-3-42
WATSON, JOHN OF MIDDLETOWN             PA-9-3-166
WATSON, JOHN SR                        PA-9-3-60
WATSON, JOSEPH                         PA-9-7-252
WATSON, JOSEPH                         PA-9-5-508
WATSON, MARK                           PA-9-6-514
WATSON, MARK                           PA-9-2-179
WATSON, RACHEL                         PA-9-6-281
WATSON, REBECCA                        PA-9-2-14
WATSON, SAMUEL                         PA-9-7-125
WATSON, SARAH                          PA-9-3-302
WATSON, SARAH                          PA-9-5-306
WATSON, THOMAS                         PA-9-7-293
WATSON, THOMAS                         PA-9-1-121
WATSON, THOMAS SR.                     PA-9-1-144
WATTS, STEPHEN                         PA-9-4-473
WEBB, WILLIAM                          PA-9-5-357
WEBSTER, JOHN                          PA-9-1-52
WEBSTER, PETER                         PA-9-1-85
WEICKER, GEORGE                        PA-9-6-227
WEIDNER, JOHN                          PA-9-5-113
WEINBERGER, BALTHAZER                  PA-9-4-477
WEIR, ANN                              PA-9-6-395
WEIRBACK, ISAAC                        PA-9-7-110
WEIRBACKER, HENRY                      PA-9-5-519
WEIRMAN, CATHARINE                     PA-9-6-489
WEISEL, GEORGE                         PA-9-6-419
WEISEL, MICHAEL                        PA-9-5-494
WELDING, ELIABETH                      PA-9-3-325
WELDING, ELY                           PA-9-3-231
WELLER, J. MARTIN                      PA-9-2-63
WELLS, HENRY                           PA-9-1-6
WELLS, JOHN                            PA-9-2-131
WELLS, JOSEPH                          PA-9-2-320
WERNER, URSULA                         PA-9-7-47
WESNER, MATHIAS                        PA-9-6-219
WEST, THOMAS                           PA-9-5-446
WHARTON, JOHN                          PA-9-4-226
WHARTON, JOSEPH                        PA-9-4-263
WHILSON, DAVID                         PA-9-4-104
WHITACRE, ROBERT                       PA-9-5-204
WHITE, ANN                             PA-9-7-67
WHITE, BARTEL                          PA-9-7-316
WHITE, FRANCES                         PA-9-2-325
WHITE, FRANCIS                         PA-9-6-315
WHITE, GEORGE                          PA-9-1-32
WHITE, JOHN                            PA-9-5-292
WHITE, JOSEPH                          PA-9-2-172
WHITE, JOSEPH                          PA-9-4-154
WHITE, MARY                            PA-9-6-303
WHITE, PETER                           PA-9-5-416
WHITE, WILLIAM                         PA-9-5-263
WHITE, WILLIAM                         PA-9-1-67
WHITTEN, STEPHEN                       PA-9-1-95
WIGGINS, BEZALEEL                      PA-9-5-396
WILCOX, JONATHAN                       PA-9-5-542
WILDMAN, JOSEPH                        PA-9-2-3
WILDMAN, MARIA                         PA-9-2-91
WILDONGER, GEORGE                      PA-9-4-9
WILKINSON, HANNAH                      PA-9-5-265
WILKINSON, JOHN                        PA-9-2-225
WILKINSON, JOHN ESQ.                   PA-9-4-206
WILKINSON, JOHN JR.                    PA-9-4-23
WILKINSON, JOSEPH                      PA-9-4-402
WILKINSON, STEPHEN                     PA-9-4-493
WILKINSON, TAMER                       PA-9-4-404
WILKINSON, WILLIAM                     PA-9-6-157
WILLET, JONATHAN                       PA-9-7-91
WILLET, SAMUEL                         PA-9-3-78
WILLIAMS, ELEANOR                      PA-9-2-203
WILLIAMS, EUNION                       PA-9-4-250
WILLIAMS, ISAAC                        PA-9-7-348
WILLIAMS, JEREMIAH                     PA-9-3-143
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         PA-9-4-113
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                       PA-9-7-262
WILLIAMS, MARGARET                     PA-9-5-272
WILLIAMS, MARY                         PA-9-3-357
WILLIAMS, NICHOLAS                     PA-9-2-160
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                      PA-9-7-77
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                       PA-9-3-64
WILLIAMSON, PETER                      PA-9-3-76
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                    PA-9-1-62
WILMINGTON, CATHARINE                  PA-9-5-223
WILSON, ALEXANDER                      PA-9-5-293
WILSON, DAVID                          PA-9-3-179
WILSON, HENRY                          PA-9-2-253
WILSON, JOHN                           PA-9-3-164
WILSON, JOHN                           PA-9-3-364
WILSON, JONATHAN                       PA-9-7-253
WILSON, JOSEPH                         PA-9-3-288
WILSON, RALPH                          PA-9-5-241
WILSON, ROBERT                         PA-9-4-299
WILSON, SAMUEL                         PA-9-5-193
WILSON, SAMUEL                         PA-9-5-65
WILSON, STEPHEN                        PA-9-3-71
WILSON, THOMAS                         PA-9-6-481
WILSON, THOMAS                         PA-9-7-61
WINDER, JOHN                           PA-9-3-215
WINDER, THOMAS                         PA-9-4-423
WINNER, JOHN                           PA-9-5-248
WINNER, JOSEPH                         PA-9-7-59
WINNER, SARAH                          PA-9-2-260
WIREMAN, HENRY                         PA-9-4-134
WISHART, THOMAS                        PA-9-7-264
WOLLF, P. JACOB                        PA-9-3-414
WOOD, IABAZ                            PA-9-3-91
WOOD, JOSIAH                           PA-9-3-96
WOOD, PETER                            PA-9-2-66
WOOD, WILLIAM                          PA-9-3-220
WOODS, PHILIP                          PA-9-4-210
WOOLDINGER, LUDWICK                    PA-9-5-387
WOOLDINGER, LUDWICK                    PA-9-5-388
WOOLFINGER, JOHN                       PA-9-6-230
WOOLSTON, ELIZABETH                    PA-9-6-256
WOOLSTON, JOHN                         PA-9-5-210
WOOLSTON, JONATHAN                     PA-9-2-12
WORMAN, JOHN                           PA-9-3-177
WORSTELL, JAMES                        PA-9-6-214
WORTHINGOTN, THOMAS                    PA-9-6-93
WORTHINGTON, JONATHAN                  PA-9-6-346
WORTHINGTON, RICHARD                   PA-9-7-182
WORTHINGTON, SAMUEL                    PA-9-3-406
WORTHINGTON, WILLIAM                   PA-9-6-86
WRIGHT, AARON                          PA-9-7-68
WRIGHT, ANDREW                         PA-9-3-171
WRIGHT, ANTHONY                        PA-9-2-174
WRIGHT, CHARLS                         PA-9-3-88
WRIGHT, STEPHEN                        PA-9-4-84
WYKER, NICHOALS                        PA-9-7-351
WYNKOOP, GARRET                        PA-9-2-102
YARDLEY, SAMUEL                        PA-9-7-113
YARDLEY, SARAH                         PA-9-4-264
YARDLEY, THOMAS                        PA-9-2-302
YERKES, MARY                           PA-9-4-362
YODER, CASPER                          PA-9-4-340
YOUNG, MARTIN                          PA-9-4-230
YOUNGKEN, HARMAN                       PA-9-5-91
YOUNGKEN, HENRY                        PA-9-5-20
ZEIGENFUS, MATHIAS                     PA-9-7-245
ZETTY, ABRAHAM                         PA-9-5-341
ZIMMERMAN, KILLIAN                     PA-9-4-318

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