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ABERNETHY, OLIVER                       OR-36-D-258
ADAIR, W. H.                            OR-36-E-570
ADAMS, E. M.                            OR-36-C-61
ADDISON, ROBERT                         OR-36-E-92
AGEE, ISAAC                             OR-36-E-169
AGEE, JACKSON                           OR-36-F-94
AKIN, ELIZABETH ROBISON                 OR-36-E-557
ALBEE, SIMEON                           OR-36-D-62
ALDERMAN, IRA Q.                        OR-36-E-335
ALLEN, G. M.                            OR-36-F-18
ALLEN, JAMES H.                         OR-36-E-624
ALLEN, SOLOMON                          OR-36-B-26
ALLISON, THOMAS                         OR-36-C-109
ALSOP, DELBERT JAY                      OR-36-E-347
ALTIZER, DAVID                          OR-36-D-125
ANDRESS, RECTINA A.                     OR-36-E-582
ANDREWS, THOMAS W.                      OR-36-E-601
ANGELL, SAMUEL                          OR-36-B-16
ARNDT, EMIL                             OR-36-F-317
AUER, JOHN                              OR-36-F-334
AYERS, LOVISA                           OR-36-C-173
AYERS, W. S.                            OR-36-D-41
BABCOCK, ELLEN M.                       OR-36-E-561
BACHMANN, LOUIS T.                      OR-36-F-253
BAIRD, JAMES BURMAN                     OR-36-C-108
BAKER, AMELIA FRANKLIN                  OR-36-F-327
BAKER, FREDERICK R.                     OR-36-F-104
BAKER, GEOGE L.                         OR-36-F-48
BAKER, J. D.                            OR-36-E-487
BAKER, JOHNG.                           OR-36-D-95
BAKER, MARY A.                          OR-36-F-168
BAKER, MORGAN A.                        OR-36-E-468
BALES, JASPER E.                        OR-36-F-372
BALL, SAMUEL A.                         OR-36-F-333
BALL, WILLIAM                           OR-36-E-81
BARCROFT, JOHN W. SR.                   OR-36-F-41
BARDON, FREDRICK                        OR-36-F-149
BARKER, MILAN                           OR-36-E-342
BARLOW, THOMAS A.                       OR-36-F-81
BARNETT, CLARISSA                       OR-36-F-174
BARTHOLOMEW, ALMON                      OR-36-F-365
BARTHOLOMEW, MAGGIE A.                  OR-36-E-440
BARTLETT, CHARLES A.                    OR-36-F-269
BASS, B. R.                             OR-36-F-19
BATES, P. A.                            OR-36-E-261
BAXTER, F. SPENCER                      OR-36-F-73
BAXTER, JOHN                            OR-36-E-329
BAYER, CHARLES F.                       OR-36-F-128
BEARY, MAY CRATER                       OR-36-F-216
BECK, ADAM                              OR-36-F-178
BEDWELL, ELIZABETH A.                   OR-36-F-348
BEDWELL, HENRY T.                       OR-36-F-85
BEER, ROBERT                            OR-36-D-198
BEGREN, SULTANA                         OR-36-F-370
BELL, J. D.                             OR-36-D-453
BELLINGER, ADAM                         OR-36-C-119
BERTRAM, HENRY SR.                      OR-36-F-114
BEST, MARY E.                           OR-36-F-52
BEWLEY, JAMES F.                        OR-36-D-155
BIBLE, A. S.                            OR-36-E-414
BIBLE, MARY J.                          OR-36-F-16
BILLICK, ANNA                           OR-36-F-259
BINGHAM, W. H.                          OR-36-D-194
BIRD, JOHN                              OR-36-D-404
BIRD, R. P.                             OR-36-E-578
BLACK, JOHN                             OR-36-F-307
BLACKBURN, ABRAHAM                      OR-36-F-228
BLENKENSOPP, THOMAS N.                  OR-36-F-188
BOERMAN, J. H.                          OR-36-E-237
BOND, WILLIAM                           OR-36-D-422
BONES, B. F.                            OR-36-F-125
BONES, WILLIAM H.                       OR-36-E-147
BOOTH, JOHN R.                          OR-36-F-162
BRAITHWAITE, M. A.                      OR-36-F-109
BRALY, ADDISON                          OR-36-F-369
BRALY, JAMES DOUGLASS                   OR-36-E-511
BRANSON, B. B.                          OR-36-E-326
BREEDING, LEE                           OR-36-F-195
BRENBNER, G. W.                         OR-36-F-281
BREON, ANNIE E.                         OR-36-E-172
BRIDGEFARMER, DAVID                     OR-36-B-61
BRISBINE, MARY K.                       OR-36-E-396
BROCK, LEVI                             OR-36-D-47
BROCK, MARY                             OR-36-E-241
BROWER, BYRON                           OR-36-E-361
BROWN, JOSEPH E.                        OR-36-F-207
BROWNELL, PHINEAS T.                    OR-36-F-190
BROWNING, OLIVE                         OR-36-F-361
BRUCE, JAMES                            OR-36-F-139
BUEL, WILLARD SAMUEL                    OR-36-F-358
BUFFUM, CARLOS                          OR-36-B-2
BUMFORD, OLIVER H.                      OR-36-E-442
BURBANK, A. R.                          OR-36-E-232
BURBANK, MARY ELLEN                     OR-36-E-318, 321
BURDETT, HENRY DUNNING                  OR-36-F-89
BURNETT, G. W.                          OR-36-C-103
BURNHAM, H. H.                          OR-36-F-233
BURNS, H. C.                            OR-36-F-274
BURNS, MARGARET                         OR-36-E-588
BURTON, MARGAET WATSON                  OR-36-E-175
BUTCHERS, ROBERT                        OR-36-F-141
BUTLER, WILLIAM ALBERT                  OR-36-F-265
CAIN, LOUIS                             OR-36-E-585
CALHOON, REBECCA                        OR-36-F-304
CALLINAN, ANDREW                        OR-36-E-365
CAMPBELL, JOHN A.                       OR-36-E-209
CAMPBELL, SOPHRONIA                     OR-36-F-101
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       OR-36-E-410
CANE, HENRY                             OR-36-E-629, 636
CANFIELD, FRANK J.                      OR-36-F-142
CAREY, MILES                            OR-36-B-25
CARL, MARY J.                           OR-36-E-543
CARLIN, MARTHA E.                       OR-36-E-270
CARNES, CLARA AUGUSTA                   OR-36-F-337
CARPENTER, LOUISA                       OR-36-D-248
CARTER, W. J.                           OR-36-F-75
CARY, CYRENE B.                         OR-36-E-528
CARY, SARAH C.                          OR-36-F-342
CAVE, JAMES W.                          OR-36-E-404
CHALMERS, R. A.                         OR-36-F-301
CHANTELLE, SAMUEL                       OR-36-F-30
CHAPIN, MILTON S.                       OR-36-E-525
CHRISMAN, E. (MRS)                      OR-36-C-194
CHRISMAN, WALKER                        OR-36-C-74
CHRISMAN, WILLIAM MC.                   OR-36-E-282, 288
CHRISTENSEN, JENS PETER                 OR-36-F-229
CHRISTENSON, GEORGE                     OR-36-D-266
CHRISTENSON, HANS                       OR-36-E-402
CHRISTOPHESON, L. C.                    OR-36-F-44
CHRUCHMAN, FREDERICK B.                 OR-36-F-378
CHURCH, EVA E.                          OR-36-F-123
CHURCHMAN, P. M.                        OR-36-F-109
CLARK, G. W.                            OR-36-F-68
CLEMENSON, CHRISTINE                    OR-36-F-206
CLEMENSON, JOHN C.                      OR-36-E-605
COCKERHAM, H. B.                        OR-36-F-210
COFFEEN, FREDERICK DEAN                 OR-36-F-380
COFFEEN, FREDERICK H.                   OR-36-E-563
COLBY, MARY L.                          OR-36-F-107
COLLARD, J. J.                          OR-36-E-332
COLLNS, MARY E.                         OR-36-F-38
COMIC, HANNAH ESTELL                    OR-36-E-628
COOK, JOHN F.                           OR-36-E-119
COOK, JOHN W.                           OR-36-E-567
COOK, LYDIA J.                          OR-36-D-90
COOK, SARAH M.                          OR-36-E-611
COOPER, HENRY                           OR-36-B-57
COOPER, JEMIMA                          OR-36-B-49
COOPER, MARTHA J.                       OR-36-C-88
COOPER, MARY                            OR-36-C-150
COOPER, THOMAS                          OR-36-C-33
COOVERT, JOHN W.                        OR-36-F-147
COOVERT, JOHNSON E.                     OR-36-C-95
COTTRELL, L. R.                         OR-36-F-290
COULEE, JOHN J.                         OR-36-E-152
COWLS, J. W.                            OR-36-E-22
COX, DANIEL W.                          OR-36-D-5
CRAFT, ROSA                             OR-36-F-62
CRAWFORD, ELIZABETH E.                  OR-36-C-90
CRAWFORD, EUNICE                        OR-36-D-145
CRAWFORD, FRED A.                       OR-36-F-3
CRAWFORD, MEDERUM                       OR-36-D-270
CRAWFORD, S. D.                         OR-36-F-161
CRIGLER, DAVID                          OR-36-F-172
CRISP, HANNAH                           OR-36-B-42
CRONIN, JOHN                            OR-36-E-21, 29
CROSS, ROSE                             OR-36-F-393
CRUNICAN, MATTHEW                       OR-36-F-77
CULVER, CHARLES SHUMWAY                 OR-36-E-235
CUTLER, R.                              OR-36-E-419
DALLAS, ELIZABETH C.                    OR-36-E-222
DANIEL, H. M.                           OR-36-E-412
DANIEL, R. R.                           OR-36-D-414
DANIEL, SARAH A.                        OR-36-E-630
DANIELS, JOHN                           OR-36-F-351
DAVENPORT, JOHN H.                      OR-36-E-481
DAVIDSON, LOVINA                        OR-36-D-218
DAVIS, A. C.                            OR-36-E-61
DAVIS, ISAAC                            OR-36-C-156
DAVIS, L. T.                            OR-36-F-185
DAVIS, LUVINA                           OR-36-B-41
DAVIS, NANCY A.                         OR-36-D-252
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           OR-36-C-44
DAVIS, THOMAS C.                        OR-36-D-121
DAVIS, WILLIAM E.                       OR-36-E-274
DAWSON, MARY E.                         OR-36-B-47
DAWSON, NANCY                           OR-36-E-197
DAY, THOMAS                             OR-36-F-368
DEBRICK, JOHN                           OR-36-F-93
DELANOY, J. S.                          OR-36-F-79
DELASHMUTT, EMMA F.                     OR-36-F-171
DELASHMUTT, LINDSEY                     OR-36-F-206
DENNEY, ELEANOR H.                      OR-36-F-225
DENNEY, ROBERT W.                       OR-36-D-17
DERBY, LUCY A.                          OR-36-E-520
DERLY, JAMES R.                         OR-36-E-212
DERR, PERRY A.                          OR-36-C-188
DETMERING, WILLIAM A.                   OR-36-D-330
DICKEY, OLIVE                           OR-36-F-99
DISKO, JOHN G.                          OR-36-F-337
DIX, HARLEY M.                          OR-36-F-74
DIXON, JESSE D.                         OR-36-E-5
DODSON, ELIJAH                          OR-36-B-34
DOEHRING, OTTO D.                       OR-36-E-580
DOL, CALVIN W.                          OR-36-F-175
DORSEY, GEORGE                          OR-36-E-369
DOUGHTY, WILLIAM M.                     OR-36-C-1
DOWLING, JOHN                           OR-36-C-191
DRAPER, WILLIAM O.                      OR-36-F-176
DRISKELL, LEVI S.                       OR-36-F-228
DRUMELLER, C. E.                        OR-36-E-450
DUERST, BALTHASER                       OR-36-E-430
DUERST, JACOB                           OR-36-E-357
DUNCAN, ELLA C.                         OR-36-F-178
DUNN, SUSANNA                           OR-36-F-34
DUNNELLER, JOHN H.                      OR-36-D-225
DUVALL, ELDRIDGE G.                     OR-36-E-391
DUVALL, ETHRIDGE G.                     OR-36-D-302
EBORALL, JOHN                           OR-36-E-297
ECCLESTON, SARAH J.                     OR-36-F-220
EDWARDS, E. A.                          OR-36-F-45
EDWARDS, JESSE                          OR-36-F-311
EHRET, ADAM                             OR-36-E-569
EIGNER, CECELIA                         OR-36-F-70
ELLIOTT, GEORGE                         OR-36-F-266
ELMLUND, FRANK                          OR-36-F-113
ELMLUND, JOHANNA                        OR-36-F-305
ENDICOTT, MARY J.                       OR-36-F-235
ERTLE, ISIDORE                          OR-36-E-190
ETZWILER, JOHN J.                       OR-36-C-27
EURICK, ALBERT L.                       OR-36-F-203
EVANS, DAVID R.                         OR-36-E-607
EVANS, LEE                              OR-36-E-592
EVENDEN, JOHN SAMUEL                    OR-36-D-359
EVEREST, REUBEN                         OR-36-E-231
EVEREST, RICHARD                        OR-36-C-174
FAIRBANKS, WALLACE                      OR-36-F-60
FAIRCHILES, CATHERINE                   OR-36-E-149
FAULCOUER, MARCELLUS                    OR-36-E-355
FENDALL, R. P.                          OR-36-F-169
FENDALL, SUSIE E.                       OR-36-F-218
FENDER, WALTER S.                       OR-36-F-328
FINLAYSON, DANIEL                       OR-36-F-239
FINLEY, INA                             OR-36-F-385
FLETCHER, CHARLOTTE                     OR-36-C-93
FLETCHER, ELEANOR                       OR-36-E-316, 319
FLETCHER, JAMES                         OR-36-E-273, 277
FLETT, JAMES S.                         OR-36-D-274
FLOREY, A. M.                           OR-36-E-250
FLOREY, ELIZABETH                       OR-36-E-416
FLOREY, FREDRIC                         OR-36-E-224
FLYNN, P. M.                            OR-36-E-302
FORD, E. N.                             OR-36-E-104
FORD, EPHRAIM E.                        E-212
FORD, F. A.                             OR-36-C-122
FORDYCE, MARGARET E.                    OR-36-F-17
FOREST, J. R.                           OR-36-E-541
FORREST, LEWIS C.                       OR-36-E-49
FOSTER, HARRISON                        OR-36-C-117
FOUTS, JANE H.                          OR-36-F-47
FOUTS, JOHN T.                          OR-36-E-564
FRANKLIN, JEROME B.                     OR-36-E-122
FRAZER, J. M.                           OR-36-F-154
FRISBY, FRANK                           OR-36-F-52
FROST, E. B.                            OR-36-E-552
FRYER, ALEXANDER L.                     OR-36-F-105
FRYER, DEAN                             OR-36-C-166
FRYER, J. L.                            OR-36-C-78
FULLER, CLARK A.                        OR-36-E-383
FULLER, LYDIA J.                        OR-36-F-59
FULLQUARTZ, ADELINE                     OR-36-D-110
FULLQUARTZ, FLOR                        OR-36-C-113
FUSON, J. B.                            OR-36-E-181
GAFFNEY, PATRICK H.                     OR-36-F-339
GARD, MARY A.                           OR-36-F-357
GARRISON, E. F.                         OR-36-C-116
GARRISON, JOSEPH M.                     OR-36-F-51
GARRISON, WELLINGTON J.                 OR-36-F-350
GAULT, JOHN W.                          OR-36-E-377
GEE, HENRY                              OR-36-F-108
GEER, ELIZABETH                         OR-36-B-9
GELDARD, WILLIAM                        OR-36-E-473
GERRISH, JAMES                          OR-36-B-72
GIBBS, JOSEPH                           OR-36-B-90
GIBSON, JAMES N.                        OR-36-F-57
GILBERT, JOHN J.                        OR-36-F-203
GILBERTSON, J. A.                       OR-36-F-272
GILKEY, W. F.                           OR-36-F-106
GILL, JOHN                              OR-36-E-504
GIST, HARRY C.                          OR-36-F-97
GLOVE, SARAH J.                         OR-36-C-121
GOODRICH, S. R.                         OR-36-F-258
GORTNER, M. U.                          OR-36-F-73
GRAGG, H. M F.                          OR-36-F-43
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         OR-36-C-133
GRAUER, JACOB                           OR-36-E-626
GRAVES, GEORGE W.                       OR-36-E-594
GRAVES, JAMES B.                        OR-36-C-153
GREEN, JOHN                             OR-36-C-130
GREER, ANGIE HUBBARD RICE               OR-36-F-390
GREER, ELWIN SPENCER                    OR-36-F-315
GRIFFIN, H. W.                          OR-36-F-197
GRIFFIN, JAMES                          OR-36-B-69
GRIFFITH, MARY A.                       OR-36-E-476
GRINNOLD, MARY E.                       OR-36-F-377
GRISSEN, CHARLES                        OR-36-E-324
GROHE, J. N.                            OR-36-F-314
GROVER, SARAH ANN                       OR-36-F-241
GRUBBS, SUSANNA                         OR-36-E-113
GUBSER, DANIEL                          OR-36-F-97
GUBSER, JOHN C.                         OR-36-F-173
GUILD, JAMES O.                         OR-36-E-194
HABERLEIN, CARL                         OR-36-F-238
HADLEY, ALONZO                          OR-36-F-331
HADLEY, WILLIAM M.                      OR-36-C-176
HALL, ANNA E.                           OR-36-F-324
HALL, EUNICE                            OR-36-C-25
HALL, L. F.                             OR-36-F-251
HALMAN, DANIEL S.                       OR-36-E-463
HAMBLIN, CLARK R.                       OR-36-E-422
HANDLEY, CHARLES                        OR-36-D-427
HANEY, JOHN                             OR-36-D-163
HARFORD, J. C.                          OR-36-E-229
HARRIS, REUBEN                          OR-36-D-166
HARTY, DENNIS                           OR-36-B-91
HASH, JOHN I.                           OR-36-E-433
HASKIN, FRANK M.                        OR-36-E-374
HASTINGS, DANIEL C.                     OR-36-D-353
HASTINGS, KEZIAH                        OR-36-D-418
HATCH, LYDIA J.                         OR-36-F-362
HATCH, SHERMAN                          OR-36-D-356
HATHAWAY, HARRIET W.                    OR-36-F-272
HAWLEY, ELIZA                           OR-36-D-104
HAWLEY, LAWRENCE                        OR-36-C-147
HAWLEY, ORACE G.                        OR-36-F-199
HAWLEY, THOMAS S.                       OR-36-C-33
HEATER, IRENA                           OR-36-F-313
HECKART, WILLIAM E.                     OR-36-E-427
HEISE, DAVID E.                         OR-36-F-257
HELM, C. A.                             OR-36-E-505
HEMBREE, A. J.                          OR-36-B-14
HEMBREE, JAMES T.                       OR-36-F-118
HEMBREE, JOEL J.                        OR-36-B-78
HEMBREE, LYCURGUS                       OR-36-C-84
HEMBREE, W. C.                          OR-36-F-149
HEMSTOCK, MARY ANN                      OR-36-E-623
HEMSTOCK, WILLIAM                       OR-36-E-156
HENDERSHOTT, G. W.                      OR-36-F-192
HENDERSON, ROBERT                       OR-36-D-214
HENDERSON, T. D.                        OR-36-F-352
HENDRICKS, M. B.                        OR-36-F-151
HENRY, ANSON B                          .OR-36-C-162
HEPNER, HENRY                           OR-36-F-374
HERD, MARGARET                          OR-36-F-319
HERKOWSKY, BERTHA R.                    OR-36-F-327
HERRICK, HENRY H.                       OR-36-E-619
HESS, DANIEL                            OR-36-C-124
HEWITT, J. A.                           OR-36-F-338
HIBBS, ELIZABETH                        OR-36-E-491
HIBBS, J. S.                            OR-36-D-326
HIBLER, MARTHA A.                       OR-36-C-38
HICKERSON, W. N.                        OR-36-E-526
HICKS, SAAH A.                          OR-36-F-92
HIGGINS, ARMINTA                        OR-36-E-77
HIGH, MARY A.                           OR-36-E-547
HIGH, MARY E.                           OR-36-F-227
HILL, MARY                              OR-36-D-115
HILTON, EDWARD                          OR-36-C-15
HINSHAW, ELIZBETH M.                    OR-36-F-2
HIRSH, KATHERINE A.                     OR-36-F-139
HITCHEN, SANTIAGO                       OR-36-E-438
HOBSN, WILLIAM                          OR-36-D-243
HODSON, NELLIE B.                       OR-36-F-303
HODSON, O. O.                           OR-36-F-231
HOLLINGSWORTH, MOSES                    OR-36-E-89
HOOD, FRANCIS                           OR-36-E-265
HOPKINS, S. B.                          OR-36-F-177
HOSKINS, CYRUS EDWIN                    OR-36-E-399
HOSKINS, J. L.                          OR-36-F-394
HOUCK, JAMES                            OR-36-E-509
HOUGHTON, LOUESA E.                     OR-36-F-330
HOWARD, RACHEL A.                       OR-36-F-177
HUNSAKER, A. J.                         OR-36-F-308
HUNSAKER, MARY E.                       OR-36-E-485
HUNTINGTON,I. B.                        OR-36-F-166
HURLBURT, ABEL                          OR-36-C-105
HURLBUT, CATHARINE                      OR-36-F-332
HURLSTON, RICHARD B.                    OR-36-F-50
HUSTON, B. F.                           OR-36-E-448
HUTCHCROFT, GEORGE B.                   OR-36-E-299
HUTCHCROFT, JOHN                        OR-36-E-70
HUTCHCROFT, MARGARET                    OR-36-F-51
HUTCHENS, SALLY                         OR-36-E-353
HUTT, L. S.                             OR-36-E-579
HUTZEN, JOHN                            OR-36-F-124
IMUS, HANNAH S.                         OR-36-F-298
ISHAM, JAMES J.                         OR-36-E-425
JACKSON, JOHN                           OR-36-F-163
JACOBS, JOHN                            OR-36-F-388
JACOBSON, CHRISTINE G.                  OR-36-E-549
JACOBSON, JOHN A.                       OR-36-F-126
JELLISON, I. J.                         OR-36-E-457
JENSEN, JENS C.                         OR-36-F-375
JENSEN, MARIE                           OR-36-E-296
JEWETT, J. H.                           OR-36-F-2214
JOHNSON, CHRISTINE                      OR-36-F-277
JOHNSON, DANIEL                         OR-36-D-410
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                      OR-36-B-45
JOHNSON, GEORGE                         OR-36-E-444
JOHNSON, HULL                           OR-36-F-280
JOHNSON, JAMES                          OR-36-E-128
JONES, R. O.                            OR-36-E-515
JONES, WILLIAM T.                       OR-36-D-360, 369
JUKER, CATHERINE                        OR-36-E-604
JUMP, JAMES DALLAS                      OR-36-B-95
KELLEY, JAMES                           OR-36-F-61
KELLOGG, JENNIE M.                      OR-36-E-293
KELLY, JAMES W.                         OR-36-F-212
KELSAY, JOHN                            OR-36-B-75
KELTY, GEORGE L.                        OR-36-F-204
KENNEDY, SARAH ANN                      OR-36-E-35
KENYON, A. A.                           OR-36-D-170, 210
KENZLER, F. W.                          OR-36-F-132
KERR, JAMES M.                          OR-36-E-428
KERR, THOMAS J.                         OR-36-F-263
KETCHUM, ELLA                           OR-36-F-278
KEYES, ROBERT W.                        OR-36-F-314
KIGHT, ELIZABETH                        OR-36-F-24
KINGERY, D. B.                          OR-36-E-254
KINNEY, JOHN LAFAYETTE                  OR-36-E-500
KINNEY, MAUD E.                         OR-36-F-14
KINNEY, SAMUEL                          OR-36-C-57
KIRBY, THOMAS                           OR-36-E-621
KIRKLEY, MARGARET J.                    OR-36-F-183
KIRKWOOD, JOHN                          OR-36-F-29
KIRKWOOD, JOSEPH                        OR-36-E-545
KISER, CALVIN                           OR-36-E-334
KLEINDINST, AMELIA                      OR-36-F-297
KLOUCHECK, FRANK                        OR-36-D-141
KNEELAND, LEONARD J.                    OR-36-E-631
KOCH, HENRY W.                          OR-36-F-78
KOEBER, CHARLES G.                      OR-36-F-180
KONZELMAN, CHRIS F.                     OR-36-F-200
KOPP, MARGARET E.                       OR-36-F-15
KRAMER, MARTHA E.                       OR-36-F-69
KUYKENDLAL, C. V.                       OR-36-F-370
LACHANCE, SUSAN                         OR-36-E-638
LADD, CHARLES ELLIOTT                   OR-36-F-158
LADY, JAMES W.                          OR-36-E-608
LAFOLLETT, CHARLES                      OR-36-E-390
LARKIN, JOHN S.                         OR-36-F-71
LATOURETTE, WILLARD                     OR-36-E-531
LAUGHARY, WILLIAM J.                    OR-36-E-498
LAUGHLIN, JAMES M.                      OR-36-C-52
LAUGHLIN, JOHN                          OR-36-C-107
LAUGHLIN, LEE                           OR-36-E-597
LAUGHLIN, NANCY C.                      OR-36-E-352
LAUGHLIN, R. R.                         OR-36-D-398
LAUGHLIN, SAMUEL                        OR-36-B-84
LAUGHLIN, SARAH P.                      OR-36-E-554
LAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                       OR-36-F-111
LAWRENCE, LEETA M.                      OR-36-D-445
LEATHERMAN, JAMES                       OR-36-E-154
LEBOLD, F.                              OR-36-E-192
LEFLER, MARY E.                         OR-36-F-326
LEHMANN, AUGUSTA                        OR-36-F-140
LEIGHTON, A. H.                         OR-36-F-293
LETT, WALTER H.                         OR-36-F-396
LEWIS, MARY E.                          OR-36-F-123
LITTLEFIELD, HARRY A.                   OR-36-F-179
LOOP, J. L.                             OR-36-F-386
LOOP, JOHN W.                           OR-36-F-30
LORD, W.                                OR-36-F-58
LOWERY, JOHN                            OR-36-E-492
LUCAS, ANNA A.                          OR-36-F-165
LUCAS, J. C.                            OR-36-E-536
LYON, JANET                             OR-36-E-574, 577
MACDONALD, MARY E.                      OR-36-F-270
MACY, W. T.                             OR-36-F-380
MADDOX, GEORGE A.                       OR-36-E-340
MADISON,JAMES                           OR-36-E-200
MADOSN, KAREN                           OR-36-F-273
MAHLER, WILLIAM                         OR-36-F-403
MALONE, MADISON                         OR-36-C-144
MALONE, RILEY                           OR-36-F-341
MANLEY, ALICE P.                        OR-36-F-401
MARCH, T. H.                            OR-36-E-447
MARK, A. K.                             OR-36-D-439
MARSHALL, BOUJET D.                     OR-36-F-221
MARTIN, A. C.                           OR-36-D-344
MARTIN, CHARLOTTE L.                    OR-36-E-615
MARTIN, F. B.                           OR-36-B-39
MARTIN, FRANKLIN                        OR-36-C-158
MARTIN, JAMES W.                        OR-36-F-117
MARTIN, JOHN J.                         OR-36-E-203
MARTIN, JOHN W.                         OR-36-E-632
MARTIN, MARGARET L.                     OR-36-E-421
MARTIN, MARIA                           OR-36-E-363
MARTIN, NEHEMIAH                        OR-36-B-80
MARTIN, RICHARD                         OR-36-D-169
MASON, SARAH B.                         OR-36-E-1
MASON, WILLIAM C.                       OR-36-D-222
MATTEY, JOSEPH                          OR-36-F-288
MAYER, FANNIE                           OR-36-D-425
MCBRIDE, THOMAS                         OR-36-B-18
MCCAIN, JAMES                           OR-36-F-131
MCCALL, D. W.                           OR-36-E-140
MCCANN, ANDREW JACKSON                  OR-36-F-273
MCCANN, MARGARET                        OR-36-F-324
MCCLELLAN, JULIA M.                     OR-36-E-452
MCCREA, J. C.                           OR-36-F-82
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN W.                     OR-36-B-67
MCDANIEL, JOHN N.                       OR-36-D-190
MCDONALD, EFFIE J.                      OR-36-E-7
MCDONALD, MARY A.                       OR-36-F-39
MCDONALD, R. B.                         OR-36-F-299
MCDONALD, WILLIAM D.                    OR-36-D-289
MCDONALD, WILLIAM W.                    OR-36-E-306
MCGREGOR, MURDO                         OR-36-F-234
MCGREW, ELLEN                           OR-36-E-185
MCINTIRE, EMMA                          OR-36-F-1
MCKENZIE, JOHN                          OR-36-E-218
MCKINNEY, STEPHEN J.                    OR-36-F-372
MCKINNON, A. C.                         OR-36-F-190
MCNUTT, W. T.                           OR-36-F-294
MCPHILLIPS, JAMES                       OR-36-D-333
MCPHILLIPS, SARAH A.                    OR-36-E-13
MEATS, CLARA                            OR-36-F-21
MERCHANT, WARREN                        OR-36-F-63
MERCHANT, WILLIAM                       OR-36-F-329
MERRILL, EDWIN                          OR-36-F-333
MERRILL, ELLERY C.                      OR-36-F-70
MESSINGER, JOHN W.                      OR-36-F-160
MESSINGER, M.                           OR-36-E-59
METCALF, ELIZABETH                      OR-36-F-13
METCALF, L. M.                          OR-36-F-83
METZLER, J. B.                          OR-36-F-340
MICHAUX, MARGARET J.                    OR-36-E-417
MICHELBOOK, M.                          OR-36-F-312
MIDDLETON, JOHN F.                      OR-36-E-529
MILELR, RODOLPHUS F.                    OR-36-E-548
MILES, JAMES                            OR-36-E-343
MILLARD, ARTHUR                         OR-36-F-319
MILLER, ABRAHAM K.                      OR-36-F-187
MILLER, ALEX                            OR-36-F-23
MILLER, JAMES R.                        OR-36-D-101
MILLER, JOSIAH ESPY                     OR-36-F-347
MILLER, MARTIN SR.                      OR-36-E-206
MILLER, MARY A.                         OR-36-F-149, 170
MILLER, MERCY E.                        OR-36-E-424
MILLER, NELLIE A.                       OR-36-E-551
MILLER, U. S. G.                        OR-36-F-315
MILLICAN, LUCINDA                       OR-36-D-32
MILLS, HARLOW                           OR-36-E-68
MITCHELL, DAVID                         OR-36-C-10
MOLL, DAVID                             OR-36-D-374
MOOR, NANCY                             OR-36-D-129
MOOR, SYLVANUS                          OR-36-C-126
MOORE, W. R.                            OR-36-E-583
MOORE, WILLIAM R.                       OR-36-E-507
MORECROFT, RICHARD                      OR-36-F-404
MORGAN, MARTHA A.                       OR-36-E-534
MORRIS, ELIAM SMART                     OR-36-E-317, 320
MORRIS, FRANCIS                         OR-36-F-382
MORRIS, H. T.                           OR-36-D-234
MORRIS, MARY J.                         OR-36-E-454
MORRIS, SUSANAH                         OR-36-F-37
MORRISON, J. W.                         OR-36-F-316
MOULLET, MARY (A.J.)                    OR-36-F-137
MUHS, ANTON                             OR-36-F-11
MUHS, VERONIKA T.                       OR-36-F-320
MULKEY, B. G.                           OR-36-E-553
MURPHY, SARAH A.                        OR-36-F-236
MURRAY, CHARLES                         OR-36-C-111
MURRAY, MARY ELIZBETH                   OR-36-D-173
MUTCHLER, A.                            OR-36-E-271
NEELEY, JOHN F.                         OR-36-E-257
NELSON, A. J.                           OR-36-E-108
NELSON, AMOS                            OR-36-F-92
NELSON, ANNE KATRINE                    OR-36-F-157
NELSON, HANS                            OR-36-F-113
NELSON, JOSIAH C.                       OR-36-F-163
NELSON, LUCRETIA E.                     OR-36-E-268
NELSON, N. P.                           OR-36-E-614
NELSON, NELS                            OR-36-F-176
NELSON, RUDOLPH                         OR-36-F-244
NEWBY, W. T.                            OR-36-D-28
NEWTON, ADALINE                         OR-36-F-260
NEWTON, LYDIA M.                        OR-36-E-464
NICHOLS, ISADORE                        OR-36-E-327
NISSEN, PETER K.                        OR-36-F-6
NOBLE, ARZA A.                          OR-36-F-247
NOBLE, HENRY J.                         OR-36-F-66
OBYE, C.                                OR-36-E-345
OBYE, J. E.                             OR-36-F-350
OLDS, AARON K.                          OR-36-E-16
OLDS, ELMIRA                            OR-36-D-54
OLDS, GEORGE W.                         OR-36-E-359
OLDS, RUEL                              OR-36-D-1
OLIVER, ALFRED PHILO                    OR-36-F-49
ORCHAD, JOHN FRANKLIN                   OR-36-E-246
ORTON, IRI                              OR-36-E-240
OSMON, SAMUEL H.                        OR-36-F-198
OTTO, HEINRICH                          OR-36-F-122
OTTO, HENRY                             OR-36-F-155
PAIGE, ROBERT MOORE                     OR-36-E-47
PALMER, CYRENE                          OR-36-F-159
PALMER, SARAH A.                        OR-36-D-282
PARKER, JERRY M.                        OR-36-D-52
PARKER, L. M.                           OR-36-F-216
PARKER, WILLIAM B.                      OR-36-E-166
PARRISH, JACOB                          OR-36-C-22
PARROTT, SAMUEL                         OR-36-B-20
PAULUS, AUGUST                          OR-36-F-134
PAYNE, AARON                            OR-36-C-184
PEARSON, S. C.                          OR-36-E-97
PEERY, A. M.                            OR-36-F-136
PEFFER, JOHN TAILOR                     OR-36-F-50
PENCE, TRIPLETT                         OR-36-F-364
PEPE, VINCENT C.                        OR-36-E-111
PERKINS, J. B.                          OR-36-E-336
PERKINS, JOHN                           OR-36-D-72
PERKINS, JOHN K.                        OR-36-F-152
PERKINS, SRAAH                          OR-36-E-280
PERRY, MARTHA                           OR-36-C-41
PERRY, ROBERT                           OR-36-C-8
PERRY, ROBERT                           OR-36-B-77
PETCH, JOSEPH                           OR-36-E-267
PETERSEN, JOHN                          OR-36-F-44
PETRUS, CATHERINE                       OR-36-F-255
PETTIGREW, THOMAS                       OR-36-D-83
PETTYJOHN, J. S.                        OR-36-F-103
PHILLIPS, RICHARD W.                    OR-36-E-289
PHILLIPS, SARAH P.                      OR-36-F-343
PIERCE, WILLIAM                         OR-36-D-185
POPE, HENRY                             OR-36-D-231
POPPLETON, WILLIAM G.                   OR-36-C-31
POTTER, LESTER                          OR-36-F-249
POWELL, ALICE R.                        OR-36-E-555
POWELL, ELIZABETH B.                    OR-36-F-387
PRATER, JOSEPH                          OR-36-F-119
PRATER, MARTHA J.                       OR-36-F-374
PRATT, JOHN C.                          OR-36-E-489
PRICHAD, JOHN M.                        OR-36-D-38
PUTMAN, REBECCA                         OR-36-D-449
QUIRK, JOHN                             OR-36-F-35
RAMAGE, SARAH                           OR-36-B-66
RAMSEY, DAVID                           OR-36-D-285
REA, MARY CATHERINE                     OR-36-F-33
REDD, JONATHAN WELLINGTON               OR-36-E-397
REDMOND, ELLENOR                        OR-36-D-239
REDMOND, JOHN                           OR-36-E-478
REDMOND, MARTHA A.                      OR-36-E-188
REES, JAMES                             OR-36-D-137
REESE, I. P.                            OR-36-F-67
REID, ALEXNDER                          OR-36-E-538
REID, JAMES                             OR-36-F-383
REIMERS, HEINRICH                       OR-36-F-202
RENNE, CHARLES                          OR-36-E-472
RENNIE, JANNETT                         OR-36-F-32
RETTER, WILLIAM                         OR-36-F-65
RHODES, SARAH                           OR-36-F-135
RICHARDS, ELIZABETH ANN                 OR-36-F-88
RICHARDSON, CHARITY A.                  OR-36-F-42
RICHARDSON, SHADRACH                    OR-36-E-590
RICHARDSON, SHADRACH                    OR-36-F-42
RICHTER, CHRISTIAN                      OR-36-D-262
RICK, ORLANDO                           OR-36-C-128
RIIS, PETER                             OR-36-F-184
RIKER, MARINDA A.                       OR-36-F-275
ROBBINS, JOHN H.                        OR-36-E-576
ROBERTS, ABRAHAM H.                     OR-36-D-293
ROBERTS, SMAUEL                         OR-36-F-156
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        OR-36-E-349
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        OR-36-D-152
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        OR-36-C-13
ROBERTSON, ELIZABETH                    OR-36-E-595
ROBINSON, B. M.                         OR-36-E-220
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH J.                  OR-36-D-228
ROBISNON, FRANCIS                       OR-36-F-381
ROBISON, ISAAC C.                       OR-36-E-40
ROGERS, ISAAC                           OR-36-C-139
ROGERS, J. B.                           OR-36-B-7
ROGERS, J. W.                           OR-36-D-435
ROGERS, JAMES ARCHIBALD                 OR-36-E-517
ROGERS, LETITIA                         OR-36-B-22
ROGES, LEWIS                            OR-36-B-52
ROLLNS,ORVIS V.                         OR-36-F-16
ROMIG, FRANK T.                         OR-36-F-279
ROOT, LORENZO                           OR-36-E-522
ROSS, DUNCAN                            OR-36-F-95
ROSS, HARRIET C.                        OR-36-F-287
ROSS, MOSES                             OR-36-E-496
ROUND, LOUIS PAINTER                    OR-36-F-331
ROWELL, H. C.                           OR-36-E-381
ROWLAND, GREEN L.                       OR-36-E-483
ROWLAND, JEREMIAH                       OR-36-C-101
ROWLAND, MARY A.                        OR-36-E-304
RUDDER, S. E.                           OR-36-F-254
RUSSELL, MARY S.                        OR-36-F-379
RUSSELL, MORRIS C.                      OR-36-F-4
RUSSELL, S. J.                          OR-36-F-65
RUSSELL, WILLIAM S.                     OR-36-F-29
SARGEANT, MARTHA A.                     OR-36-F-205
SAVAGE, WILLIAM C.                      OR-36-F-25, 282
SAWYER, MARK                            OR-36-C-197
SAWYER, SUSAN                           OR-36-E-30
SAX, MARY P.                            OR-36-F-62
SAYLOR, B. F.                           OR-36-E-307
SCHMIDT, WILLIAM                        OR-36-F-194
SCHRUYER, CHARLES JOSEPH                OR-36-E-103
SCHULDT, C. JOHN                        OR-36-E-572
SCHUMAN, CLAUS                          OR-36-F-358
SCHWARTZ, HENRY                         OR-36-E-360
SCOTT, O. D.                            OR-36-F-163
SEESE, ELI                              OR-36-E-309
SHADDEN, MARTHA                         OR-36-E-131, 161
SHARP, W. B.                            OR-36-E-230
SHARTZER, S. J.                         OR-36-E-45
SHELDON, MARY ANN                       OR-36-E-73
SHEPHERD, WILLIAM                       OR-36-F-219
SHERMAN, HULDA E.                       OR-36-E-338
SHORTRIDGE,C. F.                        OR-36-C-181
SHUCK, JACOB                            OR-36-B-4
SHULL, MARCIA                           OR-36-B-37
SIGLER, LAURA                           OR-36-F-384
SISSON, ELIZABETH JANE                  OR-36-F-366
SITTON, FRED D.                         OR-36-F-36
SITTON, N. K.                           OR-36-E-227
SKADER, JENS J.                         OR-36-E-461
SKELTON, GEORGE PAUL                    OR-36-F-83
SKELTON, SARAH A.                       OR-36-E-635
SKINNER, PENELOPE J.                    OR-36-E-519
SMITH, ALF                              OR-36-E-403
SMITH, CECIL W.                         OR-36-F-240
SMITH, CYRUS                            OR-36-E-100
SMITH, DAVID B.                         OR-36-F-183
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        OR-36-E-388
SMITH, GEORGE W.                        OR-36-F-291
SMITH, J. B. MENDENHALL                 OR-36-F-129
SMITH, JULIUS JESPERSEN                 OR-36-F-336
SMITH, KATE                             OR-36-E-338
SMITH, MAUDE E.                         OR-36-F-295
SMITH, MIANDA                           OR-36-F-104
SMITH, SARAH G.                         OR-36-F-335
SMITH, SARAH S.                         OR-36-E-587
SNYDER, REUBEN                          OR-36-E-475
SOPER, FRED L.                          OR-36-F-321
SOPER, GEOGE W.                         OR-36-F-120
SPAULDING, ERASTUS                      OR-36-E-276
SPENCER, E. L.                          OR-36-E-292
SPENCER, FOREMAN                        OR-36-B-99
SPRINGER, B. H.                         OR-36-E-214
STANTON, JOSEPH H.                      OR-36-F-402
STEVENS, SIMON                          OR-36-F-153
STEWARD, JAMES L.                       OR-36-E-75
STEWART, B. E.                          OR-36-C-71
STEWART, ELZINA                         OR-36-F-345
STEWART, JOHN BENNETT                   OR-36-F-199
STEWART, ROBERT A. SR.                  OR-36-E-613
STEWARTSON, JOHN R.                     OR-36-F-46
STONE, T. B.                            OR-36-F-256
STOUTENBERG, ALEXANDER                  OR-36-E-116
STOUTENBURG, DINGAMAN                   OR-36-E-633
STRAIT, DAVIS P.                        OR-36-F-145
STRANAHAN, MARY E.                      OR-36-F-276
SULLY, FIDELIA P.                       OR-36-F-260
SULLY, FRANK                            OR-36-E-372
SUNDERLAND, WILLIAM O.                  OR-36-F-166
SUTCLIFFE, JOHN                         OR-36-E-10
SUTHERLAND, J. A.                       OR-36-E-159
SUTTER, SARAH A.                        OR-36-F-310
SUVA, MARIA                             OR-36-F-232
SWICK, BENJAMIN F.                      OR-36-F-133
TALLMAN, H. D.                          OR-36-F-226
TAYLOR, JOSIAH                          OR-36-D-350
THIBADO, ANNA BELLE                     OR-36-E-57
THOMASEN, LAVISE                        OR-36-F-182
THOMASEN, P. C.                         OR-36-F-20
THOMPSON, CHARLES H.                    OR-36-F-229
THOMPSON, ROBERT R.                     OR-36-E-379
THUN, WILHELM                           OR-36-E-581
TODD, JONATHAN                          OR-36-E-310
TONEY, ELCEY A.                         OR-36-F-53
TONGRING, E. J.                         OR-36-E-625
TORRANCE, JEDUTHAN                      OR-36-E-15, 39
TORRENCE, EMMA B.                       OR-36-E-367
TRENHOLM, SARAH A.                      OR-36-E-603
TRENT, W. M.                            OR-36-F-398
TRENTHAM, MYRTLE                        OR-36-F-181
TRIPLETT, L. C.                         OR-36-E-65
TURNER, SAMUEL                          OR-36-D-297
TURNER, THOMAS                          OR-36-F-7
TURNER, THOMAS A.                       OR-36-F-246
TUSTIN, CALEB S.                        OR-36-F-116
TUSTIN, W. C.                           OR-36-E-477
UTTER, EMILY J.                         OR-36-E-459
VANBUSKIRK, ALICE B.                    OR-36-F-61
VANBUSKIRK, WILLIAM                     OR-36-D-323
VANCE, MATHEW                           OR-36-F-400
VANREY, GEORGE REUBEN                   OR-36-F-293
VERNON, MINNIE E.                       OR-36-F-302
VINCENT,MARY J.                         OR-36-F-230
VOLTMER, EDWARD                         OR-36-F-101
WADE, LIZZIE                            OR-36-E-466
WALKER, J. H.                           OR-36-D-347
WALL, JOHN                              OR-36-E-502
WALLACE, F. W.                          OR-36-F-306
WALLACE, LEWIS K.                       OR-36-D-177
WARREN, HENRY                           OR-36-D-57
WASHBURN, MARY ELLEN B.                 OR-36-F-240
WATT, JAMES                             OR-36-B-31
WATT, JOHN                              OR-36-B-13
WATT, MARY                              OR-36-B-12
WEBBER, JOHN W.                         OR-36-E-610
WEED, HELEM M.                          OR-36-F-267
WEED, HELEN E.                          OR-36-F-138
WEIDNER, PAUL                           OR-36-F-144
WENGER, GEORGE                          OR-36-F-250
WENNERBERG, JOHN                        OR-36-F-90
WEST, J. F.                             OR-36-F-78
WESTERMAN, FERDINAND                    OR-36-F-153
WESTERMANN, HERMANN T.                  OR-36-F-87
WESTON, JAMES SR.                       OR-36-D-336
WHITECOMB, HARRIET L.                   OR-36-F-209
WHITELY, ELIZABETH                      OR-36-C-18
WHITLOW, BARTLETT                       OR-36-C-118
WHITLOW, POLLY                          OR-36-C-141
WICHSER, GABRIEL                        OR-36-E-445
WICKMAN, CARL O.                        OR-36-F-215
WIIRFS, PETER                           OR-36-E-125
WILLARD, A. I.                          OR-36-F-102
WILLARD, HAZEN ADELBERT                 OR-36-F-391
WILLEY, HERBERT E.                      OR-36-F-262
WILLIAMS, ARTEMAS                       OR-36-F-55
WILLIAMS, MARY A.                       OR-36-F-129
WILLIAMS, SARAH E.                      OR-36-F-193
WILLIAMS, WILLAMINA                     OR-36-C-179
WILLIAMSON, JACOB T.                    OR-36-E-86
WILLS, LEVI B.                          OR-36-C-98
WILSON, A. T.                           OR-36-F-127
WILSON, MARY JANE                       OR-36-E-618
WILSON, REBECCA C.                      OR-36-F-148
WILSON,SUSAN M.                         OR-36-F-167
WINEGARQ, M.                            OR-36-F-213
WIRFS, MAYK.                            OR-36-E-145
WISECARVER, JACOB                       OR-36-E-51
WITHYCOMBE, THOMAS SR.                  OR-36-E-26
WOLF, JOHN                              OR-36-F-347
WOOD, EDMOND                            OR-36-F-219
WOOD, EMILY F.                          OR-36-E-435
WOOD, GEORGE D.                         OR-36-F-56
WOOD, P. P.                             OR-36-C-136
WOODS, ELLA LEE                         OR-36-F-243
WOODS, WILLIAM                          OR-36-D-8
WOODWARD, E. H.                         OR-36-F-230
WOOLSEY, A. P.                          OR-36-D-93
WORTMAN, E. A.                          OR-36-F-9
WORTMAN, JACOB                          OR-36-E-279
WRIGHT, ELSIA                           OR-36-F-300
WRIGHT, W. D.                           OR-36-E-201
YOCOM, ALLYN                            OR-36-F-31
YOCOM, EVA                              OR-36-F-237
YOCOM, FRANKLIN                         OR-36-E-375
YOUNG, JOSEPH R.                        OR-36-B-10
YOUNGBERG, N. B.                        OR-36-F-91

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